Adnan Virk on WWE job, ESPN firing, movie and more


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You're always packing a ton of stuff wherever you go. This has plenty of room in the santa fe so get out there and find new adventures together in the new hyundai santa fe and more about the santa fe by going hyundai. Usa dot com. Welcome everyone to the sports illustrated media. Podcast i'm your host jimmy train of thank you for listening. Great show today. I'm not virk. Who is the new play by. Play man for monday night raw and also worked for mlb network nhl network dozen podcasts worked at espn and is a huge movie. Fan got the oscars this sunday. If you're listening before sunday the twenty whatever. It is sixth Lot of talk about his career are joining. Wwe firing from espn Bouncing back having so many jobs and then tons of movie and tv talk with Annan it was very very very very fun conversation so check that out in a moment let me i tell you that if you missed any reason episodes if you're gambling fed todd furman was on last week. You know him. If you're in the gambling world we talked about a bunch of things related to sports betting so make sure you give that a listen andrew marshon on a bunch of sports media news two weeks ago. Wwe fans listening for adnan. Virk adriaan three weeks ago. Check that out and scott van pelt four weeks if you missed any of those give a lesson in the archives subscribe to the media podcast and if you can rent review that helps as well. I am plugging. let's get to a non virk right now. Right here on the media podcast. Join me now. This is usually where like. I list the jobs but if i think i think if i did that it be here till about may so. We'll skip it and go through it when we start getting into the conversation. His latest job is the play by play man for monday night raw. Wwe on the usa network a non virk non. Has it going. I'm doing great jimmy first time long time. I'm glad we finally get to catch up. You can ask whatever you like. We're gonna go in different directions. But i'm going to give you my feedback. I saw my favorite episodes have included robert floors lawrence shahada teammates. Mlb network vamp. Easy great talking about bad beats james jamila. Hbo book and i share kinship. An adoration of the sopranos. And the larry sanders show. It's one of the all-time great shows. I remember all my god. I listen. I tell people like i was before my time ago. That's like beethoven was before my time. But i can still appreciate. Hemingway was before by tom. I can go back and read. The old man too see sanders shows the best. So i i'm eager to finally chat with you. I hope things are well. I really appreciate that always bizarre to me when someone actually listened when i hear that someone actually listened to the podcast. I still think there's like four people listening. When i do this and i i mean i've written column for a site for like fifteen years and i still think like four. My friends read it. No women someone says You i'm like oh my god you read it. I feel the same way about my own work. So i appreciate it. It's bizarre on the sopranos. Guys have been the best ever today. Sopranos listers right. Now who are like me. And jimmy listened to sharpen imperial when they're on jimmy's body shoddy. Listen they're talking sopranos but those guys were great. They were really good that that turned out. You know it's one of those things where you have the mind and you think. What don't we know about the sopranos like. What can we possibly discussed that. People don't know about you. Know what i mean. And it's you know my dream interview is probably larry david and even with him. You know everyone knows. The show's not scripted. Eh you know. It's hard to get. But i thought imperial lee and And they they. They did a good job when i had them on west summer. So i was impressed with that. Larry larry i can get into the larry sanders by just say this if i went back and watched it during the pandemic when we were corentin it holds up. Oh yeah definitely holds up. The shows that the finale is the best episode of the entire show. Out finale. remember correct. Jim carey was unbelievable. That followups oh goodbye. He was the first seen. thank god. He's watching the mets ends with the three of them together. Already an hank. And and i never until i started working in television i realized how prescient that show was. It is so exacting from the needy insecurity and self absorption of the host the to the ho producers to the doofus sidekick like corner o'brien. One said he goes the best thing that show nailed is the combination of god. I love this so much. And i gotta get out of this. Larry has a duality. it's basic rip torn on. That show is just beyond brilliant. Just one of the best if you google rip. Torn one liners from that show. It's unreal and appetite tells great stories about obviously. Yes it you know. It's funny we'll get into all the sports stuff and raw and everything else and you'll yard that joshua's run topic. I'm just curious because you do. Have the movie podcast. Yeah sinophile of adnan virk. And i guess it's going to deliver libertad. The new lebatardshow setup passion for tv as movies or is it movies. I tv second. Would you say they're like one. A one b. Yeah it's one. Eight one bay jimmy growing up doors score. I still do and i said okay. I'm going to be like martin. Scorsese's remember when i went to ryerson. Which was the university of toronto and immigrants. There's no way my parents were going to pay for film education. Is that no. So mike clever idea was i was gonna major in radio and television arts which i did and i said robert altman. My favorite book is easy. Riders raging bulls And coppola lucas. And almost director the seventy s and one of those is robert altman. And that's interesting all tv director. And then he said film and said okay. I'll tell my parents going to school for broadcasting. They're going to dream that. I'm like on sixty minutes. But although the tv directing thing go to movies. And instead i started there. And i took like a film one a one class and was terrible at directing and you know when people ask you for advice. I always tell them. It's not what you love. It's what you're actually good at. So even though. I wanted to be a director. I was actually horrible at it because i had no visual sense and as you can tell i'm very voluble so it's all but words rather than pictures so i always said okay. I'd love to work in movies when that didn't work. I said this is a natural segue. Broadcasting of course always been a sports fan. Yeah 'cause i'm more of a tv that movie guy but the oscars of this week in nine years so we'll get into all that let me let's start raw though because it was a fascinating announcement when it came out. Were i mean. I love you. Know one of my one of my good friends who have had on the podcast. The bunches cal. Brandt and i love. I love the trajectory of someone's career. You know he was on the real world in days of our lives rome and now going football you started. Espn going through it. You covered everything there. Mlb college football college basketball talk shows. And now you've got mlb network. Disown monday night raw you when when when the monday night. Raw thing came up. What was your first reaction. I love the fact that when you said. I've still astounded when you actually see those words driven jimmy. This actually be true. The way it went down as nick was by longtime agent and of course. He's now the president. Wbz and you know this is a relationship business so you have a good relationship with somebody that means something. And when nick latino i smoked him and thanked him for all he did for me and my family. I'll always be so grateful to nick and his stewardship and mentorship. And and i said something the effect a if there's anything for me now let me know. Okay sure never thinking it would come to fruition and i. My understanding is that w. w brain trust wanted. A voice wanted something different. And michael cole. Who in addition to being the voice of smackdown is obviously part of the brain trust and he was talking to my agent. Matt olsen. who in many ways is nick. Protege and said okay you know. Who's the guy in russia. Think my bill to do this. What