Hello and welcome to monaco twenty four the urban est the show about the cities we live in. I'm enter talk coming up on the program. You've got hundred and fifty of the best fashion brands in the world surrounded by the nineteen thirties art deco design of a turbine hall and that's just going to feed the creativity repurposing and renovation crucial tools implementing urban change rather good for the environment to this week we look at the battersea power the station and how the project hopes to recap the city for londoners hear about new cultural hub house and a former clothes factory in georgia plus return. I gazed moscow osco. Let me ask if repurposing is always good for a city all that coming up over the next thirty minutes right here on the urban est with me and talk seapower station with its towering white chimneys is ni- conic feature at at the london skyline the decommissioned coal fired power station on the south bank of the thames hasn't operated since one thousand nine hundred eighty three three two years after being listed as a protected building after numerous fell plans in two thousand and twelve administrators ernst and young entered into an agreement with malaysia is s p setia and sime darby to help develop the site and they began work in two thousand thirteen with preservation nations and restoration the core of the project the scheme aims to connect the riverside walk and bassey park with the green spaces in the actual development and deliver homes retail workspaces gutter is markets and restaurants too well. I'm joined now in the studio by on a fishburne. Dan who's the director of place making bazzi pass station on perhaps as we'll just round listeners who aren't as up to speed on the project as you are. Tell us a little bit about about battersea power station on what's been happening so betsy. Power station is at the center of a huge regeneration project about forty two acres a seven seven phases mixed use redevelopment. The power station is obviously the commercial center for that and has over a million square feet of commercial space just to give you a sense scale. The power station is to tate modern side by side and then a huge house in the middle that you could fit some paul's cathedral into and it wouldn't touch the sides so it really enormous historic building right at the heart of this regeneration overall the whole project will have over four thousand apartments a huge amount of commercials about two hundred and fifty retailers. We having apple moving their london campus into the office space and the power station where right on the river next bazzi park opposite from chelsea. It's really creating a whole new town centre just opposite chelsea in central london an extraordinary thing. Is you know this plot of land as you say super central central an amazing location but from the mid seventies for many many years was completely empty and derelict so you're starting from scratch when you come to place making it wasn't really on the mental map of londoners as a place to go and do anything absolutely and throws place making into a whole different light. If you look at a completely empty industrial space no one has ever lived there. Few engineers work for no one has ever visited. They're going gone to see play there. It's not something that people are accustomed to going to. That's been these barriers around it of the river and the railway and road system so people have never really into into that site so you're not creating a place from scratch. You're having to teach whole new behaviors to get the local community and also the why london community to see it as a place to visit and and spend their their time so explain if you tricks of your trade <hes> easy thing for developers to put up some tiles nice apartments in and mm to build space for offices and some retail but as you say the stickiness of getting people to come not just once but twice in lava and think of as there's as in a way down to your team so the kinds of things you've begun to do to turn it from a development into a place well oh my experience has been many many small interventions you build up over time that target different audiences from the hyper local community to audiences from further other failed and bring people in for many different reasons. Obviously we have lots of lots there so it's about making a fantastic place to live. We need to make it into the best place to work for <music> apple workers coming in the next few years but also it's about people wanting to spend time they spend their days there whether it's going to events or just sitting in the public spaces and none of these things happen by just one big sweeping action they have to be many many small interventions and that's really what my job is to identify those opportunities having a historic eric building at the heart of it is a massive opportunity it adds authenticity people know the building it's beautifully designed and the so much that you can do to draw the identity out into the other buildings new buildings very shiny. Glass buildings are going up around it. But how do you actually pull a historic identity and make that kind of the place making glue. If you like the holds the whole place together and gives it a real authentic. You could say unique overused as well but how do you actually make it. It feels like a place that people believe in you know in the is a place that people want to spend saturday afternoons on the river with the backdrop of iced ordinary building so we have a few massive communities but obviously we are starting from scratch from a hole in the ground other than the building which is overseen huge amount of disrepair into some in the early stages stages. I guess when you're kind of still mapping space some of the things you can do a probably more ephemeral and fun than you do on down the tracks in those early stages. Are you doing more kind of pop up interventions more spontaneous activities more kind of theater and dance all those things and absolutely so obviously we don't yet have large indoor venues that we can put more formal exhibitions or avent's in. We've got a lot more outdoor space. So you have to work with the spaces is that you have to work with the partners that you have an reach out to interesting pundits who inspired by the building and that's again being a really big advantages people are very inspired by the power station has great cultural history as well as an industrial history from the pink floyd album cover through to film shoots and fashion shoes inspired huge amount of creativity in the past and no jacob said new ideas need all buildings and the old building is inspiring a huge amount of creativity but visit. We've worked within the parameters that we've had so a few examples. We've