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This is mornings with Kale fueled by Great Western Petroleum, only thirteen ten KFI. He. Take a welcome. The wild sign said hunting took a welcome the wild side. Seven eight now thirteen ten Kfi a thirteen ten K.. A. Dot com mornings. Gail fueled by Great Western petroleum live and local via the auto. Collision Specialists, studios, yeah, your chance to take a walk on the wild side in Pueblo. This has the Colorado. State Fair Board is exploring, according to Krld, Oh, what preparations are needed in order to take place? To pour the fair to take place, but ultimately yeah, it is still on the books scheduled to take over the steel city at the end of August all right, so here's. Here's exactly what we know. The Board of authority voted just this past. Tuesday to modify activities to be safe amid guidelines so for the covid nineteen pandemic, not everything will be returning to the fair this year, but several livestock and agricultural events are being considered of course with modifications including the junior livestock showing sale the F. A. Heifer Rangel Katcha calf for H., Horse Show, and the four H. Dot show as well. There were also be a limited carnival now. With fewer food and vendor booths, competitive exhibits will still be virtual. The board said in their news release that was issued last week this point, though the exact modifications well a week ago, still weren't known the State Fair. Board says more information about the activities taking place. Will be announced that some later date. It's almost assured that capacity will indeed be limited and state guidelines say. That with proper precautions approved by the state, counties may allow outdoor venues to operate at a maximum capacity of five hundred people last year, just to compare and contrast what a difference a year makes more than four hundred and forty six thousand people attended across the eleven days of the Colorado State Fair the Colorado, state, fair in we blow, is scheduled for August twenty eighth running through September seventh Scott Stoler, the fares general manager said officials announced the decision last week to inform entertainers who were scheduled to perform and to allow officials to prepare as needed. He went to say in the next two months remaining before the fair. Fair there's still a chance that things might change and will be allowed to do more than we know we can do now. It's kind of the nature of the covid nineteen. Be Straight. It's ever changing will probably scale back more than ninety percent fair, but we do that. Because of the pandemic, we'd be limited that share. Our goal is to come back bigger and better next year. Stoler said the fair has a one million dollars in a reserve fund to offset losses expected this year and next year as well this by the way will mark the Colorado State Fairs One, hundred and forty eighth year with the theme being. A Walk on the wild side seven eleven now thirteen, ten KFI, a thirteen, ten KFI, K., A. Dot, com, or gale, fueled by Great Western petroleum via. The auto pollution specialists, studios and speaking of affairs, and of course what is among our chief guilty pleasure at any fair. Festival food on the Turkey legs, and the funnel cakes well the Greeley stampede once again. being extremely. Though the Greeley stampede, summer festivities have been canceled this year, but it's not going to stop them or us from enjoying some of our favorites, foodstuffs of the stampede I mean think about it festival food. It's are guilty pleasure. We allow ourselves at least once a year. Well, the Greeley stampede has partnered with local restaurants to bring some of our favorites for us to enjoy in a festival food tour, and for a limited time, participating restaurants will serve the festival food during the originally scheduled time of Greeley, stampede this according to a release from a Kevin McFarland marketing cordray co coordinator with the Greeley stampede by. Participating restaurants will serve as civil food during the originally scheduled time of the stampede of course, June twenty fourth through. July fifth while supplies last now. How does this work well? It's Kinda cool when you purchase. One of the listed items from are participating location. All you need to do is take a picture of the food, little food porn and post it to social media. Yeah, that's the thing using Hashtag. G. S. Festival food, or you can also email it to info at. At Greeley stampede dot org for a chance to win an honor box, venture, forty five cooler, or a two hundred and fifty dollar gift card to American furniture warehouse, so what restaurants are participating and more importantly into the point well, what festival food are they offering? Aunt? Helen's copy house strawberry lemonade dickey's barbecue pit. This is one stop shopping for me, funnel cakes and smoked. Turkey legs there it is in a nutshell, the best of festival food well in my humble opinion. Del Cafe loaded hand cut fries. The dugout Barbecue ray-ban stick. Gourmet Grub Red Velvet Fried Oreos Hall. Jerry, Jay's a chocolate covered. A chice kicked cheesecake. Can stay cows barbecue pulled pork Lewis. Takas Tequila fritters and Tequila lemonade McCarthy's at the Eaten Country Club. The ever so popular Cowboy Burger this has once again. The Greeley stampede, getting creative, getting innovative and providing us well one of our favorite things about the Greeley stampede, and that is that festival food as they announced their festival food tour. Ganz really stampede as you're well aware has been canceled, but these participating restaurants will serve festival food. During the scheduled time of the stampede again June. Twenty twenty-fourth through July fifth while supplies lasts okay. What's your favorite festival food? That's out now. Nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten. You can also drop me a text on our thirteen ten KFI text line at three, one, nine, nine, six, seven, fifteen, now thirteen ten Kfi this time check sponsored by carrying heart so healthcare