S1E4: The Shawn Harvey Morning Show - Fri Sept 13, 2019


It's together mayor is doing and they're still get them John again it it was I wanted to get it done again but at your thing is coming up soon you know how does the healing time for that but if I get it done on for my birthday October twenty seven and you're how I know you're having your say on the twenty six but I I think I might wanNA wine trail. Oh Yeah October twenty seven remember that Sir can you. It's on a Sunday so we have to do it on that Friday. Which would be twenty six Friday October twenty. It's going down any year. No pressure shot so it's the fine when I'm relieved to anything I know am. BARBIES is in December. I know Jesus Christ Jesus Jesus good morning everybody within their expenses Wanda Samantha Michael Grassy. I see mcnasty. We're just talking about the money. We're going to have to spend again. Let me guises names down because you guys know. I'm really really bad at looking at this. I don't think it says anything about how to turn not all good morning. Barbie Experience GonNa Open. Hey Barbie. How how are you doing this morning. Samantha Single Terry City Show Prentice listened to it. I was talking apprentice last tonight. Let me get that other Leshan Hanes the John Lewis Shine. We're GONNA see you next week at right. Ask all you're going on the gone while Good Morning Khalil. What I'M GONNA do is for my birthday. I was thinking about doing a wine trail with my friend because somebody told me that there's a lake and I'm state New York called Seneca Lake and and they have wineries all up there so I'm going to go through that and it gets like the buzz like we'll get back in the area like around nine so then. I'm thinking thinking like one Rogers Shoe to New York. Keep going because you're thinking there's a foreign after party or something so I'll get there like just in time twelve four sleeve. I guess they would like some family down there or whatever but are we can just write all of us. Sean 'cause. I'm not gonNA comment you. Leave it at twelve when the bus when when the ball go back out dot would come on now. We could go get breakfast brown you only four years old. I could do to three. That's according to the after going to you yeah well. I slip someone in your video. Tape it to one of those. You know just give you a little shot. Beat twelve were song. What is that. It's like a caffeine shot. That keeps you up like some espresso. I'll be like Sean. I got a coffee for you more stimulating and fast the vast added. I wanted to go to the natural process digested stomach at all right fine. They just get off the debt boy. Go No no no you ain't going after onto your mother's house Gordon Abroad and go to sleep league like you're supposed to do you do yeah. That's why I'm calling for the after party because that's what I spree Ah yes. They said they said when they come back that the half the party green green politics over you gotta sit on the well. That's advertising you need for them to fix their their their fire. It is it's a free. It's an after party free case what of course whereas if people paid they're already going to be on the ball. Why would they pay again. City exactly they big stuff liar. y'All look at the Flier Flyer and tell me if it's free or that the same yes I will it shine. I will tell you I will not have to pay okay. No one's it good good. No you're going to see because a Ruckus at the door. Is Your Flyer. Look at your supplier. Sir Free After party all the way from Pennsylva- effort because the set free real will food and that I'm GonNa name where Shaun Harper where isn't don't get kids sean out here right out he told me but the rest of the team get your cellphone into the pres- stabbing. Put your fresh cell surface out. I'm not even writing people's it's name. I'm sorry Bill Friday was Friday the thirteenth city. I don't believe in on Friday thirteen. We'll talk about bat. It's Friday the thirteenth y'all more his body to thirteen going to announce a chabrol host always days of the week that we show Monday. WE'RE GONNA finish up with a Brooklyn in the house without a doubt yeah you guys remember the lease the new folks in Park work to get your name on the list. Put My name on the list Sean. Yes but my name on the list you WanNa get beat up you. You want everybody on the show to see you. Get beat up by female that what you want to leave. It's called their. Og got on his jacket. Yes call nine to stop thinking like lease guide has the we are leased time as Luke. Is it that important. It needs to be focused on driving these shout out. Technically we have big surely comedy. It has a man all right. Hold on let me share real quick and then we'll come through the opening. Let's do the opening really really quick because then you're going to go back to break again. I went to the group till for the show. We bought the star in one minute literally looking sod if she put her hands I can press charges Lee Shawnee honey. I give you guys. There's only four shares. I are you sharing Sean. This share the shabby by the new to work. Shit Co starring our you go and share painted a shared. His group was out everyone it all I got it. I got stuff it okay. Let's call it an opening you don the good morning everyone it is a Good Friday. It is Friday September thirteenth two thousand in nineteen thirty minutes the our welcome to the show featuring sitting J. Long Cobos Barbie Cologne where you get your more than start broadcasting live right here on facebook since then chapman slide plot over please chataway feel free or if you dare to call the number is PA seven zero nine eight two six nine five zero zero zero soon jay good morning in. How are you good Morning Sean. I'm doing great good morning. Everybody listening. We have a great show. Oh for you today. I'm going to get started by letting you all know what the weather is outside. We're broadcasting from beautiful downtown STROUDSBURG. It is currently fifty the eight degrees. It's seventy one degrees for the high in Allentown. It's currently sixty one degrees going up to seventy one for the high and a New York. DOC is currently sixty degrees going to seventy two four the high there might be like some clouds looking a little jury at but it's not supposed goes to Raines who guys should be all right and I'm also going August started with sunny skies Rowlett what's going on an entertainment and Hollywood news so make sure you stick around for that. S- was sending thanks you so much well we also have the morning. Buzz Nj and I I guarantee everyone like we do each and every day that you have will be buzzing before nine. AM This sitting. What does your e acid in the nine o'clock doc hour. We're GONNA have front page news J. Where I'm going to let you know what's going on locally and nationally we also have Harvey's houses sports where I we'll give my perspective on sports other than the scores saying what we're GONNA do right now. We'll take a quick break when we come back. We're GONNA shot out the room. After we shout out the roads they discuss. That's what we're GONNA do. We are going to announce the chat group member of the week so you guys don't go. Nowhere is the Good Friday. We're inability. Telephones telephone saw one show futures awesome been owned by Globe Sheriff Mike. We'll be right back. We'll go back to the music. Dj Not here. Let's go. That's right to these every time. He shares bears show. His girl likes all the comments him flirty yeah trying to be funny wile prentice behaving in showroom because he doesn't share. He's not sharing prentice. How do you know days. You're going to be behaving what days are not so you just don't share the show that what you're saying dodger out. What else was I going to get on the seven forty three Joe but I'm so sorry to hear about your friend show but I'm very sorry sorry. You're so close with everybody but you're right. He is in a better place now and I hope that you have a good day today and try to get through and remember the good time with your friends not only that waste. DJ's out there back in the days Jason J. He looked really tall. Iran the jokes these as swan back. I'm GonNa tell you all of them yeah. I haven't actually no I lost my uncle said he was close to me but I haven't really lost anybody else like that back. In with my grandma's ninety three and I get scared every day I pray for her. I can't lose my grandma off. Ask Hey build run it or Inositol aw Sean. It's Friday the thirteen I do believe leads them Friday the thirteenth put it in the shower. I know I don't guide all right now. Take take something still. GonNa draw your toes today and you go what you say. Thank you Jesus. Ah Friday the thirteenth gobble up a chart. How mattel you where it come from aw aw today is your birthday one Friday right not city you yeah you there. Why was my phone on airplane. Mode with free. I hate you care was no was not it was last year. I would've been on a plane Valerie Thomas Young ear how come I don't have all these people in here. Come on come back tomorrow. Good morning everybody. We are back. It is a bill Friday this Friday September thirteenth two thousand and nine thousand nine hundred thirty six minutes after the off work to the sharp myself. He's long barbecue where you get. Your morning started right to chat rooms wide open. We broadcast facebook live or police call him by by seven zero nine eight two six nine five zero zero zero Syngenta morning and how you what's the weather like in Strasbourg. Yes yes in beautiful downtown Sunny Stroudsburg. It's a little gloomy right now. Currently fifty eight degrees is a little chilly sean guys jacket on. It's is going to be seventy. One for the high and in Allentown is currently sixty one degrees. It's GonNa be seventy one for the high and in New York City. It's sixty degrees currently currently it's GonNa be seventy two for the high perfect fall weather crisp. This morning is going to get a little warmer in the afternoon just the way. I like it so shot you guys. It's going to be a great day Friday. The thirteenth and that's all I have for the weather Griego so sitting what we're gonNA do right now. We're going to jump right into this show. Take action packed week for this. Listen this week of the popping up for the week. Clap it up for you lies of city you know we have motivate on Monday Monday and we turn up on Tuesday gets win on Wednesday and we thought back on Thursday and now it's no Good Friday so it feel Good Friday. I guess is is knowing eyelash. Look at it's just open your eyes. You will look at it. Just Open your I really base stop doing this. What does he any get out. You don't feel it anymore. Are you sure high-rise C show chat rooms love on Good Friday after we should a chatroom love. I Love Goss Dry Ball. I that's crazy. I am swagger supercenter myself