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W T shirt. What the Hell Hell Hell home? This is the W. T. H. W. T. H. Podcast Jason Casey Casey Kareem Daniels. And they darling darling from the Darlie new media studios. This is the W. T. H. podcast. Hello and welcome in to another episode of the W. T. H. Podcast number seven seven. One Diem thank you for joining us. Whether you're watching on. Facebook live or listening just through your ear. Buds do the sound of our voices. We do appreciate it and we appreciate you shopping. Amazon to this shop Amazon Tab at the top of W. T. H. pod dot com. It is the best way to support the show and it does not cost you anything extra so we do appreciate that. Jason Kareem Gentlemen. Welcome in happy Monday. Epi Monday as we record on. Yeah so it's an interesting Monday Coming up on the show today. Of course it's Monday it's Wednesday. It's the Wednesday episode So we have Jason's Jag. Laundry thief has been nabbed. Thank goodness man and we lose an NBA. Legend will look back. A little bit The loss of Kobe Bryant over the weekend but before we get to all of that. Let's start with this. How was your week? Gentlemen we'll start with you. Jason Sick Kids yes. That's that's what my week. consisted of CJ Seagal last week And then got sick this week so like I was at the I actually had to be off work today and took her to the doctors. She has an ear infection. Cj has double ear infection. So Sal goes overachiever. Right seat has already beaten her sister So that's at EJ though Was In town and he hung out on On Saturday night he's a doctor. Now right he is in his last year he's working on getting his residency right now. So finds out on March fifteenth if he if he matched stir matchday which is an important part of the process. I guess that means at the hospital wants to take you on as a resident right who? Yeah so then they'll find out like you see find out if you've got matched on the fifteenth. Don't actually get you. Don't find out who your matched with until the twentieth right so they make you wait five. It's like this with like a blind date so his wife. Trish is already a doctor. So Oh cool. Yeah so both. That's what they're doing so I was just seeing if they were any help with the kids. That are sick not yet. I mean no. I didn't ask them to bring over his out of scope. And that's how you pronounce it maybe means stethoscope whether it is the one that goes in the year his ear. Harir her ear. That'd be different. That would be different very different. I hope hope everyone feels better soon. Green how about you? Oh Man Week was not bad well. I'll take a soda week. Was these It was are inverse. Re Hey congratulations Sixteen years wow. That's what I say. Wow and of happily unmarried bliss is in. The date really isn't a date but she just picked arbitrary date because we started. We went from being friends to being a couple like the month of a January. Yeah I mean until Leslie and I actually got married. We didn't really well we did. We had the date where we officially became a couple the because we we commemorated that at the time and then we had that for a couple years until we got hitched. Yeah so that was that We went to dinner Saturday night to commemorate that I was like. Oh you know it's it's a anniversary is like a long anniversary like saw no big. I'll be the good dutiful other half and like I'll take out to dinner too. Nice restaurant and then we got shitty service entity food. That's that is a that is a bad bad you know the TRIFECTA that food poisoning. Oh man you bad service bad food and food poisoning. That is the that is the traffic. Kareem did not give food poisoning by the way so yeah it was a we. We got there first off. We got there in the lady to the hostess was like well. You can't we can't see for forty five minutes because that's when I go to different place. Did you have a reservation? We didn't have resumes oaks. Oh we can't see two for forty five minutes but if you WANNA go say that one of the table tops or in the bar like you know the last time we went. We sat at the bar so it was like. Oh it'll be. This is a place you've been before. Been before okay and We went there for my birthday. She's been there three four five times by so you know it was like okay. It's the place we both Food I got the last time. It was pretty good so we went. It took them. It took a while for this to get our drink order in the first place which should be my first sign but trying not to be Gergo. Radio Guy Sure Then they took forty five minutes actually givers forty five minutes to our gas our food and the waitress never came back around to say oh. I'm sorry we got a backup in the story. I think that not that. I want to ever stand up for the when I walked out on my restaurant job when I walked out It was the day after. It was like the the Monday after father's day and it was crazy busy For some reason that Monday night in they never scheduled somebody to cover the high tops in the bar. That was just extra tables like as they came in you