Lakers drama, D-Wade's fresh braids, and special guest 2 Chainz: 2/26/19


Jalen Jacoby is presented by Hulu. If you didn't know who has live sports, watch live games and all your favorite teams live on Hulu. No cable required. Jalen and Jacoby on ESPN. If we ever do y'all up the stroke. Get this week. He is Jalen rose. One of dough. I'm David the cool. Check in. Sooner stage on the Mike, and we putting it on wax. It's fitting loose. We're Jalen and Jacoby. What are we doing? You know, when the Houston Rockets were down, Chris, Paul and clean. Cappella James harden? I had to step up. He had gone a street streak is over now. But today, Jalen rose, we have to do something similar was that. Reggie Reggie's out sick. Reggie. Reggie is so daily listeners the podcast. Brad is in for Reggie big at Brad for seven in. Thank you. Brad. Appreciate the love. We appreciate you. You hope you feel much better. Is always better rich. We give you exclusive content here in the podcast for podcast listeners. Our favorite people that take in the Jalen and Jacoby content. People been with us for eight years, and they know that this podcast exclusive. It's time when we go little too hot for TV. TV? Jalen rose is a few things. I know about you. You love basketball you love power. If you love your family, Jalen, rose leadership academy, you love lobster and something else you love Jalen rose. Jalen, you love breast milk. I do. I don't know how this happened because I would say that if I only person this room that's ever drink breast milk. No. No, I don't even that is I do. You win. If you try breast milk in your life. So. There was a time. Well, like fifteen years old. I went to an adult entertainment establishment starting early right off living Nori live annoys, either joy road or tire men. I forget the name for people whose podcast right now. They're so pump that you said that. And I remember being in this stylish man, I can't say the name of the adult that I went with. Oh, that means that they're famous if you can't do there. So you're fifteen let me figure this out, but Sean Leonard. No, he was my age. Okay. The these. Yeah, I'm what no you're not nine. We're the same age. So anyway, I was in the adult entertainment establishment around fifteen years old. Thirteen dollars in my pocket like mice ugly number like a five in like six ones. Oh, yeah. Like, ugly number. I remember those crinkled. Wondering minimum cover water right now. So I'm near to stage performer one of our tricks was to spray breast. Because I'm the youth in the building some people probably were grossed out by this. She was making it rain. I was fascinated by this. And so therefore like a young person does when they go to the faucet. Hours trying to get the angle just drink the breath. Like, my son seeing as I know Paul this tongue out a man, let me tell you something. I didn't choke either out. I will not enough to drink. I didn't have no money. I was excited to be in there. And I was drinking at breast milk. So every since. I've been the dictate tastes great. It's very sweet, it tastes like condensed milk out of the out of the can or whatever remember that. They don't really use that in agreement more kids at that. Well, I didn't realize I became a part of the routine until just now there's actual milk news today tomorrow and t you the sisters I loved them to marry Maori drinks. Her sister tia's breast milk and says it's the best she's ever tried in her life. Little weird little weird. I'm gonna tell you. What makes it not weird to me? It's a little weird. What's that? I'm gonna tell you why I'm gonna tell you. I'm gonna tell you the only thing that doesn't make it weird to me. That they're twins twins. That's the only thing the only if they were just sisters that will be different, but they're twins. And you know because you have twins. They move as one they move as one they all because my twins are three years old. And it just learning how to talk who've is in the day. They they don't use. We sometimes they'll be like me and Chloe I'm going to the store, and you're just like, well, the y'all really look at yourself as one person we need to all right? Got some real effort to in again. I gave this Russell Westbrook. And I know you listen to every show you gotta make a real effort to make sure that their individual people because they get grouped into gather all the time and everything so we take them out separately this shelter. Russell westbrook. Who is average in a triple double for the third straight year was rocking. The Michigan shorts. Recent. Oh, he was and those are the exact same Michigan's shorts. I forgot the company that makes them out to them that Jalen rose, gifted me one time, and I put them in my desk drawer because anyone who works. Anyone who loves to play basketball and works in a corporate environment knows that it's always advantageous have a backup set of basketball workout gear at your job in case, something pops off spontaneity Asli spontaneously and Jalen saw them in my drawer and got mad at me last week. Because I gave you an amazing gift you play basketball two or three times a week you could award shorts. You know, who I got beef with the podfather over this too. I gave the podfather a pair of giambra betas converse weapons black and white the ones like Larry used to wear them. Touch to him out of the commercial. I walked away with the MVP him match. Like, yo I gave him this pair. He happens to where the exact same size that. I do. So I went to the store and I bought these shoes. It was his birthday. I remember I did drive around Los Angeles. You know, because you know, I don't really give presents right? Like, I give you on your birthday this here. That's the way keep that off wax. Okay. And. I gifted him these shoes. Probably two thousand twelve it's Nelson seven years later never seen him wear them. But but but never once but like the twins. I gotta