Fuck yeah that we're GONNA figuring out how to survive technology boy web. I already had my bourbon earlier. Right boy you get Corentin Dad. Yeah in the Amazon. And that and that's why we are recording this at eight thirty six as man at nine. Pm It's like that. Is that rob at that? Is a shutdown. Now let me ask you this do because I've once I got pickles. Which sounds like what we're going to be saying after we overcome the corona virus. And the next thing you yeah that's a slang for a brand new STD man. I went down to Kabul San Lucas. I've got the pickles man. Yeah Dude I got too many puppies. I don't know what to do with Yeah I you know look it's I I've never even before having a dog and not having kids made the comparison of the dogs like a kid but I will say this and we've talked about this. We talked about it a bunch before you had your beautiful daughter that that there is an adjustment schedule-wise yes oh with a dog that at least preps you were the kid world because pickles has made me go like you saying nine and being like I go into. That's what I'm going to bed. I go That does sound good. And it's you know I'm happy because yeah and it's weird just because Yeah I made a few posts about how dog wakes up at six thirty in the morning. You doesn't care what time I got back. I mean echina- Times back in times when you go out and go to the comedy store. Come home at like two thirty in the morning waking up at six thirty in the morning going. I gotta go outside. Know that's GonNa wake up and do that have you do you? Do you put on pants. When go diego do his business you like? If he's not long pants why should I? That's my whole thing I do that. Diego has kept me fit during this whole quarantine thing. 'cause I walk that dog twice a day or I should say he walks me twice a day. Yeah I don't I don't control where. He goes eight pound pitfall. He goes wherever he wants to go. But I I will save before Like 'cause I've had dogs in the past or way smaller and win like for instance. I do walking my childhood dog which was a tiny Schnauzer The Dog would like start to pee on someone's yard they'd be like my yard. What do when Diego started peeing on someone's Yard no-one say Shit it's great. Whoa why because they're afraid of the pit bull is he's huge. It's all he's a big fucker. Yeah I mean don't get me wrong. I'm not a monster like hoops in Summers Yard. Of course I pick it up. I got the fags I that'll thing but yeah I if you if if he pees on your trash can all right. That's readers decide to be at. Yeah Yeah Hey it's your trash can. Yeah maybe like pickles. This logic last night she was eating Pieces of toilet paper and stop and go pickles. Singer this goes. Hey if you don't mean eat toilet paper don't be dangling it in front of me it's a thing to eat and I'm GONNA eat it if it's there because I'm your dog is just trying to cut out the middleman because your dog is just trying to eat toilet paper then when the dog shits as already well liked the logic of it right at the good. That's the good dog logic. How are you surviving with the lack of standup not? Well this helps. This helps a lot if I have people. I am trying to be really cognizant of doing things like this with you and I have a benefit of even if we have a ten minute. Catch a phone call. We'll be making jokes and trying to make each other laugh and things like that. You have to make sure that you have those with those people and then like this too. Because that's the kind of the only comedy muscle flex other than that is close to stand up or like you last night which I'll be doing tomorrow and I want to hear about your experience. The the the stand up to no one which is still an audience is watching but to get that interaction back and forth. I didn't re- I mean I don't know it's just it's it's you know it's almost like the Sonics leaving. Seattle. It's something I never thought. Be taken away from me now. We know one. Are You doing the laugh factory? Stand up for no one yes and I did. I've done a few skype like things for people like I just did one for these people that started show up in Shallan which is a up eastern Washington and and they did a thing for it says very small city and so there's they had about five hundred. Basically everyone in the town was watching this thing. And they're like we're trying to raise money for our company. The comedians whatever. And so there's a bunch of those like that that I'm starting to do and if I had a little reputation for it but like you know Shipman factory thing you were telling me it was like their Shit Donna. People watching and able to you weren't able to find a way to to use it and and to fill some of the void in just when you realize like so for those who don't know the laugh factory does a instagram live. Every day at two o'clock civic time and Us UP ON THEIR GRANDMA. You see a comic onstage talking now. There's nobody in the audience as they're just talking to you and there's no laughter but hopefully they're saying Entertaining things I would say My advice is not to treat it like a stand up set. It looks really weird. If the person is hosing