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You gotTA clean your forests. There are many many years of leaves and broken trees. And they're like, he actually wrote this, they're like combine like so flammable, you touch them and it goes up. Is that true? Did you go out to the woods this weekend and touch the trees they blew up in front of me fire. Also Jammed New York to hell to. Vote trump. He singled out a bunch of states this morning that they don't vote for trump all over. Illinois another one. Well. They're all you know just places too far gone anyway. Doesn't matter who's president we have idiots running the St. Louis, settings. Yeah. We're going to start with the excitement last night that everybody knew was coming even if there's a pandemic and that people taking to the streets because a sports championship was won. A Basketball Championship in October has never happened as anyone cared less about this Lakers championship than this one I guess, these thousands showed up last night care they were I think that was it though I just noticed a surprising lack of conversation and interest. I was I was. And your five neighbors. Place on the beach and people were there's there's. A few people crowded around the TV, at the outdoor bar and when they won nobody reacted. Favorites to win I was waiting for the Plus they ran head by twenty eight points at the half that was kind of a done deal. You know what? I. Think the NBA's a dud right now and a lot of people don't like Lebron. That's the thing I picked up in a lot of conversations. Even if they liked the Lakers it, he's really off putting. Yeah I don't feel that way I feel like I've is because at tiny held that. TV. Show to announce his new team without. The stuff this year. I didn't even when he went to social justice warrior mode and they all. Oh Yeah. He was all the commentators. Sports. Didn't they'd be vilified did no, he was a leader he wanted to the Lakers to quit the playoffs. And Odin. Had Obama to call him up and common down. I must have missed that story Oh. Yeah. It really happened. The Lakers and the clippers were both gonna quit for good I know. The shooting in in men call it in Milwaukee. They all walked off for one day during the playoffs. So we're talking about, what are you talking about I'm floyd was killed in May and there was no NBA. All A lot of comments all year he's been he's been constantly lecturing everybody about this stuff and then people started asking him what about the Chinese that are getting Are Getting imprisoned and enslaved U.. Chinese. That's That was. Hit from Kuwait I'm not being a hypocrite. And ask that question or like trying to generally say, why don't you care what the? Chinese. No don't actually. No there's there's a reason for this because when when the Houston Rockets general manager put out a tweet that said, free Hong Kong, the Chinese government stopped NBA broadcasts in China stopped dead and they were trying to get Lebron to talk about it and he doesn't want to Piss off the Chinese because he gets lots of all his all this decision why not I wou I know but they were calling on the hypocrisy because he makes a lot of money from China he doesn't care about the Chinese government does to the people there but. He was making but here good. We go to war with them and overthrow here. He was making a big ruckus about perceived depression and when they asked him about the two police officers that got tutors yesterday does anybody really care I? Think people get put off by somebody. Wants to shut up and dribble, and that should be the end of it. That's why I like that I'm just telling you that that's a lot of people feel. And not in La probably not well. Way They vote. The rain ratings of the rating. So one of those games. Was a dive and all sports took a dive, your baseball's down to everything's down. So. You don't, you don't really come back. I'm telling you people really put off by by all that I. think There's a percent at all. These are the these are the trump lovers. Yes. That are really put off. Yes, and that does have an impact. Yes I don't think it's broader than that though. Only, forty five percent of the country. Thirty five now I think it'll be I think. Eight shrinking fast whatever they vote for trump or not. They still had that same feeling they. They want to be lectured as being racist gear when they're not racist when individual people sitting at home are not racist and then they've got people telling them on camera that in effect you are and you have to listen to both. Systems of Justice Racist. Right. That's us. That's the that's the people in the country you government to, and you hate the way a lot of things work. So that's that's their bone with government. You hate the way the DMV works you hate the way this. Don't assume that everybody's able to hospital because they don't want to say. With, the courts when you say the whole country's race, this people at home don't WanNa, Watch your product they don't want to buy your stuff. We're going to bring on Steve Gregory data talk about campus last night outside Staples Center. This is great. I'm just thinking to myself maybe Lebron or Mr Obama can call for rare. Would be nice to say, Hey, calm down everything's fine. Yeah. You know what? Another thing I've noticed talking to a lot of people who've traveled. Or they know people who traveled is that there's so many states that are wide open or close to wide open and and this is really an unusual situation were living through and I don't think people realize how how restricted we all work. Well, we were supposed to have a teleconference with Dr Ferrari today I. Know You WanNa talk about the Lakers but since we were talking. About just briefly did you did you see the report by the WHO that said that lockdowns and closures were not the way to go and that should be only as a last resort wait a minute wait pick your side first who was horrible have no credibility because they didn't listen to China or they were complicit with China and then then they're credible than the not credible again. Credible or not. Here I don't know I don't. Decide. He does tend to pick the World Health Organization. It backs their argument, but otherwise they rip them well, now they will they were. They were they were corrupted by China. There's no question about it. Now, how ever put separately whether the World Health Organization says this or not? Do lockdowns really do stop the spread of the virus. Do they have an effect? That's a great question to be answered. Right credible. Don't turn to someone else. They don't have the credibility necessary to answer that. Change their mind in a week the argument the argument they said was that you know they know the lockdown and especially in the case of this equity model is actually more damaging to the communities of color in the communities of poverty because it's it's even more oppressive for them and their recovery will be a lot harder and that was the WHO's position but let sense that part actually looked at California's equity metric or you're just talking. Rooms broader terms it was broad strokes, but I didn't get a chance to read the full thing I was looking at the first paragraph and also last night seventy six people arrested so far in these riots downtown this unrest, a civil unrest had happened moments after the win last night Eight, eight police officers injured by rocks bottles. And other projectiles but it's interesting because you know LAPD I thought they would be more prepared for this in the big picture maybe close more streets down further out but they sent a couple thousand people showed up last night and it started out peaceful and then I don't they all. Them when I was looking at, which is funny because I remember ten years ago. June two thousand, ten Lakers riots, Laker fans get ugly after Ellie beat Boston and NBA. NBA Finals is exactly it's almost exact same copy as what was this year a jubilant celebration over the La Lakers dramatic win turned rowdy and scattered sections of the city with Raucous revelers, hurling rocks and bottles at officers, setting fires, and jumping on via. It's the same people or their kids thirty this last night just. Damage severely damaged or you know which streets Figueroa. Down CVs take it. Yeah. The and the streets that are right there next to staples center l alive those businesses are across the street I. Remember there I remember being there there was a tennis you like a high in tennis shoe company and every year they break those are every time they break those windows and steal all tennis shoes. The support guys are reared to recover you know and if it isn't the riots from the springtime it, it's the Lakers. Riots I. Don't know why anybody would open a business. Both for using the Word Riot Well. I started with civil unrest. Civilized is no good either Zim style book say. The Associated Press Press. She don't Steve there dropping those terms I know I, know they said they must be used in limited circumstances what the Associated Press is up there with the world health. Organization said. That's an invalid organization. What did the police use on the crowd? Check dials and what what kind of projectiles were they. They're going to be what they call the beanbag and that's going to be a tiny little tiny little canvas bag that's got like Buckshot in it, and then it's it's it's compressed into like a shotgun shell and then shot out in that bag hits you. That's what I was hit in. June of two thousand ten in my belly and caused a massive massive brews and the bright side you didn't need for a week. That's funny. Projectiles around the station. Can we get some of those? Yeah. So and then the other one are the what they call the rubber bullets and those are like basically hard foam and and then there are some rubberized wants to that are larger caliber that look like a little dome There are dome shaped like the front of a dome and that that blue rubber ball kind of half of a rubber ball or a racket ball, and it can it can hit you as well. So that's what they were using to apparently two people in the crowd got injured taken to hospitals in eight officers were injured. The arrests include vandalism assault on a peace officer and failure to disperse. I'd Steve Thanks for that God. And the also gonNA. Time always does these articles about whatever the police use Oh, it's horrible. Look at the photo of this man with the little mark on his neck. He was hit by a projectile from the place while the so on bottles and rocks I know. It's a that that's another discredited organization. I know we're going to run out of things to reference because they're all they're all discredited everything's discredited. By. The Way I'm with you on the Project House I have now have tear gas here in the studio. So if anybody comes in bothers me, but she's got her little what are your pepper space pepper spray? That's right. So said nobody come here? Don't talk to us. John and Ken show John Kobylt Ken Chiampou Kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio. APP Speaking of pepper spray was just talking about what could be used by police to. I guess repel a crowd, get them to disperse projectiles. You see story at a Denver over the weekend where was a pro police? Group that was demonstrating pro-police. And I guess I got into the Security Guard to. One of the demonstrators. Not a wise choice, pulled out his pepper spray to confront the security guard who pulled out his gun and shot him dead. Yes is all captured on cameras. It's like rock paper. Scissors. Gun Beats. that. Pepper spray yeah. You could see the little cloud of pepper spray coming out of the guys canister. Right before the bullet apparently comes out of the gun and he just. His, back, he's dead. The Guard has a bullet you have a cloud. I'm guessing the guy didn't know the guard had a gun or I don't really I didn't look at all the details of the confrontation but you know I, I assume ugly I assume Epstein I assume everybody has a gun. In fact, whenever the smart the sooner. or a knife whenever I'm driving with my wife and she haunts to somebody I said don't do that. They might have a gun. I said, you have to assume that everybody has a gun and everybody's on a high trigger. And if you just cut them off on the freeway, they pull out a gun star fired at you. It is very, very small chance but I agree with you. Wouldn't that be called an abundance of caution. Budgets. I have they're not gonNA get into road rage. Wise. Because abundance of caution it could have a gun. He probably really doesn't but I don't know very again. Maybe there's for all we know half the people drive and carry guns now I don't know. Yeah, they might have a very low if humanity. I I really do. And I assume that people are deranged mentally unbalanced armed and with a quick trigger. While ago, I thought about having a gun in the glove compartment but. You never know right gun sales are crazy. Sounds a bit extreme and it doesn't matter who's president everybody went crazy when Obama was president either going crazy during the pandemic well, it also because it's lawless in Los Angeles. I've got friends who have guns bought guns and they've never spoken of guns in their entire life. They are so spooked by all the vagrants running amok all the writing that's allowed to go on and the fires and everything like that. You know they just civilizations breaking down and what happens is you got two choices you arm yourself. So maybe a win a battle or You lose the battle and you die it's killer be killed but the next step is the big one to carry the gun on them concealed weapon, which is a Michigan, a permit, or they just haven't in the House bitchy tons of people carry it. We just don't know what to is really little tiny pink pistol that would be really cute. You know what? I should ever have gun in the car because I want. It Very pissed off that people and I get in big trouble. Little pink bb vary no that that's actually a good idea or knowing you bubbles. Stop shoot my Go-to you. Don't get any ideas definitely should not be on get so angry. Shoots Keen Wa. That's another you gotTA. You gotTa have a middleman stability to have a gun. Sometimes I. Wish I had a bullhorn because then I want to roll down my window and scream at people. I think that's a little safer to get worked up. You've told I do yeah I do especially when people in front of me, they have their windshield wipers on A. Clean car is getting all wet you get upset over. Yeah I know what she's talking about. It comes onto your car. Don't people realize that shoots over the top of the window John and right onto your. You. Are Queen of the first world problem I don't. Okay I just think it's very really There there must be a petty, your problem. I'm sure