"The 100th Episode!"


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Oh Hey tail horns wings place in our destination. What is sucked that? Could you imagine all our gone in here. We are here. We're just talking about a hundred episodes. This is something we would have done like. Welcome to the one hundred episode of a complete fucking Shit show again. We're not even drinking little backstory. I know Oh and my wife tried to get me to drink tonight sue and I said No. We started recording. And I'd never hit record ten minutes ago. I'm like I just looked down in the time thing. Not there then a silly hold on a second. I don't think record the older you get you have dementia. Apparently I'm positive as early onset dementia but yes we're at one hundred episodes it's crazy. It's technically one hundred helm with Halos Actual podcast episodes. There's like one hundred and sixteen hundred eighteen actual episodes because we didn't include business spotlights and all those was in the actual episode numbers. Now you know this because you're obviously around but about three months ago there. Was this big scare across us. All the podcasters podcast in groups and social media and we all talk. Can I have like professional podcasters that I talk with and weekly basis and we bounce stuff off each other and so on which has been great however there was a scare that was saying? That apple was removing podcasts. From apple podcasts. If you had an episode number in the title Bullshit Right the problem with apple is they think they own the fucking industry industry which the highest percentage of people listen to podcasts. So on Apple podcasts. But they're slowly losing ground but anyways I took all of them down three months ago because nobody can keep track listening to right well. Enough Apple decided that in their ide- tag so when you're actually creating episode for a podcast there's ID tags so you can put the episode number in the ID tag in Apple podcasts. When it goes in grabs the podcast feed from your R S S? The episode numbers. Already there. So they're saying stop putting the episode numbers in the title title. Because we're GONNA do that for you now. So stop. People weren't because they didn't know or they didn't think it was true ensures. Shit they started taking podcast down literally literally fucking removing him. So that's why the episode numbers are gone now. Youtube episode numbers are up. I've kept them there because I've got nothing from Youtube to take them down and so they've stayed. But we are at one hundred episodes. Congratulations to you. Congratulations to crystal Lauren in arena for or a feat that is not accomplished by many podcasters. Yeah you it's definitely interesting right and we're just stubborn. Well we're assholes Stubborn astles stubborn. Just like me with my Mustache Agata. Here that's coming up next week has started a little early. What Kinda Anna Candy tootsie rolls? Touchy Rose Yeah Yeah the big ones are a little and the big ones because size matters in when I give them the kids I actually bend bend over and act like I'm pooping out when a hand it to them classy move. Yep I painted free candy in the side of my truck earlier today but yeah I mean huge. A lot of podcasters. Don't make it to twenty episodes let alone one hundred. You know how difficult it is you've seen the scheduling issues. You seen the insulations relations. The how many times did I say. Hey we got this celebrity coming out of that celebrity coming on and then they'd cancel so we'd stop the people that were having people on because we just didn't know if they'd cancel last minute or not Lotte learning curves a lot. Big Learning experience experienced. Fuck we're still learning. Look at we just recorded fucking ten minutes or fifteen minutes of audio. That we didn't even record he's good practice. Run it happens. That's what happens when you get old and speaking of old miss out. Not only. Is it Halloween this week. which is my favorite holiday? Big Holiday Right People's sure yeah mine too because girls dress slutty. I liked that is candy but yeah girls are nice to very very famous person's birthday. He sounds like a stud he is. He's a big stud. It's your fucking birthday man twenty-five yet twenty-five twenty-five again plus eleven I can't add so I'll just keep twenty five thirty six thirty six. Yeah I don't know where the time time went goes by so fast. I remember one day I woke up I was twelve and now here we are. It's like we wish our life away a lot of the Times because we're like you're remember when you were like twelve and you're like fuck. I can't wait until I get my driver's license. I can drive myself to the mall while month. Seemed like a long time. Candice talked about that. A few episodes ago aware like our summers felt longer now. Like when I go get my blood work done through work like you know like those two days seem like forever. 'cause I'm just waiting to see how bad the pepperonis where my body I just like expect to open up the envelope and see like a pepperoni or chicken wing Emoji next l.. Do surprisingly it's all been good. It's like waiting for a Christmas card or birthday card from your mom. You know like you're out the mailbox and lady comes up and your relations you're not healthy. They eat a salad. I'm glad to hear that you're stuff's good but we do pay more attention to that stuff as we get older. It's funny I started paying attention to it a few years before before my fortieth birthday in still wait for it in the mail like I know it comes three four days after my blood tests for work and you know what if they did this year they fucked it up because I get it and I open it up. You know. I'm all excited. Because you know it's fucking blood work in forty one. I'm at the age. Where if if I feel a little twinge in my chest I'm like Oh faulk