about adnia. that's intriguing. Done anything like this. As you said a lot of things that he s been virtually everything so they sent stuff. I'd call boxing zone etc and then i went to the audition but cheer point. It's one thing to say. Oh there's mutual interests it's another thing that they can actually get the job. Like when i flew down for the audition. You've done this jogging. Well hey why not. Why wouldn't you at least try this. But i called a few matches and everything seemed to work out and when they actually called and said you've got the job. I was floored but your point. It's also about managing everything. We're in a very tricky time. In the world in terms of kobe traveling. I've a fulltime job with major league baseball. So i was a great going to do this. That i'm able to travel and overcome quarantines as you can see in the last month and a half. The world has improved immeasurably in america as april. Third the cdc said if you're fully vaccine you can travel mesko quarantining as i am. So it's been a lot of excitement and elation mixed with trying to balance all the different balls in the air but when it came to your point i felt like i was jumping out of a birthday cake. It's opposite marilyn monroe but imagine imagine. Imagine keeping that surpri jimmy. I told five people my parents so tell me. Announcement came out a week ago. Let's see monday was twelve was twelve. When did you know you got the job. So i addition february fifth. They told me in february. Got the job. But then i had to get. Mlb to sign off marks. That took some time the vaccinations. Ww basically said. The job is yours if you want at the end of february. Yeah if. I'm if that secret till april twelfth. That's impressive in this business isn't it. I always joke it. I said i told my parents my brother my wife and one of my kids. I have four kids. I told one of them as you can't breathe a word to it since your point in this business. That's pretty wild. Yeah couple of a couple of things on the wwe gig. We'll tell me first. What is your history as a wrestling fan like. Were you in it. You know saturday mornings and the in the eighty. I don't even know if you were born in the eighty s and saturday mornings and had an on but like where did it start with it. And winning a pickup. Take me through. That shirt was a kid. I was certainly a rabid fan. I mean i wish by still have the hulk maniac shirts. I had as a kid but my brother would watch it all the time and i'm sure anybody who had siblings listening knows what it's like to replicate moves and imitated being canadian. I mean i'll never forget the wrestlemania six at skydome. When it was all vs warriors. I remember the time that was like the highest rated event most fans ever an event. Skydome like it was. It was breathtaking spectacle. It was demolition my favorite tag team. But like i mean. That era is unreal. I mean particularly hog output were ric flair. I mean that that whole generation of stars. I think anybody my age loves and adores and then when i worked at the score which was first major job in toronto which was a national sports network. The best ratings we had was wbz content so we actually had and smack story. Wilson interviewed other stars. When they've come through i worked at. Espn got so many jobs. Different things as you said you kind of move away from it but that natural fandom and enthusiasm has never waned in such respect to the operation. I know you're a fan as well as i tell people i go. I have a full respect and appreciation. what wb does. I'm amazed at anybody who would not give me an all time favorite story. Line that sticks with you. Well i mean listen anything with bobby. The brain heenan just thought he was such a mastermind. I just watch it because this guy. So clever if the ways manipulating everything. I thought his smarts was great. I mean probably the best to ever do it from broadcasting standpoint and i thought it was amazing and that that was always interesting to me is a little guy i wasn't saying. Hey i wish i was santana nailing a flying forum more like man. Jim mouth of the south. Jimmy hart is unbelievable. I love those tend to be icier million dollar man but we they pull the strings love dulles guys now one of the things that struck me as interesting when it came out that you got the job and then you know because you know i'm a wrestling fan and then i'm sort of like you know covering media for s i sure and one of the things that struck me that i thought was interesting and a little scary for you is. I mean you got right into it monday night raw a month. Doing this show a month doing that. Show maybe you know were you okay with that. Would you like some practice shows. I know you call two matches or something like that. But that's not really doing. Three hour telecast live on a monday night what about jumping right into it with no sort of. I don't want practice but you know a little experience under the belt. No you're right. I mean that's why they say. Ignorance is bliss for agassi learned. Fans that listen. The right after media is a huge deal. You're making her debut. There is an absolutely. But i'm of the opinion. It's baptism by fire. At your point. I call the few matches off a monitor. But you really only gonna new at once. You're in the chair. I can only watch the people doing it so much. So my thing is how like a diet. I've someone trying to lose the same twenty pounds for twenty years but it's not really start. It's where you finish. So you're gonna let suppose i'd done a month of matches that first night talking to be bumping you're still gonna make mistakes. You're only going to get better by doing it. So i could understand if they had said he wants to do something else. I but at the same time. I respected the fact that they had conference amita and listening to what. Go out and get this done and i should mention. I'm burying the leader of the fact that with corey graves and byron saxton. When i knew. I had those guys at okay. They're really putting me in a position to succeed. Like graves is like herbstreet. I worked to them. And i said man he can do play by play. Any can do color as a former wrestler. He knows it byron party. I said you know byron. same thing. He has all the elements of great broadcasting along with phantom. So i said okay you know what it is a big time spot. But they're giving you a great team around you kevin dunn producing etcetera and to your point. Listen i auditioned to the job. I mean if they didn't think i was good enough to do it. They wouldn't give me the gig addition they liked we go. Was there any hesitation. Your part was it a yes right away. All yes right away. I mean the only concern. I would have had is as i've been joking. I've got more jobs than kids so with on through that before there is a chance i mean i guess you know you never know but people get thrown into that announce table basically on a regular basis. You even though you're the play by play man there could end up being some physicality to it at some point or not intentional. Your anybody who's ever denigrated me. I'm praying for this. Thank god he's gonna get a steel chair crosses back but to your point night. One when drew mcintyre got thrown to the table. I did not know that what's coming and you can watch. The tape will quickly see corey and byron bail than as an idiot did not better. I just hung in there. This scottish warriors landing on the table in front of me so they too. I realized when they come. You gotta run so a little different than being in the studio baseball. Mlb network it's a caucus. Exactly dan please sack is not going to throw off. He disagrees the by opinion or bill. Rip never so it was definitely jarring but fun at the same time and to your point when you get opportunities like this you gotta say you and i know how fickle this businesses these. These rarely come around. Just say s and figure it out. Now i know michael cole was sort of the catalyst in getting you the job. Have you met in person face to face vince yet. I have yeah. I met him after the second show and he was great. He was released supportive. He'll give good feedback and he. I don't know if you wanna is he in your headset during raw i was. He's giving real-time feedback. I definitely know what