Caroline Hobby: this episode I take the time to introduce myself, tell you a little bit about my life and answer your burning questions for me!


Payoff Caroline Hobby of get real podcast I want to talk to you about what southern living magazine has up their sleeve in the south. Talking about food is personal. It's a way of sharing a part of your history. Your family, your culture in yourself on the biscuits jam podcasts, southern, living editor and chief sit evans talk celebrity musicians like. Little big town's Kimberly flatman. Brett eldredge Martina McBride in Gladys Knight to hear stories of how they grew up and how they've been shaped by southern culture. Listen to biscuits and jam on Apple. PODCASTS IHEART wherever you find your favorite podcasts. Hey, it's caroline hobby. I spy something fun. Old Navy's face facemask for the family. These triple air washable, one hundred percent cotton math are definitely something to smile about. You know smiling with your. Your eyes. They're designed according to the CDC's recommendation for non-medical Face Ness, they come in handy multi packs, and they're available in sizes for kids antidotes, because you should cover your face, and not your personality, they come in a whole bunch of prints, patterns, and colors, five packs, twelve, fifty and ten packs, or just twenty five bucks at your local old navy or old navy dot com, the old navy dot com for details. She. Just said. Noah. Founded. Okay so this. I'm doing. Answering your questions about me I've gotten so many raw talking to me saying you need to tell your story. You didn't answer questions. You introduce yourself. So. Let me introduce myself. My name is Caroline Hobby. In thirty six years old I am from Texas I grew up. Great Family My Dad's a dentist. My Mom taught philosophy at Baylor University of an older sister named Kathryn, and she is married to an amazing guy named Willie they have a little girl named genevieve. His nine interviewed Willie Catherine engine. Vive. All My podcasts, so go check out the powers. They Adam Powers Willie bowers and Jimmy thouars. And I grew up in a really great family. My family taught me great morals and commitment and love each other support each other. And it was great Then moved to Nashville am not say I didn't have my own personal struggles, or whatever along the way, but as far as having a loving family I was very blessed. Then? I went to Belmont University in Nashville move to national. Be a country music singer. And I ended up forming a trio with Jennifer. Wayne and Taylor Lynn Jennifer Wayne is now in runway June and they're kicking butt. Doing so great in Tayla, is she? Her Grandmother's? Loretta Lynn Jen's grandfathers. John, Wayne. Taylor now is in a duo with conway, twitty's son and She and Conway twitty son. Do do it and they travel all over the country pre, covid. Covering Loretta and Twitty Conway Twitty, which is amazing, so we ran this band stealing angels for about seven years. All over the country open for everybody. did a USO tour went to Iraq. It was amazing. It was such an amazing experience and I. Feel like that is really. What honed my skills. I guess to say of interviewing because in that trio interview interview after interview after interview, and you're entertaining. People and I just started to realize good questions. What was engaging what I wanted to know when I felt like I was as good bad questions, and like I just started to realize. The Art of interviewing and getting stories out, and I really loved having telling Stories Aston. Getting. Interesting things out of people and I learned that from being in a band. Also after my band, stealing angels fell apart, Jan and I went on the amazing race, and that's on CBS, and it's a race around the world. Obviously, that's not happening now with COVID, but Jan and I did it two times. We did season twenty two, so watch it. We're the country singers. We're both single and freaking boy crazy. Kosh on my God. So we did amazing race season twenty two, and we got fourth place, which was really awesome, so made in the season finale, and then we got ask back to do all stars, and we got second place. We almost won the whole thing on our all-stars season twenty four, and all is like where they ask like the favorite teams to comeback all compete on one season, so it was so much fun. Seeing the world open my eyes so much. It made me realize that we are also similar, and people have so much of the same desires which I feel like is just. To provide for their families to have a happy life to live in community into love and be loved, and I got just got to see so many different cultures living beautiful lies in seeing how everyone lives so differently, but yet we are are so much the same. So, it was just an incredible opportunity to travel the world and do Jin. We had so much fun. We were so supportive of each other, whenever towards other down a lot of teams on the amazing race will self destruct, because it's so stressful like you're doing the most stressful things like one time Jin. had a jump into a muddy river and swam laps to grab a clue and in a wet suit and the freezing cold. It's just crazy. You're driving all over countries that you can't speak the language or on the opposite side of the road driving stickshift barely drive a stick shift at one time. I forgot turn of the parking brake noodle, the highway and like a car started. I was like Oh my gosh. I'M GONNA blow up