PCC Extra- E3 2019 Update!


It's time for Ubisoft square inex- and Nintendo to step up to the plate at e three twenty nineteen on this version of the PCC extra. Welcome back, everyone to a P C C extra. It's journal glass coming right, back at here, along with my good friend ES, right here with me. And he's heading to eat three twenty nineteen. By the time you hear this Huby at three twenty nineteen. It's my good friend. It's Josh Peterson. Josh is disgraced to do this right now. Like I said, we would be updating people onto the show about what's going on with eat three twenty nineteen and we're going to do that today. So I'm so excited because there's been three more conferences. That's produced a lot of news. Yeah, I've been recited about him. It's funny because after watching the square one, I went back and played the final fantasy ten remastered, and I forgot how annoying it is that you actually have to go to certain save points then owned auto save. Or you can't save from a menu and I ended up playing the game for like three hours. And then I died without saving it so lost about fifteen levels or of stuff. So that was fun. But. Yeah, go retro games. Right. Exactly, exactly. But we're going to talk about a lot of games coming back some novelties as far as that are that are coming back into the limelight. A lot of remakes lot reimagining. And in fact, I one time said the comment to you that it's the square inex- eat three conference twenty nineteen remastered because they just kept on announcing remake at remastered remake remastered they finally got into some new stuff, but it took a little while. So I know you liked it and I know a lot of people out there liked it as well. But again, relying a whole bunch of a lot of remakes re masters, you gotta have some new stuff that throw in there. And finally squaring was going to do just that. But we're gonna talk about square inex- here in a little bit. Right now. First off, it was Ubisoft. There was a lot of stuff that was talked about when it concerns. Ubisoft not all of it was just exciting news. It's the usual, Tom Clancy stuff. Watchdog some assassin's creed things. Some of it was interesting a little bit of new IP's were sprinkled in there. What do you wanna start off my friend, because I know a lot of people were interested in the newest version of watchdogs called watchdogs, legion as far as the, the game is now set in the United Kingdom. Yeah. Actually, so I bought watchdogs to, and I've been played it yet, but I do remember really enjoying my time with watchdogs, one and after seeing this trailer. For watchdogs legion, I'm fascinated by because this is the first time we haven't had in the absence creek games. Right. We've had faceless protagonist but this is the first time we haven't had a inefficient protagonists. So we have the, the guy who's narrating teary your, you know, your your earpiece or whatever it is, as you're going through the game. But this is interesting to me, because you, you, you are legion. Right. You're playing all these different characters. You're recruiting people who have different skills. And you can recruit them based on what kind of skills you're looking for. So what they show the game play trailer was that you look at the people, you scan them and you see, like what is what can this guy do you like one guy was in may fighter? The other person was a, a drone hacker, and that's where they focused in on because you need someone to take out all the drones. But as you're doing this, the character that you were playing dies and what you find out from this is that you don't go back to checkpoint. You don't get a game over you get what's called permits. And permit is, basically, when your character doesn't come back to life. And once that character dies, you go back to you plays, one of the other characters, you recruited, which in this case was the old the lady, and the old ladies job. Or think who it wasn't the old lady of somebody else, but it's your job now to go in and help you basically switch characters even when after your permit us you suffer perma death with one character you'll just hop onto another and pretty much anybody with. Finit environment can be someone that you can recruit into the resistance or. Yes. So you go in and what's cool about it, though, is after you save these characters after you go in and help them out and recruit them to your 'cause they do mention, you know, the characters who you originally playing as when you went to help him like the guy that, that ended up dying. He asked about, hey, what happened in that bloke that helped me who was originally helping me? Oh, he didn't make it. And so that's kind of what I guess, in the story of the of the game makes you want to, you know, join the cause or whatever, because like, oh, this guy Orissa's help me, so it's really cool, though, because I'm curious like, how many characters you can recruit your roster so on and so forth. So you have one character who can't do all the different things like Aiden Pierce could in the first one. Instead, you have different characters. Yes. Recruit to do different things. And this is really cool to me because it you don't have. You're not there's no chance that you're going to be overpowered or anything. But what, what I don't like about is that. I don't know man. Have a hard time with idea of not being able to latch onto one character with, with too many characters my fears that it's going to become overwhelming, but from watching the gameplay trailer what did you take away from it? Well, that part of it is interesting unless you get the point where you play through ten twelve characters, and they're pretty they're essentially the same thing. And if that's the case in his just going to be no real differentiation from any character that you're playing without just the voices being or the aesthetic differences, being the difference there. And let's see play the old lady and you playing for her through while not issue going to be doing a loop, as far as the amount of thinks she's gonna say, after maybe twenty thirty minutes if she issued a run out of things to say so you know what she's saying the same things over and over again on a loop. So I don't know about exactly what the limitations are going to be as far as they mounted characters you're gonna play. But they're boasting that you can play as so many different characters within. The context of the game that you can go ahead and recruit and become part of the resistance that you will, you could take them over when you suffer permits in one, I, I will see how this works. But again, as someone who reviews games like both you and I have the first thing I would say, as okay I'm playing