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20191008 Nicole Sandler Show - Everything You Need to Know About Kurdistan


The following program contains graphic material including offensive language your discretion is advised you WanNa take arise broadcast throughout the sprawling outskirts though Florida everglades a congressional district well I looked at this as better know a world region and I say region because Kurdistan isn't actually a country Donald Trump doesn't know what the fuck he's doing he obviously knows nothing about the Kurds and and sort of reverse order so I'm going to start today with this interview I did with Ban Sami Abdul Remond in again from on Sami Abdul Ram on now bay on Remond is the Kurdistan Regional Government representative to the United States. You know look he's the president now he should do his homework and learn what he's talking about before he opens his stupid mouth but going along with mine and what a time for them to be out right because keeping a handle on everything that's happening in the news is pretty at the news of the day today I'm going to save the news for last because I have a couple of interviews to share with you the first one I actually ran the eastern Syria which normally would be a good thing right I mean I want to get us out of these wars we need to stop it's madness however when I awoke to the news just yesterday morning that we woke up to hear that Donald Trump was tweeting that he's pulling the troops out of In which case I I really apologize to youtubers I promise you I will work on tonight and try to figure out what the Hell is going wrong in the meantime we got a busy busy and when I got to talk with her it was it was two thousand fifteen it was July two thousand fifteen so it was four years ago the you know I didn't know much about the you know I a few years ago was introduced to a woman named I wanna get her name right Bayon on yesterday on the broadcast yes I'm still filling in for bread and desert they should be back now hopefully hopefully next week wanting it's a daunting task because there's so much going on but you know we'll work it in today along with everything else so this interview that I want to start with Monday if not before and I'll let them fill you in on what's been going on but you know Brad lost his father and so I've been doing double duty trying to keep his show so with no further Ado WanNa get to this now we we are going to talk about the Supreme Court today and the case they heard today and we will get to the news but so we're doing it in so for you today with so much going on in the world I'm GonNa do things backwards the opposite of the way I I usually start the show with a look at lie of two thousand fifteen fifteen two thousand and two thousand fourteen I'm so confused hopefully this'll clarify the US but I think we lack when it comes to geography world geography I'll tell you my daughter I adopted from Khazakstan which has Kurds I really didn't so I took this as an opportunity to You know how Stephen Colbert on the old Colbert Hor used to do better no software that I use to stream live to youtube it's called a wire cast and it still messed up so hopefully we'll make it through today we may have another show with audio only can you explain more Kurdistan is yes sure we'll festival I'd like to say it's a great pleasure to be with you today so thank you for here at the Nicole Sandler show and all my goodness youtube is still not right you know I messed with it over the weekend I upgraded to the newest version of this formed just after the first World War and actually President Woodrow Wilson the the US president at the time Can Turkey and Syria so you have Kurdish people like me I was born in Iraq my parents were Iraqi all government representative to the United States I you know I a lot of people here. Unfortunately we've a decent educational system in entries peaceful countries are Iran Turkey Iraq and Syria and cut astonishing. This shape was nothing but Kurdistan is even more complicated because Kurdistan isn't isn't a country you're not you're not a nation you're a re unfortunately in the Post Fest World War discussions spy the victorious allies Kurdistan lost thanks for you buy on Tommy Abdul Rahman am I pronouncing correctly Yes they are they on okay you're the Kurdistan Regional Kurds but my husband is from Kurdistan and Iran mind maternal grandmother was occurred from Syria and I have many it was a huge nation and so I can't tell you how many people when they learned she's from Kazakhstan say what's that they don't it's kind of sad and out and so instead of having one Kurdish state in the Middle East the Kurds were divided into these four countries Iran Iraq on and off to the north with Turkey and I know that for instance we we hear a lot about Iraqi Kurdistan in region. Yes what's happened is that over the past a hundred years or so since the first World War the concept of self-determination peoples around the world have the right to determine what state what nation they want to be part of a very the top the northernmost tip of Syria it's larger than Iraq it also shares a huge border with Iran many decades were not allowed to even speak Kurdish we're not allowed to give their children Kurdish names And the state of the Stan reads region are they subject to different rules than perhaps those who are more in the in the Iranian relatives who are Kurds in Turkey so even though we have these borders that divide us we are all linked by blood we are linked by blood and family destructive of Kurdish society it tore it the fabric of society but I have to say that over the past decade or fifteen in a way have lived parallel lives but also have had different experiences so the Kurds in Turkey for DP one thirteen percent of the vote and this is the first time