it's February later I'm fucking dying or it's cancer accuser? People die at my age. It's scary so so I open it all up. Alec cited Sure Shit. There's like three or four numbers that are off their high. Your estrogens yeah masterton too much. I think this is the wrong stuff. This is a Mike and the three or four that were high. I thought thought maybe they weren't because they're typically numbers. My Glucose was high My triglycerides were high. And I'm like man my cholesterol's never been high. It really doesn't run in my family. My Glucose never been a problem although I'm eating like a fat fucking pig lately but they had me marked down Izzo so I was fasting really so the number offsets were different. Was Fasting and non fasting surprises me. Those like I eat like a lot of red meat like probably more than I should. Good like an unhealthy amount of red meat and my cholesterol still only like one fifty. Yeah but I I think. Cholesterol is one of those hereditary things. Yeah you're GONNA GONNA have high cholesterol or you're not gonNA have high cholesterol. I eat the grass fed stuff too though. So it's like not as fatty. Yeah and I'll do that. In Bison vises Soga is super lean gene. I'm not leading. You can tell look. I hope you've been doing good. You've been in the gym. I have you've been in the gym more than me and I used the gym every day. You can tell you though. I'm a pudgy healthy. Well Hey it doesn't even matter. Are you happy. Oh yeah that's all that matters. I don't don't we when I go upstairs anymore right. I've gained like ten pounds but like everything's still fits. So I'm just gonNA chalked it up. It's all muscle. It's all muscle. Always Chalk. It up his muscle. Yeah I'm going to say it's like eight pounds muscle two pounds water. There you go. That's a good ratio that works. It's not Japan so I started cross bit last month. I brought it up when I was Did the episode with Ember Snow. And I haven't been since since that last time only because I'm actually starting fulltime in cross fit again. It's snack cross functional fitness. It's not an actual branded Jim and I start November. I'm going to be dying three or four days a week and I'm looking forward to it because I'm looking forward to get back into shape so the funny thing is like we're just talking about getting older. I go to the gym now. I like go do squats or my dad lifts now and I'm like I bet you I can get to like three fifty four one hundred and I'm like well you know what I'm pushing forty I think I'll just stay to the seventy five days. I stayed there three hundred right now. Everything's thanks still working the same reason to push it anymore. Yeah that's why I should work out with you. I should get a membership there with you just so I can go and push you a little bit. Because that's it's what you need. You need that person to be afraid of thing. Frayed of like blowing out microlender. My fucking dangerous or something. You won't blow out your Cole and you'll be fine. That's embarrassing. You're still only thirty five thirty six. You'll be thirty six. Yes on Thursday but another another big day. A lot of big things hundred episode. Sali's thirty six birthday. We've got Halloween coming right up all Saints Day. I'll wet. Who celebrates at at Notre Dame? No Catholics I know. I'm a Catholic and editor even remember holiday. I'm here are you allowed to have cake cake. Cake okay blood. Work done Back to the one hundred episode thing on that as I'm getting older I do a lot more reflecting and I'm just amazed by all the people we've interacted with head on the show and it's just a great time. Well we started our our first actual podcast from facebook. Live because anybody that's followed us. Since the beginning knows we started facebook life gun control troll was the first actual podcast published and February twenty first of last year and then after that We had God's plan with Ross Ross Patterson and Rachel burly so Ross was obviously good shit. He's funniest he is one of the hosts of the drink umbro's rose podcast which was a great podcast? We name that episode. God's plan because remember Ross used that in the episode in remember number we kept saying God's Plan God's plan and still to this day occasionally and an episode. You'll hear US say God's plan and that's the episode referring hiring back into and it's essentially our first podcast episode but not only that with him. We also announced at that time that Rachel Barley was going to be co host and surprisingly enough. We haven't gone through co hosts like many others do. We've we've actually kept crystal the whole time and obviously Lauren and reenter on. They've been with us since about April of this year but Rachel agreed command and and be a co host with us and then she just got too busy But again I mean for the amount of time we've been around In having her be the only only one that ended up moving on from the podcast is a pretty good fi But she was cool a shit rocker. Yeah she was the one that we talked about Rookie Roulette with Do you have like a top ten list of schoser night like any specific order but like memorable shows for you I guess call it. It's tough it is tough because every time we do an episode we seem to get better and after after we do a show unlike that was fucking best show like. I always think that there are best shows after we finish them. I mean you look back and we've had so many different people on already harmony Marquees Felicia Taylor who's a playboy playboy model. She was our first legit model. We had on national fire. Radio with Jared and rob those are good dudes gray show with them drivers was on with us. You like those episodes of best so far Hours hitherto best. I just enjoyed talking to them. I think they're just wants to stuck out. You Know E. J. a Egypt hilarious. EJ was great. He was a