Ep. 161: Only in Texas


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Yawns Patel us from meter. My name is Jesse griffis talk here. Talk talk, your talk your deal talk. Be restaurants, man. I have a couple of restaurants in Austin. Di Di da Correa cheered for Austin. Or or me? Also run a business called new school of traditional cookery where we cooperate a kind of culinary aspect into hunting and fishing offered three day trips. Custom trip stuff like that. Also wrote a cookbook called a field while game and fish cookbook. I I am Danielle. I. I wild and whole. So I am the girl who cuts up hearts and tells you how to cook it. He everybody. My name's Karl, Malcolm. I'm the regional wildlife ecologist for the forest service based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and my whole career is rooted in the fact that I love to hunt and fish. That's what motivated me to become a wildlife scientists, and this is this is Carl this is Carl eight that's eight th appearance on the on the show. Yeah, it's an honor. Man. I appreciate it in Carl pointed out that not only has Johnny cash spin on this stage. Also Groucho Marx we're walking in the footsteps of legends legends. So I was going to talk about but I decided not to talk about it. A bunch is the how in Houston a woman went into this. Just happened woman goes into smoke a joint you guys know this story in an abandoned house. There's a tiger hanging out. And they're in a cage. It's like I'll say that's like the most Texas thing. I've ever heard I got. So this guy worked with Brody? We're we were rounded up things though. Like just some local flavor in Brodie stumbles on I'll go ahead, and it's a little late. But is that what they mean by high fence? That's so that Texas high offense or is talking about. So. Brodie guy were Brody rounds up. This like it's like a round up of game warden activities from around the state and so game warden and vans aunt county to game wardens you from van Zandt county. If I hit on some of the of the people if you people are in these stories, please come to the stage. This. So like, you get a picture game wardens, right? They're out trying to catch poachers and stuff. These game words advancing county are going down the road, and they come across a vehicle stop in the middle of the road. So they questioned the people, and there's a there's a person who's too drunk to explain where they live which is making it hard for their designated driver to get them home. The designated driver turns out has been drinking. So the game wardens arrest, the designated driver, and the dude who can't figure out where he lives somehow has it in him to call another body to come pick them up that body shows up and he too is arrested for drinking and driving. And so moving down to I keep messing this up the Z one. How do you say it Z county Zapatero? Yeah. You guys from there. So. Here. Hear a game warden response to a tip about an illegal gillnet and the Rio Grande day. Goes down there on the Texas side of the river and starts pulling out some mono-filament Gill net, which has been set a legally. And by the time he's done. He is hauled in four thousand feet of gillnet. Near Abilene a game warden sees people shooting from a truck. Stop someday ask them what's going on. And they explained that their multi-tasking because. One of the things they're doing is. They're drinking. One of the things they're doing is the woman her and her boyfriend or drinking, and they're teaching her son. How to drive and they're hunting hogs. In bear county, which I made the mistake last. I called Baxter county back are which didn't go over. Well, bear county game wardens, find a guy on social media. Brag about how he's been doing a lot of hunting and fishing in the San Antonio power plant property, which is close to said activities, and they want to find the guy so they review his social media posts and eventually figure out who he is. And learn that he's a he's on felony probation. So they can't find him. So they just go down and wait for him when you can just show up for his probation court hearing and then arrest him. Another Texas news story. That's interesting is red wolves so red. I'm trusting you to know about this Carl red wolves have been declared extinct in the wild in the wild. And if tried captive breeding they have on an island off of North Carolina. They have tried some yet. But there's no red wolves alive in the wild. Yeah. And they were just surprised to learn that on Galveston island, the coyotes their carry red wolf genetics. Yeah. In quite a bit of it quite a bit. Yes. Like to the point where based on the most recent genetic analyses. They have more similarity to the red wolves than they do to pure blooded Cayo. So that kind of a middle ground which raises some interesting questions about what defines a species. Really? Yes. What do you think is it now can Texans start worrying about how they have wolves? Or is that premature oh, there's probably plenty of that chatter already. Lert thing. The second time I talk about this. But you guys have this. It's hard for you to pronounce know the animal, I'm going to say the nilghai. Okay, right now, you also have a problem Texas with CAD the cattle fever tip not the tick that makes you can't eat meat, but like a tic spreads the disease. Cattle fever, and they can Aratu Kate and Cadillac can control and cattle. But now the nilghai carry the tick, so they are installing motion activated spray machines that are like trail cams, but they blast nilghai with a solution containing nematodes that kill the ticks, which beat some unnerving shit to happen to you. Right. To be like walk. Did. It wasn't also. You would you would be I would be distressed for a minute. Zap them was that you know, how these app them. I've looked into it. So the trick is nilghai are very wide ranging species like compared to a whitetail deer that cover a ton more ground, but they congregate at shared latrines. Oh, so they're installing these things at the shared latrines where all the nilghai will get together and do their business. So it's like even more on nervous. You show up to do your business. And then you end up getting sprayed that really right now we have to genuine Texans. Have you guys eaten? Of hundred Noga, we we've actually done a lot of stuff. I was just down on the king. A couple of weeks ago was much client. I was cooking for clients that were hunting, no guy. It's true. You'll see a eight foot circle of Noga shit in a road. Do they like the mound it up? It's mostly flat. I'd say it's like a hill or Dale of shit. Because you know Llamas like if you if my brother keeps his Llamas out in a flat. Like if you keep on a flat pasture Llamas like to any kind of little rise to get on an ill shit in the same spot and build a little look like a little pitcher's mound. This becomes substantial. And then they'll perch up on there. Just to get a better look. But but the meat is the new guy meat is good. It's fantastic. Even the bigger bowls. They get huge. I mean, six seven hundred pounds plus not unheard of. And in my experience. Even even the big bowls are really good eat there. What would you compare it to you? It's maybe access deer like very mild. Maybe less has like less of an iron flavor than white tail. Little little bit beefy. It's really I mean, very lean but very very good. It's good stuff. We wanted to touch real quick on the Frisco Coyote epidemic. Everybody lives in Frisco. Yanis a subject matter expert on the first go epidemic break it down. Sounds like every all of you must have been bit. By a Coyote in the last six months from what I read. Oh, what else I know about it? And they're chewing on small dogs cats live. There was I think even one news source had come up with their own app to report sightings and at the time. There was over three hundred sightings, right around Frisco, and people were genuinely worried. Yeah. Because like five people, right? Got nipped or seven seven people got banned. Do you guys live in Frisco? Have you guys been bit? No. So everybody's doing. Are you cool on S object? That's kind of the extent of it. Yeah. You know, surprise me. Really? When I read it. I was like, yeah. That's makes sense. We have. You have something to add though. Oh, you're cooking coyotes. I'm good. I do a I wanna I wanna give a quick shout. Other podcast guests. Bracy vehicle hill. The second is here. What is friend west keys west runs wild game? Santa's right west while wild game for west Dallas. They put together two thousand pounds of venison for protein, poor neighbors. Processors. There's a group is a group called hunters for Hungary. So people deer hunters would bring into your down two processors, hundreds for Hungary, paying for all the processing fees, and then they also have a group brother bills help hand and they've been teaching they take it some young kids out and doing their first hunting trips, and he's here in the crowd tonight. So I wanted to mention that. He mentioned he mentioned that we need to have more. Doug, Dern, not think that the world needs more. Doug dern? Quick question. Yeah. We were with him. The are night. Gay. I I gotta bring up there's some guy here. Joel with the wife who has the coolest name in the world named timber. You guys here gay wedding advice once wedding advice what he wants us to explain timber. I don't know if I'm doing this Joe wants us to explain the that. I'm just gonna come at it that you need to make sure that he's allowed to go hunting all the time. He wanted to. I was supposed to frame that up is some kind of Baird be slide and frame it up with some kind of marriage advice. But I that's just what he's getting in. So. Just I'll just gonna cut right angle four because it sounds like maybe he's not getting to go enough right here. He feels that way. No, no. Now, you're gonna make it that he's not going to