a new person is it's going to be a new character that I'm going to play with all new characteristics on personality is going to be something that's just beyond the audio and the statics that obviously, have to be differentiated in order to go ahead and get some semblance of an immersion into playing a different character. So I, I don't know the book still out the jury still out on it. I would like to see how this goes into detail because again that say Josh you're going head with your twentieth character in the game. How different is that twentieth character gonna be from the first character that you play? Right. That's where the idea of them all having different skill sets, come in, in different different backgrounds store. He's just makes me wonder, you know, like in typical RPG or you know, action adventure game fashion. How many of those are going to be repeats of each other? You know how you have characters who who you go onto the world and they're somebody wearing the same clothes as somebody else. How many incidents of that, are we going to come across? But at the same time, like from what I understand because of the uniqueness of each of the characters in the game, it caused a lot of issues in in production, so, you know, I'm hopeful that they would take the time to craft the world and carefully do all that stuff. But seeing how this is going to be only big game seemingly of, of two thousand nineteen or the holiday season. Or what was it? Twenty twenty I think Slater's come out April February March something like that. Yes, it is a spring twenty twenty release. Right. So this has many things I heard announced his and slapped me that some of these are going to be pushed back you farther. Yes. So we'll see what happens, but. I mean, this is like the, the last the last big hurrah of this generation of console. So how how this happens what happens? I imagine that they're going to take good care of what they're doing. But then again, you know, watchdogs, too was critically acclaimed by some and then just not you not acclaimed at all by others. So I, I have it. I bought it from target actually for eleven ninety nine haven't played it yet but looking forward to its and you know, watchdogs, legion looks look, it looks good, man. It looks good idea wanna play. It's but, you know will there be time. That's the big question because twenty twenty has a lot of games coming out. Some kinda curious of a hug and organize my time there. Exactly. A lot of games are being announced for the first half of twenty twenty so we'll see which ones materialized within those dates in which ones get bumped back, because it is starting to get a little bit of a log jam within those first six months, twenty. Twenty one of these I wanted to ask you about when it came to some of the announcements that Ubisoft made before we go into really with the other Tom Clancy stuff that related stuff that, that is part of the mix, when it comes to UB soft each and every year, I know assassin's creed odyssey has been near and dear to your heart, as far something, you devoted a great deal of time into, could you explain some of the deal. See auctions that are coming. That might get people invested into coming back into the realm of SAS excrete odyssey was not really a lot like acids. Creed honesty in these, to die in the end because, you know, they're still pumping out DLC for autophagy. Nobody's gonna play the, the new one that allegedly takes place north mythology. But, you know, right now, there's one full episode of deal, see out called the legacy of the hidden blade, which takes place, over three chapters in now, wasn't a huge fan of the last chapter of that, right about more like the story creator that they announced. Yeah. Yeah. Educational mode. Yes. So the educational mos- kinda like in origins, you know how they had these Smithsonian version, right? So you can go through. There's no combat. You're basically just going up to all the, the historical places the pyramids of Giza stuff, you know, all the different towns cities in kinda see have little boxes that pop up, and you can look at them and be like, oh, hey, that's, that's, that's, you know, whatever it is, as a place for some guy got turned into a mummy or whatever you wanna call it, and then an odyssey, they have the same thing. Right. So you can go to the different temples different places in, in Greece at are now rundown decrepit, and they rebuilt them tell you about what they are in, you know, whether famous for things like that the story mode from one our centers is super simple. But it's fun to play with. So you basically you create your own, your own stories, your own narratives, but there's nothing like elaborate, you know, it's only things that are small side, quests and go through, and you can play me, create them. I don't know if there's like share mode. Or whatever it is. But it looks it looks interesting. You know and if they're goals to make odyssey a game that never ends, it seems like they're going to be successful in that. But my question to you is do you think that they're going to take say that some somebody story, they create more interesting than somebody else's think there'll be a marketplace for different people stories that they can create kinda like dreams? I think so. I think there should be and should they charge for, you know, depends on on the Rome, it should if leads a certain criteria as far as story length story involvement, things nature. Sure charge a couple bucks for it. And you know what fifty fifth what, what do you think is a fair price when it comes to? I know because I know but that's really got in heat over this over what they did with elder scrolls sky, and Mods were taken on there and trying to charge Mods and take it a big huge cut. What would you think of fair thing is for it? I would say fifty fifty personally, but that just me could be less could be more. I've just personally saying, I find making the mod but they. They were the ones who made the game in the first place, and they're the ones that are putting it on their marketplace. I would probably say fifty fifty cut would be great. But if you know if it's all free DLC, that's even better. I would even say that's great. But if you people are gonna take the time to create a large amount of DLC, like a real, like a invested, two to four hour campaign, or an extra side story. That's something that I think, in order to go ahead and do that, that takes a lot of time to go ahead and creates a I would suggest may be offering some type of price for it. And, you know, getting some type of cut in return if you're we soft, but that's just me. So it's hard man depends on how expansive that the LC is in what's