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Indy Airport Review, NFL Combine And Pete Prisco


On today's part in my take the three year anniversary of our very first show. And because it is a three year anniversary very first show. We've finally done it rejoined a call joined a cult. It's called part of my take and you're involved in it. No, we actually did a real life airport review. It's at the end of the show. It's electric we reviewed. The Indianapolis airport is an international I don't even know international several international. We just basically walked around with like funds, we interviewed some flight attendants almost stewardess. We did waited on a security person we interviewed around that wanted to debate us in the bathroom. Followed us into the bathroom. It was we talked about the bathrooms the shops. The walkways very I would say the best airport review that podcast is ever done. I would agree with that. Okay. So we finally did it. We also Pete Prisco. We're live from Indianapolis. We're in talk Murray, Jason Witten, atomic combine stuff. 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Yeah. Yeah. I almost got lost March first man, the years flying by this is a dark day for me and many like me out there. I was pinning. All my hopes and dreams this morning on Tyler Murray clocking in at exactly five nine. It was gonna be the year of the five nine Royce to five nine and was going to make a comeback everybody. So if you made yourself five nine now, I'm five nine, okay. I've been five nine. Yeah. I just was confused five nine God made me five dot is what happened, but he clocked at five ten and one eighth. Yes. Big time sell out. He's dead to hear here color Murray's official measurements. Because I don't think I've I've never seen a combine measurement that people were waiting for more than Carlo Murray's five ten in one eighth PF said wait to seven hand nine and a half inches for some reason the person wrote nine and four s which that's good reduction. You got to reduce those fractions arm twenty eight and a half inches wingspan sixty nine and a half inches. Wingspan is such a hilarious mission. Yes. So collar Murray, not as small like, you don't care how long his left arm is. Right. Just care. How long is right arm. Correct. 'cause left. I'm doesn't give a shit. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. It'd be Jim Abbott. He's not blocking shots. But yeah, he he's dead to me. I know that like in your mind and in lab of scouts mines now draft. Now, he's draftable because he's got that ten. Just like Jason Garrett when he got that tenth win this year, the ten looks a hell of a lot better than the nine. Yes. So I get that. I'm just a massively disappointed, but I'm out on them. I almost almost think that he's too tall. Now. Like, I'd rather you be extremely tall are extremely short. And now, he's just kind of a Twitter. You know, what I know what else knows about them? Here's the thing. It's misleading. Five ten. He's got low is oh his eyes are very low on his face. So might as well not even be five times so five ten I like him. Now, he is draftable. He moved up my big board. He is still undrivable for John Elway like eight inches too. Short Johnno, even said that he was like, yeah. He's this guy can't get him under center. So we're at the combine we're in Indianapolis win fan. Make it easier for them to get under center if he's short. I John Elway literally is just he is we should do John Elway's time machine because unlike Jon Gruden we make fun of him. John Elway is running like one thousand nine hundred five offense. Yeah. I don't like again to tall. The heart. His heart is too far from his brain. Now here you got a low is and the distance of the heart. That's that's what I'm going to be harping on. So we're at the combine color Murray that really is it like pack your bags and go home guys, we measured Comber, we measured his hand those measure to human beings to be serious for a second. Those are big hands for a guy that's five ten very big hands. We the combine is the ultimate people watching place. We've already been escorted out of an area we tried to walk into where they were doing the bench press, and like within a second someone came up to like you guys aren't allowed in here. There are very nice about it. And it's it's at this point with NFL security. It's not even got arrested. What we've got. No, no, no. I did not think I was free to go. No minute there. We were fine. We were totally free to go. So at this point with NFL security. It's not like the love is lost. Like, they came to us. Like, you can't go in there. Like, all right, whatever. Yeah. No. Like, I just go not really thrill anymore at all. Yeah. So I guess we didn't tape. A show after the most recent news came out, right? That the letter that we were shown that had us all on their well say all of us. I mean, they can't. And I were on there that we're banned from all sorts of vents because we're troublemakers. Hank was conspicuously absent from that man who's been arrested for Tom Brady. Thank you, don't you know, what animal hates cats, just like you what a rat. Well, what are you trying to say? Skirting around. I have. Post laces a pizza. We turn turn off the lights PF real too fat. I can't fit into the sewer. Turn off the lights real fat. Right. That's a little rat scurrying when you turn off the lights rat Lockwood. Yeah. Rather long what he's running around the deck of the ship. We've got burned the whole shut again from these cats. Yeah. So we're banned from the NFL, but that's not really new. We just got a bulletin. They put out a poster, and we'd actually confirmed it there was a lot of talk about whether it was fake or not. But I've had to separate people. Journalists hit me up and be like I saw them when you walk by. And you go through the metal detectors, it's literally sitting right there. So it is real it's ridiculous. Like, I can't believe it's real. I wanted to think it was fake, but it is real. So we are at the combine we're doing our thing. We're basically taping everything out of my hotel room. Which is totally fine. Totally normally have Pete Prisco. He walked in. It was like what's going on? Well, he's from Florida. He's seen worse than hotel room before little casting couch situation color Murray's been measured. And that's it. That's launching Jon Gruden dad's entire week. You saw John Gruener saw Reggie McKenzie. Yup. Shuffling around the raiders are staying at the same hotels us, which is. Probably not great for the raiders franchise. Ran into the same tells us ran into shefty. Yep. Chefs point is a fellow five nine person. Yes. So morning for both of us. It's the combine is a hilarious spot where it's like if you're a football nut. It's the greatest people watching you could ever do and for everyone else. No, one cares. No one really gives a show. But this was surprisingly one of the busiest sports days of like last couple of weeks because the news broke as we're doing an interview right outside the radio row set up that they had that Jason went was fired. Jay wit dog is back in the NFL. Now who knows how that he was. It's rare that you find a guy that's as talented broadcasting and at football shapes and Witton. Yeah. So we had to make choices. So embrace debate. Is he retiring or is he retiring he is. So he's doing the most genius thing these ever someone obviously told them to do this because he didn't think he did not think of this himself. But what Jason Witten has just pulled off. And I want people to pay attention very closely. With the one year of broadcasting that he did. And he was bet he was very bad. He is now going back to the NFL. And now he can forever be the guy where well he never got his second year. So we don't know the jury's still out on whether or not Jason Witten is bad and history will be kind to him and not mock him like there are people listening to this show right now that don't remember the Dennis Miller was on the Monday night football broadcasts. And so if you get out fast enough like Jason Williamson, his careers is great as it's ever been. Right. It's like nothing ever happened. We can just move on. He's going back to the NFL was a five million dollars three and a half. I three and a half million dollars. I can't believe that he's actually going to play football because the year before he went to be broadcaster. He was barely playing. Yeah. He spends a straight lines. You spent the last year having all of his joints tighten up even more on them. It's great what he's the ten man when he runs and we need to get Tony Romo out of the CBS booth in back in Dallas Cowboys uniform just do it all over get the entire band back together. This is. No serious in all seriousness. This is a genius move. Jason went because he had to have someone like, hey, listen, dude. Best case scenario, you get to do the ESPN gig for another year. And you get fired worst case scenario. They fire you in the next month. All we can be sure of is this is without a doubt the end of the line for the Boettger mobile. Yeah. Because the booth they're not going to keep Boettger on the sidelines, and that thing and just have tests tore up in the booth as as electric is that might be maybe they'll put them both on the Bogor mobile that would be great to just get rid of the booth altogether. Yeah. He Joe tests just sits on Boogers lap on his lap with a glass of red wine with a joystick just controlling it back and forth. So who is going to replace Jason Witten in this booth. I think I talked about big shoes to fill right? The first option is they just go with the two men booth, which I actually think is the smart thing. But knowing how he SPN operates with these decisions they need to make a splash. So it's going to be the smart thing. We'll throw that out. I threw out the name Peyton Manning will be. The biggest splash of they get paid meant. Yeah. Obviously. Yeah. I think it's going to actually think it'd be very very good in the booth and talking about a guy low is sets the record for lowest is news to forehead ratio. Speaking of getting fire quitting before you can get fired. What if ally did it? Oh my God. I I sure hope you put would be lasting you've put ally manning in the Boettger mobile and just like floating around. Yeah. Sign me up mouth opened collecting bugs in there. Like, dude, riding a motorcycle down a highway nice, like a nice, background noise. The whole broadcast is just a hot mic on ally. Manning mouth breed instead of the bookmobile. It should be just a giant Thomas the tank engine train steer around with a little conductor sat on little whistle Papa. On thing. Yeah. Let's stick it down to you. Let's go to break. I think you're right. Peyton Manning is is the Smart Choice. But I don't know if he wants to do it because that's a lot of commitment you feel like Peyton Manning's making shitload of money. Not really doing anything he'd manning. Yes. So why would you stop doing that other names other names Louis Riddick? I think he'd be pretty good