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MW: MotoGP Schedule News - Alex Rins Contract!


From Moto Dot net. It's the motor week. Podcast with your host Wilson. Why hello and welcome Tom Modo Week. My name is Wilson. Thank you so much for listening to the only motor. Gp Show on the Internet. It's GonNa keep right on going even if we end up with no motor. Gp racing this year. Will there be. We'll talk about on the show today but man. It is really impossible to get a good gauge. On what direction things are going at any given moment at any point on the globe I mean I tried watching some. Tv The past like say day or so and fifty percent of what you hear is optimistic and the other fifty percent is cataclysmic. And you know the only thing that I really truly learned is that I don't like watching the news a whole lot in general but one thing is certain that we're going to be here talking motor GP and having a little fun in the process no matter what with our fingers crossed that we will get some racing this year because just like overall Things are in a constant state of flux with MotoGP. We'll talk more today about postponements but also about some efforts that during his trying to make to get something to happen on the track in the next few months and what the prospects are of that and we've also got some big silly season news to discuss Alex. Rinse resigns was Suzuki. Will dig into that one along with lots of your comments and even more pictures so many people are using their extra time working on their bikes. And that is awesome. I've got a couple of questions for a couple of you on those bikes to us. We'll talk about that a little bit later and we are definitely going to do a motogp. Gp Nineteen Challenge and I realized that motor GP. Twenty is supposed to be released. I think this week maybe even today Abbad just to make it easier for you ever have to run out and buy that game and the PC version probably won't come out for a month anyway. I think we'll do it on. Nineteen and I was a little bit lazy on that last week and I apologize. We're going to get the detail sorted out on. Read it get. It all started this week. I did see a post about it. I think that might have been on facebook. I think that's where it was. I didn't have it in front of me right now but one way or the other will wrap up the show by talking a little bit about that all right so before we get to the full rundown. I do want to invite you over to the website at Moto Week Dot net. All of the latest episodes are there. You can follow along on twitter and Instagram at Moto. Weak and most importantly like the show and leave your comments on facebook at facebook dot com slash moto week dot net and on the subject are slash. Moee subscribe and then dive into the conversation. Post your picture videos Your comments anything you WANNA talk about is fair. Game there So our slash. Read at all right so here. It is the rundown just about everything we're GonNa talk about on this episode of the show and we're gonNA start with motor. Gp News and the latest on the motor GP schedule. Both the bad and the good and right now. I know there is more bad than good. But Dorn is trying. And that's one of the things we're GonNa talk about the prospect of races without spectators. We've already talked about it from the perspective of fans but let's look at it from the perspective of logistics. Is it actually possible to hold race without spectators? So we'll talk about that and during his efforts to try and make it happen and then there is still a silly season. Oh Yeah you bet. Alex Rinse signs with Zouqi. We'll talk about whether it's a good move or not and then would prey. Mak Be Willing to sign believe it or not Andrea. Of course the real question should they be willing to sign Andrea you know an and then one bike per rider and motor? Gp Good idea or a bad idea. Do Cod seems to like it. Everybody else not so much. And then we'll be talking about some of your comments while we're discussing those news topics but then we'RE GONNA. Kinda ship the transition more to focus on your comments especially when it comes to silly season because there are a couple of really good questions that have come up in reference to you know all of these postponements and the laze and not having a season. How does that affect silly season? If you're one of those teams looking for somebody how do you pick a rider? And how we're all these delays and the uncertainty of the season affecting writers in general both old and young and who's in a good spot right now and in a bad spot so we'll talk about all of them will also start to discuss what this does to the idea of expanding satellite teams for say apprecia- and Suzuki. That don't have a satellite team right now. But maybe they were planning on doing that in. Twenty twenty one. Does it still happen? Could it still happen and should it still happen? So we'll talk about all of those things and then we'll move onto pictures because you guys posted a ton of pictures on right at this week. Some awesome stuff too and like I said I've got a couple of questions For some of you on your bikes and then we'll wrap up the show by talking a little bit about the motor week. Motogp nineteen challenge. Because we're really going to do it this time. We just need to figure out when we want to start what the rules are going to be where we're going to race and how we're going to tally. So basically everything but we will start to have that discussion seriously in the will it on right at and get it started this week art. So let's get going with the latest motor. Gp News and of course there's some bad news and some good news regarding the twenty twenty motor GP schedule With the announcement by the German government that large public gatherings are going to be banned in that country until August? Thirty First August thirty First Saxon ring was forced follow suit with the races around that officially saying that they will have to postpone the German. Gp They're working with Dornan to try and identify suitable date after the ban has been lifted. And that's a huge hit because while Saxon ring isn't the most popular track with some riders. Although I think it's awesome but what do I know? It is terribly popular with the German fans with attendance. That's right up there with the biggest rounds of the season. But of course it can't happen is scheduled and I was Gonna say that that means that the new role of temporary motor. Gp season-opener would then go to the Dutch T T and s no June twenty eighth but fortunately I checked the news right before I started recording because now that too has been postponed and the significant part about the Asan announcement is that they said they were postponing the date until later on this year or next year which would make them the first track to at least unofficially acknowledged idea that they may be canceling their round outright other than of course the season opener at Qatar. So that then means that we're looking at Finland the weekend of July twelfth which originally would have been the last race before the summer. Break me think about that July. That would leave us six months to try and get in as many rounds as possible before the end of the year but despite the bleak outlook two more rounds postponed there is still hope and you can be crap about it online. I don't mind can criticize report. But I'M GONNA keep being positive about it because I wanna go racing so badly Anna. What this all to be over with so much going to stay optimistic about it. And there are reasons to have a little bit of hope. There's growing momentum here in the United States to try to make something happen with sports at least in terms of putting on television event. And while what happens here in the US with football or baseball or something like that has no direct influence over motor GP or the VM. Or any of the partner countries for motor GP if if the United States or any country for that matter can prove that they have a plan that's feasible even an unconventional one that isolates competitors will that could end up being the blueprint that makes a series like motor GP or formula. One able to happen again. Even if it's in a confined geographic area like talked about last week on the show and you know just Spain Italy something like that so I'm not willing to give up quite yet. And I'm hoping that the doctors and the government officials make progress in both controlling the pandemic as well as making things safe to have at least limited activities on endure and has given up either although there are some serious rumblings echo harvey trials comments from last week that. We're going to be lucky to get tim rounds in this season but Dorna is exploring a plan to try to make racist happen without spectators and this is the first official hint that there could be a light at the end of the tunnel shirts dim light. I'll admit that but at least it's a sign that there could be a way out or could be a way to