2949: Take the Pill w/ Carrie Gravenson


Hey. Welcome to Keith and the girl on Keith Malley. Daddy's guest traveled the country with the pink collar. Comedy tour featured in the new York, Daily News CBS host of fuck Mary, kill the game, show exclusive on the keeping the girl network. The new album cry through it available on I tunes ladies and gentlemen, Cary Grayson. Hello, everybody care. How are you? We just went camping. I'm pretty good. Feel relaxed refresh? Yep. Yep. You guys do chick tick checks or chick checks? I didn't do it tick Chad, and do a tick check either. I figure let them do their thing. Oh, yeah. Who who am I right? We came to their home right there hungry. Why am I gonna starve a tick. How're people not scared the take their tents home, knowing get just made it out alive with no ticks why push it. We're not burn your sixty dollars tent next year. Spending another sixty dollars. Save a penny day. I'm so uncomfortable with what you fear and what you don't. So I'd this you fear you fear ticks in one time use of tent that you're taking home from a campground. It's on government property to state. Park, so they don't. The ticks would have to be over twenty one to even get in because it's government. You know what I mean? It's not worth at least one person every camping trip found the tick in their house. I have. I have found a tic on me like to camping trips ago when we went together, it was actually so super gross. It was on my stomach. And so I guess because you know, there's a. Folks with boobs. He'll know this, there's a line of sight that you can't see us, and so it was not right under, but it was out in the light of all of a sudden, you tilt your head a certain way, and I go, that can only be a tick, and let me tell you why. Half of it was sticking out of my body and the other half was inside and I just I froze. I would not to completion. I couldn't couldn't. It was just and it wasn't moving or anything. It wasn't trying borrow. It was like the day after we came back. So I had already taken a shower and didn't see it pretty fucking growth. We should. I mean, let's just do a check now. Yeah, sure, right. Yeah, I mean, like the places I can't look. You know what I mean? Yeah. 'cause I live alone. I what if it's on my butt and I, I was gonna say, show me your, but there's a line of sight. This is just a way to get you to look at my butt and my boobs. Right. Listen, Keat, scared of Lyme disease. Rain being open, frigging Oma tent isn't what gives you know, that's right. Doesn't it doesn't. And I'm so I'm so torn by your tent philosophy. I thought you were joking. When you said you you just buy new ten every year, like feller. Yeah, yeah. Can I describe this to some of the people who are not privy to your years of insanity? So we go camping every year. And most years, Keith has bought a new ten for the camping trip and just left it there. There's a lot of there's a lot of thoughts that I have that let's start with your thoughts but so on on the on the conservation thought, I'm like, that's just wildly wasteful. And this is why people hate America. That we, everything's disposable. You just need a one time use tent and that you are Rockefeller and have sixty bucks just burn. You know, you just need three nights of twenty bucks a night that's worth it for you. But the organizer in me fucking loves. Because it doesn't take up space in your home. You don't have the hassle of keeping track of it. You don't have to keep those ticks alive by flowing throwing human flesh at them every three weeks. Like it's it's good. I think I've similar things just part of me is like, well, he's so fucking wasteful. What a piece of shit, and then I go, well, he doesn't have Starbucks like he does not go to Starbucks every other day and waste stupid money. And he never looked at me like really five dollars coffee. You find that reasonable. They foam your milk and they have the Cup. It's like it's like, yeah, you can buy coffee, but you're buying a Cup that you use once. Yeah, yeah. Throw away. The lid is plastic and writes, it doesn't decompose. But the other, the other side of me is like, Keith, this campsite is not on your under your name. You are. If you're not taking your tent, you're leaving garbage flare Rangers and whoever the fuck clears it up. So basically you didn't even like move it off the campground into the garbage. You leave that for either one of us to to pick up or. Yeah, that part's not cool. Don't garbage. Then what do they do? They call the straw man argument. Everybody uses that word for everything, so I'm not sure if they're so, but this is so ridiculous. Hold on. She's making it sound like. I left the tent and she went out, you're not supposed to let garbage to people and I went, okay. No, nobody brought that up. And then finally, one camping trip brought it up. And of course I threw it in the garbage that then the other. The other argument is that there's somebody out there in the world right now who needs a tent so badly at the campsite. Right? But they wouldn't know that your tent in the garbage is like a good ten. If I saw a tent in the garbage, I would assume that it was garbage now, but he is so funny your way the course of its in the garbage. That's in the garbage. I'm gonna tell people. Congrats. Could give your tent away to someone who needs a tent. That's what he thinks these people at the campsite every single year Kate. I can't believe you throw away your, but, but but but. Okay, who wants my pet? Yeah. No, we went over this because everyone who's with you already has a tent. My tent needs were met when I also bought a tent that you take that I did, but it has to dry out it and him. Does backyard actually has your tenth interesting? It was a new, yes. Let somebody else still to fucking tickets all hang out with her again to see her again, leaving a toothbrush. You left at ten. I left a, I. I, I not only have my ten and carries ten. I've your tend to actually Zirk seizes tent. I have Andrea tents what a life. You're just the ten deposited they're all doing the