An Illegitimate Presidency: A FULL Reading of the Mueller Report Volume 2 Part 2


The. Who wanted to send in for steady strap into to write my people. The fight from God and everything in his opening remarks at the HP SEI hearing, which redrafted in consultation with the department of Justice Komi stated that he had been authorized, by the department of Justice to confirm that the that the FBI is part of its counter-intelligence mission is investigating the Russian government's efforts to interfere in the twenty sixteen presidential election. And that includes investigating the nature of any links between individuals associated with the Trump campaign, and the Russian government, and whether there was any coordination between the campaign in Russia's efforts as with any counterintelligence investigation. This will also include in assessment of whether any crimes were committed Comi added that he would not comment further on what the FBI was doing. And whose conduct it was examining because the investigation was ongoing in classified. But he observed that he had taken the extraordinary step in consultation with the department of Justice of briefing. This congress leaders in a classified setting in detail about the investigation Komi with specifically asked whether President Trump was under investigation during the campaign or under investigation. Now, Komi declined to answer stating, please don't over interpret what I've said as, as the chair in ranking, no. The briefed him in great detail on the subject of the investigation in what we're doing, but I'm not going to answer about anybody in this forum. Comi was also asked whether the FBI was investigating the information contained in the steel reporting, and he declined to answer according to Mcgann Donaldson the president had expressed frustration with Komi before his March. Twenty testimony in the testimony made matters worse. The president had previously criticized Komi for too, frequently making headlines and for not attending intelligence briefings at the White House and the president suspected Komi of leaking certain information to the media, Mcgann said the president, combing was acting like his own branch of government. Press reports followed homeroom press reports following commes March twentieth. Testimony suggested that the F B I was investigated, the president, contrary to what Komi told the president at the end of January six twenty seventeen intelligence assessment briefing. Mcgann Donaldson in senior adviser, even Miller recalled that the president was upset with Komi testimony and the press coverage that followed because of the suggestion that the president was under investigation notes from the White House counsel's office dated March twenty first twenty seventeen indicates that the president was beside himself, overcoming. Testimony the president called Mcgann repeatedly that day to ask him to intervene with the department of Justice in, according to the knows the president was getting hotter and hotter. Get rid officials in the White House counsel's office became so concerned that the president would fire Komi that they began drafting a memorandum that examined, whether the president needed cause to terminate the FBI director at the president, urging Mcgann contacted win several times on March twenty first twenty seventeen to seek bewigged his assistant in having Komi or the department of Justice, correct. The misperception that the president was under investigation. But Wednesday did not specifically recall, the conversations although he did remember one conversation with Mcgann around this time were Mcgann asked, if there was a way to speed up or end the Russia, Russia investigation as quickly as possible. Belinda said, Mcgann told him the president was under a cloud, and it made it hard for him to govern. Winter recalled telling Mcgann that there was no good way to shorten investigation in attempting to do so could erode confidence in the investigation's conclusions. But Wednesday said, Magana greed and dropped the issue. The president also sought to speak with going directly, but Mcgann will the president that Belinda did not want to talk to the president about request to intervene with Komi began recalled Wednesday telling him in caused the day that he did not think he was sustainable for Komi to stay on, as FBI director for the next four years, which began said he conveyed to the president. But Wednesday did not recall discussing with Mcgann or anyone else Di Di that mccully should not continue as FBI director three, the president asks intelligence community leaders to make public statements that he had no connection no connection to Russia in the weeks following commes, March twenty twenty seventeen testimony, the president repeat. Heatedly asked intelligence community officials to push back publicly on any suggestion that the president had a connection to the Russian election interference effort, a March twenty second twenty seventeen the president asked director of national intelligence. Daniel coats in CIA director. Michael palm peyot to stay behind in the Oval Office after a presidential daily briefing, according to coats, the president asked them, whether they could say publicly that no link existed between him in Russia colts responded, that the office of the director of national intelligence, Odia ni- has nothing to do with investigations in it was not his role to make a public statement on the Russia investigation. Pompeo had no recollection of being asked to stay behind after the March twenty second briefing. But he recalled that the president regularly urged officials to get the word out that he had not done anything wrong related to Russia. Colts told this office that the president never asked him to speak to Comi about the FBI investigation. Some Odeon is Stanford. However, had a different recollection of how coats describe the media mmediately after Kurt according to senior Odeon, I official Michael Dempsey coats said, after the meeting said the president brought up the rush investigation in asked him to contact Komi to see if there was a way to get past the investigation. Get it over with ended for words to that effect Dempsey said that coach described. The president's comments is falling somewhere between musing about hating the investigation in wanting coats to do something to stop it. Dempsey said coats made it clear that he would not get involved with an ongoing FBI investigation. Edward the Storrow another Odeon. I official recalled the right after coats meeting with the president on the walk from the Oval Office. Back to the item. Our executive office, building code said that the president. Kept him behind to ask him what he could do to help investigation. Another Odeon is there for who had been waiting for coats outside the Oval Office talked to the Storrow a few minutes later, McCall star reporting the coach was upset because the president had asked him to contact combing to convince him there was nothing to the Russian investigation on Saturday, March twenty fifth twenty seventeen three days after the meeting in the Oval Office. The president called coats in again, complained about the Russian investigation saying words to the effect of I can't do anything with Russia. There's things I'd like to do with Russia with trade with ISIS. They're all over me with this coach told the president that the investigations were going to go on, but the best thing to do was to let them run. Their course coach later testified in a congressional hearing that he had never felt pressure to intervene or interfere in way in shape with shaping intelligence in political way, or in relationship to in on goal. Investigation on March twenty six twenty seventeen. The day after the president called Cho's the president called NSA director, Admiral Michael, broddrick. The president expressed frustration with the Russian investigation saying that it made relations with the Russians difficult. The president toll Rogers, the thing that the thing with the Russia Russians. The president Rogers, the thing with the Russians was messing up his ability to get things done with Russia. The president also said that the news stories linking him with Russia were not true in asks Rogers, if he could do anything to refute the stories, deputy director of the NSA, Richard legend, who was present for the call said it was the most unusual, they hit experience in forty years of government service after the call concluded. Legend prepared a memorandum that he and Rogers, both signed documenting the content of the conversation and the president's request in place memorandum. In a safe, but Rogers did not perceive. The president's request to be in order. And the president did not ask Rogers to push back on the rush investigation itself, Rogers later, testified in a congressional hearing that is innovate director. He had never been directed to do anything. He believed to be illegal immoral unethical or inappropriate and do not recall ever feeling pressure to do. So in addition to the specific comments made to coats Pompeii on Rogers, the president spoke on other occasions in the presence of intelligence community officials about the Russia investigation in stated that it interfered with his ability to conduct foreign relations on at least two occasions. The president began presidential daily briefings by stating that there was no collusion with Russia, and he hoped a press statement to that effect to be issued pump. AL recalled that the president vented about investigation on multiple occasions complaining that there was no evidence against him, and that nobody would publicly defend him. Rodgers recalled a private conversation with the president in which he visited about the investigation said he had done nothing wrong and said something like the Russia thing has got to go away. Coach recall the president, bringing up the rush investigation several times in code said, he'd finally told the president that coach job was to provide intelligence in not get involved in investigations. For the president asks combing to lift the cloud raided by the Russia investigation on the morning of March. Thirty twenty seventeen the president reach out to Coney directly about the Russia investigation, according to combs, contemporaneous record of the conversation. The president said he was trying to run the country in the cloud of this Russia business was making difficult. The president asked combing, what could be done with the cloud homey, explained that we were running it down as quickly as possible in there would be ended. There would be great benefit if we didn't find anything to our good housekeeping seal of approval, but we had to do our work homey, also said combing, also told the president that congressional leaders were aware that the FBI was not investigating the president personally, the president said several times, we need to get that fact out the president commented that if there was. Some satellite, which combing to demean in Societa of the president or the campaign, the did something it would be good to find that out. But that he himself had not done anything wrong. Any hoped Komi would find a way to get out that we weren't investigating him after the call ended Komi cargo into told him about the conversation asked for guidance on how to respond and said he was uncomfortable with direct contact from the president about the investigation. On the morning of April eleven twenty seventeen. The president called Komi again, according to commes contemporaneous record of the conversation. The president said he was following up to see Komi did with the president had asked him, last time hitting out the personally is not under investigation Tomi responded that he passed requests to Berlin today, but not heard back in. He informed the president, that the traditional challenge for such requests, be to have the White House counsel, contact DOJ leadership. The president said he would take that set the president then added because I have been very loyal to you, very loyal. We had that thing you know it televised. Interview was taped early that afternoon. The president was asked if it was too late for him to ask for me to step down the president responded. No, it's not too late. But, you know, I have confidence in him. We'll see what happens. He knows it's going to be interesting after the interview Hicks the president. She thought the president's comment about Komi should be removed removed from the broadcast of the interview, but the president wanted to keep it in which Hicks was unusual later that day, the president told senior advisors, including Mcgann in rebus that he had reached out to Comi twice in recent weeks. The president knowledge that Mcgann would not approve of that outreach to call me because Megantic previously cautioned, the president that he should not talk to directly to. To prevent any perception that the White House was interfering with the best Gatien's the president home again, that Combet indicated the FBI can make a public statement that the president was not under investigation if the department of Justice approved at action after speaking with the president, Mcgann followed up with going face to relieve their to rela-, the president's understanding that the F B I could make a public announcement if the department of Justice theory began were called a belief, they said, Tony told him, there was nothing obstructive about the calls from the president, that they made told me uncomfortable according to gamble into responded that he did not want to issue, a statement about the president, not being under investigation because of the potential political ramifications, and did not want to order to do it because that action could prompt the appointment of a special counsel Valenti did not recall that aspect of his conversation with began, but did recall telling again, the direct outreach is from the president to. Comi for a problem win. Tay recalled that Mcgann agreed and said he would do what he could to address that issue analysis in analyzing the president's reaction to sessions, refusal requests. He made two coats from peyot Rogers in Komi, the following evidence is relevant to the elements of obstruction of Justice. A obstructive act. The evidence shows that after commes March twenty twenty seventeen testimony. The president repeatedly reached out to intelligence agency, leaders to discuss the FBI investigation, but witnesses had different recollections of the precise content of those outreaches some Odeon. I officials recall that Coates told them immediately after the March twenty second Oval Office meeting that the president asked coats to intervene with Komi in stop