And and we are back with Jamie Black. That's what I wish my name was. Did you really see what happens. I'm Rob Schneider of course and the podcast and see what happens. I'm here with my Buddy Jamie. We're about to go do a GIG. He was just saying what do you what do you wish to change your name. Yeah because I listen to Jamie. Fox's autobiography biography. Yeah his name is not. I wish I would have changed my name to to be on his. Name's actually Jamie Leopard. As he changed it to not notice but he changed Jamie Foxx sound like a woman and when he would sign up on the comedy club sheets. There weren't many women going up so they would get oh priority. Oh and that helped him with so I had always thought about changing my name. Yeah and also did Yo-. Yeah you do both and your future. It's a Shitty last. It's hard to everyone. I Know Schneider. Ryder isn't exactly like show-bizzy. But you know like Lenny Bruce's real names Leonard. Alfred Schneider the legendary Comedian Lenny. Bruce but there was. I was just this comedian. There's a magician. I went to school with who graduated few years before me. You know like when he graduated like four years before he's like three years before I was like a long time. Yeah Oh yeah a murder. He's a magician changes name to mark harden and I thought like Isn't this James This is name like Jim Videos or something you know and and I think he made the and I thought that was so phony but now I realize that's a good idea. Tom Cruise is going to get more attention for like You know who's that guy named Tom. Cruise as opposed to like Tom. Schwartz do you think there's another name Bernie Schwartz. It was a guy. Tony Curtis I mean if he would get Bernie Schwartz. Who knows what happened he would have never been Tony? Curtis now why did Mark Hardin. And if he was he had the pool to choose from any words any names what made him pictures of regulating. It was hard I mean Dini. He went for it. Yeah I think so hers Angel. Yeah I mean that's that's not real name right I don't think so. What is Chris? Angel's real name to great great question. Yeah Google it maybe Montes best joke a lot of people. Just call him con artist. Yeah 'cause making good good Monday though I liked it hovers whatever that trick is oh yeah it's on the Internet you can look it up. I'm looking up Chris. Angel's real name. Okay Eh buzzing her thing what is it. Christopher Nicholas Seren tacos really seren earn tacos. Yeah that's a horrible name. It says here. He began using the stage name Chris Angel when he heard about his real name. Okay celona sense. How much are you willing to change your life for show business? That's what really comes out to like you know I don't know I mean I really do you think like if I were to change by name but that would have been better. Would you have gone with it. Did it ever occur to you to do that. Bernie Schwartz you'll Bernie shorts this okay. I don't know what I'd do. Rodney Dangerfield he's he that guy. Jack Roy I mean tell you made huge difference changes name. He was already like you know. Comedian back then and then like I don't know I forget the story but it's a good one and it's really good. That especially telling stories on podcasts. That I don't know the story. It is something that he changed it before it was like a carson or something right because he wanted it to be well somebody said mission. Change Your name and Blah Blah Blah and that was back in the fifties or so I think it was like in he open. We're putting on Carson with something like. Hey you're going to get a fake name get a fake name. If you'RE GONNA make up a name make up a name and it was great because Rodney You can really He's one of those guys that like. I mean I was one of the honors of my life to be the Paul Bear. One of the pallbearers. At his yeah. He's took a shine kind to me when I was a young comedian. He's one of my Fa- I never knew this. He said he came up to me in the eighties at Hurricane. Really funny very original. Hey you WANNA hang out. I got some girls I got some wall. Let's hang out. I don't know one hundred percents Irvy's at blow but I'm pretty sure he did and Anyway Guy's a legend. Where did you first meet him? I met him a comedy club and it was he jacker Rodney. No no no. He was riding in the fifties. I'm not that old. You fugger anyway. No but yeah and it was just like the legends hanging out with like well seeing Rodney. He's performing La back back in the eighties. sweatpants he literally just go up. In sweats. You know look like you know like you literally just got out of bed and then I did. I did some animated thing and and I did it because he was doing it. And then I did it He did it because I was doing it. That's what he told me what side anyway. But he was like an hour late and then the limo arrives because they sent a limo those house he gets out little wearing a robe every time. You saw Rodney you saw is Dick I matter we once saw robotic really. I've met him one time as backstage vegas every time anyone ever saw that you saw dick and anyway so he comes out of the US. I go does Rodney out there. And he's like he's he's an hour late Minnesota. I didn't care I was just happy to see him right anyway so I go out. Ah He's not getting out of the LIMO. He's just in there. It's like it pulled up and then it's like okay here okay. He's here he's he's yeah he's out he's out there and so I go out there and I go. I opened up the door he goes. Hey Rob how you doing. Hey Pal it's always a hurry pile and good man. He said And he didn't make any effort to get out of the LIMO. I said Hey man. I'm glad you're doing this. Hey as are you going to get out. You're GONNA come in. And he