bill looking man my acer but I got a funny feeling the one day and it's going to be like an old guy right. You just going to be all over. We're GONNA show chat rooms and love what we do each and every day every day without these folks who say all time that's right and even a new folks. We're GONNA knowledge that we need to see the heart's on a filter Friday. I know people coming in slowly able we appreciate you guys anywhere sing. Guess what I feel like even those who feel Good Friday and your family's body. I feel like like turned up Tuesday. I feel good. I'm very tired city and but I'm more right with that because when I come into this room get a little burst of energy right. The energy is coming from the chapel. Yeah that's so true Suzanne. Basically Charles I'm ready to heart from the one and only no pause black Jackie Robinson. I chat room number that was I see that original blackhawks. I'm ready to Golsen chunks love but again chabrol chat rotate with a heart set chat chat chat. Let's go Davos apple way where the hard work with heart attack win a win win win dapple gung. Ho what what what what what was that city that's right you guys ready with a heart attack in the chat room where the heart attack in the chat room where the hype that. Hi Tack in the Chat Room Hey we're the highest that chat room where heart attack in the groove where the hearts and Seles goes way way with heart attack win win win heart failure with heart uh-huh what hey hey sean. You're ask you said hey open body. I've met shoutout to all of you. Guys shut up release. Scott League get on that bus. Brow Poodle was started up now mic. Please and there's no shot up to wonder Santiago Shepherd. Hey Wanda good morning. I'm glad you're still tuning in after yesterday. Show shot how to Barbie Co load tape Barbie Good Morning Shoutout to Michael Grassy mcnasty might go show you shot out to Samantha Single Terry Aka Juicy Girl in call. You shout out to apprentice this cops. No pause Princess Good Morning. Show no shot out to Leshan Hanes Joan of you on. I can't wait to see you shout out to Khalil received. Hey Khalil thank you for coming back. He is but I think he's been with us for a couple of days so basketball welcome back and Khalil. Where did you see the show this right use endo shy. You're not going to know where you come back. A second time. You're changing production celebrate in October nineteen singer celebrate his birthday down there with the Roberto Band of bringing the whole allentown. We'll have so many people at the show we gonNA bring up like a portable data into the cloth. Sorry about the Elliott Elliot. Hey Hello Valley. Deter your phone down or turn with yelling you I down or wherever you listen on there. We go and we want to win here. Okay okay. We'll just talk and you had to be turn down your value Valerie Sean. I hold the phone he's got this way. Ah I love Valerie shout out to Lynette. Hey let's name I wanNA get quiet highland. How are you shout out to Chris Chris. They're still in their shot up ten ASSAN Derwin Washington Nitzan. What what up Bro Shadow like he's from your? He said he was from Newark New Jersey and now he's up there on Pocono farm heaping. DP shot after pinkies Blaine. Hey girl shot out to joe be next being next to be xt charity brought to you joe condolences to you and your family singleton family shot out to Kershaw Graham. Deke girl where you've been there. How are you going warning shot out. What is Sean Trende. Hello Shonda rocking widow she is. We appreciate you shot out. GonNa inbox you my voice on. I am girl. He's not you might it'll inbox him shout out to Marcus Johnson Marcus Mr One EMOJI bizarre voice right calling in and Whatnot Lugner console and nobody tells about the kids. Were your kids. Do I really do sexy boy so he he does shout out to Tanya Denise Taylor Tanya. You a new listener shot the girl. Yes welcome shot out to a job at name twice brow shot out to see Lynn Roni. Hey girl or does it. Clinton rony see Leonard Clinton shout out to Yemen uh-huh how are you. I don't know what we'd do without him. I don't even know Gregory. Why are you still listen. Bro Shot out to Dera Jackson Daniels Daniels yes. She's new in for a couple of weeks. Yeah so we appreciate you pay attention. You know who's in your chatroom and went up to tell you you're not listening when Barbie talks. She says these names will be creating their a shout out to all of you guys. We truly appreciate you guys coming into this chat room please. If you're a new listener. Stay stay connected with us on social media. We have a our facebook page Sean Harvey Morning. Show featuring a wake-up team. That's on that's our business pages over broadcasting offer for right now so you. WanNa make sure you like it and follow it because then you'll be notified every time that we go live. We also have a group page. Sean Harvey Morning Show featuring a wake-up team group group joined the group advocacy friends and then you'll also be when you add fifty let us know and we can move you so your post don't have to go through a waiting period and we're on Instagram Sean Harvey morning. Show we also have a youtube. Make sure that you like that and subscribe could just look corruption every morning show we have some old videos on their thumbs those op and I sorry I totally had combined. Thank you so much for sharing that fully appreciate you remember we do have the cash at please donate to the show is dollar sign s Harvey Morning Show and keep the doors open here. You know we gotta Pay Kevin and also if you have any music at discount prices on music unsigned artists music played here on this on this show awesome artists are reaching out to me. I appreciate that you can play your music thousands of both each and every thing going to be a great investment for your song and in in your name out there on this platform city Jay which will be broadcasting Monday on multiple platforms so we're excited about that one ounce briefly last Friday when I was at the airport. I'll get into more details this weekend about that for this Monday. In the we have events incident when we come back because you didn't need all yes Saturday Saturday October. Nineteenth Century is going down in Bethlehem Pennsylvania. We have Roberto Banda Pool coming out one of the funniest comedians on earth perfect. My opinion of get your tickets tickets are moving fast already got a bunch of birthday parties lined up already that Saturday October nineteen at the rebel social search data's to seventeen Broadway in Buffalo Pennsylvania. The one and only Roberto Bamboo will be in the build up jam. Bt's comprehendible funniest community means in the game and also now currently on the Sitcom the last old jeep Edward Tracy Morgan by the way of little van will open enough with Tracy Morgan around the world currently so you'll come on now. Hang out with us that Saturday October nineteen twenty six. We have two big masquerade ball on the ghost ship down there in eighty one in midtown. Manhattan we bought at seven o'clock ship cells at eight would return at eleven thirty and then we party at the club. Cross street so four in the morning the tickets are strongly suggested by VIP ticket job because general admission ticket is kind of the honest with me Knob Yasha judged because when you buy the ticket you get on the boat. I everything seating I so you guaranteed folsom. Be there and that general admission tickets. ABC parties not going to be on the boat and it's going to be the club across the street when when the the boat dock your right directly history to we got to get off the boats he don't misquote whipple six. Oh I thought that says the clock seventh the book balanced landing on being on the both both of Seven to eleven to eleven thirty vote four and a half hours and was in a boat another former hours. Oh you know and then the boats and docks you can just no overnight door so your Komo now we have some folks. I got my own section. Cj and we're going to do out there. We got a lot of folks coming up Komo. Hang out with your city. We're back on aw fill the Friday. Yeah we get into the show we do. We do each and every Friday right. We show one of our chat with members extra love right. We claimed the chapel member of the week word and chat room remember weekday in the chat room. We have the elite of the elite in the chapel and two mentioned mentioned that she just want to say a big shout out because we slacked off this week because we've been rocking and rolling Sydney we have having the knowledge the the thousands of folks who just listen and I and I I blame you. Sidney J O Police for not acknowledging optional folks but I wanNA knowledge because I want them to come in the room. I WANNA knowledge the folks creepers thousands and thousands of folks who just listen you'll man shot. You can't see me if you can't see me. Shout out to you. If you just listening Shahu I so what I'm GONNA do. I'm GonNa show you some love what I look like. When I saw sitting without further ado we're GONNA do right now. We are going to announce a Chapman member of I'm so excited. I'm very excited to this is the reason why comey on Fridays but hey girl okay you ready. We're GONNA chat remember. The week goes gentleman belief now like I said you are amongst daily. Yeah and this one has been a long time. Yup since we've been shut Ramon when we go over here over couple years Sean O'Brien comedy. Is You know yeah. I am a gentleman yeah ladies first for real shine German now almost eight years in January rib eight years of Ngoma. I'll have to check the math on that. Also also I'm very proud of. This is one of the main my main accomplish compliments in license. I've cut my penis in my pants five straight years in one relationship there. Hey the new in why no you said what did you study like you know me and because of that seniors as always legs. I I've never announced the chat room member of the week for real. Isn't that true. It's true uh why we Cologne is not here today. Barbie Barbie cynic without the bars a here and you've been on a real good run. I Know Barbie come in on a Friday girl. Hey Hey what's going on all right. Go ahead. Yes I have been on a little roll. I know the my friends. They deem glad to catch the show saying like that. You really notice now not no. I do know him me. No no no you should have a great girl together. Put that all right probably due at the county three you will announce the chat room Sioux city. Are you ready right now. I'm ready. Are you guys ready. You guys ready to travel so here. We go what two three Rome sandy other name Hey. You're the chat member hey we. Hey we chat room. You don't grows grows go. Hey Roni. Hey go go go. Rose rose glad in the chat room member member of the week. Wow whoa what the hell off things since two thousand and keeping stay before