Seth Partnow on DEN/UTA Game 6; BOS/TOR Game 1; LAC/DAL Game 6


Hey, this is Jill from the container store. Oh is there something wrong? I just thought a virtual designer would be a cool robot. I could do a robot voice if that helps maybe high I am jail let's diesel absolutely not regular voice. Thank you. Yeah. I'm not good at impressions. Enjoy free virtual in-home closet designed and up to twenty five percent off closet systems, containers, doors, custom closet sale, the container store where space comes from. Welcome onto a special dunk with Danny taking a vacation that he foolishly scheduled for the end of August not knowing that there would be NBA basketball. At this time, we're a pinch hitter south park out from the athletic what's up man? How's it going? Thanks for having me I am pleased and honored to fill those shoes. Awesome it I I figured if there's anyone else who's nerdy enough to just spend an hour talking about three games that just happened you're the first person to call on my list here. So let's just get right into it here with Denver and Utah and I think where I want to start is just I tweeted this during the game, I can't remember another series overall series with all the teams, all the players in which there is in this kind of shooting can you remember another series like us? No, and it stands out I mean the shotmaking across the entire bubble and then kind of heading into the first round of the playoffs even has been has been. Then this is just another level above that of it in terms of guys taking the shots, the guys are. And then they they're they're making I saw someone I think it was KP tweeted during the game that that whether it was that that that three on one pull up three that that Murray hit towards the end whether it was more ridiculous than that. He made it or that as he took it, everyone's like, yeah, go ahead. That's a good look. No I mean he and Mitchell have been the two most records will focus in a little bit in a second but I mean this is again bowl teams were basically fifty percent from three once more and you know Jeremy Grant Yokich shot it really while he's the three percent three point shooter. In case you forgot on the over the course of the year and I do have an explanation on why shooting a better as it is significant enough that we can stop dismissing it as random noise. Do you think it's just the same arena and the fact that the you don't have this cavernous space behind the bucket of what do you make of it? I think there's Probably a confluence of several factors. I certainly think that the kind of same arena. Which I was I was really mad when I saw someone else bring that that that thought up at Mike. Prado brought up and I was like, Oh why didn't I think of that? That's that's so obvious I think that's a big one. I think the no travel even with days between games I think. That probably is saving guys legs I imagined that that players are getting better sleep be without without the travel on at that that can't hurt. From from a percentage standpoint, I think the fact that that foul rates on jumpers are up little higher in have been kind of the entire bubble probably bumps up the percentage a little bit just because you know you get fouled and you mrs shot it doesn't count as a mess and yeah, the shooting background probably plays into it also. So I think that it, it's a little of all of those probably rolled together, and then you know catching some some positive variants and then that's that's maybe building on itself and in a little dollop of high hand theory and and guys making their he checks, and here we are and it doesn't seem to me. Now I guess I'll say this I think in the first three games particularly for Utah, it seemed like guys are way more open and they were just user just absolute like dare you three-pointers except you know if these are forty percent three pointers during shoot it. I think Denver though these are guys aren't great shooters who are hitting ad I've just a do you think the Cazar more open I mean I we don't have access to the tracking data to confirm that it didn't seem though like they're particularly more open at least to be we do have access to the tracking dead and no one has tweeted that you think that they would. So yeah, I mean it's gotta be some conflicts of all those things you mentioned yet. No I've I've with you know sources with access to what kind of check from time to time and the changing overall shot quality. Between kind of pre bubble and bubble has been negligible So I I I don't think that that's it agree with you that at the start of this series of Utah was definitely getting certainly games two and three I think Utah was getting anything they wanted really off of some pre simple actions and I know we're going to get into adjustments that that the Denver's made but it seems like they have gotten away from that a little bit and now. It's just Mitchell tossing tossing in contempt contested pull ups with guys in his face. Yeah which you know he's done a pretty good job up your. He was nine to thirteen from three But sorry, that's actually not good enough because mammary was not at twelve from three in this game and had fifty points and by the way Dan Feldman looked this up what I suggested it to him. There have now been more fifty point games in this series than they've ever been. In one playoffs the record was three in one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, two, and two, thousand one. I. Think. So that's been absolutely crazy as well but much has been this fantastic offense from Denver Ed Murray actually competing defensively has changed things. So I wanted to ask you what have you seen to explain Denver. All of a sudden like getting their shit together defensively in this last game and a half or so. So I think part of it is the lineup adjustment I think. I'll say this for Michael. Porter Jr. he has he has he has made efforts defensively. He is just still kind of lost and that's every game that he started Utah just run every action at him to start the game and put Denver kind of in a bad way just to start a game and without that kind of obvious. Weak point the haven't known where to go as much and i. kind of think that that Utah has should still be going to the stuff that worked well against porter anytime they run like hand off or pick and roll where it gets the ball to ingles or Conley going to their left's it just sees part and they've had you know great great stuff whether it's skip pass to the opposite corner whether it's hitting go bear on the role whether it's it's the the driver getting the lane and finishing and they ran that once or twice. To start the game tonight and I can't remember them going back to it again over the entire course of the game, and that's that's simple action. The Denver has just like struggled regardless of personnel to cover