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We want the best of both worlds. We want a hybrid a smarter hybrid cloud approach. Ibm helps banks personalized experiences with watson. Well helping keep data secure. The world is going hybrid with ibm visit. Ibkr dot com slash hybrid cloud cried passion and pageantry of college. Football leaves here. The paul finebaum. Show our four podcast. We welcome you back one hour to go already getting a little bit of news about how they've helped There are several reports out there right now. That blake hobbled the starting kicker for the buckeyes did not travel to the game because of covid we expect to learn more in the next two hours. We are here for the final hour with a guest list. It's always busy on the opening on the final night of the season. We're going to turn turn it over to you so if you want to get in. This is an excellent time to do it. We have reset the board with our final hour. And you can give us a ring at eight five five two four two seven two eight five five two four two seven two eight five your thoughts on the game you predictions in anything else. You would like to discuss as we get ready for. What should be a very very busy night. Let's start with tony in mississippi Hey tony great on polish. Great to have you all to love it love it. Love it when you come out. Thank you and lou. This is tony from thomas. Hippie sand look shout out my wife. Linda her best friend and nita listens to you round the clock. Well thank you a great deal and how there's legends and there's legends but to talk to someone like you who's been around there bryan cans paper. He goes to joe tissa tories. I can just and over two or three hours. The talent you that gives me a part of that feeling of being around them. And i wanna thank you for that for sharing your moments to the public that you had we each one of them and then let us to call you that that gets involved and i thank you for that. Thank you for saying that That that means a great deal and those are all people that i look up to as well and been either colleagues or friends and It's It's it's gratifying. That i love my life in career a priority. Espn but being here you get to meet those people and get to know them and It has been the trip of my life to be part of it. How real quick. Before i give you my head. What is your prediction for tonight. I like alabama I i understand everyone thinking it's going to be close but i think this is somewhat of an eleven point game something like that. I don't think it's going to be just a massacre. But i also don't think it's coming down to the final. Play me either. I know most of them say three four points. I know the bread seven and a half eight year there. We whoever you listening. I feel like personally. Bama you know fifty four allowed stay twenty one and i think i think say was unleashed a hail tonight. Well hey thank you. Thank you very much for your kind comments and let me go back to this because You know losing not having your year starting kicker is a big deal and and that's the first bit of information that we have learned blake hobble. Who is their starting kicker Just announced on instagram. That he will not be part of the game because they cova test. We don't know who else will be there But just think about think about alabama's kicker who has not missed a year but also think about how alabama's kicking in the past has cost them Remember the game against georgia three years ago tonight when when it was missed and had to into overtime and create The next situation He has how was. I is five seven on field goes this year. He said all twenty four of his. Pat's he he's he's a very good kicker So that's that's the first thing that That we know about And and we will know more within the next two hours so stay tuned. Let's get back to the calls and How about jack. Who's up next in virginia. Hey jack thank you and welcome to the show. Thank you paul real quick Thank you for everything you do. The meals politics football. And you know it. But like i say picks military and would like to make sure that just this broadcast again. It this is the best of the best. And i'd like to make sure that all military and the over first responders inside so forth that are make sure that this is available to them to see this game because it. It's unbelievable paul. it places. They are and the remote areas that are not able to be able to see the ball game but if they can hear it but a little word from you and it it it. It causes these The military to be able to take care of their own. And i think for that fall if i can ask what. What branch did you serve in the us. I was in first year first four years was airforce second four years. Eighteen years in the army and god knows was all over the place. Oh my my dad's was a was in the army. And i have a nephew who who went to the naval academy. Who's a commissioned officer and a He's a pilot so I have. I never serve because It just you know. I missed my my moment but I am so indebted people like you. who who who did are what i'm gonna tell you something. Paul you served in just an important position. Is anybody in the military because you like to say you the the epitome of college football and you the truth that you bring to it is what's needed especially in this world the way it is