he's feeling but now it's interesting when when you're there it's like as a lifelong fan. There's so much that goes through your mind when you see. Vince mcmahon like obviously you think of him what he's done on the air but then i was. I was telling my friends who go. This is one of the great american success stories. Ever have had a doubt right if you think back like oh better himself with i. So many of the fact that this is going into this a global entity. It's kind of remarkable. Like as i was talking to him. It's tough not to just think about all these accomplish amazing. I've always said that if you take it. I've always said that if there was going to be one documentary. I want made from the sports world. S i'm counting. Ww in the sports world so if some asshole on twitter it on tv and say it's not a sport. I think by far and away. The number. One person for that. As vince for me at least i because there's so much we you know in this day and age we we sort of know everything about everybody. We don't know much about vince. I think simmons is is doing something. i think. There's something in the works. Maybe with simmons doing it i remember. I spoke to simmons when he had the phenomenal. Andre the giant doc on hbo and you know. I asked about another wrestling dock. And he said he wanted to be vince and love to see that one day for sure. I couldn't agree more because just because you said like i can't think of any other corporation or operation of that size and popularity. Were somebody's that involve dated. Yeah right most corporations sl or is bannon. We'll be now we have bosses but they're not literally day to day going through everything. I mean that kind of passionate work ethic. I think it's unparalleled that really do now. Wrestling fans can be. Let's just say there are unique bunch. Because i've experienced that myself. I've had wrestlers on this podcast. And i see the ones that come in and i just can't believe what i'm reading started jumping but i love edge fellow canadian. Worry well read here. It's seventy two books. He was great. I yeah he was great But the broadcasting is very very important to wwe fans and listen. I've said this means anyone who's calling anything any play by play person analysts. Don't check twitter. Don't look at twitter. Yea stay away. it's not worth it But wrestling fans are sort of another level. Have you experienced any positive. I don't know. I haven't checked so i don't know if it's been positive negative. Sure there's only been two weeks so for me. I'm not going to write a column of someone doing something for two weeks. But obviously fans don't care have you checked feedback and if so what has it been like so far. What are the great piece of advice. Michael sediment amigos listen. Whatever you do. Please don't check social media. And not and he goes no. I'm serious about this because no one listens and then they check it and either way jimmy. It's not good if you're great doesn't matter if they say your awful that also doesn't matter like there's one man's opinion matters. Don't lose sight of that. What was funny is i get home. And i took michael's advice to heart. And i'm talking to my wife. She's had to go. And i said all right now. I made some mistakes and stuff. I'd like to get back but according barak great. I think i'll get better. I thought this was good. And and i only really get better by watching. It's when i watched the whole show. I watched start to finish. I haven't yet for the second one. But i will say okay. That was better than i thought. It was worse than i thought. And i think when you make a mistake again you'd like to make zero mistakes. You want thousand but he can make a mistake. Don't make the same mistake twice just learned from it right starts saying all. This person tweeted this. This one says why would you tell this. I called my parents jimmy and they got same thing some other go. Yeah you're checking twitter. And off for god's sakes it's amazing to me that when people are looking for feedback social media is you and i both know each generally place where people are spewing vitriol and is not whether saying man train us great. I love his stuff right right and you know it's and i do think you know you're going to have. They're going to be wrestling fans out there whether this is justified or not. Who probably just going to have sort of a negative impression of you. Not even based on what. You're calling just have a wrestling background. There used to ross so right off the bat. That's so that's what you really can't take it seriously. Yeah right. I think and certainly people were going to have that impression. Who's interloper network television world in my domain. He does not we do things here. You go all right. Listen i think of the great ernie harwell line. Of course the tigers play guy. He said that when you start a new job people are initially resistant. And they're gonna crush in no matter. What just because they're like whatever and he goes after you're there for a year two years whatever whatever it is. he said. It doesn't matter if they like you or they hate you. they just get used to you. I think ultimately happened there. There will be fans will say. I can't stand him. But i've been listening to him for so long. I have no choice. And as you. And i both know ultimately leader watching the event like who cares of the announcers are well. I push back on that a little bit only for on monday night raw. Does it matter like like you said about the mistakes to me and this goes across all sports. I've said this before. A broadcaster push messes up a name as his up number to me. That's so you're doing live tv three hours. There's going to be a mistake in there. You don't wanna blow a game winning call of course and the mistakes have that is not how i would judge. That's not how i judge brought. I mean listen if you're making fifteen mistakes a game. Yeah then there's going to be an issue but a mistake one or two on a name is not the end of the world. If you're doing a good job and everything else. But i will say on the i push back only a little. Because you know the case of like jim ross. For instance ooh. Wwe probably swami mentioning this because he's related but like he added a lot to a lot of matches so there you can do that But yeah that's a lifelong die in the business became sort of their iconic broadcaster. But he you can add. I definitely think you can add to the to the matches Which i think just takes time in your case when it's been two weeks notice. I'll be clear you can enhance the broadcast. My point is only simply as you've written your commerce said to people you're gonna watch superbowl regardless right. I like jim nance or not. But i i do. A great broadcast could certainly enhance the product. That's true yeah now tell me. I need the your schedule. Now gimme the schedule. Now that you have because i did raw obviously two nights ago on monday and then you're on baseball baseball network. What the hell is that. Mlb network on tuesday. And then you have all these other jobs mixed in taping pot to podcast. You do the movie podcast. Then you have a gm shuffle podcast. What is i need the weekly schedule. Take me throw it. Sure so i'll give you this week. So yeah sunday. Sunday morning with my eldest son. Twelve year old yousef had grows baseball game so that was great. Came home are nine for in two quick sunday brunch together then i balanced flight gets the sunday night to florida raw on monday. Tuesday morning six am flight tampa atlanta though direct that early at leads it's newark land at ten thirtyish and then eleven. Am meeting. i'm into mlb network. Eleven thirty. i did a show called the rundown of me and bill ripken from three until four. Dan o'dowd involved as well came home. Tape stuff for zone. Disown has nfl rights in canada. So i'm doing some mock drafts with draft coming up as you know next week so tapes himself stuff there. Everybody has a mock draft. Oh my god you're not breathing. You don't have a mock draft. let me tell you. What's the lines at seven. Okay sure you know. Knocked it out and then today admi did some radio in toronto. I do radio hits nine o'clock the gm shuffled michael lombardi. Again we did our mock drafts what to expect. Now i'm talking with