8/19/20 Arrests made in Mensah attack. Teachers.


Looking for a new career, but don't want to spend four years in college. Then checkout e CPI university through are year round accelerated programs. You can earn a bachelor's degree in just two point, five years an associates in one point five or earn your masters in as little as fifteen months whether it's technology healthcare business criminal justice order culinary arts are hands on programs can help you reach your professional goals. So what are you waiting for visit? Dot Edu to learn more. Good afternoon Milwaukee. This is the mark belling late after the show opie on news talk eleven thirty W I S. So apple's now worth two trillion dollars, right Hardly even understand them inks. That's the problem that people have with numbers your them say, the two year, two years he was only two years ago that apple was worth one trillion now it's worth two trillion. Obviously anything doubling in value. That's an incredible. But for most people one, trillion sounds exactly like two trillion, they can't people have a hard time differentiating between the two. This is serious. About this this is. One of the reasons why I think people often make terrible with regard to public policy on some of these school referendums, they can't wrap their heads around what the dollar about is that they're involved in borrowing for some of these projects. And I think that school officials have learned over the years. That it sometimes as it matter how much money you seek at a referendum increase. The people are GonNa vote Yes vote yes. Without regard to what the number was and the people that are gonNA vote no are probably GonNa vote no without regard to what that number is. So why not just ask for an insane amount of money because some of the people are going to vote? Yes you're going to be dumb enough they'll. They'll say yes to literally any number that you put on I think you saw that with that obscene referendum that we had while the toast. COUPLA, years ago. They came up with a number that was. I mean, we laughed about it in terms of compared to the just the population of the city of Wa wa Tosa, not even addressing the fact that there are significant re declining enrollment problems in the and with the education of quality of the Walla Tosa schools really falling in comparison daybreak communities for a lot of reasons there's reasons to believe that people transferring out the school choice thing remains real declining enrollment is continuing forever because of the declining birth rate et Cetera et Cetera et cetera without even standing that just comparing it to the actual population of the community at even if those it was outstanding school system, the number was just. An unbelievable amount of debt that was being taken on for every man woman and child in the community. For, that referendum and the point that I'd made at one of the things that I think we learned at the time. Is. You couldn't win the argument by talking to people about the dollar about. Because it while we're toes the if it was one, hundred, forty, million and ninety million or thirty million people who were in favor of what did you said it's schools we need the money. It didn't matter what it was that you said. Now I in the business of rejigging a lot of things that are going on with my life. This is what of these stages at which you have to decide how much money you're going to put aside, what do they call it? What do they call the money that it's not the this the nest egg, the safety net no, that's not it either. No it's the Pi. It's just I'd. Like if the markets corporate out whenever that buddy is, that's probably watch what wear and other Ed you're supposed to do this the all the again you know back off the about of risks that you're taking because. We're at an extremely volatile time right now I mean some things I think are clearly going to go way up and some things are GONNA go way way down said, we'll the all of these things are out of doing this out of the other day get. I mentioned that the decluttering process that's what on etc, etc etc. so that means getting rid of some stuff and buy a new stuff ad. I know what can happen When somebody says, okay, need nine figs it's like, would you go to a car repair shop at the things that are on the list by the time they get to the fifth of the six year eyes glaze over and you tend to just say, yes, go ahead and buy it go ahead and do all of it. Right rather than one by one going through each. If you went at once a week for nine weeks and they had one thing each week you get a little bit you. But when there's nine things on there all at once it's sort of glazes through but still. Most of us. I hesitate to ask how much you're televisions are worth. I just every time I ask Paul, Hamad, some of the stuff that he has his worth. If blows me away because I just let mostly tells me that I'd mismanaged my life that. Pulses TV's I don't every every time I've ever asked you what you paid for something. Haven't you said a number that shocked me by was. Every single time this is ever come up your outdoor kitchen. You're riding lawnmower. The only thing that didn't shock me was when you told me how much you paid for your carpet everything else that you you said, blew me away mostly because everything that you have is worth more than the comparable thing that I have it whatever that is. So now. But what you did once tell me how many TV's you had, which just boggled my mind you have three per person. This is what you had four people in there. They weren't you once at twelve. Ten, that's toys your daughter in there now. Sort of yeah. She she's a college I don't. It used to be that it used to be when you're college we are in there now the answer met no. Then for most of the people of her jeter, actually the older generation that yes and now it's I. Get your answer. Sort of I get that kind of sort of she she floats is that what you're saying? She'll be going to really you. You're under the impression that there will be in person education at a university sometime sometime in the next millennium. So. There's two or three depending on what our it is. Is that what you're saying? Yeah but you know two or three people that live in your house. I, you coating her dot. Yes is she there more than half the time? No see that. But I mean think about when we were kids. Even. We lived there. We would never there I mean. You you. When were you there? Like would you? You're at high school? When were you there? Like. Ten o'clock at night until six in the morning, right? Yeah, she's a little well, thank God they lifted the quaranteed Y-. There's so many people that were confused of was only Chicago Quarantine and the thing of it is it's not like the. Police aren't even arresting rioters it's not like if they saw somebody from Wisconsin they we're gonNA throw a net over them lockup for fourteen days. But the one thing that I was told you couldn't do really was check into the hotels that woods where you get into trouble other quarantine but they've taken Wisconsin off the crap this. I. Just love that a little is at night zillion kate more cases than us. The whole state of a little is been coming up to Lake Geneva door cody of the dells affecting us with the Kuroda virus and they quarantine us. They are everywhere up. There I I don't blame him. Would you want to be in? Illinois right now first of all, the proudly has and why they we all know why they go to. Kathi. The dells add too late Geneva. Illinois, it's just a matter of geography I mean it goes back to. Whether you're a creationist or somebody who believes that we had a big bag or whatever. There were glaciers that flattened out. A portion of North America, they flattened Illinois and they. Had A booth to the middle of Wisconsin that created hills, valleys, lakes, and all of the topography that we have. Whereas I mean I I lived in Central Illinois for Five Years People Think Eleven Southern Illinois I look at a map springfield is in central Illinois it is. Way South of Chicago people just don't get how long he is. I mean. I. Think Southern Illinois is in south. America that that's fine that's far outing. That'd be saying no mark belling rogue about that. Let's fact Chevy it's not in what are you doing looking at it looking at a map now to see it. Your words you. Don't you Oh, you're playing at the podcast. You can look a phone, our phones now have maps had them. I saw a guy wearing the apple watch last night. It seems very Dorky to me but then I. Admit that. It was it was both Dorky? But. I have a regular traditional men's watch on the costs. A lot of money at his thing looked like a dorky thing. But there his Dorky thing did ninety seven. You know what my watch can do tell tied that's it. That date Gimme a break. How are you? Sir Do you actually think I changed the date? No that does it want Mo- most well, maybe modern watches do my watches said on the thirty one day dates. So since that all's at thirty, one eight get skewed off for instance what I'm in June it it it it gets screwed up because it doesn't my watch as it know what month it is. It doesn't if it's a MP, this isn't a Smart Watch it say I love a probably a twelve dollar electric watch would know that but you spend two thousand dollars on a piece of jewelry and no, it doesn't no idea that in fact I look at the date. Now, that's the other thing you the date numbers on these I bet on these like a apple watches the dates really beg right. The. Okay you think mine's got the temperature at it. Hey, God. It claims its the fourteenth my watch. Okay. That's because it's bad. You know I take it in for a battery of or not? Yeah this. I have a watch that isn't a battery, but this one has a battery, but he did get into the battery they always reset it and they the guy winding around to do all that. So that means since I'm by five days that's five thirty day than February really screws you up there. So no so those watches seem Dorky but then I had bet. I only think Dorky because I don't have one but I. Don't you think they look Dorky on people. You had one and got rid. WAS IT BE? What was it an? Apple watcher just it was. Now. The Guy Twelve tells me they do way more now than they used to. It's like the I. It's like the first iphone didn't do anywhere near what the current does. Pulses it except. I mean, he's waving his finger at it's got twenty five different faces out at about how it looks. Like how we change our screensavers out our phone, my watch is always going to look like this one that side here but I have more than what that's another thing that's a single guys have too many watches like you probably don't have any decent watch at all. So that's the way I got a better car than you and I have more watches everything else there is you have more of me and then and you spend more at it right? You have say four hundred, that's that's not a bad watch binds more expensive than that. that. That's just saying watch and car, and that's how it generally works a single men. That's what we did. You married guys out everything else you have better stuffed. Than US you have wives who make you get better stuff I'm just me. I don't need a bad. What do I need that for? I like you know the other the other one this is I picked up on this year I pick up on this visit friends who are married. Married couples have way better bath towels single bed. Do you know when my bath pillow gets replaced when there's so many halls it that it literally does it I just it's a perfectly good towel. So what if it's already up there? What do I care if it looks ready up but you could you could never get away with that being married your. Wife would make you get rid of it right plus I know that I know this bathroom towels fashion statement they go ahead. You go in there and you do notice the towels that are hanging and they they color. What do you call the coordinated with the decor of the bathroom right. My Tulsa, coordinated with the governor of the bathroom it's just it's so. Like I'll pull strings it all of that stuff off but Y-. It's kind of the same thing about when a guy single guy gets rid of his socks when there's a whole it bright. There's nowhere to get regret a slacks before there's a hole in it is there. Now, I got off of this thing your TV's you're up to, ted. Is that what you were saying? Ten for three people in the house, and it's not even always three. Why do you need way more? TV's than there are people. For every road. So you've got them for every rope now. Obviously. I'm guessing some of the TV's are older than others. They're all flat screens. The most expensive TV you have what Romans it'd. Great Room. That's another one of these real estate terms. Great Room how? Great Woman Living Room. There's vaulted ceilings room. Grief We have allowed real estate agents that just change. There's somebody groups that have just changed the language satis there. I know that's new thing. Don't say master bedroom anymore the master did it have I don't even know where it came from did it have anything to do with slavery or not? What did it come from? That's just like for the man of the House would sleep. Maybe it had to do a slavery but okay, we can't say that now either apparently. So what do we call the master bedroom the biggest bedroom? Primary. I did who made them do this that the religious people do this on their own or did or the black lives matter like throw a rock through somebody's doing then we caved in that. The real estate. But is it like Marquette when they changed the warriors named nobody asked became in they just changed before they were even demanded that they changed. So in other words, this nobody even objected to it they just changed their own. A preemptive move, they don't understand that those never worked they. I admit I always thought it was a stupid term master bedroom. But now I wanna use it just because apparently it's become a controversial term. You've never never gotten an answer this question which is held up the entire course of the program the Best TV you have you because I keep getting bothered by your answers the great room shot up with your great room say them so I, don't get upset. I don't have a great room. How do you have a great room? Do you are you going to tell you have a living of and a great room? At, a great room which is bigger. The Great. Room. Is that when they call it the Great Room To how we talk we do need a revolution in our country maybe the lefties right? Maybe OC is read about the. Great Room Great Room. Yeah. Okay. That's how much does that TV class. But it was no. Fifteen hundred. That actually isn't that much. My it was new. It's see you replace yours free, but they don't you. Minus. Ten years old. Yeah I know. So I mean I spent more. But than I hang onto it for a longer period of time. So what I was saying was an hour and a half ago. When you make a decision what kind of TV you're going to buy? You to go through that I mean, I'm sure you could have bought one for eight hundred. You could have bought one for four thousand ended up fifteen hundred in between and you figured which gave you what gave you enough of the four K., U. HD smart features and all of that stuff look good enough without going absolutely crazy. But still give you all this stuff that you could be a proper suburban it with all the day with TB. That's not how it works with referendums. That close parceling outed you probably thought about twenty, three hundred and you also probably thought about a nine hundred. No, you got these nine other oems. But this one here put that in there and put the other thing that's not how it works with referendums. The Way I've worked referendums is when you explain the value of Apple, the people like you heard in our business report apple cross trillion dollars in market capitalisation today. Only one trillion when these referendums come up, people just vote for it without giving any possible examination as to why they are spending as much money they're spending or if it makes any sense to have that kind of money and it's always borrowed money in referendums, have that kind of borrowed money and communities premised on their size. and. I've been making the point for the longest time I really don't know our way out of it and now that we are facing. Probably once everything clears code significant downsizing of government budgets and probably log term. Decline in government revenues because of the number of businesses that are going to go under I think half the retail is GonNa go under I think half the restaurants are going to go under just going to be a permanent change and shifted the way our economies are set up and we've seen we certainly see some of that happening anyway, and it's going to affect the ability of state governments to kick money to the school. Districts is another component that's going to come in and daddy is I'm going to get the shortly I believe. That one of the miscalculations that the public schools are is. It's not all GonNa. Happen right now because it's real hard for parents to just decide. August nineteenth I'm going to switch schools for my kid. I believe. That, there are going to be parrots. Look back on this. And realize that they were betrayed by their local public schools and when they needed them, they can't depend on them and it will create an opportunity for competition from private schools including some private schools that don't yet. Exist people are going to realize that everything guys like mark belling sat about letter bunch of gold brick. Lazy S stiffs. The majority of Public School teachers are turned out to be. Correct. We live in an economy in which. Millions of Americans have been deemed essential workers. Some are high end really really important jobs and others are the ultimate Brunton job pull a Bush out of the pull a Bush out of somebody's yard and planned to do what? But they were all deemed to be essential not one and we talked about this and yesterday's program. Not One of those people complained about the fact that they were supposed to go to work during the coronavirus thing it wasn't until this thing came up with the teachers that all of a sudden once again, the crybaby occurred add. There's going to be a remembrance of this even months later when the corona virus numbers turned out to prove the children are not at risk, these schools still didn't reopen and. There's going to be I'm not saying everybody's GonNa. pull their kid out but I predict next year at this time many public school districts have marginally lower enrollment because some parents said at had enough of this crap I've just not going to tolerate it. I mean the situation for example. German Dwight. Germantown pass last night is impossible for anybody to explain. It. Literally I it's alphabets and great numbers at. I am you know is between M at, is your kid between the fifth of the eighth grade, and then it's different. If you're in high school that if you're the third grader, it is impossible for even a skilled talk show host like me. To explain at as I just say. In addition to everything else some of these parents are just got to be fed up and frustrated especially that they now realize. That in Germantown, they fire you if you criticise black lives matter but they don't even have the guts to open the schools win like two people at all of Washington County in the hospital with the corona virus. Now, that's an exaggeration editor what it is but I know it's low. Three PM word. Can't get a feel for the NFL and who's going to be good. I can't even get a feel for the NBA playoffs and they're going at. I hear this. I. 