laughs do go. Yup Like A. I saw a one comic. I won't mention their names but they will Kathy Griffin no but even stopped after a joke and you can tell they do this every time they'd stop and go you know what I'm talking about. Oh No don't we know what your dog. Now that's amazing you did. Tell me at one point you were going to look directly into the barrel. The camera and I- upon hearing that I go. Oh yeah that's not a bad move and then I thought about it and I go. That actually seems like it might be a little too like. Hey you get the joke like right into your soul because part of the thing that people like in life Santa Biz that you sometimes like. You're the person's talking to the group and when you get direct eye contact I mean nine hundred ten times I think when you're onstage looking at an audience member don't you see them going like this like but then you can see behind. There is that they're like please. Stop Your doctor me. Oh Yeah. They're definitely they're definitely thinking that in like the when people when you make contact with someone in your age. It's like they're making eye contact with a movie screen. They're not realizing. Oh that's human right. Yeah that's a that's someone who's actually looking at me checking my phone or picking my nose or do whatever as alert. That's Brad's new. Closer checking us out picking those. I don't give a shit about you guys can I? Now where did you do? Did you do old bits? Would you do yeah I just did? I just didn't really all I did won't bit and then I did a bit. That has just kind of phased out of my act that I haven't a special in that I haven't it won't be in the next one. Just Kinda IT'S GONE. It's gone away. I've written on your stuff so I've just I just put that out there so in case there is someone who does that. I don't even know how to do this but people can rip from instagram. Lives in the outed up somewhere. And if you do that all right for fuck you but secondly like I. I WANNA make sure that if they did that. I didn't have a one of my best new bits being done in front of no audience that you did find that the I don't know the lack of laughter. Obviously there's people in the club that are chuckling long to give you some response right. Yeah there's three. I had three people so it really brings you back to like win. I started the laugh factory sixteen years ago and doing open MIC nights. It's like yeah that kind of response where it it. It just made me think well sixteen years in comedy through Res Specials. Right back where I started literally in the same building crowds. When did you? When was your first time at first of all that is that is something that you look people. Ask Me sometimes in doing standup of friends. That go do you. Do you ever not do well. Go look at. This is going to sound cocky but it's like no because at this point I either even if I did it. All crowd work said or an all set a new material. I know that I'm funny enough to have it. Go to not walk off being like. Wow I might quit tonight. That might have been you know what I'm saying. Yeah you're every comedian. You say the same thing that you just get to a point where you go I trust and that ultimately is what anybody wants to trust yourself enough to handle anything or or be funny no matter what but but it it is easy. Think about that feeling. It's not something that we think about having to go through it anymore. And when you do you have to recognize like it's the quarantine. It's the virus. This isn't back here in that. And that's actually a new bit that I'm working on is now. You can use corona virus as an excuse for anything like literally anything where long a its yield college right. It's it's it's the new that yeah it's like you you never called me back and Oak. Rotavirus Corentin yeah wh- warranty and then when you don't perform well which you lady it's like. Hey he couldn't get it up. Act rotavirus yeah. Yeah I and that it's just did you. Did you do some topical stuff you have to write? It's two Friday. Yeah I mean you have to. You have to like you're doing a set in an empty comedy club because of a worldwide pandemic. It's just go there and be like see what was in the news. Yes only grow virus in the news right now so it's GonNa be like when trump was elected like everyone for the first few months when we come back is going to be like. Yeah boy how much tour the paper do we need? It's good to know that when the world comes on and all we gotta do we want to do is wipe buds. Change my delivery. That's GONNA sound. That's like the hybrid child of dice and Sebastian. I do want to hear. Are there certain comedians that you think about during this time that you go God? I wish I can't wait to hear their take on it or I can't wait to. I wish they would post them. you know not not just in podcast form like. I saw bird with Kimmel and Kimmel pulled up to his house. You see that I do. Not but now I WANNA see whatever. Burr does this genius because I was like. What is. I'm sure in his podcast. He's been ripping on things. But I go. I want to see him again. Podcast by yourself is different than than even stand up