get thrown table or to Or sometimes they would schedule somebody but like really at the steakhouse showing three three or four. Tables is a handful. Not at the steakhouse right So I had a eight or nine tables by myself that like I was running to and then I like some people would actually end up going and sitting at his table which fucked me even more but nobody was helping me and I was the only one that was expected to do it and win. Some some chicks took it upon anyhow They they they gave me a hard time for taking like should we take him giving me Shit. I'm like this is I'm just like what do you want me to do? What do you do it? It is like see now see had a C walk by numerous times and didn't say anything and like that and it wasn't like all the high tops for full right. The high tops were full of say that but there were people that were working to hijack beside her and then her manager was walking around and seeing people were frustrated as he was like. Oh I'm sorry there's a backup in the kitchen and So NC went and got her food great but then she came back with my food and the chicken head no taste to it and the potatoes were so cook through that they were Brown and crispy like crispy hard so allow me to return. And that was like yeah. I'm done with this place. Yeah Yeah you can get fucked when you're in the bar areas a rough one. Yeah you know what just came back around. And she's like. Oh well how's the food in? My girls was good but I was like yeah. She's like well. Do you want not manager came back and I was like yeah. She's like well. You know you want to send you back a fresh for fresh plate mauchline. No because that'll take them two hours right. I I got places to be like bed and I was like yeah. Now we're good. I'm see like a yogurt. That was pretty much over displays. So that was that and then We're about to talk about how the rest of the Weekday to twenty percent. No and that was the thing because me and Bryan Bryan Bryan Sushi Brian. We're talking about tip in a in a message and it was like well. What do you do? Do you tip a person when you got boat bed servers and bad food. I normally do but I don't tip them. I tip them was fifteen at least always have fifty always. Unfortunately I just the until Jason told me they already are getting paid minimum wage. In which case you know. Hello Tammy no tip. That's so messed up. Tnt Tammy not is still only get like four or five hours at a time. Look if you're look if you can't come back and explain in and say I'm really sorry. The kitchen is backed up to ten percent tip if any at all that so she got tempers at ten. Yeah and I'm I try to live up to their stereotype. 'em Good Tipper. Because I used to date a girl when I got here who worked at as a waitress and because of her always dip really will. Yeah my my buddy. His axe was A waitress at applebee's now. This is in Plattsburgh. Were applebee's is a big thing and he was like. Oh no you gotta tip because You know your tip is spread out amongst everybody and I always took issue with that because that's great but what that means is everybody needs to pressure on old tammy no tip to upper level of service to get some depths because they are impacting. Everybody don't put it on me that you the the restaurant's policy is all the tips go into a bucket and get divided out. That's not my problem. I worked I worked to our to that. They often bar opened up the Elfin bar. That was on arden crash on the mall. I opened that one up so I was at the opening staff there. I would a Tahoe. Joe's I worked at this place called Frankie Johnny and Louise To it which is In Dublin and the outside when I think of power they have like three or four of them. This completes Jason's linked in profile so that the Beatnik cafe for years. So I I. I have a lot of food service. Industry like like in like a lot of I rarely got should tips because I was a good server But since then. I've always become a a any out his deal at the city tip for me. You deserve deserve it right. The only place that I felt like there was the worst that I got fucked. I stopped when I did not want anymore was elephant bar because you work lunch their shitty tips and my it was just it was just. That was horrible. I did not ever want to never worked for L. And having you the elephant walk every day was tough it was little demeaning to. I mean no no fun with that. my. We'll get to my week another time. We show Jason Jason's resume took a lot of time So this weekend woke up Sunday morning to the news that I'm using an adblocker. Cnn doesn't like that. I'm just kidding. woke up to the news that Kobe Bryant was killed in a helicopter crash. Now this is something I was immediately like. It was like Whoa and I always liked Kobe. Bryant I know he could be a deck But I was like Kobe Bryant so it was a little sad and then when I found out that his daughter was on the helicopter with him. And then we find out. There were nine people. Total on the helicopter originally was five with was what they announced but it was him and his thirteen