Red Underpants and a Cowboy Hat -EP 322


oh hi it's me Ross. Okay so we have a brand new episode for You. Trust me you're GONNA love it not to toot our tutor. But but before you listen to it I did WanNa let you know you know we have the kiss kiss club dot com. Well trying to sell you anything right now but I just want to tell you so on the Kiss Kiss Club. It's patriotic six nine a month less than seven people. All you straight talkers. The kiss cut members can watch the video of US. Doing the show right so you could see are faces plus you get a bunch of bonus content from Vaccine Nikki and CJ and sometimes mark but because it's quarantine and you know corona virus. Everyone's stuck at home. Guess what we decided to do this week. We decided to share this week's video with everyone. You're welcome it's just a little taste. So here's what you do to watch. Just go to any of our social media and the link will be there. I think we're at Hello Ross. Pot any of our social media the link will be there okay. Twitter instagram or facebook. And then there's going to be the video there you can watch it and when you click on it. It's going to ask for a password in the password is all lower case one word the kiss kiss club all right so just go push play and want to ask you the PAT for a password just type in lower case all one word the kiss kiss club. Then if you like you see Go sign up for the kiss cassette kit at the kiss. Kiss CLUB DOT COM. It's six hundred nine a month less than seven and I think it's totally worth it or don't really but it's fun anyway but now you can also listen to the episode as normal so I present the episode. But listen to it and then watch if you want. I'm rambling now okay. Here's the episode. It's called red underpants and a cowboy hat all right so I have to say it's good to see you guys I bel- I look at you and I own my God. Look at look at the real. I hear your voice. Let me hear your voice making them here it gone. Cj Let me hear it stupid. Let me hear it too much. Yeah listen Last week I didn't tell anybody where I was. I really felt like I was in a bunker. You know what I mean like. Disclose location near where Because I didn't want to deal with people's opinions about My life choices but I You know what are you GonNa do? Because it's a pandemic whatever but I had to get I was out in California where you all are and I had to get up to Washington. You know when you know families the most important thing in the world absolutely and so I got myself in that convertible the that malone hate so much crystal. Yeah and it's he want me to buy minivan but I didn't and I got not convertible and that's why I bought it just so you know so. They had knew I had to drive so I would. You know there's things we only we shared just about everything in this podcast. But sometimes there's Times on have to close the curtain down. Rapper towel around my body. My nipples don't show emotional now own so my my emotional nipples are now. I'm airing amount of time. Do with them. What you wait what you choose that I had to so I then I got in a car and I was here. I was up in Washington last week. But I didn't tell you the audience but you all new and you kept secret. We didn't say I wasn't in Washington we just did it say where I was held Yeah we'll it wasn't a secret it's just common sense and I know but I feel I feel better when we're not when we're not a. I feel like a fraud right so I would like oh so Anyway like what happened. What happened is that I get lots of messages. You know 'cause I've been cooking every day and my kitchen on instagram and really share a lot. Because I've been in quarantine alone so like my only connection to the outside world has been my instagram stories. And so once. I wasn't sharing that because I was trying to keep it all secret. People were like are you okay. What's wrong and then it was like I sent you a message and you what's wrong and you never said anything. You didn't respond and then it was like what's wrong. Where are you what happened to you or you? Okay Ross are you. We're talking hundreds of messages and I appreciate the love by do I was like but I just felt like I couldn't tell people so I did get in the convertible crystal and I drove eighteen hours. Now how I was basically wrapped in bubble wrap. I got every time I got into the car. Gloves mask. Everything full but I would. I felt like every day every time I got out of the Car to go pee. I felt like I was going to one of those car. Washes where the bristles you scrub scrub myself. When I got that all very very seriously I had Nikki in my ear. You know what's the best way to do this? Quarantine Nazi in a good way. And so you and so I make and so I drove up here. Eighteen hours with this choice that I can. I had first of all what I love is that I've become this voice not only in my life but on the podcast I'm like shaming people and scaring them I actually think that it's it's really good to set firm rules and then you decide which ones you get to break and when you did to break them but if you don't set the firm rules than you don't ever have them. This is essential this to go see family. This is vital. This is Morton so I say those are the moments that we break the rules. If you're doing that every Thursday and Friday and Saturday then you're part of the problem but look at you how I love you. I love you too and so I am up here and Anyway so now. The army's now you know everything all right so tonight everything question in. Crystal Kant in your convertible. You would the hallway with the top down down holy all eighteen hours CJ. I felt like I felt like Thelma and Louise where you were. You ever afraid of the murder. Hornets coming in young hijack his last one. Yeah I did think about that but I never once had a by. The front of the car caught a lot of bugs. Though I do have to say I wonder if any of them were murder Hornets but I even when I did hear. Did anyone see you like? Oh that's Ross Matthew so I got some messages. See you pull out of the drive through or your seriously. I didn't confirm or deny but I did. I did read them. That's really cute. Actually how oh. That's the other thing man. Thank you just eat fast food? So I've been trying to make the you know the healthiest choice. It's anyone knows any healthy fast food choices for me like today I got I got a the Avocado Chicken Salad. From Wendy's. If you haven't done it God bless you can find some options at winter guard. Against what else did identify Baked Potato? The jive sour cream baked potato but a little sour cream on it talk about delicious was Baked Potato. Felt like a settler baked potato. Oh my God it was so good I just ate like half of it because I couldn't but oh my God. I locked up a baked potato that Christmas skin. Yeah Tater tots mother. So it makes sense that I would love. Make them because they just have little talks okay. So here's the deal so much to get you to. Oh this is the. Oh Jesus. Wow I had a let me tell you something. I've been sitting with the guilt of not telling you all where I was last week. Since last week I had to get off my chest. Sanjay do I have. Are you like the father that I confess to you? How marriage should I do? Not because we don't hello no matter what the hell okay. Can You? Please give me that thing that thing I need to do. Can you give us that? Intra we love so much begging. Oh Shit hold on. I have to share Mike. I DID HAVE TO PLAY HOLD ON SHARE. Computer sound buyer. How's this ready three two? Can you hear that now? But my screen says it's sharing share screen clear tonight. We'll have to get this to work. You can't hear that I mean the background mother. Fuck isn't it okay? Hold on share. I'm GonNa do it again. Share see I did have it. All set up. Share their share. He's the gay best friend you wish you had. No you need money now. Here is Ross Matthews. Shows the sleep to me and certain let's do a quick reach around who we have here the program. We already know when talked to him. That prayer was an hour and a half long. So Hi everybody. The ARC lining us from across the world here straight. Talk Satellite for everyone listening. Hi everybody job up and I feel really shit but I'm so happy to be here and it's good to be with family and keep it releasing you know what I'm saying. That is the really good to see everybody Yeah it was kind of weird to see people that I have to say when what he actually physically see them. You're like WHOA. I saw people in the. I've been cooks. I was completely alone for eight weeks and so when I saw people I always like looking at him watching what they're doing they they'd be eating and be like look at them. E. Y. Yeah so it's going to be weird when we eventually get out of it in two thousand thirty. Yeah well I think big brother were prepared you for it training. This this is is a lot easier than big brother though because big brother was you were alone and you were. You had no outside right so there's like I'm watching movie and my that's a big brother. Did Big Brother Micro Nikki. Sorry but it. Microwaves your brain and like you because you had nothing else to do but go inward right. You can watch anything to escape. He couldn't listen to anything to escape. This like I'm escaping. Are we got lots going on today? Let's talk how much to talk about? I'll tell you For starters coming up I asked you all to send in a questions. I it's been a while to reach even to our sack when you have a stuffed otter boxes if you will so we're going to check your mailbox so many people have questions for us. They wanted out things. They're going to have a free. Ricardo show asked me some questions answers and then there's also an old school producer trick when you have nothing fucking to talk about you reach out to other people to ask you question. That's that's why we'll one. I like together with you. Guys my friends but as a broadcaster. That's why I love having people around because you guys asked me questions and they spark so many ideas you know. Yeah but we also people were going to be checking into. Oh