great show. You know what I think makes a lot of those shows is because they can hold a conversation. Because we've had some interviews news where we've both had to like work on them. Oh well when it made me feel the most uncomfortable and not because of the person was talking to but just because I didn't know how to react act to some of the things he was saying. Was Nick yards. Nick just blew my mind with just everything that he went through now just at a loss for words. I guess it's just the best this way to describe the episode. Probably one of our more powerful episode yet besides the Psychic Greg Stanley one in I absolutely loved that episode. I think volt of us were just kind of in awe hearing what Nick had to say the one thing and the inside that I can talk about that episode was a hated the fucking audio. His audio was so quiet in for me to try to bring that up and post processing was very very difficult. I I even sent that episode out to audio engineer to try to get Knicks audio up but those are the things that our listeners. Don't they don't no no. They hear this episode fucked the audio slow. I gotta turn it up and then we talk and it's loaded it's one of those things still great content. Though he was a super super cool dude to talk to very down to Earth after everything he was bent through another one I really enjoyed was Sylvia. Sage Salvia was cool. The thing I liked about her though she has a podcast with a physician. And you're able to maybe send her questions and find out a little bit more about like that sexual activity that you're not comfortable asking mom or dad about you know our friends. I'm very educational very open with everything and super down to Earth in very intelligent. She's interactive with their fan base and agree and I subscribed to both of her podcasts. And listen to them not daily but on occasion occasion. Yeah when you can catch up. Yeah just like our listeners. Do with this podcast people catch up. They just don't have the time I can tell you what one of my absolute favorite episodes was. Where my which is at with Ashley Smith and Lauren. Oh my God it was so much fun it was. It's the first time we ever had lauren with us. I think my face actually hurt from laughing so hard you know it was such a good episode in there so we need to get other with those two we are. We gotta actually gotTa talk to Lauren because we were talking about maybe a mid November recording with both of them Just to try to get them out here prior we're to the snow flying. Yep agreed. Greg Stanley was another great episode. That I absolutely loved another deep episode. Powerful full he read our cards right right. Yeah but he like nailed crystal in you. Yeah he's pretty accurate. I I can't even begin to say unless you go back. And listen to that episode. How powerful it was when you hear somebody talk about Somebody's life and people in their lives that have passed in. It's all correct. That's that's pretty moving and I think off of that one of the biggest influences that we've had on has you know has really changed my way of thinking and my way of life Sean whalen and even before we had him on the podcast you know. I followed him We both have his book. We both listen to his podcast whenever he publishes new content both follow him on instagram and facebook and such when he's not banned But definitely very very influential and definitely makes you see the good in life. Well it's tough for me to say this because you know you and I are just you and I. Hi where you've got Sean whalen WHO's Motivational Speaker to a hundred and thousands of people in sells out arenas and stuff speaking adding to them but we speak the truth whether People WanNa hear it or not what we say on here is the truth in nets a lot. What Sean does the ugly facts you know? People don't WanNa hear Sean whalen saying you're fucking lazy your fat because you're fucking lazy. See that's the truth in a lot of people don't WanNa hear that they want. They want their back scratch before you tell them they're fat. I'm fat because I'm lazy. I work out out to not be so easy right now. It's just a it's just it is what it is. It's a vicious cycle. But Yeah I think you hit the nail in ahead is you know. He's not just speaking the truth. Brussel finding your truth right. And that's I think that's a very important thing to touch on. So yeah there's just been so many Saint Paddy's as day when was hilarious too and that was a blast to record what was funny about that episode and that I don't think a lot of our listeners. New was our recorder order that we record into its zoom h six it's called and it's a higher and a recording piece podcasters us. I mean we're talking upwards of five six six hundred dollars and it died. The batteries ran out. And now we're drunk and we're having a blast. We're we're talking away. It was almost like the beginning of this episode. And Yeah I finally notice that the batteries are dead and we hadn't been recording for like ten minutes so with that episode. Seems like it just cut off at the end. Well it Kinda just. Because I couldn't Meld it was very difficult for me to post host at it and Meld the two together for one. We started recording again. Yeah let's be honest it was just a shit show. It was but it was funny because we were just talking and having fun fun. Obviously we've had a few porn stars. Join US and out of all of them. I don't have particularly a favourite because I think they all all brough something a little bit different to the table but the one that's made multiple appearances on our podcast is making another one very soon. Hesitant intent is Kinda James. That's my girl. Yes she's awesome yeah. She's super cool. She's like talking to a little sister. Yeah totally holy down to Earth Funny Fun just laid back doesn't give a flying faulk about anything and