NFL Week 15 Overreaction Monday


Great News there's a quick way you can save money switch to Geico Geico could help you get great coverage at a great price and it only takes fifteen minutes to see if you could save fifteen percent or more more on car insurance go to GEICO DOT com today and see how much you could save. It's coming up on NFL. There's a new top dog in the NFC after Sunday. Do the forty niners to have something to worry about after their home upset loss. The cowboys snapped a three-game skid to remain at the top of the NFC. We'll talk about who who has the edge between Dallas and Philly for that division and the Patriots still in the center of another off the field issue latest the NFL's investigation into New England uh-huh videotaping incident coming up. We are happy to have you with US Monday afternoon at Christmastime Wendy's Knicks. Chris Mortensen Ryan Clark and Tim Hasselbeck. We start with what was a dramatic turn of events in San Francisco. Here's how it played out seconds to go. Oh this could be the difference between what in the NFC Western ride. The snap clock starts bad roads. In Zone Hooper touchdown at Austin Austin Hooper the touchdown TAT's Shanahan can't believe it. Marshall Harris is saying that ball hit the ground. This'll be discussing here because this looks like this bowl comes. CBS Lose at the end. This Park Avenue and river on it was called a touchdown. Boy I don't know here. What are the ground is incomplete? That land is GonNa have one more shot last play of the game throwing crossing route. I I don't think he got in tackling Chai that should be. This is going to be something. Komo News Atlanta's good a win gable the final play and there you go that Julio Oh Jones touchdown could have massive implications in the NFC playoff graceful for the touchdown. The niners were sixty five percent favorites to get home field advantage. According to our our football power index now that drops to forty four percent with the seahawks close behind saints packers also stole their Homefield. Chances go ups up with the forty niners law. So it's Monday. And what do we do. We overreact I'll say this. The forty niners offense is too inconsistent to win the Super Bowl. Ryan is overreact. Listen that's an overreaction for me we've watched this often it's progress throughout the season. It's been because Kyle Shanahan is fine ways to get Jimmy G.. Open looks and also get this running game going if you look at what went on yesterday. It was some defensive issues. You're missing to starting defensive bags missing. Tart also Richard Sherman. They also had a fumble by George Kiddo later late in the game and he's a guy you know you can count on most times. They're so for me. Obviously you want Jimmy G.. Eighty to play well week in week out. But there's going to be some inconsistencies. There this is a complete team with a very good. Hey coach so I expect them to fix these things and they can can win games down the stretch because they're so versatile offensively and also great on defense event. It's an overreaction for me I think it's a really good defense I agree with Ryan said I mean they. They lost the game could have been a different outcome with a couple of different things. Maybe some healthcare players. I also think we need to give Atlanta a little bit the credit because Atlanta team that since their bye week has been hard for basically. Everybody takes they've done a really good job. This is pro football. You know there are very few teams that You know aren't competitive. And I would not put the Falcons in that group is facing just looked at the place that Julio Humaidan football game. You're defending has good of a wide receiver you'll see in the NFL so okay. It's a disappointing loss. Because of the swing for the forty niners. It'll be a one of the five seat obviously brutal. Yeah I mean if they learned that way but at the same time I think you also have to look at what Atlanta's has done take that into consideration when you look at this loss me I don't mean to cut you. Look at what this team has done. You beat the saints at home. And you beat the San Francisco for by came back as I different the pass rush. Yeah we're going to review a little bit more about Dan Quinn. The head goes to the balance of what he's done. Since he's restructure restructure. The staff with that Falcons team. In that Falcons defense specifically but I'd say it's an overreaction because the forty nine I'm never going to worry about Shanahan's off it yeah I do think you know we we can wonder about Jimmy Garoppolo now and then but he met read is GonNa come back one of the running backs at some point. They're going to get all hands on deck and defense. Yep We we forget. The defense actually helps an off field position time of possession things like that so therefore I am not. I'm not concerned about them. Yes do you want to buy because it gives you one less game have an injury or injuries but I think the forty niners will be very much in the in very competitive and I mean you we look at this team and obviously when you see what happens yesterday. It's kind of alarming like you said because you drop from one to five but also think about this team's three losses you lose because you have a rookie field goal kicker. WHO's a backup or who you just Missouri Kip kick against the Seattle seahawks? You lose to. Julio Jones and Atlanta Falcons here and then the most accurate Gary Kicker of all the time beats you on the road in Baltimore. This is a very good team that has lost some really close games. We haven't seen him taken to the woodshed at all this year. So Oh to say. This offense isn't good because of daylight yesterday. Just isn't cool. Also they've been close games. Both all three of those losses came down to the last minute. So it's just been in some ways fluke doc situations having said that that can be all the difference in the playoffs. Yeah so You know because we talked about Nubia. In Austin Hooper. Play that hit the ground. They notified that touchdown. Whoa there was some