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Discourse up. So number eight the last Heiser not. We didn't even rehearse that. We heard about we did plan. We played one take guys around here. That's why do over there has to do some heavy editing. Sometimes. There's some awkward pauses. And he wanted. He's not even in the studio now, but we talk about I'm like he's here. He's here in spirit. He's in the house. So Mike have you been since last time what I haven't been able to golf that much kind of busy. But while I've been golfing enough for both of us. We'll take you very much. We'll pick up your slack. Holding tag number three. What are you doing ten? I keep playing sems and get my butt kicked by five. And he's like the only guy. Really have played with well the has tags. I've been playing turn. He's I was in ledge stone. We'll get into that got a good ramp of lead stone in the MVP open for you. You know, the his usual sports guys, stick, whatever, you can expect them bring it, you know, muck brings you all the latest greatest news from the pro tour what you wanna know stuff. You don't care about covered up stuff. I care about. Yeah. Played lead. Stone played thrills it Indy. He just yesterday hosted a trilogy challenge. So I got plenty to talk about. Yeah. We got some new courses going in around us, and we'll get into that. Yeah. Get some good beer today. And today's episode also once again brought to you by disgust Pence. Go check them out. If you want your highs pen hit me up. They got some good stuff, though, discussed pens, a lot of a lot of cool, pro's, pro pens and get your as pens. Get your froth Penn. Is it for all froth, Jerry? For you. All the people Seinfeld felt they got Jessica we's pins Allen, pretty sure like multiple eagles multi multiple Ricky's, multiple Paul's met, all those people you just named besides eagle. He was not there. Go was not alleged was saying, no Simon wasn't. I feel like I haven't seen. Simon is injured or something. No Simon has been in Europe. He just one. Well, he is your championship. He's german. See, I know my I know my pro tour stuff yet. He just wanted the European shaping ship last week. Yeah. Go get them Simon. And I do have to wonder like seven or eight strokes, so nice. Nice. Nice. Yes. So why when we just jump right into the the program up start with livestock will start fledged on. It's the whole they will get into the MVP. I mean. Yeah. MBP just wrapped up today. I'm not really sure what happened. Yeah. We'll get our guy tech guy, you out you on a, you know, live VP opened feed. All right. He gave us the thumbs up and digging in all right, but let's get into the legis stone. Twenty teen legis stone insurance open. The biggest payout and disc off this year seven thousand dollars to the winner of the men's open two thousand three hundred dollars the winnow women's over one hundred seven thousand dollars out to the pros over sixty seven thousand dollars payout. Two amateurs almost one hundred seventy thousand dollars total. I got my piece of it. Good for you, ma'am. The peo- division plays the temporary. Buzz course at Eureka wake the with four rounds at both machete and Bolger courses. I guess it's going into the extra man Ron will double G Garrett girthy with the hot round of the day nine. Under par. But the real story here is AJ Risley's he shot eight down carton one bogey two birdies on the front nine. He was started the back nine with the par. Then go on to convert seven birdies in a row. It's two turkeys Amecor mish. Game hand. Chris you make that up totally. I mean, I feel like sometimes they write the same stuff. But I know people don't hear me like every day like people do on ESPN. Well, they have writers. We do this. I'm doing this myself. So either way Chris Dickerson, he match AJ's eight hundred par and my friend and mentor Nate sex in was seven hundred par with Greg's bars the met Orem and Kevin Jones defending champ joshing Thon shot five down through eighteen. So let's go to round two AJ is letting it be known that he wants to win this tournament. Thirteen birdies for him and around to a few pars of six and a double bogey six, but that was ten down for the round nego Castro, though, a two-time former champion himself, he matches AJ's ten down along with came and co Eliezer and Reeve skier was two strokes off the hat round at eight under par. So big shot here who read fiscal year so PGA number four eight three three eight. He is Holland Michigan zone latitude sixty four sponsored friend of Brandman Redmond. I'm sure, but he is a lefty powerhouse, man. His round three played out like this whole one he drains an uphill death. But from the bushes. I don't know har- Vaki was all I saw putter flying out of the wheel smashing chains. You disclaims? He was inside the circle though second hole. He throws a big spike Heiser over the trees onto the roof of a pavilion that was in out of bounds territory, but it rolled off real back into the fairway. He laid up is lays up his upshot into the circle for thirty three hole three. It's only two hundred sixty feet Obie left on or over the path and the fairway on the right is basically non-existent because it's filled guardian trees, but that's only if you're right handed. So no problem for the lefty Reid. He just highs out over the obe- gets gentle kiss up one of the last guardian cedars, and he's got a bullseye hit that warrants of Joe profile of flight tracker, his first on the whole five the baseball diamond whole four hundred seventy six feet par-three with a lot of OB your base. Either going for it or you're playing it safe. I think you can all probably guess options those pretty much especially here because I saw a lot of pros go for and fall short. They lose land in the outfield out about you to play it from where it's supposed to be. If it was to be inbounds, I guess like where it is out of bounds. But that's still still stroke for nothing seem as we'll play it safe. Like MJ did. I guess you can probably guess what? We did. He goes deep, man. He's just outside the circle just long the basket. Joe estimates that thirty eight foot putt. And crushed it. Dude. He gets his first Slome as right after his first flight just like sizzling start for the Michigander. Now redoes something I like to do he wears sunglasses during the round when he was watching other people. But when he's time to pot he likes to put on top of a set, then he flips back down what he's done putting Joma has recognizes this. So he Kansas his footer has he's walking in he flips shades down, and they get a freeze frame of it and hit him with a CSI, Miami stamp walk and do this. I've never I've never seen that before. But it was so funny. He's from Michigan. Up. The course that day. It was awesome to see. I've never seen him doing anything like that. So. He would take Toby later on and round three. But it was on a par five that was like one thousand one hundred seventy five feet. So. He went into obe- water. So what are you going to do? But go check out. Joe pros coverage of that you can watch read fisker just fillet, that course, in both unique and innovative ways kind of like a little somebody. I know Simon that for example, hole seventeen over the water island whole four rounds. Four throws four times. He skipped off the water. And really, yeah. Yeah. Four times that was it was no is read on purpose. He threw into all you're saying channeling is inner like, oh, I mean who does that like there's all these would do that. Of course, the big spike is over the trees at something who I've seen him in Ricky do. I mean, not that I've been watching disco for that long. I mean or Ben to seeing it in person, but I've never seen anybody do anything. Like either of those