there are petty your problems, but that's one of I don't think so. I it drives me insane. It happens almost every day I just go. Is it raining but I don't particularly mad by the way what bothers you more people who do that or the road rage thing or the guy that gives you the little wink and the whistle and the hey, hey, baby what he's going I don't like that either. One day they stop. And then you'll miss it. That's true. Yeah. So it's the windshield wipers the Piss me off more. How's that Gander Okay Okay you with the story once a year about some guy that creepy guys that pull up in front of me they. And because we have a convertible that you're exposed literally. But again, I want to say, what are you expecting I mean really all I can tell you. Funny pullover. Let's has a quickie in the. Bush yeah. John and Ken Show John Kobylt? Ken Chiampou Kfi. Am Six. Forty live everywhere on the iheartradio APP when we get a minute later. I going through the NEXTDOOR APP for my zip code. And I came across a post by a formerly famous actress. WHO starred in a couple of TV series is very well known some years ago. And she has written a long piece. About how she is ridden with anxiety because of all the takeout containers, plastic utensils and Napkins that are piling up. From the takeout she's been ordering. From local restaurants. Like that woman that wrote this thing in the chronicle, the San Francisco Chronicle I read last week she had the same Eko anxiety. Yeah. Yeah. This woman has to and it jumped out at me because I recognized her name because they would throw them away. So they're holding onto them to try to recycle them or use them well, she writes. Take out containers, plastic utensils, and Napkins. Anxiety anxiety ridden. Over the many months of lockdown trepidation visiting grocery store and the lack of motivation to prepare nightly meals. I guess because of trepidation, a very large number of us are ordering food from our favorite restaurant. I'm wondering if anyone else is disturbed. As, I am about the. Amount of non biodegradable styrofoam back and drink plastic bagging and plastic utensils being constantly delivered even when stating, please no delivering of Utensils Napkins packets of condiments they arrive anyway. I. Personally have smallest favorite restaurants who are trying too hard to be environmentally conscious. I don't need or want this stuff. Practically, begin giving Kudos to the responsible restaurants and complaining to the irresponsible. Maybe, we can enlighten our favourite unenlightened restaurants to change their policies and become responsible for the insane amount plastics. There are being tossed into our trash cans. and. She goes on and on and she's just getting dozens of comments and it's amazing how these these crazy people come out of the woodwork. Do they a great with her. Yes. They all agree with her this is your is your west side. This is the west side. It's it's it's mostly women and she admits that it it. You know it's a small miniscule attempt, but we've got to start addressing problems. No matter how small. C- formerly famous actress. Next to you know no no no this is another formerly famous actors but. If you're old enough to recognize your name real fast. And and then they go debate all the local restaurants and who's giving out plastic utensils. Thirty comments. All I can think of is the stick song too much time on my hands. Really. Over, and over again, be like these are people who are too lazy to make their own dinners right and they're rich enough to order dinner every night from a local restaurant and pay twenty or twenty five dollars per person for it, and they've got some some poor slob delivering it for them Dakhla, and the only thing they can think of this. Well, you're you're giving me these these plastic utensils in the styrofoam containers. Bake. Your own food on your own plates. You're lazy lump crap. Good Lord. How would these people have ever survived in any other century? We the richer these people get the more irritating and annoying. They are just full of scolding and lecturing, and why is it this way and we should five of the restaurants. The restaurants having a bad enough time trying to. Float. They don't want to. Answer the phone every three minutes to your somebody young plastic attention young gymnasts. Styrofoam. Cups. Leave them alone debra mark. Calling Her mouth dropped open in. Shock. I'm. Happy, Indigenous Peoples Day to both of there's another one la celebrates indigenous pips Columbus days. No. No. I WanNa hear what Biden said today what Biden say I'll make tribal sovereignty and upholding our federal trust and treaty responsibilities to tribal nations. The cornerstone of my federal Indian policy, the hell sent me. I he I don't know. It's problem with tribal sovereignty. It's happy. Columbus Day and if People Columbus Day you are anti-italian. Disrespectful and discriminatory and hateful to Italians. Lumumba's great hero in the Italian community Italians are very proud of Columbus, and to discuss their particular hero is insensitive. And Hatred. Just downright hate speech. In fifteen hundred. He was dismissed from his post running what is now the Dominican Republic it was called Santo Domingo because he was mistreating the colonists and the natives they removed him from his post. Yeah, he. was. Not, a good administrator. I'm taking that to mean some form of slavery. I'm not sure what that makes. A. Pool news today, and it finally happened I know a lot of people are gonNA think I'm weird. But I brought this up several times before Roberta McCain John McCain's Mother did die today at age one eight. was found remarkable when John McCain passed away a couple of years ago when there she was at the funeral she was one hundred and five at the time something. Yeah. and. That is one of the longest living people that I've ever tracked. In My Life I. Realized I look at the paper see somebody hundred, thirteen, hundred, fifteen dies, but she was not somebody that's known. Yes she was fairly well known and. I. I can't think of anybody else. Who was famous made it to one, hundred and eight. Now the answer is four. Four. ooh picks. What do you get for one hundred and eight year old woman? Wow. I. Guess We got Him Half Point Right But rain tells me that one of the four people. Already. Got A TRIFECTA for twenty twenty. They picked Kirk Douglas. Was One hundred and four wasn't he thinks so yeah and Congressman John. Lewis. Wow, well, that's automatic price for that. It's an automatic price. If you WANNA go at way you can because. It's tough to get three and obviously by picking three very old people, you have a pretty good shot in Libya to Adeline went out this year and she was yeah that would be funny if that person pick that as their third instead of John Lewis had to pick three people that were over one hundred. And you else popped up over the weekend but his alive Bob Dole. Dole is ninety seven and he went on twitter. To pick on the commission on presidential debates claiming they're supposed to be bipartisan but I think they're anti-trump they're not being fair to the president that. They should be having the debate this week I, doctor says he's not contagious anymore. Do we know if they're gonNA do the one the week after the twenty second tour I assume that was the last debate scheduled someone told me today they might do that. They're not doing another one after that they're not making up when they lost. I think the Biden. Get it. I think well. Candidates the want to take that risk and the. Final days because if something goes wrong, then you have very little time to To. Counter it. Or have it fade from memory. I, say what what what trump is always lived off is that he's had so many. Incidents that that they fade from men memory quickly. Replaced by another Ruckus a few days later. Trump and by the way. Trump did issue a proclamation for Columbus Day the other day and today mostly though well worked up on twitter about the Supreme Court hearings. But also about what happened in Portland they toppled some statues we will talk about that link. About people who who sniped about. Columbus would you rather he not have found America? would. You rather not have had the Europeans fi? Find this continent. You I thought about today I said someone should write a book for a movie where what if none of that? If there was no European colonialism and exploration, it didn't happen right the world look like today if everybody just stayed in their places. Nut I mean all US wouldn't exist. It would vaulted all of our ancestors lives and we have been born. So I. None of these bet you, there'd be no problem with paper and plastic dispose. Yeah, Columbus sailed crust the ocean so that five hundred years later. Your West Side weedy people could complain about fantastic utensils aided Hollywood celebrities can go on and on about Styrofoam containers. Come back. They're wealthy restaurants with regards to the election and I don't know I kind of thought. This was a bit of an impressive stunt. It looks like some California Republicans, and there are a few are setting up their own little version of a ballot box either drop your ballot and this bizarre they're saying it's really just just batted harvesting. They're allowed to collect balanced people to read the story twice. It's like what? Seriously? Well let's play what they did. Come it up. John John Kobylt Ken Chiampou Kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio APP. Wind Heat. Fund Week Powers Shut? Off. We're talking about with the semi. Jim Patterson after three o'clock looks like they put the top officials. When it comes to California's electric power supply in front of a committee today. The PUC woman. The chair of the California Energy Commission And the president and Chief Executive of. Which is the California independent system operator trying to get some answers as to why that happened in August and white might happen again and again, and again, we'll see what Jim wanted to find out. We'll talk to him after the news at three o'clock. Story that popped up over the weekend as you know everybody in California's allowed to vote by mail, and if you do decide to take the vote by mail ballot, you get you have a couple of choices. One of them is obviously to stick it in the post office box but another is to actually drop it off and what they call an official mail ballot dropbox which are supposedly attended to only by la or your county registrar officials. There's one near my ass. It looks like a little mailbox, but it's draped in. Red White and blue and it says on an official mail dropbox and they are they are strong. I went up to the box. Trying. To break in I, punched it a few times I wanted to see how sturdy it was. Oh, it's. It seems like it's made a very hard metal. And see it off the ground. No possible it it off like an ATM. No, it's like an over sized box there. There's no, there's no way you could. You could pick it up and there's IT looks very heavy feels heavy and it's got a little tiny opening to slide in your ballot saying can't reach in there and pull it out. So the California Secretary of state said, they're getting reports that there were possible unauthorized bow a drop boxes showing up in places like Fresno and Orange County, in fact, the Orange County Register got a picture of a man by name of Jordan. Tie He put this on twitter doing my part voting early. This is by far the most important congressional election. I've ever voted I'm so proud to cast my vote for actors Shell, Steel California. Convenient locations to drop you off behind him. Is Well John I don't think it's what you saw. It's like a little grey filing cabinet and this and somebody put a little sign on it and it's typed up official mount ballot male drop-off box no that that's not to be trusted here. footlocker. Republicans are doing by putting up fake voting boxes. I mean, that's that's really stupid. De Response they got. Apparently the Fresno County Republican Party was sharing a list of quote secure ballad collection boxes, but none of them. Were official dropbox is they. They didn't respond to requests, but there's talk on twitter that the twenty sixteen to law that allows California voters to designated person to return their ballot for them makes these. Okay. The practice of course, we've talked about his ballot harvesting. and. They believe that this is kind of the same thing. You're entrusting your ballot for somebody else to take to the. Except clearly, what they wanted to do is confuse people into thinking that it's a real ballot dropbox. So get the by voters to do that just dump their ballots to put the darkest spit on this and I do it is that they're going to collect these ballots and go through them, and if they find ballots will throw them out. Or. Maybe somebody running for Congress as a Democrat or whether they don't like whoever's voting Democrat they're good. They're gonNA toss those ballots. And you can't do that. I mean I think crazy. Who authorized this a Democratic Party operative re tweeted this man's photo on Sunday apparently it was taken down from twitter I mean that he may have not known that you see it supposedly, it could be felony to do this. The Guy who posted it is a regional field director for the California Republican. Party is this what these these bozos decided to do as a campaign strategy. I mean, they're they're a blown bag of a party they have absolutely no. Power in the state, they have no candidates that make any impression on anybody we're under the tyranny Ville these progressive lunatics and there's nobody to fight back. These guys rarely even speak out loud. There's like two or three people that we have on the show occasionally Jim Patterson coming up is one of them and there's nobody else is few freelancers. There's no party, and this is their idea of a of an election stunt is to put up fake ballot boxes. I thought they were trying to spoof the ballot harvesting thing just to say see how crazy this can get you let other people deliver your ballot anything can happen. Yeah. I know but it's going to collect real ballots. You can't trust who's going to grab the ballots and what they're gonNA do with them. Even. Better. You could do it that guy in the East Coast told the New York. Post. Some of his tricks you take the ballots out of there. Then you unsealed them using steam, right? Yeah, and then you put your own balance in right placing them with your with the votes you want. Sits at envelope that's key. Though thing they have trouble duplicating is that envelope? No mailing ballots. Everyone show up and vote in person. This is what's going to happen. Even the Republicans are doing it now. I already voted by mail. Here, your vote's not going to be counted because I