Kinda Cute -Ep 50- Wayfair Conspiracy, Free Britney, Alissa Turney was Murdered?, Moldy Sqirl Jam


It's kind of cute right. Alone and welcome back to Kinda cute, and if you are new here, welcome. My name is Bailey event. I'm your host on kind of cute. We discussed articles from the cut and my general pop culture musings. y'All it is episode of fifty I am just so happy, and because I'm so thankful to every single one of you. There's even listen to one moment of this podcast over the last forty nine episodes. I'm about to put you on something real quick. Okay. I am drinking a drink that is from one of my favorite local restaurants called Hullaballoo they have. This drink called the John Lennon. I posted on my instagram. Stories hoods like my favorite local drink. So I decided tonight that I was going to recreate myself and guys. It is so easy and I'm sharing it with you now. Let This Represent Our fiftieth episode celebration. Okay, so this is how you do it. You make a little simple syrup. I use a trivia granulated sugar. Blend that I buy at Publix. You can just use granulated sugar. You could use a sugar replacement. Whatever you make a simple syrup. It's always one part sugar to one part water, and you're going to heat that up till the sugar dissolves. Then you're going to dice up some strawberries and some you're gonNA take. Some basil leaves like a whole big bunch. You all just eyeball this. You know like whatever you're having I. Put a fair amount of strawberries. I put a little bunch of Basil. I let it soak in the symbol syrup. I used one cup of Water One cup of a half. A Cup of my trivia blend. It's not one one because it's Trivia Open. You don't care. But then you take some limes. Squeeze those puppies. You'RE GONNA. Take some vodka. You're gonNA take the vodka. You're gonNA take the lime juice. You're going to take your simple syrup mix like just the juice from the simple syrup not junked parts. You're going to put it in a cocktail shaper. Shake it up. Then you're gonNA poured over ice. You're going to add some fresh strawberries, fresh basil, and some of your soaked strawberries and Basil guys. This drink is so delicious it down so well. Can you vouch? She says one hundred percent. It's amazing. I added on the. It's amazing part, but just trust me guys, so that is my gift to you again. Thank you guys so much for all fifty of you. Literally. That's not me like being humble. It's really about fifty of you for listening all of these weeks and Writing written reviews subscribing me on Apple Hannukah's giving me a five-star ratings hint hint, it's been a wild ride and I'm just so happy to be audio all right. Let's get into our little pop culture updates before we get into our articles. I up Brooklyn Beckham son of Victoria and. Beck Bennett. was like bend it like Beckham. Back yes David Beckham. There sign is engaged to Nikola pultz. Now, I? Don't know how well known this is, but well first off. Let's say that Brooklyn is only twenty one nicholas twenty five, so she's coup. Bring a little bit She has a billionaire dad. His name is Nelson Peltz. He's kind of your typical. You know, Hedge, Fund Managing Uber Rich billionaire and like every billionaire. He has a house in Palm Beach. We've talked about before high live in West. Palm beach the trump side of lady and the tramp. Where Palm Beach is the lady and he has a huge complex. I'm calling it a complex because it's just so huge I see photos of it. She posts photos of it a lot actually, and it just has like it's on the beach. Has All of this land these palm trees and He Nelson. Recently hosted a huge trump fundraiser at his mansion, and this was notable, because usually when trump has fundraisers in palm beach. He obviously has them at Mar a lago so I'll let you make of that what you want to All I'm saying is that in two thousand seventeen nicloas dating Anwar had deed, so it seems a little fast to me and I. Never think it's a good idea to get married at twenty one especially on the boy side because a boy at twenty one mentally is like fifteen max like on a good day. He is fifteen. It is proven that a man's frontal cortex frontal lobe, but does not fully developed until he's twenty six years old. So you know if any onions out there listening maybe hold off until those frontal lobes are fully developed in your decision. Making processes are a little bit better. Okay guys. I JUST WANNA. Tell you about that. Because I I hadn't heard that talks about much in the pop culture world, but I felt like it was worth noting. Next up! Guys is this is a lot to get into. I don't even know where to start. The, wayfair conspiracy all right to give you a little recap them. Sorry, if you've already been inundated with information about this. But the concept that I at least thought through facebook posts, it was this girl, and she was like I just went down a hole on facebook and I'm so sorry, I always credit people, if I know and remember where I got it from, but with this and I'm going to talk about free Britain today. I looked at so many sources in so many things. It's all just a jumble. My mind, so I'm kind of just speaking to you from memory right now. So the overarching, though is that wayfair had certain items that should not have cost as much as they did. For example of regular storage cabinet, being sold for fifteen thousand dollars, nine hundred and ninety nine dollars, ninety nine cents, throw pillows for upwards of twelve thousand dollars a throw pillow. So people started being kind of confused and on top of that the throw