said yeah why not. So he comes comes in and it wasn't like it was some I forget what animated it wasn't like a top flight one you know and And we weren't doing pixar everything you know some forgettable thing and so he comes into the booth and start doing this you no and we're opposite we're doing it you know at least in the same room doing this thing and if some he's playing a rat or something you know you know like an playing a rat you know as one waist fucking stupid things and the director starts taking this way too seriously the director this woman comes in and says Rodney we like you to sing it oh by what we know saying the part saying it and he just looks at me so it's down to this a singing rat fifty years of show business now this is the low and I just think Oh my God Rodney Anyway so he said I'm not doing that I came in here you know twenty five thousand bucks get in get out that's what I'm here you want me to get out knows it good for him no yeah anyway he was funny you know I went and saw him out in Vegas and the Ed Hey I got a lot of jokes great there I got a lot of jokes I remember two hundred jokes how many guys that come on now hey I I miss him. I love that movie. I don't know why the guys he calls me once in a while your buddy. Oh Yeah Harry Basil. That's right but then I email I text them. Go like what's going on with with that movie. And then India never hear from them but I I really WanNa make that move because I think Rodney's his stories ridiculously great story and if anybody anybody hasn't heard of you know if you don't know Rodney Dangerfield where the hell Ya been but just go on that Biography and see the life that he led that biography from beginning to end novels unbelievable. It's you hope your life you know can come out like his was and he had a really tough time he literally like stopped. Here's like Joe Deangelis at the guy I can't but like literally like his wife died of cancer and he stopped show business. Okay here's the deal. He told his when you're GONNA move on the House. You're going to be like the mom and I'm going to be the DAD. And then he went to work as a Aluminum siding he did alone him citing until the kids got into college then went back into this show was but truthfully when he got on. TV back in the In a late sixties on the the big the big. Show the Ed Ed Sullivan show. which was the biggest show Sunday night? That was the show. America stopped and watched that you would have like you know. Eighty million people. If there was like the Beatles would watch or you'd have like a you know an off night thirty five forty million people want to show fifty million and so that was it once you get on that show you are in you know and so he did get get on that show but you can just see you. When he was he was still like in his late thirties or early forties? He just looked it just looked like a longshoreman. Like a guy who was On enforcer red tie well this before he found out Marino became rodney okay and then And then but by the time like you know a caddyshack came around That was like you know. He's softened up. Became this old guy old stiff guy he basically as you know. The shoulders was on the shoulders of the knees. And the head and the eyes popping out you know but Anyway I got on how got on. That was my I love. I'm a huge huge. Ronnie Fan. Met Him one time. Backstage with Harry. Basil Yeah and he's in. The ROBIE is watching out for some movie. He was working on on robe. Dick Yeah and I remember at that point. I realized the difference between the Headliners Green Room and the openers green room because he had like this beautiful full giant rumors spread with food food. Sometimes puny shrimp into Harry's dressing room and it was just the the tales from Guilani. Trump was different. I may have told the story on this podcast ready but like we flew out to go see Rodney was Adam Sandler and it was Gwen Tarantino and Jutta Patel and me and I forget but Tarintino came game in his pajamas and he didn't bring any close with them. We're going to be staying overnight right. He doesn't he's leaves in his pajamas and he just just like in the whole time. He's GonNa come back and it's pajamas. And so not exactly like a very small plane. Not Not the guy you want the coming back the same clothes and that's all I'm gonNA say anyway so we go see. Rodney Rodney smokes pot. You know he's been and I. I had dinner with one time. And he's like he's depressed and I went. This is an odd question and I said did the I don't know I mean like why are you depressed my whole life. I've been down. Yeah my whole life. I've been down. I've been smoking audits. Why is smoking pot for the back smoking pot for thirty years? The only reason I'm still alive. Wow Yeah and so so anyway As I remember I WANNA like. Sometimes I get a little bit start mumbling like I do sometimes and he looked at me and said whatever and so anyway so we're we're we took the flight out we go see him and Rodney go see him. Perform onstage. We'll get great seats since packing. You know and it's like a Saturday night or whatever and he murders in the middle of a SEC. I've got a couple of friends out though some terrific young comedians. Adam Adam Sandler Rob Schneider. Hey great the heavy air boys and hey I got a lot of jokes. So what And then after the show we go up to his You know he's got a suite at the top of the hotel like the headliners right. And he's up and of course you know his Dick's hanging out throw he's got the rope and the Dick always and then He stole that from him so anyway. So we go up to the top of the room and then Rodney. He's very wanted to make sure that he was still current. You you know