at it. Yup. Not splash though. Not a splash flash. Greg olsen. Get basically a little tight end Jason Witten and then replace them with a better looking Pro Bowl tight end in Greg Olson, more hair. Yes. Real hair real hair. I like, yeah. I would like Greg Olsen to the times that he's been on FOX. He's really good. Yes. So they might try do that. Although I've heard that he wants to come back and play for the Panthers. But this is like a big it's a big opportunity. Well, you can always retire from Monday night football and come back and play for the Panthers. That's how pissed off is Jason weren't going to be if he gets injured in like week two or three which Greg Olsen is open the booth and he tries to take his old job back from Greg. Sorry, man. Yeah. Happen. How 'bout Kerr? Why favorite quarterback? Oh, knocker owners. Now, he's well. Kurt Warner has been doing Monday night football for Westwood One. Yes. So fantastic getting there, but he works for NFL network. So I don't know how we could get out my favorite quarterback. Jay Cutler, who was rumored to be in the broadcast booth for no you actually signed with FOX. I think and then pull the even more premature Jason Witten went back to the dolphins. Jay Cutler would be a splash it gift Whitney hawking would. He be. Yes. Because very Cavalieri starting Sunday night. Okay. And see this is this is your Chicago Bears home. I love I think it would be the opposite of a splash merit ever. Color. They would I'm not sure this apathy towards the game and everything just who gives a shit. It's the bills in the dolphins. Fuck yes. To a habit really announce what hold on like wouldn't you want a guy in the booth who just speaks to American like, hey, guess what? The Texans and Bengals are playing week sixteen. Neither team is in the playoff hunt. This game fucking sucks. I'm Jay Cutler. Let's just cut to the chase. It has to be a cowboy of some sort right to be Dallas cowboy just put Jerry Jones in there. That's like that would really take. Let's fancy that's what Jerry's after he. He just wants a Cowboys to be the premanent sports franchise in America. And so you puts all his little former players in these positions of power and influence, but if you put him directly in that booth Huby so excited, and I would love hearing Jerry Jones like by the time the third quarter guide around and he got halfway into his Johnny Walker blue just learn. Yup. Yeah. Man that would be that'd be good television. Okay. I got one last name for you guys. And he is the hardest working man in all showbiz, and he's already stretched too thin. So why not? Stretch him a little bit thinner. Stephen Smith throw Stephen a Smith, and they're certainly knows boy hat on him. Let him be just Stephen a Smith. He doesn't even have to be right. We should have. We should all come together. As America we were divided country right now all come together. And be like, look we're gonna put Stephen a Smith on Monday night football broadcasts. No, one can say anything when he screws up everyone's name and who's playing and basic facts and watch just enjoy Stephen a Smith. I like the idea of getting stretching him even thinner. What what would it be like if you said, okay? Stephen a Smith. We will pay you two million dollars a day for every day that you can stay awake twenty four seven. Yeah. On a live strana livestream. Just talking about sports. How long do you think you would make Stevens? He could do two weeks. Stephen a Smith you're going to be doing college football game day. Then you're going to do someday morning. Somebody countdown then you're going to be doing Monday night football HR. L draft. Yes. Yeah. Unless you see how far we can get Stephen a Smith stretched. Yeah. I would I would actually I would truthfully. Good idea. Would you were thrown out free ideas about lavar? Ball, lavar ball would also be good. Is there any other like real names that have been tossed out there that we missed Tibo Tibo? I don't think so not good enough to be a pro tvos. Yes. Yeah. Mets. So you're gonna have to late who else is the like, what are their name is is out there? That's that's really about it. I was like Randy moss in there where any mosques will be good. He'd be decent in the booth Charles Woodson. Although I think he just got fired. So maybe not no Charles. Well, he was just on my TV Chris Berman. But then you would if you just did Chris Berman Joe Tessa tour, and you brought back Shaughnessy shed three play by play guys all talk at the same time. You mean? Shaughnessy? Nice shots. John McDonough, Sean McDonough just all play by play guys and put Beth Moen's in there too. Yes. Just have them all talk of the exact same time. That'd be okay cares. I wonder how Monday night football would do if there was absolutely nobody talking. Just crowd noise. Okay. Also, you can throw out Bill woman. Just put him in the mix. Let's get three different replay in refereeing. Analysts to Mike. Carey finding out Mike Mike Pereira. And the Italian guy with the shirts. Yeah. The guy that was on the on the Cowboys lending their. Yup. Yup. Exactly the ultimate. He'll all right. What else? Do we got anything before before we get to our interview with Pete Prisco? I just want to reiterate that Hank might be rat. So something that we've got her eye on just just. Actually been arrested. You saw. In jail. Yeah. So you got turned. That's what I'm saying that they questioned you. And they made you little stool a little stool pigeon. Hold on. But if I remember correctly Hank from everyone's talking about your night in jail. They said that you really enjoyed it in there. Oh, so you were treated Preval and Ted you start off. Said about shirt on one lift your shirt, if your shirt, Bella, Billy? It was good to we got Pete Prisco talking about combine then we're gonna do a couple of segments than we have the long awaited airport review before we get to Pete Prisco February's in just about one super sized football game on Spotify. There's thousands of free sports podcasts. That agonize over the preseason off seasons in plain old regular seasons of nearly every sport, imaginable, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, curling, and even hurling. Yes. That's a real sport. Now, it's so easy to stay updated with the latest trade. 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When you go to squarespace dot com slash PMT for free trial. And when you're ready to launch us, the offer code PMT to save ten percent off your first purchase of a website, or domain. Okay. Here. He is Pete Prisco. Okay. We now. Welcome on our good friend. Chris. You guys are annoying me with that the clap off. Okay, we're done. Oh, we've got fined sorry. Not you or in our hotel room. You said it's creepy. Well, what are you guys is actually sleeping in right there last night? Yeah. Okay. Is this a little weird showered right around the corner. So Pete you were on my credential to I say what's up? How we doing? Everything's good. Come on on. Yeah. Do you have any big meetings? Do you get who's like when you go to the combine you've how many comments have been to twenty something five? Okay. So explain the combine to the people listening at home right now. Like, it is sensually is just like people watching situation, and you trade secrets and you rub elbows. And that whole thing tell them that you gotta down to explaining. I tell you a bunch of stuff. You get is at night. Let's put it that way. You get all the information at night all because guys get a little looped up, and they tell you what's going on league. And and. That's the bottom line. That's what it's been. It's always been that way. You know, this thing used to be where the crown plaza is over there. That's where it was like eight guys would writers would show up and the players would come down into the lobby, and that's how they did interviews interesting. So where's the best place looked up around here? Everybody goes to prime. I've heard prime prime forty-seven winter last year drink, Sean McVay on the table, not to brag. Wow. I took I took his glass getting his face. Was he drinking was it was a vodka and soda that. He wouldn't finish wouldn't shut up. I was like either finish a story or finish your drink. And he just kind of kept talking. I was like, okay, I'll finish your drink. It. What's your drink of choice? I go anyway all the same. All the same Manhattan. Beer, beer. Whatever you do you fake drink during it? So that you can remember all the facts while the drunk coaches tell you everything now when I was younger, I probably came here and got an isolated a couple of times. The other way. But now, we're now at you know, I don't I don't probably get to the point where I can't remember stuff. Okay. Serious question, though. So you're out on the town. You're you're talking you're hobnobbing with other people in the media coaches things like that how much of what is said at the combine is set under the understanding like, hey, this is just us kind of off the record is one time that we get to hang out and be peers with you guys and all that stuff versus how much of it is something that you could actually report on. Yeah. I think they know. It's if they trust you it's off the record. Now, we think trust you a lot. No. Names. I don't trust. You. You don't you guys? Trust me. Never name's name the people that asked, you know, I got a lot. I got a lot of guys trust. We got to you got being around you build up trust. Now, if you burn somebody that gets around, and you're the guy you can't trust anymore. Have you ever burned? Anyone? No never. No, no. I've written bad things or said bad things about guys critical of them in what they've done, but. No. As far as burning a source now has anyone burns, you know, where they like didn't tell you the truth or misled you to try to get there. You know, either. Whether it be a today Coughlin probably did that to me a couple times of Jackson. Yeah. Our wars between the two of us. We're legendary how is it? Now, if you see him, oh, he's very respectful respectful of each other. I like I like the guy hell of a guy. He was always a good, man. He was a pain in the ass to cover doesn't mean. What were your wars? Like when you get into with them back Jacksonville. I'll give you perfect example, they play they actually trained. You guys might not remember this. They trained in Stevens point, Wisconsin, the first sees, okay? It was he thought it would be cooler, and he went up there. It was the hottest summer on record was like one hundred and ten every day. He beat the daylights out of him was his first he got all these expansion guys. Anyone of the weed them out and later, he told me that you know. That's why I did that I go fine. So there for six weeks beats the daylights out of them. I mean, just nonstop practice hitting. Everything. They go play a preseason game in Miami. After about four and a half weeks. Fly back to Stevens point even though they could've broke camp and gone to Jacksonville play a preseason game in the silver dome. It's