72: Trixie Mattel & David Silver!


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And Sophie Devon Green Ms Cracker and more coming soon to movie club to episodes with Peaches Christ to William and one with Alaska not to mention the upcoming listener questions episodes with Miss Fame Sophie Anderson a bonus with horror and so very much more now that we've we've got that covered. Let's get into this show in house. which is he's wins at all? It's sure place close to the same rock musicals. It seems shock treatment. Tommy all my God. It doesn't get much better than Tina Turner and that will be no Tina Turner. The acid queen is one of the greatest scenes of all especially that shot at the end. where she she's like her teeth around laying yeah? Tina Turner is incredible and that he's so beautiful. Oh my gosh. She's stunning in it. Yeah an an Margaret in that white outfit as well before the beans shoots so beautiful. Incredible Ken Russell such an amazing director when they go to that church. And it's the Maryland Arlen Real Church with Eric. Clapton is very drunk at shock-treatment it's pretty far up. There are that is some of the best music and I think looking for next year when we can lock down a date with Jessica Harper Circle and actually do this shock treatment. Movie Club met her. Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah because you told me how much you enjoyed the episode. I can't believe that I I such an icon. Oh she was amazing and she was so fun and then she offered to come back and do the shock-treatment movie club and I had hit the shock. Movie poster didn't want to scare her and then once I realized realized it wasn't GonNa scare her. I showed her the seven inch in the cassette and like all the V. H. S. and everything that is so cool because over on the bar there next to the shock driven. VHS Chessen seven inch. There's this book and I thought I just hope she doesn't look around to carefully because she might get a little cheesy it afterwards. Yes afterwards yes yes because we were talking about the new beverly and she was like. Oh yeah I'd like to do something with them some day and I was like I'm sure they'd be happy to do a citizens spurious screening. That'd be wild. What about a double feature of superior shot treatment? No US so good. So let's get into your intro. Hi Brad just came to tell you how fabulous I I am dear listeners. On this episode. We take a peek behind the modesty curtain on a powerful creative and personal partnership that together brought us moving parts the feel good holiday smash of the decade film. That's out now an all worthwhile platforms and Phil about the wild ride. A children's entertainer takes after for discovering the power of the Lord and the process of moving the contents of a well-stocked automotive garage. Please join me in getting a war while how welcome David Silver and Trixie. Oh thank you so much for joining me. Thank you for having us. Hey It's my pleasure. I just re watched the film again last night and man the knee slapping laughs that during that I fifteen minutes. Yeah Yeah Laugh Riot. How many times have you seen it twice? Okay and you saw it at the pre one of the premier's that's right yet. Out Fest outdoor showing at the outdoor showing. Yeah we had the attack of the bugs tech by mouth nine hundred people from flu at me and I was like I'm fucking Outta here and then your shoe got caught in stage. Aw For all those nine hundred people in the one who has a spotlight on them gets the fly attack. Yeah I thought that was cruel. It was really cool. It was really fun though. I remember that that helicopter applying biology. Yeah that's right. They suspect suspicious activity. Yes and they wanted to know what was happening. Yeah King Kong. I probably looked like a Diorama. Ah Dolly PARTON AT THE BOWL okay. That's actually what was flashing me back because I saw Dolly at the ball a year or two before that same show okay. That was a good one. Yeah the whole time when during gaggy sacks that set with such Donnelly Fred the whole time. Had you seen Dolly before that never. Oh this is really major moment. Yeah just occurred to me that like. Oh we're going to see part and whatever whatever we have tickets and then I got there and saw the person who was like. That's the real person. Sometimes right I I was just like that is the same person from the eighties. Ninety Sixty Seventies. That's same body. That's what's weird to think. It is kind of strange to think that isn't it because especially especially when she doesn't look the same over time it really seems like it could be another person. Imagine if there was like three dollars. It's like Sharon old Sharon and Sharon. Now those are like two who different people they do actually yeah down or needles needles other stone or needles this great title for something or game. Let's play stone or needles. We actually play that game and have much trivia questions about certain aspects of the career stone needles. There'd be a lot of interest in crossover I think so David you executive producer and produce the film. Yes yes I did. And when did that process start. It started in in towards the end of two thousand seventeen. I think 'cause you'd met already yes. We were already yes we had met and I think it started kind of as a joke when the Gaga Gaga documentary came out assure he made a joke about doing a documentary called six foot two which I still think the working name until the tone of the film ended up being a like a little more sincere sure one then we kind of laughed about that and then he was like no seriously. I want to do a documentary. Call six two and then months pass than months past. And then I think I was in San Francisco for the tricks in conscious high school reunion with pizzas cries and they were doing their meet and greet and I was kind of off to the side hanging out with his manager and we had never really made manager talked for a long period of time and I was like I was a filmmaker and then she was like Oh. You should do the documentary Henry and I was like yeah that that's an interesting idea but I was worried. It might interfere with our relationship. Sure so I had that conversation with Diana and then about a month later we were a-coming date night and it was the end of December. Two thousand eighteen was about to begin. You're about to fly to New York to record one stone and you're like I. I really wanted to do this. And now it's Kinda too late And I was like well. If you really WanNa do this I can make it happen. And six days later we were in New York filming. Yeah Really Lake Fast Well that's that's the producer. Yeah Magic Yeah and how did you put the crew together. Because it's one main. It was really just me and Nick Saigo ins the director our Following tricks around for nine months with a camera. Nick was my freshman year roommate at NYU. lived in New York. We were GONNA have to start. New York Guide. Knew he was already there. We'd kind of been texting. And he was like looking for something to kind of you know to do that. He could really Dig his feet into you and I to yeah and then when you dig your feet thing too yeah I really don't anyway I texted him after that that dinner and I was like I have this. Do you want to make this moment to me. I'll producer you can direct it. Ah Later we were in the studio filming. Nick has a lot of television production credits and has a lot of financial security around his television Gig. So let's just say that this wasn't like cash. Grab for him. I think he was looking for something he inspired by and he really took the idea quickly. Because he's not immersed in the drag world uh-huh he was a really good person to direct because he didn't take any information for granted road. Sometimes people forget that a lot of stuff is kind of inside baseball. It needs a little bit of explaining Yes I think he kind of had to like look at the whole scope and figure out what he was going to talk about and yeah collected information for a long time before he decided really what it was gonna be about was shooting all the time was shooting in little spurts. We have over one hundred hours of footage that we collected over nine nine months and it was kind of based on the events in the schedule of what was going on. At the time I was touring Salt Lake. They could do all sixty cities away American tort because it got really redundant yes sure I mean the be strange if they filmed every single. Show right. There's only kind of picked and choose the best moments I think we were in the city the whole time for one stone John so much that first week we have so much footage And we got a little bit more particular about Oh When we picked up the camera nick would just be like? What are you doing tomorrow on? You would come to my house like eight in the morning or whatever and put my phone on me and he would have he would follow me all the time in but maybe not film all the time so he was still with me everywhere with his camera. Just wasn't always on okay. Sure but then it's something started to kick off. Maybe he would you go back or or he would you you know just even he turned it on but and also just the the you know the production side of getting permission and being allowed to film certain places and the the scheduling and the traveling. I mean he came to Europe for the moving parts tour I think for half of the tour we were on the first three weeks of the. US moving parts tour. I believe not the all sixty days obviously so Plus drag contracts ECOTOPIA making the record winning drag race Mike Cosmetics campaign shoot really everywhere. Yeah that's part of why we wanted to film so badly was because it wasn't even my idea. It was kind of like Dana in David's both idea it was just a time. We're like so much this is going to happen. So much of it is things that no one's ever done for drag Queens so at the base level really good to have a record of and then given given the events that transpired there really. None of us are coming. It ended up having a lot more depth than being about more than just like wigs. In sequin fabric. Yeah it definitely becomes about friendship and also of our friendship that's right. That's the new poster line. Yeah but I didn't know what it was going to be about to. To be honest I let David and Nick Do. I'm assuming crack some of Nick do their thing. They had conversations about the movie about me with the room which probably good yet? I never told them to turn the camera off. I never asked them what was becoming important. Sure yes let them do their thing. 'cause I don't know anything about movies that's the best way to go into it. Though is the subject right because if someone is a little too finicky about when people can have the camera on and off you not really GonNa get an authentic document. Oh believe me. There's plenty of times where I wanted to. My instinct was tasked him to turn the camera off. But I never did give me a couple of moments like show. There was a part in the movie where I had a bad show and I remember going back to the dressing room and just feeling so over it because I did a bad job in my show. This is where you blank out on the lyrics yeah like had some blank spots that night and also just I just was off my comedy a little bit that in you know. I don't really feel like discussing it. I don't really feel like a camera looking at me after a bad trail. Sure the day that the trixie and Caccia Show Imploded Yeah we had to halt production. Nick was there with the camera just to get fun. Beef Footage Java's during the Trixie and Caccia Show and there was fun stuff too. There was fun stuff but they just came that day to get you know lighthearted be footage of a day of me and the job so they weren't even covering the entire production of the show. This was just a happenstance that the cameras were there. I mean we knew the cameras are going to be there every day. Yeah I had it cleared with cleared it with wow and and Caccia and with Vice land everybody knew. 'cause set like that where there's already like ten cameras check one more who cares yeah. Exactly you're on so yeah so we didn't know that that day was going to go south and we didn't know that those events were going to have such a butterfly effect effect on the next six months in about that day. How long into the day did things start to go that way? I don't even remember. We were there for two days a day and a half I guess gas and the first day was rough and we've wrapped early that day to like it was not happening lost like I said we only shoot so much. I think we had left so that by the end the day and came back and picked you up and then we went back the next day and they had locked the dressing room and so we were in that room. You guys. We're just talking and that's where you're kind of talking about your different styles of comedy. Oh yeah the dressing was locked. Yeah for hours and hours you guys can get ready and It was just kind of spiraled from there the day as we see in the film goes quite wrong. Yeah and it's really harrowing to watch even having known what happens. You know having Brian Tell me very very very clearly a couple times but that day when you first start in the show Watching it was really a shocking and then the after effect of it as well and one of my favorite moments in the movie maybe my favorite is the moment where you say. They're not gonNA WANNA see me without her because it's so stunning to see because at that point point you're already you know Trixie mattel known you know. I'm part of the movie. But that's like my least favorite part. You know what though I think it's probably one of the most helpful parts parts to anyone who's not not worrying about whether or not they're going to be successful without Kacha. She worries about that actually. Yeah she wrote me a letter the other day. A handwritten letter. Yeah I mean not to hit the nail on the head I mean but when you watch the trailer which is out now you can see it on my youtube channel the movie you can actually see that and then when you come to me at the club you can cite one from the trailer and act like you saw 'em really moving just say that parts were moving. There's a part where just go you know like nobody's GonNa see me without her. And on one hand grossed out. Because I'm like that so like self serving in that moment where about Harvey is going to affect you. But then I'm also like well maybe like maybe other people in that situation Tim would also have a selfish dot net moment. Maybe that's what people really to or maybe maybe it's because people don't think that I would have that kind of self doubt but I think it's a combination of those things. I think primarily early the last one and like you wouldn't think that someone in your position would have that kind of self doubt because you know you're an actual like we said earlier before top children's entertainer and To to actually see someone who's very successful express that kind of doubt. I think is very helpful to anyone who has any kind of doubt it was the equivalent of lady got Crying when she had fibromyalgia the outfits were little different but otherwise tone was very similar. There's a lot of. I've only watched the movie once with the Group at San Francisco and I like sat in the far back alone in the dark in drag drinking wine watching it. Because it's not fun for me to watch that movie with other people because so many parts of it are it's like people looking at naked pictures of you. It's it's like you know when I when I talk about myself. Its in jokes. It's in songs it's in. It's in something but this was somebody else. It kind of takes somebody else to like. Lay it out there and go. This is exactly who you are. And this is how everybody sees you And it's a little shocking sometimes to to get that reality check of like you're not always the good person you'd want us the answer is a Cetera. You know I think that is a sign out of a documentary. Did you have any concerns. About how raw some of the stuff was that was being presented. Because you have you know the other relationship of course. Yeah I was hesitant to do with this project or initially because I thought it might affect our relationship so I was kind of worried about the time of sure how to be honest and show Brian and and Trixie and also you know be taking my partner as well. Yeah sure and that reminds me of the opening credits has that's good for second. I forgot that the up link devices. Yeah it's a weird okay okay. I just hung up on them. They're going to call the call because you have the sandwich the opening credits. It's Brian Focus in. I like that distinction. Could you talk a little bit about that well. I think that this does come does a good job. I'm going to have to just takers. It is really quickly. I'm very sorry. Hello I yes. Is this John Whitehead Talk. Yeah Yeah Yes yes I do. Thank you to fourteen seventy six okay. So you came in protesting on Wednesday the twentieth and we do have a positive for rectal. Gonorrhea your urine and I don't know treatment. ESI would thank you very much. HOW DO I? I'm I'm sorry. Sorry he got funny moment. How what's the next step? Please algae yes penicillin Amoxicillin Hall of the cylinder. Sir Can what's that it's okay. It's all right there. My friends are here. Yeah it's it's okay when they ask you something if this this was included on a podcast. But you'd be okay with that. Who who is your health crash? Okay all right. Well obviously appointment on Monday injuring forty and six twenty pm. Is there anything on Tuesday these day earlier in the day or later something around mid-afternoon Thirty yes one thirty s good okay so it will be a day the twenty six at one thirty now sex until you've been treated and big with any partners. Yeah Okay