going on with that. But I mean if it's just a thirty minute kill kill kill kill. No, that's, that's not. But if it's something really invested I think people should get rewarded for it, and I think it would be soft should get a little bit of a cut of or I think fifty fifty or or even UB. You know, forty percent or whatever should be fine. But I mean to me that I don't see a problem that. Yeah, because I mean I don't know. Fifty fifty is fair to the creator of it because you we saw the they didn't know they had the game in the first half of the game, but have the marketplace, it's basically free money for them. They're, they're putting in the character, the story creation mode, and all they got to do is sit back and watch what people are going to do with it. So, like I fifty fifty th they're gonna make profit no matter what. So I mean they don't necessarily have to have fifty fifty to make money. They can have sixty four charging two dollars. I would say one dollar maybe something even less than that. But yeah, I mean, I guess it all depends on how much what the price points aren't all that stuff. But I mean they're not gonna be charged if they start charging fifteen bucks for that. Turn on about this though. I mean when the next asan's creed comes drops in, you know, as I imagine it's going to be a launch title in twenty twenty Ryan the holiday season. You're talking about God's amounts or scrapped. Not I'm I'm not there yet. But we're not there yet. Sorry. When the next actual assassins, creed game drops is, is anybody still going to be playing with the character creation or the story creation mode, not ac-. I'm thinking, probably not. No, and you're probably right. But I still think, at least, you know, there should be some type of fair trade for obese off because they have the marketplace, therefore they keep it in place to keep the servers, in place all that there's maintenance involved, then also they created the game which provided that that model versus. But again, I don't you know whatever's fair for marketplace. I'm always on the side of the creators, if if push comes to shove. So that's, that's, that's another issue for another day and believe me. But as it got a lot of trouble for that. So you know what? That's another issue for another day. So the some of the things that they also mentioned was gods and monsters from one of the teams at that helps great assassin's creed it is not an Aceh. Acids creeper save. But it's like you said it was within the mythology and things of that nature, your thoughts, Godse monstrance because it's not a true pledged assassin's creed type game. But a deals within that type of Greek mythology or to speak, not enough reveal the bout it to really get me to lean one way or another. It looks cool. I'm always open to two new properties from Ubisoft, but, I mean, again, look at skull and bones. Right. They announced that three years ago now and we still haven't even seen the game has been released. We don't know what it looks like. So anytime they don't already have an engine built for a certain game. It takes years for it to come out. While I do I do like the prospect of this game in the idea that it was made by the team behind fastens, creed odyssey. I'm not really holding my breath as for when it's going to come out. It looks cool. It sounds cool in concept. But again, you know when arena, see this game probably never let. Go into some of the other things that they talked about when it comes to UB soft, they did talk about a roller derby game called roller champions. It's coming, I believed to PC's in the near future. Plus, also while they talked about a lot of stuff within the Tom Clancy verse starting off with ghost recon breakpoint. I know that they were so happy to have John Byrne thal involved in the process, you'll be able to see a character that is represented by him in the game. So it you know he'll be very invested insofar as the game is concerned. So a lot of people are looking forward to that, saw some footage. It looks okay? It's ghost recon. So, you know, I think a lot of people are hoping for some good things when it comes to go streak on break point, rainbow six not only announced a new battle royale. What a surprised of its own, but they also nounce that their new game in development hopefully coming out next year. Again, another twenty twenty game is rainbow six quarantine. So we're hoping that will go. Ahead and materialize into something that's could be just as effective popular as rainbows succeed before we had on out what we are thoughts on what we saw represented at their Ubisoft e three conference. I didn't like it. Honestly, it was they were pimping more television shows in movies. You like the always sunny in type delight in. They're like, oh, the division to becoming a thing. And there's something about a maybe a ghost recon property, making its way to net flix. They there wasn't anything to announce everyone's expecting. Some another Nintendo crossover didn't happen. We got the division to post launch plans. But if you listen to the audience, there wasn't really a lot of hype about it. And everyone's predicting other is going to be another splinter cell, then they introduced Sam Fisher in elite squad. Right. But it's just a mobile. You know, mobile battery out multiplayer type thing. So you're not getting that, and of course your d- do. Right. Right. And of course, you know, you get your Farrand. Or deal. See, but that's kinda injust dance twenty twenty something you, you know, you expect us like traditional e-3 type stuff. So I don't know. I thought that it was very weak. I wouldn't I kind of put it I put it below. But as for sure. But it's just there's nothing. Terribly interesting about it. And, you know, again, Terminator is making a big appearance and everyone's, I don't know, if that's something you don't want to, you want to be associated with, as far as Terminator ghost recon break point. But he's everywhere he's gonna be gears. It were five Sarah Connor is well in. Garissa. Warfighters. But you'd be soft was super lackluster. What were your overall thoughts of it? It was alright. Nothing. Great to me at the watch docs, lead into something that I would have to see in practice. His I don't wanna go ahead and get into a new character and feel like it's just a skin and feel like it's just skin office something, I've already played ten times of four because that's to me is going to be a waste of money. I'm interested to see what rainbow six quarantine is all about, because we were talking about what we would like to see as far as the new rainbow six baguettes, and this could be take this could take the place of that. So it is I think going to be three