one hundred ten in this overdose. Because I had no air conditioning. So the players are dead. They get beat like forty to nothing. So I go in there. And every one of them comes up to me Pete. We're dead. Our legs are dead. He killed us. So I write this story. I'm finally going home after six weeks, I fly home after the next day, go out with my brother was single. Then we all went we went out bunching and had a blast hungover. I'm living with my brother. Get a knock on the door at six o'clock and more in my bedroom. My brother's like it's Coughlan, and I go, oh hurting, and he goes you mother. He started screaming. Tukur fucker. What the fuck are you doing to me? What are you talking about it because you gave those players an excuse you never give them excuse. It. I go, Tom. Do I call you at six o'clock in the morning and home? No, no, call me click, and I hung up on them. And then next time you saw him it, wouldn't he would forgive. Really? Yeah. He would let it with coughing Coughlan. That's that's the thing where you stand up for yourself to him. Now. He almost respects you little bit more. It's like, okay. I can I can deal with this guy. Yes. That's exactly what he was. I mean, he was maniacal to the point. If I always tell us kids one day, I'm going to write the ultimate Tom Coughlin book when he goes to the whole fame, they go police don't because there are stories about him the mohawk store, I've told you. Yeah. There are many more. But and then the guy's left there and tried to be him. And they could never be him. All the time the Belgian yet does happen. Do you think I saw Patricia yesterday were you at the media when he had his little scally cap on and he's open. I saw I saw these trimmed up over awesome fucking Shelby. Do you? You buy this like when when people say like a coach, maybe doesn't look professional you buy that that actually hurts them. No vying to you guys do a narrative about it. Trying to be who you're not hurt you interesting. He's trying to if you try to be Bill Belichick. There's only one Bill ballot. Check. You can't be that guy. So if your team is practicing outside when you have an indoor practice bubble even though it's freezing outside in the players hate it. You're trying to be check. You're not being Matt Patricia. Right. Who you are. Yeah. But counterpoint your toughest help you practice outside. That's the great myth. Does that really make you tough considering they play in size or my high school coach that's the old school that my high school coach wouldn't others have water. Yeah. What my what? Have you ever we used to do we used to we get one break for water? So we'd fill up. This is so disgusted. We fill up our helmet and drink it out of the whole. Discuss. But you all you want. It was watering ever hear swishing spit. So you get in sation of water in your mouth. But then you spit it out because it makes you weak. If you swallow though, that's just dumb. I drank out of the helmet. Yeah. Not. Of my friends. Adele helmets. You remember that the bulb the little pads in them? They were of course. So we're in Indy. What would you say is the big story of combine week? This Kawamori calories height. I felt like he he sold us out because he's five ten five nine. What if he was five eight and a half? I wish it was five drivable on draftable. Yeah. So but he's five ten of these draftable first round draft. Yeah. Oh, yeah. So an intern half. You're changing your tune up the hand size nine and a half inches if he was under nine on draftable. Well, drew lock is nine is the undrafted. No. He's an hundred nine. Okay. Nine is. Okay. Okay. He think John Elway taught us John Elway. Hasn't. He wanted a tall statue statuesque quarterback. John Elway Zanele by any of this stuff. There's got to be. Here's here's my take on it. So it's I think it's overblown. But there there has to be a line somewhere with you. And if you have an eight inch hand, the chances are you're not going to be able to control the ball. And if you are five seven the one right, but there has to be a line somewhere. So I get that. It's ridiculous. Then we think the line was six foot. We poke fun at it all the time. But no, I think the game is obviously changed fault. But eventually there'll be a point where it's like this guy. Simply his hands are simply not big enough. Correct. If I told you a year ago, I say I got this kid. He hasn't started a game yet, but he's going to start and he's five foot ten any ways one hundred ninety five pounds, and he doesn't play well from the pocket, but he's going to be a high first round pick. You would've told me? I was crazy, right? I would've said sounds like he's perfect outfielder for the Oakland A's. Yeah. It's amazing. How this game has changed. I think about. Charlie ward night with Charlie ward be a first round pick. Now. Probably. Yeah. Because he was a better player in college than column. Right. Right. So are you changing your opinion on Russell Wilson? Oh, I have I told you that five eleven truth or find eleven truth or Fischl your cheek because you've had longtime more about this. And I told him he said came on our set. And I said, look, I was I'm wrong about you. I can say when I'm wrong your call. Did you eat your call them didn't eat it? This is a lot of Pete Rose. I put I put hot sauce on it the internet internet explained to me. What would the come to Jesus moment with Russell Wilson because he's become a better player? Nobody come a better passer. Yeah. You look he he played with the top scoring defense. And we're going back to that again top scoring defense in the league for five straight years. It's so you go around and you ask around the quarterbacks, and I have done this. I said would you rather have a big time receiver the top scoring defense in the league? They'd rather have the top scoring defense writing. So he had advantages, but when vantage is went away he improved his game. That's why came around. Okay. Besides Cuyler who's who's? Second biggest stories it. Now. What team do you think is making the biggest waves this week? Is it going to be like the jets trying to trade away? All the draft picks is going to be the raiders having too many draft picks that they're gonna try to parlay picks the patriots half ally. What was it about to get Dr bunch from Robert Kraft hinge up? They're not going to get doc. It's yeah, it's one pick per stroke, minor stand you live in Florida. Yeah. What are you trying to say nothing and foot? He tried to say anything. You live in Florence this statement of fact. I do live in Belgium is going to do that thing where he packages a bunch of stuff together to try to move up already think he's going to try to move like keep moving back and just a mass twenty fifth round picks. I think he's going to move back again. Like, he always does. He, you know, somebody told me there's somebody told me this. I said I think Bella check in joys the draft building part of the process now more than he does coach is weird. Right. Yeah. That is because this was his best coaching job ever. Right. This past year. It's not the kill. It's the thrill of the chase. Right. Right. Interesting. I like that. Yeah. Yeah. What? So you got obviously like a bunch of bunch of players being asked all the weird questions. Where's the weirdest question? You've ever heard that's been asked. Besides obviously like asking does Brian of small was a prostitute. That was inappropriate. Yes. Agreed. What was the weirdest quite stupid thing? If you're a cat or a dog where you cattle dog or dog. I'm a big cat. Oh, interesting. Okay. I'm a killer cat. What's your favorite drink? What's your favorite drink alcohol during we're doing to combine question saying, oh, you are y'all can't your favorite drink? Fuck atomic. I'll see you have a boost problem. Interesting. You're only temple only have a couple. Yeah. What else are you gonna ask? Go ahead. You can fill. We'll do it. Yeah. How many ping pong balls could fit in the seven forty seven who gives a shit. Oh, okay. Wow. You're smart. An attitude problem problem company. How many light posts are there in the island of Manhattan? Again, who gives us you. Okay. So he really doesn't want to answer our questions. I'll answer. I'm okay. I'll guess all. Are you five six? Okay. Who do you hate the most in life? They don't really hate anybody. These just losing now. I don't you hate losing go daddy dancer there. Because if I do my job well and the team loses. I'm okay with that. Really? If the part, I'm not starting up to par interest. I don't like that. I don't like that attitude. I joke around with my guys going to write a kids book, titled chip name, the guy chip, and he's gonna play everything. He does it in life is a chip on his shoulder. So, you know, the goofy kids get the participation trophies chip is throwing his damn trophies out the window real asshole. So like Easter Sunday when they have an Easter egg hunt and he's five years old. He's elbow and people to get out of the way he's getting all the candy. So it's not that politically, correct. Your auto biography. Now, it's not like, oh, okay. There's some truth. It actually sounds like Jim Harbaugh. Yeah. You guys were that way. I know you. I know you were both you and it was an Easter egg hunt. You weren't sitting there going. Okay. I might get a piece of candy hunt for Easter prank Jesus the real reason for the season. Wow. They're so have you watched tape on all the quarterbacks in the draft most of them. All right. So give us your top three. And maybe one guy that we don't see right now that we need to start talking about Haskins is number one. With better than column or better than Kyle. Okay. Yeah. Clear cut stand in the pocket. Read the field quarterback cast cave on more her do. That's okay. Okay. There was a lot of emotion in that game that day. So true. Oh, so I look he's the best quarterback. I probably go Joo lock number two. How would you lock by the way with his hands? I was at the mobile, and I said, you know, your your small hands are gonna become big issue. He said, yeah, I get it. I get it. I understand he walked away and took two steps back. And he goes Dan Marino that small hands. I love that. Did he he also gave the double finger guns and did their like wink at the at the? Yeah. That was at the senior bowl too. Yeah. I love that stuff. I like guys with an attitude. I don't wanna mealy-mouth quarterback. He's got an ad it's too. And then then column berry. Okay. Then Daniel Jones. Okay. And that any of any other ones, we're about will Greer? I'd like them. I don't love him. Why I don't know how big that arm is. I don't know if their arms good enough the stood them kid was good last year the two years ago when he was awful last year. So there's kind of like a mixed bag on him. How do you wait that when you're looking at tape like if someone was team was worse? Can you throw out a year? No. But his team was worse. Yeah. He wasn't the team around them. Wasn't as good, right? It's it's like Baker Mayfield was the best rookie quarterback