pillows and cabinets had the names. Of Children. Who happened to be missing like your Ritze Desharnais? They were kind of unique names like that and each one of these cabinets. It'd be like the same cabinet the same picture. But they would have different names in front of the cabinet. Name is making any sense. I hope so. So, people started exploring, and they took the skew number from the cabinets, and they entered into this kind of like. Russian dark website they entered in the skew numbers and when they did that. It brought up pictures of little girls in bikinis very disturbing. So then people started hypothesizing that these high price cabinets were a front for child trafficking, and some people were even going as far as to say that children were being put inside these cabinets and shipped. And people who worked at the warehouses were like Oh. Damn, that kind of really was heavy like maybe you had a child in it. Oh! Okay! And like I said some of these names missed the names of children or match the names of children who are on missing children list. So people went way down, and I have to say that this is like a Q. and non the theory on a Reddit page which I believe queuing non are kind of like a far-right conspiracy theorists in the. Conservative kind of fall kind of in the line of Pizza Gate. If you guys are familiar with that. On which was a total, just bullshit idea which also had to do with child pedophilia. So this is really put everyone in a tizzy. There's all these rumors that the CEO of wayfair stepped down from his position. That as far as I can tell is not true. That did not happen. And I'm here to give you kind of my theory on all of this. So. I have a few theories of why these items were priced. The way they were I, think that. They were priced this way because they weren't actually an active sale. This happens on things like deep pop an Ebay when someone agrees to purchase something for a specific amount. This has happened on depot where I've bought an item. The person says I'm going to set the item at nine thousand, nine hundred ninety nine dollars so that no one else buys it because it would just be like a t shirt or something, and then I will shift you in the know. Gets it also up a sold once. I get the money for the transaction. So it kind of takes it off the market in that way, because WHO's going to pay ten thousand dollars for a regular old shirt, so pardon me felt like it was something like that going on because wayfair cells to interior designers and trade professionals and things like that. the other theory is that. This is sort of along the lines of Amazon's FBI program where people buy things from China in bulk, though by them from Alibaba, buy them in bulk. Get them ships them, though by five hundred units, and then they will up charge them and sell them on Amazon, and it's called the Amazon, it's basically an order fulfillment program where Amazon houses your materials for you. They ship it out for you. They handle all of the transactional fees and they take a percentage. I think something similar could have been happening. Wayfair like they had these third parties that were. Selling things and using lists of doing it now, then the question comes okay we'll. Were they doing that to sell children. Maybe. I. Think that if people are trying to sex traffic, putting it online and causing taxable transactions trackable transactions. Would not be the smartest way to go about it. So I feel very on the fence as to. If that is what was happening, but do I think that this could have been connected to it I. Don't think children were getting shipped in cabinets. Do I think maybe this could have signaled to the sellers that we're using fair like third parties that were using them as a selling marketplace that they could have been day this maybe. I again, I don't know if I. WANNA get a definite statement on that but I will say if you don't think sex. Trafficking and human trafficking is a huge problem that exists throughout this entire world. You really have your head in the sand. It is a huge huge problem and most likely. It is happening literally in your backyard. Especially in Florida all of the port cities here are some of the cities that are the most guilty of having human trafficking occur. And a lot of times the people are trafficked and it goes like this. They are told that they can come to America. They can fulfil the American dream they can work. Off their debts that it took for them to get away to America and then they can create money of their own. Send it back to their families in the foreign country, but. In reality, what happens is they become totally indentured servants, slaves completely traffic, and they never see a dime, and basically they're living in America, but they're not seeing any of the money and I'm telling you that happens a lot and the line gets blurred between that happening and sex trafficking like they both happen. In conjunction with one another. So. Again I'm not trying to downplay I. One hundred percent realized sex trafficking occurs Oh and you. I know another crazy ass fact, and this was actually revealed in Robert Kraft again in fucking like thirty minutes north of me the whole. Robert Kraft thing when he was going to a massage parlour, and it was uncovered that they were doing. Sex acts at this massage parlor and. A girl I know literally would go there and get massages, so don't think that just because a place offers legitimate services that they aren't doing shady shit behind the scenes and I can almost guarantee you