don't leave the house and it's risky to stand in line with John Kobylt in his. By the way Todd Spitzer says the Orange County district attorney touch pitcher going to investigate this. Well. He should. I there's a there's a crazy people. And now, and now there's all kinds of legitimate ballot harvesting corruption going on with the Democrats and other Republicans just lost that argument. Because everybody's GonNa Point to their stupid boxes. That's right. They're gonNA say look trump's people commit fraud to right right. So that ends the conversation he goes in a circle. Tell you the biggest bunch of jackasses run the Republican Party in this state just absolutely dumb cluck Jackass GonNa, try to get them on to explain this but. Come. On if they have a really good reason, it should go fine right I. Don't think they're talking could face a felony. They deserve it. Well a good Guy Assemblyman Jim Patterson yes. A Republican from. Fresno. Ballot boxes were showing up, but he's GonNa come on and talk about how the leaders of the state's energy supply went before a committee today to try to explain why they have to do these blackouts and you and I both know alternative energy equals blackouts. Coming, up that John and Ken show John Kobylt and Ken. Chiampou. KFI. Am Six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio APP Hey, the voters guide is still there for you. A couple of weeks to go before the voters all time. Matter, of fact, three weeks from tomorrow. We're going to go check it out Johnny Ken page use it do not vote without fouling the voter gratin died in every way. Every recommendation. That's that's how you vote. We are up to proposition nineteen. Next hour it looks like we're only going to have the no side the John and Ken voter guide is a no on prop nineteen. In this deals with property taxes, the commercials have been telling you. It's to help the wildfire victims. If they get a new home, they're able to keep their property tax base but believe me there's a large poison pill. In this ballot proposition, we need to talk about John Coupon can explain it. Obviously the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association is the No side. That'll be coming up next hour. All right, let's talk now we haven't ready. Yes Assemblyman Jim Patterson Republican from Fresno today the Assembly Committee on Utilities and Energy was holding a hearing. With. All the people in charge of the various energy commissions here in the state, and they were to explain why we had those blackouts. A A few weeks ago millions of people were left without power that was on some of the hottest days that we've had all year and they ran out of power. Get Jim on Jim? How are you? Doing good good to be with you. Who Did you talk to today I run down of WHO's being grilled by the Committee members got a whole lot of grilling going on a lot of excuse making a lot of defensive talk a lot of blame and very, very short on solutions. We have the Federal California Energy Commission we had the head of the independent The Ice Oh California independent systems operator they're the ones that operate the grid `bout seventy five, maybe eighty percent of the grid. and we also had the chairwoman of the Public Utilities Commission I mean. About that Steve Beverage I. He he's in charge of the independent system operator. Right? He's the president Jack Executives. He came out the the same day that it happened. We ran out of power and it was all headlines The next day that it was our over reliance on wind and solar energy because the sunset the wind stopped blowing just at the time that everybody came home from work and turned on all their appliances, washing machines and air conditioning and televisions. and. That overloaded the system and there wasn't any more sunlight or wind to make up For for the for the need. Is that what happened? Yeah, yeah it is. I will say this of all three organizations, California. Independent systems operator is the one that gets closest to telling us the truth. These other two are basically lockstep with. The Democrats and with the. Gavin newsom look we we used to have. A grid that was affordable. It was available when we needed it and it was reliable We had a similar heat wave in two, thousand and six. and that heat wave was four of the five days were actually hotter in two thousand and six and the August days. Worth here in in twenty twenty. So here's the excuse. Well we had. Hot Days, and that's because climate is. Changing and we're just we're just GONNA have to you know. Get along with this, the problem with this grid is that in two thousand six, it had a mix of natural gas it had. To Collins that were nuclear were producing. We had the. Natural Gas, peaker plants that were regularly use and you're exactly right. We've have. A grid where when people come home. Three o'clock in the afternoon till probably ten o'clock at night, we are relying on wind and solar wind and solar goes away and state California has been basically peeling off the kinds of electrons they deemed to be immoral natural gas, large hydro, nuclear imported energy from states that might have clean coal or they might have natural gas and as a result this grid is increasingly more expensive. It's unreliable fan we don't have. Electricity at the touch of a finger at the time he needed when we're coming home from work and get ready. People need to understand they've written off. Cole they've written off natural gas they've written off nuclear they've written off hydroelectric power. The only thing acceptable is. Solar and wind, which can be very limited and at the moment it is very difficult to store. And well I think can be difficult to store for a long time because batteries. First of all, these are lithium batteries lithium as a declining commodity it is being mined in third. World countries by child labor we don't have a long. Lasting supply and it cannot be recycled or reused. It is going to go into way spills and and it's going to have problems. So here's the Apocrypha we think we're going to be just and righteous and You know we've got to do all the things by having Shana win stored and lithium batteries when in fact those lists lithium batteries are. Are there because child labor is digging it out of minds over in Africa This is. Policy of the highest order I assume eventually on that on the children in Africa reminding lithium and other rare earth. And it is brutal what they're doing to the kids absolutely better at. My. My point is this California is isolating itself. We are walking up right to the edge I, call it the edge of the Grand Canyon of Darcus and we saw it in August I've been warning about this for the eight years I've been the vice chair of utility and Energy and we just nobody listened, and in fact, today we have the head of the California Energy Commission they Gavin newsom appointee. Absolutely ally to people because he didn't like that I was saying two thousand and six was just like two thousand and twenty. The lights didn't go off because we had a mix of electricity. That that would work and you know what? When page, forty, three of his very own document than co-signed he admits that the only other period on record were they similar heat wave was July twenty, one to twenty, five, two, thousand, six, which included three days both the highest temperature in August twenty twenty. Right what's the difference? The difference is we had a reliable affordable and available grid two thousand and what we saw the numbers and the amount of energy that was required on that stretch was Mo was was higher than what was needed now. Fifty Thousand what's the Thousand Fifty one thousand megawatts was back in on six days a five days in two, thousand, six and forty less than forty, seven, thousand megawatts or in twenty twenty. So look this this whole thing that we're in this. Heat Storm. And one other thing i. that's the word. Heat storm is another fake term to manipulate people solutions. Yeah well, they're they're they're euphemism that they use. That are basically just ways of hiding. Truthful information the the reality. Here is that we had other issues that. Affected this and they claim that well, there was a market upset. You know Y, you know what that means. California has to go reach to other states and other regions electricity to back fill the mistakes that the the the Democrats have made over the last ten fifteen years well, guess what you know. August. When it was hot, it was also hard about it was also in Texas. It was also hard in Idaho and guess what no blackouts in those states and you know why we had some difficulties those states we're not about to send us their electricity. Even at spot market a high prices why? Because they would not going to bail California out and draw down the electricity that they had for the people bad. So isolated California is. I'd say, Jim the only The only thing they gave in on what they're going to allow the natural gas plants to stay open little longer. Just a little longer but but we have now on the record members of the PC the board members appointed by Democrat Governors Most of them are now saying, well, we voted to have long for just a few years, but we will never vote have them on again and when when they these people were questioned about how are you going to make up the loss of nuclear? We have two nuclear plants one down and one going down. All right and there was no answer I, asked the question wh-. What are what are the alternatives energy sources? Where are you going to go get them? Well, we are in the planning stages they would not answer the question guys are plan. Never produced. One. Of Power Power plants do it California's closing power plants to keep us our lights on. I Tim. Thank you very much for updating. The committee hearing today, we appreciate it. Jim Patterson. Republican from Fresno where the biggies at run California's Power Grid or before a Committee Assembly Committee in Sacramento to try to explain. How they're going to avoid future blackouts and the answer is there not if we're going to continue to rely so much on solar and wind and not do more to keep natural gas online or pick-up nuclear other power sources because it's not reliable, we got more coming up. John and Ken, show John Kobylt Ken Chiampou Kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio APP. Right, there is a stolen van pursuit going on in Orange County being carried by most of the local TV stations it's. Not, particularly exciting. I'm looking at it right now he started in Garden Grove. Is On the twenty two in the four zero five he's making his way back on surface streets in orange. County. Right now maybe weaving his way back to the four zero five, it looks like so. We'll keep you. It's a it's a white van and it's got no windows on the side. So it's like A. Business van kind of thing. Yeah. That's normally I mean like when families have vans have all the windows have people can look out and. People who do bad things don't have windows. No. These are usually kidnappers perverts. Or go running a commercial business horwood. I'm seeing too much of these days people who live in their vans. Yeah. Tell you how many times go past vehicles like that now, and they have curtains or blocked out all the side windows because they're living in there. They don't want the cops with the neighbors to report them for living there. Yeah. So they block out all the windows especially at night and they do all sorts of disgusting unspeakable things in there. Oh that today Oh yeah. Well, what else do we have to do? Just Sky Is just taken. It looks like an exit ramp. I don't think he's going terribly fast. was he I think channel seven gives now he's stopped dead right now. Because he's in traffic and he's trying to make a right turn, they're calling it stolen. So that's why he's being chased, but sometimes the story changes. So said Harbor Boulevard and south coast. Drive. All right. And he stopped at a light and their police cars right behind him as he stops at the light. And then I always. Chase get in front of them, block them in get out there but they can't. Because if he has a gun, he could start shooting away people look up to the car or Before. Don't get people upset high well, we can. Boy. We've been talking about the power supply. We have another warm week here this winds. Up in northern California guess what happened fire investigators took equipment that belongs to Pacific, gas and electric. It's being analysed and investigated as the possible cause of wire file wildfire that killed four people. This was back in September one. They called SAAG fire. Broke out in Shasta County during high winds to see the town. I go. It's it's Zog fire near I. Go. It's it's the six hundred were these cavemen. Wherever you go. I go. Announced this. Early early sounds that human made made. Jog Dog I. Go I go. And then that fire spread to another county this is in Shasta County well, the and it had. destroyed. More than two hundred buildings about half of them homes. By the time it got contained nothing changed as as horrible as their equipment. We found out was two three years ago with those massive fires they. Spend big bucks on making sure they cleared out the brush and they checked all their lines. That's what that's another problem with the the wind, and the solar they have to. They're forced by by State Law to invest so much money in wind and solar infrastructure that they are not spending any money on the on the electrical lines and the towers and the transformers. So you know the stuff, that's one hundred years old is still one hundred and four years old. I thought that the executives of Pge gave a promised at this time they're going to be on and they were going to turn the power off when they got those four Kanye original executives got multimillion dollar golden parachute. So they land off via. Now you have a a new crowd of bunglers and they'll spend a few years are the. You'll have another super fire and then they'll be paid off billions of dollars and head for the hills and then you have another. Parade of Dunces, not nothing's changing. It's still a disaster. What's wrong with the idea fixing the old equipment and upgrading stuff and they have no money. Now, they have no thing with DMV same thing with all the rest of these. Because they choose not to spend money on it, and now they're spending money on all this Green Energy Hocus pocus and. The more, the more they spend, the higher the rates go and the less reliable the system is, and it was really telling I thought we just had Jim Patterson their. Assemblyman who was on the committee that was questioning all the. Energy, executives, and heads of the commission heads of the system operator and. They they. They can explain what they're