last year. Right. But he had the best surroundings around them. Look at what Josh Allen had buffalo. Yup. Look at what darnold had with the jets and God forbid, look what Rosen head in Arizona at the end of the year is offensive line was the worst line of ever seen in the history of this league. So how do you evaluate those four guys? How'd you have them ranks? I had Alan one. Nice smart. Smart guy. I've all over Josh L. I think he's the best. I think he's going to be the best of the okay? What about on the defense side of the ball about Blake Bortles too, by the way? No, no his head. I know. Retiring we didn't know actually as of yesterday. He's still the quarterback of the Jacksonville Jaguars works out. Another three said, he told us that every more keycard he goes into work out. And that's what we'll know. When I look I'm with you. I love the guy. I think he's a great one is time is up in Jacksonville. You know, what's his what's his future? I want to hear what you guys think we've backup. I I agree. I think it'll be the best backup in the NFL. He's going to be twelve ten twelve year backup. And he's gonna love every minute of it. Yeah. That's what I think you'll have one one or two more moments. I like, Blake Bortles. So I look into the game. I agree homes in and he'll he'll be fun to be around. Right. Teammates will love them and everything else. I agree. Yeah. So on the defense side of the ball. Are we going to get two linebackers in the top ten? No. You know, you might get the LSU kid his name Devon white. Yeah. That's it. You're not getting to does he really ride a horse around campus. So they say it's pretty kid into your research. No, I still I see it. I would you would you upgrade or downgrade of knowing that he wrote a horse everywhere was that his only mode of transportation. Let's just say it is, you know, it's like all go out and ride my bike and get an workout in on my bike. There's a big difference between me going out on my bike and riding my bike. And the guy who's got transportation on his bike. Right. Yeah. He's got a twelve pack under thing. He just went to the store on his bike. That's all he has. There's a big difference you bringing this back to alcohol use. I guess you're not going to drive me. Yeah. You seem like a guy who wears like the risk guards elbow panel. Absolutely. Like how map that little flag out in the back? So I I do wear a helmet though. Yeah. Because I like. Like, I didn't wear a helmet seem like the type of guy who who drives rides at stupid bike. Where you sit back sitting. I actually like I have a hybrid bike. Oh. Oh worse. Bad boy a hybrid. It's in between the racing bike and the tires tires are like right on the side wheel with that. Because I don't ride on this yet getting on the street. He's on the wheels. Now, look they always say buy cheap bike and expensive bike lock. Now. I buy expensive bike, and I don't lock it. I just watch it all the time. Interesting. Yeah. He's a natural deterrent Prisco. Yeah. Anytime steal my bike. I'll get an insurance claim and get a new one. On a bike. You can how much money is your bike. It's like four hundred fifty bucks sheep, come on beat damn. So what did you work for that? So you you bought a chip bike. And no lock for just what you did. It's not a thousand dollar bike. Maybe it was five six. That's not a bad way to. It's just like if it goes it goes. Yeah. It was meant to be if somebody steals it. Yeah. It's their problem down in Fort Lauderdale. Now, they have all these scooters all over the place. You must hate those. I haven't got on one of them. I've you haven't Chicago was out in California. And I said you wrote him around I world, it's fun. You write it in the road. That's what I want to know, know know, people get in the bike lane with those things that's like asking for it. Now, we've got problems, right? It's asking for u p p goes road ridge in the bike lane my road road rage on nine ninety five is second to nobody. I'm sure and I promise you, I sometimes I catch myself. I go what am I doing? Old lays driving in the lane move. You're going to slow booth and you go around I ninety five in south Florida is like a racetrack. Ridiculous. I'm tell us one. Last could combine story about being out seeing a coach you don't have to use names you want to you're out late. Somebody makes makes a fool of themself. Maybe says some they shouldn't fiscal thrown. China. I mean back in the day before cellphones used to see a lot of stuff. Yeah. Yeah. Who is the best drinker of coaches that have since retired. So we don't we don't out anyone who's currently a coach. All. Yeah. But give us one is like they're on gun over the prison wall when they get here. Right. This is the time. Yes. The play. Yeah. But you don't want to say this though, since since cell phones in videos, and pictures, it's gone. It's calmed down. Right. Nobody nobody acts up the way they used to just don't would guys would coaches had maybe their teams had like went through the wars during the season. Would they get in new faces at the combine nobody used to see agents fights? Ooh, yeah. Yeah. There was a back in the day when using Crowne plaza over there there was two agents going at it over one of them poached. Another guy's client, and they started fighting right on the street of that. Yeah. I wanna see something like that. How does chain more verse Tom Cruise? Oh shit. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Anymore? The money. Yeah. Last question. My, mommy. How much stock do you actually put into the combine like overall? I don't put none just for you. Hear people put them on the board or interviews. The guy was an idiot. And he came across like, a psycho. We you know, he left we didn't like them in the room. He came in there sloughed in the seat. He was an idiot that kind of stuff I do pasta. But as far as no, you know. Yeah. Like disinterested. Right. Like, this is your job interviews like you went on a job interview. And you weren't interested in it. That would look bad. Right. Right. Correct. Right. So none of the none of the measurable is. None of this like the times and everything like that. Like a forty time. There were guys that run good forty times play slow there guys who don't run good forty times we play fast. So it's it's play speed. You gotta get he can't get all caught up in the forty time. Right. Tonio browns. Forty time wasn't great. I don't think it when he came here and look how fast he plays. What's your take on it Tonio Brown? He blocked me on Twitter. Oh, would you say about he joined the two forces Alesina, boom when they blocked me to a couple of years. Why did he block you because I sent out a tweet saying that his yards per catch number went down from fifteen to twelve or which is right? And he blocked me. That's great. So what do you do you think that it's worth the team to give up some stuff for into? What would you give it? What would I give up for him? Third round pick. That's ale more I tend to agree with it. He quit. He quit. He's a quitter. Let me say it again. He's a quitter if I'm on his team and the Steelers players weren't happy about it. He quit on them. You want that in your building? Plus he squawking about new money. Right. He wants guaranteed money, which will happen again. Like, he'll get a new contract. He's not gonna get traded right away. And give you contract. He thinks he's getting traded. And he's a free agent is our understanding. He's in separate us into thinking that. Pick wherever he wants to go. Yeah. That's why I think that he believes that. I I think there might be something wrong with Antonio Brown. Well, I mean equal team for one. Yeah. I mean what what's your priority? What do you want to do? You're on a good team. You're making a lot of money and you want to get out of there. Why? Right. Well, and your quarterback, and where do you wanna go where did you gonna end up San Francisco? That's where everyone thinks Washington I thought Idi Annapolis would be a perfect destination for because I don't think they're going to. I don't think they're going to dabble in that. They don't want that in there. Yeah. Mister, say doesn't tolerate distractions. Well, he does with the team does right problem is. You got a good quarterback. There could handle him. If he goes to like, okay. We'll give you that. But you guys love Josh Allen. He as a receiver. Right. But they're not gonna put him with Josh Allen. There's not going to do that. They're not gonna put Sam darnold with them. They're not gonna put Rosen with them. So limits the field where he's going, and they don't want to trade him to an AFC team. So where's he going? So during the combine week are their actual trade talks like that go down. Yes. Just because everybody's all in the same going down free agency. You're not supposed to start until two weeks from today. They're making deals right now. Wait, no. Yes. The Leon say delete. Here hasn't started yet. I know deals already look they used to go to the Pro Bowl when it was in a Wii all the agents would go and all the person the DM some of the GM's and guys would go and they'd make deals in Hawaii in January. They make those deals already. You don't wanna figured out. Indianapolis is basically it's just like this is spring break for all these coaches and scouts that have families. And they can't be like, hey, Honey, I'm going down to Miami. They're just like I'm going to go to Indy and get slammed drunk for. In the car. Don't have to get into true stayed. Yeah. Whoa. You know, that one guy one year the guy got caught on the side of the road on this time know, he's here knows definitely thought, you know, it was a Rams assistant. He got caught. He got arrested. Rob ryan. No Rams assistant Jim has lit. Jim has would probably have gotten a little more trouble than that? Jim has it's one of my favorite guys. He was taking a shit next to the guy that was painting. Probably. All right. Pete Prisco always fund this one that you guys. Oh, yeah. Do you still creeped out by this room now? Oh, this made it question. I need to see CK question. Promo code take ten dollars off. Okay. Scekic? Would you trade is the Jay Glazer report that oh Dell's on the block true false? Well, Jay's good. So I'm sure he has somebody told them that. But if you look at that cap the way they you give a guy new contract, and then you're gonna trade him, and they have money exceleron. I don't see how it happens. Okay. All right. So he's going to end up, and do you think the giants will take twain Hassans? They passed on quarterbacks last year. So maybe good answer worst answering. Thanks. I don't think he's going to be there when they picked ally get better at the season. Like you. I didn't play that bad last year. Oh my God. To god. Line was awful to eight soldier billions of dollars. It'd be spending. How Archie manning pay you per week? You don't just happen you wake when like if your significant others like, hey, oh, this guy's attractive, and it's really ugly person. You're like what the hell why? When when