dudes. Either way he would skip off the water every time he landed safely. He finished nine hundred around three that bumped him up four spots moving day, Bobby music and Kevin Jones shot nine dollars. Well, whole sixteen is a six hundred six par-four. Yeah. Garrett girthy eagle that man. He a gigantic ruler. That nearly takes out a cameraman. He hits a huge circle to putt, probably with his sonic out, those heart attack on really see. It was the only eagle on the whole for the tournament. Man. Asian Roslea shot three hundred bringing his total of twenty one strokes under par. So that was wrong three, man. It was a good coverage. There's really good coverage on everyone everyone go check it out. But something you can't see on YouTube. I need to congratulate Wyoming Michigan's Jeff cool, he sweeps the ace pool round for whole nine three hundred fifty four feet nobody that as far as I know only ace of the tournament. So he got into the east. Only pro. I mean, I'm I didn't look into. I don't think you just kept score of the end's moving. But it wasn't the only as for the tournament only Pearl only pro. Yeah. That one you got. No, I didn't get one. There's a couple of mature as as though that's cool. I mean years are all different courses. Right, right. Yeah. We're playing at least at the buzz course, at the time, we weren't playing that crazy Eureka temp course thing is insane. I lose all my desks to it looked insane. I saw so many people thrown in the water. I caught a little bit of Tim Barnes round. He was six over. I saw Johnny MacRae. I think he I think he was Johnny MacRae couldn't even clear the one water. I can't clear. Couldn't clue that baseball. That'd be trying to lay up like MJ. But have you gone the other way? Yeah. That baseball field. I don't think it was that big. I think I could clear it with the great drive. It's not like it was crazy like left-center. There's they had that thing marked. I don't know how because I, you know, I only watch some of it live live is actually there. I didn't see any coverage of it. But he does look different on video. So the little bit better over the baseball diamond, though was very skinny. Okay. So there was like outbound that marked off with flags, and it was not a lot of landing room. No. Even if you got over there was still danger of OB, not to you know. I mean, I saw Nico. Go be short. So. Yeah. Well, that's not windy at all any of the days that I saw the work every day, and I got to watch thirty to forty percent. Beautiful conditions all weekend. Yeah. Absolutely. So well, so Jeff cool ace. That was the only of the tournament for the pros. Like like we were saying, but we don't care about the images anyways. We're just we are them. During round one, though if you aced hole seventeen you wanna car Trevor horrible came pretty close, but he splashed out newcomer to this episode Paul MacBeth, he's probably pull he finally started. Pulling it together shot a negative eleven bring him to tournament. Total seventeen hundred par came in Koga laser also shot and eleven down to secure third place. AJ Risley's conference was riding high. But his putting game was not on the same plane. I some start to walk it in like five six or seven times only to be denied like mid step. Dude, forcing him to like. Stop freeze have to turn back around. Just. Utter humiliation. I suppose, ma'am. Oh, wow. Yeah. He shot. Right. Even for the final round finishing six place Ricky sake, though, he was no slouch during the final round he shut tend under twenty power for the whole tournament. He took eighth place. So I'm guessing if AJ couldn't keep it together and palmed in and Ricky didn't take title. There are no crush, boys. Onsite. So who won? It was my partner in crime. If right hand throwing for him was a crime, the bearded wonder Nate sex takes thought thousand dollars you. Are you a trade me for Nate Sexton in a heartbeat, bro? I would not, but he does throw right hand for hand a lot. And so do I don't know you would. Man, I think we could say Paul MacBeth. And it's I think we'd take BIC. Who wants me and MacBeth versus you and Sexton. No, I'm with MacBeth Sexton. Your boy, I like sex too. Well, he just he plays the same game place. Mark off. He doesn't like you know, what I can't make that drive. I'm just gonna go over here. And I'm gonna take a par. And I'll see you when they mess up on this other whole that I'm going to that. I'm gonna birdie because I'm going to play short, you know, smart golf, and he won. That's. He wanted. He beats Chris Dickerson by two strokes twenty and par-. I mean, it's my Galkin Wynia. I mean, he showed seven down around one four down around to a seven down again around three and then ten strokes under par for the final round. Like, and you take it by two strokes over Chris Dickerson like that doesn't miss putts man from inside the Louise. Watered. So. Yeah, that well, I got some stuff about I got some peo- stuff here. But I'd kinda liked the noth- about the pros from India like to hear about what happened you. We're just stay would do the coolest pro you met man while a go on can tell you some stories for our share. It was a great time down there for almost a week. Yeah. Does like thirty guys from Michigan staying in the same hotel. We'd just hung out in the parking lot outback like every night. Just drink a beer hanging out. He'll be leash. An awesome. Yeah. It was. And then we had a free shuttle took us to the casino riverboat casino guide around the corner was pretty cool. Won a couple of dollars at the casino. So that was cool. Courses played. Bradley parked Eureka park, not Eureka Eureka, permanent, not uric attempt. Avoid way easier on I plays ways year. So Bradley, Washington Eureka played all three great courses Washington. More wide open one of three hundred thirty foot shots. I can do that. Yeah. You're like once she in your way, you know, everything was well utilized. Yeah. Yeah. And then, you know, the other two, Bradley and Eureka through the woods and hills and stuff more technically undertaker Thrasher, by the way, this for this descript sponsored event once that they they all had nicknames for the weekend. Oh, do they get any pick? That out. Bradley was undertaker Eureka was the Thrasher. What else would you play mcnaughton? Would you say, no, not mcnaughton? Westwood Northland Washington. Washington was the zone zone mcnaughton out who played there. But that was the new Westwood was called the staying Westwater Wildwood Westwood wildwoods in Michigan, isn't it? Oh, I thought it was called Wildwood some of the guys their idea type Westwood, and it might have been. I could be wrong. I didn't play there. But I. That's what all the would. Although like banners that despair had about right? Yes. Those names. Yeah. I didn't see it crank one. Because that's what I was looking for. I didn't see heat one Trump culture, the players pack. Sweet. Yeah. Yeah. Players pack. Sweet. Yeah. What was in that? I that. I haven't even opened yet. Like five discs. What else does buy one? Get one free pair keen shoes. Like that like. I think twenty percent off Zucca Kurt coupon. Bunch of little goodies. You know, get his Yuka. I don't know. No twenty percent of. I mean, I didn't expect a two hundred dollars a cart. And that's like base if I could spend like five hundred dollars on a cart. I'm like did carry a bag. Yes. Like really worth five hundred dollars like four. There's more than four pros carts like every cool. But it's like my bag that I spent one hundred dollars on carries more than enough stuff that I need can shove anything I want and there it's got a umbrella pocket a stool pocket. I don't I don't. I don't know. We did it. What's in the bay? Yeah. We've been there yet. Now do. Could get a