65: Shermans Atlanta Campaign & The Free State of Jones


History that doesn't suck as a BI weekly podcast delivering illegit seriously researched hard hitting survey of American history through entertaining stories. If you'd like to support HDD S or enjoy some perks like ad free early releases or patron exclusive mini episodes, please consider giving at patriotic dot com forward slash history that doesn't suck to keep up with HDD news follow us on facebook twitter or instagram. It's summer eighteen, sixty four. Newly appointed commander of the US military division of the Mississippi General, William Tecumseh, Sherman or comp as he's better known as friends is advancing with three armies towards Atlanta. But the sharp Jhad Trim bearded ohioan isn't just thinking about the fight ahead here in the peach, state. He's thinking of his six kids. The young folks as he calls them including his recently deceased favorite child Willie. Like many of come soldiers, his terrific faced venture som nine year old fell victim to fever and dysentery. And yet the far from religious general and his devout Catholic wife. Ellen. Will soon welcome another child into their lives. There's no replacing willy. But this father of four girls hopes for a boy that may prove some kind of bomb to the Willie. Shaped hole in his in his wife's hearts. All he knows of the child is through the oft delayed letters telegrams that are a part of nineteenth century life. Headquarters military, division of Mississippi in the field. Big Shanty Georgia June. Twelfth Eighteen, sixty four. Dearest Allen? I have received fills dispatch announcing the birth to us of another son. I'm glad you're over the terrible labor and hope it is the last you'll have to endure. Of course, I am pleased to know the sex of the child as he must succeed the place vacant by Willie though I fear, we will never again be able to lavish on anyone the love we bore for him. Whatever name you give this child will be acceptable to me. Charles is a common family name would do but I will suggest none that you may name him as you choose only that it'd be simple and common. Yours W T sherman. Lancaster Ohio July seventh eighteen, sixty four. Dearest COMP. For the first time since I went to bed the night of the tenth of June I am able to sit up and hold my pen hyphen sick all that day about one o'clock I set for the doctor and at twenty minutes past to the baby was born with a cry loud enough to disturb the neighborhood like Tommy he was born with a call over a space which the doctor had to remove before his cry came forth I must thank God I am spare to my children and not Murmur at the trials he sends me as ever. Headquarters Military Division Mississippi in the field near Chattahoochee July ninth eighteen, sixty four. Dearest Allen. is now more than two months since I left Chattanooga and I think during all this time I have but one letter from you. I fear you have been more ill than I supposed the enemy and the chattahoochee lie between us and intense heat prevails but I think I shall succeed. At all events you know I never turn back. Give. My Love Your father and all the young folks. Yours ever. W T Sherman. Lancaster Ohio July sixteenth eighteen, sixty, four dearest COMP. I have been ill indeed in great danger of death and left week Charlie thrives grows and batons and is very strong and healthy. The children dote on him, particularly Tommy and Lizzy. Tommy asked me how long babies wore long dresses and when I told him six or eight months, he begged me to put pantaloons on Charlie. He walks with him in his arms and watches him plays with him and seems twenty times a day. He's so glad the baby has not a girl i. told you how very strongly resembles you inform face and shape of head the likenesses striking and I am delighted to see it. All there well, and send love to dear, Papa Ever Your Affectionate Ellen. Lancaster Ohio September seventeenth eighteen, sixty, four, Saturday morning. Dearest COMP. The baby has a very bad cold settled on his lungs. May willies pure spirit? Be Your Guide to his happy home? Heaven. Is the hourly prayer of your. Truly affectionate. Ellen. Cincinnati Ohio September twenty, second eighteen, sixty four it seems as if I were never have another letter from you dearest comp. Cincinnati Ohio, September twenty fifth eighteen, sixty, four Sunday evening. Dearest COMP, the baby, a very bad cough and I feel so uneasy. Lancaster. Ohio. November eighth eighteen sixty four. Dearest comp dear willies. Picture has just been brought and now stands framed in my room. We need this to keep him fresh in the minds and the hearts of all the children for all must love and no and talk of their holy brother. Until by God's grace, we join him in his heavenly home. The baby has such a severe cold which is taken such firm hold on his lungs that I greatly fear. He will never get over it but that it will end in consumption every year truly affectionate ellen. Obituary Charles. Celestino Sherman The New York Times December twenty fifth Christmas Day eighteen, sixty four. died at South Bend Indiana on Sunday December fourth eighteen, sixty, four of pneumonia Charles. Soliciting infant son of major, general, W T and Ellen e Sherman aged five months and twenty three days. It will be remembered by readers that Mrs Sherman left her former home at Lancaster, Ohio, and took up her residence at South Bend Indiana for the purpose of being near her children who are being educated at the Catholic institutions near that place. The remains of the Bay were convey to Saint Mary's Academy where they were received by procession of lovely children of the holy angels. The beautiful head of the child was crowned of flowers which flowed like wavelengths of light almost to the feet. and his mother with touching propriety placed a palm branch in the alabaster hand of the little one. The Right Reverend Bishop of Fort Wayne delivered inappropriate sermon upon infant baptism. The music of the choir accompanied