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You want? It you need it. It's what everyone's talking about the Kevin Sheehan show. Now, here's Kevin guard. I am here. Aaron his here. This shows presented by window nation. If you're in the market for windows. Call eight six six ninety seven or go to win donation dot com. And tell them we told you to call game of thrones recap coming up at the end of the show idead. Wait, I did wait until the end of the Toronto Philadelphia game to watch it. In fact, I didn't start watching it until about ten o'clock. So I stayed up Twitter. So I wouldn't see anything, but I did have a sense Aaron last night and early this morning from a few texts from friends that not everyone felt the same way. I did which is and I'll just give you my headline from my perspective. I liked it sim knits depict. But overall, I thought it was damned good. I mean, we're gonna get to it later on. In detail. You wanna give me a headline for the way you felt I would say. Felt better after sleeping on it have one huge problem. Okay. All right. So there you go big tease for Merrin for later in the show. Spoiler alerts the appropriate. Spoiler alert before we start talking about it will be provided on this show. Plenty of sports to get to. If you read the posts sports section this morning, you probably expect me to lead with soccer DC United beating sporting KC one nil Aaron very exciting. It took much of the sports sections front page. No NBA at all on the front page of the post this morning. None to game sevens. Nothing on it until you get to page six in this world section. Look, they know what they're doing. They know who they're trying to attract. I'm not about to tell them how to run their business. I would never do that. I probably would. But I'm not gonna do it. Now. I like several people at the post, I do find steam told me. As recently as a year ago that I was irresponsible. If I didn't read the post sports section cover to cover before doing a sports talk radio show in this city. He did he actually did that by the way what he suggested to me. Just is not true. You do not have to read it to sports talk, podcast or radio show or anything else. First of all, it's this newspaper is outdated already by the time. You get it. Anyway, by the way, the NATs. The nets got two of the four in LA. No offense Erin to speak of. They nearly got no hit yesterday by dodgers. Lefty review, they go three and seven on this big road trip. I did were you paying attention to the no he had going into the eighth. Yeah. A little bit. I I was actually watching it. But I was following. It was sort of going on while other things going on including basketball, but they're seven and a half back of the Phillies after this three. And seven road trip. Anybody getting fired? Right. This second. No. But I still think it's very much. I said Memorial Day last time, I still think it's very much imply. Well, I mean, one of the big issues clearly still deals with their inability to score enough and they had Soto back yesterday and they had run don't back yesterday. And they've had run don't back for for a few games. Now. Just not enough offense for this baseball team right now, they got a good start from Strasbourg the other day. They got a decent start from sherzer. But they end up three and seven on this strip in maybe the two four in Los Angeles two of the losses by the way shut came via shutout yesterday and on Saturday. I believe was the the other shutout, but they get the Mets here for an seven of their next ten. The Mets are ahead of them in the division. In fact, they're seven and a half behind Philadelphia. But they also fell further back of the Mets Braves who got on a little bit of a winning streak. Over the weekend. I think they're four and a half back now of Atlanta in three and a half behind New York. So they're three teams in front of them. And the NATs are sixteen and twenty four. So there's that J P. Finley is going to join us in a bit. We'll talk to him about Redskins minicamp over the weekend. I wanted to say three quick things. We're gonna get to the NBA here. I promise I wanted to say three quick things about the Vinnie serrato interview on Friday. I got a lot of. I mean, I'm sure you did too on our Twitter page lot of feedback on the Vinnie serrato interview. And I appreciate all of it. I really do three things one. I did not think he was eating while doing the interview I can't tell you how many people said real classy he was chewing food while he was answering answering your questions and doing the interview I never heard that. I went back and tried to listen to it. I never heard that did you. There was some shuffling in the in the background. If he was in his he was in his car. There was some noises. I could see how it would sound like, okay. I don't think he was eating. He was in his car driving into work. I never heard that the second thing. I wanted to mention was he was reluctant to go deep into things. I definitely got that sense. Aaron I sat here, and we looked at each other as we were recording this interview, and we could tell that he was pretty reluctant. I think some of it is that he doesn't want to crush, Dan. He liked Dan. Even though they haven't talked in a while he still likes, Dan. I think some of it was me, you know, I put things out there. And he, and I had the sense when I was doing the interview on Friday, and I could have been wrong, but I tend to have a good sense of when to really push somebody. And when if too much pushing or tubing too aggressive could end it, and I did have that sense at times that it was a little bit uncomfortable. He was uncomfortable. I talked to him afterwards. And I don't think he was as uncomfortable as I thought. But there's no doubt. He was reluctant to sorta go deep into things. Anyway, I did have that sense. So those of you that said man, he just he wouldn't go far enough on certain things I felt the same way. Lastly in this is the thing that stuck out more than anything else with me from the interview with Vinny on Fridays podcast, if you didn't hear it go listen to it. 'cause it was interesting. I mean, there was a lot about the past. But the thing that stuck with me with something about the future. And that was that he sort of admitted or certainly knows that there have been a lot of stories about Dan running the first round of the draft this year and that Haskins was Dan's pick. And he made the comment. He said, Dan is always right never wrong. It'll always be someone else who will have to take the blame. Paraphrasing at this point. Somebody will have to fall on their sword for Dan. It was right around that twenty seven minute. Mark of the podcast. If you wanna go back and listen to that whole section from Friday's podcast. And listen to it about the twenty seven minute, Mark restarted talk about Dan. And the, you know, Dan's handling of the first round of the draft that stuck with me because this is the root of the organizations problem the narcissism, by the way, also a BRUCE'S narcissism, Dan, and Bruce both tremendously narcissistic, it will never allow them to admit mistakes. It'll never put them into position to make them feel like they should take count ability for mistakes because they don't think they're the ones making the mistakes. It's always somebody else's fault. I've mentioned this many times going back to late in the season. And I know Vinnie is talking in part about, you know, just you know, the process. Of you gotta take one for the team. You know, it's the owner. Can't let him be the bad guy. You gotta take one for the team. But Dan, really doesn't think he's done anything wrong in running this team, and Bruce doesn't either? So of Haskins works out, Dan's going to be there to accept congratulations. And if it happens, and I've said this multiple times since that draft pick it could be his finest moment as an owner. I think it would be if Haskins turns into Ben Rothlisberger. It will be Dan Snyder's finest moment as the owner of the Redskins because he told everybody in that room F off this is who were taking Vinnie. When I brought that up said, no hiring Joe Gibbs was his finest moment and for sure that's number one on the list right now. You know, it's a shortlist of really fine moments for the owners shortlist very shortlist. But Joe Gibbs after the Spurrier. Disaster was a stroke of genius. It didn't lead to a championship. You know? But let's be honest to playoff trips in four years with one playoff win and actual playoff win would seem like a miracle now. So Joe Gibbs had the most successor and Dan went and got him. So that was his number one to date positive contribution. You know, it was Dan's big biggest success in keep in mind. We're talking about Dan's biggest success being hiring a coach that went thirty and thirty four here over four years under five hundred Joe gives was, but I do agree that Joe was Dan's best move as owner, so far, but understand Vinnie was saying Dan made the Haskins pick the football people, you know, weren't terribly happy about it or behind it. By the way, is an aside to that. I want to be clear about something that some of. You have sort of extrapolated out to be a different. Meaning when I have said the football people didn't want Haskins when I've said that the football people didn't want Haskins. They didn't want Haskins. Fifteen I've made that clear it's not clear to everybody. So just want to emphasize it. I'm not saying in haven't said that the football people didn't think Haskins was worth something, you know, eight first second round, they just didn't think he was worth it at fifteen. They didn't like any quarterback not named Cuyler Murray at fifteen and as I've said before I've said this before if they hadn't taken him at fifteen they actually may have gotten him later in the first were they got sweat. But it doesn't