zoo Qatar or like, I'm I'm looking at you know, by like a jogging stroller. Whatever I have one of those two just just for playing brise, thriller and firefighters or whatever rain Trie. But no, I if I could get one that have had the disks of top slice still didn't have to bend over to get my stuff out. Yeah. I mean, I like the idea of being able to sit on it. But like, yeah, you still got to bend over. And it's like more awkward. Yeah. And then the show in the commercial where they're like bending like between their legs and pulling discs out in the like, I don't know doesn't seem conducive. I don't. And then the show. Yeah. I don't know. I think it's not a bit cart guy. I got a stroller that I don't I don't mind my bag at all, right? Yeah. I do. I recently had a caddy. Yeah. I was working out at a DT energy music theater. And I have a big break. So we went and played Addison, and my buddy Todd came along and get him for the whole round. I weren't playing in tournament play in cash carriage back bag whole time. Dude speaker on he connected to it. He just he was the DJ and he just carried my bag. No, he didn't play. He's he's a he's not an old guy. He's just he's a little older. But you know, I just throws only wants to for the most you just walks with us. But he has a good time HALE hanging hanging out with the boys going for a walk. He like walked you would always like walk right up to me turn right around with the backpack and pull out whatever I wanted. He was good about like he was better about me that I usually am about putting my back in my bag because he's like pick. My driver and carry with me to go get my pot, whatever. But like he'll be he'd be he'd be right there. And I just put them back my bag. Yeah. He's awesome. I'd never gonna candy before Todd. Yeah. Absolutely. Thanks todd. Thanks, bud. Where was it here? Mike distract me this time instead of me distracting him. I don't know where you were man. I was strikes. I was talking about. I was talking about. Yeah. It was great time finished ninth Gallic two hundred plus dollar payout. Got to be much but meet a bunch of sweet pros. AJ resolutely probably talked to for the longest super cool. Dude, man. You know? None of these guys are like snobby celebrities. Really cool. Yeah. Yeah. And then he won that spirit, heart, spirit dedication. I forget exactly what it was. But Steve dodge gave him an award. He has shocked off and he had the whole crowd like both cracking up almost ready to cry during his acceptance for the award. Did you see him after he took that eight? Yeah. But do it. Okay. He took an eight and then he land then he went deuce, deuce, deuce, deuce. Thank you as he shrugged at ace off. Like, I've never seen. Anybody? Shrug off as an not an eight to eight. I mean, it's hard to shrug off in as to. Oh, I play so crappy after I get I'm like my blood's pumping. And you know. Yes. Ridgely was cool. His commentaries funny when he did chumps versa champs. I mean, it just seems like a really lies anyone. Yes. That's exactly what I was about to say. Thank you. Yeah. With sake was cool. You know, they'll send my discs. L page Pierce seems like she's taking pictures with like every little girl. They're you know, they're harassing the hell out of her. You know, every little disc off girl, obviously, they look up the page peers, you know, but you know, she's taking pictures with all of them. Yeah. I know. Yeah. And then it's actually that's really awesome to here. Yeah. I met I met MacBeth at a restaurant, actually like offsite. Yeah. He just have him. Eric oakley. Cynthia scotty. Nice Hannah MacBeth. Yes, she was other than yeah. They were all at this restaurant like a couple of blocks away from. Oh, wait a minute congratulates Tita stint isn't Eric Opie. They're getting married next week also graduations air Coakley. Become the hottest disco me out. Eps shit accident you'd probably dislike. I want to go first. Joy says looking for his desk, still fully clothed. He just looks like, oh, that's hilarious. Just so somebody post disco humor. It's a they made a dynamic disk of him floating. Oh, yeah. Yeah. They have like a Dimac. Now. It's hilarious. Man. But you've met him in restaurant with Eric Oakley. Yeah. You have actually Willie prints his his wife was in there. And. I recognized her. I don't even know if I've ever met her. But I get nice Willie trenches. Yeah. Well, she's looks familiar and she was wearing a dynamic dish shirt. And there's like a dynamic disks bus parked in the parking lot. So started talking to her. I was like, hey, are you at the dynamic, boss? She's now that'd be cool. If I was though, and we started talking just like Willie prince's wife. I was like, oh, you know. That's awesome. And then we got talking. She's like is there any way you could loan me twenty dollars, and I'll pay pal it to you. And I was like, of course, I will Willie prince's wife. Yes. So she said me twenty bucks pay pal gave her twenty. I guess you like left a purse or something and disco offers. They always have money in the pay pal. Like, yeah. So I was like I got money in my pay pal? Focke damn there. Cow burned it down. We burned it early. This episode is nine thirty four. We we might go past are PG thirteen writing this episode if I'm already dropping bombs, we've got a ways to go, folks. Yeah. You sexton. I felt bad for him after he won. He couldn't even enjoy. If you got mobbed by everybody. Cloudy was he I didn't even know that might have been at MVP, I'm using the two, but I bet you just got mobbed. It was run a line of people. Just please police armed police on that's gonna he was just firing off. And when I got and I was in the line. Hey, Nate Nate. I'm Noah good to shake my hand. You know? I was like, no, you're not just gonna sign my disc. And not even look at me, you're going to shake your hand. Spins those you're gonna you're gonna hear you're gonna hear my name. You're gonna know me figured it. Remember, me and my glorious. And then big germ his pretty cool too. So you got in the dunk tank. I saw your video. Yes. Yeah. That a charity dunk tank for Saint Jude's children's something Saint Jude's charity product Chila so big germ got in and his like anybody's spends twenty dollars on tickets and dunks me, I'll give them one of my. Two or series discs. Oh, you got to buy and buy you had to buy twenty dollars with the balls. It was like five dollars ball to see only got four throws and you have done. It was just a chance of his disk. It wasn't. Yeah. You had to dunk him. So who I take that? My my boy Jason her went on teen Heiser not member. He steps up. He's like hell. Yeah. I'm getting a big germ disc. And he throws airballs. The first one jerem starts talking trash from the duct tank than I level. And then he goes big German case, you don't know this as they is a big Packers fan, which I don't approve of. But. But. You know, we're in Detroit. If you listen, you know that. Irwin's wearing alliance hat backwards. Jim goes with what team is that turn that had around or when turns has had around and jerem starts talking trash about the lions Irwin's. Like all I'm getting them getting them now and Asian. So he throws the second ball, and he didn't hit the target. But he hit like the poll behind it through the tarp. And it knocked germ down and outs. But that it didn't count to Jim because he got up that doesn't count. He's not getting a desk. You didn't hit. The thing starts to throws though. Very very very next thriller smacks dunks. And then I forget what he did with this fourth row of then, you know, he got a went and got his picture, and you know, with a wet with a what germ. Yeah. And then. Later on. I went up. I went up to germ, and I'm like aching signed my desk and handed them a sharpie that was open. He like grabbed it by the by the end user. Aw, it's open. What the heck? Oh, my bad. So you have jerk doesn't like me. Try to help them up a little faster. Seconds faster. