49ers Smack Packers, Luka Lights Up Rockets and Drama In Big D


Great News there's a quick way you can save money switch to Geico Geico could help you get great coverage at a great price and it only takes fifteen minutes to see if you could save fifteen percent or more more on car insurance go to GEICO DOT com today and see how much you could save. He is Jalen Anthony. Rose what a dull jacoby own cool shit kids together. What is it that we do get people along joining us in studio later is who Jalen Rose Ryan Montgomery also known as Royce? The five nine. He will join US next but we we start with this. I keep waiting for the forty nine. DISAPPOINT ME I keep waiting for it to happen and it just doesn't happen. The latest was last night. They didn't just this. beat the packers they whacked the packers. Is it now time for us to consider them the best team in the NFC and putting some respect on a lot of defense that's a player's name arm. Also here by Richard Sherman. But that defense don't every level has been so very dominant and I have to say one other thing not the same as rose Ann. Rogers been average this year. Oh Oh average for Aaron Rodgers. Well I picked him in fantasy so I see these numbers research results in personal. So I'll care what the hype is out there okay. He's a terrific player over on yes. He's a hall of Famer champion and all of that but his numbers he completed twenty balls yesterday full a hundred yards wearily. How do you have twenty completions and only get a hundred tells? Tom Brady stuff really not not now. That defense again. I WANNA make sure about down to pay homage to the forty niners defense Aaron Rodgers and that office was as it does. I have seen to be fair. Rodney had red jerseys next to him every time he dropped out every time the job is a Red Jersey in his he did. There wasn't necessarily on him as much as it was the offensive line protecting absolutely Sachsen saxons sacks they get to the quarterback you don't we'll have to cover long and then a deepak made place. You know what Aaron Rodgers wasn't that great but Jimmy G. was like Jimmy. Garoppolo is someone who cannot be disrespected inspected anymore like it used to be kind of a punchline handsome and you know he was hurt last year but he has proven that. It's not just the deepest carrying this team. Jimmy G. was putting involves ray where he needs to last night. I keep telling you guys this. He's not an underrated player. That gave him over one hundred million dollars to play football after maybe ten games. Seven Games. Okay so they saw potential in him and I WANNA make sure I give college Shanahan a ton of credit because when you leave a squad and you take players with you. Uh that means you know that they can do some special that they weren't doing their other team and that's what he did in Qom. You see that now. All of a sudden they could get multiple games where they we have a couple of rush. TD's they have terrific balanced. Once you ask Sanders you give Garoppolo a number one. Can we not ignore a guy caught touchdown yesterday. His last name is Samuel. What can we give them? Love being named depot. Yes respect blonde. Three hundred thousand muscle. Anyway I bet you and also we got a security blanket back and kill the former like the arguably the best in the league absolutely well. That was the only big game yesterday. How about them cowboys the cowboys into foxborough? The weather was bad but they couldn't score. They ended up the game with nine points. They could not score a single touchdown and Jerry Jones had some interesting words after the game as he always does. Listen the owner of the car significant setback for our team We needed this win. We needed to win against an opponent like this. We haven't had this very frustrating frustrating to just be reminded that some of the Fundamentals of football and coaching were. What beat us is out there today? I don't think there's a game that coaching staff has there is. That couldn't do better and I just don't like it that we've got so many as I'm staying in the makeup of this team. I shouldn't be mad. Jerry Jones Unhappy Jalen. Is this the end of Jason. Garrett's ten here's the cowboys head coach. Seattle Sundays I'm watching ten twelve hours of football and I have this ritual because I want to be prepared for this show in any other shows that I do and I don't know which games we're going to ultimately talk about so I enjoy all of you know we're talking about the cowboys I know and I do this thing. I'll take a lot of notes and I walk around the House and my wife calls me. J McVeigh all all of these Games. Because I want to be as prepared as anybody in this industry when it comes to talking about sports and let me tell you what I wrote down when it was ten to zero in the second quarter of this game I wrote down. Missed field goal blocked punt interception doc. Bath role to Cobb on third and two was led into a field goal. They are going to lose. Oh Yeah they're definitely Lu you tell the whole game and the Patriots do something that I wish my lions do did a plan the elements okay. So now all of a sudden it's raining outside