Ep.48- Jason Orzel, The Dusty Ball Bag


Homes, and hops is proudly supported by plat Insurance your local Independent Insurance Agency offering Auto home life business and Farm Insurance. They also have a team of Specialists that can help you with ensuring your Brewery or Winery Platte Insurance helping you protect your tomorrow for more information or quote. Please call them at 330-856-6244 or visit them on the web at Platte insurance. Hello, everyone Lisa resnic here at the homes and hops podcast Studio. I am with co-host l e Platte. Hey guys. Hello. Hello a co-host. Yeah. I'm like, I'm great nice with that surprise and we are sitting with Jason Jason your have to say your last name is l as far as l or has l or sell or zealous polish means you go. Oh, oh so so, how are you feeling about the whole pierogi thing like Steve Jobs? And there was Saint Anne bad so you don't probably know. Oh, yeah, cuz you're so go ahead from Cleveland. He is from Cleveland, but I'm real quick. Jason is with us today because Monday through through some word of mouth and and from a little bit of research Jason here has created his own quotations bar dead. That he has going on in his backyard and it's called go ahead. Jason said the dusty ball bag. I love it. So I first discovered the dusty ball bag on so I live in Poland. Okay. I was pulling up Google Maps headed to my house and it is a very prominent there is a bar in my neighborhood called the dusty ball bag. So I couldn't just stop their way to figure it out your like, where is this bog? It's in my neighborhood. It's like the quotation Speakeasy in Youngstown that nobody knows about very much. So and once you go down that rabbit-hole a lot more than just Google Maps that you're going to find out so so we'll touch base back on the program thing and a little bit but let's get back to the dusty ball bag and how that all got creative. So I moved into Poland about three years ago with my wife's house. She got it from her brother who previously turned it into a chicken coop so long It's a little small 12 by 10 shed. I had a hole in the side which he put a cinder block in front of to keep other Critters out no chickens in it when I moved in but it was a mess. It had the remnants. Yes, the remnants from chickens chicken wire old the stuff that you don't want in your garage went to the shed. So I cleaned it all out and I convinced my wife to let me turn it into a man cave once I was talking with my friends and cousins and people who were going to have some input in into it. They convinced me to just cut a big hole in the side of it and turn it into a Backyard Bar off. And here we are today. I had my cousin come out and in one day there's actually a joke on the Instagram. There's a post that says Rome wasn't built in the day, but the dusty ball bag was and we cut a whole way through up the awning and then for about a month, I decorated it cleaned it up and we had the grand opening Father's Day weekend 2019. Nice. Wow, how's it going and went off? Unless you went through quite a few parties had a couple of themed things. We called them randos. The people that show up that we don't actually know not family. Not friends. It's going to be me. It would be Orlando when you actually need some grace us with your presence. You would be around. Oh and then obviously kovit and they kind of put a big damper on things. I've still been doing mainly Brown's brother in law's come over friends and family come over and just kind of enjoy but I haven't really thrown anything or advertised any type of big events this year because of that. Well Jason, you're actually you're you're originally from Cleveland. Yes. I'm a transplanted here because your wife cuz like we said, that's what we do. We bring people we go out and marry and then we bring them back in and that's how we grow the population. So let's just getting strategy. Yeah. It is very people off work it does. So I mean talk about a great way to meet people right? Yes very much so I don't log Don't know many people out here, you know other than who have met through them and their family and their windows and other random. Yeah, I do get quite a few text messages. I do it quite a few calls. I mean there's a website there's hours. There's a Facebook page. That's how I got a hold of you. There is a Facebook page Instagram is probably my main social media that I use but yeah, there's hours online. I don't really follow them. It's more of an appointment only. Yeah, but so curious are there legal issues with I mean, are we doubting you are you able to have a bar in your backyard? I don't sell alcohol know if you just give them all calls free everything even if you look on Google everything's listed as $0 I shall cups and you can then fill those cups. Okay