gonNA do. Because they don't know what to do. They don't the reason they didn't reveal a plane is they don't have a plan. And there, there isn't going to be a plan. They've got this crazy religious notion that we cannot burn coal gas we can't use nuclear we can't use hydroelectric all that's left is wind and solar, and now they've had a wall. Wind and solar or unreliable and limited, and there's no way to store the energy and there isn't going to be any way to do it for quite some time. So they sold this fantasy got anymore everyone emotionally involved with this green fantasy and it's complete nonsense. They can't do it, and whatever they do do is going to cost an enormous amount of money and you're GonNa have more blackouts you will. It's already happening if you don't believe it then then you're you're in terrible denial. Disorder. I'm done. I said we got more coming up we do. Well, we gotta keep going unless you want to pay that kind of a threat, Johnny Ken, Show Chatto Mountain Kid Chiampou Kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio. Laugh they. It's prop nineteen day. How excited going through the voter guide ballot propositions all twelve of them yes and no come on the air if they want to. After four o'clock, it's just the No. He's got no side on. This is the one that deals also with property taxes and particularly well getting the most coverage in their commercials. Wildfire victims will be able to get a new home and keep their property tax base from the burned-out home. Anything going on with this van that still rolling around there in Orange County the. Channel seven went to the network news channel five has it. There's A. Shari's behind this guy. I've seen Stephen Thirty eight miles an hour nothing really. To slow. This is just too slow abroad guest. Doesn't meet the minimum standards. OF EXCITEMENT MAYHEM? No it does it's like watching ordinary traffic. It's. Yeah and you know the TV stations know that they do get more eyeballs when they cover any kind of chase but not all chases or. What they're left with and I was listening during the break. You know some former police officer to give their Eric Analysis of their. As you can see, you can't see into that van because there's just white paneling on the site. So very careful as to what could be in there. He's pulled into a parking lot. And he pulls that is mildly entertaining. Now. It's one of these L- large parking lots if that's going around and around Erling to vote factory, he didn't stop. He's just driving around the parking lot very slowly. And this is in. Where we wrong? Yes. Yeah. This is supposedly where it started. Somewhere in. Garden Grove. These guys come back to what they know he's coming out again. Stupid World Maddening. Only, going. Fifteen miles an hour got. Speed gauge from Channel Four Yeah. It's It's excruciating. Well we're going to bring you this story. We've been talking a bit about fires this our little different angle to this, but it is an update on the homeless. This one place that I think is far worse than any other when it comes to vagrants in all of southern California and that would be Venice. I'm getting emails every day from people there. It's unbelievable. It's another but you know what it is. John It's Mike Bonds Council district but the people there believe he really doesn't give a crap about their. No, he does all touch care. I mean I mean I've seen Venice. Mar Vista Brentwood is overwhelmed with homeless and this didn't exist even three years and something about the pandemic. They think it's completely hands off lead at a homeless alone you don't want to give him cove it. We can't take him to a shelter because they could get coded there. There's no laws being enforced in Mike Baden's district and if you're not there. It's hard for you to understand that it's overwhelming. Now it is filthy and disgusting is any third. World L. Whole you can think of, and this is in Nice statehoods with great real estate nearby. and. It's being infiltrated by. Mental patients and drug addicts by the hundreds and hundreds in ordinary neighborhoods and there isn't anybody cares other than the people that live there were screaming their heads off and no one will do a thing Bonnin is Satan. He really is Satan. Well here is the story from NBC Four reporter and the I team Joe Grover and it centered in Venice but Ariza another new angle to it all firefighters extinguish a homeless ten fire at nine in the morning. Right on the world famous Venice. Boardwalk. Teeming with tourists that same night just blocks away. On Nether homeless encampment goes up in flames in a residential neighborhood. Every week in Venice. Lately, there are encampment fires. It's crazy Allan. Parsons is tech engineer who lives near Venison campaign complete with its own generators. Nearby homes, right. Are they putting these nearby homes in danger with embers, propane tanks explode and the an house residents? Venice also feel endanger everyday there's fires, guns, knives, Jack Rivers says he's lived in his own tent on the Venice Boardwalk for five months. He tells us most of these fires are arson the work of other homeless residents when it tent goes up in flames, what's the 'cause usually a misunderstanding over money? Or drugs the team obtained city of L.. A. Data showing the number of fires connected to the homeless. This year is up nearly eighty two percent over last year an increase of more than nine, thousand, nine, hundred fires this year to make matters worse residents say they've noticed the police presence on Venice beach has recently gone down. One neighbor gave the I team this cell phone video of beach police seeming to confirm that. They told us not to even with them on the video. You can hear the cops say they've been told recently by politicians to leave the homeless alone we knew we can't do any more. Local. In contrast to what those officers on the ground say LAPD official statement to the I team says, the department continues to lead with services and follow up with enforcement as a last resort since the pandemic began the sheer size of ten dwellings has grown in part because the city has stopped removing what are called bulky items such as sofas and mattresses that can cause bigger more. Dangerous fires what do you want the city to do to prevent more of these fires if the city is not going to remove Balki need to be out here, inspecting these cabinets to ensure that they are safe for these people to live in the people that live here on the boardwalk say their tent fires every day somewhere in Venice, for more than a report into the city. GROVER NBC Four. I see that this a police Jason. Garden. Grove is the guy what surrendered he's in the streets. No. What he forgot to put the car in park. Yeah. So he kept going. But it looks like it pulled over to the side somewhere up ahead there on the street it's It hits something it look I. Don't know if it's a mailbox offense Sulaiman. Yeah Yeah. Job Bad. It was weird because I their way up in the sky with their helicopter shot and I saw what looked like a figure in the street standing there on the van was going and I said, did he drop somebody off but it's the driver Denver's. The van just kept rolling. So that's it. It sits over. So what do you think ten fires sales? So there's there's fires almost every day and and the police. If you could make out what the police were saying, they're what we used to do. We can't do it anymore based on the political situations bonded and Garcetti. and Michael Moore, the chief of police has gotten along with this. And they tell the police to leave them alone and I I say these tents around the tents or all kinds of furniture. And then only the furniture is immense mountains of garbage that spread everywhere and now they're standing around the street and and the stretch not far from my house. That they have all kinds of grills with propane tanks and flames shooting out of the grills and you could see the flames flapping in the wind gotta eat. They got to cook the rabbit they the it's just. They're so dirty and they're so like hostile looking and they're in various states of undress and all kinds of tattoos and shaved heads and chest really like it is like a village of the damned. They're almost all men. And, they're all like youngish middle aged. These are really hard core lifetime losers whacked out on drugs. We'll talk a little bit more about this when we come back because this is. I didn't think it could get worse but it is because of the political situation it's completely we do nothing now because I don't know the pandemic. It's they want to embrace the the the freedom of the vagrants. By. The the the the their philosophy is let people do whatever they want in public. Let them. Obviously you can't get any more violin what's going on and the thing is I go to the nextdoor APP like I was reading last hour and people are complaining that. When when I when take out his delivered, they bring too many styrofoam containers and plastic utensils and there's thirty women bitch into each other on that the next door APP meantime, they're tense exploding down the road. We'll talk more about it comes back. John and Ken show John Kobylt Ken Chiampou Kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio APP. Nice. Guy To the KFI webpage, John and Ken check it out. You are guidance how to vote on all twelve. Statewide ballot propositions after. Four o'clock, we were not successful at least at this moment getting the Yes side. On proposition nineteen this deals again with property taxes it's not the big one. which is proposition fifteen but proposition nineteen. Is being sold as a way to help homeowners over the age of fifty five and home owners whose homes were burnt up in wildfires but it's a know when you'll find out why? Coming up the news at four o'clock the legislature got hold of this and adjusted it and they WANNA get property tax money from a lot of people in California. So we were just talking about the latest story from NBC Four Team About Ten fires in the community of Venice. The neighborhood of La. that. Probably, as much as any other neighborhood is overrun with vagrants it's all part of Mike Bonds Council district. I keep seeing these emails from people that are collecting all the reasons he's got to go and I hope they really finally conduct the revolution that you John have always been thinking might happen. The day might come when I- regular people say this is enough the unbelieving the district that story a couple of weeks ago that in another neighborhood, some guy put up boulders. Under under an underpass, which was to prevent homeless people from pitching encampments there. So people could walk through there to get from one neighborhood to another she their districts are so big. and. People are either docile or apathetic in. So many cases like I mentioned you know they're they're on. Their online complaining about the plastic utensils that they get from restaurants doing home delivery. And they'll get quite passionate and angry about this. They drive past the encampments every day. And they they don't have any reaction to it, and this is the stuff that I, I'm really struggling I can't comprehend. Why all the filth and the disorder and the danger doesn't upset them. They're they're worried about the danger of the plastic utensils. Piling up at landfill a hundred miles away but they're not worried about the danger of guys who they're all they all have weapons and they start fires. Just, say that these poor people can't find a home. So they do have to live on my sidewalks and I have to live with that. That much empathy that I don't poor souls. Place to live at the thing is it's not empathy because these people are suffering in the streets and it's making. So it clearly, it's not empathy I don't know what it is. Empathy would be. Let's do something to make them better, which would be forcing them into treatment, and for some reason, this this west side crowd does not WanNa Force. All these. Three addicted. I don't they just see them as people. That are down on their luck. They can't buy a home that can't read the home. Everything's too expensive every story even in the Elsa, GonNa time says nearly all of them are addicted or mentally ill or both I about one hundred percent. And yet what is the state now doing? They're buying properties thanks to the pandemic. Some hotels don't have business anymore. So the state thinks are going to buy up these properties and put the vagrants in them. So I've over the weekend offender about two friends were moving. Either permanently, or on a part time basis both of them talked about the homeless that they just don't want to live like this anymore. So they're they're leaving Los Angeles to go to an outlying suburb or another state. I did a lot of people are surrendering. People like that to fight back row now, just walk away but it might be easy to walk away. He sees to walk away depending on where you are in your life it it it's easier just to walk away. And I think that the the the district is so big that that that bonding I think by design has contained these vagrants in certain sections of his district and there are large sections that are untouched and so you can't get a massive rebellion going. Across the whole district because you've got the plastic utensil crowd living in the hills north of sunset. They're busy fussing away at at at the dinner. They're getting tonight from expensive restaurants. Yes. They're very worried about climate change. Yeah. Yet their whole neighborhood's going to crap right in front of their eyes like. that. Isn't pollution. Yeah I think five to ten fires. We're GONNA think all those species were that end up. That ends up going to the ocean right. Next. X Ray that happens is gonNA wash tons of vagrant feces into Santa. Monica Bay. All right. Our continuing series going through every ballot measure up to proposition nineteen. We've only got the No side coming up next John and Ken Show Debra Mark Has. The News Kfi am. John and Ken show John Kobylt Ken Chiampou Kfi am six forty live everywhere in the iheartradio. APP. Welcome everybody to another hour of this. Now, each day for about the past week we started last week. We thought we would go through every ballot measure. Yes and no sides are invited on the show. There were twelve. You can check out the John and Ken guided Kfi am six, forty, dot com, the John and Ken page we're up to proposition nineteen described simply in your mail in ballot. As allows homeowners who are over fifty five disabled in wildfire disaster victims to transfer primary residences tax base to replacement residents. Changes Taxation of family property transfers, and that's an important sense when sentenced we will be talking about yeah and then it