defend them for something. How much does he love Larry Bird in the Celtics very much as much as he loves breathing. He can bring any conversation back to the Celtics. Okay. So you think about it? That's a collector's item for him. Now. I think he just put them in the garage or something and just forgot about them. Because I you know, what one day they're gonna be like it's gonna headlines it'd be like ESPN television personality David Jacoby caught breaking into. His home. He's now facing five to ten. I'm going to be like, listen, I need to get those shoes. Back. I needed to get those shoes back. That's what happened. Broke into Bill. Simmons house. Shots a Bill the podfather and his family. No doubt. Well, Mr. rose. Our Kelly who's been cancelled. I'm not listening to Arnie R Kelly songs ever. To the radio the other day and his song came on the first thing. I thought about was who allowed that to happen. Oh, yeah. What program director who was like, let's do this especially everything's happened recently. So he was in jail hundred thousand dollar bond. Didn't put it up for two days got out, you know, where he went when he got out strip club straight to Mickey D's. I don't know. I don't know in shot town, the rock and roll Mickey D's be cracking rock and roll. Mickey be no doubt about it. What downtown Chicago? Detroit used to have one that was cracking to write off being cool in Wyoming. How far is that from the status with the reigning breast milk? It's on the same side of town. But you gotta drive there. Okay. Rock and roll McDonald's. What's to do between that? And normally Donald's the it has like the jungle gym for the kids to play on the different arches. They're like in the ground that it's right? Yeah. Chicago drove by like what is going on with that McDonnell? There's a bunch of other franchise restaurants right in the same block around there. Yes. It's hard rock fat. So I am happy to report. Growing up in particular. I eat a lot of McDonald's. And it was a great hang spot full, my wife, eight McDonald's every single day after school or grandma pick up and taking McDonald's every single day after school, and she was skinny as a rail my kids. How's it? Let's say our kids McDowell. She's like, yeah, they won't eat it. I mean you for real Jacoby. I eat McDonalds breakfast right now thirty percent of the time. That's not true. That's true. My wife works here. You can ask her all this to run on the set. I take so thirty percent of the time for so long McDonald's. So if there's if there's wait a second if there's thirty days in hot, cakes and sausage with an extra sausage sausage mcmuffin with eggs with an extra sausage. No cheese, sausage biscuit. What an extra sausage, your everything you said tastes good. It doesn't feel good though. It doesn't feel good. Those are my orders. You better be careful. Kangaroo Jalen about to me. I'm going to be what they want. Those you listen to show know that I'm not a big fan of live music too. Loud starts to late just like to stand or sit down. I don't know what to do them. Just not to be a lot of music, you love music, and you complain about concerts sound like an elderly man, an elderly man because I've got kids, but here's thing I love live events. I love being amongst the crowd with the collective roar of a sports event. And I want my son who we just discussed to feel the same way. So I start bringing him the Knicks games. You know, how I get those tickets to the Knicks games seek seek pulls millions of tickets into one place you can easily find the seats you want for price. You're willing to pay. And here's the best thing about seeking Jalen when you open up the app, there's certain seats that are in red is certain ones that are in green. 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Go to four hymns dot com slash J and J that is F O R H I M, S dot com slash J and J four hymns dot com slash J. J? Get your hairline light Jalen for him dot com slash JJ. Coming off that terrible loss to the pelicans their belly. There's no chance that the Lakers would go into Memphis and lose to the grizzlies gonna happen. They have the Ron James. They wouldn't lose to the Memphis grizzlies joke him, Noah's Memphis grizzlies. They wouldn't lose that team. Right. He was out of the league doing medicinal things. Chanels a sudden he's back in the game. Playing quality minutes game play pluck while the minutes. He powered the grizzlies past the Lakers. The Lakers lost to the pelicans. And then the grizzlies the grizzlies are not motivated to win basketball games yet. They're doing it. Anyway, how did this happen? I watched every second of this game waiting Villegas to come back. It's just never happened. When you're an average basketball team that can't defend the paint. They can't defend the room. And there's not a team that shoots will from three or the free throw line teams are going to stay in a game. With just those dynamics because they're NBA players running up and down the floor where shorts entertained top. They're going to be in a game and bought the way. Lost that Philly barely Boston loss at Atlanta came back to actually be Houston when they were down nineteen. So this has been an up and down squat anyway. And now, you get to Memphis, all of a sudden, you don't get a couple of calls and things don't go your way and Mike Conley has a big thirty point game. Because he's there you played. Well, now, all of a sudden you find your way on the you find yourself on the wrong end of the scoreboard. It was they lost the pelicans fine. Lebron James comes out he talks about what's important to the players is the survey. Debating he's as playoff activated. He's really he's really talking big game and expected LeBron James to come out in this one lead his team to a win. It kind of say listen if we're gonna make the playoffs I'm going to take us down the stretch the project had triple double yesterday. Jalen, but