start looking out for it now that I'm telling you this. You'RE GONNA. Pass a strip mall. You're going to see something that says like massage. It won't be very descriptive. and. Ninety percent of the time I'm just you know. Rough balling here. Those are friends for sex trafficking and to me. This isn't conspiracy. Theories of this is just reality of what goes on, so I think it'll way. We get distracted when we get caught up in these like ooh, crazy conspiracy theories went. This stuff is legit happening and it's happening in our backyard. So that is my thought on the wayfair conspiracy for anyone who's asked for me to cover it there we go. If. You like me to delve into it further. Clarify some things I said, let me know I, also want to give an update on Jada Pinkett Smith, so as we noted last time Jada said she was bringing herself to the red table after she got. From August about them, having a love affair together and all of that, so she sat down with Will Smith and she basically admitted to having a thing with August, but she says that it happened at a time when her and will were separated. She said we were over from there. As time went on, I got into a different kind of entanglement with August. So so many people have been making memes about her saying entanglement, it'll be like I didn't cheat on my diet. I just had an Tengelmann with crispy cream. So I, don't know at least like she did. They were very careful to say that. August wasn't being dishonest or misrepresenting. What happened so at least hopefully, his name doesn't become completely marred through all of this and his album sales increase, so it's a win. Win for everyone maybe and Jada and will seem like they're happier than ever, and everything is Hunky Dory. Unfortunately on a Saturno note, Rivera's body was found. We talked about that how her body was missing and I think it was pretty privileged, presumed that she had passed, but it took a little while to find her body, and it's so freaky. Dicky because her body was found seven years to the day after Corey Monty, he played fin on Glee, his body was found on July I'm sorry. He was found passed away on July thirteenth two thousand thirteen, and her body was found on July thirteenth two thousand twenty, so it was just really creepy parallel, not a conspiracy theory hitting, but just just a weird universe saying. All right next up. We have the Free Britney Saga Conspiracy Theory I have had more requests talk about Free Brittany Than I. Have may be had about any other topic. On this podcast and I almost feel like I'm probably the best race in talk about it because I don't know if I'm as knowledgeable as I should be I tried to do so much research. I read so many articles and I still I. Looked into California conservatives ships. which is what she's under. She's currently under a personal and estate conservative ship as far as I can tell. Which means that it's not just her estate in her finances are being controlled, but also her personal decisions so I will read you the kind of instagram posts that's been going around and I'm sure a lot of you guys have seen so I'm not sure it's looks like this is credit to. Someone named Brandon Hayes at trash bandicoot. On instagram. So I'm just going to read this. All buckle up, says PSA Britney Spears in the Free Brittany Movement for anyone that needs or wants more information on what is going on with her. It's a fucking rather hole sold buckle up a little back story I. Was a child star starting at the age of four years old on Broadway and then worked her way to the. Mickey. Mouse club and eventually the Solo career we know today. Her career has been on autopilot her entire life. Look back at her music. She's been telling everyone for years. She's to controlled and treated as a product. If you listen to the lyrics most for hits, examples include lucky overprotective, my prerogative, circus piece me and Gimme more. Her music videos social media posts tour, props and photo shoots regular show her in a cage or in chains. If anyone has ever seen videos of her when she was younger, you know. Know her real singing voice is very similar to Christina Aguilera's. Her record label didn't like it as were both on the Mickey Mouse Club in abouts released their debut album at the same time, so they had her voice retrained to seeing in the baby voice. We all know today because they leave. It believed it to be more icon and create a brand and career for her instead of her real voice. It's unhealthy and it's been destroyed her voice over the years thus why she's known for lip synching, she wanted to make an acoustic type pop album in two thousand six titled Original Doll and Reinvent Herself using her real voice. The album was shelved and cancelled once reliable realized she'd be singing in her real voice. She isn't allowed to sing live because she will either fail terribly, or she'll have to sing in her deep voice that she isn't known for her entire career. She has been taunted. Product meant to sell now for the real. Real T. everyone remembers the two thousand seven meltdown. Everyone leading up to the Tom Brady was going through a public divorce had two children under the age of two at the time, and was very much the focus of the public. We all saw her on every magazine cover. We also saw the photo of her with one of her kids on her lap while driving, go on Youtube once and look Britney Spears Paparazzi. You'll watch. Be Chaste and followed by hundreds of them, even trying to get into a public restroom to photograph her. Videotaping