Floridaman makes videos of snakes biting his face. Man arrested for leaving feces in mailboxes.


A florida street racing suspect blair's the cops theme song during a traffic stop. A florida man finds a dead body inside a trash can. He says that he was holding onto for a friend. A florida man was arrested for reportedly leaving feces an obscene notes inside mailboxes and a florida boy makes videos of wild snakes biting him for educational purposes. These are the weird stories for friday. They're all from florida as usual. Because it's friday. Florida friday on weird af news every friday. We do the degenerate the degenerate stories from the state of florida. There's so many of them. It's hard to pick four. But i did. Let's go those bizarre stories. You hear about all the time that seemed to only happen here in florida. I know this stuff up. It is just one of the many wacky news stories out of florida sunshine state consistently produce such strange news. What accounts for all this. Bizarre news is that the weather is it. The people report is for the crazy stories. Bad boys bad florida man. What's do what's gonna do when they come for you. Bad boys bad boys. A florida street racing suspect blair's the cops theme song during a traffic. Stop according to the deputies. Who's this fool. A man was accused of trying to street race in the naples area. You think a lot of people arrive at naples florida and they think in their brain. It's going to be like naples. Italy and then they're just completely confused when there's no italians and it's all meth. I wonder these things anyways. They were trying to street race in the naples area. Because there's nothing else to do. They blared the cops television show theme song from the speakers after the guy was pulled over. According to the sheriff's office deputies say they had just finished up a call around eleven fifteen on. Us forty one north when they saw red ford mustang. A silver infiniti slow roll past them. What's the slow roll means. That's just kind kinda cruise like diamond in the back. Sunroof top digging the scene with a gangsta. Lean who who who you know what i mean you get you get my vibe rights. Slow roll past trying to picture it in my head and then here's what happened. According to the authorities the passenger of the mustang leaned out the window and yelled twenty role on three. Which the deputies said means start racing at twenty miles per hour the passenger arlington joel aguilar hernandez that's way too many names for one person. The passenger counted to three out loud. Deputies said they got into their patrol vehicles and saw as the mustang in infinity stopped at a red light then slammed on the gas causing the mustangs tires to spin. I'm giving you guys sound effects. As soon as the light turned green. The drivers are going eighty miles per hour to ninety five miles per hour in a fifty five mph zone but a sammy hagar once said who i think is from florida act. Can't drive fifty five. Is he from florida. I have no idea it would totally make sense if he was. Because he's all about tequila records show. Both vehicles were pulled over nearby. Well this sounds like this race didn't get off to a very good start the nineteen year old infinity driver oskar men well let it torralba but this is the forenames everywhere. Why does everybody have four names in the story. Let me skip past and find out what the sheriff's name is sheriff. John murray walker jones. He's got four names to and what about the judge. The presiding judges derek aguilar more boy. Everybody's got four names in. The story actually made up the second to it says here when oscar manuela eat day was told the reason for the traffic stop. He exclaimed what that's all it says. What in quotes he exclaimed. What whole hayes son you know. You were racing hole racing as the deputy was The w was walking back to the patrol vehicle to check on his license. This guy lera iturralde started blasting bad boys bad boys which is the theme song to the tv. Show cops if you guys have been living in a cave all your life. The latter day in the driver of the mustang jose luis ramirez sanchez are each facing. He's got four names to everybody's got four names man four names. This is the four man four name race. Hey anybody want to race me tonight. You can have four names if you want race. Everybody in the car has four names with the four names racing crew. Everybody's facing a charge of racing on a public highway aguilar hernandez a key is accused of knowingly riding as a passenger in coordinating a race between the vehicles coordinated the race between the vehicles. What does that entail. Just going on instagram. Putting a picture of the road anybody wanna meet race gonna have four names bro. Four names were only racing. People would forward names. We've got three names get outta here. You're not racing. You need to have four names. I would like to know if any cops out there that listen to the show. How often are you forced to listen to that. Cops theme song i mean. Do people play that for you all the time at a mansion. It's gotta be terrible to hear that song