thank you very much. I appreciate that gave up by tuning in. I have you ever gonorrhea. Have you ever heard of it. Have you had it no. This is a new thing. I've had it once and I've had scares like three times. It's no big deal. They give you pills to take a shot in the but it's GonNa be really yes it's nothing. Oh thank God. Nothing out was so funny. The shot schock does give you diarrhea for a few days but it goes away like nothing will happy Thanksgiving to me yours. Truly right now include that you have to so you have to include it. Yeah I know I have to. We're talking about being candidate. I my philosophy on the show is that you know. We're not laughing at you got tested. I'm not laughing that you've got an STI. I'm laughing that they called back twice because the urgency because on your anus is so pressing need to pick up and base and this might be the result of the first anal sex. I was GonNa say you just turn gate minutes ago. Already have creepy crawlies. Welcome to the club by and go well. I can't hotdog cluber wondering what happens to your money taking it down to the clinic. Well they've lead to the free clinic. Oh great per. I'd like to give a shout out to even though Brian on the phone. There said that they might not prefer. I think this is a very good. PSA to people very convincing prank. Well maybe wait wait whereas McCook. It's not a very good cover. Yeah no I know well. He said he didn't want to be on the show anymore but he does this. So yeah I just just a week to ten days ago where it was the first Receptive anal sex situation With Fella now when it was really good I really really really enjoyed it. It was fully verse both ways with the person you actually know the person cracker. No it wasn't although I'd like that to happen. Yeah I can tell you it is. I'm probably going. I can't leave the show very handsome. Oh work these very cute very cute very cute but apparently needs to know something. Yeah that What can you get that from other? I mean you need to have someone in well also need to have sex sex fluids in you. Yeah okay. Well here's the thing there was a condom involved but It's always only only a rea- in your ass or can you get it from other places and then it's detected in your ass hit. You could get from like anything. I mean like somebody I may have had this for a while. He could like get it from even. Oh okay then like you can get their mouth. And then if he hasn't his mouth like oral gonorrhea he can pass. It could be anything. Gotcha okay well. I'M GONNA have to cancel the sex data so easy gonorrhea okay. Well don't care at a normal well. I'm happy to when I think gonorrhea it ends ends up being just sorta like a parking ticket. Okay Gosh dammit getting every time I see my asshole here for two seconds double-parked I gotta go take care of this. Avi Back in a little while. Yeah okay so I guess. I'm canceling Tuesday nights plan. I got crabs from hotel ones from. That's how easy SGI's are. I mean they'll find you and by by the way it's the slutty friend who never gets anything. It's the Pollyanna like me. who gets it from my pillow cases right right anyway? We don't really get any diseases in the movie. We'll be but yeah no but maybe on the next one. Yeah the sample is the movies talking about pushing a Lotta my aunt now. Oh that's too bad. There was a scene that we shot the first week against in the studio where I had Brian facetime with Jinx. And we're talking about because James has a documentary drag becomes her. Oh Yeah Rob. So you're talking about the process of making documentary and she was like well. You know it's just important to be You know let them see everything and you know be open and you made a joke about. They just told me pushing a lot on my ass in the shower and she said how long has it been. There was a great scene on it was in there for a while. She's still in the movie because that she's my favorite drag queen. She's great. I mean you have that Nice shot backstage. And then she rose to. Yeah Yeah. There's this great shot of her putting on her lashes Dorian Corey moment of the movie when she's like we were talking about winning or something or being a winner and she was like yeah doesn't matter that she says something like well you win. And then they got a whole new season ready to go right away and sandwiched in between two of the the biggest winners. So it's a jinx lamenting being a blackout has been back to the big upset in the beginning of the film that leads us into a number of thorny subjects that you addressed a minute ago you felt bad about expressing a quote unquote self-serving off serving emotion right. But the thing is about a situation like that is you know you're going through it because you're wrestling with all these things. It's a natural thing to think what's going to happen to me and my show and you cycle through these things rather rapidly. Because that's how I think it goes in your head you're worried about Caccia. Obviously but then you're thinking what about me what am I going to do and then you feel guilty for having those feelings right. That's pretty much what it was. It just feels like wow. Somebody's going through something. I can't can't even really conceive of because unless you're an addict you have no idea but then again that's always how we operate like health or no health. I'm usually the one being like. How can we stack some more quarters? Orders on top of this deal. You'd like how can we. How can we make more money? What's a good thing for us but as a positive thing yeah and you said things to me about things I might want to considered doing business advice? That's what I do best but I love that I mentioned. How many times have I mentioned to you? About how touching and supportive I feel. Yeah then I Miss Vida boheme when she's like a stop at twenty twenty percent surcharge in all these paid for. Let's see I mean. When that happened? They had come back. Act Two filming because violent had ordered six more episodes. Okay yeah so also. They hadn't they were able to film. I think one episode of the six episodes before that happened. Then and then what do you do in right sure. So there was a lot of pressure than added to Trixie to. Are we going to get a replacement placement. What's going to happen like you actually? Oh think of so like somebody buying something you all. TV network money. Basically basically. Yeah oh them episodes exactly then it was like well we have to. We still five episodes of television. You have to make these to make them. Luckily at the time Bob the drag I queen was in town. Doing a web series had to call him and begged him like. Can you not direct series income foam from with me for like a week. They got he. Did you have because sometimes people don't realize is when there's a replacement or there's a change in the lineup or something it's out of your control. Yeah and it went from it. Went from US being like. Wow they want six more episodes that maybe that means there's some potential for this to be have the season to get extended and went from that to like just trying to deliver five episodes with with your sanity intact. 'cause I also had to go back to work the next day with the same camera. People the same directors the same writers the same team without her breath. So it's also like we're all pretending like something crazy not happening because we all have to and we all through comedy Salt Lake. We get to come in. Wait wait tables. We have to come and do funny shit. Did you talk about it at all. Did you talk about the weirdness or did you just have to let off. I joked about it and I was the only one who joke about it. Everyone everyone else would just be like. Oh that's all you know. Best the best to her. And I'm like I'll be the only one who's like A. We have to address in the room. Here we called in Bob to lake which just funny 'cause we called in a sober person but it was awful. It was on really hard and a bummer and then on a personal level one the most important friendships you have this. Like not just up in the air. Didn't feel like it was gonna come back down ever because I don't Bryan even hasn't been that open about. What his real timeline was during that time how much? He didn't talk to certain people at that time. How much people sometimes do minore? He was sure so there was. It was like a network. Not only are we not friend. It's like has anybody heard from him. Yeah right anybody like you know. There was a lot more than just like my career. The television episodes episodes. Oh it was more than that more more actual sern. Yeah I mean the focus. That film is still about you. Know kind of like the Golden Age Dragon. One of the. It's about me getting to do all these things in this snapshot of time in the world you know the big tours and all kinds stuff like putting on my second record touring the world it really is about the movie really does blow your mind with how much is available to someone who wears a wig for a living sure it is really crazy and that still is the focus because the the the Bryan Bryan friendship dynamic it became accidentally important the same way when you have any sort of personal trauma. It seems to sort of trickle into everything trickles. It's like you're freshly broken up with someone. Yes it affects everything. Energy level level affects your work. It affects the way you sleep. It affects everything the prison with which you look through the world inevitably. It mattered more than believe me. We didn't intend to capture sure or get someone that just became no of course not of course not but it would be. It would be irresponsible for David Nick to make a movie that didn't show it was house and all of that footage is really really how it was gone. I also think that it's helpful to people. Hello Part I help people not talking about that stuff is part of the problem. It is part of the problem because once people can see especially at figure that they admire going through something like that or a and also with you going through what it feels like to you go through something like that with a friend. Yeah I mean. I grew up with alcoholic parents and stuff like that but casual northeast. Wisconsin like Drunken Dad. Ad Is Different than like you know Hollywood Cross Dresser uppers. That is different. It's different yeah. It is different and also because it's a friend friend and somehow that's different than when it's a family member. Yeah totally why think we set out to make a a real film and you pick up a camera camera and started shooting. And you don't know what's going to happen but I think that there's real humanity to the film and it's not a fluff piece. It's not the Justin Bieber experience. It's mid-next I think very ron intimate and Some moments are a little intense. And there's a lot of highs awesome lows which I think is you know what makes the film work and why people seem to be moved by it. Yeah I mean at eight A. It's not a competition. But all all the mother dragged documentaries and Gosh this is so much more like real. It's got more auto harp than most of them to it. Sure dies down it also credit. Read it when you guys do. Watch the movie which comes out. December seventh third December third clean bill of health by them by the way uh-huh reflect on the fact that it's one camera holdings with one person the some of the stage shows. We had someone come in and get a second come in by. It was nick one camera and he did the sound too. If I'm not mistaken wearing head Pam and I did the sound If it wasn't him it was me and then it was really ham and one of the reasons I immediately went to him was because we went to school together and I knew he had a really like artful. I and the film looks so beautiful. Doug did such a great job and it's really impressive that it's one camera and our editor James Cody. The honest did a killer job in fact the BB is a heroin documentary. I believe just hired him as their terrific so yeah he killed it nickeled it. They really did an incredible job. It is impressed with that. It's only one camera that's crazy to out when you watch it. There's so many angles and so it seems like the cameras are everywhere running around want also. The music in the film is all done it. I would say ninety percent of it is done by Trixie here. You're wrote. It played it all and a few moments. Nick actually did the music so they both did the music costuming. Well everything Emma. But yeah most of the soundtrack the the score is trixie. There's an there'll be a soundtrack recording an acoustic soundtrack it's There's a coup who stick versions of some of my songs that people already now there's versions of it like there's a version of moving parts on guitar which toys a harp song there's covers. I've never done covers till now. So what does it cover. Closes the film. No keep on the sunny side which is on the soundtrack sunnyside cut. That can't be wrong on this. You know so in In the festival run of the film backwoods Barbie plays in the ALLSTARS press junket or film but it was was too pricey to keep the film's real how expensive they wanted. Sixty thousand dollars. This is an independent film delay. They wanted a lot of of money. so we now. It's a mama domain. Be Put on the dress again which works. Yeah but we have for the soundtrack we have trixie do a cover for a backwoods Barbie brand new versions of all the songs And the original ones written for the movie. There's this one song that you were writing on the moving parts tour and you kept playing it on this beautiful melody. It's the song and the trailer that people keep asking about so also if you only see the trailer reference that yeah well people say what is that song and it was the song you were writing and you kind of like you know left it there and I kept. You need to finish that song. It's so beautiful. It's one of my favorite songs you've ever written heavy crown on. It's is on the soundtrack and I can't stop listening to it while I was reading it. You know on tour when the thing was not doing so good and it was kind of about that it was kind kind of about About like how foolish you should feel if you think that something good happening to. You means that everything's GonNa be fine like okay something in great happening to you. It's a little immature. Did Not know that that means ten other things are going to fall apart in front of you. You kind of guarded optimism. In general. Yeah things is about that and so that song sort about that. And I didn't really I kind of dropped it because by the time me and Brian we're doing better I just like what song over it but it works in the movie movie. Yeah and also I think the message still hold. It doesn't have to be specifically about what's going on. Currently on all stars you won like three night stay in Fort Lauderdale. Yeah and moving parts store in America was starting in Fort Lauderdale so we kind of cash that in and went to Fort Lauderdale for a few days before the tour started with neck. And there's a scene in the film where you're on the balcony at night playing the song and it was so beautiful and we put in the movie and I you have to license all the music and I went to. Who Sang that song? And you're like I wrote that song when when I was eighteen years old. Did you give a decent break on the publishing or did you really squeeze them on the. We'd take him for everything he's got. He's got a sweet action figure collection action. I'm trying to think of yeah not anymore. Though it's all yours is on the soundtrack in the film. It's called. Hello Hello. That's one of the best things I've ever written. I wrote it when I was nineteen nineteen because my boyfriend broke up with me. MOVE BACK TO MINNESOTA and I was devastated in nineteen year old. Me Apparently is capable of writing something. That's better than most of what I can come up with now that's Such a good song was incredible and And I forgot about it for ten years and I was randomly playing it while we were filming Totally I couldn't believe I even remembered the word also really really matches the mood of the film and the story and you know hello goodbye. Hello of you know losing someone and then having back. It is nice when you see Brian Billed as Brian McCook Cook at the end of it which is another nice little distinction. What show is that again that he was backstage? That was the LA. Show the Walter Wilson. Yeah it was at the first time that you'd hung out or had you hung out before that not really. We hadn't really thought we had some phone calls. I mean you can tell Brian's backstage at the show and you can tell it's still a little weird. I heard you know. We went for a walk sometime later. Like we're doing Runyon Canyon and this is right when he's getting back on its feet and seeing people again and you know we had like an hour and and a half walk of small talk in the he just turns to me and was like I'm so sorry he's the reason I'm not apologizing is because I think it's insulting like to apologize for something new I can't like is going to make it better He was like you know that's why he's that's why it's when you've kind of like like had such a friendship problem. It's sort of. You can't really apologize because it's to apologize to suggest that you can make it all better right away. which is why he was like? Well what do you do say but to do or say something. Yeah and he and he did and I mean I never held it against him right. It is kind of like the mark of a psychopath path. If somebody's going through something that serious and you think that they are somehow targeting you right or it's all about you know whatever however it affects you. That's you know. Drop in the bucket. Compared to what they're going through really know really is. Yeah I mean clearly. He was having the worst time he you know he's