we we leave the week that league guys go go go go rose rose breath. I'm so happy for you. I didn't forget you girl week unit city. Everybody in the Jaguars rose and tell Kathy your friend is trapped. The gas rose. Please a chat room. Please congratulate rose. If you can call uh if you can't you could also type speech in the chaplain but please say something and a picture of yourself so we can put it on the yeah. I'm gonNA find a picture. I saw Rosie rattlers and Sean Brown Oliver's in their shadow to you two girls you was holding it down or you had a great week as well. Leshan Ron Oliver Hobie today who still that's right so rose congratulates row. Cj is a good friend of mine and she you know her twelve annot yeah no Rosenthal time and she just now being remembered week. Sean come on that. That's my mother shot rb morning morning. Show roses very dear to me. In rose calling do we could discuss all of that but she is a true hero just a great person of beautiful person of great spirit and I just WanNa say person rose. Thank you so much for being a part of this movement. I'm and what we do and actually Roseman listening. I think day one great. She has been so rose. We'd love him to death. Please call in a please. Everyone congratulate ros-lehtinen enrolled says the story on facebook and I want her to share stories were issue can call in just a tremendous person agreed woman and just she also motivates me. Rose Gladden I love you to death. Thank you so see what we'll do is a great new. Show shoutout to you rose radio talk with Tanya Tanya Net Lynette Lynette. Hey girl wrong time that you just missed the we name rose chat room member the Tracy Baker Tracy Good morning beautiful lady she she is Yucky saying wanting around holidays. He rose another bureau ear Stefanov so I know it's real. Don't just be coming in and dipping out. Could you can make it to the club's anyone by the end of the year. Please please do so guys doing anything this weekend. Let me know. Oh isn't that that thing Samantha. I said I was GONNA tax. You that that there's a civil going on in. STROUDSBURG astronauts were high school. They're going to be doing a food truck best of all fred local. I think I'M GONNA go with from eleven to four a food. I love food. Yes we do time square. WHO's GonNa go to that. I might bring the kids and then you know Sunday. Today is my son's birthday so pity more African American hotel where are african-american looking to marry Michael Macaroni and cheese. Oh those a red trials right the I love trucks. Are you going to be there and Lopez Hi actually tomorrow. I'm also working at the winery from three to nine at the crossing over to the crossings. Come over there the renegade winery. I'll be there from three tonight. There are only three dollars chasing. You get you get a tasting with any for three dollars. Come on over poor you who won't be it'll be glass. Don't tell nobody only for my listeners similarity becoming they're actually by last Saturday the pick up the wind so come on well. That's what I'm doing for my birthday too. I'm going wine tasting trend look at Royal Holloway beg around good morning any city and Garvey Schon good morning this the chat room member the week. Chat Room Number Week Chambal rose rose rose Turn everything down rose. Turn everything down to down. Burn up and down air conditioning. Turn the lights on the lights. Turn everything down everything device right there taste better. Yes is good. How are you thank you thank you. Thank yeah that's right. Although rose saying this woman right here is to me. I've been involved in this woman's life we years. This woman is a tremendous person grows. I WanNa Save Percy that I love you to death. You know all right loving to you rose. You are now the chat room member of the week you Ashir make them with these wake. Wake up there with the elite. How did that go right now. In holding the check inquire as rose you wake you went there with the one and only dysfunctional pause BLACKHEART McCallum company out as Reggie Hollywood you match but chapel that's Ah now now now rose and being chat room of the week. It's a huge responsibility right saying jake that's right. You have to be very well shopping. You Bet you he said all of us will hold this whole weekend all next week right sitting. I try. It'd be sitting on facebook. been crazy post our very well so we're. GonNa do right now rose. We're going to give you the floor so you can give you a speech and I want to say I love you to death so that one city without global. We're going to give her the floor so she can say this rose. Now Rose speech aged. Let's show and I thank you very much for allowing me to be the chat room. I didn't hanging out with SEAN on its Shimmy for a few years now and a thank you guys for finally recognizing me and I will represent very yeah well. All we know you will rose Rosebud. You will make me cry run into watch or or your another day. We'll de we are story has definitely lifted my life. Google Gupta each other now. I don't WanNa make this on the sharing. It was her visits together. Swimmers definitely inspired me in my life saw say day that I was in the hospital in you walk in the door memorial head. He gave me the biggest hug in the world. I'm never Russian how Ron Y'all go by rose all all right. Thank you okay because he's a chat room. We wouldn't jam city. That's GonNa get me emotional. I'm getting emotional this winter. I know we'll be back this. The role is look what you did to Sean Sean gets really emotional. You guys and I get emotional for Sean so people that are out there talking smack and trash josh about Sean Marvi. Gay Your whole life other really really yeah and that's all I'm going to say about that. Congratulations rose. You're so great uh-huh. I hope you have a great weekend and turn h-have Fabio good morning. Hello Hey girl. How is everything down there where you are the weather factor normal. Everything is everything is where it needs to be. I'm glad they say another. Little store is brewing off the coast of for a Bahamian Code that there's another there's another as dorm growing so aw I don't know I feel bad for them. Waiting for the the right girl you you almost side you would choke it out white hot chocolate. Hello Alfie ruin. Are you a new listener. Where did did you hear about the show brought you here good morning. You guys I get so into talking about. I'm not even writing down anybody's name sorry sorry. I know I can't multi task. I just want to sit here and talk off. That's all I WANNA do Yulon to Reims guns Morny Oranje. You can't listen live anymore. Your boss caught you. One morning know earpieces in the workplace Yolanda. He's Boston's if y'all get our back like I just feel like if we get in the work done. Why do you care if I'm on my phone like this. That's why I want to work for myself. I be on the Internet on Oliver's. Thank you. It's really just the coconut oil I was. I was a little too liberal today with it. Not Anything like internally. I'm not eating rage oil. I very the Big Five. I'll see where you're saying yes. How did you find out about the show. Did we just come uh-huh. You mean right sean like bosses. They just need Yolanda Raines one of thirty nine fumble because her boss her watching the show fiery yeah. She said he is miserable. They always are the ones that'd be on the phone. Yeah listen she. She says she lives with her brain. which you didn't break at you didn't go in yeah? What time do start working on going you need. Some you know. earpiece alleged earpiece kid did something to look at. Where are you like broke late to that. I work for myself. I'm not wash all the board for years through shepherd great every so completely seven thirty yes. Samantha's boss caught her. That's why she had to post that era video in the group Samantha Samantha Anymore video you WanNa. Let us see working so long went one. Stop it now to call on whatever you was Samantha Talk of the of the day in the middle of the day forty-five minutes talking to me yeah we got a whole bunch of the President Yala right on my desk on phone said Veneta mandates that they don't bother me uh-huh everybody. I want to know again this this holiday. You guys listening watching. Yes how you guys you guys. Watch it on your TV watched TV. Watched it on your desk top. Where are you watching. Is Hey Diane. This is getting you guys. Look at this bar code. This is Um Kramer and the Barcode is like a little club. I didn't notice that Ah this is old. It's used by May. Oh twenty two was his may twenty eighteen business. I was abusing it on my arm for my eggs among while there nobody's GonNa need it. I make a call that to put it on my arm. You guys I'm having an epidemic outbreak. was that an over share. WHO ELSE HAS ECZEMA. You do sean in your arms arms if it is really bad Khalil. You're watching on your android. I android broke up your game playing watching this show and I like Schon got to android loving to android and you'll have one but I think I am. I'm getting a second phone and it's going to be an anti Miami both because you work and you know which when he comes who rose and my man on the phone watching with your girl chat room at all the Good Friday is Friday city Jay Friday Friday September thirteenth two thousand nine hundred twelve minutes after the hour welcome back to the show every morning show features saying it gets more than star by Chapman's wide open broadcasts allow. I won't facebook all you can call us. Vaas zero nine eight two six nine five zero zero zero sitting was going over there please if you don't buy any talk radio back in the day and I'm not minimizing nothing before I'm not minimizing did right because everything that we do is important and it's not Titas sometime soon when I was working. FM The the the the one or three at the New York grant and stupid but but I couldn't talk that's not only you lay down and you want to chime in you. Leave the room. They only bring you the world's because on sunny sixty five forty degrees outside senator talk kidding no problem so so that's why we acted because Yuzu that's right. I said but now he does does a great job at no. I actually I love it. It's currently fifty degrees shout door. None of this stuff 'cause got done. All this stuff done web. I love sports done moved. I read the whole thing is on everything you've done. Stand up right breath. It's fifty degrees currently in Stroudsburg. It's GONNA go up to seventy one a high Strasbourg northeastern Pennsylvania selena okay. You guys know how like Pennsylvania looks like a key. We're called the keystone state for all those that didn't now and we're right there. We're right in the where. The key is like right there that part head heart. That's where Strasbourg lawful. Sonos Sonos hugged up where spooning Jersey the Poconos because the white