Black Ops: COINTELPRO & The U.S. Government's Ongoing Demonization of Black Activism [2020]


I am brother Cornell West. Commentator was this is Chuck d public enemy property rate, and this is new. Everyone. This is many faces, producer and host of newsbeat. Is Journalism and hip hop to shine a light on social injustices and just maybe help spark some change. So. We should all know the history of June eighteenth by now on June nineteenth, eighteen, sixty, five Major General Gordon, Granger, of the Union army, arrived in Galveston Texas and announced that the American civil war was over, and that all enslave peoples. were quote unquote free. Now keep in mind that confederate commander General Robert Lee surrendered that April and President Abraham Lincoln. Just days later had issued the emancipation proclamation, abolishing slavery and rebel states, two and a half years earlier. Despite the federal order, the drive to keep black Americans in chains, started nearly as soon as granger's words crossed his lips, and continues through today whether physically or invisibly via black codes and Jim Crow, laws, systemic racism and structural socioeconomic inequalities or horrific horrific acts of terror. Tragically true freedom is still elusive, and the shackles of slavery are still all too real for so many. In commemoration of this year's June, eighteenth and less people, flood the streets all across this country, calling for justice equality, and an end to police brutality among other demands, testament that the struggle is still far far from over. We're releasing an episode documents proof of this Modern Day, state-sponsored slavery, highlighting sinister and covert FBI initiative code named Cohen. Tell pro short for counter intelligence program do surveillance paid performance, espionage and brutal violence? One of its stated purposes was to quote expose disrupt direct, discredit, or otherwise neutralize the activities of black nationalist hate type organizations in groupings, their leadership spokesman, membership and supporters another to quote prevent the rise of a Messiah who could unify electrify the militant black nationalist movement. In other words crush dissent and anyone who challenged the historic status quo of this nation's legacy of white supremacy, now illuminating all this for us, explaining how coincidental pros ghastly tactics and spirit are still alive and well today actively being used to obliterate modern day descent, especially against the protest movements of marginalized. Communities Stephen Renderos executive. Director of nonprofit national racial justice hub. Media Justice Michael German fellow with the nonprofit, Brennan Centers for Justice is Liberty and national security program and former FBI special agent. And Glenn Ford acclaimed journalist, political activist and executive editor of Progressive Online Video News Network Black Agenda Report. I very special musical guest on this important episode, New York based HIP hop, fusion, artists, Dj Educator, activist, and one of artists in residence liquid, as always considered subscribing rating and reviewing US whatever platform you're listening on for more about us and more about these issues checkout US newsbeat dot com. Once again. This manny faces in on behalf of the Maury creative studios and newsbeat teams. We wish you the best. During these troubling transformative times, and in commemoration of June eighteenth, and the relentless pursuit of equality. Here is black. OPS Coen sell pro and the US government's. Demonization of black activism. There has never been full public accounting of FBI domestic intelligence operation. Therefore, this committee has undertaken such an investigation. It's purpose is not to impair the FBI is legitimate law, enforcement and counter espionage functions, but rather to evaluate domestic indulgence, according to the standards of the Constitution and the statutes of our land. In fact, even the United States proved not to be immune to the abuse of sales in the nineteen sixties, government spied on civil rights, leaders and critics. Vietnam War I've often reminded myself I would not be where I am today. We're not for the courage of dissidents like Dr King. who were spied upon by their own government Edward Snowden is the twenty nine year old intelligence. Intelligence contractor who leaked the top secret national security agency information, revealing the incredible extent to which the US government is monitoring and keeping records of not just our phone calls, but also apparently our emails Internet searches, downloads, photos, facebook, pages, and on in lives matter protests which erupted in the aftermath of police killings of Michael Brown and Freddie Gray have been closely monitored by the Department of Homeland Security in a new report. The federal government spied on Muslim Americans for six years. According to the latest documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward noted an attorney two professors, the Executive Director of the Muslim organization care, even political candidate running for office. All of whom deny any ties to terrorism. The stock LAPD spying coalition based out of Los Angeles. Has this thing that goes balances not a moment in time. It's continuation in history. A lot of what we see in the realm of surveillance is that while in today's context, we understand surveillance affect everyone largely because technology and the tools and use it has always