that he was still that his stuff and so the way he would ask questions. So how does he act what you guys think. What did you think it was square? That was Was it the nineteen forties vernacular. You know forty food was at square. Was it not hip and then you know Tarantino and also. He was smoking smoking at that time. Smoking pretty strong marijuana and Tarantino was already baked at that point looks over to Rodney and he says he's already think boys was he did. Did you think it was square and Tarantino didn't understand the question or didn't understand the context of the question and he looks at riding. Hey man he could not have been any square. Wear on your the square EST man. I'm telling you it could not you the epitome of square. If you look square you'll be like that was it man. The Square is unbelievable and Rodney was shaken like even at the wrong way with. He did Rodney. We're like what a Fox this guy as Roma's and I had to jump in and go. No no no no no no. He didn't mean that square. You mean like you didn't mean that in the square like not a hip way right and thank thank. The squiggly sobered up realizing that the guys failings the Great Rodney. And it's no no no man you on square this. You couldn't have been less square nat Nat Square at all me and I mean like Whoa I. And that's that's what they brought him. What the Hell is going on with this guy anyway and then jut appetite appetite wanted to go and gamble? Because we're in Vegas you know this is like twenty years ago. He was a young guy. The young ish guy at the time youngest of all of us in though we WanNa go gamble in Vegas stories that come on Rodney come on. Let's go gamble gamble. And he said Hey I'm GONNA lose and he's come running. How do you know you're GONNA lose said look at me? Do I look like like a guy who's GonNa win. I'm a loser. Look at me and says come on. Let's just go down. Let's go down so anyway. He he agreed he puts on some shorts. which is like a it just a gift to hide the decorating? And then he What's on like Like a little half robe or something like what do they call those things. It's like a little Japanese. He's Wro but whatever they call those come on Japanese robe. I duNNo. Okay good you but anyway so then we go downstairs and he wants to play craps so we play craps and I swear to God the dice when he rolled the dice then even hit the other end of the table. They didn't enroll Canadian. Throw them soft they just they just can't you know he's got his energy in the dice and like he he lost he said I'M GONNA lose five hundred bucks on. I'm going to go to bed and that's what I said. Are you going to. How do you know you're going to lose you know? And then so we're GONNA says the crab he rolls and like and then just craps out and then he rolls and then craps out and I will come on. Give him the dice again. He's GonNa crap crap that he lost five hundred bunch like literally like I don't know it was less than ten minutes and he looked at me what I tell you. I'm a loser. I'm going to bed what I tell you. Kimono Komo money yeah. He wore a little white kimono with shorts yet white shorts. And you know this old guys who were there pull their socks up. Yes you know because when you get an older you know you think about when you're younger you don't pull your socks all the way up. You know scheme slid down right and someone go no socks these days. I know I'm never going to be one of those guys. Who are those little hidden hidden socks? Yes do you know. I don't. I can't be friends with anymore if I do not do that. That says to me anymore. You treasure your friendship. Okay no I do not wear those. I don't like I have a problem. That says a lot about a person. If you're hot. If you wearing those all saw it says you are. You're hiding something something you're cheating and lying life about something and that's not that's not good. You can't wear those if you're a guy if you're a girl I get it you know I have a question. Yeah so in the store you had said he was curious because you guys were sort of the young guys comedians and supported us and he wanted to know my hip. Whatever if you ever have that because I definitely do when when there's like a young dude on the show? Yeah and they're super hip just a couple ages type of thing sometimes. I want plot that approval from them. Do you ever feel that at all. I you know I do watch some of the young guys I think support. I'm at Chris. Rock called me a few years back and we're talking and he said he was telling the He's watching a young comedian. It was really really popular now and he said I get it. He didn't say thought he was hilarious. I I get it but you gotTa Watch what the young kids doing get an idea of that and I agree. You know to see what's happening. I mean like when you and I saw a Chapelle like four or five five years ago God. That was seminal for us because you know I think he was at the top of his game and then like just to see him incredible destroy and also just the challenge in audience and do it on a Wednesday night. I do too ours in San Francisco is incredible. I mean I didn't realize you could do that. I remember watching him and thinking. I don't think I do the same job Ah what you realize when guys like like that and then Chris Rock I would put in the same category and Bill Burr and Louis. CK I would say like people go to see him. It's it's almost like In this very secular world that we live in. It's almost like they people are going to see them for some sort of soothsaying. You know they're looking you for wisdom almost like a and I'm not saying almost it is like a religious experience in the sense of they really do want to You know Ah have some