by the grand you Oregon just erected in the church was indescribably touching and beautiful. South Bend Indiana December twenty ninth eighteen, sixty four. Dearest comp long before this you have seen in the papers, the notice of the deer baby's death God grant that his prayers and Willie's May ensure my perseverance and obtained for you the gift, of faith. Ellen e Sherman. Saint Mary's Academy December thirtieth eighteen sixty four. After writing you a brief letter yesterday trump I came back here to the academy. The wound was severe in his keenly tender yet God grant. It may be healed above my blast my holy little ones pray for us ever until we join you in the bright home above when we shall see the face of God and learn to love him as he deserves, our hearts can never rest on earthly joys again after witnessing willies agony and that compared with darling babies was almost like. Ever. Faithfully Yours Allen. headquarters. Military Division of Mississippi in the Field Savannah January fifth, eighteen, sixty five. Dearest Allen I have written several times you the children. I got your letter of December twenty third and realize the d. pain in English through which you passed in the pain and sickness of the little baby I never saw. All spoke of him. So bright and fair that I had hoped he would be spared to us to fill the great void in our hearts left by willing. But it is otherwise decreed. And we must submit. I've seen death in such quantity in such forums that it no longer starts me. But with you. It is different. Yours. WTI. Welcome to history that doesn't saw I'm your Professor Greg Jacks and I'd like to tell you the story. Today, we have two states to visit I were heading to Mississippi or some confederate deserters have decided. They're done with a CSA and proclaimed Jones County Independent. But after that will return to camp and follow him on the eighteen sixty four military campaign that prevents tenacious general from ever meeting his baby boy Charles in this life. The Atlantic campaign. I'm sure you recall from our last episode that is US grant is carrying out his overlaying campaign in Virginia he has four other generals him CSI elsewhere creating a multi-front war. Well that includes comes hard-fought four month long showdown with confederate generals, Joseph e Johnston, and John B. Hood for the city of Atlanta. So, let's get to it. We start in the Magnolia state where secessionists are seceding from the seceded southern states. Of course, the story precedes the death of Charlie so you know what we need to do rewind. Early Eighteen, sixty four and the confederacy has a serious problem in Mississippi. A group of Awol soldiers in the southeast portion of the state has declared independence from Mississippi and the PSA. Southern Unionists abroad term that includes all southerners who are less than jazz about the confederacy to downright opposed to. It are also refusing to pay taxes or return to their posts in the confederate army. One of them has even raised the US flag over the courthouse. In Jones County Mississippi Yeah the Stars and Stripes waving in the wind above confederate government building is bound to get a little bit of attention. After the flag incident CSI General Leonidas Polk reports to President Jefferson Davis that the people of Jones County are in quote open rebellion. Close quote. He reports that they are proclaiming themselves southern Yankees and resolved resist by force of arms all efforts to capture them. Leo Isn't exaggerating one of them has already killed a confederate army officer. Last fall major aimless macklemore got assigned to pick up deserters in Jones county on October fifth eighteen, sixty three aimless ran into Newton night a deserter from the Seventh Battalion Mississippi Infantry. Amos in new argued Newt a large man with a strong Roman nose straight mouth and dark beard flatly refused to return to the service of an army and country that had quote left his family destitute close quote. Aimless responded by threatening to arrest him. So new took out his pistol and shot the army officer. At least that's a compelling version of what happened eyewitness accounts differ but one thing's for sure newt would never be charged with this crime. No, one in these parts has introduced in ratting him out. Instead the residents of Jones County band together after ammos macklemore HS COM. Mysterious death. They've been fighting off confederate tax collectors and army patrollers ever since. Twenty first century historians won't find official documents to back this up, but most people call them the Free State of Jones. If that name sounds familiar. You're likely thinking of the Two Thousand Sixteen movie that tells their story with Matthew mcconaughey playing newt night, and yeah, I enjoyed solid film. But like I was saying, historians will have no official documents with that name. The only one we know these union issues for sure is the night company. Newt, sets up his namesake night company with roughly one hundred, twenty, five men mostly army deserters from the seventh battalion like himself who want nothing to do with the CSI. New tells us. We saw we had to fight. So we set up this company in the boys elected me captain. The have camps in the woods near their homes. Centuries require any person who wants access to camp to say the Password, which is I am at the red white and blue. Damn. Straight. They've got a stars and Stripes Password. This isn't Amir Group of disaffected deserters. They're a band of unionists with a 'cause. They have local officials and army patrols running scared when tax collectors come calling night company members chase them off and more than one tax collector has gone missing. Newton is banned even cease five wagons of corn from the tax men distributed among the poorest residents of Jones County. Women in the county fully support the night company as they see it, their husbands, sons and fathers are honorably fighting back against the government. They