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It's not so easy after all probably more of a challenge to drive them than we all thought, it would be but to winner winning combination as NASCAR baby. I don't really know. What else to tell you and perky of green thumb now? I don't really have a green. Thumb arc Garo NPR ins garage pass. An adult elephant can weigh up to six tons the average person a hundred and fifty pounds ever heard of Carfax. It'll it's a large wild animal tranquilizer. Illegal drug dealers lace heroin with it. It can kill the average human if you or a loved one is addicted to opiates even pain pills. Don't wait until it's too late. Call the detox and treatment help line. Now, we care. Many of us have been where you are. We'll take your loved one away from the drug environment to a place, you can clean out safely, plus will work with your insurance company to make sure you get the treatment you need and with a family medical leave act. You're allowed by law to get away for help without telling your employer. Why call now to save a life eight hundred nine one five nine seven three four eight hundred nine one five nine seven three four that's eight hundred nine one five ninety seven thirty four one of the complaints. The Cup drivers had when NASCAR announced a new rules package. This year for the one point five to two mile tracks was that by slowing the cars down eight to ten miles per hour. They would be too easy to drive. But at Las Vegas the first race these regulations came into play a Martin true x-junior discovered. Probably more of a challenge to drive them than we all thought, it would be, you know. And so when we have good tires and enough grip to where a handful of guys can run the same speed. It's it's pretty racy and pretty fun. I think the horsepower is a big part of the reason why we're able to stay together more because you only have so much power so much speed on the straightaway. No matter what you do. So it's a lot different. But it's still difficult for sure Kyle Busch. Yes, challenging it's all about who can meet a man and holds it down the longest and cars pass through the corners. There's more loads on us. It's harder physically. The racing was clearly better at Las Vegas than it was a year ago and winner Joey Logano couldn't understand anyone who would feel differently. I thought the racing was awesome. They're side by side. There's of blocks and big moves and bumping and banging doesn't ask our baby. I don't really know. What else to tell you while the sanctioning body felt the same way? Nascar's chief racing development officer, Steve O'Donnell. Honestly said more work needed to be done and won't rush to judgment after just one race. I know fans do that. But you know, for us directionally are improving upon where we wanted to be. And if you look at last year versus this year, I would say we are was it, you know, tremendous improvement. Probably not no. Hey, I'm chase Elliott driver of the number nine Napa Chevy to give you three fast reasons to buy Napa full synthetic motor oil one is topnotch engine protection that fights sludge with this bare hands to its advanced formula was designed by fancy scientists and laboratories and three it lasts so long you might change cable providers before motor oil Napa full synthetic motor oil quality parts, helpful people. That's Napa know how. Oh, no. Kurt Busch had a throwback paint scheme this past weekend, featuring the first sponsor he ever had star nursery in Las Vegas whose owner Craig Q eventually help Kurt make it all the way to nascar's top series and the two had some fun at a press conference last Friday. Oh, he's mellowed. Could answer. Lee courtesy of a green thumb now. I don't really have a green thumb, but I know that a lot of green that crack put up to make the southwest tour car happened is what allowed me to make it to the big time. PRN's garage -pez brought to you in part by Napa.

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