with alcohol like you're brilliant people. So what do you do full time? I am a mortgage officer out in Cleveland OH nice right up our alley. Yes, so serious broke so we have Ellie here whose insurance and then you have myself in real estate off. So bands real strategic this plan. Generally. This is a phenomenal Trifecta happening here. So that's pretty awesome. So you work mortgage. What do you work at a bank? You work A lender? Yeah First Federal Bank, they're based out of their base out of Florida, but we have a branch up here in Cleveland Middleburg Heights specifically and that's where I despite living in Chicago and driving hour and fifteen minutes. Yeah, Cleveland's rep from Poland choices everyday Turnpike the whole way, but I just throw on the radio and last couple of days. I've been listening to podcast and what podcast have you been listening to and I just kind of want to get a feel for the the vibe and and what to expect and oh that's fun. So if you're so we kind of touched on earlier but so Youngstown has a really large polish yes or polish population, but also we have a Polish Youngstown, which is a great group and so long To promote. I mean there's a lot of the churches that are closing, you know that sell pierogies but polish young sounds, you know still promotes it they do a festival every year. They're part of a festival every year called simply slovaks. There's like a really a lot of stuff going around pierogies are super popular link. Yeah, cuz I'm a little bullish to go. There you go. Yeah, so I am not I'm just at Irish German and Russian. That's all I am home now, but I will enjoy honorary polish. Thank you very much. And I do enjoy Polish food beyond belief. So I was super bummed when I found out that one of the churches was going to stop making, you know, they're pierogies cuz they are fabulous and it's just and I think culturally I think a lot of a lot of us are facing this I would say even the Italians like everything about like who's going to pass down the tradition of the meals. Yes, so tough like cuz so many people appreciate those are just you know, so used to his kids just going in fact Join, actually these you know, all these women older women are like, you know role in the pro peace and stuff. We're not doing that know, they're done that's down. It's not being passed down on the cake take the torch. Now, there's some groups trying to do it but it's still such a small group and and a large amount of people that want to eat them every morning to man. I think the divorce has definitely there the supply not so much but hey, you never know. So so here you are and North Lima, right? Yes, and you down for three years raising them and the bar has been open for a year year here and half. I don't know if I count twenty-twenty yet. It's been Awash. So 2012 or are you looking to open it back up again? Are you going to like blast out even more on social media? I would like to it really all depends on how everything's going as I mentioned before birth. Just had a son end of July. So depending how he is doing as far as just you know, growing up and what we can handle having guests over and doing what I would like to the Instagram. I put 2020 was the year of the ball bag. That was my starting kind of quote going into this year and then everything happened. So I have 2021 is now the year of the ball bag off its kind of move it shifted on over just like, you know any concerts or events of your plan on doing this here just doing next year. So I'd like to we did a I call it the ball Olympics, which is a Beer Olympics. Essentially. That was fun. Last year. We did a Halloween. Oh nice and we did a it was called Weenie Wednesday, which me and my wife signed up for butcher box. And we had a bunch of just meet thoughts. Didn't know what to do with what to cook how to cook yes--and the Wednesday last year was the day before Fourth of July. So a whole bunch of people had off the next day. Yes, we threw a big party cooked a bunch of meat and just had a good old dog. Hurrah with a beer and I like yeah, it was so so what type of beer do you have there? So up until recently. I typically got my page here from my brother. He worked at a brewery in Strongsville called the Brew Kettle that if they had a short felt keg he workers were allowed to take them for free. So I would get free Shondells all the time and that's how I got away with giving one didn't tell me anything to give away free beer. So I really didn't care. Yeah come drink as much as you want doesn't bother me so he would get me, you know, the little pony kegs and I built a to tip a greater out of an old fridge and that's what's in there now and I made it up to fit at least three kegs at a time. So I could always have one on back up and I would use a