all series. Yeah, I thought they did a little better job on the ingles go pick and roll but you're right. They went away from that in this game and I thought Denver, they started off with Yokich back. AM THAT DIDN'T Work Utah scored like sixteen points on Mike Their first ten possessions or something like that, and then they start bring Yokich. Further up towards level the ball. But maybe that works better now when you've got grant and MILLSAP together in the starting lineup on the back line, and so Utah really went away from the pick and roll entirely it was really surprising. Go bear was no longer involved and they tried to do a lot of switching and they still you know this wasn't an offense of loss for Utah but hey, what one eighteen offensive rating for Utah that's like getting shut down in this series I think the biggest thing is been. Yeah. They're still giving up the threes. Utah's make them at a crazy rate, but they're not letting Utah just score completely unmolested inside anymore they are really they changed up I thought to take away the rim and was leaving Yokich back whether that's grant and mill savoir thought were both really good as helped defenders in this game, taking away the rim that they at least have something now, and you know there's also the thing that you really enjoy talking about, which is like actually executing better at the stuff you're supposed to be doing to begin with. Yeah, I think that's right. I think A. Especially Games like tonight where he is, he is not just hitting, but his is willingly taking a kind of break threes grant at small forward. I think that's a that's a very interesting defensive piece for for Denver and I think you're right that that has a lot to do with why they've been somewhat stingier in the paint and certainly something we saw a lot early in the series was was Utah's bigs whether it was it go bearer or twenty Bradley kind of making or or even even Jon. Morgan. kind of making plays out of like a like a short roll or on the role and it seems like. We're just not even seeing them get the ball in in those situations anymore and when they are, but it's you know Yokich is back and leaning on him and and another whether millsaps or grant kind of flying in from the backside to contest. So even those inside shots are as you say, less less free money than they were kind of early in earlier games in the series. Yeah. They put more pressure on go bear. He's struggled to finish the last couple of games just the overall pressure level, the guys who are on the ball competing more. Not just getting completely screened out of the play you haven't you've seen just more hands in the passing lanes will just a little more pressure. So it's not Gobert just getting the ball at the free throw line with just a free run in on a four on three that pass to the roll man has been more difficult I think they actually meant you WanNa consider doing a little more shorting of the pick and roll to try to get the angle because Denver's doing a better job there it's really just been yet. They've changed up a few things. And they're taking away the rim they're they're saying at least we're not going get beat there but overall, guys just play harder Gary Harris coming back just giving them another option of competence. So it wasn't Monte Morris or Puerto both of them have gotten scorched and then I think also kinda fallen in love with their ability to hit shots as well and. Their process has been is good I think that's that's that's legitimately a big part of it. I. Think there's you're seeing a lot of possessions where they run an action and then Mitchell triples backout to to half court and you know goes goes one on one and he's even Conley was doing it. Yeah. When when he was the main guy and obviously when It when Jordan Clarkson is prominently involved, you're going to get some of that also and I think that's that is You know when Utah's been at their best series they've they've they've used subside decide bomb motion to kind of get whatever they want get some drives on kind of the backside you know a a attacking a Denver's closeouts and they're just not putting themselves in those positions as much I think you know the the I think you're. Right, in terms of their while we're making the shot, so I can get that shot anytime I want. So let me find that shot instead of like you said, instead of working the process that was that was working so well for the first four games of the series. So a any major adjustments that you would have a for either team going into a game seven here I'm glad we're getting at least one game seven here in the first round. Yeah, I think I would you know just continue to to probably put more pressure on Murray in the pick and roll maybe for some to his to his weekend a little bit more What whether that means you know Yokich is not a player who's going to he's going to make a play out of a short roll if he trapped, but he's not gonNA rumbled on the lane and finish with great aplomb. So yeah, I don't I don't know about that one man because that's getting go really far from the hoop and they have no one else to protect the rem I. I would be very wary of that. Personally I'd. Say this -essarily, Ikea, a blitz of a full blitz but more of a of a show up to the level just to to give the the the ball handler defender who I think has to do a better job of of staying connected time to kind of to kind of recover and you know at a certain point a certain point. There's maybe UK if he's going to, he's going to keep it in those shots. You a little bit of tip your cap, but and and not completely sacrifice your your whole defensive concept to sell out to you know to stop that. But I think that they could improve their point of attacked if defense a little bit whether it's the the whether it's Murray's defender getting over better or go bear you know meeting up meeting up a little higher or a combination of both. Yeah. Well, they've gone to pick and rolls that haven't involved go bear and Yokich at all. That was what killed him at the game. One kind of gone away from those a little bit involving the four-man. More, that was the big adjustment in at the end of game five and Murray basically unless it's Roy. So Neil like he's just cooking guys one on one at this point too. So I would you think of just sending like another small to go double team and get the ball out of his hands maybe not at the start but if he really gets going he, you did at times in this game I mean, it's hard for me. You know he's he's reached that level in this series. It's hard for me to think of Jamal Murray is a guy need to double half court, but you know He's got to fifty point games in the series. So maybe he's a guy to double court. Well, when he gets star I think particularly when he gets started on one of these Jamal Maria scored the last ten points maybe you could