been very like I can't believe how good a friend you were. And you were very he'll talk interviews and Blake is very compassionate. How he just like was forgiving and we'll also reasonable? Anybody with the reasoning mind would be like this person doesn't want to be a monster right now. No of course not. They're stuck on this ride to. Yeah like you said He. I'm sure he doesn't want to be in this roller coaster that he's yeah. I think I said that in the movie movie. Yeah yeah there's a part where I get sort of a bunch of sort of aggressive like purposely cruel tax from him at the time it's very confusing. Sure am and we watched a movie together with Brian. He was like Oh my God. I don't remember that you know why. Imagine but again in perspective in the moment you can see me on camera Kinda mad watching back in like I should have known this is obviously not with somebody felt but it just feels the moment. That's the trouble with that stuff. Though you can logically say this isn't about about me This isn't quote unquote real. But you can't help the reaction that it stirs up inside of you and I was. You know I mean. I love him so much I mean it was. I was like the Caccia apologised like the whole time of like I. I always benefit of the doubt him. I believe in him and I always excuse him. And there's obviously footage Jimmy. Maybe that day not feeling so great about it but well this. But that's understandable again if you're really somebody's friend. Stay focused on them. It's really about. They are the ones in trouble. The trickle down effect you're experiencing a walk in the park. Yeah you know. Did you. Struggle though at moments of feeling like Oh. He really doesn't like me. Did you ever have those kinds of feelings. Like maybe he doesn't really like me kind of an insecure. Maybe not. He doesn't like me. But you can definitely see me struggle with like what's GonNa that happened to my. Will Anybody WanNa see me perform. If I don't it's not somehow part of this duo that people like you can see me get really worried about that and looking back. That's so it's weird to watch now knowing what I know now but I was also trying to win this big. TV show and under a lot of scrutiny. For that I was putting out my second album which trying the follow the success of the first there was a lot of things in the air that were like. Is it going to work or not. There's a lot of pressure and it was about to do this. You know how many cities over one hundred cities of moving parts or last year I had to worry about selling all those tickets and it was like you know. There's a lot to worry about more than I'd ever had to worry about at the time and you know matter how meteoric the rise say when you're on that trajectory any little bump in the road can seem incredibly massive potentially devastating. Yeah so of course that can stir up any kind of Either insecurity or worry about your future which I'm sure was also mixed with the interpersonal concerns as well just makes it hard to do your work and when you have a lot of responsibility when you have to perform every day for like a thousand plus people comedy and comedy or like anything rocks the boat because you have a lot on your plate already but I still. A lot of the movie is about It's really a more about succeeding despite and it's really more about The sentiment of the song is like that growing up is sort of about looking to take the good and the bad. That's sort of like you're never going to find happiness until you learn to you. Expect bad things with good things. Do you know when you start to look at the world that way. Do you think you always did or do you think memory largely and and I remember like it was like two years ago and it was. I was writing moving parts the song at the time and it was a time where something bad happened. Remember what it was but you gotTa Call Clinic. No no no. What is that bad? I wrote moving parts for two birds and I. I think I just didn't use it but I think it was at a time or something bad happened in when something bad happens you almost feel stupid for like Thinking that things will work out you just like I'm such an idiot. Yeah like me my reaction to is this sort of self punishing. Yeah you feel stupid that you thought the Universe is going to give you break and I guess growing up and being happy is about. It's the Joni Mitchell both sides. Now you know that's the only way we'll ever be happy is if you expect good and bad and know that they exist at the same time. It's The star wars the force. He's never seen a store. Never seen EST are low while but yet you can reference it offered Freddie Prince Junior talk about an interview. That's all you really need to do again. So hopefully we'll do an interview about moving parts and then you can skip watching it totally and just have an opinion about it. Yeah totally but I'm really part of that song and I'm proud of that that movie and The two I think have similar message. Well that's original title wasn't moving parts. We were kind of like working off the six foot. Two thing. withstood of integrate. Its Yeah I mean you know drag kind of comes from like referencing other other pop culture moments sure and there is actually the The last shot of the film is a direct reference to FIFA to With the lifting up of Trixie into the air right And the the three specific references. There were three documentaries. We Watch before we made the film guys documentary and Madonna's triggered documentary and Bob. Dylan's don't look back sure. And there are are three little quarterbacks in the film for each of those film was the. Don't look back reverence. 'cause I haven't seen that movie in a long time. Just the opening scrawl of all featuring all of the drag against right. Yeah but that was like the original like verite Tour doc yeah so that heavily influenced the film and then Your phone call with your mom. Tom Kind of the Madonna truth or dare Moma where she's on the phone with her father inviting him to come see her. That's right soup in the hotel room as you likely know. 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You say I WANNA ask you about Komo is ready for my ride to end and be like would I be satisfied with it would be happy s and so this movie was like well. Maybe this will be like at least a record that this all happened. And so when you're sitting at home Working at the gas station. You can come back home or rather the automotive station that you're setting up throughout the film that you can sit and watch this and go you know what I did that once totally and when I do watch the movie which I've only I've probably seen the whole thing. Maybe five times yesterday thing to watch really. I WONDER CACCIA LOVES TO STRAIGHTEN UP AROUND The house. Exactly having some friends over. You know for some soda but I mean anybody who's remotely a fan of either of us. Yeah when I put myself in the mindset of them they are going to be shook and chilled and Gupte in Gupta because you are so deeply invited to the most personal thoughts and backstage ship which is interesting. Also because drags so much about the illusion. Exactly artifice I tell people this movies. The twenty three hours when you're not a drug superstore. Yeah other hours in the day when you're not dressed up. I mean when I watched this. I'm like at some parts arts. I'm like wow. I'm really that bitch. I'm like in the sky or like while. I'm really writing that album myself doing that. And then sometimes it's like why I'm really pulling my own suitcases in like. Wow I'm really most of this is not glamorous or cool none of these dressing rooms look nice. No there's a lot of Minivan's a lot of it's a lot of like the testament of like determination to actually do what you WanNa do in which means calling your shit around the world dragon cars so glamorous and so not in this movie it really touches on that that 'cause sometimes in this movie it's like this is the golden age of drag. It's drag queens on red carpets dragging their albums it's clips at Trixie and Caccia Show probably Kocides Rupaul. I think at that point we were the first to drag queens to have our names and like actual. TV show show stuff like that that you never thought could happen to drag queens and and you'd never dream that you would be dry cleaned. It happens to so many things like that are cool and then other parts. I'm like you're very much reminded that like Oh shaded is walking through the snow in Newark with your guitar in your back is not always cute pride right but but most see it makes me I much did the first time I was pretty. Yeah Yeah I cried but I was. Just it made me feel like I was like crying because I was just like this movie. Made me feel like I did something with my life life. How often do you feel that feeling never until this movie because with the way the look at the world or semi fatalistic? This could be the end. This could be the last game which in one way. It's a very responsible way to look at things right but also I wonder sometimes given some of the discussions that we've had plus watching the film if that sometimes hampers is your enjoyment of all the wonderful things that you know you've achieved and continue to achieve. Well that's part of being a hooker though as if you don't suck that Dick Somebody else will which which in a way is optimistic but still. This movie makes me look busy. This is nothing compared to what I'm doing. Now let's get into that a little bit. Because I am always shook by how busy you are now i. I am a bit of an over worker workaholic. But when you factor in the traveling what were you gonNa say you were GonNa say like so busy. We were just talking to my a friend of ours. Who is like? I've been too busy with white job. You've got to go. You got to do just recently binged every new show. That's been out. Yeah Yeah this is my third podcast of the day. Congratulations look and the best one. So far too and save this one to us but you know. I think that this movie communicate something really. Well all to that David and Nick somebody so close to me. Yeah is keenly aware that during a team when my friends in once in New York was like get your people to do what people you think i. It's true when we book the show. I text you or text you dave. Yeah Yeah you know and you'll have one of the reasons since I I made. This film was so I could see my follow up coming because movie. That was one of the reasons because you were about to leave the country. It'd be on tour and tour America and I was like well. This is a great reason for me to have to be there. Yeah So it allowed me a to follow you around for nine months and actually get to see you because there are times where I don't. How long usually the longest amount of time that you two away from each other huffy weeks? Maybe there was like a month a little over a month once once it was a month. Yeah but to be honest I mean we talk about this when I go on long long trips really long trips and then I'm already in close quarters and performed with a million people on me and David Share Hotel Room that can be sometimes the opposite where it's like either. I don't see him and that socks or I never have any alone time and we're in each other's faces and that's kind of a lot because you need a little bit of alone time right. Isn't harder st needs as we just went to Europe in the spring and we shared a hotel room which together for two months straight that was a little intensive. Wow Okay how did that go. It was fine when I had. It May on tour bus. It was nice because David compr- weakened lever like whatever sure little more common goes you please more in Europe. It's like we're all here for a long time right right but I also think because I'm your partner and nick is an old friend of mine. I've known him since I was eighteen. We were roommates for years. It was really the three of us on the road for nine months. And you guys developed like a report together and were so close it really. I mean the film is very Intimate yet part of the reason I never post pictures of David. I like having my relationship their private and like separate from work. Is this the first time that you to talking about this stuff. We don't even talk about about when we talk about the movie with people. We don't even mention do things like this but I do like this. Is David probably I like on camera. There's like the first on camera camera but don't have the camera. Yeah exactly a lot of exclusive. The new information today about talk about your relationship situation audience volatile brings you folks. There was like a Brazilian Ryan. Like Gossip Brag that posted a picture of me and David and they thought that David was some TV stars. Well I understand. I wear glasses so they found this other Brazilian like a soap star TV star. Who doesn't really look that much like it was like an inquirer and it was like that? I was his secret level. Oh that's fabulous justified concern sir. Before I walked over here and she was like Oh. I just saw this Brazilian. She likes asked me about how they did that. But something that this movie does well that I couldn't have calculated at the time Because David Trustee of more than anybody else because he was on the other side of the camera I think he yielded a certain amount of vulnerability concern not instinctually into you. Say in the film that you don't want to sort of talk about yourself and I'm paraphrasing but you say I can do this stuff through trixie and then that way it's through this filter and it's sort of certain layer of paint on it and you're comfortable with that because you do reveal quite a bit about a long of your life a lot a lot of it I you you know I'm happy. It's good storytelling. A lot of it. I don't love that people will now no because it's stuff that I you know have willfully locked up from memory or even like they don't need people to know that to that point the family stuff yeah like. I don't need people to know the extremes of certain things about that frankly because people who complain about their their upbringing kind of annoy me and I don't WanNa be that person Why don't think I've ever heard you complain In that way in a self pitying way even very frank in discussing that sort of stuff stuff even in the scene where we'd see you talking to that morning show like a joke way. Well Yeah you know you you package it in a joke but at the core of it is some pretty intense hence stuff but I think that that's inspiring people to see that you could come from an environment. That was so chaotic and disturbing. I mean we're we've talked about you being removed from your family home and being moved to your grandparents house because of the the violence that was going on I'm sure that resonates it's a lot of people either going through a similar kind of thing or even on a lesser scale to see again someone who they admire which we see some of the fans talking about how you just being you and your work gets them through things or helps them to advance their feelings about themselves. So that seeing that stuff Only compounds that so it's a great thing even though it's very uncomfortable for you. Oh Yeah it's like you know. I try to remember what day that was by the way you'll notice during the interviews. There's a tumbler of pink. Thanks Jen next. Drugs invaded into talking about it. But we did one sit down interview with you kind of in the middle of filming in your garage at the time time for hours and hours and hours yeah. I spent so much time with David in Nick. I mean three weeks process when I was with alone with Nick. Good Dave in the room. I I basically I was alone. Let's important that cantor. It was easy to talk to Nick and David You know the filmmaker maker. Nick is anybody more sensitive than Nick. No nobody he's one of those people who's like he's like New York artsy straight person. Okay okay which is like L. A.. Gay sure passes for gay in the Midwest. Yeah okay so I guess when People Watch those parts of the movie They're not my favorite reports. I don't love that people know that doesn't make me feel good. That people know that part of me but Do you feel good about the effect will probably have on people. Though I liked it maybe maybe might help people but again it's just like I'm proud of it. I think and as a filmmaker I think it's important important. There's not a lot of like progressive. LGBTQ content out there. That's not like a little pandering and I think this film addresses a lot of important issues us in our community addiction mental health. Shoora the you know the abuse stuff on. I think not including that would have been a disservice. Yeah Yeah I don't like it in the same way. I don't like watching myself fight with my friend. Onscreen like yeah. It belongs in. It is defective in it. People will be helped by hearing it. It's still not a jolly Ron and maybe because I've I've I've heard people gone on through so much less in complain about so much more that's right. That has always like just may be just like I hate that. Yeah rankles you a bit all your mom yelled you like whatever I remember review and one of my best friends in high school her one of those moms that like went to all her sports games and was like a little overbearing and I was like Bishop Bishop shed. Your mom likes you. Mom goes to your shed you will. How has your relationship with your mom? Now good. She just visited SCHIST visited visited in La. I put her in drag for a video. That's coming up. Yeah because there's a new youtube channel. It was so she's cool. She does her dragged to Hamburger Mary's and then precinct I think she was in Trixie drag getting drunk. I was glass of wine. She was like I want shots at Tequila Sean. Morales met her and kissed her on the hand and she's best melted mom so Wisconsin. She's like in