have a good night. He. No this dude says he says, I go all the time. I think that he wants to just make sure that continue into the future precedent like precedent setting. Which is Bess a big that's my marriage by s- by starts before you get married. I if I was timber our even push him. And there's this like yet to be the guy that actually hunts three hundred sixty five days a year. So I would say when it's been about eight days or nine days in a row if he actually haunts that much that when he was like almost sleep bend tomorrow morning. I'd have that alarm going on at four and be like dude get out of bed and bring home the bacon, bro. No rest for the guy. That was the hunt all the time, right? Like, get it. And just kind of see where that levels out. He's he's getting buried may. So good luck to him. Now dig it in. We're going to focus pretty heavy not like totally heavy but pretty heavy on wild game tonight because we got so many good cooks up front here of other questions. We're stray a little bit could touch on cannibalism. I got I got a question about whether dear ever lose their ability to get it up, which is for Carl the I. No, not like that. Man. I don't be like, I don't be. You're gonna know because you know, subject matter like, you know, like animal. Your direct. I knew him. But I I wanted to get into this one. This is the question that comes in that came in is that this is a panel opportunity. What have you eaten that you will never eat again? And how was it that you cooked it? I can start or I can go later. Doesn't matter to me. You got one. I got one. Staying on brand. I'm big fan of hogs ate a hog wants that have been snared and that thing been into snare for at least two hours. I'm good top. We got up too. So I mean enough when I walked up she just lost all the ability to fight just got really sad in here. She she just given up, but that was absolutely inevitable. So I hung up the hogs Nares after that. Really? I have some of those. And I look at them all the time. I've never messed with them. I mean for ratification be good. But for for pork chops. Not getting really what do you got yawns? I don't know of anything that really fits that Bill because I wanted to China again. And this might be a good segue for you. But Murray Ganz are a hooded one the one time, we dancer. Yeah. One time we tried it. It just we stunk out the apartment and just bow to never do it again. But now with the skin on it. I can't I can't remember I doubt it. I bet we just took the breasts out, but you don't mind GoldenEye. No, no. I just remember this is a long time ago this by close to two decades ago, and I remember it being pretty pretty fishy ever. She never the thing. I made this kind of like what I made is like it's intertwined with the high you cooked it, but I I wrote about this my first book, and I was just how kind of off putting it was was. Kidney pudding. With L kidney, but from old elk and the fact that like when you're you're you're eating it, really. Honestly, it's like eating like solidified piss. Me. And that was just like such a letdown. You know, like a urine. Okay. Was that you're in? Okay. Was like a urine. Okay. Well, there's like soapy things in a urine. Yeah. It'd be like if you cook that I've not anymore. But it was. Yeah. I was like you cook it and kind of rises the has like a souffle kind of thing. But man that was not a good dish. He'd be porting. Do you ever got burned on a dish? Yeah. This is actually really embarrassing. But in my early days of cooking wild game, actually, probably my first experience, ever processing. But during a deer it was. It was a gift given to us by a friend who had a manage managers ranch and eat quartered deer. And I was like we're going to process. This whole thing ourselves, and what should've taken like ours was like days because I've thought all I knew is like get all the silver skin off. So I'm like breaking down the shanks like I'm going crazy days this meat has been in the cooler, and I don't know that you should drain the water out and keep fresh ice in. So it's like nicely marinating in this cooler for way too long then its own goo. Yeah. And so I have all the bones left. I you know, I'm gonna make a stock. I'm just this. I like hot shot in the kitchen at this point in time. So start making the stock I roast wake up early roast the bones. I it's just I got this. Nice pot going, and I realize it smells, really bad thinking to myself. Well, it's just gamy. Right. That's just like venison. I'd never really worked with venison before. It's just gave me it will get better. Keep cooking on the stove for hours. And then Travis that's my husband chives comes home. And he bust the door open any yells at me like. Why are you making a European mountain in the house like do that outside? Yeah. And I was like, okay. This is not right. So I threw it out. So I didn't try it for the worst. So. Yeah. So I didn't even taste it try. It was like it was like death in the house. It was. So so bad. The worst thing. I actually aid was a tundra swan that had been in a ziplock bat or not even like ziplock free just like a little baggy in the back of someone's freezer for a couple of years. I like nice freezer. Burn tundra swan wasn't. You know enough is. Under swan laying around the disk. They lose track of Delhi. We charge went on a hot where the buddy and the pothole region. This is up in North Dakota, not not Texas up in the pothole region. And they were there a diver dot conning. And they see some swans come by. And a start y'all who who they turn around? So he gets his swan, and I actually wanted it mounted and I didn't. But I wanted to eat it. So his friends like, oh, I have some in the freezer you can mount that. And I'll give you give you this one. So I was like, oh, that's so sweet. Thank you so much. Yeah. Oh, yeah. It was it was terrible. Carl something in China. I some bad stuff in China for sure. But the yeah. The thousand year egg nobody no. Oh, did you have you eaten that deal? The embryonic. You know, what I'm talking about you ever eat those. They let a dark. Blue. Yeah, I've eaten that my God man that fits into the category. But the thing that came to mind first of all is stuff that I now love eating. But at the time had no idea how to handle it. And so I've been thinking lately, you know, like anybody out there. Grab a copy of the new fish and game cookbook. So. So the reason that that's cool is I think about being like a thirteen year old. Squirrel hunter who loved hunting. Squirrels. And didn't know what the heck to do with them. Really? And how it would. It would just be a different ball game today to have the videos the cookbooks and have all that at your disposal as the new hunter. But to answer your question when I was learning how to hunt. We'd do these like Daniel Boone Davy Crockett adventures, where we'd go camping in the woods behind our house. And we'd catch trout. We'd pick mushrooms we'd hunt squirrels and grouse and pretty much whatever hunting success we had we'd build a fire skin out. Whatever critter it was in just like hold it in the fire. And so you'd get this like black crisp. Little and bite in and it would be like cool to the touch on your teeth. And you'd be like pulling meat off like. I must really like hunting. So I'm done with that. Like, I'm doing all kinds of like squirrel now is the bomb because I've learned how to do it. And that's one of the things about having these resources at your fingertips now like we aren't we were jumping out of YouTube or jumping on your smartphone. It's like, here's a dead, squirrel. I'm going to build a fire and hold it in there. And it's going to be awful. That's like a long time ago that was wild game. Cooking was so weird because off. The impact of phones, you don't even really think about is that used to if you're going to meet your friends, you guys have had to pick a bar, and no one could leave the bar to go to a different bar because you wouldn't be able to find each other. Right. You had to like pre phones. Everything was different man. Yeah. It was hard to find people. You're starting to sound like an old, man. But you know, what I'm saying? Like, if you remember it was very difficult to locate your buddies, you could lose track your body's without phones. But also, you couldn't look up how to cook stuff. So we would know that people eight something like we knew I remember the first time we tried to cook a deer tone with nine hundred ninety four and we just knew that it was a thing. One could do, but we didn't have access to even the idea that the skin supposed to come off Swede boil those sons bitches and try to chew on them and boil them and try to chew on them. And now, you just would very quickly just realize, you know, but we would just in like trying to figure out how to cook beaver tails, when you have a thing, you know, it happens, but you don't know how to do it. And there's no you can't convey the information. Yeah. Unless you stumbled across some weird the cookbook somewhere just had no way of knowing. Now. Everybody knows everything. Now, people don't know how to do something. I kind of looked down on him a little bit. Just look it up. A dish guy asked about first time. I get to this car. I'll get to we're gonna use you right now. Okay. So you questions which one do you want first the grizzly bear one or the the penile erectile dysfunction in dear one? Okay. Guy wants to know, here's Trump. Here's what's coming from. There's a guy. I can remember what state he's in is the guy and he hunts a property, and there's a really old deer in the landowners, don't mess with that deer. Ever put. He's wondering is it ever that? Because he thinks he wants this old. Dear just got big Antlers, debris and make more deer. And he's wondering is like do deer. Get hit the autumn of their life. Right. Like dudes who there's a long period of dues