don't support. They're happy to have the help of their men and getting food for their hungry children without having to resort to bread riots like you heard about an episode fifty eight. Loyalty as officers know how much support Newton his followers get from local women. Wives sisters and daughters both bond and free bring them in food and supplies to their well hidden camps. Judge Robert Hudson Rights to Mississippi Governor Charles Clarke, and president. Jeff. Davis calling the wives and mothers of Night Company members quote unquote rotten hearted women. Judge Hudson claims that these women don't just support the damned unionists they should be held responsible for the men's behavior. He wants permission to meet out the quote most radical and severe treatment. Close quote. The judge gets his wish in April. Well sort of Mississippi officials go after the deserters not their rotten hard wives but judge Hudson will have to take what he can get. Mississippi. State leaders have grown tired of being embarrassed by what they see as a bunch of back would deserting unionists calling themselves the night company. So they sent Colonel Robert lowry with two hundred cavalry men and bloodhounds into Jones County to stamp out this rebellion. Can we just pause for a second ending knowledge the irony of the confederacy rebelling from the Union then trying to put down a pro union rebellion against the CSI I mean talk about pot calling the kettle black am I right Captain Robert Lowery tells his men. The most rigid and summary punishment is necessary to correct these evils. So as men get to work crushing the night company rebellion. bloodhounds and cavalry tracked down ten company members from their camps in piney woods near the Tulahoma creeped. Colonel Our has the man. Hank leaves their lifeless bodies swinging from the trees as a warning to others. Colonel doesn't find. Newt. But he leaves Jones County Anyway and Causes Ray to success. As, soon, as the military threat is gone, the night companies right back at it though fighting hard against the confederacy. By the way a quick aside hanging unionists isn't unique to the night company. While we lack official documents and I have to note that family tradition holds that my Virginia born ancestor able Kane, Slayton met his end with a short drawn sudden stop in. Arkansas on February twenty seventh eighteen, sixty four. India able Kane Slayton is quite the biblical analytical name for a man who met such violent end. The irony of his name is not lost on this descendant. Anyhow nudes posses too powerful and Organiz from Mississippi officials or the government in Richmond to stop. The kind of have to accept that the night company runs the show in Jones, county Mississippi. Also, of note, new is no less interest after the war, he'll help with reconstruction efforts in the Magnolia state by distributing food and supplies destitute farmers. They'll also marry a former slave Rachel, earned the scorn some of his previous friends and neighbors. But the details of the reconstructed south in the later happenings in the curious of new. Jones. Are definitely stories for another day. 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Today and get twenty percent off your first purchase. That's B. O. M. B. A. S. dot com slash HDD s for twenty percent off. Bombed this dot com slash HDD. And now back to the story. On May fourth, eighteen sixty four union general William tecumseh Sherman heads southeast from Chattanooga toward the small Railroad Junction town of Dalton in northern Georgia. Compromise to his wife Ellen. The weather is beautiful and the army is in fine condition. Dalton is the first stop on the thin trim bearded general's larger mission to take Atlanta. Actually his exact orders from newly appointed from Tenant General Ulysses grant are to quote. Get. into the interior of the enemies country as far as you can inflicting all the damage, you can against their war resources. Close. Quote. Come faces a very different kind of general than Robert e Lee, whom ulysses is fighting up in. Virginia. Comes foe is the confederate general over the army of Tennessee Joseph e Johnston. Remember him from. Episode. Fifty Nine Joe. Likes defense and he plays it. Well, the Virginian generals also good at logistics and keeps his men well fed and supplied. But frankly Joe who's thick mustache soul patch Combo looks like a bold capital t under his nose just isn't that great at the whole battle part of war he doesn't want to commit to an all out fight. Like the former US general George little. Mac McClellan chose a bit of a perfectionist and has been since before the war. A friend tells the story that he and Joe went duck hunting but joe never pulled his hunting rifles trigger. Quote the bird flu too high or too low. The dogs were too far to near things never did suit. Exactly. He was afraid to miss and risk his fine reputation. Close quote. No wonder. He Little Mac was such good friends before the civil war. You know before they both danced around each other in the eighteen sixty two peninsula campaign. I swear if Bobby Lee hadn't replaced Joe in that fight, those two would have campaigned inconclusively against one another until the end of time. Okay enough on Joe's background, the Virginia has to defend Atlanta from two comes as almost one, hundred, thousand boys and blue. Now, that he's division of Mississippi, commander come has three armies under him. The sixty thousand man army of the Cumberland commanded. By General George Thomas the twenty, five thousand man Army of the Tennessee led by young general. James B McPherson. And the small thirteen thousand man Army of the Ohio headed up by Major General John Scofield. Come calls his massive force quote one of the best armies in the world. Close quote. Meanwhile Joe only has the fifty thousand strong confederate army of Tennessee he's outnumbered two-to-one. At least he's got geography on his side. The federal troops need to cross miles