year old daughter and another family. Another family One of one of his daughters teammates. They were going to travel game and it turns out. They were flying in crashed into a hillside in Calabasas and it turns out that There were It was really poor visibility. They had to get special permission to continue flying in in that visibility now the the the investigation investigation is still ongoing into what exactly happened. Because witnesses were saying that they heard the engine Didn't sound good so that's not a weather issue. That's an engine issue. So we'll see how it all at all shakes out but Though the Lakers clippers game which a scheduled for the twenty eighth. Which if you're watching on. Facebook is tomorrow and if you're listening as it drops. Us yesterday there. They're just not going to play the game. They're gonNA take the day off which is Ironic. Because Toby would have played. Yeah I mean So I mean I I totally get it. I wasn't a fan of him as a player. I I didn't like him but A become more of a fan to him as a person with the watching him with his kids in the way he'd been given back he is. It's really interesting and I happen to be in the La area when he tore his Achilles In the playoffs. So I think I was down. Running Angels Five K. Or something like that and literally every TV station. That was their lead story that night but Kobe. Bryant has torn his ACL and that was really shocked. Well not shocking. But it was interesting to me. That Something like that would be your lead story on every newscast in the second largest city in the country so I had a feeling that when I got the the alert that this happened that there would be nothing but coverage of this in l. a. and of course that was in fact correct Tmz apparently put the story out before. All the next of kin could be notified which Not Not. Okay not okay The rush to be first is why we heard there were five people on board. When in fact there were nine people on board and actually a story that Rick Fox was on the plane. He wasn't on the plane helicopter helicopter. Yeah so I saw it like the first notice got pushed to my phone right. That's how most people found out in like and then I went to go look at the article an article had been taken down at TMZ. Yeah like almost like right away like pretty quickly so I was. I remember just I saw the headline and I didn't click on it as sought come on my phone and I was just like. I told Chris and I didn't like we're in the middle seventies so I talk about it as I'm hoping that this isn't true like this is this is one of those things that happens and then like about five six minutes later. I looked at it and had been taken down. But then you start doing research on it and it's like one of those those hoaxes comes around no and for all of TMZ vaults and they have many. They don't tend to put out stuff that isn't true. Now it may not be confirmed with a Lotta people yet like they had. They were reporting. Michael Jackson was dead hours. Before any quote unquote credible news organization would would Say that Michael Jackson was dead and I remember being in the newsroom at Casey. Ra and a resume. We'll TMZ is reporting it but No one is confirming. I'm going as you said. Listen He's dead if TMZ is reporting. He's dead he's dead. They don't make mistakes about the. They make ethical mistakes mistakes in judgment but they do not go live with stuff like that unless they are dead shore and they've got they've got their sources for it. Yeah and it turns out. They had that hours ahead of time. But he's being I really that important. I saw a lot of that on twitter. People saying hey stop putting stuff out and do you know it's confirmed or the people like to say that but you know ultimately everybody wants to know but that's why we get the alerts on our phone now but you're saying because there were so many misnomers because one time they said is all of his daughters. Were on the plane right and he likes to develop the helicopter. Rick Fox's from the South is playing dammit Rick Fox portion of it and you know there were other incredible sources. They were like no. I talked to his daughter. He's that on a plane or the late there was a reporter from L. A. Said no and then Rick Fox came out and said No. I was not on the on the helicopter. so This it came across the this Morris is on. Espn and Jay Williams speaking about Kobe Bryant. He's a everybody at home person next year. Whatever they you have on your life with them is might be smaller. B Girl doesn't matter. I'm sorry none of this stuff matters. Fan this is about life in being precious memory to have second. We have here because somebody who knows what's happened to me. I got medicines over randomly randomly arbitrarily and You know his his four girls and his wife or we need to come around him and support them help them and NBA should cancel all games today. our into what else to say the is it really worth holding that grudge. Is it really worth being that upset over whatever it might be Or can you just get past it and the