mean that if they had let's just say the football people had a second round great on Haskins. All right. Let's just say that that's true. It could be true. By the way, that the football people had a second round great on Haskins that doesn't mean that they don't think he can play. Andy Dalton was a second round pick. And groom Gruden made him work. Really, well, but anyway, I just wanted to make sure that that all of you. I think most of you have understood this, but not all of you. But I want to make sure that all of you understand that when any of us say Dan wanted him more than the football people wanted him. It didn't mean that the football people didn't like Haskins they just didn't like Haskins there. That's not the grade. They had on him. But back to what Vinnie was saying. Dan is going to take credit if there's credit to be taken, and it will be Jay gruden's fault. If there is no credit to be taken on this period. End of discussion. Dan will never take blame for this. If it doesn't work out. Jay Gruden will be long gone. If this doesn't work out. That's the reality of this. And that creates an interesting dynamic to all of it. You know, you watch. J and J wants to win. But he also now has the owners prized jewel at quarterback that he needs to develop. So a lot of stuff going on there. I really do hope that Haskins that Haskins just comes in soaks. It all up is coach -able stays focused on getting better at football. And being coach -able. He has talent. No one will dispute that he's got some real talent. And he's only played one year of college football starting with exception of the year before when he played some at the end of the season. So there's plenty of room for all of us to be optimistic about the potential growth. He could turn into something so much better than any of us who were not asking people ever thought. I've left open the possibility that because there was limited play that two three four years from now he could grow into something special physically. He has all of it. On many campus weekend. Jay did have some good things to say about him over the weekend. There were no red flag quotes from J. So all is well right now J P Finley in a bit. We'll talk to JP about Redskins minicamp rookie minicamp. Let's get to the NBA playoffs. And I wanna go in order chronological order starting with Friday night because Friday night was spectacular. It was one of those moments in these NBA playoffs in for a particular team in a particular players Steph curry, it was a big moment to throw into the throw onto the long list of moments that will define his legacy zero points and completely discombobulated in the first half thirty three in the second half and the warriors move on. And the loser rockets go home I heard by the way, they're working on a report that details how they had five point three points taken away from them. And that's in. In that game six and that the wrong team is advanced to the conference finals. I I hope they do produce. One of those reports that says that officiating cost him game six nothing Steph curry did. Steph was amazing in the second half. Klay. Thompson was amazing in the first half of that game on Friday night. They won essentially two games without Kevin Durant to close out. The rockets I know drank out hurt in the third quarter. But we know what happened in the remaining part of the third quarter of game five in the fourth quarter of game five and we saw what happened game in game six on Friday night. They won that series. Without durant. Durant was huge in the early portions of the series. I'm trying to take anything away from him. But a lot of people didn't think that that would happen when Kevin Durant went out with the calf strain in the third quarter in game five and not only. Did it happen? It happened immediately. They shut it down in game six on the road. And how did they do it? They did it with. Championship heart. I know that sounds cliche if not corny, but it is something it's in in. When you're watching it. You know, you're watching it Draymond green Klay Thompson. Steph curry Andrea Gonzala egal-, by the way, had five threes in that game five Andrea dollar five huge threes championship threes. Five of them in a game. Six on the road, Shaun Livingston champion eleven off the bench guys that hadn't played much. But have had some of that championship stuff? Rub off on them played. Well, Quinn cook. Jared co Kevin looney was so valuable to this team in this series that team just has their coach has it. Steve Kerr didn't call him effing giants. Aaron after the game on Friday night. He just called them giants. And he's right again. I know it sounds. Cliche to talk about heart and championship tartan. And but there's something about that championship thing. That's cool to watch. They just have a belief that comes with having done. It four times didn't matter that there was no Durant. Didn't matter that curry had dislocated fingers. They have it. And you know, who doesn't have it James harden doesn't have it, Dan. Tony doesn't have it. Houston's owner guaranteed. They'll be back in the win at all not playing the way they play. All right. Not playing the way they play their best player on Friday night was Crispell. And do you know what Dan Tony did during the biggest stretch of the basketball game? He took Chris Paul out of the game two and a half minutes from the five and a half minute Mark until like the two ten Mark somewhere around. There are sorry. The three ten Mark Chris Paul who was the. The best player for Houston on Friday night was out of the game. That made no sense to me during those two and a half minutes with Paul on the bench with four fouls, by the way. Not like he was in. Terrible foul trouble. And who cares with five minutes to go in the game? They went from a tie game at ninety seven ninety seven to a five point deficit or your stickle one to two ninety seven lead. Never looked back. Couldn't believe that. Nobody picked up on that didn't hear the announcers Friday nights. ABC crew talking about it. I don't think anybody asked Antoni about it. Their best player Friday night was Chris Paul and he left the game was taken out of the game for the biggest two and a half minutes stretch of the fourth quarter. Dan, Tony harden, all of them, they're going. They went home. They're done their best opportunity lost the only way they get to a title series. Is if Golden State breaks up Klay Thompson leaves they get hurt. They get old they get bored. But Friday night was one team is a champion and the other is the furthest thing from it. And it was spectacular to watch. Steph curry hit some of those threes, the one in front of PJ Tucker on the sideline in front of the Houston bench to give them a one. Oh, seven one zero two lead. I think it was was dick Yetlis and that was shortly after he had his fingers hit again. And he was trying to shake it off. Wow. Friday night was unbelievable to yesterday. The first game Denver hosting Portland in a game. Seven CJ McCollum was amazing and the part of the McCollum going for thirty seven in a game seven for the blazers win in Denver was the thing that amazed me, and is probably a really good sign and may be telling sign is to why Portland can compete in this next series. Is that Damian Lillard didn't mind it all deferring to McCollum, no crazy ego in a big spot. He deferred to the player who gave them their best chance to win Lillard at one point was one for twelve. He ended up three for seventeen hitting two huge threes in the fourth quarter, one one of them after a great steal. He was really good in the game other than shooting wise three for seventeen he had ten rebounds. Mccollum was. Seventeen of twenty nine by the way, you want to know how to win a game seven on the road. Have your starting back court combined for just one turnover for the entire game? One Lillard had it McCollum didn't have any turnovers for as much as the two of them handle the basketball not to have turnover for McCollum just one for Lillard is impressive as a team. They only had four turnovers in a seventh and deciding game on the road. Their bench was great. Evan Turner played really well and Zach Collins for those of you that have listened for a long time. Zach Collins was one of the guys in the twenty seventeen draft that I loved that. I thought eventually was going to become a great pro in part because he was a bad ass competitor. And he was awesome yesterday off the bench seven points five rebounds, four block shots in twenty three minutes. So. Much. So that both Mark Jackson and invent Gundy, both spent two minutes talking about him, and one of the things that Van Gundy said in Mark Jackson agreed with and I I'm not in love with this crew love Breen and I like Mark Jackson. Fine, mama. There goes that man. Don't love that all the time. Again, if tired of that and I- tired of Van Gundy, saying, you know, with the NBA should do is if they're to if they're gonna foul him at the half court line. They should give five free throws. Just all the stuff that he comes up with in the middle of a big game. And your he's coming up with the dumbest ideas you've ever heard. But he said something about Zach hounds. He said the players you can trust in these kinds of games. Seventh in deciding games is you have to trust your best competitors. The guys that won't be afraid in the spot in. Then he said some. Of the players on your team in you know, who they are. They are not fierce competitors. I mean, the the he's talking about professional NBA players. And he said, you know, who your real bad ass won't back down won't be afraid in a seventh and deciding game, and you know, the players who will more likely than not back down will pass on a shot. And that's in Jackson said Zach Collins is that guy he told the story said I met Zach hounds is father at a game. I think he was talking