impacted very specific communities more than others. We can go back as far back as the time of slavery and reconstruction were policies were put into place like the New York lantern. was that prevented someone who was an African American to walk down the street at night without having a lantern on them. This was done for a couple of different reasons, one is to make their black bodies visible to the is of white people in their city, the second reason for it very deliberate to prevent black folks from actually engaging in conversation with each other at night, and the idea being that if there was to be subversiveness or plans of having that they would likely happen at night, and so the lantern launch were seen as a deterrent to prevent black communities from actually coming together and organizing. We've seen other examples throughout history where surveillance has been. Physically targeted towards those who are state. The government would consider political dissidents, so we saw this particularly around the movement with the emergence of the counterintelligence program quaint, cal pro, which had a very specific mission, it was to expose disrupt misdirect. And neutralize any groups of people organization that would threaten the national security of the United States and was threaten the social and political order of the State Counter Intelligence Program had a lot of notable figures that it targeted including. Martin Luther King Junior. Time has come for America to hear the truth now. Think the entire civil rights stroke. Including United. Muhammad Ali's. I won't justice you. My Home Romney you stand up for me. For my religious beliefs, and you want me to go somewhere and fight, but you stand. Me Jamal, who to this day sits in Prison Marshall, Conway, Fred Hampton one of the leaders in the Black Panther, party off included I'm poking ball in the American Indian movement bill, mean and other other bureau went so far as to mail anonymous letters to Dr King and his wife, which were mailed shortly before he was awarded. The Nobel Peace Prize and finish with this suggestion. Came! There is only one thing left for you to. Do you know what it is? You have just thirty four days in which to do it. This exact number has been selected for a specific reason that is definite. Practical significance equals thirty four days before the award. You done. After speaking by Dr. King Demeanor suggestion for suicide was. Standing Today, we see the designation of black identity extremists by the FBI, and how that's being used to justify leaper layers of surveillance of black activist people were out there, protesting against violence from police in black and unity people who are protesting the disinvestment of government, an infrastructure in black communities. These folks are now. The source of surveillance is coming from law enforcement agencies at the. The federal level, but also by law enforcement agencies at the hyper local level. There's an interesting case with the Aclu of Tennessee right now. That is going after the Memphis police department over something they call as City Hall. Escort list, which is essentially a list of people that if they happen to be on City Hall Ground Police are instructed to engage with them need. More than three hundred pages to this document concludes. Of Memphis officials putting them fiennes on blacklists and conducting social media surveillance on groups, some sitting leaders believed to be a potential to safety threats that list in Memphis and city hall, mostly covered activist involved with the black lives matter network, and as part of that lawsuit it also involves social media surveillance to creation of fake account by the local police department, trying to infiltrate facebook groups profiles that are closed to the public. It involves actual undercover and plain clothes, police officers, participating and attending events that are organized by the black community, so all of these things that are in danger. Don't actually end the real sense. Create any real threat to national security or to security of that community somehow become. Where you can justifiably deployed police officers engage in surveillance. These are a lot of the same tactics that we're seeing from the time of coin. Tell pro to today. Take Sudafed. Go with soon as they go. We go remove me power to the people. Policy, Paul. Controversial, concerning that community unity, it seemingly surgery, but within the. WHO OFF NOON Your billiards. Legal Abuse Execute, books holds the two Johnson support. They'll never take a song and so we rumble. Much. Protests. Over. In this society minority. Leader. Black identity extremists report the FBI produce was written. August third, twenty, seven seen, it leaked public sometime later, but again the extremists. That's the label, an internal report by the FBI. Counterterrorism Division is giving to black activists around the country report says they pose a growing threat of premeditated violence against law enforcement in response to police brutality, former government officials and legal experts say no such movement exists. Exists and this is an attempt by the FBI and the Donald Trump administration to find an equivalent threat to white supremacists in silence. Black activists of the controversial report comes in the wake of widespread protests by black lives, matter activists Louis and the State of Missouri came out last month off the of a white officer implicated in