investigation, but the first hand witnesses to the encounter, remember the conversation differently pump had no memory of the specific meeting, but. Generally recalled the president urging officials to get the word out. The president had not done anything wrong related to Russia coast, recalled that the president asked that code state publicly that no link existed between the president in Russia, but did not ask him to speak with Komi or to help in the investigation, the other outreaches by the president during this period were similar in nature. The president asked Rogers, if he could do anything to refute the stories linking the president to Russia. In the president asked Komi to make a public statement that would lift the cloud of the ongoing investigation by making clear that the president was not personally under investigation. These requests while significant enough that Rogers thought it important to document the encounter in a written memorandum were not interpreted by the officials who received them as directives to improperly interfere with the investigation be next to a proceeding at the time of the president's outreaches to leaders of the intelligence. Agencies in late March in early April twenty seventeen the FBI's Russia investigation did not yet involve grand jury proceedings the outreach. However, came after more in response to commes March twentieth. Twenty seventeen announcement that the F B I as part of its counterintelligence, mission was conducting an investigation into Russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election Komi, testified that the investigation included any links or coordination with Trump campaign officials would include assessment of whether any crimes committed see intent as described above the evidence is not established that the president asked or directed intelligence agency leaders to stop or interfere with the FBI's Russia investigation, and the president affirmatively toll Komi that if some satellite was involved in Russian interference, it would be good to find that out, but the president's intent in trying to prevent sessions. Recusals. And in reaching out to coats, palm pale Rogers in Komi following combs public announcements of the FBI's Russia investigation is nevertheless, relevant to understanding what motivated the president's other actions towards the investigation. The evidence shows that the president was focused on the Russia investigations implications for his presidency and specifically on dispelling any suggestion that he was under investigation or happenings to Russia in early March, the president attempted to prevent sessions recusals, even after being told that sessions was following DOJ conflict of interest rules after sessions recused, the White House counsel's office tried to cut off further contact with sessions about the matter. Although it is not clear, whether that direction was conveyed to the president the president continued to raise the issue of sessions recusals in, when he had the opportunity, he pulled sessions aside in urged him to unrequir- use the president's. Also sorry. The president also told advisers that he wanted in attorney general who would protect him the way he perceived Robert Kennedy Eric Holder. Protect their presidents. The president may statements about being able to direct the course of criminal investigation saying words to the effect of you're telling me that Bobby and Jack didn't talk about investigations or Obama, didn't tell Eric Holder who to investigate. After call me publicly confirmed the existence of the FBI's Russia investigation are March twenty twenty seventeen the president was beside himself, and expressed anger that Komi did not issue, a statement correcting any misperception that the president himself was under investigation. The president sought to speak with acting attorney general Boyne Tae directly untold, Mcgann to contact pointed to request Komi make a clarifying statement, the president, then asked other intelligence community leaders to make public statements to refute the suggestion that the president had links to Russia. But the leaders told him they could not publicly comment on the investigation. Our March, thirtieth, and April eleventh against the advice of White House advisers who had informed him that any direct contact with the FBI could be perceived, as improper interference in an ongoing investigation. The president made personal outreaches Takumi asking him. To lift the clout of the Russian investigation by making public, the fact that the president was not personally under investigation evidence indicates that the president was angered by both the existence of the rush Amos sagacious in the public reporting that he was under investigation which he knew was not true based on homeys representations. The president complaint advisers that if people thought Russia helped him win the election, it would detract from what he had accomplished, other evidence indicates that the president was concerned about the impact of the Russian estimation on his ability to govern the president complained that the perception that he was under investigation was hurting his ability to conduct foreign relations, particularly with Russia. President told coats, he can't do anything with Russia. He told Rogers that the thing with the Russians was interfering with his ability to conduct foreign affairs, and he told me that he was trying to run the country in the cloud of this. Russia business was. Making that difficult. The evidence leading up to surrounding the termination of FBI director. Komen, overview Komi was scheduled to testify before congress on may third twenty seventeen leading up to that testimony. The president continued to tell it buys IRS that he wanted combing to make public that the president was not under investigation at the hearing combing declined to answer questions about the scope or subjects of the Russia investigation into not state publicly that the president was not under investigation. Two days later on may fifth twenty seventeen the president told close aide he was going to fire combing in our may nineteen did so using his official termination letter to make public. They me head on three occasions in San the president, that he was not under investigation. The president decided the fire Komi before receiving advice, or recommendation from the department of Justice, but he approved. Initial public account of the termination, that attributed it to a recommendation from the department of Justice based on combs, handling of the Clinton Email investigation after deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein spaded of after deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein, resisted, attributing, the firing to his recommendation, the president knowledge that he intended to fire Komi, regardless of the deal. Jay recommendation and was thinking of the Russian investigation when he made the decision, the president also told the Russian Foreign Minister, I just fired the head of the FBI, he was crazy a real nut job. I faced great pressure because of Russia that's taken off. I'm not under investigation evidence. One combing testifies before the Senate Judiciary committee in declined to answer questions about whether the president is under investigation on made. Third twenty seventeen Komi was scheduled to testify at an FBI oversight hearing before the Senate Judiciary committee, Mcgann recalled it in the weekly thing to the hearing, the president said that it would be the last straw. If Komi did not take the opportunity to set the record straight by publicly announcing that the president was not under investigation. The president previously, the president had previously told Mcgann that the first -ception that the president was under investigation was hurting his ability to carry out his presidential duties and deal with foreign leaders. At the hearing Komi declined to answer questions about the status of the Russia investigation, stating the department of Justice hit authorized him to confirm that the Russia investigation exists, but that he was not going to say another word about it until the investigation was completed, combing also declined to answer questions about whether investigators had ruled out anyone in the Trump campaign is, as, as potentially a target of the criminal investigation, including whether the FBI had ruled out the president of the United States, Komi was also asked if the hearing about his decision to announce eleven days before the presidential election that the FBI was reopening, the Clinton Email investigation Komi stated that it made him mildly nauseous to think that we might have had some impact on the election. But added that even in hindsight, he would make the same decision. He later repeated that he had no regrets about how he handled the Email investigation and believed he had done the right thing at each term in the afternoon following combs testimony, the president met with Mcgann sessions and sessions, she staff Jody hunt at that meeting. The president asked Mcgann how coma done in his testimony and Mcgann related Komi had declined to answer questions about whether the president was under investigation, the president became very upset directed his anger at sessions, according to notes written by hunt. The president said, this is terrible. It's all because you recuse AG is supposed to be most important appointment. Kennedy appointed his brother Obama appointed holder. I guess he figured out his brother to our point of view. And you recuse yourself you left me on an island. I can't do anything. The president said the this is so funny. Sorry. Oh my God. Okay. The resident said that the recused was unfair in that it was interfering with his ability to govern and undermining his authority with foreign leaders sessions responded that he had no choice but to recuse and it was a mandatory rather than discretionary decision, hot recalled that sessions also stated at some point during the conversation that a new start at the FBI would be appropriate in the president should consider replacing Komi as FBI director, according to sessions when the meeting concluded it was clear that the president was unhappy with Komi the sessions, did not think the president had made the decision to terminate Komi. Bannon recalled that the president brought Komi up with him at least eight times on may third in may fourth twenty seventeen according to Bannon the president said the same thing. Each time he told me three times I'm not under investigation. He's show boater. He's a grand Stander. I don't know any Russians. There was no collusion, then in also told the president that firing Komi was not going to stop being investigated cautioning him that he could fire the director, but could not fire. The FBI number two, the president makes the decision to terminate Komi the weekend following commes may third twenty seventeen testimony, the president traveled to his resort in Bedminster, New Jersey at dinner on Friday, may fifth attended by the president and various advisers family members, including Jared Kushner and senior adviser, Stephen Miller, the president stated that he wanted to remove Komi ahead ideas for a letter that will be. A used to make the announcement. The president dictated argument is specific language for the letter and Millerton notes as reflected in the notes, the president told Miller that the letter should start while I greatly appreciate you. Informing me that I am not under investigation concerning. What I've often stated is a fabricated story on the Trump Russia relationship pertaining to the twenty sixteen presidential election. Please be informed that I in, I've leave the American public, including dis NR's have lost faith in you, as director of their BI, following dinner Miller, prepared, a termination letter based on those notes and research. He conducted to support the president's arguments over the weekend. The president provided civil rounds of edits on the draft letter Miller said the president was adamant that he not tell anyone at the White House, what they were preparing because the president was worried about leaks. In his discussions with Miller, the president made clear that he wanted the letter to open with a reference to him, not being under investigation in his discussions with Miller. The president made clear that he wanted the letter to open with the reference to him being under best, Gatien Miller said, he believed that fact was important to the president to show the Komi was not being terminated based on any such investigation. According to Miller, the president wanted to stab as a factual matter that Komi had been under a review period and did not have insurance from the president, that he would be permitted to keep his jar the final version of the termination letter prepared by Miller in the president began in a way that closely tracked what the president had dictated to Miller at the make dinner, dear director Komi, while I greatly appreciate appreciate your informing me on three separate occasions that I am not under best Gatien concerning the fabricated and politically motivated allegations of Trump. Russia relationships with respect to the twenty sixteen presidential election. Please be informed that I along with members of both political parties in most importantly, the American public have lost faith in you, as the director of the FBI in, you are hereby terminated. The four-page letter went onto critique commes judgment in conduct, including his Maitha. Testimony. Before the Senate Judiciary committee, his handling of the Clinton Email investigation and his failure to hold leaguers accountable. The letter stated that Komi had asked the president at dinner shortly after Naga ration- to let Komi stay on in the director's role and the president said that he would consider it, but the president has concluded that he had no alternative but to find a leadership for the bureau, a leader that restores confidence interest. In the morning of Monday may twenty seventeen. The president met in the Oval Office was senior advisors hoodie, Mcgann. Previous Imola and inform them. He had decided to terminate Komi, the president read aloud the first paragraph of the termination letter. He wrote with Miller in convey, the decision had been made was not up for discussion. The president told the group that Miller had researched the issue in determine the president had the authority to terminate Komi without cause in an effort to slow down the decision-making process Maganto, the president the deal, Jay leadership was currently discussing Komi status as suggested that White House counsel, office attorney ship talk with sessions in rod