player coop type game. So I'm very interested. See where that goes, but otherwise, there was nothing that really struck out to me. I know you play plus their own subscription service. What do you know coming around the corner talking about that as well? So we soft is, is just doing what we soft wants to do right now promoting a lot of stuff outside of really. Good new IP's. The most part, although you know what we've gotta give ghost recon chance. Hopefully, it'll be do better than wild lands watchdogs, watchdogs, to a lot of people were on the fence about it. It did not have the original zest in fire that I watch dogs of the original watchdogs, trailer came out on three so we'll have to wait and see what a lot of people are going to be saying. And a lot of games are going to be coming out on new be soft wasn't great wasn't bad. But it just really didn't have any kind of own to it. I think as far as what they needed to really have him stand out as far as three is concerned. You're listening to the pop culture cosmos, don't touch that dial do do. People still use dials. Listen up all you gamers out there. Miracle food oil is ramping up the deals on. It's awesome. Vibrates gaming wristband vita brace is clinically proven to help improve your gaming performance fighter, Bruce will help you chief your gaming goals. Whether. 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But two things primarily when it came to square extent either made or broke their conference and that was the extended look at the final fantasy seven. Remake in the vendors game coming in may twenty twenty so wanna hear thoughts man first off as a beloved fan of the final fantasy seven juggernaut that it is amongst gamers. It's almost at reached mythical legends as far as either people who said they played it. People who've actually played it and people who just love following it in the first place. So I wanna hear thoughts my friend. There's been some conversation about the new combat system in final fantasy seven this remake coming up. So I wanna hear thoughts as far as the final fantasy seven remake after you gotta take a good look at it. Where does it stand with you, you know as much as it pains me to say this, the battle screen that takes you to different or the, the, the fighting that takes you to a battle screen, right? The days of that have come and gone. Right. Nineties was was big internet, that type of thing, but now we have the, the active battle system. Right. Like in final fancy fifteen delve may cry games like that. People like fast paced things, and, you know, talking to, to people who are up and coming gamers, you know, they, they want an battles, and they don't want the type of battle system. We have to go to a separate screen. You have to choose attack if the magic to choose items heal your guys. They don't wanna play strategically. Just they just wanna mash. Sins and be able to do their thing. And, you know, I totally get that. And that, that's, that's fine. You know, I, I was raised on games like final fantasy seven five ten eight things like that, where you actually had to go to a battle screen, but, you know, after playing some like fifteen I'm like this, this flows really, well, right? You don't have to stop what you're doing to go into a separate screen to, to find a monster whatever. So, you know, seeing the battle encounters taking place and finding fancy seven I'm stoked man, like I love the being switch between characters or hide behind boxes or whatever it is. And having to strategically take out enemies instead of just hacking and slashing at him. I love that man, I think that looks really cool in that boss. They showed with cloud in, in bear it fighting, the, the Shinwa machine like I'm all for that, man. And I'm I'm super stoked about, and I love have how cloud had to go and find the, the weakness in the machine embarrass. Are shooting at in there like oh, it's it's week against thunders you the thunder Materia to your weapons, and, you know, you have to be super strategic to play this game, and that's cool man. That's something that cause the final fantasy games. They've always been very simple in their own rights. But now you actually have to think about what you're doing. And I think that's really cool. Plus it it's, it's all the same screen, you know, it's not one cut scene like God a war, but it is it's all the same screen, it seems to flow very well. It's a very fluid game going from one point to another to a battle to cut scene to whatever it is. You know, I love being seeing that you can play as, as Tif o or Barrett, or whoever it is, and still be able to, to use their skills. You don't have to select each person separately as the battle goes on. You can just if you need someone skill you can switch characters and place them for minute and then go back to cloud, or whatever it is my, my quest. As I'm watching this, though. My question is like they had the more had come up on stage and say that we have, you know about two Blu. Ray discs worth of content for this game d things that there's going to be an open world, because that was a big part of Hassi, seven remember as the open world exploration. So how do you think they're going to handle this in that game? You a checkpoint at say, please insert disc to, to cite the old days, my friend just like the. The though, like when you got to the end of disk wanted said, please answer to your like heck. Yeah. And this too, I am making progress. Let's see how it goes but it probably something similar. I mean because it's just again, a remake it's not something in original I p. So I mean, people will have that nostalgia feeling of doing that discs, which ING, so just for that. I think they'll tolerate that when it comes to final fantasy seven is because it is remake if it was, I don't know. You know, let's go, let's say ghost recon break point, then I think people would have an issue because it's a brand new game and things of that nature. But because this is a remake of and you know how many years game it. I think it's okay I think they'll let it slide. I think some people, especially new Ronnie's. This may not understand the concept of what are gonna do. Oh, we got put in another disc. Yeah. In this funny, too. I was watching the the square stream from the game spot YouTube page. And as I was watching the comments Papa people are like boring shows of and stuff like that almost hope that they didn't show an ventures fairly just to piss them off. But you know, as they showed like, the, the dragon quest builder's trailer. That's a mind craft wanna be. Are you kidding me? Man. Dragon quest was out when you were still a sperm. So don't tell me that, that's a Minecraft