NFL Draft Prospect Interviews: Isaiah Simmons, Kristian Fulton, Rodrigo Blankenship & more (Football 4/22)


Hey it's producer Deebo here with a bonus episode of the pick. Six podcast. Brinson is off doing the video version of pick six on. Cbs Sports HQ. And if you haven't heard the super friends will be hosting an hour long pre-game show for NFL draft coverage on HQ which you can find of course on CBS sports dot com or through the CBS sports APP on your streaming devices. It's seven PM Eastern on Thursday six eastern on Friday and then eleven am eastern. Things Kickoff on Saturday for this episode. We've been talking about draft prospects for weeks now. We get to talk to them. This episode will feature a collection of six interviews with players that will get drafted at some point on Thursday Friday or Saturday. And you just hear Brenton's voice asking the questions dropped expert Ryan Wilson and kicking expert. John Breach are also a part of this pod that features interviews with Isaiah Simmons Antoine Winfield Junior. Aj Dylan Rodriguez blankenship. Ezra Cleveland and Christian Fulton and a reminder when these guys do get drafted the pick six podcast will have immediate reaction. Pieds in the feed. We start our crop of interviews with the player that will go the highest. It's CLEMSON's defensive. Standout Isaiah Simmons. What's it been like preparing for the NFL draft in what amounts to the weirdest NFL off? Season I can ever recall much as as much as it's been different. I don't really know any better. Just because this is my first time too but It's actually been a little strange just thing that ever from the traditional years but you know just thinking going day by day do you spend time. Do you spend your free time duty. You're working outta read mock drafts. Which favorite thing to do. That's not really my dad working out playing video games. That's really bad it. What are what are you playing games? You play I play Madden. Call the duty. Those are my main one. I'm on right now. So He's trying to lose insulting to find him. What's what's your xbox. Ps Four. I was GONNA say I would play on play mad. What's what's your team. What what team do you like to play with? Oh Man I got a couple of that but I I like to play Randoms so I like to play the bills. They got a really good defense. They have a bunch of guys in there which brings me to my point that I think you're probably the most versatile guy in this draft you. Would you agree with that statement? What is what is your position because people have a debate about it If I had to have like one name for it and it can be. It can be linebacker defensive and it can be safety. It could be defensive weapon anything you want. Yeah I would say defensive weapon. That's the best way to put it. I like it just because I feel like I can with the game on every level. I agree with you completely. Like I've seen you. I actually an NC state guy. So unfortunately I've seen you play a lot but you can rush the passer. You can drop into coverage running backs and wide receivers. You can play safety you. What is it like working with a guy like working closely? With a guy like Brent Venables. Who seems like a very calm and cool guy on the sidelines? Call Cool with this kid. He's a maniac makes it whatever you do he my corrections but Honestly I'll just decided he's really. He's really like an amazing coach He's GonNa. He's the man. Profession everyone regardless. If you're walk onto five-star it doesn't matter. He expects the same things everyone and he got. Meet you where you are and helping you to where you need to be so coach. Better rose always going to be one of my all time favorites. What what what have you heard from? Nfl teams about what they would want to do with you. In from a schematic standpoint. Because I assume you're you know you're doing these zoom calls. You're at the combine. He ran four three nine. There's no question you're one of the best athletes in the class. What are you are you are you? Are you getting into schematics and position versatility? And all that with these different teams on these calls. Yeah that's a little bit. But I've heard different things from different teams on what they want me to play so Because of the team and obviously personnel that they have now and what they possibly have the teacher. What's what's been. Can you get your name the team unless you want to? But I'm just curious like maybe the example of of like what? What sort of feedback you've gotten from those teams Some seems to be like back linebacker and others my senior strong safety and then others. I mean there's also team have similar positions or what I play that country to be able to play on over. Yes but is that what you would want to do at the NFL level? Or did you have no preference already I think one of the one of the this is not my criticism but one of the criticisms would be that like if if somebody brought in played linebacker that there might be. Maybe you wouldn't hold up against the run quite as well. Do you think. That's a fair criticism or or do you believe you would quickly prove people wrong. Because I think you're very good it diagnosing the run particularly and like I like I watched Carolina. You're dragging guy you're chasing guys down for behind too. I surprised at the criticism. Have you heard any of that? Yeah I haven't really heard too much about that but if that criticism is there than I mean I would say is false and I think my film shows that the two so what. What do you have planned for the draft? Like you get a so. We had sorry. We had chased young on our video showed. He said he's going to do like a big screen projection on the side of a house. So that way family members can dry by Hawk and he plans like that. Oh no I didn't really pay anything One thing I am going to do. I'm just not have Just my and my family friends over but other than that. We're GONNA have zoom call that everybody could tune in to where they all be. There would not be there if that makes him. Yeah for sure so everybody can sort of watch the party and they'll be watching the draft at their own spot. And is it difficult to you for you to to not be able to have all your family one time to celebrate? It definitely is difficult just because I'm a very family oriented guy but Also understand the circumstances just not taste. So you know I've been in the. Woody who is who is the best clemson offensive player you played against in your time in. Death Valley against but with. But you know what was that on my from my own country a Like he like. Who's the best offensive guy you've seen played against played with but you get my point? Lawrence? He's ridiculous I I. That's actually a really hard question Got Travelers each large Sauna Watson. God Mike Williams keep going but I don't know if I had to pick one. I don't know if I pick one. That's a really hard question. I mean trevor. Lawrence to me is the best prospect to come out when he comes out since Andrew Luck. And that's no disrespect to the Shawn Watson. Is freaking ridiculous but Lawrence to me I I mean I thought you guys would take down. Lsu He just didn't he didn't have a didn't have his best game and that just happens sometimes. But I mean he. He has everything to be an elite level quarterback. Right all right. So you are working with Waco's triple-zero recognizes the streak behind good cry and the new flex your crisis add to the NFL draft. So you're you're an emotional guy. You're not afraid. Yeah tough football player but not afraid to cry too Guess we're GONNA find out Thursday. Where's the last time you cried? Last time I cried. I'm really not sure actually. So the was the first round of NFL size. Tears are shed during the draft inviting fans to virtually join in for the