November 15, 2018 Update


Hey you. Yeah. You the ear buds in your ears? Allowing my voice to penetrate your ear holes. Whoa. Well, I guess that might have been getting a bit too personal Hasso. Okay. Fair enough. Anyways. I wanted to give you a quick update about Don talt. No. I'm not canceling it. No. I'm not putting it on Haiti's. So stop looking at me like that. The update is there won't be an actual release schedule for the foreseeable future. I know I've stated many times that I try to do a show at least three times per week. But let's be real it ain't happening. I'm working on a daily five minute tech podcast long with my business, obliga-, shins and other family duty. So yeah, just not a commitment. I can make the Don talk for three episodes a week hell, not even one per week. So they'll be as the saying goes catches catch can besides unless the content is interesting and entertaining. I mean, what's what what's really the point? Right. So not cancelled not own haggis. Just no real Rama reason as to release schedule. Until the next episode drops, just remember, engage your brain.

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