we always have a blast with her and I think a lot of that usually usually. She's like us. We just haven't grown up like we're just about seeing the good in life and the laughter. We'll try not to focus so much on age. You know I mean I know we talked about that gang up so with your birthday and everything but it's I try not to focus on my age. I focused more on how I feel if I feel good I am doing stuff and I'm busy. I feel like I'm twenty. Yeah I don't feel like I'm forty one. We've also done our business spotlight lates. We've had Halligan bottle. openers firefighter that makes about openers. America's going blue which Dave Shala is a huge supporter of us and and Follower and fan a friend. His facebook group is awesome to be a part of the enjoy sharing our episodes which we appreciate big support Great stuff there but we had them on for Business Ballet. We had vigilant fire training gunslingers nation we had brothers helping brothers B. S. H. Gun works fireball approves Lunar Ground Shop which they are now and path heart company. They changed the name. Are there business now. Look I support all these businesses. If I'm looking for something. In particular from one of their businesses I go and support them but my favorite favourite in probably only. Because we're able to do it on location in. It is yet to be one of our only on location. PODCASTS recordings I was practically nation. Yeah does a great interview because Tim had so much to offer in the aspect of not only what his business does but we get into a lot of talks about life in general with them probably my favorite possess spotlight angry and then the fan favourite Detroit series stories. Yeah the truth series is huge. Shred shredded is very popular. One people always want to know when the next one's coming out. What's interesting about that as I was looking the other day? And when we serve recording our latest truce series which just aired. I wasn't sure if it was true. Series episode six or or seven so I said seven in the recording. I was right. I'm right most of the time most of the time that all the time ten times out of nine year eight ten times out of nine and what I found is it's almost every tenth episode really. Yeah on the money. That's not even on purpose. No that's that's just how it's worked out and it's not exactly ten episodes. The first three were exactly ten episodes apart. The last four we've done were pretty damn close. Yeah or what are the odds of that where you're not really planning. We don't do it on purpose. Which is funny right? Because I'm sure there's people out there that think that we plan this like methodically. I mean there is some stuff we methodically. It's all we take right now. We meant to do that. We meant to do that if it sounds good or it was good. We meant to do that exactly. And that's having an solely advice for this episode. Always say you meant to do it but yeah it's just a scheduling juuling thing with him. It's when a streak and get together. You know so you're busy. You're doing a lot more training with work. I'm busy with the kids and running around especially this time of year between soccer and dance Shreds busy because he has a business on the side and does other things so there's a lot of different different things going on between the three of us into get us together. It's not easy but we've forged through it because Nedeli shred love. Doing that series with us are fans loved the episodes in we love making the episode with him and I go back. I'm like why this whole thing started to begin with. Was The post traumatic stress. US just to be vocal and give people a place to go and just get their mind off of life and I think it helps us with that as well too. I mean I don't want to speak for you but I think this is definitely the something that's been almost therapeutic for me in a sense absolutely And it's just you can speak for me. Yes you know it has been for me and and it's just a it's just been a blast. It's been a lot of fun. I'm sure just like you there's times you like Gees like I gotTa go record in ten minutes but then as soon as you hit the mic you're offering and that goes away. I think a lot of that has to do with yours and I- personalities we can talk you know there's a lot of people that I don't know what's talk about in if you think about that as you're listening to the sink about one hundred and actually it's like I said before it's one one hundred sixteen to one hundred and eighteen episodes anywhere between forty in sixty two sometimes even seventy eighty ninety minutes long long think about the content. Think about how much we have to talk about. In how every week we got to change it up a little bit talk about something a little bit different. And that's not easy. Were personable enough in. Were you know. We're obviously close friends that we can have these conversation. It's just like at a whim and not a lot of people able to do that. And I think that's probably why a lot of people pod Fade in Pot feedings when you do the twenty episodes and you go away. It's not easy to come up with twenty episodes of content. Little five let alone five let alone one hundred Or five guests or five whatever. Yeah and you know. Don't get me fucking wrong. That's not me like being cocky or conceited or anything like that. Yeah it's just that's relatable. I think a lot of people can sit right now whether listening to this and think like Holy Shit just right now come up with five topics off the top of your head and think about him well. It's just a standard of the industry. You're like if you don't make it to twenty. There's a high probability that you're going to fade out. It's one of those. Oh sings and we do a good job with that. We have a good mix of people. Fuck we've had Perez Hilton on with us. Did you ever think February fourteenth fourteenth