on accident. And it's just high pressure because. Everytime on airplane like as soon as it lands. You have to have your back. BE READY TO DART out because you've got the first cab and try to get to the next place. I to beat on the other teams. Because every second counts, so mean is adrenaline adrenaline adrenaline, and it is so easy to self destruct, but Jan and I stayed so positive and we. We just decided to assume the best in each other and to work as a team always into know that we are always trying our best. Don't tear each other apart and we did we did that. We did that the whole time and I have to say that's probably one of my greatest accomplishment is how great Jinnai worked as a team and loved each other and. Had Fun and didn't yell and scream and tear each other down, so that was amazing. And then after amazing race. I came back to Nashville. Had moved to Texas for a brief stint, because I met my husband, and between all this like before amazing race I had started dating Michael Hobby. He's in the Banda. Thousand Horses. We did for four years and then we broke up. The caller halftime show. And I moved to Texas to be with my family and that's what amazing race happened. And then after I finished doing the maze and move back to Nashville to work at a record label. I was a record I went from singing to the amazing race in in Austin is teaching music to kids in the little school called music together so sweet just trying to figure out my life lost. I've had many seasons of feeling super loss so. For All of you guys who you have gone through phases, or you're feeling loss. Know that I'm right there with you. My life has been waves. It's been highs and lows and. Feeling totally lost in between, but looking back now all the seasons are so important and I'm hopeful all of them so after amazing race a move back that to Nashville and I started working a record label I started. Doing promotion which is were you promote an artist to radio? You take artists around, and they have a single pushing radio. You take all the radio stations in Gen and I did that together promoting Natalie sobol to radio. She was artist which is so amazing, because now Natalie is in Jin's band runway. June, it's just crazy. How full circle everything is like? You have no idea how everything's working together when it's happening, and then you look back years later and like Dang. That's nuts that those relationships. Form so early on in such different roles, and then like it can circle back around to see Natalie now join runaway June. Has Been so cool because she's so talented. Genzer talented Naomi talented, and they're all such great talented singer Seagal. Make sure to check out in June. They have a new song out there we are. We were rich and it's amazing. They're so talented. Surgeon workings promotion was US nothing. Jin Wasn't an unmanned either that time. She was doing promotion with me and we were promoting Nellie sobol. The now John Frat Flash Board Jin is now on a band, so it's like you never know when you're gonNA end up a successful You never know what's GonNa lead to what? So when I was doing promotion, I and I was awesome. Song Plugger, which is pitching songs had writers that works for the company I worked for, and they would turn in songs to me and I would listen, and I would decide who I thought. She reported that song at which country artists and then I would either pitch it to their manager to the artists themselves today and our person, which is the person who listens for Music Barness anyway I could get that song to the artist's to try to get that recorded on that artist's album that I thought it would be fit for so. Did that. In between doing stealing angels than I worked at their Record Label Promotion Company and I was a song plugger. An I started doing hosting jobs. Jen and I are like the dynamic duo. Hosting drops together. We did this show called sweet tea. That never aired, but it was so fun It's of like highlighting South and then we would do. We did like live hosting for the riverfront stage down in Nashville for artists that were playing in summertime. and I realized I loved hosting. And, love hosting I had learned how to interview people and be interviewed and get engaging content now from the amazing race like I learned at what. They're looking for for those short little clips on TV like what makes an engaging quick interview. I just learned so much from doing that on the amazing race, and I was like I love hosting and I I didn't even know that was a job. That's how like following your. Heart does lead you to your next step. Because when I moved to national is nineteen years old to be a country singer I had no idea as an end up being hosted a podcast hosts like named those things existed, but because I followed my intuition and what was driving. Driving me, and what was it what was making me feel curious? I ended up just following path and so then. I was like you know what I love hosting and I I. Just heard about podcasts. My friend winter a bit who have also interviewed on. Get Real, so go check her out. Her name's win elder now. Was Like Carolina. podcast you know all these interesting amazing people and podcast about to be the biggest thing to hit the world, so you need to go ahead and get in early and started podcast and I was like what the heck is a podcast i. have no idea what a podcast is, but okay. Let me figure it out and I'm going to start one so I. Did