at this point. I don't know i'm curious. Call the show. Six four six four five zero two thousand twelve. I highly doubt police listened to my show. But yeah you never you never know you never know a florida man. Finds a dead body in a trash can that he says he was holding for a friend and named windmill mobile park resident. Oh it's the mobile park in florida. You know nothing goods happening there. What do you got dead bodies and trash cans. That's normal in the florida mobile park. This is in manatee county. This unnamed man said he's been holding a garbage can on his property for months and then he started to notice a very foul smell. Oh no a foul smell in florida. There could be anything could be a dead body in a can. It also could be the tollbooth operator. The crossing guard the pizza delivery boy. Everybody it could be everybody. Everybody's stinks in florida. I'd imagine is there even. Dot in florida. Probably not you guys. Just let an alligator lick your armpits. And then go about your day don't you. You're just a bunch of maniacs down there you swap living weirdos. Investigators from the main jones see. What's with the animosity no animosity. It's all love. I'll love investigators from the manatee county sheriff's office said they're doing an autopsy to identify who this person is in the cause of death. The guy that was discovered inside a trash can. What a terrible way to go. Its just folded into a garbage. Can man how humiliating trying to get some details on this. What went down. The man opens the trash can apparently which had been in his possession for over two months. After noticed the smell. He discovered a badly decomposing body inside inside that had been wrapped up. It doesn't say what it was wrapped up in the. I'm guessing it's not newspapers because people in florida don't read. The man believed that the trash can held personal items quote personal items. His decomposing body doesn't get any more personal than that personal items. The manatee county sheriff's office said that the unidentified man was keeping the fifty five gallon container for a friend who promised he'd come back for will. Then go get that guy that left it there like. Shouldn't you arrest that dude. That left a fifty five gallon container with a dead person in it. It doesn't seem like a mystery to me. There's a quote here from the guy who was holding onto the trash can for a buddy. I thought it was a container of personal items. You know the owner of the cans. Said i'll be back for later on. You didn't come back. Yeah of course because that's what happens when someone leaves a dead body with you. They don't come back sir. That's how it works. Have you not watched any of these crime shows. Have you not listened to the crime. True crime podcast. That are so popular right now. This is how it's done. Hey hold that for me and don't open it no matter how bad it smells okay. Sounds good alright. When you coming back coming back good one. You like podcast. You're listening to my podcast. Maybe thought yourself. I'd like to make a podcast too difficult. No not with anchor. Anchor has free creation tools. That allow you to record. Edit your podcast from your phone your computer anchor distributes your podcast to apple spotify stitcher and more. They have advertising integration. So you can even make a little money off your podcast everything you need to make a podcast in one place. Download the free anchor app or go to anchor dot fm to get started and good luck with your podcast. Good luck with your creation. Good luck with your life man. A florida man has been arrested for leaving feces and obscene notes inside mailboxes. Which coleman and scraping the bottom of degeneracy today half of the florida stories. This is great and atlantic beach. Man has been arrested after complaints. Were made about someone placing feces inside mailboxes and also leaving obscene letters and obscene drawings the atlantic beach police department arrested andrew stealth smin charges of stocking and criminal mischief relieving feces in mailboxes. That's called criminal mischief. I don't think so. It's way worse than mischief. Mischief is like throwing a water balloon at you for smashing a pumpkin on your porch toilet. Papering your house. Maybe that's mischief feces in your mailbox. That's not mischief man at best it's a prank and it's funny at worst. It'll spread diseases. Yeah last i checked. You can get hepatitis from feces. You got hepatitis in your mailbox. Special delivery hepatitis. Police say that one resident called the police after she walked to her mailbox. One day to find the inside was smeared with feces smith cheese. He's smeared feces. I made up a word. Oh my goodness police. Police yes nine. One one. I've discovered smith in my mailbox. This is the second incident that the woman believes stealth. Men was involved in. Wait a minute. This happened twice to her. What happened the first time she just cleaned it off and just accepted it. She says the first time she believes he left her in obscene letter. Oh she says i it was an obscene letter. Then the feces is this an ongoing