of two thousand eighteen that we'd have press Hilton on an episode with us not just him but like we just listed those we missed. Why the fuck would I want to talk? I mean you know like I'm just I'm just thankful for the people that are GonNa come on and talk to us let alone Perez Hilton or Sean whalen or the many other people that we've named like who who the fuck wants to talk to Chubby Irish guy and a guy with a sexy mustache. Lucky but again. I think it's because because we're personable. I mean at this point now it becomes a little bit easier. It's not super easy. Becomes a little bit easier because we have the resume somme built. We have the people that we've had on in. We haven't run into any issues with anybody. We don't bring him onto motherfucking. We didn't have the strippers on to talk to them. In mother fuck them and make them sound like shitty people. We're not looking to set anybody up and we don't have porn stars on just to talk about sex. What's the entire episode? We change it up. There's different things that you can get out of different people and that's all questioning and positioning and we do well at that. Yeah I agree I WANNA look at one year ago. Our episode actually dropped on Halloween and it was the the people from paranoia punchers. Remember them we talked about the rolling hills asylum which is by here. We did a little spooky type Episode episode with them which was pretty cool. We didn't do that this year. Because it is our hundredth episode. And it's your birthday and we had so much other stuff to talk about this week. That was in my mind more important than doing a spooky type. Yeah episode but that was pretty cool so one year ago. We had the paranormal paranormal. Punchers folks in just a couple of weeks ago. He had down to Derek Cohen. I mean Baywatch Babe. The she intimidated shit out of me. I know well you you know what after we get done recording that podcast and we're off recording. We told her that you know. We're up front with these guests when we talked to them and we told older that we've had a lot of pretty girls but we've never had a sex symbol right. Sex Symbol from a television show of the late nineties. He's really two thousand yeah. She was huge in her Pam Anderson. At just I don't even WanNa talk about what many teenage boys probably did in the bathroom. My voice was all squeezing my palms sweaty. She was cool and again. Another one of those people like you said that you just never thought we would have the opportunity to beyond with in. I had multiple of our listeners. Email me and message man facebook saying how jealous they were of awesome. We're able to talk to her again. We're grateful for that. I'm appreciative of her time but I don't call her every day. I don't Texter I don't. He's tried right yes she she doesn't fuck an answering back damn it she just like Taylor. Tt speaking t t when you go to it dude. I went on the other day so I became a member of her fan club and exclusive member of her fan club. President Alright not president yet. But I'm working my way there it so they had a virtual queue for her tickets for Foxboro Stadium Massachusetts next July thirty first or August first. She had to put down which you wanted. I in which they wanted second I waited in virtual line for four hours. Virtual Line Yup ticketmaster master as a verified exclusive fan. So this wasn't open to the general public. This was high clash it going in ten thousand teenagers. Yemeni three hours and virtual reality line ten thousand teenagers and Kevin so it had a little man walking across the screen on my phone and and the line kept moving little by little by little said you are two thousand plus in the queue line. Jesus stay patient. Stay patient Blah Blah Blah. Well it updated like every minute man. You can literally see a clock but the little man would update like every minute and after about two hours it it updated to say regular tickets. Were no longer available in platinum upper level and something else was available. Some other seat was available. All the arrests were sold out so I still wait. Got To less than an hour in the queue and I had been in Annaborough bub three and a half hours at this point and boom. I'm in you know what it says to me. We're sorry we're sold out. Oh fuck are you you serious. Guess How mad I was four hours to get a second year and I'm a verified exclusive fan lead member. Yeah so do you think I wrote a tax to fucking Taylor. Of course I did. No Shit haven't hurt. She hasn't even read it. She probably knows it's me a nasty Graham. She doesn't even read it but yeah I'm GonNa look because I'd like to try to go. I'm going to look. I can only imagine what the price of the tickets are GONNA be. Yeah that's crazy. 'cause she has dropped new album to she said she was on us and the other night she wasn't I didn't watch him go. Yeah I was protesting Taylor so I'm GONNA look but I did look in. They were sold out of her. Verified exclusive members tickets. They had other tickets available so I went in and I looked there were seats going for six hundred dollars apiece buck. That's and they weren't even on the floor war which I don't care to be on the floor. Yeah but they were higher up and then the ones that were way up in the nosebleeds. Now remember you're in Foxborough. You're not just fucking sitting in a grandstand fucking high school football field. You're in Foxborough fucking stadium. In the five hundred level seats. Were selling for four hundred in thirty dollars a piece. She's a little SPEC afield. Yeah Yeah Fuck that. Bring the fucking buynaksk honey. Because that's the only way we're seeing Taylor Hook it. I just I don't know so I'm going to look and see it too. Prices what the prices look like. I'm hoping Taylor gets back to me. And we can actually just have her campus purpose some Bass