Shit in with I can let me tell you what I need to figure out here. Can you nice speaker this out now because we're not doing all this on my computer and now if you're watching it's on the kiss kiss club dot com. There's video so I have to handle all that shit as well. There's GonNa be away and as we go forward because La just said what three more months according Mar Fuck. I'm moment of Jesus. Someone's touched me. Somebody's just thinking about that today. By by what about getting a massage? I'm so I'm getting really annoyed by that. I want to be touched. And there's somebody coming into the program right now. Please welcome everybody please. Welcome mark is program because look at everybody. This is what I want to talk about. I should have warned you. Mark shaved his beard gasp. You heard from Nicky's face pop mark. There's so much talk to mark about. So he had to do a update please. Welcome beardless markets beard. Carcar market is eleven. Maybe eleven and a half inch shave your your beard but your hair is still long. What gay I I. Let's do Rio Group. Reactions to mark beardless a fantasy. I like the beard better. Kate now what does he look good to know? But what does he look like without it just looks? I actually think he looks older without it. Understood Nikki Nikki. What are you what are your first reacted workday? Which I like a beard the way a beard looks but I liked the way a clean face feels so I imagine that marks getting more play right. Now I'm GonNa Guess Looks Good. We'll go into that. You like C. J. What what do you think of? A beardless mark. And we'll post a picture of a beardless mark on On Hello Ross pod a CJ like no homo but look fucking hot like rains on your face and the way to hear like the front of it like you look like if we were on tour and we stopped and like Louisville Ross on a nap and I just randomly went to a bar in Louisville mice which is go home with them. You look like Kinda. I love it at one night. Stand you the really hot and I love the frames on that face by you. Look Younger to Louisville slugger hot mark. We are locked way too long idea anything I think. Jay Has Corona one of the symptoms is clocked up things. Well I'll tell you this Yes J. lost his sense of taste girls no fence mark but when I first saw you do look different. I find your and I know it's just a beard and you'll grow back and you're you're an attractive man and we all can deal with that sad fact but people. I'll tell you this I don't like how you look. I'll be honest with you. I don't either. No no no I. I am a Jew by the way stories action said I look like a little basically the story behind it. I was letting it grow out and I was letting it grow up for the corona thing as I said the last year and it just got so coffee I took some pictures that I can send host. It just looked like it made my face to round and and it was itching and I was just like I'm done with this so I was Gonna just trim it down but they s and I was. GonNa ask why not do that option because I think that's a beautiful option just to and I don't think I could hear but my mic was going in and out just a little bit a little crackly. So have you heard that I apologize but mark? Why not just trim your beard disco? Sh so Wednesday was dying in is Thirteen th anniversary over. We're GONNA get to that. Don't give away two materials. I'd like to peel that onion myself but I need to tell you this my so remember when the listeners picked that weird beard that I had to grow from over member that came down and then around my mouth. It was like mutton chops attached to a mustache. Yeah very like westworld kind of look. We'll anyways Diana really likes that. Look it it gets her somewhere special. So it's actually. She likes sexually she. Just there's something about it that she likes it's no I think it's you know there's probably fantasies and whatever you know it's so not my personality that that beer because it's like it looks like a tough guy a mean guy but so. I decided for our anniversary. I would trim it like that so I left it all bushy and everything. I've fixed that to please those on on our social media. Hello Ross pod. We can do that. So then Lash to yesterday. We had a keep it like that. I just for two days then yesterday as you know we had a zoom meeting pitch meeting and I was not going to go on zoom with that so the only option about point was to just take everything and now. What is Diana like about your Batman face because it really does like about man signal you because of large bat signal or something on his face where it's a mutton chops into a moustache. I don't know how would you describe that? I think it's just it's it's fun it's probably like I said a little fantasy you know. What is she like about it? She just likes the rugged look of it she likes the rugged look okay and so now does she. Does it turned on her. And does she get her turned on sexually? Yes okay and so for your anniversary. How many years were you celebrating? Thirteen thirteen years together. Congratulations lucky thirteen. So I imagine that you ask because the was born so we like thirteen great good so I'm thirteen year anniversary and I imagine you had you had sex so you wanted to have that beard for her to try now. When did you tell her you're GonNa do it or did you surprise her with that? Beard asked me to do it. She asked you to do. That's wonderful. Isn't that very lear yeah. Cj Do you like that sort of like you do that beer for me. Yeah baby that's Kinda hot right now. Do you agree all right? And how many times in the two days that you had that beard mark? Did you have sex with Diana twice on Wednesday and one on Tuesday so three times? That's a lot of sex. That's three times more sex than I've had all corn anyway without for second so Thank you thank you offer that your group cy for sex life Okay and was the sex good mark. Oh really good. I haven't thought about it. I ask so basically Wednesday. I'll just go so what we did on Wednesday is we. We both finished up work about two thirty or so. And then I We had the nanny took a kid now the house over to her house. 'cause that hot thing they've been talking about they're all sequestered were all suppressor. She's been coming the whole time so if to take the kids over there so she took them over there Until seven PM for us. So that gave you five hours of Fuckin- well yeah five hours to for opportunity. Yes but anyways How did you spend this five hours? How did you start anyone interested in this? On the way home I picked up Chocolate covered strawberries from edible rains for her. And you good bottles of Champagne from Bev mo the movement and then a food from CPI K. Oh what would you get them see? Pk One that you know you're GonNa have hours a fucking what food you order. Cj What do you think they ordered what would be good something good to order from a CPA for love making say that again. Peter for love making really. That's that's a bold choice. I would say I would say like Barbecue Chicken Salads. Smart because appetizers we've got some spinach cauliflower the streak corn and scoop and we just picked it a few appetite when I got home and then had champagne and when did you start with but appetizer. Did you start with? No one wants to hear but me. Diana's star with the soup and I started the cauliflower. Su are in. It's an interesting choice to start with soup. It's like a sec soup. You know what I mean. You're like I want to have a little nourishment emmy but I wanted to be blended and brought the okay so you a little cauliflower. Did you feed her chocolate covered strawberry? How did she herself yet? Keeping you one and do we don't we we. We're we're we`re. We don't do that as playful. Like little kisses going on We were we were. We were just talking. We're watching some TV we. We both took shower were. Were you watching some Sitcom? I think less this match funny show. Then you take a shower and do do. Washington differently for priests precept shower in Washington normal shower. No I self well. Thanks Nicki was appalled with that question. Fags he nodded and I think. Cj is on his phone. So why don't you buy? I'M GONNA Open. I think I think I'm performing a riveting interview here. I am conducting but You all look bored and slightly angry. I think the audience to sleep sex music. Oh this isn't this massage music. Wow Nikki go. You have a question. No you don't want to know. What kind of sex does it? You're not going to tell you that. Either I talked to Diane what I could share limitations curiosity I. I'll tell you everything that I can tell you. Tell me what she told me. You could tell me what what did she say. You couldn't tell me I'm not gonNa tell me the parameters. She gave you details about the sense that you cannot share. I I am not sharing details about the okay. I'll ask you this. You have had sex in your caused play outfits before I can tell you this and so yes on a nice like sexy lingerie that I got her. I put on some unprejudiced. She likes and talk to me about the underpants. That and you say underpants talk to me about the underpants that she likes now. It's not the skin marquette right just wanted to thinks my butler students. What kind are they? I don't even know it. Just adver while you're on red and they lift your cheeks up a little bit south. Cj Back I got back. We're GONNA ruin. It gets very hot in our room I can. It does Oh yeah and faces West so the afternoon is very hot of there. We had the window open. Oh get a cross breeze through. Yeah now Flash Lawrence through all the stuff I cannot. Now you're this point but loud near the end it was extremely loud and we totally forgot the windows open and other greed that they probably just thought we were having another fight really so she louder than you very loud. Yes wow anyone turned on. No I think they're all fell asleep during massage. Stop now okay well. Cj Not interesting to you know. Okay you guys. I literally riveted by. I WANNA know every I WANNA do a deep dive into your brain tick me when lie. Why okay before we started the podcast. Tommy