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The Ballad Of Jeffery Vance-Series-001-Episode-02- Official Detectives Reports-Our Ballad Takes A Turn Into The Bizzare


all right. How's everybody dealing today? This is drew and this is the owl once was lost podcast and we are finally at episode two. And what we're going to be dealing with today is the official version of Jeffries case as put down by the Douglas. County sheriff's Sheriff's Deputies and the investigative division of Detective Summary Reports the sign to Jeff's case. So that everybody can hear what led to their decision to close the case case with absolutely no foul play involved even though we do start with the detective stating that there was quite a bit of suspicion involved in this case so just going to be objective. Here go through the information and you guys should be taking notes The next I episode is really going to open up things for you. which is a recorded interview with with some people that were in from out of town that are completely objective very intelligent very smart and noticed quite quite a bit really so much more than even the detectives did but of course the family caught caught? All of this and I didn't interview with them but anyway so we are going to start here with again. The ballot of Jeffrey Vance Ballads as mentioned are four cowboys. Larger than life characters. Like Paul Bunyan and also anyone that we want to celebrate as I described Jeffrey via the cowboy. This the feeling I get when I see the two pictures of hammered hear stories about him but Dallas are also filled with allure in non truths and everything else in between and it is that in between where the facts lie but today is for the authorities that originally said this case was again very very suspicious to say the least yet in a very short time became just another closed. Case ballots can end in just about any way okay and this one unfortunately turned from the story of a young man few lovers of a good larger than life description but also uncannily only true about Jeff who was just trying to make it in this world which turned into a nightmare for a very loving family who are only searching for the truth so we have to unfortunately now leave the ballot behind and venture into the inbetween. As I mentioned of what sometimes authority calls truth because it's right there on the report and those looking from the outside or those that that got caught up in the case without even knowing anyone involved but also found it immediately suspicious and myself off personally as of right now. I just find bizarre. That's the only word that I can come up with at the moment. So right as of now jeffries dealing with an estranged wife Info Group of people in an area of the country. He was not raised in though he did love that being Mount Angel Oregon we find Jeff spending some of his time between this small town in his. He's home back in Kansas. Jeff already been having very personal conversations with his mother his siblings and his his best friend. If you remember Kayla from the previous episode celebrating Jeffrey's life about the element. He found himself in in there. That of the underbelly of this small unassuming little town but one that fits the boxes all check as as a community ravaged by Meth. It had it small town dealers. Who in turn would be dealing with much? Bigger people are cutting that all out of the picture just making it themselves in the so called sheep way which is not only an inferior product but much more dangerous injuries to make since we are not talking about lab conditions here so most people making product being high as well most at the time themselves. I'm sure you hear of these makeshift labs actually even exploding and people dying. You know all the time anyone old enough to remember scarface knows that you don't get high on your own supply that's rule number one and becoming a want to to be kingpin. Trust me I know the type having gone to college for a short time in Valdosta State University which is in southern Georgia and at being the official stopover for all drugs moving from south Florida up the corridor to New York in Montreal Canada so I not only saw these wannabe drug kingpins. You can imagine this little city in. It's only thing of of note is the college and the Air Force Base there and it being the perfect place for the amount of cocaine and MDA. Hey who no one even really knew that was being the Eighties Ella St Pot. I mean you name it I I remember the day Meth even came to town to Valdosta. And somebody coming up in telling me about this. He and nobody really knowing what that was for. People understand in new at what in Fettah means were and even what was used to be called methamphetamines. But not it's not the real deal so anyways the point of all this is just to explain a small towns or actually where the real action occurs in the distribution of drugs where meetings and easy to pay off and bribe local authorities. He made barely over. Minimum wage was a no brainer. This is in no way saying all all small towns are like this nor are we saying that Mount Angel or the larger Roseburg is for the most part. Let's say nine nine percent of law enforcement manner fighting for justice in her there to quote you know serving protect that we all know in any endeavor. There are bad apples. Even the police will tell tell you this. And that's why they have the internal affairs division. We are also no way saying that. This occurred in this case as of now now as of this episode in its purpose we know of some incredible detectives in other law enforcement officers at work this case and the search and rescue teams. Who really have the tough work to do when they tried? Very hard to find Jeff and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts. We really do. We only need to mention all of that. Due to some very strange occurrences and again the elephant the room that being drugs and the ramp and availability of it and the circle of people that Jeff had around him at the time Using and even making some of these drugs. It's it's all in the report so we're not pointing any fingers here. Hell even jeff was using a bit and and he wasn't perfect his mother tell you so herself to honest his family is they just want the truth. He wanted to move away away from all this though he had his sight said on domestic issues in either working things out or leaving. I only wish that he had not been again. The hero of this tale because we all know heroes want to help people and save them and the rest of us know where where that usually leads in any relationship. You know people do that so and never it. Never works out You you can't save anybody that person I has to love themselves and it's all about self esteem fit. They not love themselves i. There's no way you're ever going to save them in trying to get away from this life even having tried to work at in save a local bar and he was very good at it except for the drugs coming in and out of this bar and supposedly a lot of money going missing but jeff did not. I'd have access to the bank accounts so no access to pay the bills. Needless to say this bar no longer exists so again the bigger your point here. Is this anytime you had drugs. You had money making and dealing drugs possibly owing money or God knows what you're you're not gonNA end up with a great ending to your ballot in it's more than likely going to turn into a tragedy so now that that's out in the open because because whether we want to or not drugs do play partner story. The WHO's on it or making of drugs here do not matter because drugs are equal opportunity life destroyers and caused people to do things that they usually regret. So let's get into the official law enforcement version of this ballad of Jeffrey Vance's disappearance and subsequent death as officially caused by the elements and exposure than the closing of the case by law enforcement in wrapped up nice and neat as is just another simple and horrible accident in the National Forest. Time look up the uh-huh quit national forest and you're GonNa see quite a few disappearances in Otta vents occurring there for such a a small again national forest area. That's composer some very cool locations the you're gonNA hear about Like the Auto key falls in the hot springs area. They're very beautiful. So let's start this so the time line for the Jeffrey Jeffrey Vance Case Number Nineteen Dash. Oh Six oh nine. These are the actual facts of Douglas. County Sheriff's Deputies and investigative instigate division of detective some reports on February Fourth of this year two thousand nineteen nine eleven dispatch of Douglas. County Oregon received the call from the glide store of Glide Oregon for a possible missing person. We're GONNA start with Deputy Kevin Lytton on the fourth at six o t two PM. Deputy Lytton was dispatched to one. Seventeen Brown Saint Saint Glide Oregon the glide store for a possible missing person ball on wral dispatch stated. They received a call from an anthony. Fenton Anamour who said he was hiking with his friend in a became separated now. His friend is missing. Upon arrival. Deputy Lytton made contact with Anthony who is showing signs supposedly of Hypothermia. Deputy Lytton requested medical personnel to respond in evaluate. I WanNa make a note here that actually before he even quoted about missing person. He stated did that. His truck had been stolen why he would say that is beyond me But that is what occurred. He asked asked to explain what happened. So this is what Anthony stated said on February. I'm sorry on Friday. The second February first of two thousand nineteen that he traveled to the Diamond Lake area with his friend. Jeffrey vans fend spend more said. While driving the gas tank on the trump truck was punctured and the truck. Stop running Said they parked the truck doc in a wooded area and walked away from it but did not know what time or day that was take. No please fell Moore said as they were walking they started discarding items from their backpacks to lighten their load. Fen were said. They reached a rock faced cliff. Anthony tried to start a fire but was unsuccessful. He said they couldn't start a fire so they continued walking. Feminists said he believes he blocked out out again when he came to after that Geoffrey was just gone. I have again no idea why demand would blackout when you look at this area folks before I go any further fewer able to pull up a map in. You're going to find what you're gonNA WANNA look. Look for is a logging road called. Nf t fifty and what's around it their civilization literally just a few miles in all directions. Here this isn't like in the middle of nowhere that these guys are lost with no way hey to get to civilization or help so blacking out in all of this and it was a bit chilly but they were dressed. They weren't t-shirts You could definitely survive for a bit of time. especially