have some racing to keep us entertained now. Carmelo escalated told the Spanish media outlet this week that they're coming up with a proposal and a plan and it's being put together in conjunction with both Spanish and Italian sporting authorities for races to be run with an absolute minimum of personnel and then of course be broadcast on television around the world. Now the initial kind of rough sketch that they came up with would allow for forty people to be present with each motor. Gp Team and then twenty five people per team and Go-to emotive three along with some officials and then a minimum of broadcast crew basically cameraman and they said there could be one person that the tracks so that says to me. Simon cray far would be there to do some ATTRAC- reporting and all of the commentary for the various providers would be done remotely and that won't be the big steel in the world for the broadcasters because they're already taking the world video feed and then they're just putting their own audio on top of it so it doesn't really make too much of a difference if they're sitting in a booth at their studio or if they're sitting in a booth at the track. I mean obviously it's easier to commentate on something when you're at the event but I don't think it would take away too much from it from their perspective Now I'm assuming that the forty per team number means per organization not per bike crossings. Get Out of hand quickly. And so you know you've got eleven motor. Gp teams forty people per team. That's four hundred forty people. Then you've got about twenty one lower level teams at about twenty five per Adorno was saying that their initial estimates said we need about a thousand people to make an event run and you know it sounds like a lot but when you start doing the math with those numbers I just gave you would quickly add up to more than a thousand but when you consider that. Many of those organizations share personal between series and things like tyronn suspension techs are likely shared as well and they aren't going to all require the maximum number of people that could cut down on the team personnel quite a bit and get your round that thousand people number. Which when you think about it like that's still a lot of people and that's the bare minimum to make an event like this run and so of course that's still presents a rather big challenge. And that's why I think that you know if maybe here in the United States or some other countries they get some of their local sports going. You talk about baseball. You're dealing with that number of people. And if they can prove that it's manageable then that may help convince countries to allow motor. Gp to come in and run their event. Because you know somebody else's purview can manage a thousand people effectively and safely for weekend event But then as DJ clot mentioned in comments on red at that number may not include all of the corner workers and associated safety personnel that usually local to the track. And Hey just because you don't have fans there doesn't mean you don't need people to keep all the competitors safe and you don't need guys waving flags and corners and like DJ mentioned. Those are usually volunteers. I mean would they still ask for volunteers to the volunteers? Then get tested when they come and go Or distort a separate them or maybe they hire an individual crew of corner workers to go to all of the tracks so they CA- managed testing. They can manage what those people are up to between races and that's definitely a valid item to be considered although you know when you think about it because Dj was saying. Maybe it's going to be hard to find people volunteer to do this. But if you think about the fact that you know if you volunteered to go out to Asan or Circuit of the Americas or Valencia anywhere. If you were willing to volunteer for that that you would be one of the few people to actually get to see a moto. G P event live. I'd imagine they probably wouldn't have too much of a problem getting volunteers. I volunteer for Coda if it was a possibility. The problem for someone like me. I'm not local to the track and so now you have to hope that the hotels are open that had a whole `nother dynamic to the situation but if your local to a track then I mean I would think that there will be a fair number of people that would be willing to volunteer. And then at that point dorn puts everybody including those volunteers up in controlled hotels. Where you know. You can't just come and go as you please because you have to make sure that nobody goes out and does something. They shouldn't do which is probably with any of these sports. The biggest challenge is keeping the competitors from doing what they want to do as opposed to what they have to do to keep everybody safe. Because when it all comes down to it maybe not for the crew members so much emotive GP but definitely further riders and you know for the major stars in lots of sports. You're dealing with a lot of really young really rich people that are used to being able to do what ever they want whenever they want. And so I think that's the hardest thing I think it's the biggest hurdle for any sport to contend with if you're trying to put on an event or a series of events where everybody is kind of kept quarantined is keeping people from breaking that quarantine. I'm so the plan. Then for Dorna Emoji P will be the combined a minimum number of people with the maximum amount of testing possible What Carmelo was saying is that they wanted to try to procure ten thousand cove in nineteen test kits. That could be used to test everyone both before. And after each round and that sounds like a lot of tests right but think about it firmament you got a thousand people. You're testing both on the way in. And on the way out that means that ten thousand test kits that get you into and out of five weekends of racing. That's it that goes back to. You know the whole heavy. Ponturo will be lucky to get tim rounds in this year. Maybe that's what they're thinking at this point. Is You know five weekends at five tracks. They run two races per that. Gets you ten rounds of racing and then you declare a champion in? That might be all we get and if it is wide. I'll I'll deal with it. I'm fine with that as long as we have some racing. You know the fact that there are developing a plan at all and that they're developing in conjunction with officials from Spain and Italy means that there is a good that both of those countries are interested in helping facilitate race weekend. That's big because like we talked about on last week's show in a little bit earlier. Those two countries represent enough tracks to get some semblance of a season in if you double header rounds and Carmelo was initially a bit more ambitious than that saying that you know. They wanted to talk with officials from the Netherlands about possible plans for asset. And he still not giving up on. Saxon ring hoping that a solid plan along with public health improvements between now and June could convince them to change their minds and we have to remember that that all of these rounds are being postponed. Because the idea is that we're going racing with a stadium full of fans and obviously that can't happen right now and it can't happen for the foreseeable future. So you've got to postpone those events. But having an event with just the competitor's just the participants in the sport where they'll have no contact with the local population or almost no contact with the local population. That's a different story and so it does leave. Open the possibility that they could go back to each of these tracks. Each of these governments Put forth a plan that's workable and then you know. They could change their mind. They can make an exception. That would allow the race to happen. Obviously without people and there is reason to believe that a change of heart could take place in that situation. Especially if you've got more than one country that's trying to make their local sports happen on a very limited basis on here in the USA had a call between the national government and the heads of most of the major sports organizations to talk about potential hurdles and talk about how they might be able to get around them to try and get something on. Tv You know. And if that's happening in other countries to than maybe a collective best plan could emerge to move things forward and if not while then even just having you know the series or sports in one country run smoothly and safely for everyone involved that could be the upon which sports like Moto. Gp could then you know craft their plan to return the action? Of course that's just one half of the conversation because for some people the idea of watching racing without fans that makes it not a real motor. Gp Event and trust me. I totally understand that. And for the most part I agree. I mean the thought of a place. Like Mugello or Valencia without fans. I mean heck remember Thailand. Last