about. I don't know if it's a college game that he played in a consumer another game. And he says father almost got into a fight with somebody in the crowd. And he said he knew where it came from. And Zach Collins is going to be a really good NBA player. Really good NBA player. He was great. Anyway, Denver blows seventeen point lead and Portland moves on. And then we get to last night. All is tiger. Kevin harlan. I think it was Greg Anthony on the TNT call last night that do you know that that is the first ever in NBA history buzzer beating game winner in a game seven that's amazing credible to think about I've never heard of anything. I would have never guessed that. I would have thought that it would have happened at least five times in the past. With all of the game sevens in NBA history. Jordan's game winner over Craigie. Low in Cleveland was a fifth game five was a fifth and deciding game. So that was when they played that first round best out of five first time ever for a buzzer beating game seven shot and that one four bounces on the rim before falling through. It really was an amazing shot the way it bounced around it, really. Forget the fact that it was the first game seven buzzer beater of all time. I can't remember a game ending on a shot that bounced on the rim four times like that. And went in that game was great. It was so good that I you know, I delayed my game of thrones watching last night. And by the way before that game started. My one son who was at home. He's home from college. He's a ba- game of thrones guys. Like, we're not. We're not waiting until the end of the game will record the game. We're watching game of thrones, my other son who's not into game throw and said you guys are crazier. I'm watching the game. And so when the game became so good, and it was approaching nine o'clock. I'm like we're watching the game. I'm watching this game. And till it's over we're recording game of thrones stay off Twitter. Don't, you know, don't look at your texts. And so we won't know anything. And we didn't we didn't know anything by the time. We watch game of thrones. But that game was spectacular there. Couple of things from that game that I thought were really interesting, and it's sort of dovetails off of what Jackson Van Gundy were talking about the competitors versus the the guys that are that are not as fierce. I thought Toronto. I first of all I thought there were several points during that game where I thought they were gonna lose the game especially that sixteen o run in the third quarter where Philly took I think. A five point lead fifty five. Fifty. I think it was. I thought Toronto was gonna lose the game. And the reason I thought they were gonna lose the game is I could not believe how many of their players were tight it Seok them passed on so many open shots Lowry passed on so many shots green, Saul. You know, who is the most aggressive guy not named Leonard. In that game for them was a guide. It's not had a good series at all vanfleet came in and with super aggressive. He was over five but got to the free throw line a couple of times and made some free throws like he was up to the task like he was up to the moment. They only played by the way seven players in game seven just seven players pals. The other guy that will usually play didn't play at all a Baca was phenomenal off the bench. Bokola was ready for game seven had seventeen eight rebounds. And a couple of massive defensive place. But they just kept looking for Leonard. And you know, what it wasn't one of Leonard's best games shooting Weiss? Now, he was really good in the game. He was sixteen of thirty nine. Remember he had been shooting. I think for the series going into that game closest sixty percent from the field. He went sixteen of thirty nine in the scheme had thirty nine shots. The Moshe what's ever in a game seven. I think I read since Connie Hawkins had forty shots in a seventh and deciding game I would've thought that someone like I would have thought Jordan would have had thirty nine shots or more in a seventh and deciding game especially when you think about some of those game sevens before he won a title against Detroit when they lost. And he was going out with thirty nine forty points in game sevens. I would've thought he would have had thirty nine shots. It's the most since I think I think I read this since Connie Hawkins had forty shots and a game seven for the Lakers. But quite Leonard had to no one else wanted to take the shots. So many times I thought he missed shots because he was forcing the action because no one else wanted it late in a shot clock. He missed a couple of shots that were halfway down and came out in any missed a free throw that gave Phileas chance to tie it on Jimmy Butler going into end. And I thought Butler at the end for them was the key. I will never understand why Philadelphia did not run better half court offense, specifically using Joel Embiid on the post he was constantly out on the perimeter use them on the post run there. They had three or four possessions there late in the game where they either got a terrible shot or. Shot clock violation. I think they had to fourth quarter shot clock violations. I, you know, not impressed at all by Philadelphia's half court offense, not at all. In actually, Toronto's wasn't great. You know? But I think in part it was because guys were passing on open looks in deferring to quite Leonard. Who is in the in this post-season my favorite player. He's always been one of my favorite players going back to when he was in college. And I wanted the wizards to draft him instead of yon vessels. He's always been one of my favorite players. I said last year at this time, I would trade my entire team. If I were the wizards Mayan tire team, I would offer San Antonio for Leonard. And I would and he showing everybody why he's at top three four player in the game. You have to have one to win a title. You almost have to have one to get to the finals. But you certainly have to have one to win it. He had forty one points, not not especially night. Good defense, eight rebounds, three assists. Three steals. Our right. He was forced into some turnovers late shot clock situations because people passed on shots, and then that lasts spot four point two seconds left. I mean, they're opportunities. I a couple of people I had a friend of mine text. He's a coach in the area said terrible double team on Leonard there at the end. And it was now it would have been hard had 'em bead really tried to close him off from getting to that right side of the floor because you would have risked potentially Leonard. Splitting the double in getting a mid range shot to end it. I mean, the shot they gave up to Leonard with Embiid on him in the corner and him fading away from twenty one feet. You know, if you're Philadelphia you don't want Leonard taking that last shot. I actually thought they were gonna use him as a decoy, and I thought Lowry would end up driving and trying to create something. Leonard could have could have hit Siaka who was opened by himself off the double or the attempted double. But he, you know, great players, you know, they get to a spot, and he talked about after the game that he was very frustrated missing that free throw that would put him up three. He was frustrated at missing that other three pointer that step back. He was short on any said that the arc wasn't writing. In in co I shoots relatively speaking a fairly flat shot, but he talked about afterwards. He said I needed more arc on that last one than I had had on the previous one. And I knew if I got more arc fading away that I have a chance at it. And he did get a shooters bounce four of them four ounces and it went in. I don't know what you do if you're Philadelphia. I mean, I'm bead was very emotional after the game. I'm sure there have been memes created about with him coming. Off the floor bawling his eyes out tough loss. You know, he played well in the game. This was not a game where you know. He was over on the sideline coughing and being too sick it twenty one points, eleven rebounds. I just thought he wasn't used properly. I thought he could dominated the game from the low post much more than he he could from the perimeter. They had some terrible possessions, terrible physicians Butler's, the bad ass on that team Rettig is also. Fearless. You know when you talk about guys in that team. Simmons is limited. But he's very good Tobias Harris, Mr. wide open three that I think would given them the lead late sometime in the fourth quarter. That was a big miss because it was wide open. Look, I think off of some bead action. But anyway, Kowa Leonard who was the best player in the series and has been arguably the best player in the post-season, obviously Jaanus and Durant before he got hurt. And now, you know, Steph curry in clutch time. And McCollum you got some possibilities here Milwaukee. Aaron is a big favourite in the serious in their minus three thirty five. I thought I saw this morning thirty FA. I you know, what I think. That's right. I do think that that's the right. I think they should be favored they've got home court advantage. They're coming off a four-game sweep totally rested. They've got the they had the best regular season team with sixty wins. Actually, you know what I'm looking at this. Now, it's down to minus three hundred. I thought I saw minus three thirty five through thirty earlier. Yeah. So I'm seeing minus three hundred. I'm also seeing the minus two ninety. So maybe there is a lot of action on the raptors of the warriors are an overwhelming favourite. What is the deal on Durant Wednesday rant coming back? He's supposed to be evaluated sometime this week. But no say as far as when that game is Tuesday night game one of that series is tomorrow night. I I'd be surprised if he was around for the first couple of games and