answer is yes you can get past pretty much anything? I mean unless someone has tried to kill you then go ahead and hold a grudge and look I French Canadian background. We are famous for holding grudges. What we do is what we do. Meanwhile as as the as the As the coverage of Kobe Bryant passing away was going on nonstop Msnbc OF COURSE had coverage. And someone named Zack on twitter said. I'm sorry what did I just hear kind was cast on the Los Angeles Nigger Los Angeles Lakers what. Let's say that one more time perfectly cast of the Los Angeles Niggers Los Angeles Lakers back. Jason that's the type of thing you missed by not being on twitter with Corinna because that was one that we shared back and forth. She's apologized for that. I mean what did she say? It didn't sound like the n word out of it. It it did it. Sound like she said acres like well. That's that's her. Let's listen one more time Jason. Listen listen to her decay in there not not gee on the Los Angeles nigger look. I knew he wouldn't this one. I'm not even surprised if you heard a k look. I'm not saying that she was using the N. Word on purpose or that she would have even used it accidentally but she did apologize saying on twitter earlier today while reporting on the tragic news of Kobe. Bryant's passing I unfortunately. Stuttered on here combining the names of the Knicks Lakers to say knackers. Well you even know that and I say Kay as acres please no. I did not and would never use a racist term. I apologize for the confusion. This caused Kareem. Do you believe her. I don't believe her it was a it was a bad day for white women in this story. I don't think she had any intention of robbing an end bomb and I don't think she. I don't think that she casually uses the N. Word I think it was a slip of the tongue as she was rolling through filling however many hours of coverage time but and I'm like he he didn't have anything to do with the Knicks at all. No not even like his most famous games or anything. Yeah like somebody did point out that she had said something about the Knicks earlier but seat and say I said knickers. She said Nacre snake sprite because she realized she was saying. You guys have never had that happened avenue me before. Said Noah where you're saying you're saying one thing I gue- trusdale set you free or you're saying something and you realize you're saying the wrong thing and you change it in the middle of it so let's say you're like. Oh Yeah no you should slice dice it up like slice dice. Like I don't know I I've done that before where I've said especially doing Improv. And stuff like that where you're on. I'm like sometimes you say something and you change it in the middle when you're saying that you realize you're saying the wrong thing. I don't know that's that's all I every time I say white double white cracker doesn't mean it's not by accident. I'M GONNA fall. I'M GONNA fall somewhere in between you guys say. I don't think she meant to say anything like that I think. She got jumbled in her words but she definitely did drop an end bomb. I actually do agree with that. That's probably what happened but she did say. She said absolutely she's still working. There hasn't got fired. They're going to buy it of course no that they've they had the tape and they listened to it and they're like I can hear a k. They're younger than you guys. Better hearing so see my the gut by the columnists Washington Post Gazette. Spend it right for tweeting and like you said it was. It was a good day for White Women with this story Yeah so we`ll. We'll have a little bit more Kobe. Bryant stuff across the next couple of shows Who were running very late of the impeachment. Trial of president trump continued on Monday The big thing I guess that has come out and we'll see. It has any impact. A snippet of John Bolton's book has been leaked where he Supposedly said that president trump told him to be firsthand knowledge. That Ukraine was not getting any of that money until they announced investigation into Joe Biden and Joe Biden son. So we're now at the point where Mitt Romney has said that People may be coming around to having witnesses. Although when Ted Cruise walked out of walked out of the Senate today and was asked about witnesses. He went into some diatribe about something else that new since. He's he's the only one it was. It's pretty much all of them. That all the Republicans. Don't want anything with that but basically this would be a first hand witness. That could corroborate. Exactly what the articles of impeachment is saying. This exactly and they are not saying you know we really should hear from him under oath they they. WanNa talk about Joe Biden and a thousand other things in Bef- right before I left to come here they Another snippet dropped where he said. He was worried about his Interaction with other Dictator like Foreign leaders sure and he told The secretary not the secretary of state the The person in charge of the DOJ that so yeah and lead. Barney's released ninety minute tape on Friday right