drag watching Nagoya. She goes I normally don't like the little skinny ones but he can really Dan. Yeah well that's nice to hear because even though you see a very sweet moment where your mom and family come to the show ee sense the strain or the maybe the distance between the two of you on the phone call. Yeah will you. Can you can tell that we You know didn't bag of chips have similar moment recently on drag race. What did I say it's not? A variety is related with their mommas Sane and Me My mom are obviously like you know son in mom but like we don't have the same relationship probably most people in their mom. You're not even in his mom. Yeah what's your relationship like with your mom. David a work a close. They're very close. David is like an angel. I'm Jewish so I have an overbearing coach. David the Jewish gay guy. And that's his mom. They're like lovers. Ah I mean they I mean they love Brian. They've come to all of your show and even the ones where you talk about my Dick. What does my mom just aren't super close and you can tell in the movie that there is like we're definitely family but we're just you know? I think for better for worse. Certain things happen that kind kind of like probably prohibit any sort of real closeness and it's okay it's fine. I'm not like not mad but there is some like built up like like Scottish. You know. Of course yeah even it. It's actually remarkable that you're able to maintain a relationship given all that stuff. Yeah I think some people people. It's sort of self serving to hold grudges. No one cares. It's like we we. I had a friend who was also affected by like Caccia and Stayed Mad about it for longer than I thought was fine and eventually I was like. You're the only one who knows you're mad about this like no one's who or who cares bears. Yeah you're just like your only plaguing yourself here you'll feel so much better if you just you know me and my mom had a lot of discussions as adults of like you get perspective. Found all that once you turn into an adult you also when you're a kid you think your parents know everything because they're adults. Sure when you become an adult you realize they didn't know Shit you start to realize there especially in a home like that where everybody's judgment is clouded and no one knows what's okay and what's what's unacceptable acceptable and again it's like the contracting. Nobody's willfully doing this. They're all stuck on the same right here. There is an interesting thing to were. You must have gotten peppered with this. Even after it was clear that Kaci was okay but when Caccia was on tour it was like a is right. His House Kaci doing people I I would be thrown because I'd be like what do you mean like. Did the tourist fine and then they put like how she doing doing fine like she's doing really well. You know what I mean it can also tell them the movie. There's a section we talk about it. We're like right when caccia publicly told everybody that she was kind of like going underground. It's when every drag queen came out of the woodwork and was monologue about the time on twitter someone called them fat and how they relate to it and it was like well. I have mental illness to everyone was sort of like taking it as themselves. Yeah there's so many press things in that time where people are asking vary directed questions about Caccia. Yeah and just like crickets like you. Don't it's not my place to give you this. Somebody else's information you know pry right because also what actually route and actually what if Koch at the time of being asked. That wasn't doing well and you just got off off the phone be like. Oh well. Here's what happened You know bit of a train wreck right now. Sound like the L A message of hope John Message of hope. Yeah did what was it like for you to watch Brian. Go through that whole thing personally. Often what the show wanted to get like hilarious vicious his jokes. He made a heartbreaking to watch. It all happened and You know what I mean. It's in the film you know something happened and then the the kind of that cloud followed you for months and it was something that people brought up with you a lot and ask you about You know but it was hard to be there for it. I think that's probably the last time I cried really. Do you remember the first day when I felt like it was GONNA get cancelled Omega cried all night right all right. That's the last time I went to sleep. Oh my God I cried to the point of like like no bookers left in the knows. My face was burning. Because I'm so disappointed. You know my work means everything to me and to have the biggest opportunity at my time at the time be there one day be gone. The next was like at devastated. Not Stop crying so hard it was but then I mean that shows you. What kind of Asshole am that was the last time I cried when drag race which they have have a great footage winning drag race? It makes me cry every time because every time I watch it. Yeah you can really how I didn't I did not know I was going to win and you can see my even. They're all that makeup. You can see my face like realize it just like you cover your face of doing drag go to that moment was like what you know and I think it's another example of what you're talking about what the film is about like. There's this bad thing going on in that. Our friend is going through a really horrible time time. And you're worried about that but your tour is getting bigger. Everything's growing and growing in. Your hard work is paying off and then you win drag race so again. There's this wonderful thing happening and then over here is a terrible thing happening but these things all coexist at the same time. Yeah it was like when the next day and the next head to that press day you have all the same press wagner owner set up no matter what they all either. Just begin with congratulations. Or I'm sorry. Okay like so many things in your life really are not dependent on a crown or winning or anything but just like getting up brushing your teeth making some food or ordering food. I was going to do that toward no matter. What I was GonNa make that record? No matter what yeah we were GONNA lose that. TV show. Well that's why you win. And then you know the film keeps on Truckin. Yeah it's like next next we go straight to drag on pretty much and also you say even after after you win. You're headed on the way back. You make a joke about the gay dressing room or something and then also wind drag race. Confetti falls from the ceiling and then T. REX in Chicago at the time. You did not yet bomb. Yeah we I guess. If you're listening please get in touch with. I'll get in touch with you. This kind of person she is and what kind of bitches I grew up within drag. I like Confetti. I couldn't believe it in two x goes. Yeah it was for a few lost but we didn't WANNA waste too but that's that's the that's the showbiz distilled into one line isn't it totally yearly. But again it was like watching the TV and I'm also looking at single pieces of confetti falling long here and there because so much confetti up their balloons whatever is like suspended. Yeah and it's like I'm trying to watch the TV. And I don't know what's going to happen. Little piece of Confetti keeps reminding me that something could happen. Sure sure you know that whole scene is so amazing and yeah it's beautiful. I can't believe and the shot I mean. Nick must have been a member. Nick must have been like right very the close and I'm so shocked. It's so cool. He tried to get a shot in their of me like crying in the audience. But you know I'm not really in the film people always that your mom was the. Yeah you met my mom in the alley behind Rocco Roscoe's in full drag. It was quite busy hour later. She wants me was her first night with me was watch me wind drag race such a weird time. Yeah that's a good starter. Well I'm my family's in Chicago and you were in Chicago for the win at Roscoe's so my my family was there. When did you move to? La David Ted. It'll be ten years in January. Oh congratulations that's a long time time and David also casual reality. TV connoisseur very casual very sitting here staring at Dossey Schroeder's L.. Yes that's right. Your fellow vendor pump rules fan. I am it's one of favorite. TV housewives all of them pretty much. I love the housewives I love. I love vendor paroles brother's obsessed with the housewives as well I mean it's a great show never introduced David to people and they get to know each other if David and then we'll have housewives whatever in common. It's like you lose them for the high. Well we're I know that feeling you live in this building that I Jackson Britney and Katie and Schwartz lived in. That's right no longer live here and they cared. Students Daydream Process Street. That's right uh-huh killers struck down. So this is a historic building for me up friends at home. David and Craig literally live across the street from yesterday. Yeah that's right it's very easy Zied D'Amato over here but yeah I love I love myself housewife or a vendor pump rule excited about the upcoming season with the new characters. Come out and all about the new characters though. I mean it was getting a little stale. So maybe they'll freshen it up. I mean they're only seasons seven now eight. That's incredible I know. They've all bought houses and move to the valley. Yeah so now. They're not going to pretend that they work with the restaurants anymore. Those God I'm happy about that but just like 'cause they're famous they just do like one shift a week for the camera. What kind kind of? Yeah Yeah Oh the. It's like a personal appearance. They show up and I mean the service can't really serve food because there are besieged by autograph people and picture people or people who want southeast not picture. People people work at the restaurant. Yes they do they do. Yeah so it gets a very strange things should make drag queens work at Hamburg. The Laura I think it'd be better than drag challenge seriously. There's how many places that serve like lips and stuff places. We drag queens work as servers servers. Challenge where they have to work. It's restaurant but it would like a refill on your drink. I'm okay Okay David you good yeah It's funny though the other night we were well I. It wasn't invited. You were invited to era gains her shoe dazzle event. I was so excited. And then you've got horrible food poisoning. I couldn't go. What brought about this food poisoning because Gilson trick ass Gilson's what now by Gal Stripping Gilson stupid now I'm a little concerned philophical fall from Gaza? I I've got to get treatment for one thing. Yeah soon now well maybe you can just get food poisoning and shit out the gonorrhea Levy. Yeah that's a good tactic. Make a phone. Oh call but that soon to know so I thought food poisoning was was fake. You did I thought it was like like. La People are like an thing because they get like one stomach rumble the food poisoning or or also away to get out of a commitment yet. Maybe I spent too much time with like you know those people were no matter what you're like how I did not sleep. It could last like there's always something wrong we something sure yeah and it's very typical of La people just any people everybody's always always on the verge of death. No one slept good. Everyone sick everyone has a like a little patience for that because of your punishing schedule Yes. I'm like let's get into your schedules. It's no bad. My food poisoning had to be free to call out of I cancelled a day of filming. You do yes and we're gonNA take that day and so yeah. I was so sort of worked out better now because I didn't get phone calls from the clinic and all it all came together put it did. I puked every hour for like ten hours. Did you shoot yourself yourself as well all the whole time okay. What was the meal in particular that gave you? I left Jason Wimberly's and I thought you don't have to walk down the hill and Gilson's he gets a little healthy snack so I got some avocados spread to put on toast and I got some like philosophy and I had to go to the makeup lab because we were getting holiday products ready. Yeah I had to go to the makeup lab and put on Ice Shadow while desperately holding in dire or their photos from this day. No I'm in the and then get this. Get this about after I was doing all this testing different than your kind of testing. I came home with one grace. Hint some of the products next year. Wine neutral smokey eye and one pink and purple. I Yeah Yeah. I was so sick that I puked in that. Make up for hours on slept for a whole day in shadow like in my bed shitting myself with Isha. Hi Sean Different. I shed on each. I like. This is another documentary short. That could have been you see why they turn the cameras off. Well that's the thing I mean we could have made a sequel. Could I mean there's every so much happening in your life all the time that's the reason we made the film yeah and it continues to only get bigger and bigger I would love to make a TV series. Like the Ashley Simpson Autobiographies here. I think he could cause your schedule is so crazy that I got to see you in London which was really great. You did two days at G. Y.. London yes yeah. I don't do a lot of clubs anymore but I always do like Roscoe's j y any any like kind of like legend sure on clubs but it's crazy we have KACI neier. Just finishing the final manuscript of the book look via the threat which is called which is called fixing catches guide to modern woman had now available for preorder on Amazon. That's right yes I ordered mine or yours so funny. Caccia is too too modest. Her chapters are psycho. They are so funny. I'm looking forward to reading the whole thing She gave a preview of the hair chapter on the show. I I listened. Oh you did. Oh thank you. She is so funny and her. I mean she really schooled. The school on this book sell funny. It is so good. And then we're working on the next record record Barbara now. Is that what I've seen recording an instant stories. Or is that the soundtrack album. Both I just finished the soundtrack album. Congratulations than I'm working on the new album Barbara Brown which is really cool. Because you know I go through my decades this one is like an eight track. That's four tracks on the top and fortress in the bottom different. And then we're working on grownup tour. I starting February. I've got my tickets. Second Road at the Novo to the the Novo. Yeah in the Nova Selling Lee. Well but we're touring with the band and we're doing like ten N plus costume changes. I'm really just trying to do it. Yeah they get big and crazy. You seem to only accelerate the tempo of your schedule well last year toward moving parts with like my Harper Qatar. My jokes and I'm like well. How do I for all the people who come again this year because so many people seem every year they do? Let's let's snatch their way. Let's try to make it better and mourn born Ryan. I think Kaci touring Australia and New Zealand. Yeah that'd be really fun. Yeah we're doing the absolutely most and then I think that's her her. The movie will be out in a week and a half on itunes Google Amazon a bunch of video plus an launching some new cosmetics and black Friday L. fantastic new products. Come out all twenty twenty. It's crazy yeah it is crazy but to find that you get satisfaction the more that you do or do you find that you are or worn down a little bit or is it a mixture I definitely on a weekly basis. Wish for like an eighth day of the week sure not for like more work but just like like I wish I could work seven days a week and steal one day off. No one else gets. Are you able to schedule in days off. I'm in charge of my own schedule. Which is why when I'm too busy? It's it's my own fault and when I say are you able to in your mind. Are you able to give yourself that time or I. I know that I will run myself into the ground and I'm not even when factoring in like the amount of travel that you do you know what I mean. I'm talking about just like taping and editing and all that stuff so it's like a compulsion but like I love it but at the same time I do go like every once in a while. Oh my God I've got to just take a day off but then I don't I don't do I know a Euro Workhorse. You love to work and when you're not working you're still working find a way to work. Yeah how are you with David and both the way that you work schedule or because you find that you'd get just enough time with him. Yeah assure you explain a little bit podcast a podcast. We'll probably see each other three the times a week. Every ninety minutes short surprise is yeah. I'll say we see each other four times a week and we'll like sleep over about three times a week. Okay okay but like one day. Maybe we'll just go to. I'll catch him after Jason. We'll get a SMOOTHIE or would go to dinner or something or so it's like you're still dating even though you're in a relationship and I mean in a good way and David is a very vibrant nightlife. I have a very demanding morning life. So that's always kinda hard to like matchup. 