man took Poconos it was cheap pocono crew gear there were Pocono Indians then the white man came and took all that and then at least they showed them respect named amount and and it's blue mountain about two hundred feet they call it. Mount Pocono Allentown is currently sixty one degrees and we're going up to seventy seventy one degrees and New York City is currently sixty degrees going up to a high of seventy two very mild not too hot. It's going to be a partly cloudy. It's perfect fall weather sweater. Maybe Little Cardigan Fellas Gilo hoodie on action the likelihood a light hoodie because this year the it's going to go back to a low again. It's GonNa be like fifty forty degrees tonight so there you go. China shot to China Baby. She's in the room. You I'll take morning to her because China likes to dip in dip out. Listen on the low libido China listen every day says she don't let nobody well she here. She's almost wanted to creep. China is see you. China's never been chat remember. This has China's been chat room of the week. I'm going to have to look back on that everybody to travel. If you remember this let refreshing. He's in my city so many listeners Sydney so we we got a big event going on in my local folks we do the folks that that living in New York New Jersey area and going going going down to Miami said well. I'm going to go off for one day. Come on Sean stayed on there for the whole weekend. We've got a lot going on time. I traveled Edu speaking of traveling for your together together. I got I got church. Show this Sunday in Plainfield New Jersey doing chart. Show you clean comedy. I can't all over Jonah in Pena's jokes. Okay I can do oh my God so that sat in Plainfield plug do like doing those shows. Moore's what kind of clean jokes on to talk about this family and all that and talk about stuff like that because you can't get to the hell you say help. I think that's it after hell s yes it s words no no M. F. Words sir. I've seen ads her show. It was hilarious. Why did a comedian. They told US Joe. The joke is hilarious as a corner in New York City right this day job right and he's a coroner in the daytime. I mean the more he works for the morgue. Pick up the debit right right right man gene shutout. You gene being brace Polaris so he tells the joke. I'm just tell talk about the subject designed for the job. I can't right. He's a corn. He's worse would've corner blogger. He picks up dead bodies. He never had a black woman before a black woman died indefinite Davidson with Devastat so he goes to the hood the pick of the buying and he never had my God. Oh my God with the joke is graphic curses in it but it's hilarious right so we're doing the church show on the show to promote and you have you heard the joke before before like thousands of time so when he started when he started to Joe when he started doing the joke in church I'll change like in the win Komo where he got into the joke and couldn't stop couldn't changed the world so John is the own my Dana get paid days guy said to me by personal you pay we we begged pairs. Oh my God it was so uncomfortable. What were the people in the audience. Do Engineer would like to and he kept. We're into at the moment. I'm not this all my did. Did you go on yet sean before him while he's doing the joke the promoter and he's there and then he was a mother like crazy a man of my God but at least you guys got paid. Did that ever happen. You shine you ever slipped by not enrich like in Church and compassion and you know what we do. Show you can look at the audience. All you're all. He's the sitting right there right cursor right. That's how that's how blocked cursing out right. Everybody's my friend this case right. I'm I'm performing in front of Auntie so all the graphic jokes are out the window. I only right hi. How are we gonNA dig about those shows right. It's a whole different joke set McLean county. I'm going to go deshaun this the National Sean Sean. I mean the one in the back were it killed his right. That's crazy jokes that have the curses curses in them. I'll take him out and substitute words yeah so. Ns Ottawa preparation on team you take the curse words out in the job is still effective without skirt occurs. Ryan speaking that will fly down to Miami one day. Ah Yes and if you want go on throughout the country city. I'll be in Norfolk Virginia twenty eight this month. Okay the Twenty Eighth of this month twenty eight okay. You'RE GONNA be in Norfolk Virginia Virginia. Yes okay 'cause you're say. I area October of four to six in Atlanta. He GonNa be in the right near causing rookies from the Fourth Arthur six two days and then on the twelve and then on the twelfth in West Virginia. Wow October the twelfth. You'll be in West Virginia in the first of November in Baltimore in the second week Canova in Denver Colorado. Wow you're going to puff a little bit out there. Sligo a little you know trying to edible bull. I'm an addict. We'll get the one with CBD. I have the medical marijuana card thing so the people are dying office on October. Just say you could bring something back from the motherland from Denver look into that eighteen through the nineteenth nineteenth you guys if you're in the Florida area. If you're looking to go down to the Florida area from appeared they're having a the second annual scutt comedy Cigar Weekend Eighteen th to the twenty first. This is a Nina Dawkins suction. Yeah call in there is I'm going to give you guys a little rundown of what's supposed to be going on down there. Tober eighteenth on that Friday there is going to be a welcome party there will be ground transportation already down there so look into that at the clevelander Cathway Cafe Iguana. They're going to have a little welcome party over there October nineteenth which is a Saturday. There's going to be a pool splash party from one to four at the Styles Hotel Miami in Florida October nineteen. There's going to be a touch of pink yacht party nine. PM Boarding it sailing on Bake From Bay Front Miami Me and October twentieth is on Sunday. They are having a Havana nights comedy and Cigar Rooftop Party. That's going to be October. Twenty had a four hour premium open bar refreshments and that is going to be at the Cleveland out at three hotels three event the yacht city how might that Monday thank you guys. A lot of stuff going on you. Guys is will want to be there right. That's what are folks that live locally. I WANNA go to Miami but also sending going for rail suze forever around is what we're GONNA do it. We're going to get into the badge. Is everyone congratulating roles. Lastly all they are grows is in heaven right now with the love. She's getting from the chat rooms city. What are we gonNA do right now. We're GONNA get into some sing. Sets Jack on this show. Traditionally Cindy J. Like our first hour of the show is really dedicated on Friday. If there's no pressing news event is always dedicated to our chapel members and our listen I mean I know the rest of the week we get right into it and we go right into right into this dope shower. We'd love to show the listeners some some love. These for the first part is show on on Friday on the field the Friday so without further ado. Let's get into some you WanNa do the news. He says who's WHO's GonNa. I'M GONNA into sending says I we have going on a new platform on which I was. I said Cindy somebody audio wheel of our show the last three days this week cine sounds great to me on shine sydneysider. Listen you sound a rational for saying doesn't like the way she's out. I hate the way I say. No you sound good with sending you sounds great but that goes back. It's a perfect example of I think of self esteem. You sound great. You say sound great. I say you sound great but I've Pigaso hard yeah. I think that doesn't make sense. I don't I don't know but they say it's weird. When you hear yourself you know like when you hear yourself on the phone or you hear yourself on a recording. Sometimes it sounds foreign to you like you. Don't like now sending the thing that makes this show great. We don't have no radio voice and we'll talk. This is our boy. Hey this short harvey from Los Angeles. Hey Good morning guys into the show. What are we going to do today. Does those those folks of fake 'cause Myers then. I figured it make it because you have to be there. You have to be here at Enunciate Nancy Eight. Sometimes Hey guy so. Sometimes you have to change it or voice do a radio. Do One of those voices real quick. I don't even know how to do. Hey Jay hey hey it's sunny and here on Sean Army morning. Show morning started right. Hey Hey grew one eleven. Those guys know radio sounding guys kiss my ass. Come on how you the way that this is real. This is what's real. This is where you get your morning started right so I hope you guys love it. This is John Harvey Okay Bill Well. We must have a right because people are listening. Hey Man stop singing. Doing I'm doing fine. We have an update for you. You know we're gonNA play the temptation that six thirty Diane you have to replay the calls for Quality Assurance back to to your your staff and they don't like it. She says her staff doesn't like to review their calls Agassi. Do what do you do that usher. We all know that he was under he was going through. A court trial for wasn't rape. Okay quantaties Asia Sharpton. I I wonder if she's white black or other quantum Asia Sharpton on Tae Kwon Tesa A. N. T. A. S. Did you shout out to the quantaties. She made claims that usher sexually assaulted her and now she wants the case dismissed. according to documents obtained Sharpton made it official today through her attorney. Lisa is a bloom. It was not immediately clear if her dropping the case is a result of a settlement or if Sharpton just decided she no longer wanted to pursue the charges urges but keep in mind she is not the only person to come forward and accused sheriff sexual misconduct she along with a Jane Doe and a John Doe oh sued claiming they all had sexual relations with him but that's not sexual assault right they all claimed he risked their all because because they claimed he risked their house by not telling him about his alleged diagnosis herpes sin because they say that people can use sex as a weapon way if you had HIV and your purposely infecting people not using protection so if you're out there with sti how you burning out here having sex with people you could be charged with sexual assault horses use a core of course people to numbers and letters for wine one nine ID badge. I used to work at a call center for a long time. I know all about those review coffin. I hated them too yeah but I never deny wrong Colson. You know your customer service. You have to answer questions. Were they. WanNa yell at you and don't listen away or saying you ought does that day