now and god bless you and thank you for that paul using my sincere thanks and ub be well my friend and appreciate all the military people who Couple years ago we tried unsuccessfully. We we tried to get This was many years ago. Tried to get a tour together to go to To go to either iraq or afghanistan and we we never got too far with it. It was very complicated. But it's something that we really did want to do and would love to do again when the world returns to at least a sense of normalcy and bring some callers along and i'm man i want you want you to go with us. Absolutely paul i go. I go anywhere with you. And i tell you that you know just tippin kinda tailgate. Dating off some of your the callers. I tip my hat to the military. I'll tell you what would that them guys. Where would this country be and like you. I kind of out. I was too young for one two for the next one. So here i yeah for guys like us. Being too young for something is is a pretty extraordinary statement. Late is this day. I mean back then we were just kids and then all of a sudden we were too old. That didn't make any sense. But that's the way it was. But you know paul tip my hat to you and all the people that have been exposed to you. I mean i've known you known you and of you for a long time. You know as far as dog years. Go but you what you've done to so many people across this country is You know. I know you were big time. I just didn't know that you were this big well rounded but let me say this And i appreciate the kind words but you know you. You've been around. The this program is a is a group of people. And and i will say it happened at a really interesting time in my life and career Because you know you go through stages where you don't know what's next and then this last ten months occurred and you know me you could hear you can hear it. It's been overwhelming. And i am just so indebted to to everyone who has participated because i mean we rough early days until we could figure out what we wanna do. Well i'll say this you've always had a good staff and we see people come and go and all walks of life every job out there but you have always has a gym up staff once everybody got the feeling of it and got got got them. Same page nepal. I tell you. There's a lot on tv tonight. And i'm sure there's be finding bigfoot and a lot this monster and all that kind of i'm not too much into bigfoot but i tell you what if things go like i'm expected they can probably do some x ray on some bama's and we'll find we're big foot's footy is war ohio state. You have great thank you. I appreciate it. Let's continue with more comment with more calls in college. Of course and mike is up next in south carolina. Hey mike paul. I really enjoyed that little sippy head of of their blunt. And you remember him I was i graduated from tuscaloosa in eighty two and was was there In in town when he when his spiro took place i was had was able to go to that So that was well back some Some you know. We're very sad times but Some some were great memories two of the hall the winds that Went on during that time I but but last thirty years. I've been living in in in south carolina and there's pawprints on everything around here people wearing the jackets and stuff and hats at work. I'll see you probably about a hundred of them. You know throughout the day and it's there's a number. I was trying to think of paul you money with the bowl season this year Let's see they were six. Acc teams that went to the bowl games. At how many. How many did they win. We are still waiting for the first win. That's ro that that's the number. Yeah that's bloomberg looking for. Yeah but looking. Forward to the game. That i'm so so proud of sabin and and and excellence that he's brought to the to the program. You know those guys are not Satisfied until they win all of it. You know they've they've throughout the season you know they. They work hard every down every every play. You know. They focus on that and They're not satisfied until they win the championship. so i i'm hoping that They rolled the night. Well thank you very much for saying that Great to have you on and we will hopefully talk again. We ready to roll here for what's been quite a show. More of your phone calls at eight five five two four two seven two eight five a busy busy Afternoon with many great guests from the commissioner. Dan mullen to tim tebow. We are taking a break back with more of your calls right after the listening to paul finebaum show. Podcast in lane is in mississippi. Hey lane hey paul how are you doing. We're doing great how are you. I'm doing just fine. And i'd like to start off by saying roll. Tide also my extreme disdain for ohio state especially after the two thousand fifteen final after they intercepted the final play. I believe in truck. About back for a touchdown even though they were gonna win anyway play. Hello everybody you're looking live at fans ville a college football. 