what's causing the blackout is a mystery to me so let's keep going here. I asked anymore when he last saw Jaffrey he stated he remembers being with Jeffrey either Saturday night or Sunday morning but hasn't seen him sense anymore. said he woke up this morning. He'd know this must be the morning of Monday in the fourth of February okay. He woke up face down in the snow missing everything which included the keys to his truck. His backpack his gun in his acts his wallet and Cell Phone. Don't read too much into the gun issue though. There is some strangeness there as well I asked if he could tell him where his vehicle was parked or where they started walking from Fen were said he remembers passing a hydro plant in driving into the woods after that said while they were walking remembered looking at the map on his phone. Take note of this too. I'm GonNa keep telling you us because at one point. He says he doesn't even have a phone. And we find out he actually has two phones and if he's looking get his phone while they were walked remembered looking at the map on the phone he saw that he was close to clearwater road so famour said he started started walking towards that road then his phone had to have been working on it. Just make call anyways anymore. said he ended up walking walking into the parking lot of the hot springs. Federal More said he was able to get a good Samaritan. Give him a ride to glide store. He then called his friend friendless. Becca springstead told her what happened. Finnemore said Jeffrey had not been heard from in that. She was unaware he was missing. Why did you not again? Why he was not on the phone? The police to report his best friend missing out in these woods that are so treacherous to him. That he's blacking out very suspicious. Okay I asked Phantom Anamour what Jeffrey Vance was wearing when he last saw him and then said Jeffrey was last seen wearing a dark colored rain in gear with a brown or gray. Benny style hat. He was carrying a camouflage internal fight. Backpack in full-sized -at's Asks Anthony Fenn more was transported to Mercy Medical Center at this time with being released. Just a couple of hours later. I contacted La Becca. SPRINGSTEAD LA- BECCA. Spring Said said she knew Anthony Feminine. Geoffrey van traveled to Diamond Lake area. To explore. Leveque Said said today she got a facebook message from unknown female who said she found Anthony. Federal more in the POW. I'm sorry in the parking lot. The BECCA said that Anthony called her a few minutes later from the same facebook. Counting told her Jeffrey was lost in the woods added that he had not heard from Jeffrey free. I was provided with Haley. Barth Vance's phone number from La Becca during our call. Haley has been identified. As the wife. Life of Jeffrey Vance. I made contact with Hailey. And she stated that. She had last talked to Jeffrey on Friday in February first in the morning when he left the house after an argument. Haley said Jeffrey doesn't have any medical issues in his in. Good shape though. Jaffrey is not an outdoorsman. Buddy hikes often Haley said her in Geoffrey of hike dot springs before but they don't really know their way around that area Korea anyways they hiked there quite often but they don't know their way around the area. I advised Haley. Jeffrey Vance would be entered into into the missing persons as a missing person in asked her to contact them if she could Concerning Jeffrey I then contacted doc ID records and asked to enter Jeffrey Vance. As a missing person I also contact dispatch and had them broadcast attempt to locate and ask dispatch to Ping Jeffrey Vance's phone the Ping showed Jeffrey phone was last used on the third of February at. Ah Oh nine thirty eight hours. I tempted to call Jaffrey's phone but call went straight to voicemail. That's nine thirty in the morning. There's going to be the military time here. I'm not gonNA take the time to make the Changes you can figure that out on your own. Okay it's pretty simple Jeffrey after he was entered into LDS slash NCI. See as a missing person and the NATO was broadcast on law one law. One is like the National News Station for law enforcement in the. At L. is almost like a Bolo kind of thing. It's like an all points bulletin type deal. Deputy said greer. Contact the Douglas County Search and rescue personnel. Who responded did to check the area? So now we're going to move to Deputy Brian. Melvin Deputy Brian. Melvin reports on Monday February fourth two thousand nineteen. Jeffrey Vance was reported to be hiking in the took Kiki area with his friend. Anthony Famour it was reported to me that Anthony the defense Parked on a road with a sign on that road reading road closed. Let me spell that for you too. That's T. O.. K. E. T. e Toki T. area for everybody that wants to look on map. It was reported to me that Anthony Phantom or had some kind of vehicle. Oh problems so. He and Jeffrey Vance decided to go for a hike on the late evening of Monday. February fort. Douglas this county search and rescue was activated to locate Anthony. Fenn amores vehicle the vehicle needed to be found on search and rescue ground teams so the begin their search search for Jeffrey Vance. Make sense right. You would start your search from there and work outwards. Douglas County Search and rescue four by four units began road searches in the Toki T.. I'm KWA hot springs area. All roads within a five mile radius were searched at night the only roads not search were roads closed by the National Forest Service. Make sense right. They would be closed and locked so why begin in your search there. The National Forest Service closed and locked those roads on November thirty first of two thousand eighteen that evening February fourth worth again while search and rescue searching roads. It began to snow and that happening accumulated that evening. Tuesday February fifth search search and rescue search the area and expanded the radius. Which of course they're gonNA do but again a five mile radius when you look at this map is quite enough area for them to be looking in if you look at the roads in these logging logging roads and where the hot springs are where he supposedly came out? which really doesn't make sense once you see? I'm kind of where the truck was found. And then he would have had to make a weird loop. It's just very weird. Attack is brought in as investigating a a section of the search mission that does began questioning friends and family members. Detectives had reason to believe something was suspicious at play with this case so now. Let's move to detective Todd Winfield. I don't know why he was brought in a already had Detectives beginning this and again. They had reason to believe that something was suspicious here and they immediately moved of to another detective so in February fifth at about eight am. Detective Wingfield was briefed by Lieutenant. Mary field regarding Jaffrey Jaffrey Vance. Who is missing in the uncle national forests near to t t lake? I was assigned as the case officer at that point Tuesday February fifth two two thousand nineteen. I spoke with Becca by telephone labatt picked up being at the from the M. C. when he was released medical center. I asked the Becca if Anthony would be available to be interviewed by Marion County. Deputy the Beker said Anthony doesn't have a phone. She wasn't sure if he would the answer the door or not okay. I'm sorry that doesn't even make any sense. One Take No. She saying he doesn't have a phone to that. He might not answer the door. Okay if you're being told detectives or coming to interview you you she. She answered the door not just should but it should be required so that he can give some testimony since he was the last person. Listen to see him alive. The Bekaa asked if I could call her when a deputy was on route to her house and I contacted Marion. County Sheriff's Office Dispatch Action requested a deputy respond to La Becca Springs Dad's residents. I also contacted the Becca again by phone in an adviser. You're a deputy would be responding to resins lookback stated she had made arrangements at work and was headed home at ten fifty five. Am I was contacted. Attacked by Marion. County Deputy Jeremy Vogel by telephone. I informed Deputy Vogel of the report involving Anthony. Fenn Amore asked deputy Vogel if he could interview interview Anthony So at about eleven twenty seven. AM Deputy Vogue will contact me by phone. I spoke to Daddy Vogel Total of four times over the phone anthony. Tobe deputy Vogel the following information. Anthony said he and Jaffer driving the Diamond Lake Diamond Lake was on the right in. clearwater was on the left side of the road. Anthony trump is a two wheel drive Chevy Colorado. He said his truck was behind a closed gate. You had walked to the hot springs. He was carrying a clear plastic tub. Anthony Remember being on a solid rock surface. At one point. Anthony woke up face. He's down in the snow holding a jumper box. Anthony said Jeff was last seen wearing the dark blue or black lean reindeer jeff also had a pack act frame. I'm want you all also make note that that jumper box is what you would use to jump a vehicle or other devices basis. Say to charge a phone or any other device Anthony Again said he woke up face down. He said he was missing a high point. Nine line. Melanie excuse me nine millimeter. Semiautomatic pistol with two rounds. The gun belong to low BECCA. Anthony had the pistol because Jeff was possibly afraid of bears. Anthony Saidy remember driving on the NF to fifty road or NF. Three fifty road road. This concluded the interview I had spoken with Anthony. Sister Samantha Samantha. Setting Anthony's father was a logger. Anthony possibly possibly had keys to access these lock gates on logging roads. Oh that's pretty I contacted deputy rake held by telephone related to him. The information regarding Anthony Fenn more possibly having keys to access clothes roads in the area which again is very suspicious and just moving to detective Jason Fort Detective. Jason Ford States Anthony Finnemore Jeff's Vance friend best best friend who had been reported missing and he reported him missing though he initially remember. Now this is warning says it. He reported his pickup stolen to dispatch. Your best friends up in the woods. Still missing you blacked out a few times You supposedly have hypothermia and your reporting your trump as being stolen. You're you're more concerned about that and getting in trouble trouble than reporting Jeff Missing. Sounds to me like you're stalling for time. That's just me I'm your her host and I'm just trying to be objective. Your -tective Jason. Fort States that though Anthony initially reported fan amores pickup stolen to dispatch act venom or later advise it has picked up at actually been stuck and disable behind a closed national force service gate. I later requested a a copy of the nine one. One