official. Nfl draft after party stay strong featuring shack presented by orchestra zero the party. Dj BY SHACK AKA DJ deal and fans can celebrate with some of the NFL draft including Jaffa Khuda as as silence and Trista worst shacks instagram. Live ten PM Eastern on Thursday. Twenty Third House Do Real. Is that that you're like got to be out of virtual? Dj Party was freaking Shaquille. O'neal I mean this is this is you've arrived. You know what I'm saying. That's pretty crazy Obviously he's a legend in the basketball world but Obviously a household name. So they'll be real cool to be able to live with him party though. But what's the first thing you're going to buy a few sign your contract after. I signed my contract if you like if you get first round. Nfl money what's the first thing you're going to buy? I mean if you WANNA be literal than probably about like the food or something I nevertheless or what you know the person I'll probably by I really like soon. So I'll probably my body by myself like a paste because I've always wanted what What kind of what kind of sneakers we talk we talk like Air Jordans. Are we talking? The Conde's it'll probably be like a really bad Jordan lawn. Okay like refining one. I like it you should get. You should talk to Nike and get them to make you some some Clemson and or whatever. Nfl team you signed with a custom rare Jordan ones. You're you're a professor. You're you're you're you're going to be a star. You get your shoes now. We're not all right buddy. I appreciate you taking the time excited to see the pro level. Think you're going to be a superstar when you get there. Now you're a superstar already Keep up the great working. Thanks for taking the time. Thank you all right now. We Have Antoine winfield junior safety from Minnesota who was coming off a spectacular season a really good combine and also by the way if the name to give it away. His Dad's Antoine Winfield. Who played cornerback in the NFL and Antoine? When I talk to people about you one of the first things they say is how incredibly smart you are and I wanted to ask you. How much of that is growing up An NFL household and senior dad? How much is that talking with your dad about what you WanNa do in the secondary and how much of that is just you and your experiences as a football player. Yeah because my dad You know end up and being around him you know. He played in the League for fourteen years so he has so much. Knowledge of the game so he Pretty much know the game and anything that I needed help on He was gonNA help with and He just always was useful Just have another NAS as young kid and then as a progressive You know kind of take a backseat a little bit. I mean he still helps them. Now with You know just a little fundamental things as far as foot working watching him against my opponents but you know I feel like Being a college. That's kind of how I made my name. You know Being myself going to do my own thing no absolutely in. You've done that. I want to ask more about that. You you mentioned. Your Dad took a back seat sort of once you got to college. I have a thirteen year old son and I have to do my best not to yell at him when he's doing things. I don't want to do on the sports field. So is your dad like that. Now will we send you a text after game and say hey man? You didn't do this or is he. More he understands your game well enough to know that you understand what you need to do. You know know. He understands but You know before every game me. Send me a text message up encouragement and then after the game for call and just go over the game and like how I felt like I played and things I can improve on. So He's always there for that that's great. I should take some tips for your dad about how to handle your kids when it comes to sports. It helps when you're when your son is someone who gets seven interceptions in one thousand nine season is much more than free sake. He's he's knocking people out as you get close on scrimped you a little bit in the slot. You played in the box. Obviously what is the strong point of your game when you're talking? Nfl teams and they ask you that question. Yeah I'd say my support. His mouth is too My COMPLA- pretty much anywhere on the back. End of the defense Clays lots I can play over tight end. I can play the box. I can play in the post. And that's my main versatility and also my ability to create takeaways. So let me ask you about a couple of your teammates guys who were going to get drafted certainly On defense to come all Martin linebacker and Carter Coughlin The Edge rusher. I'll ask you first about Carter and you can follow up with Kamal if you want cars undersized he's the senior bowl and he competed and he has a super high motor. But I wonder how that's going to translate what he can do. Well do you see him having that versatility perhaps some move around along that front seven or is he going to be able to? I can't imagine a put on twenty or thirty pounds. I believe us anywhere as well You know he's He's he has a athleticism to play any position. As long as you know they put them in that good role that it's that team but I feel like going to do a great job and whatever came Picks them up because he's versatile players with and he has that aspect whom on which is. Great. And then you come all play line backer. And he was a big part of your defense and this linebackers class is actually pretty deep. I think there's a chance that he can go day three maybe earlier that maybe even day to. What do you like about Kamal's game in terms of what he brought to the middle that defense his mentality and he's just like a free athletes. He's about six four as long as a great size and you know he's playing with them. He just had that mentality that he's about to go out here every promise out that you can feel his presence and just energy that he brought sort of the game every day Was THIS CRAZY. And it was great to having the same. So you mentioned Kamal. Six Four. Listen Five Nine. I think of the combine has any team have teams that okay. You're a little under size for free safety. I've said that to you and I'm sure you've probably heard that at points in your career and I'm guessing you just pointed the stats sheet. But what are you typically say when someone brings that up? Yeah you know what's Sometimes with them not to Guyana. Where every time I on the field I'm GonNa give you everything I have You know a lot of people say it's not about how big dog in the fight is how big dogs heart that he has is with the Times what he's GonNa do so I'm really look at it in any negative way. I am playing. Yeah I think your dad was five ten or five nine felony. He he seemed to manage. Okay so it's not. It's certainly not a big issue. When you play the way you played Also something else that you had to turn yourself with the administrator where the injuries and you came back this year and you're healthy and you played really well when teams ask you about that. What do you say in terms of the game? You have to miss because you were hurt here football Football's one hundred percent risk for you're going to get hurt playing football. It's only a matter of time Both my injuries were free injuries. That I couldn't control and we just have some that happened in I don't really look Down at those injuries is just on behalf to me as a player could happen to pretty much anybody. Yeah that's a great answer and I'm sure you're tired of tired of answering so hopefully this is the last time you hear one last question. I WANNA ask you. Do you have any plans for Thursday for the draft? You're going to have maybe some close friends over or do you have anything in terms of lined up in terms of what you want to do. Their your advantage is GonNa be at home in my living