Dallas. Plays in a dome they. They didn't look like they were familiar with planning practice in that they play in that they're used to that. They terrific at home so I understand how Jerry wants to be frustrated about his coaching in special teams play and all that good stuff but the Patriots. Did something really special defensively. They were great on defenses. Amari Cooper site. How many how many have you had lessons to find Gilmore? How do you have the problem is one of? Them's defensive back. Yes that's the problem. So he was on lock. Ezekiel didn't get one hundred. The elements were really bad. So I I won't give the Patriots Credit. Not necessarily talk about what the Dallas Cowboys didn't do because yesterday wasn't a surprise to me. They haven't been a winning team all season you know and so yesterday just continues to compound that fat. You're doing really bothers me about this cowboys team. They're gonNA make the playoffs. That really bothers me about is cowboys team. This team does not deserve to make the playoffs but their division is just so trash. They'RE GONNA end up in the playoffs. You know what else bothers me. I really don't want an owner giving live interviews real time after a game that just kind of undermines everything but for everybody out there and he thinks that. Oh so now Jason Gear is going to be the scapegoat in all of a sudden. He's GonNa go higher top prospect. Like let's go right up late. Check Lincoln Riley. How many years have you heard me say how much I love Jimmy Johnson? You we know how much I love the you every time you know how much I love the Cavs you bring this up. This really hurts your heart and does and he wants so bowls for Jerry Jones. Still Ain't put him in a ring honor to this day to this day. It's really bad. Come that level of Patty. Let's you know not only. Does he want to win. We we all want to win but he wants to win being the face Jerry. Jones Year Jimmy Johnson is celebrated more as a survivor contestant than the head coach he really it really is so much happened the NFL that almost overshadowed what happened in the NBA. Luca Danni which not only has he put together a season so far he went up against. That may look at James. Aren't you went up against James Harden it out James Harden James Harden. He had forty points awards. Six rebounds ten assists and that had a win against the rockets who've been playing well. Lucas dodgers is on a tear. Jalen rose easy like Sunday anymore. Easy not out of control really disciplined. I love the edge. Daddy plays with the versatility ability that he has playing off. Phases is a clutch performers. Show to be that last year. He's a dynamic twenty year old. I'm not one of those guys to give away perfectly fast. You're about to say I am about to say something when you start talking about the best players in the league. He's there right now. Now he's up there. He's up there now. He up ten. He's Tom Ryan per shirt. Now and that Seoul very impressive eight to accomplish. F- yeah for me to acknowledge in only his second season but he never looks pressed. He's unbothered on the court he's just it's just it just seems like he's a natural like he's you see eastern players. They're trying like you. He's giving his all every single night. Donncha seems like he's got another gear to get to look at his last four games just the last four times times that he lays his sneakers and took an NBA court thirty seven points. Eight and a half rebounds almost twelve assists should be five from the floor. And that's just in thirty one I'll give you the most impressive thing of all of that the minutes per game You can thirty seven thirty one minutes. It Plus Give me twelve times grabbing eight and a half boards. It's crazy craze. Ain't too many people that have walked. The face of this Earth have done that. He's twenty years old he was the wildest thing about him is like. Oh you're Taylor year. Because he got in shape. You're nineteen SHAEF. You've gotten shape but but also I want to continue to to Acknowledge american-born players I e Zion Williamson are required to go to college international prospects. 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Some of the things we talked about the podcast with things we can't talk about on the TV show show because executives they watch TV show. They'll listen to the podcast. I want to get your thoughts on cabinet situation in the workout that he had can just how you feel the relationship between the NFL and con Cabinet has gone very difficult for me to speak on it. Uh of because I'm not quite sure from always and the no of what I'm looking at I don't really like I do understand in it like the most powerful person in the equation is usually who controls the narrative. No matter what it seems to be so I don't really feel feel like the. Nfl Deserves Colin Kaepernick. You know like it's like a double edged sword it's like on one end. It kind of looks like they kind of set it up to to make it look a certain way in a in an attempt to make him look away and I don't think they're being held accountable for really anything. I think everybody's just kind of like inputting