life when he's not breeding anything even if you wanted to. So does that does that known like does a deer age out or do they stay viable till the bitter end. They do not age out. They don't it and nor do the females for that matter. And if you think about so there's this. There's this myth right of like the old dry old dry dough. There have been numerous research papers. Dear biologist by the name of Gwen Dougie's. Did a great study up in Minnesota where he was looking at fecundity the ability, and and basically rates of pregnancy and number of offspring across different age classes females and it just keeps ticking up like older does tend to be more fertile than younger does. But for rates are very high in females and given the complexity of what the female reproductive system has to do compared to the male reproductive system. There's a lot more that can go wrong essentially in terms of having. Those years of fertility. That's why you know, a woman has a relatively narrow period for Tilly compared to a man, but in deer if you think about the fact that they have this narrow breeding season. And you think about the fact that, you know, most of these bucks are dying. From sources of mortality other than aging out, though, the likelihood of any individual dear getting to the point where they're not performing reproductively. It's just not going to happen. The exception would be if a deer experiences some kind of an injury like people have probably heard the term like cactus bucks. Yuksel get some damage they'll injure their testicles, those sorts of things that are explaining the cactus book so cactus. Buck would be a deer that essentially keeps growing layers of velvet that are never shed and the growth like the Antlers cycle is controlled by sex hormones testosterone the season -ality of. A breeding is what is linked to antler growth. So post breeding season when the testosterone levels start to drop. That's when the Antlers would fall off. But in a in a deer that has experienced an injury to its testicles or perhaps has undescended testicles they'll just keep growing layers of velvet potentially on their Antlers and get these really funky configurations and sometimes just carry velvet Antlers for a long time. But there is an example. I have no what you just said that makes sense. There is an thanks, man. There is an example of erectile dysfunction in the wildlife kingdom, though that I think would be just to people. So. Polychlorinated biphenyls PCB's are precipitating out of the atmosphere near the poles. And this is having a disproportionate effect on animals that are at the top of the food chain. And as you go north we're talking polar bears here. And there was a research paper published recently about the fact that these PCB's have on us. Oh touchdown us. Not in your water bottle. Really? Well, there's a few things that are telling you are not in the bottle. But yeah, there there are estrogens substances in some plastics that they're they're really worried about with when it comes to drinking water, but PCB's are a byproduct of manufacturing processes. So the problem is they can weaken skeletal tissue bones, including in polar bears, like they're detecting weakening of polar bear bones and polar bears are one of the species that have a very unique bone back Ulum the back Hewlett Packard bonds. So there is concern that PCB's have the potential to weaken, the penis bones of polar bears to the point that polar bear males could be predisposed to breaking their penile bones, thereby experiencing high rates of what would affectively be erectile dysfunction and further compromising their their state, which is being driven by climate change, and a host of other factors. But in the world of ED in the animal kingdom, that's the best. I can do for you. I mean that's good though. That's good. Excellent. I can't I can't decide if if we should give. No, I'm going to ask you that. I want. My mother wildlife question one. I can't I have a good sense of what it is by can't figure out. So we all know like when you look at European contact. We had, you know, mount lines coast to coast top to bottom. We add wolves coast to coast top to bottom. Why was it that the grizzly bear never colonized the eastern US? What kept the grizzly bear stuck at around the big bend of the Missouri river you ought to real short answer tight. Now. Short. The short answer is. Habitat open country open country as the grizzlies preferred habitat, and if you'll allow just a couple additional details if you go back in the tree you have a common ancestor about a million years ago that was shared by black bears and Brown bears. And at that point in time, you had the differentiation where due in part to the habitat provided by the glaciers receding. You had all this open country, and you had some of the bears specialize in hunting and living in that open country and some of the bears specialize in occupying the forested habitats, and that difference in their habitat preference has driven so much about the morphology the behavior the level of aggression, the reproduction. Everything about the life histories of Brown bears. Versus black bears is driven by black bears being specialized occupy densely forested habitats. Quick example would be the short hooked claws. Yep. That allow a black bear to climb a tree and the grizzlies long claws, which are great for digging. But make him incapable of climbing a tree, but there's so many more cool details than that the more you start to think about it. And and Furthermore that specialization for open country and just being able to hunt the wide open and be very protective and territorial over your offspring NBA and just like a bad MO fo bear extended even further when the grizzly differentiated into the polar bear later on in. It's volition. So if you think about the extreme example of that open country untreated environment the polar bears like the. Extreme version of that. And that's a relatively recent split in the file genetic tree. But everything about reproduction like American black bears their offspring, stay with them for the first year and a half. Why is that well a year and a half old American black bear can flee up a tree if it encounters danger in contrast to a grizzly bear or the offspring stay with the mother for two and a half years. And that's thought to be in large part because they remain so dependent on their mother for protection that if they were to split at a year and a half they'd ended up getting smoked by another bear. They can't get away. They can't get away. So yeah, there, you know, there are places obviously we could come up with a list of all the places where Brown bears and black bears. Coexist, where they overlap where you've got some forested habitat. But that's always going to be a place where you've got forested conditions for the black bear and proximity to open country for the Brown bear. So the Brown bears and open country species compared to the black bar tracking. Good. They go. I want to move on to. We touched on his now now and move on to cannibalism real quick guy wrote in and he was talking about the his body. He's talked about a guy. So does the guy saying that another guy is going to get liposuction? And he's wondering can you use the fat for anything? You bet that that in fight. Yeah. I was gonna talk in fight club. Like part of the plot. Is that they're using human fat to make soap dude, dude wants sent me. I don't know if you guys done this dude semi-fat he's been making with black bear so meal. Sorry sent me soap made out of black bear fat. It's not really about cannibalism. But have you guys mess with this at all like making your own, and you kind of soaps out of fat bear fat deer fat. I've never made it. But we actually at the restaurant we sell soap made out of wild boar fat. You do really know works. Pretty good. I mean makes you clean come over here. Lord, check it out. Yeah. We have we talked about this that you've you've the only guy has you've kind of cannibalized kind of because you've eaten humid tattoo says cannibal. Yeah. You've eaten human placenta. And you drank. Oh, yes. I was done that mothers. Drank human milk. A lot of us. Have drank you, you're drinking. No, no. Yeah. Get right. You know, what that's a good point, man. But I mean like that's a really good point. But he drank it as a grownup. You start to think about. Yeah. But most of us who have consumed milk. It's from our own mother. But then they're all these examples in a lot of cultures, including in some communities in America, where it's commonplace for babies to be passed around to various, lactating moms and who's milk. It is. Zeal. And then you start thinking about the milk banks where you have mom e given mom, B's, kid, milk and milk. Just like flawn all over the. Yeah. My wife would give out frozen sacks milk's friends of hers four baby. So what do you guys get for? What do you get for a bar hog? So it's like seven nine dollars. I think it's pretty nice stuff. Yeah. It's got Jennifer berries. And it's really nice could cover set two bigs. You have experience with this making this Megan now, I thought about doing something with the deer fat because it's so waxy as I could seal a lot of things up the recent seal boots with deer fat. We would take your fat man makes you boots stink man. But we would. Yeah. We would just melt your fed down. Rub. It into the rub into the leather nice to have a body who this guy named Leighton Glenda, and he would. He would take bear fat in pine pitch and beeswax and make his own triple blend boot stuff the hard thing to get was the bees. Like, he would track the bees so their hive and take a chainsaw. Rudolph all the you know, Rudolph the beeswax make the boot stuff. That was kind of his seen. Now, we want to touch on because we're gonna talk about Davy Crockett for a minute. Because can you explain