people looking at it and I'm like I I think the balls on his foot you know like yeah? It was moving but I think we I don't not sure it ever hit the ground surprise but I will say this for as much criticism as we've given our river on and the League office. I'm reviews I think if that game had ended on awesome hooper touchdown. I think we'd be talking about that a whole lot today. I think the fact that the and they got it right and who Jones because remember the on field officials not called it. So you know you have to. That was I liked the way it finished. Going to. Finish with the Falcons score. Yeah I think I think that's a fair assessment as well we move onto the cowboys where there's no doubt they're saying thank you with equal Elliott. Today he had a hundred and three rushing yards early in the second half finished with the hundred and sixty total yards to go along with two touchdowns as the cowboys. He's embarrassed the rams they now face all important divisional rematch with the eagles. That will possibly quite probably will decide that division. Here's Jerry Jones and Dak Prescott after the game. Just what the golden get you out of. Whatever you're in and I must say I guess we'll have to get me a new coin flip Colorado no seriously really. Are they proud. Because that does renewed teams Confidence in its work. This one was richly deserved. Urban Kimbler good momentum is a dangerous thing and it's about getting it on our side and We've got a bill to mate simple as that. We're not we're still not where we WANNA being we. We haven't necessarily peaked but we're headed in the right direction and we just gotta continue to building better so the cowboys hang onto the lead in the NFC thanks to their head to had win over the Eagles in week. Seven Dallas can clinch with a win in Philadelphia on Sunday. That would make the cowboys to first team to repeat as NFC Z.. East Champs since two thousand and four overreaction. Monday continues with this. The Cowboys Will Win The NFC East Gentlemen. This is not an overreaction and it's not necessarily about the cowboys. Although the team that showed up yesterday was the team that Jerry Jones had been expecting all all season long. This is why he's been so upset with coaching upset with losing games. He expects to win because he believed that he put a roster together. That could do exactly what they did yesterday. But when you look at the Eagles in I think you have to give some credits Carson Wentz in what he's found a way to do against the Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington redskins no matter what to say about those two teams the Philadelphia Eagles are depleted. He threw a touchdown to an ex quarterback who was playing in a different lead who was described this year. Greg Ward who has who had to make a great place to catch over Josh Norman. WHO's a pro bowler in his career? So what that team has done is great. But the reason it's so impressive is because their depleted and they have the secondary that hasn't played well all season so as much as the Dallas cowboys should win. Because they're the better roster the Philadelphia. Eagles are just playing with one hand tied behind their backs. It's not an overreaction or no it was when the NFC so you think they will. Cowboys is not an overreaction. Listen to Dallas Ah. They played great in the second quarter and their concerns. Were on defense if you talked to them internally. They were really concerned about the defense scientists technique coordination between backhand in the front end and they got that straighten up the eagles as Ryan said are depleted group now. They're going to be at home but the cowboys. I think what was record cowboys had done quite well there. Lincoln finance together and under Jason Gear. So they're not go in there and play but they're the better team and yeah. Yeah I mean listen. The Eagles were down by fourteen at home to the New York giants a week ago and then yesterday you saw the rally against the redskins and it's because Carson wentz answered answered the bell at the very moment he needed to. It's not an overreaction. I agree with both of you guys. I think the other aspect of it is more. You said the better team. I would agree with that and I think when they played their best football. Let's just be honest. They just ran the rams off field. Yeah the rams have been up and down all season long but you know all we talk about is how Aaron dolls the best defensive player in the League and how they got other guys in their front and they embarrass them yesterday to backs combined gopher over you know about two hundred fifty yards like that's an embarrassment and the national football so you you know I I just I look at what they can be when they are playing well running the football they have good players on defense. I I just. I'd have a quarterback at the beginning of the season. People are talking about well maybe he's playing an MVP level. I think can be really good. If this really in fact is momentum trump you know to kind of propel them into the postseason. I think they're dangerous team in the postseason because it'd be hosting winning the Division in your host playoff game and he's got to get a mouthful of that run game. That could be a problem for just about anybody in next week. When they lose to the Eagles next month we'll be talking about different different cities? It's been tough. Look they get into wins you talking about a championship. I mean you just. You just don't know what the team that has that kind of talent they could get hot. And then you talk about Jason Garrett. That's for another time but keep his job. Won't we already had it gone. But you never know. Drew brees will look to settings the other record on the Monday night stage in two thousand eleven. He broke Dan Marino's single season passing record. With a nine yard touchdown to Darren sproles in the fourth quarter last season. He broke Peyton Manning's all time passing record when he hit trade. Kwame Smith for a sixty two yard score and now three touchdowns