2020 Australian Open Mid-Tournament Review


And be kidding me. Stop everybody and welcome back to another episode of the PODCAST and your host. Michael and this will be my week. One Australian Open Twenty twenty recap so this has been a pretty crazy week in the tennis world There's been a lot of upsets especially in the women's side and we'll definitely get to that here in a while But there's been a lot of crazy stuff going on in the sports world in general Before I really get into anything I think I should mention the tragic death of Kobe. Bryant so I I live in America I I'm a basketball fan kind of generally. That was a much bigger basketball fan back when I was a young teenager. I watched the Chicago Bulls. A lot is a kid. I rooted for Michael Jordan watched the three NBA championships that he won in in the mid to late nineties So those were big years from you in terms of basketball In kind of tailed off after I got into college but I definitely kept abreast of everything I watched you know. Still Watch some basketball and everything but I knew obviously Kobe Bryant. I washed and play quite a bit and I. I was a fan of Kobe. He was a fantastic player and You know it seemed like he was content in his post basketball life He had children and unfortunately he passed away yesterday morning in a helicopter accident along with his belief. Thirteen year old daughter and seven other passengers as well. And it's you know it's just it's tragic. All around is tragic for Kobe. Bryant the loss of him A tragic for the loss of his daughter is tragic for the other people who were in the helicopter. Apparently they were headed towards a youth basketball I Dunno cameras a tournament or if it was just a youth basketball game but apparently it was. It was a bit foggy out to end. That may have contributed somewhat to To the accident and again that's all it's from what I've heard but again it and nothing. I don't know if the officials come out but I do remember reading that this morning but look at the end of the day Any loss of life regardless of whether or not it is a celebrity or a celebrate the celebrity in general celebrity sports person or just Ura any loss of life is tragic But you know it's notable that the Kobe has passed away because he was such a big person within the sports community around the world. Obviously basketball is very big around. The world. Cup was very popular in so And he was popular in the tennis world as well. He was an avid tennis fan. He loved he loved tennis He was often at the. Us Open He was there watching a lot of matches. Somebody you genuinely love the game. He wasn't just there to take pictures and just be around. You know tennis professionals. He was there because he loved the sport itself I believe he wrote a book about Tennis And Children's book and I believe he he won. He won an academy award for a modern provincial in that but I think he did win an academy were for. That wasn't for that of something else. But the fact is he was a big tennis fan and his loss will be felt in general. Obviously the basketball world is mourning him. The sports world is mourning in but the tennis community is also morning him because he he was a great person within his profession. He was a fantastically talented basketball player. But he was someone who genuinely loved tennis and I will miss him for great many things but part of that is the love that he had for tennis so I wanted to talk about that before we get started on the Australian Open Review for week one. Okay so before we get into that. I do want to mention something which is The lifetime ban. That's been given to Brazil's Joel Sousa. Now let me clarify because when I heard that Joel. Sousa was being given a lifetime ban. I immediately kind of flipped out but I was really surprised because I'm thinking while this. This guy is a player issue You know he's he's probably you know sixtieth sixty fifth in the world. Something like that and I thought thought that that was crazy. Did this guy has Has Been Given a lifetime ban. I couldn't believe it. A lot of ways So immediately I thought. Wow you know this guy is GonNa is. GonNa be out for for life and it can believe it But then I looked into a little more realized on. That's why that's a little confusing because Joel Sousa to Giles. Souza's is what. I'm getting at Jaw Sousa from Portugal right and that's that I initially associated with the lifetime ban But it's really Brazil's Jar Sousa says a little confusing the Portuguese jaw Sousa is ESA es a whereas. The Brazil's is Just one one letter difference here one when change but it's a big deal. They're both nearly the same age again. Something that could be a little confusing. Brazil's Joe Souza is thirty one Portugal's Jal Souza's thirty odd. But the point. Here is that Brazil's Joel Souza. Who is the one? That's being given the lifetime ban. He has been found to have He's basically been found to have committed numerous Is Crimes. I suppose really what it comes down to He's been given a lifetime ban a fine of two hundred thousand dollars for game manipulation and other corruption crimes by the Tennis Integrity Unit in that was on this past Saturday The investigation apparently found that he Their Games that were pinned on by the ATP CHALLENGER IN IT Futures Events in Brazil Mexico United States in Czech Republic. So really what this comes down to is just Max. Match-fixing is what's what's going on here He apparently didn't cooperate with the tennis integrity unit as well In really this comes down to is this guy it will never is is me. As far as I know he will never Play e sanctioned