of rugged mountainous terrain pass through dense forests and Ford three major rivers if they want to get to Atlanta. The Balding Ingrained Joe has a good eye for finding highly defensible positions in this landscape. On May Seventh Union troops arrived just north of their first target Dalton to find Joe and his confederate troops dug in north west of the town at Rocky. Face Ridge known to the locals as Buzzard Roost. But there's no way that comes going to be able to just punch through these lines. He has to find a way around them. Good thing. He's got three armies. Come. Orders Army of the Tennessee Commander James McPherson to head South through Snake Creek gap and hit the railroad behind the rebel position while George Thomas and John Scofield take their respective armies to make small attacks against the confederate works at rocky face. Ridge. This way explains comp they can avoid quote the terrible door of death that Johnston has prepared for us in the buzzard roost. Close quote. It's a great plan. But the thirty five year old dashing general. James McPherson has never led a mission like this. May Ninth James has been passed through Snake Creek gap without a hitch and break the rail lines south of Dalton. So far so good. At this point only four thousand southerners defending Critical Rail Bridge or the Houston Allah River. If James can capture that bridge. The Union army's can trap Joe Johnson's entire Army almost ninety miles north of Atlanta. Jane's needs to act now. But he doesn't. The inexperienced general explains. Quote If I could have had a division of good cavalry could have broken the rail at some point. Close quote. James's caution gives Joe Johnston. Chance to escape. He figures out the Union ploy and on. May. Tenth carefully retreats from Rocky Face Ridge to previously built defenses fifteen miles south aristocracy. COMP disappointed with his protege, James McPherson and tells them well Mac. You miss the opportunity of your. Life. The Union army has to pursue the confederates while get to choose the next battleground. At Razaka Joe's men control the only major bridge over the river and occupy formidable defences. Oh and they get fifteen thousand reinforcements from Alabama under the command of general. Leonidas polk. That brings Joe's forces up to sixty five, thousand men. Chose Brilliant at defensive warfare comes out. He positions his troops in a West facing arc with his southern lines anchored on. HOUSTON. All River, the all important rail bridge in his central lines built into a High Ridge. has to find a way around these lines and over that bridge if he wants to trap Joe's Army of Tennessee. or he could try another turning movement like he did adult. A May fourteenth and fifteenth. Union troops attacked the confederate works but this is just a decoy. While Union cannons and rifle fire away at the grain butternut clad soldiers come since one division southwest at the battle to lay a pontoon bridge over the river. Who needs the rebel-held bridge unique just build your own right? You realize the federal troops are at his rear. Again, he figures he can't hold his position and protect the rail lines. Time to retreat. The battle restock, it costs him. Twenty eight hundred casualties enforces Joe to look for another defensible stronghold. For the next several days, the army of Tennessee marches south toward altoona pass with three union armies in hot pursuit? One. Georgia, soldier gets frustrated. The Joe isn't fighting harder to defend his home state. The truth is we have run until I'm getting out of heart and we must make Stan soon or the arm you'll be demoralized but all is in good spirits now and believe General Johnston will make a stand and with the Yankees back. While hopeful grey clad soldiers dig in altoona pass forty miles northwest of Atlanta come calls a trick play. He orders to pack twenty days worth of food in head southwest away from their supply lines and away from Atlanta. WHAT'S COMP UP TO YEAR? Don't worry. The determine general has a plan. C. To come so wants to get out ahead of Joe Johnston and surprise them succumb figures if he marches South West. Toward Small Rail Depot called Dallas then he can turn and hit the rebel supply depot at Marietta. All Joe is still camped up at altoona pass. A May twenty third federal soldiers crossed the Ebola River and put this plan into motion. But Joe's grey clad cavalryman alert their leader to union movements and JOE figures outcomes plan he rushes out of the mountain pass and has his men dig in your before the Yankees arrive. Damn I said once but I'll say it again this thin Bali moustachioed and soul. Pash. Virginian knows how to fight a defensive battle. Anyway a May twenty fifth General Fighting Joe Hooker Leads Union. March I trust. You remember the dark dark-haired general who fights is hard as he plays in crushed it doing his part back in Chattanooga during episodes sixty two. Well, this afternoon fighting Joe runs right into confederate General John. Hoods well, entrenched men near the new hope Church a few miles northeast of Dallas. And unfortunately, for Fighting Joe John, hood knows how to bring the heat this Kentucky and lead troops at. Second. Manassas in Tatum Fredericksburg, Gettysburg and Chicago Maga, and he's got the battle scars to prove it a thirty something blonde haired blue eyed heavily bearded John has paralysed left arm and lost his right leg at Chicago but he didn't lose his fight. At. Five PM come orders an attack on John's position. Even though fighting Joe's men outnumber John's three to one, the blue coats can't dislodge the confederates from their lines. For three hours fighting. Joe's men launch dozens of uncoordinated confused attacks and according to one soldier quote. Nearly, everyone swearing top of his voice. Close quote. As night falls and severe thunderstorms roll in all fighting Joe has to show for the battle at New Hope Church is one thousand, six, hundred, sixty, five casualties. It takes