I watched almost every second of the game. He didn't play. Well, he really didn't play well turnovers taking deep threes dismissing kind of bunnies. Like, he just kind of seemed and there's a little bit of that bad body language thing going on not playing great defensively. What did you see from LeBron last night? So from LeBron. Initially LeBron James came into the league and basically play a point four. Usually that means they're two guys that are to have more books in more hype than you do on the floor that created a level about when he got to Miami. And he really unlocked this game. Chris Bosh was able to play the five, but in theory, LeBron James play like a power gar position because he's the primary ball him and that functions well because he's surrounded by three shooters. He has somebody on the spot that could catch lofts and be finisher and doesn't need to post up. So not look dynamics of the Lakers team. Javale McGee does give you the height, and we'll give you lob and dunk spot opportunities. However, he can't play a lot of minutes because that's something. He hasn't done in his career you traded zoo botch. You're not really plan Tyson Chandler, so in theory, they're three best players are LeBron who's m- who's been terrific this year, Atlanta Ingram who's also been balling this year anger played well last night. So now. But here's the problem. So that means those your three players up front not stopping anybody from getting laughs and dunks not balk not hype not contesting shots post defenders. So therefore, you see LeBron in the unique spot of front, and he's still distributed and getting people involved. He's still getting his board. He's the only player in the history of the NBA to being a top tier escorting assist. He's playing well. But it's a team dynamics that they've not been able to unlock. And also you ready for this. They miss Lonzo ball. Oh, yeah. Oh, they definitely miss aim is Lonzo also, but Lonzo ball also underrated defender to correct under eight that's kind of had his way again passes, man. Bumping into the big man and one getting passes man bumped in the big men and one getting passes man, no help defense bucket. So when the Lakers are real contender? Lebron is gonna be the second tallest player on the floor. When quality minutes happened. They thought that was going to be Anthony Davis this year. That the also second tallest player on the floor and the everyone else can shoot like right now. He's like sometimes you the second tallest player in the floor. But there's one shooter out there. Reggie Bullock and shoot he just got their moose. Golic can shoot theory. We couldn't last night. And then you've got Kouzmouk who's in threes in Brandon Ingram actually hit some threes last night too. But they need shooters around him is this season a wash for LeBron James and the Lakers is not a wash. I've talked about that system beginning on the season to me success for the Lakers was to be a seventh or eighth see possibly play in the playoffs hope to avoid the warriors in the first round probably get a young team. Maybe like the nuggets, for example, that you can have LeBron's greatness elevates you in a playoff series as I felt like their maximum optimum productivity could be this year. Now as I look at the standings, the best thing that's happening for them is that the Spurs are struggling the clippers don't wanna make the playoffs. But because they haven't really changed. I picks. They want. Chain it first round pick in the Sacramento Kings have not been here and they've lost a couple of their most recent gained. So they're not buried. They have a chance to back themselves in the playoffs, which it would really be that. And we all know what happens if they get that eight spot. How MRs it's going to be if they get to the playoffs. They're going to do it on the last night of the regular season. Like now, it's at the point where like if you guys are going to get any don't talk about the seven seat. It's going to be game eighty two and one of those things like this team needs to lose we need to win like that. But take a look at their upcoming games. It does not get. I know they just play the pelicans and the grizzlies it does not get easy for them to look they've got then they play go back to play the pelicans than books. Sons. That's a win clippers nuggets Celtics of these six games. Like, they'd be lucky to go three three lucky to go three. And so as a player, you look at the schedule, and you try to realistically say, okay? This should be a win. And or if we're not the favorite, maybe we can get it. Because of circumstances like playing at home or they're Dilawar injury or they're not playing well right now because a lot of times not who you plan is when you plan, and so I can't really quantify if they're going to win or lose any of these games. You know, why? Because they're an average team. They're an average team. They'll go win at Boston. And they'll go lose in Atlanta. That's what they are. So they can easily lose our winter. The pelicans same with the buffs. Like, that's what this team has been. But on paper, I would say pelicans win by double digits lose to the bucks beat the Suns by double digits beat the clippers at home. Lose to the nuggets on ESPN on March six lose to the Celtics on March ninth on ABC, the only problem with that is I also thought that would be the pelicans of the grizzlies coming out of the all-star break. I really did. So that's going to happen with this team. Now, there's an interesting report, and the non Mus -secutive, you gotta be careful whenever you start quoting anonymous leagues because is that we're not talking GM's. There's a lot of league executives out there. It's thirty teams the six or seven seconds per team and its executive is getting coffee right now. Yeah. Yeah. All but they were speaking to Bleacher report, and they said the following quote about LeBron