wannabe. You know, all these kids, they don't appreciate these old franchises. Everything's overwatch wanna be remind craft wanna be. It's these Minecraft is, you know, whatever franchise that was wanna be or whatever, you know. And it's like a lot of these kids don't appreciate the franchises that shaped gaming. And I think that's one of the big things that makes gaming culture, so toxic these days that it does my friend, that it does. And so many other reasons why the gaming culture is so toxic and sometimes very hard to deal with. But again square inex- did a lot. Announce a lottery makes on the way. So if you're into remakes more coming at you from square Unix eight, I gotta give them credit. They know where the bread is bothered and they have a lot of things in the vault that they're willing to remake. We wanna see do the same thing in hint. Mass effect for the one thousand time we're going to remind them. So I don't know it. What can we firm minute though? Like mention. I love the Mana collection that they're, they're putting out, you know all these old game because for the first time when I was a kid, you know, these games are all exclusive to Japan, so I can never plan. But now they're out and I'm an adult and I don't have time to play them, but I really wanna buy them. So I can't play them. So, you know, I really admire how they're bringing those games out. Font fancy aid is being remade, their scores doing a lot right by the fans. And I would almost go as far as say that square had, you know, behind intendo score had the best conference of e three that I've seen. Well, I tell you what there was a lot to like about square innings because at the end they taught about the adventures finally eventers. They've got to see some good bit of the cut scenes sting. Get to see anything really as far as gameplay is concerned, to my extent that I wanted to see, but the game is coming out may twenty twenty cannot use the same like this is from the vendors that we know. We see in the marvel universe, and the voices are a who's who in the video game voice over industry with Nola north Troy Baker, and so much more. But unfortunately they didn't wanna pay the cash Shola to get the likenesses and voices of the characters. We know for the marvel Simak universe. Did you find that disappointing that, that could have been the difference between maybe an EA should have title may maybe an activision should I have the license or for vendors instead of square Unix, because Unix cannot afford to go ahead and go, you know what we're gonna pay for Chris Evans, likeness voice, or more. All Robert Downey junior, anyone else for that matter that's associated with vendors. No. Because you look at the, the atrocious, Wayne, which activision EA or whatever has have handled a superhero properties before. And I just I, I don't the voice acting means very little to me granted, I don't like it because I feel like this is an all star game made up of. You know, Nathan Drake in Troy bakers on there. And there's there's, there's a lot of characters voicing that is familiar to characters that we've played throughout games and all that stuff. But I trust square to make this game. You know square has always been good with progression. I wish they would have shown more more game play. You know what does it look like a progression system we level up our characters? How does that all out? Is it works twitching between different avengers, but, you know, I'm not I'm not super thrilled about this game. But if I did trust anyone to make it would be square or, you know, Ito's Montreal, I think is Montreal in this case they did make shadow of the tomb raider. And that was a pretty pretty great game but that I trust them the craft narrative in crate game play. That's fun. But still, challenging, and, you know, if it was put in the hands of activision, there would be, you know, you'd have the the destiny issues, right? Were they the game is feels rushed or the there? Something wrong with the voice acting that don't like it. They have to go back and redo things. Granted scores taking a longtime put this game out. But, you know, I trust them with it or as long as you do of the aimed. Like I said, showed some cut scenes is all right. They had a voice actor roundtable talking about the importance of the avengers, that again there, you know, I would have loved to seen it from the marvel Simak universe perspective, and seeing around table with marble sa- you actors and things of that nature. But still, I'm gonna get it. If the game play looks good. So it is coming out may twenty twenty it is the vendors game. It is something that is either going to really rock the sauce off the video game industry or it's going to be a sump, it's going to be something that's going to. I don't know kids show. We call this, if it burns being like an enter the matrix, where it sells really good very early on that people realize it's trash game in just goes ahead and, and it dies. There. I don't know. Because look shadow the tomb raider was good. But it wasn't exactly what I'm talking about as a licensed property, right? No. But I'm looking back at this as you dose. Montreal. Right. Like they show the tomb raider is good. But didn't exactly sell huge numbers of copies. So if Marvel's avengers fail. I don't see Edo smart raw, or you know, you know, whatever it is sticking around very long. So and, you know, as for the, the, the property itself, marvel properties, I dunno man, because the wolverine game wasn't good deadpool game was was decently applauded, but that was still at, like seven point five or eight so wasn't exactly the perfect game but I just superhero properties have never translated well into video games, except in the case of Batman, the Arkham nights series. Right. So I don't know man like this is this is kind of unexplored territory for a game because. Ultimate alliance is also out in nobody really wanted another ultimate alliance game. So I'm curious to see how people are enjoying that one. But yeah, this is this is risky. I don't if if this does not do. Well, I don't see marvel really investing in gaming again, anytime, soon the agree with you on that. But they do have a multi game deal on the table, whether or not, it will see all the way through and some ten times, like we're seeing with EA and Star Wars want to wait and see. But it all rides. First off on the vendors game which comes out in may twenty twenty so your thoughts like you said, again, on square inex- you really liked it. You thought it was one of the best conferences out there. Yeah. Just because they have the most games that actually wanted to play in, you know, again, I love the like the last remnant remastered was