event for the rest of his his playing days the rest of his life really Now that being said I mean this guy. this Jal Sousa was originally The highest ranking was sixty ninth in the world all right so that was in April Reuss April. Sixth of two thousand fifteen now. His current raking is seven hundred and forty two But but this guy did. Have you know a modest amount of success? He's played in every Grand Slam At least once so you know. It's a shame though at the end of the day. It's a shame Match-fixing is something that I know. Tennis has really been going after and Do Hope that this which is tragic to see this happen. Anybody I mean I don't feel bad for the guy but his tragic for the sport to see this happen but I do hope that this helps to dirt to deter other match-fixing as time goes by you know more these Players that do participate in match-fixing another corruption within tennis are brought down eventually helps to clean up the lower levels of the game which is where inevitably all this seems to happen it. Some players that are ranked often well outside the top one hundred players that need You know we're trying to make money the match-fixing and other ways to do it and look this brings up a whole other discussion regarding you know prize money and in giving more prize money to lowering players in grand slams. Now the tournaments so that this doesn't happen I mean that's definitely a discussion that needs to be had and that's something that I know. Tennis has been doing a lot more over the last Ten years or so Nidal Djokovic Federer and others have helped to kind of push this In it's working but I think there's more work to be done But it's it's not just that it's just You know a Lotta. These players can make good money by doing this. And unfortunately this has resulted in his lifetime ban Which is also in this part. No small part due to the fact that he was Seemingly unwilling to cooperate whatsoever with the Integrity Unit and that probably did not help his cause and their decision. So I wanted to cover that briefly before we move on all right and Something else I wanted to bring up here was the fact that warmer Tina Potrero announced that He will be requiring another surgery for his right knee. Obviously this is a big deal right because He was out for for much of last year. And he got that surgery and There were doubts last year at one point as to whether or not he would retire but he decided to get the surgery but it appears that that one wasn't enough. He's GonNa get another surgery. Which means he still going to be out for. Probably a significant amount of time. There's no timetable yet. That I could find where it stated. How long they? They felt he was going to be out after this surgery Honestly I'm thinking that If we see Potrero before before the US Open this year. I'll be surprised really Hate to say it but Any kind of knee surgery. It takes a while to recover from that. Then you have to do the Rehab right and so it's not just the recovery. It's also the Rehab that goes into it so you know in that that takes a while and then you gotta work yourself back into kind of tennis shape that you need to go out and play the game so it's just a process you know I. I think we're looking at probably somewhere in. You know eight months or more I think. Honestly before we see dope atro- possibly back on the tennis court and so It's a real shame for the big fella You know I I liked Putra Lot. I don't think there's a single can't be. I can't imagine there is a tennis fan out there even if he's not your favorite player even if you've favor anybody else whether being a doll fetter Djokovic Murray to anybody really how can you not feel for this guy. He's been through so much in his career so much The the only player that I can honestly say probably has been an injured as much as he has been a dollar and you know thankfully new doll has been able to come back quicker from his injuries But dipoto is a bigger person than he's a bigger player He's he's taller. He carries more weight. His joints Undergo a lot more stress. I think than a lot of other players. Just due to his height and weight I mean. Players like is Ner Karlovic. Anybody on tour is much taller. And it carries more weight on that frame. It's difficult to come back from injuries and it's just easier to get injured. I think as well but it's a shame it really is this guy. Honestly I've said this before and I'll continue to say this. If dipoto had been healthy for much of the last ten years I would probably bet my house that he would have at least six five or six Grand Slam. Titles at least I think the doll Djokovic Fed. I think everybody has less. Obviously I guess they would but everybody would have less Grand Slam titles than they currently have del. Potrero being out has allowed his allowed. Some of the players that we've seen you know gather up all the riches like the doll and Federer Djokovic and You Know Not. Having someone like they'll po tro to be a counterbalance to be someone who kind of breaks into the big three or big four and disrupts them It's a problem you and that you feel like he's missed out on on so much and we've missed out on so much because with him out it just takes Something away from the game This would have been an adversary somebody for these. You know for all these great players to go up against someone that clearly fear on the tennis court and they all do. So he's he's been he's been when he's back and he's healthy. He's been scary and he's beaten the top players all of them just in the last few years But he just can't stay healthy and it's it's just a