Animal Week Morning Jokes (12-18-2020)


Good morning it's time for another episode of choppers your morning and night tooth brushing sharp. This week we are all about animals. Are you ready here. We go get your toothbrush in your mouth and start brushing on the top of your mouth on one side. Three two nine. guess what. It's not knock joke day. Are you ready for your first joke. Here it is knock knock alpaca all pack a suitcase. Because i'm going on vacation. What isn't alpaca. Alpaca is an animal. That's kind of like a mix between a horse. A camel and sheep switzer rushing to the other side of your top teeth. Make sure to brush the whole tooth but don't scrubbed you hard. Alpaca hair is used to make really warm sweaters blankets and ponchos alpacas also make really good pets. Ready for another joke here. We go knock knock who who. I'm an old. That's my line. Now switcher rushing to the bottom of your mouth pick aside and make sure you're reaching all the way to your back teeth. If there was an owl in here you probably wouldn't even know it alls have special feathers and are really big wings that make them super quiet. Flyers owls do. They're flying at night. They're not terminal animals. Nocturnal means they stay up all night long and sleep during the day. Switch you're rushing to the other side of the bottom of your mouth. Keep making those circles around the entire tooth. Here's another joke. Knock knock bunny. Oh nobody important. I'm just going to hop along now. All right pressures. You're all set for the day. It's time for you to get out there and try out your new knock knock jokes. We'll be back tonight with more jokes on choppers have a great day and two. Thanks to our sponsor. Honey nut cheerios. Grownups turn a good morning into a good day with a ball of whole grain. Oats and a touch of real honey when you feed the good inside of you and your kids. You'll see the positivity that spreads beyond breakfast in your home your community and the world make your mornings brighter with honey nut cheerios.

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