#3 - Coronavirus Misinformation & Government Secrets


Hello and welcome to the useless wisdom podcast, unfortunately, because of all of this quarantine and lockdown shit. That's going on right now. can't have any of the CO host. The normally see so. We don't have brandon. We don't have Jacob, but luckily we do have my lovely girlfriend Jamie hello. All right well, she's probably going to be very quiet Should I used to these things, but. I figured is only fitting to Jayme with more information on the corona virus. Though you've seen something about it every single day for the past four weeks, so I decided why not just continue? Jamming you pool of information so. I up. This is something I thought when I first heard about the coronavirus and I I saw the pictures now. If you're listening to this you know you're probably not gonna be able to see it, but if you are watching this on Youtube I still haven't decided whether I would. Be Willing To. Show some of these pictures that I found of their I dunno delicate dishes that they that they have over there where you got like bats in the in the soup, and the the dogs like in the small cages, like six of them in a small Kennel I don't know if I can even show those because I want to keep this channel and in the best standing that I can even though I cost way too much So you might see those and you might not but I'm sure you can just look them up. I saw them on instagram. I think that at save the reef. is where I found it at so if you WANNA look them up on Instagram at save the reef. They have been posting a lot of stuff about the corona virus I think they're like an animal's rights, animal, right group or something like that, but. It doesn't really matter anyway the first. Thing I want to cover here is. Again, something that I've been about since the coronavirus was the thing and. You know I always thought that it was a joke you know. You hear people say oh. The animal shelter gives their animals to the Chinese restaurant, so they don't have to pay to get them euthanized her. On the stray dog, just running out from the Chinese restaurant, just like you know random stereotypical jokes like that. I always thought that it was a joke But. You know I always wondered where that joke originated ad. And, after all of this stuff going on, and I know that they really don't know where it came from, but their best guess is like that fish, market or that black-market fish market, or whatever is their best guess. But I mean like. Do you think that it may have came from eating cats and dogs and all this other? Random stuff they've been eaten is exotic animals I mean. I don't know about cats and dogs, but we think it's finding cats and dogs out well personally. No, but. They do it. I was also wondering in the same will house here. You know. Is it weird that they are eating those type of like exotic Peacocks. I really wish that I would have got a picture of the chart, but in this black market fish market areas. They have peacocks and bats, and they have. snakes. Even though I heard that snake meat is not really chewy and people. Eat that over here so. I. Don't know, but we eat we over here to. It we do, but we don't eat like. You know bats and cats and dogs. We keep cats and dogs as pets. There's a restaurant down the road that serves alligator every couple of months. Where who is smoking jags? Yes. Is that weird. I think it's weird. I! Okay I always wondered if eating that stuff is weird, or if it's just a cultural thing because. You know some. Would you say nationalities eat? Or praised goats, and they love goats, and you're not allowed goop meat. You know what I'm talking about. It's like. Mohammed or whatever? I'm not sure what Jesus he searcy your added of his Mohammed Evil. I. Honestly don't know who does that I didn't. Any research into this in particular well Muslims. Don't eat pork and then. Like Hindu people don't eat cows. So that is a cultural thing or a religion thing, right, yeah! So. Is it a cultural thing or a religion? Thing that? I mean already have the answer to this, but I'm just trying to get your thing. I'm your opinion. I think it's a cultural thing that makes it weird because you know we. Is it a cultural thing that makes it okay is what I'm saying I mean I guess that that the Chinese people eat cats and dogs and Batson all that stuff. I mean I. Guess Okay Well. After looking into it Kinda, thinking it was you know screwed up. I did find out that a lot of the stuff that they're eating there i. don't I actually I don't think I can say a lot some of the stuff that they're eating over there you need to take into account that they have one point four billion people okay. This is the best answer that I could find, but you know one point. Four billion people there obviously cramped. you also have to think about how all those people getting fed. We're pretty spread out here and we do still have a lot of land, and we import a lot of food we. you know like we get our milk and stuff because we got the cow farms. They are extremely cramped and their little Chinese. Country I guess it's not really little, but and he get where I'm going with this So the best explanation that I seen was. I think that it's okay because they're so cramped there. People need to be getting food somehow. But. With that even being the best answer that I could find. Also. Why do they not just continue like for the cats and dogs that could kind of make sense because they don't take up a lot of space, and they could just keep on breeding them, and then eating them and breeding them, and then eating them and it. Doesn't you know you ever? That's what we do with like. Art, meets the. So, why catalogs make sense you? You're not getting much from bats. Yeah, but let's not get much meat. You'RE NOT GONNA get much meat