celebrated the history a lot by just putting on display so we have a heritage trail app that you can download has it's not meant reality feature where you can actually enter the old control room and look around it. We've taken items from inside the power station and put them on display in the new the areas so people can access that heritage without actually being able to access the building but then also it's not just about putting stuff in display in exhibitions. It's about using the history to inspire creatives to bring new work and new ideas to the area so we've done six commissions already of the last eighteen months all of who have worked with artists who've been inspired by the power station not with a constraining brief but more sort of saying we'd love to have something here from this artist and how they've responded responded to the building has always been linked to history so it's a great opportunity seizing that historic narrative to inspire creatives and artists through the events and commissioning that we've done sometimes when these projects go up and i think you hinted at this earlier on it feels that there's a magnetic field around the project the kind of rebuffs the locals that people feel a my even allowed in can across the road even though they've lived next door to this project. Maybe this site for many many years. Suddenly they feel a little bit. Ooh ooh that too small for me so again. How do you get people to come in rediscovering something that's been on that. I absolutely and you know new places start with the people people and they actually start with the people right on the doorstep so we've huge amount of work into going out on the consultation and talking to people all the time but talking about very real all things so there are fourteen thousand long-term jobs coming in the coup life man of the project. We've already employed about five hundred people in the sex west village the first phase from local area so talking about very real things like jobs and opportunities and training. We have a bac- academy of skills employment which is a very specific sort of training center enter that gets people from the local community into jobs in the area so it's about offering real opportunities and not just talking the talk and just you personally when you you now wander round the weekends or after work a pleased with how it's coming together because i find fascinating bits of london that you you look behind king's cross read those areas which were off limits within no time they can be adopted very quickly by a large number of people who suddenly is. I didn't always use the space and is not happening. Eh baddest dude you feel adoption of the space i really really do. I also live just around the corner and so it's a really important part for my own personal life and i spent a lot of time there weekends with my child nephews nieces. I've been to lot of developments for research purposes along the river and other parts of london and i'm really impressed by how quickly people have adopted as their own. I think there's a huge advantage of being next about to see park so you have a natural large audience coming every weekend to use the come through through but i also think that the leasing strategy on that first phase which was encouraging independent retailers to come in new concepts has made a huge difference because where else another can you eaten an entirely new restaurant. They've never heard of before. The might be the first come to the u._k. From copenhagen in the case of one restaurant you know right on the river with the the backdrop of an iconic building. I think that that leeson strategy was incredibly aspirational to find independent tenants and it was hard work but they pulled it off and it's made a huge difference to the rate of those visitors coming and returning and building a regular audience. We've just had a new to open so pull taylor. Mills mills has opened the turbine theater and again tying into that heritage narrative which is so inspirational for creative people and he wanted to have a venue that generated new ideas and powering the imagination he really has used the kind of theme of a power station to create a new venue that's showing new material new writing writing bringing in musical theater writers to the area and if we can inspire creators like that to come and spend time there and then in turn collaborate with seabury the local restaurants do prefer to menu to know there's fantastic ecosystem of collaboration starting and so it's not just about visitors coming in coming back. It's about the people who live there the retailers who were there the tenants that all working together and i think that's another thing that's been really exciting because we've got those independence. A lot of them are managed managed by their owners and they're very creative people and they really can't come up with ideas and you don't get that from. You'll tesco metro royal cost chain become place makers completely. Yeah i mean god. I can't do as one person you need. All those people and i think that's the thing that's going to be really exciting. When the power station opens you've got a hundred and fifty of the best fashion fashion brands in the world are going to bring in the power station surrounded by the nineteen thirty s art deco design of turbine hall and that's just going to feed the creativity and then there's always opportunities the event space and the chimney left in the six acre park. That's gonna create so much. I hope magic that will make a real place so the a couple of the key dates listeners should watch out for for the work that you're doing this hoping visible to be enjoyed now they can come down. We have a bow nacre of public space and we've just opened our first historically significant area the coaling jetty so that's the first kind of listed did area that we've worked on shit with historic england so almost the first element of the power station we opened it this summer one hundred thirty three meter long jetty that was used you took all the coal off the boats and into the power station hugely important because it was whole reason the power station is situated where is because it's on the banks of the thames and the jetty was that link between the thames and the power station and we have opened that this summer so right now i didn't come down and be on a grade two listed area looking up with the backdrop pulled the power station sort of square on behind them and that's never been publicly accessible before nine hundred thousand nine and no member of the public ever worked on it until this summer so that's what's that now the power station is due to be completed sort of end of twenty twenty and then there'll be some fatal so it should be open to