connection to something so I don't say that like it's like I think it is. I think people seem to you know like especially back in two thousand fifteen sixteen whenever ever. They go to see him because there was so much. There's so much noise in the media and there's so much stuff out there and the and the you know how do you say when they see guys like Dave Chapelle and Chris Rock's please make sense of the world for us. He started talking about marriage and how to make a relationship work and I was so I couldn't wait to hear what the solution or or what you hope for that nugget of what and then he will give it. Yeah he was talking about was beautiful he was talking at that time. This is like four or five years ago so it was still new at the time talking about comparing the African American experience. So what black people go through to trans people go through and who has it worse and it was just such two wonderful You know look at such an interesting thing that you and I would never spend our time probably doing right right and a great perspective. Take my God so anyway I mean I I don't know he's he's still just incredible but Yeah so but no. I don't know when I see the young young guys I mean truthfully like I would say. Stand up comedies. Different than I would say staying or or we should say is different than a lot of other art forms or different than athletics. Athletics in your twenties. You're at your best will say that like it's in my opinion and you can correct me if I'm wrong or if you if you think differently because I'm not wrong wrong a lot is that if you it's like it's similar to like an opera singer like a male tenor if they don't they don't get to their best until learner mid-forties what I'm saying like PA Barada. It just takes a while that chest barrel out and whatever it takes you know not in your twenties in your thirties forties by that time you're like forty four for bom your at your peak and I do feel like it takes twenty years. You know as a stand up the early hit into that fifteen twenty years it really is no shortcut hundred percent though. I think absolutely I will say I totally agree. I will say when I worked with this dude in Vegas. He he was just so clever and original and funny and it. It made me question my set like really take a look at my side and I found myself getting almost jealous and so I did. Was We totally get along and actually actually asked him. I go do this where I was watching you and I find myself getting a little jealous. 'cause you're like this young and I go. I would like to pay you to watch my set and tell me what you think. My my best late night set would be so kind of turn it around right where it was like A. Yeah and then he was like dude. Don't pay me I WANNA ask you about this shit with acting with whatever it's just having this great that's nice fourth. That's coming from a place of being secure guy. Don't you think you were not that secure like fifteen years ago. Definitely no I. Wasn't that secure. Yeah Yeah three years. I feel like it's really changed. I mean I do feel like like the other night I was performing into place. We did two shows on a Monday. 'cause I'm working on new comedy special and and thank you for every little tag you've given me on this special know how your names on there. It's going to be in the you know for sure. But like the There's the opening comedian and and I said who is in in Denver Nice Guy. I'm sorry I forget his name and he did really well but like I just don't think like and Addison should I not say something because he did like five minutes on his Dick and I said like you know may be and I said I do Dick Jokes and I do jokes that are but I said maybe we have you ever sold out show you know with the headliner. Maybe you try some new material or do some stuff. That's a little more challenging where you can grow and use this packed audience and is it. Should I say that and waste my time or does he. Is He gonNA appreciate it or is this guy always going to be insulted or hurt his feelings. I remember this guy. You showed me a set list. It was just a picture of his Dick so anyway I said So did you say I said No. I'm not GonNa say and then at the end of the night I did. I was leaving so you know what you know. And then he said there's maybe not. Do you know the last five minutes on your Dick. You put a packed crowd tissues the crowd. I used to like it because you never know what's going to happen to you. View opened up for somebody. So you know I opened up for like you know Jerry Seinfeld Dana Carvey and then like you know Dennis Miller in the a day and then you know then because I opened over Dennis Miller and I did really good it was clean and good material. He recommended for Letterman show. Wow so like and then I got a Saturday and I live so holy Shit. Dennis Miller gift to comedy besides still being a great comedian. Unfortunately like you know anyone who slightly conservative you don't go along with the Liberal Intelligentsia L.. Jhansi the murder. You even Bill Marr. It was extremely too liberal for me in the sense of just not really Being Open minded to like the other side of the coin You know you just get excoriated right And but Dennis this is still brilliant and is really always been really funny and just I mean his stuff was well I mean just I mean he would. He would really leap manufacturer his bits and his and the way that he would his wording and and to create his own voice which is a very unique voice in stand up and you know harder hardest have a unique voice in stand up and he had it and still has it. I saw I worked with You know last year and he was ridiculously great very current and awesome