my first interview was Darius Rucker and it was amazing and. Started rolling from there and then flash forward few years I have been hosting for a TV show called net called national insider, and they highlight all local country music news. It's been such a blessing in so much fun interviewed incredible people on that show. and. I recently last year partnered with bobby bones in his podcast network. National POD casts network called, and it's been awesome to be in IHEART. Bobby bones family, and so that's really my story of had gotten to here in the meantime, I had sunny Last year last year in September and for you guys who fall my story Michael on I struggled with. infertility I out of its infertility, but we Could get pregnant, but couldn't hold the baby. I had a miscarriage and chemical pregnancy and we tried for. A year to get pregnant and I was really depressed than in a dark place and I thought all hope was lost, and we'd just miscarried, and then right after that we got pregnant with Sonny and. Sonny has been light of our lives. She is a true joy, and I have loved being her mother more than anything I post all the time about being your mom and motherhood and things I'm going through and tips I've learned and things that are helpful to me and so that's a lot of my content these days because that's pretty much my life. I don't know if I finish the stories after Michael and I broke up. We ended up when I moved back to Nashville. We ended up. Reconnecting and we realized that we were each other's true love, and we eloped four months after we got back, I got back to national. We got back together. We eloped, and in the Bahamas got married. And now we've been married almost seven years six Omar Nathan. Place where I can't remember how long we've been married. We've been married forever. And it's been great, and he's in a band called horses. A on new song called a song to remember. Check it out everywhere on Itim spotify wherever you listen to music, a thousand horses song remember it's so so good I mean it is such a great song. Thousand horses toward that ruined from Jason Aldean's Kid rock to Darius Rucker to Frankie Ballard to. Bosh everyone. They were supposed to go on tour of the black. Crowes a few times this year before covid hit. And fell apart which rose cool cool story are Michael's cousins. They are his second cousins, and so he's grown up loving an idolizing them forever so now they're all in music and they're going to get the tour together. Oh special, but. Anyway, so that is a brief brief brief summary of who I am, and now I'm going to answer these questions that you asked. Okay, and then just sum it up to like that all sounds like bullet points and everything's Been Peachy, keen, happy go lucky I am a super emotional person I. Am a four on the program which is individualists, and so I oftentimes get lost in my feelings and I'm super. emotional I. Swing from High Salo's all the times I feel everything. I'm super, super empathetic. Sometimes I feel so much. It's overwhelming. And I So I've had a lot of crude dips like I have had super highs to sucralose, and before I realized that life was a pendulum and that you're just constantly swinging. I would really lose myself in those lows like when things fall apart of when my bands would fall apart when? When amazing race ended or Mike when Nebraska or when I I just feel so lost it really take me down. The older I've gotten the more of lived through those highs and lows. I realized that that's part of why in the doesn't freak me out as much as it did before like. It still sucks when you're going through the low swings. But I also know that it will swing up the other way like nothing lasts forever, and so I learned that especially being in a creative lifestyle. Your wife is not really consistent, and so I've learned to just go with the flow. That's action at my tattoo means I have these three birds on a wire and one is sitting on the wire, and that's the season of waiting when you don't know what in the hell is happening with your life that you're waiting. And then the next the birds flying because like the waiting prepares you to fly, and so sometimes you wait sometimes you're flying soaring sometimes you're coming down and it's just a cycle that continues, so don't ever get hung up on one of the phases, and not just a constant reminder to me to. Realize that. Life has so don't when you're in the high moment. Enjoy it, but don't don't freak. Don't hang on so tight, but you can't live when it isn't a high beaumont anymore because it's going crash eventually, that's part of the process. So. Near questions. watching her episodes of amazing race, you should go into details of that, so it is so funny that my sister and my niece Catherine Genovese just started watching all my seasons, amazing race, and so gin and I have been talking on the phone I was like I'm. GonNa start watching the amazing race again. I haven't seen it like five years, so I started watching the all-star. My Gosh Jin on episode to Gin and our about to get out because I had a symbol this very intense remote control car that kids Rydin. In China and I cannot assemble, and so I got assigned task. I was full blown melting down, and there's this thing called the express pass that if you get it, you get to use the past and skip the challenge. In one of the team's, the cowboys had one. And Express pros for themselves, and they had one express passed to