Rosenstein, who had recently been confirmed as the deputy attorney general Mcgann said that previously scheduled meetings with sessions in Rosenstein that day would be an opportunity to find out what they thought about firing Komi at noon sessions, Rosenstein in hunt mitt with began than White House counsel's office attorney who Tom Dillon at the White House, Mcgann said that the president had decided fire Komi in ask for sessions in Rosensteins views sessions, an Rosenstein criticize Komi into not raise concerns. About replacing him. Mcgann? Dylan said the fact that neither sessions nor Rosenstein objected to replace in Komi gave them peace of mind that the president's decision to fire Comey was mad at attempt to obstruct Justice an Oval Office meeting was scheduled later that day, so that sessions and Rosenstein could discuss the issue with the president at around five AM the president in several White House officials met with Komi Rosenstein to discuss Komi. The president told the group if he had watched comas may third testimony over the weekend thought, it's something was not right with Komi. The president said that Komi should be removed and half sessions and Rosenstein for their views hunt. Who's in the room recalled that sessions responded that he had previously recommended that Colmey be replaced Mcgann Dylan said Rosenstein described his concerns about Komi hand commes, handling of the Clinton Email investigation. The president then distributed copies of the termination letter. He drafted with Miller and the discussion, turn to the mechanics of how to foamy and whether the president's letter should be used again. Dylan urged the president to permit Komi to resign, but the president was adamant that he be fired the group discussed the possibility that Rosenstein of sessions could provide a recommendation in writing that Kobe Komi should be removed. Removed, the president agreed and told Rosenstein to draft a memorandum the said he wanted to receive it first thing, the next morning, hunts notes reflected, the president told Rosenstein into included his recommendation, the fact that Komi her refused to confirm that the president was not personally under investigation, according to notes taken by a senior DOJ official of Rosensteins description of his meeting with the president. The president said, put the Russia Steph in the memo Rosenstein responded that the Russia investigation was not the basis of his recommendation, so he did not think Russia should be mentioned. The president told Rosenstein he would appreciate it. If Rosenstein put it in his letter anyway, when Rosenstein left the meeting, he knew that commie would be terminated any told DOJ colleagues that his own reasons for replacing Komi were not the president's reason. On may knife hot delivered to the White House, a letter from sessions, recommending comas removal and a memorandum from Rosenstein addressed to the attorney general, titled restoring public confidence in the FBI, Mcgann recalled that the president like the OJ letters in agreed that they should provide the nation for a new cover letter from the president accepting the recommendation to terminate Komi notes taken by Donaldson on may night reflected, the view of the White House counsel's office that the president original termination, litter should not see the light of day, and that it would be better to offer. No other rationales for the firing than what was in Rosen, scenes in sessions memoranda, the president asked Miller to draft intermission letter and erected Miller to stay in the letter though, and directed Miller to say in the letter, they Komi head informed. The president three times that he was not under investigation Mcgann. Previous N Dylan objected to, including that language. But the president insisted that it be included Mcgann previous and others. Perceive that language to be the most important part of the letter to the President Bill in made a final pitch to the president, that Komi should be permitted to resign. But the president refused around the time, the president's letter was finalized, previous summoned Spicer in the press team to the Oval Office, where they were told that Komi hidden terminated for the reason stated in the letters by Rosen seen sessions to announce commes termination. The White House released a statement, which previous thought had been dictated by the president in full the statement, read today, president Donald J Trump informed. If beyond director Komi that he has been terminated in removed from office. President Trump acted based on based on the clear recommendations of both deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein in attorney general Jeff Sessions. At that evening. FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe was summoned to meet with the president at the White House. The president told McKay, the fired Komi because of the decisions Komi had made in the Clinton Email investigation, and for many other reasons, the president asked McCabe, if he was aware that Komi had told the president three times that he was not under investigation. The president also has McCague whether many people in the eye disliked combing in whether McCabe was part of the resistance that disagreed with commes decision decisions in the Clinton investigations. Mckay told the president that he knew Komi told the president. He was not under vista Gatien that most people in the I felt positively about Komi, and that McCabe worked very closely with Komi was part of all the decisions that have been made in the Clinton investigation. Later that evening, the president told his communication team, he was unhappy with the press cover of Komi, sermon nation in order them to go out and defend him. The president also called Chris Christie in Cording to Christie said he was getting killed in the press compensation. The president asked what he should do. Kristie asked did you fire homey, because of rod road in the memo and the president responded? Yes. Christie said that the president should get right out there in have him defend the decision the press the president told Christie that this was a good idea. Instead he was gonna call Rosenstein right away that night. The White House press office called the department of Justice and said, the White House wanted to put out a statement saying that it was Rosensteins idea to fire Komi Rosen seen told other deal Jay officials that he would not participate in putting out a false story. The president, then called roses. Seen directly and said he was watching Fox News that the coverage have been great. And then he wanted Rosenstein to do a press conference Rosenstein responded that this was not a good idea. Because if the press asked him, he would tell the truth that combs firing was mad his idea sessions, also informed, the White House counsel's office that, that evening, the Rosenstein was upset that his memorandum was being portrayed as the reason for combs termination, in an unplanned press conference late in the evening of may night, twenty seventeen Spicer told reporters it was all Rosenstein no-one from the White House. It was a deal Jay decision that evening and the next morning White House officials and spokespeople continue to maintain that the president is decision to terminate Komi was driven by the recommendations, the president received from Rosenstein in sessions in the morning on may ten twenty seventeen President Trump met with Russian Foreign Minister. Sergei lab, Roth in Russian ambassador. Sergei Kislyak in the oval off the media, subsequently reported that during the may tint meeting. The president brought up his decision. The prior data terminate Komi telling Laverov in Kislyak, I just fired the head of the FBI. He was crazy a real nut job. I faced great pressure, because of Russia that's taken off on that under investigation. The president never denied making those statements in the White House, did not dispute the account instead, issuing a statement by grandstanding in publicizing the investigation into Russia's actions. James Comi created unnecessary pressure on our ability to engage. Immigratio it with Russia. The investigation would have always continued. In the termination of Komi would not have ended it once again, the real story is that our national security has been undermined by the leaking of private and highly fast, by information hick said that when she told the president about the reports on his meeting with Labra. He did not look concern said, if Komi heat is crazy Mcgann asked the president about his comments celebre. The president said it was good that communist fired because that's the pressure off by making it clear that he was not under investigation, so he could get more work than that same morning on may tenth twenty seventeen the president call McCague, according to a memorandum McCabe wrote following the call president, the president asked McCabe to come over to the White House to discuss for the president of visit FBI headquarters and make a speech employee's. The president has said the president said he had received hundreds of. Messages from FBI employee's indicating their support for terminating Komi. The president also told McCabe that Komi should not have been permitted to travel back to our Sinton DC on the FBI's airplane after he had been terminated and that he did not want combing in the building, again, even to collect his belongings when cave met with the president that afternoon, the president without prompting toll McCabe that people left the I love the president estimated that at least eighty percent of the FBI have voted for him and asked McKay who he voted for in the twenty sixteen presidential election in the afternoon of may tint, twenty seventeen deputy press secretary Sarah Sanders spoke to the president, about his decision to fire Comey and then spoke to reporters in a televised press conference Sanders told reporters that the president the department of Justice in bipartisan members of congress has. Lost confidence in Komi, and most importantly, the rank and file of FBI had lost confidence in their director accordingly. The president accepted the recommendation of his deputy attorney general to remove James combing from his position in response to questions from reporters Sanders, said it Rosenstein decided on his own to review commies forment in that Rosenstein decided on his own to come to the president on Monday to express his concerns about combing reporter, indicated that the vast majority of FBI agent supported Komi. Sanders said, look, we've heard from countless members of the FBI say very different things following the press conference Sanders, spoke to the president who told her. She did a good job did not point out, any inaccuracies. Ter- vomits Sanders told this office that her reference to hearing from countless countless members of the FBI was a slip of the time. She also recalled that. Her statement in a separate press intervene. That rank and file agents had lost confidence only was a comment. She made in the heat of the moment that was not founded on anything also on may tenth twin seventeen sessions in Rosenstein, each spoke to Mcgann expressed concern that the White House was creating a narrative, the Rosenstein, had initiated the decision to fire combing. The White House counsel's office. Agreed that it was factually wrong to say that the department of Justice had initiated, commes termination. Amazon asked attorneys in the White House counsel's office to work with the press office to correct the narrative, the next day on may eleven twenty seventeen the president participated in interview with LeicesteR hope the president home White House counsel's office attorneys in advance of the interview that the communications team could not get the story. Right. So he was going on Lester whole to say, what really happened during the interview, the president stated that he had made the decision to fire Comey before the president mitt, which Rosenstein in sessions, the president told hope I was going to fire regard, this recommendation Rosenstein made a recommendation, but regardless of recommendation, I was going to fire Komi knowing there was no time to do it the president continued, and in fact when I decided to just do it. I said to myself, I said, you know, this Russia thing with Trump in Russia is a made up story. It's an excuse. By the Democrats for having lost an election day should have won. I agree with him on that part in response to question about whether he was angry with Komi about the rush investigation. The president said, as far as I'm concerned, I want the thing I want that thing to be absolutely done properly, the president added that he realized his termination of combing, probably, probably may be will confuse people with the result that it might even Lincoln out the investigation, but he had to do the right thing for the American people. And Komi was the wrong man for that position. The president described Komi as a showboat in a grand Sander says the guy has been in turmoil and said he wanted to have a really competent capable director, president of firm that he expected the new FBI director to continue the rush investigation on the evening of may eleven twenty seventeen following the list or whole interview. The president tweeted Russia must be laughing up their sleeves, watching is the US tears itself apart over a democrat excuse, for losing the election. The same day the media reported that the president had demanded that Komi pledge his loyalty to the president in a private dinner shortly after being sworn in late in the morning of may twelve twenty seventeen. The president tweeted again, the story that there was collusion between the Russians in Trump campaign was fabricated by dims as an excuse for losing. The election. The president also tweeted James Komi, better hope that, there are no tapes of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press. And when James Clapper himself, and virtually everyone else would knowledge this of the witch hunt, says, there's no collusion winded analysis in analyzing the president's decision to fire Komi, the following evidence is relevant to the elements of obstruction of Justice, a obstructive act, the active firing Komi removed, the individual overseeing the FBI Russia investigation. The president knew that Komi was personally involved in the investigation based on combs briefing of the gang avait combs, March twenty twenty seventeen public testimony about the investigation, and the president of one on one conversation with only. Firing Komi probably five as an instructive act, if it had the natural improbable affect of interfering with or impeding investigation, for example, if