James and the Lakers he killed the Lakers chemistry. He shouldn't have been so public about it talking about the Davis trade even during the all star draft. He laughed about one Davis to be his team mate. Jalen how much truth is there to this facts? The dynamics of their roster are veteran players on one year deals. Lance McGee Rondo right, then they're players that are on their rookie deals coups. Mom, Ingram ball, art. And you know what? Those two groups having common. None of them are invested in the Lakers future anymore because they realized that probably all of them will be gone. There's a there's a chance that all those players could not be on the ballot. Like on the Lakers like next October. So if you think about a level of investment, what does it take to be a team sacrifice commodity? You have to buy in. Everybody has a Rolls, Royce, you accept it right word. And so now all of a sudden oh resplendent with vets were splinter Ghazwan rookie contract. The only got it knows. He's going to be there next year is LeBron. So that's what we have. Well. Former liquor legend curves jabbar's doing something very interesting, and I wanna jump in McCall cheat me like a he is auctioning off all of his championship rings and his MVP trophies. And about it. He said the following quote when it comes to choosing between strong champ storing championship ring or trophy in a room or providing kids with an opportunity to change their lives. The choices pretty simple, sell it. All jalen. I love cinnamon behind this. I love what he's doing. I got one thing. I'm gonna keep one of each. I'm gonna keep water beach. I get it Kareem. You're doing the right thing. But like keep one of these. So I got this from t- grizzly this Liz looks he grizzly when people try to clown me about what they feel like I didn't accomplish. I like to say you keep those awards. I want the rewards. And that's what Kareem is doing here. We know what he accomplished. And so for him to have a ring to has so many diamonds on it that he can't wear it. So many trophies did has taken place in his home as he starts to get older. He realizes like these these aren't important to me. And then you ask yourself what is important to me? And if I could give back, and I have the opportunity to do it through things that didn't cost me anything financially that I'm willing to do it, can you think of I dunno one particular place that maybe some of this money from the skyhook foundation. Could end up. Jane wells, leadership academy. Cabinet sounds good to make it in. It's curious Davar. Now, there's a player in the league who's being treated unfairly Jalen rose his name is DeMarcus cousins, but he's known as. Jalen rose. A mean it this time. I mean it this time. It's the don't get fired topic of the day. For real. I got three kids. I love this job. I love coming to work every day be very concerned. With the words that come out of your mouth. A gentleman by the name of Robert Kraft went to a place called orchids of Asia. You know, what happened by now? But there's some new details about this. He was there from eleven AM to eleven fifteen AM Sunday January twentieth. The day the patriots played the chiefs in the AFC championship in Kansas City. Jalen he now has a court date set for eight thirty am on April twenty four. He's been charged with two counts soliciting prostitution. Are you surprised it was there the day of the AFC championship game? If he was going to be there, which he clearly had been there prior. I'm not surprised any day of the year. He would be there including when his team plays. This is a a major issue for the NFL for a lot of reasons. Yes. Number one. He's an owner, and they should be held to a higher standard of discipline. So therefore if you look back at the track record of that football team under his leadership, they did get punished. Even though the tape got destroyed for by gate. Yup. They also got punished for deflate gate. Yup. So really in theory. This is their his third time coming in front of the judge and jury in this case to NFL also for that league terms that now are attributed to. To some of the top players in that game happen to be domestic violence assault. Sex trafficking, prostitution four league. This had to deal with an image. Problem of do. They really care about the will being of women. And so I'm fascinated to see clearly how this plays out for him as an individual. But a lot of people going to be looking at the level of discipline that gets attributed to him based on these circumstances. And also how he then response as an individual of influence of money and of power how he now turns around and shows a level of contrition based on getting his name and his franchise caught up in these allegations. So he has denied these charges. Categorically, even though the police say that there are videotape of certain occurrences. Do you think the league will punish him before? During her. After the legal proceedings take place. This is what always makes it tricky. And we talked about this in circumstances of violence against women. Because even if it's on video, which we've seen in certain cases in particular Kareem hunt hunt comes on what happens is our judicial system. Does it necessarily punish? Fast enough for the court of public opinion to take place if for the league to now establish their level of discipline? So therefore becomes a situation of if you're the league, do you punish more harsh than the court system who in theory, didn't do what the court of public opinion felt like they should have done. So now forces us to argue about what should happen, for example to Kareem hunt win in theory. We thought maybe what he did on videotape which again raw v the criminal system to punish him interesting to the NFL when the criminal system doesn't punish in the NFL says, well, there's you know, we don't have proof that there was a crime there. Even though we saw with our own is proof of crime. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out because when you have money you have access to high powered lawyers when you have high powered lawyers. There's a way that sometimes these charges just as appear. I don't know if that's going to happen in this case. But it'll be interesting to follow. Also, if you're Mr. craft he was out, you know, what I mean, they Oscar parties it's just it's very interesting to see how he plays this publicly because his public stance, and his sort of persona and the public has kind of vacillated in changed over the last couple years, and I just wonder how this will work with him. And for all of those who follow sports, please know of all of the NBA NFL major league baseball teams. There are certain owners that want us to talk about them because they become something for conversation or get in front of the cameras. They do interviews and in their ninety percent of the owners who just fall back, and they're not in the public so four Mr. craft we seen him, whether it's talk about Trump, whether it's dance with Cardi B, whether it's be a part of meat mills movement. And so he's been doing a lot of things in particular, the pre-oscars. Party. We saw Tom Brady on the jet. So there's been a lot of footage of him. I would think now and I'm not here to determine what how he's just been his time. Mondo you read. Oh, you're right about what you're about to say. He should probably just fall back. He's gonna back. He's going to fall back. He's fall back from the cameras going to hear from him to summer and just allow this very serious situation. Played south up. Thank you for not getting his fire. Jalen rose next. James harden, and the rockets beat the hawks. Okay. However, James harden, play great. He was over ten from three. Now, I commend him for shooting. The after going for nine. But still he didn't play great in this game. Certainly had got close to the thirty point marker that we all want him to get to extend history. But here's the final possession with ten seconds left hangs down the backorder little bit. Then dribbles over kind of look at the hawks four hawks around the ball right there with the game is out of hand already. Do you think the hawks loaded up against hard? So he wouldn't score thirty eight clearly did have four players or wait for let me ask you a follow up question. And I know you hate those if they had not done that in European with your shot the ball. Yes. Backward. Back is a little bit. Are they? What passing cut there's just surrendered? I can do. And what you've taught me an NBA players say, this is they all know the stats like there's that big Jumbotron, they all know that he's got twenty eight and all of them are saying themselves. We might not come away with the w but we are going to end the streak right now. Well, Houston one, but our next guest will not be happy that the hawks loss. Very special guest returning to Jalen Jacoby yesterday. G is here. Well, let's see today today. See more. Kobi's good listen to it name reputation. Welcome to the program. We appreciate the love. You have a new project in the works. Yes. Wrap or go to the league. Now, the first thing I thought about when I saw it reminded me of when biggie said these sling crack rock or you got it wicked jump shot. So what's the significance of this album title? Well, I think, you know, just to speak for myself in American community does a term that was if it wasn't said it was some what presented to us a lot. I even my son is three years old. I have them bison. Is this something that we kinda was like, I don't even know if it's called brainwashing. But we you know, sports is it's music is PM. It's you know, good tar everything. And I think this album is actually an oxymoron for me because I'm trying to show people that it's actually another side of this. You can actually do something, you know, tons of things that you can do outside of, you know, having a wicked crossover or having been. Able to hold a note. You know what I mean? So I talked about, you know, black excellence, I talk about just a chief and trying to find a passionate thousand in and on. So this album has more substance than people are custom to coming from me. And I'm some person I'm personality can do on day LASSO and y g and little baby. Whoever you know. I mean, I think one artist they can really get my point across any kind of track any kind of type of general music so excited about this project. Well, one is unique about this project. Parents others certain and our work on this one a gentleman by the name of LeBron James. What that process was like with you to in the studio, you know, like what was it? Did you ever have to tell him? His ideas were bad, you know, with Dave. How long was he in there? What was it like being a partner with studio a couple of times, which also is the last time we hooked up. And this was you know, obviously why he was injured. Everybody seems to think I had something to do with that. Looking colder. Come with next. Stop you there. Stop. View there. But animal Laker fans. Don't do me. Like that. But not you know, he he's not in there like adjusted knobs, you not only that he's just in. Obviously is the volume, you know, for me it was about giving him the title of the album the concept of the album. Ironically, he has the more than athlete campaign, which is very similar to what I'm doing. So it was about the process of narrowing down songs are trying to, you know, get this thing on the sixty minutes on my project to be under our. So it's over record over court. I had over twenty dollars. Choose from so's about going through songs that meant something had some type of substance that fit the concept of the album. That's where LeBron came in. And it was a while idea had because obviously he supports the coaches so much he's in the back of his may back. He's in the back of the sprint