'cause I'll go see David and I'll have to leave leaving them or like. How often do I leave David Sleeping in my house and I have to go somewhere? That happens of you time like by David. It's been to Canada. Maybe eight times in the last few months you're like I have a five. AM flight to Canada. Saul sleep in. Yeah sometimes I'll be like. Let's have a sleepover but I have to leave at five. Am That's the. That's what you get though. I'LL BE IN BAD AD and you'll be getting ready to go and brandon will be in the other room packing Suk's wake up to my system packing the suitcase in the room. The barbies just staring at me. We traveled together a lot. We went to Europe. I mean three times in the last three years together or go ahead well. That's one of the semi film cycle tag along discovered coverage. You had too much of it and you're like I'm not doing this. I can talk by. David came to Australia this year. Okay I went on the skinny legend The international leg of the tour. Usually when I go to Chicago David Ogle because visit family. Sure you're performing right across the street from my mom's apartment again. I'm going to be at roscoe's in Chicago in December. ANYBODY WANNA come. Ooh What does your time together. When you're on tour? Look like David gets he lives his TV watching a movie watching life life. Okay so yes never how many movies and TV shows he watched on tour. But it's a lot of You know it's everyone's like Oh my God you get to go to Australia. Elia and then David Tortoise everyone all my friends or family. They're like oh it's it's like a trip vacation it's not you're there to work mark and so it's usually. We all have jobs to do on a tour bus. We get off the tour bus. Go into the venue. Sit in the dressing room for hours. Yeah you know how you do the show. Sometimes I watched the show most of the Times I do. Sometimes I just hang out in the dressing room then the show ends we wrap up. Get back on the bus. If we're in a hotel hotel that night we go to the hotel. It's it's kind of like groundhog's Day I feel the worst for David because we all have like me fina whoever we all have like shit to do everyday the David is not only board also. Everyone's like abandoned him because they'll have shit to do you know the the UK Lag is always fun I like the the crew that we're with their Victoria secret when we first started traveling. Dave Barry like remember when I started traveling. You're like I think we we landed in Ireland and you're like wake up. We should go for a walk. And I'm like Oh bitch. We don't do that around here. We don't leave hotel rooms like want now. Now we don't get to see anything do anything fine But yeah the first time we went to the UK we landed in Dublin. And I made you like it was like seven. Am I was like. It's bad. Vowed to go to sleep right now. We gotTA stop for the day and dragged you around Dublin and you so I go to Europe three times a year I'm like it's always. It's been here for three million years. It'll be here next year. The castle the Castle was your how many times have you in England this year. Because I know that you were again like I said Jay y Kobe three times or were there for the skinny legend tour for drag Kahn or drag world and then Ford G. Y.. Recently yeah the movie is actually showing at a documentary theater in London right now at just wrapped last night. It was at the House we had like ten sold out screenings of the dog. It's playing at a p rogers. Hot Docs Cinema in Toronto. Right now. I got to say we are supposed to be you know on this podcast telling people to broader and check out the movie but people. We'll have so fiercely pure added the movie that it was on the homepage for preorder is like the third most preordered movie. It was it to it. Chapter to the joker joker and then moving parts. The real reason is each wanted to come over and chat with me. I knew that and also tell people to make your results that affects me. uh-huh more breaking news. Everybody that meant that we brought you here to tell you that me and Craig are gay lovers and that I'm Donna. Whatever in this podcast for that moment that was I do I scare base had a scare but not how to? So what's the scare like. Because I just had the full monty remember having someone calls your like warns you that they've have it and then you freak out and go get tested or you go and they can treat it right away without giving the results so you get the shot or take the pills and then they call you. If you'd like well you didn't have like would you take the shot anyway. Lisa always pick the show. Take the sandwich shop. I also had in that whole The afternoon dalliance condom broke. Never had that happen to me before so that was a little freaky but anyway the guy. Yeah the condom. I was wearing broke while I was inside. do you think he's just played demand through that did yes. It did yeah so it was a rambunctious afternoon a lot of I a lot of a lot of I actually. Yeah this is what happens with late in life as they go overboard bass yeah. David was late in life gay. Oh really now. When did you realize that you were in life if you went to college then you didn't come out in college to me? That is late in life gay. I see okay assure in now. When did you come out again college? Especially when you're eighteen okay sure the womb. I love that the film is about. It doesn't really dwell on you being a gay man. The first scene is you in your home pointing at these old pictures of Yubing. Like I've always been gay. This is how gay I was. And that's really the only mention of it. It's not what about like you're coming out. It's not like in about I. Don't dwell on really my history not one of those docks where we interview my mom and my babysitter. My first grade teacher. It's it's snapshot option. Right now yeah and you sort of get information out of the way anyone who wasn't aware that you were gay would find out the movie too if you knew nothing about me because I think a lot of people I don't know what drag Queens are up to and I think people will be stunned in gag to see some of the things that I'm doing this movie. They're going to be like what was actually thinking of suggesting that my mom watch the the movie because she doesn't really know a lot about the queen's knows about you know surname Lydia Lydia preorder. Join Hot DOC club please. Yeah Lydia Join hot club I mean the two of you are members of course is yeah. I know you can't wait for this movie clubs and maybe we'll do one on Tommy emme sometime We'll have to do one on the screen films. I WANNA do one on the screen movies Bianca performing tonight. Oh is she she might be I'm so bad at like things going on because I find I okay. I'm going to see Liz Fair on Monday. Sorry this past Monday. I had tickets to her first Monday at Largo the full monty. She has a book who who was it was fair she I Love Liz Fair. Largo Monday nights. You WanNa go. There's still some tickets available. We love the Largo. Largo doing the best part of breaking up find someone else he can't get enough of also I was GONNA say I've missed the first night of it because I was like working on shows Um and then I was sitting here all tired and then I look at the email and go fuck. I should be at Blues Fair show right now so then I bought tickets to the other. Oh Shit the other installments. But we're going to say I just love her clean guitar around the time of like Asher Levine List Michelle branch. It was like women with adding adding sure she's icon. One of my goals is to do a show in. La In might like idol icon is Michelle Branch and one of my goals is to do a show where we do like a double billing doing what she might actually do it or like my real goal. I love playing for people. Like if Ashley Simpson wants to come saying autobiography top to bottom aisle play for her play for her for free. Okay sure what about just guest comes on does a three song sweet. Well me my friend. Elliott who do Eliot Glazer. He's a comedian. He sings and we we were talking about doing a show where we perform her album autobiography. Like top to bottom because I think the gays would turn album is but then. I made a video playing boyfriend from her second like an album. I made a video play my electric guitar and I found that. I'm just famous enough. That if I take the artist cover they will respond to the go-goes riposted me playing. We got the B.. Wig Snatched Jane Lynnwood do something with you done. Yeah absolutely you know. She's waken stuff too. Yeah that reads yeah totally reads reads. Yeah she's the edgy. Wanted the go. Go's holy kind of the one who doesn't WanNa be there which I love but in terms of your relationship. How much do you WanNa actually talk about our gay love? What do you WANNA now expanded? Sexual Universe with others is well. I mean we basically been together three years so we met on tinder. Yeah and we were really into each other right away we went. We went to the Roger Room which is connected to the Largo He suggested trunks thanks. I suggested the Roger Room for Thursday. Tell them the joke about our baby. I it's such a stupid joke. Say Oh we should always. We should our first born after where we went on our first date room. That's the kind of content I'm here for. That's the kind of company slapper matched on tinder hinder and We went on a date and we WANNA drink date and Roger was one of those places that makes really nice fancy drink say better choice. He makes you throw. Oh yeah because you're also carried away hitting off so when you meet someone you really like. You're just talking a mile a minute and we're talking so fast and drinking so fast and and David drinks fast. Yeah what's your favorite drink. David a back. Then it was Manhattan sued whenever we go somewhere nice usually Manhattan hotel bar. Anything like that. I do well now. I'm really into a dirty Martini right now. Okay he's a cheese Allah he is so I'm a gay man so we also Love Vodka Soda but you gotTa GotTa have a splash of pineapple. My friend spread this around. It's called Avi. SP Vodka pineapple like the not like a splash of lime made. I've never had a like a splash of Li- made in my bacchus. If you'd like one I can happily make you want. Oh maybe I get a drink. Yeah let's do as far as I get a drink. Hey Craig Scott Charlotte thank you so much for for having me on the show and you mentioned you live in West Hollywood so that begs the question. Are you gay And you know I'm just wondering not like to hate or anything just for personal reasons and Have you ever been to palm springs that the might be an indicator decatur and you know. Get back to your earliest convenience and I it would help me sleep a night. Well we got really drunk. Hong Kong first day at the Roger Room goes to La and it's a great date spot because it's very small booths and the servers there. It's one of those old fashioned kind bars where they wear like vests and little ties and they they make the drinks like really nice. Yeah I know yeah like the drinks at Grassi. Madria select really fancy drinks. That's good if you're a Vegan and vegetarian so we'd like that SPA yeah sure. We got drunk on accident fast and I didn't. It took me a long time dating leading David to know how fast he drinks. So then he'd be like you want another abby like a step behind but say yes and then we bow okay now. What do you say? I'm going to have a water and wait or more on honestly honestly Craig between you when I go out with David or his friends I let them do around. I start that makes a big difference. Okay sure sure always fighting a hangover so if I start later than everyone else usually ends well for me okay. Sure they don't get as drunk and yeah I will say he can be very very drunken he you will not be able to tell 'til blackout if talent blackout fleet rolling down the sidewalk walking into a tree and you're like operating like nothing's wrong. I think I've been with the both of you in that situation. Yeah probably yeah. We were at the Abbey after something. Oh yeah after half. Yeah Yeah Yeah. That's right yeah that's right you you and I were talking vendor pump rules. One time with US I think drinking makes you more for yourself David. It's like even more bubbly chatty in. I'm probably like I just. I closed the blinds. More sure dark way to drink all these. He's like in a way you'll stare at the room and then you'll make an observation. Yeah so people think I'm bored but I'm just drunk and then we I remember. There was a couple the beyond the the foreground of David and they were in the same side of the booth. Like making out. Now's like those people are sitting on the same side making out remember. David went well. Why don't you come over here? Ooh Ooh and then we were like making out in this straight bar. That's great yeah. We actually played. It really caught me. We didn't have like intercourse intercourse until three months in and we went and got tested first and then all that but just pretty responsible. I don't think either of US wanted to use protection and we kind of just wanted to wait that and use no protection right because if you are wait the seven the window of time and you're monogamous you can just forego it sure now are you still monogamous. We are now we weren't for a while and then it just wasn't it wasn't that great what were the was it Complicated or was it just less than Ex. That's exciting. Maybe you thought it would be. It was just like who cares. They kind of just reminded us both. I think that when you can't say with anyone you remember that only I don't why it's hard to find someone actually WanNa sleep with. That's true too and then there's also the whole dance of going through the Getting to know you part of things. I remember when we like both download laker grinder again. We were like some of these people's pictures haven't changed in through Sir. Let some of these Victims Avenue I dunno wholesome yeah wholesome unlike regular while we love and we don't have an ample amount of time together. She's living together. We usually are very like it's date night every night for us. We don't have like boring nights together. We don't have a surplus on nights together. Sure so yeah they gotta be action packed. While that's we sit around and watch a lot of horror movies. That's not boring. No no we love that thing to do which is great but I mean normal couples that they like live together might be in different rooms doing different things. Also I mean this is unsolicited. Gay dating advice but having intercourse of course with someone on the first date is never a good idea if you want to date them really we want to date that we definitely did like Hand stuff sure sure like a hand signals signals. Asl We did spirit figures. Yeah but we spirit finger here. I think we both really liked something. In each other. And so we foresaw. I saw there being time to do that. Stuff right. Yeah we've definitely rushed to like make out in touch take close up. We weren't like going full everything being right away I think building up that intimacy Before is really important to maintaining a relationship when you fuck on the first date I think you kinda final is it. Yeah I mean you could certainly have fuck buddy totally and that's fine but I have a lot of a game male friends who don't understand why they can't find a boyfriend and I'm like well because you fuck everyone you meet right away. And then that's all they WANNA do right. I want to date you. They just WanNa fuck you because actually you can't put people in little categories. Yeah Somebody WanNa fuck you get to know them first. And then a lot of times you lose your interest in Buckingham. Who thinks so? Yeah I call dodged a bullet like oh it is a Dutch. Why so many gay guys? I don't want to talk first because they just want their because then they're going to be confronted with the fact that with someone they don't like but I'm very pro sex. Fuck whoever you want whenever you want but yeah it goes both ways. If you're pollyanna like me you can also be Pollyanna. Yeah right well. That's the thing you do you you're pollyanna on not poly-amorous and I was like gay young like I was gay through college so like all the crazy or like all the three. I've never had a threesome. MM So he's had in million. You were shocked when I told you that I had never had a threesome threesomes and folks. It's like I think I think threesomes I've told Dave this because he's never had one like it's a super hot idea and then like I think five seconds in you sort of like okay. Now I wish it was two of us again okay. What's the dynamic that you'll see? That's the thing when you ain't uh-huh and I've always been the two in the couple and then there's the third and so then it's fine and then eventually you're like yeah we're forever regular third partners. I just want someone regular for once. No Return Oh maybe a little bit in college college I mean but see. I wasn't getting college. I never got to do all those boyfriends in college that you know we were very like we've never open but we were very open to sleeping with other people together. Oh Oh you played together. Yeah Yeah Sure David so you didn't come out until after college. When did you come out? I was like twenty five or twenty six. So what were you doing before that were. Are you having relations. No no I was just like deeply depressed. Sure that tracks right. Yeah No. This is turning into therapy now. This is the only kind of person who will love me. Somebody who spent most of their life repressed and depressed I. I wasn't that repressed. I mean I'm sitting here wearing a leopard print sweater talking about sex and I grew up in a house with the liberal print carpet. Yeah there you go turn me gay knowing your family. It's comedic to me that you ever didn't come out. Because it's family couldn't be more fabulous. David's family is like the Shit's creek family. Oh okay yeah what's your mom's name. EDLUND Moreland Yeah. They're very nice and Sweden linen. Larry I love that. Yeah Linen Larry. Silver really flows off dust. Yeah so when. Did you finally make the break. I like a twenty five twenty six. I mean I have always been gay. I mean I went to theater camp. I I like have always been very gay But I went on a date with the boy when I was twenty five and I that was that. Yeah I like I knew I was gay. Obviously I don't really remember what I was like so fearful of but a lot has changed in the last ten years. Yes certainly And I will. We'll say the thing. I'm most proud of about this film. Moving