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My response is I don't know I can't keep track of who anybody's coaches right now my head is spinning on all this plus we think they're going to play for the NFL. I bet it's It. Looks like better than fifty fifty doesn't it? Yeah I mean, that's the thing they play. The game have games they say they're going to play. Adult Bills, B., I l. l., S., bills. Text into two, hundred, two, hundred. Watt. Know. That's why I brought it up buffalo bills. I brought up buffalo bills because I saw the word year B. I l. spills two, hundred, two, hundred, get a text confirming entry plus iheartradio Info Standard Data and message rates apply of mistakes should wide contrast so get declared the word is bills the aisle and. You still have nearly more than all the way to four o'clock to text that it. All right now, I did this long little ramp about money. Dollars. People's inability to. Get a feel for this. This also comes up. When you see these numbers that the Democrats have throat around with their corona virus really packages not trump is very, very good. He's about the best Republican I've seen since Reagan who is brilliant added. In be able to bust through a number and expose what's going on. Trump came out and said he's trying to bail out there states that have run themselves into the ground. So they take on Rahm Emanuel never let a good crisis go to waste. They take the coronavirus thing and try to come up with a number that is so huge and they just send the money to New York to California send the money to Illinois send the money to all of the states that are bankrupted because of years of bad public policy and use all of these trillions in funny money that we're investing in throwing around to balance. Those budgets and claim that it has something to do with the corona virus trump I think got that word out and I think a fair number of people picked up on that that is more effective than talking about simply the size of the number. But when you see the size of the number you try to evaluated and you realize that just that one stimulus package. They're spending like the same amount of the federal government spends an entire year. It's not it's not quite that, but you get the point that this numbers of stimulus is and this is just the latest round of it. They create these numbers that are insanely high and the reason they create them to insanely high is they don't want the Republican Wyoming I can't say they. Don't want the Republicans to sign onto it because they'd love to see the Republicans actually bailed out all of these bankrupt Democrats they know the Republicans aren't going to sign onto it. So then they could say, look the Republicans don't care. They only care about their rich corporate fat cats, etc. so you always make a demand that you know is going to be too high. The difference that we have with regard to these school referendums is there is no demand that is too high. There doesn't appear to be any number that voters won't go. And vote to approve. Let's move forward. Three individuals have been arrested in connection with. The incident that occurred. A week and a half ago and Waubosa outside of the residence occupied by. The girlfriend of officer. Joseph. Mensah. When guys accused of firing the shotgun. And two others have really charges related to the incident? Story was first reported by a new website that's out there that Jessica brought Jessica McBride, and a couple of other people I guess are involved in Wisconsin. Right now I think they call it. They had the story first, but it's out there. In fact we met we reported last week that there were people in custody and. We thought that there were arrest. We now know that they their arrests and there are criminal charges anyway. Point, to be made about this, that doesn't have anything really to do. With black lives matter the protests that has to do with something else. But this is my best way of making it. One of the guys the guy that's accused of firing the shotgun. They went under his facebook page and he's Got Photos of himself, seemingly using drugs and carry out of on Eddie number of things, and one of the things that he carries out about his support of the gangster disciples against the disciples is an offshoot of a street gang that many years ago was originally called the black gangster disciples. Now, I don't know if there's four versions of them or whatever but the gangster disciples is a large American street gangs. And I don't know if this guy is editor, not people can say whatever they want to say on facebook but he comments positively on the gangster disciples on his facebook page. This is the guy that. Is Accused of firing a shotgun. A. Here's the point that I wanna make about this that doesn't have anything to do with black lives matter. For those of you who live in Wasa. Understand That this man. WHO's on face, but he lives in Milwaukee by the way not Tosa. Carries out about how great the gangster disciples are. He has more ability to sway public officials at Wa Tosa than somebody who owns a house lives in that city for fifty. Years. They will give more attention. To somebody from Milwaukee. Who Supports Street gangs then they will to a resident of their own committee has been paying taxes for decades. And we've seen this so far. The needle at Wobble Tulsa has been moved by so-called peaceful protesters. Even. Though as it turns out, they might be either gang supporters are gang members. That has moved the needle. The Needle Eduardo tose has not been moved at all by the residents of the community who are sickened. At what is on there? It is agitators and protesters largely from outside the community. one of whom was willing to fire a shotgun after people invaded the residents of a law enforcement officer from Milwaukee because her boyfriend was in the. House. Trashed and vandalized the exterior threw bricks and rocks through it fired a shotgun near the ear of what are the residents of the home. That crowd that has been doing that. Largely Non Tulsa residents. Has Been. Far, more successful in lobbying Wa Tosa city government that the people who live there that proud demanded that. Officer be fired. They're in the process of firing him. He says basement suspended. By the vote of the city council and the fire and police commission, they haven't yet finalized the fired. They WANNA get the police chief fired. They might get that. The next thing as you know that I've claimed that they're GONNA do is go to try to get the cops out of Mayfair go to say they don't want police patrolling Mayfair ever that it becomes an intimidatory thing it's just going to be nonstop again and again and again and again and again and again, and the fact that the batteries so far at least. What These protesters at again I don't know that they're all gang members. You know I don't think David Bulletin a Gag I don't think Jonathan Brasov said again, he just a white guy from the east side of Milwaukee out there trying to act like a revolutionary taking part in these riots that are going over there. But what we do know is that a significant number and maybe the vast majority are not from Wa Tosa. They have gotten. So far just about everything they've demanded. Now. Here's where I'm going with this. I. Don't always take the straight lied to get there but you know what? Life's not a straight line. I contend that this background and context that I get helps people to understand things. So again, leave this as the basis for eight now in Wildwood Tosa. long-term residents of the community who support the police support law and order have got nowhere with their city government. They're city government instead has done a of everything that a bunch of agitators who don't live and while the Tosa have demanded. We're going to get to the why That group of. Who have agitated I listened to and long term residents of wildwood. Tosa are ignored by the mayor and city council members and so odd. We are going to do this by NSA. I don't take straight lives. We are going to do this by diverting to Sheboygan. Now. You're wondering how we're diverting to Sheboygan. Well. Here's how you get from Wyoming toasted it Sheboygan you go south it well. Getting out of what is the hardest part of this direction thing I've still never figured out how to get on a woman what's auto? Ottawa? Tulsa. You get a ninety four go north at forty three and drive, and then you see sixteen different eggs for Sheboygan and you figure out which way you're supposed to go to it. If you're a Dow, just take twenty three and drive toward the lake. Right. At that pretty much it. What is the main? What is is still twenty three there's one that's got a lot of stuff going up there at it now. Yeah. The Mall and all that it is at twenty three is at a different one. I did. Get breaking information why it's never stopped us before. You because because people will call the correct you I like now we give rugged formation because I like you being bothered by people that are correcting I. Don't know why. I'm becoming kind of a dink in my old age aren't i? I know you're all becoming. Am I more of a dig now that I was twenty years ago. No. See I'm trying to be. Auto want to be one of these guys that mellows what he's all old. Well. That's my point. I wanted to be more of a dink than I was before. I mean the alternative I suppose it just being Biden. Coming on here head. Talking. To a billings Montana and thinking I lived there something. I. Just. I telling you. I can't say that watching the Democratic convention is entertaining. It's I use the analogy I stole it from a listener. Yesterday, after watching Monday night that it was sort of like watching one of those commercials, they read in the middle of the night. In which you're supposed to get money to some racket that says that they're fighting against animal cruelty and they should add those almost all those organizations are total rip. It's like giving money to certain former packer athletes foundation and thinking you're supporting the individual charity I. Mean The reason those groups exist is because they pay members large salaries and they get large salaries because they put these things on tv but they show these pathetic animals and these always a woman with just an unbelievably annoying voice look at this they yeah. Slow the variant slow motion and it's the same thing that has been done with some of. The charities they tried to raise money for poor people overseas and so on but it's a special limited. With the animals anyway. That's what I thought. Monday Nights Democratic convention was I made it was just it was the most Debbie Downer. whiny awful. To the point that it was weird now. Posted about this thing they did on the Self I. It's I get of course it's weird. Don't have a convention. There's nobody in Milwaukee Wisconsin Conventions ten thousand people are at a big pack convention. All they give speeches, everybody cheers yells and carries on and it's a stage thing and so on. We're used to that now they've got whatever this is at its. Policies, but would you say? Paul said Biden was scared by the balloons and streamers well. You gotta be very careful with Joe Biden. Face it. If you're if you're Joe Biden right now, you know to say that Joe is a screw loose is just like a improper examination the Mechanical I think he only has one that's tightened to say, what is Lucy's just. Put. Reports on trump had an active shooter the white. House at walked back in on Rattle Joe. Biden had a balloon five firefly past it but I think he I think he's he's still still on the medication that he's. So, anyway. Getting back to where I was I said, we're going to get and I'll stop doing little Rhode Bat. In Cheboygan last night, they had a meeting. County Board. Cheboygan county one of those communities where they have proposed. One of these ordinances to give broad powers to the county health officer. As you know we've been tracking these here in southeastern Wisconsin. For the last several months at one will come up one came up and Dodge Connie we seem to be able to bat it down one came up in Jefferson county that will never seems to go away. There was one that was brought up at Walworth county the public showed up outrage killed that went off when I say we I mean people on my side it was the residents of those communities that it did it themselves all of this is explained in the past came. From the ears administration and Andrea Palm after the State Supreme Court ruled that. The Wisconsin Statute that they were using to give these orders is unconstitutional. Iverson and palm and the Wisconsin Counties Association which is a Madison based organization run by lefties. Has Been Urging individual counties to essentially pass the same ordinance at the local level but not through the back door that was the problem with the State Law. But do it to the front door when I say the front door actually pass it had voted on at enacted as it orbits. What happened in? The Wisconsin Law was that the State Supreme Court believed that you can't simply had had these. Decisions orders being put out. By, individuals who are not elected officials. So they're trying to pass an ordinance that they think would allow constitutional muster to give all of these individual counties that the same authority that. The state claimed that it had prior to the Supreme Court ruling to go win an issue. All of these have all of this broad power to enforce health orders, and what is alarmed people is how broadly written these ordinances are. They are frightening to people. And the people are legitimately frightened. What are the things that's happened here in two thousand, nine, hundred, twenty as we have gone so far. Off the deep end in so many areas. That when people actually read the details of just one of them They become shocked I. You I think people would be justice shocked if we sat back at understood. That we're firing police officers in. Warwick Tulsa, because some guy who likes likes gang members in, Milwaukee decided to shoot a gun to somebody's window. All of this stuff is shocking. But the ordinances are actually written on paper and they see that people are voting them for instance, if you had an ordinance and while Tosa, a bunch of agitators in Milwaukee including people who post on social like gang members. WanNa fire, one of our COP should we? Probably people would have showed up at advancement and but appalled by that but these health ordinances an order to get them. Legal, they have to write them down and they have to vote them and many people in many of these