ain't plays. Every new artists that comes out. He supports them genuinely you know, what I mean organically, you don't have to rock him. Sometimes he he tax you sometime he doesn't. You know what I'm saying? This is what he does every week. And so I'm like why not put this on your resume one at this on the resume. I think is dope. I think it's a terrific idea in somebody that loves music, and it always seems to come the soundtrack for sports in a lot of ways when you're in the studio with ANR, LeBron James there will be times that he presents an idea that you think is what? So at that point. How do you let him know based on? This is what you do for a living. This how you've made your bones that are appreciated the idea, and please give me an example of an idea that he brought to the table. Now, we ain't doing that fam-. Now, he he had a couple of ideas about features and stuff. And I thought that my was already kind of feature head, you know, what I mean like with the features, and and you know, like some samples that he may not have no where I got him from somebody. You know, I got this such and such and this way really came from the hard times southwest from UT K. And so. Classic class. And so that was some that I kind of kind kinda share with him. You know what I mean? And it was you know, he shared me like we felt on. He brought up a bunch of good names dope names on Assem next. They not own their. It'd be live brother. This. Mess with some of y'all. What I wanted to cite real. Yeah. You've heard his song. K D is one of those piece features that he knew himself him in. Katie went hard on there. Couple of bar. There's an on man, you know, like any. It's like anything else meant it takes practice. Like a lot of people like music is like people don't notice a bundle us a whole thing is personality is hard work. It's the it's the recording process. It's it's it's how you do drives. How you mean this relationship thing, it's you know, basketball is somewhat similar, but it's it's it all involves practice hard work as a fan of your's is appreciate clearly your music, but how you able to articulate yourself and the album title plays out with you know, who you've always been with that being said, can you Lau the fans that want to work in this industry, the music industry, like take him through the day in the life of like the sacrifices that you have to make the studio time that you have to put in because we see the finished product and everybody wants to be like you. But they don't see the work that you put in. Yeah. For me. Me my schedule on the east coast and west coast. They're very different on the west coast. I get up early in the morning. I go out eat my breakfast. I'll do gym then I'll come back maybe taken that. And then I'll start studio a little bit earlier than I will on the east coast east coast because my kids there I actually go to the studio around ten at night, a leave around six I can get home when it's time for them to go to school when they go to school. Sometimes I Sam I walk out rarely do. I drive him to school because I'm tired by being on that recording. I sleep tobao twelve. Maybe hit up through the gym thing way to get home from school it with them when they go to bed around nine go to the gym some very I mean, not Jaylen our studio. So at night, it's very habitual. I don't really do like my schedule's like people that work with me. Or for me? They know that basically do the same thing rinse and repeat. Well, I've got to three year olds in my house. And you mentioned you have your three year old boxing. How does that even work like who's working three coach, and he's a boxer ama- son is because he has older siblings. Obviously as two older sisters. He's Vance for his age on the way communicates in the way talks and on the coast thought that I was blowing hot air too. So I called him not said, hey, man. My son wants to talk to you. My son said I wanna box, and he said you wanna box and he said. I'm looking right. Your eyes because I told my son that he needs to talk to people in his eyes when he talked to him. So the so the do. Okay. What does that mean? I'm like man, I've been trying to teach him look at people. You know what I mean? And and he came over and they had a couple of lessons. So he knows how to you know. That's what earned sweared. I'm big into that teaching young people things why they're so young with the grass it like fighting never protect yourself, swimming, just fine. I think it's just skills. Just let them do whatever they do today. Find a passion, you mean just give him as many options as possible have kids do everything from chess to fencing to you, know, gymnastics. I let them let them do all that. So I know you pay a lot attention to the National Basketball Association seen you at the games. And there's some things that we need we need your take on. Because we've heard all the the sports talking heads talk about it. And we look at here. We don't hear what you really think who is the NBA MVP. Up to this point James hearted. Ooh. Interesting as. Jaanus? Let me say John isn't. I know they're number one another team, but they have coached but left the hawks. And I knew where he can do once. He got a good like, I don't think we give him coach. I mean, I'm definitely giving. He's on the court. But. And this dude James Hardiman this whole step back thing. Like, they didn't have that Wednesday live without at all. This. On me. This back is behind the twenty eight foot, Mark. Have. But he steps back from the free throw line and ends up back his just like some of never seen before. And and Houston looks good too. Because we just saw sea PD without them. Yup. So so so we all know you carry the Atlanta flag as high as anybody. Let's go trait. But you're also a Lakers this LeBron will the Lakers make the play. Yes. Sure. In the words about lavar ball. Let's get Zoback the. Back. Well, not only do you