and So you know. I was very lucky and so so anyways I said that the guy you never know. That's very true. You never know what what want you never know but I would I would try out material and And I also do my you know if you have an audience. That's when you get to really tell if it works because you know most the time when you start now you're working in some shady played people you don't know what's really working. Oh absolutely he kinda helps you wait till it's packed Friday and Saturday okay. Well this really does work You know for sure so anyway anyway did say something and then you know what he said to me. While I was doing that material I was thinking I shouldn't be doing this. Material is a great answer. Yeah so at least he was honest about also also like you know. I think it's important because the great comedians and I mean this. The Great Comedians were always great to the other comedians. Who They thought? We're going to have the chance to go. Oh somewhere like literally like Dana carvey maybe the most generous nicest comedian that you can ever work with. And and definitely the most talented guys next Robin Williams the most a successful comedian Debra Commodity San Francisco. Those two guys were so good they found other guys like me. They wouldn't let me. There's gotTa be another guy like Dana Carvey and that's how I got discovered But this guy you know the seminal advice he would offer to as other comedians like I remember I moved to. LA DROVE DOWN TO LA together. And we're staying is apartment. He was he's doing some tells Dana Dana Carvey and we're as a why isn't this guy the biggest star as the most most talented comedian. San Francisco's hilarious. You know before he was famous he was selling out every Sean San Francisco. This guy was incredible characters and everything and they just you know Hollywood. Hollywood doesn't necessarily know how to use people Saturday. Night live was perfect for him but I remember like thinking to myself before that he got on some. TV show. NBC was playing a helicopter pilot. And they said we're we're GONNA be funny but they only let it be the last two minutes of the show. He's in a helicopter avenue. Bits you know this other guy I forget it was called and it's called Blue Thunder something Mike that and I just remember it was like such an amazing thing I said is that if this guy struggling the most talented guy to come out of San Francisco go but what the hell am I worried about right then. I should be struggling absolutely right. And it's good to know that you know to like there's this it's tough it's tough and and It of course he's went on to become one of the greatest the performance ever in the history Saturday night live but like senator way going back to that like you know those clubs in those opportunities you have. You never know you know what I do for you. I don't know if this is the writer. The wrong is the right thing. I guess now that I'm thinking back. I opened for you you at Nazareth College at a better. I'd never met you. We met for a few seconds. I went up on stage and before I went up I was like what jokes would rob schneider like. uh-huh that's legitimately what I did. I water my Mo- anybody can kill. Anybody can get lost but I remember going just in case he watches. Like what are the weirdest weirdness. Most clever jokes I have. You heard that did so much better than me that night. Man You murder. No you did great and But I just remember memorized like this is a guy who writes juncture forms jokes and you reminded me of like one of my favorite comedians. That I that I started with. WHO originally from Seattle my buddy drake say there? was you know God rest. The souls passed away now but Got Actually Yeah February fifth. Yeah it was I think-i you need March third. Two thousand three passed away but anyway he just he was a joke Smith he would just form jokes and just like making a compact have a good beginning middle end very logical progression. Do you remember a favourite Drake's Oh God is so many of them. It's like my My wife thinks surname nosy. At least that's what. She keeps scribbling in her diary. Isn't it pretty good job of it and Isa Lisa and stuff like that. I like jokes that only he could do. It's like that only like like is in other words it's like his voice like clubs my girl. I said my girlfriend's I. What do you WANNA do? I WanNa do you WanNa do really you WANNA go. Fuck that girl in the skirt over there and We're gonNA take quick break. We're GonNa talk about work done. Thank you for joining us on this I don't even know what this is about comedy. COMSUMER names that sounds good comedy suitors. And we'll be right back if you're listening to the PODCAST. Once you know this is also available on Youtube oop See what happens podcast. So you can check that out too or just listened. While you're driving your Fedex truck all right. Here's some dates to see Rob Schneider. I'm doing a bunch of gigs. Getting Ready for my comedy. My comedy special. That I'm shooting reading that's GonNa be a February twenty ninth in Salt Lake City Salt Lake City the Gene Wagner Theater. All right right so the first first couple of shows are sold out but I think we can. We might be adding your show there because we're going to be shooting and I'd love to have you come out. I love shooed dude. I love being in Salt Lake City such great crowds and like you know happy. Come out and then I'm going to be in the funny anybones Toledo. I haven't been there in ten years and that's the thirteenth of February And then The Funny Bone Liberty Township Ohio Ohio which is a great little room basically basically Cincinnati there and that's The fourteenth