came over and gave me a kiss on the cheek in you. I that is not okay I not I said I don't care what you do in your bedroom. She's don't rub it in my face right mark to rub him and Diana and your face. Well you know I find Mark Fascinating. I whenever we're together study him just because I think his behavior is so inhuman and the way that he works I find just fascinating and so when I saw the the beard shaved. I normally and I hate to know marks on schedule this well but I do. It's like Marcus periods on my calendar shaves his face. It's usually because a comic cons coming up in his. His costume requires him not to have a beard. Am I right mark? That is one hundred percent correct so then I go but there's no comic con because quarantine must be a sex thing so then I ask why the baby says anniversary this tells me earlier today we zoom meeting and I go. Oh I bet there was Shave I knew I knew deep down that there would have been a shave. Approach a progressive shave for Diana's benefit. I knew without even asking mark are. You didn't tell me that earlier did you? You didn't tell me that I've not But I knew it and let everything with my red shorts. I had a cowboy hat too well so he mark now see. This is what I'm talking now though. Now I'm back in contention a little six. Schickel Diana's. They're eating strawberries. She just has a full belly full of soup right mark. Knock your delayed been the Mark Scott Cauliflower breath right okay. He shaved mutton shops and a mustache. And he's wearing his red underwear in a cowboy hat. Diana scream and with the windows. Open the whole neighborhood to hear. You're telling me that's not advocating usually the shit. I get what I'm saying next American. A plane where. There's no one to talk to six hours. I just want to tell him that you're telling me that's an interesting J. Are you telling me? That's not interesting facts. Are you telling me that's interesting no? I don't think that's interesting. But I did perk up with the cowboy hat and the wrong hands and I am intrigued by Saxwood their comecon outfits on that is intriguing but this this whole thing is not i. I can tell you what I can tell you is we just we. There were no holds barred and we just had a really good. Does that mean what I think it means? I don't know he thinks what you beads. I say what what do you think it means on three one two three eight. Let's say no I was not that was not on the table understood for your her. So where'd you get the cowboy hat? I've had it for a long time. And have you used the cowboy in sex play before? Oh Yeah Yeah I even have a some friends of ours gave us. I have a holster that like that. I can put a sex toy in now. It's getting good. I mark quickly whereas the cowboy hat right now and the holster. Can we see it on the kids clean? And you wear the hat hat on. You know what I can't right now but I will get a fixture all senator you guys. You know. I'll I might even have a picture already. We'll sit in silence get it. We'll see literally say without talking until you please. Yeah I don't know where the holsters right now. Just the cowboy hat will too don't you. Why would you doubt me? Why have any of you doubt me? I'm sorry I'm sorry I doubted you and then it got better right when I wanted to pull out and stop lying. Get Out of here got interesting interesting. Cj You know it did not sexy. It's not sexy. It's not sexy. It's interesting we're getting there now with the cowboy hat. Don't you WanNa know what how they don't end the conversation of Markle? You Shave your beard like over here on put on the red underwear like that is not. I thought Cowboys Judy. Darling come on get happy in America. Works for Okay Mark. That is okay I need to. I need to start great. They're put it back on. I got cowboy music ready and everything that is not a you look like a private. Dick with the hat is let me see if I have some blacks Dora black door. That's not account so you were that Black Fedora and red underwear that lift your cheeks and mutton chops and that's what gets Cana screaming so loud that the neighbors here somewhere near it looks more cowboys witness stupid. Well we don't have time to sit and wait for you to find that picture because I I mean I don't know who more disappointed us with the Kabul had Diana after sex with FOLLOWUPS UNDERSTOOD. All right mark will thank you. You're welcome as always. That was great. Really thank you so much mark and will never talk about this again. It's one of the things as a family. You need to ignite curious if the listeners thought that this was a If they agree with you if they agree with the rest of encouraged that the let's make mark cowboy songs. You know what I mean about Salah Mark. Thank you so much. Thank you dear eight. Very Welcome de trying. I'm GonNa send you a pick. You'll see what I'm talking. Okay all right thank you. Mar. I thanks for coming. You're welcome by the sentence. Diana never said bye bye. Okay you guys when we come back you stuff my box and we're going to read all those. I stand by the interview. I do and I don't care what anybody says and you know what the best thing about this show is that I I can just have that interview anytime. I wanted to tell me not tell me. Yeah but Johnny Honesty when you guys listen to this episode or you can interview yes absolutely. Cj You already know my answer out of control executed all normal in your support for straight talk comes from our friends at rocket mortgage by quicken loans home. 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Talk and take the first step towards the home of your dreams rocket mortgage by quicken loans push-button get mortgage now back to straight talk with Ross Mathews Ram then I I got a call during the commercial break and this is huge. I just WanNa Pulitzer Prize for the interview. I know if I where am I GONNA put anyway? Thank you when I'm ready to be done with something. And I think you just have landed on a giant pile. Pu then it takes a turn all the time for that. What's great about this show is that we can do little things and sometimes they don't work until we never do again. I remember one time we did a stupid segment called stuff my box where I asked you. I'll send me things I never did it questions. Everyone is time. Play stuff. My box box box style can just got just got. GotTa step my box. You're just GONNA stop my locks and this is where we we asked you to us some questions things you want to know to ask me some questions. Get some answers. Talk to me and You guys did and we like to call it stuff my box the only time we've done this. I'm PA POX You understand why we call it. Set my box because it's almost like a comment box in your stuffing comment box. Alright to send some questions and okay so you did and I have some of those. Some of them are email. Some of them. Whatever you know we got all sorts of things for the group again. So for example. Let's just start with Audio one or just a question. What do you want a student audio? Okay sounds good. Let's do Let's do this when oh how about this. Here's a question from cookie. Fonte the Great Cook. Y'All a fundraiser. Programme cooking. Everyone it's cookie. I follow tweet on. Ross pod Butch Ricky. You're asking for questions and so I figured I'd send in mind. My question is for Ross. Have you ever considered cancelling the podcast? And if so why and also of so? What made you decide to cancel it? I hope it never gets canceled because I lived the podcasts that I wanna hear it forever but I'm just curious so I hope I can talk to you. I soon kiss kiss when I kissed you. Cook your the question. Isn't this fun stuff and get questions so I I did at one point I thought Oh my God I think it's like one was flaxseeds. Remember where it was like do I want to do? Is it too mu- too busy but what was going on? It was around the two hundred two hundred show. I think right. Yeah and something we. I think there was some complaining online going on and it just got you donate mean wasn't that isn't that true hoops. I don't know yeah but I don't think I really was there. I just like Do we want any more busy this that but I don't think I'll stop? What do you guys think? Do you think we'll ever stop. I kind of look forward to this like it's my staple. I don't know how the fans feel that way. The Straight Tucker's go that way but we also feel that way so I I think a little break here and there like taking a week off. That's one thing but to stop it. I can't even imagine doing enough be weird. Cj. If we starve of US left you know people have left before but like now you know we people like the original coast okay. It was original for like six months and then like you guys. The four of us have been together now for how long four years three. Jay How long you and me because Nikki was on before. Cj and then fags. He came on J. Have you been on for four years just about yeah? Are you joking? Yeah Long Time as three or four four years I think and Mickey that means you've been on like four and a half years I was. I would have guessed like a year and a half two years. We've been doing this. It's been five years five and a half years probably now and fantasy. You've been on three. Yeah I was just thinking about this three years something. You're now I I I want to keep doing it until you're really old. Joan boat too late another email myself up on that one. All Right Cheryl rights. Thanks for making me laugh and having something to look forward to a big fan from even the talkie blog days one hundred years ago when I did the NBC blog I love a good story. I'd like to know how you all met. Ross and how the friendship develops now. We've told these stories individually but would you guys mind sort of doing a brief synopsis of how you and I met Cher. I remember what year it was but I did post a picture on the facebook. All three was it doesn't three I was working and attending the golden globals Golden Globes. My Ex husband. Who was nominated and I was working backstage as well doing Stuff and office right. He's on the office and we saw the photo that I