parts is that it shows a gay person today in America working hard and succeeding which I think for young eight people like. I don't remember a lot of content like that when I was a kid. I think I'm probably the first age group what we're like the same age but were being gay can really be like inconsequential will lick. Were not drag queen but like what is a gay artist or like this. It's really not anything well the other definitions that are less than they were say like when I this is your sisters came out in every article was like Gay Band Ray Palmer lately. Yeah but also like you're still famous drag queen and I still think that there is still some like progress to be made and like you being respected more than other drag Queens. I think I'm a lot of stray people's I drag Queen Okay sure Lesbians Gay Lesbian Straight people are merely my audience. Gay Men are might less than twenty percent What Queens do you think the gay Amen Prefer Elissa Lsu Angela Okay Trinity Kamara like really county like female popstar sort of diva care? Sure sure yeah. Yeah and I think the Joe Keenness of what I do and the Guitar Shit resonates more with like. I don't know for some reason trixie in the lesbians are I was at this event in Vancouver in couvert two nights ago house audience up there and they're like the lesbians are out. They are out in full force. They love you love them. They're the best. They love comedy comedy. They love beauty. They love Dragged the Andy. Love buying tickets and supporting you you mentioned to me. I think in London about the buying habits of the lesbian contingent in your audience. They already have the tickets. There in grey. Everything's booked already because they feel like since they like your art. They are proud out in enthused to slip a few bucks to see you. Because they're like it's worth I love it and if I don't do it it might discontinue which is a good thing for everyone to keep in mind anything that you enjoy do support it yet. which which gay men speaking which Patriots Dot com slash talk? It's easier for gay. Men have a tendency. I think to be more like the last minute ticket buyer. You know that not that they don't buy tickets but they are more like the the weak of tickets. Why will say like with this film trying to sell it was difficult? It's a documentary about a drag Queen and people. Were telling me documentaries our cells. It's about a drag queen and Double heard so. I guess I don't know I mean we're selling ourselves so I'm releasing it myself so it's Please support the film. Priori don't pirate it people keep commenting that they're gonNA pirates but you know what they're gonNa Steal my movie itself. That self release is the new large release it is Larousse Baldomero owning thing the owning it and keeping it and releasing yourself and controlling it. I think has been really a fun process to figure out. Were excited about it. People really want to see the movie and so it was getting frustrating waiting waiting around for someone to come. We got one kinda lousy offer and I was like you know what I can figure this out myself so I did Because honestly your audience loyalty not. Is Everything absolutely watch every week. People who spam every picture every day saying when a season five coming out this movie for anything I say about all year people will be like. When is it going say we go? Premiered at the TRIBECA Film Festival which is one of the best film festivals in the world. I'm it was a huge honor to be included in the festival. Astle they told us it was like the fastest sellout We I mean. We played it out fast. We've played a frame line we've played at festivals all over the world now People really eager to see it and instead of waiting around we figured out how to release it ourselves so December third it will be available for preorder And in a way. It's it's frustrating. I imagined because you see the demand for for it and then you're getting this lackluster response from releasing organizations. But then when you put it together like wait we can do it ourselves. That must be kind of liberating. Everyone was commenting on every post on instagram. You know put it on Netflix. And that's not how that works. I wish it was just see. It felt like posting on instagram. We don't currently currently have a DEAL WITH NO FLEX They've expressed some interest but posting tagging them. And letting them know that you want to see on. Netflix is probably the best way to. I mean I mean that looks to be an example of probably one of the most pro drag media places. I was told that they don't think that they're drag content performs that while if it's not drag race you have a very special special fan base of a lot of young women who do show up and we'll pay you know. I don't think that every queen how's that so I think that that's very special to you and on hopefully for this project that's based on who knows what like what are their other projects the rest of and also compared against drag race. What does compared impaired right new tricks? Caccia show Queens. Who watched we just got? You know over one hundred thousand in the views the first day. Yeah Congratulations Oh my God have you seen it. It's so so funny so funny and made me WanNa watch the crowd. I was almost ready to watch. The ground is like I don't know I I've been doing drag along time. That was his top three days of my life. Yeah we were screamed we were laughing like when you are sitting. You're pushing each other away from each other laughing. All right was so funny and Netflix. Let us do and say whatever 'cause we were like I'll just spoiler alert one of the movies coming up almost like a hallmark lifetime movie. And so we were like you guys we camp sincerely like endorses like yeah. This looks really good and they were like you know what enjoy it and whatever you want if that means you guys you know rippon it just do what you do with it. which was great though his grades for smarter them? Yeah but I've been. Netflix is pretty into drag content. But it's not saying we'll never go there. But I would love to see on Netflix at some points. More people see it but for us we want people to be able to get it will be available. Worldwide side of one of the most expensive parts of releasing films internationally as paying for the the language fees which is tricky. But if you want to watch moving parts of it will be available all over the world on video so I figured that out. Oh that's good so language. He's being the dubbing. Yeah a lot of people were like. Well it's not available in my country so I'm GonNa Pirate Ed. Don't the film made by a very few people and for we've spent a lot like that all the time. Like for touring. When I announced ONS tourist people were like Every time you don't come to Uganda it feels like you're stopping me in the face and I'm like okay. Well I'm coming everywhere in Uganda and you WANNA watch moving parts go on video English but subtitles. You're all you're all Kelly mantles on work the world tour and we're solving. That was the funniest thing I've ever heard but we were Tammie Brown GOV member. Jackie Goes Kelly was doing in her character. Yes and Jackie Sheila and Jacquie goes. Where's Kelly Sheila? Kelly Kelly's work the world tour worse pollen the funniest thing I've ever heard. Work the world to smoke Poland. Those hookers do go everywhere everywhere. Yeah with a fabulous show tonight in Iran. They won't go anywhere. That was a fun night. The timing around twenty thousand five odd. One of my favorites from financials David through your anniversary. Oh that's exotic exotic Long Beach Long Beach to celebrate with Tammy's that was a great night when after the bar with Very Barbie famous gentlemen settlement. Yeah Bill Bill Greening Yeah and Karen who we locations fabulous yeah. I had a lovely time in London with Karen Karen was doing. She's on comedy tour so we hung out for a couple of days and then we went to Long Beach together. Actually she's awesome. She's my drinking buddy from Australia. When we were on the Australian leg of the tour it would just be me and I don't drink before the show right so I would get done with the show and I'd be like I'm ready for my glass of wine to empty bottles? Reason I go on tour is because the green rooms are always stocked with mine. I always have a free bottle of wine. Yeah and Karen. was there drinking right right with me. Caryn loves a good time Eh. bill was. There and Jackie was their milk bills like milk. The Jeremy Scott of Barbie world tic- beyond saved us. Okay Gotcha Who else was milk was there? was there There was like Who's WHO's only started? Yeah yeah that's right. Yeah congratulations relations. Tammy on twenty years we lost tammy graduation week toy Wakon so there were like a few dates of Super Bowl. Cut knows the super bowl cut and we were in New Jersey at a budget in with Tammie Brown. She was your opener and she is of the right New Jersey. What was it was no? It was called like hollow broker or something. I think it was New Jersey. We were somewhere on that you Hammonton New Jersey Ya oh legendary Hamilton. Yeah it's so funny because I'm staring at the Saucy Book and she was on this. This book tour and I was watching on instagram. These beautiful suites beautiful hotels and then we have the most famous drag lean on the planet at a budget. Hamilton is very rural. And so like hey for a nicer hotel. You're going to go all the way to Philly or whatever we should have or you can stay in him. intendant somewhere kind of creepy. It's like that's fine. It's closer very proud to say like let's just do that. I was just and in Seattle staying in rural Seattle By a studio and they were like. Do you want to say about the studios get registered with the studio. It was in a daze in that shared a parking lot with an A. N. W. I was like. Oh this is incredible. Did you get the man w ensure fucking dead yet. Because what's your favorite W I love and and w h bitch root beer float with cheese. Kurds over. That's all I need. Yeah although what are they the Mama and Papa Burgers or something. They have like the vegetarian. Oh I keep forgetting that. That's right but I'm glad you allowed yourself to have the cheese Kurtz IAN W so great because it's one of the only places you can get Good Vegetarian fast food. Oh okay what if some of the other places veggie grill in La which is on the road though I mean subway's good international like McDonald's and Burger King would have a Veggie burgers Australia. The impossible worker. Yeah that's blown blown up. Yeah Yeah but we took Tammy on. I had three dates of a show I wrote called Super Bowl cut in Tammie Brown opened We took around. She's always my deep opener. But I have to go somewhere in there like we need to know opener. She is so good work with and so professional and perfect beautiful and she whips that crowd up so fast they love her at that budget end. She was Ed she was picking up the phone with a tissue papers. You don't WanNa touch the telephone. She's like my room smells. I needed requested another room. I'm like what the budget and then we went and saw the new Halloween Louis. Movie with Jamie Lee and Judy greer. Who came in our film at Tribeca? Judy greer's movie. That's fair Margaret. I saw the movie Tatyana. Ruslana saw the movie. We have a few celebrity fans of the film. Tatyana Amazon is a big fan is she loves tricks. Posted are Queens. Who liked to watch and she come into the League three times? Oh my God and then like all faith all like Smiley faces and then Emmy winning actress of Orphan Block. She's incredibly so let's say hi to work. She listens to the show. Joe Hi Tatyana please do a movie clubs sometime movie club. Yeah Yeah we I love her. I loved that. Show people get to do a queens who like to watch of a PERV. The pieces Salvi Gray. Yeah she's an incredible actress but Meaning Judy Grad Tribeca was really cool. She was literally. The nicest person I've ever met was so kind hind loved the film and then for job rakers sure let us kind of like Griller let flip. She's spoiled for us before before. It was announced that they were making a the the sequels they are. That's the moment David was in love with me. Whatever I dates because Davidson movie person he said? What's your favorite movies? And I'm glad we're getting back. The job breaker includes all greats. Love them all what's not to like. Yeah Yeah my favourite film Sunset Boulevard. I don't think you've ever seen it and sadly I wasn't able to go to that screen new beverly But Scream is actually the movie that made me WanNa make movies. Yes so tell us about that for those. Who didn't hear the screen movie club Bob? I'm thirty and David's thirty-three that movie came when we were pretty young like ten. I wasn't allowed to watch scary movies. I think it was eleven. Scream was so fucking scary. The opening scene was the scariest ever been from a movie at the time or a five. I'm looking at. Oh my God holy Shit. Oh my God. You're too young to to know that a movie like that when I was young too young to know that it was sort of like referencing horror tropes and making fun of itself but as Plain fucking horror movie. Yeah it was so scary and we love I mean like I said. We spent a lot of time watching horror movies and that movie. Well except for the opening with your Moore's kind of influenced by his spirit so like I was eleven and I was like reading all these references immediately. went to blockbuster rent suspicious. Sure like just dug into horror movie supportive of the film industry when a when a horrible becomes out we always go doctor sleep and I thought it was great. Loved it bombed at the box office but it's so good. Okay I have to see that you don. I'm still behind. Though I haven't seen hereditary I it I know are hereditary. Look disgust in your face. Their nights I read it and I saw at Phnom reading it. I've been very busy. Getting infections and things. Midsummer was nuts not awesome. When I saw midsummer I left? They're they're going to love this movie. Oh you're so right. You're so right though. Her unconscious still disgusted. That I have not seen the new spirit which is not new anymore awful. It's piece of really. I hate it okay but also very caught yet. Yeah it's like dancers and witchcraft. Shit that is so her for her. It was ways you will see. She won't go see Dr Sleep because it's too long are you kidding. She liked the spirit though loved. It loved it. Let's not trident good. act like her brain has patterns that you do see Tilda swin wearing a prosthetic penis. Maybe that's what souls as a man while she was aired isn't it yeah three different characters one of a male. That's it's not a great film. I just heard a weird movie. She's sometimes the dead. Don't die only. Oh the dead don't die. We watched that that was in grade. It's not great. Thanks so weird airy Jim Jarmusch own you are a fan. I like some funny moments. You'll Murray obviously he's iconic but yeah. There were some Meta references. It says that they were in a movie which was weird to me. Yeah I think of the last movie I saw and it was a Joan Crawford film at New Beverly About Circuits called beserk. ooh It was. It was pretty good We love her and there was some queens living it up behind his shirt was yeah. That was quite good. We just recently watched mommy dearest also awesome. It's so great and you could not understand why people like why she hates it so much and it ruined her career. It's really hard for me because the the infrastructure and the trusses built in my body are so gay. That movie does not read as somebody going too far. If anything I I read something where she said that she blames the director because it's their job to tell someone when they're needed to me. I'm like you just Joan Crawford to me is pitch perfect. I think it's amazing to me. Feud that Joan Carbonate Shit compared to the other cropper. You'll know no to me. It was like it's I mean I don't know what the real drunk Roberts. When are they going to do the High Point Coffee. I WanNa see about her specifically. They're all call her like I got a new deal but it's for commercials. I don't know about commercials. Yes she just did. I just heard it some commercial. All about him yes. I'm like insurance commercials. She's in you have to see this movie called health that she's in. Its Robert Altman movie where it's sort of a satire on the political system but it's about health food My ear it's eighty. One never came out on home video la but to have it. So I'll send it to you. James Garner Carol Burnett. It was played on cable a few times. I I stayed up late to tape it once. You know what crank vinyl girls yeah. Have you seen the final. No I haven't oh you should watch the final okay. Is that like about the horror movie trope of a movie where there's this young girl and her mother was a scream queen in the eighties and her mom died so she goes to leg twentieth anniversary. Serie screening of her MOM's famous thirteenth style measure. There's a fire in the theater. And she gets her and her friends get sucked into the movie to survive like Friday the thirteenth. They have to sort of like use their knowledge of horror movies. Too like every time somebody from strip-tease character like she's like meeting her mom again for the first time but her mom doesn't know that that's eighteen like her age so she's like chuck. I love horror movies that have that aspect of the movie theater. Then Yeah Eh like demons and also you ever see anguish. No Oh you'd like anguish quite a credit. You ever see movies people. See Not lately uh-huh Craig's lately. You ever seen the skinny pancake film from the twenty s directed by the grandfather Steven Spielberg and they only showed at once. Yeah but I got to check it out the sequels not so good so I don't want