call dispatch was was attached to the case file on Tuesday February fifth that ten twenty one. I sent a preservation letter to t mobile regarding one of Anthony. FEM or cell phone numbers. Wait a minute I thought he did not have a phone on and notice numbers plural. Detective Chris Taylor sent a preservation. Letter to Verizon wireless regarding the following target commanders one for Jeff one for La Becca and one for Haley during the initial investigation request was sent to t mobile the ANDROID. Some Wyler's via dispatch to perform a geographic location or eighteen on both fell more and Vance's cellphones. I later received that copy of the call detail records A. Records for Finnemore advances cell phones after reviewing the CDR's. I learned that the last recorded location for Vance's phone was on February third and about ten twelve. A M The cell phone was believed to be approximately three three point. One Miles Southeast from varieties in tower sixteen forty eight using sector one by thirty degrees so take note which was approximately same distance from the tower. An area where Fen Moore's truck was later located it appeared that federal. Moore's verizon phone was using the same tower is Vance's phone was in the same relative area. Three point four miles sales from the tower fan. Moore's foam was in the same general area until about twelve. AM when I noted no additional activities on that day February happy worry third of two thousand nineteen I was later given access to Jeff fans g mail account per vantage family. Haley Vance which is a google account. Time Line for Vance's phone. Timelines showed a log of activities and approximate locations where the phone was located located during the time line which was consistent with the same route Vanson Phone traveled on Tuesday February fifth if that about three. PM Haley Vance. Jeff's estranged wife made contact with detective Wingfield and I regarding information she'd received from Anthony Any famour sister Samantha. hailey receive screen shots of venomous. Google locations timeline which showed places that Kamori visited prior to Jeff's disappearance. So there's copy of screen shots in the case file. I don't know why they have have to get these from the sister. You're you're a detective. You should have this anyways debt. Could he rick held states on Tuesday February fifth. I was notified of a missing person person in the area of Douglas County. I was told. You're looking for a Maroon. Chevy Colorado pickup with Oregon Plate for three three six K S W there were several SAR O. S. P. units in Forest Service. Leo also searching for pickup and the end also vans these are all people that are involved search and rescue okay at about ten forty a M Douglas County emergency communications dispatch advise at one. Advances family members reported the truck might be parked on an F. Two fifty or an the F.. Three fifty near the gate these again are logging roads myself and four service. Leo Matt Oliver. He's one one of the people that are searchers chap the area around clearwater to four bay which is in the area of NF to fifty road. There there was heavy snow in the area. We followed an F to fifty road until we came to that closed and locked gate. This gate had road closed sign. Oliver has keys to the forest service gates in the area and we tried on. Lock the gate. None of his keys fit that at lock which he thought was weird while I would too if I would bar the forestry division the lock would not to open the heavy snow at the gate and beyond the gate showed no signs of anyone having gone through the gates since the snow had fallen we continued our search in the area looking for a reported. Three fifty road losing lots of time here myself and Oliver contacted some Pacific it court workers on the roadway advised as some of the connex boxes in the area had been broken into early Sunday morning. February third they advised is this had already been reported to the detectives working this case at two. PM Pacific or employees. Advise myself in Deputy Sid greer of a very suspicious vehicle parked at the locked and F T fifty road. They advised that this was a silver Toyota a pickup with two males in it at two forty PM. We found that silver Toyota pick-up bearing Oregon plate seven one on three J. y. e. parked in front of the locked gate. We contacted the owner of the pickup. His name is Jesse. GOLD'S BE I. I advise goals be. The conversation was being recorded. This person is of note Jesse goals. We stated he was there here with another friend. His friend had already crossed the gate and was walking up the hill in snow looking for the missing pickup and Jeffrey Vance and stated that he is a friend of jeff and Anthony's he was told by the Family Vance's missing truck might be passed the locked Gate on NF to fifty and they were going to walk in the area to try to locate it. Well isn't that just perfect timing and just just perfect information. I mean if you look I mean there's hundreds of these roads Palley would know. This is just amazing to me. MAZING amazing luck. I told goals if they locate the truck to call Douglas. County emergency communications. Why would the detective allow anybody? Eddie passed a locked forestry gate okay. That isn't involve the you're not detectives gives they could be possible suspects. He was there with another friend. His friend had already crossed that gate. Ah Okay they locate the truck. How about that to call Douglas? County emergency communications. Jesse goalby called this batch advise. He did locate that truck several miles above the lock gate now. He's not lucky. Detective Chris Chris Taylor stated on Tuesday February fifth at approximately five forty five PM. Detective Jason Fort Ni- who responded to the the area of Toki T.. Four Bay to to investigate the discovery of vehicle associated with the missing person case be contacted deputy greer while talking to deputy greer Jesse goalby and now this John Men Zingo were on their way down from the vehicle Goldman Zingo our friends of Anthony Fenn Amar and Jeff Fans and came down from Mount Angel in Silverton Oregon Area Jesse goalby and man's Ingo located famour vehicle behind that locked forest gate on. NF to five a two road. They received information from Vance's roommate that Vance and fundamentals vehicle was disabled. And that Vance was still lost in the woods. Loyd's non-core national forest and the king down to search for him. Isn't that great goldsman. Man's single told me they located the vehicle behind the closed gate because that was the road information. ABC from Vance's wife Aley. Why didn't Haley give that information to the detectives? Why would you give give that information to these two golds? We told me when they locate the vehicle the passenger door resilient and they saw sleeping bag under the vehicle and a jug of Jesus on the ground next to the vehicle goals the Zingo provided us with directions to the vehicle we he had prior knowledge. The gated lock on it and that was not a forest service. Lock deputy greer cut the personal lock off the the gate and we proceeded to attempt to locate the vehicle. We attempted to locate the vehicle that night but do-does snowy conditions. We were not able to reach the vehicle. We decided a to re lock the gate return the following day. I would have already been extremely suspicious already if there had been a lock on this gate. That was on an official forestry lock. That just happened to be the road that the truck was is located. Okay so on Wednesday February six nine. Am I return to the search area. Myself Deputy Greer Deputy Bryant ever written several sorry units at two you sno cats and chainsaws to cut heavy brush to get to the vehicles location off of a spur road. So who knows does. It could've even been pushed or move anything by the two gentlemen who have nothing to do with this case and we're up there around the evidence at about eleven am we made it to two missing truck. Finally detectives also made it to the truck right behind us additional detectives detective Chris Taylor and detective. Jason Fort Walked down to vehicle. That gets Chris. Taylor recorded a a video walk around the vehicle. There was a considerable amount of snow in and around the vehicle. See why this really matters. -tective four detective Taylor noted. The passenger side door is open and the driver's side door window had been shattered although the vehicle was in disarray there is no indication can have a person or a crime near the vehicle. The pastor side door was open and the driver's side door window had been shattered. You wouldn't even know at that point if the crime had been committed or if it was just caused by by maybe a branch falling out or no I mean a million things. But you don't know at that point. So how can you say there has been no crime. Committed guy makes sense are I said Joe's telling responded to recover the vehicle detective four detective Taylor or follow the tow truck with vehicle to the sheriff's office impound lot so now let's move again to todd wingfield on Wednesday February racist two thousand nineteen about ten ten. A M -tective Todd wingfield stated I received a call from Mount Angel. Police officer Clement Clement. Lau Officer Lau told me he was contacted by Joseph Z's in Mount Angel Oregon Joseph Z's had. I bought a truck from Jeffrey Vance about a year ago Joseph had located Jeff's Debit Card Oregon interim paper. Id Card hard. Marion county marriage license his birth certificate and other such scattered items throughout the truck. Joseph Joseph told officer Lau that he decided to turn in the documents since Jeff Gone Missing while that was very nice of him. Not a person of interest here but just interesting incredibly important documents are left in this vehicle. I don't understand that I contacted the Becca by telephone that February six at twelve pm. I told the back of that I would like to set up a time to interview. Anthony fell more in person. Lubeck agreed to meet me at the Oregon State police in Springfield around three thirty PM. Bah Detective Mat- Racine in iber on route to springfield to meet Rebecca Anthony. I had miscall from backer and so he returned that call. Rebecca advised. She had gotten anthony a new phone pause. She had already dropped off. Anthony Cabela's in Eugene and was already back on route home of ACA said Anthony was going going to buy some rain gear and Anthony was headed to Roseburg to search for Jeff. It's amazing him finally. He's on his way. Hey to help find his best friend at about five or five. PM He received a text message from Anthony Stating was at a super eight motel in Roseburg. Berg I exchanged text messages with Anthony. Regarding what was going on with the search anthony indicated he was going to head up to the the area and search for Jeff. Why is he exchanging messages with him about the search coach? This is the last person to see Jeffrey Vance. Who