year the fans were a huge part of the atmosphere of that weekend and a huge part of the weekend success. And you know not having those fans definitely is a huge huge hit to the entertainment factor of any kind of major series like that but in the end having racing always going to be better than not having racing but I do completely understand. You know the the idea that racing without fans just isn't the same totally on board with that and it's not just us as fans the thing that I mean The organizers of Formula One's return Zandvoort for the first time in like forever. Those guys said that the thought of restarting the Dutch. Gp without fans was impossible for them. They postponed their event. By the way to and again I totally get that especially especially in their unique position. I mean it seems very pointless to go through the process of revamping an entire track. Bring Formula One back to your country. After such a long absence I think think the last Dutch GP with Formula One was like in the eighties mid eighties. And so you go through all of that to bring the series back only to not be able to let anybody from your country go enjoy it so I understand that frustration and understand them saying that the idea of this is an impossible one for them to grasp or to do but if every track adopts that same viewpoint then just like Martin was saying last week at that point not only is twenty twenty automatically total bus but twenty twenty one is instantly in jeopardy as well depending on how quickly the medical community can come up with some sort of vaccine or of course when you catch phrase for the week is herd immunity if that builds up to the point that the viruses natural spread is just brought to a crawl. So you can't have every if every track things like that then we're stuck in the water you know but here's the thing since it isn't the same since we can all agree or most of us can agree that it's not the same without the fans in the atmosphere and since we know one hundred percent that we can't have the fans yet then does it really matter all that much where the races are run or does it matter simply that the races are run so we can have some semblance of a championship and be able to watch it on TV and be able to get the TV money to come in for the teams and be able to be entertained ourselves and start to get things that feel like life moving again right. And I think that it doesn't matter like if you can't have the fans there then there's some obviously each track is is different. Track is is unique in what it offers but if nobody can be there and we can only watch it on TV. If Dornan's telling me we can only go to three tracks because they're the only ones that'll let us run and we're going to go there twice each. I don't see that I don't see it as that big of a deal because if you're GONNA lose that atmosphere anyway then it really matters less to me geographically where they are and I think that opens up options for them because if they can only get a couple of tracks to say yes we can still rotate between them right now for the team's different story. It totally matters because you know if you ran thirteen races at the red bull ring you will get a vastly different championship result. Them running thirteen races at Valencia. But for US fans personally it does not matter a whole lot to me at this point if the series travels to all of the tracks or if they just traveled to a handful of them now. I don't want to see the thirteen races at the rebel ringing or Valencia and my scenarios. Either anymore in the team stew as long as there's enough variation though the make things a little bit more competitive then yeah i. I don't really care geographically where they are. You know the idea of that whole Spain. Italy thing sounds good to me heck just to Spain if you could get Spain to agree to allow access to those four tracks the four tracks that they have on the schedule and allow them to each visited twice by the one thousand people now. You've got eight rounds you do double header weekends that sixteen races right senior eight weekends if you throw a weekend off in between so teams can adjust. Recover things like that. You could still start as late as August and have everything wrapped up by the end of November and have sixteen races just by getting one country and four tracks to say yes. That's it so you need. So that's why I'm GONNA continue to be a little bit optimistic about it because there are options when you start to take the fans out of the equation yes it loses something but it also opens up options because you know the thrill of going to Thailand. Are The fans the thrill of going to Australia? The fans the thrill of going to the UK or the United States Argentina. The fans being able to see the racing themselves in that country you take that aspect out of it and it starts to matter to me at least a whole lot less where those individual races are run and so if I'm going to have to watch on TV and never have a chance to go this year. Anyway amount as well watch a lot of it right so if you can get four five six tracks to say yes. Go to those and don't go to any others run doubleheaders and let's have fun just watching a lot of racing and make the best of it. I think that's probably where we're at at this point but it's still a big obstacle because we're talking about a thousand people a thousand people in a thousand people out controlling their access to everybody testing them when they arrived testing when they leave making sure nobody gets sick. It's a big big task but the more you lower your expectations geographically more feasible. The whole thing starts to become heart. So let's move away from that for now and switch gears to something that is one hundred percent definitely happening in motor. Gp This year. That's Alex Rin's signing a contract with his Yuki he's officially going to be Suzuki factory rider all the way until the end of twenty twenty two and I'm a little upset about this because I I wanted to talk about Zucchini next when it came to silly season. Kicking off our discussion. Last show with some do cod talk but Suzuki. Kinda shot that idea down real quick by going off in signing rans to a two year deal for twenty twenty one and twenty twenty to. Actually you know what I take that back there still is the second seat Suzuki to talk about on. And the whole idea of a satellite team that we're GONNA talk about here in a minute. But their task is certainly taking care of secure a clear number one rider to take them into the future and they've certainly done that now and at the same time painted. Yukata into an even smaller corner in terms of them making a significant change for the twenty twenty one season. Now obviously this move makes complete sense for Suzuki. And keep that in mind. Because we're gonNA talk about some stuff here in a second. You're going to think of them getting down on Suzuki or getting down on Alex ferns. I'm not this move makes absolute sense for those guys. They accomplished what they were unable to. When it came to maverick Fan y'all as they kept the rider that they brought up and developed into a race winner and they presumably did it without having to compete with the massive budgets of the Big Three. Although we don't necessarily know that for sure because we don't know how much he's getting paid But it is not a move that is not without a certain amount of risk. Did I say that right? I think I think I said that right. Basically I'm saying there is risk involved in this move because while we one hundred percent know that Alex is capable of winning. What we don't know is if he's able to win consistently consistency has been a major major issue for him now. His rookie year was plagued with injuries. And the growing pains that come with being a young rider in his first season in the premier class. So we're going to look past the rookie season. We're not even going to consider it. My guess is he doesn't want to think too much about it either But the first half of two thousand eighteen it was a general disaster with a couple of glimpses of greatness tossed in the second two thousand eighteen. That's what cemented him. As the number one at Suzuki. And that's also what cemented his succession passed. Andrea a in the pecking order and he took full advantage of that momentum. Start last year. Not just winning two races. But he won battles with Valentino Rossi and then head to head with Marquez. I mean that's big stuff. However the second half of last season just didn't live up to billing. I mean yeah there was the British GP which was in the second half of the season and that was the highlight of not only his year. That was pretty much. The highlight of the two thousand eighteen season in general but surrounding. That were a host of performances. That didn't have anyone thinking that he could go out and challenge Marquez on a given weekend but we all did kind of think that about Fabio guerraro. I mean by the end of the year. Fabrio