her in tears them to leave her alone, and even filming her through the windows of an ambulance, while she was naked, being taken away for her final mental health hold. After the public meltdown, shaving her head, locking herself in her home with her children, speaking in a British accent on regular basis, wearing the infamous pink, quick everywhere and shopping naked, she was hospitalized twice after the hospitalization. Her father petitioned the courts to be a temporary conservator tour until she was mentally stable and. For only one year it's time. Two months after hospitalization. She did a guest appearance on how I met your mother six months after her hospitalization, she drops the womanizer video and starts to promote her new album circus with its worldwide toward the gross one hundred thirty one point eight million dollars if she so unwell. Why did she start working right away? Her father after one year petition, the courts for the conservative ships become permanent due to her allegedly having early onset dementia in her twenties. It pass, and it has been that way ever since for twelve years to be exact now for everyone. That doesn't understand what that means. Let me break it down for you. Britney Spears is now at thirty eight year old woman, who is not allowed to do the following without her father's permission, or he can legally lock her up in a mental health facility. Drive a car boat. Get married. have children spend her own money? See how her money is being spent. See Her children. Leave her home higher. Her own lawyer have any control over her career Oh and I'm sorry I skipped this part. She has thirty percent of both of our boys. Due to her dad, assaulting, one of her sons speak about the conservative ship publicly do interviews that aren't scripted and all final cuts are approved by her father as well use a cell phone without being monitored new social media unmonitored contact anyone without being monitored. Having them extremely vetted iggy Azalea allegedly had her house searched for drugs top to bottom when they collaborated together. Go shopping. Go for a walk. Get starbucks. Conservative ship is meant for people with mental health issues or decaying health. Most likely grandparents are people with actual dementia, etc, they are meant for people who literally could not take care of themselves if she is so unwell that she is immensely capable of doing anything herself. Why is she still working? Since a conservative ship began twelve years ago, she has released four. Done three worldwide tours did a four year vegas residency. It was a fulltime judge on X. factor released multiple perfumes, and a laundry line, made one hundred and thirty eight dollars, hundred and thirty eight million dollars, or so a year in January of last year. Britney was placed in a mental health facility for three months after being seen driving her car to an out with her boyfriend without permission, and for using to take the sedating medications her father ads. ADS doctors prescribing her to keep her under control. She testified to judge documents that she was held there against her will by her father after it was leaked to the press that she was there against her will. The Free Brittany movement picked up speed causing judge to open an investigation into the impacting legality. Conservative ship has her life Britain's mother. Len was also liking and commenting on Free Britney posts, saying she that Britney is trapped by her father. Britney's team had twitter disabled. Free Brittany. Hashtag and regularly threatens any celebrity that speaks out using the hash with a lawsuit if they don't remove their support for the movement. She was seen shortly after leaving a hotel through the front door, stumbling while carrying her shoes in out of it, her team used that moment justify to the public that she needed this conservative shit. She is not allowed to have any say in the hiring or firing of anyone on her team every year she pays one point. One million dollars fees for the conservative ship to continue including paying her father is solid, one hundred K. plus salary paying a lawyer. She isn't allowed to choose. She's an loudon allowance of around fifteen hundred dollars a week for bill shopping in essentials. Her net worth is two hundred and fifty million. So there's a little bit more to it, but kind of just saying that this is a woman who doesn't have control over her life. Essentially, so when I was doing the research on this I was trying to look up conservative ships in California and how they work there. And I came upon this train youtube video that was actually recommended by the California courts and it was published seven years ago, but it looked like it was made in Nineteen, seventy seven. It was so bootleg. I can't even explain it And I it does kind of confirmed me that usually these conservatives ships like I thought are mainly used for elderly people who really have no control. At that point over their brain or their life. So. It is odd for someone of Britney's as if we're thinking. She's thirty eight now twelve years ago. She would have been twenty six years old when she was placed on this. And the craziest part about it to me is the fact of how much she has worked since then. It's my understanding that if it's not someone else elderly someone so extremely disabled that they cannot work, they don't. They can't hold a normal job. And it's part of the reason that their finances have to be so closely monitored, so I think it is very strange that. She's been under this