Daniel what you're telling me about what he might be credited with. No, no, I'm just trying to tell you that was a lie. Oh, the hush puppies was a lie. Yeah. Oh, yeah. She told you you did fool me because we're gonna play we're gonna play ally. So that was trying out a lie. Yeah. Oh. Get what? But was it true about the bear killing the Daniel? Allegedly. He wrote that he killed one hundred five bears in Tennessee bars. Hundred and five and seven months, and I think either forty two or forty seven I think forty seven was in one month. Bears one month yet because boon claimed Daniel Boone and like people lump in Davy Crockett danger, boom, but different dudes different times. Like not same guy. Daniel Boone thousand times, cooler Davy Crockett, which is offensive to Texas. You guys. Are you guys aware? Are you are you guys wear that is rumored? Right. Are you guys worried that it's rumored that Crockett? Hopeless families now here. The Crockett did not go down in a blaze of glory. Oh. I said, it's it's rumored. You're familiar with this. I mean, we've seen the footage. She tossed out torch ended the gun powder room. And he took out like one hundred Mexican soldiers. Shot saying and it's hot off of his head at a thousand yards. You've seen the photos. But you are you aware of the myth like the competing the competing legends about Crockett. No. A journal. Okay. A disputed a hotly contested. You're going to have a kid here soon. I was telling you on this story. And I got the story all wrong. But then we looked up. The true version is a hotly contested journal. You look like you're agitates. I'm just trying to speak for everybody here. Jerry on. A hotly contested journal. Like the veracity of the journal has been called into question. But there's a journal that exists. I think it sits here in Texas. I think it sits in the state capital or something. You guys ever, you know, all this. And it was that at the end of the smoke clears the smoke clears at the Alamo and Crockett had surrendered and was was executed, and he didn't he didn't go. He didn't you know? I I don't have an act. I don't have a dog in the fight here. I'm just saying contested thing. And Danielle got tell me how Davy Crockett invented the hush puppies. But if. If. Which I thought was true. I can't believe you can't believe that was true. I don't know. Why thought it was true? Thought that, but but but we have like Boone and Crockett like they've been stuck in our heads together Boone and Crockett Boone claims to have I wrote it down here 'cause I've caught us a thousand times on a mess. It up Boone client he killed when he was hunting bears for the bake and market and the lard market. He killed one hundred fifty five and a single fall in once killed eleven before breakfast. Hunting with hounds. They would get I think like a buck a gallon for bear fat. I knew were cured hams. They would make they would tap Maples for sugar. They would go to salt licks and boil down the water to make salt node make their own salt sugar. Bryan, Bryan, the bear meat and barrels make their own small calls smoke it and then hold on keelboats to be sold. And it's plausible that like this is contemporaneous with Benjamin Franklin. So it's like plausible that Ben Franklin eight some bear be some haired wild man out running around, Brian and bear me, but you imagined hundred fifty five and a single season we were talking about like all these animals that used to exist across continent, and we kind of like whittled down next enough. And that's the kind of feller that did some woodland. And you think about how cool they are. But you also think like what is their sense of like give me the numbers on crack it. He hadn't forty seven one month forty seven Barrett. Like, what is their sense of enough? That's like timbers, dude, he owns that much. She could probably keel. Fred. Okay. I wanna move on. There's a guy. I think he's here tonight. He is here tonight. Name Steven Steven. He has a great sentence in his letter. My name is Stephen I'm a big fan and a lazy Texas hunters. He goes he goes on to talk about this. I don't know the answer to this bump curious. Everybody's all hot on. Hot pots, what do you? Call insta- pines the pods where he's like why is it when you make something if you cook game and insta- pot. It just never as good as if you slow cook it straight up. I want to think about that. Why make sure that this is what he's saying? Is that sound right? You hear you're buying like, I'm doing a good job with your question. That. Yes, or no good. Okay. Yes. So he's saying what's up with insta- pots. I've never messed with the insta-. I do have an electric pressure cooker. But it's not called that. I would I would just get mean. There's really no substitution for time. Especially when you're breaking down silver, getting married out of bound, you need a college into gelatin conversion he'd just texture that flavor that's going to develop over time. And you know. Microwaves not going to do it and some fancy insta- pot contraptions probably not going to do it either. I think one of the biggest issue. So I started looking into the differences between electric versus manual and the biggest thing with insta- fi is like obviously convenience. So you kinda like. I've never actually used one. But I've read through recipes and instructions from and you put the meat in there, and it's supposed to Brown and seer the mean, and then you add your liquids and everything and there's just it's just steaming. You don't get that like mired reaction of brat like a true Browning? Your meat steaming it, and so you really lose a lot of rich flavors by doing that. And plus like you were saying like you don't have time on your side either to is like the escape of water. Right. Right. So it was no reduction have well because it's pressurized the theory or I guess science behind it is that has nowhere to go. So it goes back inside the meet with all that pressure in there. So I mean, I use a manual pressure cooker quite a bit. And I I like it a lot. But it's it's it is not the same as. As say brazing in the oven. It's it's not the same result. But that's year using it for convenience factor. So when you're working, and you have a busy schedule, and you want some die meets to be really tender and a really fast time, it's convenient. But you just aren't going to get the same depth of flavor. If you were to slowly do it in the oven. Crock pot for that matter. Brownie something in a pan transferred across. Yeah. Let it go for six eight hours, however, long it needs. But you get the same kind of thing. But you just I think you just have to have the time in there, and like you say the Browning process so important. Go ahead. Yaas available everywhere. Books. I feel like I even get to separate results between crock pot and say Dutch oven inside the oven. Would you agree with that as well? And and how thought on why that is you gonna have more radiant heat from the metal versus just that light Ambiente heat from the crock pot. You know metal. It's just going to conduct a lot more. Dutch ovens are amazing too big fan. Right. And plus it's just cast iron. It's just more authentic. And sometimes you brain just wants that yet. Right. So my a little bit of placebo cook it in a Dutch oven in the oven is the best. What else gives you that like car that like care Mel coding that's real bitch to clean off radio. That man, you know, you've made something my suggestion on the insta- pots would be like cook cook and stock in there like a really good stock that you pour in there. 'cause then you're sort of given you're taking time earned from somewhere else in the plying it. Yeah, I would say if you're gonna use an end spot or any even a pressure figure or crock pot Brown it separately on the pan? I always. And then combine everything. That's what I'm saying is I that's not like a real like Saul tape pan is like Representative spot. The lid on that. And your steaming it you're not letting any of that moisture evaporates, you lose. Oh can be let off legal. But here's well. I don't want to get a big fight. We already gotten a fight about Davy Crockett. Like, I have one that's not that brand. That's a deep pass thing. And it's like it's searing and there is not saying. Still not see it's still not saying. The folks at policy genius can help get you squared away on all your insurance needs. Which is something you need to take care of. If you've got a mortgage kids, or anyone who depends on your income policy genius. Let's go on and compare quotes from top insurers, and they help you find the best policy for you in just two minutes when you apply online the advisers over at policy genius handle all the red tape for you. And they'll even negotiate with the insurance company over your rate. There are no commission sales agents, no hidden fees. It's just helpful advice and personalized service policy genius. Also makes it easy to find the right home insurance auto insurance or disability insurance. 