have built up his momentum to the point. Where when we were coming into a weekend we were talking about one of two things. Mark versus Fabio or the potential of Mark Versus Maverick Fan. But we were really saying going into those last five or six races of the year. Oh this is shaping up to be a battle between Mart Marquez. Alex Rinse. It was always either mark and Fabio Mark Math and so that little bit inconsistency is what kept rinse from being in the same company as those other riders. Now I'm not saying. He was bad his average. Finish over the last. Six races was seventh. It was actually like six point six seven so we'll call it seventh and on paper. That's not the worst thing in the world. If you think about okay we've got to Honda's we've got to do Qadis we've got to Yamaha's they're all the big money teams so six writers. He averaged seventh. Okay not great but not bad. But that's not the whole story because the problem there is it Valentino. Rossi was bad over the last six races. Danilo Petrucci was terrible over the last six races. And Hey Lorenzo was non existent. I mean. One of US could have beaten where he lorenzo in the last couple of races of two thousand nineteen. So when you take that into consideration than mean technically Alex Ryan's should have been averaging right around a fourth place finish but he was really averaging seven that means set in any given round three riders. Were beating Alex Rinse. That shouldn't have been and even if you give him a pass on Fabio Charro then. His average should have been fifth right so he was still getting beat by riders. That he shouldn't have been getting beat by. He was still finishing further back in the field. Then you would expect them to based on his level of success and the type of bike that he was writing now. This is where I ask you to go back and remember what I said earlier about this being a good move on not getting down on rinse I think. That's as Yuki made an excellent move to keep him but it's just that there is that risk that they're gonNa have to manage going forward and part of that Song Zouqi but a major chunk of that is going to be on Alex because Alex has the winds. Now he's got the renewed contract. He's probably getting paid a decent amount of money. Now is his time now. He has to step up and established the consistency that matches that level of talent. Now's the time for him to prove blew himself and Zouqi that he can be a legitimate contender not just their number one rider but a legitimate contender to mark. Marquess improved to the other teams out there at the same time. They should've taken more seriously and opened up their bank account. When they had the chance looking at you to Kathi So overall yes it is the right move for Suzuki. It's a great move for Suzuki. And it is a far better option than what they had to do. A couple of years ago when they were negotiating with maverick Daniela's and they lost him. And that's going back to the drawing board so they don't have to do that and yes if they would've lost Alex Rains. It would mirror mirror is incredibly talented. But he's just not far along enough yet to be a number one rider. Although I will say this if do Khadi have made a play for Alex rings and Gotten Him then. I really think that it would have ended up being essentially a trade. I think that Andrea Da Vinci also would have gone over to Suzuki Xueqian. I think he would have been a final turn for them to try and get instead. Maybe not the perfect match rider style with bike. But I don't necessarily know I mean with the confidence that dove has after his experience battling Marquez and being on that too cloudy I think he's a lot better writer now than when he got off the Omaha and he wasn't bad at all on the Tech Three. Amaha so I don't know I think a DOE v Suzuki. Combo might be better than expected. I mean we're not gonna see it not anytime soon but I think it would be interesting to see what he does on a Suzuki all right. So Alex Raines resigned Zouqi but then that of course leaves the whole. Do Khadi Conundrum. We started talking about that last week when we kinda debated what Kathi might do. Now that all of their major options to replace Andrei to see also count off the table. So I mean I'm thinking more and more that they're just going to have to stick. They really aren't going to have a choice in the matter. But that second seat. That's that's pretty wide open. Very good chance Jack. Miller could get it decent chance Back-nine might be considered four one way or the other that would then open up a seat at pray Mac that they would then have to fill. And shockingly enough. They said last week that they would consider signing Andrea you know if he was available for the two thousand twenty one season I know right. Apparently barely known as MotoGP career is has far more life left in it than I thought Because Francesco did dottie himself told Sky Sport Last week. It was late last week that if Andrea was available to ride in twenty twenty one and they had a bike available in twenty twenty one that they would be interested in making something happen now. I think it's important to remember that. This is the same exact Francesco. Totti who said what a year and a half ago or so that it was time for Danilo Petrucci to either prove himself with the factory team or go someplace else because pray Max. Job Is to develop young talent to move up not to hang onto old riders forever. And now I will remind you that Andre a you know a is a year older than than Illinois Patricia Cheese so I guess the rules are a little different for you know man. The chances I think are really good even amidst all of the uncertainty of the current season that they will indeed have a seat open. I mean since like I said a minute ago. I'm almost positive that either Jack Miller or go back Naya will get the call to move to the factory squad. Likely Jack Miller While the other one. Just resigns with the PRAC- team. So that means that if Andrea is successful in his appeal and he gets his suspension reduced to the point where he could ride at the beginning of twenty twenty one. Who knows there could be a seat waiting for him. Of course good audio said that. They're looking at Riders like Corey Martine. Who NAVARRO CAVIAR? Hey for twenty twenty one as well so I would pose this question to you. If you are running pray McCarty. Who would you rather pin your hopes for the future on? You know night or someone like Martinez or Navarro especially Martinez Navarro especially seeing as Martin really started to get his legs under him late last season and his first more to campaign looking very good at the end of the year and the Varo looked eerily. Like Fabio quarrel getting on the speed up Which he moved to last season. Would you take either one of those guys or would you go with Andrea? You know. I'll I you tell me on facebook or read it? I WANNA sway. Anybody all I will say. Is that both Martinez. Navarro seem like pretty promising prospects to me of course has also expressed interest in keeping you if he can find a way to get himself eligible in twenty twenty one so apparently either. I'm seriously misguided which is always a possibility or Andre is way more popular in the MotoGP Paddock Than I expected he would be And nobody nobody in that paddock has noticed Andrea stats over the past. Oh three three plus seasons or so. I don't know so tell me what you think. Facebook DOT com slash Mojo dot net or. Read it at our slash mode week marks. Let's move on from silly season. Obviously everybody involved in motor. Gp Right now Dornam Iot. A team alliance And F I m there seriously looking at ways to reduce costs for teams and keep everyone viable until they can go racing again and we've already had the Halton development until the end of twenty twenty one which I think is going to help out quite a bit in the money department especially for the satellite teams. We can have to release new equipment that might be even more expensive after you know a short season or maybe even know season at all. I'M GONNA say shortened season but apparently in that meeting where everybody agreed to hold off on development until twenty twenty to do cardiac when to take things a step further they proposed in that meeting the idea to have motor. Gp teams go down to one bike per rider per weekend. Just like motoo motor three does now do. Qadi was big on the idea. Everybody else they they all said. No now I can see. Why Do Qadi would propose this? Because they've you know what they're responsible for like thirty five bikes on the ground right now. No not quite that many. But they're responsible for more bikes than anybody else on the grid right now but while it would save teams money in terms of spare. But that's pretty much it because the bike for twenty twenty are already built and they're gonNA use a same bikes through two thousand twenty one so it's not going to save him nearly as much money as if they hadn't built the bikes yet at all. Plus I