spat that you have with a neighbor is that what's going on says here. The woman was actually able to get video of stealth men in the act which police say helped lead to his arrest. She got a video of him wiping poop in her mailbox. That's that's a horror movie right there. They say stealth is also the subject of three other criminal mischief investigations. What is it. what did he do that. He played bad boys. Bad boys to the police What happened did he tell the children that santa's not real what other mischief. He was booked into the county jail where he's due to have his first appearance on friday. That's it that's all it says in the article. This is not helpful. Any more information i wanna know what dirty drawings he left in there and obscene letters like. What is. I'm very displeased with you neighbor. Please enjoy my feces for the rest of the afternoon. I'll be back tomorrow with the dirty drawing of a naked person. Oh yes it'd be very offensive. You'll find it very offensive. Please give into my demands. I'll continue the mischief on your life. Yes that's right tomorrow. I'll walk by in a very fit. That doesn't match. how about that. Yes you won't know what hit you when you see my outfit. That doesn't match. I'll have very loud shoes on. Oh yes. I'll tap dancing your driveway. Your roderick sean. What is wrong with people in florida smearing feces as an adult doing this out of your mind. Andrews stealth men out of your mind with your mischief. Do time out of your mind you do time. It's florida friday. Only on weird af news qarese. Florida men makes videos of wild snakes and other wildlife biting him for educational purposes. David owen hump flett a twenty one year old from gainesville florida with only three names therefore not eligible for the street racing in naples. He's been gathering quite the following on social media this david humphrey after he released a series of videos of himself picking up wild snakes and letting them bite him. Yeah i watched one of these videos. He jumps into a swamp and grabs a snake. That's probably nine feet long. He's screaming it's python python. Then he lets it. Bite him in the leg in the arm. And i mean it's just out of control. You gotta watch this. Just google this kid. It's unbelievable these videos. Another one close up. He's got a tiny snaky. Let's it bite. His it bites them on the face and draws blood and then he talks about how the bite feels. He's like i'm going to rate the bite from one to ten on pain. This one's a one as it bites his lip and draws blood. This guy is out of his mind. He says it's for educational purposes though. There are over twelve hundred videos and images on his instagram account showing his bravery as the encounter snakes lizards spiders and whatever other animals that he finds in the wild. it's amazing to watch him fearlessly. Pick up the creatures. All of us have been told to fear. One of the things he likes to do. Is rank the bites. It says here. He receives from one to ten to inform his followers. What the experience is like one of the most intense bites that he has ever received was a large green. That bit him in started thrashing around. He said that one ranked an eight point five out of ten. Yeah there's one bite by a lizard that i saw and he goes. Yep going to need stitches after that. Very calm as well. He seems to enjoy this. David has done everything. From leading a horseshoe crab in black widow. Spiders crawl across his face to jumping into ponds late at night. And capturing a massive burmese python. Oh yeah that's the video i saw. He jumps into the pond and it's a massive python and he's screaming python as the thing bites his leg and his arm and his chest. He also started at youtube channel this year. Apparently where he's posting his entertaining video. I love how they refer to it as entertaining educational videos. The article has a few i. I watched one. And i mean out of control with. This kid is doing really crazy. He claims it's for educational purposes but what he's educating us. Don't get it letting us know how painful the bite is from. One to ten isn't really helpful. Information at the end of the day if i never plan on jumping into a swamp and grabbing a python by the tail. Okay so thanks david but no thanks this information and education that i don't really need i hope to goodness you don't die on camera. I really am no part of me kind of wants that to happen. No i don't want him to die. I don't i. Don't i take that back. I don't want him to die. I just you know if you're going to be the stupid though. You deserve to at least get poisoned. Once or twice i would say is that not fair. Can you guys agree. Do you think he should be poisoned. A couple of times. I mean karma is a thing man right. The other thing that i hope doesn't happen. Is that disguise videos. Don't inspire snake bite challenges. Where everybody's doing these strange challenges. It just takes one popular video for people to jump on board with the nonsense. We've seen it so many times. And i'm just afraid that young kids are going to think that they can do exactly what he's doing which is