that Turkey has a Kurdish political party inviting me cut the stone is actually divided and a piece of Curtis on exists in four different with Kurdish members of parliament there have been Kurdish members of parliament before in Turkey but they stood as independent right now and I have it up on the screen we put this out on Youtube so people who are listening concede a map as well and the the the Kurdistan region is huge area who have no citizenship rights whatsoever so that means they can't own their own house they disqualified from getting against the Kurdish people going back in the Shah's time and then again under the Islamic republic as well so again the three million the number of Kurds in Turkey is maybe twenty million maybe twenty five million we don't know in Iran you know and and so the different you know the the countries with which you share some land The say the Turkish Curtis it does slow this is good oh goal Sadler show all right welcome to a Tuesday at the start of a brand-new week he really And in the recent elections just a few weeks ago in Kentucky for the first time a Kurdish political party the HP looking back over the past several decades or even one hundred years or so the Kurds in Syria have been equally badly treated they have been he denied even the existence of anything called codes or Kurdistan actually and this was of course candidates this is the first time that they stood under the umbrella of a Kurdish party so this is the situation in Turkey and then of course there is the Kurdish organization and in that one incident but he used chemical weapons against about two hundred communities that's villages towns hamlets I represent the Kurdistan region in Iraq in my post in Washington in Iraq perhaps your listeners one there are about ten twelve million Kurds and Iran also unfortunately has had a policy of oppression cut cut ish people's rights in Iranian Kurdistan and not necessarily recognized and then coming to Iraq which is where I'm from and he bumped the the city of Halabja in nineteen eighty-eight with chemical gas chemical weapons and five thousand people died years or so there has been a great deal of progress in Turkey so that now the language is no longer banned there even schools that teach Kurdish not many admitted since there was this new settlement in Europe and then also in the Middle East the codes and the full parts of Kurdistan in those four countries on the Kurdistan Regional Government representative to the US The Kurdistan Iraqi do you have three other counterparts or do you and then fortunately for us he invaded Kuwait and unfortunately the United States and the coalition and he also engaged in genocide campaign that he called an fall and this was his final solution for the Kurdish people in Iraq coming and we all have the same aims and the customs the same language the same aspirations we all want people wow you know I'm looking at a map He was extremely brutal he used chemical weapons to bomb civilian communities and most famously or notoriously pulling in the history of the people of cut us on in Iraq so they're now you are the representative again we're speaking with Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman affair and silence and then particularly against the crowds because we rose up against Saddam repeatedly we never accepted his rule Turkey called the PKK which has engaged in armed struggle against the Turkish state in Syria again pushed him out of Kuwait and we rose up against Saddam Hussein again in early nineteen ninety-one and may remember in nine hundred ninety one TV images of millions of people on the mountains dying of starvation dying from the cold have more information about us than out of Kurdistan Iraq was a dictatorship for many years under Saddam Hussein area they have party political representatives who might be working in Washington or London or Paris I see he put down this uprising very very brutally and over two million Kurdish people fled to the mountains and some of your listeners et recognized as a region so we're fortunate that after the Liberation we call it a liberation of Iraq in two it was just biblical scenes and again the United States and Britain and other countries came to our aid and this was a big plan in Iraq is recognized as a region our regional parliament our regional president and prime minister and our records dictatorship and his grip on on the country everybody it didn't matter whether you're Kurdish or Arab everybody lived in fear and there was a culture of cruelty the Iraqis the Kurds the needs she is sat down and negotiated the constitution and in that constitution the Kurdistan region sensitives abroad so my post all of these recognized so it is only the Kurdistan region Iraq represent all of Kurdistan to the US cut us on Iraq is the only part of Kurdistan that is efficient that has these positions of president prime minister the Parliament's representatives overseas the other parts of Kurdistan in Turkey Iran and You know we're still talking about the flawed decision to invade Iraq after all Iraq never attacked us they were not in government jobs their children come on go to university and so on the number of Kurds in Syria today is about aided in the belief that this was a huge international blonder that cost certainly Americans on an unimaginable ignored They were even they still are today a few hundred thousand maybe three four hundred thousand Kurds in Syria who fought in Iraq and particularly to those who lost their lives or who are injured I have always felt that for the families of those soldiers who lost their lives in Iraq it must be so disheartening to constantly here that the intervention was a disaster. How would you prefer that we did come in and get rid of Saddam or prefer that we would have left you guys alone of of Iraq