posted is with me. You I have my leg wrapped around you after like twenty minutes of meeting you and then I believe there are three or four cast members from the office and that was the moment that I met you wrap my leg around you and said we're going to be friends Yeah and I called for security but it was really locks and yeah anyway. It's all these years later. We are If people don't know how did you and I mean well I had become friends with Jillian barberie and then good day. La which is a local news Show here they did a profile on my art and Gillian remember her style. File on good. La Yeah Jillian wisdom meteorologist a and she would go back on the year she would always start talking about fancy malone on air on the show and this crazy the the morning news like seven. Thirty am Jillian. It'd be reading a magazine and be like Oh is off taxi malone last night and I remember being like she just say couldn't Sadie called me malone or Mr Axis in a bad mood bags you know. She'd always talked about me. And then I think Ross you started following me and then I started following you on twitter and then I ask you to be on my podcast under the bus with bags and you said you would be on it of course and then. I met you backstage at Hollywood today. Live uh-huh and that's how we became friends and then I don't know I called him to the show. You started watching the live shows and calling in and sending in kissing tells about a guy with no butthole or today ix and then that was fascinating and then I asked you to come in and you never left never. I remember walking into after Brazil. Which is really hard and feeling like. I was home. This is this is my tribe. This is where I belong. Yeah I love and C. J. Reminded people if they've some people that don't listen to every single second of every episode. Some people would even fast forward to that interview with Mark We met. Springs and it was two thousand and sixteen. Oh my God. For years like February that we met in Palm Springs so it has been for years like right after modernism weeks. I was always going to palm springs all the time and then saw you in a bar that I went to your snap me. That Pussy talked about that song. I loved that I listened to the song and then I was like your show to white. I said bring to black as you. I said are you because he goes. This is my boyfriend. I you're a homo. Then he's to the bring your black ass on. And then he was on the next week and then he never left. I remember the moment I met you. C. J. SUFFER. Sure you were straight. When was mere? Cj whenever you he brought food member he bought soul food over. And I wanted to block up the show you said we called the PAPPA for the first like three episodes pepper because C. J. didn't I didn't he wasn't a public person so it was like do. I want to be on a show you know. And that's a weird transition to make like share my life. Can I do it anonymously or can I do it as a person as myself? Yeah and then I think so. We started with that and then there was a moment where you you told me no. I don't WanNa go by that. And what was out and I think because also twelve just working in industry at the time but never said anything I was just like I just love the show. It's so stupid. People are knowing pep. I was like okay. Yeah you don't want to be known as pepper long. Big Brown logjam member Brown. But Ross. I have to say I mean. It's pretty amazing that you had put us together. I think this is a good blend of friends. Yeah and I listened back to episodes during quarantine and we all just click. And we'd just go and I don't know it. That was thought out on your end. Like if you thought you mean you didn't know me that well task me on the show like Cj. So I think it's pretty amazing. Do you just feel something like it'd be five. Yeah it's like when you think when you cook you know you I'd like taste as I go. That tastes that's that seems to be right to me. It was like I knew I wanted Nikki to be on here. Because she's like almost like Howard is robin like a newswoman. Then you find out that robin sort of just as nuts as everybody else. Is that Nikki? Kind of a voice of reason and then she has her fucking looney toon neatness tour as well sorry. Microwaves anyway and then I want I love cj because CJ brings a point of view that I would never bring to this show. I mean talk about a from your life lessons your your backgrounds being black being a black gay man in America from being You know Having a voice extra sounds like a man and so I thought would not so fascinating to have that point of view and then fancy is like a Unicorn right so right and so I thought what would that be like if like we sort of fence that Unicorn in and then let him out sometimes and that and I thought those checked all those boxes remember mark was on the program a lot and then one of the best things that ever happened is that I stopped having him on so much taught they. They started be. I hated that I was yelling at him. He was so on my nerves and so in the way that I just thought. Wouldn't it be fine to just have them sprinkled in and I think that that that is good? It's like when you have dessert. You know I rarely have dessert but when I do. I'm like Oh God. I wish you didn't have Mar- ours. Ready shows didn't even plan that joke they can. I tell you. I just glanced at my phone and Mark Sent Olive Group Texas. It looks more cowboy issue with the beard. And he's sending incessantly sending pictures of himself. It's actually quite okay all right. Well let's go back to Let's do another audio one here. We go this is This is Amanda Hi friends. This is Amanda. I have been a listener since cold chicken fingers and I love you guys so much. I have a fun question for you that I thought you might like to talk about. What is your favorite outfit? You've ever worn in your life. Have a great day. Kiss Kiss to you not I mean. I've never thought about that. Why don't we go around We'll start with ladies first? Cj I would have to say my prom for my my high school prom. It was the first time I had like a suit. Like fat and tells on the suit and it was the evening I one prom king so it all came together and I dressed unlike I've ever addressed before my life and I just felt classy enrich really. I love that class. The ENRICH PROM. King is a big deal. Yeah what did you feel when you I'm king? I was shocked. Shit because I was like. Oh No. It's the captain of the football team. Basketball team and bud from the cosby show was one of the nominees dion cosby. I remember back where we were before. We all have to walk out the court. He was like let me get ready to go. Get my crown. I was like you got it Bro. Because I'm not GonNa vote for you and I said all the way in the back and they just ran up And what about you Nikki? What's your favorite forever. You know it's GonNa it's funny it. It's the outlet that I wore in the photo with you the night we met so that Golden Globes dress. I wore what I loved about. It was really it was like an olive green Chiffon. It showed my shift like Chiffon. Is that a word Showed my boobs and it was really tired. I think honestly it is a word and I think it's from the Gwen. Stefani Line Urano at a big. Oh booty was like covered up and it was area and flowing into that dress was actually today. One of my favorite Golden Globe or one of my favorite red carpet dresses. What about you long? Well I used to be a tour guide on Double Decker bus here in Hollywood in the eighties and I would wear these bright orange bell-bottoms and florescent blouse and a wig and platform shoes. That was my favor and you just you would. You would wear that all the time all the time on the tour. I would give anything to get on a double decker bus and have you the tour guide Mickey. It was so insane because it was called the Hollywood fantasy tour so I would say fantasy part of the tour and then I would make look. There's Wilson tell us. Oh Look Britney spears. But they really weren't there and then the whole bus when you look at lower at the stop sign. Stop Lights would lower the Mike. Down into cars people's Sky Sky Roofs and room and let them talk to Mike. Jerry it was so good and D- everybody has going down highland the Hollywood bowl a duck because the trees to kill that. Maybe there was like a duck in front yard. My favorite was I think the outcry were to the emmys this past year. It was like the white jacket and I had it made with all the little dingle dangles the WHO gold and it was just a fun fun. Time to like an express myself. You know like I was doing my and just myself. You know my styling again. It was it was fine. I love that jacket office. We S. Oh here's a question from a Lib. Hi everyone so recently just before quarantine. I've been going through. Multiple life changes including dropping out of university and starting to pilot school. I wasn't art school now. I'm going for pilot school. Total one eighty but anyways during these times especially in quarantine. I've been having a lot of dreams and a lot of my dreams I feel stuck and I forget how to walk sometimes and that's and I've looked it up and it's because I feel trapped in my life where I'm can't move forward and that's due to quarantine. Many of us do so. I was pretty much just wondering do you guys have any crazy dreams or have had any reoccurring dreams because I know that sometimes those can get pre- crazy so yeah love from Toronto. Well thank you so much love from Toronto. Thank yours they say in Canada. Thank you Nikki. Do you have any reoccurring dreams? I know reoccurring dreams but I am having. It's interesting you bring this up because I just thought about it this morning. I wake up around four and then I go back to sleep and I have hard core dreams yet. I'm not going there. I'm really intense dreams between four and like seven but they're the kind of dreams when you wake up. You feel like you really were with that person like you feel them in your body. You know those dreams so Nothing in particular but they've been really intense run four to seven. Am every single day so