real shame and I missed the big fella so I do wish him a speedy recovery and I hope to see him on the tennis court sooner rather than later. I like to see him. Play over the next two or three years you. He's in his thirties now. I'd like to see him play for the next two or three years healthy and see if he might be able to at least nab himself one more Grand Slam before it's all said and done but I just see him get healthy now and then we'll move forward All right so let's move on a set to that of course set one. Let's talk about the Australian Open Week one in in change at you can almost really call this week. One and a half Review because you know not getting this out as early as wanted to plan was to get this out on Monday. I was out all this weekend. I wouldn't have been able to get it out on Sunday So I play was Monday but those plans fell through. I wasn't able to get home in time to record and get this out. So it's a Tuesday evening recording. Unfortunately it's not really what I wanted. but You know here. It is just one of those things and You know I actually the hold up a second before we get into doing the review. LemMe Lemme I say this I'm I'M GONNA start trying to do more recordings during Grand Slams so I'M GONNA try and get an episode out if possible every day during grand slams so rather than doing a preview then doing a mid tournament review. I'm GONNA try and do one every day now. That my require me to use a portable. Microphone if I'm out Might not be recording in in studio so I am getting a microphone. It's being shipped me. It should be here tomorrow. I'm going to do some testing and I might try to get more recordings out that way. So I'll be recording with a portable microphone and with my phone So I don't know yet the quality from what I've listened to assume that the quality's really good actually So I'm not Mon- Harley sure yet to test it out but that's my plan so if I am out and about if I have my notes ready which I will have them you know already to go I can you know. Sit In my car and Indu Recording Which actually you know. A car is actually really great. Place to record if you don't know that So anyway that's the plan and you know at least in the early stages here so come Roland Garros and in maybe even some of these Masters One Thousand Tournaments. I might try and do it there. but it's in the early stages here. I've got a test everything out. I've got to make sure that I can kind of do this before I really commit to it. But I'm giving you a kind of a heads up as is twelve. My plans might be regard regarding Future recordings especially at the Grand Slams that way not going through and trying to recap so much in a whole week. I've got a cherry pick because if I don't cherry pick you know the things that I've watched the match. The watch the upsets and all that stuff I you know doing a two hour or more episodes Just to get the stuff out so Yeah so that's the plan that would allow me to get Relatively quick episodes see it could. Do you know a fifteen twenty minute episode and get the day's action in recap it in talk about it Whereas now I'm I'm trying to pick out the things that I think really Were important to the losses that were surprising the winds that were surprising etc So that's kind of what I'm looking to do all right. So let's actually get into this so by my Australian Open Week One and Change Review so You know instead of talking about specific matches Like I did in the past I did. This was open. I WanNa pick winners and losers for the week so I up on the winners list. Is Nick curious so as anybody? Who's listening to this podcast news? I'm not a big Nick Fan. I'm not I'm not a big fan of the nick. Did self destructive on the tennis court and smashing rackets left and right in barking at the empires and yelling at the fans lines judges and the ball boys and in all of that stuff right. That's that's not the Nick. I WANNA see. I WanNa see the nick that I saw this week. I WanNa see the nick that I saw against roughing it all and that nick is nick that I will root for. I want to see this. I WanNa see this nick consistently if I could see this consistently. That'll be amazing. And I think if nick could do that I mean I don't mean boring. I mean you know focused playing within himself point to point out there giving it his all trying That's the nick that I WANNA see Hit the match against the dollar. It was high quality. Yes there was a there was a time in the match where you can tell. Both players were a little a little shaky. Little nervous I in small stretches but but for the most part it was a pretty high quality match. He kept his cool. There was one broken racket. Okay but beyond. He kept his coal in composure. And that's the that's the Nick. I WanNa see because you know even though he lost this match these kind of losses that get you to the winds eventually. Okay You you you lose these batches a you give it your all you analyze. You know what you were doing wrong. You look at situation situation specific Points and in what you need to do next time That's how you improve And I think with Nick and I said I think I've said this before the podcast. If you don't try then you don't really have to Accept the blame for the loss to a certain extent. You can just go well. I didn't really try sufficient. Really try than you do. I really have to take the blame for the loss. Do I take ownership of the way I played if I really didn't go out there and give my all because nobody wants to go out there not really nobody wants to go out there and give it everything? They've got only to come up short. Because then that