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Episode 184: The Toledo War


You're listening to the PODCAST DETROIT network visit. WWW DOT PODCAST DETROIT DOT com for more information the views and opinions expressed on this. This show do not necessarily represent those of the network. Its advertisers owners or sponsors. Welcome to shot of history. Welcome back to shot a history. I'm Stephanie I am the Cohen big DEF t he appropriation. Oh ooh that Alexa election history of political rows arrested. You guys. Who's WHO's next I? I'm Calvin Dave still here on Tony. Them Dave left here. You're the historian today. Jeez rusher hi Hank God you are shot. What are we talking about? War SELENA war. I five that every year when I go down for a con- quite it every day. My Act Gentlemen. Here's here's history. Very eager finally had the that right. It's not sure how I feel about it really. I love it it's you. You have certain expectations of awry. And that's not it now and then there's like that that PD smokey flavor if it's off it's not it not Scotch and it's not awry it is a blend end of the two Whiskey Sharpeville about you know what I love it. I had originally that tasted like smoke but it was all right. I don't know it was real smoky Like everything had a various smoking has all the guys are sitting around with withdrawn correct but it was one of the distilleries something or other but it was fantastic. I wonder if it's because like they cook everything do they. Now do. They use natural gas to fire everything or do they are. They like super dedicated to the to the whole. We'll see where they would using lead and so they said that just has to do with the process. Cody all right. Tony Booze struggle dragged by headphones on her this he talks quietly gain helping them consensual another. You have played that game. We played last night. I won't talk now. Carbon a AH game called. It's actually a board game called dirty Mayans and they're all really clean things but like the really the closer WanNa WanNa things and I feel like he shall read by knowing annoyed back kind of dig yourself. I'm talk about the war which basically happened because of Shitty geography they stipulated that wants the Northwest Ordinance. Ordinance drafted said. We're GONNA break up all this land in the states eventually like Michigan. You'RE GONNA get from the bottom Lake Michigan over the Lake Erie. which sounds good right? We'll deliver four hundred sixty eight square mile eastland which was supposed supposed to be in Michigan. I'll from Ohio. Yeah top strip of Ohio at tops then then the wait. There's more about weight exactly so but in eighteen ten pero answer on Kina conflicting conclusions about the patient. The border like nausea software is what North allstate's one nor nor ray way WHO's been to go no go north north. which was the north by northwest? Favorite in Ohio. Michigan both wanted Toledo because eighteenth twenty-five. It'll be fast forward. The way slant on Eighteenth twenty-five yet eary canal which links Lake Erie hitting blank ocean basically worshiping so tweeted game a hub somehow very important one very porno. Yeah exactly that stupid stupid kindergarten Saunas now step in my add the wheels on the bus. You'll always know your neighbor if you've ever navigated on the Erie Canal Olsen Some older than me Ray south here in the north I did not know it nor went to elementary school in Virginia Young. So I'm sorry you just probably were paying attention. 'cause you're being you in Virginia in Japan thank you very much so you order Now back then He. He does episode where the alcohol starts. The wheels are falling on doc dispute certain to spin out of control quote unquote in early eighteen. Eight thirty five a few months earlier to territorial government governorship governorship got booze of Michigan at Fonterra Brash. Forty three Paul dissonance. DVD Mason Aka. The boy governor talked. We talked about him. The American youngest governor American history. He was nineteen when he became governor of the bear Tori of Michigan. He was twenty three when Michigan became team state and he is still to this day. The youngest governor in American varied ladies. Gentlemen you're waiting very dug up pretty much fairly. He died. He died at New York. Yep He was very upstate. New York Then Michigan Governor Back Doggone. Go back here at whole tickertape parade a second funeral then. They started to change the streets in. We're capital park is in downtown Detroit in what we call it. What island right black black island jury uh-huh now Super White Island? There's a lottery potatoes L.. And they dug up his body again because they rerouted the streets And the cremated him. They put him into a statue Steven Steven Steven Stevens teammate. Those him in the Mid Western thing. Because there's an S. on the end of his first name Mike Myers. You may works artisanal. Barnes you don't waste time trying to snag on snatch strip. I'm I'm sorry. I always trying to strip off the weaker party. It's true but we're on the side of justice this we cannot fail to maintain our rights against Powerful neighboring state so February of Nineteen thirty nineteen thirty five he had yes S. border battle before Mauler battle a mason oversaw the passage of the pains and