same thing, doing yes, honest about it. I'm going to pick up my tenth though. I bought it. I bought it knowing that there was a space in my closet for it. I also bought the little like tiny, tiny air mattress that rolls up about that guy. That guy's in my closet. There was a space for it, but yeah, I'm anti clutter, so I get it, but I'm on nowhere in Yuki. Do you go? I see what anyone is saying. No, you don't acknowledge these arguments are valid in any way. You don't even see my perspective. No nowadays is supposed to say, but I think this is supposed to do. You're supposed to say that like, oh, you give me a lot to think about you have played them for a minute all day. So I can't the leaving stuff behind that stupid because I don't. Once I was told not to what's the other point feeling like, Rockefeller, okay, you've earned it. You're an adult. You've earned David and sixty bucks a year taking your ten out and hope in three days with acorns Yvonne on top. You all the time. It's, it's, it's interesting that you're, you're ten even stuck together. Now you're risking taking it out again and all the dirt shit in your house, not your house because you'll have the ten, not in this house doesn't have not succeed house. He doesn't have the tech, but those of us that do the time collector. So we've we go to him to house. It's just filled to the brim with Jake's with various tents. I don't watch varies. Here's somebody stayed out everywhere. Somebody stayed at our place who stars imagine a men should have been one Lao Lao allows spider webs and shit. It's just camping outside inside him department. A hopes there's a ticket or house seats. The maggots. Little ticky so hungry. The maggots six eat maggots. You eighty king. Dungle over there. Julia's writing. I would assume murder happened if I saw abandoned. It's true. Angie. I'm trying to figure out if we have an own poll PO l. l. about do people throughout the tents. She keeps rate me like I'm supposed to look in the student for ten poll. PO l.. We mentioned this, we'll get back to camping. The other day was international podcast day, and there's a little fun fact how many podcasts are there. And you know when we started thirteen and a half years ago, I think three. Okay. I think they were thousand total. I'm not kidding. And now there's about a thousand a day popping. There's active podcast on itunes only. Over half a million. Wow, active. The emotion. Out the quarterly. You can start a podcast by mistake just on the subway like you can just stumble and be like stub. My toe. And then when I looked down, I had started a podcast right, but that's what the stubbed toes. But that's what they mean by active. Right? Yeah. Eighty percent of people listen to all or most of a podcast episode. Compare that to TV radio, you know, wow. And of course, you know, people are more engaged, blah, blah, blah. I was happy to spend national international podcast day with you. Thanks. Thanks. It's funny because we found out in the camping trip, somebody trending or something, and Keith looks at me and he's like, I don't know. I feel like we looked at each other, like he's being that's what are we supposed to do something that was me for Iceland trending on Twitter, and I was like, oh, do you guys want to take a photo of what you're doing? Oh, yeah. Like I'm not getting up of not podcast. Yeah. Feel like you're assholes about it. 'cause 'cause I saw the like I saw that we had the same amount of look in our face for the same amount of time that said, we should go fuck yourself. I saw that look to picture of Jimmy Carter. He's ninety four years old still alive. The ex president, of course, building a house for the disenfranchised still. Now ninety four years old. I can't help, but wonder, God bless them. But after he finished naming something to someone go, thank you Jimmy and redo it like you just nailed in. This Jimmy, we just needed the picture. Thank you. Brett Cavanaugh. Is he gonna make it? Is he gonna make it to what the supreme court? Yeah, probably think so. I thought the whole, I mean, just bist because like I'm a cynical woman and like, you know, we've been here before. I don't. I eighty let me know who got taken down by these kinds of accusations. Like please give me a list. I mean Weinstein. No, not really. Not really. We're waiting on that. Okay, who got hurt so far yet Murray's accusation, I know that you can say like people got trended and got fired from their position, blah, blah, blah. But this living a better life than everybody victimized. So who I don't know who's show me the woman who's become famous rich and famous coming forward while I saw some of the mythology doesn't go away some of the job interview, which is what we're watching and this brick cabinet cannot hold his shit together. Did you see the SNL. Matt, Damon. It was pretty funny. Shit meant to see that I saw it yesterday and it had some chuckle I watched the thing I watched the whole thing live that day was like nine hours of live TV which I don't recommend you want that whole. Yeah, I watched the whole thing. It wouldn't stop you like more crazy. Yes, my cue is lower. I lost my Cuban from watching it. What's the thing with devil's triangle. He said him and his friends sometime I don't know where they were going over the yearbook and Jerry and they said, hey, don't ever forget the devil's triangle and they go. What's that? Like three guys, drinking beer together, three way. It's called the devil's triangle that one. When you're a guy, you don't want it to be another guy in girl, but you're willing discussed and what are you. Because that's the worst thing you could be. And so he's and then somebody in congress is on what Kapiti you can tell doesn't change the definition to them? No, they were. They were on urban dictionary, even better, even better. Wait somebody at the chain as yeah. He's drinking game where you put three three cups together, and it was like, I was like, that's the three boof boof ING was another one. They were looking what's moving news like it prefers to flatulence. Yes, we