obviously over here a lot of our finger-pointing during wearing a new Presidential Cycle I mean Kurdistan is larger than much larger than Syria one of the nation's it it it it I guess it cuts across the thousand three I realized that there are many people in the United States and other countries don't see it as a liberation but you know if you have lived under a dictatorship who is committing surridge was a failure that Iraq is a failure well there is one corner of Iraq the Kurdistan region in Iraq which is successful action in Iraq or the liberation of Iraq should not have happened and it was a mistake and also I should express gratitude to all of the Americans the threat to us we were either lied to or misled or some combination of the two but for the most part most Americans are pretty and but honestly even before Saddam Hussein Iraq was never a stable country there will always rapid and violence changes of government in in two thousand three this was another turning point at which the United States intervened in Iraq and for us in Kurdistan it it the Congress of the United States for everything that has been done for the people of Iraq and particularly for the people of Kurdistan Wow all right so that's that's the overview of Kurdistan the history and where you are today I'm still stuck on the you know the liberation of Iraq has always had a very bloody and violent history under Saddam it just reached a peak so that as he strengthened his came to our aid because Saddam was again attacking us and millions of people went to the mountains and they would dying they were dying by the thousands from the precise both in blood and treasures you put it that the United States has made and and I do want to genuinely thank the people in the government and in in lives and treasure and you know and the Iraqi people as well but are you guys if you know if we could go back fifteen years or so laments from starvation from cold the United States and Britain and other countries created a safe haven international community because don't forget whenever there's a dictatorship the dolls are closed dictators do not want to travel they do not want foreigners to come in either you have a democracy we do have well we had a prospering economy until isis came and we are grateful to the United States and we appreciate the genocide against your people it feels like a liberation when not dictator is removed so after the liberation of Iraq we the liberation or was it a an invasion was it a mistake in my opinion the liberation was correct it was right to remove people could return to their homes and then they created and implemented the no fly zone over Kurdistan and this enabled us to have I ever elections and Curtis that then led to the creation of our parliament our government and all of the institutions that we have today and again I I I do recognize an I have heard those points of view many times and I respect the point of view the intervention for neural spirit in Kurdistan and and we have really done our best to build our society going back to your point about was so just the fact that people could breeze they could travel foreigners could come and see us we could do business all of this opened a new on Davison another break and over the next decade two thousand three two thousand thirteen we were able to build our economy we were able to open our doors hey okay yes yeah I was GonNa say you may very well be the first person to have said that I'm sure I'm not the person I genuinely felt it is genuinely felt because as I said in nineteen ninety one when the United States and and the other countries lectu wilderness itself South Lodge the outer regions of humanity that equal blue do justly a dictator who not only terrorized and murdered his own people but he calls instability around the Middle East and he tom US interests however that doesn't mean that everything went perfectly that everything went smoothly after the liberation out of calls for Kurdistan to become its own independent state. Certainly I know you'd be a much better ally of the United States than any other this mechanism or defense system so with the Peshmerga really doing having list lifting over there because they are after we got there we're seeing two groups really in your region stepping up to fight against Isis question that every occurred themselves every day honestly every Kurd that I know thank you for that again if you're just joining us we're speaking with the Curtiss Kurdistan Regional Government representative to the US it's President Obama's fault because we no longer had this robust military presence over there obviously the Iraqi army had troubles before we got there and had troubles the player in the region what what is what's stopping Kurdistan from becoming an independent state how how would that happen I think that's one is shockingly enough for many of us over here Iran the other are the Kurds How do I cur hurt? A lot of blame is being pointed at Obama for following through on that status-of-forces agreement and withdrawing the troops per the schedule that was agreed upon and you know the political divide over here so the Republicans are saying it's Obama's fault the rise of Isis American forces were training the Iraqi army there was a a what what is it a status of Forces Agreement made by community and I thank you for doing that to thank the servicemen and women who sacrificed their lives or maybe they they wounded well maybe peshmerga to describe fighters but peshmerga for us means soldier and it literally means those who face death George W Bush with with the Iraqi government before Bush left office that had US withdrawing our troops from Iraq. The you know the history there I'm learning so much from you so now after Saddam is toppled you know the the over a certain amount of time and so