sounds away from breaking manning's all time record. That could mean another Monday. Milestone moment and who will be there. Lisa saulters from the Mercedes Benz superdome Super Dome and Lisa. The saints can stay in the conversation for a postseason by with a win tonight. Do you get the sense. They've been able to move on quickly from that loss in the wild wild showdown with San Francisco last Sunday. Yeah when do you really do Sean. Payton said last week's game against the forty niners felt like a playoff game and felt like the number one seed in the NFC NFC was on the line because it Kinda was now in the three spot. Payton said yes. It was a difficult loss but he said he told his players. We're GONNA play in bigger games than and that one and we just might see the forty niners again so we gotta move on Drew brees and the offense put forty six points on the board last week. But the Saints Defense gave about forty eight a unit that until last week had really been the team's backbone for much of the Season Defensive End Cam Jordan said it was back to basics for the this week in practice. The challenge has been made for our defense. He said coaches to players players two players. This is a full blown respond week for the defense. He said we'll see if the D. does respond. It's also an elimination game for the colts. Their best offensive weapon T. Y.. Hilton has not played since week. Twelve with a calf injury Andre. What is his status Lisa for tonight? Yeah when he's GonNa play and that's certainly good news for Indianapolis T Y Hilton. His miss six games this season and the culture one in five in in those games he hasn't played since we twelve because of a calf injury and head coach. Frank Right said he wasn't going to play Hilton until he was one hundred percent right told us last night that though Hilton was limited in practice this week he was able to go at full speed and is fully healthy. Colts quarterback Jacoby. Oh be percents at. He's pretty sure that teams have different. Defensive plans for playing against them based on whether Hilton is playing or not he just commands that type of respect. And he's right. Wendy Wendy Hilton's career average of fifteen point six yards. A catch is third highest in the League among active players. Lisa thank you. We'll check back in shortly for the a cold's We mentioned this but they absolutely need a win to keep their playoff hopes alive. They are eliminated with one more loss on the other. Hand The saints to win to keep pace in the race for home-field advantage in the NFC with the seahawks packers niners all sitting at eleven and three one big key. Clearly for indies defense. Tonight we'll be keeping the league's leading receiver. Michael Thomas in check is the colts secondary. Have what it takes to have a plan to do something differently than quite quite honestly basically what happened is done Michael. Thomas already is over one hundred catches season. The next closest leading receiver for the Saints is Ted Ginn August Twenty eight receptors like that. That's incredible it just goes to show you how much of their passing attack rolls through Michael Thomas which means you know we we. We praise Bill Belichick when he takes a guy. You know out of a game plan. When that's their number one guy make somebody else? Beat you. Don't get beat by what the team does. Best best has not been the same. I don't know if it's a quad injury. What's been what's ailing him? But he hasn't been the same and so the everything basically has run through Michael Thomas us. If I'm the colts I'm doing everything I can to double him as many times as I can throughout the game so that he doesn't do what he's done all season long for me it's about the other side of the ball and the New Orleans Saints Defense when Teddy Bridgewater was the quarterback of this team. They go on to run because the defense played extremely. Well they may play on special may okay please on special teams and Michael Thomas. Teddy Bridgewater found ways to make enough place to win. Game sits the Atlanta Falcons. This defense hasn't been the same. Michelle Marshon Lattimore. Latimore goes out in that game. Julio Jones gets rolling and they lose go to Carolina Carolina puts up they play against Carolina. Carolina puts up thirty one against this team as well and you give up almost fifty to this effort Cisco Forty niners. This defense needs to figure out a way to get back to playing high level football because when they won the super bowl which Sean Payton it drew brees. It was because of defense when they played extremely. Well it's been because the defense has excelled and brought up brought something different to the team other than just drew brees doing everything they need to get back to that if they want to compete with some of these great teams in the NFC Bingo. Because there's so much focus on drew brees the Michael Thomas. That's all anybody talks about that defense. I think that was that was the unit gave Sean Payton in the organization. The confidence factor that they could get no super bowl but they have lost in the last few weeks sheldon rankings. Former number one pick on the defensive line and Marcus Davenport with year a pass rusher. That's why I say everybody's pay attention to the waiver. Wire today Terrell suggs. We'll find out which team put in a claim for him. He's going to be more than one team. We all know he would like to go to the Baltimore Ravens but their last waiver order in terms of pick claims the the saints with pick before them and sucks could probably help them out five and a half sacks and four forced fumbles with cardinals. He wants to go to the Ravens. He doesn't get his choice in this. He's not an expensive pickup. But I think somebody before even the saints Make their claim We'll we'll probably claim to ourselves and have them help. That's what the Saints Are Missing Missing Right now. And they can't get that back. What is it what drew brees and Monday night? I think we'll see that record. Yes you think. Painting men video again the records. Yeah you peyton