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I was actually I remember when I when I filled that that reservoir and just came to hunting later on in life, and I worked at restaurants. Since I was legally old enough to work. And then learn to butcher I and then went into hunting after I learned how to butcher animals like home it back up. So you. You said we're going to restaurants real young sixteen doing what wash dishes and whatnot. Everything wash dishes bartended way titles worked with kitchen. What got you? So what was the what was the butchery the move into butchering? I just you know, eventually became a butcher at a restaurant. We were getting whole animals end. This is almost. About eighteen years ago and back when people were just starting to get back into whole animal butchery restaurant. I was working then started bringing in hogs and lamb, and we just learned to cut them. And then after that, I was able to kind of make a pretty, you know, easy segway into hunting 'cause of the back end of it was super familiar to me. There's a lot of obviously a lot to learn on the front end of it. What was your what was your Waren? Is you grew up in Texas. So there's like this huge, hunting, culture and taxes. What was your awareness of hunting? And what were your perceptions? Did you have an opinion about it? You didn't have an opinion about it. I was curious about it. But my family a only child and my dad didn't seven fist constantly just had to get out there and learn myself and finally did and then you're just Turkey. And then there was something to do in the winter. Besides fish in the warmer months. And so now, I find myself constantly occupied. So yeah. And then you so you've got to where you cook. A lot of game in restaurants in your in your own places. Key talk about like the pet because I think a lot of people around the country people here familiar with it. But a lot of people around the country really surprised to hear that the like actual wild. Pigs make their way into the restaurant. Yeah. It's a complicated process. I mean, we get all the time. People somebody roll up to the restaurant and knock on the back door and be like, hey, I got a big out here. I'm like, no. What you can't. So you don't touch that. Yes. No, totally illegal. I mean, it has to be inspected. So all the hogs that we get in our trapped. They're trapped most out in the hill country. And then they're brought into a licensed processor in in a trailer. And then he kills them. They get their expected before they're killed inspected after the killed that blue stamped. Nice little Texas symbol on them stamped and then brought to us from there. But that pig could have trick analysis. No-one no-one tested for that. Right. Sure, the Soka domestic. I mean, it's highly unlikely highly unlikely. Yeah. But it is. I mean, there's swine brucellosis pseudorabies tool or there's a host of things that they are for hosts of. So we keep our I on at Texas animal health commission, you know, kind of updates everyone on cases. And that it's it's pretty rare to see anything come from the feral hogs. So they can be vectors for a lot of different diseases. Yeah. Over ninety percent of the trick knows cases in this country. Come from black bear meat. Will. I remember in Alaska, they had a guy that got it from walrus, which really surprised me. Then you guys also you do venison to do. But that's the weird. That's when I wanted to ask you about I told you I was gonna ask about it. It would be if if you have a restaurant and sells wild game, right? People have an idea what that is. And when you sell wild pigs that conforms to wild game. Here's this animal that no one has any control over its leads its own destiny, right? Just kind of does his own thing cruises round out the woods. But with when you sell the venison. That's not like, that's like a farm animal. No, it's not necessarily a lot of them will come off really large ranches have a ton of acreage, and they trap block of what we sell. There's. No. And so those are actually completely wild animals coming from the coast. And so they go in there. They catch them with net guns like shooting that over them big traps like that no shit. Really a lot of what we serve that. So that can wind up in the restaurant trade. Yeah. Well, there's there's some inspection processes since the not swine they followed her a different status. And so they they aren't as highly regulated. So there's even a wild game company here that sends an inspector out in the field, and they shoot deer. But when non-native so access IKEA fallow deer things like that. It's like you mean like you time like the seek a dear little elk like gears. Yeah. So white tells never on your never started. Why though? So these are. Typically gonna be deer that are made proliferated on on a ranch. So granted high fence. But typically, very large, and they are trapped, but for the most part, my big thing is die. So they are living while they're not in a pen. They're living wild and they're eating mostly awhile, diet and other probably hitting a corn or here and there, but how many verses any wild deer in the state. It's probably about the same. So I also think that they are invasive in a way, it's it's the best thing that we can do while following under the parameters law, and you guys don't so you guys don't sell deer coming out of New Zealand. Never. We don't sell that matter. We don't sell any product any fresh product doesn't mean it has come from Texas. That's interesting, man. I had no I had no idea that the house plan on Boston your balls. Sorry. But even get a chance, really. So that's what it is. So people you get like pretty legit while game experience. Yeah. Absolutely. I mean, like the talker. We we're using all know guy there. So that is a wild animal all the sausage. We do at the brick and mortar is no guy. And then when we get in a whole carcass? You know, we never know what we're going to get its guy calls me. And he's like, hey, we got a couple of red deer in the trap. Great bring him. Well, that's that's that's this might be proprietary info. But can you tell me what your cut of fat to how much fat you cut into making like a your average sausage? It'd probably varies here. Twenty to twenty five twenty twenty five. Okay. What what do you pay money? I want to provide I want to provide good information for tonight's audience. So what are you? So you've got hunting background. You've got chef background in memory really Ritz about like free. Like, backward was harder to get information than it is. Now, I feel that there used to be like grown up hunting. We just had like certain ways, we cooked everything. And then you later learned that you had people in the culinary world shafts and things and they had their way of doing stuff, but the communication didn't. There wasn't an exchange of communication like if you were if you were a rural person eating wild game, you probably cooked it like how your grandma cooked, and they probably cooked how their grandma coat that. And you didn't have this big exchange between the culinary world. You know, the professional culinary world in rural wild game people. And now there's more freedom. Right. That you'd agree with that. There's a lot more just exchange of ideas. Like, for instance, you know, last time, I had dinner Carl's. We'll talk about what we had last time. I had done at your house. The last time you were there. We. We capitalized on some technology that I had imported from my time in China where one of my favorite dishes was what the Chinese call hogwash. Which translates basically a hot pot and you'll sit around a table with a big hole in the middle. And it will hold a cauldron of boiling broth with all kinds of spices. And it's really social thing because everybody's gathered around with chopsticks and dipping in all manner of fish and meat, and eggs and coagulated blood in all manner of mushrooms and era Maddox. Yeah. It's like a fondue kind of deal. And so I was going to have Stephen Yata span. Visit and when you're hosting these jokers that your house for dinner. You don't wanna be pulling out like a package of ballpark Franks and slap him on the grill. Not that you guys wouldn't like ballpark. But I was like what could I do? They'll be creative. So we did this menagerie of wild fish and game from all over new. We had what we had walleye yet. We had walleye. We had pronghorns heart Turkey Turkey, Jim blitz. There was some L. We had just like whatever was in the freezer, and it was a fun way to spend an with seasoning packets from China. Yeah. Put into the thing. So like the point being that there's this exchange now. So if you're magin your position where you've got a foot in the hunting world, and you've got a foot in the technical culinary world. What are the what are the thing? One of the misconceptions about wild pigs that you find like when you talk like the hundreds have their own ideas about like, what's not audible. What's good? Not good. Where does that contradict what you found from the professional kitchen while to specifically? Sure, man, or whatever you want to get into. I think in general. I mean this the collective. Consciousness has shifted so much, and you can speak to this a lot. I mean, that's what you do is communicate food to people that are increasingly way more interested in in that part of it. I mean, they're starting to recognize that that I had him on the ground. You're you're halfway done with with this job. And there's more enjoyment to not just slap some Italian dressing on it anymore. Rabbit vacant other. You can't when when I was a kid, it was cream of mushroom soup in a crackpot. But I think people are just you just see so much more excitement about it. Now and more curiosity people are willing to try different things. And they're they're just they're being more adventurous, and they're they're wanting to get more out of of that part of all that work to go out there to do I think with with hogs, we we experienced a lot of myth and people a lot of misconceptions a been told, you know, one hundred and twenty pounds. It's the biggest hog that you can eat. So like one hundred nineteen hundred twenty one that's got pile material. That doesn't make any sense to me. I mean, I've had I've had three hundred pound bore. That was amazing. You're not gonna believe that. I mean trust me on something. And I think that I mean, my my my mission is to get people to eat more picks. I mean, they're invasive they're tearing up land. I we, you know, there's there's people that don't have enough food out there like this gentleman that spark and so hard to feed them, and it's just like we're shooting piles of pigs and leaving them to lie field. And I think if we can get out there and educate