President Obama followed through on that agreement and now once we're gone it seems like everything kind of fell apart Iraq I don't know what's going on there it seems like the all the weapons we left behind for the Iraqi army has fallen into the hands of Isis There have been a lot I love soldiers Pysche my gut and I think I'm I know that name yes happy that so many Americans use the word into specific timeframe right now but in the foreseeable future we will have a referendum so that all Iraqi Kurds Kansas lost friends Iraq and we appreciate that very much we appreciate that they live with that for the rest of their lives law on behalf of them once an independent Kurdistan in the in the heart of course the political realities sometimes dictate something else what we have said in Kurdistan and Iraq is that we will hold a referendum within the next year or two Dan have its own army apart in separate from Iraq from the other nations we have our own army and we called and so I will Pysche actually according to the Iraqi constitution taught of Iraq's Defense Ban Sami Abdulrahman you're based in Washington DC And I'm sure you split your time but you know I so appreciate the independence now in an ideal world I'm very sorry in an ideal world we would achieve independence funding yes and then our leadership will have the mandate from the public to go about achieving uh on the question do you want to stone in Iraq to be an independent state and I can guarantee you the answer will be a resigned all of Kurdistan have expressed their will for an independent state and I believe that's over the past decade because Kurdistan region from a Kurdish point of view Baghdad or Iraq rather just doesn't work for us and I can come to that in a moment and that the people in a peaceful manner we want to be able to speak to our friends and colleagues in Baghdad and explain to them that has functioned as as a a prosperous vibrant region because we had democratic elections we have a very vibrant parliament very augmented parliament and so I think we have shown that we can function as entity we have oil that we can export we are building other industries and Kurdistan so I hope that over that time and I believe that we and and you know the the speculation that certainly over here is that Iraq as a nation is false and particularly with all this volatility and instability that we see across the Middle East today not just in Iraq but if you look at the Middle East and at the heart of much of this not all of it but at the heart of much of this is the Shia Sunni rivalry we have we have shown too many friends in the neighborhood and also in the international community that we we you have Iraq you have the crisis in Syria you have a war and Yemen you have Libya disintegrating those terrorist attack on function as an independent state it doesn't mean that everything will be smooth and perfect but certainly being part of Iraq is not smooth and perfect no eighteen of Iraq would disappear well everything's possible and borders are not sacred so I think hiring and that you know for instance that you talked about the borders being drawn after World War One they were drawn kind of haphazardly and there are those who are areas in your neighborhood that are really stepping up to battle Isis learned today astoundingly that Saudi Arabia because they've had to flee from Isis we have all of this and we believe that Kurdistan can be strategic partner we witch goes back century and has not been solved as a centuries and I don't think we'll be solved in the near future either so you know I would argue that we in Kurdistan have proven ourselves to be a reliable partner to the United States saying that the that the nation of Iraq may not survive in that perhaps Iraq would be split up Kurdistan would become its own nation and maybe chip this is really beyond what we Kurds or Iraqis might plan on my once a lot of it is just even bigger and wider than that but but we regrouped an Pysche mega have been taking back territory from Isis we have taken back about twenty thousand square for the United States a stable and spill point in this very very volatile Middle East and I think the United States states needs ex in in Tunisia really there's sort of a a waiver instability and turbulence that is going through we we do a lot of trade with Iran in instead of for example Food and agriculture and that sort of thing and in the we are building democracy we have religious freedom in Kurdistan excuse me we have religious freedom and cut his son days when Isis you know started to attack the Kurdistan region last summer it was Iran that came to our help agents policy is to have good relations with all of our neighbors and what a yes and especially when but even on the international stage Iran has to be taken accountable so from our perspective we need to have good relations with Iran and You know now we need to get that on all fronts I know we're running short on time I'd be remiss if I didn't ask you in the wake of the recent news and they've every cut the confidence that the United States has our backs and we of course we were taken by surprise by Isis we have from the US advises on the ground has been very very helpful the United States and the coalition have been sending weapons to that politics and war can make strange bedfellows I mentioned earlier that again the the Kurds and the Iranians are the two before anybody else and this is very very early days when we had no idea if anybody would help us and you know when you're in that situation as you know building a fence a wall around the nation that's brilliant they sound like a are Republicans here the the you'll take the health wherever it comes from fortunately President Obama did order airstrikes and this was a game changer it moments is and any part of Iraq that is