cruise or they wanNA. WanNa say I worked. I was executive customer relations so the call stopped with us like there was no lake so when people are like. I want to speak to your supervisor those as you hello you still at the bottom of the barrel but that was you go any. What would you say I would say sorry. This is what we can do this you know and then I'd be like okay and she tells him the same thing and then they'd be mad and I'm GonNa all right. Let are more specific about that. How do you feel cursed out the message yourself say no because they're just I mean you have to be empathized. Take your upset because of what's happening. I understand that but at this moment in time this is the only thing that we can do free right now so they take your they take their frustrations out on you have to realize that and it'll be fine and the like we ever got off from work and Joe. Did it affect you. As far as people said to you and left it alone. I would just be after a day of 'cause. You're mentally exhausted like you. Don't WanNa talk to anybody like my cousins. People call magic cages like text me. I'll answer you like in three hours. Because you just your mind so this sort of a form of mental abuse I mean it could be and I think that everyone you want us to say this that everyone can have a job in customer service because the way that they talk to people and treat people like they just feel like you're just somebody on the phone. They could just say whatever they want to. You and curse thoroughly cursed out a customer service while when your time's did I wanted to build like what you're gerate or goes out and you lose all your food and we're telling you you have to go for a repair. I when you're calling like this like this. What I understand Dan 'cause they were calling the manufacturer. I had worked for Samsung so they would call when something would break for me. I go right back to the store and exchange it so you can do that. You go back to the store within thirty days boom. You get a new one right right but when you call the manufacturer for a lot of companies like the one eight hundred number that's in your booklet or whatever yea they make you get a repair first before you can get it fixed life so super bowl. US Seventy S TV PLASMA LCD LCD. Whatever and it's not working has or a couple of pixels around and I'm telling you you need to go for a repair so what I would tell. People is four while surgery you have your receipt. Check your e C and maybe see what you can do. If there's any other options options before your repair comes you know you gotta gotTa tell them in a roundabout way and hopefully they catch it but they didn't you know you're serviceman will be the Monday after the super bowl at one pm with sake you and have a great day when you're in the middle in like getting cursed out. Are you paying feeding into that or you're just letting folks. Just talk feeding like you taking personal incur called person when it comes. You know you know what I did. Take a personal when I was working at a hotel and Josh. Uh when you're at the front desk at these people are waiting for their rooms but you're checking in a steady flow alot of people. I used to work at Great Wall and they come up to your face like well. What are you doing. Maybe you should help clean the rooms someone that's that's not what you're going to do is wait checking nine so four and you're. GonNa love the clock in the morning. Check out with that and Dan. How do you think you're GONNA get cleaned up four hundred rooms they here. Maybe you should go clean or maybe you should go say in a dirty room SAR I face. That's when I really you know what I'm GonNa. Go take a break thank you. It's I mean when people don't understand how things work like. Come on folks lifeboat. Is it mostly white both of you know. Black folks do try to be light. I come on twenty liking when some opens let me know I rugby more seriously like I want to give you a room. I get it but what we can do. You know now craziness so you guys. Please be easy on these customer service people. I understand that you want what you want when you want it but there's all the process but it's true but it's it's so bad though the people that like act the worst they they're the ones that management wants to get out of the area. They want to help help them and that's kind of want encourages people to act a fool because it's the people that are silently patiently waiting. They ended up waiting the most and it's the people that are are causing a Ruckus there all right just do this. Re Ask blacked out one time because your blacked-out city well what happened. This was hasn't been about thirty years ago. The young man had a call when I was behind on my payments yeah and they call me threatening me in your you got to pay for the car and bulk while bullcrap right and I got so frustrated I started cursing but is he seemed like he was. You say you know like a blackjack cursing me out so we need to have our goddess. What is she was Garcia. You ought to be I'm all you took it there that day of annual mogul like a blog my mother's uh-huh right right you bought into the by this kind of right. He says some choice words about as opposed to do that so city in the simple letters they had address of the finance word right. It was in Jersey Jersey George Washington Bridge City. I got in the car. No you did it old money to finance company really enjoyed the to place. Oh Yeah those those finance company people who for the car they get real disrespectful. I drove the car that that they were going to repossess Suva Place. Go out there to the receptionist. Go Yo searches coaches starts cursing and did you see the people on the other side of the glass. People operators are standing up and I want to other side of that. Where when you're young you're lying? You're lying wish she there. She was in your own job. All wound city does just that those days. I had drugs cocaine dollas back in those days. Yeah I had got a finance company guy. I'll never forget him frigging Jason. Okay GonNa tell me okay. He said you know I easies Becker. I said I wasn't going to be able to make my payment. You know whatever whatever he was like or do. You have a job sensual. I was like yes I do have a job obviously and then he was like well. What are you doing. What's your money then. I thanks man. I was looking right from my other rooms. I gotTa tell me on John Job inside actually getting ready for work and answered. The ball may ask the person thanks. Oh my go- babysitting or call the cops but everybody's everybody's all round. Though is that really affected me saying that to me but you know what a real talk like it was because I went to the place and it just looked at me like I was crazy right. You're crazy people or the foster being disrespectful only think thank God nobody then got. Nobody gave me one. May forty-sevens Look Doc. Quick break against the big. Big is early in the morning. We'll have a job doc. I couldn't take China continue if you haven't been considered they find him so he he on the phone all day. Respect time this everything Kenya uh-huh traces and it hits you got how much biannual what what are you doing with Migros. Oh man took it there. excuse yeah. I don't even have pain valid city. Some full raises a you need to be Latin as I but you know even though Diane at the causal recorded sometime kid because kids well right now because the managers when they do get on the line there like worked so I know sometimes that I don't even know if the person's GonNa get reprimanded for real you know like I know they're crazy bear bill. I don't know I don't trust management sometime. Hey how have you been girl. Where you've you've been yeah where you've been. You've been on their mucking actually ninety nine. We're going to be October. Twenty six sean doing a thing in New York. What did that here eighty one radio. We're GONNA do a masquerade ball and then there is an after party at this club across the street Manhattan Manhattan Kid so you should go to that and I'm from every it was before so let's hang out that day here running a pantry. I'm going to ask view him. The thing you the buyer market Johnson Donald's workers actress same way. It's Cobra Twenty six Nanya. I'm not going to be here. Hey Robert mcfall in good morning. I'll be there sean. Have those guns out I'm GonNa find on here and then you're not us. I can tag you. Is it on take a million cartons yeah nine tagging you visit for all those that WanNa know guys. Get your saying Look Sean down there. In the corner city Halloween masquerade the ball. I see the ghost ship general admissible look pharmacy it free after party until four. AM SAYS GENERAL ADMISSION TICKETS FORTY VIP tickets bid no waiting online VIP veterans shipboard the seven ships sales at a return that eleven thirty pretty free APP to party until what are these people doing over here in the corner some eyes wide shut mess going on and this ask your regular Alvin awesome. You were the poetry charge. It was orange from orange. Let's go we're back. Cj It is a field of Friday's Friday September thirteenth two thousand nine hundred forty five minutes walk walk back to the show Harvey Warner shopping bargain on where you get your morning started with broadcasting live right here on facebook chat rooms of please call in five seven zero nine eight two two six nine five zero zero quicksilver yes for the weather. It's heating up a little bit down there. You guys here in Strasbourg is currently sixty degrees going up to a high of seventy one today we also oh I'm in allentown. It's sixty three degrees going up to a high of seventy one and in New York City is currently sixty two degrees going up to a high of seventy two. Oh so the heat just move on who so you guys stay It'll be a nice day today breezy and easy easy so not too hot. So what are we. GonNa do right now sitting on the finger Friday. We're GONNA show the chat room some love. That's right because without out these guys we couldn't we couldn't do this. Show and city is the second ship so we WANNA make sure WanNa feel Good Friday that we get all our shot outs Sam because we're gonNA leave early guys. We'd be at nine thirty today. Matt Fax Minded About Nine Twenty today earlier today but we appreciate that you guys had a great week. Remember sending more on Monday. We turn up on Tuesday gives. We're always as we go back on Friday. Though back on Thursday and now we are so sending and let's show the chapel of love is hey. Hey away the heart sac chat with a heart attack. Can the chat room it with a heart attack chat. Hey with a heart attack and the chat room hey with a heart attack and chat moving where the heart center simplest wh- where the heart attack on you with a heart attack with hey win the heart sac got full what awards hey hey but where