give another team so as a very strategic thing who the cows we're going to give this express passed to. They needed to get rid of it because they don't want they didn't want to. It's an advantage for another team. It's a disadvantage for the cowboys to have that. They WANNA. Get rid of it, but they need to get rid of it in a way. That doesn't put them endanger. Jin worked so hard and got the express pass and I got to leave the challenge. Otherwise we might have gotten out and I was like. It's so fun washing back to see how all these pieces fall into place. Because you have no idea what's going to happen. It's all these people navigating these intense challenges of finding locations working together in foreign countries and. I just another one that we did. We're on a raft to build a raft in Whitewater. Raft at a river, and then shoot this blow gun into the forest and knock down these fake birds and I just It's been such a blast. Relive it because it's such a moment of time in a moment in our Life Bay, the dog barking in sunny sleeping and I'm like dogs eating all. Wake up that baby. Message a moment of time that I was never get back I'll never. I'll never do that again and we in these moments. You think they're gonNa last forever, but then they don't. So it's been so fun to watch it back. Just intensity in Renton, and how on you have to be all the time? Okay, someone says polly pick says I love your show. What is your? What is your faith in? What would you have called sunny if she were a boy? Thank you for listening to the show I really just want to highlight. Honest women in how honest talk says what the catch is? The catch line is because I know I. Am always looking for real talk, and because I'm such emotional person I can swing in emotional, low and I want to know that I'm not alone and I feel like everybody wants to know that and so interviewing women in particular who? Who seemed so successful and they are. But to and so happy and so blessed, but to really dive into their store and realize it hasn't been perfect for anybody. Even the people that we put on a pedestal like they have had moments of complete Deer and being lost in doubting themselves and heartbreak, tragedy and terrible things like everyone has to go through their journey, so God has been the point of this podcast really is just to heal myself to know that all these women. I look up to also go through. Struggle to but I think that's in the blessing for everyone Israelis. We're all in this and no one has. No one has a flawless ride. Everyone has to deal with their own stuff. And let's talk about and be honest, so then we all can like. Be empowered and. Support each other in realize like nobody's better than anybody. We're all in this together, and that's been such a blessing to do this podcast. what is my faith? That's a really good question. I believe in God one hundred percent. I have a super active relationship with him. or the higher being whatever uniform. I believe that God is an every single thing in this life I think that everything does happen for a reason, even the terrible things right now in the world I have no idea what's happening in his overwhelming to me all the pain and suffering and All of the tragedy in all the kids that are hurt abandoned abused lost all that like kills me and I cannot come up with a reason for it, but. I have to believe that God has some bigger plan and purpose for every. Part of this existence in life like an like with Covid, and with the fires in Australia with. Animals and children and families that starve and don't have access to clean water and. Men The list goes on and on and the pollution, and there's so many things overwhelm me, and it's all so big, and I don't know how and like the tornado that hit Nashville in the families that were displaced that all like really rocks me to my core and I don't know how to deal with it and homelessness and. Addiction and. Oh. It's just heavy I don't know how to handle it. so my faith is. I have to believe that God has his hand in everything in the there is a purpose for everything. And God. I listened to the nudges that I have in my heart. I know when I feel pulled towards something and I felt called towards something and. When I! Feel Path clearing for me to make a difference in in my life. I follow that path because there's too much in the world. That is heartbreaking and not one person can. Fix everything. This is a huge world. We live in a lot of stuff going on. So. I the way I can stay centered stay faithful stay connected without feeling so overwhelmed and depressed about up sadness. World is no. I listen to my heart where the road clears for me to make a difference. That's how I make a difference and I just keep following up and everything I do in my career choices in my guest feature in the way I contribute and give back to my community. I just follow. The road that opens up for me and I feel like I can impact, and I think everybody did that. We can make collected huge difference. It's a great time to get a great deal on a new car. When you get approved for an loan from Penn Fed their powered by truecar rates are as low as one point three nine percent. APR New Vehicles Finance for longer term to lower your monthly bill plus take sixty days schedule. Your first payment joined Penn Fed and together. They'll keep you moving forward. Anyone can apply visit Penn Fed dot org slash. Slash auto or call