room with my family and I just some small flat and celebrate within. It sounds great. That's excellent and I wish you the best of luck and I'm glad you have your dad there to help you out. I'll learn a lesson from him in terms of dealing with my kids and Best Lucky Antoine and I hope to see you running around on the field sooner rather than later right. That sounds good. Thank you all right joining us now. Aj Dylan Boston. College running back. He was coming off Not only fantastic season but a great pre-draft season especially at the combine so. Aj I'll I'll start there you way to forty seven at the combine. You somehow jumped forty one inches. Which was the best of any running back and had to be one of the best parts of anyone there just off the charts and oh by the way you in a four five three so when people see your size in weight without having seen you play the first thing they probably think of as bad as you don't like their own beds you look Derrick Henry And that that's sort of a body type so can you explain Resupplies at all. What happened the combine? Or did you know that what's going to happen? How was that experience for you? So I wasn't surprised I've known I've always been an athletic You know I also can I brought on And like it wasn't a surprise to me. I just felt like I was happy to go out there and show the world. I've been hearing the big back comparison because I weigh two fifty. Oh He's a he's a guy who can only run between the tackles So it's nice to go ahead and show that I wait. I'm waiting to forty seven point. Eight percent body fat. So that's You know people who tell me lose weight. It's a muscle there. It's funny first of all. Sorry I forgot about the broad jump on me. He said somebody records. But it's funny. You mentioned that the body fat because I looked this up before we talked and drum. Addison's body fat at this combine was like thirty one percent. So you're slightly leaner and you mentioned running between the tackles and your versatility there. I just looked this up on our friends at pro football focus around the edge. You averaged about five and a half yards per carry and also in between the tackles. It was about five five and a half yards per carry. So that versatility is there and what would you say to people or more specifically what does the NFL Sadie when you spoke to them at the combine or even on these zoom calls by what they wanted to see you do in terms of improving your game once you got to the NFL Absolutely I mean I I feel like one of the big things was just the past Just more Not that they didn't think I could catch but more so. Just you know showing more opportunities. I did like a little Like catching Kinda like pro de got cancelled up Boston College. And that's what I would have done. combine Iran all the routes drawn ball. I'm so it's not a lack of ability by manages. Abc or a run heavy team. And that's where I was using. I'm GonNa do that to the best of my ability. Yeah you're not the first running back coming out of college. That has to explain to people like me that just because you caught last year. Thirteen passes but that doesn't mean you're not being focused a focus the past game. It's that college games a lot. A lot of ways different than the NFL game. You don't necessarily need your running back to come out and catch pass patterns and it's it's funny. You mentioned another comparison. You you've drawn his James Connor who ex ways a lot more than you would think. I think he's to thirty two thirty three something like and last year I was talking to Qadri Alison. I don't know if you remember from Pitt. And he drew comparisons to James Caan for being that same size and he also didn't catch a lot of passes coming out of the back of the pit James Connors pretty important weapon in the past in Pittsburgh so I understand what you're saying there. I want to ask you about your season last last year. Twenty nineteen I was actually at the Syracuse game. I wanted to come see you play. It didn't do too well. You only two hundred forty two yards and averaged seven yards of Kerry and that was after five straight games of rushing for at least one hundred nineteen yards three. Those Games back to back to back one hundred and fifty yards. That's amazing number one but number two if someone says okay should all be concerned about any durability issues. Aj Dylan here's the ball so much. What do you say to those people? That's the thing and south this from the top of the mountain tops. I'm healthy had one injury in my entire time Playing College Football Idaho left. High Ankle. Sprain missed two weeks. I played the remaining sites on season. Sophomore year I wanted to combine and went through all the Meta medical checks. I didn't have any x rays and the extra scams flexibility did all that stuff and I went and performed. Their ability is not an issue. I love it I love. That's number one and I feel like you've probably answered that question twenty or thirty five story and how how you're able to take off every single thing so okay. Let's let's go to this so the running back class. There may be someone go in the first round. It may not just because of how things fall but I feel like there's going to be a run on running backs in the second round and it's going to be have you heard anything about where teams like the things that you may go or you're not thinking about that honestly not thinking too much. Obviously I'd be lying said I haven't thought about it at all but you know it's out of my control and You know can happen in the draft. I just know I'm done everything I can Thus far to put myself in the best position possible. So I mean this way just like everybody else. Lanc- we'll call I get. Are you anxious at all? Are you you Pretty Common General I- I've been pretty calm. I feel like it's just I've been trying to like workout and do other things to keep my mind off it. I feel like if I just sit down during quarantine thinking about the draft though the days. Go by really slow now. That's a great way to think about it so in terms of How this has been a weird offseason for everyone you mentioned. Bbc's got cancelled everything sort of started. Shut down after the combine. How has it gone with with zoom calls with the teams in terms of the questions? They're asking you and do you feel comfortable on those or do you wish you would have more opportunity for these face to face interactions Yeah I mean I personally feel like the obviously the face to face. There's really nothing like being able to like. Sit across the table from somebody and really get a A live for likely but it word from them but you know everybody's been adapted I've done. Zoom calls Microsoft team facetime and the whole every type skype. Everything he can do but They've all gone well and You know it's interesting but like you said it's a weird drought process but this is my only once this is that's right. That's right so The the combine or even through the process of the zoom calls Has there been any sort of thing that stood out to. You is incredibly weird because you hear about this time the combine question ask you to maybe try to see how you react or was there any questions that struck us particularly odd or was it pretty normal for the. Mo- I mean I felt like it was pretty normal on this. Well I didn't get any agreements questions or anything like a less good so we heard from Chase Young. Yesterday he was actually on. Cbs SPORTS AS Q. And he said he's going to have ten ten or fewer people at Draft Party. You gotTA say ten. And then what he's going to do is go to project on a projector outside for family friends who can't come inside the actual show so when he when he gets draft presumably number two. He'll go out there sort of like a rockstar. What are