think there's a lot of risk at the motor. Gp level of only having one bike per rider. Because you know when you think about it motor. Gp Bikes are much heavier and so much faster than both motoo. A motive three bikes that. When they have a wreck they're carrying a lot of momentum that can cause a lot of damage and that means that the chances of Iraq that causes more damage that can be fixed between sessions is much greater and so you could end up in the situation. I know it would be rare but you could conceivably end up in a situation where a rider isn't able to make qualifying or is unable to make a race because they only have that one bike the cancer the other bike. Now I know it will be incredibly where you could point to all kinds of examples where it hasn't really happened in. Motoo has an emotive three or world superbike for that matter but there is a chance and weird things do happen and I would direct. Everyone's attention storage team in two thousand eighteen because who would have thought that would ever happen but it did so. And all it would take is one race where Marc Marquez. Or Andre David. Ceo So or Valentino. Rossi wouldn't be able to participate in qualifying or wouldn't be able to participate in a race because of some freak occurrence and now all the sudden would seem like such a good idea turns into a really really bad idea plus on top of that not having to bikes that would totally prevent the possibility of flag the flag races. Which would be a bummer. Actually it would be a bummer for everybody except for Valentino Rossi. Who still can't figure out how to do a flag race without messing it up So I don't think that we're GONNA go to one bike per team anytime soon. I have to take. I think a really big financial event for all of the manufacturers to get them to agree to do that and as soon as Takada gets rid of that extra satellite team that they're carrying and they're not gonNa care nearly as much either and we'll talk about that right now too because I want to move on to some comments and that's one of the things that I want to talk about in the comments is the you know the prospect of a satellite team four or four Suzuki heading into twenty twenty one. But before we get there. Let's start with pity because he wanted to continue the conversation about silly season beyond Alex. Rans I for you video. Unfortunately no I can't work from home actually could do the vast majority of my job from home. But there's one part that I gotta do everyday from there and fortunately my desk is far away from everybody in the really only two people that have to worry about on a regular basis. I told him to just stay very very far away from me. But getting to the silly season business or lack thereof. What video was wondering is for the seats? That are still open. Which is the majority of them. How do you pick a rider to sign? And that's a really good question. Because there are kind of different levels of rider that teams would consider and on one level. You've got people like mark mave and Fabio. They're the type of riders that aren't ever going to be affected that much by the lack of action in terms of their marketability. Two teams now. Experience is certainly part of that list as well but once the gimmes start coming off the board once this shore things start being signed like they all pretty much have. Then then yeah. It's going to be more difficult than it would normally be because you're getting to younger and younger riders on the list now and you don't know how the layoff is going to affect them and I'm sure there are some teams and certainly so manufacturers that were really hoping to take a good hard look at a couple of riders at the beginning of the season to see how they've progressed from one year to the other but they might not get to see those guys at all before they have to make a decision on whether to sign them or not and I know that every time we talk about silly season it seems to come back to do Kadi but when it comes to uncertainty and silly season. Those guys are the eye of the storm right now. They're the ones that are looking to make the big change of potentially shake things up so they automatically become the most affected by the situation especially with so many riders off the board. Right now I think that that totally helps out Andrea David. Ceo So because even though two Cardi was a little bit chilly on the prospect of resigning him coming out of last season. Who Out of the guys left? Are you going to sign? That you're confident is going to be as good or better than Andrea. David also. I mean sure they can take a flyer on PETCO back now. We know the guy is talented but this season was really going to be his chance to show that he grown in that he learned from his rookie year. And that's not a guy like I mean even in Alex Rinse you could sign. If you're coty could sign Alex wrens and not knowing necessarily how he's GonNa React on Coty but you could replace Andrea David. Ceo So with Alex Berenson safely. Say Okay we can rely on this guy to be our number one going into twenty twenty one. You can't do that with PETCO back Ni- I mean. He just hasn't had the opportunity to prove himself yet and he needed to prove himself. He needs that opportunity to replace someone like Andrea Ditsy. Also some somebody like Petco or Jack Miller are totally the guy that you put on the second bike you give them a shot because they deserve especially Jack Miller deserves it. But if you're to Qadi you have to go with what you know in Andrea David. Co So if there ended up being no races this season or or if there are very few races to assess the rest of the paddock and try and make a decision on who could step up and fill that role because those are some really really big shoes to fill. And so I think that helps out Dobie. And it's not the only factor. I think helping out Andre David CEO. So I think that he's probably like the hottest property right now in terms of potential contract signings because he's got more options than I think to. Kati does not dovy would want to go to a pariah but he always could if you needed to. I mean if they'll these agent picked up the phone right now and call it a pearly a- and said he we've been listening to motor week every episode. There's this Takata drama do cottage. I'M WE'RE TIRED OF IT. We don't want to be part of it anymore and Mister Zero. So we consider coming over to. Apparently if the if the money was right. If the offer was right what do you think they would say? Oh Hey we only need to change one name on all of the business cards and the letters and the advertising material Do it they forget about Andrea. You know in a in a second. If dovy said he would come over there would it work out as well. No of course not but well who knows. This new bike is pretty good. I mean maybe we'll be a good move for him but one way or the other he would have that option and to. Kati really doesn't have any options at all. That don't require them to take a reasonable amount of risks. So yeah I would say. The dovy is really helped out by this situation. The combination of so many riders being signed already and not really having the proper venue to assess some of these young riders that they might want to replace him with some but yeah a lot of riders are definitely going to be left in silly season limbo and not in a good way Someone like Jones Arco. I mean he is the perfect example of somebody who desperately needed this season needed. That time to go out there and make an impression before going after contract Scott reading in world superbike wanting to capitalize on all of that momentum from BSP. The factory ride. He wanted to make a big play to get back to the premier class and getting off to a strong start would have been able to do that for him and it looks like he was going to get off to a great start but now he can't race it all in show anybody anything in so again. If you're Coty you look at Jones. Arco you look at Scott Reading. You're like man. Maybe one of these guys could be our God. But we don't know and of course. The same is true for the young riders as well. I mean whore. Hey Martin could have easily vaulted himself into an excellent motor. Gp Ride with a strong start to the season. Safer HORROR ENA NAVARRO LUCA. Marini another example. Heck even Joe Roberts even Joe Roberts loses out here maybe not on a place in motor. Gp But certainly on the momentum that he built into the season that could have either gotten American racing better funding or gotten him on one of the top teams in Moto two starting in twenty twenty one not that those. Motoo guys won't move up or get better situations. It's just that the teams that sign them are going to have to rely a little bit more on past results and some blind faith then a record of steady progression the season if we don't get him racing at all or if we don't get in a lottery sing and then if you look further than that you've got to consider the older riders like Valentine Orazio. Somebody