wrote in the yearbook. Stay flatulent. Yeah. Keep flat chalet. Ding. This kidding that's practice, Matt, Damon, nailed it. I mean, he came out and he was like, I'm at an eleven. I'm gonna bring it to a fifteen. So angry, and then he kept drinking water and doing this with his mouth subcommittee. Yeah. And like trying to like like he had a problem with his dentures. There's something going on with his mouth. Maybe it's coke or something right at this is Neil roundup. You think you can listen to other people's opinions judge and I understand he's already some kind of judge your clear to me by the end of the hearing that this guy's a raging alcoholic. It was obvious. He was like beer and I love beer and the beer answer, I caught the fucking beer beer, beer beer, you. Drink of choice Senator. It was gross and then he came back on apologize. Like someone, someone caught him in the hallway and was like, dude, you got to fix that. Dr person, and then you know, let's let's just say that you're in a regular normal interview for job, and you start responding that way the whole thing. It's shut down, right? They're like, you're not qualified. You keep saying the word beer at us. Right, right. You're weirdo. I saw this from Ellen barkin the actress. I have seen men cry like Cavagnaud the one who cried on my feet after smashing, my face through glass, coffee table, the one sobbing and screaming until I understood it was my fault for making him angry enough to attack me. The ni- attack become the victim cry if you're able. Yep, that's true. Everyone on Twitter was like, yeah, man, abusers cry. Hurt they do. I hear Pat Robertson. He's having his congregation, say a prayer that all the women at the Cavanaugh hearing get confused. Please send like a spell like he's a witch, please. God send confusion over that court room what? Yeah, that doesn't. Even he wants to the right wing person. Obviously there's gonna be a right wing person full Canadians, who cares? It's not this guy. So he wants, he wants the women to contradict themselves and to look stupid. That's what he's hoping. And he's hoping all things confusing. Let's make this guy judge. That's what he would like God to not not God to please let us find the right choice because you can't be clear about a fucking thing about that. We talk about ticks again. Yes, yeah. Let sucking assholes for enhanced Boone said, I just heard an open micro say this Cavanaugh thing has been a real cock block for me. So that's the one good deed Kavanagh's ever done in his life. That's the thing is like the men who were afraid you've probably should be afraid. What are you? What are you? Afraid of? Interesting. You're frayed of some dude being on trial for something like, what? When are you ever frayed of, hey, this guy, rob your house and he's like in court right now? Right. But maybe it was the only time he robbed a house. Maybe he's driving them crazy and it's like the due to house one fucking time. Right, right. Why enjoy the tweet from care. You can follow at Kyrie grievances. Men talking than women talking men. Women are dumb. We should rape them and the women. We don't like that. The men women are special and fragile. We should be gentle with them better, but still note. And then she has the guy shrugging emoji or do people, we'd like that. Don't know what to. Okay, just don't ripe us. How about that? You're right. The first time. Yeah, it's perfect. I this. There's some guys that are old school and they think they're being very precious about you. Right? Right. And they think that they're being like cordial and understanding and it drives me nuts because it puts me in like, I need to be a more ladylike position or they don't know what to do so. Okay. So I, if I'm in the room with them in there. They're interacting with me. They make it very well known your female in I nail. Excuse me. There's ladies, yes. Isn't this kind of like, yeah, like the feminist hero white Knight like, and then you're like, no, no, no, it's fine. You can say cut, fuck in front of me. It's fine. Like, don't you don't have to censor things right? And then so I feel like I don't. I'm tired of the the boys versus girls. Like mentality. I don't think we're on the same page way more than we're combating each other. I think to set one entire gender against another is like. Yeah, I know even though joke, you're like all men this all like, where do you know. Do you stop at the character limit. We got us that emoji, but the like this'll probably be a tweet later at some point possibly a bit. I don't know. But I was thinking that like what else is like there's two of something but we all get along. And I think it's like I phone and Android, like we all want the same thing. We want just a cool phone. That does a lot of stuff. And some of us are phone and some of us are Android, but we all get along. And I think that's how the genders are like some of us are boys and some of us are girls. We all want the same things and we figure out how to get along like, why does it have to be? But you know the boy phone never charges his phone. Boy, phone just waits for the girl today blames her when it dies. It's fucking crazy. A psychiatrist. I'm gonna. Tell you about a plate. Let me tell you about a place care debt. The let me tell you about a place where you're on your phone and you wanna talk to a psychiatrist. You can do it right there, and then that's I'm gonna tell you about talk space. I'd like to so much better personally than sit down with there for an hour a week. What if it's a boring weak? That's the good news, but I still wasted my money. And I come to you when I have the problem. Right. Like I, I have an appointment on Wednesday, but on Monday I got emotional, and then I lit up with my emotions and I'm ready to react. But I wait until Wednesday, if feels impossible. I guess I was real mad on Monday, checking my notes. I do this. I like I get into a bad head space and I'm like, if I don't do something about this, I'm going to respond to it and any response will be wrong. So I start texting just