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know. That's about all the cool stories from ledge stone. A great time going, you know, talked to AJ about. You know, I will actually met him felt like dump because I had no clue what happened after the second day. You know, talking to them around his neck. Yeah. I was like how'd you shoot today is pretty good yet at a this and that wrong? What the I think this is after room to okay when he destroyed it. Yeah. Whatever's best round was still I had no clue what he did at the time though. And I was so he was so humble about he's like I had a pretty good round Bubba. Yeah. Ages cools how any of these hotdog socks on. That was really jealous of hot dogs all over Saxe. I'm. Yeah. And I go you'll you'll see on the final day hat Doug Sykes. And I was like those are the greatest sucks ever. Can't always tell what is being pretty wild. Nico was rocking the high socks. Yeah. And then gear goofy. He was he was pretty cool to us just talking to everybody. You know, he seems like he's oh these guys, man. They're not, you know, you think some of them will be like khaki asses. You know, like, I know some local pros that are khaki asses in, you know, and it's like these guys are, you know, there there there are celebrities. And I just. I mean. Yeah. Oh, yes. Locally. But like he's up there. He's like he plays with them. He attends. Wins. So also met Jonathan Gomez. He was really. Yep. That brings me to my on honor gifts to. Got here, we go do Judd is this. I know you this Jonathan Gomez himself is just thinner, Jerry. That's jonathan. Joma Joma pro many autographs by Jomo himself. Just like another thing for my pile of gifts. No, dude, while thank you, man. I ask piece of crap. I don't need. I absolutely need. No, I told him. So I had them signed my ledge dome disk, I do thank you so much. I I wouldn't have apart on the show. If it wasn't for the Jones pro crew. Yeah. That is so awesome. The I know I told him I was. So I had lodged on disk, and then you know, like half an hour later. So like, the is set up is, you know, at the fly mart had a little stand with a few desks and things, you know, they weren't they weren't even doing the coverage of lead stone. Oh, they were doing some covered. All they wear the main coverages from while the live. I I got a whole list over here or other. If you want me to read it off to well here. Let me, but so yeah. So I had them signed my desk might ledge don't disks that. I got like everybody's signature on. And then half an hour later. I went back up there after they had like the booth set up. And I was like, you know, and you know, he remembered me so was about cool. I bought too many. I'm like, hey, can you sign these? I was like. Yeah. Already for one signature. But I was like, you know, this is my co host my brothers all your co host of we got a podcast Volvo, blah. And I was like check it out. Yeah. He's like, yes. Sure. Guy. Did you and ask you the name? No, no. He did. Yeah. We got a podcast. Oh, and he was even like that's pretty sweet name. So. Yeah. Some people don't even get it. No words, the discourse a discourse. Like an open discourse talk about things like a disco. Of course. Also because you don't need to say it. Right. You get it. You get it. I get it. You get it. I think it's great. And so does Jonathan Gomez apparently. Yeah. He said he was gonna listen. I don't know if I don't know. But on the road a lot guest. Yeah. They drive a lot right now. I mean, I'll do is get WI fi. Once look it up. Download at once then it's on your phone dollar sun one day. Like, hey, listen to this yet. Right. Let's listen these two it's. Yeah. Right. Maybe they're starting. It's Joe mouse, if you're listening to what up thanks for the signatures. Yeah. They love him over here. Absolutely. I got a pink yellow swirly with the greens other real swirly number both of them. Why it looks like a Van Gogh on one side and a Monet on the other side read. Isn't that? I mean. Just the trio. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's like two different. It's like to actually hit that back. No. I won't that. Now. What do you still experience? I've played. Alright I got a I got one really nice Bertie on a par for it was like. Six hundred foot hole, and you had to hit it like three to hit like three hundred yet to go straight. And that Heiser out like three hundred and fifty feet, you couldn't just take the whole Heiser or you know, what I mean couldn't turn it over to much. Okay. Yeah. Man. I hit a perfect, and I was left like Heiser like D And the gap for your look at the basket. See a hit a perfect. And then I was about like, maybe, you know, two fifty two to some, you know, two fifty to two hundred out, you know, I don't know exactly where but yeah, you know. In your memory. That's what it was. I mean, it was within range of. I mean, I throw about three fifty with my, you know, it was a little downhill though. So I might have gotten a little more. And then it was within the advantage. And then you know, and the nowadays I'm getting like up to like two forty with my shield, and it was in ranged from shield. So, you know, two fifty to two hundred man, I made a run at it for eagle but had like a fifteen footer for the birdie like, you know, overshot the basket on the for the eagle. That's how the pros do it, man. Right. Yeah. The the pros would've would've deuce to this a lot of them. But I'm not a pro. So. I mean, let's face it. We're all running from one hundred feet closer. So. Yeah. Right. I mean. Yeah. Most people just hit them some time. A little more often than us. Yes. That's my ledge. Stone was great time to go back next to great players pack of the payouts, though. So those kind of a mad house. Never kind of put stuff out like still as they were doing payouts. Up to buy. Like it wasn't. There were like bringing more stuff out like as the pales- were already going on. You know? And like it was it was seriously mad house, and they're like restocking stuff is that you know, what I mean? As it's going. And so I go, and I'm like, I have two hundred and fifteen dollars to spend and. Not you know out pay out money, but I have to spend. Mucking around like me, and I don't know what it wants don't need anymore. Throwers? You know, I'm not collectibles. I mean, I'm not that big on collectibles memorabilia discs. Like like this win at a tournament. Yeah. Actually that wanna Gary girthy sonic yells. Like they were by the time. He got back to me. They were sold out L. Really? I was like not one. I hope you didn't wait and lose years. I did. But I mean, do they will you responded me within an hour on our well so had I just ordered one. But I mean, they'd made a at least I saw post the next day that they made a second run of them, and they were already selected clicked on dude. So I'm sure people are buying as many as possibly can turning two dollars golf. So. When they're for. I don't know. We have two hundred and fifteen dollars spending. No clue what I wanted. And then all of a sudden they bring out a stack of mystery boxes. Seventy bucks says ninety to one hundred dollars value. I'm like forget it. I almost jumped another Afghan there, but stopped myself yet. Give me three mystery boxes. So I grabbed three of them. I go on Oakland up was a full foil buzz and each one of them. Af full foil. Full foil United States or AM world's buzz to get on. Yeah. I grabbed three of them though. And they only had ten of them. There's like a hundred of guys like hundreds of guy. I didn't do it. I