send that double team just periodically. So it's like maybe he's only scored the last four points for the nuggets right and then you throw that. In on occasion particularly with some of the I would say even with the starting unit more so you might try to find a way to do that. Gobert was a good guy zone up beyond the play and yeah, you know that's GonNa. Let yokich get going. They can attack some four on threes but you know they had a one thirty defensive rating in this game so. Basically. Whatever you're going to do to get the ball out of his hands they're not going to score as well as what he did when he had it in this game all alternatively I mean maybe the answer is let him cook and I think that they can probably do well to give up a few fewer dare shots to some of those some of the other guys like, yeah, you're not you're not. Afraid of Jeremy. Grants but if you're leaving Jeremy Grant wide open, he'll shoot it and he's shot open threes well this year. So the key there is being close enough that it's not an open three and then you know if Jeremy Grant is going to be you know attacking the clothes out from the angle or something like that I think you probably rather that be Denver's offense right now so I think. Maybe being a little more attentive to to the other guys might soften the blow. So okay. If if Murray's going off, it's not him and then he passes in the next guy's a wider banging, a wide open three two. So you take one, take one or the other away instead they're they're kind of doing neither. Yeah, it seems that way the crazy thing about it I mean do you agree with me like Yokich is shot while the series on jumpers but like he's basically like been shut down by Gobert other than jump shots. Yeah, this I wrote about this last week and and because the ball has been in Murray's handsome much like like Yokich has been has been relegated almost to appear like spacer. All I mean, can you like the theory is maybe well, we'll pull go away from the basket, but that really hasn't happened so far he's been as much of a rim deterrent as he always is on Yeah Yokich is made some shots, but it's kind of taken away on his playmaking now with Murray playing as well as it has been Not as much tonight because he had some, he had a few turnovers. Oh but how well he's taken care of the ball to that has been a kind of a huge boon for Denver. Losing Yoga's playmaking, but Murray is basically you know filled that void. incompetently. The other adjustment I would make for the jazz is when they are attacking with these perimeter pick and rolls rather than go bear that they need to go right away at whoever's switching onto them like they've been doing this back it out let everyone gets set again where they really had success particularly attacking Puerto was just go right at him immediately as soon as the switch occurs don't let everyone get comfortable and get two boxes, elbows and be ready to help and all that just like go run it right down his throat, and then you also have the advantage of Yokich is your rim-protector in that situation if you can get past that. First Guy Yokich is not competitor and he's been better he's been you know just bad defensively these last two games as opposed to like one of the worst defensive center performances I've ever seen in which in the playoffs in the first three games. So that's something I look at all the other thing I might do if Denver is going to continue getting Yokich further out on the floor is more double pick and rolls. It's much harder to get that. We Saw Dallas use that against the clippers to it's much harder to get that trap when either two screens for the guy guarding the ball handler, and then you can kind of get Yokich out in. Space and a split, the the screener. Koran. That Second Guy Damian Lillard will do that a lot as well. So those those are like some and I mentioned shorting the pick and roll too. But I do think just generally going back to getting Bayer involved setting some screens is they really need to try more. Yeah. Just just anything to get the ball kind of going downhill at an angle like Denver does not do a good job of keeping the ball moving east west out of out of actions that our team runs and so when it's moving north south then especially again I've just I don't want to harp on this but especially, like Conley and England's going to their left hand. It just opens the whole floor up because both of them can can have such a wide array of of passes. They can make going to their strong in that way and and it was something that was you know very, not just effective but aesthetically pleasing for the first couple of games and it's just it's vanished and I kind of wanted back as a as a viewer anything you do for either coach in terms of playing time I was There's there's been a lot of George Neon near the end I. Think you know you're you're getting cooked anyway. So maybe having joined goes on the floor is you know? He's at least you know enormous. So maybe he can get get his hand on a on a ball here and there, but they're they're kind of missing his his shooting a little bit in some of the in some of these lineups I I think that's that's the big one for Utah. Denver's in a weird spot because what he did with Gary hairs right now I would start him I would start them. Right to start them. Okay I I mean because Monty Morris gets taken advantage of a lot. I mean it may be Harris just isn't ready I mean he was plus sixteen I thought even you know moving at seventy five percent offense he's still is easily their perimeter defenders tonight, even close like he's he's the only guy in this team to get over a screen and six game chair and he did it in this and even just his understanding as a help defender as well to just shrink the floor when they're going after reporter like he had like a nice dig down off of Neang to Strip Clarkson, for example, like he just as. The defense of mindset like he knows what he's doing out there they just to have one more guy in the primer who can do that and is it going to get taken advantage of physically the way Morris's I thought would be big if he if they feel like he can handle it, I would put him out there particularly because you don't WanNa start this game out way down right so who? Who Do you think loses out there you think more Morris those of Nina play twenty five minutes. Yeah. I think it just at the expense of Craig and Morris it just to get him now we'll see whether Gary Harrison shot which was broke even before this is comes around but they're not gonNa just like Gary Harris, shoot it like he has enough of a rep as a shooter I think. For the Jazz I, agree with you man were Utah's backup bigs just atrocious in this game go bear to play forty two minutes. Yeah. That's it's I know before the season they had they had some hopes Fred Davis, and it just it it kind of turned out that that