the chat with a heart attack in the chat room the threat of heart attack in the chat with a heart attack heart ten chat with the hardest thing. Let's go where the hard facts aren't with Zac where the heart away Zohar Sarah aw hey woo shout out to rose chatroom member of the week hey chat room member of Dzhambul one day. You Go road shout out to you. Shoutout to Robert Mick Fall. Hey robber shoutout to nine Nanya Shoutout to Nicky Hager shout out to Afrita neely hate Are you many freedoms out there. I've seen a lot free to I wish life many freedoms out that he had last night agreed Freda shot out to Queen Diane. Queen took the morning to you shut out to Shannon. Timid Belly Pflieger shot out to drew Tis. You can run in the air for me. Bro Shot out to Yvonne Douglas Body Mind shutouts Audrey John same in beautiful downtown floor to keep the Horse Audrey shoutout the real Kevin Williams Real Kevin Williams. Hey Kevin shot to the beautiful Gloria Breckenridge Gloria shutout the China China. Baby China is still in their shutout to polly Philips Newest ner shoutout to Diane Hall. Yolanda Ranges Yo. Don't let that boys get you down girl. Don't be careful. Please you might US quit today. It's shout out to Elsie Rua's shoutout. Lc New Ashi listened from I wonder Santiago shepherd shot out to a fabulous FAB able to. I love shoutout to wral Hala row so what's going on your low quiet Uber Umbro. You were shot out to tracing. Baker hatred seen him letter shoutout to Tonya Lynette Jazz. You need to call Tracy in spokane a today shout. Everybody gets dressed shutout. You Charles Lindsay. Hey Charles Wizards thank you. You're welcome shoutout to Veneta George Henry. Haven Atta girl shot out to your work husband Yob. We do over here sir. Maybe a yoga a shot out one day. She's at her work. Has It'll be like you'd be more dedicated to that. Show than your work from seven to ten. That's right. That's right right. She's not allowed. No mine business not allowed no work husband on your work husband all the ladies Cheryl especially when I'm you were not extra job. No you need to work as registered. He's the one that's GonNa. Take you for lunch and drive home. If you need your no no I did in how I work with a lot of ladies and all my job's shutouts mcdaniel Jones hemant annual annual shutout to Marita Simmons. Hey Morita shots deep shout to Joanna Myers Augusta's. Hey Joe in high is land. SHOUT TO J T Simmons shoutout to antelope says two point. Oh Samantha says she has a work husband smell you who are Samantha. You shouldn't be saying too loud. She said he's my Italian all white by Shutout Leshan Brown Oliver. Hey girl shot shot out to row rose Latin. I'll try it again. Girl Heroes shout out to Dera Jackson Daniels. Hey Deora shout out to young. Hey you're gonNA shout out to Clin Rony. Hey girl girl shoutout to Valerie APPs. Thomas Valerie shot out to Valerie Maria. We said hey how's Maria where she asked shout out to Tanya Denise Taylor. 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The Sean Hannity the morning show featuring a wake-up team group. Our group is popping okay. I love that group opposed in there all the time you guys see him and we also have an instagram. Ceram Sean Harvey Morning. Show make sure yes we are. GonNa push the picture active warm today hey on instagram whole nation and shout out to of course our one and only prentice cox no pause. I didn't forget you Mr Robinson Mr Robinson it looks but we just took a picture Princess Cox. No pause Mr Robinson shots you. Do we save so much during the show forget. Did I have it written down. Actually I did have written down. Look Prentice. I have written down right after shot. Joe Is just I. I said Samantha it just totally early over whatever so shout out to all of you guys. We really appreciate you guys the original black car all of you doing. I don't like you walk behind me feel city. We have back I'm GonNa have to just mix it all together sitting fifty six minutes after the hour. Do I really do get time. I hear a UH things happened to us as amazing as soon as we are back or the Friday we were in sending says is excuse me. Oh Mega Megapolis lays you have which afresh shaven clean in face but you had to the back. Let's see your eyes. Come on us. The ladies looking at look in my eyes laid aw suit you see me right. You're looking into my soul. Wow leaves the material right now. Channel don't have a work husband you work husband looking the NAMA lift lift fellas dunaway in the Bella Stoneware again principal defendant. I see so this. You look good though Oh and he could. They they like this. They liked it exactly that they said you are too far away to get. They call me a breakfast but they need. You can't beat at work husband. Michael Krasny said what the Hell uh-huh whatever do that join you guys. Let's get back. Atkinson's that delay so let's get back into in most states now. I was great back into yeah see says and then we do the News Guy Yeah Yeah so you guys usher is usher while ushers accuser is wiling quantities sharped in she she dropped the case says it's probably she dropped the case because usher for no actually for the Jane DOE because remember quantitative was the one that dropped the charges. She said she was sexually assaulted. Then there was another woman who didn't want to be named and another guy who didn't want to be named but for the Jane Doe Usher He went to court to demand should be sanctioned at the cost of twenty five hundred dollars. I guess like slanders decors he in turn accused of refusing to answer personal questions including ones involving her sexual history but but they didn't want to answer those questions but any if you're accusing somebody of giving you a sexually transmitted disease it should be public knowledge where your sexual history is to exactly the listen soon instructed her to answer saying it was an invasion of her privacy going on everybody you got her. PS PS come on Bass. Specific defecates is scheduled to be heard is expected to head to trial early next year the money all in this city. EMT right God knows. I need to find out how much how much of show is worth right. 'cause I'm for sure he can afford the attorney right. The dismissal missile sharpens case came a day before her ushers lawyers were supposed to be in court for a status on that case may be out of money who knows so because you know what people don't understand or maybe they do. You know they think oh well once. I win. I can pay my lawyers all of that yeah but until then your your lawyer might be losing faith in you who knows if they're even representing you to the best of their bill because all ushers lawyers doing filing motions filing stops and these things take forever you ran. You ran out of money. This incision usher is forty years old right now right sitting right. It's worth a two hundred eighty million dollars. You would right respectively. What's her name again. quantaties contagious Sharma tangible calm your ass down. How does she look city a bad. I don't think she is rather be that'd be smoking. Hot City Day right 'cause this is regular. Don't worry right for the commission right ninety. GonNa work exactly and others lawyers. GonNa drag it out. y'All eh we need providence we need. We need all that costs money that you don't have your work out a call center in New Jersey Rosie stop and your supervisor's Diane All p p four when fifty three. She's at the Nurses Union. She works there. The cast of girlfriends you guys remember girlfriends with Tracy Ellis Ross and the other one. I don't know their name trails. Ross yeah I would too. She's pretty I like ashes funny when like yeah and after we smash cut with her we'd talk talk and chat like I wouldn't want to get up and doesn't leave like I'd WanNa see we can smash it together. I wouldn't want you there. Men Energy Messing up our flow our favor her girlfriends who buys all know and Love Joan Lin Tony M my we'll be reuniting on upcoming episode of Black Ish rush on Thursday the shared a video from the set of the show to make the special announcement all for ladies together for the video as she shared this will be their first this time on camera together since two thousand six. I believe it's been that long since that show. I love that show. I used to watch all the time. Tracy said my girlfriend's. Our guest guest starring on Black Ish Tuesday October eighth so we have to we have to yeah. She says we have been altogether on camera. Since two thousand six these are women women I grew up with and love deeply and it was easy and it was easy tap back to tap back into the magic of our chemistry and how much we love each other so you know girlfriends was on air for a total of eight seasons. The show started in two thousand and wrapped in two thousand seven many fans have been asking asking for the latest to reunite since everybody's on this reboot thing they wanted it to come back or to make a girlfriends movie which which I thought that might be kind of cool but I don't really know too much where the story would go Mara Brock Akil who was the creator of the show. She talked about why there hasn't. It's been a proper ending to the show. She said the fans have been consistently vocal about a movie ending anything but that has been for ten years consistent. It's not up to me if I haven't proven that in my career that I'm ready to write and do the work. That's a no brainer. She proceeded to talk about how there's a lack of value in the industry that hasn't allowed allowed and acceptance for a proper ending two girlfriends. Are they trying to say that. Nobody wants to produce this show who more. I mean all of these as an actor. They have so much money reach Tyler Perry. Ask Him for some money. I do you guys. Would you guys like to see girlfriends friends movie. I mean sex in the city how movie they're going to. They did all this crap I mean I think that they can get money for or started. Go Oh fund me like or NEP legs. Are these people reaching out to these people that could fund that. I like that show but they came out with a movie. I think that would be appropriate. Goes on a five dollar to buckle on Tuesday. We're talking about movies. Hustlers is coming out today. I am going to go see that our local mall the movie where J. Lo and Kiki he palmer and Liz oh and Cardi B. Fun fact who has no Cardi B. did not do any of her poll scenes in that movie because during the time of the shooting because she had breast done so she couldn't really do too much so I will be in there seeing that with my girlies tonight I suggest you why you you guys all Algo women's world yeah so running everything yeah you. Sam Getting that paper so shut up yeah. What's what's your girlfriend's movies to see a movie about winning yeah. It's about the strippers who got money off. These men were scamming these. Wall