and show people that these pigs can be delicious. I'm not saying that all stunning there's some of them that are, stinky. And I've experienced that there are there are stinky pigs. I mean, I've I've had like I've shot pigs that I thought were way better than other pigs upshot, what do you think's going on with what's bad pig? What me go back, anecdotally, demise? Snare story stress is a big one. Like, the bigger the pig. It is to bring down the longer runs. The more at Adrain allies, this less lactic acids. Build up the muscles the tougher. It can be the game here. It can be. Diet isn't huge one. We killed pigs in south, Texas, which aren't nearly as good as the pigs that we kill in Lockhart or maybe in the east, Texas where you have four kinds of oaks are places where there's lots of pecans folks, diet diet forms of big part of that equation. But I think that just convincing people to give them more of a chance. Try some different cuts. Try the ribs. Try more slow cooking on them. You know, like really break them down. Get adventurous are just are. Maybe not adventurous is the right word. I think a lot of times, you know, when you see a recipe, that's like this, you know, nine hours to project, and it's got a lane berry glaze on it. And you need a shift a not a fresh men, and you need to find go ongo to finally mentioned put on top. You're going to be like, there's no way. But if I was like, what did you make a sloppy Joe out of it? You're gonna do that. It's gonna be amazing. And I think that's I think that's the way that you communicate to people as you put it into context. First off correcting is how to make it in second recognize how it should taste. Is it true? I've heard it so many times like that people say that a wet a wet sow is like the best wild pig to eat because it's you're talking about. I mean fragment Sao hasn't had them yet. But for the one you want to eat or is that just like another myth is that true. Now, there's a blind as guiding guy the other day in a blind that we're one of our hunting schools and two sows walked out one west pregnant one was nursing, and I was like shoot the pregnant one because you think it's better be. Yeah. Fats staying instead of going out. So just at fat is what you want. Then hawks. It's all about fast. Can you? What's up with age in hog meat is if not not worth we're in a warm climate? So if you have the, you know, the the walk in cooler that's got a lot of moving air in it. Then by all means, you can try it. I think that it's risky. It can't be done. But I think that really cold and dry environment. You're looking up to about ten days with a hog. But like if you're talking about like aging people are doing with beef push in sixty days stuff like that. And people are doing with pork domestic work as well. Right now. I'm I think that you're you're you'd be better choosing a different battle. I think let them get through rigor mortis and then cut him at your earliest convenience. So you're like the hog proselytizer. But let me ask you this though, this the question hour is asked people like so you guys enjoy this great re not great joy this resource, and you'd have as much of it as you want the will becomes like really interwoven into the culture. So like like the pig has become. You know, almost like synonymous with Texas owning culture. But the reason it's like gloves off on pigs because they're non native in problematic. Ours always asked pig hundreds this I was like if I gave you a magic wand, right? And I said if you shake this wand, it'll be done the pigs will be gone. So not that you're not that far you wouldn't shake the one. No. I get in trouble with my friends at parks wildlife TV, but I'm sorry. I can't take that long. I mean, the control. Yes. I mean, we have them in east Austin now like in the city limits. There's I mean there are rampant problem, and I have friends that are farmers, and they wanna shake that one too. And I think that we need to find you do field. There are people in Texas who would shake the magic. Oh for sure. Yeah. Hewish not shaker Carl you because you have an obligation to American wildlife shake. Yeah. I would. Know, you gotta find a no door out of here too. But I can understand the sentiment behind not wanting to shake it. I mean, I can I can understand how a species that you have interacted with and that's fed your family, and you've spent all this time learning about and you know, breaking them down and cooking them like overtime. I can completely understand appreciate the kind of relationship that people would feel towards that animal. And so I'm not I'm not dismissing that from an ecological perspective. I would absolutely shake that one. Really? Would you shake? I'm staying out of it. Would you shake the one? I feel like I'm supposed to say. Yes. But I probably wouldn't wouldn't shake the one. No, you know, we were in Chesapeake Bay and the east shore. And there's a fish there. Snakehead have snakeheads here. Like, a non native fish at first snake hit the water. And everyone's like, oh, my God snakeheads are gonna kill us all the end of the world snakeheads. Now, you see dudes with like, snakehead decals. It wasn't even that many years snakehead decals in their truck window where we have this way. I think that humans are so pragmatic where we have to say it's like here. It is. It's good to eat. You know what? Life gives you lemons you make lemonade, and we kind of really quick to. Adopt stuff, the non native stuff there are like most the places we hunt turkeys turkeys, aren't native there. That's right there. We probably wouldn't shake stick on that. What we know wouldn't shake stick on those poor birds. Yeah. But there's a very there's there's an important differentiation. They're not deleterious. I wanted to touch real quick. We're we're talking about champ ass like episode or two ago. Guys, food chap ass like. Word for. Jay the swamp swamp bass. We got man I like it was the number one. Probably the number of the things that we get written about Janas heart is probably number one people who are number one long-term long-term, people diagnosing you on this is hard. We had a question log, oh where someone was it. Was that a lie? It was in Sacramento guy was asking he was like man, I want to ask this. But I don't want my wife to know. And he wrote in and he was saying that if you got so you got a rabbit. That after gutting the RAB, why does once flatulent smell exactly like the gutted rabbit that got an enormous amount of thing in one guy wrote in and he described a phenomenon called deja Pooh, which is which is like this guy worked for coroner or something. And he was saying that he thinks are little. Like volatile fatty acids when you smell something foul. There's volatile fatty acids in that somehow they get in your nose hairs. This. And he was saying that you get when you smell on offensive smell later. It can carry a trace of that giving one the sense sense of deja vu, which I don't suffer from. But on the champions thing to really interesting pieces of feedback wonders all these products that people have the solved chap has. But one guy was saying he was with a guy one time. The guy has so bad that he couldn't walk. It was that bad, and he took his sandwich apart and took a piece of blown you out of it. In laid that piece of bologna between the cheeks in order to hike out. Another guy has another guy writes in. That the way to cure, it this most interesting concoction, he's taken. He's like O'Brien. Oh about this. He likes the mix Neal's foreign with Origen El. Like the two. The tooth no Ming age it, and he's like that's how you take care of that problem. Love. But I want to move on. I just wanted to touch on that I wanna move on. And another subject this came in. And I already know my answer because I've done this before. But he it's a guy. It goes something like I didn't write down as made details I should have. But there's a like a guy, and he's got a girlfriend, and they live with a roommate. His girlfriend needs wild game. The roommate won't eat wild game. Just like for each meet won't he wild game. What are the ethics of just lying and giving them the wild game? My grandmother. He's. Where do you guys think about it? Go for the totally fine telephone. Yeah. Yeah. I got nothing to guess. I don't feel like I'm doing them a disservice or line to come out of it. You know, something bad's going to happen to have a negative effect from eating the wild game. I trust them to eat. Yeah. Like the guy that did. Yeah. We talked about the guy that was serving kangaroo meat school kids without telling them. But he's got lost his job. Yeah. That's a little different than just tricking your roommate a little bit. Would you pull a fast one Carl? I would say it depends. Honestly, so on the one hand, I mean, we've all had roommates, right? And if your your roommate is like eating some food that you've provided to some extent, it's like, you're lucky that you're getting some food from me. So there's that dynamic. And then I think there's like an important distinction to Yanni's point about whether there's potential for the food to have like a negative outcome. So I'm I'm sitting here thinking about like, the example of all these people that have been exposed to see WD positive deer meat, for example. So I would say if you're talking about like sharing a a roast from a deer that you know, is healthy. That's one thing if you're sharing some kind of funky like brain dish near like, hey, try this out. And then after the fact you're telling them what it is. Or if you're sharing meat from an animal that you're not sure like WD status that say there's kind of some gray area there. But if it comes to just like you're making some food, and they want to eat it, but it's contingent upon whether or not it's wild game. I'd be like habit. Tell me if you like it. And I wouldn't I