manning videos on Monday night. We'll see and we'll check back with Lisa saulters shortly bold statement saving money with GEICO's almost better better than watching football. Think about it when you're watching the game yelling at the quarterback to throw the ball throw it Williams is wide open. Why are you doing this to me? Use that rocket arm. Come on they. Don't listen to you but if you went into a GEICO office and yelled someone please help me save some money on car insurance. Everyone would to it except the intern. Because it's his first day and he doesn't doesn't even have a computer yet. See better switch and save with GEICO. It's almost better than sports. Five teams clinched playoff berths yesterday. The seahawks the packers and forty niners in the NFC the Patriots and the bills out of the AFC do not forget saints. Ravens and chiefs have already already punch their ticket to the postseason leaving four spots up for grabs. The Patriots pulled away in the second. Half against the Bengals on Sunday to snap their two game losing streak but all is not quite right. It's Tom Brady completely. Just thirty. Five percent of his passes to wide receivers none gaining more than fifteen yards that brings us to overreactions on this Monday as he often does. Mike Tannenbaum joins us. Tim Doesn't like it when you come back. Told me the more he asks when he had to go to. BCC thing they're all right. Listen we are going to let you start as I say say that the Patriots offense will prohibit another super bowl run. Is that an overreaction. I think that's a slight overreaction. The one name to keep an eye on is ankle Harry their first round pick. I really liked this guy coming out. He remind me a lot of Anquan. Boldin we still have chronologically. We've got to keep on. We have another six weeks ago. Here's a lot of practice time left and a lot of reps that he can get more comfortable with Tom Brady. He made a big play yesterday against natty and to me. He's the one explosive element that they can exploit on offense watch. Muhammad to new I think is best behind him. Julian Element looks beat up. But I think Harry difference maker. Yeah I I won't sit on the fence. The way might get it just. It's an overreaction but basically what you're saying Mike is that I do think that that ends up getting better. I think that it. They're just well enough coached that I think we'll see improvement. I think they're bigger issue. Outside of wide receiver has been the offense and I think Dante scarring Akia with you know. Potentially another six weeks of coaching. Those guys I think improves the play along the offensive line. I think that tossed mcdaniels does a good job of helping create offense when they need to be created. And you know when you look at New England England. The one thing that that really hasn't happened with them at of underperforming the quarterbacks not turning the football that's really the fastest way to lose. And so oh I think if you had a quarterback turn the ball over. He was playing like Philip rivers was playing like rivers. It'd be like yeah they're going to hold it also not eleven and three is breathing But there are eleven and three and so no. I don't think that it's I don't think it's going to get him out of Super Bowl. I won't be at. Yeah I mean I I mean I think. It's an overreaction. But in saying it's an overreaction in is not saying. I think they're a team. That's going to go to the super bowl but it's just hard to count on team. That's so well coached a team. That has so much experience on that side of the ball at the quarterback quarterback position and also with Josh mcdaniels being offensive coordinator. We Watch this team struggled through the Super Bowl offensively but find a way to win and I think complete team. It's not just about what they can do from an office standpoint and so when you play against the New England patriots you understand. You're going to have to beat them in all phases as of the game. Not just one and they'll find ways to make plays you see yesterday. Struggled throughout the first-half you get Gilead. come up with an interception. He comes up with the pick. Six and offense got rolling a little bit. Tom Brady does have to play better but in order to do that he also needs to be protected. I'm going on the Overreaction part on this one uh and it was the the Tom Brady's passed and kill. Harry opened my eyes a little bit. I said and four or five more weeks that may be a little more dynamic and the offensive line absolutely absolutely has to be better and Tom Brady like any quarterback and especially any forty two year old quarterback. We haven't seen many say they don't like to get hit But he still does a good job of taking the sack and not having many turnovers. You think they're going to get the six because they are the Patriots. It doesn't mean the Tom Brady has to play that Tom Brady level. Yeah well I saw Peyton manning when a super bowl in his last season where he wasn't Peyton manning we all knew but he understood what complimentary football mess John Elway same thing with Super Bowl. Ah John Elway is the same thing and I know this on the other side of the ball. Guess Default view more and all the players so I don't think the offense is going to hold him down. I'm not totally buying on the offense but I think knowing that team you have to give them the benefit of doubt that it's going to grow. It's going to get better aver another benefit of the doubt and the Football Iq. That Tom Brady has that comes with all these years. It can't compensate compensate for everything but it can certainly make a difference long of course with the head coach. That wasn't the only story of course about the Patriots over the weekend. Last week a story broke about a videography videography hired by the team reportedly following a patriots advance scout as part of a web series now the NFL has been investigating that footage wooded which we had not seen before now until Fox aired the tape on Sunday. Take a look in. This is a piece. This your sell me on