conservative ship for so long, but at the same time I think when you watch her instagram videos. You're kind of like. Oh, she really all there. You know I, think she's been so been through so much, and she's unfortunately gone through tears of being a child star I actually with Kinsey with night we watched show Biz kids and it's by Alex winter who was a show Biz, kid himself and interviews, a lot of people who were child stars like meal. Jovovich, Evan, Rachel Wood, will we and Mara Wilson who played Mathilde. And kind of saying how? If you're not like sexually abused, your still mentally abused and you go through so much shit and you just you don't live a normal childhood and how it fucks you up, and obviously we've kind of as a society learn that because we see what happens to so many childhood stars, but it was interesting seeing it firsthand from their perspective. So I understand that she is probably dealing with so much stuff. But. This free Brittany Movement comes up over and over again because every six months, she basically goes to the court. For Base what my understanding is like a status report of how conservative ship is going? and. There's rumors that as of recently I believe I was back in September that she asked to be released from her conservative ship and the plot that gained more because her own mother apparently is wanting. Some, say over it so that her father who as I mentioned in that? Kevin Federal Line who is the mother of Britney's to John's key filed a lawsuit against. Jamie Spears her father who's in charge of the conservative ship for abusing one of the kids so. It is it's almost like a conflict of interest that someone that she? That can't be around. Her kids is representing her life in this way. But to get to the conspiracy side of this, people are saying that she's leaving coded messages and her instagram's and that her boyfriend is her handler. because there definitely are videos. He's filming with her and you can see mouthing at her to smile. Okay again as much as I love a conspiracy theory. I don't know if I buy that. He's her handler. I think he wants her to present a good face on instagram. Do I. Think there's a high chance that she is not in charge of posting like she needs to get her post on instagram approved by someone yeah. But people are saying that like on her hat. She's written help beneath her eyelashes. She's written call nine, one one and Mascara with like someone can figure out how to easily do that. With the Mascara Wand hit me up. Let me know. People are saying that she'll wear a certain enclosed shirt to signal to people that she needs help. So, I don't I don't know how I feel about all of that and I know I spent a long time just reading that instagram post, but it's one of those things that the more I read about it. The more I'm just kind of left confused why the court continues to let her biens conservative ship, unless there's something that we don't know as the public. But it's not the first time. A judge has made a bad choice so. Who knows hopefully her mom can get some say what's going on in. That will bring light to everything and hopefully alleviate some of the problems that are happening if Britney is truly having those. Her. Next up a cut article by Clara. Lamp and alerted me to Disneyworld bizarre reopening. Odd Frankly I am shocked at Disney has reopened with the way shit is going in Florida and I felt like this was semi relevant to me and worth mentioning because my family does have an annual Disney. Pass this year. Obviously, we haven't been able to us. because my hometown where my parents live is only about an. An hour from Disney, our pastor blacked out right now anyway so I. Don't have any intention of going there anytime soon, and it is hot as balls, but to describe the odds you. It's various KOSS members as Disney calls their workers, saying welcome home while they're wearing a mask and they look a little Stockholm century. Syndrome me if I had to say so myself. I'll try to insert some audio if I can get it in here. Welcome! Home. But the hilarious about this is that people have done edits. Saying List looks like a horror movie. So once they had an article. It was someone putting the US remix to put five on it on top of it and taking the tone of the color doubt and it looks so spooky. But the most hilarious and disturbing one is one where someone has dubbed the Audio, so the people in masks are saying stay home. Don't come. It's dangerous. And it works beautifully, because since they're wearing a mask, you can't see their mouths movie. Come here. My God. I just don't know. Hogan next up the goddess and creator of Hawks Summer Megan the stallion. We actually talked about her and one of our I kinda cute episodes because it was when hot girl silver was really blowing up last year, and I felt like she at the do credit. She getting the do credit. She deserved for quitting the term hot girl summer. So I'm going to preface this by saying that she was shot, but she is okay, and it's very unclear what actually happened? But on her instagram she wrote as follows the narrative. That's being reported about Sunday mornings. Events are inaccurate. Night liked. Set the record straight on Sunday morning I suffered gunshot wounds as a result of a crime that was committed against me and done with the intention of physically harm me. I was never arrested. The police officers drove me to the hospital where he underwent surgery to move. Remove the bullets. I'm incredibly grateful to be alive. And that I'm expected to make a full