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Similar stories for both local baseball teams, Jerry Recco. Got those stories for you. What's happening Jerry morning. We have brought to you by all tracks show. Hair third shampoo, visit surge my hair dot com. Surged, my hair dot com, two ways week ago, you ought to go to the bed. I get the bad out of the walk, the band out of the way that makes sense because that happened late last night Phillies and Mets citizens Bank ballpark boy, things were going. Well, Jason Vargas takes a one hater into the sixth inning Metzer up four nothing. And the next thing you know, you're an extra innings pitch Bruce. It's a high fly toward center. Has to back up still rising. Becky reaches out picnic pitted below bounces near the feds. Twin routes third piece sports standing up the Philadelphia Phillies win. And what it, you know, it here, the bottom of the tenth, it's Jay Bruce with the walk off base in at his Wayne Randazzo on WCBS. Now we love Jay Bruce. James, Bruce doesn't feel right. Playing on the Jews. Not as fun. In a roundabout way you could play Brody van wagon in for this thing to. Yeah. Because he traded Jay Bruce or de as and of course canal. Yeah. And neither one of those guys have lived up to the lofty, expectations that we have had the then traded from Seattle to Philadelphia because he's obviously traded from the Mets fewer. Now he comes back and beats the Mets that he'd go to the Phillies in rake. And by the way, I have to give an overnight, call her credit. This was driving in this guy had a great idea. He said, I still wanna watch the Mets, but they're so bad. I can't just root for them. I had to come up with a new game. So he decided to come up with Mets clue where he guesses how they're gonna lose the game. So it's sorta like you know, the Butler in the foyer with a knife goes like Jay Bruce with a double in the tent. I wanna know where in his game though. Did he have a strikeout that would have ended in inning with them? Leading four two just prior to the two run single the ties the game. Yeah. Don't ruin Jerry, not that I would have been brilliant, if he actually threw that in the next is only the Mets could do this, gene, Seger the game tying two run single that we're speaking of. After you got the strike out of Scott Kingery, who would reach I on a wild pitch from set Lugo, because Thomas Neto who tried to block it couldn't. And so the inning would be extended. Some believable really bad sequence of events that happened to this team. And I you know, it's crazy. It is just nuts. And one thing I didn't particularly care for the Philadelphia announcers, and I'll play a couple of here and I it's long after the clip. But after you get the, the two run single there by cigar, you Callaway shot up. He gave up a home run, a long double and a fly ball to the wall. It was over. Yes, it was just shut up. Right. And you know what basin based on the way it sound rates anyway. The radio or TV who's TV. Okay. Here's how these knuckleheads sound, although I love Tom McCarthy. Yeah. He's doing his stomach the who's he with Jimmy Rollins. This is the their version is their version of the game winner gained eighty affiliates. Have not had a walk win. Outward centerfield. The is going still. Reaches. He's, he's been. I mean what he's what is doing? Do do do this Ma I. Fringe gotten Minnie mouse by God. That thing in regards to Tom McCarthy because he is awesome is an Oregon. Yep. Does TV and radio. They will straighten Jimmy Rollins out Jimmy enough of this because he Tom McCarthy is not going to put up with that. Do you have the cigar one? Yeah. Get I mean this is even worse. Jimmy Rollins is all over top. It's like two different broadcasts. Running time so distracting for the, the lead announcer. I can't even imagine being Tom McCarthy putting like the ear blinders on to be able to get through the call at a crucial part of the game. And Jimmy Rollins is screaming all over you. Speed. This is. This is excited for hope exact him. Yeah. No, it's not for McCarthy, I could tell you that now and Tom's of professional. He'll never say anything, but somebody needs to say something to Jimmy Rollins Jimmy. You gotta let the guy do his job, and then you can be excited once he's done, Terry spiel. What's going in fairness, boomer said, one work, one word that's the only time I've ever done it. And in fairness, it was the end result. Yeah. Yeah. That was funny. Stephen acoustic, he was on the took the loss. Exactly. In the is that I would do. I'm not even kidding. I cut them all if you're in the bullpen goodbye. Maybe keep Lugo everybody else get out and lugos really struggling alley. Yeah, I noticed overdose two games. Probably over you big games. Yes, overuse. We'll use what he's pitched twice in a week and a half the over you, if he's under Houston. Oh, god. How many how many how many innings is he pitched? I have no idea. The fact that he get the guy strike out. And then he gets on first base because Neto can't handle it too good of a pitch by me, and in fairness to Neto it did block a foot in front of the plane. I know I know. I know I'm not really know who to blame. They're just other than it's. I think it sucks met bad luck. Yeah. No, it's, it's not good. That's for damn sure. I mean he's made on what sixty three pitches in his last two outings. Right. He's giving up five hits and I've earned runs. Yeah. The Mets bullpen. This is this is great. They've now they have a league-leading twenty blown saves. They have like a virus there. The whole bullpen has virus erasing. Some may twenty-seventh his a light eight point one zero remember, we're making fun of the shells. Remember, we were thinking of the nationals, and they're both they came in here in the Mets sort of. So the starting pitchers would get to the seventh inning. The nationals would have the lead in the met somehow all you know, we never give up. And we won those games now it's now now the shoe's on the other foot. I I'm kind of rooting for them to be the worst bullpen of all time now, like just be the worst we've ever seen, because you can have that. Yeah. Sure. Why not? You know they're. I would think that Mickey is going to have a meeting. And in that meeting is going to guys were five and a half games out in the wild card. So come on, with can keep this thing going get they're, they've got the third worst record in the National League. Every team is ahead of us, right? You that's the if you're on that team that's the way to have. We're still in this guy unless you wanted to just shut it down. What are they still have eighty two games to