pay close attention to the NBA the same way that we do is. You know, you also ball we've seen the footage. You know, you say you're in the gym. And you know, we've seen you we've seen you all. I got a fan. See I can get I can get get a ten day with that. Did. I have a fifteen legit fifteen foot. Seventeen right there and all the. Iran in the studio, but he might need you to play. Shooters out there. God that looks good. Did you say? Beat method, you know, balanced, elbow. I contact follow through. Teach me the guy. Could you be Jalen whose way shape, I play the hand to be Jalen be one? I can be shooting and and one on one because we both out of shape though, what's the strategy going up against Jay. That's not going to shoot them. So this scout report on him. Let me they don't have the scouting report on me. It's like, they know talk John. And then you've got to figure me out then I'm up five. Any NBA plan is like, okay, oh, he can play for it. And then they start, you know, trying to lock me down, and it becomes a thing. But. He's out of shape just run around. You know, my my my my jump shots, essentially layoffs for me. So first of all I want to tell everybody tell everybody where they can get rapper. Go go to the league is on all platforms Mashhad, everybody support me. I really appreciate you from. You know, God knows how family to def jam the fans, you know, all the platforms. Appreciate will always support you to. You're welcome back anytime to chains here on Jalen and Jacoby rapagao league anywhere. You can get your music. Get stream it Rathore Goto, the lead Jalen rose. Dwayne Wade has made it known. This is last year in the NBA. So as he goes on his fell way to farewell tour, and he gets celebrated by various teams where he visits he changed something to his game. His hair. What do you think of braid, wait all those two types of play? Well, can I put something on wax? That's a phenomenon into days NBA that. I love was I'm calling because this is what we call growing up youngsters that. A lot cooler to meet Phil free to come with a new name. And I can't wait to ask the players about it fresh out braids what a fresh out breads look like fresh out to pin. The okay right not fresh out the barber shop. And so like Brandon Ingram comes to mind Richardson on his team currently always has zero green being rocket him. So they're like ten players. I'm gonna make sure our highlight. And there we probably should rank the top guys that Iraq in the fresh outbreaks. Jalen, you're the best. Here's my thing. If you're debut, a new hairstyle and get all this attention for it. You gotta be the sons. At least divert the narrative, you cannot loosen the sons if you're the he'd come on D Wade, I'd rather you don't probably spend too much time getting his hair braided not prepare for the game. Last night, the warriors beat Charlotte as we all expected them to. But there's one play that we absolutely have to discuss because it involves a gentleman by the name of DeMarcus cousins also known as. Okay. Jimmy, lamb loses. Shoop right there in the free throw line because picks up and toss it to the side. However, it was caught by someone in the front row probably enhance their experience. I'd be pumped someone threw me to shoe, right? The referees called tech technically by the book. If you throw something into the stands, you deserve a technical foul is this unfair treatment for our guy because yes, this will be one of those things that quietly under the radar. The league is going to do away just like coming off the bench and by the way to add insult to injury. Meaning that he got a technical throwing the shoe the player who shoo he threw Jimmy Lyon. Win sat on the front row. We'll someone gave up there seat the Freyberg back on. Yes. So again to see paying that much money for tickets. No, I'm not giving my spot. I'm not gonna rule. Actually, it's a different way to silence the land. I always say I would love to ask you explain. The plot of silence of the lambs right now playing the plot. Silence of the lambs sold. The guy was Norman Bates Norman Bates. Okay. He was a deranged individual. He was really crazy in the movie. Yes. And he found ways to kidnapping e people. Close close. I remember that he wasn't eating them. I'm thinking about Jack Kevorkian now in in the movie, he he would just he was crazy is killing people. He was people. Yeah. I remember that Norman Bates Norrland's you. I saw the light. Welcome on when I said that you like, okay. I gotta give him props on definitely not Norman Bates. It's not what you do. It's how you do it because it's lightly tossed it. You know what I mean with lightly guy? It was like Steph curry with the mouthpiece. You know what? I mean, he wasn't trying to wasn't throwing hundred hour. Fastballs. You just tell you to just use common sense common sense should govern all referees over the laws of the game. I know that does that doesn't sound right. They should follow the letter. No commonsense should be the first thing that referees. Consider what I do in the rule is that player shouldn't throw objects into the stands technical. But I like his explanation, and it was really practical because my something's on the floor and somebody runs trips over, and it hurts themselves you stop pick up games. If that happens every stop. We don't want him to get hurt when the ball rolls in from the other quarter, whatever you stopped games. It's literally a danger he's helping not just his own team. But the other team as well because so much keep doing your thing. No doubt looks step slow to me though. And support of gera- lay. Oh does look. Slowed him anymore. You remember Charleston, right? From the bears cornerback the Panthers got hurt. And then he was hired. And like I haven't heard enough date. Exactly what he's been doing. Until. Now, Charles Tillman has great graduated from the F B I training academy. He's there's this