one, eight, hundred, two, four, seven, five, six, two, six to receive any advertise product. You must become a member of pen fit. Insured by NCUA payouts Kellyanne Hobby here from get real podcasts. Talk to you about southern living magazine. They are celebrating the essence of life in the south, covering the best in food home travel in style and this June. Southern living is excited to be launching a brand. Brand new podcast called biscuits and jam in the south. Talking about food is personal. It's a way of sharing your history. Your family, your culture and yourself each week. Sit Evans Editor in chief of Southern Living magazine. Sit Down with celebrity musicians to hear stories of how they grew up. What inspired them and how they've been shaped by the southern Culture John, said and his all star guests including Jayco and Willie Nelson. Nelson Kimberly shot in Martina, McBride Gladys Knight Brett, eldredge, and more as they talk about cherished memories and traditions, the family mills they still think about and their favorite places to eat on the road to episode one talks to country musician Jaco on about knocker, Caroni croquettes growing up in Florida and the story behind his hit song homemade. Listen to biscuits. Jam on Iheart Apple podcasts or wherever you find your favorite podcast. Fertility journey well when we were trying for a baby, originally I got I was thirty four, and I got pregnant like three most of the time. And I. It was chemical pregnancy, which means like you get pregnant. In you're pregnant right one week, but the embryo doesn't stick inside of you. And so it's chemical pregnancies early miscarriage. So that was sad. It was hard, but it was also okay. can get pregnant and. Tried and tried again. Six seven more months nothing. And I started getting super depressed because. All I wanNA baby and I was like this is not gonNa having for me, and now I'm like thirty five. If I never can have a baby. And we got pregnant again. Seven months after trying and then. A couple months into it. I lost the baby and. Man It was so devastating. And the crazy thing was. Like. When we're going through Michael we read a big award. Show party dressed up. and. I was miscarrying at this award show like I didn't know it was happening. And then alternates are miscarrying. Taivon. And like. It's just like. Is Not reality. If you see a picture in our own, seem so happy and everything's so great. And you never know what's going on behind the scenes so. Miscarried and it was devastating. I was. Deep, deep deep. Deeply. Depressed I guess I mean not like clinically depressed, but I was in deep season of depression. And my guy cautious was like. We need to give your body a break. You're probably going to have to help to get pregnant. You probably going to need to get. Have to get into idea and all that stuff. And so I just kind of gave up on. It was like. A worn out and exhausted. This is so hard and to like. Lose a baby in like dining, not not like I. Don't know if I really excited if I did get pregnant, because now have this fear that I just GonNa miscarry. and. So I just gave up on it and. then. I got pregnant. Quickly after nine, just thought, there's no way. But kept saying pregnant and I made it to like the first trimester online like I've made it through the scary part the scariest part as we miss the most. And I just had so much fear and anxiety the entire privacy I stopped completely. Start working out like I. Did Not do anything that was like involved. Heavy movements like I was so afraid like one time dog jumped on me and I had full blown panic attack that. She had like kill the baby and I mean I had so much anxiety. I loved being pregnant because of such a blessing and a gift like the fear I had of losing. Sunny was overwhelming so. When she came into this world, it was just. My. Man. It was the greatest day of my whole life and. She has been the biggest blessing. And so I. Don't know every journey that women go through with struggling to get pregnant, but I definitely had my own journey. That was really hard so I relate, and I am always in your corner. I believe that every woman who has a desire to become mother will be mother in one way or another whether that Sir doctor whether that's through fostering whether that's through. I the F. whether that's through just being an amazing aunt or fostering lots of dogs or whatever it is I. believe every woman who has the mother instinct will become in some way. But I know how devastating that journey can be and how blessed blessed. It can be, but I definitely know the devastation. I'm always feeling for you. Guys in in your corner because I. Walk that Walk To. Do I have a nanny I do not have an anti I actually have no help at all or no babysitters, really ever, so I'm a full time. Mom and I am completely. Hundred percent hands on Sunny I. Really Record my podcast I record them during her naps or like at eight o'clock at night. And eventually covert ever opens up I would like to get a little help, because it is very hard to wing wing it on win. I can report our podcast. because. It's a guessing game. She doesn't have like set nap times, and she doesn't have the same amount of time. Every time I have to schedule these appointments. These interviews of people so. It's very tricky. but I love being a fulltime on. I am so ocd and obsessed with her. That like I feel nervous if anyone's watching her, but me and I wanna be there all the time, and