Playing your part (Ephesians 4:16)


i welcome to the audio stationed at least you raj reflections on poles ledges w e e i may learn something new testament like john malkovich she's seasons chapter for the sixteen playing your pot on a very immature out an extremely hot time jazz piano player i've had the opportunity to be in a few bans on my life and i've loved they experience in a band each member has different skills and different roles in fact each row pinta have a personality type associated with us this jokester guy with h personality type but you can tell each other at practice sessions keyboard player the pedantic and now these stereotypes right well mostly guitarists it's a self obsessed how do you know if you've made a guitarist at a party he tells you how do you know if you've met a keyboard player the party he's the one hanging around with a guitarist trying to look cool vice plans are always in the background how do you know if you buy the base pirate party nobody can remember the answer dramas or a big game this endless jerk chicken till about dramas and so on but when you start to play the music it's a different story altogether the judging falls away because the music is all that matters when it all comes together in the meuse hits you you're swift along by the song and the bruise on his each of you applies your pot it's magic the music you're creating together it's a much greater than anything you could do body of sales that's just one example of how good does this city convey when you're part of a team alongside different people with different personalities and different skills playing different roles but also the psyche of a common goal it can be a real joy if everyone on the team where exactly the sign it would be by boring counterproductive aban full of cable applies for example would be disastrous but diverse city producers this quality and that's not just despite our differences it's because of that difference is that one of the reasons that many businesses and institutions seek deliberately to promote diversity they want attain with different skills skills all working together for the common good of course that see ideal isn't it in reality the city often doesn't work that way on the one hand now differences kindly misunderstandings tensions jokes moving jokes fights bullying and more on the other hand diverse city itself can become such an overarching goal the eclipse is the purpose of the team was created for in the first place sometimes diverse city or a particular vision of a sudden kind of diverse city can be promoted as an ideology for its own sake something that everyone must fall into line ways and when that happens diverse city just becomes the new unit uniformity enough asians check the full this sixteen poll is speaking of his ideal for cross body across the people it's a vision that involves diverse city it's diversity that matters yet it's not just about versity forward forward science like raw that it's a diverse city for the sake of something greater unity in growth of cross buddy you wouldn't have crossed people then your valuable to his buddy you have specific gifts and you have a specific roles apply but the fact that you know different from other members in cross body can be a problem counters bacon late and misunderstanding to tensions to pride tied to envy competition and wish that's why we need to pay attention to what pulses here about the purpose and go all out of the city pools vision for cross body is not a flat uniformity where everyone is exactly the same but there is a division where defenses end up being the main thing we need to keep our eyes fixed on the purpose so the differences and worked together for that common goal he's visions jeff over sixteen from crushed the head being child buddy being connected and held together by every supporting ligament according to the activity of every single pot brings about the growth of the body so that it builds itself in love listeners begins by focusing on what unites nuts us as cross party not surprisingly the primary thing that unites us is christ himself crushed is the head of the body this where the peace and the previous vesper it's connected to this verse of inclusion in the translation the concept of the head he he's a bad governing and purpose crushed directs the body supplies it's needs and provides its purpose had this cross govern us and give us at pappas only answer is in fact all of the things that pulses and the rest of us asians christ is the one in whom guard is working to sum up all things in heaven and on us in fact crushed is the head of a or things but he isn't just a distant calls me lord he's also deeply concerned with us he's paypal christ is the ones who died on the cross the bring us forgiveness and save us from death and judgment he's the one who rose from the dead to bring us loss and hope and a future he's the ones who brings us peace security reconciliation angle christ has given us a whole new life to leave a lot of holiness leaving and speaking for him inside because christ is the head of the body the gospel message about christ is central to our unity pull speaks year about being time buddy being connected and held together by every supporting ligaments this points is back do a poll has already said about the gospel and the preaching of the gospel backing chapter to pull also talked about being connected together there he was describing the various gospel preaching building activities happening throughout the world he he's describing these gospel preaching activities in terms of the buddy there ligaments that provide support and connect cross buddy together so at unity is founded don believing in the gospel message about christ and speaking it in love and being part of the gospel going out to the world crushed and the gospel these things for us to lift their eyes to is we see their own individual pot in cross body this is what we are united in inside this unity is the foundation of our diverse