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Live from npr news. I'm lakshmi sang. Congress is working toward a friday deadline to reach an agreement on a spending plan to avert a government shutdown. Npr's windsor johnston reports. Congressional leaders are discussing plans to attach the next coronavirus relief. Bill to the measure house speaker. Nancy pelosi and senate majority leader mitch. Mcconnell have been discussing a roughly nine hundred billion dollar. Bipartisan measure that includes extra weekly unemployment benefits and a second round of subsidies to businesses struggling amid the pandemic the measure however does not include another round of direct payments for families and some democrats. Say they won't support the measure without it. The bipartisan bill has gained support from president. Elect joe biden. Who calls it a starting point for additional federal aid if lawmakers failed to reach an agreement millions of americans could lose their jobless benefits by the end of the year. Windsor johnston npr news washington. A federal judge in georgia dismissed a lawsuit seeking to overturn the state's election results today. Same day as a deadline. Registered to vote in georgia's twins senate runoff from member station w. a. b. e. in atlanta. Emma hurt reports a lawsuit was filed by a former lawyer for the trump campaign lawyers from georgia's republican state. Government joined several democratic organizations to argue against a lawsuit filed by sydney powell alleging widespread voter fraud state. Election officials have repeatedly said. There's no evidence of that. The suit asked the court to overturn the results of georgia's presidential election judge timothy baton dismissed the case saying the plaintiffs had no standing to bring in federal court. And he called the request to overturn the will of georgia voters quote. The most extraordinary relief ever sought in any federal court in connection with an election. Powell said she plans to file an emergency appeal another lawsuit. Challenging the election brought by the trump campaign was filed in state court last week for npr news. I'm emma hurt in atlanta venezuelan president and he s mobuto appears to have regained control of his country's legislative branch despite the country's deepening economic crisis the south american countries elections council says mobuto's allies won a majority more than five million votes were reportedly cast yesterday but the opposition boycotted and warned that sunday's outcome was mother attempt to consolidate a dictatorship at least six patients in a hospital in pakistan died in one night after the hospital ran out of oxygen with no backup supply. We have this from. Npr's diaa hadid. The deaths were reported in a preliminary investigation into a hospital in the northwestern city of for shawa five of the dead covid nineteen patients another was in intensive care the deaths com pakistan grapples with a second wave of covid nineteen. It appears to have been triggered by summer and fall of weddings. Protests and a lack of enforcement surrounding distancing and masking npr's diaa hadid reporting from kabul. This is npr news. After a week nor'easter tens of thousands of people in maine are without electricity at one point more than two hundred thirty thousand people had lost power following a significant snowstorm. Power has been restored to some households. Main public radio's willis rider. Arnold has the latest utility workers across the state are working to restore power in maine central main powers executive chairman. David flanagan says the outages were primarily caused by down trees. The company couldn't have cut prior to the storm. We can only cut trees within our right away except with the express permission of the landowner so most of the damage. Almost all of the damage invite trees falling from our right away onto the lines by monday morning. Central main power had reduced the number of customers without power to approximately seventy eight thousand. Flanagan says many could get their power back today but counties along the canadian border may not get back till wednesday for npr news. I'm willis writer arnold in college football the inaugural l. a. bowl that was set to feature teams from the mountain west. Pac twelve conferences at the end of the month in los angeles has been called off. It is the eleventh bowl game to be canceled this year. Because of the coronavirus pandemic at last check on wall street. The dow is down two hundred thirty one points. Three quarters of a percent at twenty nine thousand nine hundred ninety. I'm lakshmi singh npr news.

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