Age. I doubt it especially up to the nasty gram. Yeah we've had plenty of talks about Taylor swift actually. Actually we just had one back in August that I that I entitled Taylor Swift Hobby or Slobby. That's probably shadow band. I figured figured it out. So yeah you got in God. Damn it shouldn't have named it that recently we had mop gear LLC and and they were great national fire radio as you stated before a couple of good dudes did touch on the true series. How much fun we have making those assode and you did talk at the end of last week's episode with shred about how we're GONNA came to restructure that true series episode eight comes down the line next month? That does you be a little restructuring there. We're GONNA hit off and the recent events going on in q in the first. What did we give give it a maximum thirty minutes or so we touch on that? And then we'd really delve into you know shit like did we really on the moon in and all that other shit so we can kinda gear back towards what original thought was and that series combat barbies been great addition. Absolutely love her. She's another one. It's fun talk to get. She's great. Everybody loves here in her very personable. Very down to Earth normal. She's got over five hundred thousand people following her on her instagram and she honestly feels like a sister to me literally texture on a weekly basis and she actually text me back just check in with her. She's doing Lawrence same way yeah. We've grown close enough with them in a short time that we they've even ed mentioned in person when you do this like you said it's a little bit of an outlet and a little bit of therapy. Be You definitely grow a relationship more. I feel There's a little bit more there because if you think about it there's got to be trust. I think about that weekly I think about the trust that you guys all put in meat to edit these episodes because there's some times when we'd screw up and we make mistakes and if that gets left in that may not be a good thing for us whether that be me you re Anna. Because there's there's things is that really doesn't want out there that's personal that talks us about Lauren. Crystal there's a lot of trust there that you have in me and I appreciate that because that makes me feel good here. I've got four people that are basically putting their lives in my hands in in I am but outside hi to that. We don't talk to just crystal and Lauren in Riana on here. We talk outside of here as well. We forge those relationships and we grow. Oh those relationships with them and they're strong in their good Lauren look at Lauren's sister. We got three hot s sisters. It makes me WanNa talk about incest porn with some of the porn stars. We have sorry I had to. We had to dig deep At some point here we've held the line pretty good. Does it make me the fat brother. The chubby brother the one that sets in plays video games all day all day. You in crystal looking back into May when you guys to the episode on Your Own That was fun. It's the only episode I've ever missed number one and number to you guys did it on your own. You actually recorded it I did the editing. Obviously but you guys actually remembered. Hit the record button on like me. You're able able to do that on your own. So that made me proud of you guys and it was a great episode. Aca Push a button pretty good and I know it seems a lot harder than it is. It's really not that bad. You know what it is. It is harder in person yet when we do the true series episodes to make sure all those cords and this thing is this this charged right. It's a lot more difficult in person but the audio is better because you can hear sometimes Lauren Lauren. Rena in crystals sound. They're on their phones in there talking to us via a web APP sometimes it's gets choppy Pity and I wish I could make that better but unfortunately were our hands are tied with what we've got and we used best stuff amvest apps that we can already at this point is just to nature of the beast it is. I have to say now that we've had time to talk about it and we've gone through a bunch of the episodes and obviously easily probably a majority of the episodes have been just you and I Christa was on a majority through better part of last year her work schedule is obviously asleep changed. Show that's why she hasn't been on lately but my favorite episode to date was the episode. Would with Ashley and Lauren. Yeah we were in studio. We're able to see each other and conversely sitting around just like we say in our description a campfire We hit it off immediately. We had fun. We joked we had so much in common with them and we should've taken him out to dinner after but they both had. I had to go let their dogs out. At least that's the excuse they gave. Actually I think they said it has a washer hair. They might if there was some it was some excuse. I don't remember but maybe the next extend they come out we can We could take a mountain for sure. Get something to eat and you know little appreciation dinner for those two Another one was Jason Piccolo. Yeah Jason Jason joined US last week For the first little part of the true series part seven shred But he did have another episode in July first first this year with us of just him. Yeah he was interesting to talk to about the whistle blowing at the border and stuff. That was quite I opening what was most interesting to me was the fact that we had done. An episode was shred a few weeks prior to that already talking about child trafficking and then boom here we go we get this guy right right after that was a national whistleblower and We couldn't have been better timing for that. That was planned just like everything else. We're very strategic. And what we do. What do you do for your birthday? I went to early. Bills came to see the dolphins play just because it was the closest to my birthday with reasonable prices because of the dolphins suck so we got Jim Kelly clubs tickets for my birthday. 