city since unity he is the foundation of adversity adversity exist the cycles this university poll speak to the why of the whole body of christ according to be activity of every single pod brings about the growth of the body my buddies a great illustration of thought the city acting the psyche of unity isn't as human bodies a wonderful in chickens just the simple active walking across the room is incredible active coordination between buddy pots they are looking out for obstacles in escaping balance the different muscles of the legs pulling relaxing in just the right way and the head coordinating at all in the same way across the bony each one of us has a valuable role to play in the previous polls describes how all of us in the body should be speaking the truth in love but he we see each of us will do this indifferent weiss each devices different on often unique opportunity to speak the truth of the gospel depending on their circumstances and relationships and abilities the friends and family in strangers inside there's no outsiders each of us has different opportunities to respond to god's love by loving others opinion of circumstances and relationships and abilities well some of these opportunities that clearly noticeable by others most of the minds normally we don't get public recognition for active courage meant laws in my on churches i speak to my brothers and sisters in christ i hear stories about various ways people are encouraging one another three the gospel caring for one another and working together to see the gospel go out to the world most of it is behind the scenes it's things like providing meals for those in need crying offering encouraging words crunching spreadsheets to organize finance is visiting those who need help sharing the gospel in what places and much more i'm sure of it forever story we hear about there are hundreds of stories we hear about this week and give thanks to god the body of christ you that went in these wise but doty's doesn't always work that way do that that's why cancer is devastating cancer happens when susan cells start to multiply and growing by themselves in a way that eason's for the good of the rest of the body can series win some individual cells of the body become very very good at one particular activity replicating themselves cancer is a form of gross but it's a runaway gross but undermines and destroys and this kind of cancer can happen with the body of christ to counters if i stop and think it's all about me and my on gifts if i start try it again everything in church around me and my preferences instead of around jesus in the gospel if i tried to my little maze lost me and i liked me i'd always agree with me they're not become cancerous sill eating away at the body undermining the unity of the gospel but the body of christ is not just about my own personal giftedness is sometimes the most brilliant and gifted people how the most devastating the body of christ that is if they're in it just simply promote and replicate themselves you like this it's not uncomfortable simple question but it's a question we all need to ask ourselves isn't it it's a question the christian ministers and leaders as specially made to ask what is you'll go are you focused on jesus christ on building others up in jesus christ or you seeking to make everything about you yes we in many other parts of the body of christ work well well together it's a wonderful thing as the buddy grise it builds itself in love pull his switches back from the buddy idea to the building idee pull users the building idear innovations talk about speaking the gospel to grow god's people building is about gospel ministry and gospel mission and he pulled still talking about building by gospel spiking but there's a new component he wants to focus on the building something the body does for itself building buddies gospel ministry and mission is something the entire body of christ does with each pot taking part in a different why for come and go this is not a static vision is it's a vision of grace and building it's a vision of growth and building in love together responding to god's love for us in jesus by loving one another and this bodybuilding is central to what god is doing in the world now that's polls already sued in chapter one this church the body is the fulfillment moment of christ who himself is the one who god is planning to sum up all things in the universe that's why gospel ministry met is in churches and why gospel ministry needs to keep happening in all the world that's swatch important for each one of us to seek wise deliberately just speak the truth in love you know unique individual situations that's also why we need to keep training and equipping paypal to be vocational gospel ministers sent out to the world so how could you play you'll pass on not just asking that because it's my current job the train vocational gospel ministers after all if i didn't think it was important that get another job i'm asking it because this is gone gripe plan for his wealth guard is rescuing people from day and bringing in a licensed i hear the gospel of christ guard is working through the preaching of the gospel to sum up all things in christ he's doing it through cross body building itself you know you and me all of us individually indifferent wise by working together in a diverse city for that common goal to the price of his glory and you play your patch for reflection how this understanding the purpose of cross the buddy help you to plying you ryan individual pot you know other any life decisions you could mike with a naval you apply your patch in building cross body more effectively deeply they've been listening to you guys love five now we know crime salt just main reason reflections pools lettuce denise asians long waits a new testament electron locally sydney the ticks version of this podcast can be found at my website www dot also lawn windsor donation like chicken 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