of February and the fifteenth of February. Okay Nick and then Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle Royal Oak. I've only been there one time about five. Six years of your Royal Oak. That's GONNA be February sixteen and That's GonNa be one night right. No wait a minute one night. Yeah one nine Grin Improv. Rally rally. I'll be in February twenty first twenty. Second Hi Madeleine and And that'll and that and then that's it. Also the twenty thirty every Sunday show the degree. And then I'll be with you in Washington. DC DC Improv. Twenty four and twenty twenty a Tuesday awesome greats okay. You're listening to see what happens. podcast you can do it and we're back we're back CASO Rodney. gave me this after he passed away. My gave out all the pallbearers is so this gift is really nice. Rodney signature on this glass enclosed shoehorn. And he said this is what I use for my Dick do you have is still yeah. It's gotta be someone somewhere. Yeah Yeah I get this thing. I found this this those up here. What do you got by the way ROB's office? I don't know if you can see much of it on video but it's an museum basically of cool Shit O'Brien's for what Conan Conan O'Brien script oh the SNL. Yeah wow he's a writer there. The first year him and Greg Daniels who are writers they were partners. Holy Shit Al Franken. Great Story about there is this thing. One of the biggest disasters ever in television was a show called the north the North report or the north something and And it was it was going to be like a late night. Show whatever. And he was one of the writers and producers of it Blah Blah Blah and. It didn't go very well. But I remember like the one St butchering the story. I'm sure he'll tell a lot better but he's like you know the show I was going. The ratings are horrible. The North report the northern report. Whatever and the ratings are really bad shows about to get cancelled and then CONAN comes in and the producers? Billy you believe hey guys come on and man how I anyway have. Hey man have whatever you want right over there. And he goes whatever he wanted. He looks over his the bits of bagels and crumbs. Anyone like Oh man. That's all I have whatever you want. What the Hell's this half a Bagel have whatever you want to finish whatever you want over there but anyway this is fascinating so this is a meeting to get it back to them for thirty years so cool but anyway I don't I gotta throw some stuff film wife's going to organize that means a dumpster? I'm getting organized on. Earth does stuff going to dumpster every out there literally. Every six months I come to rob us. Impact is throwing things away giant dumpster every six months or so. The only thing is protected. ACAS this room. This is like my one place. I can come in and be protected. This chair sucks though gotta get more comfortable. I want to get the most comfortable chair ever made and just put it right back here. Do you know you can never leave this room you can spend my friend at. CBS see next me. He had this chair in one. Daegu I send your chair. I WANNA nature so I sat in this. This is it. This is the chair. This is the bus error. Twelve hundred dollars really. That's all offer a chair. I would spend always been like this is a piece of shit. He just looks at Saint Colors. The desk it sent me the link is I was pretending Afford twelve hundred dollar chair but I have you can. I guess I'll get free birthday. I'd love that. Hey what's Look at this nice picture of us by by the way. Come on me and you. What is this? Oh picture from Overseas we were either in Career sure Guatemala. I think we're up North Pole in Greenland Greenland that the US Army Air Force Base House. Fun Remember they told us we might not be able to land but we could land her going to trial. Yeah number that. There's a window where you can get in to tell the story where you are overtook overtook podcast. Where you and I are at the airport in working for the military and everything's organized? Everything's on schedule. Everyone has your paperwork and we're supposed to get on this flight. That goes like eight hours. There's to Miami and then it was going to like Honduras or something like our hours it two hours but it turned out where we were. If we had like our own plane it would only take an hour to get to the next day. We're taking a commercial flight back to Miami is going to take all day and so rob spots these. You know the air force guys. Yeah and he goes you guys anybody on a plane. You could give us a lift over to and I go. This is the military. You can't just say he wanNA ride and the guys date. We almost made it happen. I make it up. Do you remember the scariest thing was our flight was boarding. Yeah and we still did not have an answer yet yet as to whether or not we'd be getting the short flight over to play was boarding but we're not GonNa know go rob the flights boarding so I guess we should and and you're like just wait and I'm like yeah just wait. You like. Let the plane leave. We didn't have an answer and they didn't take they didn't take we'd made it and that's when you know you're famous Vamos diminished. That's how you measure you know if you can get into the diamond lounge the airport and you're not a member you must have a new movie out or not get into the Diamond Lounge. I haven't done anything in a while. You know yeah but The military is very strict about things and we almost got out. It was so close but but I mean all those guys couldn't be better as great nicer. We're going to do another one coming out. I'll let you know about that. It's good it's always good to every couple of years over whenever to go loudon and then because