'cause they keep the bar open all day is say do. Yeah so we're going to go up there and if it's it's cold yeah you got two heaters the heaters yeah. That's the way to go if you go to buffalo bills game. That's definitely the way to go because it's outside there's I'm Jim Kelly clubs outside the T. one is an MNT. Now I was GonNa say it was Time Warner if the glass box horrible because you don't hear any of the stadium at all more fully business meetings and stuff you off yet is it is I mean they have stadium style seating and there were you know it's tiered tables. See over the guy in front of you and everything but you just you don't hear any of the fucking football game you hear the commentators and then you see the football game so I don't know I like the Jim Kelly club way better. The last buffalo game I went to was green. Bay came to Buffalo. And that's where we sat. Jim Kelly Club. Yes that's can be fun looking forward to it the way to go halloween trick or treat you take an dogs around trick or treating to go sit outside and handle candy. I'll probably see you. Yeah there's a ton of kids my neighborhood. Well now it's a whole loop. Yeah it's going to be created by the fucking Pellett at my house. I just have to buy like six Foale candy bars and other snow kids. It's like a little under street. This is this is the benefit with eighty year old neighbors. Yeah eventually it will go away but it's one of the benefits. I mean it's cute to watch them all dressed up and yeah it's fun seeing all the adults you know and you WanNa on a beer you walking around the circle might as well write a Colin with you. There's one guy up the street was taking the girls out bright four or five years ago in our neighborhood hood and he gave me a glass of whisky. Nice Yeah. He's a classy guy. Yeah so I was able to have a glass of whisky and walk the neighborhood the girls. I don't have my this year. I only have AVA so private. Me and Herkus Christina loves to sit here and look at all the kids like you said and see him all dressed up. I love fall. I just love everything about the fall. You hate to fuck and he I do. I don't it's not he it's humidity. I don't like humidity because I was fine. I I can't do sticky hot muggy. Mary ball stick the side of your leg Chubby guy get the boob sweat are hundred episodes. So congratulations adulation to you. My friend was well to one hundred more happy Halloween this week. Happy Birthday to you. This is a good fucking week. Miss the taste good week leaves their fallen pumpkin spice as flow and donuts are frying in fucking hundredth episodes dropping. So thank you to all of our listeners for sticking around one hundred episodes. If you haven't listened to some of the ones that we mentioned on here tonight go listen the really good episodes. It's all the way back to even the first one. We did the audio as you back. Further may not be as good. But I can tell you that I've listened to some podcasts as of late and it's better than there. I'm just going to say that we weren't the worst but we weren't the best. We do what we do you anyways. Happy Birthday so happy Halloween. And we'll talk to you. Thanks Week. These take that. Wait don't go away yet because there's still more heavily listened to some of our favorite clips over the course of the last one hundred episodes coach because not everybody makes a big right now. Not Everybody Mesa Bag. And even if you didn't want to do like that there's always the option of Webcam On Derek which is also really good. You can tell from your home. It's easy you make your own hours and it's fun. I consider doing that. Yeah I was going to do like a my free camps or one of those make some extra cash. I'm not coming over. Which would you buy? This is how it starts. This is how it starts in a donut so this year. It's like good vibes relaxation. No drama you're GONNA have some lesbian sex with Jessica in in Vegas or oh. I don't know I'm just asking Jessica who you're going with Heather Heather. Sorry Heather her and heather is actually see bird. I'm so freaking smart. I'm also lesbian. I mean could there be some temptation there. I mean this is like a temptation week now going to go get massages in might be worth a try UH continuing on a downward trajectory this year will be the whole car dash e in Jenner uh-huh Pyre two thousand eighteen. I think a lot of media finally woke up to a lot of general public already saw. which is that the Kardashians are over and I see the stories are starting to come out? Oh ratings are way down. Oh they're closing there at this. That and the other you know they'll still be famous and still be successful beyond belief but it's not going up that's for sure and it's actually not Saudi disdain status quo. It's going down tomboyish wedding. I was shaking and I go to the marine. I said how did it become a marine and even females could become marine and he was like you and I was thinking the same thing he was on this small girly girl. And I'm like yeah me I'm like I want to see this possible. How do I do this? I don't nothing about the ranks. I didn't even know where I would go for training but I WANNA do it because I don't think I can't but I want to try in that time with everything in life even if I don't think I can I want to give it a shot so I don't spend the rest of my life wondering what if so obviously sex sells right not to say that I work cricket love showing myself off at came from my mom and my grandmother like honey. Better rock that body while still hot sound like she still tells me that people are saying how dare ensure goods but that is the I love that you see yourself cover up but me myself. I'd show my body. And some dudes just continued doing the