you tonight. I'm gonna do interview chase claypool. Of course still just who's canadian. He's gonna do his version for zone tomorrow. I've got baseball. Mlb network the day after that of the nhl which also owns it will be networked. And then saturday baseball wellman sundial fly so they do. The movie podcast. Let's just reminded me advising normally tape on tuesdays and of course the oscar on sunday. So the good news. Is you know with podcasts. It's at home it's loose. I've got some notes but we're free between all this trying to catch up on the wwe story lines and stuff like that one hundred percent. So that's the big thing. Is you know it's not just plug and play. Michaels doesn't just shop all right guys. We got it's still a matter of keeping up just going on the website watching youtube videos trying to learn all the finishing moves the verbiage strike as as you said it. It's a law. But i think you have to embrace the challenge. You have to realize that you're only going to be as good as the preparation. Your work ethic us now. You mentioned you doing. Mlb network nhl network. You have raw nfl stuff at espn. Did college football. Do you have one favorite sport. Baseball's always been my favorite sport. So i mean growing up in eastern ontario. It was always baseball in the summer and hockey in the winter. So i'm grateful to baseball tonight for so many years and i would be able to act nine years. What was your highlight. I think probably the number one. Now that you're asking me this but the number one day was when i filled in for bob lee and outside the lines and then i got in the car and filled in for obermann when he was doing a show in new york. And i said you know. That's a pretty tough when the police so you could probably and keith olbermann the same day. That's pretty good but the second would be. I got to call games at yankee stadium. Wrigley field fenway park as a baseball lifer the fact. I've got to call those games and go to the world series. That's always been my favorite. Mlb network but amazing. And i should say against thanks to rob mccleary my bosses are you know jimmy other companies would say. Listen you're ours. And this is it the fact that the allied you do other things shoddy stuff for turner bass urging works on. Espn that's really cool that they allow us to do that. Yeah well listen in this business. I mean almost everyone has more than one job. It's i mean you're a little over the top but we gotta do you gotta do you know. Obviously you had this famous dismissal from espn years ago. Did you ever think then when that was going on that you'd end up in this position i mean because there is this thing i think it's not i don't think it's it used to be where like if you're in sports network for espn or you look over his pants the end of the world. But we've seen it now over and over with you know. Dan patrick is in etc. There is life after his pin But you've really edit a ton to the resume. So what when that happened. Did you ever think you'd get to this. There's no way i mean it's beyond my wildest dreams made that point assist. Okay take a deep breath. Let's get through this faith. Family friends all right. How did we get through this. And i think the biggest thing is people told me people who have lost jobs and try to bounce back this you know as cliche as it may sound. ignore the setback focused on the comeback. But the most important things this it's character and reputation and your actual work so they said you know people perspective employers say. Is this guy gordon or not. You see him on television or on the radio or podcasts. Can he deliver or not. Does he have the chops. And then furthermore everyone knows everyone in this business you know. They're going to tax people go. What kind of guys. He is you guys. Bad guy is easy to work with difficult. So i think if you have actual talents god given talent and you're actually a good person people. Well hope that things work out for you but your point. I never would have imagined sixty two years later. I don't want to rehash what happened. Everyone knows what happened. I'm just curious when you look back now. Do you think it was fair. What he is handed it. It's interesting i think at the time. Obviously it was very upsetting. And you don't even really kind of because you're in that bubble it's hard to be objective about it. You know i think. It was an overreaction on their part but at the same time you know it's a major corporation that they're overseeing an and i understand how public sentiment appear to be on my side. And i said well of course it is like. I'm the little guy from canada and they're big bad monolithic. Espn so it's not always a fair argument with things get framed but in my view i thought it was over reaction. I thought it was necessary but at the same time jimmy. All that i'm doing now is based on the nine years that i put their right to this day. People still go that. espn guy. So i the seven to two hours of tumultuous ending. It never erases the good feelings of nine years. They had all the friends that i keep in touch with and all the great relationships so i think in the moment it's maybe it's kinda like a relationship ending right in the moment camping. She dumped me. How could you do this to me. I'm a good guy an effort to go. Hey know what it all works out for the best and incredibly grapefruits worked out for the best. Yeah i think too. I mean it's been proven out. I mean what you did is not something that you prevent you from getting other jobs. So i'm not the bounceback shouldn't be that shocking. Because it wasn't. I mean there i mean people get like oh for so much worse. I mean that that definitely seemed a bit over the top at the time. So yeah i think that's always tricky to say okay. You know whenever something happens. If k what was the action who is the person who your point. It's almost like you get copper. Speeding all right and you get thrown in jail but go ahead wait a second. It seemed like how many times has this happened where this happened. Let's get through this first defense. That kind of stuff. Well and you're gonna have people like me defending you because we want people to leak stuff to us so we can't really say this is a scrape but he was leaking information. You know the funniest thing is what i had people who were again listening on my behalf like you should listen to marcia and trainer said okay. I'm trying to get a job right now. But you gonna be a transcript of what they say about me. I here's what you should be now. You should be bragging about the fact that you got the wd wwe monday night. Rajab in february and it didn't come out until april twelfth. Like you've proven that you could you know go tell you should have been leaked exactly the top live here yeah it. It's funny too. Because i got laid off. I left this. I went to foxsports got laid off and luckily by and like you said you know it's once you survive those first few days. It's sort of like almost anything. I see this with people when they get these twitter. Controversies like you you to take forty eight hours and just do nothing. And then you'll see it you know if anyone's out there looking for like broadcasting advice like just you know if there's a there's insanity take two days to just relax and then you can sort of focus and go forward. Yeah but i think probably both sympathetic individuals but what happens when you go through it. You become even more empathetic. So what they've gone through. The last year particularly sports media seeing friends lose their jobs in the business. You really feel for them. But that's why. I make the effort. And i think i did before but now especially the call in texas. Hang in there to get through it this past year. What's it been like few in terms of in terms of work working from home. Not a problem. don't like it. I mean so many jobs. So i would imagine you know you gotta get used to it but that doesn't mean you like it. Yeah i one of our other favorite seinfeld. It's like. I'm just tired of seeing people's background. I don't care about your kids and your dogs and you're like i want to see you in the studio now. I the same way like especially. I'm a huge talk. Show fan obsolete. Zander's going back fictional talk show. But like when