thing where you graduate. And there's a two year period where you get trained a little bit more until you become an actual FBI agent. Charleston is going to be an F B I agent. Jalen rose. There's my surprise takes a couple of years training become an FBI agent. Doesn't like it should be harder than that. It's harder to become a dentist that it is becoming FBI. There's been a lot of things that happened in the news to make you wonder how much training you actually need it to secure a gun in a batch. Oh, well, guess what you in the rose, I can fix all that if they cancer all cancel our show, which they probably will after hearing you describe sounds of the lambs. Are you gonna join me in the FBI training academy? The key word is training with sounds like work. So no now why they gotta put that here on. I love the Cleveland. I love your, you know, what you know, what I don't think the staff likes me. I don't think they like me. We have a working relationship. But I don't think they love me. Like, they love you. Well, I appreciate the fact that he's enduring this new career path seems clearly like something that he's passionate about. And unlike you with this football background or he'd be chasing tackles. It'd be great at that. Someone's that's on you peanut. You'll get them feeling rose. A lot of teams have changed their rosters raise the trade deadline as we head into the playoff push. And they've added some new players players that we've dubbed new additions to see right? In addition. Addition. When you look at this group of players, Bobby Ricky, and Mike, which ones do you think we'll have the biggest impact between Kosovo Harris Kanter, midget? Like all of those guys bring to the table. So Wes Matthews is going to be bring defensive toughness shooting and shooting. They lost Victor Defoe and a cool. Head bent in his cancer to go alongside Nurkic is going to give the blazers the balance of the mama's boys on a perimeter. They call them miratec Tages going to allow the Greek freak to play multiple positions up front loss. I him shooters surveyors bars is a veteran. It's been a champion is going to help the second kings playoff push Marcus sold is going to be a defender. They can run office through that can guard and need in the playoffs. He brings to this question has to be Tobias hairs Tobias Harris going twenty points a game. What does he do for this? Sixers team is in terms of playoffs when they have. Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, they still swept by the Celtics and the playoffs without Cari without Gordon Hayward. Then you add Jimmy Butler. I'm like legit contenders. When you add Tobias Harris Icee there the most talented team, and they had the most talented starting five in the conference. It will be a disappointment. If they don't find a way to have success, and they also add it, Mike, Scott. He's going to get them perimeter shooting up front as well. You know? I still don't know who's gonna win the Eastern Conference. Like, honestly, if you would attract who those win the Eastern Conference through the it began the season until now, it would probably be like five different changes. And one thing that's sort of weighing me away from the bucks is not just to buy Harris. It's Marcus all the rats are great rabbits have a good team. And then you put in markets stale balanced shooters, he adds defensive as you mentioned. But he's such a great passer. And like if you can really run offense through Mark assault, in a way, you really just can't Vallon Tunis. I really love to Saul on the raft. Hey, you if you're Ronal you have to Gart yourself against which collar is gonna show up in the playoffs. So Fred van bleat has emerged as one of the better starting wanted a better backup point guards in a game. Thumb injury assume that he's going to be back. You also now have PASCAL Jakko who can make a play off the dribble in particular transition grabbing goals. Obviously, you have Leonard one of the best performers in the game is has a career high points and rebounds. And then you have Markelle soul. So you have multiple people that all of a sudden have called Laurie struggling offensively. Shots that naked now initiate offense and Danny green being knockdown shooter surge plan minutes, also. The Pacers still they're still number three. We don't discuss about them being contenders. In the east. They are still third in the conference. The facts are the facts this scorpions scoreboards. You are what you are is Bill Parcells says and the Pacers are sitting at number three Jalen rose. Minnesota forward. Minnesota wild forward. Mike gremlin was traded from the wild to the predators. Good news for him. He goes from a team. It's on the fringe of the playoffs team contending. Bad news for him. His wife was in labor while he was traded the wild GM Paul Fenton, discussed it in a press conference. Grandmoms honestly labor rate now. And so to have this happen makes it even more difficult to disrupt people's lives, and that's the unfortunate part of being in this industry. They all know that it's a business. So from the wild we were nothing, but the best. Hopefully, there's a huge debate amongst staff of Jalen Jacoby belt. This is it just business and just quits and bad luck that this happened or should they have considered doing it earlier or not doing it all because of his family? Circumstance rates are consumed with timing. And a lot of them can have etiquette. This one lacked it which could easily allow them to know a day prior let him know after labor. They can still agree to the deal without a now. It's trade deadline. You can agree to the deal without announcing it doesn't change the parameters of what's happening. I'm not saying that they shouldn't have trade them. I just don't like the fact that they traded him wife was in labor. That's laying I wanna thank to chains. 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