the killing of a black motorist back in twenty eleven. Police, arrested over three hundred protesters over the course of eighteen days in September and October, but officers were accused of using violent tactics against the demonstrators. It was problematic from a number of standpoints. First Kern sept of what it called a black identity extremist movement was extremely convoluted and overbroad in a way. That basically wouldn't or break. Any person who identified is black. Was Concerned about police violence, if we. So, that covers pretty much. Everyone. Part of the problem with a lot of these words is, is there so poorly written? They're not really providing any advice. Law Enforcement about what to do, and this reported igure. Suggested this movement that the FBI imagine. This black identity movement was a threat to. The black lives matters now being sued by a Black Dallas police officer Sergeant Dimitri Penny claims black lives. Matter and their supporters have incited a quote, a race war and violence against police. AL, Sharpton. George Soros President Obama and Hillary Clinton. All named in that lawsuit with five Dallas officers were killed during an ambush at the end of a black lives matter protests back in July. If you look at the data that's collected five. Three Morial Association for example they show, there are between fifty sixty fatal attacks on police officers year, which is too many one is. I don't think anybody questions, but if you look at the data again, it's a friend that is generally coming down back. Twenty thirteen I think record-low low. The idea that there is this war on please has grown around the time that the black lives matter movement. Hasbro it seems to be presented in a way. That considers this black lives matter. Movement owes two weeks, and this report would tend to exacerbate that problem rather than relieve it rather than say certainly, there are instances where. Officers and killed by people who intentionally out and it's estimated. Those people are sometimes black announced their white white extremists also. Period this morning. Police are investigating the home of a man with anti-government views who allegedly launched a full-frontal heavily armed assault on a courthouse in Georgia recording it on their cell. Phones couldn't believe it. Listen for yourself. Forty two year old David, Bruce, and sixty seven year old Devon, neum and members of the anti-government Sovereign Citizen Move Five Months Las Vegas. Police have been watching as the investigation progressed. We became aware that these two individuals were extreme. Their beliefs and we're actively plotting to kidnap and kill at least one southern, Nevada, police officer. Tactic of using what the FBI today calls. It's disruption strategy where even where there are not charges that can be saying. The FBI asserts in authority to engage in conduct disrupt the activities of people they feel are dangerous, and of course when you look through history that type of people he will feel are more dangerous. Tend to be people who don't like them are from the same neighborhood as they are or otherwise different from now and he s the I increasingly is a white male organization, so what they see dangerous tends to be unity's color and. And incidents who are challenging government policy and more pertinent into the black identity, three missing assessment who are actually protesting against police activity against law enforcement activity they feel is discriminating are unnecessarily aggressive in the use of force. So this is basically what happened after nine eleven is the FBI's guidelines were changed by the attorney general allowing them to target people. They had no reasonable basis disrespect for engaged violations law. The idea was that. If the government thinks you're a terrorist stemmed, it should have more authority to target you for US disruption activities and unfortunately. We've seen this in all different contexts, but physically in two thousand eight, the FBI actually formally introduced a racial and ethnic mapping program. Where they mapped American communities by race, ethnicity and the FBI is made up of our cog refers right. They're not drawn pretty pictures of your neighborhood. They're drawing lines on a map because they're treating people on one side of that line. From the other side of that loss when you have a federal agency that has a designation called black identity extremists, and that designation is being used in form policing practices of local law enforcement, if very much matters. Federal Agency is doing so we cannot lose sight of the fact that not only. Is there a historical legacy with this agency in which they've abused their power, but to this day continue to engage in practices that are particularly harmful to the civil rights of black communities in communities of color. There's a real need for leadership at the federal level from members of Congress and really holding the FBI accountable. It's what happened with the Church Committee and it needs to be replicated today. Can I get locked in the new cycle and indeed infatuation that folks have list supporting? The FBI investigation, Russia the communities that are being harmed by surveillance black community. Muslim Arab and South Asian immigrant community. CanNot Be. Sacrificed in service of. China make the hits in the. News Cycle. Travel. Travelers evilness. To new. High and mighty. Joe Hi. Cool is becoming highlighted with WHO. Zoom