everything I hate to beat a guy who's just like the cat the cat train. Also but it's it's just like when you when you're talking about two entities no doing going into business with each other you know everybody needs to be held liable man show wavered is just like that's not standard and you basically asking me to sign something that says you can't sue me for discriminating against you. GotTa though I'm about August after discriminated against you already and never been held accountable so just I don't know but then I can also be looking at you know somebody who's just you know acting like a crazy football player. Who knows what are the things that some people tried to give him Criticism for was his shirt. That I thought was dope the couture Kim Tae won and I really want one so very bad. Did you have a problem with. Woody chose to rock on his work up. Of course not I mean as is is people jump people jump up and down about things that don't matter it's like that's what does it matter. What is she would win? You know what I mean and it's just like we gotta get out of that space where we're uncomfortable with with certain narratives. You know like everybody needs to be a little bit more comfortable with that. I think that kind of feeds the problem. which is you know systematic steamatic racism and they're like One thing's about all right. We're going to film it. And we're GONNA disseminate the video to the teams that could potentially hire you and someone who's worked in television for twenty years. You can edit anything to make it look like anything so I would not be comfortable with me doing a workout behind closed. Doors that the media you can't see and then the resulting footage is controlled by the NFL and distributed by the NFL. And that is something that I would not agree to. I think it was it was was genius family at least take a step forward and say. I'm going to make an attempt to control his narrative. I do too far. Id Interactive active. Who just joining us? This well dressed handsome gentlemen. His name is Ryan Montgomery Ryan Montgomery and a house. Let's this he spits bars. The World knows them as Royce the five nine and the building yes sir as we get some exclusive content. I have to ask you some really important award. You a chance to share a studio share wreck. Share ideas friendship One of the greatest of all time Marshall Matters What does that like it? Changes changes throughout the years. He's a very dynamic. He's a very dynamic and his perspective changes a lot and You know we grow grow as we get older and you. No we have moments of digression you know like we have moments of SIP supreme consciousness in connection and then we have moments disconnect. You know what I mean. So it's like I enjoy all the moments around them for different reasons. You know what I mean. I like watching him go through the various stages I like seeing them. Challenge himself in like try to figure Different ways it. Just Kinda like move the needle in a way where it hasn't been moved before I got to ask you about a record you are on this song renegade your Barr says about eight plus the way to go what ended up Ryan. We did that. Song Song We had two songs. I had a situation with a with Sony records back in the agreement that we came with with my my people are marshals people was. It was going to be one song that we were going to have to use and get single writes in all of that. You know what I mean. So we did Tucson's rock city which was ended up being a single and then we renegade and you know it was just kind of wanted those things where it was just like we recorded it but we have recorded so much this music with each other just period. You know what I mean. It was just wanted him songs wheel we just life. We didn't dislike it. We didn't like we went like obsessing over it like it was like we we. Just reinvented the wheel. You know what I mean. It was just one of them things where it was just like. I had a certain agenda with what I was doing with my album. He was on a whole different plan field but what he was doing with his album. We weren't like invested in it like that. So when Jay z showed up he needed it in 'em had already been like Kinda like missing miss an opportunity for twenty every time it just makes sense. And that's probably why when you heard divergence classic you ever get a phone call. How did you get Marshall? Hit me up. He hit me up and asked me. was I cool with it and I felt like that and I was just like. I'm like thank you for even asking when young you didn't you didn't need to get my approval on it. You know what I mean is. It wasn't my song you know what I mean like. I agreed to pick one once. I picked that one in just free free game. So we're GONNA talk about this new television portion but why is Jalen rose. The only person walked the planet with your new album the case as he Z.. My face every single day you gotta hear this new Roy's rush in the email ever. I just never. It's like a phobia that I have to just have stuff jeff floating like in the cloud. You know what I mean like I try not to email stuff a lot and stuff like that. Just got like