considered the Kurdish is now under Kurdish control and Isis be pushed out so fight full and they fight and we've been very effective against Isis and have pushed back that's that's incredible and it's so good to hear it's dates I'm curious to know if you have any thoughts on what happened this week it's difficult question to answer because their assignment previously in the region you know the Gulf countries are extremely concerned about Iran's nuclear we were able to just you know with with knowing that we have the US supports in the strike sorry strangely effective the The support that we have so many minorities the Christians Sunday Caucasians others coming and sheltering in Kurdistan Peshmerga as well not as much as we would like not in the quality or quantity that we would like but nevertheless the weapons have been coming and again the million we have taken in about one point eight million displaced people from Iraq and refugees from Syria is being an instrumental in and they bleeding our fish Moga who was still frankly outgunned by Isis but you know I'll push mega have caused in space because the sanctions will be lifted so in a way it it reads as a win win situation but I think the concern concern all of us so going forward again Bay on Sami Abdul Rahman what what can we do as as ally program and so I think this agreement if it really is based on fare fixation as President Obama has said it is I mean what is the relationship between Kurdistan and Iran well Cata Stan region Up Policy Cut US on you're a region you're not even a sovereign state you don't have much choice Iran is a is a powerful neighbour it's a plan not just in the Middle East then that would provide reassurance to the United States and to the Gulf countries in the Middle East and for the Iranians it it allows them the breeding the church is through charities anything I mean the refugees need everything they need blankets they need boots to manage it was an agreement or not what really concerns us is the Middle East is heading for an arms race even bigger than any arms race we've seen any unknown man I think it'd beal is better than no deal however whether the is is neighbors what would you like the average American to know and and and possibly to take action on going forward well one winter they need books for their children they need healthcare so any kind of distance on the humanitarian front would area of immediate reaction is to help us with the humanitarian crisis cut Assan region population is about five point two for all of us in the Middle East is that really the Middle East generally heading for an arms race and this is already an area that is extremely volatile and that has can't cope and the UN is saying that it's short of money so any assistance that your listeners or the people of the United States can give us through that so we have had a huge jump in all population in a very short period of time and many of these refugees sleep are living in trump's ridiculous statement to Turkey's Erta one about you know about President Obama and interestingly enough she talked about Saudi Arabia building a wall my how things have changed and Oh that that obviously Kurdistan was not involved in this negotiation for the Iranian nuclear deal but as a neighbor and an ally of the united be a very very much appreciated and would make a difference to people's lives all right Bay on Asami Abdul Rahman which I freely enjoyed talking to you me as well all right take care thank Unical thank you bye-bye Van Sami Abdul remind today two hours ago she tweeted out a Kurdistan regional government statement on developments in northeastern Syria. So let me Click hotness last night and we of course need partners like the United States to to be with us speaking of partners you know I sometimes well through to it and I'll read you the whole statement it's not very long they wrote the Kurdistan Regional Government is deeply concerned by the United States decision to withdraw from the safe zone in northeast encompass but many others are sleeping rough in half finished buildings in construction sites on the roadside and foreign the consequences of military escalation have implications far beyond series borders creating the conditions for a return of Isis and a mass displacement of people and is her name that in case you weren't here at the beginning of the interview that was recorded four years ago it was July of two thousand fifteen when I spoke with her that's what she was talking the the Kurdistan the Kurdistan representative to the United States almost I almost got through without saying Kirghistan and there I blew it at the end the government has consistently stated that the crisis must be solved through a stable political solution which enshrines the rights of all Syrians including the Kurdish people AH invading Syria and taking out the Kurds I knew I had to rerun that interview for you I again I hope you enjoyed that it it's so nice talking with you I I'm honored that the came on this show I so appreciate it I've you've opened my mind under Bush Clinton and Obama he's a he's a director of the program on peace building and Human Rights at Columbia University to try to avoid any initiative that would undermine the progress made against Isis including jeopardizing the secure detention of terrorist fighters there's the latest regarding Kurdistan boy it is an ugly ugly situation and in fact on the broadcast tonight one point one million displaced people many of whom fled that conflict it is the responsibility of the international community to prevent this happening again much as I did now I just checked bay on twitter feed because she is on twitter she's on twitter at Bayan B. A. Y. A. N. Remond r a h e and then it it it concludes with this the Kurdistan region paid a huge sacrifice in the campaign to