penalties. Act which basically said if. You're in Ohio Bureaucrat. In urine strip trying to business. We're GONNA find you a thousand dollars in five years in jail time. We'll hold the line of next then. Five thousand today. Yeah Ankle Hobie regret industry. So it's like trying to open a business in Detroit. Now we're going to we're going to the Dow gives twenty six never happened but not to be outdone. We need you to hire x amount of black over to find you find. That will build anything. Gotcha part of our quote right off their new Detroit. We're talking about all Detroit Toledo whatever the Ohio Governor Robert Lucas and legislator passed a resolution the extended counter borders into strip and Hebron surveyors remarked the lines which course made everyone not to impress in both sides raise militias to guard the land do militias back to the Melissa. Thank learned that the last episode that states can't do that Belushi militias. Yes no do the militia in fact you can have a bunch of billy's with guns are always love on facebook with Alway gun-toting friends it's part of the second amendment. They always forget the. It's the part before the comma well regulating in order to maintain a well regulated militia comma. The the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed cool you can stockpile you want. Just tell me what militia you belong to an EH bullets. You have your guns. We go to meetings like they used to write. Everybody jets and snapchat demanded and waving to goes room on talks to the actual meetings bought a party party sub and journey snowing. Show Twenty six feet I'm it always I just. I love that we're having dueling will not I'm assuming they're not doing at least battling surveyors basically yeah it. Yeah so it sounds way more exciting. Probably trying to figure out like back that like like now you see the guys out in the roads the laser lights and they've got like all that stuff back then wouldn't like just like dudes with like Monaco's telescopes this was the monopoly out there right returning turning these survey lines. It's different than what we had in. The colony is where it was like this tree at the corner of the property. The Guy in the Red Snow Pants. The indictment were dressed in top hat and shit. Everyone showed up with Batman Villain used to use markers in nature to show or a stone or retrea or whatever to determine these things Joe Yet but so. There's there's different types of surveys. Leaps and bounds is one that we use more commonly now but the US to use markers into the problem with that is though is that they knew stone up. Now I mean okay so for for example. So for example Brown's shift move trees get bigger they get they shipped sometimes. There is his disputes based on exactly where you know that line is an which is why we switched over to daybreak. Take her shoes things lights markers and more the things that are more stable because they don't just move around does not just like Oh we put a stone here. This is our line. Do move around so no so. Elementary Elementary School. Virginia then moved up to New Hampshire Virginia North Springfield Checks County. And then. Yeah I was born. That is crazy. Okay in New Hampshire. Where like a lot of the property lines like so like everything's cute thing? They all have like stonewalls. While those stonewalls like a large Orleans of like the embedded property markers and that kind of stuff in them because of memory reasons burial about those more accurate the demilitarized zone at twitter. It wasn't even waterways. Meal like the waterline exceeds receives. Also Michigan's like we're enforcing Shin wrote a bunch of shares down into the line to arrest a posse Michigan. Hugh the Mario vs shoot-em-up Shuba Policy Also Sheriff wrote in the Toledo to rest Buckeye state officials newspaper later reported that. It's a flag torn bound dragged through the streets and then burned. The ship was getting real real. Uday later Gino's Michigan militia leader General Joseph Bramlett Sixty Michigan Michigan militia's on a mission to intercept the Ohio survey T- over which became known as the battle of Phillips corners. I thought August Phillips Michael. Clearly this isn't Alito. I looked it up into lines Ohio. We all know anything named Phillips is going would be completely overly dramatic so go on cows out of that one. Ah No one was actually nothing. They just fired warning shots in arrested nine members of an took him next to come see machine which is just find. Thank grew in chairman until the war. Churn bloody which wasn't bloody at all in Michigan Share of Joseph would uttering Toledo so arrest a partisan named to sticky which stickney Avenue is sort of saying tame again. I'll get as they hadn't invented chains yet to sticks. The son of Benjamin does astuteness and his brother was named one. Oh my God. Oh what do the doctor's got it. He he read about a hipster. Ask Bullshit but other glazed over the past he said said they get your name but clearly. They didn't promise I'd be like I'm number one Never that a way to start us new gaming book uh-huh and yeah. The budget happen. was there in the scuffle to arrest two. He stabbed the sheriff of a penknife. Oh ooh wherever you got a really bad. He's alone casualty in the war. Until your work to shots fired