weird. She's bringing this it's crazy. Wow Yeah your hospital. Prosise medication of vaccine. This comes up in my readings a lot and I think that if you're able to dream it vivid color. I think that you can get people in spirit visiting you. Some people have that gift to be able to dream and get visitations clean. You laughing at osteoporosis. I know reacted me. I know that's funny that she's reacting. Cj's laughing and watching C. J. We like what we do in the when. We're in Pristina Darling. In the room together jail make eye contact. And we'll just start laughing Christina. Tip Time with Kotani is that Nikki. Looks like the youngest of anybody that I've ever met in my life. So that's you know I have to. I have to say to mark will not stop sending crazy literally him to tell him to stop so from mark seven to me now on an individual just individual senate and we have a straight talk group. He's that did he send the same pitcher to route that he sent insane. It's super angles. It's a different angles fees. I'm putting all of these pictures on on. Hello Ross Pot. I because a individually as it's not working in a group yes it is. We're just actually doing the podcast. Get during the show he sending texts so under your manager for long. Have any reoccurring today. I I do feel. I've had the same dreams being stuck but I feel like that's the old you kind of holding back going into something new and you WanNa feel like you. WanNa do something different. It's it's it's a scary feeling because I wake up of exile like heavy exactly that I wake up and I just do something to keep myself busy. But that's you saying that wants to go and live Don't be scared of it. Being a pilot weight off amazing now I think people should aim for the sky. The I I have anyone get that joke. Joe Saggy we got it in daylight so good. I just three to new height so that one kicking off all right all right. I have dream recurring where I am in college and I have like a test and I didn't study for it makes sense. Yeah and then I just getting Zaidi and I was like I'm walking. Do what do I do? And that's my anxiety dream Malone did. You said you didn't finish your dream. Yeah but it's OK. Talarico rain one recurring dream of meat in plane. A plane crashing. God wake up before it hit the ground and it was very vivid. Very clear. Don't complaints for you now. I don't think it's symbolized that I forgot what it meant but they're gone now so on just stood. Well here's let's see. Oh here's some dust and wants to know when you came to Nashville Tennessee on your name. Drought tour. We were out of t shirts tour t shirts. Will you sell them online? I need one. Cj member we were out of them in Nashville Tricia to send some more. We ran out. We were buying them. I wrote on top of that. Rose so tricia sent him to the different cities but national didn't happen so it has namedrop to are my face on the front and the back all the cities then we went to because of the ones that we didn't and then and then the ones that we haven't yet for the quarantine so it's kind of like not correct but I have a lot of them in the garage. Should I sell them? Twenty three of the cities are correct. Is just like those last leg? Well it has Birmingham and New Orleans on him but the but the in the last six or seven which we have to reschedule are on a different date. But I don't think anybody really cares you know. Should I tell them? How should I tell them? How do you do that? Tricia can you figure this? I don't know how to that rose so let me know if you would buy them. I put him on. Would you buy them? I don't know we'll see. I don't know they're just in the garage. What do I do with them? Sell them all right. Here's a question. let's see hope you all surviving? This comes off you treated hope surviving the pandemic okay with everything going on in the world. It's a great time to treat when such a little arrests in yonkers kiss. I remember that I stumbled on an item. A pre quarantine in a crystal shot. That might be able to provide you with some relief. After hearing Ross's experience with mold divide in. Isn't that fascinating mole. Divide you divide across the top of piece of mold divide. I was looking to buy and call my own in Nebraska and Multi Crystal Corning to Andrew continues to my surprise a stumbled upon a bag of Moldova salts it claimed to contain real essence of mole. Divide and I'm wondering if Ross you've ever considered bathing in a motivate. I haven't I have seen this before. Where they grind up motivate and put it in bath salts supposed to put like you put a basalt you know made an now. I don't do that tell you? Why because one time I met somebody who is in sight so much so they gave me a book that I had ordered and I did order so I could read about motivate and this person said to me. I have serious about mold of because I'm wearing today and I wear every single day is the most powerful stone and all the stones tech tights from the Czech Republic fifteen million years ago and asteroid landed on Europe harnesses ability. I hear myself all right. I hear it all right got it and I always on the Nice on nuts by an Sunday told me that Moldova is so old that when you find your peace. Derby's it's because you had that he's in another life has been around for so long chill right. The review feel is because you help that piece at six years old in a different life. Yeah and that's fucked my brain up so so imagine you take a piece of molded fight that somebody had many people had in past lives right and then you what grinded up so you can take a bath I see what you mean. Let fucks over the next generation to say you come back to Earth and you feel incomplete. Maybe because someone grinded up your multi. So they could take aromatherapy bath. I do not support grinding up Moldova. I don't fuck with it is good to take baths with your with your crystals though it just bring multiple ended the bathtub. Yeah I don't know what do you want from me all right? Here's a question from. Oh this is from Charlie. This is Charlie from Milwaukee is questions for fantasy. I love seeing his pictures of when he worked at Disneyland. So I'm curious. What is his best Disneyland Story from working there? Oh that is good thank you. That was good you know. I have so many stories about when I was a dancer at Walt Disneyworld and Disneyland and thinking about doing a podcast about it like a Disney behind the scenes example so sure because I the stories I mean crazy stories but you know certain ones stick out. I got a hand job on space mountain. Oh I had sex fine. The Castle Walt Disneyworld. A laugh forgot who I was as a character. They put us in character costumes because they thought uh dancers had too much free time between the show so they own. That's fill it in the time and put them in care. Costs didn't work because we were like we're dancers you. Don't we out there? I would flirt be Cluedo and flirting with a guy. You get this girl in there. And then it's a gay guy in their flirting with me and we'd start cracking up getting the church giggles inside because we're not. You're not supposed to talk. This is a weird world. Those costumes and let me just say one time it was so we did so many crazy things and they stopped. The Bay stopped. It 'cause to wild but I went out and a little boy handed me an autograph book and I couldn't remember who I was and let the little boy. Nick Kirk and I I just I. He gave me a little. I just am I am. I just put a question mark in the book Rhonda. I'm a Friar Tuck from Robin Hood by adding so there's so many stories but I am. I am trying to get that idea for a podcast going because so many stories so fun. Well this one comes from question comes from Shell and it's for. Cj I C J Ellis wondering how do you stay so calm chill yet also Go Kariobangi come full life like you know. How do you balance out? Both sides see. I'm very social normally. I'm trying to be more calm quiet still at home and at the same time be more lively conquer stage and be more lively perform and follow my passion my dream. And how do you balance that you know? I know loss liberties they say the performance onstage are actually shy in real life but trying to find that balance any advice. I love her. We met we met Shell in an a Dallas Texas Tech Center at the Texan Theater member. Show up at voice I'm an extroverted introvert as those that know me know that twenty. I think we'd Karaoke. It's just my release an hour. Say That's my happy place Is and I liked to do it. It's fun when I'm doing it with my friends but I put anybody anytime that you're in. Go out to carry oak by yourself. It's gotTa have a couple of drinks for for some courage and get up on stage and just do it by yourself in a place. You don't know anybody and getting everybody roundup a really good. I think for me. It's just a release. It's it's a high in my adrenaline gets going. It feels really good. So that's why everywhere we went on tour. I make sure to go somewhere if if if I have the time to just go into Karaoke by myself and meet friends out of it but I still stay in touch with from tour from every different city that I went to. How many times did I go out with? You want say one time was one time actually twice because that one the playboy in Nashville or whatever to because we did tonight. Yeah but it was when she came out and that was an a. New York went on stage. I didn't expect you to. I shouldn't but I do love going out with. Cj That's one thing that we do in Puerto Vallarta a lot that you wouldn't know because and free talks but Nikki knows and so we go to Nikki's radio time. I thought she was rolling on the floor. She was a little fucked up to breach profit. Cookies Karaoke King. Cookies is ninety two got to do all beyond saying the all agree that the only GonNa do all beyond face. Well listen to a lot of you so many will get to more this one. I actually it is fun right. This actually came from You know bisexual the Gina she she leaves me long voicemails met we talked about that before Well we have to send in questions. Here's bisexual