your scalp. Yeah come on guys odds Erickson. I don't see the advance scout the footage. That's not trying to get some feel perspective that you can make that. That's why you would think you could perfect but I can delete this right if you the damage is done. My friend is the weekend who once again bye bye. Johnny gone Here's Roger Goodell has disciplined the Patriots twice before as the Commissioner. The two thousand seven spy gate scandal resulted in fines and the loss of a first round pick. And the two thousand fifteen deflategate punishment even harsher with Tom Brady serving a four-game suspension. In Two thousand sixteen. Here's our former patriot. Tedy Bruschi yesterday on Sunday. NFL countdown. Who I thought this was a good idea? They've denied it. and Bill said that he has nothing to do with craft productions and I know crash productions and there are separate part of the building but however craft production is under the umbrella which is the New England patriots so it looks bad with everything. Good that's going on with the organization this year in terms of the celebration of the NFL. One one hundred talking about Bill Belichick as one of the one of the best coaches of all time him and save in this week talking about their philosophies and why they're such coaches and then you get this in all well it does is open up that wound and open up that scab so everybody can just say they're cheaters once again. What were we thinking? I'm a member of the New England page for my entire career and I'm thinking what were you thinking that this was a good idea to bring in a camera crew. Still you want to do your job series. I've seen it with the video personnel with Jim Willett Waylon and the training staff there. Good little pizzas. Yes but this one. This was the wrong idea to do it. They weren't thinking they weren't thinking what it would proceed. How the optics were and I? Don't blame the League and I don't believe anyone out there. That reopens all of this stuff and give you an easy opportunity to call the New England Patriots cheaters because of all their success because the way it looks is terrible and I don't like the way it looks and I'm disappointed that someone didn't have the awareness in that organization not to go through and say wait a second. Maybe we shouldn't do this because it doesn't look good that he's former teammate. Tom Brady addressed the latest patriots controversy this morning on W. E. IN BOSTON. Yeah I don't think any player gave it one second thought so not something that you know. You're registered so he just move on man. It's there's a lot of distractions out there. And if you lose focusing on on your job and that's a really a waste of time so there's a lot of you know people out there that you know it's they. They can create distractions for us. But you know we just want to go out there and focus on what we can do and what our job is it is and try to go out there and play with us. We can't the investigation by the League is ongoing in the commissioner said. Last week they would not make any comment until they had all all the information more. Where are we now well? It's a very tight lipped. NFL League office and and they're telling everybody the same thing. I'm talking about teams. They're they're going to be comprehensive antsy so they say and there's not going to be any time line and you'll know probably about thirty minutes before they tell the teams Or tell the pages what the discipline discipline will be and the expectation. There will be disciplined Last week they got tape they were. We also saw yesterday. They already had all that. NFL security does the rest of the League office. They were in Dallas for the League meetings as you know and then they had labor negotiations so they really start crunching today this week. and so we'll see whether this goes fast There's no doubt that the Patriots have admitted. They admitted everything that we saw on that tape and Diana ever seen actually reported that conversation As well as just but that audio and video will energize this and energize in such a way that you understand why tedy Bruschi who's been called the perfect Patriot by bill check himself with so frustrated and hurt and thought. Yeah who thought this was a good idea and the league itself I do. I believe As Roger Goodell said history will be taken into account. The key thing is can they tie football operations in any way possible to the video offer and the production crew. That's the key and did the advance scout himself. And you know what advance scouts do Did he instruct them at all to to videotape. That'll it'll be a key to this as well Mike. You were a d. m. g. m. with the jets when A number of these situations involving New England were ongoing. What is your expectation for? Alternate what the League decides to to to kind of piggyback on what Mort said just to take you behind the curtains the way organizations work. You have football. You have business and these sort of things where you're trying to create pieces social media content video shows that's on the business side so on the football side we may have a very loose understanding getting of. Hey these are the three or four people were features on these are the general themes but bill bell checks the coach he's the GM he has doesn't have the time or the wherewithal to say. Hey what's going over there with a more specific with that said somebody on that side of the House has to know what the rules are made. Sure that their Follow carefully so there. There should be some sort of fine for this but this has nothing to do with football operations getting ready. Play the Bengals or the bills. It's a million miles apart the optics I get. It are bad ensure sure they didn't follow protocol but this has nothing to do with ultimately what everyone's concerned about did they have a competitive advantage and absolutely they didn't because this is again they were trying to capture for content for some of their online programming. The two of you see when you. I don't see necessarily anything