recovery, but it was important for me to clarify the details about this traumatic night. I'm currently focused on my recovery so I can return back to my life and back to making music as soon as possible, so that is a picture of texts. That's her actual instagram photo. And then the caption to the photo says I was never arrested. This whole experience was an eye opener and a blessing in disguise I hate that. It took this experience for me to learn how to protect my energy. Okay, so the cut writes that according to variety earlier that even evening, Megan and Tory. Lanez attended a party at Kylie Jenner's house. Later, the two were in an SUV together in Hollywood, and then two shots were fired and air. Police later pulled over Tori and they found a weapon in his car and Megan and other women were also vehicle. Tori was reportedly arrested on felony charges. At four forty, a m Sunday, and he was released on a thirty five thousand dollar bond around six hours later, so we don't know exactly what went down, but I'm just very glad Megan is okay and if Tori do this like do thus fucked up. A little lighter note. Can I have been watching down to earth? Which Zach ephrons New Eko Torres. Global climate change basically him trying to be like Oh Walker. Global Climate Change Woke Anthony Bourdain are a P. And really what I want to talk about in this is two things. Burst off if any of you guys know who Dan Bills, area is Zach, be looking like a straight of Danville and everyone's like ooh! Daddy, like what the scruff and link with the little bit lake filled out body. All I see is Dan Bill. Zarian known womanizer disgusting, not fan literally he's just like post. Pictures of girls like butts on his instagram of heading like hitting their butt cheeks, and like saying how he can get any girl who wants and he's so rich. It's just not a cute look I I'm not into I, mean I love Zach Blake, the the parallels of his looks between him and Dan Bells area. Are other issue with it is is that there's some bizarre and obvious sponsorships. We counted Gopro Hilton Ruka skates one. Okay AC Samsung, and so I was kind of like okay interesting choices, and this is my fall in my lack of investigative journalism, but I'm like how many of these companies are actually really helping the fight against global climate change Let me know if anyone knows. Maybe we'll research for next week because I'm not sure that they are. Okay next up and I'm sorry guys. This is like a long episodes which not a lot of ground to cover today. And this next article is not a cut article, but I felt like it was too wild, not to share especially since I just binge the reboot of unsolved mysteries and you bill apter believe that I gobble that show up as a child and I'm gobbling it up today. Okay, so the name of this article is Alissa attorney went missing and her sister turn to talk for help by Katie Garrity. It says true crime junkies have been chomping at the bit recently after a woman's tiktok account went viral after she shared information in regards to her missing sister, Sarah Attorney turn to Tiktok to try and get exposure shed on the disappearance of her sister Eliza Termi. Sarah believes she knows what happened to her. Sister is out to prove that it was her father Michael Turney illicit stepfather that abused kidnapped, and eventually murdered Elissa all right so I'm going to give you guys a little background. Info Elissa went missing in two thousand one and at the time she was living with her Stepdad. intercessor Sarah the TIKTOK. We just talked about the sadly. Sadly. A mom had passed away so apparently the Stepdad treated Elissa unfairly and was way more strict with her than she was with Sarah and one day. The stepdad Sarah that Lissa was missing and when they got home, there was a note allegedly from Sarah saying that she took I'm sorry from Melissa saying that she took three hundred dollars in left to go to California. But the weird part is that in the years that Eliza was missing? She hadn't contacted anyone. Including the anthem issue is supposed to be living with and her bank account, which had eighteen hundred dollars, and it was untouched. Her social security number had never been used, so she had an applied to a job or gone to school. And here's where it gets. Even more complicated. People claim the same day. The stepdad Selah so was missing. He actually picked her up from school around lunchtime, and this was confirmed by her boyfriend and her friends because she was supposed to go to an end of school party that very night. And even more suspiciously, the stepdaddy allegedly ran audiotapes, constantly monitoring his house like security and conveniently they were shut off on this particular day. So. Eventually get a search warrant, and they find twenty six home-made pipebombs as well as a ninety page manifesto and in the manifesto. The stepdad suggested that his step daughter had been abducted and killed by two men from an electrical union. He worked for as revenge. He said he had ventured killing them in return, but both the men he named were found to have died of natural causes. So the kicker here is that the Septum actually went to prison for having the pipebombs and his house. But through her tiktok Sarah has garnered attention for this case in basically you know opened up a lists disappearance case. So the police recently announced that they are submitting a missing person case to the prosecutor's office charges against the stepped. Despite the claims that they would arrest the Septet after he was released