have. You have a computer in an internet connection or use the talk space, mobile app and Thome you're talking to somebody get something off your chest whenever you need to talk about everyday challenges at work or at home. Now, if you work for me, I'd rather you did on your own time, but I right. Actually if they want you healthy. Yeah. If you work for me instead of like v. l. yelling at me, yell into this thing. Somebody was complaining about working for me the other day, and I said, tell Judy. Yeah, that's right there. The talk space platform has over two thousand licensed therapist who are experienced in addressing life challenges that we all face the match with a perfect therapist for a fraction of the price of traditional therapy could talk space dot com. Slash k t g and use code k t g to get forty five dollars off your first month, forty, five dollars off your first month and show your support for this show. That's Keith and the girl. Okay. KT KT at talks based dot com slash KT g so everywhere you can type k TJ and you win big. Cool. That's it. All right, you know the place. Do you get the same therapist each time? I mix it up mix it, so it'll grow necessarily. Let me check the notes. I go on a new guy. Previously, you can stick with the same person. Salute name of the place that we went camping? Yes, yeah. Yeah. Beaver pond, yes. Yeah. I'm trying to go to gas lake next. Yeah, yeah, it's between joke. He's very funny. Beaver is a euphemism for vagina. It was a fort with fronts. Yeah, that was so worth telling people where we are for the weekend. Thank you, Keith, Joe? No, about snapper fjord taking up occasions right now, but snapper fewer, please, please. I'm sorry, everyone of these vaginas. I'm sorry. Okay. Imagine we're back in a frat house that keeps never want to. Right, right, right. Then. Then getting it out now. Okay. Every once in a while. Pink is too sexy for Keith, like ping like twad. Any word. Okay. Yeah. Aerosmith wrote an entire song about vaginas and they thought they were clever because it's pink. It's like this like that. What else? You got what bay Bay? I don't hear. You could make that about vaginas. About front asshole. But I call my vagina. China leaks the asshole of the front. Okay. Can we pick on the more camping right in the she is the sniffles and carry us a brings her whole medicine chest camping, which I appreciate. And I also have cry through it branded. They always should've brought more branded tissues than I've been using from her album. This is how sick she was. She couldn't even save it like, oh, that's cute. I'll keep this around. She had to use them. So Kerry gives her dayquil. But I know that means she's not gonna take it. And I'm in got so mad. Did he not get so mad? So mad? And I figured you guys had history. I figured this had come up before because he was mad at you. He said, at once as if he had said it a thousand times, it was that level of rage. I was like, oh, I have some dayquil. You're like that. Thank you. And I was like, here's some dayquil and keep snatches it out of my hands undoes the blister pack, and he's taking. Like as if he'd said it and I was like, oh, there's history here, like some some going on. She would not take it. And I said, I said, gently you might want to eat a little have like heavily little nausea, then it had to be the right thing. Meanwhile, she's picking does and all this stuff. And I'm like, all right, if you're into a bunch of vitamin because I gave you like vitamin c. vitamin b. and take your ticket bunch of pills eat. Something was first thing in the morning, so she's carries challenging. Me knows. I am being a good. Yeah. Well soon there is a history there that doesn't take medicine when she's sick and don't fight me on it, but can I can I? So of course she gravitates to the one part. She wants to hair like, apparently I have to eat a chicken. We five minutes away from eating breakfast. It's she takes the pill five minutes later, or did you take eight hours later? I don't. I don't. I don't care guess I do care. Don't get all of the fetal care. The only way the only that is the only way I know when she took it was because you kept badgering her for eight hours, eight hour. And then because I knew that the pills were out of the blister pack. I knew that I couldn't have them back. I was like, well, I mean, now your fight is like wasting your pills. Some like is this an ego thing? Is this like don't tell me what to do, dad kind of thing or freak she out today into being so she could barely move, but then but then you know what I did see the third day you were taking a nap Mr. sleepy. And while you were napping, this one took a dayquil. No conversation about it. So that's how had the big. No, because nobody brought it up. I just she went out. She bought some sitting there by the campfire popped a couple. Nobody said nuts, so, so that's. That's why she did it because no one yelled at you weren't yelling at her with a baby does isn't a carry. I'll take it now. 'cause you're not telling me what to do a baby DoE's. An independent person doesn't want to be told what to do because now it's about now. It's about don't tell me how to take care of myself. Don't tell me what to do with my. None of this is what happened to. So you not even close your ticket dayquil. Okay. Did ticket take? Yes, they did. What's funny is yes, Keith fucking freaks out right away and then get it for disproportionate. What was away? He's just like you better take that medicine. I'm just like, I may not gonna hit you. Yeah, I may not just tell the and the pleasant question of envoy not. And and when I start with my head. Many, he'll you mention to symptoms. What semantics are we talking about here? I didn't think it's two pills made out of surgeons that it makes you feel better. Keep it makes you feel better. What did I was this discussion? Because you want the onus to go away. You don't wanna mask the symptom. What are your choices? Well, it we, we discussed this your if you have somewhere to be, we didn't see the thing is if you have somewhere