then game one. Of the conference finals is Wednesday night. You know and just thinking about Toronto team that I picked to get to these conference to to get to the NBA championship before the playoffs started at east, you know, going into this series. They're going to have to play differently than they played last night. You cannot have Leonard shooting thirty nine shots and having players pass on a lot of open shots thought that that was really interesting. I guess I didn't expect Lowery. I know lowering Droese never could get through this spot, and they always lost this game. But there were too many shots past coup. Why Leonard had I think it was sixteen more shots in that game last night than in any other game in the postseason that he's played in so far. He's got to. He's got to get more. Help has to get more help because Jaanus will get a ton of help. He's got a lot of places on that team to turn. You know, Middleton cetera. I I would like to think that Toronto could win it. But I would not bet on them to win this series. Now, I felt good about them before the playoffs. Started after seeing Milwaukee and sing last night with them. You know, what happens in the seventh and deciding game sometimes is different than what happens in game two or game for you know, there's there's less tightness. You know, less. Big moment, you know, choke ability, you know, potential, but I think Toronto's guy they've gotta get they gotta get what they got in game four of that series in game four of that series. When they went to went to Philadelphia and one Leonard was thirteen of twenty ended up with thirty nine points. But Lowry had fourteen to Saul had sixteen Seok him was was that the game game for game. Four was the one they won. They got balanced scoring Baca got twelve off the bench. You know, their game five when they blew a Philadelphia out. They had in they blew him out in that game. I think they had they had five all five starters in double figures in Siachen led him that was the game that Leonard wasn't great any seven sixteen. So anyway, I think I like Milwaukee, but I'm rooting for Toronto. And then I do golden statement Barclay's absolutely sold on Portland and that series. I'm not buying it. I mean, here's the one thing you gotta consider with Portland. Number one Lillard and McCollum yet. They're better than wall in peel. Remember that argument, you know, about their backward versus this backward. They both have point guard skills like they both are totally comfortable with the ball in their hands creating their own shot. They don't need anybody else that last you know, they went one four flat from column and he scored to give him that three point lead late in Denver yesterday. That's not what any other backward. Really is. You know, even the great backwards Korean Klay Thompson Klay Thompson, not a let's cleared out and clays really good at creating his own shot. He can. But he's not. I'm not saying the Portland's backward is better than Steph and Klay Thompson. I'm saying that they're backward is better offense ity in terms of each of their players ability to be their own shot creator. They don't need anybody else. Anyway yesterday was great to game sevens. And both of those games were awesome. Quick word about window nation. It's graduation time. 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And you know, he's doing guys that are never going to be on NFL fields. And he's just trying to take over land working camp is really like orientation. You know, what I mean, they just want everybody to know who the coaches are where the offices are trained rooms on. It's just trying to get them acclimated before realty as starting certainly before, you know, mandatory mini camp, which Kevin I don't know if you've seen it they they switch the schedule around this year. It used to be all the OT as lead up to mandatory minicamp now they actually have many camp a week earlier. So there's gonna be some as close to real practices. We're going to see before Richmond. And that's not that far away. It's only about three weeks away. Yeah. That'll be interesting to and I think what you said to start is the big takeaway is that he's a rookie. They're all rookies. And by the way, they're competing against primarily. Rookies amend this rookie minicamp not. So, you know, just I, you know, I'm going to be big into listening to Jay, I think j you can certainly read between the lines with Jay and very often. You don't have to. And I think basically, you know, he he was saying to look it's he's a rookie. He made some really good throws. He can spin it. He talked about how great he spins it. Which is you know, I think something that no one debated. He could do coming into the NFL who did you? Did you sense that the coaching staff was overly impressed with anybody that they saw this weekend or that they were all just rookies, I think has is a guy that that really shows just sticking on the field size, the speed and everything really you can you can tell he's gone a lot going on and can help them really. And I think. Interesting that the the linemen drafted along and didn't get a lot of the work that all the other guys got. But I think there's going to be a drastic is especially on a line that that can push. You know, this guy is a young guy Chidi KiKi. I hope I'm saying that right? Tennessee State, but started at LSU, you know, the guy on my podcast Mississippi. Love Chidi was really impressed by his foot work in short. And I'm not convinced Eric flowers makes this team that it's not like ES sort of guaranteed deal that they can't do away with him. I think they're all are kind of back end roster spots available that undrafted guys could push for. I think safety's and other one undrafted guys. They got out of Washington. Joe mcintosh? I think has a lot of tools that would be pretty intriguing. I think we're working minicamp honestly, the goals for the coach example, probably make sure none of the draft picks get hurt and get a good look at a bunch of other guys 'cause the. Draft guys they've scouted for months, and they know that. Yeah, it's true. And one of the guys that they liked and they were happy to get in the seventh around the corner from J M U Jimmy Moreland. There are a lot of things that sort of indicated to me a couple of quotes here. And there that they think this guy has the the the the mentality. The the attitude the competitiveness to to have a really good shot at making this team. Not to mention as we know there are opportunities at corner if you can step up. Absolutely. I think you know, twenty I was talking about him and watching film, but I ran into the Redskins clerks and he just makes plays. And he's not, you know, the biggest guy, but I think you telling me he can't beat out Danny Johnson. Or maybe Greg Stroman and those guys can certainly improve a year. But I think I think he could absolutely make too and Sidley the mindset kind of the attacking ball six pick sixes in college. When you look at his, and I know it was chain you Janet plays. Pretty good football. I watch it. I'm guessing you watch them on occasion to not I don't I don't watch any of that level of college football. And they watch the SEM play. I I don't think I watched one FCS playoff game. There may have been one game that I turned on because it was a snow game somewhere. I think in the Dakotas or Montana or somewhere. I don't know. But I didn't watch much of it. I know it's very good football. Don't get me wrong. And that they may have found a gym. I mean, one of the things that I think it was time. And I were talking about late last week is just that, you know, in in the wake of draft that had so much excitement attached to it and primarily because of the first round. But I think others I mean, I'm excited about watching Bryce love. And I think Kelvin Harmon has has a shot. I really liked him coming out of surprised that he lasted until the sixth around. But you know, if you just go back, you know, some of the people were getting cited about our fourth fifth sixth and seventh round picks more times than not they don't make the team been make the team. But but it's end the conversation is like each one of these guys in the steel. That's how it's going to sound in may Norse odds, not how it's all gonna pan out. That's right. I agree with that big picture on some of the things that we've talked about in the past just wondering if there's any any update on it anything. New on Brandon, Sharef, Monte Nicholson or Colt McCoy. Non negro on the first to share. I don't know that no news is good news in that situation. But until I hear something that it's not going. Well, or a lotta times he's contracts just pop about nowhere. And I think they legitimately have until Labor Day weekend before becomes a real problem. I do think if shoop gets into the season without an extension. I I wouldn't sign at that point. I would play it out. And then they got a franchise you're going free agency and the money for guards is through the roof. I think that that doesn't they still have plenty of time though between now and then. The Monte situation. Nobody has a word to say about it. And that's on record off. I think the team wants to see where Monte is legally and mentally and then they're going to kind of make their decision. Let's beyond on Montes crime getting in a fistfight outside of a bar in the terms of NFL crimes is in terms of real life crimes. Really, isn't that big of a deal? Obviously, you know, the young the guy beat up might feel differently. But in terms of the the legality of it. That's not something that would cause you to miss a season to miss six games or or anything. So he's under contract. Like, barring something crazy. Maybe the teams just assuming he'll be back, and he'll be good. But we haven't seen it yet. What was the last Colt? Yeah. I don't know about the cult situation. I