another thirty six hours of skirmishing in heavy rain for comp to ascertain just what he's up against. Imagine five miles abreast works earthen works in a batty man by season confederate soldiers cutting through dense woods, ravines, ridges, and small creeks. And the red bearded union general can't find a weak spot along the entire line. Come figures best option is to get in between Joe Johnston and the Atlanta rail lines to the east. To do that he'll need to flank the northeast end of confederate lines at Pickett's mill. Union troops track over the disorienting terrain incessant thunderstorms trying to find the confederate flank there's supposed to attack one officer quips. No person can appreciate the difficulty of moving over this ground unless he can see it. When they finally reach their target, the confusion doesn't let up. At four thirty, five, PM Union General George Thomas Zeman launched their attack, their grey clad enemies fightback. According to one union officer, the southerners quote not only opened a murderous fire from their frontline works, but also terrible crossfire from both links. Close quote. George Thomas Has Yankee. Troops get slaughtered suffering sixteen hundred casualties. A survivor of the battle Pickett's mill will later write a memoir called the crime at Pickett's mill. The next morning. Joe Johnston. Gets word that union troops moving east out of the area. Joe Figures he has a chance to hit com while he's on the road and in an uncharacteristically offensive move joe takes it. He orders John Hood to attack or may twenty eighth, but the assault is a total disaster. The Yankees. Are Not on the road, but doug into well hidden earthworks in ready to fight. In a reversal of the battles tickets mill John's men bashed themselves against union lines to no avail. The confederates lose between one thousand and one, thousand, five, hundred men. Who? No Wonder Union troops call these three engagements combined the battle of the hell hole. The only union benefit from these four days of brutal fighting is that Federal Cavalry took the confederates former position Altoona pass while the rebels were distracted Dallas. With Blue Clad cavalry in the mountains, come marches men back to supply line seven miles south altoona to regroup. Meanwhile, Joe Pulls his men to a slave built stronghold at Pine Mountain. These two positions are only a couple miles apart in not more than twenty miles from Atlanta. After the disasters near, Dallas starts raining the first week of June doesn't let up for seventeen days. Comprises a letter to his boss and best friend Ulysses complaining that the rain comes down quote as though it has no intention ever to stop. Close quote. But the fallout union armies of the Cumberland, the Ohio and Tennessee are grateful for a reason to hunker down and rest for a minute. On, June fourteenth two days after receiving news of his son's birth. Would you heard about in the opening to comes as hard at work finding a way to break or flanked the confederate position? He reports quote. Johnston has sixty thousand infantry fifteen thousand cavalry in a good deal militia. He must have a terrific battle. and He wants to choose and fortify his ground. Close, quote. Union generals go on a scouting mission to find a weak spot in the nearby rebel position. Competence companions can see gray clad men walking along the ridge of Pine Mountain but the are too far away to see who these soldiers might be. It's a pretty bold move to stroll around and the open like that within range of federal artillery comp remarks. House awesome be are. The red headed general or suspend fire the forces enemy troops to take cover. COMP has no way of knowing that he just ordered his men to fire on confederate generals, Joe Johnston, William, Hardy, and Leonidas Polk and their staff. These guys are out on a recon mission of their own. From Pie Mountains, Ridge it can get a full view, the union positions without the dense Georgia forest blocking their line of sight. Then federal artillery opens up on. Joe And William Take Cover but LEO moves too slow leak Catholic Bishops turn general stands and open while his aides yell at him down. They watch in horror as a three inch ball lows through Nieto's chest hits a tree behind him and explodes. Leo's lifeless body drops to the ground. Once. The shelling ends Joe Crawls over to his dead comrade. weepy. I would rather anything then this. Joe Issues a statement. That afternoon informs men the loss of yet another confederate general it reads. Comrades you called them on your first captain, your oldest companion arms tenant. General Leonidas Polk. In, this distinguished leader, we have lost the most courteous gentlemen the most gallon of soldiers. Leo Soldiers and family mourn his loss. But history will be less kind to the Bishop General Historian Stephen Woodworth surmises quote. pokes incompetence had consistently hamstrung confederate operations west of the Appalachians his special relationship with the president made him untouchable. Close quote. Now doesn't know that he may have been better off with Leo alive rather than dead. He simply reports the chief of staff. Henry. How. Can Washington DC? We killed bishop bulk yesterday and have made good progress today. If by that, you mean watching the rebels retreat and other few miles to kennesaw mountain then yes general Sherman you have made. Good progress. Yeah once the balding confederate general scouted out the union position. He realized he would have a hard time defending Pine Ridge. So on June eighteenth. Minded Joe Orders Southern boys to pack up and move to a stronger position your kennesaw mountain two miles closer to Atlanta. No problem couple just do it. He's been doing this whole campaign skirt Joe's left Lincoln threatened his rear. Hey It worked Dalton and at Rusalka it could work again. Come plans to travel south around Kennesaw Mountain and then east to the confederate supply. Depot Maryetta. Maybe guys can hit a