is missing? They have no idea if he has alive or dead or for for crime has been committed. They don't have any information but they are passing information back and forth. I advise him why not to as I. It was getting dark next the Douglas County search and rescue teams already conducting a search in the area. I advise Anthony if he went up in the area. Before Cesar are returned it would likely only hamper efforts to locate jeff while the APP. Thanks for stating that You should have said absolutely positively one hundred under percent. Do not go in that area. There's already people searching their that. Our Professionals Deputy Brian Melvin moving ving to him now. February sixt at five forty PM. As stated by Deputy Brian. Melvin search and rescue units. were taken to the pickup. They began ground. Search around it stub again around the pickup made things a bit difficult search. I don't know why there was about a foot of snow on the ground at this time nightfall keen at five thirty so search and rescue personnel. Were brought back to base no longer searching Thursday February seventh at seven. Thirty am -tective Chris Taylor and I went to that super eight motel in Roseburg Oregon as we were pulling into the parking lot. I observed Anthony Fenn more walking in the parking lot. Tech of Taylor asked Anthony if he would be willing to go to the sheriff's Office for an interview view. Anthony agreed to meet at the sheriff's Office while isn't that Nice of him since so politely asked him if he would be willing to go there for an interview at about eight ten. Am Detectives Todd. wingfield states detect a fortnight. I interviewed Anthony. Asked Anthony how he got to the road where he met the two female who gave him a ride into town. Now Take Note. Those are the two individuals that will be on our next. I episode because believe me gets even crazier. Anthony said he had never dealt with the cold like that before the cold really excuse. My language guage fought with his head. He had woken up that warning face down in the snow he was holding me. Stanley jumped box in his hand and he knew Jeff had been carrying that jump box. Jeff taking the jump box when they left the truck because he doesn't like to leave his tools force. The first thing you're thinking thinking of when you're trying to get out after being stranded out in the woods to get back to civilization Kevin and yes it is cold not cold enough to die. But it's cold. I'D WANNA get out of there too. I don't think that I would be taking my tools with me. They left the truck because he doesn't like to leave his tools. Anthony know how he woke up that morning with the jump box in his hands that this strange Anthony said after they he left truck and got down into the woods. They realized their packs were too heavy because they had the tools in it so they need to unload them somewhere out in the woods is there is a whole cache of tools. Clothes and to trail camera is the jump. Box had been left with all the other items. So they just Kinda a drop like a trail of breadcrumbs their things in their backpack. That obviously they shouldn't have taken in the first place they were not thinking talking at all. Let's just make this clear. Anthony wasn't thinking is we have no idea at all with Jeff was thinking for if Jeff was even there air at the time we don't know Anthony said after they left the truck got down into the woods they realize packs were too heavy. The needed on load the jump box had been left with all the other items as I mentioned he last remembered walking with Jeff up a cliff anthony would climb up the rocks a little bit and then shine his light down for Jeff the climb up Jeff had a wooden handle acts and a yellow handled. Hatchet was using the climb up the mountain K.. Anthony said they climbed to the top and tried to start a fire. They couldn't get. That fire started. Anthony remembered one of the last things he told told Jeff was that they had to start moving or they were going to freeze to death because he's the experienced one here and he's the one with the clear clear head and Jeff is afraid of bears and really isn't outdoorsman. Has No idea what he's doing. Totally false anyways. Anthony said when he woke up he started walking downhill. Anthony said he heard a slushing sound in new sound of a car driving down the road. Well of course because civilization is everywhere around them. That's when he Kim came out at milepost one on N. F. S. three four zero one row. That three thousand four O-on Road Anthony said he came across some people on that road. They pointed him in the right direction towards the game. Anthony walked out to the he walked down. The main road and went up to one of the residences in the area says his person one. Anthony told the person he had been lost in the woods for two days. Anthony asked the mail where the ranger station was. The Mail told him. It was two miles down the road. Something's missing there isn't there. Anthony contacted the Toki campground ground host and asked where the ranger station was twice. The Campos told the ranger station was two miles down the road. Anthony Anthony then wandered around in the area and came back to the closed gate on the hot springs road that is when he came across. Again the two females that gave him a ride down into glide. They gave him a Diet Pepsi in ten dollars when they got down there. But we're GonNa talk about this later. Trust me tactic. Four asked Anthony if they had left town on Thursday. Anthony said they left on Friday because his sister saw him on Thursday by the left town late Friday around. APM They were planning on driving to bend the ever going out. Highway one thirty eight Amer going to loop back up towards band. He inject together all day. Friday and Jeff foe is supposed to go do a job but it didn't sometimes Anthony Jaffre return palettes and get paid two dollars and fifty cents a piece for them. They also buy and sell things online. This is I guess. Supposedly what he's reporting they do for a living. The Anthony said they were screwing around cottage grove on Saturday. They stopped at Cottage Grove. Rovan Anthony's show Jeffey box culvert that he had worked on. Anthony said they arrived in Roseburg on Saturday and Anthony said that is friend Travis. Sweaters Father Clayton aunt lived on Turkey. Creek Anthony doesn't know Clayton too well but they hung out at at the residence for a while but no one was home. I don't even. I don't even understand that. They just kind of hung out there. I Guess Burnley waiting for this swatter to to arrive detected. Four again asked Anthony where they slept Friday night. Anthony said they didn't sleep at all. They they just drove then went checked out a boat ramp near Turkey Creek. The also drove through some of the parks. Anthony said they drove into town and got fuel fuel. They stopped at a thrift store in town and they stopped all the little campgrounds along highway. One thirty eight because of course first. You gotTa have some kind of time line here that makes sense so they stopped every campground which they live their. Wha uh-huh why are these campgrounds. If such interest. They were headed to Diamond Lake in wanted to stop at the hot springs again. Asked Anthony what he was doing. Between that tying they left mount angel around eight and still being in college. I'm sorry cottage Grove on Saturday. It should be noted the the drive from Mount Angel to cottage Grove would have been around two to two and a half hours. And that's it. Anthony said they were excuse. He's my language fucking off in Weyerhaeuser property at the property there. They were driving in the woods outside of Cottage Grove. Anthony then change change the subject and ask what the status was regarding Jeff. Detective Fortnight explained to Anthony that we were trying to get a time line to help with the search us. Why they're asking them these questions and he's providing them answers that don't make any sense? Anthony said he didn't know how he became separated from Jaffe. And Jeff for together up to the point where they tried to make that fire. Jeff had some fire-starting cubes in his backpack. Jeff Strap broke on his back-back and he flung it off his back. Yeah that makes sense and notice that Jeff had fire certain cubes. He's actually the person that has survival. Anything used to survive outside of adding shelter in the woods fire starting cubes. Why why would they not just use them? Why would he fling his backpack? This is just not true. Let's just say okay. Anthony said between the time he and Jeff impede their pats climbed up the hill. He couldn't remember anything during that time. Anthony know the effects of the cold that we're having on him mm-hmm I guess. He had never been in cold weather his entire life though. He's from Oregon. Anthony said it was dark when they left. Anthony said it felt like we were trying to trip him up on the time line. Well hopefully they would being detectives and hopefully anthony but stick addict something that makes sense of the same timeline. He's jumping everywhere. And you're noticing it and I apologized for that in the way that I'm describing having this but this is the way it's being described in the reports so again Anthony said it was dark when they left. I felt like he was being tripped up on that time line so again detective. Four asked what time they got up to the area of Toki Keeti. Anthony said late Saturday night early Sunday morning. Jeff told Anthony that he thought they were near Timothy late. Timothy League is up near Silverton where they are from anti said they followed the canal for a little bit tech four. Showed Anthony a map of the area. Anthony pointed at campgrounds on the a map and said they stopped at all of them. Anthony Brewer remembered seeing the four bay. Anthony said while they were driving down the road they hit a water. Honor Bar in punctured the gas tank. They tried to turn the truck around and just spawned the tires. I asked Anthony if there was any damage to his vehicle I just said they punctured the gas tank. That would be damage to the vehicle. Anthony said he then got pissed off and punched Out His window so now he's providing that information much later of how his window became broken. Anthony said he also dropped his sleeping bag onto the gas and the mud conveniently. I asked whose tools were in the back of his truck and he instead they belong to him in Jeff and it depended on what job they did. This is not true. Just check the four asked Anthony what their plan was. Once they loaded up their packs. Anthony said he looked at his map and showed clearwater road was close. They thought they were going to drop down the hill right to the road. I Anthony Efi saw gate on the road. He drove down. Anthony said the gate was open. There was a road closed. Sign on it. But the gate wasn't closed so they drove down it. We remember. This is a lie though. The Gate