or couch interview because you need a physical person. The playoff is going to get Moratti. I feel like so Kimmel's up his car and burs like he's been all positive about it and more time with his daughter and this and that and it's all fun and Jimmy Kimmel's like well the edge of burs really going away during this whole virus and then he goes is. What are you doing for food? He goes he goes he going grocery store he goes he goes on a bunch of what's up people confidence sneezing on my fucking bagels. He goes. I'M GONNA risk it with one guy or you know the way. He said he goes. I'm GonNa roll the dice with a one post. Made Guy he goes. He's got it back because but I ain't GonNa go people he's like. I'm just going to roll. This is the one guy bringing me. My food hopefully washed his hands at some point. But it it. It's so funny because this whole virus is obviously the people are. The most affected are the elderly in the end. Compromise in like. I've had two instances where the yell at old people because they are giving shit. I My Dad Our phone with him and he goes yeah. I was feeling kind of cooped up so I went to the dollar store. Unlike Dan literally were the most hands are almost eighty you are. Immune compromised your cancer survivor year. One Ashley your chips should've just called it. The Williams virus don't go outside like Oh my God it. My friend's mother way real quick real quick real quick her. What did he get at the dollar store? What did he risks? What what did he risk is fucking life for knockoff? Root Beer whilst you go to the dollar store spent ache from Adam Ray. Well the knockout Rubio and it was my meds call. You know it was funny dude. That's so funny knockoff. Beer way what was it called like shoot. We're not A and W it's like being. Why Root Beers God? Not Dad's letters to the old so funny. Oh that's good and some good uncles. Rupe nobody wants that. How how many times you see them. Twice a month twice a year he always has a weird concoction that he calls uncles root beer like. I'm pretty sure that's vodka in it. And he gave it to me. I'm six he goes. You want an uncle's float and the extra twenty five cents. Get the brand we. I don't get but so what did you do My aunt went to COSCO. She is also over seventy immune. Compromise went to Costco. Why 'cause they're coupon was expiring? Oh my God you can't write this shit. I mean again the things that matter when shit hits the fan shaped probably went through her coupon book and was like fuck. What do I gotTa Get rid of right? Because we're all thinking like what are we gotta clean or or or US up the food. I gotTA drink all the the milk in the fridge. 'cause fucking it's you know. She said it with when when when when I said why did you go to Costco. She said because my coupon was expiring with the same amount of confidence that a doctor does win. When you go. Why did you take a pen? And Stab the child in the neck to make a tracheotomy and they'd be like 'cause they couldn't breed dogs. She said she's like yeah. You go you go to Costco. And you risk your life because your coupon is expiring own. God do it's yeah now I would get it and if if my father or my aunt were in a suit were in a situation. Where like Maybe they couldn't make maybe a ubereats didn't exist or Amazon groceries didn't exist like we have were were were in this quarantine situation but we are the most prepared to be Gordon situation. We are designed to stay at home right now. You can get groceries delivered of every TV show in the history of man that is on that that is just waiting for you to watch Internet videos all that like you do not have to leave your house and yet equally still dislike uncles root beer up if you don't sell if you don't start uncles root beer and sell it or by the way that is a that is a great bit. How much are you? How much are you starting to think about? Cannibalism well Being that I only have one see I was GONNA say only my wife and my daughter are in the house but then my mother-in-law does come to visit so maybe just bed. Have you guys been cooking a lot? when I say we've been cooking I mean my wife has been good gig course tonight. She made a curry pot pie from scratch and it was unbelievable. I'm GONNA take another hit of this only so I can go. My mouth was something. That's not the salivating. I was doing overhearing. You say. Curry Potpie Dude. You little high. You literally said three of my favorite words. Yeah exactly in IT IN ORDER. It was great. So that's that's amazing having wipe. That can cook. What a game changer. oh I've been talking Dude this friend of mine. Who's a single and just by himself in in in his apartment and he can't cook. I'm like what are you eating? You goes like I've had like sobers. Lasagna like three times this week in like secretly jealous because I liked overs lasagna. Of course the same time. It's like okay. I see what you're I see what you're working and thinking about. What a time like if there's ever been a time to figure out how to cook. Yeah it's now also thinking about the husband's out there that did fucking just pick wrong and have a wife that does not know how to cook. They are so bummed right now. Were there like it's for whatever reason that didn't come up in conversation on like date eight. You know saying that you like to cook you know. That's an easy throwaway. Get to know your question. But he just didn't think of it here. He is now quarantined marriage. And he's like well about all this food. What are you GonNa Cook up? She goes I get some honey nut cheerios. And he goes well. Yeah Guys Adam right here for the about last night podcast. Hope you're enjoying the episode man. It's good to be back and you know what's the best part about being back? Is Sharon the goodies with you? The fans I love candles. Okay you know. From listening to this podcast. 