basics over and over and over again until they became a master and now the best in the world everybody wants to hit home runs everybody. Who's in Chris town? The guys enter swinging for the fences or not in cooperstown. Cal ripken's cooperstown moved off to. Yeah I mean he was he was he was one of the best players they were play the game and he just showed up every day got on base. And that's one of the you know. We we talk about the king eating I and one of the other philosophies and things that we talked about is success swinging singles. Yeah that's my goal. Every day you find success in singles the more times you get on base the more chances you have the score Lewis's acting but I kind of laugh at route think. The death penalty is worse. Being if people pay attention to isolate isolate a recognized. I asked to be executed for crimes. I did not do rather than brought airs arrested Pine Life because the foolish thing you could ever do is we can be is to lock the minute cell and let them watch the rest of life on both you the there that is ten times worse than any execution because if the person is really let go we all forget this is why I kinda were all dying. We all gave AH underage deficit. This same person jumping up and down throwing out the definitely can get run over tomorrow. So there're definitely got carried out frivolous folly of our ignorance is on display every time we think we're getting something out of killing someone. I promise you had the worst possible thing you can do to. Anyone is life without the possibility role that person knew their twist anguish for advert. I'm when I was in Miami New York I met a My first wife and just cried for who I was starting to live this playboy lifestyle we more than one girl and at that Tomoe is younger and also. This is a little bit abnormal. It's crazy the way I'm living I'm getting away with it. Goes a happy with it and then my ex wife came along this the way to combine to settle damn cock kicked down going so I decided allotted to to get married in Venezuela and they had two children and I was married for ten years. Normal marriage is such fife breath and it didn't work and then we separate in two thousand eight knifing from hotties three thousand nine through the first feature rained Katyusha. Eddie Shaw Pool Party and obviously hide gills hostesses roller skates and one of those girls became my wife. Hacia say she worked for me at First Candy Shop Party has known now. How many parties have you had? If the candy shop matching sense It's it's been one to every year so in the first three years there was a year. Big Ones Yeah. I do have from my birthday party. You're stranded die easy Christmas and then the big one is usually the first satellite office. How does one get invited to that party? Asking for a a friend go ahead tell me actually always three on. But you got time laying in bed. And I'm literally noisemaker Boeing annoyed louder than anything train safe. What what is what is the noisemakers at like crooked rain iphone and you could choose a million different I would imagine every night to rain on a tent. It's falling but you can pick everything you could pick even Microwave washing machine. I mean they have an awesome. Yeah and so I told you can't find by with this so I turned mine all the way on. I was fine if she had. But it was a hundred Andre the south of the Dog Stanley Park right here. We have no. Can we turn it. Sounds like I can't turn on a couple of turn out a little bit. McKay she gets up goes to the bathroom. I turned humor. Flag comes back doesn't notice pass out I turn all That is so much more sick than that. I wish it was something like that really. That would be like something. We could understand as normal human coming beings what this truly is is so demented disgusting in the. You can't even put your mind on if I it wasn't going to tell you what it is. You wouldn't be able to ever have an imagination that would take you to the point of what it is part three of that true series. We discussed child trafficking in detail and his feeling on that is they want the open borders. I because of exactly what you blew the whistle. Yes certain five thousand dollars a pop. They're using these kids over and over again and you know growing if you think you know everything's black and white and you know they're really can't be that evil people out there but there are absolutely evil people using these little kids. I I think you hit the nail right on the head. I think the truth is so scary for the majority of the population that it's just easier to point the finger at an individual like trump trump or whoever happens to be sitting in a chair that day that's easy because the fix will be in four years and it's easy to place blame them. Yeah and that's the thing about the those spreadsheets spedding and everything else is like. Do you really want to know what's going on. I mean because there is some stigma time for you. I you successfully do three challenges. Did it twenty one days is very I skydiver do it TV. I was a huge fan of survivor. I probably fly fourteen times to this. This show they finally gave me a call and they're like hey got the perfect season for you so I tried out for season. Twenty one was violence for the Nicaragua. Season all good to go make the cast. They replaced with the football coach. Jimmy Johnson Listen Harry situations. They're early Harry you let the situation dictate your action. I try to always that my actions dictate the situation and go in there with my big ass falls right big cows knuckles big ass knife and my ranger. Grou- say WHOA Carol Bella Halos tail horns placing it just got the whole world. Yeah it. It's cutting into your exercise time. It stabbing you in the back nine. And it's attacking your peace of

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