was closed and lot. Lot Tactic Ford explained to Anthony regarding different lock had been placed on that gate. Anthony said well. They closed the gate eight and put their lock on it. They put the lock on the gate since the road was closed. They didn't want to get into trouble. They didn't want to get into trouble for being out there. Anthony said Jeff thought he saw bear then they started working their way back up the hill. Jeff didn't have a light so anthony would climb up and then shine the light. Think for Jesse's jumping all over the place I asked Anthony about the fire. Army told Deputy Linton about Anthony said he had the pistol after they started arted unloading their packs and the gun wasn't in holster and only add two rounds. Fort asked Anthony if usually carried the gun with only two rounds in it anthony. Anthony said no the usually carries more but had grabbed a forty caliber ammo instead asked Anthony. At what point did he get. Separated from Jeff Jeff Again Anthony said even before they got up to where they started the fire Jeff's legs were cramping up now so it's it's Jeff Fall. Jeff couldn't walk that well the area where they started to start. That fire had trees with red bar. They couldn't get the fire started. Anthony's knees hands were so cold that he could not get the lighter to light. The Anthony had to Jeff's light the lighter. I'm sorry you're saying that he had to ask Jeff to light the lighter what happened to those fire starting cubes boy tough three three. This anthony said he woke up the next morning face down in that snow and he was wearing jeans t-shirt sweatshirt and boots. He was not dressed for the weather. He was not expecting the weather to go. Bad is starting to smell before they left the truck again folks. I living in Oregon in a place like that and it's winter. Most people obviously lead no the weather what it's going to be especially if they're out driving being around they wanna go quote on this boy's time out out into the woods but maybe they didn't. I doubt that Eilly though Anthony said take no yet to cell phones anthony the Motorola six and a Galaxy S. nine the Galaxy S.. Nine cell phone still had battery life when they tried to start a fire. Keep that in mind. How far they? I had to walk from the truck where they should have stayed at shelter was started hiking. Dropping all of these tools out along the way that suppos-ably probably Jeff didn't want to have stolen from his truck like that was so important to him. This is really just a trail that I believe Anthony. Anthony left so that there was a time line or some type of visual evidence of the direction that they were going in but again his phone is working working he just says it right there. Why wasn't you making a phone? Call a map anyways and it already been able look at that map. If he was able to look at it there they should have been able to with the truck and they could have just walked down a civilization boom and a story. Anthony Anthony told the sister to ping the Galaxy S. nine since that was the last place in Jeff Ward together. Detective fortnight showed the items that were recovered around. I Anthony Truck I showed Anthony Appear of CAMMO pants. Anthony said they were his. Anthony said the other items that they couldn't pack out he put in bags. Anthony hid the items away from the truck so someone would steal them. I would think I would take those pants with me and not the tools. But that's just me. I'm a Florida boy. I don't live out in the mountains. The bags collected around Anthony struck contained miscellaneous. CBS tools seat covers pry bars. And that sleeping bag the one that was covered with the gas so the detectives or whoever found the truck would now that this punctured tank Must have occurred even though no one even checked act to see if indeed there was a hole in the gas tank all the items are placed into the detective temporary evidence since locker. The interview was terminated. Moving to detective Chris Taylor at approximately eight twenty. AM on February seven. Chris Taylor States Deputy Matt Racine and I re interviewed man's Zingo and goals be regarding the details. They learned regarding the Anthony J Vance getting lost in the national forest. Goals beyond men's singles story remained consistent with their initial interview. Outs pretty easy story. When asked if they had removed any of the items turn the vehicle goals via man's Zingo denied taking anything out of the vehicle even though they should had not been there a okay? I didn't even need to tell you because I know everybody gets listening is smart enough to know. They shouldn't even have been there. They only check the sleeping bag which was under the vehicle and moved a plastic tarp. That was inside the vehicle to ensure jet fans was not there air again inside the vehicle which should be closed off area for evidence censors. A missing person. And this is where everything starts from upon completing the interviews all the detectives accompanied by detective. Joe Joe Kennedy and Dan Allen Return to the area where the vehicle was located to continue searching for Jeff Fans. Notice all these names all of these detectives tactics. There's quite a few here that are involved with this. Todd wingfield now being in charge after the original detective active who had noticed immediately suspicious activity. We haven't even heard that one time after everyone met at the Incident Command Lamppost located at seventy two hundred two key school road at Ideally Park Anthony Rode with Jesse goalby and John Man's Ingo glassman see jeff and he's not even with the detectives. We asked quartered anthony to wear his truck was recovered. Anthony Show to some of the items. He injected removed from the vehicle. Now this is different the tailgate eight of the truck had been removed and made into a makeshift sled. I observe the battery to the truck was inside and milk crate strapped to the tailgate. They now picture that they took the battery out of the truck. They attached it to to the back of the truck. God knows what reason now for me. I have been using that battery to start a fire. Perhaps with with sparking up the battery maybe but they took the tailgate off and made into a sled which might have been smart. Don't but if you're reporting sleeping bags and things that are going to help keep you alive. Perhaps there were several items located a short distance down the road from where the truck was recovered. Anthony was able to lead us to the spot where he injects tried to start the fire so that could not have been very far away all all. Anthony showed us where his pack was. We asked Anthony to step away from the area to reduce finally the risk of contamination. I I photographed items. I observed Anthony's black and gray pack. I asked Anthony was okay to look through the items. Anthony said Yeah. During the search of the backpack I located his. Hi Point Model C.. Nine nine millimeter semiautomatic pistol. I removed magazine from the gun. The gun was sorry. The magazine was was empty. The pistol had one round a federal mind. Millimeter plus P located in the chamber. I placed a pistol the magazine into the backpack. I was carrying now. I don't get this because there was supposed to be two rounds in in the gun but this is in the official detectives reports. Somebody made a major mistake here on that information why I don't I don't know I also collected to cell phones. I located in the backpack. His his one that was flung. It's phones are in it. The ones that are supposedly working also located a Dell Laptop computer. Bush will binoculars to cell phones. A knife with a wooden handle and other miscellaneous items. I also located several padlocks and keys I also located several drama power a power tool assessories for cutting metal and the charging unit for their journal. Power tool to me. That's what you use to cut locks and the need you know. Put your own lock back onto something during the interview Anthony at the office. Anthony said he attempted to start a fire inside. Hi that small plastic container again. I don't know where those fire-starting cubes went. While searching through the items he located a multiple partially burned. USDA four service parking camping payment envelope inside of that small plastic container detective racing laid Back to the incident command post at this point in search through detective stayed at the top of the Ridge. Detective Taylor Tactic. Four nights stayed with. Anthony continued down the mountain looking for other items. John and Jessie continue down the hill with them. I'm shaking my head. John and Jesse continued down the hill with them. Why they need their help? I don't know Oh. What are these guys have to do with this case? All they're doing is contaminating. The area Anthony was able to locate the other location where they had left some more gear. I photographed the items the sleeping bag. Two pairs of pants now. Now get this thirty and set a bowl. Qatar's twenty four inch set bolt cutters shoes and other miscellaneous items again bolt cutters to cut locks things of that nature off of the gates but also may be off of the forestry boxes to get money. I photographed the items John. Men's Ingo and Jesse goalby and Anthony collected the items and carry them down the Moun- God folks this is evidence. All of this Ms Zingo goalby and the last man to see Jeff Alive are carrying down the evidence down the mountain. We continue down the drainage and came out on the key hot springs road F. S. three four zero one one road Contacted deputy greer to meet us this band of merry men detective and these people to and the last person to see Jeff Alive on the road to give us a ride back. The Incident Command Post Anthony. Comores truck was located one point five miles from that locked gate on an F.. Two five two road make note of that. That is good to make note of so when you look at the map it's GonNa give you a good location that party leases factual deputy greer gave detector Taylor tech active for Jesse goals. Be John Masvingo. Anthony Fenn Amorin. I A ride back. Deputy greer then gave detective for Jesse and detective. Taylor arrived back up the road to get the other vehicles that were left. Detective Todd Wingfield states. I stayed with Anthony. Anthony Phantom Orange Zingo at the incident command post. John Anthony were talking back and forth in. Anthony asked where his truck was Zingo replied Anthony Truck was in impound. Why is he answering this question? John said Anthony's truck was in car. Jail Anthony said he didn't care about the truck and that we could have it. Anthony did want to pay the impound fee. I actually thought but at that moment I was going to say he was more worried about his friend. But he's actually more worried about the impound fee. At this time. I activated my Axon body camera not been discussing the case with Anthony Prior to this point while at the incident