the things he's good at are just not as useful anymore and he his he may not be good at those things anymore. Yeah and and and exactly, and you know you could do they started undrafted rookie. You know earlier here in Morgan so that and Tony Bradley's had some moments. But yeah, he's especially with with Denver's offense going the way it's going he's he's not ready to play at this level. Yeah, and I mean they ran the same hand off play twice in a row to get Marie going downhill at him and they got a foul and an easy layup. Quin like I've had enough hug with Morgan and then Morgan couldn't do anything either. So it was that was pretty rough. So and I mean the in this game seven to imagine you know Mike Conley's. been at thirty four minutes. You imagine they'll bump that up a little bit even Mitchell only played forty in this game ingles thirty I, mean it's GonNa be all hands on deck and hopefully, they won't have to play these guys too much Gobert foul trouble could loom large. That wasn't an issue in this game of anything else that stuck out to you about this one before we move on interested to see how much they put they they they put Conley on. Murray. That's Devon tried that at all I think they're worried that Murray is just gonNa knock him backwards create the space shoot right over him but they don't have many objects. Done. Okay. I think I mean the thing we're talking about again is in in those and this is something that the Denver has been much more phidias about keeping with is even when Murray is going into this one on one play, it's off of some kind of whether it's you know a drag screen or or or door horns action or something they're doing something to get him into some sort of movement and in that is kind of creating the little bit of initial separation and I think Mike Conley. Is still pretty good at navigating those situations. So maybe even if once it gets into that one on one situation like Murray, my still have an advantage that's less advantaged than Murray coming off coming off with the guy already on his hip, and then he gets that step back game or gets all the way to the rim or or what have you So I think that I would at least want to see that I was looking up and there's the game three was the only only game where. You know even even four percent of the time that that Moore offense he was guarded by Conley. Yeah like Jordan Clarkson is guarded him basically as much as Conley has the series. Yeah I mean, it can't be any worse while. But it hasn't ended Welford anyone else I mean I think particularly when Roy so neil is not in the game guard Murray because Murray is GonNa play forty four minutes in this next game and Royce O.`Neil isn't GonNa play that many minutes. That's when I would think seriously about some of those like two guards just double team and make him give the ball up but let's shift out to the first game of the day, which was Boston and. Toronto you predicted Danny's podcasts that this would be a close back and forth series in terms of but that we could see a lot of blow outs that obviously is what happened. Boston hits four, their first five threes, and really it was never within contacting Toronto. Got It back within thirteen at one point late in the third or early fourth, but they never particularly threatened at all. There was one moment where Toronto is down twelve a gotta rebound lowery pushed it. And kind of got a little ahead of himself in like realized she was getting team. It was about to lose the ball jumped in the air and threw a pass back towards half court where he's expecting his three hundred to be running and none of them are running, and there's a turnover and Boston immediately comes down and bangs at three and they miss again in Boston comes back down and gets. An an one and then suddenly it's eighteen in the game's over There's that one moment kind of were lowery had a little bit of a burst where he started to get downhill a few times actually created some good stuff for Toronto's offense. But aside, from that, I think a lot of what we worried about in terms of Toronto's inability to attack defense I think really showed itself especially in. The first quarter. So Boston was seventeen at thirty, nine from three Toronto was ten out of forty. We always liked to talk here. It's just shooting lock is that the case here was this just simply a matter of Boston making more threes or is do you think no like Boston severely outplayed them at the end up winning by eighteen twelve, ninety, four, I think having looked into some of this A. Little bit is instead this game was early to head a little bit of time to do it I. Think what we're GONNA we're going to look at it and see is lasts that the second to fourth quarters were probably played relatively easily with Boston just making having better shot making I think the first quarter was was pretty dominant from from the Celtics especially defensively, and so even if that that kind. Of shotmaking head had been been, you know is over the rest of the game I think that like that's where they won the game anyway. So maybe the margin is not as as you know lopsided with with more normal shotmaking like a little bit of shotmaking regression but I don't think this is not a this was not a you know a a no way game for for for Toronto. Where if they if they make those shots that like, Toronto didn't you know put themselves in a situation to be down big after the first quarter and didn't really do anything to get back in the game after that the big number seventy, seven offense of reading in the half court cleaning glass by Toronto and Boston one. Oh, four up and effort which actually is fantastic. Just half court possessions And you a big theme was that they had to keep trying to out of transition they did that but according to cleaning the Glass Toronto added four points in their transitioned Boston actually was terrible in transition in the so Toronto was decent enough in transition but not dominating the way they are usually during the regular season I thought Boston did a good job most of the time when Rob Williams was. In there. They lost disciplined a little bit that that big man loading to the ball getting back being ready like that's a big part of what they're doing Yeah. It's the same got. No just say that taste is so important a series like he he I thought. Robin. Williams said really well today but just of of the way Boston wants to play defense and the fact that Toronto doesn't really have. He's he's sort of a weird matchup for for some teams from Boston standpoint Toronto is not one of those teams because I don't think. Ghazal or a Baca is really going to manhandle him on the the way that that that some might you know not to look ahead to series but for example, like he's not stout enough to to stand up to Janas for example, but but you know that obviously Toronto does not present