waterpark in Marietta get some relief from the Georgia summer heat. Just, Kidding Marietta hasn't bloomed into the bustling Atlanta suburb that you and I will know the twenty first century. Anyway on June twenty second comp orders John Scofield, and fighting Joe Hooker to March south of Kennesaw mountain as the advance guard. But the confederate top brass have finally figured out comes Mo here third time's the charm and Joe Johnson since his aggressive battle-scarred General John Hood with an entire division to block the union flanking move. About fifteen thousand blue coats clash with fourteen thousand grey-clad men near copes far John Scofield and Joe Hooker successfully repulse John Hood's attack with three hundred union and over one thousand confederate casualties. This small skirmishes important for really only one reason. It prevents the federals from following through on their plan flanking move. Looks. Like comp will have to hit kennesaw mountain head on. At Eight PM on June twenty, seven, the union general puts. His battle. Plan. Into action. Come orders his men to hit the confederate works in three places. Honestly. This is almost hopeless situation for the boys in. Blue. The well protected rebels sit behind breast works in parapets, which runs south from kennesaw mountain down to cope's farm. Almost all the way to Chattahoochee River tributary called all these creek. Still, if trump wants to get to Marietta and into Atlanta is men will have to get through Joe, Johnston southern troops on how. The booming of over two hundred pieces of artillery starts the battle and union soldiers advance on the confederate lines. James, McPherson orders his men from the army of the Tennessee to advance on the northern section of the rebel works while George Thomas's men of the army of the Cumberland hit the center. The Blue Clad soldiers fight well, but confederate bullets repulsed almost every attack. One brave color bear from the fifty second Ohio actually reaches the rebel line climbs an earthen parapet. While he raves his regimental flag encouraging his comrades to join the fight southern officer jumps on parapet. The two men fight hand to hand one trying to keep the flag-waving the other trying to throw it to the ground. The Ohio and kills his southern foe but as he waves his flag in triumph. Confederate takes him and the flag down. This is as far as any union soldier get today. By early afternoon, come calls off the attack counts bodies. To Union. Officers are dead, general, Charles, Harker and Colonel Daniel. McCook. Another. Three thousand of his soldiers are wounded or dead. There's plenty of blame to go around as to why and how the Union assault failed today become points to the loss of important. Leaders as a mean 'cause. He reports to Henry Hallaq had harker and McCook not been struck down. So early, the assault would have succeeded, and then the battle would have all been in our favor on account of our superiority of numbers, position and initiative. Whether that's true or just battlefield bravado will never know. Come does let down his guard in the letter he writes to his daughter Minnie that night. The battle-weary general tells his thirteen year old. I ought not to make promises. For I daily see too many officers buried by the roadside or carried to the rear main mangled to count on much of a future. Oof that's a grim outlook. Become Scott Point. The Union army does make some progress today. While, the battle raged one of comes divisions crossed Creek South and confederate lines off small rebel unique and now controls the waterway. In short the federal flank Joe Johnston again and he'll have to entreat. Looks like everyone's learning something today to come figures out that frontal assaults are deadly ineffectiveness. and Joe was learning though he should know it already. Awesome breast words in the Bachelor. Pause your enemies progress not the point. Joe, Johnston pulls back again. By July eighth, he's well entrenched on the North Bank. So the Chattahoochee, the last river between the Union army in Atlanta. At tecumseh could attack the confederate position head on. or He could cross the chattahoochee south of rebel. Lines. Threaten. Their. Rear. Becomes done both of those things and he wants to try something new. You. Know Surprise Joe in his gray. Gladman. Enter General John Scofield. John Takes his small army on a recon mission north of the confederate position and finds a barely guarded ferry where his entire force could easily cross the chattahoochee. Even better for the Union army's Joe. Johnston's got his cavalry miles to the southwest covering the place where he thinks union troops might cross the river. Let's do this job. At three thirty P. M. John's men's splash across the chattahoochee and take the southern's totally by surprise. By Sundown, the Union, Army of the Ohio has built two pontoon bridges taking the high ground entrenched and is ready to defend their position. Town that's good work, John Its top it all off John reports that this move is done quote without the loss of a man. Close quote. This slinky maneuver forces Joe Johnston to retreat again. He takes his manned Peach Tree Creek a small stream runs east to west only five miles north of Atlanta proper. And that's the last move that the balding confederate general will make not because he finally stops you trine of course, but because he gets fired. Here's how that goes down. CSI President Jefferson Davis is sick and tired of watching. Joe. Give up ground in Georgia. So July Sixteenth Jeff Asks Joe to explain his overall plan to save Atlanta from the Yankees. The general. Answers. As the enemy has doubled number, we must beyond the defensive I plan of operation must therefore depend upon that the enemy. Is mainly to watch for opportunity to fight advantage. That's Joe. Your boss wants a plan of action. You WanNa stay on the defensive. Jeff Davis thinks this plans sucks. Joe Johnston has to go. So on July Seventeenth Jeff Sachs