didn't know Eliot Ted of that. Let go to this random wrath over they're giving away three big. Yeah. That was that was good day. But I don't know. I'm lucky pay off to guess. But yeah that I go back, and I was like Christmas. You know? He's like wasn't just picked up discs. Presence. I got the open and each one was well worth seventy dollars. It's if I would have picked that plastic off the shelves like no way would have been able to get all that those foils with thirty dollars. Yeah. I know t shirts and stuff in there just is. No. But there there's no t shirts. But there was it was like four or five discs and everyone in then like sticker usable scorecard. You know, all the all the normal goodies. I get a cool like buzz patch that I'm gonna put on my Email takes like you're not patch. I don't have any patches. That's cool. Yeah. Just the black and white Busby. Buzzes, like the only thing descript through, so I was like, you know. Only thing there. You'll only. True. Sure man, throw rattler. Did kind of like. I'm gonna have to describe before. But yeah, the only the only thing it all discount. My bag right now is buzzed. They make good desks. I'm not, you know, I don't know. I like. Like what side drivers throat buzz? And then mean, my bags I putter my bag is west side shrike. A matrix. Then a buzz. This is at its west side just gets have some affinity for for west side. I just drivers I don't know, man. They're drivers that numbers. Like, we like I feel like the numbers on their drivers are just in tune with my arm where a novas not that accurate like when something's negle- on on a west side. It's like I can turn it over a little bit. Like, my king kings Neg one to turn it over. And it comes back. You know, it's what and less. I just their numbers worked for me. So when I when I test one out, I'm like, yeah. That's how I thought it would fly, you know, never company has slightly different numbers. Right. From they'll their own rating systems. I got to describe crank. He beggar GT both GT you like the I'm a. I like new guesses. Oh, Michigan like Michigan. I like their heads shirts. You haven't yesterday played the rails end e thrills at India. Look that up before. Well, let's see here. My crews onto tiered coming up in September. If you don't know. Yeah. There's a ton of turn. There's nothing this weekend because the states is up north which what I to but can't make it which I'm very upset about. But we'll we'll wrap up states on the next up. So I don't wanna talk about it. Now. But. Thrills. It India cumin like twelve twenty three Doorly. No. The course. That's playing you know higher than my rating, but I played all right is actually a sauce squash, citing. Yup. Sauce, watch skating. Sauce watch. Citing by the way is episode. Brought to you by three different beers, founders solid. Gold delicious. If you haven't had it's like, eighteen bucks a case at Meyer. Motorcity Brune were get ghetto blaster, which is ghetto price strike this. When I was a kid. So good. It's only three point eight percent. But it is really tasty. And if you go to the cast cafe they'll mix it with them overseeing round, the call the net blaster, and it's delicious. And of course, cheers to you on this one man Anderson valley, not in Michigan beer. I'm sorry everyone. I let you down and might be from California. But it has like a bear with Antlers tossing. It is and into a basket. And it's called Haapai by Anderson valley brewing company, and it's got bad at all pretty good. We'll have good. Yup. Yup. I've been waiting to try. It can't match. There wasn't enough to go around. Yeah. I only had two cans gave one judge because he he likes beer. Yeah. That's really happy. Not my style. It's it's mid Hoppy. To me. It's not that hobby. It's good. I enjoyed it. Again. But honestly, I I've only seen it in pictures. I've only see in person once and I knew I had the growl expec of it. So yeah, that's more happier than I like. Yeah. That's why we're Holly Roman is a proper, but. If you've ever listened to show reds Browns. So so yes sauce squash. Citing if you're listening to a disc golf podcast, you may know who the sauces dab on it. Jamie mosier Johnson dabs on ya. So you have set what hole? Think maybe like whole twelve independence lake going to t- off. And I see a big afro, I didn't know who big all had had. Habits blog crazy hair poke around the corner. And then see that I'm getting ready to t- off and go hide back. Hide back in the corner. So Dr it park it not, you know, I'm not very, but it was a nice park job from me like the holes like to sixty like through tight woods. All of a sudden, Jamie mosier comes walking out doing doing the big foot walk and box out the watch. Yeah. Like sauce scotch citing. And then the icons, you know, talk show says what up? Yeah. He's just he had nothing going on man. Like, I just love some disc off. He's you know, he's a touring pro. He had nothing going on. He comes to a what's up, you know, local seat here, and that's awesome. Yeah. He's a local guy area. Yeah. Spreads. It wasn't signed up for it though. Yeah. Me too. You know, the weather was terrible. It was suppose there's supposed to be was yesterday. They're supposed to be thunderstorms all day and. And it was raining bad, man. So the first round I started with a five four four. I hall. What hold we start on? I can't remember, I don't know independence like that. Well, I don't either unit he told me on seven inches cocaine woman three hundred three hundred foot hole downhill little bit. It's not like to wooded. But there's like a lot of trees like protecting the basket. So you know, I headed decent drive. I hit one of the last trees and unless a thirty foot putt. That's like pouring rain. So maybe not maybe like a fifty foot putt. But I have terrible up. You know, it's not a twenty footer in the rain. Just miss just miss it that I got like a seven footer for my bogey literally like a seven footer bureau. And did it was it was pouring. It was raining. So hard opera cage completely missed the basket. It just like stuck to my hand. Man. Like, I just did not release an. Yeah. And then I had a longer putt for my five than I did for my floor. I made that one cashed in. Yeah. Then you've got an took another bogey took another bogey right after this. And I'm like, ooh. This is going to be a long day here that I got a few holes later part out the rest of the round wonderful. Cover I suppose. Yeah. Missed out. I was in. I was in eighth place. After the first round. I forget it was like twenty four or something. Finish finish plus three that round pretty top. You know, I played I right. Like, you take away that first hole is a damn good around for me. But. Yeah. Then second round didn't have any, you know, glaring idiot mistakes like that but shot worse and so shot a three over in a five over missed out on missed out on the cash by like two strokes. Yeah. I know. That's like, yeah. Though. So yes, thrills thrown by Mark crews. I don't know he likes split from discolored of doing his own thing. I mean, I don't know like him in mahalick used to throw. You know, they used to throw the mob tournaments and. Yeah. But now Mark crews his tournaments are under a dolphin disc golf. So yeah, I don't know what if there's any drama there or what? But we don't really talk about the drama here. This sports, always growing. I mean, whether you're growing with somebody you're going by yourself or just I mean, if you want to plaster cat mob stamps on it, though. I mean, I mean, you're not gonna let me just because you wanna do something different doesn't mean that they're wrong. They're not be falling out. He might feel like well, I move to this place. And now, I don't play with them as much as simple as