that fit. He mentioned cal. Crutch. Low Cal has already said that he wants to come back. Rossi hasn't yet. But I would actually think that this unexpected layoff will provide a lot of clarity for all of the older riders. I mean for all intents and purposes right now is a dry run for retirement. I mean Valentino is sitting at home right now frustrated that it can't go racing. Well then he's GonNa feel the same way after he retires so I'm sure that's going to influence him and he's GonNa no. It's not time yet to retire. But if he's cool right now chilling out on the couch next to his supermodel girlfriend which really doesn't sound like a bad idea at all Then that gets him the other way I mean even Alisher spargo said that this layoff is making him think very seriously about his future. Believe it or not la. She said he was starting to think about when he would retire. Which is really strange. Seeing as he is the clear number one at a probably right now But he said that right now. He is so bummed sitting at home that he can't go racing that he knows. It's not time yet that he still has that passion to get out there and go racing. Has that drive? He has that motivation. So it doesn't really matter if you're young if you're looking for a contract if you're trying to decide what to do for your future this layoff is certainly affecting the mentality of all of those writers and not just the riders themselves but of the teams that are thinking about whether they want to sign these writers or not and. I think that that is going back to fit his initial statement. If you're a team looking to fill a seat with a young rider how do you do that? It's tough it's tough. I think that you know someone like Corey. Martine someone like Korean Navarro. I think that they have a huge advantage right now over someone like Chavez who has yes shown here and there that he's capable of running at the front but too many mistakes and those mistakes leaves so much doubt that you want to see something out of him. I Wear Navarro came on so strong last season. The Martine obviously already was a champion and he really started to get things figured out the second half of his rookie season. Like you would expect them to and so. I think that those guys who already have something established some momentum established are going to be in a far better position to still move up to motor. Gp then somebody like five year. Hey or even. I think they've got a better chance to do well in silly season. Then even somebody like Joe and Zarko or Scott reading because they both needed the season to be able to get rid of the baggage that they were carrying around. We've talked about this so many times. Before on the show that the that the allure of the unknown when it comes to a an up and coming writer like Martina Navarre. We don't know how they're going to do at the motor. Gp Level But not knowing is actually a huge advantage because the allure of the unknown is far stronger than knowing what you're getting was Arco knowing what you're getting the Scott reading and keeping your fingers crossed that they're going to continue to move themselves back up again so it's really interesting how this affects the entire dynamic of silly season because it introduces uncertainty where there was none before in terms of what riders going to be able to do in the future and it erases the opportunity for some of these guys to really prove themselves and I think that is what is making teams far more likely to stick with what they got. And in that respect Suzuki was just doubling down on what we saw out of Yamaha and out of Honda so far which is keeping your cards close and weathering the storm with the most familiar people on your team. So and speaking of Sukey. Let's move on For a minute and I want to throw this out there and then we can discuss this a little bit more on the next show about satellite teams when it comes specifically when it comes to Suzuki and Apprecia- because the Dorna ideal all along was to have one satellite organization per manufacturer and while. I'm pretty certain that APPRECIA- wasn't thinking about doing that for twenty twenty one. There's a decent chances Yuki was looking into it. They've been looking into it for a while now but they very well maybe not be anymore and it. Probably is certainly. They've probably was thinking about it coming into this year. They certainly aren't thinking about it now because everybody is looking at ways to reduce their spending at this point Hence the body suggestion of one bike parameter we talked about earlier so I can't really see manufacturers falling over themselves to spend money ramping up production to accommodate a satellite team for twenty twenty but with that being said if Suzuki happened to have the money and the resources to be able to work with the satellite team for next year. I would seriously consider it if I were them. I know expansion at this point. Wouldn't be the ideal thing to do financially but remember we're running the same bike for two seasons what they've got for twenty twenty. They're also going to have for twenty twenty one so to start a satellite team right now it would give them the opportunity to essentially handover euro bikes to the satellite team. But they're still current and they're still competitive and they can still take advantage of the extra riders and extra data on those bikes to help make off four bikes better from that. Established baseline provided. There is some sort of racing to establish a baseline this year. In on top of that they could use some of the. Rnd money that they're saving from twenty twenty one development to build some extra current bikes to allow that new team to come on board. Basically you're building your new bikes for your factory team. Giving the old factory bikes to the satellite team. Now of course they're the ones writing the checks not me so they probably think of it a little bit differently than I do and then of course there's the question of who who would you partner with. I mean when you're talking about established teams have NGOs really the only one right now. They are in official. Do COTY satellite team. You know that could easily turn out to be a short term deal And the only other option other than a VINCA is forming a new team or helping a new team from scratch. And I don't see anybody really wanting to form a new team right about now in this financial climate But they could. They could find a way to take advantage of the development freeze to use that money to put into a satellite operation. Now of course until the Zarko things worked out with Cottie. I'm not sure anything can move forward but you know what if Jack Miller moves to the factory do coty and then Jones Arco goes to pray. Mak things could open up. Because I'm pretty sure do Qadi would be willing to drop a vinci like a lead weight at that point. Heck coty might actually decide to go after Navarro or Hey Martinez forget about Zarko altogether and still drop Vinca. In which case the door will be open for Suzuki to kind of come in and save the day and then they decide what they wanna to do is Arco. They might end up negotiating. Zarko or else he might deal with. Vinca on his own amend keep that in mind too because and we'll talk about this on the next show as well because outside of the factory seats that still remain that whole Zarko eventually situation is pretty much the most interesting thing outside of the Cadi factory seats when it comes to Hell contracts could workout for twenty twenty one so keep that in mind and let me know. Let me know what you think is going to happen with Sarko especially if we don't get in a lot of racing. You're racing at all this year I mean. What would you do if you were in charge of a team and you see Zarko out there and you know the baggage brings with them but you also know the talent level Scott as well I mean? Would you assign him more? Would you be afraid to so let me know on facebook or Rent it All right so let's talk about some pictures. You guys posted a ton of pictures on Reddit. This week Some awesome stuff to. Let's dive into some of them. Wimpy SEVENTY-NINE HOLY CRAP. That fire blade is epic dude. I totally want your shop to work their magic on the motor week bike. I mean you know. Obviously it's already read so there's not too much you can do with it but you guys. I'm sure could find something because that livery on that fire blade is like off the charts awesome. Anna would love to see if your shop does would love to see some more of their work because that is pro quality stuff Bay Three Sixteen. He always has the coolest projects to work on right. Now he's got a rat Rod. One say it's the Essex is a D Essex and then another one that looks like a DS as well but with some cafe racer bodywork That one looks like it would be really cool with like a retro paint job and the Front Fender Kinda chop down a little bit but I always love to see what you're working on Coulter Nineteen eighty-three. Just