serving northern Colorado since two thousand. Thousand One. We're patient. Care always comes first nine, seven, three, seven, eight fourteen O, nine or caring hearts, H, H, dot, com, whole sports story in northern Colorado the state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten, Kfi K.. Hey, it's always your turn to comment text cave, k., eight, two, three, one, nine, nine, six to get involved in the conversation mornings with Gail continues now on thirteen ten. KFI K. Calls to de-fund and this band police departments across the country intensify well when we did this story about Denver Public Schools Banning School Resource. From their schools I asked the question. Is this just the beginning? We can only hope it's not the case. Seven twenty, two, now thirteen ten K. up, K, a thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com mornings, but gail fueled by Great Western, petroleum, live and local via the auto collision specialists studios, but now. The Putin's School District Board is going to vote on school resource officer contracts today. What is your take on that? As this increasingly negative narrative has taken hold despite all of the vetted studies that we have seen when you look at the tens of millions of police interactions across the country that debunks of this systemic racism narrative. What are we teaching? Our kids by taking school resource officers from law enforcement out of the school. We've talked to so many experts that say. This is a great learning opportunity. It's a great teachable moment to perhaps well debunk some of the falsehoods that children have heard about lawn first forcement because. They actually get the chance to interact up close and personal with these school resource officers see them as people and form relationships with them, which only I think, generation generational only strengthens that entire concept of community policing, because you can't have community policing if you don't have the community participating, so why not start when they're young? Nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten. Drop me a text at a three, one, nine, nine six. Do you support this move? Removing Police officers a school resource officers from our schools, so yeah the Porter School? District Board of Education will decide today whether or not to keep to keep school resource officers in district schools for twenty, twenty, one, according to a piece by Sarah Kyle out of Fort Collins Colorado and now apparently, the decision was originally set for June ninth. This was a day after hundreds of students rallied outside district headquarters, and ask the district not to renew its contract with Fort Collins Police, claiming that students of color are quote disproportionately referred to law enforcement. Of course, the students protest echoed that national call to fund police following unrest over police violence. Including the heinous killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis Minnesota now following the students protests the Porter School District Board delayed its votes citing a need for more information in a motion to delay the votes. Board member Rob Patterson asked PSG administration to come back with a recommendation for a plan for Discipline, procedures and interactions of all students with those school resource officers course SRO's. Particularly, students of color for the twenty twenty one year. The recommendation must include robust engagement with our communities of color. Most students in parents on their experiences with discipline and with SRO's pederson said. Fort Collins Police Services and Larimer County Sheriff's office have provided resource offices. Officers at select put her school district schools since one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, five, this, according to. Documents for Collins Police. S are located at each comprehensive high school and middle. School within Fort Collins Larimer County deputies are located at cashless booter and Wellington metal schools. Timoth police began providing SRO's at timoth and Beth key elementary schools in two thousand, nineteen, now accord according to the board's meeting agenda Superintendent Sandra's misers recommendation. We'll good for her is to renew the. Contracts, with Fort Collins, Police Services Larimer County sheriff's Office and the town of Tin Mouth Timoth, which in total will cost the district just over one million. Smicer said in a statement to the Colorado, and this is only the start of what I expect to be a long ending gauging community discussion, certainly a conversation we're having, but my concern is the emotional knee jerk response in a time of social unrest. I'm grateful to our students, staff families and community stakeholders for speaking up. She said and I asked that they remain engaged partners as we move toward actions that ensure educational equity in our schools now the district covers half the pay for officers placed in district schools. The agency or municipality covers the other half. If the board approves next year's contracts, the district will pay about eight hundred forty four thousand dollars. Excuse me to Fort Collins Police Services for half the cost of eleven, officers, two corporals and one sergeant, working two hundred and twenty days about one hundred seventy two thousand two larimer county sheriff's office, for half the cost of to ski school, Resource, officers a school resource office supervisor to patrol vehicles, a supervisor vehicle and capital replacement and administrative costs for one hundred ninety two working days about twelve thousand nine hundred dollars to the town of Timoth for half the cost of one school resource officer, one patrol, vehicle and capital replacement and administrative costs for two hours per day for one hundred and eighty two days Tuesday the. This afternoon's board meeting willing pood- a presentation with the opportunity for discussion on how the SRO program operates this according to the Board Agenda Staff will also present a plan for community agenda again. The