makes you question. Am I good enough? Am I really good enough to go out there and beat these players make good enough to lift a Grand Slam trophy? Because it's a. It's a humbling moment and but you have to. You have to have those moments. You have to humble yourself enough to know that I got. I got to improve and I think that nick has been reticent to do just that over the years. It's why he goes out there and he will will play terribly. Gets low rank players The only time it seems like he really tries is when he goes up against an dolls joke. Vixen fetters because they do provide him a challenge. But you have to do that consistently and it's not just against the great players you have to do that every match and this was a great match. I just WANNA see him. Do it often all the time I will root for him I will. I will root for his victory I won't I won't root for the first victory. If he's going to go out there and do the stuff reason I go there smash rackets and bark at everybody and and just do the knicks stuff of old a i. I don't really WanNa see that truth. I I don't I don't WanNa see it's not James I want it's you know it's It has its own appeal. I get that. I don't want him to be boring. Bring THE FLARE. Bring the fun. Bring the fire. Bring all that stuff. That's great but if you could bring all of that and yet storm in focus enough on the match hand. That's the nickel WANNA see. And that's the nick that I think be very successful on the court winning Grand Slam titles in entertaining players in just being interesting and that's great and hopefully that's what happens. So Nick was a winner. Roger Now I I'll tell you what honestly I try and a lot of ways to kind of not put the Big Three on here Because they're The Standard is set so high for them that in a lot of ways to be on the winners list. You have to really be playing out of your mind tennis. You know like in an unbelievable level because generally they are playing so well so it's like okay. You know they're playing. They're playing really well. All right does that really do. They need to be on the list for that. Not really so. The the winters list for Roger is kind of a weird one. I went back and forth on this. I can't decide whether Rogers a winner on my list. Out of Sherlock. Or if it's because of the unwavering will to win the he possesses but ultimately I would say it's a bit of both See the thing is to matches with two different opponents who had him dead to rights and he found a way to survive. I mean John. Millman was up. Believe eight five in the tie-breaker on his serve and he could not close it out and then you know even worse I mean that was just like I couldn't believe it I'm like I couldn't believe that millman could not find a way to closeout. So then he goes Tennis Sanguine and Sanguine had seven. Yes seven match points. And he failed to convert on any of them in like millman. It was mostly on his racket. He was the one hitting balls into nets. Roger was just kind of getting the ball back in the court. It wasn't like he was out there. you know doing all of that kind of forcing the issue. I mean the calling it the miracle of Melbourne and in a way it's true because it is kind of miraculous that he's even here when he acknowledged it you know and He was very upfront about the fact that to be honest. He's very very lucky to be in the semis Basically he did just enough and a lot of ways. Both millman sanguine blinked they. They made the mistakes. The hit the balls out into the net. They should've worn millman. Should want it sanguine definitely seven match points definitely should have won it and they didn't but take that's that's why you play every point. That's why that's why you don't give up even when you think you down in your out. And Roger found a way to survive in. That's why he's on this list because he pulled A. Houdini had some help there. But you know. He didn't stop fighting. He didn't he didn't make the error a match point to give either player. The victory okay. Well I guess I guess really well. Millman didn't have a match point at all. But you know he was two points away but neither Match had Roger Blink. At the end he kept the ball in play he he was just trying to be a bit of a backboard there was Sangram in Millman to be the aggressor and day got shaky and lost All right so stan. Wawrinka is next on this list This this is the best stand has looked since his surgery period and I was like. What else do we put here? I look he beat method of Which was a bit a bit of revenge because of the the match against in the. Us Open where Medvedev beat Stan. Stan looked like he was running away with it early And then you know. He lost steam and then we found out afterwards that he was sick. he was down and out and he wasn't he was in bad shape after that loss So a lot of ways the Medvedev victory which was in five sets. It wasn't an easy victory For Stan but It was a it was a bit of almost comic justice and a lot of ways they can probably in stands mind He played great and he has played great Going into the quarterfinals here Which is is going to be fun. I think for Stan. I know he's really playing. Well he's going to begin to Alexander's Avera here in the quarters so Next up would be Alexander's avera actually so I. I've been pretty tough on the last year for him in particular has been pretty terrible True he's had some real success at the Masters Series Level Masters One thousand. He's won multiple masters when thousands but He he hasn't played well. Because of I mean a lot of a lot of ways the reasons that I said His forehand is often been liability his serve