one guy got wounded a and nobody died so every time I go there for a con very mid Western. It's been about big ooh sorry Forbes and now every day shooting and stabbing uh-huh yeah war that we're talking about like over daylight. So how governor. Attention the whole accord session establishes right to the land response owner Mason and while hundred hundred militiamen marched a strip. Were prepared US violent force area known there Melissa sound like no worst Adler you're by the reigning Melissa champion every WanNa belts or like a like a you know a chocolate ganging king at came out of Michigan all these militiamen merge down there meanwhile how healthy secret midnight court sessions just make the law. Go DOC fuckers. I love it right. So Andrew Jackson it was just done of all this stuff and he counts third. Grape president came into play with the Fiona quote boy governor back-office and it's called off the militias. That was actually. Favor is a favor to the boy. Governors father jaw. Aw Power Fayza. He's always Dan sorry. I don't speak Dutch actually political article favorite. How do you mason became? The Governor of Michigan was as political favor to his father by your desk right You Know Michigan reluctantly accepted sperms. Flying you get the Toledo Strip. They got the upper peninsula which they were not super impressed by because there was like. Hey look it's really far away super bowl. There's no value. How do we get Kim? How many warning in diabetes the? Up but you gotta go all the way around this by the way. I'm so angry at us. That the whole episode. Not One shift jokes. I I know I I was thinking that. That's at that base. That's what I was thinking. No no peer Franken was brought no poops. Here's what we were really sober run out for episodes. Hi I was there a poop ship. I mean it was. It was a militia the Michigan the listeners just had a bunch of hoops castries. No white washed and cleaned up. poop shift embarrassed callback back. Whitewash not at the tree press dubbed the Upper Peninsula of barren wasteland petrol petrels no truth opinions later when his copper and iron digging super coverage in Ohio House. Bill Has Toledo and we're still and then we got the the seeking of Edmund Junior high now the fun part. Is there a bunch of people who were in Wisconsin constant. Yeah who were suddenly in Michigan an upper news. I thought they were part of Wisconsin. which would make sense because you could easily get the the? Up Yes from Wisconsin. There's still some still some animosity. Way is not aware that the which is part of Michigan. They haven't around Ueno. They made some announcement about like some Green Day win and they've included the the packer nation album still see themselves as part of the state. Continue the precise location states. Inbound remains subject to debate until Nineteen fifteen when a new survey was completed in Ohio Michigan Governors celebrated by shaking hands over the boarder in one thousand nine hundred five overs China governors repeated ceremony and put down a plaque. This as good fences make good neighbors. Aw Aw ain't absolutely wanted to build a wall handshake pulling the other one. They wanted to all the fans so that we could still watch each other with each one is doing like we need the fence with some openings because they might try to throw drugs over we don't want a it gives you citizens getting hit withdrawn. Also Ohio just going to say there other alcohol laws down there on the Fan Dan. There ever clear levels in Ohio the alcohol content in Ohio. Oh yeah because calumny it's more clear that's shrager ever cleared they they finally raise the limit of AB UC Super Low iron. Oh I know all right. Don't bullet in stores ores Anymore anymore. Talk Shit about five minutes. We could talk shit the pop up plugs Dave the PODCAST DETROIT. All the things all the places the facebooks twitter's the INSTAGRAM's the grams. Just check us out. But we do have it. Honestly if if you can't find a show on our network that talks about something you're interested in. Check your pulse. Yeah Mike the ad did until you did and I wanNA speak to the Colonel Calvin of course seventy tours DOT com. If you're in southern Michigan WanNa go into where the troy out of love the show you round primarily on the weekends that money money and also leading questions with Calvin wars great cast on you talking straight network either because they louis have on make it great show any Tony Dot Com soldier podcasting. I just GONNA shout out. How awful You can find me at seminar dot Com for maybe like ninety eighty four percent I think. Upping percentage advocate Cheddar Bait. I'm not all I volunteered instagram. It's Stephanie Underscore Menard and like my instagram. Grandma like pumping right now Laurie out. This is Johnny at Jen's house more dot Com for all your real estate needs. It's terrible now that you think about that could be real dirty source. Play press deported games and three arts oxide media and Calvin. I'm taking CIGNA taking over a big by as well to say it's an asset I'm Kelvin in Jefferson. Okay that no until next time. I'm Stephanie on the big. No you're the colored guy I said. Virginia Ah La Tony. I'm Jovan Chen. I'm dave cash deducted.

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