that Kinda far back that kind of problem. So this is what I looked at going back to the three point shooting question Boston was ten out of thirteen at one point they missed a couple in garbage time but ten out of thirteen on corner threes and Toronto was two out of six and yes, they're not. GonNa, shoot that ridiculous percentage. But to generate that many corner threes compared to the ones that Toronto was generating and Toronto's a bunch of their threes or above the break eight out of thirty four and I thought that many of them were pretty harried and Boston does have this history of teams shooting worse from three against them. We don't need to get into that whole debate over whether that's a skill that they have is a defense or not but it did seem to me that a lot of these Toronto threes were kind of on the move not like just awesome shots necessarily and I thought A. Lot of Boston shut those corner threes mean those are all wide open. They did a nice job of driving in activating that Toronto Defense as a further point just generally has a lot of different looks they can do defensively but generally, they were kind of the mini bucks model of taking away the rim and giving up a lot of threes and Boston they've got a lot of guys who wanNA shoot threes and they don't really get all the way to the rim that much. So at least for this game and I'm sure that raptors will have adjustments coming Boston really the way they wanted to play offense. Worked against the the raptors and then the bigger problem though is that the raptors really could not generate to on the ball situations that often and that was one of the big issues yet we thought coming in. No, I think I think that that's you can. You can look at Toronto's defense but there's been other games in the place where we've seen where teams may be gotten. You know had a big number hung on him. I think that not that we're going to get to it but the Oklahoma the last thunder rockets game I felt the same way that it wasn't that it wasn't. You know the the thunder's defense. Then this game, the raptors defense, it wasn't great but that's not why they lost. The reason they lost the as you said is, is they just did could not win one on one scenario and they couldn't they didn't find a way to scheme any any as you say, he situations where or Boston had to commit to the ball and so you end up a lot of situations where Siaka is is having to post up through you know traffic or or Vanfleet is having to create against the larger defender and as good as those guys are. That's not leaning into their strengths. Yeah. I mean, what did you think Siachen game overall so I actually It's interesting. I got I got a text from a coach friend of mine during the game noting that every time he posted up they were they were he would post up on the left block and they would just show him middle like dare him to turn over rate shoulder and a he got nothing from that all game whether he was, you know had a theoretical advantage in the post or whatever it just they were knocked. Then let him get back to like his left shoulder for a drop step or a jump hooker turnaround or anything like that. Yeah. Because he's got that nice touch off the glass basically like a along the lane line and. I thought he got good looks against Jaylen Brown in the Post that was the initial matchup with it was very interesting. I wondered if Stevens is a quick non sequitur but I wonder if Stevens was just like, Hey, we're going to avoid getting cross mashed in transition. So just guard whoever's guarding you I the other end like I think they started that way at least I don't know if that was the thought of just like we we're not that scared of any of these guys. So just guard whoever's garden you and We'll just make sure that we're matched up in transition but I thought he was able to get good looks against Brownie missed a couple early then got into foul trouble smart I thought did a little bit better. He's GonNa try like get underneath them take charges, and then the brick should house. I. Thought he had no chance posting up on him that's delay pathway. Yeah. No just just note the foul trouble I do I do want to commend Nick Nurse I. Do I do enjoy when a coach is like Hey My Guy has my my best. One of my best few players has a couple thousand. He's not a high foul guy So we're GONNA foul trouble. And you know the ended up not mattering because they ended up getting blown out today, but it's not like you can't save him he he had three thousand the first quarter in didn't pick up his fourth foul till early in the fourth quarter if I remember correctly and yeah nurse played him basically his normal normal minute load through through there. So I I do WanNa come in that I think that's that is yeah that is good process But usually when you're doubt Yeah Jerky when you're down like I, mean there's no tomorrow at that point like what are you saving for you get? Back, into the game before you can get right end of the great. Yeah. You're already in a situation where the crunch time that you're saving guy for is unlikely and becomes increasingly less. So if you if you have your, you know your all star players sitting next to you on the bench who did you think was the best player in this game I have an answer but I hear what yours is use a tatum yeah. Yeah. Are you gonNA say Cambe album not gonNA I was GONNA say yeah I mean they they were. They were the two best players on the floor well. You know tatum feet finish nine out of eighteen in the rough start to it. I thought But then he was able to find some space in the mid range like us attacking Kosolapov sold did a pretty good job defending at at at the rim but I thought the reason I said Kappa was the tennis and he was the guy to me the one guy on either team who was really changing the defensive scheme like they had. To, get their ball handlers way up towards level of the screen and he was able to get penetration, get downhill and force double teams, and then kick out to open. Cheers. He set up a number of those corner threes for instance. So he was the one guy who I felt like date. He really made the raptors defense react in a way that no one else was able to cause in this game but tatum was great too. There are a few. There are few situations tatum kind of came off a screen and walked into three and and maybe the defense didn't react but. The should. So. So I think the lack of reaction is not to knock on tatum rather than it's a a breakdown from from from the rafters. So you know I thought Oh gee, did a good job on him when he was on him, they started they started with lowry on and then they went to Ojeda I thought tatum was not able to get much when OJI was out of it was mostly off switches mismatches. That's fair An Amino remains completely impossible to isolate against like even tatum I felt like really is just not able to get good