just grabbing poisonous snakes by the face and then holding them and playing with them and it just i just pray. Pray that that doesn't happen okay. That got really serious at the end. But you know i at the end of the day i give a shit. What's up weirdos. I wanna let you know that. I'm collaborating with a cool company. Called me millennial dot com. They make really high quality. T shirts sweatshirts in hoodies in various categories like memes gaming funny and they have a new category called florida man. Yeah that's right so you can get right now. A florida man. T shirts sweatshirt hoodie which is a really cool gift around the holidays. Can't we all agree and right. Now you get ten percent off t shirts and sweatshirts fifteen percent off hoodies free shipping on everything. And if you buy florida man. 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Merchants time to get on that because it's the holiday season go to me millennial dot com to order that There's discounts as i mentioned earlier. I'll also post a link to me. Millennial dot com and the description of the podcast today. And i'll share it on all my social media as well so get on that guy's florida man merch amazing left my poop and your mailbox left my poop and your mailbox. 'cause i love you love. You live my for you. I left it in your mailbox. it's my gubin. Lived there for us to people. I don't know what to say. I mean friday comes and just you know the behavior of the people in the world man. It's starting to get to me man. It's starting to get to me mad. I need stronger drugs man. I hope you're having a lovely weekend. I don't know what day it is that you're listening to this could be friday. Saturday could be sunday. Might be monday morning in which case hope you had a nice weekend. I want to thank everybody. Who sent me. Florida friday articles. I appreciate you. I wanna give a shout out to all my florida listeners. I know it's gotta be hard out there. You know living out there down there and that swamp it's gotta be type of business. The least of your worries is covert. The least you gotta worry about poo poo poo. Pooing out your back door and your mailbox with us Do do do little canal. My back door. That sounds like a florida song. I don't know what that means. I think it's about a guy poop the back door because there's no you know there's no bathroom. There's no working bathroom in the in the facilities. What you're talking about jones you stupid yes. I'm stupid. I wanna give a shout out to michael from iowa city. Why not one more time. Let's do it Michael is going to match the patriotic for the patriot. Challenge five dollars for everybody. Who joins the patron michael will give for the holiday season. That's lovely so everyone joins the patriots. Michael will match five bucks. That's a that's a five bucks right. That's a cup of coffee. 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If you'd like anything just to say what's up Funny jones at gmail.com. Please don't be shy. Say hi call. The show hit me up on instagram. Graham it's funny jones on instagram. I love to hear from my from listeners. On their give me a follow. I'll follow you back. Let me let me let me follow you back. Follow each other fowley you if you follow me okay. I'll show you mine if you agency. Hey weirdos it's michael calling from iowa city just wanted to clarify something about the patriot on holiday challenge. That jones said yesterday may have been a little unclear. So i just went to try to straighten things out for anyone considering joining the patriots. This is a great time to do it. the holiday season and so the more members jones you can get for his patriots on the more the better and As far as the creditors for this anyone who joins the patriae on at any membership level. I am now Doing a matching donation of five dollars for anyone who joins the patriots at any membership level. 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So please if you're thinking about do it now take care of one. Stay stay healthy. happy holidays. Good morning jones. He just a laugh here yeah football. Don't remember pink kickball. I mean. I used to love playing kickball. Why was net. Never be a sport. I mean i thought it was really cool anyways. Hopefully you're doing well. Yeah the olympics to like whatever you need to do is like we need to get like air hockey an pinball and maybe we can have a pacman olympics i mean. Don't you remember hanging out by the arcade and watching people play tack. That were really awesome. I was never good at pacman donkey. Kong pinball pinball. Yeah here hockey. That's what we need to make it. I mean we should reach out to this stuff like we should have iraqi and tim ball has olympic sports. Yeah i mean that would be cool. Are maybe we can get the playstation. We can play. Like mario brothers break dancing and gm bike and whatever. Yeah okay you okay. Croquet export so many exports. and yes. Love is there you go buy sweets. I hope you're doing well my friend and Talking killer have a good one you watch jim from cleveland.

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