got his Honda. Seven fifty show back the first street bike he ever had. I don't know if I would want the first street bike I ever had back. That was a be star and it was a good bike and like I said on the last show or whenever it was super super reliable. You break that thing. Which would be phenomenal for me right now but I don't know Yo especially on the highway. That was only six fifty seven fifty s And I mean you just had the pig thing to keep up with traffic on the freeway. It'd be fine. I guess it'd be fun. It'd be nostalgic to be able to have it back Corey Deity six. He's got a shadow to his APE hangers on it. I don't know how you steer with those a i. I love the way they look but I. I've never been one with bars at high before. It seems like it would be the that'd be really hard to steer And then culture. Nineteen eighty-three was also working on his grandma again. Looks like power commander in there and Man. I got to agree with romance or I am not sure what Graham is supposed to look like under the seat but damn that thing is clean may not just the wiring. There's not a speck a- dirt on it that is like the ideal that I wish I could get my bikes to He was also by the way culture. In nineteen eighty through was also welding on an exhaust pipe. I believe for the ground in his basement on the floor I think using a towel as a base dwelled on that that is not not recommended procedure and by the way it was hard to see outside the window there but is that snow outside. I mean I haven't really seen snow up close and really really long time. I think I remember it and it looks like it snow outside I will. Have you know that when I walked into the studio with a record day? It was ninety nine degrees out here. And it's going to be one hundred tomorrow. It's going to be over there degrees tomorrow. I know it's insane. It really is even for me. I'm used to it and even for me. It's crazy. Moving onto freak mobile. Come on man. Don't do that when somebody posts a picture of an RC. Three ninety like that. I'm right back on. I'm right back on one of those things and yours. Has What twenty two thousand miles on it? It's impressive I I mean I've I've read about reliability issues especially in the early ones gasket syndrome. Rebuilds things like that. So twenty two K. And still going strong. That is a great real world example of how you hear more on the Internet about the bad ones than the good ones you know And speaking of KTM's they're about to release the Duke Eight Ninety here. I know Europe got it. I very jealous about that But it just got an email about it from Katie and the other day man. That thing looks killer. It's light 'em really good. Horse power a lot of work for a parallel twin as well. Kim definitely knows how to tune a motor to within an inch of its life reliability problems but they seem to be able to find horsepower in the hidden places so on one hand free mobile. I wanted to tell you to keep posting but on the other hand I wanna tell you not to because the more you post the more I want one of those things or or do gained ninety or any kind of gates even speaking of KTM's to dukes very appropriately has to dukes He posted on both his wife's three ninety and his six ninety. And I will pose the same question about reliability experienced to you on both of them actually. I mean that's six nine. Six Ninety is the perfect example about how? Ktm just seems to be able to find horsepower from nowhere. I mean I know. We're talking about an engine. That is nearly seven hundred but I mean come on seventy plus horsepower out of a single I mean. I thought that the Dukes were impressive. When they were making like fifty or fifty five horsepower back in the day so but To dukes I would love to know I mean freak. Mobile obviously has had a great experience with his. Ktm single I would love to know how your thumpers have done as well and rounding out the Keynesian Revolution last Tuesday before is this week. It was the KTM's DJ purchase. He gets to enjoy the wildest ride of the KTM bunch the Super Duke. And you know it's weird you think about all those bikes the three ninety s the six. You know so much more horsepower than you would expect and then of course. The Super Duke is awesome and you really wonder why especially after getting in the motor. Gp WHY KTM doesn't just take that awesome super-duper motor m bringing it back in some form of our C- Sixteen and they have to be the sixteen with two hundred horsepower. Anything they'll go crazy but they could still. They could use the frame. They could use the break out. The varying molds just to a short run with the super duper motor and it may be tuned up a little bit for some more top end. There you go. I don't buy that whole thing where they said. Oh we don't think street bike should be that fast BS. Look every other that. They make their fast bikes. Just do it. Just build a full-size sport bike for us All right so moving on from the small three ninety six ninety to the other end of the spectrum. It would take more than three and a half. Rc Three Ninety Motors to match the displacement of GTRI FANS Z X. Fourteen Hundred O. Yan classic how Asaki Green and Black Yoshi pipes Olin's matching helmet. Which is a nice touch by the way I mean. That thing is a monster stock off the showroom floor but with the pipes on it and then the reflash that The shop just picked it up to do the other day. It laid down one hundred and ninety five horsepower at the wheel. And when you toss in the triple digit torque that those things make straight from the factory. I mean bikes like that. Or why I personally find rollercoasters Kinda pointless because you know high Busa Zeke's fourteen hundred. I mean they're like an amusement park anytime. You want one. I'm sure that thing is an absolute riot to get out on the freeway. And just you know. Pay It but not to be outdone Kawasaki. Stunk thirty three. He posted his two thousand four Kawasaki Ninja Z X. Which is one of five Kawasaki? He's out in the garage and by the way I do want to thank you for posting that pick because that is going to be a get out of jail free card for me Because now whenever I start getting questions from the other half as to why. I still have three bikes in the garage. When I promised I would sell one akin to show her that pick and say don't have as many bikes star. Monkey probably still have to sleep on the SOFA. Martin six seventy five in addition to his Daytona. He apparently has an MVP Gupta as well. Although he's done a very very bad thing he took off those awesome. Mvp triple pipes and put an aftermarket exhaust on it now. The bad thing isn't replacing the pipes. The bad thing is replacing the pipes and not posting video so we can hear what they sound like. He said they sound better than stock. And I don't know how that's possible so prove man post up something for us ten man. Oh four continued to be four invasion from last week with one. I've never seen before a fiftieth anniversary Super Hawk or firestorm depending on which side of the pond you're from I didn't know that they made those totally dig delivery on it though. It's very subtle which I think matches bike but it's unique enough that you know it's a special edition. I don't know how much I go for but I mean that's that's good looking bike so I don't know if they're in rare expensive or not Boy No sir was checking out his new bike. M made an unexpected discovery. Pulled THE SEAT. And there's power commander under there but that's not the really crazy part. The really crazy part is he posted a bonus or posted. The pick of the power commander. And then we'll be seventy nine from that picture. That only showed part of the top of the battery box and the little been behind it. That the power commander was sitting in from that picture. He somehow knew that Buenos bike was a Ninja six fifty. That's damn impressive. But that's a great surprise man. Sometimes you just don't know what's been done to a bike. So it's great to find a power commander because then you know that it's there. I mean if you have an ECU flash you may know you may not know try came with a carbon can and it was a triumph Carbon Cam. Which is supposed to come with the factory tune? But it's always been very rich on diesel. It's always been very poppy and crackly. And so I'm not sure if it was every mapped and triumph has two different tunes one for a high pipe in one for a low pipe now have since put a high on it so one way or the other at least. I know I need to get it. Re-tuned at some point But was it ever tuned for low pipe? Who knows you know The Motor Week bike shockingly came with records that went back far enough that I knew that it did get the tune when it got the pipes. But you know without that paperwork again. You never really know. Motoric bike actually runs really well. It feels really well but I mean without that paperwork I would have no clue so. It's great when you find something. Like a power commander because you know and you also