from prison for the PIPEBOMBS Sarah says that they've changed their minds and encourage Sarah to get media attention, so since then Sarah has also raised enough money to spread awareness about her sister on a billboard in Arizona says she's caught. This huge billboard put up for asking for anyone who has information about her to give it. And this story actually reminded me a lot of the Lena story on unsolved mysteries episode six, and it's just really chilling in creepy and. I hope that. There's justice for her death. That being said let's do something really fun and lighthearted after that. the cup. Pose some what I consider a very difficult. Would you rather questions and I really think that, would you? Rather questions can offer a glimpse into someone's psyche so I'm going to share my responses, and then you can give me your your thought. You can reach out to me at Bailey Evan or it kind of cute podcast or leave a five star review. Let's get into it I up. Would you rather sweat milk or sneeze glitter to me? This is such an easy one like obviously I'd rather sneeze glitter. How bomb would that be like? Everyone says glitter is the herpes of the crafting world I love glitter. I mean it would just make. A Lot more enjoyable if I'm sweating milk dust gonNA. Get rancid real quick like my sweat smells bad enough already I. Don't need it curdling on my skin. Next up. Would you rather do legless or airborne? I thought this was a very fitting question. Since we had a whole segment about whether or not, you're a legless. Our Air Gun ORT arrogant, or why can I say era Gorn airborne girl era gorn girl. Okay I'm going with Erik Gordon that we know. We like tall, dark and handsome moment. Next step. Would you rather have eyebrows that move all around your face or cry? Oil Paints again. I said these were like some hard ones. This isn't hard all obviously I'd rather cry oil paints. Can you think of the fire? INSTAGRAM'S I get from that like I can already imagine it now i. would just be posing there like oh, work work, honey lake all if he beautiful and then I wouldn't have to buy oil paints which are really expensive. Okay. Like? Why did I include that article I? Don't know either guys. It's just the fiftieth episode I wanted to give you guys some that long something juicy. Selena really get your teeth into. Get You thinking. Last week we talked about the TIKTOK drama between Charlie Demilio and little hoodie. And how Tiktok me much longer in the US but this week I bring you some teenage on genuity from TIKTOK. Now I'm not going to use my miniscule platform to condone underage drinking, but you cannot deny that these teams really took the reins of what's going on right now and used it to their benefit. So the headline is teens disguising his mask wearing grandma's to buy beer by saint. Geeta Singh Kurtz so the headline sort of says it all, but I'm going to read you a little bit of what the article says and Tiktok Trend First. Reported by the New York Post. It seems that some teenagers have been running an elaborate booze buying scheme that involves using face makeup and costumes to impersonate senior citizens. One video shows a young woman in sunglasses, a face mask and a head scarf with dark hair, and browse lightly powdered and grey, walking into a wine shop and out again with a few bottles of wine. She then Twix merrily on the side of the road with her loot. Now maybe this is a controversial opinion, but if these kids are GonNa, take all the time, it takes to put on prosthetics. Maybe they deserve a little wine. No getting wasted not driving drug, but like in the safety of their own home, having a little glass of wine they may they deserve that off after all that effort. Our it up next. We have another disappointing story from the food. World I feel like we've been getting so many of these lately. And it is is La Strenuous Brunch spot, serving horrible moldy jam by Amanda Arnold. Okay full disclosure as usual I. Always tell you guys what's up. I have never eaten at Squirrel. When I was in La last time, I did go there and I did buy a jar of this very jam. That is the subject of this article. They constantly rotate their flavors and I believe mine was something like a rhubarb blood orange. It was delicious I. Love Jim. Bone Mun is my girl. If you'll recall last year I, bought the Beaumont calendar with twenty four tiny jams and that Shit legit may may December I am to this day still eating those jams and they do not have mold on them. So that's the scroll Jan. it was good, but it costs fourteen fourteen dollars, and it was not fourteen dollars good. I can tell you that. But. Let's get into what the article says. It's difficult to overstate the influence of squirrelled a massively popular counter service cafe on the edge of Silverlake what started as a tiny jam business. Nearly a decade ago has since evolved into one of Los Angeles hippest brunch destinations regularly drawing crowds of locals and visitors alike who are willing to endure interminable lions for. James Beard nominated. Chef Jessica. COSTLO's new California dishes of all the cafes offerings, one of the most iconic and instagram'd is the famed ricotta toast, Hefty Slab, a burnt Brioche that nearly buckles under an obscene amount of fresh ricotta in jam. Now I am not above paying an ungodly amount for a good piece of toast with GMC. The mill in San Francisco like hit me up with that cinnamon toast. I would do it again all over, but this leads us into kind of the issue. that this story is highlighting that silverlake