a phobia but I always try to get got like a few people did always try to get stuff too. I before I put it out and I've been I've I've done that with him with every every every but you could come join the party hardy man if you want to take his phone he no code album this call. I'm excited for this project. Dick so very much and when I hear a dope album is seems to always remind me of another one that I've heard and hopefully you liked this comparison but it kind of reminded me of public enemy. It takes a nation of millions and ice Cuba. America's most wanted. I heard that I heard that In the studio I heard those comparisons and that's like you know that's deaths us in the presence of greatness closed the top ten albums people don't want to admit which makes it better which makes it better because in Lsu let you know is no smoke. You know what I mean. It's no is no sorcery. No magic tricks is what it is. Correct the bars the consciousness. The part that makes you think I love what you do with your song on the album. So intelligent he's smart Jacoby right now. They argue over some so much debt so in a project like that including clearly takes a long time in my opinion of never written a record to to come up with something that has a beginning a middle in in Roy's those ages songs. ooh That's a book. So can you talk me through the process of putting that classic album together man. I appreciate you calling it a classic. I mean it's just really MM is really the only way that I know how to To to do a project and consider as complete to myself and I'm infield fulfillment because that's really what I'm about. I'm about to completion things you know. I'm not really like you know what success is like I finish it finally finish this shit. I feel like he's right. That's like That's celebration for me. So Lake started off as it was supposed to be EP. I agreed to do at up. Because I produced Giusto things so I just started making beats you know what I mean so it was like I was not. I'm not I'll I'll do it EP. And I couldn't figure out how to make two three four songs exists with each other so just like it. Just start turning into more music and in my perspective starting to change a lot. I was already going through something while I was doing it in any way. I'm always going through. Something Spiritual Awakens all the time you know what I'm saying like just I'm I'm always. I'm always seeing things different differently from how I seen him two weeks ago and I always try to make the work indicative of where I am at the time. So it's like this is is the first album that always say it happened to me like as opposed to me said not to do it. Because I wasn't doing nothing. I was just chilling. You produced a you made all the beats on every single. It'll be what all man song is. There's always a team behind everything but this sounds like an individual. This is a team is a team of people that I I like a select group of like Masters Freida Master Master Dot Com cough anything bank Mr Porter Carlos Broady DJ premier. You know in his leg when you had that kind of support support group you use it wisely. So if I'm GonNa let them come in and hold my hand and do things I might as well just let them produce it. You know what I mean like it takes away from the thrill. So it's like just me trying to figure out ways to Get knowledge from them in. Learn how to do things on little nuances and stuff without them holding. My hand was tough. You know what I mean like. A lot of it was just. It took for me to be in a room by myself as much as possible taking the room. Where's this Physical Space Heaven Studios in Detroit Have Studios and Detroit is I get my most work done. Probably like once it hits like three a m three four. Am and I'm by. I myself that's like I'm like probably too happy as I can be second to when I'm around my family my wife and kids. You know that alone time is like my only time where I think the phone ringing could get to that place where. I'm not trying hard you you know what I mean like things are happening. As opposed to me forcing you know what I mean or being like. Oh I need discount a record and I need this. No that's a total lack clash the natural vibe. You know what I'm saying so for our audience is important for me to say this as somebody that got exposed to drugs alcohol myself at an early age and now in hip hop or just in lifestyle so many young people it just kind of goes hand in in hand with their day. Can you talk to them about your sobriety and how important that is to your journey. Well well I mean that was my first feature awaken. It does add like when I came to the realization. Did I can't drink. It's like it gets in the way of everything. I don't make good decisions. I don't like the way I feel after I do it and it's not healthy. You know what I mean like like once I came I came to that realization. I decided to start taking steps and then once I did that. You know like the things that opened up like just a just this stream of consciousness like the knowledge that came from that you know what I mean like you able to police yourself in a much more affect the way