that. Right. Well, I know you wrapped up let down I have not yet. Oh, wow. We have side of the card, my friend. Jessica we's, the disco process herself. She's shoes. Nice at what she. Yeah. She's yes. She's a stay in that interview does like page Pierce rookie was sake. They were like behind their tables. They're still real friendly. They're like behind their tables. You know, like we said people expect them to be talked to. So there's right because like like, Jessica we's AJ Risley's. Big germ. They were all like just mingling. You know to go talk to page Pearson with sake you had to like go up to their booth. You know, it's not like there was like get or anything. But yeah, I got a feeling I'd try to like finally, Bradley Williams or something. Yes. Dolon do they came in? So I was looking for throw a have you ever tried to Tomahawk? Let me show you the Tomahawk, by the way dollar. My nickname is chief. Yeah. Talk about the females just squeeze the disparate sister. So she's coming out swinging six Pretty's on the day. She impeach tied at two hundred eighteen on machete Kors round two at the culture course, page Bjork kiss was getting in on the action. And she started off a little rough back-to-back bogeys on hold three and four, but she was able to shake it off. And she cleaned the rest of the round carding, seven birdies. The most improved under the radar player on the tour. Rebecca, Cox, she sought a bogey-free round three hundred bucks. It's a real name, man. She's from Cincinnati. Page Pierce was two over par. She's sitting at what kind of horrible. Let's the kid grow up in Hieaux. Of just kidding. Cincinnati's kind of stuff happens in America. Maybe you know, high but not an American. Thanks homer. Jason. Either way, Rebecca Cox. Sheesh. She said she shot a bogey-free round at three hundred page Pierce was two of her par-. She was even after thirty six holes, which I don't think ever said before in round three Serra hokum representing us right hand for hinders. She got a bogey-free seven down on moving day. But just was still in the hunt. Six down for her around three Rebecca Cox shot three under again page Pearson and even round again round for the finals back, of course. Sara hokum another round another seven hundred par just one bogey on hole five or a bogey five on whole seventeen. When she went oh, be Haley king. She finished even for the tournament. Nobis for her in the final round. Just we shot a five down in final tournament. Total fifteen strokes under par. She's your two thousand eighteen let's don't search champion, sir. Hoping finishing second at thirteen under Bjork's third at eight hundred Katrina Alan took fourth at five under page peers fifth place finish at three under Lisa focus and Rebecca Cox tied for six that one down and Hayley. King takes eighth place at an even-par. And I just wanna say thank you to the legislation insurance group all the manufacturers all the sponsors for making all this possible because they brought a bunch of companies out to the turnament. They were five different production crews. So there was tons of coverage on YouTube guys, go give them some views. Nick. Action spelled NYC. They had a few big names on their cars. They had Filo Michael Johannesen kale. The Visco Garrett girthy, including his round three eagle that was telling you about earlier that nobody else did you have to see it. Effing incredible. I was about to say it. Checkout par save productions Nate Doss commentary with a couple of other disco dudes they had some really intriguing cards as well. Nico. Nate sexton. Paul MacBeth, Greg bars be sake was on there. Only a few thousand views for those rounds on their YouTube pages. So go check them out par say productions Nick productions, which spelled NYC. I think you not us fell par and save. The, but you can see all those guys play ledge stoned insurance open that you didn't get see on smash boxes livestream. And you didn't get to see them because they didn't play well enough to be on the Joe pro or or central coast coverage. So glad for like these backup companies show players, man. And you know, what the production qualities their loved their graphic some of them have mad. I mean, they're all they're all they're all uniquely different. And I loved each and every one of them. So you're they're upping their game lately absolutely on I don't know how much disk off on YouTube. It's so wonderful. They sell little there's a little but. Just production companies though, people because the Boston there, but and traveling on I have a nuclear miniature Sunday because of the ads stewed, I'm not even kidding, please. Visit our theme song. No. It's close though. It's my favorite. Well, that's definitely my favorite, bro. Now a longtime ago I was watching. Those due to make the ridiculous food like the gigantic, burgers like big ships. They can strips and Bank streets active mealtime, those guys. Well, epic meal time ever watched one of those videos. Oh, yeah. We'll go to McDonalds and. I only cook on all right today. Like, maybe burger lasagna. So they put like like thirty big Macs on the bottom layer of bacon. And then they did like thirty bacon. She's very strong for gain the mid wet. He's on top of that with biggest in the middle. And then that's excessively. Pretty much, but they do that all the time. And the guy was like, oh you to money baby you to money. So if they get money from the ads, I will watch the ads I've watched three ads I watched five to play at if it's going to do laundry. Oh, yeah. That's great that all those production companies came out. And no, it was really cool. I wrote down in tire list where is it? Either way. I wrote out whole list of five different production companies. They each had for rounds. They're all posted. It was tight. It's not one of those what brings too many notes. I really do. I'm sifting through at eight pages. And I can totally hear them. I in my headphones bought myself a notebook just for the podcast. I have about a half patriot on it. Thanks. No. So we haven't even MVP open though, buddy MVP open. I can John you done with. Let's don't here. I'm absolutely double-edged own. I got the female open. I got my banks. And because I must. Homeless certain time tonight. No, it's not going to happen. It's already has that time. No, I don't even care. It's I had to work early today. Tomorrow. That's all but Eddie did have a couple of years, relax. I'm only like two blocks from home anyway, NBP open, it it was happening like as we were speaking. So the MVP open at maple hill and in LeicesteR, Massachusetts, it's the nightstop on the disco for two or and the final tournament before the championships and Florida in October this tournament also marks the return of your boys. The crush boy Simon that fresh off his victory last week of the year opean championship in Croatia that we talked about earlier, and of course, eagles tournaments since his last appearance at the canopy, stay open in July. So let's see how they fared man round one HOA one par for eight hundred thirty five feet eagle mashes a six hundred foot plus drive, and then plans is up shop for a tap in birdie hole for downhill two hundred and fifty feet OB water directly behind the bass. Ticket James Conrad is not worried about that those jump plots Avia are into the bullseye Nicola Castro nine down going into hold eighteen. But he gets us. I believe around eight down through eighteen for Nico. He's got the so will lead by two strokes over Paul MacBeth, Nate Sexton and Monday, boy, Matt dollar off to around to Ricky was feeling deadly man bogey-free thirteen down with an ace on hole eight that's NICO's infamous. Stop messing that was his Hase. If you've never seen that video. Trevor horrible also infamous