communities. Counties have been tracking this Ad. They've been very good at using social media and other ways of communicating to get the word out and the language in these ordinances is like many other things happening in twenty twenty just Schalke. There is no restraint on this at all. They give power for these bureaucrats in these health agencies. To, trample on people's individual liberties and rights. and. Then you keep getting statements. From the elected officials that I proposed or the appointed officials and Cheboygan County, the county administrator a guy named paid. Who get at their luck I have a reasonable person. We would only do this in the case of an emergency something that was really bad what we know that he's full of crap because we see what's being done right now in the face of Kobe which is not any emergency it might have been an emergency in New York City during the peak, but nowhere in the state of Wisconsin Right now, is there an emergency offer covered? Yet. We remained with many facilities at twenty five percent occupancy schools remained closed people are under orders to wear masks all the other stuff that's gone on for something that clearly is not an emergency soon, that these health officials are going to show some sort of restraint. They're all a bunch of Kirsten. Johnson's she's the one that runs ozaukee Washington coty more on how she turns out to be one of the reasons why these schools in Ozaukee and Washington are suddenly changing courts and closing right now it's because you've got these health officials unelected that are going out there and single handedly. Abusing their authority? And just gut punching citizens of the stomach by up ending their lives by saying their kids can't go to school that can't have county fairs and in some cases. Yeah. We're GONNA come in and raid your house because we think someone is sack. Anyway. Cheboygan counties. The latest one that had one of these things on the radar data disgusted at the board meeting last night and the meeting was packed the citizens who showed up. Packed and they're outraged. And what after the other of them got up? They talked at addressed the cowboys how this is a terrible thing. I suspect if they remain diligent Cheboygan County, they will succeed in killing this. Thing that you have to be aware of as these liberals are very effective, kill it. They can always bring it back a month. Later, you just have to stay on top of them, and one of the good things that happened during this period here is we have a lot of people that are going online now and check in government agendas and Batard Ray, what's going out of their local committees things that the media use? The deal, but the media doesn't expose any type of leftover reach at all. You're not GonNa get the Sheboygan newspaper to dive in and expose this power grab by the health director, and by Adam, pain up there and Cheboygan county this is going to be something that's going to be discovered by residents on their own. In the same way I. Don't think you can count on any media organization to expose what's going on in. Zakir Washington county you're not going to get the media dive into exactly why mcgahn themes no betrayed the residents of the community and reverse course shutdown the schools at this meeting that they held on the couple of nights ago you're not GonNa have anybody dig into who's saying what to whom, and whether or not some of these health officials. Health director has nothing to do with public education nothing. There's nothing in this statute of. Authority that gives them the power to do this but they stick their beacon and they say, you know what you should close your schools. So then they avid excuse to go and close the schools. Well, if those officials show so little restraints at they're running around now messing around with the schools something that they don't have. We have school boards, they helped fish county health officials nothing to do with the schools yet there they are. So imagine if we give them this broad, your Internet and wireless should always have you covered with xfinity your cover far and wide get the best internet experience at home with Xfinity X. Y. and the best wireless coverage with xfinity mobile to learn more click call or visit a store today requires residential postpaid, Xfinity, Internet restrictions apply slate just start going into the business as a doormat Cadillac in this padlocked the all this is written in the ordinance they had the ability to do it anyway. Now remember where I was fifteen minutes ago. I, why did you not to lose this idea of Walla? Tosa was listening more. To. Agitated some Milwaukee, some of whom posts on social media, how much they love street gangs that they were listening to their own city residents I said, that was the basis for where we're we're going now in Cheboygan I'm going to start connecting these dots and make an important point to you. I'll give you a little bit of a hint. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Eleven thirty wins Summer in terms of weather remember hat the State of Wisconsin and just wasted with nothing to do. Our our Rutta these commercials for like I. Got All excited. It sounded like there was something you can go to that. It's well, you stay at home and watch it on TV or something. I wish I was in the business of just putting things out. I just put something on just hack everybody off right now. By the way. The media just try to find some sort of outbreak in Sturgis. Tour tour to make any judgments on it because they say you're supposed to give it fourteen days. I'm telling you if two who work at a drugstore seventy, two miles away from sturgis get the corona virus that see this is what happens at a quarter million people show up there in. The forecast for the next few days mostly clear tonight low sixty five for the next several days partly to mostly sunny eighty three for a high Thursday eighty-five on Friday. Slight chance of thunderstorms still partly sunny on Saturday eighty five Sunday a little bit cooler with temperature staying in the seventies and a slight chance of thunderstorms. In, most that the local communities were some of these draconian health ordinances have been proposed. Often sold by dishonest public officials as saying look, this is actually more limited than what the state could. That's like China say well. Okay fine. We're locking everybody up at Joe Solid Russia was worse. Because of significant public opposition that showed up in person. It looks like many of these things are going to be stopped. Now, follow my transition here. Let's move to another area where public opinion is being largely ignored. The reopening of schools. Some of the communities that said that they were going to open their schools have now reversed and turned around and close them. or in the case of Germantown coming up with a decision that is so muddled that as I said, it's impossible to explain. In almost all of these communities however. The public opinion of the parents has been overwhelming in terms of opening the schools for five day in person learning. Yet, the school boards didn't listen to them. The difference is, and again, there are some exceptions that this I'm generalizing in most of these communities when the school boards held their meeting, they didn't have two hundred and fifty parents show up screaming and yelling out of demanding that you open the schools we've had that with these health ordinances. Before Evert issued his statewide mask mandate a number of local communities issuing mask orders of their own nobody was showing up at meetings to objected them. Whether, you agree with it or not. The reason that we have these mass quarters is the very few people seem to object to them these health ordinances though that give you this rod massive power. This is trip people striker. And the show it up. Now here's the lesson in all of this. Public officials especially at the local level. Respond far greater. To public opinion that they see it here. When you show up at one after another after another tell him something that makes it impact. Unfortunately again, this is an area where the left has an advantage. When the left voices, it's public opinion riots. When the right voices, it's public opinion we read an email. That's just the way it is. Robert Tulsa. Protest riot everybody's grass scraping. Yell to the boarding shoot a shotgun per the window throw rocks around storm to the ball block the Straits. What are the people in the other side you? He didn't email the mayor. Though the reason for that is most people on the right are polite orderly people. And they believe that as a resident there polite email that they. Should be given as much if not more weight. Than the screaming taunts that are hurled by somebody that doesn't even live the city unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. The mayor of the Dennis McBride Clinton has made it clear. He doesn't care what the residents of auto sue sent him an email. Say He's fire more motivated. By some people who live in the city of Milwaukee. Walking down his city streets, shotguns black and traffic. Now there is a happy medium. Dodge Connie Cheboygan county while with some of the others that have mentioned where there were opposition to these health ordinances when people show up. And again. One person showing up doesn't do much good. But, it can't get to two hundred unless you start with what two hundred people to simply. Two hundred different. One person's if you know what I Made This is where organization people getting organized and getting people to come together. This really matters. This is what moves the needle in terms of public officials respond. I tried to tell the audience forever nobody listens to me an email is fine. Phone calls are better. The phone call somebody on the other end as a staff or whatever has the end up talking to you. If you phone call a school board member to talk to you at hands up having a greater impact. Than when they just reading your email if they read it all. Here's the next thing about this. I wish the following statement was not correct, but it is correct. Being polite doesn't work. Again I. Wish I was wrong about that and I'm not advocating being at AMAC's. Jerk. I'm saying being polite does it work? The pro-police supporters had wa Tosa have been polite. The anti police agitators have been. Road. Disruptive. And in some cases criminal. What's worked? Now, let's compare to people on the right to the right. The people opposed that these health ordinances I'll grant you they. They've always been real polite. I watched a good chunk of that meeting and Cheboygan. County. Last night people were mad they were rather you know there are volatile that got up there. They talked they spray but a yellow to the out of the other thing. The parents that are asking the schools to be reopened they right. They're nice reason email. I wish being polite worked. But it does it with local government officials screaming yelling at him and call it a monster. That's it gets their attention I'm not advocated. I'm just saying this is how they responded. So the lesson you learn from this is. I'm not saying out, email your public officials. It's better than nothing. But in in person contact. In which you're pretty clear with your opinion is is more effective. That old this wiki wheel gets the grease. Well, the squeaky wheels of all people that are rioting we have seen across the country. Look at Portland. Can you anybody argued that the rioters have not completely one? Violence is out of control right on Portland is getting worse. Every single night in the police had responded at all Seattle the riders what? In. While we're Tosa the protesters who have become it's their wedding. One of the reasons this is really good. One of the reasons the left hates trump. This is real. Good you ready for this? Is, trump is kind of like a conservative riot. Trump the impact of trump the way he expresses himself and gets back at everybody's face. He's like our riot. No Republican Raises Raises Hell. The Way Donald trump does he gets everybody's attention at has an impact he in other words getting your face in the same way the frenetic gets in your face. The left can't stand it when their tactics that they use all the time are applied against them. In other words, trump fights back. Trump also tries to harness public opinion they could hold his rallies trump get five, ten, thousand people show up to hear him. This wiki wheel gets the grace. The frustration that many Wisconsin have had with Republicans in the state legislature who have sometimes fought very hard. Is, you never really get the impression that there's any sticking the win the face. There's Jonathan brassed off who's district of the east side of a walkie showed up at riots while Tosa. We don't see any Republican members of the legislature physically showing up in person raising hell over some of the awful things that are going on to harm is people want you to fight back. Now I grant you it's not the nature of a decent person to go into some other community and raise hal in the middle of the night the way some of these Democrats are doing. But the left is fighting, they're fighting breaking every rule that's out there the rioting in the case of Portland Seattle it's outright insurrection in the case of Wildwood Tosa. Look at what happened it Walla by the way I'm waiting for the first media outlet. To come out and call David Bowie a Liar David? Bowen. is a bald face layer. He went out in the media and he said officer Mensa fire that shotgun himself. We got a guy criminally charged with do it. But TV. Station is put a camera in David. Bowens face at at demanded in a bow and you were there why did you lie? And for that matter, we haven't had Eddie members of the state assembly call for a sensor or censure or a sanction against Bowen for lying about this taking part in essentially a riot. And then nothing from Robin or anybody else of the legislature to censure him for getting up and lying about it, and for that matter, the Journal printing the layers lies. Because he's line we got we have a guy criminal charges shooting the gun I. Guess the District Attorney's Office I. Guess Are they lying to Bowen or were you a liar? Not My point here. We all know what my style is. My personal I've never running around yelling and screaming and so on. It's not the proper forum to be able to do it but on this show. So my opinion is heard I don't mean said he words I try to speak clearly and loudly That works. That's a gets people's attention. With regard to all the stuff that's go out in our society right now if you want to object to some of this stuff. Again I'm not telling you not to the email I'm saying. You might be a little bit I come and I get people shy and it's hard for people. They see the person at a church in the grocery store and so on. It's hard for them to like kill off at school board member. Is Some of those school board members in Oak Creek were told off for the way they sold out their community. If some of the school board members in Mac blood, you've got a member of the school board and Mec one who's a tutor believe it or not as a tutor he's GonNa to the kids that aren't GonNa to go out of the school. So he can line his own pockets with the decision. He made the closest school. If had a number of residents of that community, tell him offer what he did here. Ask why in the world you're listening to a health officer WHO'S You know Kristen Johnson who has nothing to do with education and nothing to do with raising children why you're taking her input on this and demand to know why you are listening to these people that selling out. If they had to hear it again, I understand that's kind of a root thing to do. But what do you think the teachers have been doing forever you saw how they act up on that kid you see what they've been doing behind the scenes they're berating and yelling at people who works look at what's go at every one of these protests that look at the way they conduct themselves and look at how it almost every single community they got their way. Look at Milwaukee. Who got fired chief Morales got fired. The loud obnoxious. They're gonNA. Get I'm not advocating louder and obnoxious. But I am saying that if you WANNA see a road map as to how to black thing conservative perspective look at what's happening with these health ordinances were a people get informed. Be They get the word out and see the show up? And I know regular people can't show up at ninety seven meetings and site isn't GonNa go out and riots in the street but. Until public officials show the same respect respectable use Waubosa Guinea pig until May McBride in the City Council and that goof on the west side co forth and so on. Until they're willing to listen to the tax paying residents of the community with at least the same attention that they're willing to give advocate of the gangster disciples who's firing shotguns in people's houses. You May as well upped the ante up the game a little bit because that's what these public officials are saying