especially in the second. Half of last year was absolutely dreadful. He was making double-faults left and right he often had more double-faults than he had aces in matches I didn't see this coming to be honest. I really didn't Becker. Boris Becker has been helping them out in his in his camp. But still I just. I didn't see I didn't see it. I didn't see this kind of form. I didn't see him come in here. And just I mean. He hasn't dropped a set at all He's flying completely under the radar and I think it's because a lot of people just don't know what to expect from him They expect him to lose early. Because that's basically what he does. He gets new a five setter he loses and and onto the next tournament But this is his breakout and a lot of ways Okay fine. He had the breakout 2017 against the dollar to get all five sets But it's really it's been the best. He's looked at a grand slam. I think since twenty seventeen here that tells you how long it's been since Zaveri has really been able to put together a really great run at a Grand Slam and this has been the best. He's looked And I think it's the best he's ever looked in a grand slam Because I was going to be interesting. We'll see what happens here but this is great. This is wonderful. I was starting to wonder if maybe you know. It's all the talent he has. I mean maybe he could could have been one of those players that you remember that Guy Hilo talent but he never put it together not really not where it mattered. Most and luck. She still has a ways to go. We got to see what happens here. And in this season is going to be a big thing. Because he's now entering into his mid twenties now You know he's he's not twenty years He's not twenty year old young scrapper anymore He somebody who needs to start putting things together and it looks like he's doing that so far so let's see what happens in this tournament but a run for him and it's nice to see it lasts up on. This list is tennis singer. So the tennis have a fantastic tournament He should be heading into the semis against Novak We alluded to the the seven match. Points that he he had against. Roger failed to capitalize look even with the loss is still a great run for him. He had a great win. A couple of a great run a couple of years ago at at the US Open That was really nice to see but but still this has been. This has been the best. I've seen sanguine play a lot of ways because He really went toe to toe into got some people and like I said he basically had Roger beat in the fourth set So but grew a great run for him and You know he's the last in the winners list on the losers list First UP IS STEFAN US. So since he poss- losing in straight sets tumulus round which I like. It was just something I didn't see if I didn't see Alexander's of air of plane as well as he's played in the tournament. I didn't see Steph Honesty. Poss- losing especially in straight-sets rounded in he's got the big serve. He's got a big forehand but he's not a great mover Once you get into a rally with him more often than not You're going to have a good chance of winning that point unless you hit something really short. And he gets on the offensive but rounded hasn't played much of the past year. It's been a rough. What pray two and a half years for Maybe three years really He hasn't he hasn't had a lot of success and I mean he's had the odd decent run here. Ethically Blade made the quarters in Australia. Believe is last year the prior So I mean he's had a decent run here and there but it's been spotty. He hasn't been healthy But I I just I didn't. I didn't think it was going to end up in a loss for sixty pasta. Definitely not in straight-sets suppose has a complete game that should've allowed him to negate what rounded she has in terms of a game. I mean the service big. That's he's GonNa get his aces but you're also GONNA get looks a second serves and if you get the ball back into play that should give you a probably a sixty percent chance. I think to win a rally especially if you don't make a lot of errors but says he just looked terrible. He just didn't look like he was confident on court. He didn't like like he wanted to be there in a lot of ways it just look bad but yeah. I don't know what it is called the pressure from having to defend the points from last year I don't know but he just didn't look like he was really there to be honest. Next up is John is ner Look I love John he's been a stalwart for the US For years. But I'm starting to wonder if this may very well be the end for his nerves might be his last year on tour. He's having real trouble staying healthy allow as like like Dipoto Not as bad as the Potrero not as consistently but I mean in the short term. Yeah you know. He's he's been dealing with a calf issue for at least since Miami of last year against Roger but even before that he was dealing with some issues he had that great match obviously at Wimbledon Against Boys it No is he a prior. Actually sorry it was the year prior yet against a Kevin Anderson so it was the year prior but yeah the the CAV issue that happened in Miami but even before that he was dealing with some issues. It's been rough for John He's he's been spotty in playing tournaments at all really In this really is it. He had to retire. You know he didn't play formats. You retired and so it it. It's been it's been difficult so he's not long stretches due to injury and it just seems like the wear and tear of the tower over. The years is really beginning to take its toll on him. I don't know how how much she's got left in the tank We'll see what he does this year but again. I won't be