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That's geiko dot com But yeah yeah But i just wanted to get your thoughts on alabama's defense specifically the defensive line trying to penetrate or someone say earlier about getting pressure in front of the quarterback has a lasting effect but Also wanted to ask about our quarterbacks against ohio states receiving corps Especially the young guys. How do you think they'll do tonight in their first big chance split lane. I'm a little concerned about that from alabama standpoint and you have to be But i think some of it just depends on the tempo of the game. I don't want to sound like a broken record. But i really wanna know justin fields health and we're going to know in the next hour or so what's going on because you know. The teams are at the stadium. And you'll start to get a better idea. I do think it's significant. The kicker is gone for. Oh how state That's a critical moment from a momentum standpoint but back to your issue i think house they can score on alabama. I'm not going to be too surprised. But it's you know can they score enough to keep Thought i made a great point you you have to. You have to find a couple of stops and if you don't you're not you're not gonna keep up with them. They have the best offense. We've ever seen absolutely. I mean his history being made all around with najji hair devante even mcdonalds a hell the season though yet and in my opinion hanging out the recognition he deserved even though he's been talking about all over the world but Yeah i'm just. I'm worried about these these youngsters. He's freshman you second year stepping up doing they need to do. I'll tell you what you don't want if you're alabama and i don't claim to be a technician of the game. I just watch it like a fan. But you don't want a fast start for alabam. Where suddenly alabama for for for ohio state. Where suddenly alabama is in a panic situation for the first time all year georgia game was really tight in the first half but but other than the other than that. They've had a you. Know ole miss was was attract me but you knew you were gonna eventually beat ole miss and i remember two years ago on this night in alabama got off to that fast start And then a two or through the pick six and even though alabama came back it. See the the. I was standing on the alabama sidelines. And you could just feel like oh my goodness. This can't be happening. That's not what you want going on. That's not what you want. Permeating the alabama sideline for a team. That has been calm and cool and business like a confident all year long. Yeah well honestly. I'm hoping it'll be back in. Let's see said he will be That's speed you just can't match it no matter s corner run. I'm trying to remember who said this to us earlier but He said the jalen it was dan. Mullen i i second time. I've quoted him but he said you know dan mullen just the jalen. Wild just will bring energy on the alabama sidelines legends. Next club coach. What's regine great to hear from you. Man i'm talking about ready to go red flash house alleged alabama fans calling. I'd say i'm nervous would you. Would you talk to them. Well paul say it's gonna be a tough game if go right down to the wire you know. They got all pro. Players got all pro players of the future the nfl. I expect to the bill game. Paul right down to wire. I know you're going to be a good ball. It's called me a curve style. And i'm gonna tell you why but i will tell you why right here when i look back over the saving dynasty the thing that bothers me the most paul is not the case six. It's not clemson beaten us in asheville. Tell me still game. The one spot that bothers me. The most is an early in house. America i mean that's the one spot that really hurts heart and tonight ohio state. We're go make it right baby. We all make it right. We've been a curve stuff you into the ground and night allow stake. I don't like any george. I don't like ardsley. Stor like buck. Or i don't like nothing about you. Ohio state and this is the offered to the plus twenty twenty by stop. The ohio state buckeyes people notice fault. Muhammad ali college football. Somebody tell me that it legend. It's the alabama way. I haven't mean i hear that all the time i heard it. Would i remember when bear bryant team was playing arkansas. State man they got a really good ball club over there in jonesboro. Come on yeah come on his own web though. Paul you know who you know. I was born in the sixties and raised in the seventies and eighties during the wishbone of power To tolerate that it would have been the alabama crimson tide. Would revenue dies air me. Ladies and gentlemen revolutionized the game of college football through the air to the i the heisman trophy winner at wide receiver. I remember as with the ball. Fan times a ball. I mean it's a different age about who can stop to. It's about who can score. Who and then nick savings testimony to its greatness ball. He has changed with the times and we. I'm not nervous at all. So i was going to be a close game for a quarter to southie into the ground before i. I'm watching the public in got danny sheridan on speed dial. I don't but the late money. I thought it might go the other way. The late monday seems to be on alabama right now. That's the smart money to all this way. You get your power bill pay. You get paid. You take that woman on vacation. That's eight and a half. This is a double for alabama power. Right here i mean how good team don't get me wrong. But the thing about ohio state paul their wide receivers. Just don't scare me and you know patrick serta ain't going down one side of the field or wilson so it's really up though how