determination would have the effect of delaying, or disrupting the investigation, or providing the president with the opportunity to appointed erector, who will take a different approach to the investigation said, the president perceived as more protective of his personal interests, relevant circumstances bearing on that issue include whether the president's actions had the potential to discourage a successor director. Or other law enforcement officials in their conduct of the Russian station. The president fired Komi abruptly without offering him in opportunities to resign banned him from the F, B, I building, and criticized him publicly calling him a showboat and claiming that the FBI was in turmoil under his leadership, and the president, followed the termination with public statements. That were highly critical of the investigation, for example, three days after firing Komi, the president referred to the investigation as a witch hunt in ask win does it in those actions had the potential to affect successor's successor directors conduct of the investigation. The antiquated affective removing FBI director, however would not necessarily be to prevent or impede the FBI from continuing its investigation. As a general matter, FBI investigations run under the operational direction of FBI, personal personnel levels below the FBI director. Fan and made a similar point when he told the president, that he could fire the FBI director, but could not fired FBI. The White House issued a press statement that the day after communist fire said the investigation would have always continued, and obviously, the termination of Komi would not have ended it. In addition in his may eleventh interview with Lester Holt, the president stated that he understood when he made the decision to fire Komi that the action might prolong the investigation, and the president chose McCabe to serves. Interim director even though McCain told the president he had worked very closely with Komi and was part of all the decisions made in the Clinton investigation. Nexus be next to a preceding. The next is element will be satisfied. I evidence showing that a grand jury proceeding or criminal prosecution arising from an FBI investigation was objectively for Siebel in actually contemplate. By the president when he terminated combing? Several facts would be relevant to show to such a showing at the time. The president fired Komi, a grand jury had not begun to hear evidence related to the Russian investigation in no grand jury subpoenas had been issued on March twenty twenty seventeen however Komi head announced that the FBI was investigating Russia's interference in the election, including an assessment of whether any crimes were committed. It was widely known that the FBI is part of the Russia investigation was investigating the hacking of the DNC's computers, a clear criminal offense. In addition at the time, the president fire Komi evidence indicates, the president knew that Flynn was still under criminal investigation in could potentially be prosecuted. Despite the president's February fourteenth twenty seventeen requests that Komi let Flynn go on March fifth twenty seventeen the White House counsel's office was informed that the FBI was asking for. Transition period records relating to Flynn, indicating that the FBI was still actively investigating him the same day. The president told advisers he wanted to call Dana Boya Tei, then the acting attorney general for the Russian investigation to find out whether the White House, or the president was being investigated on March thirty first twenty seventeen the president signaled, his awareness that Flynn remained in legal jeopardy by tweeting that Mike Flynn should ask for immunity before he agreed to provide testimony to the FBI or congress, and in late March or early April. The president asked McFarland to pass a message to Flynn telling him that the president felt bad for him and that he should stay strong further demonstrating the president's awareness of Flynn's criminal exposure, see intent substantial evidence, indicates that the catalyst for the president's decision to fire. Comey was commes unwillingness to publicly say that. That the president was not personally under investigation, despite the president's repeated requests that Komi make such an announcement in the week leading to comas macer twenty seventeen Senate Judiciary committee, testimony. The president told Mcgann that it would be the last strive Komi did not set the record straight and publicly announced that the president was not under investigation, but during his macer testimony Komi refused to answer questions about whether the president was being investigated combs, refusal angered the president who criticized sessions for leaving him isolated in expose saying you left me on island two days later. The president told advisers he had decided to fire Komi and dictated a letter to Stephen Miller that began with, with a reference to the fact that the president was not being investigated while I greatly appreciate you. Informing me that I am not under investigation. Concerning what I have often stated as fabricated story on Trump fresher relationship. The president later asked Rosen to include Russia, in his memorandum, anticipate that Komi hit told the president that he was not under investigation and the president final determination him. Sorry, and the president's final termination letter included a sentence at the president's insistence and against mcgann's advice, stating. The homie hit told the president on three separate occasions that he was not under investigation. The president's other state irrational for why he fired Komi are not similarly supported by the evidence. The termination letter the president is Stephen Miller prepared in Bedminster cited combs handling. Of the Clinton Email investigation. And the president told mccade he fired Komi for that reason, but the fact surrounding homeys candling of the Clinton Email investigation, or will known to the president at the time. He assumed office in the president had made it clear to both homey in the president senior staff in early twenty seventeen that he wanted me to stay on as their rector in Rosenstein articulated. His criticism of combs handling of the Clinton investigation after the president had already decided to fire Comey. The president's draft termination letter also stated that morale in the FBI was at an all time low in Sanders told the press after Komi termination that the White House had heard from countless FBI agents, who had lost confidence in Komi, but the evidence does not support those claims the president told combing that their January twenty seven dinner that the people of the FBI really liked him. No evidence suggests that the. Resident heard otherwise before this signing to terminate Komi in Sanders, acknowledged to investigators that her comments were not founded on anything. We also consider why was important to the president. They call me announced publicly that he was not under investigation. Some evidence indicates that the president believed that the aronie is perception was under investigation harmed, his ability to manage domestic informed affairs for tick yearly dealing with Russia. The president told me that the cloud of this Russia business was making it difficult to the country. The president told session Mcgann that foreign leader said express sympathy to him for being under investigation in that the perception, he was under investigation is hurting. His ability to address foreign relations us president complained to Rogers that. The thing with the Russians was messing up his ability to get things done with Russia in toll coats, I can't do anything. Thing with Russia. There's things I'd like to do with Russia with trade with ISIS. They're all over me with this. The president also may have viewed Komi as insubordinate for his failure to make clear in the may third testimony that the president was under investigation other evidence, however, indicates that the president wanted to protect himself from an investigation into his campaign. The day after learning about the VI's interview of Flynn, the president had a one on one dinner with Komi against the advice of senior aides in told Komi, he needed comas loyalty when the president later asked Komi for a second time to make public that he was not under investigation. He brought up loyalty again saying because I have been very loyal to you, very loyal. We had that thing you know, after the president learned of sessions recusals from the Russia investigation. The president was furious and said he wanted in. Attorney general who would protect him the way he perceived Robert Kennedy in holder to protected their presidents. The president also said he wanted to be able to tell his attorney general who to investigate. In addition, the president had a motive to put their fee is Russia investigation behind him the evidence is not establish. The determination of Komi was designed to cover up a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia, described in volume one, the evidence uncovered in the investigation did not Salish the president or those close to him were involved in charge Russian computer hacking, rack active measure, conspiracies, or the president, otherwise hadn't unlawful relationship with any Russian official. But the evidence does indicate that a thorough FBI investigation would uncover facts about the campaign and the president personally that the president could have understood to be crimes, or they would give rise to personal IMP little concerns, although the president publicly stated during and after the election that he had no connection to Russia. Trump organization sue, Michael Cohen was pursuing. The proposed Trump Tower Moscow projects through June twenty sixteen in candidate Trump was repeatedly briefed on the Braga of those efforts. In addition. Some witnesses said that Trump was aware that this is redacted for harm to ongoing matter at a time when public report stated that Russian intelligence officials were behind the hats in that Trump privately sought information about future WikiLeaks releases more broadly, multiple witnesses described the president's preoccupation with press coverage of the Russia investigation in his persistent concern that raised questions about the legitimacy of the election, as Fano five hundred on page seventy seven of volume into in addition to whether the president had a motive related to Russia related matters that investigation couldn't cover considered whether the president's intent in firing Komi was connected to other conduct that could come to light, as a result of the FBI's Russian interference investigation in particular, Michael Cohen was a potential subject of investigation, because of his pursuit of the Trump Tower Moscow project in involvement in other active. Stories in facts, uncovered in the rush investigation, which are office referred to the US attorney's office for the southern district of New York, ultimately led to the conviction of Cohen in the southern district of New York for campaign, finance offenses related to payments. He said he made at the direction of the president the investigation ever did not establish the when the president Komi he was considering the possibility that the FBI's investigation would uncover those payments for the president's intent in firing Komi was otherwise connected to a concern about these matters coming to light finally the president White House. Aides initially advanced Abry textual reason to the press in the public for COMEX terminating in the immediate. Aftermath of the firing the president dictated a press statement, suggesting that he had acted based on the deal. Jay recommendations in White House press officials repeated this that story, but the president had decided to fire Komi before the White House elicited. Those. Nations. Although the president, ultimately acknowledged that he was going to fire, only regardless of the department of Justice recommendations he did. So only after DOJ officials made clear to him that they would resist the White House's suggestion that they had prompted the process the lead to termination. The initial reliance on pretext justification could could support an inference that the president had concerns about providing the real reason for the firing although the evidence, does not resolve whether those concerns were personal political or both. E the president's efforts to remove the special counsel overview, the acting attorney general appointed a special counsel on may seventeenth twenty seventeen Ponting, the president to say it was the end of his presidency, and that attorney general sessions had failed to protect him. It should resign session submitted his resignation, which the president alternately did not accept the president told senior advisors that the special counsel, had conflicts of interest that they responded that those flames ridiculous impose no obstacle to the special counsel, service department of Justice ethics officials. Similarly cleared special counsels service on June, fourteenth twenty seventeen. The press reported that the president was being personally investigated for obstruction of Justice in the president responded with a series of tweets. Criticizing special counsel's investigation. That weekend. The president calm again in the rights of him to have the special counsel removed because of asserted conflicts of interest again, did not carry out the instructions for fear of being seen as triggering another Saturday night. Massacre in its did prepared to resign mcgann's ultimate Mcgann. Ultimately did not it in the president, did not follow up with began on his request to have the special counsel, remove evidence, one the appointment of the special counsel in the president's reaction on may seventeen twenty seventeen acting attorney general Rosenstein appointed Robert S Muller, third on may seventeenth when he seventeen acting attorney general Rosenstein appointed Robert S Muller third as special counsel authorized him to conduct the Russian investigation in matters that arose from the investigation, the president learned of special counsels appointment. From sessions, who was with the president hunt end. Mcgann? Conducting interviews for new FBI director. Sessions that out of the Oval Office to take a call from Rosenstein, who told him about the special counsels appointment session stepped out of the office takeoff from Rosenstein, who told him about the special counsel appointment in sessions, then return to inform the president of the news. According to notes written by hunt. When sessions told the president that a special