when you just clicking on all cylinders twenty four hours a day so for somebody that has that awakening and wants to take that step. Can you give them some advice on how to get on that journey or how to get on that role. I think everybody has their way. You know what I mean I think the first I the first thing is just if you can get to a place where you're admitting that you have a problem. I think that's a very strong space for you to you. Get to in a lot of people think that space is a space of weakness. But it's the absolute opposite. You know like you're finally they're like you finally you. Can you not looking for looking for validation. You not worry as much as what others think because there's no repercussion. I'm admitting it I'm disarming Arming everybody I have a problem. And then once you're eight once you able to admit that Dan you allow you allowing people to help you now. You know like if you can't get to that let's face then all I can do is talk to you and give you advice based off my my journey. But he's the won't you won't be able to apply it so you get there s base. We we really appreciate you spending time especially with the podcast exclusive -Aug.. Live you know because this is always more intimate conversational so now let's do some. TV's Davies get people to do it just okay is not okay. No matter what you're talking about whether it's your wireless network or your college football so on Saturday morning we looking for a game to watch. We know you're all in on your team but after that games over don't settle for just an okay. Hey Matchup Watch the best match of do what I do. I find the best games going on with the best teams in the best players. 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How did that come to be? It was it was random conversations. I mean obviously as soon as I heard it the the NFL in in Iraq nation. We're getting together and you know like the distal tag along Inspire Change Spire Change Initiative. It just totally fits is like the mind frame that I was in even writing song. You know I was just kind of looking at it. That's kind of looking at everything in a way to portray you know like like you know on TV. And everything. And I just feel like it needs to be a little bit of a balance People are GonNa see this. They need to see us for what we what we really are you. You know I mean and like cool way to do that is to take some of the words with negative connotation storm in kind of redefine them and you know that makes subjective active from that point safe song. It's not like a pop song like a family friendly policy. Yeah you know. That's not what hip hop is. That's not what hip hop. That's that's like something has been. You know they they try to indoctrinate that into us. When I get into the business going pop is like success? It's not success. That's not what hip hop is. You know what I mean like hip hop is speaking to the world. Unapologetically your truth in a way. That can bring on positivity and I'm like desk kind of like where I am mentally right now and that's where I am with the song you know what I mean. It's like okay. We talk about how we want to have sex with everybody's girl but how can we don't talk about being faithful to our wife talk about getting drunk. Why don't we talk about being sober? Let's just let's just be who we are. You know what I mean if sobers which you are do not think that's what we're resonate to best if you just unapologetically be that no not. I'm just way I'm in a way more comfortable space. Just not uh not having to like please anybody or you know what I mean like. Everybody's out here just like conflating can flagrant and and you know just people pleasing and you know his painting on canvas and I hang it up and I just move onto the next thing and as a friend and a fan of yours off always been impressed by how you Never Sucre feist your morals for public consumption and so I appreciate not only your lyrics in your consciousness but consistency so for a song like this to get this type of support. How does it feel to you as somebody as you mentioned that just sees himself as an artist and never who's GonNa compromise his values? I'm honored I'm honored. I love it. I love it because it's like when I hang it up. I'm like yeah. This is for anybody anybody to come enjoy. You don't have to like it and I'm cool with that too but if you like it we always wanted to be you know like We won't be. We want to be known. We want to be appreciated for our contributions life life. We don't necessarily hang our hat on and obsess over it but you know what I mean. It feels good to be recognized by anybody so his honor. Roy's you're from Detroit. The Dow obviously do show Jalen rose. So I've heard about the FAB five but I can't imagine what it's like to experience the Fab five in Detroit at that the time. Take me that time and place. What the fat five meant to you? In his energy energy cultural phenomenon Influence these things that that that that ranged far beyond the span of just basketball and as you can draw a correlation between the way today impact coach feature like how hip hop back to coach. You