establishes some fire. protection. Services Fund it it's a little hard to understand. And That's why we have John Coupon here president of the Howard. Jarvis. Taxpayers Association. Perhaps, the only organization that spends every single moment protecting. Your rights not to be abused as a tax payer. And we're going to get him on to explain it. We're recommending dome and Goop Paul is also urging a no vote on prop nineteen John. How. Are you? I'm well, how are you guys doing? This is a hard one to jeff to read. When you look at it you have to force yourself to try to understand what it is. This proposition does, can you explain it in simple terms for the? For the Average voter listening. Sure and I think it's very important to think of prop nineteen is actually two different initiatives one that isn't bad and the other is poison You know when we look at prop nineteen the analogy we we use is that imagine you're served a nice juicy steak and looks fabulous but you know it's laced with cyanide. So it looks good but you you can't take A. By and he here's here's what the first part. Let me talk about the good part I it expands the portability of prop thirteen base meaning your ability to take your reduced tax base from the House you're leaving to someplace else right now under current law you can if you're fifty five or older, you can move your prop you can take your lower prop thirteen base with. To any place in the county that you currently reside can do at one time. And there are eleven counties that have agreements with the other with the reciprocity agreements that will allow you to take it to another county. Now out of the fifty eight counties, only eleven of these counties. So the good thing that prop nineteen would do would be to allow you to take a your prop thirteen base with you to any county in California which is a good thing we've we've supported portability it was on the ballot in twenty eighteen as proposition five We supported the proponents of that initiative and the proponents back in two thousand eighteen or the same proponents. Today is the California Association of Realtors, and we liked the concept of portability. There's the good part. Unfortunately the political deal they made with the progressives in the legislature the legislature told them that if you WanNa do this you gotta find a way to quote pay for it. Now, the way they've decided to pay for it is with a very, very substantial tax increase. So why they wall they expand portability what they take away is your ability to transfer your property to your child or grandchild without triggering reassessment, and this is very important. What people don't remember is that back in nineteen eighty, two, two thirds of the voters approved an initiative to repeal the inheritance tax I don't know you remember that And then just four years later, the legislature as part of that same philosophy put on the ballot pro fifty eight, which was approved by the voters by seventy five percent, and this ended the death tax effect of big property tax bills on inherited property. Well, this is the this is the provision that the proponents are going after and it has been scored by the legislative analysts is being in the hundreds of millions of dollars, and it really messes up a lot of estate planning for for thousands of California families who have small business or a home that they want to transfer to their children. Or grandchildren without triggering a huge tax bill. So again, bifurcated into two parts There's a lot of a lot of political machinations here which I won't go into I. Think just for your listeners edification, think of it as a return of the estate tax or death tax as it relates to the transfer of real property I. think that is that it's critical and when people think of it that way the understand that is that it is not something of that is good and the price of that like I, say in the hundreds of millions of dollars of additional property taxes does not make. The portability provisions worth it boy this is among the sneaky EST because they put a cover with a provision that looks good to a Lotta people. But as you said, inside is a thou- poisonous provisions that nobody would really want, and in fact, we've explicitly insisted on that with other votes in past years. I mean, that's that's just dreadful what they've done and this is the legislature that. Yes and against he here here here's the other funny thing about this is, is the the California Association of Realtors with whom we've worked in the past but they're simply wrong on this one when they tried to expand portability two years ago we we were all in support of that and then the and then they qualified an initiative that's very similar to this. But then when they took it to the legislature, there were certain constituencies that had to be satisfied. So they abandoned the initiative that they had qualified just months. You know not that long ago and they they asked the legislature to pass a constitutional amendment was called Assembly Constitutional Amendment Number Eleven. So it is actually. A proposed constitutional amendment from the legislature not the proponents of the initiative. The original initiative that is what voters will be voting on, and it's just a reflection. It's a reflection of. Really. The sausage factory that is Sacramento because this was jammed through on the last day I've written on this politics behind it. If people really want to make their head spin a on several occasions how they actually had to change some of the rules and there was a Lotta Shenanigans about how this actually appeared on the ballot but it was a centrally jam through in the last twenty, four hours of the legislative session. Reason not to trust it and vote no on prop nineteen. Exactly correct. I Don COMPA President Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association thanks for sharing that with us. You Bet take your we are also a no on prop nineteen. Now. Again, the commercials look compelling particularly focus on the wildfire victims right being able to get a new home but keep their tax base but trust me that part of property transfers debts the poison pill that's what the legislature did to this they change the initiative or the added to it initiative from two thousand eighteen we got more coming up. John. Ken. Show John John Kobylt Ken. Chiampou Kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio. APP. All right. Well, we did talk to the No side of proposition nineteen. We were not successful in getting anybody from the Yes side. Proposition one, thousand, nine, hundred. We just mentioned this and other property tax one not as big as proposition fifteen but. It's it's enticing because it's going to allow people to carry their tax base with them if they've got burned out of their home or if they're over fifty five and they want to move to a county, not on the list that allows you to do that not all the counties in California I keep your. Space if you move if you try to. You try to transfer your house though to your to your children. That's the killer. The poison pill they put in their heavy tax penalty. Don't WanNa do this. It's not worth. We. Will. Again. Be Presenting this tomorrow and it's a good one proposition twenty is the rare. Yes. From the John and Ken voter guide that's the one that's GonNa. That's the one we collect signatures for a couple of years back, which will restrict parole for certain offenses currently considered to be nonviolent We'll see how we get on the Yes side on imagine, we'll get a law enforcement organization that come on and it's going to it's going to roll back some provisions of that despicable prop forty-seven. Yes. Just caused so much mayhem, our society and also the terrible prisoner realignment bill the one, the prisoner dumping billy be one, zero, nine from back in twenty eleven. I can't believe it's nine years already since that crap was foisted on just look around in the streets. That's. That that that's proof about how disgusting those the proposition was, and that that reliant bill was you see it in the streets now because where do you think a lot of these people came from they came from prison they have the home and they whacked out on drugs and they can't be prosecuted for anything and they can't be given any help. But we've been talking about employment or unemployment fraud the Employment Development Department of California we don't know how much they've paid out and fraud, but we're finding out through the stories that are surfacing that it can be a stunning apparently a woman from Menefee by the name of Kara Marie Kirk Hyphen coddle aged thirty two. And when you read the story, you realize this is not it seems a woman involved in some large sophisticated big. Heist here this woman apparently was able to access the State's Employment Development Department through the pandemic unemployment insurance. And Grab Five, hundred, thousand fact state records show five, hundred, thirty, four, thousand, one, hundred, forty, nine dollars, and unemployment payments were authorized for this woman's various identities. She apparently was pulled over in a traffic stop. A search of her car. Found eight debit cards that contained unemployment benefits in other people's names as well as thirty grand in cash several driver's licenses for quote other people. She admitted to investigators. She used the dark web. To search engines where she found information such as social security numbers and other personal identifying information, and she used it to apply for unemployment benefits from our. Department and sure enough. She got a whole bunch of debit cards loaded with unemployment benefits sent to an address where she knew she could receive them. She would activate the cards by using the victim social security numbers and pins then withdraw money. State records, I mentioned so that she had taken more than five hundred thousand out already spent over two hundred and seventy thousand dollars using these phony ID's. She didn't have to work that hard at it. Doesn't. Get No. Once you she did this by herself will be what because 'cause the dark web is all the Internet sites that don't show up in a normal google search engine. So, there is a complicated that complicated, but it's it's takes more steps than it would just go to Google and 'cause I tried doing this. Once I wanted to see how do you get to the dark web? And it's not worth explaining on the air but you can go to websites and it'll explain it to you and it's just a series of steps and you enter the secret underground passage, and this is unregulated doesn't show up on search engines so. Google, as well as the social media companies. If something funky is out there, they will eventually shut shutdown your access to it. It'll just disappear from Google search. It'll be taken off facebook or taken off twitter. But. If, you know how to get into the dark web then you go scouring around and. They're selling, they're selling your identity they're selling social security number, your bank account numbers, your pin numbers, and then you just simply take the information and say, Hey, I'm I'm Joe Blow. Here's my social security number one, six, eight, nine to whatever whatever, and then the Dullard who work in government just say this Joe Supply? Yes. Approved. You claim that you have some sort of freelance job because that's what the pandemic unemployment insurance was supposed to be for people who don't have traditional jobs or they paid into the Unemployment Fund for instance. Super Drivers People like that people will get ten, ninety, nine's. And you'd think about this, it's not that hard to figure out. A story every few months where some some company had a data breach, right? Yeah. That's the kind of data. These guys taken sell them dark web that how it works? Yeah. When you heard a few years ago, target had had. Thousands and millions of credit cards will all those numbers names are floating around the Internet. And and there's other kinds of heists that occur that takes off security numbers, D. numbers. And they sell them on the dark web. This woman somehow figured out how to do this. She got all these identities and she applied at e d with them to get all these debit cards sent to these addresses and it doesn't say how she did it. But in other instances, people say people are showing up at their homes they're taken mail out of their mail boxes or their course, and then to hand over the email. If you ever get that. That's a sure sign that someone used your address to steal money from the government right year address, and there might be a fake name on the address and. Say Hey that's me. Well, a former. Governor candidate is coming on the show John Cox. You may have heard the ads on Kfi with this idea to use high speed rail money to fight fires, he'll explain it when we come back. John and Ken show John Kobylt Ken Chiampou Kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio APP. I? Five o'clock roll out the presidential race desk. We'll talk a bit about the. Supreme Court confirmation hearings that started today. In Washington DC, and also Joe Biden apparently running from the question about quote packing the court. So explain what that's all about. Coming up after five o'clock. We want to welcome back to our show a former candidate for California governor. You may have forgotten back in twenty eighteen John Cox was the opponent together knew him and it's too bad John Cox did not win that election but John, who knows maybe it was all fake maybe it's a lot of fraud. Eight. Ballot harvesting. All right. John Cox is on the Aero's he's. He's chairman of. Change California shocking letters C. H. A. N. G. E. Dash. And he wants to divert all the money that we're wasting on high speed rail and a use it for an Air Amada an Air Armata an army of air support with sixty aircraft to attack fires. John. How are you? You had covert nineteen this year. I am great Thank you very much. Thanks for having me on and. I ran for Governor and twenty eighteen because I knew was gonna be overmatched and I was right we've got we're going from one crisis to another. The state is literally on fire I'm talking about solutions. That's what I talked about in two thousand eighteen solutions for housing homelessness little. Did I know we would get hit with a pandemic that would make homelessness even worse housing even worse and of course now, we've got a state that is literally on. Fire and so I suggested something, which is really pretty much commonsense and that is we've got all kinds of airplanes that are not being used right now why don't we take the money from that bullet train, use it to lease or buy a bunch of airplanes and send them out with overwhelming force and really dowse these fires before they