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Is Everybody farts and candles are great way to get rid of that now? Back to the episode. You know there. There's definitely that where I mean and I know this. This observation has made before. But it's like nine months from now. It's it's a baby or a divorce that's what you got you e- You and which is the great circle of life because you come together you get closer from being so in such force proximity you bang it out a lot more and then you're feeling in love. You feeling inspired. Why should we have a kid? You have more time. It's like when Bill Gates came up with poop water. You know when you have enough time me out when you have enough time to think of stuff and really put your all your energy on it. You'RE GONNA go. We should have a kid and they have that kid and then by the time things open up and they have the kid they look at each other and they go. I Hate You. I hate you all right. I'll see you later. Yeah now don't have the kid now because then everything opens up. You'RE GONNA have the kid and now you're GonNa want to go outside. Oh can you imagine yeah now now the world is your oyster. Sports is back every concert. Every every tour has been rescheduled October's As fuck like every October is going to be the new dude. Bring Prince back from the dead just to change party like it's nineteen ninety nine to party like it's post quarantine. October every day of October is going to be something crazy. And then and then you're GonNa have the kid or or or or the girl or the wife is pregnant like it's and now you gotta be Home Rabih or be back good. Good thing about the land at that way. Not Don't be smarter and think about the Corinthian Christmas movies. That are awaiting us in the wings. Hallmark must be stroking their Christmas Cox. Right now thinking about the stories that they can write between people that can't see each other risk their lives meet up in a park. He gets you know he gets a forty below zero hand job and then they both pass away notebook style. And you go boy. Hallmark has gotten dark all dark table for one Speaking of the movies that are being made about this time there has to be a tiger king. Movie this has oh yeah. Did you not see the video I sent you? I thought okay I did. It did it. Gets you more excited about the idea? Yes because now good. I saw your video which Everyone should go check out in. It's a Bayton it's basically a bunch of you in your friends doing impressions of actors. Who could be playing those parts? Yes I mean could be somewhere. A little insanely ambitious but for the joke. It's funny Morgan. Freeman as fucking Rick. Kirkman would actually be phenomenon. I would love it. Yeah I love that movie. That movie has to be made now. And it's like Joe. Exotic is a character. Were if you wrote Kim stomach executive would be like a tone it down. No one's that crazy. Yeah we've seen in the Oval Office but even this is not that. Take it down a notch. No-one one we been Oklahoma. It's like this yeah. No one has thirty two piercings in one ear. No one has three husband boyfriend friends. Whatever they are nobody has yeah and a tigers. That aren't gay. Yeah I mean that was Jesus I mean where do you start? It's like how one of the guys was just like I'm not having game and this was like well. What else am I going to do? It was. He's like libby gang get married with a crazy methods zoo owner just because. I can't really think of what I'm doing tomorrow. Yeah and I've thought you know. Tigers are cool. How quickly did you watch it We tried to space it out because our routine would be wake take take the dog for a walk comeback at the Bait. The baby usually takes what we call like the midday nap. And and that's we would watch it and then we would spend the rest of the day talking about the episode good. I love that Jazz. I love that. That's what the show is designed when you want to win when else can you talk tiger during a quarantine baby and there was so many things to discuss and hypothesize about. Did you get on? Did you get online? Did you techs people people tax me being like? I can't talk to you until you finish this whole thing. Yes yeah There there was like okay. I I've been telling everybody that My single guy friends I go. Do you WANNA get laid. Here's years you get laid. You put away. Is this New Brad. Williams? Corentin get laid checklist. Yes