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Why Jennifer Lopez & Shakira Make Total Sense as Super Bowl Halftime Headliners


At Toyota we assemble cars and trucks right here with American hands American hands at the design table and on the assembly line handing over keys hammering assembling hardworking hands hands that volunteer hands that served our country hands the coach T. ball the hands that assemble our vehicles hold us together so when we get asked who we are we proudly raise our hands and say we are Toyota. USA Toyota vehicles and components are assembled in the US using US and globally sourced parts everybody and welcome to the billboard pop shop podcast. I'm Keith Caufield senior director of Charts at billboard and I'm Katie Chediak NSEN billboards deputy out of their digital located. Oh Hey Keith. How are you good. How about you. I am swell. 'cause I'm here with you. Oh and big news of the pop world this this week. We're talking about it today. Okay well. We'll tell you what it is. It's just a second because as always Katie. The billboard pop shot podcasts number one stop shop for all things pop on billboard's weekly charts. I faked you out. I thought I was GonNa do it that I realized no. I assigned you do that. In addition you can always count on a lively discussion Russia in about the latest Pop News Fund Charts Stetson Stories New music and guest interviews with Music Stars and folks from the world of pop today on the show. We've got chart news about post. Malone Ozzy the osbournes Lizardo Lewis Capacity Travis Scott with Ozzy Osbourne and Kaiga Whitney Houston plus. We'll be discussing the big news of the week about how Jennifer Lopez insecure our announced as co headliners of next year's super bowl hips don't lie true defeats sure don't they may be on the floor next year. I'll stop but first before we get started. You enjoyed the podcast. Subscribe to the show on your favorite podcast provider and if you want to explore or more podcasts from billboard visit billboard dot com slash podcasts okay so let's some chart chats I up on on the billboard two hundred albums Chart Post Malone's Hollywood's bleeding holds atop the chart for a third straight week making it the first album to spend its first three weeks at number one in nearly a year the last album to do so was lady. Gaga and Bradley Cooper's soundtrack on track to a star is born which spent its first three weeks at number one on the October twenty seventh through November Third Charts Silver Twentieth October twentieth. What did I say he's twenty-seventh just making up numbers. I mean it was number. One on the twenty seven th is it started with October twentieth and for Geeks and Aficionados. It actually had four weeks at number one. It came back and had a fourth week at number one the week after the the Academy Awards when you know shallow one forget about we didn't forget don't worry I'm. We were just talking about albums that spent their first three weeks at number one yes. Oh doesn't exactly happen a whole heck of a lot these days in other post Malone News. I'm very excited about this my current favorite song from his album. Take what what you want. Featuring Ozzy Osbourne and Travis Scott debuts at number forty on the mainstream rock songs airplay charts marking Post Malone and Travis Scott Scotts. I hit on this particular chart because it's not I mean you don't really hear them on rock. Radio and Ozzie's thirty third hit on the list. Ozzy Ozzy was last on the chart with Let it die back in two thousand eleven which peaked at number twenty one. I love all this ozzy. Osbourne like renaissance from this. I suppose Malone Song is really great. next up over on the billboard. I finally listened to that. Song you did I wasn't I wasn't going to put you on the side. So what do you think oh it's. It's great and I agree that the Qatar Solo Super Fun. It's just it's a throwback. It's great. It's great. It's a it's. An Ozzy sounds really good. I'll see sounds great yeah in so if you haven't listened to it yet. You've probably heard me well. I mean you know kept asking me like to listen to me. Listen to it. Yeah uh-huh did you. Did you listen to the just that song or I've been listening to more songs off the album. I have not heard the entire album yet but I've heard like half more than half of it. Now I just from occasionally returning to and circles is my jam. US just chock full of hits I tell you I'm D okay next up over on the billboard hot. One hundred songs Chart Lazaros truth hurts spins a fifth week at number one while Louis Kepala someone you loved hits a new high climbing four sort three elsewhere in the top five Chris Brown naps his first top five charting hit in more than a decade as no guidance featuring drake rises to the number five spot brown was last in the top five with forever which hit number two back in August ester two thousand eight now. It's not like Chris Brown hasn't had hits since then inbetween forever and no guidance he charted five more top ten hits and none of them were any higher than number eight now. It's actually something occurred in Chris Brown's life between that time that made people have some distaste for him or something well. The script nope wasn't and I'm sure that's part of the narrative in some capacity. Yes yes correct well lastly. Salihi Whitney Houston is back on the pop songs airplay Chart Yang Queen Work as higher love with Kyko debuts at number thirty thirty four now amazingly. This is Houston's first entry on the pop songs chart in eighteen years. She was last asked on the list with. Could I have this kiss forever a duet with Enrica glitziest which peaked at number thirty four on July eight two thousand dated dated list. Do you know the song that there's yeah it. It was a hit but not so much it was actually one of the new tracks that ahead on her greatest hits album that had just come out there