gene gene Quite really taken it upon. You'll remember bisexual. The Gina Calls Lucy long rambling. Voicemails right that I listen to all the way through definitely felt the affects. My cow demeanor spent off but There's always good days and Trying to work in. You know that this voicemail is eight minutes and twenty seconds at least once a month once a week once you know. I don't think she wants asked the question. We're going to play it thinking about and I've been really blocking you over on. Yeah so it's been a while. Gm a lot to say so. I things and I really want to join on that. She wants to join. What can you imagine Gina Gina Bisexual? Can you imagine what that'd be like bisexual anything so I need to just you know together Nikki do just say something definitely reach out to her when his anyway. That's what it'd be like her. The thing is I absolutely when you meet Bisexual Virginia mazing presence and then you voicemails from her and they just they just don't on the top side with all quarantine side just nothing. It just doesn't stop listen to them because I pray fascinating but like I can't play an eight minute and twenty voicemail on the show and she just really phenomenal Jimmy. Just pick a time and see what she's talking about picket time code between eight and eight minutes twenty seconds. Cj Let's just give me a time in there and let's see what she's talking about there for thirty six thirty okay. I'M GONNA drag this to six thirty. Okay hold on six thirty. Let's go where things that happened to me? A little bit of mental health is okay. Right Nikki. Give me a talk to seven fifteen seven fifteen to seven fifty seven fifteen. Let's go I also I how long ago was over a month ago but there was a podcast where you guys were talking about. How long your poop should be how you should be giving me a time code. Well I can't go back right. I get anywhere anywhere you want. I don't care so five. Twenty five twenty. Let's get back to five twenty years twenty. I think I've heard just got back but it's a good time that happens without stimulus. Check hitting so hard to get of these things you know see. It was really fun to just decide to do that right now more. Cj One more before we go to break time. Let's do seven fifty nine. Let's go out to fans easy just like thriving in this quarantine like go you for rail like that's all sarcasm like legit like you go girl. You're in there you go back into. This is how often do you listen to pick random time coded plan all right all right when we come back to lots more of straight talk on the way so okay now love your love you. Everybody kisses are always mandatory cash. We'll be right back these days. We have many ways to stay in touch with family even ringing you know. We can't really visit them in person. And I don't know about you but some of the highlights of my everyday now is when I get to see my family and say hi and catch up and we have so much time now that I think I think it's the perfect time to do it being able to instantly check in with family. It's great but sometimes I want a bond in even more other meaningful ways. Well now thanks to story worth. I'm connecting with loved ones everywhere and learning family history. I never knew about you. Know those stories when you sit down with your mom or your dad and you learn something new you like. I know that when now story worth is fun and meaningful way to engage with family especially with relatives. You might not to see that often. This online service helps your loved ones share stories through thought provoking questions about their memories and their personal thoughts. It's the gift of spending time together wherever you live. Every week story worth emails your family members. Different story prompts. You know questions like you never thought to ask before like like what have been some. Your Life's greatest surprises. I bet you don't know that about your parents and one of the riskiest things you've ever done. Have you ever asked your gramma? That reading the weekly stories is fun. And it makes families feel close even when they're not together now after a year of doing. This story worth will compile every answered question and photo that you choose in include it in a beautiful keepsake book that shift for Free You're going to treasure this book forever. And here's a you get it. Connect with family and discover untold stories with story worth get started right away without the need for shipping by going to story worth dot com slash. Straight talk you'll get ten percent off you'll get ten dollars. Excuse me ten dollars off your first purchase. That's story worth dot com slash straight talk. Get Ten dollars off story worth dot com slash straight talk. I quit this cry. Nobody's GONNA go free. Got Sneaking love album not going to be late David Anyway. Welcome back to the program was stupid. Love like when I first heard it was like doing like it and now I love it. Yeah I get it for her album coming out I am. I always am supported for excited and I support Lady Gaga on. You know I I the dance songs I like. I love the Joanne album. I really here seeing I'm the anyway Dance again from her or I okay. so Now normally you do a balls deep frying or you do a freaky fags the But I will say you have a brand new segment here right. What Wall. Yeah kind of. Because I don't have all Steve. I don't have anything and I don't we just all questions and then I don't have a free Faouzi. So what what do you in the mood to do? Then well I didn't. I kind of woke up feeling crabby understood so little grabby malone calls me and goes starts complaining about stuffing. I said well you know when I used to live in Tater tot used to in this apartment year probably fifteen sixteen years ago there was. This woman would go on the sit on the front porch by Taos Window and she would smoke and call her a friend and just complain and then Taylor was in emails about what. The friend was complaining about in Hayakawa. Crabbing corner so it always get crabbing corner with colleen an update every day can email crabbing corner and it'd be like calling pissed about this and she would just complain about choice. Facts you want. You do crabbing corner. Will you just get to complain about something? So would you like to hear crabbing corner yes all right for the first time day booing day. Budding here on the straight talk eight quarter. I want your grabbing. I want crabbing crabbing corner fact. You said that theme song I said is the worst thing ever great job. I did that in one take and I. I believe you know it sounds crabby. And that's how it should sound perfect. Yeah terrible now. People love the bad stuff. I'll tell you this people doing the Matthew Chef I meant to talk about. The people videotape themselves during the matthew from last week. And if you don't know I'm not gonNA play now but people people are all right own. It is time for and corner. I want your grabbing chat. Crabbing your crabbing corner. What would scrapping you today? Okay let me preface this by saying my problems here in that what. I'M GONNA complain about or nothing. In comparison to what's going on in the world and people facing this horrible virus is good. I think everybody has a right to complain. And every it's everybody's complaint is valid and I'm always saying this to you Ross. It's okay to be irritated by something. Meyer you because you do go to the positive into gratitude. You really good at that. I'm more wanted to complain to get it out. You know what I mean. I don't WanNa stay there too long. 'cause resentment and each you do you know what? I mean an anger so I liked bent it. You know what I mean. So I've want us. I want to let you know what I'm just woke up so crabby like I'm still in it can you tell are you. Are you looking through our notes? You need second to collect your thoughts. I can play a song. I want here crabbing crab rabbit because you're doing a podcast called the daily smile. Yeah I thought I would. I thought I would do a segment for a second. Ross and I were talking about this because Mary so excited about the daily smile. We have this new show dailies. Nikki so positive and so sweet. Isn't that amazing? So then so then I would probably do the daily frown so give us give us like a taste of what that would be like but you what it is important event yet so nice is because sometimes I'm awful folks that's right so what is bugging you today is what's bugging me today. People not wearing masks when I go out on a walk and they get they come right at me. Not Wearing masks not saying staying six feet of our one to walk in the street. It's so annoying. I'm going to get a megaphone like Nikki. I'm over at that. These people are not taking seriously and I am driving me nuts at the grocery store. It's the worst I'll tell you in Washington state. It's not mandatory to where mass and I go to the grocery store and people are like just free pre Ballin free with your yes frequently with fellow refacing also on really crappy about people facetime facetime for my readings. But I don't I don't like people calling me on facetime just randomly. Oh I see I call him all. The time I'm I wasn't a facetime or entire was seeing somebody who was a face timer and because he was younger it was like twenty seven twenty eight and the first time he faced time he was walking on the street and I go. Why are you facing? If you're walking like you're you're looking forward looking thinking he was like well. That's just what we do and so I was like. Whoa so now I facetime more than I call now. I love facetime but why well because I don't even care if like I'm looking at the ceiling sometimes just like I put it on like when I'm cooking I'll put it on the thing and talk to people like they can just doing my shed and like you can hear each other but like you can look up every once in a while. The I don't know I love these timing. I think it's because I'm young and ham fair. Well it bugged it just crabby at group and talking about mark sending those group tax. I can't stand group. Tatsuo. Just cannot stand