your plans where you be? Who's going to be there? Mantra funds are different. Not The luxurious. I'll I'll be out here in Orange County California where I was training My family I didn't I didn't want to go and travel On a plane and bring potentially bring anything back to my family's face on my mom and my little sister my Stepdad Day and then I got my two friends From home they're out here and so we'll be together But you know you gotTa Roll Times. Yeah no exactly It is incredibly odd. How this thing SORTA works out. It'll be weird nephew. That's the only thing you know but to see Roger Goodell basement your name card at some point Aj thank you for the time we wish the best of luck you are the biggest learn the fast and definitely the highest jumping running back in this draft class and any team that gets you is. GonNa put you to work right away and you're going to be a gym and a lot of fun to watch thanks AJ Thank you appreciate your time. We're now joined by arguably the best kicking prospect in the two thousand twenty. Nfl draft Rodrigue. Oh blankenship of Uga Rodriguez how you doing today. Man I'm fantastic. Ob guys doing well and hope you guys are staying safe and healthy out there. Yeah definitely and staying safe it is Kinda the name of the game right now. Let me ask you this. What has quarantine been like for you? How are you handling that? How are you passing? The time court has definitely been interesting. you know this this draft processes definitely not win not been what? I expected what I hope for. But let's just Kinda the cards you're dealt sometimes You know gorging has been interesting I've got some some equipment on that. I've got here in my apartment in Athens that I can use to work on my flexibility. Where comprom- balance try to match drank with gyms and everything closed right now so I've got some women got at home than I could use to do the best. I can work out and stay in shape at home and then I go out to the the intramural fields that we've got here. Uga Couple Times a week to get a little bit kicking work in and You know try not to get chased off the field. So that's kind of what's going on. Well I'd say you're ahead of the game man because there's NFL players who don't even have weighed equipment at their place right now. So at least you have access to that and you're able to get out and kick which is probably the most important thing now before this whole quarantine start of war. We all got stuck in our apartments and our house is you did get to go to the NFL combine Can you just describe what that experience is like for a kicker and how many teams you talk to It's definitely a a blessing to be there on an incredible opportunity for me to be there as well as the other specialist. Become a specialist gets invited. You know In very select group of guys that were invited to combine so being there was an incredible opportunity for us Kind of you know. Put Count on display and yet to meet coaches and other important people that are going to make decisions about our futures So it was an incredible experience. It was great to get to you. Know interview coaches from teams across the League and then at the end of the week. You know we got to go out and have a little bit workout in Do our best to show what we can do in our skills on display. I think the follow specialists on. I think we all met with probably about Twenty five plus Of the of the teams in the League We had a an interview day. Kind of designated to us where they took all the special teams coordinators and coaches To a designated area and sat everyone down at six or seven tables on all the specialists who kind of went around Robin Meeting all coaches at every table. We'd sit down with a table of six or seven coaches for about fifteen twenty minutes and horn would boil and we'd get up and go to the next one and so we got to get down you know. Sit Down in front of pretty much. Every coach. It was air on pretty much every team league. We got him beat with that one point or another during the week. Was there any team that kind of like showed their hand and said hey look man we really need to kick her and we are really interested in? You MIGHT BE A. We're looking at in the draft that there are a few teams that definitely a position where I think they'd be willing to use a drop big and in that that's still could change the draft for another couple of days so you know some team situations may still change between now and then but definitely I think there are teams that have expressed a lot of interest starting at the combine. Going back to the table even on that have expressed a lot of interest in. I think you're GONNA be in a position to either draft pick This weekend what now with your guys's Pro Day cancelled. It's like the only way to meet with teams is doing what we're doing right now. You've got skype or zoom or facetime. Is that something you've done over the past month? And what does that interview process been like for you? There's been plenty of funny zooms plenty of face time. Plenty of skyping over the last few weeks like you said we didn't get to have a opponent got cancelled out. He was about three or four days before we were supposed to have it. That was very unfortunate We also have any of our private workouts individual workouts and for specialists. That's kind of the the bread and butter of our our. You know post Rear Brandon is getting those individual workouts Only only to hunters and to go to the senior bowl there. There's a couple of other senior bowl games out there but by and large very specialised Goto senior bowl game. And like I said there were only three kickers To combine. I think seven punters and that is a big number of hunters but that still doesn't represent the whole draft class. You know so majority of the guys coming out. This year didn't have those opportunities and so for specialists the best opportunities others in individual workouts that we have after pro day. Because that's when the special teams coaches can come in and they can kind of. Put us through the ringer and have us do all the drills that they want to put us through when they can have us try and execute all the kicks that they have in mind that they're looking for in their specialists meaning to have any of those so we missed out on a lot of quality one on one time that we will get to spend with special teams coordinators. Kind of put our skills on display as much as BS YEAR. That had approach. Yeah you did get them one time but like you said you did get the group interviews at the COM is based on the the weirdness that it's been over say the past six weeks. Have you gotten any sense of where you might get selected in this draft well Looking at the last you know looking at the ears where some of the specialists have been taken pretty much all the specialists that do get drafted get drafted between a fifth seventh round that I able to to help achieve out But you know that's kind of workers have been going on. The last year has been five That's that's where I'll be. I'll be expecting to to get taken if I'm GONNA be drafted this year. It'd be between so your dad played in college. He has that experience. What kind of influence has been on your life in your career and your kicking career? That has been huge influence on my life and my career. Probably the single biggest influence You know he was the one that got me into gigging. I came from a soccer background. Music Coaching and he was my soccer coach. I basically from the time I could walk. I had a soccer ball in front of me. And that definitely gave me a great background beginning to kicking He woman introduced me to football. End The kicking techniques to a field one day after fourth grade year over the Sun did match with field all day