race earlier around if you didn't hear me, right? That's correct to aces on the same hole it during the same round. And I say that's infamous because at legis stone last week during around one if you aced whole seventeen you wanna car Trevor Parbel hit dead center heart of the chains? Dude, splashed out and went in the video. He turns around and goes to his bags goes. I don't even get it. What I do. Sometimes holy at maple hill is very similar. They both carry over water to an island green this time. It sticks them in. He gets an ace. But no car sorry after two rounds Simon that was that thirteen hundred par and sorry. But that's it. As writing this round three was underway and the league card was James Conrad. Kelvin heinberg MacBeth and yield raptor legs. So freaky way sake their team at three fifteen Simon that Nate on the chase. Curd pot will the berry and Grady shoe. So what's that lead card again the card was James Conrad? Kelvin heinberg MacBeth and Ricky was Sacchi. Oh, we got our tech guy. Can we get them? Checking scores over here. I'm gonna call a dark horse on this. Yeah. Who you think? Well, how how how Conrad in the lead by? How much was he in the lead by I don't know. What's leader says thing I decided I'm gonna go James Conrad winning. Let me let me into it here. Dude. You are correct. James Conrad one. He got Beth by a stroke maestro by one. Oh, well, I mean for the for the for the total for the round he got Paul MacBeth by three. But for the day. Also, he wasn't in the league one. He was not leave. The last ice. Aw. Nate Sexton was fifteen down. And I don't even see him on this list of Finnish twelve down. But not all right. So James Conrad twenty two down. He's the winter of MVP open take it was thirty five hundred bucks palm MacBeth twenty one. Kelvin heinberg eighteen Grady shoe fifteen. Okay. So everyone pretty much everyone except. Frikkie made it on from the league card kept on Greg bars tied for fifth with hula, Barry, Simon fourteen under eagles thirteen under NICO's thirteen hundred man, not bad round in. Well, let's see where I don't even see Ricky on here. Oh, there is he tied for eighth at thirteen hundred. He was just under an ad. That's all. Stupid ed's. Matt Orem Cameron close laser ten under-. Chris Dickerson out nine hundred with Noah mites. AJ Risley's Eric Oakley, eight eight under titrate teen with Anthony Burrell Steve Brinster's, Chris Clemens. Michael Joe Kayla viscous, Kevin Jones Freeman all the pretty much everybody you'd expect tree Gibson five under don't expect that haters. Alright MVP open in the books. Congratulations. James connor. That's awesome, man. And Indiana what I got to watch around called vice big sexy commentary with him and Michael Johannesen. So you got to see what Michael Hansen looked like when he was young and what James cameras when he's old. A quote about running out of time here in got a few more things he wanted to talk about so bald about Bob that right at the hour to we're already over our time, ladies, and we're going to bring you all the good content. We got you guys wanna hear it. Anyway, mountain Nucor going in doing anyway. Yeah. I don't know much about it. It looks pretty frigging. Sweet. They haven't following on the book. No, no. I mean, I I do fault. But I haven't played in that installed the baskets like today or yesterday, baskets all the baskets around. They're gonna be doing tentative t pads. Yeah, there's something you see that. You think should be addressed like let them know ranch or like us of vita like giant route or something, you know, just let him know should've taken any and all comments and feedback. And I was it's a new course and probably a wonderful area. So I'm sure it's going to be I'm excited you. I'm sure it's going to be great. Oh, yeah. Okay. Let's play just went on. We'll get there soon. We'll bring you review of. Also, new course eulogy challenge. Oh, yeah. Yet their children challenge. It was. It was fun. I participated the musket and the made in made into my bag, dude. At honestly unloved at me the other day, I was playing it's been there with Tomasz, and I had missed probably six putz. I mean, you know, within drastically different services rights ten feet to forty feet. But so I'm on eleven am looking at like twenty footer and I'm looking I'm holding my buzz, and my confidence isn't there? I went back to my bag. I pulled up the maiden. Nice. Then I hit my next six like five or six months after that. Now three for four from the drop zone from whole twelve twenty four they keep switching them. I don't know. Which is which so have you noticed that? Yeah. They're changing the park Mavis complaining things by me twelve and twenty four switching right. Oh, yeah. I did notice the done that a couple of times, you don't know which is which now leave won't make twenty four shirt on. It makes sense. Yeah. File a whole there. Yeah. Get your as. Yep. -solutely? I mean whole twelve I mean, if twelve was twenty four twenty four was twelve the long when where you gotta go around the long for either Matz, it I don't think the long ones should be in Highland whole either. No, just be a whole. Yeah. Kind of like it as an island only because I birdied it like three times the long one. Yeah. Nice. I've also had to go from the drop zone from the jobs on like every time on it. Throwing for four. Where do you put from the drop zone from from Santa though, the cement slab? That's there. I go from the line in the Smiths lab. So it's like sand curb slab. Okay. Just because it's more level there. Right. Yeah. I wouldn't hate on you. If you can't say can't imagine it right now. But I think that's what I I wouldn't be like food. But no, I it's more level like three inches back. Oh, that's all. Yeah. So you like the maiden love the maiden musket made it to destroyed bribes that first round with the maiden. I played better than I thought I was going actually this. I mean into the mid range. Everyone said I didn't really useless though. I mean this because it's under stable and people's they come out in the thrown under stable disc, the first time and get to figure out in under stable disk, tastes more. Accuracy more precision, you need to know. It you need to be precise say, yeah. When somebody gets a when somebody gets a new under stable disk, and they just throw it in turns over on them off stupid disc. It's like no it has a purpose. You just have to figure it out. You know? Operator air ser-. Yeah. Exactly that made man I destroyed bribes the first job with I got all my shot fourteen under actually we came into the half. I thought when we added up the sky. I thought that's right thought fifteen hundred stupid, honest me. No, no. But we are rattling off it was even Tom and we are rattling off star birdie. Starbucks Starbucks at the end of it. And then the last hole, we gotta star par. And I wrote down a star birdie on the scorecard. I was not trying to cheat. I gave everybody that you gave out gave everybody Verdy gave everybody very supposed to give everybody a par. And then even afterwards. I was like holy shit. I shut fifteen down like what I was like that like three times with my whole bag. And then sorry to break. Then you already had our scores written on our on our player card and then. Yeah. And then you're like, let me see this. And then you're like, wait. You're like I didn't get a birdie on on twenty four. You like. I think I was like wait wait, I didn't either Tom. You didn't either? But we caught it. We thought we fixed anyone else. Yeah. And then the second round rolled in. And then Jay Moyer comes in with eighteen down. I'm like your mother. Expect. Yeah. And then he ended up winning. And then I shall the wind came out of like crap the second