looks meal out change later in the series no, that's fair and and really I'm, I'm more thinking of tatum just again operate in. The same way that that that Walker does is kind of coming off that angle pick and roll, and then you have you you you you can't just let them walk into a three. So you got to do something else and tatum especially is gotten. So crafty he had he had that one gorgeous eurostep where he can have you know lean to his left and hung in the air and banked it off the glass and and and and on the broadcast they made a big deal about about how you know earlier in his career. He would have settled for you know a leaning ten footer, but he took the one extra dribble to get all the way to the. Rim with that, it's those kind of things that are really you know separating him as an offensive player. Yeah. I got a few more just kind of non sequitur observations feel free to break in in response to some of these I thought Kemba was really good defensively within his his limitations. So he took that charge on Siaka he was fighting actually like protected the room without falling a couple times on vanfleet and lowry early in the game. Stola back door pass that looked like it was open like I. Thought he really competed hard at a lot of credit for that at his is not known as a defensive player of them. I thought that Boston really has the. Advantage with their starting group out there, and when they have to go to the bench doesn't look as good particularly multiple bench players and when I say the starting group, I really mean the four perimeter guys that start with hayward out when they have all four of those guys on the floor their communication is so seemless. They can start to break down for them a little bit on both ends when they go to to some of these bench guys So how many minutes those guys are GonNa play an all play together because Nick is definitely gonNA play his main guys more minutes than Brad Stevens is until he's at least until they four Stevens to do that. I kind of in this series, I would almost include Thais with that also, I, know y'all again, Williams was really good today today. Yeah. No, it could easily go sideways also was exhausted after playing like four minutes in a row. They got a cycle him out faster I think like towards the end of the first in particular he was just suck in wind. Yeah. Maybe. It's your guide grant. Williams, that can get a little time at center. I'm always here for more grant. Time. Toronto needs to do more to get lowry in getting downhill a little bit I think yeah. He's got the just because when he gets in those situations, he does have that ability to fling himself into guys and griffiths free throws. That's just such a joy to watch. At like aesthetics aside like it works it works. That's why that's why it annoys me apart. and. You know Siaka is is going to at least on today's evidence is going to struggle to create advantages in. Situations and that's sort of always been the worry about about. Vanfleet. You know looking towards you know whatever whatever happens with him this off season is you know? He's he's an excellent player who is going to be as highly hood of being miscast in a more leading role. Shall we say so it's it's it's going to be you know same as it ever was on lowery to kind of be the guy be the tip of the spear a little bit and I think they need to do more that they. Had one kind of stretch in the third quarter where he he he came off pick and rolls hard and got into the paint several several times and that she needs to happen more that you could tell though that Boston both particularly him it was show your hands if you are guarding Kyle lowry and he tries to drive and we are going. To make him finish it through I noted the difference between you know it was the second unit guys who Larry was getting alive. He got like three fouls like right at the end of the third early for the missed a couple of free throws which was critical as they tried to build a comeback, but you can tell they're like, no, we are. Not Giving up these BS spousal lower. We're GONNA make him actually finish at the Rim and you know he struggled to do that in this one. Yeah. Another thing for Toronto is marcus souls gotta be willing to shoot the ball. Yeah. for from three and particularly thanks very in particular. Yeah I. You know I can say that that was A. You know he last year's in the conference. Finals. of We started guarding him or using his mankind of freely as a helper and pick and roll and first couple of games that series he would be took couple made a couple but it it did seemed like starting later in the series like, okay. Every time I, catch it I'm GONNA shoot if there's no guarding me and you know he's he has to do that if they're going to. He doesn't want to go to just like ping it around the perimeter. He doesn't want to but he's a good enough shooter that he's got to shoot it. He just has to they need him too. Yeah. He was actually more aggressive around the rim in this game which I appreciate it I mean you noticed in Boston was just so locked in on the tendencies for try you mentioned the Siachen thing I forget who it was guarding him in the Post Gazelle knowing that he on the Left Block, he loves to get middle for that Hook shot and doesn't really like to go baseline and they they were so concerned with not letting them get middle that finally he had to take the base on he actually made the layup, but it was kind of awkward but I thought just the. Coaching from Boston and what they do just avoiding some of the usual mistakes I talked about that. As one of the big things you have to avoid making mistakes against US raptors offense, and if you can do that and actually make them beat you that you can be in a pretty good place in that they did that today for sure. Yeah and then obviously, and this is why when I You know I think you agree with me on on what I said on Danny show is that there's this is a series where where like in game the momentum is going to be pretty big and so starting off better defensively for them, get get them get themselves some Some easy looks just entrance of some the the one thing I disagree with you on I'm not sure this raptors team can blow out the Celtics I. Just don't know if they can score unless they're just going to get. A crap ton at turnovers but they actually forced twenty two turnovers in this game low key that's gonNA improve you would think for Boston. So even if they shoot worse from three day at least will have more chances at it. any other cricketers on this game not I don't think so I think again it's it's I it is. This is one of those games because it was so seemed. So emphatic that you just have to remind yourself that game too was starting zero zero and. Especially, as we get later in the playoffs, kind of these early series blowouts are have less of an indicator as they might