when they keep sucking after people that. Are disrupted that break the law and show violence and keep ignoring regular old citizens who politely express their opinion. And as I say I I I don't know how long I'm gonNA run the clock on the State Assembly Sanctioning David Bowen for lying about I mean he went out and he lied about an attack in which somebody could have been killed the shotgun going off he said Mensa fired that gun. badgered for Republican, just made that up about. Somebody. A Republican member of the assembly just lied and accuse somebody else of firing a shotgun. You never go to the end of it. Same thing with brassed off. What in the world that we have a democratic state assemblyman from Milwaukee going around taking part in riots going at it while Matosa. Well. There that. All right. So it used that word well, I'll guarantee what happened at men's is houses benzes girlfriend's house that was a riot. A riot. Riot it was right. What's what happened? The other night was aboard lied riot where you had for an hour and a half people getting in the face of police officers in screaming every curse word at them again and again, and again with elected Democratic members of the state assembly there. And who do the power structure while Tosa listen to the people yelling and screaming and berating the cops the level of support for the WATTO's the police department within Wa widow city government right now is so far as I can tell limited to one Alderman every other Alderman. has sold them out and the mayor has essentially flipped them off. And the people in Wildwood Tillerson who don't like that again, I wish the following as I said I wish this wasn't true. You've been nice and polite about it. That is it working? Fire a shotgun in somebody's yard hole then you'll get the mayor at you get to us. Oh, then bow and scrape and fall all over themselves to do what you want do. Look at the tactics that they use to try to get mensa fired and so far. They've got him suspended. They've broken every rule of civility of the book and look at what the supporters of officer men's have. They have been polite contacted their officials spoke it out who won. Ghetto. How are we stopping health ordinances? People are raising hell why religion and all these other things out there because all we're doing is ready bills. Get I. Wish this was not true. I'm just telling you what is true. And that's why I connected the Walla Tosa to the Sheboygan. Eleven thirty W. I S. N. Mark Afternoon show going to give you know sizzling suburb cash testing word for the four o'clock hour. where it for this hour is cash c a s h catch you have until five pm to texting cash the two, hundred, two, hundred, you'll get a text confirming entry plus iheartradio Info Standard Data dated messy grid supply in this nationwide. Contests though I was commenting earlier about lobbying local government especially. Say not the city of Bill. Walkie. But Dodge County, Sheboygan County is a good example Hockey County Germantown School Board, Greenvale sailboard etc. Governmental bodies like that. When you have the kind of thing that's occurred in Wa. Were at a suburban community suddenly. You have protesters and rioters disruption. As I indicated it gets the attention of public officials to the point that they ignore in tune out their own residents. These are people who by-in-large. I mean, you get elected Wamba Tosa. You're not generally somebody who's thought of as being the most strong willed person in the world I mean some maybe some may not be. But you see mayor McBride sitting up there with his mask you think that he had the ability of say Donald Trump to tell a bunch of outsiders you're out there trying to ruin people's lives that you're not going to allow. Rioters in Milwaukee to come in. And destroy our Waubosa Police Department. He didn't have that ability. Now wobbled toasted community that has been trending left in the first place. But I think we have seen this acquiescence, the pressure from the left, even more conservative areas. In the communities that have chosen to keep the schools closed or go to these kind of goofy hybrid proposals. You're getting clearly two groups of input, one group or two. Groups of input. One group is the parrot opened the schools. The other is the teachers in the school employees closed the schools. Who Do you think it's been louder and more obnoxious with their message. Well, we know it's almost impossible for any group of human beings to be loud or obnoxious than unionized schoolteachers. So probably the out. So the tone. The strength of the message it matters, and again I wished that it didn't there's a third component here to this, and this is where I'm going to wrap up the topic of avoid. One of the points that I have tried to make over the years is that in many cases rather conservative communities. The. Elected officials in those communities are much more liberal than the communities the whole not always. But, for example, just grab community acts. I don't WanNA use an example because it disproved by point and I don't know who that every village mortar school board. Let's say community axe. Support Community X. Men Sixty eight percent for trump and the latest election. Very. Likely that the village board or city council and community ex didn't go sixty eight percent for trump may be fifty fifty and the school board might not even be that much in other words the people who run for public office even in conservative areas summer conservative. But as a group, they tend to be less conservative than the community as an overall. Part. This is because liberals are likelier to just run for stuff. All these social service agencies when you have, you see on the boards of directors this I mean it's one pack a lefties after another after another one of the most conservatives work. We got time on our hands left. He's do they worked for another nonprofit? All they do is go to meetings all day and so on. It's just it's just part of who sakes these things school board who runs for the school board? Some cases starch. right-wingers usually not. So part of the problem that you have your at a conservative community, you're being run by somebody who would fit in just five in Madison. I want to share with you a story about Hartford. Hartford in Washington County. It's part of that area Washington cody where forty years ago nobody the now there's just everybody lives up there. Slinger Hartford Richfield, that whole area Hartford is. Watching it got it. I don't know ten miles of West Bend I right on that A. Anyway. Hartford, very conservative community. They have. Like many of our communities, kind of an unusual school board structure and I want to stress to make this clear her because some people are going to hear. It's kind of like the way they do it an aero yet arrowhead has all these little elementary school that feed into a different school district that runs Arrowhead High School In Hartford. There's a school board that runs Hartford High School. But there are different school boards that run the elementary and middle schools. You follow me on this I know it's confusing. This is not the school board runs Hartford Union High School I'm not talking about that. This is Hartford School Board district one in some elementary and middle schools in Hartford. There is a member of that school board. WHO and social media? Is Praising Colin Kaepernick for taking a knee during the national anthem and claiming that this is an outstanding peaceful protests she advocates taking a knee for the anthem. She also on her social media page praises the message of Alexandria Cossio, cartoons. Now. Who say this is one of the most conservative humidity's in southeastern Wisconsin yet on their school board they've got somebody who believes that we should kneel for the national anthem and thinks that Ao is right. Her name is Erin Wilk. Now you know this because somebody in that community. Is Check it out who's running their local government. Now that we're beginning to realize that a lot of people, even a conservative areas are being governed by glorified. Marxists. Said Mark later this you won't believe this. This is Hartford. This woman's politics would fit into the east side of Milwaukee in shorewood in Madison. Beijing. Elected Hartford. So again when you wonder why? When left-wingers come in and they agitate on something and it could save at a very away they roll over. So quickly and a greater many of the people that local government even conservative communities I left he's themselves. Now this is where a guy like me is not much help to you. I mean I just frankly can't pay attention to WHO's running for the school board in Hartford School district. Hard for district number what? The district number two, the Hartford's high school boy, the all these other communities I mean. Hundreds of these communities. If you want to be run by liberals who can't elect liberal. If. You don't want to be run by people who think that we should take a knee for the national anthem. You need to make sure that you're not voting for somebody takes city for the national anthem. This is what area were. Social media can come in handy because sometimes some of these radicals. Out themselves. So, as we see. In many cases government moving radically to the left doing things that are terrifying us like the proposal of these health ordinances or these school districts that are refused to open school months after culvert Bro- broke out even though the covert numbers are radically lower than we feared and the problem has been less severe than we thought it was going to be and kids don't get this. Understand that even conservative areas many of our decision makers that we have elected. Are ultraliberal people themselves. And finally. When there is. A squeaky cranky conservative fly in the ointment. They'll use every opportunity that candidate rid of them like Germantown. Guy Just a swimming coach. that he expressed things perfectly well, of course not. Criticize Black Lives matter though comparative to the KKK. and. Based on what we're seeing some black lives matters doing members do in some communities maybe it's a valid comparison but. Hacked off school officials in. Germantown. They fired a swim coach. This is never done where anybody our goes out and tries to purge somebody who has extreme views from the left. In Hartford, you could advocate taking a knee for the national anthem and not worry at all about who that will offend. That's what a school board member does. But in Germantown, the school board member managed to get rid of a swim coach because he dared to criticise a Marxist organization that while it does include some peaceful members also has members that have been involved in rioting across this country. Look at Portland and look at what black lives matter is doing in its name there and that understand that German Germantown you've got a guy who can't even coach there because your school board stood up. For arrogant and abusive school administrators who at the same time. They're keeping a lot of kids out of school for day to day instruction managed to make sure that we don't even have an assistant swimming coach is not even a teacher with any kind of right wing viewpoints. All of this is I opening and the lengthy discussion that I add here is my attempt to explain how it works and if you want to do anything about it as I said. Politeness as it work anymore. And it just demonstrated the being polite with Germantown Schoolboy to being polite with Sarah. She's running around trying to ruin coaches careers because she doesn't like somebody's view on black lives matter and trying to get on them and you know keep the school close. The polite to simply hasn't worked what's apparently worked is with black lives. Matter does what apparently works with Frank Nitty does raise hell scream yell at break every rule of civil society. That's how you get local government apparently do exactly what you want. Again. I am not advocating it and I'm not saying I. Wish it were true but it is true. And got from Milwaukee this is the mark belling late afternoon show on news talk seven, thirty, W Y said. The Milwaukee County District Attorney's offices brought criminal charges against three men in connection with the incident that occurred a week and a half ago and wall Matosa. In which protests at The home of a Milwaukee police officer who is the girlfriend of Walla toast the police officer Joseph Mensah. Became violent and out of control that started with. Protesters vandalizing the property of the Young Woman's home toilet papering the house throwing things at the House and so on. It ended with officer. He then had officer men's that come out of the home with his dog trying to confront the individuals that were vandalizing the home. which resulted in a chaotic response that included. The. Throwing off shoot off firecrackers in then a shotgun blast. There were stolen rocks and objects thrown to the window of the home. Vandalism as I said occurred in. So odd we know that at least one member of the Wisconsin state legislature claims that he was their representative David Bowen of Milwaukee Jonathan Brost Osborne involved in some of these things while Matosa. As, well following that incident. There were initially claims by some of the protesters that they didn't do anything. Wrong. And David Bowen. Wisconsin State Assembly voted on J S Online. Claiming that version of events was untrue and then claimed that it was Mensa himself that actually pulled the trigger on the shotgun. Now there are some people after that story came out who were wondering whether or not office events might have been exaggerating what happened and whether Bowlin was telling the truth. Well, the Balki County District Attorney's offices run by a Democrat. They had made the decision here to charge criminally three individuals. In connection with the incident that occurred here at every indication is that Bowen was Li-. He either didn't know what he was talking about and made it up or he saw it with his own eyes. It is a bald faced liar. The individuals involved were arrested over the last several days in criminal charges brought a couple of days ago to my knowledge. The first place to this is reported is that a website called Wisconsin right now dot com. The three individuals that are facing criminal charges are faced with a variety of allegations bought. Ronald, and this is his middle name here because this is a very common name Ronald, Dimitri, an bell junior sure. There are a lot of people with the name. Ronald Bow. So this is Ronald Dmitri and Bell Junior. Who Lives in Milwaukee William Loft and divall Lofton is the other person who who are other individual who is principally accused. Of taking part in the incident, I've read the criminal complaint too bad name. Niles McKee who faces charges as well. The most serious charges against. The criminal complaint goes into very lengthy detail and it is clear that they did a lot of reviewing video that was taken probably cell phone video from a number, the individuals that were on the scene and being able to piece together. What happened they also have cooperative statements from a couple of the individuals who are charged your implicating. The main actor. Among the charges against Bell. Are Second. Degree recklessly, endangering safety use of dangerous weapon. Battery to a law enforcement officer as a party to a criminal act for Lofton. Second degree recklessly endangering safety. And so. Again, I'm not going to go into all the details of the criminal complaint because I don't have the time to do so here. Suffice to say that we had. was. The logical extension of the sort of thing that is going to occur. When a community makes the decision as Waubosa deed. To simply allow overt lawlessness. What was happening in Wildwood Tillerson was building day after day after day. It started with marched down the streets yelling and screaming. And it kept getting worse and kept getting worse and as I said at the time. The. Turning point was when the widow city council voted to ask the fire and police commission to fire officer Mensa. This through gasoline on the fire because the people that were coming in largely outside while the Tosa. To demonstrated rip the police realized that their tactics were working. Imagine you have a two year old child I hear that's one of the worst. Is that true? Kids are bratty at the edge of to that to. Terrible, twos they call him some peak brassiness it'd be too right. Paul Paul agrees with this. If you have a problem with it, should I have people call up and give you your input on what year is the worst Paul does not want to Paul does not want any input generally apparently on anything So, let's suppose you have like a two year old. That's at his highest level of Brad's. Any yells and screams and Yeltsin screams yells screams and every time you heels and screams you give them whatever it is that he was. What's he learned? T. L. and scream. The wabash Tosa rioters were the equivalent of the two year old. They were yelling and screaming behalf like brats and