mean, he should be up here. We were the media will be out there for as next week. And that'll be the first if he's still not there next week. You really start to wonder what's going on. You tweeted something out late last week about a sleeper corner. Dion Harris who is he in in. Are they going to sign him? I believe they're excited him to the thing for everybody remembers right now they're operating with ninety man roster. So there's you know, thirty seven spots of wiggle room. But he is a guy can't remember where he started. He ended up transferring he played at one of the Dakotas Kevin your favorite schools. I think he played North Dakota. But he's a guy that I I'm not pretending to know much about him. But Mel kiper, you know, mcshea those guys all liked him. And he. He was on those top three hundred lists. But wasn't drafted. And you know, they obviously need help a corner. They're looking far and wide you consider their, you know, they signed Dominique Rodgers Cromartie a year after they they wanted last year to agree to terms and the guy were tired in the meantime, and they're still bringing him in and giving him a shot. So I think they know they need to be better and as much as Stroman Johnson, maybe showed flashes. When I I don't think they were very good, especially the second half of the year. You know, one guy they really liked to to emerge donnas Alexander. And it's a name or not hearing and I saw him at the park a few weeks ago. He he looks every bit of the part. I mean, he's big and strong and physical. He's just got to you know, kind of translate it all on the field. You know, I'm going to tell you. I'm gonna say something to you right now. And I don't want you to take it the wrong way. And I know you won't but because you are. One of my favorite people to have a conversation with about this football team and other things by the way, by the way. There was a good win for us on Friday night, taking the warriors on the money line. Jay JP actually texted me late fr right before the game tipped, and he said, and my crazy to think that the warriors and the money line is the right play. And I swear to God, I just had a text exchange with van pelt, actually. And I said everybody is talking about Houston forcing seventh game. I think I'm gonna play the warriors on the money line. And he goes everybody's on Houston. So it was it was right after that. But anyway, the controlling yeah. Exactly. So you know, I love talking to you about a lot of different things. But I'm just sitting here, and I'm talking to you about minicamp rookie minicamp, and I'm going to tell you that it bores me like I just asked you about Dion Harris because you tweeted something out about seriously. I'm being serious like I. Winder? I think sometimes and I'm at fault for this. And I think everybody is I look if there's a major story line in in clearly join Haskins more than anything else is a major offseason storyline for this franchise. It has I'm not going to use the word invigorate because I don't think it's invigorated the majority of the fan base. But it certainly has brought to life of few in the fan base and people are going to pay attention to this. I think more likely than that when we get to the regular season games. But I do think it's interesting sometimes those of us that are really in it spend time talking about things like rookie mini camp. When I would guess that ninety five percent of the fan base. Couldn't care less. I use this analogy kinda shoveling coal. I don't care that much. I it. Yeah. I thought what I don't know. If you saw what Adam gates did with the jets this year. He didn't even have rookie minicamp literally just had him in for for meetings and to learn the building, and that's really what they're doing it. It is an opportunity for a lot of young guys to to work out and NFL facility. And that's gotta be really cool. But this is not an important weekend on the NFL calendar. I mean, honestly of all the events. This is probably the least important on an NFL. It's so far down there. And yet they have. Have they had sixty guys there? Maybe ten of them are making the team. The only big news any, you know, I guess I'm sort of waiting for that that, you know, tremendous honest moment from Gruden either very optimistic about a certain player or not. And we've gotten those every once in a while. So we didn't get that from over the weekend. We didn't get a serious injury from over the weekend. Thank thankfully. And the bottom line is in and I talked about this every preseason these preseason games in the midst of training camp. They're battles. But there's nothing more. I I'm not saying it's boring. Everybody I'm not gonna speak for everybody. I would never presume to do that. But for it for me, even someone who has been in all of the minutia of this football team during the off season. I just tend to check out when we get into a conversation about roster spots forty five through fifty three. And that's an August. Actually in may. Yeah. That's an August. It's boring so argument here, and because there's Haskins it gives it much more life and use anytime you have a high pick like that. But beyond that man, imagine if they had taken a guard or somebody at fifteen we wouldn't be talking right now, you'd be talking to Tim Legler about about the nuggets. Do you know how possible it is that somebody like let's just take Terry MacLaurin as an example ends up having a to pre-seasons two preseason games where he catches five balls for two touchdowns in one game. And then six balls for you know, ninety five yards and a touchdown and another game. And then we barely even see him on the field to start the season peop-. That's how meaningless preseason games are that that could potentially happen. But anyway, I don't even know why I'm bringing this up. I was just sitting there listening to myself ask. About Dion Harris, or whatever his name was in thinking who the hell cares about that? I do think the Haskins thing and listening to players and coaches Jay Gruden in particular talk about him and sweat. I think is what I will be paying attention to most between now and sort of the middle portion towards the end of training camp. Absolutely. And think MacLaurin can actually matter this fall. You know what? I mean. I I'm not saying that he can't. Yeah. But I think you're right, man. It's rookie, and it it's great. It's a good part of it's good for the players in its, you know, let's get from TV sampler. Let's get a lot of video on guys. What it's not exciting. Can't pretend that it is. I mean, if for all the I think the coaches tell you that I mean, I think the coach is officially would tell you. Hey, man, they need this. Eric, it's exciting. You know? We one starts today. But you got him off to the side without a microphone. They would tell you that. It's not a big deal. Yeah. If I had a nickel for all the people that thought, you know, Matt Brown or or Keith Marshall or some of these players, you know, at this time of the year through training camp. You know, if you listen to people talk about it. We're going to be really good players. All right. You know, what I'm done with you. So I really appreciate you coming on. And we'll talk when they get into OTA's. And certainly if there's there's big news, and I'm not even I even wrote a note down to myself this weekend that I'm not even going to mention or spend any meaningful time talking about the fact that the quarterback purchased a Bentley and drove in his own logo on it and got his own logo on it. Yeah. I mean, I mean so what if he can play right? So what if he can play that? All girls ebbing flow as well. Exactly. All right. Have good situation. Thanks. It's never a waste of time with JP and don't anybody think that that's what I was saying JP, and I are good friends, and I love conversations with him. But I asked him to be on. All right. We'll talk about many camp. And then I'm just sitting there listening to myself talk about Dion Jones, and whatever and I'm like, okay. And I did make a note to myself. I did over the weekend. When I read the story about the purchase of a brand. New Bentley Haskins got Bentley. And then I guessed embroidered, his clothing brand. Yes. He's got a clothing brand already called kindom of pride and he's got a logo. And apparently the logo is embroidered into the seats in the Bentley. But I I read about it. What this RG three all over again. And anyone who doesn't see that coming is? Just fooling okay. Hold on for second. It's not yet. It's not. Yet because this guy actually is a pocket passer and can really spin it is Jay Gruden talked about. But I made a note to myself I'm like knocking to get wrapped up into the stuff yet. I'm not because it doesn't mean anything. There are big personalities, and there are people that are very high levels of confidence is required for that particular position. And we've seen many super-confident players at a very young age succeed. So I'm I'm not going to spend any more time on that. I don't I'm not it does not have RG three written all over for me yet. I mean, I would have to start hearing things between between the draft party. And that interview with his dad with the newspaper, and there's fitting up here, the fifty dollar ahead draft party. Yes. That one the one where he wanted to spend the draft with friends and family, but he charged people fifty dollars, and it's all tissue. It's to get into the Boeing. Oh, yes. He can spin it. They can spin it as you can we're we're gonna we're gonna follow even though training camp. And not as in many camps before them tend to be boring for most of it and very meaning less to what his future with the team's future will be you know, unless they're significant injuries. But I think one of the things to pay attention to is just a listen to what is said about him. You know, we would have never known