defeat Isis and currently hosts how they have not so anyway I hope you found that as informative as I did I when this news broke about turn Syria and by reports of potential unilateral military operation by Turkey the government calls on Turkey as a member of the global coalition his the United Nations is of course helping us with the refugees but the scale of the problem is just so vast that we we it is crucial therefore all parties in the conflict including the Kurdish parties engage in dialogue to deescalate the situation. What a Concept Institute for the Study of Human Rights it's a great interview and so he goes into a little more of the current situation in Kurdistan he he wrote the book on Curtis K. R. J. The Kurdistan Regional Government will continue to closely monitor the situation and work through multiple channels on this issue so great ways I mean a lot of stuff that I did not know I'm sure some of our listeners didn't know either so I thank you I I and I hope we can talk again thank you very much? Man Bayan Romano One word and and the tweet I've been checking it for the last couple of days and she hasn't tweeted anything really until certainly there were many mistakes offset the liberation of Iraq and we all recognize that but I think it's important that people like me a given the and I'll I'll run it here either tomorrow or or or later in the week I've got an interview with a gentleman who worked in the State Department under on the broadcast tonight here later in the week again I'm doing double duty and trying to shuffle guests and interviews and keep it all straight and it's in his book that's been out about six months is called the great betrayal how America abandon the Kurds and lost the Middle East so anyway that interviews coming up uh-huh until later we'll see then or tomorrow thank you for listening everyone have a great night bye bye and currently twenty states only twenty states have explicit statewide employment protections for LGBTQ Rick Aces all arguing that LGBTQ people should be protected from employment discrimination under title seven of the Civil Rights Act of Nineteen come forward to reveal wrongdoing now people it's insane and here in Florida I personally know people who have been fired because they put a picture of in sixty four which prohibits discrimination based on sex right it sounds like a no brainer but this is Donald Trump's Americ- well they he and his spouse on his desk therefore became known that he was gay and he was fired it's insane but her courtesy of the one and only Boca Brittany summers whistle blowers those who bravely they just put your legs together Ben Dover and blow that's the question that was before the Supreme Court today so I wanted to get a Oh I lost the interview hold on we now know the identity of Watergate's deep throat but the safety of today's whistleblowers must be taken into account must remain anonymous but today what the Supreme Court was pondering is a question that it just is so ridiculous whistleblowers for your collection of whistle blowers not to mention the most famous whistle blower of all with Jasmine Beach Ferrara she's the executive director of the campaign for southern equality and Well here's that interview us to me but it's where we are right now basically the I thought I had the here it is okay they're hearing oral arguments in was the first major case of the term and I don't mean to demean whatever cases they heard yesterday in fact I remember hearing something about it was kind of interesting it is this whistleblowing we'll tell you I am with so many things for I walked by night many strange tale hidden in the heart of men and women who have stepped into the shadow yeah I know the nameless terrors of which they dare not speak blowers with the foods to step forward and whistle whistle along with a whistle blowers it's easy it was the beginning of the new term of the Supreme Court you know it starts the first Monday in October and they heard they heard one case yesterday but today gotta find gotta find it again we spoke okay I spoke with I think this is the right file here anyway so I did I can have the greatest missile lowers of all time low their whistle for you yes it's whistling whistle patients today can you explain a little bit about the campaign for southern equality absolutely and thanks for having me on the campaign for southern equality it based then Asheville North Carolina and we work across the entire south to promote full LGBTQ equality under the law but also in how we live our daily happy whistle blowers said whistle blower this your cats have all the cases combined into one kind of big umbrella about LGBTQ rights and the and the central question here is if people should be protected from employment discrimination under title seven of the Civil Rights Act which prohibits discrimination based on sex and it's astounding. I live in Florida on the line with us now is Reverend Jasmine Beach Ferrara she's executive director of the campaign for southern equality before we get into the reason for our conference I'm calling you today is because while the Supreme Court kicked off its term yesterday first Monday in October and today they're going to hear oral arguments in actually three with Remond and our interview coming up dealing with the case that was heard the Supreme Court today so we will we'll have our our pallet cleanser the one and only wonderful Boca Brittany Summers all right now that we got that out of the way today well yesterday we should say yesterday there's a reverend in front of your name are you a member of the clergy I am not ordained minister in the United Church of Christ Gotcha okay well today the reason the reason ah we were launched in two thousand and eleven are very honored to get to

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