counsel had been appointed the president's slumped back in his share and said, oh, my God. This is terrible. This is the end of my presidency on fucked. Sorry. Sedarat quote. There to apologize. The president became angry lambasted, the attorney general for his decision to recused from the investigation stating. How could you let this happen? Jeff, the president said the position of attorney general was his most important appointment in that sessions, had let him down contracting him to Eric Holder, Robert Kennedy sessions recalled that the president said to him you were supposed to protect me or words to that effect. The president returned to the consequences of the appointment. Instead, everyone tells me if you get one of these independent counsels, it ruins your presidency, it takes years and years, and I won't be able to do anything. This is the worst thing that ever happened to me, the president, then sessions, he should resign attorney general sessions agreed to submit his resignation in leftover office, shake saw the president shortly after sessions departed in described the president as being extreme. Family upset by the special counsels appointment Hicks. It that she had only seen the president, like that one other time when the access Hollywood tape came out during the campaign, the next day may eighteenth twenty seventeen FBI agents delivered to Mcgann a preservation noticed that discussing investigation related to Comi. Termination in the did the White House to preserve all relevant documents when he received the letter McGinn issued a document whole to White House. They're instructed them not to send out any burn bags over the weekend while he sorted things out. Also on may eighteenth sessions finalized, a resignation letter that stated pursuant to our conversation of yesterday in to request a hereby offer. My resignation sessions accompanied by hunt. Brought the letter to the White House in handed it to the president, the president, put the resignation letter in his pocket, and ashen several times, whether he wanted to continue serving as attorney general. Sessions alternately told the president. He wanted to stay, but it was up to the president. The president said he wanted sessions to stay at the conclusion of the meeting the president shook sessions hand, but did not return the resignation letter. When pre-bus abandoned learned that the president was holding onto sessions resignation letter. They became concerned that it can be used influence department of Justice. This is like a bad movie. Previous told sessions, it was not good for the president to have the letter because it would function as kind of shock collar that the president could use anytime. He wanted previous said the president had deal Jay by the throat previous in told sessions, they would attempt to get the letter back from the president within oh, tation that he was not accepting sessions resignation on may nineteen twenty seventeen the president left were trip to the Middle East Hicks recalled that on the president's flight from Saudi Arabia to Tel Aviv. The pr. Resident pulled sessions resignation letter from his pocket showed it to a group of senior advisors, and ask them what he should do about it during the trip we asked about the resignation letter so he could return to sessions. But the president told him that the letter was back at the White House somewhere in the residence. It was not until may, thirtieth three days after the president returned from the trip. The president return the letter to two sessions with the notation saying, not accepted Kamina read this note is a footnote, fact, twenty seven. The five eighteen seventeen letter sessions to President Trump resignation letter. Robert porter, who was the White House staff secretary at the time, said that in the days after the president returned from the Middle East trip. The president took sessions letter out of a drawer, in the Oval Office in showed it to porter the rest of this is redacted for personal privacy. Okay. Number two, the president asserts that the special counsel has conflicts of interest in the days following the special counsel, counsels appointment. The president repeatedly told her buys IRS including previous band in Mcgann it special counsel Mueller head conflicts of interest. The president cited is conflict that Muller had interviewed for the FBI director position shortly before being appointed a special counsel that he had worked for a law firm that represented people, affiliated with the president and that Muller head disputed certain fees, relating to his membership in a Trump golf course in northern Virginia. The president's advisors pushed back on his assertion of conflicts telling the president, they did not count his true conflicts. Bannon recall telling the president that the purported, conflicts ridiculous. And that none of them was real or could come close to justify for pudding. Muller from serving his special counsel, his for Muller's interview for FBI director Bannon recalled that the White House hit invited Muller to speak to the president's offer perspective on the institution of the FBI, Bannon said that, although the White House thought about beseeching Waller to become director, again, he did not come in looking for the jar Bannon, also, the president, that the law firm position did not amount to a conflict in the legal community, and Bannon told the president that the golf course dispute did not rise to the level of conflict in claiming one was ridiculous in petty. The president did not respond when Bannon pushback on the stated conflicts of interest on may twenty third. Seventeen the department of Justice announced that ethics officials had determined that the special counsel prior law firm position, did not bar his service, generating media reports that Muller had been cleared to serve Mcgann recalled that around the time, Mcgann recalled it around the same time, the president complained about the conflicts in prodded Mcgann to reach out to Rosenstein about the issue again, said he responded that he cannot make such call in that the president should instead consult, his personal lawyer, because it was not a White House issue contemporaneous notes of may twenty third twenty seventeen conversation between Mcgann in the president reflect the Mcgann told the president, that he would not call Rosenstein, and that he would suggest the president, not make such a call either. Again, it vies that the president could discuss the issue with his personal attorney, but it will look like still trying to meddle in. The investigation and knocking out Miller would be another fact used to claim Shrek shin of Justice, Mcgann told the president that his biggest exposure was not his active firing combing, but his other contacts calls in his ass. Ari Flynn by the time again provided this advice to the president. There have been widespread reporting on the president's requests for comas loyalty, which the president publicly denied. His request that call let Flynn go, which the president also denied and the president's statement to the Russian Foreign Minister at determination of Komi had relieved great pressure related to Russia, which the president did not deny on June eighth twenty seventeen Komi testify before congress about his interactions with the president before his termination, including the request for loyalty. The requests that Komi. Let Flynn glow. The requests Komi lift the cloud over new presidency caused by the ongoing investigation. Commes testimony led to a series of news reports about whether the president had obstructed Justice. On June nine twenty seventeen special counsel's office in Sam the White House counsel's office that investigators intended to interview intelligence community officials who had allegedly been asked by the president to push back against the Russia investigation on Monday, June twelve twenty seventeen. Christopher ready, the chief executive of Newsmax media in a longtime friend of the president met at the White House with previous in Bannon, ready, recalled that they told him the president was strongly considering firing the special counsel, and that he would do so precipitously without vetting the decision to administration. Officials ready asked previous ready to talk publicly about the discussion that they had about the special counsel in previous city could previous already he hoped another blow up like the one that followed. The termination of combing did not happen later that day, ready stated in a televised interview. That the president was considering perhaps terminating special counsel, based on purported. Tom flits of interest ready later told another news outlet that Trump is definitely considering terminating the special counsel, and it's not something that's being dismissed ready comments led to extensive coverage in the media that the president was considering firing the special counsel. White House officials were unhappy with their press coverage and ready heard from friends that the president was upset with him on June thirteenth twenty seventeen Sanders asked the president for guidance on how to respond to press inquiries about the possible firing of the special counsel. The president dictated in answer, which Sanders delivered saying that while the president has every right to fire the special counsel. He has no intention to do. So. Also on June thirteenth twenty seventeen. The president's personal council, contacted special counsel's office and raise concerns about. About possible conflicts the president's council cited mother's previous partnership in his law firm is interview for the FBI director position in started personal relationship. He had with foam me that same day, Rosenstein had testified publicly before congress and said, he saw no evidence of good cause to terminate the special counsel, including for conflicts of interest, two days later, on June, fifteenth, twenty seventeen the special counsel's office informed the acting attorney general's office about the areas of concern raised by the president's council and told the president's council, they're concerned being communicated to Rosenstein, so that the department of Justice could take any appropriate action three depress reports that the president is being investigated for obstruction of Justice in the president directs the White House counsel to have the special counsel, remove on the evening of June fourteenth twenty seventeen the Washington Post published in article. Stating that the special counsel was investigating whether the president had attempted to obstruct Justice. This was the first public report that the president himself was under investigation by the special counsel's office cable news networks quickly picked up on the report, the post story stated that special counsel was interviewing intelligence community leaders, including coats in Rogers about what the president had asked him to do in, in response to COMEX March twentieth twenty seventeen testimony that the inquiry into -struction marked a major turning point in the investigation, and that, while Trump receive private assurances from then FBI director James becoming starting January. He was not personally under investigation. Officials say that change shortly after combs firing. That evening at approximately ten thirty one PM, the president call Mcgann on against personal cell phone, and they spoke for about fifteen minutes, Mcgann did not have a clear memory of the call, but thought they may have discussed the stories reporting that the president was under investigation. Beginning early the next day, June, fifteenth, twenty seventeen. The president issued a series of tweets. Ignoring the existence of the obstruction investigation in criticizing it. He wrote they made up a phony collusion with the Russian story found approved. So now they go for obstruction of Justice on the phony story. Nice. You are witnessing the single greatest witch-hunt in American political history, led by some very bad and conflicted people in crooked age destroyed phones with hammer bleached emails in had husband meet with AG days before she was cleared and they talk about obstruction. The next day, June sixteenth, twenty seventeen the president wrote additional tweets, criticizing the investigation after seven months of investigations committee hearings about my collusion with the Russians. Nobody has been able to show any proof sad in. I am being investigated for firing. The FBI director by the. Man who told me to fire the FBI director, which on Saturday, June seventeenth twenty seventeen the president called Mcgann in the rected him to have the special counsel, removed, again was at home, and the president was at Camp David in interviews with this office, Mcgann recalled that the president called him at home twice. And on both occasions directed him to call Rosenstein and say that Muller had conflicts that precluded him from serving a special counsel on the first call began recalled the presidents at something like you gotta do this. You've got a car ride, Mcgann said he told the president that he would see what he could do Mcgann was perturbed by the call. And did not intend to act on the request. He and other visors leave the asserted conflicts were silly that real in they had previously communicated that you to the president, Mcgann also had made clear to the president that the. White House counsel's office should not be involved in any effort to press the issue of conflicts, Mcgann was concerned about having any role in asking the acting attorney general to fire the special counsel, because he had grown up in the Reagan era in wanted to be more like judge Robert Bork in that Saturday night massacre board, Mcgann considered the president's request to be an inflection point. And he wanted to hit the brakes when the president com. Again, a second time to follow up on the order to call the department of Justice began recalled that the president was more direct saying something like call rod tail rod that Muller has conflicts in can't be special counsel, Mcgann recalled, the president telling him Muller has to go in call me back when you do it, Mcgann understood the president to be saying that the special counsel, had to be removed by Rosenstein to end the conversation with the president, Mcgann. Left the president with the impression that Mcgann would call Rosenstein, Mcgann recalled that he had already said, no to the president's request. He was worn down. So he just wanted to get off the phone again recount filling track because he did not plan to follow the president's directive, but did not know what he would say the next time president called began decided he had to resign. He called