Poorer School District Board of Education. Meeting will begin at three PM today. The meeting will be held virtually. It can be viewed live on the district's a youtube page P. S., D.. On demand but your thoughts this morning. Should police officers school resource officers be banned from our school. Be careful the message you send nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen ten. Drop me a text down thirteen ten K. UP CIA text line at a three, one, nine, nine, six, well, some good news at least as far as the markets go. Could covid nineteen and the bull market actually. we'll get the answer. Heath wind bending presidential wealth management ways in in just a few best UNC bears targeting game coverage lives on thirteen ten Kfi, k., catch me Dan, Patrick and the Danettes weekdays nine to noon on thirteen ten K. Koa. And we're ready to watch you play a major league baseball. Some forty, two now thirteen ten K., thirteen, ten KFI A dot, com, or gale fueled by Great Western. Petroleum live and local via the auto collision Specialists Studios. Okay. Kinda interesting Major League Baseball plans to hold a sixty game season that will begin around July twenty fourth. Who but there are some conditions I needs players to sign off on a health and safety protocol and to pledge to arrive at home stadiums by July first to prepare for the season this as the owners. Exerted Their Authority. By announcing implementing a sixty game season on Monday, this is hours after the players. Association rejected a sixty game proposal that would have included and expanded post-season other well salary bumps joined this morning by Ed Henderson Major League Baseball Scout. Friend of all idol of many and eight fifty Koa's baseball insider a add. Good Morning Gail, how are you I? Am Great Hope Springs Eternal I am actually wearing my Pittsburgh pirates shirt. Talk I had tickets to see them play the Rockies, and was looking forward to seeing you there, but ain't. NOPE didn't happen. That that that damn virus. Damn virus gotTA. You know exactly exactly all right. So, what does this look like because I'm hearing that this is going to go nowhere fast and just end up in court. Well, I think there's a very good chance of that, Gail. The reality of of the exchanges and the interaction between Major League Major. League, baseball, ownership and the players association historically is not going well, and you know these situations have led to some huge disputes and work stoppages and things of the sort over the years. obviously what what lies in the background here is that there's a collective bargaining agreement that comes into effect I think the current one expires I think it's on or about December first of next year, but I think some of the posturing and some of the noise that we're hearing right now about this proposed agreement. Really kind of focuses on what's coming down the road and I think the players are very leery of painting themselves into a corner here and I think that leads into. Whether or not we go anywhere with this because as you mentioned, and you gave a very good analysis on very good synopsis on a gale that you know. Did the players have to or they don't have to, but Major League Baseball ownership has requested that by five PM. Eastern time today. the association. Advise them as to whether or not they will accept those conditions, and you know the first one is challenging enough, can you? Can you have all your staff here? Can you be ready to go July first now? You could argue well, guys. You've had three or four months to get prepared for this, but as we know with with the virus being what it's been. we've been in an unprecedented more waters here for a long time and I think there's so much unknown about it. Gail that I think. There's going to be questions as to whether or not taking get that done in seven days, but I think the bigger part of it and I think what may be the stumbling block to this whole situation. Is that protocol that you referred to? And and I don't blame the players one bit for wanting to protect themselves, but I also realized that. If somebody doesn't you know. Bite the bullet here and move forward with this. The entire season's going to be lost and I think fans are GonNa certainly react negatively to that. Both owners and players in twenty twenty one, and beyond so I don't think Major League and I've talked to a number major league people over the last few weeks scale I don't think you know either. The commissioners owners side of the table where the players side of the table wants to be the one labeled as being the group that stuttle baseball in twenty twenty, so let's hope they can get something done today. Well and from a public relations standpoint, and you reference says head. This would be an absolute nightmare because I mean it's costly when you take me out to the ballgame, a and the bottom line is yes, we are in uncharted unprecedented waters, so many people are struggling on so many levels financially and psychologically as a result of all the lockdowns and the closures and everything else that has accompanied the pandemic and here they're squabbling about. Money money. I can't help but think that does not bode well in terms of how they are perceived when so many people have lost their jobs and might not ever recover them. Yeah I totally agree with you Gail I. Think you know when you when you've got folks out there and I? Know some of your listeners. Unfortunately, that were that are listening to this. Show right now are probably gone through this and. The reality is that this has been a really rough time you look at. It was a great economy. You know one hundred and twenty days ago and then all of this takes place. yeah, I think if I was somebody that was out of work right now. struggling to make ends meet and keep food on the table and take care of my family, and I've got millionaires and multimillionaires fighting amongst themselves over this exactly I'm GonNa have a hard time. Hard time dealing with that and so careful, be careful the messages you sent