we let Josh Allen, and Blake Bortles are great and then in the same sentences ally. Manning didn't play so bad willing. Fuck this guy. Doesn't know what he's talking about the play that poorly, lashed you. Alright pete. He did not. He did team's terrible self sacks himself like every other snap. He's got guys go. So everyone's got Beckham got hurt. He had nothing. He doesn't you used to make the same thing about Russell Wilson. He did not. There were throws to be made. And he would not make him because he would sign I say he was good. I said he didn't play as poorly as you guys are how do you know, how poorly we think he played tell by the tone, though. Oh, yeah. Tell by the tone. Well, you're right. You happen to be right. But not because you were right. Right. You tell by the tone. Okay. Well, guys, inclusion Eli manning sucks and they're going to draft Wayne Haskins they they should draft a quarterback. Also, I saw Jon Gruden mimicking a quarterback's motion in the Starbucks line today. Do you think the raiders are gonna draft a quarterback? No, I think they got a draft defense. But did you hear the part about the what was he doing this? When he was a swear to God, he was he was talking to. I don't know who is probably someone. He also is wearing raider stuff. He was going. Eight forty five in the morning, maybe saying it was a negative. Then he that's why we're not drafting quarterback. Oh, that's that is to get rid of the point is they're evaluating a quarterback, you always value. Yeah. But he's confirmed the raiders are evaluating quarterback that by by him doing emotion, he confirmed. Yes. Absolutely. Little nugget. Go. I liked. I liked your like that's a good nugget. That's why you guys are out and about your at Starbucks getting they'll get. This has been Pete Prisco Florida resident I'll say it again order as south Florida residents and also someone who's done it. Back pain in the bat in the past. Oh, yeah. In order resident with back. Pain people always apply last question. You've had back pain you've had some treatment on my you said that you can't lift heavy anymore. No. I don't so. Yeah. That's because like what does issues should maybe get that checked out. I should go. You probably already know go. No right now. Right right, now, Pete's handing me a coupon card that he's got from orchids day spas. Pints got eleven out of twelve punches thirteenth. Not always on. Who are demented? Take your card back. Here you go. That interview with Pete Prisco is brought together by stitch fix stitch fixes an online personal styling service it finds into livers close right to your doorstep. It's got shoes accessories. They fit your body your budget and your lifestyle if you go to stitch, fix dot com slash PMT and tell them you're sizes. What styles you like? And how much you want to spend on each item. 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So what are you waiting for get your starter set for just five bucks right now at dollarshaveclub dot com slash PMT. That's dollarshaveclub dot com slash PMT. Okay. Let's get to some segments where do a couple of quick segments. And we're going to get to the long-awaited airport review took three years three years to the day that we said we were going to give you an airport review here. The psychologists told us. Yeah. Like attained. Goals for yourself. And we did. So let this be lessons. Everybody just because we don't follow through and things immediately. Good things. Come to those who wait we're gonna get around to it. We're going to get around here. We did the SpongeBob. We watched an episode of SpongeBob doing it. You know, what that means? Then we're already one eighth done with playmakers. We're going to join a cult. Yup. Yup. We are join a cult. We're going to do it. Okay. I up buddy out. There knows a good call slide into the DM. So Bryce is. Right. So the other big news of the day Bryce Harper has finally finally signed. And it's with the team we all thought he was going to sign with the Philadelphia Phillies reported this month ago. Yeah. As a matter of fact, I guess Kevin Millar also predicted this on my take two years ago two years ago. How about that? So he is playing in a team with pinstripes. Yup. Which we also said four years ago. Yup. And east coast team with pinstripe. So we know that we also and he signs a three hundred thirty million dollar contract, thirteen years largest contracts and pro team sports history that. Him Bryce Harper. Adjust for inflation three hundred and thirty million dollars Giancarlo Stanton. Number two, three twenty five Manny Machado three hundred and then a-rod to seventy five and two fifty two not to brag. So oh, we had the reveal the great. I love the adjusted for inflation. The revolt forty four thousand nine hundred twenty nine dollars that Bryce Harper will get per plead appearance. That's pretty good one hundred fifty six thousand dollars per game. So Bryce Harper really finally done it, you're bearing the lead on that reveals step though, what was he put out the ultimate perspective on us. You ready for this? Yeah. At three hundred thirty million over thirteen years, Bryce Harper makes more than the annual median household income Philadelphia. Every time he steps to the plate forty four thousand nine hundred twenty nine what Harper makes for every plate appearance based on career averages forty one thousand five hundred annual median household income of Philadelphia. I have a prediction I think that the city Philadelphia is going to turn on Bryce Harper within five years give it four. Actually, I can't think that far ahead in the well, it's like scheduling bowl games or scheduling out of conference games between like Alabama Notre Dame. Yeah. In twenty twenty seven. I I think that given braces history. He he's such a streaky player. He's a little bit. He's got a little bit of an attitude. Sometimes he's a very good player. But when you're making this kind of money, there's a big big target on your back. So what does turn me? I think they're not going to like him. I think that I don't think that I mean Philadelphia Fe don't really like anyone. Yeah. Which is part of the reason why I think they're great sports down. Right. They demand a lot. It's already happened. They need to the the clarification of don't like in Philadelphia has to be very clear because it's like don't like throw eggs at his house. Right. It'd be that. If they don't if somebody doesn't like you in Philadelphia that actually means that they love you. Right. It's a very much a sliding scale like if they're if they try to kill you. It means that you're one of the favorite people wouldn't care that much about right? If they puke on you that means you're very close to getting married to them. Exactly. That's an engagement ring in Philadelphia is just taking a dump on somebody's chest. So we mentioned you just mentioned the perspective, which leads us perfectly to the take quake of Altay quakes about this Bryce Harper signing Sam. Tim Kerr Cartwright who's broadstreet bowl is is he's verified. I don't know. What he does. He said Wayne center, find anybody though, you're more here had tears in his eyes when he left Philadelphia price. Harper mercenary has dollar signs in his eyes as he considers Philadelphia and hashtag flyers hashtag Phillies. It's actually disgusting that Bryce Harper wants to get paid in Saint playing a kids game. Yeah. Great. I love this. This is a very rare hockey verse baseball comparison, you don't usually get hockey and basketball. You know, me I vs guys who were all team guys. Now, you get the baseball. It's it's rarely done. But I think he pulled it up you ever see a hockey player backflip. Yeah. And yeah, true. Yes. Never hardly ever. Hardly. We see that the Carolina Hurricanes. Do this thing where they like after they win a game. They all just get out there. And they pretend they had ball. And they literally baffling you lost everybody. When you said Carolina hurt. That's like that's radio poison literally happen to sorry. The af owner. His his okay now, I'm interested guys hockey team. Yes. I want to just say I really did think he was going to sign with a cubs because his dog's name was Wrigley. You. Yeah. They had they had you going change your dog's name Bryce, I don't want it named Wrigley anymore. But here's this one at named. What is it PNC park? I want it named snowballs at Santa Claus. What is the name of the book link to link? That's Lincoln financial one. It named Pat citizens Bank. You gotta talk in the Mike cares. Talked to Mike Bill. Hey, citizens Bank citizens Bank. I want your dog's name to be citizens Bank, which the name of that bar. That's in between all the places like Varazdin center. No. Xfinity. Your dog's name your first child named expanded Eli. Yes, you fucking asshole. Here's the thing, though, all seriousness. I think anybody that signs a contract. That's big in baseball. You're you're kind of asking for the wrath of whatever. So that you're on. Which is why Machado was smart to do it in a city where nobody gives a shit. Yeah. Where you're going to fly under the radar making three hundred million dollars in San Diego. But there's no one player in baseball in the history of the sport that's worth this much money. Like the fans are going. Well, I guess the market dictates that you are worth this much. Yes. But it's still going to put a huge target on you for the fans like you can only what's the war for Bryce Harper. How many more winds is are you going to contribute to the to the Phillies? But I'll be like he's twenty six. So that was the whole thing with Manny Machado and Bryce Harper teams that were saying, well, we can't afford them like toot. He's twenty six you get them for his entire prime. It's not album pool. Whole signing a deal when he's already passed as prime. I think it'd be fine deal. I don't know what the opt-outs are and all that shit. But I. You signed especially the Phillies with how they built their team. And they're going to be like coming up here. Now like they have a pretty good team scrappy team. They've built some some good talent. They were in the race last year. I think this is like you make this every single time and deal with it later. Yeah. I about. Come on. Who cares? Here's a spicy take the I think that Mormons they say that their players are younger than they really are kind of like some of the Latin American countries that have gotten in trouble recently. I think I think Bryce Harper's actually thirty years old and the Mormon church is kept it indoors. I have no problem when you sign a guy for this long when you get all all of his prime, literally all you get twenty six till thirty thirty and and you're fine. So yeah, the last two years three years who cares? I also don't trust the fact that he doesn't drink at all. Yeah. Like, somebody handing somebody three hundred thirty million dollars has no vices. Oh, they'll find some vices. They will find their vices. I don't know what's going to be. But you're not gonna like doctors shitload