carry it out of the middle of the night and honking horns yellen standard of sidewalks blocking traffic. Showing up at meetings of the City Council, not speaking turn, but simply yelling and screaming during the meeting. And then they wanted. Now nincompoops. Thank well. Okay. They got what they wanted to go away. Apparently you don't know how to raise a two year old. because. You never go away when you get when you're white, you simply start asking for more and more and more and more. Once, while Tosa rely wants the protesters realized that they were able to get Mensa. And there would be no punishment for disturbing the peace blacking Straits, violating traffic laws, harassing people in their individual yards, holding protests without a permit, all the laws that have been violated from the beginning during this what they realized, there are no consequences for that in other words no downside but they were getting the upside of getting what they wanted. It was inevitable that they keep pushing this. As, we've seen at certain other cities like Seattle Portland, etc. Often they end up taking these protests. The individual homes said they went to his house. Is the police officer who whose whose girlfriend is a police officer there's children in the house. The only reason you go to his house and then scream at the top of his lungs and then try to vandalized by toilet papering and throwing stuff out you're trying to provoke him. That was the goal they were trying to be provocative. I think they wanted to come out and shoot his gun again that's what I believe for the beginning I. think that that was the old Benson tried to kill another one of us. But he did he came out without his gone with his dog. In some our shotgun goes off. It wasn't officer Mensa Shotgun. It was brought by a protester. We have been told from the beginning by media that are spinning this story. I have thoughts which TV station is the worst, but I'm not going to express it because I haven't watched all of them with equal levels. But it is apparent to me that everybody who has set out to cover these protested Wabi Tosa supports the protesters. Look the other way and we managed and I get that on TV you can't show curse words and so odd. But they have done everything they can to show the most peaceful moments of this on my website belling dot com earlier in the week I, put up a video that was put together by one of the protesters. About an hour of the exchange that went on Friday night this past Friday that while Tosa wear. These cops and again, it's not the fault of the individual cops. It's not even the fault of chief wherever because I think he's being shoved around by the mayor. But you have police officers here who have essentially turned into. I got out of want to be insulting here. But Tosa Police Department right now looks to me to be a joke. Joke. You agree with that. I think they look like like a joke. They they they looked like pansies, cowards, Sissies. My whole life I've never thought I could walk up to a police officer and scream at the top of my lungs what I know good dirty rat and I've. Up Pizza. Y garbage miserable for our. How can you do that to a top and a COP allow you to do it now realized the individual cops are under orders told the can't do anything about it. This is violation in ninety seven, million different laws including disorderly conduct but these police officers are taking again and again and again and again, and again, and again and again, and then the media comes on the next night and tells people that there was a peaceful protest. What in the world is their definition of the word peace. Peace that somebody didn't get murdered is that what peace means? I think. But I think a piece, I, think like of. Tiny, Tim's from exotic Elali or Yati plan is crappy music or. Somebody channing to Chan Chan plan the Ravi singer Shankar plan the tire. By people walking around with flowers. There's a term called peace and quiet. Peace isn't simply while they didn't kill anybody. This is hardly peaceful. It was raucous obnoxious mean-spirited loud it out of control. And it is aimed at provoking the only reason you scream somebody's face for an hour is you're trying to get to shove you back. So you can claim the police are being violent yet. So. Who are these peaceful protesters it's been remarkable. How few of their names ever come out? Nobody in the media seems to try to figure out who they are whether or not any of them. In fact are criminals of criminal records. Instead, we're just told peaceful protests and we automatically accept that they're peaceful protests is because that's what Some bubble editor TV reporter wearing sneakers says as she marches alongside them. But if you actually see some of the raw video, this is hardly peaceful. It's mean-spirited ugly. Well. We finally have some names because some people have been arrested and charged. So we could look at it their backgrounds and I do want to credit this website Wisconsin right now, which apparently is one of the latest projects that Jessica McBride is unbounded. She's been around the block a few times and she's now on this and they broke a pretty good story here. One of the guys involved has a prominent social media profile in which he goes out and out and out about a lot of things add. There's photos of him appearing led. To fake, but I mean appearing to be using drugs and. Commenting at length positively about the gangster disciples, which is a well-known violent street gag. Well. That's an interesting perspective that we had not been told before and one that I wonder if anybody's going to pick up. So now, we find out that these peaceful protesters at least one of them and one of them involved in the criminal act that dealt with the shotgun situation that occurred here. Is Apparently, a big advocate of a violent streak gag. Peaceful. Protesters So anyway that's story is out. There are charges I am pessimistic as to whether or not anything's GonNa be done the strikes me as the kind of thing that John Chisholm is gonna a plea bargained down to nothing as fast as he possibly can on the other hand. He's got to deal with law enforcement officers in every suburban community of southeastern Wisconsin Milwaukee and I can tell you because I hear from a lot of them. That police officers throughout this region are furious. That nobody has their backs right now in local government. The, you could just go to a cops house and this remember the the COP. I WanNa make a point here and Going on too long. This story has been and I get why at sort of misreported because it's a little confusing because it's a very close boyfriend girlfriend situation. The COP whose house this was is a Milwaukee police officer. It's not officer Mensa. She has a right to have you know the love life and personal situation of her choice. It's herbal. In Milwaukee Police. Officers House was put under siege at Wa. Wa Tulsa. Every cap in this areas watching to see whether or not? You can just do that and get away with it. Now. We know that Tosa has a mayor at a city council that are more than willing to let them get away with it and have been more than willing to allow and get this criminality to go on from the very beginning. We know that Walmart does the city councils have. Even people who call themselves conservatives like this buffoon named Co forth from the West Side. Who has the backbone of? I'd say I was GONNA say a jellyfish how about a dead jellyfish even lemper that a jellyfish you can't get anybody to get up and say we stand for law and order and Wa Tosa, and we are going to not allow people to shoot shotguns taps. House. All but they're peaceful. No, they're not. This. Was that peaceful the last round of that we're not peaceful. I said it Milwaukee that I felt the first round of protest. We have the city of walk. Usually the ones that frank he was leading were largely peaceful. They were loud I said they were largely peaceful stand by that. Some got disruptive the cutting people's grass driving on properties and so on, but they were largely peaceful. The only one that I felt the got the level of not being peaceful as the situation McKinley where the tear gas is fired. The looting that occurred was not peaceful and some of the stuff that occurred outside some of the police district stations were not peaceful wall Matosas, ben in a different category. There has been a remarkable lack of curiosity from the media s the just who these individuals are. That are taking part in this behavior that has been increasingly obnoxious. It will be very interesting to say and I would encourage you to check out their websites and watch the newscast to see how much coverage local television gives via individuals that were involved. And shooting a shotgun at a at a cops house while a riot was going God. Now that we have criminal charges now that we have names and now that we have the ability to dive into backgrounds of each each of these individuals and as I was saying earlier in the program, we now have a criminal complaint that seems to indicate the David Bowen, a member of the state assembly who said Mensa pulled the trigger himself isn't an out liar. I would encourage speaker boss and the Republican leadership. To call for a Sensor Censure of Bowen. And I would even suggest call a hearing here. To discuss whether or not, he ought to be expelled from the state assembly or if there is a level by which he can be expelled from the state assembly. Lying about. The actions of law enforcement officer. This guy said a cop shot a shotgun at a crowded riot. He didn't Bowen made that up. The media nosy made up. Everybody now knows he made it up. Bulletin nosy made it up. So there. You would said Mensa pulled the trigger himself that there was a chance it was drew one percent two percent. You said, no. You don't think Cross your mind you cross my mind. Let's play. That's one two percent cross your mind. That's what boy did. All the mets venture. After all that committee is, here's a guy who's district is in Milwaukee coming in and lying about what happened at a riot. When police come in to investigate things, what are the things we got the public officials here maybe they'll be a good witness instead, they got a liar. Did Bowl, tell the police officers on the scene when they came to investigate that he li- that way to them tail. You get these reporters last trump and the press conferences all the time. Why do you lie about this way about that? Can you imagine somebody from? Channel Six Channel Twelve walking up to David Bowen and say, why did you lie about this? I I mean just. They're they're pink sneakers would turn Chartreuse I. I where did we get such a bunch of SIS five? I mean, it's not just that they're liberals cow. I I swear if these people were around in one, thousand, nine, hundred, thirty, eight. Niagara I for Joe Solid okay. Nice thought. Can We show how pretty the Gulag? Run here. Not. Right about this. What that's the I had TB reporter. I won't tell you who you was used tabby whether he's not in any way said look mark you would not believe this is now an entry level job being TV reported Milwaukee. Nobody. Gets anything and a lot of them aren't very good. It's an entry level job at used to be that an entry level job would be like Polka Telo Idaho or using Wisconsin is an example. Rhinelander was an entry level job for TV, reporter and you had to be good to get hired rhinelander. Most people came out of college couldn't get a job. And rhinelander your break you get to rhinelander and from there, maybe go the next stop me. Green. Bay was a good step. Maybe Madison. At if you're a spectacular after a few years, you can get to Milwaukee now straight out of college. They had a cameron there one man band and they walk around and the cover the news. Did any surprise that they're so easily buffalo. Medic figures that are running these protests and that they're so in an over their heads that they can't tell the difference between an out and out riot shotguns, fired cops houses. From peaceful protests. I asked very good questions here. Don't I. And don't they all answer themselves. For fifty-six by the the Journal can't get anything right of all the brewers I get that these baseball games and after their deadline did you see who? Who would they write the puff piece about today? Phelps I. If you didn't know what you would have just said, he's going to be the guy that was the losing pitcher last night did it would not last night's gave us no pitchers fault at minute went on and on forever and the twins finally scored a run but brewer bullpens just been phenomenal but it's just another case of that was I will grant you as games go. That was a fascinating baseball game in again looked like the brewers are going be go ahead. Kannada took a no hitter into the ninth inning yet had. Some the end again did he didn't even have the lead anywhere and Game went on forever and the birds lasted twelve four to three but. Sure was an interesting game to watch. As eleven thirty wins, Mark belling late afternoon show moment this summer cash contests text in word. I made an executive decision during the break. To Go back and read with David. Bowen told the media the day after the incident. And read from the criminal complaint as to what happened. First of all. I should stress that according to the criminal complaint. Ronald Bell has confessed. In the criminal complaint, he admits pulling the trigger on the shotgun. He also admits that he did this while he was confronting. The and The other police officer who has meant his girlfriend edie admits that he struck Mensa. Zen, the criminal complaint he admitted. Let me read without reading the whole thing. Bell admitted. That he was the individual with a shotgun during the August eighth incident. Bell also stated that the gun discharged while he was holding it. Striking the residents while he was confronting and then Mensa initials and then the girlfriend. Belle a grade that his behavior was reckless and dangerous when he physically confronted Mensa. He was holding a loaded shotgun. And that he puts several people in danger with shotgun discharged. Bell also acknowledged that he was striking Mensa and that he knew that men so was a police officer. Bell was aware. that. The group was at the location due to actions had previously taken while performing duties as a police officer at bell stated. That he has been at several other events, regarding mentors actions with the same group of People Belle apologized for his actions. So rattled bell, the shooter has apologized. This is what David told. The media. After this event. for which Ronald Bell has admitted, I was reckless that as apologized. Quote. It's very clear. Officer MENSA displayed behavior to push the safety on that firearm. And to fire it. He saw an opportunity to paint protesters as the Violet Bob, and it played into his testimony. I saw the struggle and so. That's a key point. said he saw. I saw the struggling so. So, he's putting himself out here as an eyewitness. So that's what Bowen put out. Now. According to various media accounts not talking today. He's referring people to guess his lawyer is Kimberley Motley Kimberly Motley whose representing all of the people who are shot. By officer Ben said these three several suits that are out there. Well. Motley Thou representing somebody who tried to shoot at well I. Guess. We know that at least two of the individuals involved so far shot at men says, well so Motley Molly wants to represent people who are shot by somebody maybe she needs to start representing their medicines since he appears to be the one, the spitting the gunshots directed at him. We have certainly said. In. So many of the stories that are going out in a society right now out dishonesty and lie. Is a tactic that works at its fueled in the number of protests that are going on, it's fueled a lot of the conduct of behavior that's gone on it's fueled. The statements that are being made president trump at the post office. The situation at Walmart Tosa though is the ultimate in a volatile situation you have it and otherwise rather peaceful. Community. Disturbances that have gone on night after night after night after night, you have very very weak leadership in the community that chose to not respond with strength to this. But instead by caving in to people who don't even live in their community, then you have the ultimate situation blow up somebody remember bell in order for belt the to pull pull the trigger a loaded shotgun. He had a bring a loaded shotgun to this event and I want people to remember that. Why did he break a loaded shotgun to officer mentions house? Why did he do that? Now if people aren't aware in all these peaceful protests going on, there've been a lot of loaded shotguns. We're fact that he has gone. He had I forget the guy's name his personal by alchemy triplet. Andre Triplets walking around with his loaded gun. There've been a lot of loaded guns at these events. Even the lefties claim that they're so bothered by people running around with guns, a lot of loaded guns at these events in this