know just unapologetic genetically you and taking you not the nuances. That had air in just making them your your own doing little things to you. Know like makes them them and then you know we all want to do it too so you know. We had to cut off lease. We had big shorts everybody. She left hand drivers. I had do. WHO's trying to convince us that he was ambidextrous because it has made the shot was terrible? Always shoop with right hand. Yeah but it was just it was just. They had home they go. I don't think we're GONNA see ever again again. I don't think so I'm GonNa ask you a question that I can't even answer myself Who's your top five that our love? Oh Oh oh oh you think that's possible the answer. That's why I think it's just a narrative disappointment like the more generations rations pass by the more impossible that becomes. It's not possible. You know what I'm saying because it's like you can't put five people together you can flation. Yes because it's like you got different people for different reasons like there's certain people that I feel you can't even compare to each other. You know what I mean like like doctors rays first verse on g thing is the perfect verse is perfect verse. You know I mean so it's like can you compare that to Jay z's verse on the Dynasty Album. You know what I mean like. It's like this two different things. It's two totally different. Contributions Sion's in two different ways. One can't discredit others just not. You may not have an honest conversation at that point. So what about some of the artists. That inspired did you. Yeah I'm inspired by like I grew up on. You know like you Doc Bradman obviously you. You know I'm vocal about that. I Love Red Man. RASK has Buster I'm Eleven in W. A. All the chronic albums. And then you know when Biggie Biggie Nas. Jay Z came around. I was I've a very important question. Why is Jalen rose the only person on the planet with your new album? You'RE GONNA rest of a general population ovulation citizens. Get your new album like a party. We got like a party. That we ask is to listen to Al before anybody here is part is just to make tripping stop talking about and I'm not fortin it's I wanNA thank you so much for coming through. Thank you for the new could be released to more people. That aren't named Jalen rose at some point. But we appreciate you coming through you. Welcome back you loud and bold radio announcer who was hired to tell you about the loud and bold flavors in Tyson. Anytime there's chicken's necks. Their boldly says it and full of flavor. Thanks for listening. Thanks Bye Tyson. Anytime chicken bold flavorful chicken's necks jalen. Rose something we've been talking about for a long time some changes to the schedule of the NBA. My Guy Asia Rozier Ascii tweeted over the weekend. The following he tweeted reporting with Zach Zach Lowe engaged in serious and broadcast partners on sweeping dramatic change. The countered include reseeding at the conference finals in NCAA tournant in the post season playing Jalen recently of the conference. Finals seems like a compromise. I think the playoffs is what we were asking for each to me in NCAA tournament. I don't really care but the postseason play on playing is really interesting to me. Well this is things that we've talked about for a long time and what ended up happening Jacoby as the air is changed really fast from win in a player. Valued the eighty two game schedule and took pride of showing up. Every night versus the analytical society now have ended. Say to to the point where you have a nineteen year old in Jama rant missing games early in the season the low management. You have to find a way to make the regular season attractive again. Adam silver's working at doing so so we think it should be one through sixteen but they're not going to do that because the eastern conference owners won't vote for it but remixing. The conference finalist is interesting. So essentially the team with with the lowest record will play the team with the highest record but does it skew towards the East because they play Eastern Conference foes so their records will be higher anyway correct. And that's why I felt like it should be an actual one through sixteen seating and I think it's going to eventually get their hopefully. We're around the based on exactly what you just said the Easter in your own conference offer you play. Fifty James I Record Jill rose tonight we have the greatest show in the NFL. Lamar Jackson the Ravens taking on the rams any any chance the rams upset Ravens Lamar in the ravens are for the culture. They really are Humphry. My Guy Playing back doc. Earl Thomas Rust Bitch. You Know Picture John undefeated they already in this game. Because they'll be up by so much time I go to sleep. That's why you add Jalen Ramsey to go with Aaron Donald. So it's GonNa be interesting to see how that plays out. I WANNA thank royse. The five nine nine for coming through only Jalen rose has album. We will all get the album at some point coming months. We'll be back tomorrow with another dope pod to step to jabbed.

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