from. What is it, peacocks? They're going to take a lot of upkeep to keep alive. You know what I mean I guess. But then you can look at it like they could be doing the same thing for chicken. Will they keep using the discus or is it? I don't know I. Mean I think that they could be doing the same things that. We've done. Like our spread out and stuff we have high density areas, and we still have a lot of people that are going hungry, but you know. We have. Places that Breeden raise. Livestock for food purposes and ninety dollars him. They can't do the same thing. And again this is all speculation that we're talking about because one, we couldn't find any. You know definitive answers, but also we don't live over there, so we don't know how they live. Right but I have seen pictures and I'm sure that you can find them easily on Google so i. don't have to leave a bunch of links in this description, but. I've seen pictures of their walmarts and stuff ever there or their. however you pronounce it over there They have. Just open meet laying there like it's not packaged or plastic. Wrap or anything, but they have like. Chickens with their head cut off. On the table right there, you just pick it up. And by there's places that are on here, too. I've never seen that. You've never seen it, but we also have one major grocery store in this entire county so. But other places is pretty common and I mean they I mean even. Like Walmart they have the. It's not like outside, but they have like meet. That's not package. That's just like laying in the display case. and. Cheese and stuff like that, but there's meets to. It just depends on what store you. Like Kroger's. Has that but I'm talking about on a table like this? You're talking about we got. Just out for you to just grab it and pick it not like behind the counter for the Deli Person To. Also, like just something happens over there. I could see it. and. I I'm not really sticking with what all I have written down here, but Thinking about. Them not. Having enough food or whatever there? That's really the case I really started looking into this and. From some of the stuff that I've read. Explaining the exotic animals and stuff they're reading over there. I've seen one place. Say the Chinese traditional medicine industry, which heavily relies on ancient belief in the healing power of animals is a massive driver of the the trade of the exotic animals over there and I actually have a written down here that I saw that from Nat. Geo Wild. So, Roy just hasn't that Geo but I'm guessing that's what it is. I have written down here With that granted a lot of the animals that they're poaching, eating and trading, it is illegal over there for them to do that. I. Read this long post that I had to take into Google translate to be able to read because it was in Chinese letters. But. It says that. There's like one hundred fifty three animals or something that are just completely banned from eating over there including bats and stuff like that, so if it did originate from bats. That was illegal for them to do that to begin with, so they did have something in place is not entirely just because. You know they WANNA. Feel like it's a delicacy. Why think that the laws being in place? Make it like even more of a delicacy because it's harder to get I suppose. So? Sure there's a lot more people that are out there. Eating those kinds of meats just because it was against the law. I'm sure sure that there was. I saw a blog post when I was researching this, that was getting very upset. People posting like racist like Chinese, racist memes or whatever That weren't really racist because I looked at a couple of them. One of the things that it brought up that they were upset about was. A mean that that was captioned. Everything with four legs save the table and everything that flies, but the airplane. K.. meaning that they eat everything, four legs other than the table and. This was a Chinese translation, okay? If. You're curious on why that sounded weird because I just realized that did sound. I didn't understand. I had to translate from Chinese because a lot of stuff I was reading was in Chinese. Everything with four legs, but the table. Everything, that flies. But the airplane having some more sense. It has really odd. Is Weird that they eat all that stuff. No I don't want to go into the conspiracy right now, but I think that we should do the corona misinformation. Okay, because a lot of people think these weird things will either prevent them from getting it or Cure them cure them, yeah. already talked to you about this a little bit. Told you a couple of but. All of these I have found on like who dot I n, T or Medical News today. Or the another one that I can't remember whether then D. I, don't think it was web. MD Jamia some. Whatever One of the things was. Only older people get it and die from it. Younger people get it, but they recover. So what they had to say was people of all ages can be affected by the new corona virus, older people and people with preexisting medical conditions such as asthma diabetes heart disease appear to be more vulnerable to becoming severely with the virus. All Age groups can become infected most cases so far though have been in adults, but children are not immune. In fact, preliminary evidence shows that children are just as likely to become infected, but their symptoms tend to be less severe so saying you know. Only order people get it in die from it. Not Entirely. Disproven here. But. But there are cases you can get it. Okay. and you might have a pre existing health condition. The you don't even know about. So. You can't really say that. that one I actually found on CDC dot Gov I, believe Have something I have statistics here that I'm going to leave in the description 'cause I do have