released the day that they talked about on the things. So it they did a good job and you can go on the Nintendo marketplace for the XBox marketplace in a bunch of stuff. On sale also. So I think they did a good job actually had an Amora and a couple of other people come out and talk about things, creators dying came out. There's a couple other games. But unlike last year was video only they had people actually coming out and talking about the games in person, so that was cool. And I give them props for really step in the game compared to their last conference. So there's your starts on square inex- at that the square in conference for me was okay, it was pretty good getting by for me, a lot of the reliance on the remakes re masters, obviously, the book ending of final fantasy seven the vendors with something they wanna hit you with a one two punch. I thought it was okay. Again, the reliance on the remix something I would try to go ahead and spring Lynn as opposed to just be very relying on it. But, you know, at the square Unix seems to work for them got a lot of people who follow their games. Religiously a very very interested in it. A lot of those niche audiences, I was looking through today in the gamers, that we both know that love those niche games like the row. The last remnant ranting saga. You know, and, and some others that are being remade were very interested in it. And I'm happy for them that the be able to get remastering of these type of games coming to a system that they love playing very soon. You're listening to the pop culture cosmos. If you're tired of sifting through flea markets for rare and unique games. We can help retrofitted games in Henderson Nevada only five minutes from the Las Vegas. Strip has all your favorite gaming Staples classics in a wide selection of rare games, new stuff. Always appearing on our shelves come into chat with Nicole or dog about your love of games watches. They help you complete, your collection or find your childhood favourite. And don't forget, retro City Games loves trade ins. So if you have any Nintendo super Nintendo Sega, XBox, PlayStation or even PC games, come in and visit retro City Games today. Welcome to the new metropolis of gaming retro City Games, our friend, that leaves us with the last and final conference of eat three and that is Nintendo who I thought came out on top at that they did extremely well with what they had because they unlike the others don't have something that's coming up in development, very soon, it's going to be released twenty twenty as far as a new consoles concern. Now they didn't. As far as consuls. They didn't announce a lot higher or lower price Nintendo. Switch. They didn't come off without announces, but they now a ton of games and in that assessment I really think that they came out on top at well ahead of XBox. And of course PlayStation was even here. So they won by default there. I think the fact again that they are not having to wait with their stuff until holiday, twenty twenty for a new system allows him to go ahead and jump on the audience now and the gaming marketplace now and in doing so they offered a ton of games, which I think a lot of people were interested in just a mentioned, Luigi mentioned, three the dark crystal age resistance, the legend, Zelda link's awakening remake, that's coming on the way like you were talking about with the trials in the collection of mono-, which are three that was a big news that, that is coming to the switch as far as a, you know, a port of it. Well, we'll see how well that runs. On the switch. But that, you know you know what? Which are three is a great games coming to the switch the respirable Blin three houses. That's in development, Rizzani will five evil. Six are coming to the switch Travis touchdown returns. No more heroes three a game which I really liked on the we got the contra collection that's coming Panzer, Dragoon name from the past. That's also coming to the switch marvel alternate lions three, you know, that's coming out next month. They showed a better look at that. That's that's coming out. So some of the things that you really liked about the Nintendo conference. Another taught about new characters coming to super smash including banjo, Zooey and dragon quest characters coming to super smash you had the of course, the big announcement which was not animal crossing new horizons coming in twenty twenty being delayed. But it is a sequel to the legend of Zelda breadth of the wild that is in development. So overall, Nintendo really scored a big hit with audiences improved. I think without a doubt that they. One eighty three. Yeah. They had just just really cool announcement after really cool announcement. You know, I'm looking at your list here. Let me let me just go through here. Luigi mansion. Three really excited to play because, you know, like I like we discussed before the Nintendo switches, my first official Nintendo console right outside of GameBoy and stuff like that. So I'm really excited dive into that legend Zelda link's awakening, I've never played the originals on really excited to dive into that. Even though it's more of like a Chevy version of link, as opposed to the, the one, we seen in breath, the wild the Mana collection. I'm really excited to play because I didn't, you know, those were all in Japanese as kids couldn't get him unless I wanted to put a chip in my, my PlayStation, whatever it was. So that's cool. And I, I saw on the marketplace eighth like thirty nine ninety nine so maybe during the summer, I'll sit down in check it out a euro Witcher fan though. What is what your three on, on the switch something that you would be interested? In playing if I did have already. Yes, it would if it was the complete collection. Yes, I would but got the during black Friday gonna get into it really detail. I know I saw since books out of before, and econ so much claim so much wards and I think it is truly a special game and his right up there with some of the best of the past five years. And I think that is going on the switch is going to revitalize. They're just taking the Bethesda trail, because but this was quick to go ahead and put sky rim on everything, and, you know, at more power to in doing so they see that they, they wanna emulate that and get the money from that. So I can't blame CD project read at all, you know, it takes a lot of money to go ahead and pay for Kiana reefs you now. So you know what? You gotta do it to me. It's, it's I'll have a problem with it. I really enjoy the fact that people would be out Bill to go ahead and play which three on their tennis, which how will it will run that remains to be seen will be like sky room where. You're only