wouldn't lose sleep. Yeah. I think I would give him house cat meat. You know what I'm saying? That's why it becomes really tricky. Because how do you draw the line? So well, the the reason we're all doing this. I believe is because we're hoping that it results in like the lights getting turned off. And they're like, oh my God. That was that was awesome. Please. I'd like to eat some more now. Right. Like, that's why you're going through that process. So I kind of did this the other day, actually like. Not the cat where is that cat anyway. But so I've been I've been accumulating accumulating tongues for the last few years in my freezer, and I got to the point where I had a moose tongue a deer tongue horn tongue all in bed. I thought these things out cook them for eight hours in the slow cooker. And my mom is living with us right now. My mom comes out in the kitchen. I've got these things on the cutting board. She's like have I'm like don't worry about it. You know, making a dish year. Like, let me make the dish. Sick those mushrooms of some kind like no like let me let me do this. She's like what is it is that? It's it's plume cooking. Hold back. Let me do this. And I ended up making tacos still Langa with these tongues. And they turned out fantastic. And I serve them. Servants my wife serving my daughter. My mom is like these are the best tacos I've had in years. These are the best. And then a couple of hours later, my wife, and my mom are standing the kitchen. I was like what what the hell were those things you were cutting up the other day in the kitchen, let yesterday in the kitchen, and you know, as acting kind of shifty and wife's like what she talking about. I said well that was what we had for tacos. And then my wife gets real nervous. Right. Just like what do you feel? So those were tongues and my mom's like, oh, no. And I'm like what you said. Those were the best tacos had in years. So that's an example, where it's like, I know that meat is totally safe. I know there's no good reason. And my mom is very pragmatic. And she's the one who's always told me if you're gonna kill it eat it that was like the golden rule. So I'm asking my mom. Then would you rather that I left this tongue in the woods with the gut pile? When I brought out all that meat. Or would you rather put it to use to make the best tacos you've had a couple of years, you're helping me clarify my perspective on my perspective on it is because I've done exactly that I gave my mother-in-law tone like cold chilled cubed cured tongue in a salad. And she led her said that ham was so good. But here's the deal. It wasn't like I'm I totally. I don't feel the need to tell people what it is they're eating. But if I know that someone is like, I don't eat X. I don't think it's. Ethical to trick them into eating what they say. They don't want to eat. And I don't know that it's your business to tell them that their reason is right and riot with that. That's where I draw the line a little bit because if someone had like a religious dietary prohibition, I wouldn't then feed them. Yes. And be like, nah. Yeah. Now that's messed up for you know, for sure. Do you got any perspective to offer a nice guy before you've done? Diaper, ducks diver what it was. Yeah. That feels like a person who eats meat like, oh, I don't eat diver. I would totally screw with that person. That's not gun though. And I don't even think they knew it was stuck there. Like, they knew it was something wild. But they're like, oh, well, let's wild game. But it's good. I think they thought it was venison. The need into fine. Everybody's fun. I don't remember. If I told them or not. I mean we carried on with the night. Nobody was like what was that? The nobody nobody. Yeah. This is somewhat related an explain where it gets related in a minute here. But there's another thing I've been saving up emails from people that are all kind of the same thing where. This going to not seem your data. But trust me, I'm gonna make it related. They all seem like not the same thing. I'm sorry. Saving up emails of people asking the same thing. It'd be like if you kill an animal, and it's been injured or oftentimes they'll be like I found an an with an infection or it had a broad head in it. And it was had an injury. Is it safe to eat enough where we even had a guy right in? And he later we talked about this. Then he wrote back into clarify his point. He wants I'm hung a deer up some kind of care. What the hell was a raccoon or something gnawed on the muzzle of the deer. And then he was like is it safe to eat? So where do you personally draw the line at which something that's messed up is not safety. I mean, we've we've told you know. Bullets shotgun pellet stuff out of out of hogs. I've seen. Rice breasts in ducks the rice breast is that stress. You know, it's it's too much. It's pretty general infection. But that's just all kinds of cysts meets, pack assists. I think it's a pretty generalized acute injury. And you can cut it out. Then it's been considering the you also just shot one hundred fifty grams lead through it. It's got another injury. Now. There's dirt and blood and bone and everything and you're gonna just happily kinda cut around all that. And all that how to static trauma and kind of make that a palatal paddle palatable. Looking piece of me. I think a small injury that doesn't indicate like anything worse animal wasn't acting like super six. I think it's okay. But. You might better. I have discarded entire legs because of injuries and infections. I one time had a Turkey the most. It's whole breasts was shot because it had most pitched into a tree, but impaled itself would stick, and it was just horrible and ditch that so I'm like, I'm not like eating sacks, pasta stuff. But it is the thing that comes into people's minds. But I never think of as I've never thought of the thing where you would like an injury would somehow make something inedible and get you sick. When we had the like the bear that gave we had the bear that gave me and Janas trick noses. I had to send some to the CDC for testing by still had most bear meat, and I smoked one of the bear hams. So we got sick off it, and we knew that this thing had eight hundred and sixty eight larva per gram. In my brother. I had signed up to bring a dish to pass to my brother's rehearsal dinner for his wedding. And I was like bringing the smote bare hand, and then I'm like, man yielded smokey bear him. I was going to bring turns out, and I told him about what was wrong with it. And he said, well, don't tell anybody. And I thought I was like I can't not tell them. I have to tell them if you're going to tell them don't bring it because the minute you tell them that this has all this larva living in it. You're gonna make all the other food. Suspect way, no going gonna trust anything you say at that point so net case, I again was I was incapable of doing like the lie. Even though I cooked one hundred sixty degrees. You did the right thing you think so I do I feel like I chickened out. Gimme a what's going on? Oh, dear. Do you wanna get into zombie? Dear. Kate quick poll. Actually, let's do a quick poll. Now that we know for a while it came out for a while everyone was all hot and bothered about this piece of research that some some researchers in Canada had taken McCall. That's how you say that we're macaque macaque monkeys. So some researchers and candidates said, oh, we gave some macaque monkeys CW de infected meat and the monkeys contracted CW. De turns out. That's not true. It was they never they didn't publish it. It wasn't peer reviewed won the National Institute for health looked into it. That didn't happen. I how you messed that up. I'll never understand. But wasn't true. But it really got people excited. Another case where someone was doing a fundraiser. I think it was at a fire barn like a fire department fundraiser, they serve CW accidentally serves CW de infected meat to two hundred people. This is seven years ago. I. Believe roughly seven years ago. Eighty seven of those people have agreed to be monitored. They've been monitoring them since nothing yet. There's no known case. There's no known case of human contracting CW d so the two things two points. But there are manuscripts. This is such a sticky subject. There are people who remained imagined. Most of you people who remain like, I definitely want to know more. I'm not gonna get hysterical. But I want to I think that the scientific committee. I think we should be investing money to learn more about possible transmission. Then there are people who have already made up their mind. There's no risk whatsoever. If I I want to go to my buddy Doug's place, he lives in the see WD area, and I wanna get me from like ten CW positive deer. And I want to go out some of their spinal cord, and I wanna take some of their glands. And I wanna make burger out of it. And then I'm gonna make patties they wanna meet total CW denier, I will cook that burger and I'll lay down its plate. And if that's something bitch eats that burger I'll be like now, let's talk. If they hesitate, but I'm like, we're in the same boat brother like that burger makes me nervous. So never mind. The burger never mind a blend of twenty whatever if you had it you get a deer comes back. See WD positive. Yes. Would you eat the deer not not eating not eating? No, no, not gonna eat it. I don't know. It's sitting my freezer for a long time. Yeah. That's a good point. No, it's not no don't eat it. You're not either. No. That's the answer. The answer is no don't eat it. I it just sucks. I have two toss that dear. I feel like I'll put I'm going middle ground. No, no. There's no way out. I I would not give it to my kids. But I would have a very very difficult time, discarding maybe I would just keep it in my freezer and look at it. Just serve your mother in law. Like, an here's your here