that that helps a great deal. Obviously it was a a short snippet of the video more than anything tedy Bruschi because it was stupid but we are looking at the organization. And you understand. The history of your organization's defines the the accusations of cheating. You should know okay. This one might not be the one that we need to do and if we are going in to do it we need to do it. In a certain way so it was a it was a lack of organization. Wherewithal you have to be aware of the way that you are preceded and to go out there and do this or to have somebody who can actually say I didn't know I didn't understand the rule that is unacceptable? And now I'm a guy who's a Pittsburgh steeler and has been on the side of many fans ends believing that the New England patriots had cheated. I still believe that they cheat before. I don't think this time it was that situation. I don't think the football operations had anything to do with this but it is a huge black I. They will be punished and they should be It's a really bad sense of awareness teddy's right about that. I think a couple of things jump out to me terms of what you you see on the video. Is there a lot that you can glean from the video. No I don't believe there is especially with the coach to quarterback or coaches defensive play caller communication that exist in the NFL. Does that mean that signals no longer exist in the NFL. No that's not what it means. There are plenty of people that still signal and they'll signal adjustment so so you can get information like is it as vital as the actual play call. No but you can get information and you know taking the Patriots out of any time someone is cheating. There's just looking for some small advantage to help them to give them some type of an edge and I would just say this. I got my perspective. Most definitely was this probably. Was this. Do Your job feature and all of that is tight. As that shot is on the sideline that was surprising to me just plain and simple all surprising to the bengals security guy to be like wait a minute. That's not the field that is this tight as you can get on the sideline and that's what he said. That and there Stephen Even my last Monday night right. So I'm saying that is tight okay. And if he's been there for eighteen years he was working there when spy gate was going on. Aw right like there is a lot. And so the the the point that there's two houses and there's the business side and there's the football side Teddy said it. It's under the umbrella of the New England Patriots. Ah Part of it for for me when you look at. That is look I I it is look. They also did a feature on the equipment equipment out. You know what I mean. There was an element of that. We might not have been a great idea. Do something on on the cameraman or the people in the control room. That's what this type of series is the people that the fans the public. Just don't get to see what they do. Now let me let me just throw this out there. The previous operation two thousand seven spy gate. Whatever you want the name you gave it bill? Belichick admitted they were doing it. And he argued to the commissioner that there were within the rules and they weren't and he got punished for it in this situation. They went into the press. This box with three people. Two of them freelancers and one of them full-timer and somebody pointed out they set up a tripod and monitoring view of a bengals employees. Yeah and and they were. They were doing there any when he he wasn't gonNA shoot the advance scout the whole time but you do that in front of a Bengal security guy and the other one point. Somebody made me. He said if if you think bill belichick but ever let to freelance No damage shooter. Let me finish this. Let me finish a camera shooter and the audiotape be involved in one of the football operations. That's the key the football you're you don't know Bill Belichick. I know the guys involved in the original spy gate stuff. They weren't art long-term employees and they were they were but it wasn't like you know they were CIA level employees that they were trusting and so I think a lot of people that touch the operations from the video department to the equipment department and all of that stuff I think it would. It would surprise you. Look I do do I think do I think I think you're right. I think it was for their piece. But that doesn't mean there shouldn't be a punishment for videoing sideline when you're not allowed to do the camera. Keilor it's just a video and audio take or freelance guys could be doing something for us next week or CBS or NBC. Fox Is. That's why I don't. They would be. The biggest thing is though if you get caught robbing a bank two times and you hang out in the bank a lot. You can't say because you girl for a works there right. You're going to have to do your best the job to make sure you stay away from the bank to make sure you're not in any type of situation where somebody could say. You are trying to do the same thing again. And so just from an oversight should the better job to RC's point. This is so far from anything else that's happened in the past because again just to take you behind the scenes. The last thing those guys are worried about on the football side is oh who shooting. What this week? That's a million miles away from what they're my say that but if you're going to do a profile advance scout or you're you're GonNa do a profile on on assistant coaches it. There's no way to help us football. There's no there's no way that the head coach doesn't know that. Hey we're doing to do your job. Profile on the event Scout. There's no way that don't know that. But that's different than having the guy actually shoot your short but there's no shot that the head coach does not know that you're not that that they're doing WanNa do your job profile on an advance scout or on someone they know who it is. Tim Maybe get a list on a monthly basis. Hey these ten people these five families right but what I'm say as the attention to detail of what is allowed in the genre the