able to complete one out of every ten quest. Okay. So lemme lemme hit you with this next question, though. What would be acceptable price point for you to pay for the Witcher three so skyer missile, fifty nine ninety nine and you know, you can buy it on any other consul accepts switch for about twenty bucks. So what about it for less? What's up? I bought it for less. We've probably gone on sale. I did Amazon had a sale one time. So I priced matched over at target and they had honor that. So that was cool. But what would be a price point for which, or three on switch? That would be something you'd you, you know, consider diving into for the complete collection. Be have to be no more than thirty bucks. Twenty nine ninety nine because it isn't all regain, and you can find these days at fifteen to twenty dollars for the right deal on on every other platform. So you and I both know that they're gonna charge fifty nine ninety nine for it and are going to get at least. Initially some interest into it. But to be fair, it should be somewhat near the price of what the other versions are at that have been out for years, ready. But, you know that's not going to be the case at least early on. Yeah. Yeah. But I mean, I would hope that he would at least thirty nine ninety nine Ryan said of fifty nine ninety nine because who has who has sixty dollars a play to pay for a game that's been out for, you know, five years, five or six years on other consoles. You might be surprised you might be surprised. I know it's sad thing fire emblem three houses. They've been talking about that for a while. I've never invested much in the fire franchises that something you're into what about really but I know people that did really get into it. So I know that it's going to be a, a key point for them. There's another entry in the series. Yeah. Yeah. To me, it's like the tales games though. Right. Like there's, there's definitely not for the tales games which is not something I've ever been fascinated by what about resonable five resonable sake? So I've played resonable five. Remastered in I've never played resin evil six. But to me, the big issue with these resin evil games being released on switch. Is that they're far too expensive man again? Like why do I wanna pay forty dollars a piece for each of these games resin evil zero forty dollars? Right. Resin evil one forty dollars. Resonable four forty dollars like these games you can find them for about six dollars on any old console or on the XBox marketplace. So why do they feel like it's okay to charge so much money for a game that's been out for so long because they can get it if people are buying it, and buying it, and length like that, if they're buying in, in decent quantities. Of course, gonna go ahead and still Jack up the price on you, even though you can find probably better resolution faster versions of it probably on different systems that are much cheaper. But again, it goes back to the portability of the tend to switch. And in order to go ahead and have these type of selection. Of games and these type of ports, coming over the ten to switch and have the portability to play a resonable five resonable six which three and so on. Than unfortunately, the price gets jacked up because of it not true. Like the big novelty of the switch. Right. Is that you can take it anywhere. And so, you know that's the only thing that got me back in a final fantasy ten was the fact that I could buy the game. I trading credits also let that be known but I could buy the game and I could take it on vacation, with me or I could take it to work with me and played during lunch or whenever there's downtime I could sit there and play the game. So that's what drew that to me. But I mean, it's, it's still seemed like robbery man like these games are so old, but intendo knows that they can remastered everything under the sun and still make at least forty dollars off of it. So it's kinda crazy to me. Spiro re-ignited trilogies come into it, too. And that's going to be jacked up the thing about that is that I know I'm not gonna be able to resist the urge to buy, you know, already have it on Xbox One and I I love it. And I'm just not able to not buy on intendo. Switch Jack up the price. Check out the. Is. I know a intendo. You heard it here, man. All pay sixty bucks for that game. No more heroes three. What, what are your thoughts any interest in that? I I, I do because of the old we game as the version of it original Travis. Touchdown. I thought that was a fun will humored game. And I'd like to see what comes out of no more heroes three. When it comes out on the switch, I still like the to follow what's going on with Travis. Touchdown. Just you know what? He's got the coolest named video games. What are you gonna say? Yeah. That's. Very true. Travis touchdown. I think the big news was the sequel to the legend of Zelda breath, a wild coming most likely if it's in development, now, I would probably say unless he gets delayed holiday. Twenty twenty eight didn't say, for sure. In that super fascinating. I love the idea of going back into that version of high rule. Right. Where breath of the wild took place, but from story aspect. So where do you think this is going to go right, because we kill are not killed. I don't know how what happens in the cell diverse, but we took care of Gannon Dorf. Right. We had the big battle in, in the castle. We saved the Princess linked took care of the, the big monster version of Gannon afterwards where where do we go from here, though? Like in the trailer. There's clearly some evil entity coming back to life is again or is it something else because I would love to see a villain. That's not Gannon. Maybe something far darker because this, this trailer definitely had a very dark dark tone to a but still had those very interesting shades that the original breath of the wild had. So are we going to open this world a little more? Let us explore a little bit more or we just going to be exploring the same old stuff again. But fighting different villain. Where do you think the stories in go? Hopefully, it'll actually go a little bit longer a little bit more spread out. But again, you'll only have so much in the way of limitations. When it comes to the technology behind the Nintendo, switch. So that's one reason. Why surprised that you now all these games, but you didn't announce new version of consuls one more economize and then one more that could probably handle a lot of these ports, a much better fashion. That's mean my next question would be, how long do you think before we get to see this breath in the wild sequel thing that it's something that's pushed out next year to compete with the next gen consoles