to recommend skinny skinny pancake gets bat the other the movie I watch recently Biscay town. USA Patrick swayze plays the leader of this tough roller skate gang work and it's quite good. He does some amazing dance sequences on skates yet. He Rolls. I'll show you a couple of clips from it. It's not worth watching a movie but if a disaster I honestly think in the three years of dating we've seen so many moves so many any horror movies. We'll watch how we are great horrible audience because we will pretty much give at least a good review at bad horror movie very forgiving. Well well bad horror movie. I am so bad. It's bad to us. It's bad I saw someone the other day at new beverly. I'm blanking on the name of it. I'M GONNA have to look it up. It was pleaded triple feature of Clue Gallagher Films so also had nightmare on ELM street. To which really isn't I hadn't seen that since it came out on. VHS Oh girl oh you gotTa Watch this documentary called screen. I know I really do and I want to get them on the show. Message me about it but I think we got Communication Scott Crow wires cross lying in a few of the festivals goals. We were out. Yeah when you to started Moving from going on dates to like hanging out watching horror movies. How long was that from when I met very quickly while like we went on a date then it was like around Halloween time? You had a lot of. It's like we went on. The game was gone for a two-week tour for Halloween. Yeah on a second date and I took you to the groundlings for or their Halloween show and then by their third day we had already like between the second and third date hung out a few times. I think I picked you up from the airport and we spent a few days together and then our third official date was a election night when trump one we went and saw Heavily HEDWIG OH. Wow at the pantages with Darren Chris and we got out of the show and trump had one so it was a celebratory night. All Rally But the and then I just very quickly cle- like we were hang out all the time. Have you ever heard the story of Election night it was like peaches. Christ bendel a cramped Brown know. Everybody was crying thing and Tammie Brown was like what about the whales. Well the whales palm oil and the attack was like I know this but it gets worse. I'm GonNa tell you what the whales else she brought the mood room. How tally so then? You moved on pretty quickly to hang out and sort of informal. Were you dressing up on the dates and then and when does that stop. Well I drag because you know when you first start dating someone it's really know when you're a drag queen what it's like or what it's going to be. He likes if they're gonNA find out and be worried about it or did you have that before with people getting weird about it. Well I didn't know David at the time. But he's seen every reality show. Oh Oh right so I know I had no choice also had the chance to raise It's funny actually nick. The director told me to watch when we were in college which was a funny connection? But I obviously seen him Andres I don't trust you know when you're dating and you're on those apps and those gay men who are like I'm not into Brittany or Gaga drag drag race okay. Don't tell me what you're not into. Tell me what you actually do like. I don't like wait at present yourself. Very negative yeah so I also don't trust game that are like that. I'm like we like a little bit of factory but the F- yeah I mean the first time I saw you and drag you came in met me at a AH spotlight yeah. I don't know thinking back. That was so funny meeting at SPA. Mel Let's say this. I'm not saying famous but I have raised my profile profile enough that it is weird to think that three years ago I willingly went and dragged to a warehouse party. We went to spotlight in-draughts. Let's explain for Folks Warehouse Party parties degree but I would never choose to go there and drag because you can live your life for five seconds. It was funny because I was downtown with my friends at spotlight. You were hosting the grinder. Christmas party yes downtown. So you're already in drag and I was already doubt breeding gay people for Grinder. Meanwhile I'm hosting. The Christmas party came from the Party. And you met me and my friends at spotlight and that was the first drag and you were addresses. I was like an angel. You had wings on your my friend. Ruined your Mac out of a lipstick. That's an interesting place to go and drag. Because the bathroom situation was so dark in an honestly so darkened druggy the yet I actually was kind of anonymous and also the few people that came to me. I'll never forget they were like. I can't believe you're here the people's way of saying like I thought you were more famous than you are or better things to do. We had just started dating and I was downtown. Don't tell by them so I was like oh come meet it is. I don't know I've never really been like a circuit party is considered a circuit party. I think it is I. I was at the time but it was like a drugs in music took part so I think like no one's coming there and drag so they're in drag was a little I think what are you doing here in drag and this was also three three years ago is before Really had stride. It was before all stars it was. You know I was at the beginning of your rise here. Hugh tries to fame. We have a pretty. I don't want to say boring but like normal regular regular. Yeah Human Mill Regula the relationship and I think part of the successive it is i. I don't post a Lotta pictures of him and I'll talk about him a lot of my act but even then every time he's in jokes he's only hill next to talk to talk about me when it's in his show and it's about my Erection yeah sure. And that's a that's a good topic to focus on and also it's through the Lens of Trixie as you said in film we'll tricks. These never the good person in this situation so usually when I tell a joke about David. He's The upstanding person in the shoe relationship. Yeah and I'm the garbage right. You're not telling jokes like Oh my God my boyfriend you no. It's like here's how the right person would handle it. And here's how I handle it. Sure yes a nice spin on it but it's true joke about David's like basically I had this not joke story joke. About how like getting older. My erection is not the same as it used to be but David kind of defies that role. He's ready ready. Straight girl at the Party was tell the joke. I said that My Boyfriend's Dick is hard before afford during and even after sex Dick Still porn-star erect the entire event. I was like his Dick is like you're having a house party. Everybody went home. But there's that one girl sitting at the end to your bed trigger PBR. Saying should I get bangs. That's right 'cause like he can get hard and stay hard however long you want uh-huh and ready to go getting older under it's not the same as being eighteen so like in the joke. He's the example shitty direction. Yeah what am I say after. She heard that choke. She'll say she said she was proud of you. That's very sweet. I was mortified. Yeah did either of you ever take biogra- now I haven't there's there's a bunch in the new images heart. I have a very direct. I wouldn't know if you've played around with the You know achieved that Potentially deadly erection some jokes more jokes talks about our sex life in skinny legend And then in movie in a grown up the new tour there is definitely more whether he likes it or not. But I've been with David so long. That's what would I have to draw from his this relationship in this right. He's very private until it's a joke about my private. I don't have much of a personal life. So this is the most in my personal life draw might drag like my work isn't at all like can talk about g you know. The flight was real long today today. The material I flew into town and boy my sick of putting on wigs. If you haven't seen trixie on tour I will say when we first started dating. I think I met you in Seattle for ages three and up when I was doing ages three and which was my chauffeur show and I was a little nervous because I was like. What if it sucks that is a concern and it was like two or three night like you were there for a few nights and I the first one I was by myself and I laughed so hard it was so funny money and I had a friend in Seattle I was like? Oh if it's good all invite him the second night and so he gave me the second night. 'cause I was truly so impressed and if you haven't seen Tricks on tour you should Buy Tickets to grown-up but tickets to grow up and then invite your friends and cousins. David is really sweet. He'll watch the shows and I can usually see him laughing. Unseen your shows more than I have a million. Have you still laugh. I will still laugh every time. It's truly so funny. He's good too because if I don't do a good job Bob he's pretty honest about it and he'll be like it was in your best night. Okay yeah but I always laugh. I was making jokes because David's favorite drag Queens Jinx. Select the pressure's off from because I know I'll never equate to. Oh sure David watching Jinx David is like tears streaming evening leaving we went to see Jinxing Benz Christmas last year. Which I'm sure is great this year? I'm sure we're going. We're going Sierra. Yeah Yeah we were there last year too. I wasn't actually no but I want to go this year. And if David is superman jinx is like the KRYPTONITE. David just is puddles. Crying laughing at Jacksonville together. The Christmas show is I I told them if you did this. Show year round. Go see this show time. I don't care which is that was when I first got into drag race was her season so I do like. She's the best and then seeing her live on the pod I would love to have jinx. Could you help me connect Ben and I were in discussions but I think I'm Ben. was traveling a great deal at the time. We just missed each other in New York. I think we're near Santa. Our my God. They're so good. I would love to have both the jinx's shows with major scales on the P. Town every summer I'll come in hang out in. I'm all you're doing your shows and you know the best dragons in the world turnpike down during the summer truly do show and chinks his shows are so fucking funny. Oh my God also thinking that the timing everything and she's brilliant it's a flagrant like flaunting of talent display. It really is looks beautiful. The funniest the best singer and made her skills writes her. The best music on her albums are amazing. Oh my God she is I could you know and ben is like like embarrassingly. Good at dragging the her show last summer and Pete on inferno ago was like it was like the character she was doing there was puppet tree. Yeah I mean. They're both excellent and their Christmas show is divine will have to get a ticket to that we go. Yeah responded the best the Best I've because I've seen you so many times at the Ricardo Montalban where they're running into you indefinite some show was that Hills and I I think it was true. Beverly that's right that and also that was so fun that truly hills was the best and then we also ran into each other again at the taping for alleged. Yes yes yeah where. I was horrified to discover that all those voiceover bits I did were removed from the show. That's true he didn't wouldn't wouldn't play. La Australia because it was Margot Robbie Jug those were so fun. They were only in there because if costume changes and stuff right Oh yeah and you weren't doing and I had a normal intermission Shen during the show. So what was funny about that. I happen to have gone to the new beverly that night but I was so tired. I couldn't enjoy seeing Godfather partout. You know when you haven't seen a movie a long time and you really WANNA enjoy but you're just like I'm wasted so I came back home and that's when I got your texts and it was so funny because I said okay great like when do you need these BIOS thinking like end of the week. And you're like well we go on stage in about four hours Truly that's how everything's done. Yeah I love it. That's why I've spent hours essentially the message. If you need anything for this tour can I remind you that I was at a makeup lab doing Hachette with diarrhea. Listen I know I'm not saying it was a strain for me. I'm just saying I thought it was really funny and I liked the challenge of like. Yeah with these together. We're great. I love him and I just. I'm happy. At one point of the stories of happy I left the theater when I did because I wouldn't have gotten the message. And Yeah thank you actually of the in two thousand two film please. Silence your devices and world stage weighing in and on the skinny legitimate chicks in the film. Also we see you moving houses and you've moved house again since then. Yeah Um Yeah I live I live in Hollywood. I have a condo. ooh about a home so pink. It is Arby's everywhere wall to wall pink paint everywhere White Gold Golden Pink Furniture. How many Barbie's my house? Some hundred I will say we were on tour for moving parts and we would go to town to town in the. US US leg. And we would stop. I like action figures. I had a lot when I was a kid. And we would go into these toys. Doors and I leave with like star wars or like an old action figure and you would leave the Barbie and you weren't collecting them yet. And I started collecting these action figures. And you've really taken too now. We both have new lows apartment. Art Man There's action figures everywhere your apartment. There was barbies everywhere. Yeah we've both really just like when haw walking and see like one shelf. One Shelf often my dining room. That's like I let me thirty dollars on the shelf and people are like. Oh that's so many and I'm like Oh bitch a you don't know I bring them in my room in my bedroom has has like probably seventy five and my bedroom. Wow on shelves. How many do you think you have total? It's hard to say because I have a closet of I like showing people deposit because they are all try but there's a closet just stacked full of boxes Sharia also like last year for Hannukah we were talking about this During the drink break rick yes I will Hanukkah gifts so he never celebrated Hanukkah with me so I got him eight gifts and they were kind of like toys. You would have gone if you were a kid and celebrating Hanukkah or so got you like polly pocket. Manchin I got you a Barbie makeup box and then I won't. You need a gift so I got you five of the spice girls dolls those of a lot of so. They're in the closet. The Josie and the pussycat dolls are my favorite. Yeah I have a lot using the pussycats Do you like the Josie and the pussycats film. That's all from the film. Has Something for you then hold on. We love that movie yeah. It's a great move. Parker Posey. Brilliant who go. Oh Oh those are postcards that were made up for the new beverly afternoon screening of Josie and the pawsox movie. Yes yes they did actually doesn't come no now. I can't remember who. Oh No I'm mixing it up at least Benicia for Bugsy Malone. I don't know who is there Terry. Didn't show up and then I love now and then they have have some fabulous matinees going on Josie and possessed movies great but they did all of them and You have them. They encourage you to buy those. So David got me five of the spice girls. Yeah but now this year I want the spice girls on tour collection. Oh they have a new collection. Well no there were there were a few sesame integration. Come with tour with. Yeah Yeah. So it's like the posh run comes with fake nails the baby when I think comes with like lip gloss but you a fan of the spice girls. Yeah I saw in the theater Grandma Spice Girl are you I'm not sure I'll say ginger. Oh Okay Yeah loud clothing. Yeah that tracks obviously rush of course yes and you out perfect. Yeah that makes total sense. Yeah I just got him a baby. Spice T shirt. That's so cute now. Do you have any favorites solo albums from the spice girls or do you just like them as a group as a group and the kind of Rupe so we're out of them. By the time they broke up. I had like Granada. You'd had your fill. Yeah we're excited about the reunion. Sure posh I wasn't. I met posh for I met on all-stars. Oh Yeah I met Melby unseasoned seven so both times I was like having heart whenever whenever with Rupaul was like our guest judges Emma Button I remember like falling out falling buck hours. Yeah and nobody knew her real name. AM So I was falling out and everyone's like who is that. I'm like did anyone else gag or were they just now I was dying. I remember I'm abundant told me I was wearing those big white boots and since she was like you boots have a lot of girl power and remember dying. That's amazing I mean. I told her I was like listen. I spent most of my youth pretending to be you and now most my adulthood and I just love you so much. That'd be a fun movie club so throw. I was just thinking that there'd be nice. You've come back it's not available. Yeah well that's something you know what we're talking about pirating. But in these instances I will pirate and put it up for hunting gloves not available anywhere to find I mean can hardly find A. DVD turned by one for phenobarbitol. Who's in the documentary? And Oh yeah yeah we love that. Mov- Boston yes and I couldn't find a DVD together. They had editing problems with the movie because so many times fina would say something poignant but she dies her hair so often they couldn't cut her around because she colored hair tweaks hired me blue. It'll be platinum pink green. Quite you know. She's wearing the real star of the film. Yeah we love Tina Brown. Yeah she's got the stories. Oh Yeah has assisted Caccia tour me on Tour and has done drive like fifteen year long time. Yeah I saw plenty of Boston. Yeah to see our on drag race. One day she's old. But she loves madonna she'd nuts for Madonna. Oh Yeah Oh