to be take medicine to like prop yourself up and go out if you don't have anywhere to be, you may as well just sniffle into the fire. It's fine. And so on the fence for like, which one did that's how it was. It was like, yes, if I had to straighten out and straighten up and shit, I wanna take an it, but I, if it's only gonna mask how I feel and I don't. I'm not dying from it later when I took. It wasn't because o'keith not around. He stopped at home to keep tells me it's fine. You know, like we have to do what we. Tell each other sometimes, but it wasn't because you wearing around it was because we'll now I can't tolerate this. I'm not having fun anymore. I can't get passed it. And so I took it and I had a better night and so that's where I wanted to get before it took medicine and Keith, you tickets. So personate hours you've seen a friend of our friend of yours is killing on necessarily. They're half the day camping, you defend in this bullshit and you don't even know why because people don't have to. 'cause you're you're basically the drug dealer that they were warned us about. And the white. These people act like big know where they get the drug. She had a, we brownie from a friend of friend pot shattner mouth, Jack, but not a dayquil became full bow will we will. Some people don't feel like taking dayquil all the time. You took it out of the blister pack to force the issue then then fucking trona wouldn't regret it and that you're trout then when Trump needs to take a bit like you like massage it like a dog. Get it all the way down. But then when I was like stop yelling at her, you were like it's called for an shoe. You'll find. I was like, wow, I'm blessed with the Keith friendship. So totally has nothing to do with medicine or sickness has another problem later. Yeah, and she has trouble even walking. That was scary. Okay. Are we going to tell the people on the do with medicine? I'm so sure. Okay. Do do I tell it or do you may tell this. Perspective from your perspective, because here's the thing. Your perspective is the newest one, right? Right. You know, only knew for camping, but you knew for like me yelling for help, you know. So I'm new to new to watching Keith, go into a blind rage because you wouldn't take vitamin c. when he said to. So was new to me. I'll just paint the picture from where and then you pick up. So it was four of us by the fire, Kerry Keith ends ERC sees and I wasn't feeling well. I'm like, I'm going to try to sleep if I can't sleep, come back out and then and then all of a sudden you heard my voice like an hour or so later, maybe an hour or so later. Now I am OSA and our our group site is a different site then where we're sleeping. So it's like a a few feet away, but you're fifty yards away enough that it's in the woods like it feels like it's a walk away, but you can see the campfire from the tents. Yes, I'm the road. Yeah. Yeah. So I'm a lightweight when it comes to the marijuana's and these guys aren't no mation these. I don't know. These kids can do it. They lit up nearly a whole Trie there on time. But I'm new and I'm shy about embarrassed about it. I don't want anyone to know. I try to hold my own, try to pass it on casually if I'm already too fucked up. I wait enjoy we'd. Yeah. It's all about me and my and my passing in my passing for someone who knows what they're doing. Wow. Let me get high and then pretend I'm not for the rest of the time. Right. Oh, that's good. Good stuff. We'll talk about that later. I get blasted out of my freaking mine with flat one point. I was watching what looked like a movie. It was a movie screen, and it was all of you guys interacting with each other. And I was like, this is a great movie. I'll just sit here and watch this movie 'cause I'm fucked up. And then Keith handed me at Twitter and that broke the fourth wall of the movie. Unlike ring. I don't know if you remember my reaction you handing me at Twitter at one point was just sheer terror. Carey thinks she had any reaction to anything. You were a cool cucumber. Thank you. Okay. So I'm roll around on the ground. Enjoy yourself in the cool cucumber. Nece I see in the distance a kind of like a moving light. And I'm like, that's funny because this is sparked from the fire fucked up. And then I hear what I think is a woman's voice going. Help. And I'm like, oh, that's something here when your trip and your balls off in my right look at me what a cliche, I am. I better not tell anyone what I'm hearing because they'll be a little, make fun of me for like, okay, everyone hears a woman's voice, shouting help when their high, what? What next baby getting eaten by a bear. And so I'm watching this light and it's like, I'm like, that looks pretty real damn fucked up and hear the woman's voice. Same woman helped me you guys and I look and I stood up abruptly and then I went into like mom mode. I think I went into like, are you? Okay? And then I think the flashlight faltered and I started walking toward it and then how does on the street dying. By the way, that's what we were. We were greeted by was walking toward us going stumbling stumbling toward us carrying four hundred pounds of blankets. And a flashlight and a Cup of water or like the jug of the container of water. I'm dying. Can't drop one of the right. She's like, help help, and Keith is right behind me. And since he had yelled at her earlier that about taking Nyquil I figured he probably cared about her. There's probably some part of Keith that cares about you don't want. Yeah, right, right. We'd have to go who's gonna drive. We're all fucked. So I'm like, okay, and you're like, I just need to get to the car because I have to sit up. I have to sit up to sleep. You couldn't lie down and breathe at the same time. And I was like, well, that sounds bad. Like that's scary. And then no one else seem alarmed. I was mostly scared of scaring you because I know Keith, ans Eric sees will just be like, okay. She's she's in the car and put it in the car, and you know that she's in the car and you're just notice probably I'm gonna guess