meeting. As horrible. I wouldn't do that. Cindy, we love, you know. I wouldn't do. It is scary. There's a couple newsy things I wanted to get into. But. Couple of hot button issues. But this is going to be the one that it terrifies me. I don't worry about. I don't worry about the resource impact. Meaning I don't worry about like keeping up at night about reduced your numbers from C from CW. I'm not worried about it's terrible that happens here. Here's what I'm saying. If somehow some Nisshin all knowing being could come and say, see WD cannot and will not be transmitted to humans. I really I would never give it another thought. I would kind of lose interest in it. Like there are people who are like, well, what's it going to mean for deer numbers? I just feel like it'll it'll just join the list of all the other damn diseases that sweep through deer herds down wipe them out. And then they come back, but the food that the idea of hunters getting sick from venison is is just a up setting gut wrenching bought the coolest thing in the world becoming somehow not cool is a heartbreaker. And I don't know at this point. I don't know that anyone can really say anything more than that. I would add that it's happened. It's happened. We haven't had the confirmed case of a person contract and CW WD from eating infected deer. No thousands of Iowa eaten, but we have had already. The culture around dear being compromised by the existence of that disease. And I, you know, I'm speaking about this from the standpoint of a guy who was in grad school in Madison Wisconsin shortly after it was discovered in south west, Wisconsin. And watching the way just my own circle of friends over the course of the last ten years the way that our conversation says have evolved around deer hunting in that part of the state those impacts are already occurring. It's it's changed. You know, if you if you're thinking about. Where do I wanna spend my precious time away from work when I've got a couple of weeks of leave time to spend over the course of the year, and I wanna fill my freezer don't want to travel and hunting an area that I know in love and have hunted a lot, but has CW dear maybe try to find another spot to hunt. And it makes it real hard to want to go back and Huntington area where you might you know, you've got a coin toss as to whether or not the do you kill is going to be able to be something you can feed your family. So if you look at all the culture around. The activity the land ownership. It's just a it's a very real, very sad state of affairs. And even if we don't have that example of a person getting sick from it just the risk of that. I think is already compromising the hunting culture, and it frustrates entered your head. Oh, it's under my head. And to see the inaction that has persisted frustrates the hell out of me, man. I think now exactly half the states twenty six states, Texas. Not right dates. We have right. We do have a no it's pretty it's pretty was Anton smaller areas twenty six is a little more than oh. But I mean, it's like I feel like I was like twenty four and then two more of this. You're somewhere around there. Yeah. In Texas has there's a small Corentin area and Bandera south of San Antonio. And then in west, Texas, sixty six confirmed in Texas. Everyone in here who would eat a C WD positive. Dear who that's a good one say. Yup. Just five there's five in here. They would eat your burger you got. Oh, you got enough I crazy spinal cord bird. But just like by live node burger. Just like, I I'm like, honestly curious. So if you would just a nice home. Yup. Like if you would eat a C WD, positive, dear. Okay. If you would not. Well, you're not you're not doing the nice clean. Yup. Oh, I hate it. I don't want to I. Caesar what that. Then be. I'm not familiar with the parliamentary procedure oh parliamentary procedure. Oh, you don't real quick? Did you know that I was reading a guy was a guy wrote in saying that radical pigs is part of the e u new world order domination plan. No. I did not hear that dude. It was a fast. He laid out a very fascinating case, we're gonna move real quick. So now, how do we going to pick our person? Ooh. Free play that. Yeah, we best it up. We're gonna play. We're gonna play seeing through the bullshit where someone has come up. They're going to be presented with two lies in a single troop Reinecke Halbe. You got to get. You got to get one just grab someone. So we don't really like select something early. So we're gonna play and, but I I have a correction to make we played this that we played us that long ago. We played this now Largo, and I we accidentally did we accidentally did three lies. Because we're talking about we're talking about a faith like the deadliest tiger, the deadliest animal ever was the ciampa wa Tigris, and it was a tiger. Who had had messed up teat, some people believe that she had been shot bio poacher Bossard or teeth the tiger then dedicated itself to killing humans and eating humans and this. This is no joke. It's probably more but attributed single Tigris in killed three hundred and fifty six people. And it was killed by a is is screwed up. And we got a lot of heat for this is screwed up and said that guy that killed it. Jim corbett? I said that he was American, but the British people were pissed it was like when I said Sam Houston died at the Alamo. People were worked up. So that's my correction Corbett was British now if you win known out get not if you went was that contestant is here here. J J. Nice to meet you mentioned grab a seat. They all spin you see you can look right in the eye of the storytellers. Okay. We're going to tell you things that are there's one true thing hiding within this. You want? What you want first truth? Okay. Are you? Are you familiar with youth hunting seasons? Oh, yeah. And you are aware of the fact that now, and then a DOE a female white tail will grow Antlers. Okay. Tennessee's youth haunting season. A new youth hunting season record was set in Tennessee by an antler d- dope. The individual who was holding the record prior to this kill has actually contested the new entry because it's not a buck. Okay. So I have a story that we've together bears and national forests. And it goes like this. In the nineteen eighty s. A narcotics officer turned drug runner by the name of Andrew Thornton. Was traveling over the chattahoochee national forest in a small airplane containing forty plastic containers of blow. Coke. The white stuff. He threw okay. He's through. He threw the containers out of the plane donned his parachute leaving the plane unattended. And enroute to the ground. Unfortunately, became tangled in his own parachute. Plummeting to his death. Agents when they went into recover the drugs in his body. Expecting to find fifteen million dollars worth of cocaine some forty kilos. Instead came upon a very dead black bear. The black bear had died of the single most impressive drug overdose. In the history of wildlife ecology stuffed to the brim with the white stuff a knee crops. He revealed the bear had died from a combination of cerebral hemorrhaging respiratory failure, hyperthermia renal failure, heart failure and a stroke. That bear. That bears now stuffed and on display at the Kentucky fund mall north in north Lexington where he'd done the moniker Pablo Escobar. Dan, also, well told all right? So are you familiar with the Lone Star tick? Okay. You only the Lone Star tick in the Lone Star state. So we have somebody else. All right, man. So we have a tick that carries. I think it's called alpha gal carbohydrate, and so when it bites and infects a human goes into the bloodstream, we produce a whole bunch of antibodies and basically have an allergic reaction so severe that. We can no longer eat right meat, so beef lamb, so I'm six planning what the tickets, we're getting work. Yes. Got this tick and recently down in south, Texas, they stumbled upon a ton of their several pilots that were really scrawny, and they started trying to figure out what was wrong with these coyotes, and they test them, and they contracted this disease from Lone Star tick because I can't eat meat. Now, you need help from the crowd. I can go to each one of the storytellers and stand behind him in the crowd can yell the loudest for who they think is the truth. If you need that help while your quick you. Yeah. Review? Can you have the story of the new use season white tailed deer record? You have the story of Pablo Escobar. And you have the story of that the allergen the meat allergen that can be caused that humans can contract from the Lone Star tick has afflicted has been proven to be able to afflict coyotes and make them intolerant of meat, which leads. So there may see ation in eventual death, and they all live in Frisco. This is hard this. Go to hell if you wanna help from the guy let me let me real quick real quick. So what we have is some fury HD five thousand doctors from our friends at board tax who we needed we needed a president so seeing and through the bullshit we needed a president. And you get laser range finding binoculars real expensive real nice fresh lifetime war lifetime thing. If they burn up in a house fire, they'll give you new ones you got some chunk of plastic ascendant. Danielle's was asked the crowd Danielle's story about the veggie Kyle. But by bullshit, you mean by both said, do you mean true or not true? That's a lie. Okay. Carl's story about Paolo Escobar. Steve story about the female buckets. Now, the state youth record in Tennessee. Oh, no. That's hard. Leaning towards that one really was your lead in toward the youth. Sees if you want to win. But it's my fellow Texans. And I'm gonna go the Texan way, and I'm gonna go with Pablo Esco. Nice play. Thank you. Thanks. Thank you very much beloved everyone. You guys are the best.

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