free beer for 4th grader for now now he works at a new Brewery in Worcester called jafb brewing and I don't think I can get free beer from them. Hopefully discounted is here Brewer. He is a master Brewer down. Oh, yes. Oh, that is awesome. It's very cool. He he's coming working his way up between Brew Kettle. He worked at Great Lakes for a stint bad shift didn't really like it. And now he is helping the off the owner of jfb down there. He wants to expand business-wise. So he's kind of taking the reins on brewing and see Homebrew not as much as you like. He rents in a duplex in Lakewood. So I'm kind of facilities not the dusty ball bag and Brew with you. He was out here this weekend. He helped me he helped me clean some of the equipment and stuff, you know being slow. It's been nice to kind of clean up and get something else prepared for next year and he's got all the necessary necessary sanitizers and cleaners and whatnot. So he told me with that this weekend. I don't know if the bulb necessarily be a clean environment to brew beer and per se but I'd love to have you guys there sometime you can obviously check it out. Oh my gosh. I know we are 100% off. Windows of 2023 yeah, I haven't had any yet this year. It's always family. So but you've been getting calls I have been getting calls. I've been getting texts all the time. And like I said with with covid-19 have been turning them away a smart. Yeah. Yeah. I mean it's again with having a pregnant wife. I was working from home. So it would have been real convenient to just have a party all day and kind of liked my work computer and email the best way to get through this year. A lot of people drink though. I don't know I think excessive amount of weight and still are pretty good. I had I had to abide by the rules and and talk to my work but I got kegs in the beginning of the summer and I'm still working on him. So it wasn't I didn't blow through him like I expected to and this is from the new Brewery. Not yet. No, no, no, he just started there 2 and 1/2 3 months ago. He should start pitching to the local breweries around here. Right? I've talked to I forget the gentleman's name Homer. I think they call them over a Casual Pint and I'm just dead. Just you know, Justin is a former mortgage lender as well in Nashville before he came back here and opened up his his dream job of the cash type. Well, it's kind of funny because Jeff McDevitt advantageous States used to have an insurance agency. I know so he's sold it meant so the basically what we're telling everyone out there. If you're in any sector of this industry, you will wind up drinking and more owning a place for other people to drink at something a podcast about a year exactly. You wanted to share a chili experience exactly. How long what are you drinking Jason? I have the modern methods panthertown pilsner. Nice, which I I do like it's a pretty even-keel beer and it's tasty. I always loved their mobiles. I love their labels. I love their names. I went to such a good job, they really do and and actually a lot of the local Brewers they tap into local artists to actually create jobs. Labels they try to keep his local with everything that they do as possible. We're actually drinking penguin City new pale ale I'm excited about I haven't tried it's really good and ready. I am excited to smooth. Yeah, very smooth. It's really good. Yeah. I have been drinking their light a lot at home. Me too. And it's good cuz I have this whole ABV rule like I try to keep everything below 5% which is difficult to Smart room. Thank you. I think it was a podcast rule not like a life rule know April. It's it's a hard Castrol. And if you're ever with me, when I Stray From that rule you'll understand why birth control and we have the opposite role. I prefer beers over 6% right? It's not you know, it's actually a shame too because like there's a lot of great beer out there. That's at that nine years. I mean seven eight nine. I mean I've even seen one ad an 11:00 and they are delicious and the and they're really really good which then you have a habit of birth. Gained more of but but yeah too many ways new money cuz I do do you go to Vintage or you've been there benches of State have not know you need to go there never get past page. That's really close. Yeah the corner. Yeah. So I mean, it's they have an amazing collection and then they all they have all the local breweries to so, how do you like living in North Lima? I don't have that. Was it like, where did you come from in Cleveland? Cuz you have the suburbs of Cleveland and then the direct area around it which was at Beechwood. I'm not a choice when I get older. Yes, no choice twenty minutes south of the city similar to like Poland and Youngstown. Okay enough is definitely different. I