case, bell brought a loaded shotgun. I why do you bring a peaceful protest a loaded shotgun? But he acknowledges that he shouldn't have fired it but we have a loaded shotgun, a shotgun that is now fired at the house of a police officer who is the girlfriend of officer Mensa with all of these other people around there. Had WAUBOSA police. Nachon. Extreme restraint they might have responded to the scene was shots themselves. You've got an officer under fire. Everything about this story was close to being a nightmarish disaster. And the middle of all of it is David Bowen Pride to calm things down. Elected state official no. Instead he runs to the media and lies through his teeth about what happened. And continues to blame MENSA. As it. You would think after a certain point the LIGHTBULB. Glad over the heads of heather cool. Mamik. Bride. And what's he co fourth? And some of the other leaders while Tosa that maybe there'd be a little bit of integrity from the AFC Ofwat Tosa Robin. vining. And she'd stand up and suggest. That maybe while Matosa police deserve some support and some of these violent insurrection coming in from Milwaukee, should stop the criminal behavior on. But there's no reason to be optimistic about this. The process, the fire Mensa remains in place. There still protests scheduled you hear rumblings is going to be another one. This weekend and rumblings is all you ever get on this? It's hard to get this stuff nailed down. And no real accountability from anyone in the media toward the behavior of any of the people who have been out there. You know we use rhetoric cured. You can be Boeing might say, well, I wasn't saving literally pulled the trigger I was said it was a figurative polio trigger. You have people throwing the literal gasoline in the fire was some of these elected officials that are showing up in fueling these things knowing that remember. Everybody saw these people were shocked. They know exactly what this could have turned into, and if you saw the thing that occurred Friday night, which was a full week after the shooting that occurred at his house, were you at about one hundred and fifty people in the streets all of them screaming at the top of their lungs in the faces of these police officers, you have people that are trying to turn Wa Tosa into Portland. And very much like Portland you have a city official leadership in Wyoming Tosa. That seems to either be acquiescing to them. If, not out supporting them. But I think they pride is very, very close to simply out notes supporting. The. Anti Police Bob when you say well, I can't fire chief Weber. It's a little too hard to do. It's not a very weber should not be fired. He's a great police chief. It's not that officer mints that behaved legally and everyone of situations. It's not I. Don't want a bunch of people coming into Walmart does the breaking the laws? It's well, you know I'd like to fire everybody here and make all of you rioters. Happy. But I, it's just hard for me to do it. I just the what's he liberal? What do you expect for me? You guys are the ones with the riot you gotta go to work. You GotTA create more how? To that, McBride's MENA disappointed in. This would be the ultimate understatement and I said he's a liberal he's in over his head and expecting liberal the backbone against riotous protesters is the same as expected Nancy Pelosi to stand up to AFC capable of doing and Joe Biden will be capable of doing it. If he becomes president of these people will steamroller over him in the same way that the lefties Madison Steamroller over Tony Ebbers Liberals cannot stand up to anyone now people have ask questions about Republicans and their inability to show backbone as well. It's major problem in general. And it's one of the reasons why over the last several months we have moved. So radically to the left in this country, there has been a difficulty that people have had in knowing how to resist as I've mentioned in an earlier segment on the program. The way that you resist is you have to show up and make your voices heard stopping these health authorities in some areas is one of the ways that people had been successful getting the schools reopened as an area where some community successful and others have not. As for a situation like what like like like Ouaga Tulsa this is writing the book and what not to do how to essentially allow your community to fall apart and go to hell by Denis McBride and Heather cool they to go put it on the best seller list. How if you have a city not fall apart do the exact opposite of heather cool and Denis McBride. Right. Maybe, they can go out of the speaker tour. We're two idiots we watched our city, the hell this is what we did. Go the opposite of us. We're too stupid to know what to do over here ourselves maybe and to toughen McBride is he? Is He just a glorified Joe Biden over his head behind the mask there. What do you think? He's in over his head. So my being too hard on them. Well, but I if he's over his head, it's different from acquiescing have accused him of doing. I I'm say I'm saying I think he has acquiesce again empowering the rioters. That's what I believe has happened here. I could end in three nights. It really could. Ask for support from all local law enforcement agencies that you have and start enforcing every law that you have an community people that are standing on the grass blocking traffic screaming that are creating a lot of disturbance random all up, throw them in jail and not a judge show up to do any the bailouts until Monday and do the same thing again, and if somebody pulls out a shotgun. You gotta be ready to respond to that. We do not allow regular people like me and Pau and the folks who live in Warwick dozy to engage in insurrection if somebody has sought to have a shock gutted Wabi Tulsa, the cops are gonNA respond with the SWAT team and little she hit for six hours to talk about if they show up in the context of a black lives matter with. Got? However. Then suddenly, we all become little carnations with our pedals falling off. It's not the way we handle anything else the way I described woodwork. The question is merely whether or not. We have the guts to do it in the same fashion that you can stand up to the Germantown, school board and say, you shouldn't be out there firing swimming coaches because one of them criticized black lives matter all of these things require a certain will and when that will does you know the whole the old statement where there's a will there's a way that's true. News Talk Eleven thirty wins and Mark belling late afternoon show school boards all over the area meeting this week Franklin a meeting tonight Johnson Creek met on Monday night, they decided to back off their plans to open in school and instead they're going to the virtual. It's as I say impossible to record and all of these other than each time it happens. You get the impression that at a lot of these communities especially from the city of Milwaukee, the parents have been under the impression they were going to open school because they said, hey, we're going to open school. But then when it comes time to do it, they go in reverse and again, many of these schools are supposed to open this coming Monday the twentieth twenty fourth. So these parents just shell shocked by this because they don't have any prevision. The take care of the kids they were expecting the kids to go back to school and they were acting on the assumption that they go ahead and do it anyway the story I wanNA compare and relate this deal. You're now hearing the big ten saying, well, maybe we'll start the football season in January. It's the same thing. The Big Daddy's canceling the football season for the fall. Well, we're GONNA try to do it in the spring maybe we'll start in January. All that's happening with everybody here is they're kicking the can down the road. In. The same way that and the school districts all said Okay will be opened August and September the big hit. Okay. Put Possible. Timber we're GONNA Shove January. When you get to the middle of December they're going to be in this same pickle and nobody's GonNa have the guts star football. It's the same problem with the schools. There's always gonNA, be some number or some case or some racing somebody crying or some lazy schoolteacher or somebody's got some reason not to go would. Think ridiculous we're talking gear. So they're gonNA play football in the upper, Midwest January and February. When I would suspect the virus numbers are going to be worse than they are here in August September October. The is probably won't play in January or February. Then the next thing you know the playing April and nobody will be able to pull the trigger on that. Until we get out of this mode. Being afraid to start any think there is another point that I wanna make because I. Don't know how deeply to get into the whole school issue. For. The longest time those of us on the right where mocked because we wouldn't listen to the experts they aren't listening to the experts. You weren't listening to the experts interestingly that's all turned now on the school situation. With the exception of Kirsten. Johnson up in Ozaukee Washington over the way she sent me an email finally say well that urging these schools to close for just giving them data information and advice. This. Is the reason we shouldn't be having these health agencies in the first place they seem to sanguine until now, no one knew that they would be running around telling people whether or not. They should be opening schools. We thought health officers for like making sure that there were an bandaids that we're at the local you know candy stripers desk or so on. We didn't know that they were going to be people that were going to run around and stick their beaks into people's noses but as you. See Zakian Washington these are two counties were essentially everything has closed. Both of them canceled the county fairs the southern parts of both communities now, Germantown in southern Washington County is going to a hybrid southern Zakir County back is an opening up there's fears at some other districts are GonNa Choke and pond this. Well, what they share in common again is they have a health officer who has a biased pudding information to lead people to knock it on with their lives anyway on this point of following the sides The CDC and children's Hospital have both said schools should be reopened. Children's Hospital said look there's much more fear of long-term be damaged these kids. socializing and not getting out and going to school they're better off in school. That's a children's said the. said the same thing. So suddenly now the experts are saying something that the left is what I hear. They're the ones that aren't sitting in the experts now I'm not here telling you that if the CDC says jump, we should all jump or children's hospital says, this is what you ought to ought to do it. I'm saying most of these kids don't know what they're talking about any any of the time. But. The liberals were telling us and telling us and telling US intelligence intelligence the follow the experts until the experts have an almost unanimous in saying there is essentially no risk to children at all at opening schools open the schools. Suddenly, the crowd that has been telling us to listen to the experts doesn't want to listen to the experts. Now I know what's driving this and what's been driving the beginning. This has nothing to do with children. The. School is just a bit this everything to do with a significant number of the teachers and administrators being lazy steffes who don't want to work. I don't believe this calculation involves the danger to children at all because children are at extremely low risk and have been from the beginning on. What has been driving this instead is the fact that in most school districts said most universities, the tail wags, the dog and the tail is the teaching staff the faculty. And is the school districts there that are unwilling to confront them and will screw the taxpayers screw public health experts and screw parents had children. All. Very similar to the situation, we see Tosa appeasing the protesters to appease teachers who after all this time still refused to work. I do WanNa poke into this whole area. A moving beyond the decision of opening and saw onto. The way that all of us individually in our lives have had to confront with the reality of Kobe's some businesses are shut down restaurants going under. Lot of retail stores are done. Travel Industries at depression the airlines are laying off people like crazy in the meantime other people have gone to work every single day, and then you have some people that have either at work at home mode or doing nothing for six months it's been a different situation depending on your circumstance I would have addressed that larger picture for a moment. And talk about how situations like this you see many people rise to the occasion and sacrifice. and. Some who don't. And if you're wondering why generally low and it's a generalization, there are many great public schoolteachers and almost all private school teachers are great. My generally low opinion. A public school teachers is reinforced by this because once again in a situation where all over the country, a lot of people have risen to the occasion and evade sacrifices. The only class of employees that we can think of that has responded by lowering the occasion. Once again, showing that they care only about themselves and gravitate for Dwayne as little as possible while pocketing their paychecks is public schoolteachers again and again and again, and again, and again and again, and again they show that they're on the scrap heap of work ethic and the scrap heap of caring about fellow bad, right. That bottom. Me Get one of the the you know a meeting and say, we're going to go back to work in the everybody else. It's been working has been going back to work. You could do that. Easily do it. Why would you as long as we keep a nominating them for sainthood and be telling them and put together a three minute zoom lesson and then go lay on your butt all day collective full paycheck because you're afraid that you're gonNA get a sniffle. Why would they not do it that way? In the same way. But Walmart Tulsa created a monster by appeasing the protesters. We've created a monster by caving again and again and again and again, and again to these cities have we not? There's a lot of Lot Frank nearly and a lot of these schoolteachers. If you what I I take that back, that's not fair to FRAC-. He's at least sorta walk into DC I still think he's hopping in the car at night but you know I'll give frank. This is actually out there yelling and screaming and do it all of that stuff he's not doing the whole thing through zoom the way some of these teachers are I apologize to Frank Diddy. For Frank don't how to get there. He has quite the entourage. The question I've asked that nobody in the media will ask who's paying Frank Nitty. I'll ask it again because frank has never asked that question. I bet there's a lot of people they got food I mean he's not missing any meals and who's paying for this. Well. We assume it might be George Soros I asked the question and is it all in cash? Is this reportable income? Because if it's not a cast, there might be some child support payments at somebody might start tried to collect on five thirty, one newstalk eleven thirty W is. and. Walking, this is the mark belling late afternoon show on news talk eleven thirty. W, I said. How much last iceberg you? Watch. Zeljo Mr Goodwin actually was a weird one. I actually for as many baseball games I got into this is watching most of the game I held a meeting that was in a social setting, and then they gave was good. So I stuck around and I didn't watch state of the twelve thirty I'm incapable of that and he watched the rest of their home All the baseball games I, watch I've not seen a lot of no hitters live. I've I've seen a few. There's enough that I don't remember them all. The there's still rare and. The interests me about no hitters is. A pitchers who the ninth inning with a no hitter. It's way less than half the get one. You would think it'd be about half because you know about half the innings don't have a hidden in them. But way fewer than half the pitchers who go out to the night any weather? No hitter actually end up getting it Oh hitter. What? There's a funny story about this. Should I tell her? Should he just move on? I gotTA. Tell it out well, anyway Candidate for the twins. Had No hitter going into the night that I mean he just had the brewers stay every they were flailing he had. I used to try to play fastpitch softball said. This wasn't any good at it. The only time I was I I just didn't have enough speed of the pitch and in order to have an effective drop all you have to have some speed so that when it drops. The banner cat headed and I just wasn't good enough. But anyway in fastpitch softball, the most effective pitch that you can throw other than just the hard blinding Rasbol it can't hit. Is Drop, and the