of dog's name after all different cars different bars around Philly. All right next up. We have trouble in paradise, Hank. Go ahead. All of your teams. I'm good. I'm doing Terry tech. Oh man to Celtics haven't won in like four weeks. That's tough Kyrie irvings. A mean, what are you know, give me a real thought on the Celtics right now? So those are a complete dumpster fire. I don't really have any championship spin zones. I don't really have any a- anything optimistic to say about them. I'm kind of just hoping that it's like one of those things where they're just going through the motions and the regular season. And then once the playoffs start they might like snap out of it. But that's not really got. It also championship teams work like you. Don't just start playing championship basketball in. So it's also like one carries clearly like rice, these don't at all why it's a classic situation where if you know, Kyrie Irving is one of the top ten best players in the NBA. You know that having them on your team is better. But they've lost last six games that he's played. It's an issue. It's like what how does that make sense? So it's I love when that say like people say Brad Stevens. He's like it's starting to come around the on the way he's good when he's coaching young players. But once it's like a stab team can't chattering. Ten Leicester's rubbing off on them damn coach for job, even see Indiana. Hank? Would you rather have Brad Stevens or LeBron a-? Still take precedence. Okay. All right last up before we get to our airport review. We have new segment new saying, we'll hang do the noise. Always changes me. I got to stay consistent. I gotta change the noise. That's true. Thought it was like. Sounds like a rat. Okay. So we have real MENA genius. If you don't remember there was a commercial series one. Was it like early mid two thousand what was it for her Bud Light light and you'll medigene? Yeah. It was like two guys singing along to a song about real guys that invented cool stuff. It used to be called real American heroes. But then nine eleven happened in the change it ship. It was no, yeah. Those fucking terrorists took our Bud Light commercial way from us. So we're bringing back real MENA genius. You want to want to give it a shot a shot? Okay. Mr. north Tonawanda man who started a over the top Super Bowl squares pool and was not able to afford all the payoffs that he had promised everybody that entered into Super Bowl squad and was stuck with forty four thousand dollars, and he was not able to pay off picked his own kidnapping. So you wouldn't have to pay out all the winters. We'll faked his own kidnapping. So he wouldn't have to pay all the players of his PU. Genius. That was terrible. I'm happy that we're giving you airport reviews because that fucking. So this. And you say today, we salute you today, we don't even know how fucking thing that that was so bad. I'm sorry guys with the bottom line. Is this dude he he started Super Bowl squares pool? Right. And promise that there was going to be fifty thousand dollars payout. Yup. And only got sixteen thousand dollars with a cash on the hook for thirty thirty four thousand dollars to fake names to fill out the rest of the squares thinking if I give myself zeroes in the sevens and the fours I'll be I'll be set and you got fucked three three. And so he didn't win the pool and then kidnapped himself to say that he what he say he said that someone kidnapped him he said stalls you did he spun it around and said that he won a Super Bowl squares pool. And once he did. And then somebody is somebody kidnapped him to try to steal his winnings. Yes. So he duct taped himself and tied himself up with rope. And put him in the back of his own truck. You'll thank which okay. Here's the thing. Trucks have opened beds to them. So they're not you're not really hitting. If you're in the back of your own truck like maybe do it in a car next time. Yeah. Like someone that you can actually slam shut on yourself. Just small so yeah, he's smollet himself. Just wiggling around in the in the in the truck bed of like an F one fifty like wounded deer and it was in like the middle of the afternoon. So the cops found him and he had a rope tied around his neck move. Like, if you you gotta panic. Yeah. You've got to do something you faked an entire Super Bowl pool. And now you've got to figure out a move out. Just kidnap yourself not not a bad play it sucks now. But I probably rather go to jail than have a bunch of people be like where the fuck is. My money. That's a good point. Yeah. Because they can't get to you in jail. Correct. No murders in their real manage genius mister met who started over the top Super Bowl. Pull was found with rope around his neck in the back of his own f one fifty truck in the middle of the day in the middle of the day. Gene us. Okay. Then those terrible story was school. But the framing of it by us was minus. Okay. But we have somebody who redeem ourselves three year anniversary. I cannot believe it's been three years, boys. Doing it. It's nuts. It's been a wild ride. We're not going to get emotional. We are just going to give you an airport review and fifty percent off the barstool sports store part of my take year. PFC you ready for this? I am do it. You said I love you at the I did I made sure to wrap. This will be the end of the show. We will see everyone Monday John Harbaugh. Awesome interview coming on. Okay. Welcome Hawn PFC. Let's do a quick intro real quick. So in the Indianapolis area. Now, we just got off the flight Hank is under the influence of narcotics oral surgery, and we want haunting we're going to like this is the first airport. I thought this is pretty of moment. This is a big moment. This is the first airport review we've ever done, and we just landed. And it's like, this is are you nervous? No, not at all. We're in not nervous because we had a delightful pair of flight attendants on that plane, and they took special care of big cat ni-, and they actually want to talk to us. So I think it'd probably be good place to start asking them what their opinion Pless airport is. So let's let's go talk with them. K Hank one. We're not cutting any of this. So just make sure okay, okay here with our to flight attendants from our trip from LaGuardia to Indianapolis, we have miss tie high and Cynthia Cindy, anti so first question how were we as passengers on your flight to question hell areas? Hilarious and well-behaved on hers hilarious, and we'll behaved. Okay. Okay. Now between Dan, and I bid cat, and I which one of the two of us. Do you think was a cooler passenger plane? I love you both. But I'm going to have to say big cash exactly didn't think that was made it a competitions unfortunate. Do you? What is the proper? There's been a lot of the beat in recent history. Is it flight attendant? Is it stewardess? Is it flight assistant on the take this one? So it's flight attendant not stewardess because we're not there as your Stewart to clean up after you. We're there to tend to during an emergency. So is flight attending get air. Right. Y'all. Fifty two anymore. I noticed that you put a nice little trick. At the start of the flight to get everybody's attention during the safety briefing. You held up a phone and said somebody left their phone on the jetway now that have your attention. I'm gonna teach you guys how to be safe. What other cool tricks? Do you guys have that you like to pull on us? I have a few tell your because yours are probably better than mine. They're mostly, you know, everybody loses things in the airport. So I tell them, oh, I found something jet bridge. Just give me a second. And they're all waiting baited breath. What am I going to pull out and it's the safety card? Okay. That's okay on that one. So when you came around and asked if everyone wanted stuff, you gave me a diet coke, and I didn't take out my tray. And you saw me just of raw dog diet coke were you impressed by that move past. I could tell it was very impressive. You're just like awkward moment or tie was like is. He gonna just if you just gonna hold this Cup and the diet coke. And I was like fuck. Yeah. I am young. Very surprising. Wouldn't you say it's like a little bit more of baller move, though that I had a beer in Dan only had diet coke. Well, it's not bother because I gave you a beer pre-departure and you didn't drink. If he keeps lose I want to I want to official track. I wanted on the record that I did drink the beer. I just didn't know that I had to open and drink it before take off. And then she she confiscated my beer from me. And then I couldn't get it back until we're until that thing dinged that me above ten thousand feet. All right last question. What's something that people just have no idea about the job of a flight attendant that you can like give a nugget that we just never ever think of interesting thing. Knowing thing whatever it may be. Number one is we don't get paid until the door closes. So. Hello. Hello. Hello free time. Okay. Anytime we ask you to do anything is not because we're mad or being spiteful is for your safety. Legit. I don't want to ask you. But it's my job. That's it. At the end of the day is we got we all got jobs to do. We respect flight attendants on this show. That's a promise. Also, how annoying is it? When people jump up when the when the flight ends jump up and try to get their bags in front of other people. Yes. It is. Where are you going the doors, not even? Only to realize we're all getting off at the same time. No matter how fast you up. Oh, but I do like the round of applause at sometimes happens when the plane lands, that's kind of nice. Yeah. Final question. You guys are veterans of the scene. This is our very first airport review here in Indianapolis. What do you guys rank the Indy airport scale of one to ten? Number one in the nation. Whoa. Wow. That's that's his strong. We picked up and you tie. I'd say maybe like ten being the highest and one being the highest. We'll go we'll shoot just ripped my scale shreds and said just one overall. Yes, she said number one overall. I'm just asking scale once a ten. All right. If one of the low is I'm gonna say like a no you said in the nation. I'm gonna say five fathers Roman score. Okay. One flight. Everybody knows the rules. All right. All right. Well, thank you. Ladies. Appreciate it. It was a great flight beautiful white. And we appreciate you guys and thanks for listening. Thanks for. Thank you so much sat out. Shoutout to cynthia's Neef, Ashley west that was awesome, those great, thanks guys. All right here, we go. So we learned a lot here. Let's let's move over here. PM Cairo quick. So we have seen a by. So we're not going to cut any of this. So we are. Just outside of what Caterina in this gate, a one through five a. We're at eighty five and we're now going to walk to our baggage claim, and we're going to give you a live review of the Indianapolis airport. We are dragging so to paint a visual for everyone who's listening right now Pank is walking behind