become infernos. The trouble is once these fires get going because there's so much tender in the forest, we haven't managed it. The there's an inferno and they produce their own wind and they get. So out of control that they endanger looking at what they're doing the Napa Valley right now, as well as the buck cat fire in Los Angeles, we've got use overwhelming force kind of like we used the military to defeat anatomy. This is an enemy that threatens the state just like the pandemic, just like housing, and homelessness, we've got all these rats. Let's use a solution here that really will work. how many planes do do we need because cal fire has fifty aircraft and the spokesman for cal fire Scott McLean said. That at some point, we'd like to see more aircraft, but there's a point where to many is maybe too much. I don't know what he means by that. I don't know how you. Considering, why the I want their out of firefighters in this state. I went up to the Campfire I talked to the spokesman for CAL fire. His name happened to be Jonathan Cox believe it or not and he was telling me that the aircraft that we have is hopelessly out of date. The helicopters they're using have bullet holes in them from Vietnam I. Mean There's forty fifty years old and they're just not equipped to really carry what needed with needed to be carried to really dowse these fires. So they say they had aircraft, but it's old relatively less useful than the newer aircraft that they could get right now what did we get these landfills? Surplus military. They weren't being bought by anybody else. So they sold them the California for some reason but we've got all this money to waste train that nobody is going to ride guys that's going to be obsolete before even. We need this. It's not even going to be built I. Agree with you and we're wasting money listen NEWSOM. Brag. The other day that he has spent two. Dollars giving homeless A. And what have we gotten? We've gotten even more homeless think about the waste of money that's going on Sacramento. That's not addressing the problem that's not solving the problems I WANNA I look at the state guys and there's people leaving every day because we're not solving these problems they're getting worse and I've joined the recall I don't know if you know this but I joined the recall effort because the states in crisis and everything that newsome is doing is a all about the empty theatrics like like banning gasoline cars in twenty, thirty, five hundred that says that that's that's crazy and there's no electrical grid to support that in fact, the election. Supply the power that we're using now. But it gets them nice articles in the Washington. Post IT GETS THEM ON MSNBC SO. He gets a lot of national press with these empty theatrics but he he's distracting it's an old distraction game guys he's he's he's trying to say Oh don't pay attention to this. All these crises that are going don't pay attention to the fact that my unemployment division can't even issue a check for crying out loud the people who are starving just think about getting rid of gas cars twenty five weirdly there's a million and a half people who can't get their unemployment check. been backed up for eight months but millions of dollars in fraud is going out the back door and we were just talking about a woman a few minutes ago who engineered a half million dollar fraud from from this department I don't understand how the fraudsters are getting their checks but the regular citizens are not getting their checks they're there. To answer the phone. People ask me guys they say John Aren't you happy you didn't get elected governor. I. Mean Look at you're dealing with a pandemic. You got all these fires stuff and I say, Hey, guys, I wanted to solve these problems, I like solving problems and look at the unemployment division. You're right they're using cobol they're using a computer code from the seventies really there there's so much waste and inefficiency in this government it would be an absolute pleasure to go in there and get this government working right get it efficient and get it to solve a lot of these problems. New not interested. There's a whole list of unanswerable questions that we're constantly discuss here on the show and nobody's ever required to explain you. You mentioned the computer system from the Nineteen Seventies. Right, how does that? How does that happen with the with the literally trillions of dollars that we've spent since the nineteen seventies and with Silicon Valley two hours down the road? How did they not by a modern computer system? For for the unemployment office to the DMV, I don't understand it. Every Corporation in the world has a modern computer system. You could you could maybe understand Wyoming I mean no offense to Wyoming. But it's not the whole Silicon Valley. It's you know it's got nice cattle. It's got a wonderful this but you know we've got Silicon Valley we've got high technology. You're absolutely right. It is absolutely a disgrace that we're using computer systems that are forty fifty years old why are they so stubborn about it everybody knows that that's the heart of the problem and everybody just does nothing like nobody because they? They've got a one point, two, trillion dollar UNIM- funded pension debt. That's one reason they're spending two, hundred, billion dollars a year on every program. They've got tons of money to give you illegal immigrants, free healthcare and stimulus checks but they don't have any money to upgrade the efficiency of departments upon which people rely. There are people who are waiting for these checks, guys and and and they just can't get them and they can't even get a hold of the unemployment division because nobody's answering the phones. Eitan how? Solutions. How do people find out more about chains California well well, first of all, go to change dash ca dot org and it's bound tear helping out also go to recall Gavin Twenty twenty because this is an emergency, this is a crisis there's six hundred. John and Ken Show John, Kobylt Ken Chiampou Kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio APP. Well trump with the Florida for a rallying he's cured. He's immune immune announced the meal. Yes. Anyway, we'll talk about that and more with the. Presidential race desk including the beginnings of the. Confirmation hearings for Amy Coney, Barrett to join the United States Supreme Court and apparently the consensus is if she gets on the court, she's going to kill people. You'll find out what that means she. Sure, you get that I. Know You do. We'll kill people she will kill people. That's right. We have I mentioned this last week and like they still rumbling in the streets of Portland? Well, it was a big weekend and you know what set them off Columbus Day. They toppled a whole bunch of statues in honor of indigenous. They call it the indigenous peoples, day of rage. and. This is this is fake left-wing nonsense they toppled. Teddy Roosevelt statue they threw red paint on it. They also have to Lincoln. and. It says they spray painted Dakota thirty eight on the base of Lincoln Statue Code Thirty Eight Dakota of Dakota Thirty Thirty Eight Dakota man that's a native American tribe that Lincoln approved half hanged. Have they were involved in a violent conflict with WHITE SETTLERS IN MINNESOTA? They smashed windows at the Oregon historical society and later moved onto the campus of Portland State University and started and the garbage mayor. Thank name's Ted. Wheeler it is bitch mayor allows this to go on and the Garbage Governor Kate Brown labs this to go on. And the people. PUT UP WITH THIS I just astonished by this. I just it's just mindless stupid violence but a bunch of left wing lunatics a gotta be getting financed by somebody nobody wakes up on Monday morning decides all you know we got we got a toppled Teddy Roosevelt statue. This is just This crime for the sake of crime. Listeners sent me Oh here it is. I don't know this publication. Here is every ANTIFA goon arrested in. PORTLAND. Last night during their BLM anti police protests. Notice anything they have in common. and. It is photographs of See who twenty twenty five people They're all white they're all like is. This is yes a few women there but all Caucasians yeah, and they're mostly from middle class upper middle class families, right? and. It is a peculiar phenomenon. And I guess I. Must have some kind of mental illness. A is it some other form of teen rebellion taken into their twenty s? I think. So I think these people are long they're gonna their parents world and everything that's in. There because they haven't succeeded because they have a degree in. A Racial. Equity Studies, or something right. I Yeah I think so I got some more reading on this. I've also been reading about all the people joining these These Cunanan conspiracies, the ones who believe that there's another one yeah and other end of that Ed. The Washington Post had a story as a criminal sex trafficking child suffocating rewrite, and there's all. There's movie stars and Pop Stars and political leaders in the democratic. Party are all connected to this child sex trafficking ring and their and they're Peta files, and there's there's a huge array nonsense that they believe but there unread it there is a self help group where family members. who have relatives who are obsessed with Cuban on the family members congregate and in June there were about thirty, five, hundred members average twenty, eight, thousand. And and people are leaving their husbands and their wives. There's a fair number of women who are hooked into this. And their. Mothers. it's professional people and and and they go on the Internet and they start reading the links and they go down a hole and they I it becomes a religion. And it's fascinating. It's going on under the surface. People people think it's just a bunch of crazed wackos in the streets like this Portland Group, right? This is something else that's infecting ordinary people's lives. I. I I I. Guess it's people who feel adrift and frightened about all the chaos in the world and they're looking for they're looking for an answer they're looking for an explanation as to why all the chaos going on and so they think they've stumbled across this vast majority. Of. A. FAMOUS PEDOPHILE 'S Who are in government and in entertainment and they're really running the country and I don't understand it. You struggle to try to explain this stuff. It gets really complicated, but there's really thousands and thousands of people in it now. Go. To the presidential race desk for all the latest coming up president of the United States. The. Fake media tried to stop us from going to the White House. But I'm president and they're not. Embarrassed you know the website number. I. Should have it in front of me and I don't I'm actually barris appreciate it very much Tim Apple. Created by goal you you know the thing and God. Bless. United Church and you ain't black they sacrificed every day for the furniture future cure unity over division. We do science fiction way truth over facts. John and. John Kobylt Ken Chiampou Kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio APP looks like we could have some new stuff for the presidential race desk at a campaign trip in Toledo Ohio. Joe said quote you know we have to come together. That's why I'm running I'm running a proud Democrat for the Senate. Iran is a proud Democrat for vice president and I'm running as a proud Democrat for president but I promise you this. I will govern as an American president. He also said this on the tarmac. I got in trouble when we were running against that that senator who was a mormon the governor. Referring to Mitt Romney couldn't come up with his name that senator who is a Mormon? Yes. You know what? Dad Dad for into the twenty twelve president. Okay. That is a sign that your mind is going. We can't remember words and you start giving descriptions of the word or definition of the word you're like playing ten thousand dollars pyramid or. Trying to get people guess it without you start waving your hands. And you start pantomime in the word come on man. But just talking about you know that guys do that when I can remember something start using association try to say, well, you know the one that was in the movie with the kid that's sick and the mother that's what's the name of that actress. Well. It's one thing at obscure actress. You're trying to remember the a movie from a long time ago. It's another one it rom hit Romney. against, US eight years ago. Did you see what Brit Hume said on Fox News on Sunday no he he said showing obvious signs of senility and he said it's the one thing that might help trump and he says that Trump is in a place where the only thing that might save him would be a performance by Joe Biden in which his senility which I think has been obvious to careful watcher some time becomes utterly. And people began to say, Hey, wait a minute. We can't really have this guy in the White House. I think that's his best hope that means more debates and let Biden talk because the longer he talks the greater chance of its showing. An argument for trump not interrupt. I thought that was one of the huge mistakes that truck made. Is, he wouldn't let Biden Stumble into the Wilderness and a couple of times he was about to and trump kept saving him. And often notice in these interviews to reporters are the anchors save Biden by suggesting words or trying to lead them out of the woods. To finish the thought for him and you don't have to do that. You could you could. You know like sometimes we have guests. That we ask an uncomfortable question and they go silent. and. I have no interest in in filling the space. It's like just hang their. Hang there you don't have an answer. And same thing here trump should just let Ayden Jabber and Chipper Jabir and Babble. And Him Blake drift off to an end and if they anchor gets in the way. Just, when trump say, hey, don't help him out. Let's see. Mind goes. That probably is trump's yes. Chance and I wish he does say we can't do this. We have done that not of a sound mind. Yeah. We that in the first debate. Because I heard, I heard a clip of Biden today from nineteen eighty-three. And he was denouncing the idea of packing the Supreme Court. and. He was very like just lucid and forceful. You also called it a bonehead idea. which which is funny because now they're promoting this. Idea of circle they'd think this This conservative Republican court is to pack it with extra justices but you could see clearly the difference I mean everybody can see it nobody wants to talk about it in fact here. When when when Brit Hume said that? Wallace said, well, that's very harsh view, but that's your view you're entitled to it. Meaning