go or something, of course? So they're halfway through the season right now is or tonight will be the halfway point, right? Yes. Sure. Okay. I think I there's seven forty four so. Yeah, yeah, right. It's it would be like me running the New York City marathon. And after ten miles I collapsed, and then everybody lifts me up and hydrates me and goes, listen, you've got sixteen more Siles to guy. Get your competitive juices have died into catch up. But what are you want them to think I'm just got Asli? They can think whatever they it's impossible. It's I was either not. Not Jerry just made a very valid point. And you just kind of like swept over it, Jerry said, just because you've lost your competitive desire doesn't mean other people have this is now affecting the way you think about things, and how you verbalize do not have the competitive desire, what we're, I think we're talking about two different things, yet, if you're in that clubhouse shore, think, like that, if you wanna have to on saying, here that this team is incapable in my opinion of making any sort of run because the bullpen is so frigging bad. They go right? But they can't think that way, that's all. That's just don't play. We're talking about how there, I would prefer that. Honestly. They are rooting for them to be the worst bowl pay 'em now. Yeah, I am you want them to lose their competitive. Well, yeah, I mean, if it makes the worst bullpen ever, at least you'd have that, you know, you remember that that'd be something you could hang onto, and the twenty one thousand nine hundred remember they're the worst bullpen. And the history of baseball on to go through that year. Wasn't it Jason Vargas than speak after the game in the incident Sunday in Chicago did come up and he made it very clear that we all don't know everything it was an unfortunate confrontation. I don't think all the information's really out there. He says, there's more information out there celebrate Tori cream Pont. What is the information and why aren't the reporters reporting the information because? And they don't like Jason VAR. So they're protecting the reporter, then that may be potentially or Vargas might be full of it, too. I don't know. We have last night, though. Yeah. I mean he by Gary Cohn to your Gary Cohen. All right. So I was throwing out of time. I'll give you one. It's twenty eight seconds. He was not thrilled with the punishment Vargas has gotten the no suspension or anything I guess it was just a fine. It doesn't sit well at the end of the day that somebody can physically threatened the person in his place of work and not have to be some consequence from that action might somebody who cares deeply about this organization that has for a long time. My fear is that it leaves a stain and even more so that it gives entree for the next player who feels in the heat of the moment that he needs to vent, like that to do the same thing. Now, one other from Varga his Gary, Gary is not going to lecture the players on how they need to act after the game. I tell you what Fazlul social media loved. And actually, you don't want to Gary managed the team is what they should do. You know what he knows what's going on? His point was in the full thing. If you listen to the full things pliers. Jeff wilpon had apologize publicly and privately Brodie van wagon into the same thing. Mickey Calloway did the same thing and Jason Vargas. Did nothing not on out there now. Okay, according to Jason Vargas. According to Jason Vargas stores. Let's hear all safe things in the moment that we were read later but the way take the air out of it. College is and move on. And for whatever reason. Jason Vargas chosen not to take that. Did he never apologized? No vargas. Didn't never never never anything. He just he went out and had that statement whereas unfortunate distraction and we got a game tonight. So we'll see later. That's basically what he said. I told him I don't remember thing about remorse than on his history. You know, anybody that knows me or anybody that's played with me and do the duration my career as there's never been a situation like that. And then he continued to say, essentially, you don't have all the information he said, over and over several times, some, whatever this story went the rest of that information is, is. I wonder what it is. Yeah. Just before we get out of here, because we got to be fair to the Yankees. And I know it was a day game. And I know they won again because this is what they do every single day. So they fall behind five nothing to Toronto. No worries. They come back. They do blow lead. But in the end they do now the tall. Ryan hand. Deals swung on there's a basic, right? Centerville groaning, third Dedi coming home. The throw is not a dime ballgame over Yankees win. Yankees John final call their glitter Torres the game winner there fifty two and twenty eight beat the Blue Jays eight seven on their way to win. I said, ten games I'm up in that. They're going to win this division by fifteen games. They're now up seven on the raise and nine on the Red Sox because both those teams loss yesterday, DeeDee Gregori is DJ, LeMay, Hugh Homer. They extend the record straight. Twenty nine was three for five Aaron judge was three five. Yes. The pitching wasn't good. But they win your place in London this week against Boston, Giancarlo Stanton to the I L with a one of your Yankee fan, just like man, this is awesome. A we're in the middle of an awesome run here. And our team is going to London. They got a couple of days off. Now they'll get over there. What no game on Friday sucks. I know it's thanks. But nonetheless, I mean for the players they got there this morning, sometime. Or maybe you know, last night, late last night, or something, but I, I don't know it just I just feels good man. If you're a Yankee fan and the way they came back in one and not the mail that one in yesterday, they could have easily mailed that one in yesterday. Sure could have been one of those. Let's just lose the game. And let's just get on the plane and get the hell outta here. But they didn't know came back and they won. And the way they won was pretty awesome, especially after giving up the lead late and you know getting tied. And then having a labor Torres deliver the game winning hit. I just it's just an unbelievable feeling and watch your team win like that. And as you guys discussed, Kevin rentals, the warriors. He's declining. The player option will be a free agent Marcus ops in twenty five point two billion dollars. Of course, he's gonna often not pretty good.

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