the public mid-21 so oversee put that and diaries but for now it's coming down to circus west village which has got fifteen great restaurants as theater cinema florist shop and the coaling jetty a massive program of events and finally were hopefully putting you on the spot if developers and people behind projects around the world listening to you now. What one of the two things that you say to people if you're going to do this yourselves. Here's a tip from me or things that you think are important to place making. I think the underestimate how you have to many many small things you can't solve it with one big paintbrush of place making wash whatever it is it has to be many many real real things and some of those can be really small. We have a community choir that started with thirteen people and is now got sixty regular attendees and that was a tiny kernel of an idea that has grown and grown and really made a difference so many many small ideas and then you'll make loads of mistakes and i think developers have an opportunity because our deadlines and our timelines so long that you can make a few mistakes at the beginning and learn from them especially in the early phases so i think tried many many different things and some things to work on some things won't and then the other thing is just don't try and import stuff from other parts of the world. Just look into where you on your cell phone. You'll find so much rich rich history. You know the reason. The coaling jetty is summer garden. This year is because before the industrial history began in the area battersea was the market garden for london and and grew asparagus and lavender and we've planted that all in maybe not the asparagus but we found that the more attractive flowers into this summer garden on i'm calling jesse and it's looking to the things that are really true to who you are into the area then your local community get it and they buy into it because they know that that's part of their history but also original and it's not just the same pop-up the same shipping container you might see everywhere else what was on a fishburne director place making about seapower station since two thousand eleven moscow has been undergoing having an epic makeover which helped turn unused city corners entered lively public spaces one of these commonly known as yama or the pit it was built in place of a long drawn out construction project and is now a popular hangout but it's also been the site of various criminal activities including teetotal groups attacking drinkers and a serial poisoner murdering more than twenty people by offering them alcohol laced with dangerous dangerous chemicals so do these spaces really work and moscow markle's alexi korolyov reports. This is our city. That's the rallying cry that gripped moscow this summer. Several opposition candidates were disqualified from standing ending in local elections but is it really is this city damascus city governments that likes to encourage this line of thinking but that's hardly consistent with police beating the living daylights out of peaceful protests. It's also at odds with a well known fact that most city contracts go to companies linked to the insect with with president flood in the putin. So is this our city. Maybe in all of it some places definitely on can be a real now in yemen the pit that it's like a spot where you can drink alcohol sitting with your friends spent some time um you can work here. You can take parts in some community. Work on starhub is one of several people running an instagram account that gathers and distributes distributes news about yama and organizes community events then what started as a joke between friends is now serious information outlet with almost twenty thousand subscribers bribe's yamaha. The pit is an actual pit for years. It wasn't annoying. Construction side before swept up in the city government's renovation programme sadly sadly that became very important culture center because here all young people can be free and <hes> they can do hear anything they want but understand that that has also been the source of many problems macos june. I think there was a series of attacks by crazy activists yes sort of getting their against alcohol and they are for the hell for this board against tells a <hes> came to the become like tradition that over friday they came here and all the people came here just to watch the show and that's like a emphasize her like in rome but i think that they do just for the money because they have a federal budget. Tom mintier brasler sushila. Tweeden needs alexandra. Daikin is the deputy head of the city government's department for major repairs which is responsible responsible for public spaces like yama. He says that the new paradigm of behavior at these places promote are still new to many muscovites but his shore they will adapt apt you talk a mattress a shoe shirts tha christine naturally barich total would your store in your <unk> by changing the city we change people's behavior people have started to value the spaces that we create it but we need to continue the work of filling them with cultural. Oh and social projects in order to attract even more people read. I think that's beat is the first first spots in moscow which have a chance to be like europeans for sports a last word from but now it's difficult because there is a home with people who leave their and they don't fight the crowds trash i mean of of course the residents living in i mean they do have legitimate grounds for concern. Because of course there are people who take it to extremes get really drunk listen to very loud music and so on and so on so in that respect g think that young people in moscow <hes> ready mentally to behave and to respect to be i think not all the people of course are already in moscow. There is a lot of young people like aac intelligence people so not not all the young people in moscow are like bullies for the government. Give them some freedom. Read them some legal freedom in legal place in moscow. I think that other people follow their yeah yeah of course race four monaco in moscow alexey korolyov now. Let's head to tbilisi the capital of georgia to visit a regeneration project. There's really taken off as its name suggests. Fabrica tbilisi used to be a clothes factory in soviet times but it was abandoned after the union collapsed in nineteen ninety more than twenty years later a group of architects and developers rescued skewed building and set about turning it into a cultural hub. We shops cafes studios and much much more that bold transformation has also created did a ripple effect in the wider neighbourhood as monaco's frederick baroness reports you can spot fabricated released from several streets away its woes a decorated