surprised if you know we got to the. Us Open this year and he kinda made an announcement rape for the US Open. Starts that you know this my last tournament etcetera etcetera. But again I could be wrong and you know he play next year or two. But he's in his thirties now Heading a new mid thirties. So you know He. In the East displayed a lot of tennis over over his career. Next up is David Geffen David for me came into the US Open with momentum He played very wealthy. Atp copy beaten in straight-sets in the process I thought he could make a deep run here. You know a cooler semis kind of thing. But you know he didn't You know he lost early far earlier than I expected him to. Lose in the third-round round. It's not the worst as I literally lost in the first round. Lake City police did but I did. I expected better from Fan and ultimately you know he didn't play well enough but given the way he came into the tournament. I thought okay. You know the guys playing excellent tennis. I thought maybe he had a chance here to do something. Pretty cool but you know it. It just didn't happen in the last of my list is Danish. Pablo speaking of first round losses. Losing the Martin fix was a surprise to say the least. I know that Dennis has still some some growing to do as a player. He's got some rough edges to his game. He needs to work out. But there's a lot of talent there we've seen what he can do. He played really really well at the end of last year. Davis Cup was was a great performance by him You know even going into the ATP COP and everything else. I mean I thought he could really make some noise here. And you look Martin fixes is a good player But allows got the firepower and he just didn't Didn't play very well. Ultimately I mean no no. Let me let me say a cancer. He didn't play well. It was only get blown off the court. Completely as aforesaid are there are a couple of tiebreaks in there at easily could have gone his way and who knows what had happened so I can't say he didn't play well but he still lost to a player that I think he's got more talent than and I think more firepower but ultimately I think wlov needs to you know tinted hit. The tennis court guineas to work on some of these things in his game He goes for the low percentage. You know shot the the one that looks amazing far too often. There are times if if he needs to play a little more conservative. Get the ball back into play stopped going for the high percentage winner. That looks cool In in just don't don't be shotmaker only and I still feel like there's too much shotmaker and not enough just solid rally kind of player at times. Yes I've seen him do it. Yes he's had matches in stretches but He didn't really do it in this tournament. So he's my final I guess loser I. It sounds terrible. I guess winners and losers underperformed really is what it comes. Down TO SIXTY PAS is ner fan Wlov they in particular in my eyes underperformed. So that's really what it comes down to just simply didn't perform to the sooners. I thought they would perform to the WTC side winners Sophia Kenan so. Kevin is in the semi-finals now. She's had an incredible run and I do mean incredible because she has a ton of talent but she really just burst on the scene. You know last year It's not like I didn't think she had in her to do this. Kind thing MC make this kind of run but I thought it was a year or two off for her. I really did. I could be in Australia of two thousand twenty up here. She is in the semis. And it is a great great run for cannon. And she's played so well. Here next up is Coca Gov. I'll make it somehow rolls for this but look good and go. As far as some thought she might myself included but I think like her. Us Open run last year. We have to remember that she still only fifteen and getting better with each tournament and she took out Numa soccer the defending champion from last year Which is difficult you own. Asaka was playing really well going into that match and you know. I didn't expect cocoa to win in straight sets. Put IT THAT WAY. All right so Next up is Gardenia mcgrew. Who's also in the semi so look I'll be honest? Maruta looked down and out over the last couple of years. She's been dealing with injury issues but she's always or she's also looked a bit listless out there Didn't really have the confidence hasn't really been. I don't know invested. I guess she's kind of been just floating along without really doing anything. You know for a couple years now. Started to wonder if if we looking at kind of the tail end of her career if amazing artist. She's still in her. She's in her mid to late twenties. Now she's what twenty six or twenty seven. She still has prime years left in her career. And all but the way she looking at the last couple of years in the injuries issues fighting through. I. I wasn't sure how much more you know. Great Ruth we were going to see But this tournament has proven wrong. And she has played not just well. I mean she has played extremely well. I mean she's been dominant in the first week in week. And a half for we can change She's now in the semis and she's looking like she is a real threat to hold this trophy. she just beat honesty. Public of Really I mean that match. The first set was was privately. A chunk of was up a break twice in that set Ruth ultimately won at seven five and then kind of ran away with it in the second set but she's looked great and she and she goes up against Someone how like I can't believe I can't remember but it was up and that's going to be a match but I you know I think she has a real shot a takedown help To a great run for her in this in