has undergone a lot of gentrification in the past couple of years. and. It has kind of that Brooklyn to it I. Think because of that and Squirrel was one of the first. Entities that I. Know of that really started this. And it says the New York Times has credited costlo with building an empire out of artisanal small batch jam, but as it turns out, that empire wasn't entirely made out of preserve boys, berry, and high biscuits and Rose Geranium it was also apparently built on mold. At least so say a number of former squirrel employees who recently claimed that squirrels jam regularly grew thick layers of mold, which employees were instructed to scrape off the preserves before serving them to unknowing customers. So obviously, that is disgusting and back to. Thing I mean it does cause problems to the community there. Because then it can price them out of the neighborhoods. There's just things I want you to keep in mind in the context of the story. So the moldy jammed dramas are two fold over the weekend when the man named Joe Rosenthal, who describes himself as a scientist and food antagonists began sharing accusations from apparent current and former squirrel employees, according to Rosenthal story scrolls bulk jams. What is served at the brick and mortar cafe? Developed visible mold. We're talking about some buckets having like a quarter and Jim mold covering the entire tops of gallon buckets. Furthermore the post alleged that COSCO slow. However, you say the owner's name instructed employees to simply remove the mold before serving the jammed customers, and the employees were told that the health inspectors gave us permission. Off of it went two inches down. Okay. Maybe my knowledge of mold is wrong, but I'm pretty sure that if mold is even touching or around what you're eating, it's infected the rest of it. Don't get me wrong when I have a moldy strawberry. Don't I just did this for the cocktails talking about God damn straight I just cut off that mold and throw it in the disposal and I eat the rest of the strawberry. But probably not the best thing to do. So any the plot thickens according to eater the mold allegations came in the midst of growing backlash, regarding squirrels lack of diversity enrolling gentrifying neighborhood. Now, some non white former employees are claiming that Coleslaw I'm just GONNA call Coleslaw? took credit for their work. Former Chef de Cuisine Javier Ramos posted to his instagram account that he didn't get wrapping mission or payment for the recipes that he contributed to cookbook and former employees via Dolorosa also spoke out about being denied credit for her work. So that's the other thing that I also read somewhere I'm not sure if this is the people talk about in this article that. A black woman says she was the one who came up with their jam recipe and has never gotten credit or reimbursement for it. But to make my soul feel a little better. Apparently scrolls retail gems of jars jabbed ours, which is what I got our hot packed in the oven, so they're shelf stable up to two years so I guess I didn't have to worry about the moldy jam in my case, so jay for me. And people were. Asking like should they now canceled their preorder of the Squirrel Jam. Coleslaw is forthcoming, Jam Cook and Yeah, I don't I don't. But I don't think we touch on why they think they. They haven't confirmed why. This mold was happening summer saying it was from fans blowing though mold spores around who knows? I don't know if we'll ever know. They'll probably keep selling moldy jam because people get away with shit these days I swear to God. Let's get into legit shit because I am too steep in those John Lennon's now and we just gotTa. Go this show on the road, so I up is Mason grail lay robes now these robes are pricey. I fortunately got mine on sale on the fourth of July, and they just randomly sent me a cute little. I'm asked to go with it. which was so sweet like? So, thank you Mason Gray La. If you ever hear this, but this robe is just so soft, and it is my ideal robe-like. If I was going to design a robe, it would be this because in the past. I've had a lot of little silky ones which are nice because I like to be too hot and a rope, but the silky wants a Lotta. Times are hard to keep tied closed, and I'm flashing everyone and. They're a little, too short's flashed 'em flushing people in a lot directions you know the masonry ones do have some slits, but they have short and long, and I have one of the longer versions, and just covered it and I feel comfy and luxurious, and it's. There's nothing better to have a face. Mask it in when you're doing this and. There are fairly small brand out of La. Their stuff is sold on places like shop I think I'm revolve, but. Still Small Missus, and my other one is another thing I got from a black owned beauty company from hyper skin. Is there vitamin C serum? Now? I can't say that this has like re surface. My scanner done anything crazy but I. do a lot of times. How some sensitivity to vitamin C., which is apparently pretty weird, because it's an ingredient that a lot of people can tolerate pretty well on their skin, and it's great for your skin. It's brightening But I've been using this for about a week now and so far. I really like it. I haven't had any breakout irradiation from it. It seems so natural. HAS FRUIT ENZYMES IN AN? So love that. Check it out and I'll see you guys next week for fifty first up. We're like officially over the hill. Thank you for listening they.

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