actual contract somebody dropped the ball and didn't tell those what what the rules were and that's where they should should be fine. Put that again to me. Nothing to do with the competitive I think. I think there's two arguments here. There's a lot of folks I think we're all in agreement that say this was really not about a competitive football advantage. Nevertheless a rule was broken. And you can't have a reputation. As the most buttoned up detail. Oriented leaves no stone unturned organization. And then say oh. We miss that one within no. Oh you can't have it both ways to the quarterback who beat the Patriots twice in the superbowl including once at the end of that season manning perhaps playing his final giants home game. He got a standing ovation from teammates and fans at the end of this one and the game ball presented to him in the locker room. This guy's got many game balls. Let's give one more. He lied. Whoa it doesn't matter what the feeling is with the seasons going? There's not a better feeling than a win in the law through on a Sunday boy so I appreciate this one special. Let's keep it rolling right. I'll see ah I love that because I'm not sure I think he. He gave a day off more normally. Give the team on the. aww overreaction manning will play in the NFL next morning say Oh yes is. Tim pointed out last week. Louise's there's still some burning desire to play football. He loves playing football. But you have to have a place to play football so you think about three different places Tennessee. Titans what's going to happen with Ryan Tannehill. That's someplace I think. His wife Abby is from Nashville And then people have been talking about the Tampa Bay buccaneers. Well I I think James Is Winston is GonNa get a new franchise tag or some type of your deal. I think he's going to be in with a bit but the way he's playing lately and then one team playing tonight. Indianapolis Colts were eight and started. His career is brother. peyton Sodas Jacoby resets doing okay but that'd be a place where you can protect them but uh I don't think they've come to a conclusion yet undergo percents. I'M GONNA say over over reaction he's probably not going to be playing probably retirement the giants all right town. How about this one? Philip rivers will start for another team next season. We're rolling through SA- quarterback issues on overreacting. I'M GONNA say. This is not an overreaction because because I think he's a little bit like I think there's a desire to play. I think there's been some bad moments. I think there are plenty of good moments and I think that there's me enough. I think it'd be enough opening. I think there's going to be spots. Where listening but maybe it is? You Know James You you know in Tampa maybe it is Ryan Tannehill but In Tennessee but just think there's GonNa be spots that are that are trying to figure out the quarterback situation. I'm not sure sure it's going to be a great situation for Philip. Maybe doesn't because his family but I just watching him play. Some guy wants to keep playing their car. He will not be the raiders quarterback next year in in Las Vegas Ryan. No what I think. This is an overreaction. There's GonNa be a lot of change for this team in moving from Oakland to Las Vegas and I know that makes people think okay. Let's change the quarterback back moving a different direction. But when Darren cars protected when Josh Jacobs is running the ball well. He's a talented quarterback. And so it's going to depend on what they want to do. Understand standing won't lose a lot of money in letting Derek Carr Go. But he's a good football player. He's a quarterback that's had successfully Lee. He was on track to winning the MVP before hurt a few seasons ago is so they'll see what's on the board what's available for them at their draft pick or what's available and free agency and go from there but I can't say that right now you you just move on from Derek Carr because what will you get to replace them. And how good will they be quarterback joe growing trees. Mike Tannenbaum you know that. So take this one for the bucks lead to keep James Winston thin as their starting quarterback free agent. Advocacy's will be no fencing here. This is a massive overreacting. Don't do it please. Don't if job description number. One for quarterback is dependability. Weakened weak out James Winston doesn't have it he has great flash plays. He has great potential. But he's had a number four coaches coordinators head coaches. He turns the ball. Way Too much. If you WANNA be great in this league you cannot turn the ball where you talked about that earlier camp. That is a massive overreacted. The lights up the Dank scoreboard jerem bad bad which everybody seventy seven. That's how I think it's hard tack from Jamie's because as you say that you could find people that won't turn it over as much much of him because he turns it over more than anybody there. Isn't you can't say that everybody's going to put up points. The way he does or move the ball the way he does. And I believe that's tantalizing. I believe it's hard to you. Say you're just going to move on from that so I don't know if it's just cut and dry as Mike is making. He didn't have Mike Evans. Yesterday and Chris Garland was lost during the two best receivers. And he's still through for for woody through just to keep this. ESPN centric REX. Ryan Mark Sanchez. Here we would talk about the Great Mark Sanchez. Who Won Four Road Playoff Games? But he was the same player that can never get over the hump of turning the ball over and never threw for. This is Mark Sanchez. Never looked that good but James One I well. Let's go to. I heard you say done that too. Terrible good great great good. We'll get everybody fired that exactly what new on. NFL Live Vikings Nason reporter Courtney kroening reporting on Dalvin coach injury. Head coach. Mike Zimmer said Cook feels good today and noted that this new shoulder injury is one he can play through but it's too early to determine what kind of workload cook may have for Green