i'm watching colbert ever came on. I was like this. Just isn't the same seeing them in their dead right. Like i'm tired of it was cool for like two weeks. Yeah i feel like everyone should be out of their element a little bit sometimes but after like two weeks yeah it it definitely got all. Yeah but now it's your point you have to be malleable. You just have to adjust my biggest fear. Is all these kids run around. Someone's gonna make some noise. That's always my thing michael. How unprofessional but to your point. Civil go makes us like voice but kids voter rail the viceroy. Listen that's life. I'm thinking i just hit me now. I i'm an idiot for not realizing this to like you still haven't called an event. Wwe you've only done tweaks but no fans. Yeah that's going to be. God is going to be an experience and a half when you finally get to do roll with fans in the stands you tell people bad. Listen this is all great fodder for the book like chapter seven. Wwe like the first time. I'm calling raw with fans there. It's going to be electric. i can't even imagine. forget twitter. you'll get it right in your face. The thing that's the thing though. Say it to your face. So rustling fans might. They might be the one group who well the thing. Is you have to have a sense of humor about it. Like it's it's the old axiom right. Take take your workers. They don't take yourself seriously. And like i think joe buck is a great example of somebody who always great with twitter. I'm just cheering against your team. Yeah that's exactly this is about have you gotten i mean like i said it's only been two weeks but have you gotten to know any of the. Wwe superstar is a little bit. I'm sure you've probably just had. Maybe i don't know if you've had more than just brief conversations. But i mean know i have him on this podcast when i can because it's a fascinating lifestyle and life. Is you know like a guy. Like roman reigns live out. A bunch mean when he comes on. He's one of the greatest guys and you know he was on one about magilla seinfeld like you. Don't get any of that when you watching. Wbz program you could. Bonnet roman reigns shrink. Okay let's go so But there you know fascinating people in what obviously what they do. No one else in the world does so from that standpoint. It's very unique. Oh it's amazing. Jimmy and you know because you're a fan of it but like when i first went through for the dishes i was at the athleticism is incredible. It's i i'm watching it. It's like a movie like you're watching people behind the scenes at so well orchestrated so smart. Okay i'm going to try this flip and this suplex and this year that like anybody who can't appreciate this clearly lost unless you see it up close and personal. I recommend anyone once. We can actually go back to a live show. This is so intricate. But your point. I've met them backstage. Kindest cursory conversations. But everyone's really friendly. Very welcoming biggie. I was so happy when i met him. He was okay. Hey guys to watch like oh thanks. It's your point full onto them. Sports fans yeah right so all these played in college. Yeah exactly so. That's pretty fun background as well media. Podcast is brought to you by progressive. Have you tried the name your price tool yet. It works just the way it sounds. You tell progressive how much you want to pay for car insurance and they'll show you coverage options that fit your budget. 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I give me a comedy drama with some realism mixed in so the only two movies i've seen this year borat and coming to america so let's start with that given your review of both of those i thought it was fascinating and i said on my podcast and a foul which as you mentioned was previously on cadence thirteen now with metal arc media which is the dan le vian either way. It's interrupt you mentioned backgrounds before if anyone's watching on youtube your background is phenomenal. You don't have the talk shows with all the bullshit parts and nobody reads. You've got one poster and it's it's your sinophile but from. Espn a fire. You gotta rip that down thing. I've figured a way just to get a magic marker. Espn pin thing. On how amateur hour set up. But i thought it was amazing. Jimmy and i tell people like that guy. Sacha baron cohen is like daniel day. Lewis okay method. That's method acting like literally when he is thinking. Those guys houses that was in character for a week. This isn't a couple of takes. All right caught us regroup. He's like that all the time. I don't care if you like politics. I don't care if you like the movie or appreciate messaging. It's remarkable work is doing. I wish it was up for best actor. I'm glad the film is at least received recognition. Maria back is up supporting actress rush. Might when i don't think she will either up or screenplay might win. But i honestly understand. This guy should with an academy award. It's remarkable the. Does he really should have been nominated for the first one. I loved the second one too. Yeah i i enjoyed it. The first one is really remarkable what he did. I thought you know the second one. He's got some experience with it but But if you watch a lot of movies someone like do what you care for. More than anything originality you want something fresh when cisco lieber i raised about fargo and i was in college watching. It kept saying. I've never seen a movie like fargo. It's your point it's a comedy it's a crime film. It's a drama it's a harkening to pass films etc so it's like a movie film festival with the first one. It was so audacious asics. It's very rare to say. I've never seen anything like this. Before and again as larry sanders guys shanley was a big influence insurance. Such a bird colonies. Schilling was unbelievable in terms of helping them know that. Yeah watch the documentary. That on sailing session. Brian cone is in there and he goes. Gary would send me notes in the first. Borough was amazing. I did not know that that's unbelievable. And he said he goes growing up in england. Because there's bbc one which was like eastenders. These classic shows bbc to more avant garde shows. and that's the larry sanders show was me and my buddies all said this is the best show on tv. So it really inspired. I was a huge fan of sasha baron cohen from the alley do show on. Hbo and i remember watching that. Now i don't know. Did you watch that when it was on originally on friday or saturday nights at like eleven o'clock midnight and i remember watching it and this was before twitter so i miss that feeling like i would be watching going. This is anyone else. Does anyone see what's going on here. Is anyone else seeing the show. This is the most unbelievable thing i've ever seen if the media which nobody else picked. That's what it felt. It felt like i was blown away and go from ali to borat to bruno and it was unlike anything i'd ever seen before and so when i knew borat would be good just based off that i had no doubt. And you don't wanna do that. Sometimes because things don't live up to the obviously seeded the hype. Oh yeah the funny is when you actually see him in interviews. He's so eloquent and articulate and passionate go well you know it takes an intelligent person to play the fool right. Tackle the other way around but he can really dive into it before coming to america. You mentioned them. So i'm just curious were you were you into movies. Where you big siskel and ebert guy. I would've when people ask me my favorite tv shows i'll start listing through curb your enthusiasm. Larry sanders show the sopranos homicide life in the street. Siskel nira they go away. Why go that's one of the greatest shows ever and you know this and the media you can't throw a stone five minutes and go. That shows influenced by cisco neighbor crossfire. I take first things first. It's all cisco neighbor. One guys arguing here. I go back and watch oakley sometimes if you want them arguing about the doors. It's amazing and if forbes so much of my education as as a cinematic fan because there were so passionate and you could honestly see both sides of the argument and when they really agreed like do the right thing. Hoop dreams like they. They were champions for films like that. So it's funny. You say that i