command post I anthony said he had bought three guns from the money he had one playing video poker. Anthony said he bought a nine millimeter. A twenty two caliber and a seventeen caliber rifle. Anthony also said he had a forty caliber gun. Deputy held arrived back at the incident. Command Post in the ended the recording do tune not discussing the investigation with Anthony. John Oh my God what a great idea. Finally a good idea not to discuss the investigation with the last human Dec- Jeffrey Alive. And this this John Zingo Person Anthony later asked what the next step in the investigation would be. I explained to Anthony that we would meet back in Roseburg. The sheriff's Office Anthony Fenn Amore in John. Men's Zingo remained outside the building like went inside the Pacific Core Office office. I told Sergeant Caney Plan on Interviewing Anthony Again at the sheriff's Office Sergeant Teen told me that Anthony FAMOUR is leaving. I walked outside the observed. Anthony leaving with John Zingo and Jesse goalby Anthony had loaded up the items they collected in his vehicle bazaar. I'm literally almost almost speechless. I'm GonNa read that again. I walked outside and observed Anthony leaving with John and Jesse he had. I wanted to interview him again. Anthony Fan Amore had loaded upbeat items. That they collected evidence in his vehicle. I had no further contact with Anthony Fan more on Friday February eight. Douglas County Star was supported by Jackson and Josephine Safina Search and rescue teams more areas around the vehicle. As well as drainage is were searched by this time more snow had fallen in there was about two feet of snow on the ground searches began searching the raiders and Drainage is toward stone prairie road. The vegetation nation was very thick there in the terrain very steep. It was almost vertical. In some areas. More snow began to fall heavily. And searchers were pulled out out of the area due to not be able to see the ground so I can understand that detective. Todd winfield states on February eighth at twelve thirty four P.. AM He received the tax from Anthony stating that you guys search today or play with each other all day like so. He's like making some kind of demand. Condone the detectives anyways so because he is he's actually in charge here if you guys have noticed he he's the one that actually in charge of the investigation education in the ensuing as a large storm passed through the area and left behind several feet of snow in the area where it was believed that Jeff Vance was last known to be the AD. The storm was so powerful that it prevented any further. Searching it was determined the search for Jeff Fans would have to be discontinued until the the snow melted. And that's a shame because at that is true. And it's very unfortunate that that occurred very lucky maybe for somebody or some people perhaps hypothetically Oregon state police detective Brian. Brian asmus interviewed Lubbock springstead. Rebecca stated she had purchased the high point nine millimeter at Cabela's in Lacey Washington. Back BECA given the gun to anthony two weeks ago. Becka gave Anthony Our gun. Because his gun had a locked up slide then again he had three or four different guns on Monday February seventh through February Nineteenth Deputy Sid greer states while assisting on this search. I was in contact several all times with Vance's mother Angela. Carol by telephone Carol told me her son. Jeff was a good outdoorsman and didn't believe if he would get lost said Jeff and his wife had a business in Mount Angel Oregon and lost it due to his wife stealing money from the business in doing doing drugs. All true. Carol told me Jeff's white van was missing as well. She said he had all of his tools in it and believe it might have clues to his disappearance. She said it came from Jeff's boss in Kansas and didn't have a license plate but at temporary Kansas permit on it this is his van can with his tools. Those tools in the back of that truck. WE'RE NOT JEFF's Anthony's tools. She had talked to a woman who lived with Jeff and his wife. She said the woman woman told her that Anthony told her they were up in the woods to steal from fee tubes in campgrounds. So let's move back to detective wingfield again on or about Tuesday February twelfth at about eight thirty. AM the -tective. Todd wingfield states. I contacted Tackett Courtney Goebel who is a friend of Jeff. Fans Courtney. Goba lives in Salina. Kansas Courtney stated. She received a snapchat on two to nineteen at six forty eight. PM Kids Time from Jeff. The snap was from Jackson. It stated he could be the high end lost in the woods. I asked Courtney if jeff smoke marijuana. And Courtney said now the other M-word I confirm with Courtney Jeff Used Meth Jeff Gordon. Jeff had suspected Haley of cheating on him with her roommate. Jeff Ed secretly installed a game camera and he had had Appearing I guess seen Haley's bedroom and supportable supposedly captured ailey having sex with their roommate so jeff and Hayley mainly at a confrontation over that that debt Haley claimed it was her in Jeff on the camera this supposedly occurred just before Jaffa Anthony left on their trip. So that's important according also had re see photos from Jeff from when he was in Roseburg area though weekend before Courtney later emailed me the photos of Jeff Court he did not say the snapchat content due to it being race after it was was viewed on Wednesday February. Twenty six th at about seven forty eight a m. I contacted Jeff's mother. Angela Carol by phone Angela. Agila currently living in Salina Kansas. The Angeles said when she came to Oregon she met with Haley. Angela thought it was very weird that Haley wanted to meet at her work and not at her house. One of analysts family members secretly recorded the conversation with Haley. Haley is Jeff's Vance his his wife as we stated earlier it was reported that their relationship was on and off again and Jeff had been living in Kansas then moved back to Oregon to be with Haley. Angela said Haley. I said she had hot wired. Jeff's Fan Haley said a male main. John Deere now had the van. John Deere okay. Angela looked around Mount Angel for this John Deere but quickly learned. It was a fake person. Okay Angeles said Michelle Brunner. Told her Jeff's van was parked at Anthony. Fenn Moore's mom's house and remember that show Brunner is where they had been living. The van is still registered to Jeff's boss in Kansas Angela. Angela is currently working with the registered owner to get the title and transfer it over to her name. Angela requested the van be looked through once the the paperwork has been gone through. Angela said Jeff had seen a recording of Haley. Having sex with somebody Jeff. Dan realized it was him him in the video and felt embarrassed. Angeles said Jeff admitted to using math and Jeff told her he used it here and there but didn't have a problem problem. Angela said Michelle Brumer told her she talked to Anthony. Anthony told Michelle that he took up. Jeff up there to steal. So from that payback's Angeles said La Becca and Haley. Were texting all week before Anthony was reported missing so you can see they have open open relationship and he's admitted a a little bit of drug use again becoming rampant. But it's all of these people that are around Jeff that are causing these issues. Deputy said greer states on Thursday February fourteenth at about nine am. I went to the Pacific. The core offices at the two key control center contacted Clayton. Sasser there Sasser made a copy of a video that was taken on Sunday. February third heard this video shows a vehicle pulling up to clearwater power plant number one on clearwater river road at about four a four ooh eight. Am on the time stamp from the video. It was dark at this time. The video shows the headlights from the video. In two people shining flashlights. You can't see what type of vehicle or the two subjects just the lights. I asked her if this time stamp on the video was correct and Sasser told me the time stamp was six minutes slow so that would make the time stamp. Actually for fourteen A. M. This video is shown to detective Wingfield Infield and then entered into evidence on the case February fourteenth again. I went to the Toki campground and contacted the Campos. Jim Hale Jim Hill stated that mail showed up at his door to his trailer on Monday February fourth. He said the male knock on his door and ask directions to that ranger station station and he was stranded. He said he told the mail how to get there and pointed in the direction he needed the walk. Marabout two miles I asked I l if the male mentioned anything about his friend. Being Lost Hill said the mail didn't say anything about another person or anyone being lost I showed he'll to DMV photographs for my mobile data computer. One of Jeff and one of Anthony I asked Hale if the the mail that he talked to was one of these men they appointed defend Amore and said him I asked Hale how jury was. He'll said he was positive. I I asked him if he remembered what time on Monday mail came by. He'll told me at On video you could tell that it was that exact time but no again six minutes before he said he has a surveillance camera on his door. He said the time stamp again was fast. He'll pull the video which was time stamped one fifty one PM on Monday February fourth I watched the video and the male in it was Anthony Fenn Amore? I use my acts on Bodycam Cam to record video also Monday February fourteenth. I contacted Stephanie. Ho Ford Ho Ford works for the Forest Service at the front desk of the ranger station. I asked Ho for it if she remembered anyone coming into the ranger station on Monday February for Stephanie stated she writes down every visitor that comes into the ranger station she said on February fourth. Only two people came into the ranger station set pacificorp difficult manager and a cellphone worker meeting access to a tower. That's it also Monday fourteenth. That contacted Ricky Wilson at his home Matt. Seventy two seventy four Toki ring. Road Wilson is an employee and Pacific core and his resonances. Close to the gate to the encore hot springs area. I asked Wilson if anyone came by Wilson stated. A male did come by at one PM on Monday Monday February fourth and knock on his door he said the mail. It asked him if he could use his phone to call the ranger station. Because he'd been stuck up here for a couple of days he said the mail then said he just needed to get to the ranger station. Wilson said he told the Mail how to get there again. You know a couple of miles down the road I showed Wilson the scene to DNB photographs of Jeff Vanson. Anthony Fenn Amore. That he show to hail. I showed him Fed amores picture. I I asked him. Is this the mail that knocked in your door. Wilson pointed defend Moore said. Yep that's him. I showed Wilson the pictures Vance and asked him if it could