and set up football sticks. And just say here kick and see what happens So I kicked it and it was pretty good and so we just kind of took off from there never looked back and just kind of their heels in and got going by become a a Bredesen locate maker And so you know. He was my coach From the beginning he coached me on his own for probably about three years. Four years. We'd go to some kicking camps here in there and indeed asked the coaches if he could take notes and bring him back so I could get better installing you know. He was incredible influence from being incredible. Incredible huge factor in my life into my career. Bring meeting where I am today You know I. I wouldn't be here without. My Dad is so incredibly grateful for him for ships that we've had for everything he's done to help me reaches point He'll be able to be with you on draft night or the quarantine. Not Letting that happen. No no I'll be with them. I'M GONNA head to marry at an and spend a nice nice. Oh let me ask you about someone else who has helped. You would've been you're taking career Kevin Butler former. Uga Kicker former bears kicker. What has he been like for you. Yeah others been awesome. I was actually I was on facebook. Live with with coach Butler in the Georgia Radio crew for our virtual g day. We had On Saturday so that was that was pretty great to get to reconnect with coach. Butler and and talk to Him. A little bit Coach brothers. He's incredible. He's one of the best ever doing one of the best dogs to ever do it on you know in one of the best in the NFL as well. So He's been a great role model for me and he's also been a great resource. I'm Cook Butler was with us. In two thousand sixteen twenty seventeen And you know help me. And all of our specialists tremendously to kind of develop our game I think that he really helped me. Developmentally I think if he wants to be a successful specialists in the NFL you have to. You know you have to be a debt. Meddling you have to know how to handle tough situations In August kinda not get caught up in your own head. Coach was incredible for me to help me develop in and developmental side of my game and just become a more well rounded and more complete kicker Nightly you know he's. He's helped me as well to have. He's been another huge factor during in today. Well let me ask you one thing about coach Butler there. He spent eleven seasons with the Chicago. Bears the bears. Could maybe use a kicker right now. Has He been as he secretly hoping that you end up in Chicago or I don't know I couldn't tell you I think maybe he's hoping I ended up some over a little bit better weather from all the war stories he tells me? Chicago's got some pretty brutal weather. And he said he wouldn't wish it on his worst enemy so You know I know I would. I would love to go wherever wherever wherever I'm needed and wherever someone wants to have me You know if that be Chicago then so be it but You know I like my options open in just that keep an open mind and ready to go wherever Someone is willing to have me. Coach brought up that weather. Because you've ever kicked in a cold weather city. It's pretty moderate down there in Athens. Can you be a cold weather kickoff? You kind of secretly hoping you may end up in a warm weather city or a dome Atlanta Pau. I'll be the best agree can be Regardless of the situation you know I think that as long as I trust myself entrusted mechanics in my body and trust what I've been doing over the years Then I'm going to be able to have success regardless of where I go. You know I think it he just trusted. You know what you've been doing over the years it's been allow you to take a straight ball on kick at high ticket far then. It doesn't matter where you go. You're going to be able to have success alright so if I'm an NFL general manager. I think one of the things they look at is how a kicker rebounds from Mrs Because obviously no one's GonNa make every kick there are going to be Mrs What would you say was won miss? And you're Georgia career that you wish you could have back. And how did you kind of rebound from that mentally ill? One GIG to have back probably would have been from South Carolina this year. we We went over time with them and really having our best game. I had a chance to tie the game instead it into another over time frame and I wasn't able to connect their Let's just sit and it came in the wrong place at the wrong time I I definitely like to have that one back in Kind of do that over. Get a second chance because I know drilled it But you know that kind of thing happens Like you said you know the test. Manteaux a good kicker risky. And it'd be how you can bounce back can recover from that The next week we played against Kentucky and It was one of the most miserable games I've ever played in. It was about forty degrees in pouring rain the entire time. Just a monsoon of awful weather. Neither team's offense with really move with the ball super great I didn't really get a chance to individuals in that game because we weren't really getting fuel range and we did. Our offense just went all the way into a touchdown so I didn't get a chance to bounce back in that game in a glow on. Just you know dying to get another opportunity. So I could get back out there and prove my myself and had a volume game was when we went to Jacksonville Florida. Nine-game thing and went three for three and Hit a bunch of big kickoff bags and got SEC player in the League that we And so I think that you know just you know? I had had that opportunity to to bounce back in improved. I was able to recover that something that US as experienced to help me out government Going forward the rest of my career rebounded pretty strongly from that game. You actually hit eleven of twelve field goals you had a big game against Texas. Am One thousand nine hundred thousand. Four field goals Well let me ask you this. Kinda on the mental note here. Obviously physically train as a kicker. You mentioned the stuff that you have at your apartment. You can make yourself physically stronger more flexible. How do you improve your mental aspect and others? Nfl kicker some of them meditate. Some of them do yoga. Is there anything special you do to kind of? Keep your mental game strong. Yeah well one of the things I said. Is You know. Have a word with color can help to develop A routine in like a mental process that I can use You know after practices after Games. Just something that I can use to kind of you. Wait just maintain control of my thoughts on my emotions and everything that goes on in a game So that's one thing that that is definitely been helpful I also do some yoga love in the last probably three years. We've had yoga every single week. during the season over the summer. So that's something that definitely helps you to not only become more flexible but also kind of learn how to control your control your thoughts and control your mind Mostly worked with a sports psychologist which I think is something that every athletes should use is someone to talk to someone to just kind of you know. Get your feelings out Is Off of you. Know talking in knows what's going on with your life and going on in your head And you know so. I think that those are all things that you know. Any athlete You know if they want to get better mentally in develop their mental game. Those are all incredible resources. Except for Post Ballard. He's he's kind of his mind. Telling you know definitely yoga in work. Psychologists are things that I think any athlete can use them at work will provide beneficial effects. for for their performance on an automobile. Nice so I you about one kick. You wish you could have back. And it's only fair if I ask you. What was your most memorable kick? What was your