Why Does God Punish for Eternity?


Rep delia dish where we provide a quick pip. According according to this is the ministry of striving for eternity. Why would god punish someone fraternity for temporal sins james this is own way here often and the reason it is a struggle for some because they do not understand the nature of god god and therefore the nature of sin. We have to remember that. God is eternal. God is eternally an infinitely holy holy infinitely just infinitely righteous and therefore when we break god's law there is an infinite in consequence to it not because of the sin itself but because of who we have offended. I often use this illustration to to try to help people understand this. If you were to threaten my life the police would tell you to stay away from me and they're probably would not be much that would come of it however ever. If you threaten the president of the united states his life well you'd probably be in jail for at least forty eight hours until they can find and something else to hold you on to see if the threat was real another words there was a difference in the consequence and yet the threat was identical. What made the difference. The difference was who was offended well. When it comes to god he is an infinitely holy being being and therefore that carries with it an infinite consequence yes the sin may be temporal and similar to others but it's against a holy the infinite god. This podcast is part of his time before attorney administration for more content or to request a speaker seminar to your church but it's time for eternity dot org.

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