you you put a fake ring on your finger you sit. You say you're married and you taught how much you love your baby. Oh my God because that's it like I've the because back before we were quarantined in the before time Bbq Yeah like before. I will go on stage in Talk about how much I love my wife and how we just added kid and I would have women coming up to me and be like so. Do you want to go like the USA? Committed to your wife at so hot. Yeah might did you not G. You're the twenty minutes of my okay. Whatever yeah wow so yeah so. That's so that used to be my advice to young now there but now it's like no no get a tiger grant it. You might lose him. Get a tiger and a bucket of uncles root beer and call up the girl you have a crush on and let let nature take its course. Do you think it does now. Is It a concern? I feel like it's a chicken or the eggs situation. Do Tiger the husbands. Do do only swingers get tigers or once you get the tiger you become a polygamous swinger. I feel like this is a limerick. My second grade teacher threw at us and I didn't know that because that is a question. 'cause the three men straight or gay that they talk about owning tigers were all swingers and in polygamists. So it's like yeah that seems to be the thing the only one that wasn't a polygamous was that Bitch Carol Basket Carol Baskin. By the way I do you see when I did Tony Danza. Being like she's not related the baskin Robbins areas by the way legitimate question. Let somebody clear the air on this. I can eat ice cream cake comfortably when you zoom and I wanNA randomly get high and go to Baskin Robbins and get an ice cream cake with a fake tiger on did you. Did you love the music videos? Because they're so just like like you see stuff on like tosh point no and ridiculous ness and you go up. Someone made this crazy video for one of these shows. And then he realized Ono people make videos like that and then they stare at it and go amazing the elders. Yeah this is GonNa be hit by all all all that combined is just I feel like I have lived Two lives the live the life by before watching tiger king and the life I will now after watching Geiger. Game is is ridiculous. And that's what everyone does it. It's on your according TV. Weightless it should. Yeah I mean I saw Tiga in Tagger Salman. I made come on now is that is that Israel voice. 'cause to me. Swab knows three question. Yeah not he was singing way too good in the end those blue the videos and then when he talked. It's like a mixture of dip mess and Oklahoma shirt. I yeah here's what's fucked up. My mom is from Oklahoma. My grandparents Goma 'cause they are her parents by sister even when she goes. I want a gun to one of the zoo's as a kid and I was like wait. A second you're telling me that I potentially locked eyes with Joe Exotic. I think I remember that I do. I do remember when I was in seventh grade going to Arizona when my dad was moved Arizona and him and myself and his mother went to a weird smaller zoo and there was a giant tiger sitting in a pool about thirty feet away from offense right and it was a very open sanctuary type zoo and you walk in front of this fence and the tiger sitting in a little kitty bull thirty feet away and I remember walking by and it was just sitting there like this like what's it at. The top of the pool was like this. Just just perched above just chilling and I walked and I go like this I will get I walk by. Go look at him. I go knocking fake flexing on the Tiger bread. I kid you not this thing just goes after about five minutes of me being a bitch. Fuck it. Just been a little asphalt seventh grader in boredom. There's many weird zoo that I think is being run by like Russian mobsters and then also the Tigers this and moves his little and then into in one. Leap Bounced Mario Brothers style off like a little trampling that was hidden under the ground and did another bounce and hit defense and I bounced backwards. People came over. I don't know this thing this junk that no such an asshole just not understanding how insane these characters are tigers. And so then you see Joe Exotic and you go. I can't believe like when they were jumping on a shoe and he was like yes. Put fucking Michael Jordan Cologne on my fucking loafers. Which was amazing by the way and then later. Excuse not like yeah. It's the Cologne. If everyone knows if you put your car noir on your shoes taught attack your tries to rip it up. Yeah now not at all now. It's just your flesh and it's a fucking tiger maybe yet maybe look feet are not appealing to just lonely. Do in their fifties on the Internet. They're also appealing to tigers. Barely lots of bones by the way breaks. I don't ask you this and we'll wrap this up five more minutes or after. I got a few things to ask you because look I love you I know about you. I know what your life's like. Corn lives different. So that's why have a million questions and I do have to. How do you have to know? What do you miss? Most 'cause sports are a big part of our lives and to not have any sports. Is the crate if you WanNa tell me two years ago? What if there were no? Does that