that's just my personality. so I don't have a nanny. Or help. What is my biggest regret? The question. Biggest regret. I was so insecure in my twenties. That I misinterpreted a lot of things. I didn't think I was worthy at anything else worth it. Just for my own reasons. I wish I would've had a little more confidence in my twenties, and not have been so insecure and I have really seen the blessings. I was living at those times instead of seeing a dislike mind securities, but I think that's part of growing up. and. I learned a lot from it so I don't regret it, but. I wish I would have been so hard on myself and so. I don't know thoughts on worthy for so long, but I think it maybe I. Am and. So I don't regret it at all, but I just wish that I could have seen the truth of who I was at that time. Billy I don't know. I don't really have any regrets which I'm grateful for. That like I've lived learned and. A Roth all. Pretty grateful for my life. I mean I feel very grateful for my wife. All of your favorite products. Baby registered that you couldn't live without. Pack and play sunny is sleeping in her back and play right now. Because she. We've met traveling so much didn't sleep in her crib. So pack and play Let's see what else I- outlet the Outlet Foot Monitor. It's kind of Pricey I, but I'm so CD about her breathing. She is ten months old and I still put it on her foot every single night that she goes to sleep and monitors her breathing and her heart rate, and it gives me peace of mind. Some moms don't need it for me. It is the only way I can go to sleep at night because I know that that'll arm will go off of her breathing dip slow, certain point and I can. Rest That that that has been my number one. And then what else my pump pump forever, so I had to spectra pump. which is great on break bottles? Yeah I mean. Pretty much everything else, Kinda. You know roll with it. Oh a carrier lily carrier that I wear her on that we love. That's amazing. How did you Michael Me? You met at a bar. It was very very romantic and classy drinking at a Bar I was twenty four. He was actually I met him in a studio. He was recording music with a producer that I was and he and his band. We're like all eighteen nineteen years old and I was like twenty two, and they were sliding up and down the studio halls tube socks I remember thinking. These guys are fun and wild, and they were so funny in great and talented so I, was kind of knew him not well. And then we ended up working the same producer. Get in that that was working produced. That's how I knew each other, and then later on a few years. Later I was at this bar because I was gonna all the time you know, get my flirt on. Get my drink on trying to. Mix and mingle. And I saw him at the Bar, Do you? What are you doing in? This weird guy was trying to flirt with me a chocolate being. It sounds like you talk to me like. Distract this guy away from me, so we ended up talking about I thought he was so young because he was like three and a half years younger than me. I was like I. Mean When you're twenty four and twenty when he's twenty one like the big difference. But I was like Dang. This guy's funny. He makes me feel the way I wanNA feel I. Love Talking to him. He's so charming and talented, and we ended up making out that night and dating for four years, and so that's how we met, and then we broke up married opposite. Do! You want markets, you know. I think we'd love to have another kid but I don't have any on. I don't have any pressure on it. We'll probably just open. It up to see if anything happens here in the next little bit. But, if we aren't listening child, I am so happy with just one an I do not want to put pressure or have anxiety or stress out about having to so like we just happened to be blessed one. That's great and if not. We are so thankful and happy for sunny and that she's on out. We have that is. Perfect so really. In a hand this next child over God and I don't want to have the same. Anxious walk that I had. To get to Sonny, it would be to if we're buses vaguely over to I. Just want it to be whatever will be will be and. we would be thankful if we're busting another child and if we aren't, we are so thankful to have one, so that's how we are kind of moving into baby number two. wanted to start getting sunny finger foods. And what does she eat I started giving anything or Beta? Six months I was scared to death to feed her real food because I was freaked out about choking I just like like surprising are catching a theme here. I've been scared of this. Her dying hurting yourself. All the things like every new thing has been very scary for me, so moving into foods is very scary for me, We ended up in South Carolina may stay there for a while and I stayed with my sister in law and brother-in-law with Mike all night. It is any hit, Nath, five kids, and so I really that was a blessing for me because she helped me feed sunny because they have a daughter who's a little bit older than sending and so like she would help me like break it into little bites and show me how to feed her, and what to beater, and I'm just having. The support was really great. That's my women. We all need each other to support each other because. I know for me. I can't sometimes I just had to be full blown supported by women to move into the next day with phase sunny because it's just so overwhelming. I started around six months and I the main things I've eater now