Bay. An extra day obviously helps. We'll just have to see how the week goes. I here to help us do that. Chris Mortensen in the Domino's pre-game eight for the latest report. We'll start with urban Meyer. He was seen at the Redskins game yesterday. What does that mean heard the night before that he was at the Philadelphia Eagles Hotel just that was whereas accommodations were and then? I heard that he's been up. I don't Army Navy game or some other event but he came down to Washington. The I saw Daniel Snyder. But you know what he recruited and had dwayne Hassans as a quarterback Kerry maclaurin their receiver. He was somebody who recruited in had As well or at Ohio state and you saw them in the box with Alex Smith who was his former quarterback the University University of UTAH. And so I think he was really visiting people because he was in the area. That's my read on it and he has been interesting. He's been flirting in a little bit. He showed a chargers game this year breath he talked about the cowboys being a great job. now the Redskins and one of his best friends in the world is bill checked the Patriots. But I don't believe that he he's going to be the coach of the Washington Redskins Okay and it was just to see him healthy. Marvin Lewis will end up in Washington. Probably more likely than Turban Meyer. Okay I see all right. While we're talking about coaches Dan Quinn a big win. The Falcons over San Francisco. His job is one. We've talked about being in jeopardy. What's the saddest can this? The southern can't hurt well. There's been an assumption. That has he was this was for Dame Quinn but they played so well by when he made significant restructuring of a staff and he took where he was from the receivers job put them to the defensive side. Green more calls the third downs defense and so they are like second best. The third down defense since November and then in the red zone as linebacker coach WHO calls the first to douse and what's happened here? Is they've gone on this run among these two wins against the saints. Oh Yeah Great. News San Francisco yesterday and I don't think Arthur blank wants to fire Dan. Quinn and maybe they can maybe you can get some momentum here and get back some fans who might be disappointed by that but at the same time you are seeing. Some things happened with. Dan Been Been Willing to make those changes at a critical time during the bye week. And they are. They're paying off. They've been a different team. Really took him to the Super Bowl. You can say you lost. They Super Super Bowl. Larry Fitzgerald Senior tweeted this out on Sunday if today is my last after sixteen years card of cardinals game supporting and watching my son play in Arizona. I'm grateful for all the Arizona Fan support in helping loving and always supporting Mrs visits. Dad grew it. All who knows knows what the future has. Thank you all which begs the question. What is the latest in cal- Senior may have story I because he is a meeting he is a writer writer? He's a reporter calmness so to speak After the game junior acknowledged that he didn't know whether that would be his last home game so to speak and he said he's not going to be in it to try and pursue Jerry Rice's records he trails Jerry Rice at three major categories. So the cardinals want him back. He's actually leading receiver in receptions at the same time has a decision to make and he has a bright future either in part ownership front office or in media. Yeah there's there's no question about that he's done no matter what what venue he does have a bright future thank you. Packer sailed on to illuminate. The bears from playoff contention did on Sunday. Not The prettiest win with Green Bay picking up a season low twelve first downs and planning on each of its last five drives. Aaron Rodgers had this to say I don't know that we have the full respect of the entire league at this point based on some of our performances we're seven opening one at home and You know we have an inside track to see. Obviously we have an opportunity to wrap up the division next week like our chances like our football team High Ryan Clark. Take this for me overreaction. Monday the packers are the least respected teams in the NFL. This is an overreaction. I respect the bengals much less. I respect dolphins much less the New York giants. The New York jets understand with Aaron Rodgers the same but he also knows there's some truth to that because of the way they've lost to the Los Angeles chargers and the San Francisco Forty niners and some of the struggles. They've had while I will say this one. I agree with you. I and I would agree with the teams but I used to do a little bit overlook. Yeah we kind of seems like we're talking so much forty niners so much sane you know in Seattle a little bit and it's like elected to talk about the packers and the years they've had has it been pretty good we know. Yeah Yeah and I was just about to say at least for us today but apparently that's not the case. You have to go because you're going to be on sportscenter all right so you're very big. Yes show we're GONNA let go. We're not so we'll we well no matter what happens. It was nice to see I e Lie Man and get the win family waiting for him. Afterwards listen. We got one more game to go. Gentlemen Joe Kelly. I'm going with the New Orleans Saints. They're playing in the superdome there at home. It's going to be twenty seven seventeen. I believe that's a score that we'll see tonight. They're GONNA make sure who gets record. And I think this defense steps up please. Will against the team has been struggling in the past. And I think you're right about the record I agrees gets it as well. So what does he need. Three three means. I think they're going to score points as they beat thirty one. I don't remember my score. Twinning we're GonNa make it a twenty seven. I think he'll throw three. So we'll see. Sportscenter is next Hannah. The storm and Keith Olbermann. We'll see you back here tomorrow by everybody.

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