I don't want to touch the topic, right? But they no, you can't not know if you've been in Washington all your life and you've covered this all your life and all the all the video is on youtube just go through old Biden clips. It's it's pretty shocking. His trump said today. At a rally in Sanford Florida, he is back on the campaign trail. If ever he said Sleepy Joe Biden not a nice guy by the way he had a very bad day to day. If if I ever had a day like he had today, they'd say it's over it's over he forgot Mitt Romney's name. He didn't know what stadium was in and he said today he's a proud. Democrat, running for the US Senate. Now could you imagine if I did that great to be with you? It's great to be a wonderful developer from New York they'd say get at here. He's got a lot of bad day's coming trump said about buying. Trump's trump's got. It is only got one debate now. because. He passed on the the one last week when the virtual, which never should've made virtual because the doctor said he's he's replicating the virus anymore he's not contagious so they could have put them in a glass booth and still put him on stage with Biden, and that's where you start to wonder why is everything always so heavily weighted. Against trump in these matters, right. If Biden had said that, hey, I'm free to go. They would have gone on with the debate fighting it caught it. They would've told by no we're. Not GonNa have it. Now they said, okay, gives your doctors. Now let's go. There's no reason they shouldn't be going later this week there should be two more debates. But trump botched this terribly botched in that first debate. Somebody. Said video. Is from Saturday Biden was campaigning in Pennsylvania I guess Erie Pennsylvania and. Near the end got confused and he just started asking who am I going going this way and he was walking up to people without a facemask mask close. A little confused and a little bit anxious. Yeah. He's kind of smiling, but he's also kind of fumbling and bumbling and any supporting up to people with a masks. Scary. When we come back, we're going to take a look at. The supreme. Court. Opening of the confirmation hearings for a Coney Barrett and as I headlined before Apparently the Democrats are trying to tell you if she gets on the court she will kill people plus we have Biden being asked the question a couple of times recently about packing the court judge referred to that and he's being str- evasive in a very strange way to it's coming up next. John and Ken show John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou Kfi forty five everywhere on the iheartradio. APP. Today was the start of the confirmation hearings for any Coney Barrett to take a seat on the United States Supreme Court. What most of the morning was taken up by was the wind gas from every member of the Senate Judiciary Committee some twenty odd people. Got To blow V8, some of them not in person I watched an old bag from. from the state of Vermont Patrick layhee Jesus, he's old blown bag. He was virtual he was not there. I guess he just said it was dangerous to make that point they created. Semi, fake story there's A. The Supreme Court supposed to on November tenth. Just a week after the election. And presumably after she gets formerly. Approved for the Supreme Court, they're going to do a on obamacare but. Case case and it it from what I heard today the the there's virtually no chance that obamacare is going to get thrown out. That the there's quibbling over one of the provisions. But I heard one commentator say that there's west connections the court said there aren't any votes on the core on either side to throw out obamacare entirely. But if you listen to all the questions from the Democratic senators and they weren't questions were just statements. It they they. Start Tomorrow Right. They made it to continue this to made it sound like she is. She's being hired to be the deciding vote to destroy obamacare. Yes and from what I heard point they tried to make there's no such thing there. There's Li- I said before that she's going to kill people because they believe if she dismantles and destroys obamacare people will die. Because they don't have health insurance, you see. One thing all over telling stories of. People around the country that have lived because of Obama care. Well. In terrible pain obamacare has to be constitutional and legal. That's part of the deal. I just get so fed up with people say. People. Then write the damn law properly. Yet you have to have it conform to the constitution and whatever governmental powers. Are are allowed to exist. Right of the they came up remember that The one thing I've screaming about against all the time was You had to buy. Health insurance or you would have to pay a fine attacks right and I thought well, since when is the government forcing me to buy a product or a service? That's the mandate, the mandate. We right on that thrown out. It kept obamacare but it throughout a provision that was declared unconstitutional the government can't force you to buy something. So. That that's what this next Issues is about that they're going to they're going to debate, but there's nobody expects it to be thrown out entirely may have to be altered and have asked to be altered means has to conform to the constitution. Why is that? So so outrageous? I. This is nothing but. Daria on everything. Is like not one decent rational intelligent conversation about anything. That's important anywhere. It's just people bloviating. Now on a related topic. Apparently Joe Biden does it want to answer the question about packing the Supreme Court? It's a term they use where if you are in charge. Of the Senate and the presidency, you might expand the number of justices on the supreme court I don't know nine to twelve to fourteen right now, menu appoint all the new people. So they're in line with your party's beliefs the Democrats at least the left-wing cooks want four justices added to the current right because then. They're going to be outvoted six to three. So they want a seventy six win. So they need four justices on top of the three, they have that they consider to be liberal reliable, right? Yeah. and. It seems a fair question to ask Joe Biden how does he feel about that? Here. He is over the weekend talking to a LAS VEGAS TV reporter. I've got ask you about packing the courts and I know that you said yesterday Arkansas answer the question and the election. But this is the number. One thing that I've been asked about from viewers in the past couple of days you've been asked by the viewers who are probably Republicans who don't want me continuing to talk about what they're doing the court right now we'll start voters deserve to know. I'm not going to play his game. He'd love me to talk about I've I've already said something on Packet Corp He. Loved that to be the discussion instead of what he's doing now. He's about he's about to make pick in the middle of election first time. It's ever been done first time in history. It's ever been done a fake issue. And he's the president to masks obviously. A lot of listeners? What your sponsors Brooklyn Court we'll. Wrong with world good for the reporter for pushing it. You don't normally get that at a local reporters and answer and that oil answer you because that's all people will talk about. So that's what's called taking a stand and being bold about it being brave. This is what I'm saying is is, is you if if you're? If, you're glad that the supreme court is tilting the way it's tilting. then. But you're irritated by trump's personality behavior yet your head screwed on straight is behavior in his personality don't matter what he does matters. Admits going to matter for pop perhaps decades. The Supreme Court decide what direction do you WanNa go at that. That's that's all I care about you know did you see the further extension of this? That if the Democrats get the Senate and the presidency, they're also going to make Puerto Rico and Washington DC states they get four more Senate's that's what the left random they can pack the Senate. That's that's right because they'll. They'll get from they'll get four more seats. and. They'll always have a an advantage in the senate and more like votes to. True. They WANNA dismantle all the systems that balanced. The state's evenly every state gets two senators. Every states gets a certain. Tour of elections in the last twenty years. The Republicans lost the popular vote but won the electoral college right. Bush and trump and they keep thinking that's just going to keep happening. Until we figure out of this, if trump wins this year, it'll only because it'll be because the electoral college will absolutely right I guess because of the large populations and some of the blue states yeah. So. You know the although there's a strong argument to be made as you play the game as it's presented to you. You know he doesn't. He also never you never campaigns in California right because it doesn't matter. So you don't spend any money. You don't spend any time. You don't try to put together a big campaign infrastructure to get the vote out. You know it's possible. He could pick up a lot more votes in. California. If he focused on it but that's not the rules of the game. The of the game is is the electoral college is winning state by state. Winning Bass population. We got more coming up. John and Ken Show Kogo Ken Chiampou Kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio APP. Don't forget our voter guide Kfi am six, forty dot com. We'll help you through all the propositions statewide or twelve of them also bringing people on the air each day this week. To give the arguments for and against the ballot. Measures WHO's a few races we help you out with two. and. Don't forget if you live in that state Senate district down there around the area fullerton. Do not let. Josh Neumann Return. Sacramento though he's a, he is a sensory walking around in a bunny suit I've been hearing from listers is he? Yeah still dressing up by something mascot in some saying if you look at all the terrible things that are going on. And and much of it is either created or exacerbated by state government and this this dumb clock is walking around in a bunny suit. Good Lord. anyways. Yeah, you can get the guidance that the voter guide Ling Chang is in the state senate replace. Newman who got recalled back in a couple years back after the gas tax so The toll that happens again as you just heard on Kfi News, the secretary, of State, Alex Padilla has ordered anyone apparently centering around state Republican, Party people to remove their unofficial ballot-boxes. Apparently, they've set up a few in places in Orange County Fresno those reports in Kostanic. That outside of Church that there is an unofficial ballot box there for your mail and ballot to be dropped off if you don't trust the US postal. Service. The registrar's came up with the idea of giving this protected and John Actually looked at one today. Right? You said, Oh, I see it. Now every day they put it a near the tennis courts, the tennis, and so yeah, it is. It is a big hard sturdy box that's really heavy. Seems to be mental and there's no way you can damage it. There's no way you can lift it up. and. Steal it. They got cheap knockoffs that apparently some Republican officials at the best we can learn. have been putting outside of places to make people who like they are official drop-off not you it's really really frustrating here. Would I I could name ten terrible issues are California is in a disaster right now. It's been locked down way too harshly for way too long the schools are locked out so people can't work. They see the kids can't go to school they can't get their unemployment. Checks from unemployment office the fires are burning wildly. The electricity is running out. The roads are incomplete disrepair. The taxes are extremely high. And we could. We could go L. The homeless they're they're seventy thousand homeless here in La A. County. I'm there's so much bad. So much of is exacerbated by these bad progressive policies. and. What we need is a counter. Need a divided government we need some. Another another force resistance to it. This is not about being pro Republican. This this is about. The progressive. Philosophies are really extreme and the really damaging just open your eyes and look around. Yeah. What happened to theory that if we let them control the entire government, people would get it and throw them out. It's like two years of this. It's it's I know it's only gonNA get worse two years from now there's going to be more homeless there's going to be more debt. The bullet trains still won't be fixed the roads will still. Be crumbled. The schools still stink. Even if they're open people are leaving rather than fire, they're leaving. It's scary number of people I know that are leaving i. Really. Really, interesting now, my life I guess we gotta get a hold of a big Mar I'm not a big Fan of Bill Maher but apparently, he went on a California tax rant and his show this week Oh yeah. 