mean, I went from having an eight minute commute to an hour and fifteen which was definitely different, you know, waking up earlier and everything and getting home later, but this could be like a bad question for me to ask especially because I like to help people the cost of living here as much better but is wage. Cost of living here much better than in Cleveland. I honestly wouldn't know when I was living in Cleveland. I was living with my parents. So it was rent-free just after my own thing. I mean it all depends on the area. There's definitely exposed areas and cheaper areas. But I mean, I'm just spending most of you know, my travel allowances on gas and tolls so whatever I save in in Warrenton making up another page that's what you're doing. You're helping the economy. Have you experienced like any any restaurants that you like here in Youngstown? You try anything new specifically our food's pretty grainy. Yeah, and I've realized I guess a lot of pizza shops a lot more kind of not quite mom-and-pop. I guess you could say but individual and unique and then when you get up there you get your Pizza Hut and Domino's and everything off of never was in Texas this last weekend in order pizza and it was painful like it was just cuz you can't people say that you can't get pizza like in other cities. I mean, there's always You're in Chicago, but like yeah, we are pizza is good. Here are Pizza is definitely unique in comparison to the other places that you'll go to and New York and Chicago the two particular ones, but I do I like our pizza here. Like I like the whole crust to Sauce the cheese ratio that we got going on. Yeah, as far as restaurants we go to Magic Tree quite a bit Yeah. Well, I like going there we used to do lavilla dinner every now and again it's going down with her family again. KO batana we've been homebodies really sticks a lot of ordering in and I mean, you've had my covet plus baby. Yes. So it's like there's like there's no Escape like we're at home and that's it. I would have been from being I had to go do all the shopping she would barely leave the house dog just for the sheer fact of you know, we were overly protective, you know, obviously, we're not in that danger age range as they spoke of but hates being pregnant. We didn't know but we're pretty like, I mean I can say like my my first childbirth We were pretty overprotective as well as it's usually the first one and then the second one you're like whatever he's eating dirt is totally okay. I'm looking to that I was a pretty crazy child myself and oh, well, they're just way we got together this weekend my father and mother were in town and they were telling stories and we've got got her handful if if he turns out anything like me have your parent able to see him. Yes, they came out fairly frequently prior to but yeah now it's my dad wants to come hang out with me and he goes He Robin you can see the baby and took up and ready to go. So they've made their way to go hang out that Dusty ball bag and her inside totally fine bad and we went camping with them a few times this year. So they got to see them that and just we make the trips out there to make sure that we don't neglect the the complete with the family which is nice and it's important to do that. So do you think that you would ever expand the best call back and build on them? The little the shed Shack. Oh onto that. No. I thought you meant like franchise. Wow. What made me laugh a big back yard. We make jokes anybody who has a shed is willing to and willing to cut off the side of it. I'll call it the dusty ball bag aren't any location. I think that's a brilliant in your backyard, but I don't know what you guys so we're in an HOA and they don't allow for sheds. So we're we're we're not allowed to offences. We're not sure yet if we put it in for all so if we put it up in a tree we're good. Oh, oh, that's funny. Oh God. I read the rules. I read the rules and I found my my out somebody. I know we have friends out in like as I said brother lives in Lakewood off. I have a buddy down in Brunswick now and we always say I need to Brunswick location. I need a an it's just us goofing around. But did you have a hard time getting it on Google cuz it's really stretched the heart it was dead. It was yeah, go ahead. Hey, I made up the address. So my address is 7616. I made the address 7616. V. So the mailman had a hard time delivering the verification code to me. Other than that not hard at all. Oh, wow. Yes. I didn't realize that would be that easy to do. That. Is it I mean, even my business my business has been there forever and I had to take pictures of the sign send it. In fact, it was this is outing myself and my my technology deficiencies when I was putting up my business on Google page. I didn't