this I can change. All right and next up is I hope I get this right ons. Jabbar She's had a great run here. That clued wins over Kwang Wang and Johanna Konta as well as Caroline Wozniacki in her final match of her career She has a big muscular game. She really goes for her shots There's a reason why she took out this players because simply overpower them really is what it comes down to so a great run for her here and then a player. I just mentioned before Last on this list honest Asia probably check of She took out Carolina. Push Cova in Angelique. Kerber routes to the quarters She looked to be in formidable form. going up begins Mughal. Ruta I really honestly. I really thought the public check of it was GonNa win this and she. Unfortunately she didn't but it's still a great run for her. I think this is third third year out of four years. That she's made the quarters here. think it was twenty seventeen twenty nineteen in this year. That's really good. I mean that's that's really consistently playing well here now. I think the surface this particular tournament plays well to her strengths. Out there in you. Having core found runs in three out of four years is You know it's a sign that that's That's true All right Losers on this list Or if you like to refer to them under performers which is fine. I up to me for me. Is Belinda Bench She lost to in that kind of eat now. Kind of made the quarters of before losing to someone to help which shows the carvey was playing really well right but but still losing six zero six one to contravene. I mean bench. Just it didn't feel like she could do anything out there which is scary because she has so much talent in her timing on the ball in her shot selection and everything else is just. It's amazing right Nehemiah talented she has. It's just sorry I mean even as well as contract was probably playing. It's it's still inexcusable to lose six zero six one in the first round of the Australian Open If you're someone like Belinda Benca should succeed you have that much talent The results to prove it Yeah it just it just. It wasn't a good showing by her next up. Nubia soccer neal was playing. Well going match against cocoa but to be honest she never looked comfortable in court In that match She she didn't she didn't serve all that well But at the same time the cocoa was forcing her to try to go for more Gutter out of rhythm cocoa kind of kept the pressure on constantly and Naomi was able to really put anything together at the end of the day. in Cook a one But she was defending all these points. she's GonNa drop Obviously From in terms of ranking. She just lost How many points around? Like seventeen hundred or so points like that She's GonNa really drop in the rankings because of this Which you know isn't the biggest thing would still I mean it's it's a big draw for her right. Next up is Sloan Stevens and I was sitting here and I was trying to think how will want to freeze this and come up with things in my head and the you know what I want to say sounds awfully similar to something like I said at the. Us Open's a went back and looked at it my notes for the US Open It. So I didn't change a thing. Okay I literally copied and pasted this. Because it's the exact same it it all fits you know what I want to say. Here is the exact same thing I said at the US Open and this is this is what I said in the US Open When slum went out early and say here slow to searching searching for inspiration searching desire searching for her game the end result is someone who often looks listless out. There is not a pretty sight. And that's IT folks. I I don't know what else to say. I mean so Stevens I I know she. She doesn't like to travel around the world I think. I don't think she likes to be away from friends and family. I know she thinks that the Torah is very lonely. And she doesn't like she doesn't like that aspect of it. I I mean I get all that I really really do But she's just she's going out there it just seems like she's going through the motions. If I'm being completely honest I don't see the fire. I don't see the desire. I just see someone that's going out there and kind of doing the bare minimum She's losing early in Grand Slams And then she just turns it on. You know occasionally when she gets inspired or something. I don't know But it's It's a shame because Sloan Stevens has as much talent as anybody out there on the tennis court in the tennis world on the women's side She should be contending for Grand Slams all the time instead we get the one off at the US Open and then that that the run last year to the Roland Garros Finals. That that's a that's it beyond that slows last several years have been you know. She just goes. She does what she's GonNa do. She loses early often and that's it she goes home. Okay fine. That's what you WANNA do. Go ahead but you're underperforming by a lot in my eyes All right next up Rena Sabah. So for me. Sabah Linka She's considered one of the favorites in my mind coming into the tournament. Her game her power The way she hits the ball. I it's just you know Putin it. She's a good young good player but I didn't think the Sabbath Linka was going to get ousted Not In the first round. It's a real disappointment. I I pretty Savvy Lincoln to go far in this tournament and That definitely didn't happen But it's a real disappointment because I I just expected a little more for you. Know She's been dealing with a few things off the court you know. I'M NOT IMMUNE TO THAT. I understand but still I. She unperformed though on the tennis court and I just thought that she would have a decent run at least