absolutely, and you know, and I think people understand and have understood over the last few weeks. This is a complicated process. This is not easy. This is not your your standard. If you will contract between players and owners. That's not what this is. This is coming at a time when you're seeing other sports struggling, you're seeing other sports that are that are trying to get off the ground going through some of these same issues. You've got players at the professional and college level testing positive for this covert virus almost every day. And spikes around the country right now. I I I there is legitimate reason for for players and their families, their representatives to be concerned about this, and and that's why I think that this is you know and I have been you and I talked about it the other day I have said all along that I really question whether or not we're going to have baseball and twenty twenty. Because historically these negotiations have been so difficult. They're the only thing you're guaranteed is they're going to be nasty and they're going to be lengthy and both have taken place year. I mean these these talks have been going on now since legitimately back in April and May so. It's tough well. Let's let's look at the glass half full all right. Let's just kind of project that perhaps they'll. They'll find something. They can agree on that. All the acrimony in the belly bumping will be put aside. Yeah, I can dream right. Fans. That's another big question I I know. I talked to somebody with Iraqis probably six weeks ago. and they were saying that they would be that that day. The rockies would be playing in front of fans in twenty twenty. Now that for me is really a hard for me to understand, and it's hard for me to understand it now you add a whole other dynamic to the whole equation. When you introduced fancy into the picture and obviously fans, some fans would would wanNA come out. Probably some fans would not. They would be fearful of you know potentially being exposed to the virus and so forth but. I haven't seen anything yet. That specifically defines whether or not fans are going to be part of this, but I think initially at the very least hands would be excluded and I think these games would be played in front of a television audience, and not necessarily not necessarily at a home ballpark. For example, the rockies might be planned, but it may not be course fielder in a ballpark that we've seen previously during the radio focused, and some of the earlier discussions right right exactly, and and you've seen unfortunately to the states right now. Gale that are reporting spikes in coronavirus are where. Arizona and Florida so I. Mean you know it makes it hard for for folks to You know to navigate through this and I know this has been confusing because I. Mean I've been studying this thing for for months now, and it's confusing to me and I've been around the game a long time so absolutely. I think for for a lot of folks. I think. It was hard to and and I'm I'm going to take a shot at the commissioner here for a minute if I may. You know about ten days ago. He came out with a statement guaranteeing that they would be playing baseball in two thousand and twenty. Can you guarantee that? You can't force players and owners to to force them into an agreement that that just is not reasonable to expect. That was an ago sheeting tactic I think it was to. Buy think that's exactly right. Terrance but. He as you said, he crashed and burned less than a week later. He's saying well. You know not sure we're going to have baseball this year. Well, which is it? You know you guaranteed a week ago? I mean you know and so without and again there's confusion around this because there are so many variables that are that are known not known about this this virus and and the contamination go that goes along with it so from my standpoint. I think the best thing for both sides due to do, and I would have suggested it to them all along as shut the hell up until you have something meaningful to say. Right. Something meaningful to say and then come out and make an announcement about that or if you've reached a point where they legitimately cannot come to an agreement in twenty twenty. Be Honest with people. Tell him that. And that same principle applies to all the conflicting messages. We've gotten about covid nineteen, but that's a whole week's worth. The talk shows Ed Henderson Major. LEAGUE BASEBALL SCOUTS STILL MINNESOTA TWINS yes. Still working for the twins at least At least it's point when we started this call Gail. About the commissioner that may be true, but Date, we'll get an update from equal take. Absolutely I'll be your PR. And a pleasure as always stay well, and we'll catch up again soon. Yeah, I, think again just real quick to to put a cap on this five o'clock eastern time today. Three Denver Time reality is that you know we should know something by then and Let's hope for some good news. I think we're all due for some. Absolutely we could certainly use some Ed Henderson friend of all I'd love many. Koa Baseball Insider Major League Baseball Scout. It's great to catch up with you. Gail been a pleasure, take care seven, fifty, four, now, thirteen ten KFI. K, thirteen ten am carry a preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage after mornings with gale's stay tuned for the Dan. Patrick show the whole show. The herd with Colin Cowherd Oland Thirteen Ten K., K. Seven, fifty nine, thirteen ten KFI K. Thirteen ten KFI, Tae Dot com mornings with fueled by Great Western Petroleum loveline Paul's. This is the city of London's high speed, Internet and voice provider announced residential service plans last Thursday love Linders. You need to know what to expect. When we chat with Joe Bernas Ski Loveland Water and Power Director at eight. Oh, five thirteen ten KFI K., A. Greeley Loveland, Longmont, poor collins, closing in on eight o'clock Wpro sports story northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K.

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