Alexa chief's favorite Alexa skills


Talking Tech is brought to you by Wicks Dot com create and publish a stunning website all from one powerful platform go to wicks dot com to create your very own professional website today. That's W I X DOT COM in. Stay tuned after the show to here. Are you can take advantage of Wick special offer for talking tech listeners here we are at Amazon Day one on right. Hey headquarters in Seattle with Dave lamp senior. Vp Amazon devices and services. You're the Alexa got all Alexa and fire TV the and all that stuff falls under your purview as a guy who works here at Amazon and Overseas Alexa. I know that I asked for the time and the weather and and the play music and the you know the basics which is one of the things that you're doing on on a daily basis. Yeah I as you could imagine my household is very Alexa. Alexa fide I and so for us the an ambient user interface us being me and my family is our new normal. I often talk about my kids. They'll go over to a friend's house and they'll say Alexa turn on the lights. It doesn't work and they think the House has a bug. You know so so for us. You could walk into any room you can. I when I walk in I wake up in the morning. I walk in every room and I say Alexa turn on the lights. In some places I have motion sensors and lights automatically come on because that built a routine that that does that I am a big sports fanatic and so I ask for sports scores all time and I I was delighted the other day I asked for the cubs score and unbeknownst to me the team had done this. I didn't even know about it. it then said would you like a summary of video summary of the game on echo show and it gave me a two and a half minute summary of the cubs games of all the greatest hits inning by inning which was which was delightful so. I've been doing that a lot and then I love television and movies and TV TV and so using Alexa on my TV to navigate around and use voice search and get a ten foot experiences also very delightful in our household. What do you think is the best underrated Alexa skill I to say that there's a lot of games that that that are very very interesting for for us in our household jeopardy is a big one. I don't know if that's underrated but it's but it's one that that people do. I love seven minute didn't work out. There's times I just can't get my full workout in and so I find that skill very very delightful because I can get a quick workout. You can do your jumping jacks and your wall sit and your your planks. I I know the seven minute workout. Well he an expert right here in my push ups with your arm above you exactly exactly yeah. I don't WanNA cheat on. I say well. It's great senior. Vp Amazon thank you for talking tech with US Jefferson Graham. Thanks for listening and we'll catch you come in that show. Talking Tech is supported by WICKS DOT COM if you're ready to build your own website. There's no better place to get started than wigs dot com. Whether you're promoting running your business showcasing your work opening your store or starting a blog. Anyone can create a professional website with wicks. You have the freedom to start a site from scratch coach or to the designer made template then customize it to suit your needs and of you need to get online fast just answer a few simple questions and wicks will instantly build a personalized finalized website just for you complete with design images and text choose. Your style changed the layout and add any features. You need like an online store booking system system. Now's the time to tell your story wicks dot Com can help get started today and build a website. You'll be proud of and if you go to Wicks DOT COM and use the coupon on code talking. You'll get ten percent off when you're ready to go premium. That's Wicks DOT com code talking for ten percent off any premium plan.

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