experienced but underperforming Joe Johnston via telegram. I express no confidence that you can defeat or repel the enemy. You are hereby relieved from the command of the Army and Department of Tennessee, which you will immediately turn over to General John Hood. How much that's almost says badged girlfriend breaking up with you via taxed. But WHY IS JEFF choosing to promote relatively inexperienced General John Hood. Well, as it so happens, John has been writing to Jeff and see Assay War Secretary James Seddon for weeks now. The confident blue eyed commander has been talking up his own qualifications while not. So subtly hinting that other confederate generals like next in line William Hardy referred Joe Johnston's defensive plans. The same day John Gets promoted war Secretary James said, and sends a message to him saying quote you are charged with great trust. You will I know test to the utmost your capacities to discharge it. Be No less wary than bold. Exactly a message that exudes confidence but aggressive eager for fight John, has command now. Let's see how he does. On July Twentieth Union troops start moving toward the confederate army and its newly promoted leader John. In General George Thomas in his army marched across Peachtree creek in a direct assault on confederate lines. But John's rebelled troops are ready for the attack. What they aren't ready for is Union General John. SCOFIELD's advanced from the east. Not Good. John Scrambles data's grey clad soldiers in position for this two pronged federal salt at four pm John is finally ready to launch an attack to stop the Yankees but this delay gave union commanders a chance to prepare instead of marching into confederate lines they dig in on the highly defensible southbank of Peachtree Creek and wait for the rebels to attack them. The confederate assault devolves into a bloody mess in the sweltering afternoon, heat and humidity. John's lack of overall field command experience begins to show one Alabama soldier recalls. The most perfect order and system and movements of the army under Johnston suddenly changed into utter confusion. Cavalry were hurrying in one direction artillery flying in another infantry double quickening another. And everywhere confusion. In only a few hours of fighting John Loses around forty, seven, hundred men while inflicting only one thousand, seven, hundred, ten casualties on the Union forces. The defeated confederate general retreats behind intimidating defenses that ring Atlanta. But there's no way aggressive John is just going to sit and wait for come to Sherman to attack him. This guy got schooled by the likes of Bobby Lee and Stonewall Jackson. He's not going to cower before the enemy. Now. On the night of July Twenty First, John Orders William, hardy in two infantry divisions on a night march to attack. General James McPherson's Army of the Tennessee. This army stationed east of Atlanta and is threatening to not only shell the city but also break the making rail line. John can't have that. So we want man to get around the union rear and launch a surprise attack at dawn. Year that doesn't work. The march starts late the men are exhausted. The still night air is hot as hell and confused Calorie leaves the infantry right into the reinforced union front instead of sneaking around the back. Nice Despite this mess at noon on July twenty. Second William Orders, his southern boys to attack. The uncoordinated assault by exhausted rebel soldiers meet stiff, federal. Resistance General James McPherson keeps a close eye on the battle to ensure as men can hold their ground. Within an hour James Learns that there's a half mile gap between his Fifteenth Sixteenth Cores and that the confederates could easily exploited. He's got to close it. James. In a staff, mount their horses a start writing the dense woods toward the battle. came. So anxious, he rides ahead of his men. The young general soon, see soldiers through the trees. He also sees their gray uniforms. The confederates have already infiltrated the gaps in his lines. James can't hide. The confederates have heard his horse. Halt. One of them yells others take aim with their rifles. James Turns horse around the before can ride safety confederates fire. Thirty five year old up and coming James Drops off his horse dead before he hits the ground. When comp hears about James, death he shocked. He later reports Suddenness of this terrible calamity would have overwhelmed me with grief. But the living demanded my whole thoughts. Confederate General John, hood? React. Similarly. Yeah. James and John were old friends classmates at West Point along with another general in this Fight Union General John Scofield. Even, though they've chosen different sides in this war. John Hood Remembers James McPherson fondly. The Kentucky and writes. No soldier fell in the enemy's ranks whose loss caused me equal regret. Close quote. The. FIGHTING EAST OF ATLANTA RAGES ON COME TEMPORARILY PROMOTES General John Black, Jack Logan Field Command of the army of the Tennessee. The swarthy general who we met an episode fifty nine gets right into the fray. Under heavy enemy fire blackjack leads to brigades any counter attack, he yells out McPherson and revenge boys. And his attack successfully retake several pieces of artillery that had been lost earlier in the battle. To come to leave his headquarters at Howard House and gets into the middle of the actions. Well, General John Scofield watches almost in awe as comp quote leads the batteries in person to some high open ground in front of our line. Now, house placed them in position and directed their fire which from that advanced position infiltrated the parapets from which our troops had been driven in which the enemy then occupied. Close quote. With comes clear Directions Union artillery fire soon clears rebel troops out of those entrenchments. The fighting soon to be called the battle of Atlanta rages until dark false. Both sides take heavy losses, but the