be earlier in the playoffs where you know there's more kind of obvious mismatches and talents where yeah of course they bloom out because they're much better whereas these are pretty evenly matched teams and this just kind of happens fairmount in the playoffs I, I had a couple more notes Toronto Played Gulick together early in the second quarter perhaps due to Siaka having three fouls owls I thought that lineup actually looked pretty decent. they went to a two three zone a lot of the time when they had those guys in there and I particularly against some of these Boston backup units like grant Williams was out there during that period that might not shoot it as well. I would consider maybe trying to steal. So minutes with those two guys and really just completely barricading everything with the height of at least give that a look those that was a unit that they went to against Philli last year and it worked. Okay. So those guys have played together before you. Can Get away with with guarding Jaylen Brown's Baca Orleans. That's part of why you with his own there in that group well, no, but let me ask you another way. Do you think you can? Oh Yeah. Yeah, man do you think you can bait Jalen Brown into a he like jalen Brown was a little trigger. Happy Today. Do you think you can beat him into that a little bit more if you show him well search bacchus guarding you and I don't think that's a that's not a great matchup for Toronto. But I think I would rather Jalen Brown working that matchup than Kim Bo or tatum kind of coming up coming off the pick and roll. Yeah. It's probably rare that they would be. Forced into that because EPOCA and get sold together going against their starters probably not gonNA happen that much and Brown also cooked Horford who kind of a similar defender to balk at this point I might be better than him. So I I think if they just really can't stop the Celtics maybe I consider that but I not a huge fan of that one. Well, certainly part of it is is is also because of you like you know Brown acidic enough to get himself in trouble and so. That is a way that you know you can actually generate some pace the other way off some of those kind of questionable shot at temps. Yeah. For for submits layups. which are easy to run off of I thought that the Celtics particularly late in the clock had some good success with tatum pick and POPs with Walker Inc particularly at the end of games I might consider to going with that tatum slipping the screen because they did a really good job. I thought it making tatum's catches difficult like when they run that series where they can start with tatum at the free throw line he runs a little iverson cut to the weighing like they were forcing him to catch that further out on the floor where he wasn't as comfortable as that's a way. To kind of get tatum a little bit of an advantage to attack particularly, if og is guarding him, kind of doesn't really WanNa leave him that much so that that's what I'd like to see more from Boston. Yeah. He'd he did get one or two pretty pretty easy catches effort for good looks at three off of you know not even really almost more of a cross than even like a pick and pop like he the yeah. It's like you say he's he's not really saying sending back. He's not really slipping to the rim either just kind of waving at the defender and running to the. Opposite wing in and Kim was kind of reversing the bottom right away. But both defenders Kinda stick with them for just that be and I thought they got like like you said I think they got a couple of of good looks off of that and two more things I would say walker had you know looked like he kinda reinjured his knee on a euro and transition and but looked fine after that. But that's something to watch. Yeah. Maybe because he's had issues with that that left knee and I at one more thing Oprah wanamaker I thought looked really good in the bubble just overall. He's really sped up his release used to four from three like no, dip it all now, which I didn't remember like he's really like made himself into a better spot up shooter and he was he was totally adequate and he's a tough defensive guard, and then you can get away with playing him. 'CAUSE Toronto plays to small guards as well. So I thought he gave them a lot in this game. Yeah. Like you said, it's good good series for him. Good matchup for him. A Holy Shit were fifty minutes and I. We go a little quicker on Dallas Dallas Clippers though here I think Use It on twitter but feel free to elaborate here that this just seemed like a series where one team figured the other one out. Yeah. especially with no, no porzingus. Dallas just kind of kind of ran out of ideas we talked earlier about about. Rural. Sorry. My chair just broke but that's okay. Let's continue here. I have to it has like this piece that I periodically have to adjust like once a month because it gets loose and it just Okay. I felt starting to slip and I was like I up distract him I couldn't mute in time but I'm quite comfortable though. Don't worry. We're not. We're not editing this out either this you're getting the raw goods here live radio. I thought it was a cat attack, which is something we both share in our European. No. My cats are are a little more little more chill than yours. Okay. Let me see if any I'm not being stocked by feeling. No. So we talked earlier about you know how Utah was just sort of devolving into kind of five out and going one on one. I, think that with porzingas out really looked like that's where alison up way too much and you know Luca had a had had kind of one burst where he's good enough that kind of brought them back to six but it was just I. It's it's such a tough road to hoe just having guys spread out and him you know chasing down the teeth of a defense every time with nobody else who's really able to create anything and especially if with Tim Hardaway not playing. Great not having a ton of other guys that the defense is really keyed it on like, okay. I close out on on Mexico but if he shoots the three we we think we won that possession. Yeah. He was a little better in this game, but he struggled overall in this series. I mean to me I. Thought Kawai was just unbelievable again like he's with all the fireworks that we've had. If you wanted to ask me who looks like the best player in the NBA right now it's still quite Leonard to me is Robo Cop like this just like the catch the ball here I'm GonNa Stare at you until you put your hand down than sticking jumper in your face. and. They'll do it again and I'll do it again and Oh, you sent us off double at me. We'll swing swing and landed little in an open three and that was like they Dallas made that run to get it to six, and then from there, it was just utter devastation. In their next six possessions like the Clippers scored fourteen points just off of mid post ISOS for for