best kick of your career for me? I thought it was your kick in the National Title Game Against Alabama unfortunately BMI ended up winning and so the kick kind of falls off the history but considering the situation was over time I think was a fifty one yarder. That was about as much as a kicker can be. What was your favorite kick of your college career? That that's definitely up there on. That occasion is definitely a highlight for me I think the fifty five yards against Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl That previous game going into halftime it. Kinda gave us some momentum going on in the half time to be able to turn things around in the second half I think that's another one It's up there for me I think game winner that I Made Against Kentucky in two thousand sixteen. They kind of a Season a little bit. We were trying to make sure we got ball eligible that season we got the win over Kentucky in Twenty. Sixteen that was that was another highlight for me the season. It was the third field goal that I kicked against Texas am They gave me the school record for most points in a career I think that was that the last one for me and it's definitely highlight You know give me the school record. So I won't say those are Are Up there for me. Nice sorry I only have a few more here One are there any current? Nfl kickers that you consider yourself a fan of or maybe you model after you watch them a lot because you like the way they do things Yeah there are there you that I am definitely a pretty big fan of a huge fan of Harrison bucker on Harrison was actually a Georgia tech on. I think we had maybe that we had at least one year of overlap. Maybe to But you know I as as all Harrison for a couple years and He's an incredible person. Just a great guy and he's doing some great things right now you know and I consider him to be one of the best guys right now so heredity also Justin Tucker with Ravens Obviously I think he's probably Guy Right now just Dot Gov. He's been doing it for a long time. And showing no signs of slowing down so against another guy that I am a huge fan of I'd also say Terry Adam Viteri. Of course you know. He's you know he's been doing it for forever In his in his none at the highest level for a you know about as long as any giger could hope to for. I think he's been around for twenty two twenty three years whatever days I might be more But out of say was is the on the number I wish nothing but the best for him at every point in his career he was one of the first kickers that I started to watch when I first got into kicking and so I'd love to see all the success in east ovaries premier fun. Nfl fact. I actually think Adam venit terry played his first. Snap before you were even born which is just crazy to think about because players don't usually lasts that long in the NFL. Now let me ask you something. Because you're not wearing the experts. You're not wearing glasses. You're not wearing anything on your face right now. But of course that's what a lot of people who watch college football. That's what they know you for. Are you going to keep wearing respects in the NFL? Or you're going to throw on some contacts and let that be a college. I'M GONNA keep working the wreck specs. I don't have glasses on on right now because I must write my regular pair of glasses. I was doing some stretching on the floor a couple of days ago and the I guess he was real excited to see the though he snagged glasses off my face and ran away with them when I finally got him back. Frames were all bent up Dinged up land is pretty good so I had to put in order for a new pair last so those are on the way in the mail right now which is why. I'm not wearing a regular glasses but I'm definitely gonNA keep wearing the experts on. They are prescription so they helped me to be able to see with the utmost Claire when I'm playing And it's just something that's kind of grown on me and I think has become a part of me now so Definitely GONNA keep Rockin. The specs going forward. Now let me ask you a quick question about Uga. You studied sports journalism there. I think what has it been like for you to kind of make these media rounds and see how the sausage is made see the other side of maybe an industry that you could be going into sometime in the future. Yeah I definitely you know. I wanted to get into sports journalism. I WanNa get into sports broadcast when my obliterated And it's it's definitely interesting. I think having unique perspective because I'm on both sides of both sides of the table you know being an athlete and being interviewed by a media over the last five years. I have that that side and then taking classes in going out and interviewing people for stories from my classes has given me the other side you know so I've been on both sides of the conversation outside the interview And I think that Bentley is GonNa help me going forward that both sides of the interview process on both sides of the equation when I WANNA get into my career So it's definitely been interesting You know being in wanting to get into journalism and I'm going to have a lot of fun when I'm ready to take that step all right last question. I would be remiss if I did not ask about it. You're a burgeoning rap star. Any plans released a new rap song once you get to the NFL or maybe you could do a yoga video since you're doing yoga till oh so the rap career. I don't know I don't know if it's got anymore legs on it. I I definitely wanted to make a song on my thought. It would be a lot of fun and it definitely was a lot of fun to make that song but it was a lot of late nights in the in the studio Getting getting with a couple other guys to make sure that it sounded just right. It definitely took some late nights And you know I. I kind of anticipation. That's what it look like going forward. If I wanted to do that and and I'm not quite ready to disqualify US those precious hours of sleep yet for another song so You know it's not GonNa Happen. Right now maybe once I retire or something And and I don't have any more football going on. I've got a little bit more free time. Maybe at with make another one then but for now the career is going to be put on. Hold that that is unforced. I was ready to download your next song man. Hey I appreciate you joining us and good luck this weekend. Thank you guys so much. Thank you for having me all right. We'RE BACK WITH EZRA CLEVELAND. The left tackle from Boise state. Who had a fantastic season open a lot of people's eyes at the combine? And Ezra right there so you busted out a four nine three the combine. You had a broad jump of one hundred eleven inches. Your three colon was great. Your vertical was thirty inches. You Got Thirty Reps on the bench press. How surprised were you? That other people were surprised to hear that as clearly could do all these things. Knowing what you've known throughout your career Boise state going into the combat. I knew that I was Kinda underrated and people didn't think I could do. You know I knew I was capable of doing now. Is One of the big goals going into the combine itself was performing the way that I know that can perform in letting people know like how athletic how strong naturally and what's funny athleticism mess. What jumps out when when you watch watch it play in. Its weekend and week out and a lot of times you were on an island against the best pass rushing the other team and very little very few times that you struggle. I think pro football focus said you gave up to hurries throughout the course of the twenty nine hundred season which is which is boxers. That's how well you play and that type of athleticism typically lead you to think that okay. This guy was probably a tight end and just moved outside. You are the tackle