was that one and then there was another. I think she had a shadow George Michael Collaboration on there too anyway whatever she's back on the chart and it's amazing the top forty where she belongs yeah now higher love isn't a brand new totally brand new recording as we mentioned on the show previously as cargo took. Houston's existing vocal for the track which is found only on the Japanese CD CD edition of her nineteen ninety album. I'm your baby tonight and created new music around her existing vocal and the result obviously has found around a lot of fans concurrently the track also rises thirty one to twenty six on the adult pop songs airplay chart and maintains its bullet at number sixteen eighteen which is also its peak on the adult contemporary airplay chart plus over on the billboard hot one hundred love reenters at number ninety two and the track had had previously debuted and so far peaked at number sixty three back on each July thirteenth chart so it feels like this the song could actually actually have some legs underneath which I think is super exciting and I I just I mean you could almost I think you could almost take isolated isolated Whitney Houston vocals from any song and make it sort of contemporary with new music just because her vocals are just great do do yourself a favor and Google Whitney Houston isolated vocals. You'd find a lot of them and they're just insane yeah. They're completely against you can put out a whole I mean if they just like isolated her vocals the Whitney Houston Houston cappella out just just John. They're just just just roll around in the in the soothing embrace of Whitney Houston's acapella vocals okay well anyway so you're talking about a couple of other other divas now sure and you know there's actually Whitney Houston connection here. Oh that's right well. We're GONNA talk about a little super bowl history here but after rumors started swirling early in September remember that Jennifer Lopez would be this year. We'll have type performer. The superstar took to twitter on September twenty six to confirm the news and to reveal that she would have some company on the stage judge so fellow Latin music are Shakira will be co headlining the halftime show with Jaylo super bowl fifty four will take place at Miami's. It's hard rock stadium temper that timber spoil my goodness February Second Twenty twenty which incidentally is one week before the February February Ninth Oscars and two days before Oscar voting closes just in case anyone was like prognosticating Jaylo for Possible Academy Award nomination for Hustler. It's been discussed. Hey I saw it. I'll give her an Oscar just for like your dance to Fiona Apple's criminal alone. She deserves an Oscar. It's incredible so just to give a little bit of history here. Previously the only Latin performance take these super bowl halftime stage our glorious Stefan three times actually in nineteen ninety two and nineteen ninety nine and as part of Miami sound onrushing in one thousand nine hundred five and also in retake laziest alongside a slew of other artists in two thousand and this is a big deal. I literally don't remember in Riddick lacy us on the stage. Yes who we haven't list. We have a list sorry a Disney thing nation. Christine see now Galera Phil Collins Toni Braxton and an eighty person choir of course who doesn't have a super bowl halftime show without an eighty person choir so so I can start with with people in there so I can start with my first thought just on you know the Jaylo news came out like we said a month ago you know kind of like swirling and and it made a lot of sense like J. Lo Headline is super. Bowl something that I've personally talked about for a few years just may Mo- mostly flee after seeing her vegas show which I saw I saw yeah. You thought like a year. After I saw I saw the same I think we saw the exact on show in Vegas and it was just flat out. razzle dazzle. Jaylo is a breaking. I mean come on. Yes just pure entertainment you take that and you condense it into fifteen minutes ascendance like she can't fail it gets incredible so then the surprise of the announcement was that she'd be joined by Shakira and not just you know we've all we've had a lot of special guests. Come out at previous super bowls just last year five Travis Scott and big boy but that's different. We're talking about co headlining announced from jump it was a co headliner yeah and so. I have to say like that was a little shocking to a little weird and not because Shakira's not incredible all in her own right but because at this moment in the year two thousand nineteen when you look at the at least the US catalogue of Jennifer Lopez OPAS versus Shakira. There's an imbalance I yes and I I think someone could also argue and of course we are coming out this from you know. I think there's been a lot of sort of kind of a quick reaction to seeing the news and saying really like I. I would've thought jalen would have been fine on our own. you know so. We're not necessarily need. We're not seeing either. One of these. Ladies are not amazing superstars. We're just simply saying. Oh Oh this is interesting that they decided to come out from out of the gate and say they are co headlining this together. So why is a why now I think though if you look 'cause weep I think Jaylo is having a Luna Sans Ajilon whatever but it's not necessarily jetsons agenda science. Oh that's a good though has that that I just had even though she hasn't really connected active she hasn't really had a hit single a while right but I think it's been because she's been like this constant force in entertainment general where after American idol she had she's always been sort of present in music and present present music videos. Even if the songs never connected huge way she's been very consistent in music even though they weren't huge hits however after the Vegas residency