state run the ball. They keep in the pocket. It's just gotta georgia field with heels. And they gave me and we all know. Georgia does paul. Did i even have a. Hey come on. They won the peach forward in cincinnati. What are you talking about. Oh that's right. they'd be undefeated. they finally marry. They may be america's favorite team probably back. They back. But you know this ain't no lie. I remember the night of the georgia tech game and the sugar bowl. You're a couple of years ago. I'd say the kirby smart has any hone those right now wants to win a championship. He will walk in that locker room and handle football. The justin feels. That said. it's your baby. Take it from here. St they're not do it and look at the consequences. They glad you mentioned that. Because if for some reason the unthinkable happens in alabama loses just in fields holding up the trophy. Oh they killed georgia alabama wedding tonight. Doing it fans are definitely pulling for alabama. And i you know then. Yeah they they. They're just to failed to raise shows the at all. I love you by. We go week cursed ratings to flag alabama. Get the rain. Let's get rid of the kiss. Another does the championship stop bombing days. We curves up an ohio state. Thanks talk to you soon. Always appreciate it. Clay is up next in north carolina. Hey klay hey ball thank you so much in love falling the legend with his with all of its confidence. Because i'm right there with him. Paul i gotta say roll tide all the way tonight and but why called with the. Thank you for The the piece you did on being there bear brian at his retirement. There at You know like you said overlooking the the mighty murky mississippi and I gotta tell you man. I started calling your show right dan. I've tried before ride then. I had to call and tell you how much that meant to me. And and too tight. End nick sabin and how much it means to us alabama fans out here. We know what i'll never forget. I didn't say it in that piece. Because i've said it Before but i'll never forget on that day. The coach bryan announced his retirement. I genuinely depressed. Because i was a young reporter and i thought man. It's never going to be this good again. My career is over before it even begins. And the idea that alabama football would rise up Is one of the most remarkable things i've ever seen in sports. Well i have to tell you. And i'm not i'm not ashamed. State teared up and Just because of it brings me so much joy as does alabama football. And i know it does for so many out there You know it. It just means more and in his silly day but It it's just it runs in our blood. And i was at the first. Sec championship game in birmingham and the freezing rain and i got to see gene stallings when his national championship in new orleans as a fifteen year old kid. And i've loved alabama my whole life and Gene stallings means so much and and the interview you did with him means so much and As a teacher of special needs children. I have to tell you that this past year. What you've done Means so much because your show really is a family and when people say that are truly are truly understand what that means after this year being home Separated from the kids that i try to teach and that means so much to me and Coach stalling so always means so much to me and his son you know. I remember as a kid learning about his son and now as a teacher a special needs kids. You know. I really truly understand what your show means. And and weighs worth man and You mean so much so a lot of people fall and mean a lot to me and i. I'm so happy about tonight I hope I'll say this alabama needs the we. We should've went back to back against clemson if it hadn't been for clock management and i that's what i'm hoping for tonight. Alabama will win. We manage the clock and don't snap the ball on offense with fifteen seconds left on the clock as we're rolling down the field. We just gotta be smart and we were role. And god bless you sir and roll tide. I can't thank you enough for all the best hope. We get a chance to talk again very soon. We'll take a break. We still have thirty minutes remaining right here to listening to paul finebaum show. Podcast burn is up next in new york vern. Thanks for the call. Thank you sir. I'm thinking taking my call. I'm calling from hudson new york man it's up near albany new york. I just want to let you know. And i appreciate you so much but i want to let you know that. There's so many alabama fans up here as a matter of fact our mayor. Who is the youngest mayor of our city. He is in alabama fan and we are rooting alabama on from state new york. There's many times when i'm here. And i'm sport alabama gear and people come from down south and they're like what are you know about that and i'm like hey man roll tide and as universal language that we appreciate so much and i think you paul for Everything that you do. I'm i watch sec. I've been watching it all day. I actually took today and tomorrow off because this this and you know A friend of mine. She said You remember when you turn eighteen the day before you turn eighteen. How excited you were well. I'm excited because tonight we are going to turn eighteen and on my also wanted to set up some of my friends in michigan because they dislike ohio state as much as we do and they are cheering for