Street guys out of their money because I was tired of the dog might be a good person to hang out. This weekend is at the movies to see. This particular movies a lot of women right yeah. There's GonNa GonNa be women there. Take fellas take your girl. You can watch dripping together. They go from a smash as how you do that exactly and you can watch all the J. Ehlo you want. You'll have a buying if as may have your girl dress up as Jaylo right on the day you might not want. You'RE GONNA the only way to date right this particular movie right with J. Lo and Cardi all right and we're watching the moving towards all. We're doing worse bill. I need to do my the policy basically do that. When you get back to the crab I need you to to do that seem like it. Is that okay yes. Anybody asked you that that was positive that same scene right Dan. I need you to duplicate that the craving we get back home yeah. I'd be like yeah women. Can we've been and then if if there's a particular point saying right now moving. I'm talking about porn itself boards on yeah. I've seen a particular sexual at going down and get the point. Will it be offensive city. I took that see from the porn. SIP IT to my girlfriend. Whatever whoever say oh you babe. I need you to duplicate the scene. It could be the sloppiest sweatiest super probably nasty nasty. Would that be inappropriate. Go to send that type of video who was at the time so how long you why are you watching this right. Why now question Whoa way okay hold on if you did have questions it'd be what time you send him. It's like while I'm at work eleven o'clock in the morning. What are you doing first of all. I'm pseudonym regardless of time to watch it with Dale. Watch their right. If I'm sending to you me and my partner right would that be inappropriate to say hey listen. Luke word lead need you to do this to me. Yeah is is that OK okay but she she might have some follow. Follow follow I'm. I think I'm acting appropriate okay. I'm watching a porn right at eleven o'clock in the morning and night in home. com Tom your mother prove. That talking wasn't the number that why would you question. I'm sending you. I want this done. Would it be what would it be inappropriate sentence. There's some cheap norman I go so on sending it to the person that's fine. Okay so are we. Are we doing that tonight. We get slutty the subtitles on and to hopefully you're awake when I get home so you down yeah right soon as you have. That doesn't mean I'm not going to have questions and you'll be sending me clips telling me to do all this type of stuff anytime you want 'cause. I got some clips clips to show you to what I need done. Is that all right because I got a clip for you that I'm a need you do for about thirty forty five minutes. That's okay. I'll do anything in one get down. Take you to break you for not having to deal ball down. So you guys go see that. Ah I WANNA report. I'm just saying terrence Howard. Oh wait wait before it gets to that really Mike the Situation Sarin Tino you guys know him from the Jersey Shore. You remember remind the situation situation yeah. He's been released from prison he will he's been serving. He's been serving eight eight months for tax evasion. That's him I used to like Mike. He was the oldest one on that show too because like for like forty years old on the Jersey shore white man's hero the white man's hero. He was released yesterday. After completing an eight month sentence contents he took to twitter to celebrate his release and he later said in a statement with his wife. We are elated to finally close this chapter of our life they to our family the support and they're working on babies. We truly believe that. The comeback is always greater than those in the know video clips in arena relationship. I don't care what time of the day it is. I don't care if you have work and you don't something I'm your man. I could send you a clip of anything any meantime I want. That's part of the privileges of being in a relationship. I know you at work. You don't have to look at it at that moment but stop putting up. These barriers will a man. Maine was the senior some video. I don't believe Women Sean Garrett Chat Room Okay. John Tara shot all of the raw you up. You said those videos Sean. You sending should be video radio two more women anytime I want to cares. She's at work at Church when I don't care with according to the indictment might this the situation Tina reportedly he was filing false tax returns that incorrectly reported millions made from promotions and appearances and they allegedly also claimed costly clothes and cars as business expenses and funneled company money into personal accounts y'All Mike you can do it some fraud for real. Why couldn't you just pay Bro. Damn video walk. She says she know what to do. She Oh need you to know video to be sedan. I can't sit out doesn't matter what she knows how to do. I should have that freedom to send send the video singer. Whatever you want but what you get back is the problem. She probably go into problem. That's the problem I'm your man of. Send the news. Some videos and sexual act curse me out. I can't terrence. Howard says he's done with acting acting one. You're acting. Can you read that headline for Real Terrence Howard who says he's done with acting once. The final season of empire is over really really they start at you and you will leave it on you. Leave your acting career with empire come on Bro the start of the final season of empires quickly around the corner and while talking with extra special correspondent Miss USA Chesley Chris did they get rid of AJ remember where he was down for some sex scandal on tariffs revealed some shocking news that has been capturing the attention of many when at US fifty years old and and he's in the position to time he's worth counts coins link at mine right. He's were five million dollars. That's a little light five million. you better keep happening bro. His network is five million dollars here you that's enough to retire. Is it now a thinly world today for all the all the acting. He's been doing all the years. He's been working only five five million dollars. These black actors in Hollywood again Pedro Right Assistant Network raised five million. I think that's Kinda laid out nick so let me look up city. I think that the Lorenzo Tate's now. I think the thing is like Oh yes. You don't think five thousand nine of money to retire on and he's fifty years old. I mean one million dollars. Lorenzo Lorenzo is at four point five million and he's worked way lasted him so they're asking me. Somboon Hollywood these Hollywood black men are not forgot Morris Chestnut number city still five million dollars is enough money to retire injured on your how that say what you have and upkeep the taxes if your house is paid for you live in a medium size house in a in a marsh chestnut eight worth is eight million thank. He's many game paid. Nothing Tang is hard better gonNA. It's nothing says you ain't even break at ten. Mil Fifty is oh come on to him. These black actors actors are getting paid nothing. They really aren't working. That's crazy average since he's been married to the same. Lewis's nineteen she a black woman to write. She mypillow lice candid which there's nothing wrong with that. She's like yeah. I'm not asking but my skin does turnaround every five seconds twenty four years. Wow No anyway never heard of him. Quantum scandals yes tastings is making some money how much sixteen million dollars yeah right yeah uh but but you know he he's married to white women right. He was actually he's divorced now and he got a lot of flack from the black black community for talking about why dates white women and all that but he did make so many more money off that Uh. Stella got her groove back. Gabriel Union is worth twenty million dollars. Wow Wow you black actors me. That's good for her though and look up Denzel look up Denzel Washington and that's how it should be somewhere like the hundreds of millions for him to be like one hundred million dollars easy like Cindy. He's worth two hundred twenty million dollars. That's what I'm talking about. That's what you retire retire. He just hasn't been working coming out equalize three or do they the real money but that's the retirement money anyways sixty four uh don't even look it so so terrence. Howard Jones back. You better start acting. How much does he make an episode Empire Hebei. You went up our country to be off that last season because they you enough brown he says breath. Damn Denzel didn't know you can't get in June twenty million dollars. I didn't know I didn't know that either how I'm trying to slighted his DNA later when asked where it does. He see his career moving after the show is over he said I'm Don with acting. I'm done pretending she continued to ask. If you'll be done with acting will he would. He be focusing solely on philanthropy philanthropy kids for five million dowd and he continued no not philanthropy. I'm just focusing on bringing bringing the truth to the world out of his mind as many of you already know Jussie smollet all right. We don't WanNa hear about that. he asked Parents Raji which cast member they have they asked Taranto Raji which cast member they have both it's been the closest with throughout the years they both responded with Jesse Taryn said I was closest to Jesse. It hurts not to have him here. It's like losing a son but it's nice not having all the media Turkish around regarding all the things that took place in Toronto. She said I miss him. Just like a mother Mrs a child they tired of everybody asking them about Jesse's Malay- like screw that so terrence Howard. Maybe this is a revelation for him. he's done pretending he said so he gets one hundred and twenty five thousand in dollars per episode but he's in the divorce and his wife take sixty one the wife and sal the payments the one hundred twenty five thousand dollars per episode right twenty five hundred excellent and what are the thirteen episodes in season speaking million dollars overlay dollars season right making more than that yeah but I don't know I'm trying to think of what movies he's been in. I guess that would really call for him to make any more money but yes so that's so that's it for that and on just let me lead you guys with a feel-good. Friday story in the news a young boy this story kind of touched my heart the university a boy who is bullied for his homemade homemade university of Tennessee t shirt the school has made an official unofficial design and they also gave him a scholarship to the a school. A Florida student obsessed with the University of Tennessee wanted to represent the volunteers are during his elementary schools college college colors day. You know how school sometimes do like special days like school