does that. Quick number come up in any sort of like social gathering. If we're having Tequila on your back patio and Gazebo and we're sitting there like when you're shooting. The ship is a comic and just trying to make. Funny Small Talk. Would what if there were no sports? Does that even enter your realm of possibility will now. It's like when those people that hate sports when they taught when when they talk about like man sports is just. It's not real. It's just a distraction. You're like yes yes to headed needed. You'll get around. Yeah you understand. This is what happens when people don't have sports go insane so yes I mean I I watch are the interruption on. Espn every day. That's my show that I watched every day Thank God there's entertaining. Sports personalities like Dan Lebatardshow. Meet meet meet at times Sir Spain they're great. I love listening to them. They're they're finding ways to make this old thinner Janning But yeah it is. I missed sports a lot. Thank you know what you don't wear the only the only sport that is still going. Every week pro wrestling danced. Stop it stopping new episodes every week. Blair you dynamite fucking God. Wait a second does that. Has that been saving grace for you? Yes a little bit of competitive something. Does it all the other sports? I mean not all of them because I mean I'm a Lakers fan and it looked like we were going to go to the finals at least this year or guard against against the Clippers to see who wins championship. And Guess. What FUCK THE CLIPPERS. I only ever liked them. Because Jamal Crawford the Seattle boy and he was on the team and then Adam Devine took me two games. I go cool. This is cool tame but guess what Dude I told him and it a known thing when I got to. La The Lakers star. Get Great. And I I got to experience a little bit of the transition and then not being great and then getting amazing and every night on K. Cowan I could watch amazing basketball and I go. Wow I just lost my team. What better way to fucking stay actively engaged basketball than to get to watch the best team right now? Every night and man Lebron was on a mission dude. The Koby death really was like I don't know man. I felt like Lebron is GonNa do what he did against Golden State in game six. Where because everyone's I got I've been dealing with. Gp A little bit. He told me he can clippers. And I go. I go respectively GONNA go. I think Lebron's GonNa fuck impulsive shit out of his ass or his Dick. Maybe both and and take and do a magic Johnson type thing where he three out of the six games drops like thirty fifteen and eight and the other two years just a facilitator and he makes everybody great and and they and they pull off and And I think that's what would have happened and it could still could get a playoffs. Yeah I I think there's still a possibility might be some empty arena games. I am at this point when they brought up the concept of empty arena games like a mile and a half graded. What am I? They're not gonNA dunk like when they do. It's not gonna be cheers now if you were like a empty Rena game tomorrow. I'd I'd be like I'm watching eight hours of this. I wanted to game coverage I'm a bunch of the post game coverage watching Matt so yes I I am missing sports Missing stand up the most of all like I'll never complain about a Friday night late show ever again I want to ask you that do and I think the same way but I think that the real challenge and look. It's easy sometimes to say like I think we're going to resume things maybe in the fall. And then you go. I hope I hold onto some of the gratitude that I've developed for a lot of things that you would normally because of this right. Yeah I think that's some at the we can all say you go. I hope that I continue to like be just a little more appreciative of things. Like getting a late spot. Even if he didn't want to. But yes once. Normalcy in routine finds its way back into your Your world it is tough to not assume that most people would just be like you know you say that for maybe a month and then you go Friday night late. Spock is now. We're back into the swing of things right but I don't know this is this is crazy so I think this if there's ever anything to make you truly Take a step back yet. 'cause I just remember back when I took time off from stand up to do radio. Yeah back when I got back into. Stand up all the things that bugged me about. It didn't bug me anymore than bug me. 