drop is just that and you know you put a spin of the ball and coming incumbent and Reverend in softball. You're the bad is really close to the bond I forget what the number of feet is but it's very short its way closer than Major League Baseball. You just have no time to react to the ball's coming in in a straight line, and then it just got gravity of the spin takes it out. And that's what made us. Pitches were reminded me of made. He saw this eighty seven, our junk that would just the bottom was falling out of the burress kept. Going rear end cop chasing after this thing again. The first at like I said I thought he had no hitter stuff and I thought it was finally go to see one but I just think there's nothing worse. If you're a sports fan seeing your own team no hit it's to me. It's the ultimate humiliation. I did not want it to happen, and this is the second time in a week cub pitcher. Yu Darvish had a no hitter against weirdly to Asian Americans. What city allow that we can't hit Asian American. pitchers you darvish for the cubs, his Kennedy made last night but. I don't know what that would be. Others laughed. At The Darvish of Har- pitcher and made it just those junk. So the brewer leadoff hitter and the night that his cell guarded is I. If I was a Pitcher, I would just hate so guard. So guard is just he's an annoying hitter, which is kind of what makes them effective hey, kind. Of made us throwing this junk and the borough pitcher in the ninth inning Perdomo is out there forever and ever and ever made a sitting on the bench for thirty minutes. He finally comes out after this he throws out of these junk pitches at. So. Guy Just kind of puts his bat somewhere near the ground at. The Best I would describe it. It was sort of like how you hit off. When I did golf, I had no to hit out of out of bugger white couldn't hear him a bunker I didn't own A. Wet I try to use a nine yard. That's all I had. I didn't have that added nine iron. So I mean you know how I got out of the bunker. Grab grab grab the ball and throwing spruce. Well. That's outlets. What's so guarded. He put the back down there low and he just got this little flair beyond the reach of the second basement. Ed. The next thing you know the twins are committing error after after you're on the game on an extra innings. See under that is long as the brewers of and play on the twins remember back in the American. League they were in the same division. So they played all the time. Now you get them occasionally in Italy historically, they just played wild great games and. At game last night would have been a great when actually have had fans out but we don't have that. Eddie four, I want to. Move here. A little bit of a different direction I though I want to revisit circle back to a topic that I was discussing. Earlier in the program. I was talking about the input from the. Washington County, health department. To some of these local school districts, they decided to not open their doors. Most districts in Washington county are opening however Germantown talent came out with the decision that. I'm just getting. Reams of COMPLA- P people don't know who to complain too. So they can play to be and I I get that. That's fine. But you need to complain to your school board members. and. I know that a lot of people feel comfortable telling me because I agree with them and they're not comfortable confronting some lefty who selling them out. Germantown is the southernmost district. In Washington county you can't go any farther south in Washington County and still be Washington county German towns in the southeastern quarter sweat is. Likewise Masaki County the southernmost dischord sticklers. Zaki is Malcolm themes know what's the to on the southern edge? And those counties that it made the decision to not go to full-time opening of schools I've been contacting Matthew joined, who is the new superintendent of Mechlin themes felt. And asking him about the decision that was made by the school board. That is so angered parents and I said, did you get input on this on the Ozaukee? Washington Health Department and To Dr Joins credit he honestly answered the question and said, yes he said that we have been getting input from both Wisconsin Department of Health Services. That's Andrea Palm. And The Washington health. Department, which is Kirsten Johnson. He said they both provided information, but then went on to say that it is his understanding that the Ozaukee Washington? Health. Department supports that decision to not open the schools. I might be splitting hairs here but I don't think I am. I do not believe that a pointed bureaucrats should either be supporting or opposing policy decisions. This is the problem that we have. In Washington, the State Department thinks that it's the president and they sandbagged prompt they sandbag Republicans the same thing happens in the EPA. You have these bureaucrats when given a little bit of power. Thank that well I know better. I got a master's degree. I gotTa this that or the other thing. This is why we can't let these health ordinances passive places like Cheboygan County whatever authority is granted will be abused. I want to analogize my point go to breaking Matt expand this the following way. I've mentioned that like all the Cardi if you do any kind of reading, this is all the cardiologists in America are on the no are pushing the no carbs. Now, it started with a guy from Milwaukee who weep belly and it's just the big thing cardiologists are big on the no carbon. There's significant reason for it but their belief is that if you lower the amount of carbs as what's the term is called Kito or just low carbs or low limit, your cards that lots of things will improve your blood sugar numbers will improve significantly for people that are pre diabetic or diabetic, which is a health crisis. Now, the United States are diabetes numbers I through the roof because we're all too fat that you'll lower that by going the low-carbon it's better for your heart. It's better for this that and the other thing. Here's the thing though. What cardiologists worry about. I'm asking. The Heart? I know this is an obvious question, but it's such a key point to be. The, cardiologists don't seem to defy if you. You know go to fourteen out steak. And then you know put butter on top of it. The other they beat the sour cream don't get the light. Get the full sour crave. That seems perverse, right? WHO's uncomfortable with that advice? In the medical community. This is a key point, the ideologists. The cancer, doctors. There's a fair amount of evidence that a lot of that gloppy. Can Be cancer causing. Now here's my point with regard to these health officers and talk at a school districts and so on. Of course, the cardiologists is going to focus on what's good for the heart. What's the college is going to focus on preventing cancer? Baseball team. Better example, go to a football team. That offensive coordinator as different priorities said, the offensive coordinator, the head coach has to take input from both. Of course, the health director is going to err on the side of lacking people up for the next ninety years. So that none of us ever has germ waft by. You can't let people who are only focused that a part of the equation make your decisions. So don't ask them. You can get numbers from them do not get recommendations of bureaucrats whose expertise is only in the one area because everything we have in life is balancing numerous things. It's the problem we'd made with our country, our overreaction to Kobe in gutting the economy, killing somebody businesses, and creating all of these additional health problems with people not going in for cancer suicides going up pressure et Cetera because we only focused on the one part, the coalpit. When you have appointed bureaucrats who are in charge of what area do not let them ever make a final decision on anything is the elected officials who have to balance all factors in the case of the schools. The factor of whatever the health issue is with the mental health of the children not being in school the convenience of the parents they have their kids in school the need to have these children progress in the competitive world that we're in. So they have to have a proper in person learning. Experience, of course, somebody WHO's involved in public health is going to say one thing just to somebody who is seriously concerned about any of the number of other things might have a different input elected officials by their nature and individuals. All of us by our nature have to process all pieces of information we have I'll given excessive power to these health commissioners they have abused they have made bad decisions from the chief crack vouching on dowd, but the real problem is us and giving excessive way to their input. If, Shankar had his way by the way he's mentioned on the show twice at the same show all the Beatles logs would have been. At it. Was the was the Beatles side that they had the Abbey Shankar's Sitar. Really famous one. Late sixties I can I can hear. Beta the thing they got into that whole thing with him and George Harrison. George Harrison took Ravi Shankar under his way. There is that but. Little come. To be. My point on this is my point on this. Is that anybody who has a folk? Norwegian would yeah I think there was another one in there to Norwegian woodhead that great little sitar sound ended. Tomorrow never and how they had all right Friday. It's up to Ravi Shankar. Hey, jude whether I had a sitar in there and you would net Paul McCartney played the bass. Will you be quiet now he's given me every slugged it has the Sitara are they Ravi Shankar Sitar Sitar? Sitter the yeah. But sometimes, the Beatles Ravi Shankar actually planted on one of the it might have been Norwegian would amount of and something. Else I. don't care. Let if you have input on that Paul welcomes this type of. It. Won't take long but I'm GonNa, tie these points together that I've been making here. About what actually happens not for school teachers get to shove everybody around and whatever they say goes the kinds of balancing decisions that regular old Americans have had to make for the last six months as a result of COVID. Some people facing economic ruin sin people are sitting on their butts getting rich with all the extra unemployment checks they're getting some people's businesses if exploded real estate agents, other people are doomed chefs. Some people. They come into work everyday just as they always have because they're deemed essential others are trying to learn how to do their entire job at home in a bedroom work at at home. This is what real life during all of this is Ben something. At us? Essentially by governmental overreaction. But now let's put ourselves for once I always tell you to put yourself in the shoes in this next brief segment. I'm GonNa put you in your own shoes. Sinking Thinking this is the you without you Sexual George. George playing guitar with this was the Ravi. Shankar. Influence type of Beatles music. Hall says the Sitar is the only instrument you can think of more annoying than the Bagpipe. Hearing at an Iraq. Back in the day. So. This is the present. Long. -partment producer was genius he to use this stuff. Influence Beatles sound of the lay. Of the late sixties within you without you is those what are those signs scientists never really a single. I'm almost positive. Sergey packer is that is it on sergeant peppery. Almost positive. A lot of blocking. Is there any psych in the sixties for which there wasn't that? Drugs should like get a CO writer credit for like everything from nineteen, sixty, five, ninety, eight, right. Paul said Yes i WanNa hold your head really needed to be no everybody thinks that the that the lucy in the sky with diamonds was the dividing light in their People question whether or not that's stood for S.. I actually think the Beatles vitamin so they don't remember if it stood for that because it didn't seem to be unedited house aren't let's get to this. I have, as you know, gotten lots and lots and lots and lots of feedback and many much of it very emotional from parents who are crushed stated angry furious. that. In their communities they're either not going to open the schools or. I'm getting a real. Group of complaints about this hybrid thing for people say that that's just the worst thing of all you know go to school on Monday and Wednesday if you're from eighth, Adam and Tuesday and Thursday. If you're L through Z and then rotate the Fridays Southern, it's one on the other that that this just creates chaos and it's even worse rhythm for the kid that they'd almost be better off a total virtual. Rather than have the. Kid. Disarm you're just doing in one day, and then out the other I, Cherry picked out two or three to share with you. Not, necessarily because of the points that they make four against the schools because I thought, they were interesting insights. into the way, a decision like this rate would greet. A thirty, four, thirty, seven, whatever they are. Parrot. Of. Aid to Kenya old kid. So. Just a few of them. The first is to Germantown Germantown is displayed the decision to go to an extremely impossible explained hybrid plaid, some of the kids that are in full time some other part time by the alphabetical. Then the high school I think they take a can of alphabet soup, shake it up in the air and. Lands on your nose you go to school on Thursday but not to anyway. Mark I wanted to make you aware that Germantown School districts is back as I'm bad decision number two for the twenty twenty, one school year taps this the letter I received within the last hour notifying families of the move to two days a week of in-school instruction for middle school students as well as modification to every other day class for the high school kids schedule. I am contacting the board members to voice my outrage and was hoping you would spread the word to other district families to build momentum so our children can receive. The essential service for the basic education we pay dearly for. The thought of our children getting a subpar education. Because of cowardice of the school board and Teachers Union. makes my blood boil. I am it essential worker. Proud to be putting an extra hours in serving high risk population. Feel free to use my name if you choose to do so. I rarely get. Ninety. Nine percent don't use my name and of course I never use names and even when they want their names used in us, I tend not to do it. This woman wants her name out there. She's so mad. And did you see what she? I she's at essential worker I. Don't know what a job is, which is that she serves a high risk population. She's doing her thing at infuriates are her kids are being shot changed on their education. Her name is Christina Broncos. Again I shared only because she's literally almost begged. So impassioned she feels. Not from another community of this wad that it's I mentioned from a woman, but she does not want her name shared. She's referring to the decision that she received yesterday a two, forty, nine from maxine failed indicating that. They are going to renege on their earlier plans to start in school instead of going to start with virtual. I couldn't believe they were stating ZIP codes to potentially be hotspot worries odes. People found out about this all day via next door and facebook. But no official statement of Santo to forty nine PM yesterday afternoon. So. There was quite a frenzy all day. Now her point was the school board met on Monday night. Yet people were finding out about this through the social media APPS. Next door is a neighborhood kind of thing facebook that there was not actually any communication from the school district at all. So in the meantime, imagine the word fired around the community she continues. We are now in a scramble. To. Get our daughter enrolled for impersonal learning. Thinking about this she's pulling her kids out of Montville. She's got five days. Most schools shouldn't say most many start next week the twenty fourth. This woman is pointing out worse crab leg. We are trying to find a district to put our kid and we're not gonNA take this. We are now in a scramble to get our daughter enrolled for in person learning Grafton was full for the grade that we need. The closest public school is in Cedar. Berg. So we're currently looking into a private school. I don't wish any ill will on anyone. But I hope other parents are seeking alternative learning to cause a ripple effect through the public schools in our district. I thought that was played interesting. I made this comment earlier in the program. Wonders. How many parents it might only be a few. Decide screw this, and pulling my kids out I'm GonNa go somewhere where there's a teaching staff that cares enough about my kids. That, they're going to put up the schools. We already have declining enrollment and we have open enrollment of the State of Wisconsin. We have a growing number of private schools competitions for these kids. Can you think of a worse thing to do? During this time them to. Work up the saliva your