went. I did. I went back into the rabbit hole and watched a bunch of them. A couple of you know what i did. I did it when coming to america. Came because i wanted to see their review of the first one one liked it didn't and then i watched a bunch of their reviews. You know i'm a big howard stern guy. So i watched their review of private parts. Which was fascinating to say. They love geometry right. I think they nailed the fact that this guy great and no one knew who he was at the time and they had high praise for. I always i knew them. I watch their show but also they were great guests on howard show so that i was curious review. It'd be because back then. Everyone was repulsed by howard. Who's in the media. And they loved him so that sort of i was intrigued by that and yeah that show was for that time was really really groundbreaking and you know all about chemistry all chemistry hugely influential and the fact that like they're literally the catchphrases still remember. The balcony is closed the fact that two thumbs up took off and some people like despise the film criticism because they said listen. We're used these long-form elaborate pieces from pauline kaelin andrew cyrus and now it's being reduced to two thumbs up like we are dumbing down since i like the way the way twitter has done this thing but it's like i am elaborate. I wanna be as garrulous as possible talking about these reviews. I don't want twelve seconds. I don't want rotten tomatoes giving eighty three percent. that means it's good so i think they're unfairly. Criticized read egrets. Prim reviews were amazing. He can go illitch at ten thousand words driver and it's really really exceptionally well written but their chemistry to your point off the air not always close friends like there's a great documentary rodr which they call cut and they start sniping at each other you keep screwing this up. You keep doing this. I was like it was genuinely animosity. Was there as well. It was great outtakes of them on youtube. If you haven't seen it so coming to america to what was so high expectations like all of us. And then you go okay. I was lucky enough. You know. I get to see the screen or ahead of time. Because i interviewed every louie anderson and by the way was great. He was on the podcast. Wonderful guy really salt of the earth and he's not nearly enough for my liking but anyways when they you know this when they give you a screener mcgee a couple interviews okay. Well human nature. You don't wanna crush the thing now. They did give me twenty minutes of lawyers and watched the way. And i go all right. All the best jokes are the rehashes and retreads the original. So anytime a steeple comes out the key. Is you have to have the dna of the original but then extended an ad in new information and i thought the callback the barbershop scenes. Of course incredible. We can have a whole movie of that. There's a movie called barbershop. And spiral eddie murphy. Did but i thought the new material wasn't enough to carry. It felt a little softening diluted. Feel like we just became best friends just as mama arabia because what happened was i got the i mean. I was waiting for this movie. I think eddie is the funniest person of my lifetime. I was waiting for this movie. Obviously the first one is one of my favorites of all time. Yeah and i got a screener. I did a giveaway in my column and train of thoughts. Watch the movie and was like a boy. And i couldn't sweet about it which you know in this day and age is like not being able to breathe right. Here's my here's what i felt like eddie was barely in it. Yeah he's not he's throwing he should be in every scene right. It was like a small supporting member of the mood. What yeah what. I believe it. Yeah and i get the facts that the gang back together again. We want all the people there. But john was barely in it then. Like what are you do like. I guess it way too much to the sun way to the sun and i think here's the other part of it too personally. They had like whatever seven different scripts over the last thirty years. I wanted to say. And i see the other six scripts like this is the one that you know what took a long time but now like i'm a little surprised. Cheer point but when you see it. And you're cautious about what to say. Owen gleiberman the great critic for entertainment weekly variety. He tells a story about. Ben affleck because you know africa if you meet him. He's a very charming disarming guy. But i had to be honest about his reviews so he goes. You know i'd meet him. We'd be talking to anybody and you really across daredevil. Aided julie on these guys are reading alflex credit he knew he enviros. Like i gotta do it man and he goes argo was made. I said ben. this is you. You're such a smart guy. You're a great director acting. You weren't getting good roles but funny it. Just imagine if you. And i meet eddie murphy. One day and he goes. I am so the sequel give. I'm slightly distracted because they just a tweet. That new york is officially now signed the bill. That will bring mobile sports betting to new york. So i wanna jump out of my chair and start celebrate. Fasching elicit bad beats you inventhelp. Besides godfather to is coming to america. What's the best sequel of all time. You can't say the godfather to us but to say because that is the correct answer. That's i think. I think part of strikes back is pretty good. You know. I think they actually did a really good job with that. In terms of trying to have the elements of the first one little bit darker and going to different direction. It's really hard especially with comedies. Like i find back. The future to actually think is reasonable. I don't think this as the first one. But i think it has good elements of science fiction and still elements of the love and the story. But it's oftentimes just focus on the negative ones like fletch lives. I guess is all right. Caddyshack to is memorably awful and it's a very short list. It's got further to empire strikes back back to churchill. That's about it. I'd give i'd give you a sequel. I liked but you'd probably hang up zoom too. I love it dancing on the ladder match. If that's your rationale jimmy. That i can accept it. Tried to describe the cinematography the storytelling like michelle pfeiffer amid. All you gotta look at me you look hold on rider. Oh my god that move on. Because i think it's roger ritz review. Shell pfeiffer in the fabulous baker boys it is. You got to look it up. I'm messing it up at the first couple of lines were michelle pfeiffer. Too tight red. Slinky dress dances on a piano. The rest of the movie is also quite good. It's one of the most famous. Roger would not get away with that review in twenty twenty one. That's for sure. Noah give me. I don't the oscars sunday. I don't care about what's nominated give you worth. Give me three movies in the past year. That anyone listening to this podcast needs to watch. I'm glad you said that. Because i get confused. People say the ostra sunday. What should i watch and i say okay. Do you want me to tell you what's going to wait. What i think is good. You think so sounded metal. I think is remarkable. You've got to see it i. It stars resign med. He's an incredible actor. Who's in the show the night of as you said tv. I'm sure you saw the. Hbo limited series. John detoro originally our boy gandolfini was going to do it. He passed away to recommend ras amazing. He plays a heavy metal drummer who suddenly loses his hearing. And i don't think there's a lot of great films about being hearing-impaired what that's like remarkable performance you know. He learned sign language. Got into that world. It's very very immersive. Since your comedy guy there's a great comedy called the combine. And i loved it and i interviewed the actor michelangelo casino who wrote directed and starred in it. This is gonna turn you off but bear with me. It's almost like a comedy done with the european sensibility. I don't mind that it's almost like this kind of french aesthetic to it. And it's got these incredibly long takes. We love goodfellas. The most famous tracking shot ever is of course the copa shot at eight or takes in this movie. I talked to the guys interviewed him in macau marvin. It was a minute shots. You don't