that would if she dies in there and we're just laughing at the campfire just has trouble breathing. She wants her attention. She could slam the door. You know, she makes any noise we're gonna, but then I was like, we should crack a window like a dog because then it was funny because I could hear you guys speaking. Sometimes I heard this and I can see that carries like. Clearly we should be doing something and Zirk season Keith. They're like, what are you talking about? I don't as fine. Yeah. She said she needed to be in the countries in the car. Now we're not saying don't care, but if you hear design on stories, people are honest to God, you can only do so much. So I guess of course, you makes any kind of noise. We didn't forget where she wants. I know. I know, I know, but I was I was highest Faulk. So I heard I heard Kerry going. We crack a window and both. She's not a dog dog dog die doctor in cars, but you don't doubt. I was like, if you were already having breathing choose and the air in there, get stale and week. I was like, I heard you say that and she's she's got enough air. That's not how it works on air works like, all right, I know. And they say it's okay usually, but, but that is what I like. Like I really knew if I called out if I called. He'll just be like, okay, this is what we're doing right now. So here's what happened. I went back to the tent was having trouble breathing, but when I was lying down it was as if I couldn't, I started using. So I sat up, I did breathing exercises. I was able to breathe. I laid down. It happened again. I had who sleep number tent and. You know, actually, I thought of that I was like really was on your bed because I don't have that kind of sleep. Number have different one, but I needed to be propped up. So what happened was I was trying to breathe the not breathing and all of a sudden I'm like, wait, I'm really not able to breathe anymore. And I go, I won't be able to shout from here for people to hear me and I don't know. I didn't think of the phone or whatever. Some let me go to the car, but I can't breathe halfway and it really felt like four hundred pounds of blanket halfway to the campground ago, not making it to the campground I should call for help. Now this will cause a lot of chaos, probably mostly in Kerry and and good. Okay. This will sound very dramatic because all I can do is go, can you help me? I didn't have a lot of breath to speak. Right, right. But if I don't speak now I'm gonna drop in front of you as soon as I get there if I even get. Right, right. So in my last. And that's what I heard. Yeah. Highest. And it. It did scare me. You're you feel feel seen? I feel seen that you know that it would scare me the most. I was I was a little scared for you, but then calmed that you're to to people who knew better didn't seem to learn. I was like, all right. What did you think you've. Again, not her medicine. That was the thing I was like, maybe the drama Queen and just does this once every. What she'll just appear out of the woods, ripe for help and then sleep in the car. She does the night. No one warned me medicine is the eighth wonder of the world. Well, I haven't inhaler and I thought I packed it, but I normally because I just have it in my bag, but I never need it. So I must have taken it out, put it in and all of a sudden I needed an inhaler and I thought I can get one at the drug. So I went to the drugstore couldn't get it. What's funny about the drugstore is needed. Hiller and they're like, do you have a prescription? And I'm like, no. And I don't have one year. Like you need a prescription maybe counter thing that I can take? No. And then she walked, maybe there is. And then she walked over as if to talk to someone and then paused after she walked. I guess she thought I was out of her eyesight stared at a wall. I came back and go as if she thought about it. Like, why would even ask anybody who. And she just let me walk out and just like kinda what world do not even want to say this your pharmacist. So you have all the things. So maybe you're learning to ruin. You need Benadryl didn't think about Iraq counter. You can't things fuck you. That's the thing I didn't even think of Benadryl, you know? Yes, things that will open up your long. I don't know any of these things, but you're perfectly fine with me weasing. I can't. Yeah. Yeah. No, no. And I said, look, I'm not. I don't live here. I'm like at least an hour from home, so I don't have mine Hayler and I don't have anything that I call your pharmacy at home to. She wanted me out of there so much is the prescription from here and I know I got it in the hospital and sound like, no, and it's not going to be. She's like, well, there was a CVS across maybe a prescription. Is them like good talking to you, bro? Yeah. Your chance to be a hero. The Oprah will do a special show just for you about how you were the pharmacists that cared. You know what I mean? Does he specials once in a while? It's like leak. The nine one one operator, the Gable Faulk. I know I know look at she put together. She said, wait, I'm an expert in this. I might have another thing to say nothing. Nothing though. People know, obviously I can't do much, but I can tell you to take medicine. So take it. I was making eggs thought I was making a lasagna. I put eggs in a pain on a fire. You stir it may. I may I, that's all you have to do. This was. This. Nobody could shit up with Keith on this look. No. Nearly Rachel Hollick psycho, but I'm with him on the, I'm I'm with, I'm with none of you on this one. Just so you know, I I was watching this and let me tell you what I thought to myself. I was like, wow, I came a long way because Faulk this whole thing Keith goes, I'm hungry. There's already the eggs were already scrambled. All used to do is literally poured onto the the pan that's above the fire that's already built. Right? So literally, he has to put eggs in a thing and then move them around until they're done. Yeah. Oh my fucking God so much input. This is so key as he's pouring it in somebody goes poured in gently