as well in high school. And you're an allstate defensive tackle. Do you like deepens. Why did you choose often tackle? Once you've got the Boise state so high school. I played both sides of the ball. I kinda just went. Railroads needed offense wind. Define of always been you know on one of the Lines D. Line O- line coach coach. Huff recruited me as often. Sleiman hearing when I came here I just enjoyed the coaching staff. And the people and I think that alone helped me with the transition from defense offense a line and Kinda just stigma the offensive line and getting to know everyone on the team and getting good at the position and starting at my own role. So of course. We were your former teammate of Boise state. He's going to get drafted as well was speaking very highly. If you haven't been every other day and said you were his. Ot One so you're the first guy. He's drafting off the board and there's been a lot of conversations about you perhaps even go on in the first round but we talked the NFL teams. What did they say to you about things they wanna see you do better once get to the NFL stuff like finish and get stronger and pad level and stuff like that? Football players themselves are always stronger. You know no one's perfect are always working on the craft no matter how well they are and it's funny green up. Curtis in how you say. He's I'm his. Ot wanted us. He's my Deanne one so you know going against him every day definitely got meet better and I like to think I got him better. And you know we're thing we like to say up. State aren't sharpens iron. And we were. We were definitely doing that out of practice. Let's talk and cars because I want to talk about them a little more because one of the knocks on him And you to and you know unfairly perhaps is that you're not facing the power five guys weekend and out and one of the other knocks on Curtis specifically not you because this isn't something that you just doesn't show up but people wonder if curtis isn't athletic enough to play Diene N. in the NFL. What would your response be to that as you point out? He's your easier d. e. one so you know going against him practice and everything. He has the tool belt for everything. And he's definitely athletic enough to bend the edge and stuff. I know he was his ankles. Were bothering towards the end of the season which kind of made his film is kind of like minded at the beginning of these totes. Hurting you know the film the film's match up with what they were seeing other years so when his ankles got bet his ankles are definitely better now and he's able to bend the edge and I know you sure apathetic enough to play that spot and like I said going against him was a strong practice. Made me better and I like to think I made him better. Yeah absolutely in another guided a lot from that team. Jon hightower the wide receiver. Who who was? I'm guessing the fastest person on your team. He's one of the fastest people in this draft class. What do you love about hightower who allied people just think? Is A home run threat? What else does he do to to bring to that offense? John's work on off the feels really. Well really good you know. He Practices Practice Habits and helps out a younger guys and stuff like that. He's and another good thing about him as an intense situations. He's he's laid back and calm cool collected. He doesn't freak out and you know he knows when if the ball gets thrown them. He's GonNa make the play in Do that in. Even it's like a small slain or something like that he's GonNa try to make that homerun play. You were mentioning before. So we're we're asking guys that we're talking to about what their plans are. This is a weird time with everything going on around the world. But what are your draft plans for Thursday in terms of having people over and and like a viewing party off your ten people of course but. What do you plan on doing that? Yes I hit my family Driving down from Washington my mom and my dad a defensive line coach from my high school that have been really close with since seventh grade. And they're coming down. They're coming down here and we're GONNA watch the draft in the. Nfl was kind enough to send us cameras and stuff to set up so we can have that moment captured on camera and On the TV and stuff like that. So we're just GONNA just chill out with By the cameras and kind of have a little party by ourselves. It's all all six of US keeping it in the rules of the Cronin stuff like that yet. Actually maybe better that you set your own camera so there's not some ESPN NFL camera. In your face. The whole time trying to get everything you do speaking of cameras so throughout this process the last month or so you'd have to talk to teams via zoom skype or facetime or whatever. How's that experience? Been ANYTHING WEIRD SORT of stick out as awkward given the sort of scenario the situation on no not really you know a growing up. I grew up with technology familiar and stuff like that. So all the all the calls went really well. And you know I've been asked if they had megan three point or something like that but nothing that nothing physicals all just like FBI football knowledge and stuff like that then asked me my film them. Show me they're film. Teach me some plays and having me rattler back and stuff like that so nothing out of the ordinary. So He's obviously had these meetings in person the combine all anxious or nervous or you felt pretty comfortable how you represented yourself in terms of your football knowledge and what you're able to do on. Tape Boys Day so I knew I was good knowledge wise and everything just getting that first interview done and getting the butterflies out and figuring out like One can expect and stuff in the meeting that I Unfortunately informal meeting done more comfortable and then. I had my first formal me. I remember is really nervous. Yellen to and you know I got in there and I started talking it and went by really fast. That's one thing that really happens is when you're in an interview or something like that. I think we had fifteen or twenty minutes and that time really goes by fast when you're when you're talking about football and like I said once I got done with that first formal meeting you know it was it was all. I wouldn't say breeze because you know you still have to focus and stuff like that but there's definitely a lot easier once. I got that first meeting gun and figured out what to expect. By the way if you're interviews fast as it went well if you're bombing that twenty minutes feels like two days so that's that's probably a good sign one last thing. I want to ask you so you you seem really commonly back now on Thursday. When are you going to start? Getting the butterflies are a little nervous. I'm actually not sure I just off the phone with a mile line coach of Roger Goodell. Who actually went through the same process and I just I asked and I was like so when you have to call like what were your emotions like what am i. What am I going to be feeling? And he's like yeah you know. I'll hit me at once. I started crying. You started crying and I was like me right now. I would never think of me like answering the phone and crying and stuff. I mean I definitely get excited but I don't know I'm kind of a spur of the moment type guy so we'll see what emotions hit me when when I get that phone call. I'm looking forward to it. It was so fun watching you. Play last season. Twenty nineteen and best of luck to you man. I hope you have to have a great. Nfl career appreciate it all right. We're here with Christian Fulton. Lsu cornerback one of the best quarterbacks in this trap class without a doubt Christian before we get started. I want to ask you a question about. Lsu In general we talk to Jamal Adams back at