like Avocado Veggie Burgers Greek yogurt mix it with like peanut, butter or CSU. She doesn't have a peanut allergy. Peanut, butter, or like parade vegetables pureed vegetables. I feed her watermelon, macaroni and cheese peas carrots that are steamed. Stuff like that. Let's see. Newmont her. Did you struggle with postpartum depression really hurting over here? I. Don't know if I had postpartum depression, but I was an emotional mess I was emotional mess of the weepy mess. Everything I cried all the time could not get a hold of my feelings. I was probably lower radic with my feelings or my goal. I could probably. A probably wasn't totally saying in the head with him, but he he's known me for so long. He's been so gentle with me. I definitely had so many feelings and I think he's GonNa. Give yourself grace. It took me. Probably about six months to really get the hang of this and Roy good. I kind kinda like myself again and to be like I knew what I was doing. Sunny and such as a new mom. Everything's new on your fully responsible for this baby. Hormones are all over the place, and you're doing so much, and sometimes you're dislike. You wanted to scream at your husband. Even though he's trying to bessie cannons like you just got to give yourself a little bit of grace in that time, because it is just like your world's have been turned upside down so. Don't worry if you're in the middle of it is very normal. just try to make sure that you feel your feelings and give Yourself Grace Boreham cry- crying. Help me a lot and then lean on your girlfriend's like. Lean on another mama friend because you need to have money talk to. Someone, who can encourage you? How did you get back to normal activities in life after having a baby, I don't think life is ever normal again after having baby a new normal. It took me like I said like six months to do anything. We started traveling when she was three months, and like sent me into it frequent tailspin, but now she's ten months, and like we got a rhythm and routine, and she's like a little human and. Strong and capable, and yes, she still needs fulltime mommy and daddy watching all the time, but she is strong, and can communicate her feelings, no with her, crying in her laughing and her little chirping and all that. So, as like now it just got into rhythm but I think I think it just takes time and I think you've just got to figure out. I didn't put pressure on myself. Like I didn't leave the house for the first three months, and then I slowly started adding things back to my plate that I could handle little by little by little bite. Bite at not dive back into my full wife right away been a very slow, slow slow creep back into life, and it's still not realized than than Kobe hit. Of course our all living lives that we haven't lived before. So I just gave yourself grace and add things back to your plate. As you feel that you can manage them, do not rush. Would you like to sing professionally again? You have a beautiful voice. You're so nice. That me I don't know I don't sing professionally again, but I am open to singing again in some way if it came across my path like. Ended up, doing a show or something and. They needed me to sing. Like are totally thing you know down the road. do like Broadway stint when I'm in my sixties, something fun. I mean open to it, but I'm not no desire to do it. How did you come up with Sonny's name? Michael came up with it one day. He was just saying. We're talking about names. Sunny it's like Oh. Love Sonny Sonny is such a great name because I truly believe that your name sets the tone for your life, and why not? Have a name. Sonny Kazeem each set the tone for bright warm life and I was like Oh love it. Son and Grayson is named Sonny Grayson is her name racists. Michael's brother who passed away when his fifteen of a brain of brain cancer and Grayson was just one of the greatest guys Michael Said and one of Michael's. best friends, and he had the great spirit, and so we just wanted to honor Michael's brother. Associate Grayson that's her little sweet name, and she is so sunny and so happy. I'm going to get through. Some of these have been talking about for a minute. Thank you? Pay So y'all said what inspired you to start a podcast like? I said I just really wanted to get into hosting in I. Loved interviewing hearing stories and I just thought you know what my friend win told me about. Just went all in and I didn't know what I was doing, and it's been awesome. How do you approach asking guests to speak on your podcast? For me I'm such an incredible community of people amazing people in Nashville. So many great friends that my road Sorta just leads me to people so I just where I in my life when I run across people that I find fascinating and ask them on behalf love to have us ago. PODCASTS or you cool in a saga. Equals coming on. Any advice to newbies, who just started park castle. Actually share what I just saw bobby bones put about this and he's like you need to have your niche like you need to know your niche and your line like mine is honest. Women honest talk. That is the focus of my party, so he was saying you can't just interview. Country Stars like you need to know. What is the point of your interviews? Be Specific, so be specific about your focus and I. think that's Great Advice. I mean I took it. favorite album thousand horses. The ban play on. It's coming out soon, but for right now. Check out a song