then on your loan. We got your finances. Publication Education Social. Media is subjugated. They got Mexican. See Recall they will inflammation wish. You. All The Patriot Act Nola. Head and. This church. Walks upon black three hats and the cat. Way To kill. Only resigning. Cohen, tell bro Never never went away ever certainly after nine eleven, everybody should be aware that the national security state went into high gear. This is a country that's spies, and is not ashamed on its own allies on the of state of Germany on the head of a Brazil on its friends in high places. Well, what do you think they are doing in terms of spying on the folks that they think are organizing sent among the most despised people in the United States Black America Kotel never went out of business. When this B. I.. E. Naaman creature came up. It's simply reminded us that the Coen tell like programs never die, but they do change nomenclature. They change their bureaucratic identities. Hallways the same. This country has had in effect a counter insurgency program in which many billions of dollars is committed certainly ever since the late sixties, mass incarceration regime that was put into effect was the United States answer to the black liberation movements of the sixties. If you don't stay in your place, we've got a place for you. And that is prison, and that's why almost one out of every eight prisoners in the world is an African American. Actors the exposure of coin tell pro a congressional committee with established known as the Church Committee which dug in to the full extent of surveillance cracking. Of the FBI, and what it found was a fairly detailed history of political repression in on the part of match us the FBI, but other federal agencies that date back as far as the early nineteen hundreds there has never been a full public accounting of FBI domestic intelligence operations. Therefore, this committee has undertaken such an investigation. It's purpose is not to impair the the the law enforcement and counter espionage functions, but rather to evaluate domestic indulgence, according to the standards of the Constitution and the statutes of our land. If falls is to be found, it does not rest in the bureau alone. It is to be found also in the long line of. Of Attorneys General Presidents and congresses who have given power and responsibility to the FBI but have failed to give it adequate guidance, direction and controls from our perspective. There's this interesting I think narrative that emerges around the surveillance of civil rights. Activists including Martin Luther King that this is the thing that's in the past. Look at this shameful history, and we should feel shame about that, but it's not where we are today. When the evidence completely points in the opposite direction, so to the example of James Call me having an okay letter on his desk to remind the agency should never be used to promulgate its powers in that way against Pacific communities. I would point to the fact that you don't need someone to be named. Martin Luther King you don't need someone to be the greatest order of their generation in order to feel some level of shame about activities that you're engaging in, and there are several examples in the Muslim Arab and South Asian community black activist today within the last year we've been subjected to intense levels of surveillance by the FBI by local Police Department under this Rod, guys of national security, which just becomes a catchall justification to further surveilling criminalized. Communities to that extent, I think what I would say is. Shameful history that we're so concerned with when it came to quinto pro, the shameful history that we're currently living in are very much scheduled to repeat on an ongoing basis, unless we really uphold the story of which true. What's been shoe store? The truth today. It's not just overt political espionage surveillance that goes on against the black community, trying to find fix and destroy black political dissidents. No is general because of the mass black incarceration state. The black community is generally surveilled, generally targeted to be contained and suppressed A. You. Don't have to be political for you to be targeted you. All you have to do is be black. Black communities are divided up into hyper surveillance zones with misleading nomin Klay to like high crime, areas, or high violence or gun, crime, areas, or most commonly drug zones, but these are hyper surveillance zones and at some level. Becomes almost meaningless to separate the overtly political surveillance of black identity extremists from the teen surveillance of black America, which is where you will find all those cameras by the thousands going up on street fault. If there's a heaven for a soldier ten. Be Me. They can't beat the revolution, so they be us. We opened their prison where I've gone astray is me in cody doses of freedom, so they scheming up, so we fight and we much suit. We lobby we. Watch ladder patrolled. Jacket like bad jobs attract me one top run rat in Poland, sale. Laughing active monitoring restraining Netflix. Who Will. Blow Click, saw Craxi. Played Company you by more than pursue was. Brought to bring every pugilist thing of? The patent what you see and none of which you hear God's words that you speak to the right is. Absolutely enraging. Once. Again I'm many faces, newsbeat, producer and host. 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