with vivid graffiti if faces shapes and words but a towering facade above the main entrance it's comes from a completely different era the elaborate stone engraving depicts men and women dancing playing music or sports and of course us working in the proudest traditions of soviet iconography that autistic time clash reflects a fundamental intention to radically change changed the nature of this former factory while still preserving its historic character. Here's one of the architects founders go ecosoc vara leads. The concept was to make the same dispute or what was happening in soviet union factors because there was few materials which they were using single time in every family. If you would go to the apartment you'd see this same tiling in toilets and same kitchen doc same furniture so we research it all these materials how they were painting the walls and which callers were we're used inside and it helps us to to make the design kogi go and his partners kept an eye on the empty building for many years before four security investment and finally opening in two thousand sixteen after months for netted renovation today. It's home to the office of his firm. Multi-diverse architects as well as more than twenty other residents who were selected very carefully and the largest section is a hostile with space for up to four hundred guests. We thought that the hostile should be also inside because like it's like flow of foreigner pupil and interesting people food and also on the ground floor in the court you can see all these cafes and tenants were. They are the locals when we were going going somewhere else. We want it to be a part of the local community not just like the tourists so we wanted to make something meeks and with this case we hit the goal you know this is our barbara show here. We have some furniture style. There's the curragh mix to do this. Vinyl chauve there is this show and graffiti show and until you decided to vote with the restaurants from one side basically and the ships on the other like we split it in half of cafes and half of shops ups to create also this balance. Let's go inside. Uh you saw donya founder of the creative education studio with five hundred students take courses in design and music five where many of them fool around which has gained a continental reputation for its vibrant electric turn exceed nadia believes that fabric plays a key role in providing space to create the fabric was more about daily life daytime nine light and more colorful kind of issue. If you know what i mean so that night you go to fair enough but during the day you can be in fabrica and have this feeling of being free and able to do whatever the concept was completely something. I think that i think city needed to now <music> spending more time than it'll be fight if you don't if you don't feel like this sleep time aw that's another of the residents budget an artist who runs a graffiti store which doubles up as a gallery and workshop area. It's not for like like business. It's for supporting seem because you. I want to grow and if i want to make like something to change really need to support this culture. This was the first place we are forty. Artists are painting together. We have like a really small history of graffiti from two thousand ten and this contrary like it's like newspoll on pornography t. so they're interesting because everything is empty and you can paint a real. It's easy. He took out banglar to pay the first few months of rent which was set at a very low rate to help startups get going when fabric opened is does us the courtyard is essentially a one stop shop for small creative enterprises including designs and furniture makers which will have their own in communities that means they've been able to develop together expanding each other's client base and can now afford to pay market rates for this basis. We're like a really small subcultures in one place and if you want to grow you need to collaborate with not only like maybe your scene bud odd here like we are all and sinking to how to change the flow of this city. The change is evident. When you take a stroll around the local the clarion katy which has always been busy with traders fabric has cutler is the chain reaction many neighboring buildings at decorated with graffiti restaurants and bars have sprung up here is not yes are tiny from the creative education studio before fabric people never not really go out to this side of the river after fabric and now they're out so many moves took place is to go to now to hang out and you'll still find wind in the area. Lots of neighbors used to work here you know for them. Displace was their life kind of you know they spent so much time here so what can be better ed than to adjust it to time and give a new life tweet. New jobs have been created while local landlords have seen property values grise. More and more young people are moving into the area and with cheap flights readily available from europe. It feels like the wave of popularity around fabrica okay with only keep gaining momentum for monocle intimacy. I'm fredrick bantus a report the by monaco's contributor frederick bernas as you've listened to show it's clear that we live in a moment of change show. There are still numerous numerous developments being built from scratch but now some of the most exciting projects have reused at their heart from the highline to the remaking of london's kings cross cross neighborhood. We're seeing a marrying of the old and the new and old is important ads the sort of nuance and texture to a city you can never be matched by plate glass and steel so as we press pause and our overuse of all sorts of valuable resources. These projects suddenly look pioneering an ugly rather important well. That's all for this edition of the urban happiness. Today show was produced by rabelo and it was edited by david stevens and play you out of this episode of the urban est his yes you with change. Change is gonna come. Thank you for listening to lovers and <music>. Why not take a wonder into the wonderful world of monaco with with an annual print subscription. You'll receive ten issues of the magazine. A year plus are seasonal specials. The forecast the escapist subscribers to our one year plus. Yes and premium package is also received our new annual the monaco drinking and dining directory and that's not all eight of our plans comes with a free tote bag delivered to your we'll door we invite all fans of the ernest de-subscribe today and receive a special ten percent discount on any of our year long subscriptions simply visit monaco dot dot com forward slash ernest has never been a better time to sign up monocle keeping an eye and an ear on the wall.

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