it's the greatest audience man. I'm Marie telling me a technique for a handshake and I go. I'm not gonNA need this in your hand from from shaking like three hundred hands it literally gets swollen hands. Broken you would. It does Abraham Lincoln and the and the historical society in Chicago. There's the Because he's from there in Illinois Right There is a a cast basically of his hand and where he had to hold onto that after his inauguration 'cause he shook ten thousand hands and he broke his hand so anyway so that when I was overseas to do he said you're gonNA shake fifteen hundred hands today. This is the sergeant major like the number one guy in the army. Sergeant Major said. Listen you're going to beginning to protect yourself because these guys are really really strong. He's GonNa crush hang are happy to see him that I can do in a purpose so you just gotTa get in there. And so his his technique was to get in and put the Buke fingers on the wrist. So they can't kill you. Yes your pointer finger in your middle finger and you shake goes onto the wrist game. Change get in there and then they can't kill you because it was one of the good ones. I've never forgotten the sometimes when you do forget to do that. Then you crushed right. Oh Yeah Oh hell yeah. It was ridiculous and I'm like midget anyway. They can kill my hands but it Yeah those are good trips. They're very memorable amazing. Unbelievable whether you take with you for low strips I love you again i. It's just you just feel like Mike. It's just extreme gratefulness. The entire time and just feeling so lucky to do what we do to the point where people thank us for going over there. It's almost embarrassing. That were being thanked. I know what they're sacrificing being away from family and Fran risking their lives. You know I mean like It's whatever you can do for these guys you know I remember like sticking around and like other take some pictures of the VIP's the VIP's the VIP's which is everybody. This was so great I remember one there. VIP's but we we're like who else isn't there risking in their lives or away from their fame right these guys in the Army Air Force they're all VIP's no non view but the one night there were easily eleven hundred people in the car uh-huh and the promoter was like we're GonNa have you will have just enough time day pictures with the seventy five people that like one the VIP thing whatever and from stage Roger Goes. We're taking pictures with everybody. Eleven hundred year there for hours. It was great but it is really funny. Nobody it's the right thing to do if you're already there. Yeah tell us we're GONNA and it was great. It was fun. I have a question for you. This is really unrelated. Good but I just got a haircut. Yeah too short today today. Okay too short. I I was one of those to share because I was GONNA say your wife she goes. Oh Jamie got a haircut and then that was at the end of it usually somebody goes got hair and they follow it with it. Looks Good it looks good you like she just goes. Hey you got a haircut. Yeah she'll be she was just saying that wasn't a good move. That's what I felt. You know what I'm saying because hair is really important for for people before you. It's crazy import. It is because if you do much go from like a a seven to two to Irish just expose too much of your head to I. It's a bad thing I should hang my hat on. You should put your hat on or go with the at least the headphones hiding some of that bad here. I don't know if it's GonNa make sense if I wear these out of this. You know you have to spend more than ten dollars to get Erica. I don't know if I was trying to get my money's worth I go. How much can you give me for? Forty five how much getting used to it but like now you think let you know he got good hair he should use their the problem. I have is when I start. I'm obsessed with working Arizona Zest and when I hate having the long but I mean given the new new information about what my head and face looks like the five point reduction out of ten. I'll take the hour ahead of the gym. I'm the same way but I like if I don't have my hair figured out. I'm unlike I swear to God. Patricia thinks about divorcing. Every time she looks like I don't know if I could live with that head and as I have to really be careful in the morning I get qu off. You know what the what's left to cough. I wouldn't even worse. I came in really expecting a compliment from some. I came in hot. Really really cocky. No you shouldn't lingo too short. You look good short but not too short too long either okay. You're not a guy who could do pull off a mullet. You know what I mean. It'll grow getting older. And let's be honest your forties you. You gotta like have certain amount you know you can't if you're in the military it's a good cut if you're not okay. Not all right and I'm not in the military so that's officially an insult so dude. How about the phone hearing everything you say and then like the foot? It's crazy how about that. And that's what we're talking about Rob's wife just got a pellet on bicycle yeah for me I think because you put it right next to my side of the bed. I used to twenty minutes early. I did twenty. Let's get for me. It was my best workout. It's hard right right. Yeah it is but it's really good. No I mean I'm sold. I mean the Peleton. I'd we're not sponsored by anybody but I will say that that's it's a good thing. There really is good because you know what's good about it. The machine works and the but the guys the people that are helping. You seem to be very very you know you do the program and they have the leader of the class guys looking right at you going. Come on man you