us with the recorder. We have microphones in our hands were someone's gonna trick we promised trip. Little fun fact behind the scenes at part of my take it was at this very location right here that we found out that barstool van talk got picked up by ESPN. Yes. So we're very happy young dumb and full come so here. Yeah. Right. Hang puked on that flight. I I stop. We're gonna make is actually the bathroom right now. Is it can't bring the Cameron? Let's leave our bags right here. So we're going to bring Hank in. We'll be back for the camera. You go in the middle urinal. Bubba just maybe do like a ambiance videotape thing. And then we'll put it into the show. So that people can just kind of see it little protests, and we go. Oh, sir. What's your name going there? Okay. What do you think you got jerked off? I just think I hate Boston. I hate all awesome. Okay. But what about Robert come out for the rest? Your thing. Nothing. You you came to me and asked what about rubber cab? I said you got jerked. I think he is guilty surely to go. Okay. Any relation to Bob Kravitz me. Do you work for the NFL? Okay down. I live here. Zippers halfway. Oh, yeah. I know. I'm about to go to the Baptist hanging out in the airport for we got to the bathroom. Well, yeah, we you're walking. I do appreciate that. You just stop does. He said, hey, what do you think about Bob Kraft guys? I know who you go. Thank you. And I just I just devote so close I just just not I'm not I'm not a fan of. Okay. We'll see you know, what? That's why we love sports fan. And obviously you guys beat to shit is too much. And that's why I don't like. Yeah. But you guys got that cool banner the two thousand fourteen AFC finalist. That's a one of a kind. Any other team has that actually the Super Bowl has many times? All right. Thank you. Mr. say, we gotta go. She. None of that seat. This book tickets to the bathroom to join us. And we're going to use the bathroom. So all right. We only have. PFC unused this Hanks gonna wait out here. I'm gonna use use that stall the handed over the top here. So. I'm actually using. All right. So hick review here PET, let me let me start the handicapped stall has its own sink. That is nice. That's unbelievable. How's the flow in there? Okay. This this non handicapped, so is actually very spacious. I would actually say that this non handicapped, so is as spacious as most handicap souls, that's nice now, it doesn't have the amenities that yours does no sink in here. But very large bowl as you can see I've been going for a while. I just got the flush, and it's still not close to being filled up yet fit a lot of soup in here. My urine was very dark because it was a flight, and it actually people don't realize when you fly because of the air the altitude. Thank you, sir. The air. If sucks all the water out of your body. So you get very dehydrated got up. Make sure you hydrate when you fly also I would say that the best part about getting off the plane is that I post airplane fart that you have for whatever reason just altitude sucks all up. So let's let's do a quick review. Dennis Rodman's, good. So we'll quick we're kind of aware guiding in the bathroom. So I thought my my stall was fantastic look years. It was spacious see that extra sink. Why don't you think? I as a big mistake big. I thought the the hand washers were great lackey urinals is a problem. There's only three I feel like there's probably some clutter in here. It's a small airport though. Here's where here's where I rate my airport bathrooms if you walk in, and you don't have the overpowering smell the shit right away. You're already like a good air. Yeah. Another thing that I noticed. I don't see any puddles. A lot of times. They're just puddles laying around his. Airport bathrooms. I don't see any here. I did. I was very very impressed with the width of that bathroom really spread out even in the non handicaps, which she's actually leave because they're taking a poop. Are you to fuck alone? Then that guy followed us. Costing me zipper down is actually probably a sex crime. Okay. Okay. Good. Let's go. All right. Hearing is. He's now has good from cocktail. Oh, yeah. They have the same almost elmo's. Cocktail right there. Think about it. Right. I don't know who are here at Saint elmo's let Harry and Izzy do it because they're probably assistant restaurant. I would imagine. To figure out my hands here. Okay. All right. So we're going to walk. So now, we got to follow to ground transportation overall PF PFC. What would you give the bathroom? We're talking scale went to ten seven and a half, seven and a half. Now, something we should note is that it's eight fifteen in Apple's everything is closed. Literally, everything is well, we might find a Hudson news, even even the moving walkway has stopped it flat. And then just said, welcome to Indianapolis. Like, that's the thing here everything closes early, which I'm okay with honestly. So I say we were walking away from where we need to go one. Let's do one moving walkway. And then go to the baggage. Okay. You go into tricks on it. Nope. I might pull a trick. Here's what here's what really pisses me off people who get it on the moving walkway. Fucking. What's the deal with the moving? Hey, what's the deal? Why don't they build the entire airport out of moving walkways how come world how come it's just like one stretch here? So yeah, it is a ghost town. I doesn't I think we were the last flight at e e. At eight ten pm. We were the last flight to come into they run a lean operation not a lot of overhead here. And also the fact that not too many flights land here mean, that's really clean. Here's a fun fact people messing it up. Here's a fun fact about the Indianapolis airport. I once bought a tenant dip here. I couldn't believe it. I really wanted to dip and I found a store and they sold me a tennis school. And I was like what the hell. I was just taking my shot. Yeah. Yeah. So yeah, that's always a soft spot in my heart. So we're we're nearing the end of the moving walkway here. I know you can't see it. If you're listening to the podcast now outside eight ten looks like there's another steak restaurant. There's that makes to steak restaurants in the airport. That's not a restaurant steak burgers. Yes. So okay. Closer. Join. So let's go backwards outside the Hoosier marketplace. We're going to get back on the moving walk. Okay. Let's let's walk this time. I'd rather not. I know, but let's walk this time. Okay. Hold on. We got to take in a cattle. I'm gonna just read this signed for the people at home, a cat cl- a catalytic state for life, sciences, Indiana's, vibrant, and uniquely collaborative life. Science industry boasts statistics at rival coastal hubs of activity from pharmaceuticals to medical devices to I think that just the way. Now, I pass it on the move all that sun meant is that they just experiment on people here. Yeah. You know, those. Click kill all those Beagles. Yeah. See island of Dr Moreau fucked up, man. I don't want to think about our UPU. I shout out getting some shoutouts here with. With some of the banner advertise, right? Looking forward to them seeing them as another sixteen seat. But I like that I liked that. When you walk in you gotta Purdue University. You get the feel of like, hey, this is what it's about here. You know, we've got a south bend chocolate company on the right now that place looks like it might be a decent place to eat. If it wasn't closed some popcorn some popcorn. Some bon-bons hand dispense not sure what they are. But there are certainly a punchline in many comedic films. What do you think in unique the Indy? That's name of a store were walking by right now. I think it's probably a budget. Indie shit and carburetors I was gonna say like a bunch of albums from bands that you've never heard of. Yeah. All right. So now, we're going to walk towards ground transportation, by the way, our bags might just not be there because we're yeah. We're we're taking our time. We're deleting. Here's a real treat. We've got a couple of fast cars, celebrating India's rich motor sports history on hold on. Hold on. Let's take this in real quick. Did you know that Indianapolis hosted the PanAmerican games in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven so there's a nice little glass memorabilia now this is what I came for this is why fly into India right here. This is why fly into any check this out. You've got the Lund Curtis. Offi midget number ninety three don't say that. The inward number ninety three during the phenomena which short lived popularity of inward car racing during the immediate post World War Two years by far the most sought after chassis engine combinations. Was that of the Kurtis Kraft chassis is powered by the classic four four-cylinder Vroom Vroom baby Vroom Vroom. This thing is sweet. Yeah. It is. I who loaded really wish I could be in word only car racer. All right. So nice view of darts. A-7 through a seventeen that's about it. What's over here on the left say, what do you reckon those designs? Are it looks like a bunch of boomerangs or glass butterflies throwing knives? You see it's stick said, he kissed you to why you need to feature enemies with it. And then it'd been writings right Paktiya hand. Okay. So we're walking. We're there's an option to go to concourse b or baggage claim we're going to go to conquer species mighty tempting. But I think we're gonna get our bags exit only. This is always a very thrilling part of an airport when you lean and it says, you cannot come back you step over the line. You're done. Does anyone ever come back? I'm getting a nod. It's a breach. What happens if someone walks out, and then they try to just like randomly come right back past it will be a breach in. I have a call airport. Police escort him out. Okay. Well, there's your answer. Thanks great night. So there it is a breach. Okay. So interesting woman at the door. It's interesting. She was probably eighty five years old. I'm not gonna stop any. I don't see the line here. Usually they have like a red line. Yeah. Hey tripp. Hank is still a little bit doped up. Oh, okay. When you work with that. Okay. So when you walk out of the airport there's actually a ton of stuff. Yeah. Indianapolis. So this is actually nice because we this you can access all this without having a flight. So you can come the airport and enjoy the McDonald's chick fillet the Brooks brothers. Don't forget the Indy. Five hundred girl without without even having a flight. Here's is also nice PFC. I really liked this. Because if you see this gentleman, right? Oh. He's here. He's got a barstool on his side. Does that for us NFL combine credentials? I think he's looking for us twenty dollars. Angels' with man, are you selling do you happen to know where I can buy NFL combine credentials for twenty dollars got some here was going to have the guys take a picture with them. But you know, what? I mean. Yeah, we'll do. Okay. Yeah. Let's see what we're doing an airport. What's your name? Carter. Winston