see that. The comedy such exquisite attention to detail in terms of a long tracking shot they go. We wanted to stay in the frame and we felt it work the la times. Forget me la times call it possibly the greatest bromance movie of all time to check out the climate for comedy guy. I think you'll really enjoy that. And i also really liked palm springs. That was really good. Comedy with andy sandberg on hulu but i would go with nomad land. That's going to win. Best picture this weekend. Is the francis storm. I thought it was excellent high-quality the oscars. There's this thing out award shows where basically no one's watching them anymore. It's kinda crazy. And i don't know how i feel bad for them this year. I mean after what we've gone through the no movie theaters open. What's the situation movie. now have you been. have you gone to movie theaters and vaccinated or before i did. Yeah so what happened. Was i remember when everything fell apart. I said to my wife. This shows you sick i am. I getting into the theaters. What i said before covid. How often would you go to the theater. So i probably go like. Listen in my heyday. Pre kids me every week twice week three times a week. Now i would say probably with with kids and everything probably once a week maybe every other week so with screeners. It's a big help and you can sell. This is netflix hulu. Etcetera the studios will send you stuff. Once i got into the broadcast association. That was a game changer. Wants to send you stuff but as you know you'll get stuff during award so that's only generally speaking september december. So if i want to see movies tomorrow i go pay my fourteen dollars. The mc and parameters. And i go check it out north jersey so when everything was happening wife i get the going to do so the way back with ben affleck was the last pre pandemic. Didn't see a movie in theaters for four months which is a long. It's been forty years but once we're back to be saved again. I'm like you. I take it seriously at the mask on the whole time. I watched chris nolan's where we would to be honest. I waited four months movie. Would've liked to better. Fell in the was not one of crystal best films. But i'm still trying to go. I'll take my kids. Took missy crudes to i mean they love popcorn slushy all that kind of stuff but thankfully jersey. We've opened up. it'd be great you. i don't want to tell you what to do. But now he's got the monday night raw gig. It would be great if you back and reviewed some of the famous. There's a couple of famous wrestling documentaries. Beyond the yeah. Pardo's the bernhardt one. I've got something. Shadows sure. A movie the wrestler. I'm sure you watch. With mickey rourke would you think of that remarkable i remember. I saw that the toronto film festival. I saw it with my boss at the time and i just thought it was so brave in convincing and just immersive and movies like that they generally give you an out right at the end me. Some sort redemption but that marissa's thomann him at the back. I thought it was so powerful running when she says you know. I'm here i'm really here. He goes you see that. That's where i live. Like is his his only glorious when he finds his in. The ring emits incredibly despairing depressing but i thought it was really authentic. So sunday night. You'll watch the oscars monday night. You'll call raw. What a fascinating combination for someone. I must say people tell. What is this movies and sports. It must be some sort of fascination with escapism right. I must just be so miserable within my own skin. I go okay. I've got out of me and go look at the movies in the sports. But you're right. There's not many you can pull off that kind of and have you talked at all with pat mcafee. Because he's obviously coming into this now and it's sorta you guys you tour the newbies together. Yeah so pat. And i were together at the zone briefly and i was on his radio show a couple of times. He's great funny guy. I haven't reached yet. But i've been meaning to mutual friends of michael lombardi. Mike and i do the show together. Nfl podcast so i tweeted with each other back forth. How ridiculous is that. By the way in the past them nike. We tweeted with each other. We hope to have a conversation at some. Yeah that's pretty much goes i was. I don't know if you watch it. But he's he's such a natural show. I mean he's i watched a 'bout a half an hour and i thought he was really good really good. I mean if for his first time. And i think i talked about this edge. You said you listen to it. I think seventy two books in a big hockey guy. Yeah big hockey but i. I'm a believer. I don't know where the ww's e stances these days on. I'm a big believer that you need not a little. I think you need a lot of humor. On ron smackdown. I mean that's what got me into it. You know like you mentioned heenan. I remember watching prime-time which was sold show in the eighties. It's probably the grace wrestling. And i watched it. It would be relevant in about a heathen in studio and then they would cut to matches. I would be livid when they cut to the irony being gorilla so the humor for me is always. I've always like a guy like bill goldberg and brock listener. I have they do nothing for me. They don't talk. They're not you know the reason why the rock is like you know my favorite person of all time. Give me some humor. So i think will fit in very well do in that role. Yeah it's sports entertainment. I completely agree that if you're not having fun you're doing something wrong. You should feel like you're trying to sell the sizzle. It's not just hyperbole. But you have to be able to have that certain element of panache. I used to say that about espn. I says entertainment and sports programming network. You've got to have the l. Especially in today's world to be able to try to cut through the problem with that. I fine and i know you probably going back. you know. There's a whole other topic. But i personally. I think it's really really hard to do. Humor in sports. Yeah i would say ninety five percent of the time complete disaster. You were not a fan of dennis miller on monday night football. I mean that was so long ago. That i don't even really remember it. I probably would've liked it just from the train wreck aspect of it. Because i i'm down with that too. When when traditional sports companies try to be funny very very fine line there it gets. It depends is it live event or is it studio. I'm a guy. I'm more into the dry. I love impel. 'cause it's a dry humor. A lot of it is sort of like over the top or yeah obvious humor again. You know like growing like the jokes last tuesday night. Then everyone was outrage about the raiders. Tweet and people were like trying to like of course dunk on it and then try to be funny about it and it's like you're all saying the same thing you know hard to do sports humor. I think i knew the specialist with sports that are like it went from an era of everyone had a catchphrase of the nineties adored olbermann. obviously patrick. You know all those guys do rich eisen. And then i was there. It was almost like hey listen. You'll actually stand out if you don't do that if you're actually legit sports fan who's knowledgeable insightful that will do better for you than one liner every ten seconds. That's why i think guy. Like steve levy is so great leaves as a friend. I'm biased. But i just think he's been a great passionate broadcast. Yeah well. The one liners good. If they're if they're different you know and you know. I mean you could probably do. You could probably drop so many movie references into all night raw. It would be you know. I've i've done a handful so far. The people were keeping track of the million dollar baby. I heard make him an offer. You don't refuse a like i'll get. Hey now in next week for us. We'll get sanders. It'd be great not may now. We're hank i tell you. Thank god hank's night in the sun. I don't know if you watch that one again. But go back. He gets to fill in. For larry because he's sick. The greatest episodes every because he gets a big hattie's delusional. It gets raped by downsides. The roast is an amazing episode. Where larry's getting destroyed that season five. The book is a great episode season five. I hope anyone listening