the super bowl safety for the jets Lsu allom and he was adamant he'll come surprise you that Lsu is db some conversations of course about Ohio State and even Florida's conversation especially with CJ Henderson in the mix to be drafted. I of course Jeff Buddha from Ohio state. What are your thoughts? Where do you come down on the LSU DE DEBATE ON? I mean a difference that I have it. Go you guys every year but I I guys you know we have the top safeties in the con- top corners of the you know and I said so. That's why we have that conversation. Yeah I mean you're right. You're probably going to go in the first round Derek. Stealing when he comes out he'll be first-round pick it feels like grant delpit also in that conversation and it's not like you guys played anyone you go through. Lsu schedule and every week it was someone that was incredibly tough. I wanted to ask you a little bit about that. So Texas Colin Johnson's eight feet tall How do you go about covering someone? Who's that size and runs the way he does You know how kind of you know. Take advantage away. You know that. Their size Iraq. Oh pretty much deep. I was their goal to things. So we want to take that week They want to be too physical them Just because they will be and they were trying to push through Congress and we don't want that to happen so that's how we went about it. You know that game so I saw this quote from you after the after the season last year. And you said you felt like you needed to be more physical. The line of scrimmage and I thought that was interesting because a lot of times we see. These pressman coroners in college. They get a little Hansie. At the line of scrimmage to the point where in the NFL they'll be flack for that. But that wasn't your game. You are much more patient align scrimmage and much more Willing to let the receivers a start to start the route and then you would be all over them like a blanket. So what are you hoping to improve on when you talk these? Nfl teams. What do they want to see? You do better once you get the NFL That's the thing I wanna make over that transition. They like what they saw. Me Obviously didn't make sure. The transition is Much more than you know. Such is focusing on. He had also just because they got the five nine after that. You know they've probably call that so just in our head mentally You know that They WanNa see what the versatility as on on my on my game I try to break it down to explain them Spank someone yeah. You had twenty five pass. Acid defend the last two years. I think you're you seem to be doing okay. In that regard You also mentioned Fan Jefferson was the toughest receiver. You faced you still you still feel that way. Yeah yeah he definitely WanNa talk actually. He's definitely the most underrated ones that I've seen So that's why I will send you for so I agree with you. I think they in Jefferson is underrated as well and sort of interesting. I mean we talk about how wide receiver classes including Your Guy Jefferson in that conversation but what is Van Jefferson. Do that is is it. His ability to run routes that creates such problems for Bax definitely His very college in on wages and then I was in his yes Green has because radius absolutely And he can. He can make tough catches so since Going along those same lines. You guys faced Alabama and one of the best games of the season last year. If you're a defensive back would you rather face Jerry Judy in his route Ryan ability or do you want to have to worry about Henry? Rods running a four to seven or is it someone else on that team loaded with wide receiver. Said that concerns you. I mean after like Kinda gave few to answer in them to plan Different absolutely I wouldn't WanNA PLAY OFFS. Our person kind of cut down on the running. You know Like you said Greg and Rose I'll just wants to get hands on kind of throw time and like you said he's a full two guys so you gotta forget hand on them to slow down. And at the time for this quarterback I I think devices may ease Dursey. Who He's definitely in that makes those. Yeah I thought you had a really a really strong game against against Alabama and we know how that turned out. Do you talk to grant help it for example and maybe even some guys on the other side of the ball like Lloyd Cushion Barrier Even Joe Borough just Jefferson about just going through this process as you guys get ready which is obviously a very weird time for everyone as you get ready for the draft. Yeah so just Trying to Grant and just definitely talked about it. try to give each other tips on what's going on with certain teas or you know just asking how. How do they Are On air. Everybody's INC good no You got a pretty wide range. You know so. We'll talk to allow you know just trying to see What type of people we are you know. What would they WANNA see? Do on to the next level. So you've been with job ever since he arrived from Ohio state and you saw him practice each and every day Were you at all surprised? At how things unfolded this year. Or had you seen that in practice and you sort of felt like that was the direction borough is going to end up going. Yeah definitely seen in practice. They make it like so either partly isn't game is definitely that easy game so they definitely would follow successively got so to be. They come every day with a gain mentality parties and I figured that's why they've had some success Friday while you're going to come home. Keep doing what they do to the next level. So how frustrating is it as a cornerback or safety to go against show borough and practice and have him do those things that you mentioned when you know you're in the right place where you need to be? He's still somehow managed to pull that off. You get angry or is that something you glad to see because he's on your team or what was the feeling there Definitely angry. I mean you know Oregon and you know those type of players because make plays on throws and just got a new fight to make sure that they don't Make the three That's not a fact so amused group to see it on the weekends. They'll make it happen so well. The good news is you didn't face anyone nearly that good of course of the season. Trevor Lawrence. Obviously look at quarterback. Joe Borough is. I think everyone agrees is well. Deserved that heisman trophy. So when when you go to these calls with with the teams were there any teams that your mind. That felt like they were really interesting. I in you might be a team Miller. Consider you a couple days from now in this rap starts I mean I I really got to buy from a few T on sale right now. Just thinking on snaky Jaffe Stores Sometimes. Maybe a few minutes. You Ain't talk too much. Cursing visiting talk to everybody else around him. So I'm definitely not expecting uninspected without Garnered suggested that's probably a great way to approach it and I'll ask you one final thing Christian We heard chase you. Talk about his his draft day. Get together you can have ten or fewer family members there on the inside of the now the Front Yard. I think he's GonNa projected the the draft telecasts on the side of the House. So people out there casino. Come out there and wave atom. What are your draft plans? What are you gonNA to be doing? Thursday when you're getting ready to sit down and watch this thing being done. That's my time I I just WANNA make sure everybody. Everybody's they safer And just celebrating the SAM. We'll just have the time as as Crook and moving whereas celebration World Christian. Thank you very much time. I appreciate your busy this time of year. Best of luck to you man and I hope we get to see a called on Thursday. You can't walk across the stage but we'll see on the video there. Good luck man.

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