about about Robert early on. Do you know that this is true too? I was a big RG three guy early on. I made a bet with a good friend of mine, Joe Preston, and Joe listened to the podcast I met a I made a bet with Joe after I forget at what point in the season. It was during that seven game winning streak, you know, where they got into the playoffs and. Made a bet with him that RG three would lead the Redskins to a Super Bowl not necessarily SuperBowl win. But would lead them. Actually, I think the bet was still would lead them to an NFC championship game that this particular quarterback would lead them to NFC championship game. I was super high on our J three and I was fooled and late net season. And certainly, right. When that season ended some of the things we all in the media started to hear were were shocking to a certain degree. They really were because this guy seems so savvy in so media-friendly and connected, and such a personal way with the media people. I sat down with our g three and didn't interview with him. I think after. I'm trying to think of may been before the two thousand thirteen season. No before the two thousand fourteen season was my one on one sit down, but I had had conversations with him in the past. We had had him on the podcast and podcast. We'd had him on the radio show. But we're fooled. So maybe if your gut feeling about Haskins is here comes an RG three. Maybe we'll get fooled. Maybe Aaron you'll get fooled on this one as very I am I'm gonna tell you what I'm gonna do here though. I'm going to reserve judgment until I see this dude play period in regular season games. Nothing. He can do in training camp. Or a preseason game is going to tell me anything about him. Now things his coaches say about him things. Teammates say about him. They can certainly be eliminating. They can be in that can be really good information. But I'm not gonna make my own judgment till I see him play regular season games. I again, I'll go back to what I said last week. I think it. It is about between now. And when in the time he starts playing in regular season games. I think you know, you can read Jay Gruden Gruden basically said he can really spin it making progress, but has some things to work on. All right. But he wasn't over the top, you know, in in terms of giving you an indication that he had a long way to go any wasn't over the top and giving you an indication over the weekend that he was really close. It was sort of right down the middle. And by the way, Jay's J will be good at this for a while until he really feels strongly one way or the other. And I don't think and I've said this from the jump. I don't think the jas feeling about Haskins before the draft will influence the the shot he gives him or the way he coaches him. Jay moves on his go along get along. And he's gonna move on. He's gonna make the best of it. And if he sees a guy that all the sudden blows them away he'll be excited about it. He will. Absolutely be excited about it. And one of the things that Jay has said before Mike Shanahan said before gives us said before you cannot fool the locker room. If this dudes ready to play you cannot fool the locker room if he's not ready to play you can't fool his teammates. When our g three and Kirk cousins were battling it out. It was apparent to everybody. That are g three was not the right decision and so- Shanahan was got to the point where he understood he was going to lose the locker room. If he didn't play the guy that gave him the best chance to win. If this guy is the best chance to win. Jay's going to know it in the players are gonna know it, and we're gonna know it. And by the way, the best guy the guy that gives them the best chance to win doesn't mean they're going to win Super Bowl with them. Again, the competitive landscape is case keenum and Colt McCoy that's what he's up against. You know, that's that's hardly. Murderer's row that he's facing. But we'll follow. It will follow it. I just on the rookie minicamp thing. I guess I just got to the point there with JP or I'm like, you know, what I don't really care at this point whether or not Kelvin Hormann made a couple of fade catches in the back corner of the end zone in seven seven's because it just doesn't mean much quick word about launch workplaces in Bethesda launch. Workplaces is a beautiful new office space right there in the Massachusetts avenue corridor. So if you're in that Bethesda upper northwest Chevy Chase area or even right over the bridge in northern Virginia. And you're looking for new office space or you're working from home. And you're looking for a place to work a couple of days a week launch. Workplaces may be the spot they flexible affordable private office solutions. You can get work done outside the home or in a new office. It's a beautiful new space it provides fully. Furnished offices conference rooms co working desks and high speed internet also cafe and free parking. And plenty of it. Get more work done today by moving your office to launch workplaces in Bethesda call today for an exclusive free two day trial. If you mentioned my name the numbers tufo, eight hundred sixty seven fourteen that's two four zero eight hundred six seven one four or good a launch workplaces dot com, and you can sign up for your free two day trial there also they have other locations throughout the area, and you can find where all of those exist at launch workplaces dot com. I let's finish up the show with our game of thrones recap. All right. All right. I said this at the beginning of the show, and I have not really immersed myself in the reaction to the penultimate episode last night. I liked it. I have a few knits to pick. But I liked it. I am curious just before we get started. What was the general reaction to the episode last night, which really at times was incredible cinematic? I mean, the shots of king's landing being torched by drogue on. And Danny were amazing. Just amazing. But what was I'm just curious. What was the general reaction to the soda? I'll tell you why. Because Scott who doesn't watch it texted me and said are you as upset as everybody else? And this was late last night. And I didn't look at my phone until the show was over. And I go no I liked it. A lot of people were very upset with it is it because it deniro. Gone mad. I think there were a lot. I think they thought overwhelmingly a lot of the the beats and the episode were on earned or just they did it without having the Bill to it without having the action to it. I think that was more that. Yeah. A lot of people just didn't like they felt that wasn't which I actually disagree with entirely, but they felt the nearest thing was not set up well enough, whether you're not done. Well, no. So we've seen the potential of her becoming her father. Yes. For three episodes. Never forget, three episodes. Let's make this. And this is something that that has really bothered me because you know, going back to win. She gave the nod to kill the Syrian season one through over and over while he was a horrible person again. And that's the thing, but we saw the potential she had that blood loss from season one. And her thing I'm going to bring it to them with fire and blood. You know, a lot of this has just kind of depends on how you viewed an if you've you've. Generis as you know, overall, a good person and overall a person who wants to help then. Yes, I can see why some people are upset by it. But and I was going to get to this a little bit later. The one thing is that deniro's from moment. One had this vision that she was the rightful ruler of west rose that the people were clamoring for her that she was going to be this this welcomed hero and as much as anything she's realized over the past two seasons that our visions that she's has. She was a child are completely wrong. Yeah. Well, I mean, certainly here over the last couple of episodes. She has had this sense that that that west rose isn't hers that it's more Johnson. I mean John's beloved and she, but she was beloved. I mean, he I wanna go through sort of chronologically what happened in the show because I think that will touch on everything if we do that, and it starts with with Varis and the execution embarrass and by the way, the look John gave. Yes, you know, was an indication of perhaps what was to come last night in this particular verses line? I hope I'm wrong. I hope I deserve this. Yes. Exactly. So you then you then go from there to, you know, setting up for the battle, and before we get to that we get Jamie who, you know, we never see get caught. And we never see get, you know, get shackled. And Tyrian goes in to set Jamie free. And by the way, that was one of the most emotional scenes in the history of this show. Yes. Tyrian and Jamie and Tyrian saying you're the only one that didn't treat me as a monster. I would have never survived. If it weren't for you. That was a real tear Jerker moment. It was for me. And I mean, two of my favorite people on the show and Jamie is obviously had this incredible arc of being horrible. And then likeable, and then we thought on the verge of being horrible again. And I do wanna make one thing. Clear to make sure I'm clear in my mind. Jamie rang the bell, right? Don't you think never saw who did every? I mean, the the soldiers through their swords bells were ring all throughout the city. It wasn't just one bell. Okay. That was a renter. Anybody Jamie promised Tyrian that he would. Ring. I don't think he ever got there. How do you know that? I don't know that for a fact, but it does I mean, okay. It was an area that was vague for me when I was eight, but it doesn't fit. It didn't need it at the time where Louis C running. He was running services running to get to the beach to try to get to that. That's true. He and he, but that was the most unrealistic part of the show is that somehow year on washes