got to love. The it's very positive reminds me of like the antithesis of my childhood talk radio. When do you turn off Robert Hall? You know but I. I think you're supposed to get good grades as where I grew up. This is so nice. It's very it's very very you know the parent you always wanted and yeah so it's good but I say to you. I love that bike. I think I would really love Peleton. Treadmill Yeah Yeah I go because I'm like a walker sprint. I walk into the kitchen. I pull up instagram and the first thing on my instagram feed is an ad not just repentant and for the treadmill wow it to their listening no no they are and right below that kind. Why are we okay with that? Right below that condoms. Because they're listening before talking doc. Monday right over. Yeah which is disgusting. Jamie you gonNA stop doing. Hey No that's that's true. Why are we okay with that? Why don't why don't they go? Burn Google down and Apple Headquarters went on people. Why don't people wiesner legislation? Because I don't think people care I think they're so distracted there so unhappy with their luxury items and I like the government and I think like big tack and all that stuff they depend on our addiction to this stuff and I I think it is an addiction. Absolutely I mean. It's a but like modern convenience. I remember like Henry. Miller has that book you know the talks talks about the whereas it here the misery of of air conditioning. And how it's ruined the world. What was it called the I forget? It's is is a Greek title. Oh it's called Fuck air conditioning. Colossal of I can forget it's I'll look it up but I'll have David look it up and put it on the the thing but it just talks about how my air conditioning is like ruined the ruined the world. You should get used to be hot. It's hot deal with it as part of the world. We never air-conditioned growing up. You didn't right now sometimes. It was hot. You can sleep So hot both your hot every night. You had to do something about it from the window. You put a fan on. Yeah like I. I think I've told August before. Like my buddy Martin. Landau was up there pitcher somewhere. Yeah they said what did you do before air-conditioning and he's my mom would just in Brooklyn late open up the windows at night and she takes the sheets and then she would wet them she would soak in the bath tub and cold water wring out and put him on the bed as the water's coming out called. Could you download brilliant people. People find a way but I think I did on behalf of instagram. I Google like are they listening to us and using it for ads are they in the CEO says absolutely one hundred percent not your microphone is only enabled for videos. Whatever and he says that's a lie and he says it's either lock orcas that was on the top of your mind or whatever but it was the the treadmill I wasn't even the so that's got to be such a small part of their business? Yes how we doing we should probably you get the hell out of here and drive to We've got a GIG tonight San Diego which it promoted because they're gonNA come on after the GIG already finished. Okay if you guys want to go back in in time you could see Jamie. Listen I and it sold out so go away go back before the go back in time before. This was still tickets because it's small club. I don't think we're awesome. Gigantic theater in San Diego. We're just brushing up and having fun for a couple of hours at low head comedy store tonight but we are going to be Together yes in In Washington DC. which is one of the premier comedy clubs? I think it's one of the last original comedy clubs where they haven't made it into like a comedy mall you know it's too big. Big Comedy clubs should be this underground basement hellhole. Where are you going to hide in the dark? And laugh horrible ideas. And you know and and where you don't get judged by and that's one of the last ones left is that that Improv in Washington. DC loving when are we going to be their twenty fifth and Twenty Six of February twenty two twenty six and there's still some tickets available apple for the comedy special shooting. You come out for that all coming out twenty ninth. Yeah so you're going to do a warm up. It's a little different than your standard all right there. The director wants you to different stuff. Okay so but it's the twenty nine th there's two shows and there's a few tickets left we just opened up a few. We just added a row. Took a camera out. But there's going to be. It's a beautiful show sweet. It's going to be very special in a my comedy special. Can't wait. Fly Me to the Moon with Rob Schneider. And that's GONNA be February twenty-ninth Salt Lake City and end waiting for anybody that Wishes they could have made it to the San Diego. You're actually back there for a weekend later on this year. Why don't you come with me so I'd love to go the McAfee? We'll just Jackie Robinson. Thank you Jamie for doing this. And the yeah. It's always fun to reminisces stuff when the good news. I mean you were more stories ahead. We're going to be working on making an announcement announcement about our new TV show. We'll be doing that soon. And thank you for listening to see what happens. We'll have dates go to ROB SCHNEIDER DOT COM. And how do people find you you've I in my website is ROB SCHNEIDER DOT COM. And I'm I'm on instagram. But I M Jamie listen. Do people really go on that. Russia is not a ton of people. Do that on updated. It's like it's a good job. A few hundred okay. It'll be good job for tonight. Okay thanks for listening and thanks for watching on Youtube see what happens it will catch again until then see what happens

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