mouth ED shoot a big FAT WADA DOB in the face of these parents. Too Graphic for you. Paul's five with graphic at allergy. Now, this one. This percent of the Oak Creek School, district, and board. Your last minute decision to start schools virtually, and then extort parents is absolutely appalling in oak. Creek the saying for one hundred dollars a week you can send their kids to school of about a daycare for. You are in the position. To do what is in the best interest of the students have our community, not the teachers and again, this is the key, the school district's think that is their role to suck up to the teachers. that. It'd be a stupid as our radio station thinking that we exist for the purpose of me making money and me not putting on a radio talk show. Furthermore. Your apathy for the tax payers of your community is outrageous as you completely ignored our voice during the survey earlier this year. The results were clear that parents want their kids in school to learn be social and build the skills. They need to become better than the previous generation more importantly to be able to grow up thrived make good decisions and intelligent choices. The skills your organization during Copa Nineteen seems to lack. In the past week both the CDC and children's Hospital of Wisconsin have come out publicly stating get a safe it essential for students to return to school children's went further to underline the importance of school in children's lives and how the lack thereof as detrimental detriment is a detriment to their medal. This week's reversal to appease only the teachers is borderline mental child abuse to use the school is glorified daycares and for fetal less is nearly criminal. How can you justify saying it's not safe for students to return to school at the same time, but then the same breath say, well, if you pay us, the students can come back to learn while the teacher's will still be at home teaching remotely. As a lifelong member of this community to get an ask you to put yourself in the shoes of the person who writes as a lifelong member of this community former student property owner taxpayer, and family man who brought my wife into all creek and started a family here. You have for the first time in my life. Made me ashamed to say I, reside in Oak Creek What readers name he signs it. Now this one I'm not going to read this woman's name, but it is so filled with details that identify her. She seems to be okay with it. But I'm going to take out a few things so as to not do so. Suffice to say that she has a job for which. She's probably going to be laid off because she's in an industry industry that is tanking right now. But in the meantime, she's an essential employees who has been going to work doing a very difficult job every single day. And is a parrot who's now been turned around and screwed by her school this. She writes markup apparent of two children. Seven and five in the MEK month. So School district I am also would essential worker. And the names her job and have been and then mentioned read her job is since this all started my husband will be considered essential worker he was, and then she mentioned the job he had but fortunately, he changes position in February and is able to work from home. Now he did the home schooling of the spread the best that he could while working while with me working and me being gone on vic on trips, her job takes away. That wasn't school. Needless to say, we need the schools to open in the fall in filled out the survey and wrote comments imploring the district open. We are at unique and needing the schools the openness several families on our street are in the same situation. My husband watched the first school board meeting in July when they said the results of the Serb when they showed the results of the survey and that they were formulating a reopening plan, it was a worthless meeting. However. My husband had a gut feeling from the way that they were talking that the schools were going to open. So we had rolled at a private school locally, we specifically moved to make one for the schools and are now paying taxes for the schools and paying for private school tuition. I should mention I've been with and then she mentioned her company just under two years and received. A letter and July most likely will be furloughed in October. It is beyond infuriating to be paying taxes paying for private school being an essential worker and most likely losing by job while teachers claim to be a martyr too scared to go to work. Well, some of us have been doing this all log I been to and then mentioned the job the places her job is taken to. The list goes on and on and on and I am just fide it is ridiculous that they are opening at are complaining. If they are scared and don't WanNa work quit. Make Room for the good teachers who have integrity actually care about the kids they can sit at home with no paycheck I have been working want to continue to work but will be one of the few essential workers who won't have any income at the end of this month at the end of this most likely. Three of our school board members terms April twenty, twenty, one since I. Made Out of a job. It seems like a great time for me to run and replace those hacks. After also after the announcement this week three other families on our street have no enrolled at the same private school. And their first day is today enough. She signs it. I don't want to identify her by name but. I took out a fair number of details. Another one they found a private school. And again furious. Through this whole period, many people you know Paul and I don't think we don't think we're martyrs covid into work admittedly there on a lot of people that are building lit talk show about the radio. He's a producer I don't WanNa be try to do this dial somewhere remote. So we're here. We're parties is part of our job people working manscaping. It's part of the job the people that are higher job the people that are you know do plumbing. It's part of the job zillions of people out there doing the cops, firefighters, aliens, EMS, they're. Doing the job during the during the IT's part of the drought. Okay. You gotta six go out around we still work. That's just part of what I think is other people. Okay. The company doesn't feel safe having you come into work instead account the taken all the computer crap and try to do it off of home communicating via email tried to set up these online networks going through active verification every three hours we'll do what it. It's part of the deal they're doing it whether or not we ought to be doing overreacting doesn't matter. You still have your job to do other people they work in the restaurant business they're going under they work in retail, they go under. They working commercial management they clean office buildings they have no office buildings soclean they're going under. They're hoping that they can get this government check check otherwise the going out of the food pantry that that thing that they've got what you talk about the traveling thing that's going they travel the discreet absolutely decimated the people who in that killed the people who own hotels are out foreclosures in the hotel business like crazy every kind of different. Experiences some people work even harder now that they've ever had a work others facing ruin some people in a business, suddenly take it off, and this is the reality of what happens when you throw this big fat giant curveball society and whether we did the right thing or not he's not my point. My point is that across the board for what I just mentioned for people that here the laid off, there is a shot or you are. Working real estate and you're making a fortune or everywhere it'd be between your somebody in radio that's work at home doing sales, your me and Paula, whatever it is. I am telling you I struggled to find one DAB group of employees anywhere who has complained about this other than the teachers everybody else's accepted the reality of their thing except these big mouth crybabies empowered by school board member should rather listen once again their bleep and screw everybody else. God bless the private school teachers who are all reporting to work. They're all operating the things, God bless the parents who are pulling their kids out of the public schools and sending their kids to go to be learned from teachers who actually teach rather than he stiffs are sitting up there cottages up up there up north say. Like a sacrifice, I'll do seven minutes a day on zoom six, twenty, news oh the word. As ranch go. That was pretty good. Was it. I just write about this I mean there's a hearing there somebody I've postal. Poi- complain about her Fedex complain these people that suddenly are doing door dash running every sick person's door grabbing every coveted festive doorbell take a change credit credit. None of them are complaining you but you see anybody else complaining. Even, in Sports Lorenzo, Cain complain he just said I won't take the money I'll go home I'll go home the teacher you're not. You don't want to give quick give the body back to all. They're getting paid. They're all getting paid the teachers. We haven't even laid off some of them and settle cases all zoom. Let's just have one second grader zoom for everybody. They're all still getting paid. The point that I make is as a country we have shown tremendous patients with this whole damn thing. And just about everybody whether you're doing extra work less work at home in person change it up find different. Other than the occasional here and there some individual as a group who's complained other teachers who said, they're not going to do what other teachers the at the university professors I should throw that in teachers to say what other than that everybody else is doing this just fine and his keeping their mouths shot. Once, I've heard that diverted Dirk Dr Doctors, nurses I aren't eighty the people that are the help out the people at the clinics doing temperature checks all day. Can you imagine a more miserable rat and job than that? How'd you like to be an Uber driver? Your income has gone you don't have what at all than. If you finally still get one here comes some Cova Guy, blow it all over your car. Get no complaints. We've done spectacularly well as a society and dealing with this mess one grope. Crybaby pitchers what. F. Predicting, do it in public only going to be one group in society that's GonNa wind and complain and not handle. This wouldn't we all have known it would a band the public school teachers. Lost the lottery back that. Give. People say what is it your mother and I really think by by the Guardian and? I really do I just think the teachers that existed back that day Part of it was. When I was getting I was the one that didn't want to go I was faking sick. She was the one that was trying to drag by sorry whining complaining but out of bed. Course the guy that's what it's come to the kids been out of school for but I. Think that this would be great never going to school. These kids are going nuts, nuts. So now in Germantown, if it's Tuesday in leap year and a quarter moon and the big hand hits can and the little hand hits eight, you can come to school for four and a half minutes and you were born April the seventeenth when. When we were still under the sign of Aries. German Tom Plan, but it actually is it's more confusing than what I just said. Family. Family is the word family fam. Hawai. Again I. WANT TO STRESS EVERY I. I'm tired of having to explain this because I always make Clermont. Anti in the public school teachers who WanNa work in those that are in districts that returning I am not talking about you. And I'm not talking about any of the private school teachers I am obviously referring to those who don't want to work have complained to the school board members. If you live in a community near a teacher who wants to work, but you're shut down, I'm not crazy and that I don't feel like I should have to explain that the. Talk about. A bad doctor I'm not criticizing the good doctors. If I talked about a bad talk show host certainly, not criticizing myself I'm talking about the Mayor Creek. Wins Mark belling late afternoon show you I think it's not only is the first show that Ravi Shankar got mentioned twice in the same show and it might be the only show he's ever been mentioned that. there. Easy. Eventually, that I've ever laughing which neither of us can name anybody else who plays the Sitar I mean other people played at George. Harrison played it. But nobody when you think of that instrument, he's the only person you think of right. I don't know that there's any other instrument where he's like the. Internet and wireless should always have you covered with xfinity your cover far and wide get the best experience at home with extended x y and the best wireless coverage with xfinity mobile to learn more click call or visit a store today requires residential takes than it Internet research and supply. Almost any instrument you can think of you can think of like maybe tour guys that are two or three people that do it anyway I said. To Paula, didn't believe me but you can look up no anything. That's again where no discussions fun because he just look it up on Google said I, swear Rava Shankar Played Woodstock and the reason I remember that is the difference it. He'd say Woodstock and live which occurred fifteen years later in nineteen eighty-four was live aid was on live. TV and live radio and everybody heard it in real time there was no live broadcast of Woodstock. People. went to woodstock and then he came back and told these stories that we thought there are making all up. It wasn't until they did a movie and there was a record the record came out a couple of years later and when I say record, it was vital that it was an you know flipped the record over at all of that and that had some of the performances and then there. Was the movie and but that was like a three year delays. So that was a delayed reaction in terms of who did what, and then you know it was three days all night, and so what they only put a tiny fraction, the performances that were on there. But Woodstock, it was the most weird eclectic light up that you could imagine there's Ravi Shankar out that crosby stills, Nash, the WHO were their. Blood. Sweat and Tears Melanie brand new key I mean just F- could imagine at people have debated forever what the greatest performance at Woodstock was. Well, I didn't see it all the ones that are on the on the movie you're on the record. So odd and. It's hard to answer that but I do know. Santana was. I do know which performance wants the record came out in the movie came out of this a said eighteen months to two years later. Riveted people of my generation created the most buzz and talk and it was by five Jimi Hendrix. Now he closed it off. He was the last guy that was up there I mean he played there's no no I'm just saying who cares nobody left this we heard the thing later what? Jimi Hendrix is dead by the time the record came out because I think the records that two years after he did purple haze on there but he did that to this day people argue about whether or not it was disrespectful or it was virtuoso his version of the Star spangled banner Ad. I happen to think that there's you can do the Star spangled banner. Any way you want as long as you're showing respect, you could do a country you can do a jazz, you could do it soul you can do a traditional you could do it operatic like Robert Merrill used to do at the Yankee game. So you can do it out of the Electric Guitar Heady Accords that people didn't know existed as long as you're not mocking a making fun of the music you're giving an homage the same as any other piece of music and I thought Jimi Hendrix's version of the Star spangled banner was incredible but the thing about it that I remember is Remember this is nineteen, sixty nine and I'm probably here at seventy what I Just had never heard someone make a guitar sound like that which is why he's still considered by many. I mean, what are the greatest guitarist of all time I mean just curious three notes other than we know what's his version? That's how he made the Qatar. Really, I'd say to this day wouldn't you say? Paul said he was left handed and he thinks that that affected how he had a cousin would play the chords with the right hand and right Obviously, he not he I told there aren't many left handed guitars. In fact, a lot of left is just play a right handed guitars. Paul McCartney plays left hat and Hamburg played. You said left handed. So anyway. Woodstock. With you on the go back and check the sadness that we're out there I mean some of these joan s is played at four o'clock in the morning. Like the first four somehow sweetwater got in their mountain was in there and it just. country. Joe and the fish, and then the famous fish chant. The chant was. I'll give you the first letter of giving off while you're. Not GonNa. Give you the second letter. All right six, thirty five. Thirty minutes.

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