his personal lawyer and then called his chief-of-staff any Donaldson to inform. Her of his decision even drove to the office to pack his belongings and submit his resignation letter Donaldson recall that Mcgann told her the president called demanded he contacted apartment of Justice in the president wanted him to do something that Mcgann did not want to do Maganto Donaldson at the president had called, at least twice in one of the cause asked to be done it again to not tell Donaldson the specifics of the president's request because he was consciously trying not to involve her in the investigation. But Donaldson furred this the president. President's erected was related to the Russia investigation. Donaldson prepared to resign along with began that evening. Mcgann horrible pre-bus ambandoned told them that he intended to resign Mcgann recalled that after speaking with his attorney and given the nature of the president's request. He decided not to share. Details of the president's request with other White House. There. Previous recall, the Mcgann says the president had asked him to, to do crazy shit, but he thought Mcgann did not tell him the specifics of the president's request because Mcgann was trying to protect grievous from what he did not need to know previous ambandoned both urge Mcgann to quit Mcgann, ultimately returned to work that Monday and remained in his position. He had not told the president that reckless that he planned to resign when they next sorry, the president did not ask Mcgann, whether he'd follow through with calling Rosenstein around the same time, Chris Christie regarded telephone call with the president in which the president asked with Christie thought about the president firing the special counsel Christie advised against doing so because there was no substantive basis for the president to fire the special counsel, and because the president would lose support from Republicans in congress if he did so. Now assists in analyzing the president's directions, Mcgann to have the special counsel removed. The following evidence is relevant to the elements of obstruction of Justice. A obstructive act as with the president's firing of Komi the attempt to remove the special counsel, who qualify as an instructive Air Act, if it would naturally obstruct the investigation in any grand jury proceedings that might flow of many worry. Even if the removal of the lead prosecutor would not prevent the investigation from continuing under a new appointee effect finder would need to consider whether the act had the potential to delay further action in the investigation chill, the actions of any replacement special counsel or otherwise impede the investigation. A threshold question is whether the president, in fact, directed Mcgann to have the special counsel, remove after news organizations reported that in June twenty seventeen the president had ordered began to have the special counsel, remove the president publicly disputed, these accounts in privately told again that he had simply wanna began to bring conflicts of interest to the department of Justice attention. Some of the president's specifically language that Mcgann recalled from the calls is consistent with that expansion substantial evidence. However, supports the conclusion that the president went further. And in fact, rected Mcgann to call Rosenstein to have the special counsel removes first mcgann's clear recollection was that the president directed him to call Rosenstein, not only that conflicts existed. But also that Muller has to go. Mcgann is credible witness with no motive to lie. Or exaggerate, given the position healed in the White House again spoke with the president twice in understood the directive the same way both times, making it unlikely that he misheard or misinterpreted the president's requests in response to that request, Mcgann decided to quit because he did not want to participate in events that he described is akin to the Saturday night massacre. He, he called his lawyer, drove to the White House packed his office prepared to submit a resume shin letter with this, you told previous that the president asked him to do crazy shit and informed previous ambandoned that he was leaving. Those acts would be a highly unusual reaction to request to convey information to the department of Justice second in the days before the costume again. The president through his council had already brought the conflicts the attention of the department of Justice. Accordingly. The president had no reason to have again car Rosenstein that weekend to raise conscious issues that already had been raised third. The president sense of urgency in repeated requests Mcgann to take immediate action on weekend. You gotta do this. You gotta call rive support mcgann's recollection that the president wanted the department of Justice to take action to remove the special counsel had the president instead sought only to have the department of Justice, reexamine asserted conflicts. They evaluate whether they pose an ethical bar. It would have been unnecessary to set the process in motion on a Saturday into make repeated calls Mcgann. Finally, the president had to death knocking out Muller in race conflicts of interest in a mate third twenty seventeen call was began reflecting that the president connected the conflicts to a plan to remove the special counsel in, in the days leading up to June seventeenth twenty seventeen the PR. Resident made clear to previous in Bannon who then told ready that the president was considering terminating the special counsel, also during this time period, the president reached out to Kristy to get his thoughts on firing special counsel, this evidence shows that the president was not just seeking examination of whether conflicts existed, but instead was looking to use a certain conflicts as a way to terminate the special counsel be next to official proceeding to satisfy receding requirement. It would be necessary to establish a nexus between the president act of seeking to terminate the special counsel Hannah pending or forseeable grand jury proceeding substantial evidence indicates that by June, seventeenth twenty seventeen the president knew his conduct was under investigation by federal prosecutor who could present any evidence of federal crimes to a grand jury on may twenty third twenty seventeen Mcgann explicitly. Warned the president that his biggest exposure was not his active firing combing. But his other context in Carl's in his asked regarding Flynn. By early June. It was widely reported in the media that federal prosecutors had issued grand jury subpoenas in the flooding worry, and that the special counsel had taken over the Flynn investigations on June night. Twenty seventeen special counsel's office informed, the White House that investigators would be interviewing intelligence agency officials who allegedly had been asked by the president to push back against the Russian investigation on June fourteenth twenty seventeen news outlets began reporting that the president was himself being investigated for obstruction of Justice based on widespread reporting the president knew that section investigation could include his request, for combs loyalty, his request that Komi. Let Flynn go his outreach to coats in Rogers in his termination of Komi. In statement to the Russian Foreign Minister that the termination had relieved rate, fresher for Lee. Related to Russia in on June sixteen twenty seventeen the day before he directed Mcgann to have the special counsel removed the president publicly knowledged that his conduct was under investigation by a federal prosecutor tweeting, I am being investigated for firing the FBI director, by the man who told me to fire if BI director see intent substantial evidence, indicates that the president's attempt to remove the special counsel were linked to the special counsel, oversight of investigations that involve the president's conduct in most immediately to reports that the president was being investigated for potential obstruction of Justice before the president terminated Komi, president considered a critically important that he was not under investigation, and that the public not Lerone erroneously think he was being investigated. As described in volume two section two d advisors perceive. The president while he was drafting the Komi termination letter to be concerned more than anything else about getting out that he was not personally under investigation when the president learned of the appointment of the special counsel on may seventeenth twenty seventeen. He expressed further concern about the investigation saying, this is the end of my presidency. The president also faulted sessions for recusing saying you were supposed to protect me on June, fourteenth, twenty seventeen from the Washington Post reported that the special counsel was investigating the president for obstruction of Justice. The president was facing what he had wanted to avoid. A criminal investigation into his own conduct. That was the subject of widespread media attention, the evidence indicates that news of the obstruction investigation prompted the president to calm again, in seek to have the special counsel removed by mid June. The department of Justice had already cleared the special counsel service and the president's visors told him that the claim that the claimed conflicts of interest were silly and did not provide a basis to remove the special counsel on June thirteenth twenty seventeen. The acting attorney general testified before congress that no good cars, so removing the special counsel existed in the president dictated, a press statement to Sanders saying he had no intention of firing a special counsel. But the next day, the media reported that the president was under investigation for obstruction of Justice, in the special counsel, was interview. Witnesses about events related to possible. Obstruction spurring the president to write critical tweets about the special counsel's investigation. The president call again, at home that night and then called him on Saturday from camp. David the evidence of Cordingley indicates that news, that an obstruction investigation had been opened is what led the president to calm again, to have the special counsel terminated? There also is evidence that the president knew that he should not have made those calls to Mcgann the president made the calls to Mcgann. After Mcgann has specifically told the president that the White House counsel's office immigration himself could not be involved in pressing conflicts planes. The president should consult with his personal counsel, if he wished to raise conflicts instead of relying on his personal counsel to submit the conflict claims president sought to use his official powers to remove the special counsel. And after the media reported on the president's actions, she denied that he ever ordered Magana have the special counsel, sir. Mated it made repeated efforts to have again deny the story as discussed in volume two section two I those denials are contrary to the evidence suggests the president awareness, the direction to Mcgann him seen as improper F the president's efforts to curtail the special counsel investigation, two days after the president directed Mcgann to have the special counsel, remove the president made another attempt to affect the course of the Russian mestigation on June nineteen twenty seventeen. The president met one on one with Corey Lewandowski in the Oval Office and dictated a message to be delivered to attorney general sessions. It would have had the effect of limit. Would have had the effect of limiting the Russia investigation to future election interference, only one month later, the president met again with Lewin douse key in followed up on the request to have sessions limit the scope of the Russian as the Gatien boondocks ski told the president, the message would be delivered soon hours later. The president publicly criticised sessions in unplanned press interview raising questions about sessions job security. One. The president ask Corey Lewandowski to deliver a message to sessions to her tail the special counsel investigation. On June nineteen twenty seventeen two days after the president directed Mcgann to have the special counsel removes the president, met one on one in the overall is his former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski senior White House advisers described ruined out fee, as a devotes. He of the president said the relationship between the president in Lindau. See close during the June nineteenth meeting who he recalled that after some small talk, the president brought up sessions in criticized his recusals from the Russia investigation. The president told Lindau's Yvette sessions with weak and that if the president had known about the likelihood of refusal in advance, he would not have appointed sessions the president, then asked windows to deliver a message secessions in said writes this down, this was the first time the president had asked ruined out to take dictation in lyndale few wrote as fast as. Possible to make sure he captured the contact correctly. The president directed that sessions should give speech publicly announcing, I know that I recused myself from certain things having to do with specific areas, but our poets is being treated very unfairly. He shouldn't have a special prosecutor council because he hasn't done anything wrong. I was on the campaign with him for nine months. There were no Russians involved with him. I know for a fact because I was there he didn't do anything wrong except he ran the greatest campaign in American history. The dictated message went on to state that sessions would meet with the special counsel to limit his jurisdiction to future election interference now group of people want to subvert the constitution of the United States. I'm going to meet with the special prosecutor to explain this is very unfair and let the special prosecutor move forward with investigating election meddling for future. Elections. So that nothing can happen in future elections. The president said that if sessions delivered that statement, he would be the most popular guy in the country. The window ski told the president, he understood what the president wanted sessions to Lindau ski wanted to pass the message successions in person rather than over the phone. He did not want to meet at the department of Justice because he did not want public. Log of his, visit did not want sessions to have vantage over him by meeting on what Lindell's key described as sessions turf boondocks called sessions in arranged a meeting for the following evening Lewin, douse, he's office, but