to this. Goes back and watch from the larry sanders show and sopranos favorite episode. I don't know actually. I'm going to say long term parking. Go ahead Mine is whitecaps white. So i know everyone says barron's that the scene in whitecaps with tony and carmela i think is the greatest thing i've ever seen on tv. When he punches the wall you know inception walls book. Which i'm sure you've read. It was great. read him and matt. Yeah yeah matt. Solar sites they refer to that and they go. That's like richard burton and elizabeth taylor. Who's afraid of virginia woolf man. But it'd be who's afraid of these two books like the italian version of that. It's just to a couple. just being afraid. Apart the rawness of this scene. I read about furio every night but there was a scene before that when she knows the stuff from the russian yeah. I've been sleeping it comes. She's throwing his stuff out the window. He comes home and they fight and she just breaks down those two scenes but pine barrens is just. I mean what can even say at this point about. Here's the way the best lift fighters interior decorator at an chris. Goes this house. Look like shit. Blew me away. When i had them on was i believe they said now. One word of sopranos was ever improvised every word written so even that scene in the van towards the end and they're eating ketchup. Yeah and holly says tight with the relish like someone wrote that line. You would think that's all you know. We're just two assholes in the woods just every word written in that episode which is which is really You know david chase. I don't know if you've ever talked to him but god he's got stories for days. I mean this background. Being italian like appreciate what he was going through all kinds of stuff. I related to way too much of that. Show way too much with this. The sopranos movie. Do you have high expectations. Or what are you a little bit concerned just because again as discussed with sequels calls this time separating it's hard to recapture that dna and somewhat to the show and i watched a lot during the pandemic like everyone else was the gandolfini fini was such an integral part of it. Now it's interesting chase said. Tom fontana whenever. I don't get upset people but the wire the wire what i tell you they go homicide life on. The street is the show that i love the baltimore cop. Show that david. Simon did before the wire. Tom fontana the guy who did that. You know him from saint elsewhere oz which is one of the great shows ever he said fontana gave 'cause he was like listen movie. Everyone's on my butts moving. He goes well actually do something about like junior when they were kids because that might be kind of interesting. And that's where to someone like david chase because okay that is new terrain. I develop that world. What i do find fascinating is at least in phoenix suns. Going to be in it. That's what was interesting. I mean that's scares me as it. Godfather guy just think godfather three and coppola like whenever you have family ties. Never sure it's gonna work hoping that kid looks like his dad has that the key is this. You've still got the principles involved. If david chase was not involved that what's different directions et cetera. Then i get worried. But if it's the same crew i hopefully it'll be alright. The many saints of newark good. Yeah i was so konica. Have movie without that cast. I don't know but i didn't do the top. I'm going to try doing now. Wrap up with all your jobs. Wwe monday night. Raw monday nights usa network. That's the big one right now. Mlb network nhl network zone which i always call dazzling but i'm trying to be respectful. I'm calling his own because you're on sinophile with adnan virk now. When does that go to the lead. Guitar is going to be sooner. They within a week or two. We're going to ever see me back back with john and dan and then gm shelf. Mike lombardi dude. You nailed time to do this. I give you my feedback. i've listened to somebody episodes. I get your email. But i sorted. Say what. I think. I appreciate it. I appreciate your listening and pre appreciate you more listening than coming on. I have to thank you for coming on as well here. Every episode say please subscribe review. That's like me like employing people. This is but you have to do it even like you'll do. The previous episodes says the same thing myself previous episodes including best. He was up last question for you is in said to you. This is before herb. He said because he had seen them all right. And there's one episode in particular. It's going to be a conic. Which one do you think he was referring to. I think he talked about. I think it was probably the the stupid hat. The america great again. 'cause you sit them there's gonna be trump joke for sure. Got predictive new tweet. See i told you. I call it. He said he was jimmy. I've seen all the episodes. There's one episode in particular. I think is going to be iconic like palestinian chicken type level. I don't know what episode this. Yeah because for me the episode with the magazine it was iconic and then there was the one where people to jeff was was. That was the best laugh of the year. Oh my gosh you son of a bit all at one thing now one thing. I'm a little disappointed. In kyle brandt from good morning football. Jeff garlan on his ringer podcast this week and just said they only do cove it stuff in the first episode of the new season. It's not like a whole season of covert which listen i. Don't blame them for not wanting to do a whole season of covid they wanna do. You know larry stick. Sure what the cove i think is just what he said is just i think in the first episode so he had high hopes for like larry like with the six feet apart in the dan. Sanitizer and the masks and the boy he resigned. There's an article in new york times. In which i think. Cheryl hines as some of the effect social distancing for years right great line even the pictures of sitting in the house waving this class. I was hoping for a whole season of covert occur. But we're not getting it but that's the way another underrated the most recent season i thought richard lewis who i just adore and i love his eighty thought lewis when he was doing flowers for algernon. That was one of the funniest things ever the look on my face and he starts laughing. When lewis does the impression amazing. Richard lewis has always been phenomenal on that god. All right take it easy and be careful with that announce table. You never know who's gonna come flying through the next night and you know that was the big thing. I was wondering all my friends. What did you take a steel chair across the back. I'm like well. I'm going to be talking about the yankees slump. That's not gonna look good. Forget this deal chair because that would be part of you. That's coming. I'm talking about you. Know they they throw the tv's. That's i've always wanted to do a thing about like i would love to how much money the. Wwe spend silva's monitors per year that thrown on. Someone's going through the table. It's an was watching the louis. Bugsy again last night i'm staying to the booth. Bugsy member Joe montana plays the actor he tells me to come visit him and he starts hitting guys. Hey benny you wanna hit someone. That's what i feel like. I like just do this once. Let me just try it eventually. It'll happen fingers crossed. Stay safe thanks for coming on. I appreciate it thank you jimmy appreciate take you my thanks to adnan virk for the very very fun. Conversation enjoyed it thoroughly. Hopefully you guys did too if you liked it give Subscribe to the podcast helps tremendously. And if you missed any recent episodes that you want to check out or if you knew it's listening to the podcast if you're gambling person be a firm last week to talk about a bunch of things related sports betting sports media columnist for the new york post andrew marsh in two weeks ago. Wwe superstar edge three weeks ago. Scott bam pub for weeks ago all recent interviews here on the media podcasts. So give him a listen. Subscribe rate and review again. Thanks virk thank you to think thanks to you for listening and we will see you next week. Right here on the media. Podcast they say and take.

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