us and and paul set out to you. south to hudson and set up through new york. And thank you for taking my call. Thank you very very much You enjoy the game Taking tomorrow off to. Nick saban has updated Jaylen waddell situation. He said just moments ago that it will be a. It'll be on a limited basis if he can play. The decision's going to be up to him that does not sound overly confident but limited is very means exactly what he said there. Let's get back to the calls. And andy is up next andy. Hey paul how are we doing any. We're doing great. how are you. You're good well as you know. We're all getting fired up Up here in ohio ready for this game. We're hoping for a rerun fifteen but we're we're optimistic but cautiously optimistic I just wanted to say that With all the unrest and everything going on in this world that Boy isn't a great night right. Just enjoy college football. I'm glad you said that because it really has been a nice diversion and i everyone knows you know what we've gone through for ten months. Everyone knows what we've gone through the last couple of months On another subject but it is nice to be able to forget about it for sure. And i just wanted to share that. I think that that's a good night just to get away with it The cleveland browns were up here last night. Went and so. It's it's not a good night last night in ohio and we're hoping for a rerun tonight I lost my sister back in july and in her honor. Tonight the buckeyes roll the tie. Well paul thank you very much. Appreciate your your your contribute to your sister and we were sorry. So sorry about that stuff to do. Wayne is up next in north carolina. A north georgia. I'm sorry wayne ahead. Yeah so. I'm glad to be on a great to talk to thank you. Wayne steve is i. I'm the dish place. Seminole you ever think that florida stakes go back in time i do. I'm i'm a fan of might norville. This year was all over the place. But that's what you expect. I think i think florida state has too many things going for it not to eventually Comeback i. It's a fantastic program. The fan bases at a site. And it's it's also a recruiting hotbed yesterday. I i hope next you re gets a play some games. Well i i do too. I i think i think i think it. I think the program will come back. Appreciate that wayne you you take care of yourself and let's talk again sometime soon. Another call from north That was north georgia this north carolina. Tom is up next. Hey tom paul. First time caller. I grew up in florida. And i'm an sec fan. Gator i but anytime an sec team plays i pull for them I am around a lot of acc people here and I tell them that. The acc fans for eight competing conference They're not real happy about it. But when i talk about football with the exception of clemson that's kind of the way it rolls but Tonight's game concerned about ohio states. Defensive line how alabama's offensive line handles them and But i also wanna do a shout out to kyle trask I'm a college baseball coach. And we've used him as a motivational item In a pre practice talk. That didn't start in high school. Oh wow and hung in there Hung in there and Even had a pretty good quarterback rating compared to enrica king and still didn't start hung in there of course king ran very well and then the same thing at florida hung in there Finally got to start then got injured and then bounce back the next year after an injury and and had a pretty good wrap up to his career. So it's a pretty neat thing for kids who think that it's all about if i don't start i'm leaving and When does when does your season began. We start January twentieth Of course cove it is is always hanging over us. Right That's when we start back and of course we got protocol it goes through and hopefully You know we won't get burned with With positive testing. Yeah i do. Baseball started very early and last year. I guess everything was shut down. Wasn't that like you're already played a little bit hadn't you we. We played eighteen games last year. And we're just about the same number Around the country Because almost everyone starting about the same time now We usually start up in february and Yeah how do you how do you. How do you play baseball when it's so cold you know i it. There is a cut off point. You know it's in thirties. It can be Extremely challenging but You know we talk about cold and they real cold cold Forty degrees son out and is pretty. Nice Ah forty cloudy and wind blow and can be very miserable day. I've lived in the south all my life but the last two not this year. But because cova. I'd of the fall in new york and and i just You know walking by the river to work every there everyday up there in thirteen degrees. I wore I would never. I would never live North of North of mason dixon line again. But i thought i'd never leave Florida to coach baseball. Either i did. And it's been a great decision for me But Love football club the sec Don't miss your show very often. First time i've ever called. I didn't realize how long i'd have to wait. But i finally got in here. I'm really glad. I hope you stay in touch with us as you get ready for your season. Thank you thank you for listening to the paul finebaum. Show podcast the paul finebaum. Show airs weekdays on the sec network beginning at three eastern.

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