'cause he's GonNa get hit wasn't. Funny and then, and then by mentioning some of the big names that have left the state because they've had it well binds going to have a three percent tax hit on a guy like, Bill Maher and then and then nuisance can have another three percent tax it that's an extra six percent taken from these people. And but thing is the response the Republican Party. Whatever candidates they have for all the assembly office Senate, offices, they should have they should be talking about all these issues right and they should be coordinated. This should be appearing in all the local media and they should have some some vibrant candidates and I don't care if they're male or female or their their their their dogs or cats or what their color or their ethnicity is. Articulate all this right. There's a wealth of it everything. We talk about every day should be synthesized into a political campaign and instead these idiots build fake ballot boxes. To do what to collect people's ballots and then what were they gonNa do with them. Were they concerned. That if you use the postal postal service or used one of the registrar's owned ballot-boxes that their Republican constituents wouldn't feel protected thing you half did this and you have to explain why you don't trust. The registrar boxes or the US mail service, you have to explain that. You have to have a convincing reason. But you can't come up with a bunch of fake boxes. Now, you've totally lost on that issue right? The Democrats passed ballot harvesting right and they're allowing they're allowing mailing ballots to show up seventeen days after election day. And, you can register on the day of the Poles and you could throw your ballots in these weird boxes that you don't counter that by coming up with your own fake boxes. Now, you've given away that issue, you can't. Scream fraught because what you did looks fraudulent. How could how could people not suspect that Democrat ballots will be thrown out? I just can't. Shoot themselves in the head here. What are you doing? We have one party rule and it's not only one party rule. It's it's an extremist rule by these progressive nuts all these San Francisco lunatics and there is. Now more proof. In the corona virus numbers today that we will never get everything reopened. The report today is that the average number of deaths Logged daily in the state is now just fifty seven, the lowest since May. And fewer patients in the hospital with Covid, nineteen as of Saturday statewide was just over two thousand, two, hundred people. That is the lowest since the beginning of April. The state's positivity rate is down to two point six percent that all time low and they're not opening things up. newsom said, we have to be careful now I'm say, well, these are Monday numbers and Monday numbers can be low because don't lag report it every day they have an excuse every day they have a reason not to open. He's worried about the upcoming flu season, the two endemic see. He's suddenly now and this is this is this is what I said. is they're so upset about the coronavirus deaths what's going to happen with the flu deaths? Nobody ever objected to flu deaths Even though you know want some year, we had sixty thousand deaths in the country. while. Was that acceptable? Look like Newsom is decided maybe they aren't acceptable. Maybe have to keep things closed because of the flu. And we have to keep things close because the virus even though half the deaths from the virus were in the damn nursing homes. It's crazy. They're in love with the power. It's what we've been telling you. They're using the virus as an excuse to institute. All the progressive policies that they dreamed of and could never get the public to go along with, and now that the public is cowering fearful and obedient. Now, they're they're they're full-bore they'll never have a moment like this for the rest of their political careers to take control with every crackpot idea that it's been dreamed up in left-wing fig tanks. I. Get used to it. I think we're going to be stuck. All the way through the winter because winter is flu season. So now the on guard, then they'll have another excuse in spring. Excuse stick summer look in. Florida at Disneyworld it's been open for three months. Zero cases. Zero zero zero. John Ken show John Kobylt Ken Chiampou. Kfi Am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio APP. Oh, breaking news. Gavin newsom sent to strike team to Disneyworld. In Florida to figure out their protocols reopening. so Ab he can apply them to California's theme plush strike. Team. Why didn't he just ask Disney executives? They call it a research team I just the term strike. Team. What are you got research? It's all written down on paper. And they've Disney is submitted the plans for for Anaheim and they're probably the same plans that worked in Florida. They've had zero cases at Disneyworld in Florida in three months. See The New York Times finally covered it and admitted it. And I guess that that embarrassed newsom because he really looks like an idiot. When. Even the New York Times is it. That story. Irritates. At disneyworld worst fears about virus have not come. True. Worst fears. In July one infectious disease expert. You know one of those science guys yes. Said what Disneyworld reopening was a terrible idea that was inviting disaster low G. infectious disease expert was wrong. That's not supposed to happen. Social Media, users attacked Disney as irresponsible and clueless for pressing forward. A. Few aghast onlookers. Turned disneyworld marketing videos into parody trailers for horror films. then nothing happened three months no cases. Yeah. Let's go by what people right on social media and let's trust Infectious Disease Yeah. The experts. Remember. The experts sort of operate in a vacuum where anything that could happen is bad news. Meaning they don't really take into account the chances just well, clearly people walking around a theme park could infect an outdoor theme park we should add for the most part could infect each other with their droplets. Of what they're doing. Most of these theme parks, they are making me wear masks. They are keeping people apart and putting a hundred people on the rides are starting a million people in the rides at once well, Disneyland. The largest private employer in the states. They want is a covert outbreak at their park. What would that mean for business nobody would come nobody would come. Doesn't make any sense his these ability to keep workers and guests safe according to the Times. It's been at the center of an increasingly tense stand-off in California. newsome's refused to allow the theme parks to reopen. It's like the only place where they're not open theme parks is California Disneyland Resort Soup Oh every other Disney park in the world is open this resort support seventy, eight thousand jobs according to CAL state Fullerton. Seventy Gen Disneyland Shannon rated an estimated three point, eight billion dollars in revenue. According to a media analyst. And that's why Robert Egger does resigned from new SIMS. Economic, Task Force. And he Said we're going to be stubborn about it. There's no hurry putting out guidelines. It's very complex. These are like small cities. Well there's no outbreaks in small cities from people walking around on the sidewalks and shopping. And it it. There's nothing happened in Disneyworld and you see when you overreact at kills your credibility because people know. Being ridiculous and it makes me crazy. They do these polls. It's like. Well, you know sixty eight percent of the people are happy with the way that mishandling the virus it's like you bleeping idiots. He's put tens of thousands of people out of work, cost billions of dollars to the economy, and it's completely unnecessary and it's proven. They did it in Florida and they haven't had a single case nothing. Let's bring Tim here now here now, I just I just read this about ten minutes ago. One of the changes, the governor news of once at Disneyland it he wants to change that song to it's a deadly virus after all. Good horrible sterile people go there to to avoid that giant I WANNA be reminded. That's right. That's right. Thing with them. Dr Ray Coming on Dr Ray Sherry as a world-class pulmonologist. Ask Him about Disneyland as bet he's in favor of opening up opening up and also Steve Gregory not confirmed but about ninety percent sure that he's GonNa come on and talk about the arrests seventy six people arrested last night the Lakers celebration that's a lot of people and then Fred Rogin at eight o'clock to talk about the Lakers and Celtics Championship. What's what are the dodgers doing and it's GonNa be quite a night here. Right the dodger game we've got pushed off to tomorrow. Yeah right? No that's not what they're gonNA do weekends just weekends. Baseball. Dog with you. All right, let's go. Taking. Grant is the news. Kfi Am six forty I don't know what you're thinking. Man I kind like that keeps it fun. K.. I N. K. O. S. T. HD to Los Angeles Orange County laws everywhere on the iheartradio. APP. A victorious return I'm Gina Grad Live from the KFI twenty, four hour newsroom. The Lakers returned to l. a day after winning their seventeenth championship fans say they've been waiting for this a long time. It's been ten long years. Man is exciting. This means everything was city. It's been a rough year. So be here right now it's it's a great experience. We need this I'm. Glad. They're back home and bringing it home to La. Baby the team arrived at LAX. This afternoon was greeted with a water salute by firefighters. The Lakers. Beat the Miami Heat in Game Six of the NBA finals. Lebron. James was named MVP he could be seen holding a trophy as he and other players got off the plane. This report brought to you by Sweet James. And as Tim alluded to and we'll probably talk to steve more about tonight eight police officers have been injured following a celebration of the Lakers win in downtown. La The LAPD says at least seventy six people have been arrested for vandalism failure to disperse and assault on a police officer police say more than one thousand people showed up outside Staples Center last night, and what started are much better. Even though now they opened. Up a couple of weeks ago, masks, all the bars do we know if they're still doing? Okay. I don't know. They have to look that up because that weeks ago, and now the evidence should be coming in matters. The the masks help in confined areas they do. You know if you're in a closed confined area where you're up against people close to people, everybody's talking and Yapping and laughing, yes, the mass definitely help but in a place like Disneyland. Absurd to be closing it and I you know I don't know where the lawsuits are where the protests are everyone's protesting Columbus Day instead of protesting at your freedoms. So many of your freedoms have been stripped from you freight months now for God's sakes eighth month of this garbage. Eight months. We got more coming up. John and Ken. Show John Kobylt Ken Chiampou Kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio APP? Oh, breaking news. Gavin newsom sent to strike team to Disneyworld in Florida to figure out their protocols for reopening. So. He can apply them to California's theme strike. Why didn't he just ask Disney executives? They call it a research team, I just like that term strike, team See What are you gonNa Research it's all written down on paper. Doubt and they've Disney is submitted the plans for for Anaheim and they're probably the same plan that worked in Florida. They've had zero cases at Disneyworld in Florida in three months. See. The New York. Times finally covered it and admitted it. and. I guess that that embarrassed newsom because he really looks like an idiot. When even the New York Times it. Where's that story? Irritates on. Yeah. At disneyworld worst fears about virus have not come true. Worst. Fears. In July one infectious disease expert. Science guys yes. Said what Disneyworld's reopening was a terrible idea that was inviting Disaster Lo J. Infectious disease expert was wrong. That's not supposed to happen. Social media users attacked Disney as irresponsible and clueless repressing forward. A few aghast lookers. turned. Disneyworld marketing videos into para trailers for horror films. None of that had nothing happened three months no cases. Yeah let let's go by what people right on social media and let's trust Infects the he's yeah. The experts. Remember the experts sort of operate in a vacuum where anything that could happen is bad news. Meaning, they don't really take into account the chances. It's just well, clearly people walking around a theme park could infect an outdoor theme park we should add for the most part could infect each other with their droplets. Remember what they're doing it. Most of these theme parks they are making you wear masks. They are keeping people apart, and like the put a hundred people on the rides starting a million people on the rides at once. Well, Disneyland is the largest private employer in the state. They want is a covert outbreak at their park. What would that mean for business nobody would come nobody would come. Doesn't make any sense this these ability to keep workers and guests safe according to the Times has been at the center of an increasingly tense standoff in California. Because newsome refuse to allow the theme parks to reopen. It's like the only place where they're not open theme parks is California Disneyland Resort Soup Oh every other Disney park in the world is open this resort support seventy, eight, thousand jobs according to CAL state Fullerton. Seventy Gen Disneyland generated an estimated three point eight billion dollars in revenue. According to a media analyst. And that's why Robert Egger does resigned from newsome's economic task force. And he's newsom said, we're going to be stubborn about it. There's no hurry putting out guidelines it's very complex. These are small cities. There's no outbreaks in small cities from people walking around on the sidewalks and shopping. And it it. There's nothing happened in. Disneyworld. And you see when you overreact like this, it kills your credibility because people. Being ridiculous and it makes me crazy. They do these polls. It's like, Oh, you know sixty eight percent of the people are happy with the way that gruesome is handling the virus it's like you bleeping idiots. He's put tens of thousands of people out of work, cost billions of dollars to the economy, and it's completely unnecessary and it's proven. They did it in Florida and they haven't had a single case nothing. Let's bring on. Tim. Is here. Yeah I just I just read this about ten minutes ago. The one of changes, the governor news of once at Disneyland at, he wants to change that song to it's a deadly virus after all good it's not horrible dead. Yes. Stereotype people go there to to avoid that giant I wanna be reminded that's right. That's right thing Dong with them. Dr Ray Coming on Dr Ray share, he's a world-class pulmonologist out of Saint. Disneyland? Yes. I'll bet he's in favor of opening up, open it up and also Steve Gregory not confirmed. But about ninety percent sure that he's GonNa come on and talk about the arrest seventy, six people arrested last night the Lakers celebration. That's a lot of people and then Fred Rogin at eight o'clock to talk about the Lakers and Celtics Championship what's what are the dodgers doing and it's going to be quite a night here. Right, dodger game we've got pushed off tomorrow. That's yes right now. They're going to do weekends just weekends. Thanks Jen Baseball. With you. All right. Let's go. I think. Integrated has the news Kfi am six forty. I don't know what you're thinking. Man I kinda like that keeps it fun K.. K. O. S. T. HD two. Los. Angeles. Orange. County. Logs everywhere on the iheartradio. APP. Get Credit Card that gives you what you need. Now, a low interest rate on everyday purchases and place to transfer high interest rate balances. The pen fed gold contactless card is our lowest rate credit card. You can even earn a one hundred dollars statement credit when you spend fifteen hundred dollars in the first ninety days join ten fed, and together, we can help you keep more of what's yours visit Penn Fed dot org slash gold card to receive any advertise product who must become a member of pen fed insured by NCUA.

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