from Sony, Microsoft? Or do you think something we're going to be waiting for, for like two or three years? They're gonna slap that on soon as those consuls from XBox, and Sony get into the, you know, right there. Right. Are all being loaded up. They're all gonna go to WalMart again, stop and all those great other retailers whatnot as soon as they get lined up. Oh, here's the new breath of the wild sequel. Sorry, we're gonna take your money. I you know, that's gonna come right around that time. Well, here's the thing, though. Like I, I, I don't care to buy a PlayStation on day one. Right. I will never buy place on day one. I bought the last two XBox on day one, because I have no comment on the matter, because I've done it. Have you yet? I mean, like I bought, I waited outside target and back in two thousand fifteen right on launched. It mean big dog on launch day for Xbox One. And we got our XBox is, you know, I got fours and rise with it. But I have never, I've always waited like a, you know, a few months after PlayStation came out when they were more affordable. But here's the thing, if they released a new breath of the wild say, on the same day or new Zelda game on the same day that the consuls came out, like I would honestly, consider not buying one of these consoles to play this game, depending on what games are coming out with launch, obviously, if there's if there's a halo, I'm you know, nothing's going to stop me from playing that game. But, you know, if, if there wasn't something big like that and breath, the wild. Release. I would seriously debate, not buying a new console in favor of playing one of these games. So overall, it looks like Nintendo came out on top of all the conferences. I know at least for me because again, they don't have to wait for another consul. That's on the way they can go ahead and start getting a lot of games now and start introducing to the marketplace, a lot of games over the course of the next eighteen months and get the jump ahead of all the PlayStation fives in whatever project Scarlets going to become in the near future. Whatever they gonna call it and whatnot. So I think Nintendo far away and people have always called me in ten 'Do antagonised. They've always said up, though, Condado about Nintendo. You know what I will call it as I see it when it comes to any of the big makers, and right now, Nintendo clearly had a step up on everyone when it comes to eat three twenty nineteen I think they clearly came out on top and made a lot of fans. Happy that. Own or want to own an attentive, switch. Yeah. I, I definitely agree man. You know, of course, animal crossing new horizons. Looks cool. The new super smash content marvel lines pains are dragging, you know, reviving the old Saturn. Franchise, there's a lot of good stuff man. Of course, the there's a few other things that have been announced for awhile in the kind of touched on a little bit. Then give exact release dates. But if feels like twenty twenty is going to be a big year for Nintendo. And there, I love that they're more focused on current gen stuff than nexgen of. I don't think we're gonna see another twist for awhile, but a little bit more powerful switch. Yeah. And more powerful one for sure. But I don't think we're gonna see a new new Nintendo hardware anytime soon. But I love that. Everyone's like, oh, we got this weird, you know, next gen console gab in the Nintendo's like we don't so we're just gonna keep putting stuff out there that you love and hope that you buy 'em wanting to buy a lot of it. Well, it was some great conferences to. Wrap up the three twenty nineteen as far as least from Nintendo point of view. And from everybody out there looks like Nintendo clearly one through twenty nineteen according to us as well. So we were able to report everything on our game source, Facebook page, a lot of news, went out also Twitter disallowed great news coming out there, especially from our guys that are already there in Tonia, Jamie monroy that were there on the floor going head showcasing some of things that they saw three twenty nineteen. Plus, we got the news sent directly to our pop culture, cosmos and game source Facebook pages in Twitter handles, and all that. So it was really just a great time. Reporting all that stuff that went on at e-3 twenty nineteen over the past few days and don't forget to check out our Friday program. We're gonna have some hopefully up from three you guys talking about what you saw. What you liked about easy twenty nineteen hopefully guys be able to to get together to go ahead and talk about at length. So we can play that on our Friday up. Sewed. Plus we're gonna be talking about other great things as well including men in black minute. Black international comes out this weekend. So we gotta talk about the future of the men in black series. And if there is still one and if there's enough interest in it as well. So some of the other things that we're gonna talk about include that, and, and so much more. So got a great show again as the PC Multigroup that's gonna drop on Friday out some great things lined up for you in a future. And of course, some eat three talk to wrap it all up in a nice tidy bowl on our Friday show, the PC, multiples any last month on the way out, or you want to share with everybody out there, where you're going to be at and what you're going to be doing and how to Fawley when you're, you're not to eat three twenty nineteen when they hear this. I mean, we're going to three two thousand nineteen Amaro. So you can, I'm sure we'll be posting some updates the pop culture Cosmo's page in tune in there. We did a little bit of coverage of the Nintendo stuff today on our website, WWW dot pop culture, cosmos dot com. I'm sure I'm going to try to talk, Tony Jamie into doing some podcast tomorrow, afterwards to see where we're at with that, but yeah, definitely tune in follow the pages and you'll be up to date on everything. I'll have Chad Smith of hyper Schmidt with me in tune into that. And find out what we're up to have a few interviews, lined up, and, yeah, just tune in keep your eyes open. There'd be some content up. I'm sure. Your tells mama is to give me any three shirt. That's right. Gerald's, all about the swag, ladies and gentlemen, that Astrid. You got to see some of the swag collected over the years at threes that I've been to it's always amounts. Are my friend has been a great show? It's again the PC extra, I want to thank everybody for listening. Keep in touch with us on our social medium, pop culture, cosmos and game source. You think you so much for listen to our show? And here's hoping you have yourself a great.

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