know you can adjust it if you want to or you can take it off if you want to Speaking of Duke Audis desma. Sixty-nine loved the screen name by the way checking in for the first time on Reddit. Welcome love having you. Stop by and participate and thanks for making all of us envious of your man Cave. I mean Holy Crap. He's got the giant screen setup. The play fours. He's got the fireplace the fridge full of beer a nine hundred six poster onto. I'll just remind me that I could have made a far more stylish choice than getting the Modique bike. And then what was the other thing in the room? Oh yeah that's Shining Levin Ninety Nine Hannah. Golly man pretty much a perfect set up right there. I'd be alright. Isolating myself from the world there for a very long time all. I require really as a TV a motorcycle in beer and I'm good to go decimal. Sixty-nine also has the bike. That proves that Eric Bill is a fantastic salesman because somehow convinced harley-davidson to allow him to use a row tax engine instead of Harley. One in the eleven twenty five. R and man. It was a shame that the motor company gave up on him shortly after that because they were finally. I feel like they were finally getting somewhere. Yes eleven twenty. Five was pretty ugly upfront. I'll admit that but that motor and that chassis phenomenal bike. I'm curious how it is to ride a being tracked bike. I would assume that it lived up to the billing in terms of handling and braking and I'll give credit. They made that thing sound like a Harley as much as they could probably keep the bean counters from dumping earlier but it was very convincing. I mean you know you. Throughout the whole homologation controversy with Ama at the time aside those Danny S. like bikes were allowed as crap in a very big V twin way. They were always. You always knew when it was an eleven twenty five are going by on the track and same is true. I'm sure of the street bike as well And speaking of Qadis desma Valvo one showing off his monster. Eight hundred dark with a great remus exhaust. I like how the high pipes go up under the rear sets. It makes the whole thing. Look Cleaner and slimmer those Ramos. Cancer big but man. I bet they sound great and the other thing that maybe you were somebody out there can help me with. They don't make the dark models anymore do they. I mean I know. Ready is like the DEW coty color and the Pearl White is is pretty great too but I was always a fan of the dark models. I mean they would take a bike whatever it is. You know a four eight monster so they would take the bike totally murderer it out and flat black and then charge you less money for it. Yes please you made it look awesome and then you're charging me less mean. Keep it up. Come on although I think they didn't I think they stopped doing it. chip Artsy fifty-one went on another nice ride last weekend on a great road to Montezuma Valley Road and Borrego a short road but boy it is intense steep. It's been a really long time since I've written up that one but I still remember the first time that I checked that road out Me and a friend of mine we wrote down from the desert side was really Nice Day on our side of the mountain and that we get the Berango and then the whole mountain is shrouded in vogue and it was spitting rain by the time we got there too. And you know you couldn't see we couldn't see up the hill you get to park there and you make the left turn to go up. And so we're sitting there and we're like no biggie. Let's have a go at it. Oh Man I wrote up that Hill. Like a little kid man. It was so embarrassing. I really don't even know why I'm mentioning it right now. But in my defense I was on the BMW that day so it was a lot like trying to drive like a dump truck up a slippery hill. That goes straight up and twists the entire way. I gotTa ride that road again. I have not been that rodent such a long time. I know another chip. Rc fifty one is trying to put together a so cal. Ride this weekend So if you are available and in so cal head to read it you'll find the post there. I still need a starter relay for the triumph. I think it's actually a fuel. Pump relay is it's started relatable turnover. Just won't catch So I need a fuel. Pump relay for the speed. Triple or else I would totally go with you. I mean if I tried it on the do coty you guys would like leave me behind and catch up with you like maybe half an hour later and if I took the BMW and catch up with you like forty five minutes later. So if you're interested in doing that head over to read it. Oh and then fifty nine base man used to have a daytona in an awesome color before he pulled away. Lorenzo and high sided on. Its sorry about that but now he's got an SEO nine. I would also like to ask how that bike is. That was when we were talking about last week where I thought maybe an F C O. Seven zero nine will be very nice lightweight. Reliable bike to have some fun in the mountains with a by the way with the screening of fifty nine base man. I'm assuming that you are a guitar player. And I know that anyone who's Nada Guitar Person Might Think Fifty Nine base man make some Qatar player. It makes no sense. The fifty nine base man. He knows what I'm talking about. He gets it all right so before we wrap things up the last thing we gotta talk about. I want to do especially since we're going to have no racing forever now. It's like July at the earliest we've gotta do a Mo- GP Nineteen Challenge We just got to come up with the rules What settings we want everybody to us and then we'll pick a track each week everybody gets a motor. Gpo nineteen on their own computer that we don't have to try and get everybody online at the same time to have a race and then you run time attack mode because time attack mode a super strict about running off so best way to do it I think and then we can post their times at the end of the week and each week will do another track. You can practice as much as you want posts up your best time trying to screen shot. It will probably be the best way to do it. And then we'll tally everything up. And I mean I don't have anything to give away but we can do it for fun. I think it's a great idea and Adrian was one who came up with it so all credit to him So I will post this week on reading. I posted a thread. We'll hash out all the details and then a post on both read it in on facebook. When we'RE GOING TO START OFF WE GO. We'll talk about it on the show. I think it'll be a lot of fun you'll give something to do So if you have suggestions definitely put him on. Read it or on facebook. I think somebody already posted about it on facebook but I don't have it in front of me right now. Also I apologize to that person but I will go read it right now and I will incorporate your suggestions into the entire thread so we can hash everything out. So that'll do it for this episode of the show. What's up next? Well hopefully more of your comments as long as you leave him because remember you feel and tell me what to talk about. We're not gonNA have a whole lot going on So your photos. Your comments the topics she wanted to talk about plus any new developments in the motor. Gp schedule hopefully some good news when it comes to potentially organizing a race without fans in the near future plus any silly season news that comes up in a do WanNa talk a little bit more about the prospects for writers like Johann Zarco or Scott reading to be able to get a motor. Gp contract when they can't race right now to prove that they deserve one and what young writers you think might be able to step up to the next level even if we don't end up having a season in twenty twenty. So if you haven't done it yet I would highly recommend you subscribe to the show. You can do it on. Itunes spreaker STITCHER PLAYER DOT FM. Google play music iheartradio. Spotify any of the major podcasting sites go their search for motor week. You'll be able to find the show. Of course you can get all the latest episodes on the website and Motor Week Dot net follow along on twitter and Instagram at Moto Week. I've been very lazy the past week about Instagram. And I'm going to start that up again. And then most important of all make sure you liked the show and leave your comments on facebook at facebook dot com slash mode week dot net and on right at at our slash moto week subscribe first and then dive into the conversation with your comment photos your videos. Anything you want to talk about is fair game there so until we talk again just a couple of days from now I wanNA thank you so much for listening. Be Safe please stay healthy remember. Cover your face but that motorcycle helmet on. Even when you're in the office and remember it's not a visor to sneeze guard see you'll be doubly protected. That's why I wear one around the office and that's why nobody talks to me which is probably half the intended effect So I wanNA thank you so much for listening ride safe and I'll talk to you soon.

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