realize I was putting Bergen can Phil's office as the address cuz that's where I was at the time. That's awesome. So it shows me listed as the ownership of Magic's like I don't think they have any idea what they make now we'll find out there is something out about it easy to make, New Jersey. Let's take I'm like, I don't know how to fix it. So we'll just leave it and see how long this lasts until someone reports of the wrong. It'll be fine. Yeah, your your analytics like do people see cuz Google you can see em, not as often as I probably should I get emails all the time and just check on that, you know, and and sometimes I screenshot and sound like this many people looked at my bar this month. I don't even there's a lot of Buzz I hear about it all the time. They mention it people are like, oh, yeah. I know I've run into people I was recently shopping at Home Depot and I had the hat on and you got a mask on and you know, I don't have my face really plaster over too much a few pictures here and there along and someone kind of stopped and double took and they're like, are you affiliated with that bar? And I was like, well the dusty bulb and they're like, yeah, I'm like, you know the owner there like no way because his wife over he's like hey come back. So you see when I saw that I'm like I have to meet these emails. They're awesome. Yeah, we are a fun time. We try to have as much fun as we can. I got a TV up in there and I'm constantly playing music off. And if you can see it from the street sometimes so if you ever see the lights on and the Marianas up in North Lima, you are like you are I am. Yes, I am to three houses from on that Walker Mill. Whatever that next Ridge Indian Trail. Yes. Yeah and across from Timothy know that's 0761 six and half North Lima Road and go to the best of all bagged. I'm office. I'm 1st. Okay. Yeah. So the other took the the street they all that and to okay that makes sense know it's like it's one of the ones that are parallel with that but yeah, we'll figure it out. Yeah, so but yeah, we're right there walking distance. Well, we now know what she has don't remember. Yeah. Yeah, that's right. Maybe you could start having an Airbnb inside your house not enough room Steve lives right behind you off. So he's right there to like a couple of streets behind where you are. Yeah, I think you mentioned that as well. Yeah, they were when I first that actually was a funny story someone commented on Google and said would this be a good place to bring a tender age and me being wow, I mean being intrigued and the creep that I am I went and found her on Instagram and I was like, hey, are you the girl that posted about tender she goes? Yeah. That was me. I'm like, well, I don't serve food but I can definitely set something up. I'm like if you wanted to bring it in to date here. I would pull out all the stops handle dear. Yeah. That's true. I don't know if you know that much, you know Kate. I don't know kids last name, but yeah. Wasn't intended date. I talked with Kate and I took the Motions of setting up a day with her and she kind of said well, no, we're not do that. But we'd love to come down. They showed up they brought Pizza Hut is a fun story. That's fine. It was actually my wife was on her bachelorette party and she goes so wait random girls are coming to the bar birth. I was like, it's no big deal. Don't worry. My dad's going to be here and I had my brother and cousin coming to town. It'll be fine. She was all worried. She's down in Georgia and I'm up here having a random people show up at a horrible lake or like an online day and you're like yours. I don't even know what you call that. You'll attain. Well, there is another online dating site Bumble. They actually a dead a while way back like a bumble for business and so you can actually put the dusty ball back on Bumble and match up with people that wait wait. Wait so long is it so is it like dating the site? It's also business. Like what is it the B2B style matchup or dialects? So I'm an insurance agent looking for a mortgage broker. Okay. Or maybe looking for alcohol distributors or whatever. I would need their there you go. Not like hey, I put my business for people to come to to me. That's not a bad idea. And it's a hospital. ER. I don't know like a bed-and-breakfast. Yes Bumbo bread as well. You can stay off a mattress in the basement and just right well pitch a tent outside. So by chance were you could interfere beforehand or is this just like, hey, let's do this or you went to breweries and stuff like that and slightly not not as much as like as I said, my brother was but yeah, I mean growing up my father brewed wines and beers, you know in the house and gave that to us and whatnot. So it was Almost a a passion per se but I definitely