them tag. We do group text for the show and I can tolerate that as I love all of you and we get right like jj show at this time. Yes yes yes. It's in-and-out and outright with us. We love that but when these I mean some Group of people that go on and on and I love you so much. They're talking to someone else in your hand they'll tell you what bug me about taxes. Sometimes like you get in tax then like one or two people you don't have their numbers saved rights just like eight nine two seven seven's at a certain point it's too you've gone too far down the road curb text would be like. I'm sorry to nine and they're like texting back a million times. You didn't know which one is one so then like I'm in group tax with some a you and there's the number on there I'll know who number that is i. I Know House late to say that I just did not nuts and then you know what drives me nuts. I was driving up here on this road trip motherfuckers. Who I in the lane right lane on. I go at ten miles above the speed limit was probably wrong but I do. I think you're not GonNa get pulled over seventy to sixty and my right and can I get an amen on that. I think they meant by over five hundred ten over and you're good and you understand so I stick at Ted. Maybe we'll eleven really good. I get into lane but I'm not a slow. Poke get not far left lane and I stay there and I feel like I've earned it at that speed. I can say that lane right got it so I'm good. These mother fuckers come up on my ass so hard core right which and then and then we'll go around me right and then if you find all go to the right and get it but their blinkers on. Then they get mad. And how about this? How about you goose go round? I'm already going. I COME UP ON SOMEONE. Who's going slow? I get over and I pass them and I do. I don't want you to. I don't want to disrupt your day but don't look at me like I'm an asshole. I understand that that would be crazy. Saying I don't want people out my ass. Can we isolate my God? Okay just a couple more Visiting I don't like clanking and noise in the background. When someone's talking to me now he's got my longer Hicks yet the Iphone X. background noise so loud right. Yeah some people don't know that some people don't prepare you for that or like say like excuse me but it's going to be a little out or second it's unwanted out people. This is unbelievable this unacceptable. Thanks I'll go in. I'll have I'll I'll be on the phone with him and I'll set like a newspaper down on the paper on the counter and he'll that racket. I don't know Ross. Incomplete clanking haunted house ball on a chain. I don't know what you're doing now. I've gotten headaches from it. You know I'm studying I'm getting. I'm putting open a soda that no no. It's it's so loud and you don't prepare even Nikki you'll be. It's going to be allowed. I apologize because you're Nikki when you do that to fags. Do you do that to anybody else? Oh It's going to be loud here. No you only do that too. Fancy because you know that eating crazy you cannot treat him like a crazy baby own jacket. You could your baby in a straitjacket. Sometimes you can't you have to treat them like a grown up with pull up pants with a grownup with Pula Pants. I just want to have on the phone. I sit and listen to my friends. You're watching your you're your basis. You're always clinking. Clanking and see how you like it. I was fine with it. I know you were but turned into argument corner. Listen one last one. I went to Popeye's because cj give me a little bit of the Popeye's chicken sandwich member loved. That chicken brought it into Brazil. I loved it too so I get that. I went and got the chicken sandwich and I brought it home and it was beyond horrible. Had gristle in it. The Bun was soaked in lopsided manning's on half the Bun and the chickens thicken growth. Like through the whole thing out like. Why does it look like a picture? You want me like. Why can't ask food? Look like the picture. 'cause WE QUARANTINE AIN'T GONNA time for a particular sandwich and Gal because I got a crap to do now I've been telling you. When did you get this chicken sandwich? Pops that was so subpar the other day yeah. I've been telling him he goes everything goes. I don't know if dinner I can suggestion. I said you have to. He loves a hamburger. I said he doesn't give me. Give me suggestions rescue telling you say you eat what you these are his exact words. Nikki and he said you eat what I tell you to eat. Does that sound like me? It doesn't sound like you. It sounds like you when you orthodoxy. I tell him I suggest that he gets if you ever had the hamburger cj from del Taco no the cheese where it is delicious so he and he likes a good hamburger. And I said you have to try. I've been telling for four months and every time on three weeks. God really senile. No you lost me senile elder elder abuse. It is no right anyway. That's crab quarter and you're out of your Goddamn Mind. You're grabbing talk crabbing call. I want your crabbing corner when I go to power of attorney. I'm playing that for the judge. How many get it? Yeah and I'M GONNA throw a chilly. Sticks chefs these stories out to keep track. Nikki plea what did we name the segment last grabbing corner that one? Can we focus on me like what would you say? What did you say? What was that something like that? Yeah okay anyway. So James M Dally Sent me an email that said when I was younger my family would often say Jesus Mary Joseph Instead of cursing which. I do all the time and he thought that full name was Jesus Marian Joseph on Herranz donated mayor mad which I just thought that was cute of area. Okay so I'm jack sent an email about how last week's I'm segment made him a little judgy and then made him laugh which is pretty much my entire personality Jack Lives in Phoenix. And he said I just minister latest episode and your segment out with the Little Red Corvette a member me Recu man member. I'm sure After I finished rolling my eyes and laughing at everyone mishearing simple lyrics. I was inspired to actually listen to some prints So when I got two Little Red Corvette I was shocked to learn that I have been mishearing the very first line of this song my entire life so I figured let's take a listen to this first line of He'll pigeon guess I should okay so I guess I should have known by the way you parked your car side ways. He for his whole life he heard. I guess. I should have known by the way you pop your collar side way now. I could hear that because I was thinking. What is he saying your car sideways? And they heard pop your collar sideways. Listen should know wave side. Then y'all poppy follower get nothing anyway. I WanNa your but I will accept pop. You're caller. Id. That is that is acceptable or not acceptable. It's no thing is whether I accept that you heard that. And that's I wasn't aware of that part. Yeah Yeah so we accept that I accept that. I don't think you're nuts. So that's okay so Wayne Holtz. Who is this topic We saw McChrystal's and bullshit. Last time he wrote in saying that he thought GaAs lyrics were a little more descriptive than we thought. You know the song poker face return. So let's just go ahead and listen to it and then I'll tell you what Wayne thought and you might be your pants. I'm of phase all right so we know we all know up a poker face. You understand you will never because of Wayne you will never hear this song pup pup pup poker face but fuck her face poker face but but fucker face. Listen I will absolutely he? I absolutely accept. I've never in my time. Wow But T. TJ. Oh my God that made me Laugh Okay. So you know You know the song everybody knows the song. It's an Oldie but Patrick Keller road in the he used to think the song till Tuesday had a different meaning. Okay long till Tuesday. I'm sorry no this song voices carry by the band til Tuesday okay. You don't. Yeah Yeah. Yeah listen a listen. I'll tell you okay okay. So Patrick Color used to think that she was saying this is scary then the next email that I got immediately after this one was matt from New York and he said he used to sing this song. Think this song said pussies scary to people wrote in about this song. One person said this is scary. They thought has pussy scary. Yeah so I thought we listen and see which one we think might be the wrong right. I will lock in on a pussies scary and I certainly do. Hear a pussy scary. See Jiang yes because I've never heard before okay and by the way I don't disagree. I knew you're going to say that all right. Corey spelling Noah relation to Tori from Lafayette. Louisiana said. That when he was in high school his friend Felicia misheard lyrics to the nineties are in be Song. He said he and his friends could not stop laughing. They all worked at the cookie store in the mall and this is how they discovered. Felicia singing the wrong words. So do you guys remember the song? it's called. Nobody knows it but me by the Tony Rich Project. I used to love the song. Do you know it. Yes I know that's GonNa see James. Let's listen to it and then I'll tell you I'll tell you the Minnesota but bad so. Hey that's terrible okay. I love that song. I think I think the lyrics are the nights are lonely and the days are so sad or the nights are long and the deserves okay. The beliefs Shia thought lyrics. Were the nights are long baby? Jesus so sad by FELISA shot to baby. Jesus here nights so long baby. Jesus so sad safe. No no way around and now let them one more time. Let me baby the want baby Jesus to be in it Except that one and I don't care how religious Felicia is but I do don. Wow that is you. Do not disappoint straight talkers when it comes to the misheard lyrics thank you. I still don't know what the name of this segment is. Because I can't remember. But keep them comment senator to. Nikki be at straight talk with Ross Dot com thing you Nikki and I have one I t's last week I forgot to send it to so I'll make sure to reach out to me because I I always hear wrong and I told. Cj about it we were in a car together. Really really did you hear. You'll never