and then she just she just has this tour that she just embarked on earlier this year that is kind of an extension of the Vegas residency and now she has hustler's. It's my party. Turkish turned fifty yeah. That's another thing altogether and you know I think I think it's just we've been reminded of how much of just this pure sort of triple threaten entertainer. She Shakira hasn't had like a big huge sort of like pop like English pop radio hidden awhile but she's still obviously a force in terms of like Latin music and also so global globally insecure is enormous superstar. It's been a long time I think since secure has put out any English language me is that general but has continued to pump out massive of Latin heads in Spanish language hits so I think you know if you may be looked at it from well. The Super Bowl isn't just a United States. TV show no in the NFL NFL has been strategic about trying to make American football a global sport. They've you know hosted games in London every every year like they're really trying to make a thing outside of just the US and the Super Bowl is watched globally even people who don't care about the game itself and I think think the halftime show is the reason for that and who better than a a woman who is a huge international global superstar and she has a connection to to soccer or as you know we'll call it football outside the United States yeah and she's done music for the World Cup and she's dynamic entertainer. So if you're thinking strategically oh well you know perhaps we can really expand our viewership and reach if we have secure on as the halftime performer with tailored to kind of you know you know hit all of the bases and really kind of cover all the bases. You can also just sort of look at it from well. Perhaps you know with the Super Bowl in Miami this year. There may have been some thought to some how recognize kind of the regional aspect in the city of Miami in terms of Latin music even though Jalen Shahirah are not from Miami Right which twitter loved pointing out but they obviously are Latino women like yes. I think that that's definitely something that maybe they decided to lead into even though they got some criticism last year for being in Atlanta and not really recognizing the Atlanta music scene in any way till they switched in big boy yeah harassment yeah for like a song yeah so maybe they took that criticism in stride and thought. Let's try to be a little bit closer to home and I mean you know. Pit Bulls got to come out right because it's you know it's Miami and it's J. Lo and I mean I mean we could we could spend an entire episode talking about who we want to show up seeing these already. Two people already going to get in like their set list of songs. If there are it will Wycliffe show security. Do hips don't lie. Maybe pit bull shows up to do on the floor with Jaylo. Yeah job rule shows up to sing with Jaylo. Yeah I mean I hope also or maybe maybe Shakira just pimples part on on the floor J. Lo and Jay Leno does white clubs part on have another. I wanted to bring up to is like Jaylo has always had whether it was deserved or not. A sort of a diva reputation earned more like earlier in her career. There was some like for instance a surface from twenty one years ago where she was bluntly honest about a lot of her contemporaries. He's in the acting world at that time and like nineteen ninety eight yeah it was literally twenty one years ago and so she always that's always kind of been a cloud that hung over her although hello anyone who watched like American idol and kind of saw how sweet and generous and loving she was with those contestants. It's like kind of rewrote that that idea and this takes another stop toward that in that you know she might seem like somebody who wouldn't be willing to share a stage and obviously by doing this with Shakira. She's like like throwing her arms around Shakira and saying like yes the both of us two women together like let's make a statement by doing this and let me also show how I it can help in lifting up other women and so that you know while it may be on its face doesn't make all the sense in the world. It's like it makes sense for that reason for you know sort of female empowerment message. I mean maybe that maybe maybe they thought about that. Maybe be the NFL thought we would not only do we. WanNa assertive recognized sort of Latin music because of where the Super Bowl will be at but can we also have a female headliner because they've had two years two years right five and Justin timberlake two years of men and before that was Gaga so like well. Maybe it's time to like you know so. Let's have a woman to it. Yup and maybe they thought of J. Lo and maybe she like what's Lamey. Jaylo suggests that they actually you know there's photos of them from like I don't Dunno fifteen. They've never done this years ago. Never signed proper like well operational. There's yet another theory that Keith and I both had popped into our heads. What if by February second twenty twenty there is a single that is a J. Lo and secure a co build single yeah and then they wrap it in time time and if it's well received they'll play at the super bowl and if it's not then maybe they'll forget that we did that. I mean it's like you in the past. Seng's have dropped right before the Super Bowl and then gotten performed on it. Formation for Sunday is the ultimate example literally that weekend it was like Saturday. She dropped in Sunday. She performed a at the cold play super bowl halftime Madonna. Did it almost in the same way with Gimme all your Lovin. Was it that new yeah. I didn't like it was either. You're like three days before or just a week before the whole thing was all timed to coincide with. I mean the whole saw. The whole video is a structured as cheerleaders so yeah I mean you. Could I mean they. Could you know like we don't know what's