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Live. From NPR news I'm trial Snyder outside the Supreme Court in Washington last night. Crowd gathered after hearing about the death of supreme. Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Ginsberg died yesterday pancreatic cancer she was eighty seven years. Old Kuenssberg was the second woman to sit on the High Court joining. Sandra Day. O'Connor. In nineteen ninety-three president trump has ordered flags at public buildings to be flown at half-staff. The death of Justice Ginsburg is already leading to a debate over win her successor should. Be confirmed by the Republican led Senate Democratic, presidential nominee Joe Biden says, there should be no nomination or vote until the next president is decided. But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is pledging to move forward before word of GINSBURG staff Alaska Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski said she would not vote on confirming a supreme court nominee before Americans decide who the next president will be Alaska Beanie as Casey Grove. Reports Murkowski spoke before Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg death was announced not vote to confirm is Supreme Court nominee. We are fifty some days away from election Murkowski says her reasoning is based on precedent that held up the confirmation of former president Obama's final nominee and she repeated Senate leader Mitch McConnell's argument from two thousand sixteen that was too close election in the people needed to decide that the closer. You get to an election that argument comes even even more important. GINSBURG successor needs fifty one votes in the Senate Murkowski is one of fifty three Senate Republicans for NPR news I'm Casey Grove in Anchorage leads in Rochester New York. Investigating a mass shooting overnight the interim police chief says two people are dead and fourteen others wounded. The shootings happened during a backyard party on the city's east side. Firefighters died battling one of the wildfires that have been raging on the west coast. NPR's Eric Westervelt reports on the blades in southern California that was started by a gender reveal party gone wrong. The Eldorado fire broke out September fifth in the foothills of the San. Bernardino. Mountains east of La when a family set off a smoke emitting pyrotechnic that was part of gender reveal party in a park. The US. Forest Service gave few details about. The firefighter killed. Thursday. The name of the deceased is being withheld until family is notified the family responsible for sparking the fire could face criminal and or financial charges. The San Bernardino County Sheriff's department could not say whether the family would be charged in the death wildfires have now burned more than three million acres in California this year a record and are blamed for at least twenty five deaths, Eric Westervelt NPR news, and this is NPR news. New. Jersey regulators now have the power to deny permits for developments at pollute communities where minority and poor residents live in Paris Brady reports law puts New Jersey at the forefront to the environmental. Justice Movement the new law applies to communities where thirty five percent of households qualify as low income and where forty percent of residents are minorities or have limited English proficiency. The law requires New Jersey's department of Environmental. Protection to consider public health effects of projects like. Power plants, incinerators, and sewage treatment facilities. Governor Phil Murphy signed the law in Newark and the message that no longer will economically disadvantaged areas of our state be dumping grounds and no longer will the rights of residents to clean air and clean water. The overlooked Murphy says, the law covers three, hundred, ten municipalities in about half New Jersey's population Jeffrey NPR news the UN Rights Council is mandating that its top official monitor the situation men Belarus and report on it. From Geneva Lisa slide reports Bellarusse. China, and Venezuela's failed to stop testimony about violations following the disputed presidential election Bellarusse Senate support has failed to Muslim UN special investigator from giving a series account of brutal and horrific treatment of people peacefully protesting the alleged rigged election of President Alexander Lukashenko she testified more than ten thousand people have been arrested in more than five hundred subjected to physical and psychological torture including rape and electrocution. This is NPR.

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