spirit week and all that other stuff like wacky phase ward. He's he's gone because he can't afford. The monthly payments. Tarrant Howard says he can't afford spousal support for ex wife. He only makes six thousand. Was it a month. This was back in two thousand fourteen. The forty-five-year-old forty-five-year-old actor claims he can't possibly pay the three hundred the twenty five thousand dollars spousal support ex wife Michelle Gins as stated in their divorce settlement because he's only bringing in six thousand a month at that time that's all I'm actually on. TV also suffered so the Florida student he didn't. He didn't own own any college apparel. So he made his own University of Tennessee sheriff's crazy he made his own he drew oh you and a t the university's global on paper and then he pinned it to his orange shirt right so when the day finally the ride to a so excited to show the shirt his teacher and the teacher she was very impressed that he took it one step further to make his own label of the of the of of the shirt but some girls at the lunch table next to his did even participate in the College Colors Day had made fun of his sign that he he attached to his shirt This is a picture of the shirt that he made. Oh this is this is unbelievable. This is a picture. This is a design that he made the whole show you guys he made Fisher. Why does mother lately the House like that but you know he made all know if my kids don't have something and they want to participate I want and by Lake she could have went out and bought his local universities legacy living school. Whatever so that was the shirt that he made as as you see it says University of Tennessee on there and he was bullied in school. People made fun of him that he had you know I guess Oh look at your shirt. You made did that. You don't even have a thing so the teacher shared it on facebook in hopes of raising his spirits periods the teacher said she planned on buying him in Official University of Tennessee t shirt and ask France if they had contact with the school who can make it a little extra for special for him on her facebook post had gone viral and among people that go to school with lots of people leaving supportive comments and it it wasn't long before coffee attention of the University of Tennessee and they reached out wanting to send the student a care package full of swag and apparel he said and she said my student so amazed by all the goodies in the box he proudly put on the Jersey and wore one of the many hats and the University of Tennessee. He said that they were turning his ut design into official T. shirt so this is the official T. shirt that they made with his design nine. Yeah I will show so it's really cool they hold on. This is the shirt that they made made. This is the shirt that they made for him. Sommese isn't that people have been buying it and they're sending the proceeds of the shirt will wear no to a bullying campaign stop bullying and and they also are making him stub with the spousal support what happier women don't deserve that anyway no they also said that they are going to one child and healthy is help and you and your husband is making the same amount to say. Both the husband ended the the wife. Let's say both making a hundred thousand dollars a year. They make the same salary. He's already paying child support. Ron I am I paying you. spousal houses support where we make the same exact. Mon- Yes why I could see that the man all the woman making ten times as much as because. Oh sorry you guys are looking at my face because it's it's an old law that they probably need to revive its when men made more more money than women and and make more all money to men now well maybe Sean you should be on the maybe you should be on the front end of changing them well. That's ridiculous. If we're making the same amount of money I'd get the child support upon get that but you want a thousand support. Would you did check for you. Help I understand that but ripe is in a wheelchair and something going north some mental issues good cut a little check that I get but if you healthy as a horse you putting pictures on social media you get too nice outfits on you out and about how any wants and we're making the same amount of money. That's ridiculous to me. They have made him an honorary student for two thousand twenty three giving you a check because you MRS and so if he decides to go to the University of Tennessee and has the grades and end and wants to go that he will go in. He has a full scholarship for four years to go to the University of so shout out to this little boy who just wanted to show some love and people see people have their making fun of why just let homeboy wears shirt. It was happy about it so shot it to him. His mother is overjoyed a damn shore. He's going to be going to the University of Tennessee what city you graduated out of down the block East Stroudsburg University. Why don't you go out there with a t shirt something on there. That's a long ago and see if you get They're making sure you have your kids. You know shine. I don't go there business. I don't even want to go to college back to city. We're going to get out of here. Yeah wants to chat rooms and love on a fill the Friday. I feel I'm tired as hell. I feel guy great guy busy weekend hope. Everyone has a great weekend this weekend C. J. so I think what we're going to close out this show by showing the chat some loud. We had a great week this week. We have a lot of special things coming up in future Joe initial short-term and we appreciate you guys on why she do so wanNA show city and won't be wishing. We call them from two minutes any. Let's say work because we'RE GONNA GET OUTTA here. Go ahead well. ooh. We already own. They're making money though row we're talking about. These little known black workers actors working for a long time of law car. Kendall rocks but I'm saying I like the coast quite all all they did was really like just black film and the lack of block walk shoot but they also diversify their farms like invastion venture capital build up you just making your money off these missiles. The low budget African American endorsed leans. Where's Your Business. They don't really I don't think that Kim blockbuster film blockbuster film that changes everything so they endorsements documents that are still endorsements are cheaper companies companies that that the Coca Cola the city's you guys to terrence. They're our time invested or not. Only we that he needs to get his ass out there working so like row house he needs to make club appearances ten thousand dollars a week and that's that's five to ten thousand dollars to hire him with his net worth he better get out on the circuit and go out there and hit these clubs it make special appearances and make some money instead of sitting in does his acting and doing nothing right over here talked about. He wanted to bring the truth to the world. No you need to put the money in your pocket in some way. I used to be a model. He was doing her thing. I've been trying to treat. He thought take a lot of white foam to crackdown. She's smart firms whites as well. We'll call so within call for uh-huh. That's the difference between him and of course that's. That's at this point you know. That's you know that's what we got out here. Do you got pretty extra work or just across. Oh they rag on clockwork. It's not just of dry towns along and then he said this stagnated himself with sixers empires. They didn't do anything to couldn't get no work. I would if I was out there doing all type of appearances. All type of the hugged all ways to get founded. This won't be so quick Sean. I people pressure about getting back into town and I said if I did back in comedy I WanNa Talk to you about as our award. Should it'd be a mental. Oh well of course means to me on the fleas and all that knowledge yeah I got you. Let's talk about it on this weekend. No worries I got you you have to hit the streets and gotta hit these stages our Lord. Let's go by sitting. We're we're going to do right now. Check them some love. That was very nice of real hollyman. A Sin Salvo may not money themselves always since I was a classmate widow hearts in a chat with a heart in the heart attack in any chance of heart attack in the chat with a heart attack in the chat group Chat Group where the heart says let's go turn down with heart set with a heart attack on Jaffa what hey heart attack with a heart set dapple Japa- Doukas what hey Friday. Hey Hey heart chat chat. I chat chat. Hearts chat with heart slacked in a chat room. Hey heart attack in the chat room heart attack to the chat rooms with heart testing. Let's go hey we're we're in the heart sach away the hard time job with the heart attack where the heart sach win the mark where the gap eh you got to you remember how the we chat group ever. General Insanity Road Shots Apprentice Cox no pause Robert Serve Blackheart the original after Dj to chasing Baker. Hey Tracy Shot Ralph Holla Holla Holla shot after the Borough Leslie Robert mcfall Veneta George Henry Samantha Single Aka juicy shout to Diane Diane manhole shout out to Queen Diane. Shoutout to Lynette Serano Nissan Washington Khalil Rushie shots is Sean Trende Markets Johnson Johnson China's Denise Taylor Clinton Rony younger no Darah Jackson Daniel shutouts Veneta George Henry Veneta. I'm going to the movies at ten P. He m tonight. WHOA local Xiao's Burgtheater cinemark. Dj T Simmons Shot Marina Simmons shots in Daniel John. Own Shut up to the original. Kevin Williams shout out to Charles Lindsay Fabio Shoutout to Gloria Breckenridge Bridge Elsie Ruez. Yolanda rains shot out the China baby. shot to Audrey Johnson. Yvonne was Bodey drew tis shoutout to Queens and and Nikki Nanya Nana sat out to Michael Resi mcnasty wanted Shepherd Santiago shoutout to pinkies blamed amy jo butter Cram Sean Schramm Marcus Johnson because a lot of these people already. I don't know how the Sean Oliver Leshan Hanes Jones Ed Lopez two point. Oh Joanne Myers Nathaniel Jones shots all guys Michael Grassy mcnasty. If I miss anybody we really love you yeah everybody. That's listening shot the Barbie. Cologne are beautiful Colo Co host. She will be back on Monday. Don't WanNa miss it. Follow follow her on Instagram Barbie Cologne stylist on I G Barbie Cologne on facebook by the robot Barbie rb on you. The day off as much sending underscore J. around on snapchat is three okay guys. Listen Shaw facebook could be this. A hobby of facebook is the grant guys have a great day of blessed weekend. We love you guys to death. Shout out to everyone in the room shot at the Roseland Chapel member the week we love God's city wave goodbye. I love you bye. See you later Eh. Let's go who's going to the movies Sean.

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