upright were Jamie. That was that was too much of a reach. I wish that that part of it. I did want Jamie to kill your on actually wanted yard kill your urine. And by the way, you are was not a part of last night. And I think she's out like what she's just going to rule the iron island. Well, I have a theory on that going forward. But I'll save that for the end. I mean, it would be crazy if somehow Yara shows up next week and it's up on the throne, but it's clearly not going to happen. But I'm surprised that she hasn't become a more central figure after theon freed her. She went back to the iron islands, and she's just sitting there on the iron islands. That's it. I guess from her. She doesn't even know that her uncle is is now gone. And by the way, that whole fight scene was just too unrealistic. He'd beat the shit out of Jamie head Jamie dead to right. And then somehow Jamie's able to you know, grab a weapon and kill. You're on. That I thought actually that was the most disappointing part of the show in less. You feel like the way sir c died. Was disappointing to me that biggest thing Jamie as a whole I thought was really being buried in the rubble. I I'll just get to it now between her being a I understood what they were going with, you know, she's not more important than everybody else. She is, you know, Jesse died just like most of the people there just died buried under rubble nothing special about her. I understand I think that's what they were going for. I just think that that was gene it deserve something better. And even bigger than that, the whole Jamie thing really bothered me. I feel like the whole his whole arc was almost meaningless. Like there was no looking back on it. Now, there's no reason for him to ever leave, sir side. He did nothing in the north the going there and coming back to serve nothing for his character or the purpose. He did. He did he well. He took brands virginity from her, but we perceive brianna. Cebrian again, all we know we're gonna see Brienne next week. Maybe we will. But that's not going to be a big story point. I think that that was really disappointing and of all the stuff I thought that was the thing that they really really botched especially since I think, that's I think I agree with you. Because at the end of season seven when Jamie leave sir c in the mountain, doesn't she doesn't give them the order to kill Jamie, Jamie heads north, and we see the snow flurries falling from the sky, and we're expecting a much bigger deal from Jamie, and we really didn't get it. We got the we got the thing with brand which was odd. We got the obvious, you know night with Brienne. He would have been better off staying in the north and helping finish off. Whatever was coming next maybe finishing off Danny. But here's what he has that me with Brandon Brandon we need you for it. Jamie. Did nothing who's done nothing Johnston. Nothing Johnson nothing to and you know, who did nothing last night except run around aria. Like, I thought Ari was going to come to the I was expecting REI show up at the hounds defense, which by the way was a pretty good battle. But them dying together isn't what put it with. Nobody one. That bet. That's true. I push. I'm very much a cleaning bowl. I'm very much, okay. With the ending of it. I okay with that in general. I thought that was fine. It just with everything going on around. It got overshadowed a little bit which is a little bit of a bummer 'cause we've been waiting for this for again as in the run. It's the rushing of everything into the biggest problem with an even the complaints. What's really their dancing around? The complaints. They're making details. Just you couldn't do this. And this sort of time you needed an extra few episodes here, and there to let things brief, you know, I think to have been really dissatisfied with the episode certain things that happened in you know, what I would say completely unreal unbelievable ways. We wouldn't have gotten there like Jamie's fight with European if they had had Iran. Kill Jamie would've been game of thrones esque in that that's a unpredictable. You know, you're on kills Jamie right there. And that's it. That's it of Jamie, Jamie had to work as way back to search. Jamie Jamie had to fulfill his promise to Tyrian, which is what I was thinking. And I didn't know that he would fulfill his promise to Tyrian. But that he would you know, please ring the bells because you're everybody's going to die. And, you know, remember when Jamie said, well, she does have, you know, she's got something Leah push, Jamie. And tearing goes the iron fleets going to be destroyed. But if he had just died right there. We would have never seen him reunite with, sir. See where they said, you know, all that matters is us. Yes, right before I'm assuming they are dead. You some they're not dead. That's a big problem too. That was unsatisfying because I think, you know, and I do understand if there's a complaint because people wanted to see whether it was Tyrian or whether it was Sants, or whether it was aria they wanted to see somebody who had taken the brunt of, sir. Sees evil actually doer in and and nobody will dinner enter and drove did essentially by destroying king's landing, which I guess was. It was not a shocker for me that that Dinares went bad. And that she went her dad, and she's the now mad Queen for all intents and purposes. Yeah, somebody Mench of friend of mine mentioned do you think it was just the dragon getting revenge now? No, we always. Not see the look on her face. I it would have to the bells rang yet if you want here's years, I think the one complaint if you wanna complain that they did that poorly that it shouldn't have been you know, she had one. And then she goes on the rampage. I think there's a complaint to be made there. Khyber NHS death was the best. It was also. Mass killing of Tiber was the best. It's like, you know, when when LANCELOT and and and that whole crew show up at the red keep and and he says to, sir. See tell your man to stand down or there will be violence, and she says, I choose violence and for Khyber and to be killed by his own creation. Yeah. Just perf. And by the way, then the mountain and the hound let sir c walk by both down the steps. I at that point. I didn't have I thought it was gonna run into aria. Didn't you I well because just because you had gone back. No. I didn't think that. But I did I thought something would happen with Jamie. I thought something would have with Jamie or something would happen. Otherwise, not what happened there were a couple of things there towards and I was expecting potentially. Although I thought about it afterwards and aria did say goodbye to the hound right? She said, thank you. And that that seam between the two of them was great for a name for the first time, exactly. Sanders for the first time in so. Because she says it, by the way with all hell, you know, breaking loose around her and very soft voice Sander. And somehow he was able to hear her any turns around on. Thank you. And in the hounds way, he acknowledged, you know, you're my girl, basically. But I thought there was a chance that she might come. Save him. I thought there was a chance that sir c and Jamie. We're gonna run into aria, and that may be the hound was gonna take care of the mountain and come back, and it was gonna be the hound aria against and Jamie them getting buried under the rubble. I understand why that would be unsatisfying for some. I didn't find it to be totally unsatisfying to me, the the most the thing that that really upset me. The most was the urine, Jamie fight. I thought it was just totally off everything about that fight urines reactions to it everything about it was off. But anyway. I I I did enjoy it. I did enjoy it. I mean the hell mountain fight made. I think it was sort of what we're looking forward to is pretty good. Yeah. Again, the only thing that was the problem is that it kind of overshadowed with everything going on. I feel like there should have just been, you know, five minutes focused on them, basically. But otherwise like as actually them ending up. They died they fell into a whole thing of fire. Perfect for the end. Absolutely perfect, sir. See Jamie, the hound the mountain Khyber n- urine Varis. That's the list. That's the list from us night. Yes. What about the moment? When grey worm sees that. Danny's started to go mad and he throws the spear. Yeah. Through one of searches army guys up front and John gives him that look there's that look between. I mean were setting up now for John and Tyrian, and Santa and aria if she makes it back Gaden, how did she survive that horse at the end? Well, so I I thought that there that was maybe the carving with, you know, Dabo cinch in Charene like I thought there may have been a connection there. And I for a moment thought, it might be DeVos. But it's not. It's not. No, I'm pretty sure that was ir the mother or the girl that she was with their the so I miss, you know, they're. All heading back north now is that I think there's regrouping outside of what's left of we have to. And we've got end up at winter fell. Again. I don't think you have to think that winter Phil can come down to them. Okay. 