hear it ono one of Very Popular Song. It will ruin it all right okay. All right Now Nikki you said you had to be gone in a certain time reach that time. Can you stick around for now? You know what I had cancellation super okay or Jane always good C. J. Bucknell the blackness else. So for today two things one was definitely. I have to cut the music off like that. Because underresourced zoom their limitations. What I can do please take it away once heavy and light but I'm figuring we'll start with heavy one I just want you guys to know this name. Brianna Taylor. If you haven't heard in the news she was an award-winning. Meat and a model citizen. A beloved upstanding member of her family and community She was literally an essential worker and had been working at two hospitals during epidemic Less than a month ago Renegade Division of the Louisville Police Department performed an illegal unannounced drug raid on her not a single neighbor. A resident heard a single officer announced themselves when they literally ran the door and began shooting. Twenty two shots. Slaughtering are not only. Were the police at the wrong house. The man they were looking for who had nothing to do with Riyadh had already been arrested earlier that day and so it's again these moments that are like heavy where you're like. And she was on the front line helping going. What's going on with the epidemic right now so as I said on Instagram. Before it's it's it's important that we put the word out and say that we stand with these injustices like what happened with a model like the video was out like y'all saw the video but I mean you're buying meaning the police department and everything but we saw it and then action was before so hard so I mean this video forever and didn't return with his killing and then once it became public outrage and I think that's what it takes to sort of get the word out especially for her. So there's a site called stand with our DOT COM. You can just go in there and sign a petition if you can do that employees to do it again. This was a somebody that was an essential worker helping on the front line. And this happened. And nobody's done anything yet. So we gotta stand by her And I just wanted to say something really quick. According to two reports they the police like you said didn't announce themselves she was armed. She thought somebody and choose with her fiance or husband thought. Someone's breaking in. So she fired our yeah and they she fired just like anybody would do had at home. Someone's breaking in the house right. And then they killed killed her. I just want to say something here. If somebody came into my house and I had a weapon. You better believe that that you would be getting the shot. Sr it just. And I don't know who these please think they are the support police right that you go to somebody's home without without a warrant without a without saying who you are and then and take somebody's life. Somebody who is a hero is just so heartbreaking. The fact that nothing's been done about it is the word is is disgusting disgusting and they've started a gun go funny for her fiance that That they that they took in. Just be for the same reason that you said. It was an illegal firearm in the home. And the case with the MoD who was just on a run and white man saw him thought he was the somebody who had been breaking into places shining and killed him. Trying to make a citizen's arrest he was just thinking. Why are these men running after me? I'll tell you this someone in that same neighborhood a white man filmed. This and I saw this online ran with TV to that same neighborhood holding a TV. Nothing to him. Nothing so it's the way that again how they see us and I just would hope that as much as we can let we can. People of color can yell and ranch and all that but it's it's our allies that are people of color that does help extend and get the message out as well too so And then I just WanNa unless things Sounding out the graduates of twenty twenty so we have a listener. Casey Mitchel her son Christian graduating from high school after being diagnosed At ten with autism so after going through some personal deep things. He's graduating with his class. And he's the first generation From this family. That is Graduating so I want to give a shout out to him lassie. I want to give Miss Maggie from. Id Her son Jonathan. He's graduating with a three point nine. Gpa He didn't get to play this last year of ball but his amazing mom and her husband couldn't be more proud and they are both straight talkers and they wanted to give love to our vets waiting kids and final final final living loud. We should sat out your. Let's get your Pov on living loud cj? And I were the guest on a podcast. Last night called living loud and the Dick and Maria are both Host and they had both of us on from New York with the accents. This champagne glasses and I loved that we have the best time last night. They are huge fans of straight talk. Show they're obsessed with the boss. They'd love some fags they are invested and I want to give them thank you for bringing that up because they are. They are the epitome of straight talkers. And then they have their own podcast. They're just read in love and they had C. Janai on last night. When is it airing against Friday? Okay so living loud podcast. It makes me so happy. You Guys I love. I absolutely love that we love our listeners and CJ. Thank you for Shedding light on important issues. You know we all do that. You know Mickey sheds light on Lyrics that are miss. Her actually sheds light on. Popeye's chicken sandwiches. Thank you. We all do that so I wanted to. Do you know and I love that. You mentioned the graduates that means either happy but I will tell you this When I was graduating college. I don't want to Brag but remember that vitamin C song called the graduation forever. That song was coming out when I was graduating college. I remember be like this songs. We played at every graduation for the history of time. And I don't think it's ever been played since no. Are you gonNA play all the graduates graduate with their friends and family and all that this year so From us you happy graduation But I do WANNA save quickly before we do that. If you WANNA follow it. Big thanks to mark for being on the show. Thank you mark. Thank probably the buggy and we'll We will post And you can follow us at. Hello Ross pod looking at if you look there if you want to see people doing the Matthew Shuffles. We've listened to in the Matthew Shuffle on their efficiency marks pictures and all all our pictures of our favorite outfits ever worn. Be On there as well. Okay if you follow Nikki. She that Nicky Boje. You're on social media talking out life. Coach Dot Com taught life coach Gene Dot Com. That's get life coaching from her. Also daily smile as a new podcast. When does that begin? Nicole on May Eighteenth Eighteenth. I'm already subscribed iron streetwalkers. Who have already left reviews? I see you I you and if you haven't heard dying for sex yet you better listen to that soon to be award winning podcast. What mark my words people when they do awards podcast? Nick is going to be collecting a row face. You Facts Malone and Stockton Malone on all social media also automatic Penn writer Dot Com getting reading just like. They Need Life coaching guidance spiritually as well book. You're reading now. You can do that at automatic. Penn writer Dot Com C. J. C. J. Life C. J. A. Y. L. Y. F. E. Y. Because we love him. And I'm hello. Ross on all social media from us to you please bring moment right now. I know what I mean. But it really is than ever to celebrate the main pastor twenty five pounds good shape always be was were you. You see the new chancellor his memories a key gene. It's pretty terrible that I've never heard I've just wait till it kicks end pretty bad pretty bad talking. It soon expanded it's scheme and that really like flat. Iron flipped out hair like major showing with a wide belt and then a boot cut. Jeans is beautiful basically what Britney Spears would wear right now Kong. So funny was later at your graduation. Caves really yeah. I think it came out when I graduated college. I think you fucking Music Nikki. Google win friends forever. Graduation from Vitamin C came out Beats Batman. Jokes was still China. Big Obscene go. Mickey what I'm really recall. I'm really confused. It said it came out in two thousand so I west has been okay. I graduated college too so maybe before then anyway but I round then yeah gas. I remember getting high in a car with my friends in college. This song being emotional look wonderful. Jokes will still be funny. Meanwhile I don't really remember Shit. I mean I don't remember yesterday. Cg has to walk behind. You met this person at this. My a meanwhile. I talked to like three people from college right right right. And that's occasionally moment you listen to the song. What did you think your life was going to be like exactly what it is. You know what I think about what I think it's on. I missed the dining hall. That's what it's about college. No it's like it's like your own sizzler. And you never get a bill from regard. You have to watch the video. There's a whole story line going on as a school. She's got the worst haircut you've ever see. I just going yeah. It's like what happens when you don't town your hair factly. Yeah lesser the bridge. I don't have time for the guys. So we gotta say goodbye. I I'm gonNA play the song. People can hear them but feel free to log off all right. I'll have time for this. It's how we built during the market of you guys lean. I want to dedicate this song to Nikki. Boyer on her last episode your contribution ears so think about smile and things that can sheriff's task USA thought this all those the hop will be spanning these standing all those riddle. One Walk Teacher whispers believe she was on your part and then I'll say I'll never forget spent together I don't remember Hollywood holler out doesn't ring a bell.

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