Kawhi well, and the other thing that change there too was they took much hair out of the game and put into Peach Zoo bots. No, it's. Unusual. For him to get closing minutes but he was he was good and it and it has always been weird why they why they would never look at the music. He's a guy who has had good rim protection numbers for his his career and isn't you know he's he's obviously not super mobile, but he's not immobile especially against a team like Dallas where you know who are. You worried about seems like having him as a deterrent at the rim is is helpful well, because Luca could just get right to the basket when he's not in there and he really caused problems for Luca, hit a couple layups around him in this game but he definitely really makes them think about it and when Herald is in Luca can just parade in there and do. He's one of the best room protectors when he's in positioning in the NBA and I thought he was really good tonight and we'll see whether that changes in whatever the next series is but I think doc rivers he's trying to get herald back into things but negative nineteen fifteen minutes and he doesn't look as explosive as he had heralds been a really good player for them and I think there will be times that they can get back into it where his mobility and switching can help. A. Little bit more. But with Luka's ability to get to the basket finish, it was just a really bad match for Harrell particularly given, you know the basically taking a month off Do obvious reasons with his personal absence but he definitely has a ways to go to back to being the player. He was during the regular season Dallas broke out zone finally I thought it worked for a little bit in the second and third quarter when they kind of got back into it. Just, a particularly enabled them to play pope on which was good where they weren't getting pick and roll to death with somebody can kind of hang out around the rim little bit. He won his match up with Harrell, again so that he was plus sixteen and Seventeen minutes I thought that was a good adjustment from Carlisle but you know it was just way too much i. they tried to do something like those double drags against the clippers trapping. They also shot terribly from three eleven. Out of thirty seven, if they'd shot better, maybe it would have a little closer. But I I definitely agree everything was really really difficult for the mats in this one. Even if Luca had thirty eight points finished Smith, was their second leading score was sixteen and Hardaway had a miserable game on any other just general thoughts on that series at all. No I feel like we've maybe were a little robbed just pausing absence I. think that that become more than a little rock that becomes a very. Very intriguing series. I do think that that that. You know I don't want to make it sound like this is I'm praising them but I think that the that the mavericks at the Clippers definitely succeeded to some extent kind of getting in Lucas head now does it matter he had three eight on twenty eight shots and but you know just the amount of of kind of complaining he he was doing at every. Yeah. Every trip to the basket now he does that but it was it was. Accentuated and I think that he was he was operating at a kind of a higher RPM than the normal emotionally and you know is that worth getting? You know getting a guy kicked out for with what seemed like a pretty blatant cheap shot probably not but it also seemed like the clippers Def definitely made a point of being as abrasive. As possible kind of throughout the series and to some degree you have to say it was effective. I'm going to say that Marcus Morris doesn't have much control over whether he's Abrasive or not. Yeah but while. At the same time you. But that's the guy they traded for ghastly also like the clippers were very we've like they're they've had the most vocal bench in the lead up to the entire bubble and even amped it up know another another couple levels throughout this trout the just just. Chirpiness and Yeah Herald Beverly Marcus Morris like those those guys a do not have a lot of chill in them for a personality standpoint. But I mean, this is pretty impressive for the clippers. I. Thought that maybe without Morris, they could be in trouble because they would have to play Lou Williams and Reggie Jackson Reggie Jackson was actually I mean please negative five but he's been shooting the shit out of the ball from three, which is really helped and then I mean they did this essentially without to starters and this wasn't close in the end even saw granite demands didn't have porzingas either but I hear you on dodger I. Think he really You. There's that. Play in crunch time of game one where he was complaining to the routes and just gave up a wide open three to Marcus Morris because he was still complaining like you know he's got to cut that shit out. But at twenty one, he's got time to do that. Yeah. Just it just the kind of the luxury of the clippers have is, oh, we got okay Marcus Morris kicked out well, Jim Greens here. Yeah, and he was you know didn't have a huge stat line what he was they were plus twenty with him in the game I thought he was just having a we got a very important player kicked out but then we have another, you know very competent. Rotation player and every team in the playoffs guy that we can we can just go to to do roughly the same things That's a that's a luxury that that that they have like I was surprised that no point in the series of they ever like you know dust off Rodney mcgruder and try him on on. Yucca. They ended up like not really needing it but that's that's kind of the the depth and versatility of of this clippers rosters, Yeah Paul George, the redemption story looked like it was going to continue. He was great in the first quarter, but he finished with an ugly fifteen point six of nineteen five turnovers did have seven assists, which was was something, but maybe his struggles are not totally in the rear view mirror yet but we'll have a lot more time to talk about this clippers team after they roll through whoever they're playing next. Rhonda. In Five Games and I think that's all I got a on this series so Thanks so much for listening south. Thanks for joining us. You can read him at the athletic and bureau don't on prime subscriber stick around south and we're gonNA, talk a little bit about an article he wrote about Joel Embiid and just the general idea of tearing players, ranking players, how much championship equity they'll give you a so switchover to dunked on prime where you can subscribe at dunked on dot supporting cast dot FM. We got a week left on our presale to get that special presale pricing that others forever at that special presale price saw take into that and you can listen to south the right now if you want to.

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