sessions had to count cancel due to a last-minute conflict shortly thereafter, Lindau ski lift Washington DC without having had an opportunity to meet with sessions to convey the president's message who in ski stored the note in his home, which he stayed. It was his standard procedure was sensitive items to the president fouls up Lewandowski, following his June meeting with the president boondocks key, contact, the Rick Dearborn thin senior White House official and ask Dearborn. Active Dearborn capacity message secession Dearborn. Agreed without knowing what the message was inland, Ascii later, confirmed that Dearborn would meet with sessions for dinner late July and can deliver the message then Lewin, douse giver, call thinking that the president had asked to pass the message because the president knew balloon doubts, should be trusted with Louis douse key believe Dearborn would be a better messenger because he had a long standing relationship with sessions in. Because Dearborn was in the government while the Dow ski was not on July nineteenth seventy seventeen the president again met with Lewin. Taos ski alone in the office in the preceding days as described in volume two section two g e mails and other information about the June nights twenty sixteen meeting between several Russians, Donald Trump junior. Jared Kushner in Paul Manafort had been publicly disclose in the July nineteenth meeting with the Dow's fee. The president raised his previous requests. In asked of Lewin. Dossey had talked sessions who in Dallas told the president that the message will be delivered soon. Hoon hausky recall that the president told him that if sessions did not meet with him Lewin. Douse should tell sessions, he was fired. No here previous vaguely, recalled windows, telling him, but in approximately may or June twenty seventeen. The president had asked douse key to get sessions resignation. Previous recall Lewandowski described his reaction to something like what can I do? I'm not an employee of the administration. I'm nobody. Who going back to this immediately following the meeting with the president Lindau ski saw Dearborn in the anti room outside the Oval Office gave him a typewritten version of the message, the president had dictated to be delivered to sessions. This footnote six twenty five is willing douse. He said he asked hope Hicks to type the notes when he went into the Oval Office. He then retrieved the knows from her partway through his meeting with the president Lewin dock fee told Dearborn that the notes for the message they had discussed, but Dearborn did not recall whether Lloyd hausky said the messages from the president, the message definitely raised eyebrow for Dearborn if he recalled not wanting to ask for it came from or think further about doing anything with it. Dearborn also said that being asked to serve as messenger to sessions made him uncomfortable. He would call later telling Luende out that he had handled the situation but he did not actually follow through with delivering the Mensa sessions, he will call later. Telling when he had handled the situation but he did not actually follow through with delivering the message to sessions, he did not keep a copy of the typewritten sloughing douse giving him three. The president publicly criticises sessions in New York Times interview within hours of the president's meeting with low indac- on July nineteenth twenty seventeen. The president gave unplanned interview to the New York Times in which he criticised sessions decision to recused from the Russia investigation. The president said that sessions should never have recused himself, if he was going to recuse himself should have told me before he took the job. I would've picked somebody else sessions recusals the presidency was very unfair to the president. How you take a job in recuse yourself, if he would have recused himself before the job. I would've said, thanks, Jeff. But I can't you know, I'm not going to take you. It's extremely unfair. And that's. Mild word to the president Hicks was present for the interview recalled trying to throw herself between the reporters in the president to stop parts of the interview, but the president love the interview later that day Lindau ski met with Hicks. And they discussed the president New York Times interview, Linda Ascii recall, telling Hicks about the budget request that he meet with sessions in joking with her about idea, firing sessions as a private citizen. If sessions would not meet with him as remember the conversation who endow ski told her the president recently asked him to meet with sessions in deliver a message that he needed to do the right thing in resign while Hicks. Lindau skewer together. The president called Hicks until her. He was happy with, how covered of his New York Times interview criticizing sessions is playing out for the president orders previous to demand sessions resignation, three days later on July twenty first twenty seventeen the Washington Post reported the US intelligence into. Showed that sessions had discussed campaign related matters with the rush new master, contrary to what sessions it said publicly. That evening. Previous called hunt to talk about whether sessions might be fired for might resign. Previous had previously talked to hunt when the media had reported on tensions between sessions in the president in after speaking decisions hunt told hit told rebus that the president would have to fire session, if he wanted to remove sessions because sessions was not going to quit according to hunt to contemporaneous. July twenty first call hunt told grievous as they had previously dispersed sessions had no intent resigning knowing tension resigning. Hut. Ask previous what the president would accomplish by firing sessions pointing out that there was an investigation before, in there would be an investigation after. Early. The following morning, July twenty seconds when he seventeen the president tweeted a new intelligence leak from the Amazon Washington Post this time against Eiji Jeff Sessions, these legal leaks. Like combs must stop approximately one hour later. The president tweeted so many people are asking, why isn't the AG or special counsel, looking at the mini Hillary Clinton or Komi crimes thirty three thousand emails deleted later that morning while aboard Marine One on the way to Norfolk Virginia. The president told Davis that he had to get sessions to resign immediately the president said that the country had lost confidence in sessions. And the negative publicity was not tolerable, according to contemporaneous notes taken by previous president toll previous to say that he needed a letter resignation on his desk, immediately and that sessions had no choice, but must immediately resign previous replied that if. They fire sessions. They would never get into attorney general confirmed in the department of Justice in congress would turn their backs on the president, the president suggested he can make a recess appointment to replace sessions. Previous believed that the president's request was a problem. So he called, again in Ashford vice explained that he did not want to pull the trigger on something that was all wrong. Although the president tied is desired for sessions to resign to sessions negative risks in four performance. Professional testimony previous believed that the president desire to replace sessions was driven by the president hatred of sessions refusal from the Russian investigation, Maganto previous not to follow the president's order in said they should consult their personal council with whom they had attorney client privilege, Mcgann in previous discussed the possibility that they would both have to resign rather than Curie out the president's order to fire sessions, that afternoon, the president followed up with previous about demanding sessions resignation, using words to the effect of did you get it? Are you working on it? Previous said that he believed that his job depended on whether he followed order to remove. Sessions. Although the president did not say, so even though previous did not intend to carry out the president's directing, he told the president, he would get sessions to resign later in the day previous called the president explained. That it would be a calamity of session resigned. Because pre-bus expected that Rosenstein and associated Torney general racial brand would also resign and the president would be unable to get anyone else, confirmed, the president agreed to hold off on demanding Fisher's resignation until after the Sunday shows the next day to prevent the shows from focusing on the firing by the end of that week, pre-bus recalled that the president relented and agreed not to ask sessions to resign over the next several days, the president tweeted about sessions on the morning of Monday, July twenty four twenty seventeen. The president criticised sessions for neglecting to estimate Clinton called him beleaguered on July twenty fifth. The president tweeted attorney general Jeff Sessions. His taken a very weak position on Hillary Clinton crimes where where are emails, DNC server until leaguers. The following day, July twenty six the president tweeted, why didn't edgy sessions replace acting FBI director Andrew MacKay, the Komi friend who was in charge of Clinton investigation, according to hunt in light of the president's frequent public attacks sessions. Appeared another resignation letter. And for the rest of the year carried it with him his -partment, every time he went to the White House and. In analyzing the president's efforts to have one dollars to deliver a message directing sessions to publicly announced that the special counsel investigation will be confined to future election interference. The following evidence is relevant to the elements of obstruction of Justice. A obstruct at the president effort to send sessions a message through in TAOs would qualify as obstructive act if it would naturally obstruct the investigation in any grand jury proceedings in might flow from the inquiry the president sought to have sessions announce the president shouldn't have a special prosecutor council, and that sessions was going to meet with a special prosecutor to explain this very unfair and let the special prosecutor move forward with investigating election meddling for future elections. So that nothing can happen in future elections. The president wanted sessions to disregard his refusal from the investigation, which had followed from. A formal DOJ at six and half sessions declare that he knew for a fact that there was no Russian involved with the campaign because he was there. The president further directed that says she should explain that the president should not be subject to investigation because he hasn't done anything. Wrong taken together. The president's directives indicate that sessions was being instructed to tell the special counsel to end the existing investigation into the president and his campaign with the special counsel being permitted to move forward with investigating election meddling for future elections. Be next to an official proceeding as described above by the time of the president's initial one on one meeting with house on June nineteenth twenty seventeen the existence of a grand jury investigation supervised by the special counsel, was public knowledge by the time of the president's follow meeting with Lewinsky. This portion is redacted for. Jury see volume two section two g. To satisfy the next requirement. It would be necessary to show that limiting the special counsel's investigation would have the natural and probable effect of impeding that grand jury proceeding. See intent special evidence, indicates, I'm sorry. Substantial evidence indicates that the president effort to have sessions limit the scope of the special counsel's investigation to future election interference was intended to prevent further investigative scrutiny of the president in his campaigns conduct as previously described see volume to section to be the president knew that the rush investigation was focused in part on his campaign, and he perceived allegations of Russian interference to cast doubt on the legitimacy of his election. The president further knew that the investigation had been had brought into include his own conduct in whether he had extracted Justice those investigations would not proceed if the special counsel jurisdiction were limited to future election interference, only the timing and circumstances of the president's actions support the conclusion that he. I thought that result the president's initial direction that session should limit the special counsel's investigation came just two days after the president had ordered Mcgann to have special counter, removed, which is self follows public reports that the president was personally under investigation for obstruction of Justice, this sequence of those events raises in interference races Mets. Right. The sequence of those events raises an inference that after seeking to terminate the special counsel, the president sought to exclude his in his campaigns on from the investigation scope, the president raised the matter with win downscale again on July nineteenth twenty seventeen just days after emails in information about the June ninth twenty sixteen meeting between Russians in senior campaign officials have been publicly disclosed generating substantial media coverage embedded in investigative interest, the manner in which the president. Acted provide additional evidence of his intent rather than rely on official channels, the president met with Lindau sqi alone in the office. The president selected a loyal devote t. Outside the White House to deliver the message supporting an inference that he was working outside White House channels, including Mcgann who had previously resisted contacting the department of Justice about the special counsel. The president also did not contact acting attorney general who had just would just testify publicly that there was no cause to remove the special counsel. Instead, the president tried to use sessions to restrict in redirect, the special counsel's investigation when session was recused and cannot properly take any action on it. The July nineteenth twenty seventeen events provide further evidence of the president's intent, the president followed up with Dow skeet in a separate one on one meeting, one month after he first dictated, the message for sessions demonstrating, he still sought to pursue the request and just hours after one dollars eight assured the president that the message was soon be delivered. Sessions. The president gave in unplanned interview to the New York Times