'cause 'cause I had been on I had been on the other side in. I know like the grass is not greener. You don't WanNa go there. You saw life without it. You and I been like it so now. It's going to be that even more so when I'm in Toledo Ohio and there's drunk couple in the front row now. Rather than just being madame I kind of look at it like you know what good you were stuck in A. You're stuck into the lead Ohio in your one bedroom apartment almost got. I didn't get divorced. Natives the first earl since the corn team. I don't know you're out here. Live in life. Good for you. Good you I'll be thankful yeah. Yeah Yeah just whenever that happens. It'll be. It'LL IT'LL BE AMAZING. Albie but until then will will be organizing. I'm going to start organizing a virtual stand up comedy shows. I've done I've done one of those. Now tell me about that real quick. That was crazy did a corporate last night right. Yeah it it. It was a corporate gig. So I'm in my bedroom standing up a against a blank wall. Have a camera on me and I see Myself Looking back at me but I can hear the laughter on the zoom APP. So everyone's audio is opened up. There was fit. There is fifty people and so you heard laughter. But it's really weird to Nazi people in your in your room. You know what I mean like I would like. It's weird so I would lose my place a few times and after talk in like you're worried that like our like my dog might walk in. Or my daughter Bein. Started crying and that was yeah. They probably would have dug that. Yeah no they did And it's funny because they wanted me to mention the COP. The company name like three or four times during set. So when I would talk about my bids on porn hub. I'd I'd be like hey. This porno joke brought to you by ADT out. Hold up a sign with the company on it. It was hilarious. Oh my God why yes a asocial media of. I'll be announcing when those shows will be and a that's awesome and go to Cameo in book. Adam book may book us by the way you are. I've told a handful of people I go. Hey man get on the cameo thing I go look we all in his famous Brad Williams but you can fuck insurance fire. Far Fire fucking. What's the saying you can sure as hell fire? What is this saying? Tell me before we get a what is it you can earn. I'm kind of out here. I'm in the new one you can you can. You can sure put. That's more in the fire but it's better if we let your friend do it as Dr Phil Okay. So so if you're confident in something that you love Okay and you don't know how to get it done okay. It's like okay. Let's say you find a little bit of math in the bottom of a kick at rapper that you stole okay from Your Mom's purse you think yourself well this might be a new type of candy or maybe I'm gay. We'll be right back. Yeah I I I think you've you've taken the cameo market by storm you give people a Lotta moments and the stairs shows I think again due to take somebody that's That's in it to win it and his winning it to do these things and I I it definitely for me when you start getting going those cameras like fuck. Why shouldn't that be a move right now? And I've been passing it on and and again like you gotta be active in ways to stay active financially and comedic. Yup you're doing it and it's it's just it's fun I do. I do gambles for people and then I get messages right after from the people that got the cameos. Oh my God that was so cool that brighten up my day. Forget like people are stuck in their homes. It's something different so it it sucks. It's something to do so yet. Burchell comedy shows cameos and appearing on many podcasts. Be Zoom yeah more so now because we're chilling right a Rogan. If you're out there now's the time all right. I'm going to close out with little original corn seen song go for a not in tune stuck inside. We're getting very bored. Heard base delivers the meets. We know odds. But they have the meats. I'm Miss Basketball. But deed US got the golden are treats Brad. When was the last time that you should the three weeks ago? We grow up. How long you GonNa let that thing. Rolled down your neck alarm today. And I'm going to be at war from Mali. Crew impersonator by the warns in. And hope that you got enough. T. P. over that you've watched enough electron extreme TV Brad. Real quick what was the best thing that you saw on the Internet today? You seem very up to date with means and crazy photographs and videos that everybody soon see was a guy having an argument with withdrawn awesome Lose no way. That's out second video. Send me the link. Wray stay safe. I miss it. This is great guys. Go Follow Brad. Go see him. Go see him live. Go Watch them live the new. This is going to be the new norm. And you're never going to be in a real stage again because you're going to corner the market on Zoom standup shows and never leave and guess what we're going to get to a point where we gotta decide. Is that the new life a not? If I could just get drew voter our our the Dayton totally. I think it's going to be do both thing did. Yeah why not be like? Oh you're in England and I'm not doing an English tour who were do a comedy virtual comedy show for everyone exactly right way real quick. How many how did it feel when everyone laughed at the same time on the zoom show? Oh Sweet Jesus. It was like it was great. It was the greatest feeling in the world. Like while I'm GonNa say a joke and I know I know. I know it's a punchline. I know there should be laughter here. And if it doesn't go this is going to be a long hour and Thankfully they laughed so all right but it didn't sound weird like forty different screens like at the same time. Oh it did but that laughter as weird as it sounded worth. That's awesome the bride. I love you but to stay safe. I WanNa talk to you soon.

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