Carter Whitson. Oh, oh, you're waiting for your wife. Okay. Creeping on you. But in the same there, you are. Yeah. Hey, brought you a few beers. Beers or not or. Yeah. I got a few beers. Did she tell you? I said it wasn't creepy. But she was like on the same flight as you or I said having nice flight. And I was like wait you're on the same flight. Let's just hope we don't crash. That's awkward whenever you tell like a flight attendant like, hey, come on your next, right? Or how about when good time in India? Wait, you're leaving. When you get dropped off at the airport, and the cab driver says have a nice flight, and you say you to and then you're like, oh, wait, you're getting back in your car. You realize you're part of this is the first airport review ever pretty jacked up. It'd be part of it big big time AWOL. So you've got you've got several posters here. What are the other ones say? What screwed up the second one. Okay. Okay. That's okay. So let's take a picture the picture. And then also tell us who you get the camera. We're going to narrate the picture that picture. So she's going. She's going vertical. Awesome. The picture interesting. Yeah. Vertical orientation, work on Instagram. But that's fine. With it. So I figure I could do what I could help my guys out. Do you actually have some fuck shit? I got some I got some people that I know, you know, a guy that knows names, I'm not gonna drop McVeigh Shula's name. Okay. Last question. How would you rate the indiapol- Indianapolis airport as far as your small airports? Go. Can't find a better one. Okay. Very smooth. We're hearing. Yeah. Yeah. We're hearing. I agree. One guy who tried to cost us outside of the bathroom. Well, you guys are used to that. And inside the bathroom, and he was old. He was five. I think he was Jim Ursa named Bubba or early. Jim are there you go? I enjoy your time. And thank you. Love you too. Right. Okay. That was fun. So that was so that was actually full circle we went there, we when we were waiting for the flight in the Gorizia a woman, a nice young woman came up to us. And it was like, hey, huge fan me. And my husband listen to you all the time can take a picture and that was the husband circle life. And I did do the awkward thing. You just never know. When you're like, hey, have a good flight? Then you're like, oh, wait, you're on the flight with me. So let's just oh, we don't check this out. Now, we're doing another awkward thing where you say like by somebody, and then you walk the same direction as them that's always real treat back in middle school. And you'd be like, all right. See after the next class and then the end up walking in the same classroom. I would like hands. I'll take a beer just turned down. He just had oil oral surgery. Take take a knee. Hank? Take bro. Where are you going to say PF PFC, I already said it, but you are too far away. So you'll just have to listen back to the show to find it. TSA security person coming up on on our on our Louis that's left in the Marine Corps. Okay. I just want to say for the record that is one of the finer airport Chick-fil-A that I've ever been to. Yes. Eight x two natures table. So you can get your smoothie feel good about yourself. Have a Chick-fil-A feel terrible. What yourself and their statements on? Homosexuals. Yup. Didn't mean to go. I mean, I just go there for the chicken. Yeah. I just really like this is going to be interesting. How we're going to navigate this with all these chords. But we're going to try to take the escalators here. There are three it'll get stuck on this escalator like Portland trailblazers to go down one that goes up in a stairs. That goes up dot down. I think probably sometimes they reverse course on the middle one depending on the traffic flow. So it's nice to have that option. C like on the next one right across the way from us. They've got to going up and just the one going down. Oh, we go. We are told that the walkways dynamite very excited to see the walkway now, we're gonna fund our bags. This might actually be a problem because we are. We've checked bags. They really doll this place up for the combine. Yeah. All the flare we've got to Christian McCaffrey pillar over there. Lucas is coming home. That's great Lucas is coming home. Where's Lucas coming home from Lucas? Lucas coming home from. Hi there. You're going to say like, Iraq or something. But it's just say. Welcome in a stager beaver house. Is that a new arrival? Yes. Okay. Talking babies folks they race. Okay. Okay. We'll increase reference guys. We're going this way. PFC my parents wouldn't let me watch his. Yeah. Too. Busy dining at chick fil thought. We were going to just get a fucking awesome. Like military rival not Lucas who's just been chilling in Denver getting fucking highest shit. Who's who's the Beaverton anesthesia Beaverton watch that show easy flame? Let's get the bags, and let's go we'll do the walkway one. Hey, Liam can hang with the bag. Do we know where we're going these the bags? Oh, those your back. So he's looked like our bags. All right. So how we're going to end. This is we're going to do. Let's see. Let's let's go. Let's check out the wall. They said the walkway was he said the walkway was the one wildcard at some of these airports is how long it takes you to get into over. Yeah. Well, we're going we got it. We rented a car. We got the convertible. No, we did not get. All right. So we're going to you stay with the bag slim. We'll just put in place filler for people who are watching on barstool gold. All right. Let's go. Let's walk. We'll finish the review you can leave your bag PFC both of them. Yeah. Just leaving my here with Liam Liam, we're leaving all the bags with you LIAM's going to have to take all the bags. No. We're coming back. We're gonna literally do the walkway then we're gonna come. Let's go do the walkway. Hey, check this out elite baggage I wonder what passes for elite bags? Picture. Okay. Love it. What's up, man? What what is elite? Baggage mean. I deliver luggage and whatnot. Okay. I thought it was really the, you know, the stuff off the books here about last night's loss. Honestly, Wisconsin game. Yeah. That sucked. I don't really wanna talk about it. We don't have to rubble overtime terrible loss. You can't give win. So those losers down there as far as Purdue guy. I'm watching them right now. Started. Actually, you're kind of messing the okay, we'll see him. If you be the real unfortunate thing about people when they see big cat. Sometimes they they feel like they can come up to him and just make fun of all the losses that he has grambling which is tough because you already lost. Once we've got remind you common thing will be hit big cow. What are you betting on? And then I have and then we have to like sit there, and I have to rattle through everything, and it was like takes way too long. But all right. So we're going to finish the review by going on this walkway. We've heard a lot about we really only heard it for one person walkway of legends. All all in all fifty. I would say Indianapolis airport is don't light very nice. It's all I wish that maybe had one or two stores that were open that we could have checked out. But overall, I'd say like very, very solid. I I think the flight attendant may have oversold a little bit as calling it the number one airport in the country. Right. But so far. I mean, I'm I'm thinking like an eight, oh, let's got is on this walkway look at these lights. Well, here's holy crap. Now that we're actually doing this, and we're going to start giving airport reviews to people, I think we. Oh, Hank doesn't want to do this anymore. Hold on. What's the matter? Well, we breath if you're listening to Coley breath, they're they're looking for you on Wednesday, February twenty seventh around nine pm. That's got to be fake name. Okay. So I think when we when we do our next ones we need to just have there's got to be classes. It's like it's like MLB in triple A. And this is. Whoa. Right there that was the sound of all these lights turning on when you get on the walkway here. Two lights follow you follow. You. This is simply incredible. It's like the piano from big. I can't believe that. We didn't bring bubble with us. He's going to really be big time foam. Oh, but either way what I was gonna say PFC's, I think that we should do. We should have a situation where we we have classes. So this is a smaller airport. Okay. Let's get some of this footage right here. This is what we're dealing with on the walkway small airport, basically like a club and like I'm in Miami. And then we'll do the the big airport class. You're LAX is your ears. Your Dallas Fort Worth. Hear that folks. Saint going on. That's indy. It's a wide wonderful world of Indy. Okay. So yeah. I would call this like a mid major. Yeah. Right. So as far as the mid majors. We're we're is really good. It's like a Dayton or Davidson, maybe a either in southern Illinois possibly. One of those one of those schools, you know, they could make noise. Yeah. They probably win any tournament. I would even say that you could you could take lady here for for a night out on the town. This is this is a dateable airport. Don't need. A ticket to get into the main area where you can both look at Indy cars, they had a couple of those word car the m word card now that was passed the security. Oh, no his woman who is ninety years old said you we'll have to check the tape on with inside guarantee. You Hank back me up? It was definitely inside the security. Doesn't know hang all sorts of perked up. Once. I saw that woman who is barely alive. Let out on your right? Sorry. Okay. She's fun. She was in a rush. So I wanted to double check to make sure she was. Okay. You never know. So. Yeah. What would you say? What are we doing for rankings counts? So I feel like if we're going to go by class, then it has to be waited a little bit. So LAX is of the world. The giant ones will put them on a scale of how about we put them on a scale. Confusing. Oh, yeah. That's what I'm saying. The the LAX is will be like grade scales in school. So we eighth wrath. Okay. This movie one through ten great. So I'm going to give the Indy airport a seven point three. Okay. Which translates to c c plus c mine. Okay. We'll see. But we're we're saving those for the big boys. I'm gonna give this one to ten eight point eight. Wow. No, I tell you what I'm going to take off one little decimal point because I would have liked to hear more music on the moving walkway eight point seven so that actually that's a round number. If you if you activate is around number eight seven point three hundred eight area go we give you the Nate. We actually did that on purpose to really bad at math. Make sure we score. All right. So that will be our that concludes our first airport review in we're now in Indianapolis. This is actually the end of the Friday show. So we will see everyone on Monday Levy, guys. Painting. Sean. Pardon my presented by schools.

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