It is your home of the phone scams so this morning here on the show. We're going to do a phone scam. Their house was robbed. Spike is going to tell her that the insurance company will not pay their claim or replace anything in their home and wait until you hear the reason that he gives her. It's a mojo in the morning phone scam we will. We will scam you. Sorry it's a catchy song. Is your home phones scams mojo in the morning Hello i'm looking for terry or doug please turn. Guard is not available this as on your seller your home. This is actually steve stiffler. I'm calling from allstate insurance agency. How are you. Oh and now. You've been waiting for our calls. I understand been playing phone tag for quite a while. So i just want to call in and go over everything with you and explain why we cannot pay your claim because the owner is at fault and when it's a case of negligence we can't allow payment. I do not understand. Why well you have your simple basic run of the mill homeowner's insurance policy with limited coverage in it protects your dwelling from severe weather damage vehicle damage fire and smoke and theft and unfortunately it will not cover the personal belongings in your situation. But if you lived in kentucky man we'd have you covered okay. I have insurance. That covers i every month for insurance. I wanna know why you're not covering me. Okay i'll explain to you then if you have a minute Can i ask. What's your okay. Does name my your puppy. What's his his or her name. My point is the police believed the intruder entered your home through the doggie door so therefore we cannot cover loss from this criminal. Act if an intruder breaks in and steals valuables from your home. Your home policy covers it. But i don't even know if we would call this a break in they didn't break in. You rolled out the red carpet. They came in through the doggy door. Ever ever heard of this dog. We didn't secure the home. It's your own fault cheer as the garage. Not part of my ho- lived in kentucky you'd have full coverage. I don't live in kentucky. I live in michigan. And i pay coverage michigan. But does your doggy door have a lock on. It would be any good to have a lock on a doggy door. Let's he's gonna go ahead and use the key or a combination on just saying son of a. Unless you're on fire or menopausal. I would not allow you to scream in my year. Like this probably. I asked a question. You won't policy the insurance policy. No it's the whole policy to one two three. I'm trying to find out what kind of policy you have everything in front of you right. And that's my point and that's my point. I know kind of policy. You have and your argue with me about insurance transform your mouth for me. You are transfer you wear back to nineteen eighty two before your house was robbed. I don't understand man just trying to explain in this state policies. I if you had a homeowners in kentucky for instance that would be different. Because ma'am i'm just saying in this state they cover fire and lightning. They cover wings storms. Inhale right if you had coverage like we do explosions and riots if you had a problem with the volcanic eruption door wait with a lot awkward. That one no actually no. If you had a volcano and lava went through the doggy door. We could not cover that. What are you sound upset so what. You're being unreasonable. So what. I'm thinking. I could give you full coverage to replace everything in your house. Fit just wasn't theft. Were the victim of mojo in the morning. Phone scam this. This is spike. And you just been the victim of a phone scam terry. I can't tell if she's laughing or crying. Say one more time this is mojo in the morning calling from kentucky. Do you live in kentucky. If i can say anything. I wanted to say that was funny right there. L. care who you are is the home of the world famous phone scams mojo in the morning. Terry it's it's mo- wanna make sure you're okay so much better and i i'm i'm two things. My blood pressure is like calming down into the second thing. I'm i'm not vulnerable like this. I don't get shaken. I and i think it's worth sending mile to get more scams dot com.

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