'cause over yet. I think you know, various was sending out those letters at the beginning. Yeah. My hunch is he was sell sell sending it to all the great houses. My hunch is what we're getting is. We're going to see all of the great houses unite against Darris now to what extent here's the funny thing. Like looking at the last episode looking what are we trying to get to what is this? Well, somebody's going to have to take out the drug on because she right now, it's advantage Darris visuals. But what what are they ruling over like, the Redcliffe is less droid the Kingsland rate. The iron throne might be destroyed for all. Yeah. We didn't see a shot of the thrown still standing. I mean, the red keep was the IRO. So at the very least. The iron throne is buried in rubble. Now, maybe it survived the buried in rubble. But it's buried in rubble right now, I'm wondering if this is all leading to no one sitting on the iron throne. They're going to the seven kingdoms are going to become the seven kingdoms. Once again, remember, we also saw rumor the mad kings explosives on that was interesting. I wasn't sure if that was the the mad whatever was left over what didn't that I was messing around with wildfire as well. So it was one of those two things and it wouldn't surprise me. If it was the mad king stock yet because he had hated to sparrows. Hated the high septum about was that was my favorite moment because I actually rooting for her. So what do we get next week? I mean, we it's everybody turning against Danny. Now had asked to be. Yes. Yes. I mean, I I don't see clear Tyrian John every close up says, oh my God. We were wrong. Yes. We were wrong about her. So Tyrian survive somehow aria, I certainly didn't expect oriented die. They're under Nabal or that that she goes out. Yeah. No way. I did. I did like it. I thought that was great you show it and get to see close. Basically firsthand what it was like in those streets with the drogue on flying overhead. I thought that was great. I know some people have problems with it because it made her look to panicked too scared, quite frankly, she's an assassin she's not used to dealing with mobs of people fleeing dragon. So I had no issues with that at all and it was beautifully shot. So I mean, I would think that Jon right now has to be the favourite to. End up on the throne. If there is even thrown if it been becomes important is that satisfying right now, if it's just they killed Inara somehow John sits on the throne is as satisfying conclusion at this point personally. I just don't know if we end up with the tar Garin anyway since shape or form on the throne. Do we throw I began ends up being breath. Ian, you know, what that might be the most satisfying thing possible at this point. Maybe Sants ends up on the throne over he's been she's been the one in this final season. It's been right about everything. And if there was a king's landing, I would be all for that. But right now, just anyone the conclusion is here. They can move to winter fell and call winter failed in new capital. That that just seems unrealistic. I'm just going through my head right now is that it set up a position where we only have one episode left, and I just cannot figure out what would be a truly satisfying. In just thinking, a I'm just taking this this path here for moment. My own mind about you know, Sansa being Queen Sansa on the throne. Yes, there's no bloodline for it. You know with the stark correct there. But she while she does not have the blood for. She has every other quality for it. She is empathetic, but she's tough. She's really smart, and she would have her cousin and her sister and lady Brienne as her, you know, inner council, which everybody would be comfortable with and by the way, Tyrian she may marry Tyrian. Yeah. I just it's it's hard as because again, I'm starting to think that that's my lean right now. It's it's a it'd be as satisfying as anything. It's just again, I can't shake the fact that Kingsland. Is no more. It's amazing like landing is no more got destroyed. So what are we doing here? I mean, it's it was basically Chernobyl at the end of seeing that series to watch. I haven't I haven't watched that literally was nuclear winner. Jeff. The other thing I thought of too is that certainly in this final season really was insignificant. Yes. Like every young about, sir. Sees character in this final season other than other than the stuff with your on. You know that was it. I which is surprising because Lena he'd he's been. I mean, one of the top three or four actors on this show from the jump, and that's one of these. I had so much problem with with with her ending with Jamie's ending because it deserved so much more. I had a problem with your UN's ending wanted him wanted different. I had no IRA is such a he was a character that almost didn't belong on the show. Well, it he didn't fit, but he had caused some so much pain in havoc. And I realize wanted his I wanted his nephew and her niece to take what we also could have if he wanted a little bit more about getting, you know, having sex with, sir. If that was really did he said that it once, but it didn't. Get a pain facial expression Jamie or anything like that. If it was about that that I think it would hit a little bit stronger. But yes, I mean, the the whole year, but I thought you're on as a whole this season was an out of place character that didn't really fit in the other the other thing too. And I'm just looking at my notes is that that Danny drug on stared at sir seat and the red keep and destroyed the city in front of her instead of going right to her and throwing her. Yes. But then again, if they had done that then we would have had no Khyber and seen no mountain scene because they would have all gone with her. But I yeah. I mean, I, but I was important because I thought that if we're if we're going to truly mad then going to keep going straight to the keep is a perfectly rational, if they had rang the bell, and she had gone up and flown right at the keep and destroyed the keep and that was it. Yeah. That's not a mad MU. No, that's perfectly. It's ruthless. But is a perfectly rational move for her. What her realizing these aren't my people? I don't care about them. This isn't my city. I don't care about it. I care about one thing. I wanna bring fire and blood, and these people are going these people hate me because I'm an outsider fine. I hate them too. That's was the big move. So she kind of had to do that. It's next week going to be interesting just to see where all of it takes place, and how I hope we get more of the setup next week for what I am guessing will be the war within heiress and drogue on and what's left of the threat key, and the unsullied and grey worm will be obviously by her side as well. But I'm expecting the Tyrian won't John won't, you know. And I and I wanna see the setup for that. Here is to see if you see the curious to see, you know, science coming down, obviously, they told you. So you you they randomly mentioned the prince of Dohrn a few. So I wonder if you see that app, and I wonder if you see Jahra comeback, and you have kind of the seven kingdoms United. You mentioned that, you know, verisign notes that he sent out perhaps to to every two to every ruler. And every place that they'll will see them get the mess. Edge. And they'll say were we're in with John or whatever I don't. I can't wait for the for the final last night. I mean, it wasn't that. I was totally satisfied. But I was totally entertained. Yes. It was it was for what they were doing. It was well done. They were just a few beats that were off. Yeah. And I guess if the bells had run and dinners had just said, okay. That's it. It would have been. I would have been nothing the episode better way to do it to have less backlash would have been you have gone a little longer you have her start to destroy the city and win. She's like ashes destroying the city base that she felt she needed to then the bells start ringing. She kind of ignores it, I think that might have played a little bit better than the. Okay. I'm hearing the bells now, I'm going to start going on the rampage after I had already one for those that didn't see it coming though, you haven't been paying attention to the show has all she has been merciless with people that she deemed to be enemies. Yes. And she had that speech beforehand that the p the slaves and marine helped overthrow them. These people aren't these people are afraid of me. So they're not my people. They set that up did. And the other thing that needs to to get some conclusion to is -tarian, basically setting Jamie free, and that's not gonna make her happy. Although ultimately, I don't think he's going to go back to her. So I get mad. Okay. There you go. I don't know. Everybody's going to have their own view on it. I think going into this final season. We knew a lot of this was going to be rushed in a lot of it would be they wouldn't be able to pull off all of it. But I think for the most part they've pulled off a lot of it. And I still think in every episode other than the one that we couldn't see because it was too dark that there have been moments that were spectacular for me last night. Tyrian Jamie was an incredible final moment between the two of them because they Jamie was, you know, everything to Tyrian and the only person that really loved him in his family interior has been such a great character. So we've got another episode left of him. Really the only thing that's surprising to me through the first five episodes is that only sir c really at. This point has not that they would save. Them all for the final episode. But I thought we might get a more significant death or two before we got to these final two episodes. We had to wait until this fifth and final episode to get to what I would call a major character. Yes. Yes. And it was this nj me source in all right? And by the way, I think more people would have predicted that sir c would have been the first of all I mean, because if she had ended up on the throne or ended up, you know, going longer more that would not have been satisfying. Although I've always enjoyed her character. I think it would have been more satisfying wishy. She out on. Yeah. It was a little bit. All right. Thanks have a great day back tomorrow. Tommy will be back with us on Thursday. He's spending. I think a couple of extra days over in Europe. He's having a great time. I believe have a great day.

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