and last on this. List folks Serena it just you know it's just it is what it is right. I mean. Look the expectations for Serena are high? It's basically a final worst. You know you know winning. It obviously is what people expect I expected a deep run here for her as well. But look Serena Wendy match against Queen Wang and she. She wasn't playing great. I mean part of that was due to to Wang back there just being a complete wall Serena's finding a hard time just getting the ball buyer. You know Wang was getting the ball back left and right constantly being backboard. was frustrating screen as she was going too much on a shots making a ton of Errors her serve Was often missing which has been a real problem for her. For much of the last Twelve months or so in particular. But it's just it's not been. It's not been good. It really hasn't been in this. I just thought that She needed out back a little bit. She just rally a little more and pick your spots and I just felt like the pressure is the pressure of the match. Which is the pressure of her opponent. But she just didn't play great and I think in part that's due to her opponent playing so well But also I just didn't think she played well in general you know her. Shot selection wasn't wasn't great. She was hitting a lot of balls into the net. Especially on the backhand side. Bob Hitting Lonzo Ball's long on the forehand side She just couldn't get into a rhythm and It really showed All right so let's go on to set three. Which is my Australian Open Week? Two and a half preview right so Because again McCain this out until till Tuesday night. So Stan in the quarters against outfitters of era of Who Am I GONNA pick here? I'm going to go with Stan. I love how well the verve has been playing. But I think Stanton's GonNa have the firepower in the patients to to take out Alexander. Severe Vera has had a great run. But I don't think he gets passed in here Rafa Nadal versus dominant team. I've gone back and forth on this. Being honest one moment on thinking dominance GonNa win. You know he's he's shown what he can do against the dollar hardcourt but I'm thinking the doll is going to find a way to get past team in four extremely tough sets which would set up a stand the doll semi And in the battle between the doll in stand I think I think Nidal is going to get passed in. I do you know honestly. My picks who gets to the final in the winners is going to remain the same. I think the dog gets passed. Stand I think Djokovic honestly I hate to say this but I think Djokovic flies by Roger like like easily Rogers played too long exhausting. Frankly five-set matches to our last three matches for him. We've been five senators He he's lucky to be here. He knows it. I can't imagine that makes them feel all that confident going up against. Novak given the fact that he kind of realizes like I really probably shouldn't even be here you know he's GonNa going up against a Novak who he's had some okay competition you know in this tournament but he hasn't really fazed anybody that I think has the game to really push him at all so far Fragile was healthy healthy but if he was rested if he was just coming off a couple of three senators than I would say. This is much closer but I think Novak it's passed Roger in straight-sets and That sets up the doll Djokovic. Final that I picked to start the tournament and I think the results of the same. I think I think the Djokovic beats at all. I think it's a better showing the last year I think the dog takes a set but Djokovic wins and four and in lifts his eighth Australian Open title And on the women's side The semi-finals actually already versus iffy. Kennan I love the run that cannons gone on but I just think that party gets passed cannon and I just think her game is two inch variety in her game. I think it's GonNa Throw Kenan off enough that it's going to Is GonNa be easy but I think I think party gets passed candidate in three Smart how mcgrew I agree wins? This I think she has the power in the game. Two out hit in blow simone help off the Corbett. I've seen McGrath. Do this as help on on hardcourt before Mcgrew the winds and goes up. Because Ashley Barty. I think it's a final. I think it's a tough nailbiting three center. But I think Ashleigh Barty able to get past. Muga Ruth and I think Actually Bardy lifts up her hometown trophy and Windsor. Second Grand Slam and her first Australian Open so those my winners Ashley Barty and Novak Djokovic in my opinion will be the Australian Open Twenty Twenty champions and with that folks. That's it so if you'd like to send in feedback you can send it to the email Which is tennis addict? Podcast AT G. DOT COM? You can also contact me on twitter at at Tennis Addict Pod and let me know what you think What by you know my thoughts on this past week in a quarter whatever. We can half Are they in line with your thoughts? Do you agree with my comments. Do you not agree with them by predictions for the rest of this week and really the rest of the tournament So pretty much anything and everything. If there's anything you'd like me to bring up in the next episode or if you just provide feedback for me to bring up I can read it in the next to the the you know the end of Australian. Open the wrap up. I can read it there and respond to whatever comments might be so Anyway thanks for listening. Everyone and we'll see you next time on Itunes soundcloud. Thanks for listening to the tennis addict. Podcast by FREAKING GEEKS media be sure to visit freaking GEEKS DOT COM as well as how Patriot page Patriot. 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