of of them because trump is again saying he doesn't know him doesn't know who he is never talked to him and lead partners released a ninety minute video with mostly audio but but videotape of a dinner where we're trump talks about Marie Ivanovich needs to go get rid of her tomorrow. So the Republican Party. They're stuck now because they're like do I go ahead and just let this guy go with this. And then some big bombshell comes out after that. Then we're fucked. Yeah all right Jason. Let's get to your Jag. Let's Let's do up My JAG TODAY. Man I would forego it. I gave my resume. That's A. That's enough today okay. Yeah to give it to the makers gave it to the knickers knickers up and alleged Texas lingerie thief. So that's some good news. A laundry enthusiast. Already facing felony robbery charge was arrested and charged with slight swiping. Twenty-one Teddy's anal beads lubricant and a pair of heels from an adult Boutique in Houston Houston police charged that Jakulan Thompson. Who's twenty-three boosted the items during a grab and run incident at the Katz Boutique which advertises itself as quote your premier destination for fashion fantasy and fun. I looked at. They use the the Oxford Comma in there. Thompson allegedly took the laundry and other items from the checkout counter and bolted from the store with the hot merchandise which police valued at eleven hundred dollars. Tastes Bro. Twenty-one Teddy's is alive but I mean how how are those anal beads made of made of like Platinum J. J. J? There's actually pyrex. He's accused of stealing one firemen pump from the adult store. Though the criminal complaint offers no further description Oh my God Thompson was subsequently collared by the Harris County. Sheriff's Office deputies. Who booked him into jail on a misdemeanor theft count? Some of the recovered Teddy's were shown in a police photo citing spate of recent cases a magistrate Declined to set bond for Thompson. Who was arrested back in June of two thousand nineteen on a felony robbery with bodily injury charge during the alleged commission of that crime for which he was free on? Twenty thousand dollars bond. He struck the victim. According to copses rap sheet includes prior conviction for criminal trespass unauthorized use of vehicle evading arrest theft auto burglary and criminal mischief. He's crazy this increase. Let's leave the hustle and bustle for small town already. Small town news comes to us from PLATTSBURGH NEW YORK. The people of BLACKSBURG are speaking out and by the way. We'll have more speak outs in small town news on Friday's episode. I one title. Eating are their health department. Regulations regarding cashiers in line cooks in convenience stores snacking or eating while attending be customers. It's not only looks gross. That's right it says it's not only looks gross. It's unsanitary I don't want someone handling my lunch at the same time they're eating. There's it is Kinda discussed next. One is Christmas. Maybe just maybe people are beginning to follow their own hearts. What a joy to hear and read. Merry Christmas more often this year. The world has to change. We're creating our own demise. What are they trying to say that it was really nice that people were saying? Merry Christmas more at the end they were. They were saying the world's going to hell right. I know this person's really old. Jason Profiling Elliott motive trump next one's reform kudos to the new bail reform and discovery law. It's about time we do something morally right. I do find it sad. How prosecutors are wanting to decide a person's fate and fifteen minutes to one hour trying to force a person into taking a plea without all of the evidence how they seem against the defense being able to defend themselves or their lawyers getting evidence that could prove their client innocent. It is innocent until proven guilty. Not Guilty until we force you into taking a plea makes one wonder how many innocent people pleaded guilty feeling. They had no other option. This is not an old person that we'll talk about that more. Next year I'm guessing plots were quite white guy with dreadlocks. And finally this one's taxi it's a nice one. We're going to go out with a on a on a high note everybody on Saturday December. Twenty second a driver for city taxi and Plattsburgh altered his route to transport a shivering pedestrian to his church across town for free. Thank you sir. Good job sitting right right. Exit ramp thing is called it in himself. All the way across town and Plattsburgh's not that far it's literally less than ten minutes so good deed but really not that big a deal any who. That's it for this episode of the W. T. H. Podcast hope you enjoyed if you did? Please tell them friend. It's a shopping Amazon tab at the top of W. T. H. dot com. And you take care of yourselves. We'll see you next time if you're on facebook it'll be coming up right next if you're listening in your ear. Buds fresh episode drops on Friday. We'll see then bye-bye.

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