percolating but when you have blake one of the biggest stages in the world to perform why the heck not take advantage of it and it would it would be one more piece of the puzzle that would make sense of having thing them together to what about wholesaler secure album. Oh my God. I'm their best of all worlds who knows well I. I was watching the the clip that Fox sports put out of J. Lo and Shakira do an interview together a sit down interview together talking about how excited they are and Blah Blah Blah and they they actually talked about how the Miami Aspect of it and Latin music and also the fact that it was the one hundredth anniversary versus the NFL which I did not realise him so they even felt like it's more of a moment and more special that they're getting to participate in something that is such the big milestone marker and they were very cute and had like their arms around each other and like you know j.lo's timeout wasn't incredible former secure as time what about what a big champion B. N. J. Lo has been for Latin music and it's. It's obviously a love fest. Yeah I mean I didn't. I didn't realize that they were friendly. I mean I I just want to speculate about these sorts of things but I didn't know that they were like friendlier friends something when you don't see photographs of people together whatever you assume that they know each other yeah. I know like Katy Perry and or friendly but they haven't done a song together. I don't think right because you've seen them at award shows and they seem like girlfriends yeah but I didn't ever think about dot about Jalen Shakira well now we will now associate them. Yeah we can wonder okay so what else to say about this well. I wanted one one more point that sort sort of tangential by as we mentioned J.LO's getting a little Oscar buzz for hustlers which you've seen in you said give her the Oscar. I mean it's really good. It's really good. It's a really good performance and really fun movie but a lot of people wanted to bring up the fact that this could sort of maybe maybe derail that Oscar campaign this super bowl timing being the week before the Oscars and as we mentioned at the top two days before Oscar voting closes as if the idea of like J. Lo the pop star can't coexist with the idea of Jaylo you know the Thespian the serious actress actress which I think is sort of silly and I almost think Southerner Lopez old maybe sexist and also it feels like Jennifer Lopez herself sort sort of like her whole career has been about proving that idea wrong that you can be dominant in both fields and be taken seriously in in both fields. You know well so it's I mean it's something to think about it and also everyone over analyzes Oscar Campos so let's say she is nominated and she just does a blockbuster amazing. Gaga like style. Ah Ask like Oh my God just incompletely embraced performance. How could that be viewed in any way as not a win. I mean I guess there's always going to be the stick in the mud old folks who just were motto no this this young. I thought too much booty under that she sings the Song Buddhi guessing she's not going to do booty. I really hope she has poppy brings. A whole bunch of male model dancers probably not probably not happening family guy. I mean that's something to consider. I suppose but you know who knows what will happen. I think if she gets the nomination that'll be a winning of itself so you know she probably will be less stress. The thing about the the win aspect anything else about J. Lo and secure feel like we've covered a lot here all right. We'll move on that. I'm looking forward to it. I'm looking forward to it. If you haven't seen Jennifer Lopez live yourself and go see her yeah and I mean secure her choreography. It's GonNa be it's GonNa be fun. Yeah okay so now it's time for the charts set of the week saw this week in one thousand nine hundred seventy one an an artist with over fifty hot one hundred hits sailed straight to number one with their very first chart entry as rod. Stewart's double apple cited hit. Maggie may reason to believe that's two separate singles Maggie May and reason to believe topped the hot one hundred on October second nineteen seventy-one. Andy won its first of five weeks. Atop the list. Stewart notched three more number ones and a total of thirty four top forty charting hits. He most recently visited the hot one hundred and two thousand fifteen as a featured act on a sap rockies. Every day did not know that I that's random the song number ninety two another Rod Stewart. It's the Rod Stewart and last year Stewart was named the number nineteen biggest artists in the sixty year history of the hot one hundred chart so there you have it this weekend. Nineteen seventy-one Rod Stewart topped the billboard hot one hundred with his very sorry first chart hit. The double sided single. Maggie may reason to belief do the right reached. The end of our big shoe are big. Football cleats shoe yeah any parting words. Oh Man What's your favorite Super Bowl halftime performance. Oh Wow That's a big one. I have to say Prince Really. I think that's for me. The one that like had the most instant impact on me for just being insane well. How about you Datta. Yeah that got the assumed I don. I'm like that Madonna Madonna obviously but that the Gaga super time. It's just just just it's just killer so good okay. So what song should we go down on. Go out on co out on. What should we stop talking. I should if we can't even do a podcast who are a a song by Prince. Oh sure we'll actually no no. Do you think the streaming rights will allow us to play a song by prints. I was GONNA suggest. He covered foo fighters best of you. Oh my God. It's so good. If if we can make that happen safe side I can't. What's your second choice Purple Rain Purple Rain because it was raining rating that day.

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