have been this guy and Wilson said Nope it was not that Guy Asks Wilson. If the mail said anything about his friend at all Wilson said No. They didn't ask anything about his friend or anything about being even in trouble. So now we're GONNA move to detective Mat- Racine seen again on Thursday February fourteenth at approximately three PM. He responded to the survival stores located at Twenty eight ninety six northeast Diamond Lake Boulevard in Roseburg Oregon eye contact could store employee. Sam Hang go inquired about customers who may have been inside at that store on the afternoon of Saturday February second at about four to five PM. I supplied limited physical description of Jeff. Jeff fans also asked if the store security camera footage had been stored for that date Anglo stated. The store security camera had just been installed earlier in the day. Unfortunately fortunately prior to that the previous security camera system had been problematic. No video is available for the date that he requested. Additionally Hang Oh did not recall anyone matching Vance's description entering the store on that date that he provided on Thursday February Roy Fourteenth at approximately three thirty PM. I responded to the glide store located at one seventeen Brown Street Glide Oregon. Please take third of what I just mentioned about Nobody mentioning Jaffrey Vance being up in that store because that was part of the story. That Anthony Anthony said that they read been doing before you know that they had gotten lost and I think he would have remembered. Jeffrey six foot two forty. You're going to remember them So he responds to the story. Contact a store employees. Late in woodard and Sandra Wyckoff. I inquired about the stores security cameras and was informed that the store owner bill power would be able to excess them in however power was out of town at the time I asked both why coffin Woodward if they remembered when the loss hampered come into the store on February fourth at six PM Both employees said they were working. Yeah both employees described the Camper Anthony More as appearing very clean for being lost Austin the woods neither employees saw venom or being dropped off in a vehicle. I left my contact information for power. Our with the store employees at that time on Thursday February fourteenth at three forty pm I responded to the glide of Fire Department the speak with chief Ted Dane would chief Dane would had treated phantom or the night of the incident he asked Dane would about Phantom or if you re called the events of February fourth at the glide store chief Dane would stated he recalled the patient and upon arriving at the glide store phantom or is is placed into the back of the ambulance and onto a Gurney anymore appeared to be acting as if he were shivering but wasn't involuntary shaking so take note of that he seemed to be acting as if he were shivering. Little things member the in between lots of things like that that you have to take note of when a preliminary examination examination was conducted on federal. More is people's were reactive. Otherwise he meaning Fen. Amore kept his eye shut indicating he wasn't in pair though I don't understand how keeping his eyes shut would indicate he wasn't impaired though his his pupils being reactive that I understand Finnemore scans did work. He took off his boots and pants. But again. If you have type Thermes your hands. You're not gonNA be able to do this because he didn't want them to be. Cut off by the ambulance crew further. Fen more look cold but chief Dane would did not ah observe any obvious signs of hypothermia or frostbite. Sorry to say like that but it's just really extremely important. To this case chief Dane would describe Fed amores appearing just little wet from walking in the rain but not wet from. I'm being exposed for several days in the elements teeth. Dane would stated. It didn't add up at all during the ambulance. Ride to Mercy Medical Center honor. FAMOUR did not speak unless he was answering the question. Chief Dane would stated. He thought it was extremely strange that he left left his friend. I think we all find it extremely strange that he left his friend not even that he was lost or anything. Just leaving your friend out there waking up not seeing him and his casually continuing on not even mentioning to a single soul about Jeff and you tell me that is not suspicious. which wrong here? What's wrong with these deputies? Reports at this time heavy snowfall impact in the search area for weeks as of March eighteenth. There was still three feet of snow on the ground till the snow melts. Search efforts were to be suspended in the case is still open at that time. Detectives are still working at. They have come up with information that would indicate this case likely has criminal elements involved. So let's move back to detective. Wingfield wingfield states on Wednesday March twentieth. Two Thousand Nineteen at around one PM. I contacted Oregon State police. Detective Sergeant Steven Henkel by telephone are requested in. SP detective to meet with Haley. Vance the the estranged wife to get a DNA standard from Jeff Vance's beard trimmer on Wednesday March twentieth at two thousand nineteen at about four forty five PM. I contacted the Salina. Kansas Police Department Detectives Division on Thursday March Twenty First at seven. Forty forty five. Am I received a call from Gregory Jones with the Selena Police Department Tech Jones was going to send in evidence tech to Angela. Woah Carol's house. That's just mom and collect her DNA. I provide a Jones. The sheriff's Office address to mail the DNA standards on Wednesday April third at about one PM DETECTIVE Ray CNN. I went to the US Da Forest Service Ranger station located in Glide Oregon Detective Racine. I contacted Jennifer Taylor again. I asked for Taylor. The value of the parking permit envelopes envelopes and Jennifer said five cents. I asked Jennifer what the procedure would be if someone was found with several parking permit envelopes and she said it wouldn't be a big deal if the person is going to use them while visiting campgrounds the issue would be if the person didn't use them for what they were intended for. I explained landed Jennifer. They were probably four or five envelopes found during the search of the area. Dental Jennifer would probably be twenty or twenty five cents worth of parking permit envelopes as Jennifer. If that's something they would want to prosecute for Denver obviously said probably not breath on Thursday April fourth two thousand nineteen at seven forty. Am I received a call from diamond. Lake District Ranger Jimmy tyree. I explained to District Ranger tyree about the lock being possibly caught on the gate. I also you told district range retiree about the. Usda Forest Service parking permanent jobs tyree said the parking permit envelopes or not an issue. You also said he would like the suspect cited for driving down the closed and F to fifty two road. I received Angela Lob Carols. DNA standard from SELENA's police department. This is on April ninth two thousand Nineteen Nineteen I placed the DNA standard into detective temporary evidence locker in on Wednesday April tenth at about eleven twenty three am I was contacted by. Usda Forest Service Law enforcement officers. Steven Bets Officer Bet said he had received a message. Sage to call me. I asked officer bets. What the finance for driving on a closed forest service road was in officer? Bet said two hundred dollars ars plus a thirty dollar court fee. I asked him about the lock in officer Bet said since lock was worth less than honor dollars the fine would be eh one hundred thirty dollars. I asked bets if the citations would have to be cited into the Federal Court officer Bet said yes now Sunday April fourteenth at about twelve eighteen. PM Wingfield Wingfield was contacted by deputy. Brian Melvin by phone. Deputy Melvin advise me. Douglas County Search and rescue had located the remains of Jeffrey Vance on Sunday. Eight Bro Fourteenth. Two Thousand Nineteen at about two thirty PM. Detective Chris Taylor and I responded to the incident command post located at the Turkey school road and the park. Deputy Brian Melvin. Advise me SAR had located the following items the burn twenty any dollar bill. A black rain jacket. The flashlight a knife and keys SAR personnel escorted. A detective Taylor on I two where the remains were located the area where the search was conducted with heavily wooded the area nearest the the body was covered with ferns and other small underbrush. I was the acting medical examiner at the time and conducted a body. The exam and again I got I got it. Just ask a question here. How is he the acting medical examiner this detective? I'm just asking I you know we need to find out about that I don't understand why the actual medical examiner would not be there. I observed Jeff was laying supine in about three to four inches inches of flowing water. Jeff was clad in a tank. Top T. shirt a camouflage long sleeved button. UPSHUR black boots. Let's say pair of camouflage pants and an orange glove on his right hand. Jeff had an empty buck knife sheath on his belt a set of keys clipped to his belt an empty Matt Tool Sheath on that belt take note of there is no possible way that knife sheath would have been empty on his belt he made that knife himself and he carried did it everywhere also the MAC tool being empty on his bell. I'm sorry I call Bull. I collected a can of Copenhagen men long cut tobacco. Detective Taylor Ni- photograph. The the body with the help of our personnel Jeff's body was loaded into a body bag jeff's body body was strapped to a backboard pulled approximately five hundred feet up the mountain side. The body was then we'll down the road on the backboard it was then loaded up on a TV. Please take note of that. He was pulled cool. Five hundred feet picture that down on the bottom of a ravine how he would end up there and again once if you're salutes and you're looking at maps you're looking at this area looking at a topography map and to see what's going on. Remember there there was no major snow going on if he was even alive at the time and with Anthony. But let's just go with it. Live is with the Anthony. They're walking again not far at all but a half inch snowfalls that next night and Jeff's nowhere to be seen he's fall down this ravine no I. I don't think so both Shit anyways this asking you guys. I'm just I'm just being objective. I really am If you look at that area and if you're hiking and he does have experience he knows what he's doing You're not just GONNA fall down a five hundred foot ravine in and being laid out perfectly flat supine with your hands up above his head but picturing flat and I want take note of that because of the next episode. And what you're going to hear and what I possibly think occurred. Just one possible theory because of