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Denise Linn - Connecting to Spirit


This is denise land and this meditation is called opening estimate to focus your awareness on your body since and feel a wonderful feeling of relaxation blowing sation flowing into any areas that the oh less than comfortable now and as you hold that breath marine to the breath surrender into the sound of the music ax letting go so it's simply a matter of being still opening the you this spirit is here to embark on this meditation the Front Porch you can hear the sound of luminescent box well if you're not visual that's perfectly all right sh perhaps you can see the Moon maybe you have a candle or to visitors from spirit closer and closer you can feel your heart opening more and more life is indeed guided to receive this gift there are others that wish to communicate with you there are others you are consciously experiencing right now beneath conscious awareness Yeah well one of these and you eat create a great circle rain it is a circle of light it is a circle that is circle from the heavens through the hearts of this you are the beloved you are uh more and more with each and every passing symbols appearing to you letting you know that spirit is near all is well offering this wish to the luminescent light ones they'll come to fruition this or something better surrounded by firefly's and ferries Soviet and so it is so aw.

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