because you're above a fire. And by the way, everything that I'm describing right now, Keith is just going about his business. It's the most Buddhist zen most fucking awesome life. I'm going to be keeping my next fucking life. You Mark? My the most glorious who was at this port, slow auto body. Oh my God. Well, Kyle, no, no, it was. It was taking. He was pouring in be careful because you're the fire. Okay. And then as he's pouring it in, he's almost than there's a spatula behind you might want to use the my God. Okay. So you grabs the spatula, which I assume he was going to do anyway. He starts moving around. He starts moving the eggs around somebody goes, okay. You want to put the spatula all the way to the bottom of the pants that you've lose all the eggs around. Okay. Then then he keeps doing that and he's and then they go. Yeah, you wanna keep doing that until the eggs are going to go. I stop and I say, Keith, everyone always talk to you this much and everyone laugh nego-. No, that's not what I meant. I meant shut the fuck up. He's making eggs. And if we think are forty four year old fuckin- friend doesn't know how to make eggs. We should just kill him in most reading there and leave him in the goddamn tenth that he's going to leave and just go fuck everything. And that what happens is he's girlfriend. Kyle sell to the fucking earth. They've never met somebody who's more organized than wonderful and dynamic and funny and fantastic decides that her fucking boyfriend doesn't know how to make the eggs. She pushes him out of the way. He just he just glides down. He doesn't give fuck. Yeah. These steps over and he's like, well, I'm done. I guess I'm having one way or another. Pushes him out of the way makes the eggs Nagel, Kyle, you think he's okay. It's just like he's just at the end of the day. He's having eggs if you wanna make for him. That's fine. And so I'm watching this going. They used to be me. I would tell him all the things I would tell them where the spatula is. The knows I'm just sitting here. This is great. I haven't on. I love you. This is the point I'm making now. It would be terrible to that, but she didn't. That's interesting. So we ask, they'll don't like you've got to help adults on every or that you make. Was that leap. I think that you need fifty different steps help with on fucking eggs. And what's special about you is not for one second. You thought everyone thinks dumb. Yeah. Well, you thought is everyone has shit to say, and I guess they're saying he never took it personal. Not one like my ego is upset that you write. He was just like, oh, there's talking around me. I don't know what a spatula. Yeah, that's cool. Yeah. Did you learn what his bachelor was always brag growing growing up slowly learn to teach me every. Yeah. I know wooden spoon you do. I can tell you the difference and it doesn't know determined her phone off during a show, but he knows bachelors, Wade is in gentlemen. Well, that's the alarm that goes. Don't forget to breathe thing. Can you imagine if I started, you know, I cooked a steak potatoes in broccoli. Everyone's taking turns not one person said you wanna flip the fake. A million is there's three different components you don't. You don't seem as like Dirk dirctor that either. We just fucking put that on inflect because he's a man. He has the same position of of me in life in life. We are the same age. We do the same job, right? We live a mile from each other. I ever experienced for the last thirteen fucking years, but I make a steak potato and broccoli dinner and didn't go nobody. Thank you and he pours eggs a fucking thing. Yeah. And he's getting all this input so much input ladies because I'm pretty sure it was only the ladies stop yourselves. Right. Fuck I didn't talk about the eggs until it was funny until Kyle said so many things about the eggs that I was like, no, no, no, no, you gotta break up that section. There's an omelette on one side and scrambled on the other janea and I shut up again because that was smarter. Right? Because I think he doesn't care. He doesn't give a fuck, and it was like either way I'm getting aches iced. I wasn't. I was on Keith side. I was like, it's grown man, mickan eggs, forty, four years old. Like, yeah, forty, four women complain about guys. It is the guy's fault like you fucked up. This makes me think of when I was dating and on. Okay, you. But this woman said she likes walkers, so I brought whoppers with me and if the data is Burger King, this is the mouth cannot the apter actually. She said she likes a happy meal was bathing about how do I carry a sneakily happy meal with me. So I went with the whoppers and then at the very end, I'm really liking as some fucking walkers and day. There was a flood warning. If I did get that on my phone, she loved it. It is so easy to be in. Yeah. I had a guy cook for me to ago and I was flood warning just watching him like chop on Jons. I'm like. Keith leaves, throw it on the floor and step on it so horny. Now, Keith in this in this last round of dating, it's been awhile since he's dating these dating. Again, he he noticed some stuff like this and he's like really is easier to be a man. And I go, I said, this, I go today ever get like amazed that you got them water and he goes, the did and I go. Yeah. And you were getting it for yourself anyway. So you just offered to get another glass and he goes, yeah, she was like genuinely happy about that. And I'm like, yeah, that's what it's like to be a woman. Somebody thought it like I was up the relations by giving them water. Oh, nice. Hydration, I got to of water here at the studio today. We like you. This is much like right, we're dating but didn't specifically get this, the upping the relationships. Let's give all the credit. Let's continue this. Women would just do this. There. Man would be like there's three women working here at one Keith, but yeah, he got you the water, right, right. Okay. Just smoked and slept and smoke and slept. And that's when cow learned that I do like sleep. That was so funny to me. I was like, oh, she