it written here to leave this in description, so you can actually see the statistics like eighty two percent of. Elderly people that got it died or something like that I know that it was some crazy number. That is probably skewed because of. like most Chinese people. Chinese men smoke above the age of seventy or something like that, so all the districts will be left below in its own CDC, so you know that they are not giving misinformation. Cold weather and snow kills the coronavirus. This is. You know. I don't think that there was very much logic behind this because from. Reading it is a strain, not really a strain, but similar to the flu, so you wouldn't think that day. You mostly get the flu when it's cold out. So. I. Don't know where this really comes from, but. Apparently that's the part of the misinformation and their response is. There is no reason to believe they cold weather can kill the new corona virus or other diseases. The normal human body per temperature remains around thirty six degrees. Celsius to thirty seven degrees Celsius. Regardless of the external temperature or weather, so it can stay alive in your body. And according to the Corona virus can be transmitted in. Areas of the globe including hot climates, it won't go away in the northern hemisphere as the weather gets warmer in the spring and summer, experts say we do not know yet. If covid nineteen is a seasonal virus like influenza meaning, it loses ability to infect cells as the temperature rises. So that kind of Goes into whether warm weather would affect the coronavirus or make it go away since we are getting close here to summer finally. He all right. The next one we have is very hot showers or Saunas can kill or prevent the corona virus. You think Guzman's. Accurate now I, don't. Taking a hot bath will not prevent you from. Like Taking a hot bath will not prevent you from catching covid nineteen. Your normal body temperature remains around thirty six to thirty seven degrees Celsius regardless of the temperature of your bath or shower or sauna. Also on it will not. Help prevent you from getting it. Gay. Got It. This is one that I thought was like I thought this was retarded when I. First saw it okay. Have you seen those? It's advertised on Amazon, but you also see it on instagram and stuff, but it is a UV light that you at night. You put your phone in this case and then. Close it. Clean it and kill the germs and stuff. Yeah, okay, so that will not disinfect your phone. Okay. Also, it will not disinfect your body, so are people doing that? They had to say this they. It will not sterilize your hands or phones and kill the corona virus. That was something that was actually on who? Maybe CDC. It was one or the other. It will not work and I knew that it wouldn't work. When I first saw as I never bought the thing, I thought that was the stupidest thing ever unlike. I mean what what are they thinking with that? Honestly I. I don't know I. It just amazes me at how far people will go to try to find a bullshit cure. When I was reading Medical News today, I think. One of the things was. Since, it got recommended. Amazon people believe that it's definitely true because they can change their titles descriptions to say whatever the heck they want. Yeah so. Protect yourself against the corona virus by disinfecting your phone. frigging stabiner making money though that was the goal I guess it was the goal, but. So. The. Who says? UV lamps should not be used to sterilize hands or other areas of the skin as UV, radiation can cause skin irritation. So. We went over that. Thought that I had a lot more but I guess we can just go ahead and jump into this. This is going to be a short episode. Because, I didn't really have a lot of time to prepare. A most of the research I was doing just on some misinformation that I saw that I thought was a little ridiculous so. but we already got that out of the way, so let's go back in to. The opinionated section of this which? Everybody likes about the podcast hopefully. So. I want you to imagine. This is this is also about the coronavirus, but this is more opinion based okay. I want you to. I imagine that. You know. Aliens Are Real Okay. Gay and the government. Are I. think that I'm saying this wrong. Actually. Government News at the the government knows that aliens real again. This is speculative. Again trying to to make any assumptions here, even though aliens are real. The government knows that aliens a real. This is what you're thinking. Okay? Government knows that real. Is it better to keep the public in the dark to prevent panic. or Be Open and transparent with the public, because from my perspective, I think that. Keeping them in the dark will continue to fuel like. Excuse me conspiracies and documentaries, and all that stuff to keep the public more like mcadoo aliens really remember when that Bob Lazar thing happened is everywhere yet. It didn't cause any panic. People weren't like. Looting and doing all that you're gonna read. Okay tater the new ones. You know that they couldn't have gone anywhere. They didn't get anywhere. The only thing that happened out of that is the narrow toe runner behind the newscaster. He was just a big me now, is it? People take the suffering way, too. Seriously I think older people I. Don't understand the MEMES and they take way too seriously. They take okay. boomer means pretty far though and they take that seriously. Anyway on the other hand, though if they are transparent with the public, some might take it and like freak out and go stock up on toilet paper, but. I think the majority of people be like Oh cool. But then just continue with their normal day and. Yes he that's the crazy speculation people. Probably. Die! Down, like! The crazy hair guy from ancient aliens. You know what I