in which he publicly attack sessions and raise questions about his job security foreign as later on July twenty second twenty seventeen the president erected previous to obtain sessions resignation, that evidence could raise the inference that the president wanted sessions to realize that his job might be on the line is he evaluates whether to comply, but the president's direction that sessions publicly announce that notwithstanding, his refusal he was born to confine, the special counsel's investigation to future election interference, g the president's efforts to prevent disclosure of emails about the June night. Twenty sixteen meeting between Russians and senior campaign officials by June twenty seventeen the president became aware of Email setting up the June night. Twenty sixteen meeting between senior campaign officials in Russians who offered derogatory information on Hillary Clinton. Is. Part of Russia and its government support for Mr. Trump on multiple occasions in late June in early, July twenty seventeen the president directed aides not to publicly dispose the emails, and he then dictated a statement about the meeting to be issued by Donald Trump junior describing the meeting as about adoption evidence, one, the president learned about the existence of emails concerning the ju- night. Twenty sixteen Trump Tower meeting in mid June twenty seventeen the same week that the president, I asked when Dallas to pass a message sessions senior administration officials became aware of Email exchange during the campaign arranging, a meeting between Donald Trump junior, Paul Manafort, Jared Kushner in a Russian attorney as described in volume one section, four, A five, the Email stated that the crown prosecutor of Russia had offered to provide the Trump campaign with some official docu. Events information that would incriminate Hillary in her dealings with Russia as part of Russia at its government support for Mr. Trump Trump junior responded. If it's what you say, I live it in he Kushner, Manafort met with the Russian attorney in several other Russian individuals at Trump Tower on June nights, twenty sixteen at the meeting the Russian attorney claimed that funds derived from illegal activities in Russia were provided to Hillary Clinton. In other democrat, Democrats and the Russian attorney, then spoke about the magnets, yet a twenty twelve US statute that impose financial and travel sanctions on Russia officials and had that had resulted in a retaliatory banned in Russia on US adoptions of Russian children. The Trump campaign. I'm sorry, this get the Hobo section according to written answers submitted by the president in response to questions from the office. The president had no recollection of learning of the meeting or the Email setting it up at the time the media, curd or any other time before the election. The Trump campaign had previously received a document requests from SEI the call for the production of various information, including a list, and description of all meetings between any individual affiliated with the Trump campaign in any individual formally or informally, affiliated with the Russian government or Russian business interests, which took place between June sixteenth twenty fifteen and twelve pm on January twentieth. Twenty seventeen. End associated records Trump organization attorneys became aware of the June ninth meeting, no later than the first week of June twenty seventeen when they began interviewing the meeting, participants, and the Trump organization attorneys provided the emails setting up the meeting to the president's personal counsel, Mark Corallo, who had been hired as spokesman. For the president's personal legal team. We call that. He learned about the June night meeting around June twenty first or twenty second twenty seventeen previous recall learning about the June ninth meeting from Fox News host Sean Hannity in late June twenty seventeen previous notified one of the president's personal turns who told previous he was already working on him by late June. Several advisors recalled receiving media inquiries that could relate to the June ninth meeting to the president that Rex communication staff, not to publicly disposed information about the June night meeting communication advisers, hope, Hicks, Josh raffle, recalled discussing with Jared Kushner any vodka Trump, the emails were damaging with inevitably be late would be leaked Hicks and riphil advise that the best Reggie was to proactively release the emails to the. Press honor about June twenty seconds. Seventeen Hicks attended a meeting in the White House residents with the president. Kushner, any Barca Trump, according to Hicks. Kushner, said that he wanted to fill the president in on something that had been discovered in the documents. He was to provide to the congressional committees embargoing meeting with him Manafort, in Trump junior. Kushner, brought a folder of documents to the meeting tried to show them to the president. But the president stopped Kushner said he did not want to know about it, shutting conversation down on June twenty twenty seventeen Hicks viewed the emails, Kushner's attorney's office. She recalled being shocked by the emails because they looked really bad. The next day hick spoke privately with the president to mention her concern about the emails, which she understood or soon going to be shared with congress president seemed said, because too many people knew about the emails in. He told hits it just one lawyer should deal with the matter. The president indicated that he did not think the emails would leak. But said they would Li give everyone had access to them later that day Hicks Kushner, any Vonk, Trump went together to talk to the president Hicks recalled that Kushner told the president that do knife meeting was not a big deal. In was about Russia Dopp shin. But the emails existed, setting up the meeting Hake said she wanted to get in front of the story in have Trump junior released emails, as part of an interview with softball questions. The president said he did not want to know about it, and they should not go to the press Hicks, warned the president that the most were really bad in the story would be massive when it broke. But the president was insistent that he did not wanna talk about it. And he's end said he did not want details, recalled that the president asked Kushner, when his document production, was due Kushner responded that it would be a couple of weeks in the president said, then leave it alone. Hicks also recalled that the president said Kush. Attorney should give the emails to whomever he needed to give them to. But the president did not think they would be leaked to the press raffle later her from Hicks that the president had directed the group, not to be proactive in disposing emails because the president believed they would not Leach. Three the president directs Trump junior's response to press inquiries about the unite- meeting the following week, the president departed on overseas trip for the G twenty summit in Hamburg, Germany, accompany, a Hicks raffle Kushner in Ivanka Trump among others on, July seven twenty seventeen are the president was overseas Hicks in raffle learned that the New York Times was working on a story about the June night meeting that the next day Hicks told the president about the story in he directed her not to comment hick sought that. The president thought the president's reaction was odd because he usually consider not responding to the press to be the ultimate sin later that day Hicks in the president, again, spoke about stories, recall, the president asked her what the media been about, as she said the she been told the meeting was about rushing dot. Action. The president responded than just say that on the flight home from the g twenty on July eight twenty seventeen takes obtained a draft statement about the meeting to be released by Trump junior and brought it to the president. The draft statement began with reference to the information that was offered by the Russians in setting up the meeting, I was asked to have a meeting by acquaintance. I knew from this thirteen Miss Universe pageant with an individual who I was told might might have information helpful to the campaign Hicks again wanted to disclose the entire story. But the president directed the statement, not be issued because it said too much. The president told Hicks to say, only the Trump junior took a brief meeting. It was about Russian adoption after speaking with the president Hicks. Texted Trump, junior revised statement on the June ninth meeting that read it was a short meeting. I asked. Jared policies that by we discussed the program about the adoption of Russia, children, that was active in popular with American families years ago. It was since ended by the Russian government, but it was not a campaign issue at the time, and there was no follow up. Hicks techs concluded are you? Okay with this attributed to you Trump junior responded by text message that he wanted to add the word primarily before discussed so that the statement would read, we primarily discussed program about the Abacha Russian children Trump junior texted that he wanted the change because they started with some Hillary thing which was BS in some other nonsense, which we shot down fast Hicks texted back. I think that's right, too. But boss, man, worry it invites a lot of questions. Ultimately defer to you in your attorney on that word because I know it's important, and I think the mention of a campaign issue, add something to it. In case we have to go further Trump, junior responded, if I don't have it in there appears online later when they live inevitably leaks. Something Trump junior statement, adding the word primarily, and making other mine in minor. Additions was them provided. To the New York Times, the full statement provided to the time stated it was a short introductory meeting is Jared empowered to stop by we primarily discussed program about the adoption of Russian children, that was active in popular with American families years ago. It was since ended by the Russian government, but it was not a campaign issue at the time in there was no follow up. I was asked to attend the meeting by acquaintance was not told the name of the person, I will be meeting with a for him. The statement did not mention the offer of derogatory information about Clinton or any discussion of the Magnitsky act or US sanctions, which were the principal subject of the meeting as described in buying one section four a five a short while later while still on air force. One Hicks learned that previous knew about the emails, which further commits for that additional. Formation about the June night meeting with leak and the White House should be proactive in. Get in front of the story. Hicks recalls Hicks called again going to the president to urge him. That they should be fully transparent about the June night meeting. But he's again, said, no telling Hicks you've given a statement we're done. Later on the flight home hits went to the president's cabin where the president was on the phone with one of his personal attorneys. At one point, the president handed the phone, the Hicks in Terni towed Hicks, but he had been working with circa news on separate story. In this she should not talk to the New York Times for the media reports on the June night. Twenty sixteen meeting before the president's fight home from the G twenty landed. The New York Times published story about the do night, twenty sixteen meeting in addition to the statement from Trump junior, the time story, also quoted a statement from Kerala on behalf of the president's legal team suggesting that the meeting might have been a Senate by individuals, working with the firm, their produce the still reporting Rallo, also worked with serpent is on a story published in our later that questioned whether democratic operatives had rained, the unite meeting to create the appearance of improper. Actions between Russia and Trump family members Hicks was upset about Corrales public statement in Karna Nettie name to say the president had not approved a statement, the next day July night. Twenty seventeen Hicks in the president called corral together in the president criticised Kerala for the statement, he release corral told the president statement had been authorized in further observed that Trump junior statement was inaccurate, and that a document existed that would contradict it. Corral said that he purposely used the term document to refer to the Email setting up the unite- meeting because he did not know what the president knew about. Kerala recalled that when he referred to the document on the call of the president Hicks responded only few people had access to it said, it will never get out traveled to contemporaneous. Notes of the Carl say also mentioned existence of hope says only people have it will never get out cakes later told investigators she had no memory of making that comment always believed the emails would eventually be league, but she might have been channeling the president on the phone fall, because it was clear to her throughout her conversation with the president, that he did not think the nose will be on July eleven twenty seventeen Trump junior posted redacted images of the emails, setting up the June knife meeting on Twitter. The New York Times before that he did. So after being told that the times is about to publish the content of the emails later that day the media reported that the president had been personally involved in preparing Trump. Junior's initial statement to the New York Times, then it claimed the meeting primarily concerned program about the option Russian children over the next several days, the president's personal counsel repeatedly in inaccurately deny that the president played any role in drafting Trump junior's statement. After consulting with the president on the issue. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders told the media that the president certainly didn't dictate the statement but that he weighed in offer suggestions, like any father would do several months later, the president's personal counsel stated in private communication to the special counsel's office that the president dictated short, but are accurate response to the New York Times article on behalf of his son, Donald Trump junior. The president later told the press that it was irrelevant whether he dictated the statement said, it's a statement is New York Times, the sun, a statement to hydro tribunal judges rule much remote who wanted to finish aesthetics, Robin right people. The fight from free.

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