round the win broiled in. And it was nasty. I went from a four I went from fourteen down to two down finished in fourth that day but chill challenge was blast. Everybody loves the maidens. I got a bunch of them. Yeah. Love the main like the musket. I think I shot seven four because that driver may source secondhand if you throw it on an Anheuser once you beat it in it'll it'll turn over a little more, man. But if you throw it on an Anheuser that thing, we'll fly nice and straight. I'm not comparing it to my heat. But I thought like a shorter version the heat, okay? You wanna hear it's coming up around here. There's some kind of cool. Well, yeah, we got time. I wanted to talk about duly on getting that, buddy. Yeah. All right. So Friday September ninth at the Hampton golf club and Rochester hills. They're having a glow of turn. They do that. Every few months man, nobody ever wants to go with me though. Now, I know I'm not I'm working, I'm working tiger L talking all talk. But I bought him looking at this for other people. I want them to enjoy Gloag off thirty bucks a player to glow discs in drinks, included van. I mean that does sound like a good time to do it. I would bring my bag. I didn't know you've heard of it. So damn. Yeah. I definitely want to go. That sounds cool. Hell. That's Adra September eighth have still not available. But there's a c- tier two rounds of eighteen at Hudson mills for the Hudson mills open, Saturday, September fifteenth, duly doubles. Duly doubles. That's right in the ladies and gentlemen, though, we're not right now. It's not even on the scene yet. No. Doubles tournament duly park in Roseville, roughly thirteen mile and Hayes behind what used to be froggy. What now is called the end of the world berbie throwing temporary nine basket. Eighteen hole. Doubting Verdun doubles redo in two rounds. Duly doubles two rounds. It makes more sense holes. Thirty six SLs. This is basically just for feedback man martyrs to tease rounds we have a horse at a park in Roseville that we may be possibly installing permanently with with and assisting with the city Roseville. So hats off to me, and you and the rest of the guys Justin and whatnot who have dealt with Spindler. And it's kind of been a big giant effort between two groups to get both these courses in and I'm happy for those guys. Now, it's our turn. And I know. We're not going to be able to create another Spindler because they got the vigor headway hill. Sorry, I'm really it'll be it'll be bigger than bras. It'll be smaller than Spindler. So it'll be there'll be something for everybody as far as Royal side now. Yeah, it's still it will now be the third closest course to my house. Yeah. And honestly guys I'm really excited about it. I thrown what I thought it should be an eye thrown it bad. And I've thrown it. Well, and thrown in intermediate -ly to where I mean, the baskets always in different place in my mind and where right wing it, but I'm always taking different pathways. But I think we made good use of the baseball diamond that we've been agreed to us and the soccer field and avoiding the playscape pavilion, but we're using the trees. Yeah. I'm definitely excited, man. Yeah. There's only like one whole one is about the only one that's dangerous going over the par fence. Yeah. And that's if you bomb it, I mean, not. Thumb. Let's throw a four hundred foot drive on three hundred ten foot hole. Yeah. He's got to keep calm. I mean. Yeah. I mean, if you overshoot the basket by about sixty seventy feet. Yeah. It's good. It's a good spot for you can go along the basket and be save. You can get your meter off the wall. What I'm saying is is you'd have to be stupid. Yeah. Or just. Yeah. Dumbly powerful. All right, consigns monster. So yet shot off to Tony Lewinsky and Mike lapenne ski. Yeah. Tony's the parks director that's making all this happened. And then the randomly got teamed up with Mike, I think he's I think he's listening now, so Mike what up crazy. I didn't get teamed up with them. I just got randomly on the same card with them on Friday night league. We started talking and he was like my dad's the one that helped those guys put in Spindler. Now's like oh my God. I was like, you know, I was like Mike batches is my co host like he's working with your dad now unduly, and yeah, it was a. Crazy little coincidence. He just I guess it's not that crazy when pretty Scott at the small world do, but he just started playing and this kid's pretty as only twenty is pretty damn good for guys only been playing a couple of months. Dude. He's already playing leagues with Jay Moyer Schuyler Stoker and Zeca tune on like would SIMS in that debt Bagger Noah, Carol and. Well, shadow to Jeff Schmidt is well because he used the director of Roseville, and the I met up with Tony like a dozen times a couple of times that duly. We thrown duly. Just imaginary do right? He's excited about on excited about it. His while. I'm also his kids are excited about to do. This is going to be great, man. Cool. And don't forget about neck the Saturday after that September twenty second MVP vers axiom Brize. Yup. I was thinking about actually maybe doing it. Yeah. While I mean. Why not thing I'm gonna do it at Tuli? Yeah. Can you change like that? I can't you gotta put up baskets and people aren't happy with temporary bask. I don't care. They can they can eat a dick and shut up. Yeah. People will be way more excited to play course that's ever played. It's not just two hundred foot holes that they know then can and they know how to master everybody who goes out there and throws putter with whenever I do. These. Are you getting to are you getting these discs or he bringing these no this is like a player's package deal? Like, I can't make it. So I can do it. No, no, yes. You've order players PEX, that's like a normal one. I do I don't just like have a bunch of stuff and trying to what are you getting here like three and three two and two three and three you get what you I don't. They haven't even released the disks yet. Can I buy player pacman, I decide up, of course, brother just signed up. And then I'll give it to you. To just don't give me a D N F. You don't get aside. Because I do it at cost. But. Yes. I think I'm gonna do it at duly. We got the baskets for might as well. I mean to my chain star pro if you need to. Yeah. So I don't know. I gotta make that nobody's paid yet. Nobody's signed up that's paid yet. So I can do whatever I want. It's what somebody once you get paid Preregister guy. That's what I don't wanna change things. Because. You know, it's not that everybody cries, but it's like people cry, and you know, what? And if somebody pays signs up for turnament, and you change something about it. They actually have a reason to cry bitch. So I don't ever, you know, whatever I changed something big start time or date or a course I want somebody signed up. I'm like, that's when it's locked in stone. You know? You know? Yup. Yup. Well, Mike anything else? We should. I got some pro stuff, dude. I mean, what's coming up like it's pretty much just it's the end of the season. Dude championships are coming up this golf pro tour and. I can't find the sheet. I fifteen sheets spread out all around. This is madness. Now, I got. I got this Joe mistpro sign. Many. And I'm ready to go. I'm glad you like, dude. I love this. Thank you so much. Yup. Yup. No problem, buddy. United brings on the back from let stone. Well, think about rested up I think so I had a good time. Great to her. Still here. I looked to talking to you. All right, guys. No, I guess the Hudson nuts. Doc in your hand right now, you're already dancing. Get out there and throw guys we'll see next time.

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