mean, okay, but I think that it would be best if we were kept in the dark about it. Because you see what's happening now? Nobody took it seriously when it was not happening in the United States like the virus, and as soon as I here, and there were confirmed cases and the government sort of paying attention to it, and you know issuing. Warnings and stuff like that. People started panicking and then you know. chain-reaction. There's nothing of value in stores you got to eat. Shitty karn cardboard bran flakes now. fucking sucks. You the you know you're limited to. They finally limited the amount of things that you can buy, but it's been a little too late trouble for bond too much milk. You guys are curious. Yeah well. I just think that it's best. We'd be left in the dark, because then nobody has anything to panic about I mean because. You know you have the conspiracy theorists and stuff right now. But what are they doing? They're entertaining us and that's it. They're not doing any harm. But you know when people start panicking you end up, not being able to wipe your ass and having to take showers you WanNa Shit, yeah, and you know not being able to get things to clean your house for non virus purposes. You gotta live in filth and you can't. You. Don't have food for your children or anything like that in like the elderly people are going without supplies now, because every able bodied person you, that is afraid of getting. It is gone out in stocked up for the next thirty years in. They haven't even gotten a chance to go and get things. Those people on Doomsday peppers or preparing for a you know another black plague. There Larry Happy Right narrowly. Happy So, you think that keeping them in the dark the the best thing. You know I think that it's definitely something that they would have to talk about It's definitely a conversation to be had because I can see both sides of it well. I mean yeah, but you gotta think about. How people react to things, it's not rationally most of the time especially when it's something. It's about something that we don't know much about. Because people were scared of going to other countries. Just because they don't know what it's like there in. It's different. That's why there's parents like your parents. That we were going to Germany, yeah I. Didn't like the whole shit with your mom saying that we would be thrown in jail for doing something that we thought was okay. Here was not okay there. There's no basis of that, but she was so making that assumption because she doesn't know about it, and that's what people tend to do. They just assume the worst still like if the government says something about. Aliens people are going to be like. Oh No, they're coming here to kill US and they're gonNA. Start panicking. Yup. I think that. You know that's a definitely a conversation to be had But you, you said something before that I thought was interesting and. You said something that made me think about something else. Okay, first off the conversation we just had. It doesn't have to be just aliens. That's just the easiest thing to visualize I'm talking about the corona virus. In particular. There's definitely misinformation out there. Okay. There's a lot of misinformation out there. But the that was mostly for like Not necessarily the US but Chinese government, keeping it under wraps at the beginning of it. This was written while ago. even though some of the research was recent. anyway what else I wanted to talk about We don't really have a lot more time. As, I said. We're going to keep this short. But. You say. Like a lot of people were freaking out and stuff. Like, the older people were freaking out and stuff. Apparently. We Are A. Generation that. Is Very laid back and doesn't care much about anything. Okay, so let's say. Like boomers or you know whatever you WANNA call like the older people. Let's say. Forty five up. Once, they have passed. Or expired. Do. You think that this is going to be the same concerns like the same? Stuff's going to happen because. I mean probably. 'cause we were looking at stuff right now. It's like we're invincible. When we're not, and I mean we get a lot of our. Personality from the things that were exposed to now. I mean we're constantly exposed to bad things like shootings in viruses, and all that and we're just kinda like. Okay. But I think that. The older generation is going to. subliminally pass things onto us, and as we get older, and we start having families, not us. Don't get that in your mind. How to don't want this morning. when Pibor in our generation start having kids and stuff. They're gonNA realized that. Despite. The stupid stupid things that they're doing right now. Panicking why is that? It's. Most, likely a good place I. I hate them for it, but you know it's probably them trying to protect their families and stuff. And I think that we're going to pick that up because you know. Parents mostly care more about themselves, not themselves their children than they do themselves. And I definitely think that some of us will pick that up, but you and I we won't. Okay! I don't I think that that could go into a bigger topic with. The older generation. Passing away and the younger generation coming up. And the younger generations coming up. I'm still curious. I. Really, get into this. We actually just ran out of time on the camera. I guess this is going to mark the end of the podcast then. Thanks Jamie. Being on here I. Know that you are only a couple of feet away. But. Appreciate you being on the day. We covered a lot of good stuff. Yeah. I don't know what else much to say other than. Don't forget to hit that. Subscribe one. And I guess we'll see you guys in. The next Friday, not this. Next, Friday right so. All right.

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