hasn't seen the sleep cycle. There's nothing better than sleep in this whole white was the best thing I saw her going. You're going to sleep. Icier process. Yeah, that's funny. I didn't know you slept that much, but I figured if I was highs fuck but no, I enjoy sleep. Don't even wake me up to have sex with me during sleep. Now, if you asked me if you should, of course I'm gonna say yes, but let sleep and then have sex. Let's all the orgasms. You know what I mean? I woke you up to have dinner texted you to have dinner. You did the right thing and you were like shut up? Yeah. Yeah, I said, I'll be right there and then wasn't. And then I told you people were making fun of you. I thought that would get. Did not work does not care if people are making fun of him. Apparently we, we did get in trouble. We probably get in trouble wherever year ranger do the indoor outdoor voice Schorr Cohen, but you're not Heine most. This might not be as it was very interesting to me at the time. But we, we, again, lightweight, highest Faulk feeling like everyone can tell. And we were laughing and giggling as you do, and arranger came by until this to shut up. And then when he went away or excuse went, yeah, let's use our indoor voices. But we were outs. And then carry on. I could not wrap my head around. I was like, he's our indoor voices outside for the next hour. She was walking back and forth going indoor outdoor, indoor outdoor. It seemed very wild to me, it's because then I felt I somehow felt like we were inside the earth so we can use our indoor space in the canopy of earth. Well, we did a lot of would you rather even we weren't too loud if a park ranger, here's that they got shut that shit down. Would you okay? You can live in a mansion and everything's paid for food, everything cable, but once a month randomly, you never know what it's going to happen. Shit's when you chest. You can be. About? I don't. It's completely random. He doesn't try to. What would you take this deal? My point to go shut the fuck up. I don't know what's happening here, but it sounds a legal. We were high as fuck, and then then we figured out what was it. Hemmed is always seem to involve either somehow being inside the fire. That was a theme that came back bunch of times we like, would you rather live inside this fire or eat a peanut. You know. Didn't matter what it was, but there was always somehow like him to want to be in that fire that is a fire. That is that a cry for help. Definitely the fire sign so me I, but then you fell asleep too close to the fire and we had to keep padding the embers out of you until you were like, I'm gonna move back. I'm like, well, that's a better idea. Me just being like. I think I did like my show on fire and I was like, I should pull back. Close should gotten the peanut. Is there anything you picked up that you didn't know about? And in my relationship, I didn't know about the take your damn pills or the screaming match of take your damn pills. It's funny. They thought we were yelling, I guess you do y'all, but it's funny because you yell, come up at do. Do you like come up today? It was alarming to the rest of, right. So tell me that Bernie weren't gay. I'm up muppet I'm telling you speak so gay speak up actually. Infested hit on him before he doesn't like mentioning because he's he's modest. Yeah, they wanted to twang. You late him. Devil's triangle little devils without lady. Oh, it's called is burping match. We did devils trucks. As deal just go, you know what? You don't get the job because you're too weird. Your books about flatulence. You're telling me in general, you rate in calendar that you're having a party, you're seventeen. You have a calendar. You know what? I defend him for that because I had a, I had an elaborate rated thing basically his calendar. You know that you organize for a living? Yes, I did know that, but it is because I've had a like a paper and pen calendar slash like not datebook basically since I've been like, did you write your crimes and you can look at the one that current. Current one for this year. You can go back and look at it. Okay. Goodbye crunchy means when her periods, right? Kerry graven sit on Twitter Saint thing on Instagram, and you can go to carry grievances dot com. All right there. It's all there by the album. Listen, have a listen. I did not know you were that high. God really tried to ask you the last night. Remember I was like, how high do I seem? And you were like not at all, and I was like, I'm gonna die to sink into this chair and fall into the earth. Now I wish you did fall into the earth so that you can realize you're fine and start acting high c can enjoy it because I don't even know what the fuck. That means I was terrified. That's terrible. I was terrified of being stupid and being like, look stupid over there in front of in front of people who are fighting overtake your Bill. Pain? No. Like would you rather conversation to be you guys? Everyone shut up because I did it to the two nights before I made us more, and it was so good that I made everyone shut up and listen to me talk about a great mice more was and Keith goes, this is why you're single, oh my gun, and I was like. Because I was like UCAR Sureau Schwartz. Rush fucking of what you choose to listen to from Keith Keith, who can't make an egg is telling you why you're single also is more clever than that. You were having an orgasm of the small. And I said, oh, it's been awhile, hasn't it? That was a running joke of the weekend, like carries hard up. How is they didn't go? It's fine. Okay, good. All right, that's carry. Thank you very much. Yes, she is free in available. All right. We'll talk soon makes you check out the YouTube channel. It's an exclusive. It's an after show. It's a party. It's a game. It's good times. And also when you get high be high, that's the lesson of the day and take your pills. For eight hours you if you wanna take the bills, we have to do anything, right? You can die in car. All right. By a car. John.

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