union lines hold. Confederates about eight, thousand, five, hundred, dead, and wounded while tecumseh has thirty, six, hundred casualties. William Hardy and his bruised infantry head back to the safety of Atlanta. For two weeks come tries to cut the major rail lines that bring food supplies ammunition into Atlanta. But fierce ever John isn't about to let that happen. He sends out forces to protect the lines at any cost and up until August ninth the confederate general succeeds then to come. So Sherman brings out the big guns. That Tuesday come put siege guns from Chattanooga in position to shell Atlanta into submission the bomb scare many locals into fleeing the city but others choose to stay. In fact so many Atlantans hold out against the Yankee bombardment give hope to beleaguered southerners throughout the say. The Atlanta in our newspaper ironically printing from Macon and not its home city writes quote Sherman will suffer the greatest defeat that any Yankee. General has suffered during the war. The Yankee forces will disappear before Atlanta before the end of August close quote. Camp keeps up the shelling to whittle down Atlanta's defenses. He tells us, staff let us destroy Atlanta and make it a desolation. With every bomb, his popularity dwindles in his infamy rises in southern minds. But the Union generals not here to make friends and he knows it hill later writing his memoirs. Quote War is war and not popularity seeking. Close quote. I think that's comes way of saying he plans to see this siege through no matter how long it takes. and His boss in Washington DC are on his side as the long days of shelling continued through August US Secretary of war Edwin Stanton rights to come to. Quote. Do not imagine we are impatient of your progress, take your time and do your work in your own way. This department is only anxious to afford you every assistance within its power. Close quote. Sakaba keep squeezing. Atlanta and by August thirtieth, the union troops have destroyed every rail line into the city except one. The make in Western. This line comes into the city from the south and its nearest depot is at Jonesboro twenty miles away. Before he attacks the make a western line to come to make some movie that confuses the hell out of. John Hood. The Red headed union general polls back moving his men and supplies north all the way to the Chattahoochee River. John Honestly thinks the federals retreating having run out of AMMO and food. Not Quite John I mean they are low on food, but to come came from Atlanta and he intends to get. ATLANTA. COMP orders almost his entire force to move south and break the rail line. Generals George Thomas John Scofield will attack near. ATLANTA. While the army of the Tennessee has farther south to capture and destroy the depot Jonesboro. Only. When all three union armies position south of Atlanta does John. Hood realize what's happening The panic confederate General Sends William. Hardy on an almost hopeless mission to stop the. Unions tax. At three thirty PM on August thirty. First, the rebels catch up with union troops, the men in Grey and butternut throw everything they have into the fight. One Florida officer describes the battle of Jonesboro as quote pure hell. Close. Quote. Union troops badly outnumbered confederates but they won't give up Atlanta's last lifeline easily. Won Federal Soldier says enemy troops quote King Within Twenty steps and I had just as good shots as ever I did at a rabbit. Close quote. After hours of battle, the confederates entrench having suffered well over two thousand casualties. But it's no use federal troops control the rails a few miles north of Jonesboro without any rail lines. John who has no way to get food or reinforcements he must abandon Atlanta and he knows it. On the night of September First William Hardy Keeps Union troops occupied at Jonesboro while hood marches the rest of his army out of Atlanta South to lovejoy station. John Force to abandon to munition trains and other valuable stores. The confederate general is pissed and says, this mistake is quote owing to the wanton neglect the chief quartermaster close quote. John sets fire to the supplies without any hope of being able to replace them, and if you see in the classic film Gone With the Wind, you probably remember that this is about the time that re Butler get Scarlett O'Hara Melanie Hamilton out of Atlanta. While the movie gets a few things wrong as the confederate army's leave Atlanta there's not nearly as much dramatic music or Clark Gable Saving Damsels in distress but there are that many explosions and fires. One confederate Colonel Reports The Red Glare in the northern sky and the Solan rumble of distant explosions told that hood was burning stores in abandoning Atlanta to Sherma. The Union. Army occupies Atlanta on September second. four-month campaign came at a cost of thirty, seven, Thousand Union and at least thirty thousand confederate casualties. TO COME TO MISSISSIPPI CHANCE TO SACK John Hood's army before they dig in lovejoy station. But he does control Atlanta last. The Union general in his usual to the point style telegraphs. Washington DC. Atlanta's ours and fairly won. This news, this union victory is more than just a point on the scoreboard for the Union. It has potential political implications. Just might be the shot in the arm. President Abraham Lincoln's dying election campaign desperately. History that doesn't suck created and hosted by. Greg Jackson. Researching and writing by Greg Jackson Yell Salazar Production by airship sound designed by Derek, terence theme music composed by Greg, Jacks arrangement, and additional composition by Lindsey Graham of air show for Bibliography of all time Mary Secondary sources consulted writing this episode visit HDD s podcast Dot Com. HDD disappointed by fans at HP on DOT, com forward slash history that doesn't suck. Yellen dire beyond grateful to. Providing funding. 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