enjoy trying new things and trying different beers and and getting different things out there. So having a keg in my backyard is I guess any man's Thursday 9 I will have to say you have definitely take the homes at hops to the actual degree that yeah, which is pretty cool off. I definitely have have approval for this. That's pretty awesome. I appreciate it. So where did the name Dost evolve I come from? Oh, so the story on the name. It's kind of off two parted story two years ago or so. I belong to a ski club snowballer ski club based out of Cleveland. We're noticing a theme Here completely different thing for Thursday, whatever reason but it might be why we were in New York. We were skiing we were drinking at a bar and this hammered guy came out of nowhere and me and my buddies were just kind of drink and talking b s and and wage. Comes up and he's listening to our conversation and go see know what you guys are a bunch of ball bags and we didn't know why but we embraced it. I'm doing I am Baalbek 3 a.m. Shout out to buy one, two, three thousand three or four or five and six are there are six of year or six of us about six small bags. Yes unique man. And so then coming up with the Bars were talking about building it talking about name ideas. We mentioned the Dusty Armadillo in Rootstown and that just kind of we matched those two together and came up with the dusty ball bag and then my cousin once just drew up a bunch of different designs and I picked one and he kind of went with it and finalized it and that's how we came up with the dusty ball bag with kind of the emblem with the really nailed effect. I know that's my favorite Irish people could see the ball at you said he did buy Olympics the Olympic rings in the shape of a ball, like bubble. That is perfect. That is always good job. The Instagram and there's a video. Yeah. Yeah, it's all their see. There you go. You can follow Jason and the dusty ball bag on Instagram Instagram at the dusty ball bag. I do believe the dusty ball bag. Com is the website. I'm horrible with marketing this kind of stuff. I'm on Facebook the dusty ball bag. You're obviously doing something right that we found you found dead. I do have my the guy that cuts my hair he goes. I wish I had the budget for a marketing person. He goes, I would pay you he's shocked that I have people call me and and reach out to me and try to come to the bar. He's like being a business owner. That's exactly what you want. I know this great and you're like, wait a sec. No. No. Yeah. I remember fun, you know, please don't come to my door until I let you off you go. Okay. We're ready for the rapid-fire portion. Are you ready? I'm really okay. So first question, what's your favorite beer? My favorite beer Of All Times. I'll have you local off. No, not at all. Oscar Blues Dale's pale ale oh and where is Oskar Blues Dave's parallel. They are based out of Colorado. They do have a brewery in Asheville, North Carolina as well. Oh nice nice. I love Asheville. They've got a lot of good beers. They do they really do and jam which is weird, but they do have a really good Jam there too. But all right to what's your favorite local restaurant. Favorite local restaurant will definitely be Magic Tree. There you go. John Rudy. Yes. That's a good one. The I forget they change the name without the one pound pretzel can't go wrong with that. Oh my God, the present certain age. They put they have a buffalo chicken wrap that they put on the menu because of me. Oh there you cuz I ordered it that way so many times that are like we better put it on the menu. There you go. I love Patrick tree and I do love their pretzels. Yeah, I forgot and they do they cater to to vegetarians out there as well. So when I decide to dabble in it for a day, I know I'm good to eat their birth. Breakfast till the weekend, right? Okay, and now ready last one. What's your favorite local gem favorite local Jim. Jim Jim Jim. Rome even know any gyms in the area. I like the fact. I'm a Harley Rider myself. I love that. There's the biker Brewhouse in the Austin Town Harley-Davidson. Yeah, that's cool. You know, it's the only one thing in the world which is pretty awesome good beer. It's not just like, you know, here's people are just hey I can make beer and I'm the only one it's good. It's good. Beer know why he likes it. They have a beer their birth and that beer is called blue balls your box. I have had that I've had that it was earlier, but they'll be here. I should get rid of talk to them. I'll see what there you go. That would be a collab. There you go. Do believe honesty blue ball bags will work on the name of birth. All right. Thank you so much. It's been absolutely awesome. Let him hi everyone.

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