there could just watch her doing a Madonna number at red line last week. I can't yet. They footage good. Come out of Madonna snatching a kid off the street and she'd be like yeah. That's how you do it. She'd be like Madonna deserves kid. I wonder issued Gaga Phanor. She Anti Kaga she loves. Yeah okay good. I'm happy to hear that it's Baggy Phoenix. And they really surely. There are a lot of great cameos in the film. I will say yeah. There are a lot of famous. Dr Repulsing repulsing it and Yeah Michelle's and we shot it drag on which That was around memorial. Wonder got involved because you have. Obviously they were like a lot of drag queens asked to Madrid Khan and they had but they don't let drag Queens Drag One Georgia Guan. They they had known about the filming because we obviously were on the set filming and They are they are part of the film now and Around then they started they were like basically you so make the movie and if it's good we'll take a look at it and they loved it randy invented Let's go I WANNA have them onto their incredible and they are. I think people don't realize you know world wonder who produces reduces drag races run by Randy Barbadian Fenton Bailey and they are prolific documentary. film-makers either new one for decades. Yeah they just release the document around. HBO called the Mother of exiles. Stonewall doc that's I think on you can is deep throat party monster. Whoa we partnered with them? Obviously drag race connection is an easy one to make but I must filmmakers. They've really been making incredible. Zeitgeist documentaries for a long sometimes it was a real honor for them to the also meant. NYU and David Nick who met at NYU right. That was the four of us like grab grab breakfast in New York while they were making the liberty The such of liberty documentary they met an at Nyu and they were a couple for a long time and they thought nick and I were a couple. They didn't realize is that Brian and I were actually a couple of okay. You guys were keeping things really. Yeah people don't know where no at Tribeca Fenton came to Tribeca and saw the film and he's like I I didn't and then afterwards I have a call with him and he was like. Oh I didn't realize you cupful. That's my my partner. We talked a a lot about the sort of regular aspect of your relationship to get along really well. Every couple has fight so I'm curious what fights look like when you guys have fights fights in the three years. David what do you think honestly not more than five. No real rare for real. Like um burners we're not talking for a day Maybe maybe five times tops. I would say three of those times. It was maybe us. A little boozed up and then it's a small thing that becomes a big thing and then the next day we're like I'm still mad but I don't remember why but a few times it's been Some things like we just like the love languages like we have different approaches to things. Sure and what are those. I can be admittedly pretty self involved and I get so like horse blinders on work. And what does that lead to disaster lead to you neglecting sir. nonsmoking enough time not paying attention. Enough to someone's feeling sure not not really like reading the signals someone sending until it's too late stuff like that. I'm very sensitive and he's I'm like the not the devil but like very thank matic very feelings chemicals in David is much more sensitive to like. You know anything thing like that. Yeah I will like few like months into dating we took that The intimacy tussled so called. We took an intimacy test. Okay questions well then it's supposed to end with like five minutes of uninterrupted eye contact. We skipped that we grew up the cheesecake factory down. It's hard for movie at the cheesecake. Factory it was like forty. It's a long list of questions like you ask each other And then like your love languages and stuff like that. So in terms of love languages how would you typify. Each one of yours will Davidson Aries Leo You're Virgo retirement. He comes out on the day. That's the cusp so he's on a spectrum when we met you told me Your Eleo and then it turns out your virgo a so you're being deceptive even then not which have different approaches to a lot of you know David has a lot more Brigham. But this time than I have a lot less and sometimes we have like you know problems there because you know we don't see each other enough and then on top of not seeing each other. I have a million things to do that. Only I can get done right and it turns into like honestly just. It's not about hours in the day. It usually is about priorities. Like whether or not I am making my relationship a priority and Not The do you find it hard to turn your brain off when you have a lot of stuff going on and you always have saw stuff going on. Well it's just like there is no alternative right but still I mean and also Do you ever have trouble getting to sleep at night. Do you ever have trouble. This bitch passes out. Oh I could fall asleep now if you stop talking for ten seconds start cycle okay. I'm the one who can't sleep David tosses and turns I wake up an eight David's in bed watching TV watching videos on his phone blackout. cout slow you notice that. Because sometimes he key camp all sleep and I know he doesn't want to wake me up so he'll lay there like I know he's awake but I'm Sleeping Ping sure so quickly falsely umbrella. Ask Him a question he'll go to answer and I'm I have no problem sleeping now. The then the nerve of me ice even sometimes take those Melatonin. Sure me on that Melatonin. Oh you're knocked out. Oh my God I could see when you're done. I was curious in London. Didn't we're Brendan and I actually making a lot of noise to keep you up because you texted keep it down or something. Okay the other room next to me. He told me Ardi. He's woman I had to wake up drag four hours. Yeah but I was shocked that the hotel was so poorly soundproofed and then the TV from downstairs Aiken your everything. Brandon likes to be next to me for for Brennan. Likes to like know that if I need something. He's right. There okay. Brandon also likes to make the most of his travels is nice. Yeah so I'm like I don't need to be Walla. Jason sure you'd prefer maybe the two rooms away. I love being life of the party but I got shit to do totally understood. I was more shocked to make. There's a youtube video of me right now. For a makeup channel of me and drag. It was six hours we filmed probably after the next morning. Okay sure I slept in dragged at night I do yes I do remember. I'm sleeping in dragon in bed. And there's bags next door. Screaming Drag Queen had text the normal people. Can you guys keep it down. I didn't even realize is we're being that loud so my apologies but again shocked that a very expensive seeming hotel would have such poor sound premium. Because I was saying at the Hawks Ten and I love the hot hawks in his fucking great. Isn't it trying to work deal with them. Where either get a discounted or free stay in order to mention them a bunch on the show do yeah? That's one in Paris. ooh ooh out the check that out. Because I'm thinking going to go back to Paris going to be taping a listener questions with fame anthea and then if Casey spooners there. I'm the official news channel for the spooner twenty twenty any presidential campaign so we'll have updates on that but good to know but the Paris location. There's one in downtown. La Right now and seahawks than if you're listening and I'll send you this clip. I talk about you a lot. Make it work for me so I was at the Hawks and as you know the ground floor of the hawks in is a vibe kind of place and very loud yeah I I loved going from the Shithole that I was originally booked at into the hawks. Yeah and because I walked in and like either like Larue or Grace Jones playing no Chaz jingles playing. I was like this is my place. I like like this but I was on the first floor right above where the hot spot was. And I couldn't hear a God damn thing and I was so thankful also because I was playing the Stars born soundtrack. streisand one on the loop. I don't know it just worked. It was my soundtrack so anyway. That's what gave you contract would have done that. Would it okay. So I've got to be more careful when they get into that one because I haven't seen that yet but I'm gonNA be watching it. I four just three watched it last. Take Two nights ago. I'm going to be doing that for movie. Club with Willem Star of stars for exactly right rise to fame. And we're talking about Joan Crawford before going to be doing whatever happened to baby Jane with Peaches Christ. I am taping that next month doing to with that heather speeches of the best right handers other pieces roles so good and excited excited to see the new production. That peaches is doing in San Francisco. Felons have cracker and exactly right. Yeah I'm excited. For that. He is the the Kremlin we were trying to do roaming Michelle again but it just scheduling is really hard. Yeah I would love to see that 'cause I never got to see the one we were trying to bring it to la because it's such an LA. Shell really peaches horror film that she wrote and directed. Yes I have. I loved all about evil. Natasha Leone admittedly though is a little hard to find. It's hard to find. You may have to pirate it but if you have the option to buy it so yeah yeah try to support definitely peaches crisis the best looking forward to the next the LA show features it. You're stealing only from Hollywood. No one cares if you're stealing from independent filmmakers you are garbage. Yeah you're doing the devil's work. Good kind no. Please don't Pienaar movie second. Drag Queens are like you. He got some free makeup to fall off the back of a truck. This ain't revlon bid. Right how about this. Oh I'd love one of your shirts and I go cool. Didn't you should buy one. Because I don't have one thank you you know. I think I have two of them and I had to pay for them by the way. If you have any of that extra cosmetic sitting around that you have gonorrhea ready for blush. Still can't believe that happened. That was so funny. Oh it's so funny it's a special timing was just the tape honestly. It's a type of honesty that people will see in our movie. No that's the thing. Did you think that was because you were like is this John. Here's what I thought. It was so world wonder has some. I'm deal with some hotel that they're block-booking four Dragon UK. And I've been in touch with them about figure is it. Do you have a partner hotel because I you know I'm doing drag on on UK. I'm doing a panel with Sophie Anderson and with the brick crew so John from world wonder is figuring all that stuff out but he's like in Portugal and so he's this really small window of time to do a call. Aw and he said. Can you talk at five pm tomorrow. This is yesterday and they said actually have a taping. Then but you know let's figure it out and that's why I said. Is this John because when they call back the second time I thought Oh this must be John and then as soon as the guy started saying where he was from I remembered the guy that dealt with at the clinic who was lovely. WHO said now? Listen No no news is good news so we don't call nothing's wrong. I guess it's a good thing that that's on the show. I'm happy to share that. Everyone get tested. Yeah everyone gets tested and you know what do it on a makeup podcast just to reveal your fine and I will report back to everyone about after I get the treatment and whether or not I shit myself and also want him back to sexing. Because that I'm fortunately I'm going to have to cancel Tuesday and now also to remind everyone you can get testing for free because I talked to the show while to go but the when I paid for testing before I knew that you could get it for free. I paid way too much money. And they got hit with hidden lab fees afterwards. They took so much much blood they had to feed me juice cookies. I was going through it. They tested you and found out that you have in three days. Well actually. I didn't eat properly that that's one thing I remember in high school. I tried to give blood and you have to take that little gift blend high school when you give blood in two thousand five in Wisconsin. You have to flood a little computer computer thing. That's like no I've never done drugs. Never whatever I remember clicking at yes I had had homosexual oral science. You're not allowed to begin into a room when they were like. That's it's right. took me to ruin US fifteen in there like we can't take your blood. Yeah in Armagh Ring. It was so dehumanizing I think that is so crazy that is bananas can give blood they test all the blood anyway. Exactly what does it fucking matter then again if I was dying and you said it straight blood blood be like let me go to you. Want the gay blood. I don't want the straight you don't want the smell. Yeah no that's fair I'd be I'd be like I'm fine anyway. Weightlessness and Dane Cook Dane. Coug I put on a Chevy Chase's this guy's really funny. Have you seen this guy really. Yeah Yeah I like to put on a chevy chase moving debit with Dane Cook Standard. Just drink a monster energy. Drink your material. We'll get a little different. I think we're getting close to wrapping up. It's been a wonderful afternoon slash evening with the two of you and I was wondering if there's anything else we should talk about. No I'm excited. I mean I've been on this show. I think four times three times teen times eighteen times uh-huh just I love listening to you. I guess Every time Oh that's so adorable. Thank you well. The same going finally got caught you out of here. I think the show is on a real upswing. This listen I didn't want to reveal. You're helping to the scenes to engineer all fat really truly non-essential downsizing will this admit but now I have to take on the burden of getting the positive test results for gonorrhea I have shipped myself. I don't know when you get gonorrhea shot you're you're going to shit yourself herself. I used to have an entire bit one of my shows about me myself. Okay great so again. Have a very happy thanksgiving. Maybe a diaper. I think it'd be crushed a bucket being anyway. Miss Fame this questions Brahma Chicken Lover Ninety Four. Yeah she's she'll roll it based on a chicken. Yeah I just went to. I went to the American an influencer awards and do Lottie da shut up came crashing so Tara Banks and so strictly Patel's this is what's happening thing in the world. I was with Titian snooky from many pen. Yeah and They were like we have faced tapan and is so crazy that people just wear bay state. Yeah Wow I'm wearing somewhere in the normal people just do not get you are in. I think it looks going. Well thank you thank you. You're welcome I just got some advice on face cream from his famous. Very happy to this is something I might be overly strong lights in the bathroom. They just replaced the lights in there and I have not get replaced them with the hugh lighting system that it on every other part of the room the House apartment. Whatever you call it and It's a little severe and then I was looking at it and I was like somebody old. Yeah well I I am officially an old. I mean I'm GONNA be turning forty four in February so is it I thank you Aquarius. I am Aquarius. Yeah so anyway. I need a couple tips and figured who better to ask than fame. She's got great skin. She does all the stuffs although I love her she was post before and after going to dermatologist treatments. Yeah she looks the same before both. Yeah yeah she's like that one poor that you couldn't see will now you really can't on but Well thank you for having us. Thank you so much for having thank you both for coming on and also reviewing the intimate details of your relationship and filmmaking process. Yeah if you WANNA see moving parts keeping you can buy it and you can download on itunes a bunch of places and then I think we're releasing in like forty more countries. The next week it'll be available worldwide on bemis please yes support support the film and by it. Yeah because you know it's it's a real movie May by real people not like a giant conglomerate. So we're right when you buy it. The money goes to the few of us who made it so thank you very much. Yeah definitely supporting young and upcoming filmmaker and drag artiste taste. Yeah go check out. Patriot dot com slash Creggan. Friends join the club and be amongst trixie and David still hot dog. Well after the MIC likes her off. Yeah but I mean we might have to wait now. Give test results. I want a different hotdog thing. So also you'll be coming back for another movie club in the near future for scream two three and four films. Yeah and some other stuff. Possibly Tommy possibly spice world. The future is very bright. All right well thanks so much gang and we'll talk to you soon bye Livan's like in the farther ran. You Go. If you're missing pieces never really no when you're taking like time we can rely wonder why wine and when you run in Sometimes there is a danger joking no one gave warning of your heart diseases and to starve. Never lose in Tom Bin. All you move in Living supposed to kill you shoot in feel like dying fill you but it spills you lack wine and all the people wandering one arena made them in who's GonNa cut them sometimes there's a danger hard lard warning of your heart fees and come back to you never use all your and in when the sun's behind the clouds in in the state you're born in the state German even if the roof is still above your head they just remember too that the two birds never percents Sometimes there is a danger of choking on the far no-one into the breaking of your heart all the pieces and back to start. Never lose all parts. All you're

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