member anywhere you can, and it's the best. What helps your anxiety during pregnancy after experiencing a loss. I mean I. I would love to give you a great answer but nothing. I, until I got pregnant with sunny, I had so much anxiety and so much. Makes me cry like the brings up feelings nothing. I mean Diddley. Not God and I knew got reason. But it was devastating heartbreaking and I can't say. I handled it perfectly because I was lost in my feeling so. I duNNo. I journaled a lot. I wrote a lot. A Lot I did yoga. And I tried to just know that God had a plan, but I definitely. I definitely struggled with it hardcore. Struggle, not living in Texas near family. Yes, I do I love Nashville so much, but I really wish I could hop in the car and drive a few hours and be with my family on a regular basis. It in is fine when pre Kogo because we could hop on the plane and do that five Texas all the time, but now that we can't fly. isn't really hard because I love my family so much and I want to spend time with them. And so the fact that So hard to get places right now. That's definitely a struggle. But. I love national so much that. You know it's worth it even though I wish I, wish we closer. wrap up while I enter these to question. Best advice to get two girls in their thirties and still single I think. Do not just get married because you want to get married. You have. Stayed single for a reason because you haven't met someone. WHO. Is A match. Makes you feel like a like? Wants us to the rest of your life with and like being married is amazing. But it is so much like. It is so much, and you definitely want to be best friends you want us to. Love with the the way the person thinks where they navigate through hard times the way they fight like how do they fight or they nicer than mean like you know, it's like you just like being partnered up with someone for your whole life as a huge commitment so. It just takes one. I would say Jessie James Decker taught me this, she said. Write your letter to God. Ride out what you're looking for what you're thankful for about your husband. Right in present tense and be like I'm so thankful that my husband has these traits treats me like this makes me feel like this even has a career like this. Right out what your dream guy is in a letter to God as if it's already happening and then. Watch it manifest. That was the best advice I ever got. And it worked, and so I would just do that. Letter Gaden manifested and believe he's out there. okay last question, let's see. What is your guiding light as you navigate your path? My guiding light is trust. Your instincts trust my instincts a trust. A heart tugs on my heart. I. Believe that we should leave people better than you found them. I like to see the good others I to the good of myself. I want the world. We happy place. and. I'll wrap up by saying. Leave my light. Always ask you believe their light. We're all here for a reason. We meant to be here. All are warranted completely different circumstances some are. Way More heartbreaking than others. But every part of our life each person's life. Perfectly may in there is a bigger purpose behind it. I believe it. Leave this life is meant to? Bless us in the long run. Even if we have to endure really hard things I think that. God is good. All the suffering has a reason and that. Humanity is ultimately go. We just get lost in. Our Egos and if we could all just realize that we are all divinely made. We're all. Children of God and your God I mean. We came from God's God is in all of us. We all see. The Gods sparkin everyone. What a better life! This would be so that's what I try to do I try to look for the God's work and everyone knows someone is mean attacking you and. Hurtful snow that hurt. People hurt people. And not prison is hurt and sir. Try to give them love instead of hate. I'm a work in progress on that. Sometimes you see happening any dishonor can't. You just want to. Rip into somebody but like. You can. Use It with love. Probably growth in person underneath all of that WHO needs love. So we can all just her love our neighbor. The world, a better place hope you guys enjoyed this Thank. You offer wanting me to interview myself. I hope I didn't ramble much and I love you guys. I. Pay Caroline Hobby is find something fun. Old Navy's masks for the family. These triple air washable, one hundred percent cotton masks are definitely something to smile about you know smiling with your is designed according to the CDC's recommendation for non-medical Face Ness, and they come in handy multi packs, and they're available in sizes for kids antidotes because you should cover your face, not your. Your personality, they come in a whole bunch of prince, patterns and colors, five packs, or twelve fifty and ten packs, just twenty five bucks at your local old navy or old navy dot com see old navy dot com for details. He is the reason. I became a country music fan. Charlie Daniels had effect on people around the world. The man was simply electric. We are celebrating his eighty three years of life as we talk with him about his life hall of fame, Legend that other legends wanted to work with from Elvis to Bob. Dylan and the Beatles Creek Chase Nashville chats one of our last conversations with the late great. Charlie Daniels listen to subscribe on the iheartradio APP. Apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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