Sen. Elizabeth Warren and the Native American Ancestry Question


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Thanks so much for listening today on the podcast elizabeth warren and her native american ancestry or lack thereof. You may recall that it is been almost a year sins. Elizabeth warren rolled out that slickly produced video where she announced d._n._a. Results hoping to put the whole issue that has dogged her political career since twenty twenty twelve when she ran for the united states senate about her claim to native american ancestry well. You may know by now the d._n._a. Hey tests. She did did anything but put to rest that issue. It's something that president trump has seized on as the the way he wants to frame elizabeth warren he uses a the ethnic slur pocahontas he calls her and he recently as recently as his rally in new hampshire last week once again but moaned the fact that he rolled out that nickname too early and that he he's gonna be able to use it again. If elizabeth warren rises the one as the nominee in the democratic party elizabeth warren who is so comfortable in her skin in like every other realm of the campaign in anything she's asked about talking about this. This is one area that has clearly been an area of discomfort for her. She has in the past apologized to cherokee nation when they put out. A statement in response wants to her d._n._a. Test and yet she's never been able to completely resolve the issue. It comes up some voters will bring it up some democrats who like elizabeth with warren but are worried that may impede her ability to win the election so today elizabeth warren was in sioux city iowa several other presidential contenders were there's well to appear before a native american group and take questions from native american leaders and warren clearly went in wanting to lean into policy as she does more often than not you know on friday she had rolled out a legislative plan and with deb holland one of the two first native american women to serve in congress and who is endorsed elizabeth warren and congresswoman holland was there at the event and sioux city eddie and elizabeth warren clearly wasn't going to wait to see if she got a question about her past with the native american issue. She dealt with it head on in her opening comments. I want you to hear elizabeth warren offer up yet another apology today on this issue and she just dealt with it straight right off the bat when she entered the theater and took the stage in sioux city. Here's elizabeth warren. I wanna i pay my respects of that's an extraordinary introduction and i feel so cared for by the women who walked me out. Thank you very much deb. Thank you for the generous introduction deb has been such a good partner and such a good friend and i stand here and i see so many people i've had a chance to work with on issues like preventing suicide and missing and murdered indigenous women and trying to get full funding for health care and for housing i see young leaders who come come and talk to me about the new businesses they're starting on tribal lands a graduates of our tribal colleges who have innovative ideas the tribal leaders who remind me every day how much are tribes serve their citizens and their neighbors. The message i hear from indian country is one of resilience and hope now before i going further in this. I want to say this like anyone. Who's being honest with themselves. I know that i have made mistakes. I am sorry for harm. I have caused i have listened and i have learned a lot and i am grateful for the many conversations that we've had together rather it is a great honor to be able to partner with indian country and that's what i've tried to do as a senator and that's what i promise i will do as president of the united states of america so once again elizabeth warren offering this time a broader autre apology about getting it wrong you know and owning up to that looking inwardly at herself and owning up to her mistakes on this and once again constantly trying to incorporate into her remarks today her desire to partner with the native american community on on the policies that she's proposed and on her campaign more broadly m._j. Lee our correspondent who covers elizabeth warren my colleague she also mentioned mentioned that elizabeth warren's campaign has just rebooted its website and the quote unquote fact squad section that looks to push back on do things the campaign things are untrue or not properly contextualized and articles about them and as m._j. Had reported what is gone from the fact squad section of the website now. Is that dna video that slickly produced video that they put out nearly a year ago is now gone from the elizabeth warren website. I lived there all along. Obviously you could still see it on youtube or elsewhere. I'm sure but now the only thing that's included in this family. Family section of the facts wad piece of the website is the boston globe article that exonerated her from after an exhaustive awesome investigation from any of her hirings or any job she had was not a result the evidence showed of her claim of native american ancestry so oh that's what the website now please but no video of the dna tests which clearly was botched. If she's still sort of apologizing for how she she handled it. The question is from here forward. If elizabeth warren is the nominee and if donald trump lives up to his promise that he's going to revive the ethnic slur nickname mande make this sort of how he frames elizabeth warren then. There's probably nothing she can do to put it fully abreast. She just needs to sort of mitigate it. As a negative negative today this was the most high profile moment of her presidential campaign thus far in terms of this issue sort of stepping into into a native american forum and dealing with it head on as how she chose to deal with it and she did not get questions on chelsea didn't meet with the press afterwards afterwards immediately so maybe she'll get more questions come from the press but in terms of the native american leadership on the stage this was not an issue that they they were pressing her on and again as you just heard it is one though that she didn't ignore and she probably wanted to avoid those headlines of worn ignores controversy so instead once again has a round of headlines about her offering up an apology about an issue that she no doubt wishes was put to rest and far behind her but i think we can safely say after it's been with her for the last seven years. If indeed elizabeth warren the nominee the idea that this issue is not going to to emerge in the election for her still have to grapple with. I think would be a little fantasy clearly. If she's the nominee she is still going to have to deal with it but she's laying in down a track record of what she can point to of her past apologies on this matter and her attempt to craft policy and partner with the native american american community <hes> she'll continue to point to those things while she no doubt still has to address the fundamental question of why she'd been claiming native american ancestry and and if she believes that there's more for her to offer in terms of apologies or recognition recognition or if she believes she said everything she needs to say on the matter but this was elizabeth warren dealing with one of her achilles heels today on the campaign trail that does it for this edition of the daily d._c. Thank you all so much for listening. Hope you'll tune in again right here tomorrow. Official secrets starring cure nightly ray ray fines and matt smith from the academy award winning director of eye in the sky. The film is based on the true story of catherine gone. A british spy who risked the death sentence to make public her own government's efforts to lie to take the country to war a league author of the pentagon papers daniel ellsberg calls the most important and courageous ages in history deadline hollywood raves offical secrets is the most gripping thriller of twenty nine thousand nine hundred and that nightly has never been better offical secrets in select theaters august thirtieth visit official secrets dot movie for details.

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