something that I hear by those girls that gave Anthony Ride to the store is one. You're really GONNA be amazed if you're not already wondering and scratching your head about all these different things that are going on here. So the Douglas County morgue. MD L. I.. Correct Kenny and I performed another body exam. This is Craig Kenny And he's with detective Taylor Road on the TV back to where the vehicle was parked in. This was at seven. PM Jeff's body was loaded into the medical examiner's truck transported to the Douglas County more. Okay so that's where they performed the body exam. I contacted SAR coordinator Jerry Apple Garth in SAR coordinator. Jerry Apple Garth provided me with a a map with the coordinates of where some of the items were found. Jerry Apple Garth advise me. The Coleman headlamp located on on the map belong to one of the SAR personnel that was lost and recovered during the search. So obviously not Jeff's Jerry APPA garth Provided me with two maps of where the items were found later had the maps added to the media section of this report so now all of the Liam's were a black extra extra large arc Tirec raincoat that partially burned twenty dollar bill. A black flashlight. Pack of black and mild cigars Brooke fixed blade knife key ring with six six small keys. Black stocking cap orange gloved Samsung cell. Phone take no one glove love. What's not also stated here? Well actually we're going to leave some stuff out. I think that's pass the buck fixed blade eight nine. That's not the knife for his holster. MD L. L.. I. Kinney contacted on Call Oregon the State Medical Officer Deputy Medical Examiner Dr Cliff Nelson to arrange that autopsy. It was discovered one of the Pacific War. Connex box accident been broken into the Pacific core. Video surveillance show that truck driving in the area of clearwater number one four bay eh. Early Sunday morning with those two subjects exiting the truck with the flashlights. The video shows subjects walking around Pacific core for employees. Discover two locks had been caught on the connex box. The subjects did not take anything remember. Deputy said greer retrieved a copy of the video with the statement that provides the video shows vehicle pulling up to clearwater power plant number one on clearwater river road at about four. O Eight am on the timestamped from that video. It was dark at this time. The video shows the headlights from the video. And the two people shining flashlights. You cannot see what type of vehicle or the two subjects just the lights. That time stamp on the video radio was six minutes. Slow would make that time stamp actually for fourteen. AM So just make note of that. A lot of that's gonNA come up later. So we're back to receiving information from Anthony. Fenn more sister Samantha Regarding Anthony's Google Accountant Anthony's Google count showed a a picture of him wearing a mask and being in the area of clearwater number one four bay the date and time the Google account showed that picture sure was taken on Sunday February third two thousand nine hundred nineteen at five eight. AM An FI. I Sixteen A. M.. Say That again. The date and time on the Google account showed that picture was taken on Sunday February third five. Am and five sixteen a. m. now this is supposed to be when he's out lost in the woods but these pictures of him wearing a mask and being an area of clearwater number one. Four Bay. What's going on here on Thursday April? Eighteenth two thousand nineteen at about four PM. I contacted tactic. Pacific Power Hydro Production Manager. Ken witcher ask. Ken witcher if he wanted to pursue charges regarding the subject breaking into the conic on exports and he said do nothing being taken declined to pursue charges M. D. l.. I cried Kenny. And I transported gesture remains means to the state medicals office for that Autopsy Creek. Kenny advise me. There was nothing suspicious. Found down during the autopsy he performed. I downloaded the contents of Jeff cell phone to a thumb drive using celebrate machine and reviewed the contents of Jeff's phone. The last text message Jeff sent out was at five twenty nine twenty five on on two to two thousand nineteen which converted to Pacific Standard Time would be February first at ten twenty nine pm. Jeffrey Vance had been removed from led s and NCCIC. I requested this case to be closed on criminal now trumpet listeners. Has Anyone taken note of that. The Time Stamp Anthony was shown in a picture of him wearing a mask and being in the area of clearwater number one four bay the date and time the Google account showed. That picture is taken on Sunday February third at five way damn and five sixteen. Am just one thing to note but that is very important. So this is where we will leave the official version of Geoffrey Vance's disappearance seemingly out in the middle of nowhere and seemingly out of Anthony's mind and consciousness just a faded memory from that moment and seemingly no longer his best friend but best friends. Don't forget their partner is still lost in the woods hypothermia or no hypothermia from one single night in the woods. This man was not naked and afraid. Jeffrey was just sucked locked up into the Mossy soil of the national forests like some kind of woodland creature never before to be seen again but yet he was seen again two two months later at the bottom of a five hundred foot drop into a ravine laid out like a man who just stretched out for a big DOC NAP and massage with both arms outstretched above his head but laying supine meaning laying flat out on his back. This this reminds me of something. That's GONNA come up on the next episode. This darn jacket. The one you you will learn about where you'll hear from the two best witnesses to this case too intelligent thoughtful and very afraid young ladies who found Anthony not once but twice once he even said hello. Oh no concern. In the world then like some kind of woodland fairy he emerges from the forest surrounding the hot springs parking lot two and a half hours later after being seen the first time he was just hanging out having himself a grand old time as the clock. Ticks ticks. Oh ticks just wasting time precious time stalling for time reminds me of an old ren and stimpy episode called Space Madness. Any of you late thirties over forty would remember run in stampede and space madness. Because that's what he had this. I Anthony Fenn Amaury ad space madness. Who knows what we will find out in the next episode of this now Greek tragedy maybe jeff attack attack the Anthony? Yeah that's it or maybe that bear got him 'cause he just had to add that in there. Yup Jeff was so afraid of bears. Anyhow we will find out and you're going to want to hear this and take plenty of notes again please. This is page one hundred in that novel. which if you do much reading no is always the turning point? When all they're real action begins the characters actors all fall into position and the plot starts to take shape suspects? Take their places. Theories of what really happened into Jeffrey. Vance start to take shape for anyone with a keen ear and get out your maps of the area. Take note of the times and places places than just what does it all mean. Plus what does it mean to have I- thermes or to be coming down around from certain drugs. And how do you act. What are your symptoms? What are your withdrawal symptoms? I don't know destroy host. Look that up coin to lead that part to you and the family who I know are literally ready to pounce upon this narrative and provide you all with the rest of the story the middle ground the in between spaces spaces places and words so again please give us a five star rating if you're on an apple the device so that the algorithms can find us also on android important and literally vital to our survival the irony of a missing persons podcast to you become missing due to few star ratings would be its own tragedy considering what we do how important this is how big we will become an already are based on just that alone or devotion Russian to you all and to the next person to go missing we already have people on the APP that are missing that we're GONNA to get in touch with more because now we're ready and we're partnered up with the phone APP which site as been down there adding again a bunch of incredibly great things more things that we're going to be adding such Colt casework in between you know working with the families with missing loved ones and some other features that we know you're gonNA love so it's definitely already the number one APP for missing persons in it's just it's GonNa get better and better and better and then we as a podcast you can see we work a little bit different than another podcast would say like a true crime podcast broadcasting this is just more facts and details and specifically with the family who again will be speaking again. You're going to hear quite a a bit from them after this next episode where we hear from the young ladies who provide evidence and talk to me for quite a while so thank you all for listening. Please feel free to take part in helping show how much impossibilities arise here. And the clear mishandling of evidence to the point. I'm afraid to say but it's criminal. You cannot have. The main suspects are even anyone at all how you gather the physical evidence when in the real world. Does this happen. See what you mean by bizarre and did they not think anyone would notice any of this so when you hear that next episode even more like I said it's GonNa come into view you will really begin to star to have the case that takes shape but nowhere near the so called official version version here that I know it's been very confusing and again I apologize but it's just it's the way they wrote it so the way they have it and none of it makes sense so love Y'all and please keep listening. Please get on the next episode. She didn't take take notes. Listen to this again. Take notes look at the area. See what's going on and I think you're going to claim bullshit yourself self. It's really the only answer to what spin Part of this official report report taking and the goal obviously is to get this case reopened not It's GONNA get reopened after hearing this plus what you're going to hear you're from family and all the additional evidence that they've been able to collect so fear not but we still need your help. We need additional evidence. We need tips. We need leads anybody. That's listening in that area. That has any information that saw Jeffrey and Anthony that day or the the days preceding going out that road and just happening to have their gas. Tank punctured walking walking away from shelter for no reason at all when losing your best friend and then walking down the mountain that occur world. So I'm gonNA leave you there. Thanks folks and look for episode three coming out next.

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